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----- Tagged ld64-95.2.12

2009-07-02    Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6836647> creation of __unwind_info section can fail if hundreds of functions cannot be compact encoded

----- Tagged ld64-95.2.11

2009-06-19    Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6960981> Link Time Optimization errors out when targeting < 10.6

----- Tagged ld64-95.2.10

2009-04-02    Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6805002> corrupt metaclass entry in dynamic library
	* src/ld/ld.cpp: change Section constructor to copy segment and section names

----- Tagged ld64-95.2.9

2009-04-02    Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6744267> Update ld64 for new triples introduced in 6654669 to support ARM LLVM
	* src/ld/LTOReader.hpp: change "arm-" to "arm" so matching works for new triples

----- Tagged ld64-95.2.8

2009-03-24    Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6713931> anonymous functions have the compact unwind info computed wrong
	* ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: use new compact unwind function in AnonymousAtom

----- Tagged ld64-95.2.7

2009-03-11    Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6670421> AddressBook incorrectly gets _objc_msgSend from WebKit
	* src/ld/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: fix processIndirectLibraries() to not force a private re-export of a dylib
									that is already explictly or implicitly linked.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/re-export-optimizations-indirect: add test case

2009-03-10    Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6665853> dyld weak linking optimization leaves some symbols unbound
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: be sure to create bind entry for a reference 
										to a symbol in a dylib that is a weak definition
	* unit-tests/test-cases/coalesce_weak_def_in_dylib: add test case

2009-03-10    Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6666004> many OS i386 OS dylibs still have __IMPORT segment
	* ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: moved where __IMPORT/__pointer is changed to __DATA/__nl_symbol_ptr
	* unit-tests/test-cases/stripped-indirect-symbol-table:  updated to test for this problem

----- Tagged ld64-95.2.6

2009-02-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6633530> ld might set MH_WEAK_DEFINES when it should not
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: only consider atoms in fRegularDefAtomsThatOverrideADylibsWeakDef
										that will be exported when computing MH_WEAK_DEFINES
	* unit-tests/test-cases/operator-new: updated to reproduce issue

----- Tagged ld64-95.2.5

2009-02-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6605499> x86_64 obj-c runtime confused when static lib is stripped
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in setLocalNlist() don't use 'l' labels for x86_64 strings
	* unit-tests/test-cases/objc-literal-pointers-strip: added test case

----- Tagged ld64-95.2.4

2009-02-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: ignore ARM_THUMB_32BIT_BRANCH relocs

2009-02-18     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6583555> Writer<A>::symbolIndex() uses a linear search and does not scale
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: build a std::map so symbolIndex() scales better

2009-02-18     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6312070> Use new compact encodings that handle all register permutations
	* src/ld/Architectures.hpp: add kSectionOffset24
	* src/ld/ObjectFile.h: add getFDE()
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: use new libunwind functions to get new compact encoding
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use new compact encoding which includes offset in dwarf if needed
	* src/other/unwinddump.cpp: update unwinddump output to display register save set

2009-02-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6511619> runtime error with bundle for 10.5 that has weak external symols
	* src/ld/ld.cpp: fix hybrid (10.5) compressed linkedit info for data pointing to weak definitions

2009-02-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6583757> i386 relocation error with negative offsets from local labels
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: handle when base addr of scattered relocation does not point to a label
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-neg-from-local: add test case

2009-02-12     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6578360> -dead_strip inhibits weak coalescing in no_dead_strip section
	* src/ld/ld.cpp: remove atoms coalesced away from fLiveRootAtoms
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dead_strip-weak-coalesce: added test case

2009-02-12     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6581809> x86_64 weak_import broken for initialized data
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: use isWeakImportSymbol() in Reader<x86_64>::addRelocReference()
	* src/other/dyldinfo.cpp: update to display weak_import attribute
	* unit-tests/test-cases/weak_import: updated test case

2009-02-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6541812> ld parsing of __eh_frame unwind information is slow
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: build a std::map of all __eh_frame relocations for x86_64

----- Tagged ld64-95.2.3

2009-02-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6545406> ld: warning: can't add line info to anonymous symbol
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: don't warn about line info in dyld stubs

----- Tagged ld64-95.2.2

2009-02-02     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6548268> ld -r does not preserve the N_NO_DEAD_STRIP bit
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set N_NO_DEAD_STRIP based on dontDeadStrip()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dead_strip-r_symbol_desc: added test case

----- Tagged ld64-95.2.1

2009-01-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6535736> ld coalesces C strings in different segments
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: only do standard coalescing on __cstring section if is in __TEXT segment
	* unit-tests/test-cases/cstring-alt-segment: add test case

2009-01-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6532377> gcc DejaGnu failure: building longcall/dylib library
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: if no __DATA sections insert non-lazy pointers at end of __TEXT segment
	* unit-tests/test-cases/no-data-bundle: added test case

----- Tagged ld64-95.2

2009-01-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6476760> strip -S fails with "new trie is larger than original"
	* src/other/PruneTrie.cpp: don't align trie more than original trie was aligned

----- Tagged ld64-95.1

2008-12-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

        * src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in new linkedit format, make sure only exported symbols
					make it into weak binding info
----- Tagged ld64-95

2008-12-18     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/Options.cpp: move check for fSharedRegionEligible until fPrebind has stabilized

2008-12-18     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6305021> Generate new compressed LINKEDIT when targeting 10.6
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: turn on compressed LINKEDIT by default

----- Tagged ld64-94.1

2008-12-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/Options.cpp: Fix -F handling in buildSearchPaths()

----- Tagged ld64-94

2008-12-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: document new options

2008-12-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6134468> linker should enforce all .o files have same sub-type, and ignore sub-type of dylibs
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: update man page about -allow_sub_type_mismatches
	* src/ld/ld.cpp: call validFile() with new arguments
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add new arguments to validFile()
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: Support LD_ALLOW_CPU_SUBTYPE_MISMATCHES and -allow_sub_type_mismatches

2008-12-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6438270> -syslibroot should skip standard search paths not in the SDK
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: in buildSearchPaths() if an SDK is specified don't add 
							standard search paths not in the SDK.

