NEWS   [plain text]

2004.06.27 - GNU nano 1.2.4 is finally here!  This release contains 
		fixes for the lack of error reporting when opening 
		a file, segfaults when backgrounding nano at start,
		file truncation when resizing the editor window,
		and memory corruption in the status bar routines.   Also 
		included are translation updates and a port to the 
		Tandem NonStop kernel.

2004.02.17 - GNU nano 1.2.3 "priority interrupt" is released.  This 
		release includes many fixes, including converting file
		formats, the suspend handler, and the ever popular
		replace function.   New features include more Pico 
		compatibility in the file browser.  Enjoy this release,
		who knows when the next one will be ;-)

2003.08.11 - GNU nano 1.2.2 is released, only four months since the 
		last version :-).  This release includes fixes for
		broken regex detection, search history recall, and 
		keypad handling with -K.  Debugging strings are no 
		longer translated and comments denote where translations 
		should be as short as possible (i.e. the statusbar).  
		There are new examples for syntax highlighting, and 
		documentation updates and fixes.  The 1.3.0 CVS
		tree will be opening soon for all your nano desires, so 
		stay tuned!

2003.04.19 - Happy Easter! GNU nano 1.2.1 is released.  This release
		features a new check for broken regexec() 
		implementations and some variable, function and macro
		cleanups.  Fixes are included for search history,
		cutting marked text, alt keyboard mode, and the usual
		translation and documentation updates.

2003.02.19 - GNU nano 1.2.0 is released.  Few changes from pre3, just
		some doc and translation updates, and bugfixes for
		justify and file conversion.  For those of you who
		haven't kept up with the 1.1 unstable series, v1.2
		brings nanorc support, color syntax highlighting,
		multiple file buffers, search/replace history and much
		much more. Please reade the UPGRADE file for details,
		and enjoy GNU nano 1.2.0. 

2003.02.13 - GNU nano 1.1.99pre3 "The last testing version, no 
		really!" is released.  This release includes fixes for
		wrapping (again), resizing, color syntax highlighting,
		rcfile parsing, the mouse code, more memory leaks, and
		some reversion of the code to get the user's home
		directory (nano will now again rely on $HOME).  There
		are also translation updates, a new manual page for the
		nanorc file, and an UPGRADE file detailing the changes
		since version 1.0. Please submit reports for any bugs
		you might find to the development team
		(, and enjoy nano almost-1.2.0 ;-)
2003.02.03 - GNU nano 1.1.99pre2 "bugs in my pockets, bugs in my
		shoes" is released.  There are, not suprisingly,
		only bugfixes in this release as we move toward the
		stable 1.2.0 release.  Fixes are included for
		translable string format, subexpression replacement,
		constant cursor position, invalid search regexes,
		justify, screen state on SIGHUP and SIGTERM, cutting
		to end cuts with long lines, many file browser and
		operating directory bugs, memory and file descriptor
		leaks, marker code, spell checker, the mouse code
		with long lines, multiple buffers and non-file
		open errors, replacement string length, and a 
		silly but serious history message crash.  There is 
		also a drastic improvement in CPU utliization for
		the color regex code.  
			Depending on the number of bugs found in this
		release, there may be a 1.1.99pre3 or RC1, or just
		a 1.2.0 release.  Most of the major bugs seem to have
		been worked out, so if you are waiting for a good time
		to test nano before the official 1.2.0 release, this
		would be the one to use.  Happy bug hunting!

