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$NetBSD: ChangeLog,v 1.46 2007/08/06 04:58:04 lukem Exp $

Mon Aug  6 04:55:19 UTC 2007	lukem

	* Release as "tnftp 20070806"

	* Add a NEWS file.

	* Reduce differences between NetBSD-ftp and local copy.

	* Merge NetBSD ftp from 20070605 to 20070722.
		- Document about:ftp and about:version.

	* Add autoconf check for (Dante) SOCKS5.
	  (Needs run-time testing and more portability testing.)

Mon Jul 23 11:44:42 UTC 2007	lukem

	* Don't use non-standard: u_char u_short u_int.
	  Use uint32_t instead of u_int32_t.

	* Consistently use AS_CASE() and AS_IF() in

	* Don't use defined() with HAVE_DECL_xxx.
	  Use `LL' instead of `L' suffix for fallback
	  defines of LLONG_MIN and LLONG_MAX.

Sun Jul 22 12:00:17 UTC 2007	lukem

	* Include <arpa/nameser.h> if available, and provide fallback #defines.

	* Sync with lib/libc/inet/inet_pton.c 1.3:
		* Sync to bind 9.3.x version
		* Update ISC copyright
		* Fix some lint

	* Sync with lib/libc/inet/inet_ntop.c 1.3:
		* Sync to bind 9.3.x version
		* Update ISC copyright
		* Use socklen_t instead of size_t
		* Use snprintf() instead of SPRINTF()
		* Improve detection of various boundary conditions

	* Sync to NetBSD glob.h 1.21, glob.c 1.16:
		* Standards compliance fix
		* De-lint
		* Don't overflow when DEBUG is defined.

        * Sync fgetln.c to tools/compat/fgetln.c 1.7:
		* Clause 3 removal.

	* Sync to config.guess 2007-07-22, config.sub 2007-06-28.

	* Consistency tweaks in configure help strings.

	* Add check for struct sockaddr.sa_len.
	  Change tests for HAVE_foo to defined(HAVE_foo).

	* Remove pretence of supporting SOCKS for now;
	  no test system is available, and the old
	  autoconf 2.13 support wasn't upgraded to 2.61.
	* style consistency tweaks.
	  Move autoconf aux files from ./ to build-aux/

	* Remove duplicate HAVE_STRERROR replacement in tnftp.h.

Thu Jun  7 04:47:47 UTC 2007	lukem

	* Merge NetBSD ftp from 20070510 to 20070605.  Changes:
		- Enforce restriction that (http) proxied URL fetchs don't
		  support being restarted at this time.
		  Addresses NetBSD Problem Report 28697.
		- Display times in RFC2822 form rather than using ctime(3),
		  since the former is more explicit about the timezone offset.
		- main: call tzset() to ensure TZ is setup for other <time.h>
		- remotemodtime(): use strptime() to parse the reply.
		- fetch_url(): ensure struct tm is zeroed before calling
		- Modify parse_url() to consistently strip the leading `/'
		  off ftp URLs.
		  Fixes NetBSD Problem Report 17617.
		- Use 'RFCnnnn' (with leading 0) instead of 'RFC nnnn', to be
		  consistent with the style in the RFC index.
		- Refer to RFC3916 instead of 1738 or 2732.
		- Expand the list of supported RFCs in ftp(1) to contain the
		  document name as well.

Fri May 11 04:39:55 UTC 2007	lukem

	* Update INSTALL and COPYING.

	  require support for 'long long' in that check rather than
	  needing sizeof(off_t)>=8, as some systems have a separate
	  off64_t when Large File Support is enabled.

	* config.guess: treat 'i86xen:SunOS:5.*' as 'i86pc:SunOS:5.*'

Thu May 10 15:23:33 UTC 2007	lukem

	* Remove checks for util.h and libutil.h, and replacement for
	  fparseln(), since fparseln() isn't used any more.

	* Merge NetBSD ftp from 20070418 to 20070510.  Changes:
		- Switch from fparseln() to the internal getline() when
		  parsing HTTP headers.  Makes ftp a bit more portable
		  (not needing fparseln()) at the expense of not supporting
		  arbitrary long header lines, which I'm not concerned about
		  because we don't support header line continuation either...
		- Replace references from draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-NN to RFC 3659.
		- Fix misplaced const.
		- Implement copy_bytes() to copy bytes from one fd to another
		  via the provided buffer, with optional rate-limiting and
		  hash-mark printing, using one loop and handle short writes.
		  Refactor sendrequest() and recvrequest() to use copy_data().
		  Addresses NetBSD Problem Report 15943.

Wed May  9 05:24:55 UTC 2007	lukem

	* Fix typo in poll()-based implementation of usleep() replacement.

Wed May  9 04:58:50 UTC 2007	lukem

	* Rename to, as the latter is the
	  preferred name in autoconf 2.61.

	* Convert from autoconf 2.13 to 2.61:
	  * Use a consistent quoting mechanism.
	  * Use modern autoconf macros, #define names, etc.
	  * Search for more header files, and only #include if found.
	  * Remove old-style generation.
	  This may fix various tests on platforms such as FreeBSD and OS X.

	* Add -Wl,-search_paths_first to LDFLAGS on OS X (Darwin) if the
	  linker supports it.  This is needed so we use our libedit
	  rather than the system one.

	XXX: SOCKS support is currently disabled until I update the
	     autoconf support.

Mon Apr 23 06:04:26 UTC 2007	lukem

	* Merge NetBSD ftp from 20050610 to 20070418.  Changes:
		- Add '-s srcaddr'.
		- Use IEC 60027-2 2^N based "KiB", "MiB" (etc) instead of
		  10^n "KB", "MB", ...
		- Recognize 307 redirect code.
		- Suppress printing non-COMPLETE reply strings when EPSV/EPRT
		  fails and we fall-back to PASV/PORT.  Should fix a problem
		  with the emacs ftp wrapper.
		- Fix display of 'Continue with <cmd>' messages.
		- Prevent segfaults in .netrc parsing.
		- Flush stdout before each command; ftp as slave process on
		  a pipe should work.
		- getpass() can return NULL in some implementations; cope.
		- Support '-q quittime' when waiting for server replies.
		- Various spelling & grammatical fixes in the manual.
		- Plug some memory leaks.
		- If a file upload (via -u) fails, return an non-zero exit
		  value based on the index of the file that caused the
		  problem (a la auto-fetch retrieval).
		- Coverity fixes for CIDs: 873 874 875 1447 1448 2194 2195 3610
		- Don't remove trailing character during auth_url()
		- Fix progressbar display on narrow terminals (<43 columns)

Fri Mar 16 06:00:14 UTC 2007	lukem

	* Change the return value of the replacement gai_strerror()
	  from "char *" to "const char *", to match the current
	  Problem noted by Thomas Klausner.

Thu Oct 26 07:24:22 UTC 2006	lukem

	* Correctly parse "AM" and "PM" in the replacement strptime().
	  Problem noted by Kathryn Hogg.

Sat Jun 25 06:27:00 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Release as "tnftp 20050625"

	* Simplify the detection & replacement of dirname() and fparseln()
	  and just use AC_REPLACE_FUNCS.
	  (We don't care if the vendor has a working version in -lgen or -lutil
	  instead of -lc; they'll get our replacement version in that case).
	  Fixes build issue on older Darwin where the previous autoconf check
	  wouldn't find dirname() in the default system libraries.