2008-12-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6406609> ld: remove "can't make compact unwind encoding" warning
	* src/ld/ObjectFile.h: add fWarnCompactUnwind
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: -warn_compact_unwind --> fWarnCompactUnwind
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: test fWarnCompactUnwind before warning

2008-12-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6442926> Add dtrace usdt support for arm to ld64
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: handle arm::kDtraceIsEnabledSite
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dtrace-static-probes: use is-enabled in test case

----- Tagged ld64-93

2008-12-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/ObjectFile.h: add fIPhoneVersionMin to track min iPhoneOS version
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: use fIPhoneVersionMin 

2008-12-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6431277> non-lazy pointer to non-global tentative definition encoded wrong
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: don't use INDIRECT_SYMBOL_LOCAL for tentative definitions
	* unit-tests/test-cases/non-lazy-r: updated test case

2008-12-11     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/6437667> kernel fails to boot when ld64 used for intermediate ld -r step
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in -r mode when generating a scattered sect-diff reloc for
									i386/arm, special case when from target is not the atom 
									the relocation is in.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-asm: update test case

2008-12-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/ld.cpp: handle new __program_vars section
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: handle inserting synthesized sections when there is no __dyld section

2008-12-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: Fix getDescription() to work when direct reference is to anonymous atom

2008-12-10     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/Options.cpp: enable LD_FORCE_NO_PREBIND to be used with arm

2008-12-10     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/6258169> Developer tool to print the new compressed LINKEDIT information
	* src/other/dyldinfo.cpp: fix typo in usage()

2008-12-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6308882> SnowLeopard kernel should compile warning free
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: correct parse two global labels at end of section and make one an alias
	* unit-tests/test-cases/end-label: update test case

2008-12-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6342245> Better warning than "PPC_RELOC_JBSR should not be using an external relocation"
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: issue warning with .o path if it was compiled with -mlong-branch

2008-12-04     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/6408832> linker should not map __pointers -> __nl_symbol_ptr unless actually making new LINKEDIT
	* src/ld/ObjectFile.h: add fMakeCompressedDyldInfo for readers to see
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: set fMakeCompressedDyldInfo for readers to see
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: check fMakeCompressedDyldInfo

2008-12-02     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/debugline.c: fix error handling in line_open()

2008-11-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6401277> vtable with thumb entries broke after ld -r
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: if target of reloc is thumb, mask thumb bit off addend
	* unit-tests/test-cases/thumb-pointer: added test case

2008-11-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/Option.cpp: Fix how crashreporterBuffer is created to not miss some arguments

2008-11-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6398605> Security.framework has some duplicate FDEs for some functions
	* src/ld/ld.cpp: remove fDeadAtoms from fLiveAtoms when there are weak atoms overriden by late loads
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dead_strip-archive-eh: added test case

----- Tagged ld64-92

2008-11-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: if export_size is zero, no need to parse trie
	* src/abstraction/MachOTrie.hpp: gracefully handle empty trie

2008-11-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6257854> strip(1) support for new compressed LINKEDIT information
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: build and install new libprunetrie.a
	* src/other/prune_trie.h: added
	* src/other/PruneTrie.cpp: implements prune_trie()

2008-11-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/ld.cpp: if an export file is used and all weak symbols are masked, don't set WEAK_DEFINES
	* unit-tests/test-cases/weak-def-flag: added test case

2008-11-20     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6305021> Generate new compressed LINKEDIT when targeting 10.6
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support generating new compressed format
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: new compress format implies non-lazy pointers in __DATA for i386
	* src/ld/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: support linking aginst new format
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: suppport -exported_symbols_order and -no_compact_linkedit
	* src/ld/ld.cpp: track which atoms have weak counter parts in dylibs
	* src/other/dyldinfo.cpp: added tool to display new LINKEDIT format
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: add dyldinfo tool
	* unit-tests/*: lots of fixes to work with new format

2008-11-20     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6389316> ld64 should preserve N_WEAK_REF when linking MH_KEXT_BUNDLEs
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set up fWeakImportMap in synthesizeKextGOT() 

2008-11-19     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6342406> VideoToolbox.framework has bad __TEXT.__eh_frame info
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: add -no_eh_labels option for use with -r
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: generate correct x86_64 labeless relocs in -r mode
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: now ignore all labels and relocations in
		__TEXT/__eh_frame section and rely on getCFIs() from libunwind
	* unit-tests/test-cases/eh-coalescing-no-labels: add test case

2008-11-19     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6378110> LTO doesn't like dtrace symbols
	* src/ld/LTOReader.hpp: ignore __dtrace_probe undefines in bitcode files

2008-11-14     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/abstraction/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: fix to work with 10.5 headers
----- Tagged ld64-91

2008-11-07     Nick Kledzik    <>

	Remove COMPACT_UNWIND_SUPPORT conditionalizing

2008-11-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	Reorganize source layout.  ld sources are now in "ld",
	and other tools are in "other".

2008-11-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: start installing unwinddump tool
	* src/UnwindDump.cpp: support -arch option
	* doc/man/man1/unwinddump.1: create man page

2008-11-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6337329> linker should put cpusubtype in n_sect field of nlist entry for N_OSO debug note entries
	* src/ld.cpp: in synthesizeDebugNotes() set other field of OSO to be subtype

2008-11-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/3738966> Need a linker option to load all objects from one library
	* src/Options.cpp: support -force_load option
	* src/ArchiveReader.hpp: Add fForceLoad ivar
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1:  update man page with -force_load option
	* unit-tests/test-cases/archive-force-load: add test case

2008-11-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6308882> Dtrace Probe Warnings: SnowLeopard kernel should compile warning free
	* src/ld.cpp: don't generate GSYM stabs for old style __dtrace_probe
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix test for deciding if a symbol is an alias

2008-11-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6294378> ADOBE: XCODE: ld: duplicate typeinfo in executable
	* src/ld.cpp: in dead-strip mode, record overriden symbols and later rebind all uses
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dead_strip-archive-weak: add test case

2008-11-03     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6254202> support increased branch range in Thumb-2
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: handle full branch range in addRelocReference()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/branch-distance: added test case
2008-10-31     Devang Patel    <>

	<rdar://problem/5725712> Sqlite 3.5.4 built with lvm-gcc-4.2 -O4 fails regression test
	* src/LTOReader.hpp: Use real atom scope when real atom is available.
	Preserve globals while optimizing an executable.

2008-10-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support all encodings in getEncodedP()

----- Tagged ld64-90

2008-10-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6327584> icc has dwarf unwind info that is different than gcc
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support more encodings in getEncodedP()

2008-10-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6088653> build ld64 for x86_64
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: add X86_64 to valid archs

2008-10-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: use generated @$(DERIVED_FILE_DIR)/linker_opts for extra
		linker options.  This allows linker to be built if LTO headers and libs are missing.

2008-10-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6273617> Linker warning not shown in the Xcode build log
	* src/Options.cpp: add colon to format string in warning()

----- Tagged ld64-89.3

2008-10-24     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/6317985> ld64-89 broke TOT OpenGL libProgrammability x86_64 build	
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add cast in getEncodedP()

----- Tagged ld64-89.2

2008-10-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6312895> SnowLeopard: Libsystem built with ld64-89.1 causes crashes
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: when FDE information causes __text atom to be split, make the 
			atoms follow-on pairs.