2003.01.17 - GNU nano 1.1.99pre1 "enough already" has been released.
		This release is, barring bug fixes and documentation
		updates, what version 1.2.0 has looked like, feature
		wise. There will very likely be bugs, just due the 
		volume of changes made in this release.  Search 
		and replace string history has been added, including an 
		option to log history to ~/.nano_history (-H, 
		--historylog). Because of this, the pico incompatible 
		search/replace string behavior that used to be the 
		default has been deleted.   The old "pico" flag (-p) 
		is now compatible with Pico's "preserve" mode for 
		allowing flow control characters; by default this 
		version ignores both ^Q and ^S. The 
		--disable-wrapping-as-root configure option has been 
		forward ported from version 1.0.x, and a new flag to 
		enable all extra options (--enable-all) has been added.  
		The internal spell checker has been improved, meaning 
		you will now be prompted only once for each unique 
		capitalization of a given word.  
			There have also been lots of bug fixes,
		including the "trying to insert a directory name in 
		multibuffer mode bug", the ugly spell checker scrolling,
		the color code, cutting text crashes, justification,
		deleting the "magic line" via replace, and cursor 
		positioning on the statusbar.   There have also been
		the usual helping of translation and documentation
			Please send all new feedback on this release
		direct to the development list (

10/24/2002 - GNU nano 1.1.12 "Make Jordi happy" is released.  This 
		release demonstrated that nano is starting to freeze for 
		version 1.2.  New features include a Meta-Y toggle
		for syntax highlighting, pluralized i18n, and a handler
		for SIGTERM.  Nano now ignores XOFF (^S) to stop 
		accidental lock-ups, and no longer references malloc.h.
			Also included are fixes for zero-length regex
		matches, segfaults with --disable-mouse, justification,
		memory corruption with the browser, version and help 
		cmdline output, and translation updates.  Aside from 
		the (currently up in the air) search history behavior, 
		the next version of nano should be 1.1.99pre1.  Have 

10/01/2002 - GNU nano 1.1.11 "Oddball" is released.  This release 
		features a new version of gettext, a new and improved syntax 
		highlighting engine, and some updates for the nanorc.sample
		file.  The toggles for case sensitivity (Meta-C) and regular 
		expressions (Meta-R) have changed in the search and replace 
		prompts, multibuffer status is now displayed and can be 
		toggled from the insert file menu, and some wrapping behavior 
		that changed in 1.1.10 has reverted.  The --enable-color
		warning was also made less severe, as the color syntax code 
		has improved, and nano now uses extended regexes in the 
		.nanorc file.
			Also included are fixes for various memory leaks,
		the operating directory option, username tab completion,
		the page_up and down arrow, go to previous word and next
		word, nanorc parser and line wrapping code.  Have fun!

07/25/2002 - At long last!  GNU nano 1.1.10 "What didn't we break?" is
		released.  This version of GNU nano features version
		0.11.2 of gettext, building with automake 1.6, some new
		code for displaying control characters, browser
		improvements, a new backup file option (-B, --backup),
		a new option to ignore rc files (-I,--ignorercfiles), 
		compatibility with -pedantic, handling null characters
		before EOF, a slightly sportier nanorc.sample and more.
			Fixes are included included for justification, the 
		reading and writing file routines, resizing and fill
		length, millions of memory leaks, the usage screen was 
		updated, and the the --quotestr and --regexp really work
		now ;-)   Enjoy :)

05/12/2002 - GNU nano 1.1.9 is released, happy Mother's Day!  This release
		includes many new features, including a prepend mode 
		(^O,M-P), a new "syntax" command in the .nanorc to allow
		multiple syntax highlighting types, and a new -Y, --syntax  
		flag to set a specific one if there's no filename regex to 
		match it against (i.e. w/mutt).  The ^space and M-space keys
		will now show up in the help menu, which itself has been
		tweaked a bit, and many more configure options should now
		cooperate (like the odd pairing of --enable-tiny and 
		--enable-multibuffer).  The marker should now work
		when using multiple buffers, and the huge memory leak in
		color syntax highlighting has been fixed.  A lot of
		new stuff for everyone's favorite text editor ;)  Have fun!

