00LSOF-L   [plain text]

		    The Lsof Listserv, lsof-l

Information on lsof is available via a LISTSERV mailing list, named
lsof-l.  The server is located on the host quest.cc.purdue.edu.

You may subscribe to the lsof-l mailing list by sending e-mail to:


Compose the body of your email in plain ASCII text (no HTML or
MIME-format attachments) to read:

	subscribe lsof-l <your full name>

Other information about the quest.cc.purdue.edu LISTSERV is available
by sending e-mail to listserv@quest.cc.purdue.edu with this body:


The information will be delivered by return e-mail.

Once you have subscribed (and have an e-mail confirmation that your
subscription was accepted), you may post messages to the list by
sending e-mail directly to:


I moderate the lsof-l mailing list and try to keep its traffic
relevant to lsof topics, so your postings won't appear until I've
approved them.  I also use lsof-l to announce new revisions.  Please
feel free to use lsof-l yourself to pose questions and make comments
about lsof.

You can unsubscribe by sending e-mail to listserv@quest.cc.purdue.edu
with this body:

	unsubscribe lsof-l

Because I use lsof-l primarily for announcements of new lsof
distributions and patches, there is no archive of past postings.

Vic Abell <abe@purdue.edu>
February 1, 2005