	* Only provide a prototype for dirname() if we can't find one in

	* Search for NS_IN6ADDRSZ instead of IN6ADDRSZ, since we use the
	  former and not the latter and older Darwin has the former.
	  (This allows INET6 support to be enabled on Darwin 7.9.0)

Mon Jun 13 09:22:13 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Tweak SOCKS5 support:
		- fix a comment
		- ensure close() is replaced
		- list entries in the same order as aclocal.m4
		  (and the SOCKS5 FAQ)
		- ensure getpeername() is replaced
		- don't replace listen() twice

Fri Jun 10 04:39:33 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Release as "tnftp 20050610"

	* Add dependencies on ${srcdir}/../tnftp.h and ../config.h

	* Merge NetBSD ftp from 20050609 to 20050610.  Changes:
		- Implement getline() to read a line into a buffer.
		- Convert to use getline() instead of fgets() whenever reading
		  user input to ensure that an overly long input line doesn't
		  leave excess characters for the next input operation to
		  accidentally use as input.
		- Zero out the password & account after we've finished with it.
		- Consistently use getpass(3) (i.e, character echo suppressed)
		  when reading the account data.  For some reason, historically
		  the "login" code suppressed echo for Account: yet the "user"
		  command did not!
		- Display the hostname in the "getaddrinfo failed" warning.
		- Appease some -Wcast-qual warnings.  Fixing all of these
		  requires significant code refactoring.  (mmm, legacy code).

Thu Jun  9 16:49:05 UTC 2005	lukem

	* src, libnetbsd: Excise RCSID block, rather than using
	  #if 0 ...  #endif.  The point was to minimise RCSID
	  conflicts, and the latter isn't helping there.

	* Merge NetBSD ftp from 20050531 to 20050609.  Changes:
		- Only print the "Trying <address>..." message if verbose
		  and there's more than one struct addrinfo in the
		  getaddrinfo() result.
		- Don't use non-standard "u_int".

Wed Jun  1 15:08:01 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Look for dirname(3), which may be in -lgen on IRIX, and
	  replace it if not found..

Wed Jun  1 11:48:58 UTC 2005	lukem

	* libnetbsd:
		- Don't use non-standard: u_char u_short u_int.
		- Use uint32_t instead of u_int32_t.
		- Don't use register.

	* libedit: Don't use non-standard uint or u_int.

Tue May 31 02:23:08 UTC 2005	lukem

	* tnftp.h: need <libgen.h> for dirname(3)

	* Merge ftp from 20050513 to 20050531.  Changes:
		- Helps if the definition of xconnect() matches its
		- Fix some cast issues highlighted by Scott Reynolds using
		  gcc 4 on OSX.4
		- Use size_t instead of int where appropriate.
		- Make this compile on sparc64 (size_t != int).
		- Printf field widths and size_t don't always mix well, so
		  cast to int.  Fixes build problem for alpha.
		- Some const cleanups.
		- tab cleanup
		- Improve method used in fileindir() to determine if `file'
		  is in or under `dir': realpath(3) on non-NetBSD systems may
		  fail if the target filename doesn't exist, so instead use
		  realpath(3) on the parent directory of `file'.
		  Per discussion with Todd Eigenschink.
		- formatbuf(): fix %m and %M to use the hostname, not the
		- fetch_ftp(): preserve 'anonftp' across a disconnect() so
		  that multiple ftp auto-fetches on the same command line
		  login automatically.
		- auto_fetch(): use an initialized volatile int to appease
		  IRIX cc.

	* Merge libedit from NetBSD 20050105 to 20050531.  Changes include:
		- Rui Paulo: Incorrect tok_line and tok_str declarations.
		- Remove clause 3 from the UCB license.
		- Luke Mewburn: Don't abuse unconstify'ing a string
		  and writing to it, because you'll core dump. Also remove
		  extra const that gives pain to the irix compiler.
		- Make sure we flush after we prepare when we are unbuffered
		  otherwise the prompt will not appear immediately.
		- Terminate the arglist with a NULL instead of 0. 
		  (Shuts up gcc4.x)

Sat May 28 13:19:38 UTC 2005	lukem

	* libnetbsd/strvis.c:
		- Sync to NetBSD's vis.c 1.33:
		  Use malloc(3) instead of alloca(3).
		- Remove extraenous #endif

Fri May 27 05:46:58 UTC 2005	lukem

	* libnetbsd/strvis.c: Sync to NetBSD's vis.c 1.30:
	  Use a more standard TNF license.

	* libedit/sig.c: Include "src/progressbar.h" for xsignal_restart()

	* Ensure that fallback #define of __attribute__ is available.
	  Fixes build problem on HP-UX with cc.

Thu May 26 14:21:08 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Extend xpoll()'s HAVE_SELECT implementation to support POLLRDNORM,
	  POLLWRNORM, and POLLRDBAND - the latter using exceptfds.
	  Per discussion with Christos Zoulas.

Mon May 16 13:33:27 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Pull in <poll.h> or <sys/poll.h> if they exist even if we're
	  not using poll, as struct pollfd might exist in those.
	  Fixes build problem on OSX.3.

	* Separate CPPFLAGS from CFLAGS.

	* Sync various files in libnetbsd with the original versions
	  in NetBSD.  Notable changes
		- Convert 4 clause UCB license to 3 clause.
		- Use strlcpy instead of strcpy.
		- Update ISC copyright.
		- Use NS_INADDRSZ, NS_IN6ADDRSZ and NS_INT16SZ instead of
		  equivalents without NS_ prefix.
		- Use socklen_t instead of size_t where appropriate.
		- Improve bounds checking.
		- Don't update the size of allocated storage until
		  realloc succeeds.
		- Fix comment about return value.
		- Reverse the order of two loop invariant to make
		  'strlcat(0, "foo", 0)' not get a SEGV.
		- Use Todd C. Miller's latest copyright notice (more loose).
		- Use "long long" instead of "quad" in various
		  comments & constants.
		- Support VIS_HTTPSTYLE.
		- Implement svis(), strsvis(), strsvisx(), strunvisx().

	* Prefer poll over select when implementing replacement usleep().

Sat May 14 04:44:35 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Release "tnftp 20050514"

	* Fail if we can't find a library with tgetent (needed for libedit).
	  NetBSD PR pkg/28925.
	* Improve quoting when using various autoconf macros.

	* Merge NetBSD-ftp 20050513:
		- Correct the "optlen" argument passed to getsockopt(3) and
		  setsockopt(3) in various places.  Fixes a problem noted by
		  Allen Briggs.
		- Improve warning printed when connect(2) for the data
		  channel fails.

Wed May 11 04:19:43 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Release "tnftp 20050511"

Wed May 11 04:10:01 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Update the THANKS file.

	* Only use poll() to implement xpoll() if it's available,
	  otherwise attempt to use select() if that's available,
	  otherwise #error.

	* Detect if struct pollfd is available in <poll.h> or <sys/poll.h>.
	  Improve consistency in use of autoconf macros.

Wed May 11 02:42:08 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Merge NetBSD-ftp 20050511:
		- Use socklen_t instead of int as the 5th argument to
		  getsockopt().  Improve invocation of setsockopt() and
		  associated failure messages.

Wed May 11 01:46:29 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Clean up RCSID usage in vendor-derived code, restoring original
	  IDs where possible.

Wed May 11 00:08:16 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Merge NetBSD-ftp 20050510:
		- Prevent an overly-long input line causing a core dump when
		  editing is enabled.
		  Issue noted by Ryoji Kanai in FreeBSD Problem Report # 77158.
		- Implement a timeout on the accept(2) in dataconn() and the
		  connect(2) in xconnect() by temporarily setting O_NONBLOCK
		  on the socket and using xpoll() to wait for the operation
		  to succeed.  The timeout used is the '-q quittime' argument
		  (defaults to 60s for accept(2), and the system default for
		  connect(2)).  Idea inspired by discussion with Chuck Cranor.
		  This may (indirectly) fix various problems with timeouts in
		  active mode through broken firewalls.
		- Implement xpoll() as a wrapper around poll(2), to make it
		  easier to replace on systems without a functional poll(2).
		  Unconditionally use xpoll() instead of conditionally using
		  select(2) or poll(2).
		- In fetch_url(), don't call freeaddrinfo(res0) too early, as
		  we use pointers to its contents later in the function.
		  Problem found by Onno van der Linden.
		- Fix ftp url reget when globs are being used.
		  Provided by Mathieu Arnold <>.
		- Factor out common string processing code eliminating static
		  buffers, making functions that should be static be static,
		  and cleaning up const usage. Added a guard against buffer
		  overflow, but the domap function is a bit too complicated
		  to tackle right now.
		- Clean up whitespace.
		- Expand description of http_proxy by suggesting the use of
		  RFC 1738 '%xx' encoding for "unsafe URL" characters in
		  usernames and passwords.