03/30/2002 - GNU nano 1.1.8 is released.  New features include an 
		"Insert Output of External Command", ^R^X, and a .spec
		file is now included in the distribution.  There are 
		cleanups in the usage code, fixes for regex parsing, 
		the file browser, the NO_CONVERT auto-detect, indented 
		justification, the internal spell checker, and a serious 
		bug where reading a file of 0 lines would hang nano.  
		Also, the "show position" code now shows the starting 
		column as 1 instead of 0.  Have fun!

03/05/2002 - GNU nano 1.1.7 "lets change everything and see what breaks"
		is released.  New features include new flags 
		-N,--noconvert to stop any file format conversion and
		-Q, --quotestr for the new quoted text justification,
		a new tempnam() implementation to avoid silly warnings,
		DOS and Mac file options in the Write File dialog,
		multiple save files (file.1) for abnormal exits, ^C
		now shows column as well as character position, and 
		multibuffer allows duplicate files, even unnamed ones.
		Also, the static shortcut and toggle lengths are
		history, nano now reads $SYSCONFDIR/nanorc if rc file
		support is enabled, and nano is now built with (and
		requires for rebuilding) autoconf 2.5. 
			This release also includes fixes for some memory
		leaks, detecting DOS and mac file format, justification,
		suspending keys, search & replace under various 
		conditions, variable width for shortcuts, and the usual
		ton of translation updates.

01/25/2002 - GNU nano 1.1.6 is released.  Lots of new features in this
		release.  New Meta-keys were added as alternates for 
		control sequences: Meta-A for the marker key (^^), and
		Meta-G for the 'goto dir' key in the file browser (^_).
		The color syntax highlighting now supports multiple
		lines via start="regex" end="regex" syntax, and the
		.nanorc regex format itself has changed. Also, the
		gettext code was upgraded to version 0.10.40, and nano
		will now display a message if only occurrence of a
		given search exists. 
			For bugfixes, there are fixes for spelling,
		stray newlines in the usage() function, suspend issues
		with tcsh, auto-indent and wrapping clashes, ugly code 
		in rcfile.c, global variable compatibility with AIX.
		There are also oodles of translation updates.
		Have fun with it.

01/05/2002 - GNU nano 1.1.5 is out.  The main new feature in this 
		release is the changed behavior of the keypad.  Nano now 
		does the Right Thing and used keypad() by default.  If
		you wish to use the keypad arrow keys in certain 
		terminals, you may use the -K or --keypad flag to
		use the old behavior.  Users of other OSes should see 
		better handling of their non-keypad keys in this 
		release.  Other changes include more Hurd fixes, fixes
		parsing the .nanorc, display fixes for the color syntax
		highlighting, gettext stabilization and many translation
		updates.  This is almost like a stable release, much like
		in the 0.9.x series when every other release was the
		most stable one :)  Have fun!
12/11/2001 - GNU nano 1.1.4 is released.  This release contains 
		rudimentary color syntax support (but it's still
		broken), compatibility fixes for the Hurd and FreeBSD,
		spell checker and wrapping fixes, and more.  It seems
		that the amount of interest in the code is inversely
		proportional to the amount of time since last release,
		so it's time to show the world all the changes since 
		1.1.3 ;)  Have fun with it!
10/26/2001 - GNU nano 1.1.3 is released.  As far as new features go, 
		the help system is now available for all functions in the
		editor.  Also, nano will also now print a message on
		the status bar when it automatically converts a file from
		Mac or DOS format, and trying to load a file that
		has already been loaded in multibuffer mode will now also
		cause an error message.  There is now a "goto previous
		word" which you can use by hitting Meta-Space Bar.
			As for fixes, a SEVERE bug in the 
		null_at code which discarded the memory address of
		reallocated memory has been fixed. This is probably
		the biggest bug fix in well over the last year of
		development.  There are also some display fixes for when
		the screen shouldn't center itself on cut or uncut text.
		Also, the comments in the header files incorectly said
		that nano was distributed under version 1 of the GPL when
		the accompanying license was the GPLv2.  
			If you're using nano-1.1, it is highly
		recommended you upgrade to this release.  If using 1.0,
		wait for version 1.0.6 which should be available early
		next week.  Enjoy!