----- Tagged ld64-89.1

2008-10-22     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: for x86_64 __eh_frame force direct references

2008-10-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ObjectDump.cpp: Use getContentType() to see if content type is a cstring

----- Tagged ld64-89

2008-10-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6253171> 10A180 with QT-1119 roots: iTunes and QuickTime cannot play back purchased videos
	<rdar://problem/5950453> linker should not need .eh labels
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use kCFIType to set section attributes
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: use libunwind's CFITuple to parse __eh_frame content
	* src/ld.cpp: Add adjustScope() phase instead of demoting scope within symboltable.add()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/eh-stripped-symbols: added test case

----- Tagged ld64-88.1

2008-10-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: Fix uses of COMPACT_UNWIND_SUPPORT
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Fix uses of COMPACT_UNWIND_SUPPORT

2008-09-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6255983> OBJC2: Reorder __DATA,__objc_* sections by writedness
	* src/ld.cpp: change sorting order of Sections

2008-09-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6159479> Executable produced by XCode 3.2 on 10.6 crashes on 10.3.9
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set objc_module_info_addr field of module table

----- Tagged ld64-88

2008-09-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5935708> kexts need to be built as MH_BUNDLE mach-o files
	* src/ld.cpp: use getUndefinedProxyAtom() with kKextBundle
	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: add MH_KEXT_BUNDLE
	* src/Options.cpp: support -kext for all architectures
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support kKextBundle to make a bundle like kext
	* unit-tests/test-cases/kext-basic: added test case

2008-09-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6052546> ld invoking wrong ld_classic
	* src/Options.cpp: first look for ld_classic relative to ld itself

2008-09-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5855588> ld fails to link references from 32 bit code into 64 bit code
	<rdar://problem/5955200> Desired 32-bit absolute relocation
	* src/Architectures.hpp: add x86_64::kPointer32
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support X86_64_RELOC_UNSIGNED with length=2
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support x86_64::kPointer32
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-asm/relocs-asm.s: added 32-bit pointer tests

2008-09-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6075323> Should be able to mark dylibs as auto-dead-dylib-strip
	* src/Options.h: add fMarkDeadStrippableDylib
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: check MH_DEAD_STRIPPABLE_DYLIB
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add deadStrippable()
	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: add MH_DEAD_STRIPPABLE_DYLIB
	* src/Options.cpp: support -mark_dead_strippable_dylib
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: test reader->deadStrippable(), set MH_DEAD_STRIPPABLE_DYLIB
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: update man page
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dead_strippable_dylib: added test case

2008-09-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6197601> ER: Add -seg_page_size option
	* src/Options.cpp: add -seg_page_size option
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use new page size info when laying out segments
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: update man page

2008-09-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5798786> -arch_errors_fatal not working
	* src/ld.cpp: check fOptions.errorOnOtherArchFiles()
	* src/Options.cpp: turn -arch_errors_fatal into fOptions.errorOnOtherArchFiles()

2008-09-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6161215> CrashTracer: [USER] 1 crash in ld at ld: 0x5ce02
	* src/ld.cpp: abort if resolve() finds an unresolved reference, rather than allow a future crash

2008-09-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6157989> linker crashes linking X86-64 with -fwritable-strings
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: handle unbound cfstring references
	* unit-tests/test-cases/cfstring-coalesce: update test case

2008-09-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6213035> ld64: bl out of range (-17147704 max is +/-16M) on ppc
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: tweak branch island regions to be every 14MB instead of 15MB

2008-09-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5907981> -filelist fails with comma in path
	* src/Options.cpp: in loadFileList() first try without special comma meaning 
	* unit-tests/test-cases/filelist/Makefile: update test case

2008-09-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6203068> nop not used when aligning functions in -r mode
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: change check for when to pad with nops to not test segment's name

2008-09-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6238329> "-pie can only be used when linking a main executable" should be a warning, not an error
	*  src/Options.cpp: make -pie on a dylib or bundle be a warning instead of an error
2008-09-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add warning if dwarf cannot be encoded as compact unwind

2008-09-18     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/LTOReader.hpp: re-enable use of lto_codegen_debug_options()

2008-09-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6219054> ld does not always set S_CSTRING_LITERALS on __TEXT,__cstring
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add getContentType() to SymbolAtom
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: for x86_64 don't override named cstrings with LC* name

2008-09-10     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* Options.cpp: add __crashreporter_info__ to communicate command line to crash reporter
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: leave local symbols in ld to provide better crash reports

2008-09-08     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6126637> 161569 GCC 4.2 - breakpoints no longer work for a large number of functions
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support DW_FORM_strp out-of-line strings when parsing line table

2008-09-02     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix compact unwind personality for dyld and -slow_stubs

2008-08-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6186838> -weak_library no longer forces uses to be weak_import
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use fWeakImport on dylib to force proxy atoms into fWeakImportMap
	* unit-tests/test-cases/weak_import-force: added test case

2008-08-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6061558> linker should order __DATA segment to reduce dyld dirtied pages
	* src/Options.cpp: add fOrderData and support -no_data_order
	* src/ld.cpp: modify tweakLayout() to sort atoms with relocations to start of __data section 

2008-08-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp:  back out <rdar://problem/6174493>

----- Tagged ld64-87.5

2008-08-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6174493> some projects show _Unwind_Resume coming from libSystem.B.dylib
	* src/Options.cpp: swap any early symlinks to libSystem with libgcc_s

----- Tagged ld64-87.4

2008-08-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6174493> some projects show _Unwind_Resume coming from libSystem.B.dylib
	* src/Options.cpp: swap any early libSystem with libgcc_s

2008-08-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5898326> Unable to build ppc debug builds (linker out of range error)
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in addPPCBranchIslands() look ahead so large atoms don't push out branch islands

----- Tagged ld64-87.3.1

2008-09-08     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6204202> i386 dylibs have incorrect personality pointers when put in dyld shared cache
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in addCrossSegmentRef() handle kImageOffset32 to __IMPORT segment

----- Tagged ld64-87.3

2008-08-09     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6125381> work around compiler gcc_except_table alignment
	* src/ObjectFile.h: change getLSDA() to return a reference instead of an atom
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: special case __eh_frame 64-bit pointer diff relocations
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: track lsda offset when creating __unwind_info section
	* src/UnwindDump.cpp: log when LDSA content does not start with 0xFF