Wed Jan  5 05:53:59 UTC 2005	lukem

	* For now, assume libedit is not up-to-date and use our own version.

	* Merge libedit from NetBSD 20020605 to 20050105.  Changes include:
		- Improve vi-mode.
		- Delete-previous-char and delete-next-char without an
		  argument are not supposed to modify the yank buffer in
		- Improve incremental searching.
		- Improve memory allocation & usage.
		- Move UCB-licensed code from 4-clause to 3-clause.
		- Make the tokenization functions publically available.
		- Various tty access bug-fixes.
		- Improve readline emulation.

Tue Jan  4 13:33:40 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Unixware 7.1.1 implements RFC 2133 (Basic Socket Interface
	  Extensions for IPv6) but not the successor RFC 2553. The configure
	  script detects this and decides that tnftp needs to compile its own
	  version of getaddrinfo().  This produces the error message
	    /usr/include/netdb.h:248: `getaddrinfo' previously defined here
	  because Unixware provides an implementation of getaddrinfo() in
	  netdb.h instead of a prototype declaration :-/. Since netdb.h
	  cannot be omitted, we will always get this definition and tnftp's
	  version of getaddrinfo will always create a conflict.  This ugly
	  preprocessor hack works around the problem. Hints for a better
	  solution welcome.  Fix from pkgsrc/net/tnftp.

	* Workaround poll() being a compatibility function on Darwin 7
	  (MacOSX 10.3) by adding a custom test for _POLL_EMUL_H_ which
	  is defined in poll.h on some MacOSX 10.3 systems.  Not all 10.3
	  systems have poll.h, so only do the poll() test if at least one
	  of the header files is found.  Fix from pkgsrc/net/tnftp.

	* Add a utimes() replacement (using utime()) for Interix.
	  From pkgsrc/net/tnftp.

Mon Jan  3 10:21:57 UTC 2005	lukem

	* Release "tnftp 20050103"

	* Merge NetBSD-ftp 20050103:
		- Forbid filenames returned from mget that aren't in (or below)
		  the current directory.  The previous behaviour (of trusting
		  the remote server's response when retrieving the list of
		  files to mget with prompting disabled) has been in ftp
		  ~forever, and has been a "known issue" for a long time.
		  Recently an advisory was published by D.J. Bernstein on
		  behalf of Yosef Klein warning of the problems with the
		  previous behaviour, so to alleviate concern I've fixed
		  this with a sledgehammer.
		- Remember the local cwd after any operation which may
		  change it.
		- Use "remotecwd" instead of "remotepwd".
		- Add (unsigned char) cast to ctype functions
		- Ensure that "mname" is set in ls() and mls() so that an
		  aborted confirm() prints the correct name.
		  Problem highlighted & suggested fix from PR [bin/17766]
		  by Steve McClellan.
		- If an ftp auto-fetch transfer is interrupted by SIGINT
		  (usually ^C), exit with 130 instead of 1 (or rarely, 0).
		  This allows an ftp auto-fetch in a shell loop to correctly
		  terminate the loop.
		  Should fix PR [pkg/26351], and possibly others.
		- Save approximately 8K by not including http authentication,
		  extended status messages and help strings when the
		  appropriate options are set.
		- Move UCB-licensed code from 4-clause to 3-clause licence.
		  Patches provided by Joel Baker in PR 22365, verified by
		  Alistair Crooks.
		- Always decode %xx in a url's user & pass components.
		- Only remember {WWW,Proxy}-Authenticate "Basic" challenges; no
		  point in tracking any others since ftp doesn't support them.
		- Improve the parsing of HTTP responses.
		- Don't base64 encode the trailing NUL in the HTTP basic auth
		  response.  Problem noted by Eric Haszlakiewicz.
		- Improve parsing of HTTP response headers to be more RFC2616
		  compliant, and skip LWS (linear white space; CR, LF, space,
		  tab) and the end of lines and between the field name and
		  the field value.  This still isn't 100% compliant, since we
		  don't support "multi line" responses at this time.
		  This should fix PR [bin/22611] from TAMURA Kent (although I
		  can't easily find a http server to reproduce the problem
		- Fix a minor memory leak when parsing HTTP response headers.
		- Don't unnecessarily display a 401/407 error when running
		  with -V.  Fix from PR [bin/18535] by Jeremy Reed.
		- Don't warn about "ignored setsockopt" failures unless
		  debugging is enabled.  Suggested by Todd Vierling.
		- Allow empty passwords in ftp://user:@host/file auto-fetch
		  URLs, per RFC 1738.  Requested by Simon Poole.
		- correct URL syntax in comment
		- Note potentially surprising file-saving behaviour in case
		  of HTTP redirects
		- -n is ignored for auto-fetch transfers
		- If connect(2) in xconnect() fails with EINTR, call select(2)
		  on the socket until it's writable or it fails with something
		  other than EINTR.  This matches the behaviour in SUSv3, and
		  prevents the problem when pressing ^T (SIGINFO, which is
		  marked as restartable) during connection setup would cause
		  ftp to fail with EADDRINUSE or EALREADY when the second
		  connect(2) was attempted on the same socket.  Problem found
		  and solution provided by Maxime Henrion <>.
		- Add -q to usage. From Kouichirou Hiratsuka in PR 26199.
		- PR/25566: Anders Magnusson: ftp(1) do not like large TCP
		  windows.  Limit it to 8M.

Mon Oct  6 01:23:03 UTC 2003	lukem

	* improvements:
		- When testing for IN6ADDRSZ in <arpa/nameser.h>, pull in
		  <sys/types.h> first.  From Stoned Elipot <seb @ NetBSD>
		- Whitespace cleanup

Mon Aug 25 11:45:45 UTC 2003	lukem

	* Release "tnftp 20030825"

	* Add autoconf test for <sys/syslimits.h>; Cygwin needs it for ARG_MAX.
	  Per discussion with Eugene Kotlyarov <>.

Thu Jul 31 07:30:00 UTC 2003	lukem

	* release "tnftp 20030731"

	* merge ftp from NetBSD 20030731 to 20030731b:
		- Work around broken ftp servers (notably ProFTPd) that can't
		  even follow RFC 2389, and skip any amount of whitespace
		  before a FEATure response.  The RFC says 'single space' yet
		  ProFTPd puts two.  Noted by DervishD <>.
		- Improve formatting of features[] debug dump.
		- Invalidate remote directory completion cache if any command
		  which may change the remote contents completes successfully,
		  including: del, mdel, ren, mkdir, rmdir, quote, and all
		  upload commands.  Patch from Yar Tikhiy <>.

	* merge ftp from NetBSD 20030228 to 20030731:
		- $FTPUSERAGENT overrides the HTTP User-Agent header.
		  Based on patch from Douwe Kiela <>.
		- Add about:tnftp
		- Fix URL in about:netbsd
		- strlcpy fix in fetch.c
		- Uppercase "URL"
		- fix a bogus error message when given a HTTP URL with a
		  trailing slash
		- groff fixes in man page
		- tweak progressbar.c copyright; the stuff jason did in util.c
		  wasn't migrated to this file
		- Don't coredump when printing '%n' in the prompt if there's
		  no username yet.
		  Fix from Maxim Konovalov <>

	* Add test for HAVE_IN6ADDRSZ (which older Darwin is lacking),
	  and only enable INET6 if it exists.
	  Patch from Amitai Schlair <>.

	* Improve ipv6 check for older linux systems that don't provide
	  Patch from YAMANO Yuji <>.