10/03/2001 - GNU nano 1.1.2 is out there.  Many new features in this
		release, including support for auto-converting from
		DOS and Mac formatted files, as well as toggles for
		writing out files in these formats.  Pico's -o flag has
		been implemented, as has some new smooth scrolling code
		(which can be used in place of the default jerky scrolling
		behavior). Also, there is now a "find matching
		bracket/brace/etc" feature (Meta-]).  The  .nanorc file
		now accepts setting the tabsize, and the help text at the
		bottom of the editor is now better spaced out in the
		search/replace prompts.  There are also the usual helping
		of bugfixes, translation updates and, surely a bug or two.
		You better get ready!

07/28/2001 - GNU nano 1.1.1 is released.  Our second 1.1 unstable release
		features many bugfixes from the initial release, in
		particular fixes for the multibuffer code, and various
		compiler macro fixes.  The shortcut lists for
		the search and replace prompts are a little more logical
		(with cancel the last option again), and the included
		gettext was re-downgraded to 0.10.35 due to problems
		on the PPC platform.  GNU nano now includes its own
		aclocal macros in the m4/ directory to allow rebuilding
		the configure script to work on platforms regardless of
		their gettext version.

07/15/2001 - GNU nano 1.1.0 is released.  This is the first release
		in the 1.1.x unstable series of GNU nano. It
		incorporates all changes up to the 1.0.3 release, 
		and also includes many many new features, including 
		appending to as well as overwriting files, writing 
		marked text to a separate file, dynamic wrap length, 
		lots more compatibility with Pico, and new optional 
		features like .nanorc file support and multiple file 
		buffers!  All in all, plenty of new stuff that's sure 
		to introduce lots of bugs ;-) Have fun with it, but
		be careful, unstable means unstable.

04/06/2001 - GNU nano 1.0.1 is out there.  The only new feature is a 
		configure option for those who want to disable all
		word wrapping from nano, --disable-wrapping.  Bug fixes
		this release include some bugs with autoconf and i18n,
		and several fixes in the file browser including a
		segfault on Solaris, symlinks to directories now work
		properly, and nano now sorts files case insensitively
		like pilot.  Have fun with it.

03/22/2001 - GNU Nano 1.0 is released!  The autoindent wrapping bug 
		has been fixed, as well as strange bug when using Pico
		mode and regex search.  There have also been some minor 
		spelling and documentation updates.  As stated on the
		website, there are currently no known bugs with nano, but
		some will pop up eventually and they will be addressed in
		subsequent releases.  We hope you enjoy this first stable
		release of nano, and as always, feedback is welcome!

02/19/2001 - Nano 0.9.99pre3 brings a lot of changes!  The most important
		being that nano is now officially a GNU program.  Some
		changes have been made for GNU compatibility (like the
		default list of shortcuts, "^G Get Help" is now Listed and
		"^_ Goto Line" is not).  The Yes/No/All keys have
		finally been internationalized also.   All in all, quite
		a few changes, considering nano is supposed to be in a code
		freeze.  But there are the usual helping of bugfixes, a
		nasty bug when cutting text in -k mode and some
		compatibility issues with older ncurses libraries have also
		been fixed.  All in all, a lot to see.

01/31/2001 - Nano 0.9.99pre2 is released.  Not surprisingly, all that is
		new is bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes.  There were a few
		cleanups in unneeded global variables and duplicate
		functions, but most is just fixing.  Specifically, there
		is now a preliminary (read: needs testing) fix for
		resizing the editor in any mode other than normal edit
		mode.  Other fixes include some more tab completion
		segfaults, and an silly segfault that occurred when 
		successfully writing a file on the 2nd try (i.e. after an
		initial write error). Slowly but surely, on toward 1.0 we

01/17/2001 - Nano 0.9.99pre1 is released.  This is the first pre-1.0
		release of nano, and is also the first release since the
		code freeze for nano 1.0.  Don't expect (or request) any 
		new features between now and nano 1.0, only bugfixes,
		optimizations and doc/translation updates.  For fixes, a
		nasty segfault when trying to insert one's home directory
		(~), some checks for the NumLock key making the keypad
		go awry, window size sanity checks, many autoconf fixes,
		and support for the KDE konsole keypad layout.  Have fun.