----- Tagged ld64-87.2

2008-08-07     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6131559> 10A141: libuwind falls back to dwarf and makes whole system super slow
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Fix sign extension bug with x86_64::kPointerDiff24
	* src/UnwindDump.cpp: warn about mangled LSDA entries when dumping unwind section

----- Tagged ld64-87.1

2008-08-03     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/LTOReader.hpp: Don't use lto_codegen_debug_options until newer libLTO.dylib is available

----- Tagged ld64-87

2008-07-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: Always set fAutoOrderInitializers=false for dyld

2008-07-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix when regular vs compressed __unwind_info pages are generated
	* src/UnwindDump.cpp: fix function name decoding in regular pages 
2008-07-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: don't allow ld to build for x86_64 until libdtrace.dylib is available

2008-07-18     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: don't crash if debug_line section has no line table

2008-07-18     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5628149> Duplicate probe firings in Security.framework
	* src/LTOReader.hpp: optimize() now returns atoms optimized away
	* src/ObjectFile.h: optimize() should return if it did anything
	* src/ArchiveReader.hpp: pass through optimize() result
	* src/ld.cpp: rework dtrace probe processing as a new pass to prevent double counting

2008-07-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6061904> automatically order initializers to start of __TEXT
	* src/Options.cpp: add -no_order_inits option
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: merge __StaticInit into __text
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add fAutoOrderInitializers
	* src/ld.cpp: sort initializer to start of __text and terminators to end
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: add doc about -no_order_inits
	* unit-tests/test-cases/init-order: add test case

2008-07-15     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/6073697> Only add LC_SEGMENT_SPLIT_INFO to dylibs that might be in the shared cache
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: re-layout load commands after split-seg data computed
	* src/Options.cpp: non-public install name will disable split-seg load command

2008-07-14     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6069861> ld -r for x86_64 is changing visibility of cstring constants
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: force x86_64 cstring labels to be local in -r mode
	* unit-tests/test-cases/cstring-label: added test case

2008-07-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6070190> ld not adding updating LC_SEGMENT_SPLIT_INFO with __unwind_info section
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: run createSplitSegContent() after __unwind_info section is created
2008-07-10     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/LTOReader.hpp: improve missing symbol error message

2008-07-09     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6061558> linker should order __DATA segment to reduce dyld dirtied pages
	* src/ld.cpp: first phase, order sections

2008-07-08     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: remove "coal" sections when creating a final linked image

2008-07-08     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6054476> ld: add support for mllvm LTO options
	* src/Options.cpp: support -mllvm option
	* src/LTOReader.hpp: call lto_codegen_debug_options() with -mllvm options
	* src/ld.cpp: pass llvmOptions to optimize()
	* src/Options.h: add fLLVMOptions
	* src/ArchiveReader.hpp: add llvmOptions parameter to optimize()
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add llvmOptions parameter to optimize()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/lto-llvm-options: add test case
2008-07-07     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6054296> Linker fails with: 24-bit pointer diff out of range in unwind info in unwind info from...
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix when to fallback to uncompressed unwind info

2008-07-03     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6001472> ld crash with gcc-4.0 code that uses a zero sized array
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: handle zero size atom in a zero sized section

2008-07-03     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6016809> ld crashes when bad ppc relocs are found
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: change all missing PAIR warnings to errors

2008-07-02     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5881324> when linking a kext the static linker should leave a pad in the headers to allow code signing
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add padding for load commands in object files
	* unit-tests/test-cases/code-signed-object-file: added test case

2008-07-02     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6048484> LC_SEGMENT_64 filesize incorrect for MH_OBJECT filetype
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: correctly set segment size info in object files
	* unit-tests/test-cases/no-object-symbols: add test case

2008-06-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: enable ld and rebase targets to build for x86_64
	* src/rebase.cpp: remove unused fRelocBase field that was not 64-bit clean
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix getEncodedP() to be 64-bit clean

----- Tagged ld64-86.3

2008-06-17     Nick Kledzik    <>
	* src/ld.cpp: fix loadUndefines() to double check undefine symbol was not already loaded

----- Tagged ld64-86.2
2008-06-14     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* srd/ld.cpp: Add NULL check in getTentativesNames()
----- Tagged ld64-86.1

2008-06-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix header padding calculation for dyld

----- Tagged ld64-86

2008-06-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/LTOReader.hpp: if lto_codegen_add_module() fails, add explanation to error message

2008-06-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ObjectFile.h: add deadAtoms parameter to optimize()
	* src/ld.cpp: ditto
	* src/ArchiveReader.hpp: ditto
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: handle llvm use of 0x1B pointer encodings in CIEs
	* src/LTOReader.hpp: make sure libLTO.dylib knows about any llvm symbol coalesced away
	* unit-tests/test-cases/lto-weak-native-override: add test case

2008-06-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5935600> LTO : 176.gcc and 177.mesa build failure at -O4
	* src/LTOReader.hpp: make sure internal is returned by getAtoms()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/lto-archive-dylib: update test case

2008-06-03     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5894163> fix for 5613343 need to search for definitions for common symbols is broken
	* src/ld.cpp: modify loadUndefines() to check for undefines in all files and tentative definitions but only in archives
	* src/machochecker.cpp: check for undefine symbols and external symbols with same name
	* unit-tests/test-cases/tentative-and-archive: update test case

2008-06-03     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5935237> linker produces wrong result for 16-bit call relocations
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: properly parse i386 scattered relocs for word sized pc-rel vanilla
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: propery compute displacement for x86::kPCRel16
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-asm: update test case with callw instructions

2008-06-03     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5905900> Building kext x86_64 with unexported symbols file causes linking problems
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: better check when creating undefined proxy atoms
	* unit-tests/test-cases/unexported_symbols_list-r: added test case

2008-06-02     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5659338> S_CSTRING_LITERALS section type not preserved in executable
	* src/ObjectFile.h: added ContentType
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: set ContentType for anonymous string literals
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set S_CSTRING_LITERALS if ContentType is kCStringType
	* unit-tests/test-cases/cstring-custom-section: added test case

2008-06-02     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5980194> linker should produce __unwind_info section in final linked images
	* src/ld.cpp: sort __unwind_info then __eh_frame section to end of __TEXT
	* src/Architectures.hpp: add kImageOffset32 and kPointerDiff24
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add compact unwind info support
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add compact unwind info support
	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: add C++ wrappers for unwind section layout
	* src/UnwindDump.cpp: new tool for dumping __unwind_info section
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: create __unwind_info section when needed
	* src/ObjectDump.cpp: print unwind info

2008-06-02     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/llvm-integration: split out some test cases
	* unit-tests/test-cases/lto-preload-pie: added
	* unit-tests/test-cases/lto-archive-dylib: added