Fri Feb 28 10:57:30 UTC 2003	lukem

	* tagged as "tnftp 2.0 beta1"

Fri Feb 28 10:07:07 UTC 2003	lukem

	* renamed to `tnftp' (from `lukemftp')

	* renamed `libukem' to `libnetbsd'

Mon Jun 17 06:50:13 UTC 2002	lukem

	* #if USE_GLOB_H, use <glob.h> instead of "ftpglob.h".
	  Requested by Mike Heffner <>

Mon Jun 10 08:12:35 UTC 2002	lukem

	* crank FTP_VERSION from 1.6-beta1 to 1.6-beta2

	* replace missing fseeko(), with a wrapper to fseek() which
	  checks that the offset isn't > LONG_MAX

	* #include <regex.h> #if HAVE_REGEX_H

Mon Jun 10 01:27:46 UTC 2002	lukem

	* check for and replace sa_family_t definition

	* don't bother checking for issetugid(); it was only used in the
	  internal libedit to prevent $HOME/.editrc from being used if
	  running set-id, and the newer libedit code wouldn't even read
	  $HOME/.editrc if issetugid() wasn't available.  as many target
	  operating systems don't have issetugid(), and lukemftp isn't
	  likely to be run set-id (and $HOME/.netrc is used in any case),
	  the issetugid() check has been disabled in libedit.

	* add back cpp code which #defines REGEX #if HAVE_REGEX_H

Wed Jun  5 14:39:11 UTC 2002	lukem

	* crank FTP_VERSION from 1.6alpha1 to 1.6-beta1

	* implement replacement setprogname()

	* use getprogname() instead of __progname

	* convert to christos' replacement fgetln(), as it's better than mine

	* merge ftp from NetBSD 20020605 to 20020606:
		- use setprogname()
		- only support -6 if INET6 is defined

Wed Jun  5 13:08:25 UTC 2002	lukem

	* don't bother checking if <glob.h> is usable (see below).

	* always compile in local glob; it's the best way to ensure that
	  various security issues are fixed

	* update libukem/glob.c from NetBSD's __glob13.c rev 1.22 and rev 1.23

	* merge libedit from NetBSD 20010413 to 20020606:
		- constify; passes all gcc and lint strict checks.
		- add config.h [Jason Evans], to create a portable version of
		  libedit that can be easily compiled on other OS's.
		- PR/12963:Jason Waterman: Fix signed cast problems.
		- Fixed an __P remnant
		- Close quoting.
		- Generate <>& symbolically.
		- Punctuation and whitespace nits, fix a typo.
		- PR/14188: Anthony Mallet: Provide an opaque data
		  pointer to client programs.
		- a couple of minor fixes.  originally by Ruslan Ermilov
		  <>, highlighted to me by way of Mike Barcroft
		  <> (thanks!)
		- PR/14067: Anthony Mallet: Provide a programmatic way
		  to set the read_char function via a new el_set() operation.
		  Thanks, nicely done :-)
		- `existent', not `existant'
		- Don't use HAVE_ yet.
		- Fix a warning.
		- Remove an unused variable.
		- If term_init() fails, cleanup and return NULL. This
		  avoids other lossage.  Pointed by charles.
		- va_{start,end} audit: Make sure that each va_start has one
		  and only one matching va_end, especially in error cases.
		  If the va_list is used multiple times, do multiple
		  va_starts/va_ends.  If a function gets va_list as argument,
		  don't let it use va_end (since it's the callers
		  responsibility).  Improved by comments from enami and
		  christos -- thanks!
		- history_def_enter: fix off-by-one mistake in delete
		  condition (the behaviour to keep at least one entry on the
		  history list is retained). This fixes lib/9704 by Phil Nelson.

	* merge ftp from NetBSD 20020524 to 20020605:
		- when showing the final progress bar, replace "00:00 ETA"
		  with the elapsed time.  (suggested by simonb)
		- actually display transfer stats after a URL fetch.
		  (bug introduced a *long* time ago)
		- update copyright & version

	* merge ftp from NetBSD 20001127 to 20020524:
		- Use "r+" instead of "r+w", since the latter is not standard.
		  Noted by <> in private email.
		- Only send port number in HTTP/1.1 Host: request if port !=
		  80.  Fixes [bin/15415] from Takahiro Kambe
		- Fix bad mode passed by mls() to recvrequest().  Fixes
		  [bin/16642] from <>
		- update copyrights
		- minor knf
		- invoke cmdtab.c_handler()s with argv[0] == c_name instead
		  of the supplied name. that way the full (unambiguous) name
		  is displayed in error messages and usage strings.
		- line2 may overrun if line is too long (> 200).  be more
		  careful on strcpy.
		- Handle URLs without files correctly (e.g, when using '-o -').
		  Fix from Anders Dinsen <> in [bin/13768]
		- portnum is unsigned, use %u instead of %d
		- Add -4 to force IPv4 and -6 to force IPv6 address usage.
		  From Hajimu UMEMOTO, via Mike Heffner of FreeBSD.
		- use u_char instead of char in base64_encode().
		  problem noticed by Jorgen Lundman in private mail.
		- don't make broken file with -R option.
		- handle "*" in Content-Range properly.
		- If no_proxy condition is true && urltype == FTP_URL_T,
		  use fetch_ftp to retrieve
		- convert to use getprogname()
		- Fix description for "form", "mode", and "struct" commands.
		  Inspired by [bin/16736] from Steve McClellan
		- Generate <>& symbolically. I'm avoiding .../dist/...
		  directories for now.
		- Punctuation nits.
		- Whitespace cleanup.
		- put "site" in alphabetical order. noted by Mike Barcroft
		  in private email
		- avoid buffer overrun on PASV from malicious server.
		- Large file ASCII mode support by using fseeko()
		  instead of fseek().  From Andrey A. Chernov of FreeBSD,
		  via Mike Heffner.
		- Deal with const'ification if el_parse().
		- call setlocale() on startup
		- display a limited progress bar (containing bytes xferred
		  and xfer rate) when the file size is unknown
		- disable progress bar during remglob()

Thu Mar 14 05:41:49 UTC 2002	lukem

	* ensure all AF_INET6 use is protected with #ifdef INET6

	* remove unnecessary __attribute__ goop

	* libukem/snprintf.c: fix compile errors with gcc 3.x

Tue Apr 17 08:07:29 UTC 2001	lukem

	* autoconf check for %q long long support in *printf()
	  (instead of %ll), define and use HAVE_PRINTF_QD if so

	* ipv6 isn't compatible with socks, so disable the former

	* look for <libutil.h> (instead of <util.h>) and <arpa/nameser.h>

	* don't check for fparseln() twice

	* fix getaddrinfo() checks

	* crank FTP_VERSION from 1.5 to 1.6alpha1

	* always ensure _PATH_BSHELL and _PATH_TMP are defined

	* prototype inet_pton() if its missing

	* don't bother trying to use if_indextoname() in ip6_sa2str()
	  (fixes problems on MacOS X)

	* in inet_pton(), pull in <arpa/nameser.h> for IN6ADDRSZ and INT16SZ,
	  and define if missing

Fri Apr 13 15:24:44 UTC 2001	lukem

	* only include <arpa/nameser.h> if we have it

	* update glob(3) to netbsd-current (20010329), adding support
	  for GLOB_LIMIT and fixing various buffer overflows.