01/07/2001 - Nano 0.9.25 is the "Just one more feature I swear!" release.
		It includes one new feature that Pico has had forever, a
		built-in file browser.  Since not everyone may want this 
		option, there is a --disable-browser option to the
		configure script as well.  Other changes include slightly
		different keypad handling, and a bugfix for crashes when
		tab completion in certain instances.  Have fun and Happy
		New Year!

12/18/2000 - Nano 0.9.24 is released.  This version contains the last of
		the security fixes for writing files, as well as for a
		nasty segfault when nano is unable to open a file for
		reading, among other fixes.  Nano also now cowardly
		refuses to open device files, to stop silly things like
		trying to open /dev/zero.  New features include being
		Able to use Meta-Meta-<key> as Control-<key>, better
		HURD support, and some new flags have been added for Pico
		compatibility.  Upgrading to this version is highly 

12/08/2000 - Nano 0.9.23 is the "race conditions bite" release.  The
		main reason for this release is the less-than-optimal
		fix for the security issue in nano with following symbolic
		links.  Hopefully this will fix the problem permanently.  
		The --nofollow option also works again for those who
		are real security nuts.  There are also some display and
		search fixes, and the --disable-spell function was renamed
		to --disable-speller to be in line with nano and Pico's
		"speller" term.

12/02/2000 - Nano 0.9.22 is released, with many more changes and 
		additions than imaginable.  The most important change is
		a fix for unsafe handling of symbolic links which could
		lead to symlink attacks if nano were to exit because
		of an error or signal.  Also there are better checks when
		saving files.
		    As for new features, username tab completion is
		now working well, the internal spell checker code has been
		tweaked, you can now unjustify if you don't like how the
		justify formatted your text, and there are more
		options for configure, including --disable-spell and
		--disable-justify and --enable-extra (for those who like
		surprises).  All in all, a whole lot of changes in
		a little over a week.

11/23/2000 - Happy Thanksgiving!  Nano 0.9.21 is our "last version was 
		a big turkey" release.  It fixes several bugs introduced
		by the previous version, as well as a few long-
		standing display bugs.  All 0.9.20 users are strongly
		encouraged to upgrade to this release.

11/18/2000 - Nano 0.9.20 is finally out the door.  Probably the biggest
		change is the brand new way nano displays previous search
		and replace strings (they are now editable!)  This is a
		break from Pico's (inconsistent) interface, so if you
		don't like the new way, "Pico" mode (-p on the command
		line or Meta-P within nano) still works the "old" 
		    Other new features include being able to deal with
		search strings of any length, a new internal spell feature
		(courtesy of Mr. Rocco Corsi) and tab completion when
		reading in or writing out files!  There's also the usual
		billion or so bug fixes.  Feedback on this release is
		welcome because so much has changed, especially with the
		previous string display in search and replace. Email -> <-. If you like something, don't like
		something, or just want to order a pizza, let us know!

10/02/2000 - Nano 0.9.19 is the "Chris is getting married in less than
		a week and needs a distraction" release.  There are only
		a few actual code changes, mainly portability and compiler
		warning fixes.  Nano now also supports PDCurses, which
		enables easily-built nano executables for Windows NT
		and 95/98 for the brave.  The official nano site has
		changed (again) as well, check out for
		all the latest nano schtuff.