2008-05-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* unit-tests: fixes to build all tests with with gcc-4.2 on SnowLeopard

2008-05-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5536348> support -preload option to generate MH_PRELOAD binaries compatible with mtoc(1) and EFI
	* src/ld.cpp: add entryPoint parameter to optimize()
	* src/ArchiveReader.hpp: ditto
	* src/ObjectFile.h: ditto
	* src/LTOReader.hpp: use entryPoint parameter to optimize()
	* src/Options.h: add kPreload and segment alignment
	* src/Options.cpp: support -preload and -segalign
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support kPreload and non-page aligned segments 

2008-05-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4431008> ld should warn if passed -r and also dylibs
	* src/ld.cpp: check for spurious dylibs in Linker::addDylib()

----- Tagged ld64-85.6
2008-11-01     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6254202> support increased branch range in Thumb-2
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in fixUpReferenceFinal() support new longer branch range

2008-11-01     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/6104368> ld warning: unknown option to -iphoneos_version_min, not 1.x or 2.x
	* src/Options.cpp: In setIPhoneVersionMin() support 3.x

----- Tagged ld64-85.5

2008-09-17     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6162415> vtable pointers can be missing thumb bit
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Writer<arm>::fixUpReferenceFinal() OR in the 1 bit if the target
		of a arm::kReadOnlyPointer is thumb.

----- Tagged ld64-85.4

2008-08-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6138961> ld should ignore LD_PREBIND when processing a static archive
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in setImportNlist() never use N_PBUD for object files
----- Tagged ld64-85.3

2008-07-14     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6060912> Prebinding busted in DTSB
	* src/Options.cpp: check for libstdc++.6.0.[49] in seg_addr_table

----- Tagged ld64-85.2

2008-05-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5905889> ARM ld should take W bit off of maxprot for __TEXT segment
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: for iPhone always set maxprot to be initprot in all segments

2008-05-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5914343> encryptable images may not be signable
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use minimum header padding when aligning __text section

----- Tagged ld64-85 (Xcode 3.1)

2008-04-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: <llvm-c/lto.h> is moving from /usr/local/include to /Developer/usr/local/include

2008-04-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5829579> ld doesn't honor "rightmost" -syslibroot argument
	* src/Options.cpp: if last -syslibroot is /, then ignore all syslibroots

2008-04-29     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5866582> GLRendererFloat has bad __eh_frame section caused by mixing llvm-gcc and gcc object files
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: make all atoms in __eh_frame section have 1-byte alignment
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: make __eh_frame section have pointer sized alignment

2008-04-17     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: better cpu subtype support

2008-04-14     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5733759> ld64 has bad ARM branch island check
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in addBranchIslands() don't force large arm programs to fail

2008-04-10     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix stubs used with lazy dylibs

----- Tagged ld64-84.4

2008-04-10     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5847206> SPEC2000/eon built with -mdynamic-no-pic won't run
	* src/Architectures.hpp: added arm::kReadOnlyPointer
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: generate arm::kReadOnlyPointer
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use arm::kReadOnlyPointer
	* src/machochecker.cpp: allow MH_PIE bit
	* unit-tests/test-cases/switch-jump-table: added test cases

----- Tagged ld64-84.3

2008-04-09     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5852023> -undefined dynamic_lookup busted
	* src/ld.cpp: don't create proxy atom when scanning for dylib duplicates
	* unit-tests/test-cases/tentative-and-archive: use -undefined dynamic_lookup

----- Tagged ld64-84.2

2008-04-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld.cpp: don't add .eh symbols to symbol table in -r mode
	* unit-tests/test-cases/eh-coalescing-r: update to test out of order coalescing

----- Tagged ld64-84.1

2008-03-28     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5720961> ld should prefer architecture-specific variant over generic in fat object file
	* src/Options.cpp: fully process -arch arguments into fArchitecture and fSubArchitecture
	* src/ld.cpp: when -arch with a subtype is used, try to find the exact subtype from fat files
	* unit-tests/test-cases/cpu-sub-types-preference: added test cases for arm and ppc

----- Tagged ld64-84

2008-03-28     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/LTOReader.hpp: don't print lto version, if lto is unavailable

2008-03-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5575399> Add LD_WARN_COMMONS to BigBear builds
	* src/Options.cpp: Add support for LD_WARN_FILE which copies all warnings to a side file

2008-03-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5797713> Need encryption tag in mach-o file
	<rdar://problem/5811920> linker should adjust arm final linked images so __text is never on the same page as the load commands
	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: add support for encryption_info_command
	* src/Options.cpp: add support for LD_NO_ENCRYPT and -no_encryption
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add EncryptionLoadCommandsAtom
	* src/machochecker.cpp: validate LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO

2008-03-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5712533> ld64 does not recognize LLVM bitcode archive files
	* src/MachOReaderArchive.hpp: renamed to src/ArchiveReader.hpp
	* src/ArchiveReader.hpp: sniff each member and instantiate correct reader
	* src/ld.cpp: rename mach_o::archive::Reader to archive::Reader
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: rename MachOReaderArchive.hpp to ArchiveReader.hpp
	* unit-tests/test-cases/llvm-integration: added test case

2008-03-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5771658> ld64 should switch to new libLTO.dylib interface
	<rdar://problem/5675690> Produce llvm bc file in 'ld -r' mode if all .o files are llvm bc
	* src/LTOReader.hpp: rewrite from LLVMReader.hpp to use new lto_* C interface
	* unit-tests/test-cases/llvm-integration: update and comment
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: update to lazy load libLTO.dylib 
	* src/ld.cpp: rework and simplify Linker::optimize() 
	* src/ObjectDump.cpp: Add -nm option

2008-03-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.cpp: Fix some .objc_class_name_ off by one problem
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.cpp: Fix some .objc_class_name_ off by one problem

2008-03-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5814613> Xcode 3.1 breaks linkage of libgcj.9.dylib from gcc 4.3.0
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.cpp: Make sure all ivars in Writer are initialized.