	* update editline from NetBSD 20000915 -> NetBSD 20010413
		- Enlarge editline buffers as needed to support arbitrary
		  length lines.  This also addresses lib/9712 by Phil Nelson.
		- consistently check for allocation failures and return -1,
		  if we could not get more memory.
		- add support for home and end keys.
		- improve debugging support
		- el_line_t: make 'limit' const

Mon Nov 27 23:23:40 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20001127):
		- implement "mreget"; as per "mget" but uses "reget" instead
		  of "get"
		- add -N netrc and $NETRC, as methods to select an alternative
		  .netrc file
		- cache local user name and home directory for further use
		- in mget(), use docase() instead of a local version to do
		  the case conversion.
		- format string cleanups
		- be more explicit that $ftp_proxy and $http_proxy are not
		  supported for interactive sessions
		- cope with 2553bis getnameinfo (always attach scope id)
		  getnameinfo error check.
		- use NI_MAXHOST with getnameinfo.  we can assume presence of

Tue Nov  7 00:16:23 EST 2000	lukem

	* libukem/snprintf.c had a non-functional `%s' due to a
	  function declaration mismatch.  problem found and fixed
	  by Hubert Feyrer <>

Wed Oct 11 14:06:19 EST 2000	lukem

	* released version 1.5

Tue Oct  3 10:22:36 EST 2000	lukem

	* crank to version 1.5 beta6

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20001003)
		- explicitly use SOCK_STREAM with socket() instead of
		  res->ai_socktype, because it appears that linux with glibc
		  doesn't set the latter correctly after one of getaddrinfo()
		  or getnameinfo().
		- clarify that $ftp_proxy only works for full URLs and can't
		  be used for interactive connections.

Mon Sep 25 21:52:12 EST 2000	lukem

	* crank to version 1.5 beta5

Sun Sep 24 13:31:19 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000924)
		- since everything else here uses ANSI C, we might as well
		  replace __STRING() with the ANSI C stringization stuff...
		- base64_encode should be static. picked up by hp/ux(!)
		- It appears that whilst Apache 1.3.9 incorrectly puts a
		  trailing space after the chunksize (before the \r\n),
		  Apache 1.3.11 puts *multiple* trailing spaces after the
		  chunksize. I 'm fairly certain that this is contrary to
		  RFC 2068 section 3.6, but whatever...
		  Found by David Brownlee <>
		- always include <netdb.h>, not just when INET6 is defined.
		  resolves PR [bin/10970] by Richard Earnshaw
		- in progressmeter() perform the check for foregroundproc() a
		  little earlier
		- removed unused variable `items' in list_vertical()

Sat Sep 23 15:43:34 EST 2000	lukem

	* remove unused sverrno in warnx() and errx()

	* remove unused h_error in getnameinfo()

	* in getaddrinfo(), don't bother declaring in6_addrany[] and
	  in6_loopback #ifndef INET6

Thu Sep 21 11:26:35 EST 2000	lukem

	* in getaddrinfo.c::str_isnumber(), use strtol() and check the
	  result, instead of using strtoul() and not checking the result.

	* define INADDRSZ if it's not found (e.g, HP/UX doesn't seem to have
	  it in <arpa/nameser.h>)

Wed Sep 20 09:23:59 EST 2000	lukem

	* crank to version 1.5 beta4

Mon Sep 18 18:19:54 EST 2000	lukem

	* add AC_AIX test, which defines _ALL_SOURCE under AIX

	* use ANSI # stringization instead of __STRING()

	* define HAVE_RFC2553_NETDB if <netdb.h> defines AI_NUMERICHOST
	  (et al) and has getaddrinfo(). (some systems only implement RFC2133)

	* don't bother with AC_C_CONST as we depend upon ANSI C elsewhere

	* when HAVE_RFC2553_NETDB isn't set, and we're #defining various EAI_,
	  AI_, and NI_ items, #undef first incase a system partially implements
	  these in <netdb.h>

	* look for tgetent() in -ltinfo before -lncurses, because ncurses 5.0
	  has been split up into multiple libraries.
	  from Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <>

Fri Sep 15 01:09:10 EST 2000	lukem

	* don't bother defining __P() or __STRING() based on whether
	  __STDC__ is available or not, since these aren't used any more

	* fix mkstemp() prototype

	* declare getpass() if necessary

	* we don't need the readline xxgdb hack in libedit...

	* convert to ansi declarations

	* use ansi prototypes instead of __P()

	* merge in changes from makelist 1.4 -> 1.6:
		- generate ansi prototypes instead of using __P().  noted by
		- fix a couple of comments
		- add -m option to makelist, which generates an mdoc table
		  with the key bindings and their descriptions
		- manually add the output of 'sh ./makelist -m vi.c ed.c
		  common.c' to a new section in editrc(5) called

	* merge libedit from NetBSD-current (20000915)
		* convert to new style guide, which includes:
			- ansi prototypes & features (such as stdargs)
			- 8 space indents
		* history_def_set has a `const int' as a third arg, not an
		  `int'.  picked up by the ultrix compiler, reported by
		  simonb@ ...
		* generate ansi prototypes instead of using __P().  noted by
		  christos.  fix a couple of comments
		* make xxgdb and a gdb linked with libedit's readline emulation
		  work properly together.   xxgdb communicates with a gdb
		  running on a pty that it sets to -echo,-onlcr prior to
		  forking the gdb process.  GNU readline preserves the -echo
		  setting while libedit was undoing it (setting the tty to a
		  sane state and totally confusing xxgdb's parser).
		  this diff simply disables libedit if both readline emulation
		  and "stty -echo" are used/set.   that is enough to make
		  xxgdb work once again, but (XXX) this is not how GNU readline
		  handles stty -echo (it does not echo anything, but editing
		  commands like ^A,^K, etc.  still work), so the readline
		  emulation isn't perfect.

Tue Aug 29 18:00:08 EST 2000	lukem

	* don't bother testing for #if __STDC__; just assume we have it...

Mon Aug 28 22:45:08 EST 2000	lukem

	* refine tests for IPv6 #defines (EAI_, AI_, NI_, ...).
	  should improve portability on systems which implement
	  RFC 2133 but not RFC 2553.

Wed Aug  9 02:12:51 EST 2000	lukem

	* use #if __STDC__ instead of #ifdef __STDC__

	* only test 'case NETDB_INTERNAL:' if it's defined

	* fix support for --program-prefix et al

	* only include <arpa/nameser.h> in the files that need it, because
	  the DELETE define in some system's implementations causes name
	  collisions in libedit.

Mon Aug  7 08:17:37 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000807)
		* implement parseport(), which takes a string and attempts to
		  convert it to a numeric port number
		* use parseport() in parse_url() and hookup()
		* don't try and lookup the port number using getaddrinfo(),
		  as it's too hard to separate a failed host name lookup from
		  a failed service name lookup.  this was causing lossage on
		  systems that don't have `http' in services(5) (such as
		  solaris), but only crept in when we started using
		  getaddrinfo() unconditionally.

Wed Aug  2 23:43:50 EST 2000	lukem

	* crank to version 1.5 beta3

	* define NO_LONG_LONG not NO_QUAD

	* detect if struct sockaddr.sa_len exists (rather than relying upon
	  #ifdef BSD4_4)

	* detect if socklen_t exists, and if not, typedef as unsigned int

	* detect if struct addrinfo exists, and if not declare it and #define
	  associated EAI_, AI_, and NI_ defines.

	* look for & replace: getaddrinfo(), getnameinfo(), inet_ntop(),
	* look for gethostbyname2()

	* don't bother looking for hstrerror() or inet_aton() anymore

	* include <arpa/nameser.h> and <stddef.h>

	* define USE_SELECT instead of __USE_SELECT

	* always define HAVE_H_ERRNO

	* add Brian Stark to THANKS, for lots of AIX porting feedback

	* improve detection of sin_len for AIX (now part of sa_len test)

	* add functions needed by recent ftp import:
		getaddrinfo(), getnameinfo(), inet_ntop(), inet_pton()
	  remove functions not needed anymore:
		hstrerror(), inet_aton()

	* use #if HAVE_ISSETUGID not #ifdef

	* update from NetBSD-current (20000802):
		- rename NO_QUAD to NO_LONG_LONG, QUAD* -> LL* and add ULL*
		  (unsigned) equivalents. name change suggested by Klaus
		  Klein <>
		- change defined(BSD4_4) || HAVE_SIN_LEN tests into
		  HAVE_SOCKADDR_SA_LEN, and set the latter if BSD4_4 exists

Mon Jul 31 10:59:10 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000731)
		- we can't just rename BSD4_4 -> HAVE_SIN_LEN, since bsd
		  systems define BSD4_4; change tests to test for either
		  defined(BSD4_4) or HAVE_SIN_LEN
		- more KNF

Sun Jul 30 16:55:09 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000730):
		- clean up NO_QUAD support: create helper #defines and use as
			#define         NOQUAD          ! NOQUAD
			-------         ------          - ------
			QUADF           "%ld"           "%lld"
			QUADFP(x)       "%" x "ld"      "%" x "lld"
			QUADT           long            long long
			STRTOL(x,y,z)   strtol(x,y,z)   strtoll(x,y,z)
		- always use getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo() instead of
		  maintaining two code paths.
		- rename __USE_SELECT to USE_SELECT
		- rename BSD4_4 to HAVE_SIN_LEN
		- replace union sockunion {} with struct sockinet {}, and
		  modify the code accordingly. this is possibly more portable,
		  as it doesn't rely upon the structure alignment within the
		  union for our own stuff.

