libxml2.xsa   [plain text]

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE xsa PUBLIC "-//LM Garshol//DTD XML Software Autoupdate 1.0//EN//XML" "">
    <name>Daniel Veillard</name>
  <product id="libxml2">
    <last-release> Mar 15 2010</last-release>
    <changes>   -  Improvements:
    Adding a --xpath option to xmllint (Daniel Veillard),
    Make HTML parser non-recursive (Eugene Pimenov)
   -  Portability:
    relaxng.c: cast to allow compilation with sun studio 11 (Ben Walton),
    Fix build failure on Sparc solaris (Roumen Petrov),
    use autoreconf in (Daniel Veillard),
    Fix build with mingw (Roumen Petrov),
    Upgrade some of the configure and autogen (Daniel Veillard),
    Fix relaxNG tests in runtest for Windows runtest.c: initialize ret (Rob Richards),
    Fix a const warning in xmlNodeSetBase (Martin Trappel),
    Fix python generator to not use deprecated xmllib (Daniel Veillard),
    Update some automake files (Daniel Veillard),
    598785 Fix nanohttp on Windows (spadix)
   -  Bug Fixes:
    libxml violates the zlib interface and crashes (Mark Adler),
    Fix broken escape behaviour in regexp ranges (Daniel Veillard),
    Fix  missing win32 libraries in libxml-2.0.pc (Volker Grabsch),
    Fix detection of python linker flags (Daniel Macks),
    fix build error in libxml2/python (Paul Smith),
    ChunkParser: Incorrect decoding of small xml files (Raul Hudea),
    htmlCheckEncoding doesn't update input-end after shrink (Eugene Pimenov),
    Fix a missing #ifdef (Daniel Veillard),
    Fix encoding selection for xmlParseInNodeContext (Daniel Veillard),
    xmlPreviousElementSibling mistake (François Delyon),
    608773 add a missing check in xmlGROW (Daniel Veillard),
    Fix xmlParseInNodeContext for HTML content (Daniel Veillard),
    Fix lost namespace when copying node * tree.c: reconcile namespace if not found (Rob Richards),
    Fix some missing commas in HTML element lists (Eugene Pimenov),
    Correct variable type to unsigned (Nikolay Sivov),
    Recognize ID attribute in HTML without DOCTYPE (Daniel Veillard),
    Fix memory leak in xmlXPathEvalExpression() (Martin),
    Fix an init bug in global.c (Kai Henning),
    Fix xmlNodeSetBase() comment (Daniel Veillard),
    Fix broken escape behaviour in regexp ranges (Daniel Veillard),
    Don't give default HTML boolean attribute values in parser (Daniel Veillard),
    xmlCtxtResetLastError should reset ctxt-errNo (Daniel Veillard)
   -  Cleanups:
    Cleanup a couple of weirdness in HTML parser (Eugene Pimenov)