2008-03-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: warn if -seg1addr value is not page aligned

2008-03-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5806437> Move ARM support outside of __OPEN_SOURCE__
	* src/ld.cpp: remove __OPEN_SOURCE__ around arm support
	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: remove __OPEN_SOURCE__ around arm support
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: remove __OPEN_SOURCE__ around arm support
	* src/ObjectFile.h: remove __OPEN_SOURCE__ around arm support
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: remove __OPEN_SOURCE__ around arm support
	* src/OpaqueSection.hpp: Cover arm support inside __OPEN_SOURCE__ macro check
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: remove __OPEN_SOURCE__ around arm support
	* src/ObjectDump.cpp: remove __OPEN_SOURCE__ around arm support
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: remove ARM_SUPPORT from config.h

----- Tagged ld64-83.2
2008-03-15     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5801620> ld64-83 removes OBJC_CLASS_$ symbols from projects, causes catastrophic results
	* src/Options.cpp: restore "case CPU_TYPE_ARM" in switch statement for .objc_class symbols in .exp files
	* unit-tests/test-cases/objc-exported_symbols_list: added test case
----- Tagged ld64-83.1

2008-03-14     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5800466> -iphone_version_min ==> -iphoneos_version_min
	* src/Options.cpp: support -iphoneos_version_min as well

----- Tagged ld64-83

2008-03-10     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5791543> ld needs to strip iphone_version_min option if invoking ld_classic
	* src/Options.cpp: suppress -iphone_version_min from being passed to ld_classic

2008-03-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4171253> ADOBE XCODE: Linker option to lazy load frameworks (cause dyld is too slow)
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: create lazy stubs and LC_LAZY_LOAD_DYLIB for lazy load dylibs
	* src/Options.cpp: support -lazy-l, -lazy_library, and -lazy_framework
	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: add LC_LAZY_LOAD_DYLIB and S_LAZY_DYLIB_SYMBOL_POINTERS until in cctools
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: add isLazyLoadedDylib()
	* src/ld.cpp: pass lazy helper atom to writer
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: document new options
	* unit-tests/test-cases/lazy-dylib-objc: add test case
	* unit-tests/test-cases/lazy-dylib: add test case

----- Tagged ld64-82.7

2008-03-07     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5787149> duplicate symbol literal-pointer@__OBJC@__message_refs@...
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: AnonymousAtom from S_LITERAL_POINTERS section should be weak
	* unit-tests/test-cases/objc-selector-coalescing: added test case

----- Tagged ld64-82.6

2008-03-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5779681> ld crashes building XsanFS for Snow Leopard Builds
	* src/ld.cpp: add bool dylibsOnly parameter to addJustInTimeAtoms()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/tentative-and-archive: added test case
2008-03-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5775822> ld64 should not force building with gcc 4.0
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: change rules to use "system" compiler instead of 4.0

2008-02-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5774730> Simulator frameworks are being build split-seg and not prebound
	* src/Options.cpp: only splitseg if prebound

2008-02-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5774231> Linker should not make GSYM debug note for .objc_category_* symbols
	* src/ld.cpp: suppress GSYM debug notes for absolute symbols
	* unit-tests/test-cases/objc-category-debug-notes: added test case

2008-02-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

    <rdar://problem/5768970> non-ASCII CFString support is broken
    * src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: only name and coalesce cfstring constants if they use a __cstring
    * unit-tests/test-cases/cfstring-utf16: add test case

2008-02-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5366363> ld -r -x 
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: update man page to explain -r -x produces auto-stripped labels

----- Tagged ld64-82.5

2008-02-12     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5738023> x86_64: -stack_size failure when large __bss is used
	* src/ld.cpp: only move section already in __DATA segment to new __huge section 
	* unit-tests/test-cases/stack_size_no_addr: updated test case to add large bss section

----- Tagged ld64-82.4

2008-02-06     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5726215> comdat warnings with ld -r of C++ .o files
	* unit-tests/test-cases/eh-coalescing-r: added test case
	* src/ld.cpp: in ld -r mode don't warn about if .eh symbols are not static

2008-02-06     Devang Patel    <>

	<rdar://problem/5724990> LTO of Bom framework with -dead_strip causes ld(1) crash
	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Check fAtom while determining LLVMReference target binding.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/llvm-integration/Makefile: Add new test case.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/llvm-integration/a15.c: New.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/llvm-integration/b15.c: New.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/llvm-integration/c15.c: New.
2008-02-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld.cpp: fix for -arch ppc -mdynamic-no-pic -pie so PPC_RELOC_HA16 reloc is used
----- Tagged ld64-82.3
2008-02-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5721186> ld doesn't seem to understand $ld$add$os... and $ld$hide$os... for 10.6 moves
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add 10.6
	* src/Options.cpp: add 10.6 support
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: recognize $os10.6$

----- Tagged ld64-82.2

2008-01-30     Devang Patel    <>

	<rdar://problem/5714833> Can't build 64-bit Intel binaries with LTO
	<rdar://problem/5714787> ld64 fails to build with llvm-gcc-4.2
	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Fix character count typo in strncmp call.
	Use const char * to initialize temp. string.
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: use $(DEVELOPER_DIR) in header search construction
	instead of hard coding /Developer.
----- Tagged ld64-82.1

2008-01-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: don't bus error if S_LITERAL_POINTERS is missing relocs

2008-01-22     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5695496> ld uses 32-bits in some places to hold addresses when parsing 64-bit mach-o files
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: use AddrToAtomMap type that switch address to 64-bits for 64-bit archs
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: verify BR14 does not overflow for external relocs
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-c: update test case to slide addresses to verify x86_64 .o files

----- Tagged ld64-82
2008-01-18     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5694612> Bad grammar used in ld warning: cannot exported hidden symbol
	* src/ld.cpp: fix typo in warning string

2008-01-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5565074> Bundle Loader does not work anymore when loader is a bundle
	<rdar://problem/5590203> ld warns of incorrect architecture when linking a bundle to a bundle
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: support linking against bundles via -bundle_loader. Clean up error messages
	* unit-tests/test-cases/bundle_loader: update test case
2008-01-16     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5366363> ld -r -x creates debug notes (stabs) when it should not with -x (keep only global symbols)
	* src/Options.cpp: in reconfigureDefaults() if -r and -x then -S

2008-01-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5566068> if ld crashes while writing output file, it should delete the half written file
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: wrap open/write/close in try block and add signal handlers all to delete
	output file on failure.

2008-01-16     Devang Patel    <>

	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Use __gnu_cxx::hash_map instead of hash supported by LLVM.

2008-01-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5593537> GC-supported library can't be linked into GC-required executable
	* src/ld.cpp: loosen constraint that all objc code must be compiled with same GC settings and
	allow gc-compatible code to be linked into anything.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/objc-gc-checks: update test case

2008-01-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5687976> no debug notes for custom named data
	* src/ld.cpp: in synthesizeDebugNotes() check getSymbolTableInclusion() instead of for leading underscore
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dwarf-debug-notes: update test case
----- Tagged ld64-81.5

2008-01-14     Devang Patel    <>

	<rdar://problem/5683813> llvm-gcc-4.2 fails to build Sqlite 3.5.4 with -O4
	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Resolve proxy references. Collect new unbounded references 
	after optimization.
	* src/ld.cpp: Resolve additional unbounded references after optimization.