Fri Jul 28 22:11:17 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000728):
		- no trailing , on last item (FEAT_max) in enum
		- rename "opts" to "remopts", so people used to "o host"
		  don't get bitten

Wed Jul 26 18:59:19 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000726):
		- add support for FEAT and OPTS commands with `features' and
		  `opts'.  (from RFC 2389).
		- add support for MLST & MLSD (machine parseble listings)
		  with 'mlst', 'mlsd' and 'pmlsd' (mlsd |$PAGER) commands.
		  (from draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-11)
		- rename remotesyst() to getremoteinfo(), and modify to parse
		  the result from FEAT (if supported), and take into account
		  the support for the various extensions such as MDTM, SIZE,
		- put each feature into one of the following categories:
			- known to work (explicit FEAT)
			- unknown but assume works until explicit failure,
			  when it's then tagged as `known not to work'.
			- known not to work (FEAT succeeded but didn't return
			  anything, or was unknown and then explicit failure)
		  assign results into features[] matrix.
		- add support to getreply() so that an optional callback will
		  be called for each line received from the server except for
		  the first and last.  this is used in FEAT (and MLST) parsing.
		- modify various commands to check if REST (STREAM), MDTM and
		  SIZE are explicitly or implicitly supported before using.
		- fix `syst' when verbose is off.
		- minor knf (indent goto labels by one space, etc).
		- simply various command usage handlers by assuming that
		  argv != NULL except for quit() and disconnect().
		- errx?/warnx? audit.  do not pass variable alone, use %s.

	* check for issetugid() and don't use in libedit if it doesn't exist.

	* merge libedit from NetBSD-current (20000726):
		* Only look in home directory for .editrc.  (Discussed
		  with Christos.)

	* in glob.c #undef TILDE before redefining, because some AIX systems
	  #define TILDE in <sys/ioctl.h>

Mon Jul 10 00:28:51 EST 2000	lukem

	* released lukemftp 1.4

Thu Jun 15 23:28:49 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000615):
		* migrate the SYST parsing from setpeer() into a separate
		  remotesyst().  call remotesyst() only when login has been
		  successful some servers don't let you run SYST until you've
		  successfully logged in.
		* in fetch_ftp(), always call setpeer() with autologin
		  disabled, and use the following ftp_login() to DTRT.  this
		  prevents ftp from trying to login a second time if the
		  first autologin fails when connecting to a remote site
		  anonymously using autofetch.
		* reset unix_proxy and unix_server in cleanuppeer()
		* missed a function conversion in the KNF sweep...

Mon Jun 12 01:16:12 EST 2000	lukem

	* change lukemftp.h to check !HAVE_STRDUP instead of !HAVE_STRSUP.
	  fixes compile problem on systems which have strdup() as a macro.

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000612):
		from itojun: better fix for previous (doesn't need
		in_addr_t or u_int32_t)

Sun Jun 11 12:19:52 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000611):
		portability fixes for lukemftp:
		* initconn(): use in_addr_t instead of u_int32_t when
		  manipulating IPv6 addresses (and assume anything with ipv6
		  has in_addr_t; if not, i'll add an autoconf test for it)
		* ai_unmapped(): not all systems have sin_len; so only set
		  #ifdef BSD4_4
		* fix some lint

Mon Jun  5 21:10:31 EST 2000	lukem

	* released lukemftp 1.3

Mon Jun  5 19:53:49 EST 2000	lukem

	* convert various support files to ANSI C

	* look for strtoll() instead of strtoq()


	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000605):
		- fix ai_unmapped() to be a no-op in the !def INET6 case
		- display `(-INET6)' at the end of the version string if
		  !def INET6
		- clarify in the man page that IPv6 support may not be present
		  (for lukemftp :)

	* ensure <vis.h> has VIS_WHITE et al

Sun Jun  4 18:00:07 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000604):
		- Change `ls' to use the `LIST' and not `NLST' FTP protocol
		  command.  Now that after many years on not caring we find
		  certain popular ftp servers are starting to obey RFC959 to
		  the letter of the law and will only return a list of
		  filenames (not directories or other filetypes) in the
		  output of `NLST', then `LIST' is more useful in this case.
		  (Note that the aforementioned pedanticness means that
		  filename completion isn't as useful as it could be...)
		  Fixes [bin/8937] by David A. Gatwood
		- convert to ANSI KNF
		- Add support for `fget localfile', which reads a list of
		  filenames to retrieve from localfile.  Based on work by
		  Darren Reed.
		- Update copyright dates.
		- s/strtoq/strtoll/ (the latter is standardised)
		- Add support for 'ftp -u url file ...', to upload a list of
		  files to given url.  Mostly based on [bin/10019] by Scott
		  Aaron Bamford <>
		- convert IPv4 mapped address (::ffff: into real IPv4
		  address before touching it.  IPv4 mapped address complicates
		  too many things in FTP protocol handling.
		- do not pass scoped IPv6 address notation on Host: directive,
		  since scope identifier is local to the originating node.
		  do not allow scoped IPv6 address notation in URL, if it is
		  via proxy.
		- fixes from cgd:
		  * sanity check a length (otherwise certain bogus responses
		    can crash ftp)
		  * allow a transfer encoding type of `binary'; certain
		    firewall vendors return this bogus type...
		- make debugging output unambiguous on IPv6 numeric addrs
		  (don't use host:port)
		- http://[::1]:8080/ is legal.
		- send Host: directive with RFC2732 bracket notation for IPv6
		  numeric, otherwise "host:port" is ambiguous to servers
		  (clarification will be submitted as update to RFC2732).
		- only use getaddrinfo() et al if both NI_NUMERICHOST *and*
		  INET6 are defined...  (allows --disable-ipv6 in lukemftp's
		  configure script to disable this as well, which is good for
		  testing when it appears getaddrinfo() is borken)
		- updated comment on IPv4 mapped address.  sync with kame.
		- Fix examples on using pipes in local filenames.  AFAICT,
		  ftp has always required `dir . |more' not as `dir |more'
		  treats `|more' as the remote filename. Resolves [bin/9922]
		  by Geoff Wing <>
		- ftp(1): treats IPv4 mapped destination as IPv4 peer, not
		  native IPv6 peer.  this does not support network with SIIT
		- inhibit too-noisy message for scoped address data transfer
		  (will be enabled in "debug" mode).
		- only use IPTOS_ setsockopt()s if they're defined (e.g, SunOS
		  doesn't).  from
		- allow IPv6 extended numeric address in host part.
		  (draft-ietf-ipngwg-scopedaddr-format-01.txt). fixes PR 9616.

	* merge libedit from NetBSD-current (20000604):
		- use strtol() (instead of atoi()) for sane error detection

Wed May 31 19:24:53 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge libedit from NetBSD-current (20000531):
		- Fix refresh glitches when using auto-margin.
		- Don't dump core on empty .editrc files.
		- el_insertstr takes a "const char *" not "char *" now as it
		  doesn't modify the argument.

