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#ifndef _SECOIDT_H_
#define _SECOIDT_H_
 * secoidt.h - public data structures for ASN.1 OID functions

#include <Security/SecCmsBase.h>

#include <security_asn1/seccomon.h>

typedef enum {
} SECSupportExtenTag;

struct SECOidDataStr {
    SECItem            oid;
    SECOidTag          offset;
    const char *       desc;
    CSSM_ALGORITHMS    cssmAlgorithm;
    SECSupportExtenTag supportedExtension;	
    				/* only used for x.509 v3 extensions, so
				   that we can print the names of those
				   extensions that we don't even support */

#endif /* _SECOIDT_H_ */