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 * This file contains Original Code and/or Modifications of Original Code
 * as defined in and that are subject to the Apple Public Source License
 * Version 2.0 (the 'License'). You may not use this file except in
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// StorageManager.h -- Working with multiple keychains

#include <list>
#include <set>
#include <security_keychain/DLDBListCFPref.h>
#include <security_keychain/DynamicDLDBList.h>
#include <security_keychain/Keychains.h>
#include <security_keychain/KeyItem.h>
#include <Security/Authorization.h>

#define kLegacyKeychainRenamedSuffix    "_renamed"
#define kKeychainRenamedSuffix          "_renamed_"

namespace Security

namespace KeychainCore

class StorageManager
    typedef vector<Keychain> KeychainList;
	typedef vector<DLDbIdentifier> DLDbList;

    ~StorageManager() {}

    //bool onlist(const Keychain & keychain);

    // These will call addAndNotify() if the specified keychain already exists
	Keychain make(const char *fullPathName);
    Keychain make(const char *fullPathName, bool add);
    Keychain makeLoginAuthUI(const Item *item);
    void created(const Keychain &keychain); // Be notified a Keychain just got created.

	// Misc
    void lockAll();

    void add(const Keychain& keychainToAdd); // Only add if not there yet.  Doesn't write out CFPref

    // Vector-like methods.
	size_t size();
	Keychain at(unsigned int ix);
	Keychain operator[](unsigned int ix);

	KCCursor createCursor(const SecKeychainAttributeList *attrList);
	KCCursor createCursor(SecItemClass itemClass, const SecKeychainAttributeList *attrList);

	// Lookup a keychain object in the cache.  If it doesn't exist, create a
	// new one and add to cache. Doesn't modify search lists.
	// Note this doesn't create an actual database just a reference to one
	// that may or may not exist.
    Keychain keychain(const DLDbIdentifier &dLDbIdentifier);

	// Remove a keychain from the cache if it's in it.
	void removeKeychain(const DLDbIdentifier &dLDbIdentifier, KeychainImpl *keychainImpl);
	// Be notified a (smart card) keychain was removed.
	void didRemoveKeychain(const DLDbIdentifier &dLDbIdentifier);
	// Create KC if it doesn't exist, add it to the search list if it exists and is not already on it.
    Keychain makeKeychain(const DLDbIdentifier &dLDbIdentifier, bool add = true);

	// Keychain list maintenance

	// remove kcsToRemove from the search list
	void remove(const KeychainList &kcsToRemove, bool deleteDb = false);

	void getSearchList(KeychainList &keychainList);
	void setSearchList(const KeychainList &keychainList);
	void forceUserSearchListReread ();

	void getSearchList(SecPreferencesDomain domain, KeychainList &keychainList);
	void setSearchList(SecPreferencesDomain domain, const KeychainList &keychainList);

    void rename(Keychain keychain, const char* newName);
    void renameUnique(Keychain keychain, CFStringRef newName);

	// Iff keychainOrArray is NULL return the default KeychainList in keychainList otherwise
	// if keychainOrArray is a CFArrayRef containing SecKeychainRef's convernt it to KeychainList,
	// if keychainOrArray is a SecKeychainRef return a KeychainList with one element.
	void optionalSearchList(CFTypeRef keychainOrArray, KeychainList &keychainList);

	// Convert CFArrayRef of SecKeychainRef's a KeychainList.  The array must not be NULL
	static void convertToKeychainList(CFArrayRef keychainArray, KeychainList &keychainList);

	// Convert KeychainList to a CFArrayRef of SecKeychainRef's.
	static CFArrayRef convertFromKeychainList(const KeychainList &keychainList);

	// Login keychain support
    void login(AuthorizationRef authRef, UInt32 nameLength, const char* name);
	void login(ConstStringPtr name, ConstStringPtr password);
	void login(UInt32 nameLength, const void *name, UInt32 passwordLength, const void *password);
	void logout();
	void changeLoginPassword(ConstStringPtr oldPassword, ConstStringPtr newPassword);
	void changeLoginPassword(UInt32 oldPasswordLength, const void *oldPassword,  UInt32 newPasswordLength, const void *newPassword);

    void resetKeychain(Boolean resetSearchList);

	Keychain defaultKeychain();
    Keychain defaultKeychainUI(Item &item);
	void defaultKeychain(const Keychain &keychain);

	Keychain loginKeychain();
	void loginKeychain(Keychain keychain);
	Keychain defaultKeychain(SecPreferencesDomain domain);
	void defaultKeychain(SecPreferencesDomain domain, const Keychain &keychain);
	SecPreferencesDomain domain() { return mDomain; }
	void domain(SecPreferencesDomain newDomain);

	// non-file based Keychain manipulation
	void addToDomainList(SecPreferencesDomain domain, const char* dbName, const CSSM_GUID &guid, uint32 subServiceType);
	void isInDomainList(SecPreferencesDomain domain, const char* dbName, const CSSM_GUID &guid, uint32 subServiceType);
	void removeFromDomainList(SecPreferencesDomain domain, const char* dbName, const CSSM_GUID &guid, uint32 subServiceType);
	static void convertList(DLDbList &ids, const KeychainList &kcs);
	void convertList(KeychainList &kcs, const DLDbList &ids);

    // Only add if not there yet.  Writes out CFPref and broadcasts KCPrefListChanged notification
	void addAndNotify(const Keychain& keychainToAdd);

	// remove a keychain from the sync list
	void removeKeychainFromSyncList (const DLDbIdentifier &id);

	// mKeychains is protected by globals().apiLock
    typedef map<DLDbIdentifier, KeychainImpl *> KeychainMap;
	// Weak reference map of all keychains we know about that aren't deleted
	// or removed
    KeychainMap mKeychains;

	// The dynamic search list.
	DynamicDLDBList mDynamicList;

	DLDbListCFPref mSavedList;
	DLDbListCFPref mCommonList;
	SecPreferencesDomain mDomain; // current domain (in mSavedList and cache fields)

} // end namespace KeychainCore

} // end namespace Security