Thu Feb  3 20:19:40 EST 2000	lukem

	* released lukemftp 1.2

Tue Feb  1 09:47:51 EST 2000	lukem

	* add --enable-ipv6 and --disable-ipv6 to configure

	* modify libedit/sig.? to use sigfunc instead of sig_t, and
	  deprecate autoconf tests for retsigtype and sig_t.
	  This fixes portability problems with Digital UNIX 5.0.

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000201):
		- define private type `sigfunc' as
			typedef void (*sigfunc) __P((int));
		  and replace use of sig_t and void (*)(int).
		  certain other OSes define sig_t differently to that (they
		  add extra arguments), and it causes problems due to
		  function mismatches, etc...

Wed Jan 26 22:54:38 EST 2000	lukem

	* search for tgetent() in -ltermcap then -lcurses and -lncurses

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000126):
		- roll back to using sscanf() instead of strptime() to parse
		  `yyyymmddhhmmss' strings, since the latter technically can't
		  parse dates without non alphanumerics between the elements
		  (even though NetBSD's strptime() copes).

Tue Jan 25 19:09:37 EST 2000	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (20000125):
		- complete_ambiguous(): be consistent about completing
		  unambiguous matches; if the word is already complete then
		  return CC_REFRESH so that the higher layer may append a
		  suffix if necessary. Fix from Launey Thomas <>
		- change references from draft-ietf-ipngwg-url-literal-01.txt
		  to RFC2732
		- work around bug in apache 1.3.9 which incorrectly puts a
		  trailing space after the chunksize.  noted by Jun-ichiro
		  itojun Hagino <> in [bin/9096]
		- work around lame ftpd's that don't return a correct post-Y2K
		  date in the output of `MDTM'.  obviously the programmer of
		  aforementioned lame ftpd's did something like
			"19%02d", tm->tm_year
		  instead of
			"%04d", tm->tm_year + TM_YEAR_BASE
		  fixes [bin/9289] by

	* merge libedit from NetBSD-current (20000125):
		- PR/9244: Kevin Schoedel: libedit dumps bindings
		- PR/9243: Kevin Schoedel: libedit ignores repeat count
		- Add support for automatic and magic margins (from tcsh)
		  This makes the rightmost column usable on all programs
		  that use editline.

Tue Dec 21 08:59:22 EST 1999	lukem

	* update INSTALL notes for some systems

	* if sl_init() exists, check return value of sl_add() is int and
	  compile in a replacement copy if it's not the case

	* don't look for <stringlist.h> - always use local prototypes; older
	  NetBSD systems may have conflicting prototypes

Mon Dec 20 11:21:28 EST 1999	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (19991220):
	- Move version from ftp_var.h to version.h
	- Fix chunked support; probably broke after rate limiting was added.
	  Problem noticed/debugging assisted by giles lean
	- remove unnecessary freeaddrinfo(res), since res0 was changed to be
	  freed earlier in itojun's last commit. fixes [bin/8948].
	- remove `const char *reason'; it was being assigned but not used.
	- fix memory leak in fetch_url (no freeaddrinfo was there).
	  sync with recent KAME.
	- separate out the main `data pump' loop into two: one that supports
	  rate limiting and one that doesn't. simplifies the code, and speeds
	  up the latter case a bit, at the expense of duplicating a few

Sun Nov 28 18:20:41 EST 1999	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (19991128):
	- implement xsl_init() and  xsl_add(); error checking forms of
	- fix bug where the second press of <TAB> on an empty word (i.e, list
	  all options) may have resulted in an strncmp() against NULL.
	  (detected by _DIAGASSERT())
	- in cleanuppeer(), reset username to NULL after free()ing it.
	  fixes [bin/8870] by Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
	- complete_remote(): use remglob("", ...) instead of remglob(".", ...),
	  for listings of the current working directory; some ftp servers don't
	  like `NLST .'.
	  [noted by Giles Lean <>]
	- recvrequest(): treat remote=="" as remote==NULL when calling
	  command().  (to support the above change)
	- support `[user@]' in `[user@]host' and `[user@]host[:][path]'.
	  [based on idea (and initial code) from David Maxwell <>]
	- `idle' may be invoked without any args
	- reformat some comments
	- reformat usage string in program and man page
	- call updateremotepwd() after successful login, not after successful
	- always call setsockopt(, IPPROTO_IP, IP_TOS, ) (et al); using #if
	  defined(IPPROTO_IP) doesn't work on certain foreign systems where
	  enums instead of #defines are used...
	  [noted by Matthias Pfaller <>]

Mon Nov 15 23:01:58 EST 1999	lukem

	* released lukemftp 1.1

Mon Nov 15 09:07:01 EST 1999	lukem

	* merge libedit from NetBSD-current (19991115):
		- instead of using a private coord_t global variable to store
		  the size of the rprompt, use the previously unused coord_t

Sat Nov 13 14:42:22 EST 1999	lukem

	* support caching of results in AC_MSG_TRY_{COMPILE,LINK}
	  autoconf tests

	* add NEWS file

	* clarify copyright statement in COPYING

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (19991113):
		- implement `set rprompt'; right side version of `set prompt'.
		  depends on EL_RPROMPT support i added to editline(3).
		- allow $FTPPROMPT and $FTPRPROMPT to override defaults for
		  the relevant prompts
		- move `%' formatting code from prompt() to expandbuf().
		- implement `%.' and `%c', similar to the same % codes in
		  tcsh(1) (functionality I added to tcsh nearly 6 years ago),
		  except that `%.' always does `...trailing' and `%c' always
		  does `/<x>trailing'.
		- unknown `%foo' codes get printed as `%foo'
		- implement updateremotepwd(); update the global variable
		  `remotepwd' to contain the remote working directory.
		- add `set prompt', a user configurable prompt. (defaults to
		  `ftp> ').  the following escape characters a la tcsh(1) are
		  supported: %/, %m, %M, and %n.
		- add global var `username'; used by prompt code
		- fix a couple of minor memory leaks
		- bump version
		- prevent minor memory leak (unnecessary strdup)
		- implement restarting file:/// non-proxied http:// URLs
		  (with -R).
		- fix a semicolono which stopped file:/// from working
		- split the version string into product and version
		- be consistent about reporting the version between:
			+ status command
			+ about:version URL fetch
			+ User-agent sent in http requests
		- hookup(): when using getservbyname() (when getaddrinfo()
		  isn't available), if the provided port is a valid number
		  use that rather than trying to do getservbyname() against
		  it. fixes a problem on foreign systems noted by Chuck
		  Silvers <>
		- support `about:version'. also display the version in the
		  output of `status'.

	* merge libedit from NetBSD-current (19991113):
		- implement printing a right-side prompt. code derived from
		  similar work I wrote for tcsh(1) three years ago.
		- implement EL_RPROMPT, which allows a setting/getting of a
		  function which returns a string to be used as the
		  right-side prompt.

	* replace manually managed with acconfig.h and use
	  autoheader to generate the former.

	* add missing entry for `#undef write' in acconfig.h (for SOCKS)

		- use `LL' suffix on long long constant used to test
		- test for EL_RPROMPT instead of EL_EDITMODE, since the
		  former is is a newer required feature

	* in makelist, set LC_ALL="C", in case the locale confuses awk.
	  problem noted by Peter Seebach <>

Wed Oct 27 07:00:00 UTC 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0

	* removed libedit/TEST/test.c; no need to distribute it

Mon Oct 25 21:59:54 EST 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0b7

	* put VERSION string into lukemftp.h, and display with the `status'

Mon Oct 25 11:36:59 EST 1999	lukem

	* merge ftp from NetBSD-current (19991025):
	- fix up confirm() (broke `a' and `p' in last commit)
	- simplify main loop (don't need `top' variable any more)
	- use a struct sockaddr_in6.sin6_addr for the result from inet_pton(),
	  rather than u_char buf[16]
	- add a few more comments

	new features:
	- add `usage'; displays the usage of a command.
	  implemented by calling the c_handler() with argc = 0, argv =
	- add `passive auto'; does the same as $FTPMODE=auto.
	- add `set [option value]'; display all options, or set an option to
	  a value.
	- add `unset option'; unset an option.
	- add getoptionvalue() to retrieve an option's value, and replace a few
	  global variables with calls to this.
	- implement cleanuppeer(), which resets various bits of state back to
	  `disconnected'. call in disconnect() and lostpeer().
	- support completing on `options'.
	- improve recovery after a SIGINT may have closed the connection.
	  XXX: there's still a couple to fix

	other stuff:
	- various consistency fixes in the man page.
	- ensure that the command usage strings in the code and man page
	  match reality.
	- mput/mget: check that the connection still exists before each xfer.
	- minor cosmetic changes in confirm().
	- set code correctly in sizecmd() and modtime()
	- don't need \n in err() strings.
	- change lostpeer to take an argument (rather than casting
	  (sig_t)lostpeer in signal handlers)
	- knf and whitespace police.