09/18/2000 - Nano 0.9.18 is unleashed.  It has some new keyboard
		handling code, cygwin support out of the box, and 
		a more portable handler for the NOHELP toggle.  There
		is also a fix for a somewhat serious bug whereby trying
		to insert a directory instead of a normal file would
		destroy the contents of the editor.  A must-see.  Four

09/04/2000 - Nano 0.9.17, the Labor Day release, is released after a
		quiet spell (almost an entire month since last release!)
		New features include better (not yet perfect) binary
		display support and toggle support for most of the program
		flags (M-c, M-i, M-z, M-x, M-p, M-w, M-m, M-k and M-e for
		-c, -i, -x, -p, -w, -k, and -R).

08/09/2000 - Nano 0.9.16, after some struggling, is released.  This release
		should fix a few of the holes that 0.9.15 dug.  The 
		"cutting text on the first line" bug is fixed, as is the
		"cutting text on the last line" bug.  Nice symmetry there
		huh?  Also the --tabsize argument should now work as well
		as by using -T.

08/03/2000 - Nano 0.9.15 is the "I can't think of a release description"
		release.  There are the usual gala of display bugfixes,
		a fix for the the nasty bug in -k mode that could create a
		loop in the file being edited, and some other code
		cleanup.  Also, the -T option should now work regardless
		of the curses library used.  Yay.

07/27/2000 - Nano 0.9.14 is officially the "13 is so unlucky it should
		be skipped as a version number" release.  One typo
		caused unending problems (calling nano with either -t or
		-k caused both flags to be used). The -k code is also now
		closer in functionality to Pico's -k mode; please
		note that this code is not finished yet.  Working on this
		code has made me realize that there is not enough 
		abstraction in the code, and I will be working on that
		for the next release.  Until then, have fun with this

07/23/2000 - Nano 0.9.13 has a few new bits and bobs, most notably the
		-k option from Pico (cut to end of line).  The majority
		of changes in this release are bugfixes, however, including
		the usual display fixes and fixes for writing to symbolic
		links and un-writable files.  Barring any other major 
		changes, this should be the feature set for nano 1.0,
		whenever it might be released =-)

07/07/2000 - Nano 0.9.12 (The "lucky day" release) is bursting with new
		features, bug fixes, and yummy fruit flavor.  For
		changes, the alternate replace keystroke ^W^T is now
		^W^R to be compatible with later versions of Pico.
		^W^T is now goto line, again for Pico compatibility.
		As for new features, the wonderful/hated magic line
		code has returned with a vengeance!  Also, regular
		expression searches and replaces have been incorporated
		via the -R flag.  And, of course, there are the usual
		helping of display and other bug fixes to top it all

06/20/2000 - Nano 0.9.11 presents drastic rewrites of the most buggy
		routines in the program, specifically the wrapping code
		and almost all of the display routines.  There are many
		improvements and bugfixes to the display subsystem in 
		general, but there may be bugs lurking yet.  Also, after
		many MANY requests, there is now an option to set the
		displayed tab width (-T, --tabsize).  Note that 
		this function just changes the way tabs LOOK in the
		editor, the tabs you input are still real tabs of normal
		width  (usually 8 characters); nano just makes them look
		smaller or bigger while in the editor.  New in the
		translation department is an Indonesian translation (id).

06/06/2000 - Nano 0.9.10 is primarily a bugfix for the loss of SIGINT when
		using "run and terminate" flags (for example, --help).
		There are also some minor documentation updates.  This
		version of nano is the most stable in quite some time, and
		is likely to be the most stable for awhile.  Users are
		encouraged to upgrade to this version.

05/31/2000 - Nano 0.9.9 introduces much better working i18n support,
		more portability, and a ton of bugfixes.  While
		nano is not likely anywhere near 1.0 in terms of
		code quality, it gets a quantum leap closer with this

05/18/2000 - Nano 0.9.8 (the 'what broke now?' release) should fix
		the resize crash people have been experiencing.  It also
		offers a new input method that should allow nano to do
		things the right way (like ^S, ^Q, custom suspend keys)
		and hopefully won't break with non-US keyboards.  There
		are also the obligatory display fixes and speedups.  Have
		fun with it.