2008-01-14     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5655246> PPC Leopard (Xcode 3.0) linker ld gets "Bus error" sometimes
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: use same code as x86 to parse ppc and arm sect-diff relocs
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp:  use same code as x86 to write ppc and arm sect-diff relocs

2008-01-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5637618> PPC Leopard (Xcode 3.0) linker ld reports "unknown scattered relocation type 4"
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add PPC_RELOC_HI16 to scattered reloc parsing
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-asm/relocs-asm.s: added tests for scattered hi/lo instructions

2008-01-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: add doc for -no_implicit_dylibs, -read_only_stubs, -slow_stubs, -interposable_list
2008-01-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4800212> ld64(1) man page uses ambiguous term "suffix"
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: make meaning of "suffix" more explicit

2008-01-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5633081> Obj-C Symbols in Leopard Can't Be Weak Linked
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set weak and lazy attributes on dummy .objc_class_name undefines
	 to dylibs to support Mac OS X 10.3.x dyld

2008-01-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5669751> Unknown error with linker (dyld: unknown external relocation type)
	* src/ld.cpp: fix crash when SO stabs are not balanced

2008-01-11     Devang Patel    <>

	<rdar://problem/5667433> LTO does not work if expected output is a dynamic library
	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Supply arguments describing output kind to optimizer. Communicate
	visibility info.

2000-01-10     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5680988> __cls_refs section is losing S_LITERAL_POINTERS section type
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: special case __cls_refs section 
	* unit-tests/test-cases/objc-literal-pointers: add test case

2008-01-03     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5667688> wrong EH information might be used
	Created new kGroupSubordinate reference kind to model group comdat.  The "signature" atom
	has kGroupSubordinate references to the other atoms in the group.  If the signature atom
	is coalesced away, the linker follows kGroupSubordinate references and throws away the
	other members of the group.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/eh-coalescing: added test case
	* src/ld.cpp: added markDead() and use propagate to subordinates
	* src/Architectures.hpp: added kGroupSubordinate
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add kGroupSubordinate reference from a function to its .eh atom
	  and if used, from .eh atom to its LSDA atom.
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: handle kGroupSubordinate like kNoFixUp

----- Tagged ld64-81.4.1

2007-12-19     Devang Patel    <>

	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Add LLVM_LTO_VERSION #ifdef check.
2007-12-19     Devang Patel    <>

	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Add fOptimizer NULL check before calling printVersion().
2007-12-19     Devang Patel    <>

	<rdar://problem/5655956> print LLVM LTO version number in verbose mode
	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Add printLLVMVersion() to print llvm version string in verbose mode.
	* src/Options.cpp: Use printLLVMVersion() in verbose mode.

2007-12-19     Devang Patel    <>

	<rdar://problem/5655956> print LLVM LTO version number in verbose mode
	* src/Options.h: Add verbose() method to check fVerbose flag.
	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Print LLVM version string in verbose mode.
----- Tagged ld64-81.4

2007-12-18     Devang Patel    <>

	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Invalidate input architecture when optimizer is not available.

----- Tagged ld64-81.3

2007-12-17     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: remove extraneous header search paths

2007-12-17     Devang Patel    <>

	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Do not throw exception if LLVMReader is not able to
	dlopen LTO library. Instead just flag input file as an invalid LLVM bitcode file.

2007-12-14     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5645908> gcc DejaGnu failure: gcc.dg/20020312-2.c (test for excess errors) (-fstack-protector-all)
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix Writer<x86>::generatesExternalTextReloc() to allow text relocs
	* unit-tests/test-cases/read-only-relocs: updated test case to link a dynamic main executable compiled with -static

2007-12-14     Devang Patel    <>

  <rdar://problem/5648438> Enable Link Time Optimization in Opal
  * src/LLVMReader.hpp: Locate LLVMlto.dylib relative to ld location in Developer folder.
  * ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Add {DEVELOPER_DIR}/usr/include in header search path.
  * unit-tests/run-all-unit-tests: Set DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH to find LLVMlto.dylib during unit testing.
  * unit-tests/testcases/llvm-integration/Makefile: Point LLVMGCC and LLVMGXX to llvm-gcc-4.2 in Developer folder during unit testing.
2007-12-13     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5645446> SWB: failures due to ld: pointer in read-only segment not allowed in slidable image, used in ...
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: in Reader<x86>::addRelocReference() handle weak pc-rel 32-bit vanilla relocs properly
----- Tagged ld64-81.2	

2007-12-07     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5615298> support 8-bit relocations for i386
	* src/Architectures.hpp: add kPCRel8
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support 8-bit pc-rel relocations for intel
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support 8-bit pc-rel relocations for intel
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-asm: add test cases

----- Tagged ld64-81.1	

2007-12-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: rework cycle detection to remove some false positives

2007-12-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5628149> Duplicate probe firings in Security.framework
	* src/ld.cpp: check dtrace probe sites are not in fDeadAtoms before using
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dtrace-static-probes-coalescing: add test case

2007-12-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix CFString coalescing to work with -fwritable-strings
	* unit-tests/test-cases/cfstring-coalesce: add -fwritable-strings to test case

----- Tagged ld64-81	

2007-11-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4196067> ld64 should support runtime text relocations
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add generatesLocalTextReloc() and generatesExternalTextReloc()
	* src/Options.cpp: process -read_only_relocs option
	* src/Options.h: add allowTextRelocs() and warnAboutTextRelocs()
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add hasLongBranchStubs()
	* src/machochecker.cpp: allow relocs in read only segments, if section flags are set
	* unit-tests/test-cases/read-only-relocs: update test case

2007-11-08    Devang Patel     <>

	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: add new build phase "build configure.h" for
	ld target.
	* src/ld.cpp: Include "configure.h"

----- Tagged ld64-80.11

2008-02-12     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5741312> Wrong section name for objc info for ARM when OBJC2 is used
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: switch segment/section name for ARM objc2 image info

----- Tagged ld64-80.10
2008-02-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5733578> ld64 does not support -aspen_version_min 2.0
	* src/Options.cpp: allow 2.x for -aspen_version_min

2008-02-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5733575> ld_classic: unknown flag: -aspen_version_min
	* src/Options.cpp: change -aspen_version_min x.x to -macosx_version_min 10.5 when invoking ld_classic

----- Tagged ld64-80.9	

2008-01-29     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5713054> -iphone_version_min ==> -aspen_version_min
	* src/Options.cpp: support -aspen_version_min

----- Tagged ld64-80.8	

2008-01-10     Nick Kledzik    <>
	* src/Options.cpp: support transition to new objc ABI for ARM by allowing old .objc_class_name_* 
	style names in export files and map them to new _OBJC_CLASS_$_ style names.

