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.TH MANLINT 1 "14 July 1999" "Linux" "Linux Programmer's Manual"
manlint \- program to report errors in man or mdoc pages
.BR manlint " [ " options " ] [ " "list of files" " ] "
is a program that identifies lint (errors) in man or mdoc page formatting,
similar to a spelling checker for ordinary text.
Manlint has a list of permitted macros and escape sequences,
and reports the use of any macro or escape sequence not in the
permitted list.
This permitted list includes all the macros defined in
.BR man (7),
.BR mdoc (7),
and the safe subset of troff defined in
.BR man (7).
manlint also checks for conformance to various rules.
If a man page passes manlint, it should be widely portable, even
to tools such as
.BR man2html (1)
which don't implement all of troff.
If a list of files is omitted, the standard input is used.
A file by the name "-" is interpreted as the standard input.
Currently the program is very incomplete.
It doesn't have any options, it doesn't actually check escape sequences,
and it can't handle mdoc format.
Still, it's clear what it should do, and even in its current form
it can find lots of problems in existing man files.
David A. Wheeler (
.BR man (7),
.BR mdoc (7).