05/14/2000 - Nano 0.9.7 (the Mother's Day release) continues in the long
		line of display fixes, and also fixes the broken symlink
		behavior (i.e. symlinks weren't being followed by
		default).  Hopefully all major bugs can be worked out soon
		and we can have a 1.0 release before the end of the year,
		but who knows.
05/08/2000 - Nano 0.9.6 cleans up a lot of the display bugs that 0.9.5
		uncovered.  There are improvements (and some remaining
		segfaults) in the wrapping code, and even more
		display optimizations.  I would still say 0.9.4 or 0.9.2
		are the most stable versions of nano to date, but this one
		may not be too bad =-)

05/01/2000 - Nano 0.9.5 attempts to speed up the display of text
		to be at least somewhat reasonable.  Much
		code profiling has been done to reduce the 
		ridiculous number of redundant display updates.  This
		will probably expose a lot of bugs that can then be
		fixed, so this release is probably not for the faint
		of heart.  For anyone curious, I would call nano 0.9.2
		the most stable version recently, so use that if you're
		not particularly concerned with being on the bleeding

04/25/2000 - Nano 0.9.4 fixes some problems in 0.9.3 with the last
		line code and related segfaults.  It also now has
		much better handling for 8-bit characters.  The
		--enable-tiny code also produces a smaller executable.

04/19/2000 - Nano 0.9.3 is officially the "Micro$oft" release.  It
		underscores the recent problem of bugfixes introducing
		more bugs than they fix.  The most important change
		to this version of nano is the removal of the "magic
		line".  You will no longer see a blank line at the end of
		the file. If you want a new line at the end of your file,
		you'll have to hit enter to get one.  

		this feature has been causing many many problems with nano
		so it is being removed for the time being, and perhaps

		Other new stuff includes an --enable-tiny option to make
		nano ultra small (disabling i18n, detailed help and the
		marker and mouse code), and --with-slang to use the 
		slang libraries instead of ncurses.

04/15/2000 - Nano 0.9.2 just fixes the serious segfault problem if 
		nano is invoked any way other than using the absolute 
		path.  The bug was in the new code for checking whether 
		nano is invoked as 'pico'.

04/14/2000 - 0.9.1 has some more Pico compatibility built-in.  The
		option to switch to/from Search and Search/Replace
		(^T) is now available, and nano now displays the 
		more Pico-like shortcut list when invoked as 'pico'
		(i.e. if 'pico' is a symlink to nano).  There is an
		important change to the handling of symbolic links
		as well.  Now, nano does the "correct" thing and
		automatically writes to the object of the symlink,
		rather than replace the symlink with the updated file.
		This behavior is still available with the --nofollow
		or -l flags.  
		    Other new things include a fix for the infamous
		"recursive replace" bug, and more bugfixes in the wrapping 

04/07/2000 - Nano 0.9.0 has some updates, new language support and
		a much better refresh setup (It's still not great, but...)
		There should also be more stability editing long lines,
		as there was a stupid mistake in the update_line
		call.  Silly me =)

03/22/2000 - Nano 0.8.9 is basically just a bugfix release of 0.8.8
		to reflect the current stagnant status of the project.
		Most things work, the rest doesn't doesn't work because
		(a) I can't fix it or I would have already done so, and
		(b) the amount of patches I'm receiving right now is quite
		negligible.  Fortunately, this release marks the first
		release since I have acquired ownership of the nano pages
		on SourceForge.  Here's hoping SF will get us some more
		visibility, translators and patches.

03/12/2000 - After a hiatus, I have finally moved (not unpacked though)
		to my new home into Albany. Thus I should now have more
		time to work on nano.  Nano 0.8.8, the "dear god what
		broke this time?" release, incorporates patches for both
		i18n and many bugfixes.  It is VERY likely something broke 
		this version, and it's likely I didn't even apply the i18n
		stuff properly, so *it* may not even work.  