Sun Oct 24 17:02:59 EST 1999	lukem

	* merge libedit from NetBSD-current (19991024):
		- don't assume locales are not working - it may not be
		  the case
		- re_refresh(): cast the character passed to re_addc() to
		  unsigned char,  so we don't end up calling isprint() with
		  negative value when chars are signed and character value
		  is >= 128
		- Fix pointer arithmatic (caused problems on LP64, including
		  ftp dumping core when `edit' was turned off then on).
		  Problem solved by David Huggins-Daines <>

Tue Oct 12 18:05:21 EST 1999	lukem

	* install man page from ${srcdir} not from .

Tue Oct 12 17:00:41 EST 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0b6

	* merge from NetBSD-current (19991012):
	  a few user interface and cosmetic tweaks:
		- confirm(): move from util.c to cmds.c. display mnemonic
		  string in its prompt. add support for `q' (terminate
		  current xfer), `?' (show help list)
		- in various signal handlers, output a linefeed only if
		- if fgets(stdin) returned NULL (i.e, EOF), clearerr(stdin)
		  because you don't want future fgets to fail. this is not
		  done for the fgets() in the main command loop, since ftp
		  will quit at that point.
		- unless ftp is invoked with -a, don't retain the anonftp
		  setting between hosts (`ftp somehost:' sets anonftp, but
		  you don't want that to `stick' if you close that connection
		  and open a new one).

Mon Oct 11 23:06:38 EST 1999	lukem

	* check for working const

	* reorganise addition of -lukem to LIBS (was being added twice)

	* merge from netbsd-current:
		- use sigjmp_buf instead of jmp_buf for sigsetjmp() buffer

	* libedit: don't bother generating & compiling editline.c, since
	  its component parts are compiled anyway.

Sun Oct 10 12:08:39 EST 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0b5

	* in libedit, use xsignal_restart() (from src/util.c) instead of
	  signal(); the isn't guaranteed to work on some foreign systems
	  (e.g, IRIX) if sigaction() is used in the same program.

	* merge from netbsd-current:
		- use sigsetjmp()/siglongjump() instead of setjmp()/longjmp();
		  the latter don't save the signal mask on some foreign systems.
		- ensure signal handlers don't use stdio and do reset errno
		  if they don't exit with siglongjmp()
		- use a common SIGINT handler for {send,recv}request()
		- allow a second SIGINT during the "xfer aborted. waiting for
		  remote to finish abort." stage. if this occurs, just call
		  lostpeer() to close the connection.  whilst this might be
		  considered brutal, it's also extremely handy if you're
		  impatient or there's lossage at the remote end.

	* add preformatted manual page

	* fix --enable-editline

Wed Oct  6 10:19:00 EST 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0b4

	* don't defining SIGINFO to SIGQUIT if the former doesn't exist; the
	  code now supports both as a method of getting the transfer stats

	* rototill signal handling in the actual data xfer routines, and
	  specifically set SIGQUIT to psummary in each one, to override
	  editline's handler

Tue Oct  5 23:48:29 EST 1999	lukem

	* factor out SIGINFO setting into a handler that is always active
	  (but only prints out info if bytes > 0). only set the handler if
	  SIGINFO is defined

	* hijack SIGQUIT to be the same as SIGINFO

	* in {recv,send}request(), factor a lot of duplicated code out into
	  a `cleanup' section at the end

	* rework shell() a bit

	* enhancments from Marc Horowitz <> to improve
	  connection timeouts:
		- implement xsignal_restart(), which only sets the SA_RESTART
		  flag if specifically requested
		- xsignal() is now a wrapper to xsignal_restart(). INFO,
		  USR1, USR2 and WINCH are restartable, ALRM, INT, PIPE and
		  QUIT are not
		- improve getreply()'s timeout code to take advantage of the

	* improve wording of how globbing works for `classic' URLs (host:path)
	  suggested by John Refling <> in relation to PRs
	  [bin/8519] and [bin/8520]

	* always compile in the `edit' command even if NO_EDITCOMPLETE defined
	  it's just a no-op in the latter case, which is more consistent to
	  the users

	* always compile in about: support (i.e, remove NO_ABOUT).  i'm
	  entitled to some vanity in this program...

	* update copyrights

Mon Oct  4 10:57:41 EST 1999	lukem

	* Invoke ar with `cr' not `cq'

	* Use AC_PROG_RANLIB to find ranlib, and use it on the libraries

	* Remove `makelist' from dependency list for libedit files; re-running
	  configure shouldn't result in rebuilding libedit

	* Add support for --{en,dis}able-editcomplete (defaults to enabled),
	  which prevents libedit support from being compiled in.
	  From Chris G. Demetriou <>

Sun Oct  3 16:49:01 EST 1999	lukem

	* touch up the README


	* whitespace consistency

	* in config.h, replace NO_QUAD with HAVE_QUAD_SUPPORT, and in
	  lukemftp.h define the former if the latter is non zero

	* change test against GETPGRP_VOID from #ifdef to #if

	* snprintf(): in the truncation case, ensure that the length
	  returned is the actual length, not the needed length

Sat Oct  2 00:41:34 EST 1999	lukem

	* fix more lossage with $(srcdir) / $(VPATH) stuff; seems to work now
	  when configured in a separate directory

	* actually test the correct variable when determining whether to run

Fri Oct  1 19:32:22 EST 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0b3


	* determine setting of NO_QUAD with configure not lukemftp.h

	* if have long long and have snprintf, test that snprintf
	  supports %lld. if it doesn't use private version

	* change strtoq from returning off_t to returning long long

	* updates from NetBSD mainline:
		- only try epsv once per connection (i.e, don't bother again
		  if it fails)
		- improve description of rate command
		- fix up global vars; they're now externed in ftp_var.h
		  except when main.c includes it
		- remove "pathnames.h"

Fri Oct  1 10:08:43 EST 1999	lukem

	* updates from NetBSD mainline:
		- fix determining of homedir
		- parse_url(): fix checking of portnum
		- move kame copyrights after bsd/tnfi ones

	* released 1.0b2

	* add %lld and %qd support to snprintf() for displaying long long's

	* support VPATH and srcdir

Thu Sep 30 17:19:35 EST 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0b1

	* fix from NetBSD mainline: in empty() FD_ZERO the correct variable

Wed Sep 29 23:34:33 EST 1999	lukem

	* major rework; reimport code from NetBSD-current 1999/09/29 into
	  separate subdirectories and build from there. organisation is now:
		libedit		replacement libedit
		libukem		replacements for missing functions
		src		main ftp source

Mon Sep 27 00:43:12 EST 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0 a6

Sun Sep 26 17:17:05 EST 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0 a5

Sat Sep 25 00:58:28 EST 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0 a4

Fri Sep 24 17:07:07 EST 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0 a3

Fri Sep 24 16:18:29 EST 1999	lukem

	* released 1.0 a2

Tue Sep 21 11:38:49 EST 1999	lukem

	* import usr.src/bin/ftp and usr.src/lib/libedit sources from NetBSD