		I would like to announce that I'm going to need
		translations soonish, so if you are fluent in other
		languages than English (or even better, if your native
		language is not English) and you would like to submit a
		translation file to me, please feel free to do so.  If you
		do, I will list your name and email in the AUTHORS file as
		the maintainer of the .po file, and from then on it is
		yours to take care of and keep up to date.

03/01/2000 - Well, to continue my trend of going back on my previous
		release's comments, nano 0.8.7 is released.  The crashing
		behavior was still occurring, and this most recent fix also
		fixes some other wrapping problems, so here you go.
		There may be another release soon, there may not be, is
		that vague enough? =)

02/25/2000 - More minor bugfixes in 0.8.6, the bizarre behavior at the end
		of a page has ceased, thankfully.  I'm also moving next
		weekend, so don't be shocked if you don't see a new
		version of nano next week =-)

02/11/2000 - Okay, here we go again.  Aside from a few minor fixes and
		some under-the-hood changes, you won't notice much
		different in this version of nano.  I haven't gotten much
		feedback on the help feature, is it simply amazing or does
		no one care?  Write and let me know! =)

02/08/2000 - Nano 0.8.3 marks the first time in a long time that there has
		been more than three days since the last release.  New
		features include an initial help mode (YAY!), hopefully
		much more support for i18n out of the box, and a flag
		for more Pico compatibility in the shortcut lists
		displayed. This release also marks the new nano
		distribution site, and email
		address for bugs, etc.

02/02/2000 - Okay, I hate to go back on what I said in the last release,
		but I may be changing jobs very soon.  I will release
		version 0.8.2 as is (no i18n, no help menu (yet).  I
		expect things to settle down by the end of next week, and
		then I can try to start on the i18n support and help menu;
		look for these new features in version 0.8.5 to 0.9.0.

01/28/2000 - Nano 0.8.1 marks our first official step toward
		internationalization (i18n) and the help system (^G).  I
		will be merging in Jordi's patches for initial i18n in the
		next version, and will implement the help system with
		i18n built into it shortly after that.  Please don't
		hesitate to send bug reports, as long as you're sure the
		fault lies with nano =-).

01/25/2000 - Nano 0.8.0 is officially the 'let's try and be at least a
		little portable, mmmmkay?' release.  There are many
		portability checks and fixes; many thanks to Andy Kahn for
		his patches.  I removed the broken do_spell behavior with
		the 'spell' program; for now, we only try to call 'ispell'
		until I write a better method to handle the output of the
		normal 'spell' command.

01/24/2000 - Nano 0.7.9 features many new features. Among them are a
		new autoindent feature (-i, --autoindent), tempfile
		flag like Pico's -t flag (-t, --tempfile), and preliminary
		spelling program support.  The spelling function tries
		to run 'spell' and then 'ispell' in that order, but you
		can specify another spelling program with -s or --speller.

01/17/00 - Nano 0.7.7 is officially the 'way too much stuff changed this
		release' release.  It's the busy time at work for me, so
		please don't get offended if your patch doesn't get
		included in the next immediate version of nano.  I'm sure
		all the changes in this release will cause a few bugs, so
		0.7.8 will primarily be about fixing those bugs.

		Things added this release include resizability (kinda),
		new -x and -c flags (see nano -h for help), long command
		line flag support, and the usual array of bugfixes.

01/15/00 - Nano 0.7.6 is officially the 'lightning' release.  It now loads
		large files much faster than previous versions, and is
		even much faster than Pico or vi in some rather
		rudimentary tests. Many thanks to Adam Rogoyski for the
		read_byte patch!

01/09/00 - As of this version (0.7.4), TIP has officially been renamed
		to nano.  The new homepage is at  Please
		update your bookmarks, tell your friends, and all that

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