----- Tagged ld64-80.7	

2008-01-02     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5572168> BigBear5A18 isn't fully prebound
	* src/Options.cpp: make fNeedsModuleTable true for arm

----- Tagged ld64-80.6	

2007-11-30     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5620976> -iphone_version_min
	* src/Options.cpp: handle -iphone_version_min option

----- Tagged ld64-80.5	

2007-11-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5601142> need to special case some dylibs in seg_addr_table
	* src/Options.cpp: retry seg_add_table lookup for a couple of unusual dylibs
----- Tagged ld64-80.4	

2007-11-06     Nick Kledzik    <>
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix parsing of external and scattered thumb branch22 relocs
	* unit-tests/test-cases/thumb-blx: add test case to keep blx issues from coming back

----- Tagged ld64-80.3	
2007-11-03     Nick Kledzik    <>
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: remove recalc of dstAddr which could cause thumb branches to be +2
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: remove incorrect test for relocateableExternal
----- Tagged ld64-80.2

2007-11-01     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld.cpp: hack my own prototype for log2() until math.h is cleaned up
----- Tagged ld64-80.1

2007-11-01     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: add HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS for cross builds
	* src/ld.cpp: temporarily disable LLVM_SUPPORT
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Don't use CC_MD5() directly

2007-10-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5556038> Cannot build with libm_static.a statically linked
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Fix makesExternalRelocatableReference() for -r -d case
	* unit-tests/test-cases/tentative-to-real-hidden: add test case

----- Tagged ld64-80

2007-10-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4222696> linker should probably warn about trying to export a hidden symbol
	* src/ld.cpp: if using -exported_symbols_list check each hidden atom as it is added to symbol table
	* src/Options.h,.cpp: add hasExportMaskList()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/exported_symbols_list-hidden: added test case

2007-10-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: keep old style dtrace probes externel for kernel builds

2007-10-23     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/4556199> unify error and warning messages
	<rdar://problem/5546450> -w should suppress warnings
	* src/ld.cpp: use warning() function
	* src/Options.h: remove emitWarnings()
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: use warning() function
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: use warning() function
	* src/Options.cpp: use and implement warning()
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use warning() function
	* unit-tests/test-cases/visibility-warning: verify -w suppresses warnings

2007-10-23     Devang Patel    <>

	* src/ld.cpp: Cover arm support inside __OPEN_SOURCE__ macro check.
	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Cover arm support inside __OPEN_SOURCE__ macro check.
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: Cover arm support inside __OPEN_SOURCE__ macro check.
	* src/ObjectFile.h: Cover arm support inside __OPEN_SOURCE__ macro check.
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: Cover arm support inside __OPEN_SOURCE__ macro check.
	* src/OpaqueSection.hpp: Cover arm support inside __OPEN_SOURCE__ macro check
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Cover arm support inside __OPEN_SOURCE__ macro check.
	* src/ObjectDump.cpp: Cover arm support inside __OPEN_SOURCE__ macro check.

2007-10-22     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: add support for LD_DEAD_STRIP and LD_WARN_COMMONS
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix problem with -dead_strip of ObjC literal pointers

2007-10-22     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: have -static arm code link with ld_classic (for now)

2007-10-22     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5396826> Recognize all arm architectures
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add support for all ARM sub-types
	* unit-tests/test-cases/cpu-sub-types: add test cases for all combinations of ARM sub-types

2007-10-19     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/*: merge in arm support
	* unit-tests/test-cases/*: fix to work for arm and thumb

----- Tagged ld64-79

2007-10-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: if -r mode, always set custom alignment (SET_COMM_ALIGN) on common symbols
	* unit-tests/test-cases/visibility-warning-dylib-v-archive/Makefile: fix warning
	* unit-tests/test-cases/static-executable/Makefile: fix spurious failure

2007-10-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix edge case in branch island generation

2007-10-12     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5323449> Add option to create old, slow stubs for i386
	* src/ObjectFile.h/.cpp: support -read_only_stubs
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: enhance StubAtom<x86> to support old style __symbol_stub/__la_symbol_ptr stubs
	* unit-tests/test-cases/slow-x86-stubs: add test case

2007-10-12     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5427952> ld64's re-export cycle detection logic prevents use of X11 libGL on Leopard
	* src/Options.cpp: in findFileUsingPaths() don't search for embedded dylibs
	* unit-tests/test-cases/indirect-path-search/Makefile: added case for a dylib embedded in a framework

2007-10-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5451987> add option to disable implicit load commands for indirectly used public dylibs
	* src/Options.cpp: add support for -no_implicit_dylibs
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add fImplicitlyLinkPublicDylibs
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: test fImplicitlyLinkPublicDylibs before hoisting an implicitly linked dylib
	* unit-tests/test-cases/implicit_dylib: add test case

2007-10-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5254413> -interposable_list
	* src/Options.h/cpp: Add fInterposeList and fInterposeMode to support -interposable_list
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: pass symbol name to fOptions.interposable()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/interposable_list: add test case

2007-10-10     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5529626> If only weak_import symbols are used, linker should use LD_LOAD_WEAK_DYLIB
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: automatically use LC_LOAD_WEAK_DYLIB if all symbols used from a dylib are weak_import
	* unit-tests/test-cases/weak_dylib: added test case

2007-10-10     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5504954> linker does not error when dylib ordinal exceeds 250
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: error out if ordinals exceed max allowed

2007-10-10     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4067110> overriding 'operator new' or 'operator delete' fails if no weak symbols are present
	* src/ld.cpp: at end of checkUndefines() search dylibs for weak versions of any global external symbols 
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add hasWeakExternals() method to Reader
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: implement hasWeakExternals() method in Reader
	* src/ExecutableFile.h: add overridesDylibWeakDefines parameter to write()
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use overridesDylibWeakDefines parameter to write()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/operator-new: add test case

2007-10-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5048861> No warning about tentative definition conflicting with dylib definition
	<rdar://problem/5132652> .comm variables in shared library, worked with XCode 2.4.1, broken with XCode 3?
	* src/ld.cpp: at end of checkUndefines() verify if any remaining commons conflict with dylibs
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: document -commons and -warn_commons options
	* unit-tests/test-cases/tentative-and-dylib: added test case

2007-10-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5346331> NS/CFString constants are not dead strippable
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: break up __cfstring section into one atom per cfstring, make them coalesable
	* unit-tests/test-cases/cfstring-coalesce: added test case

2007-10-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5524973> Dead stripping + exported symbols list using wildcards doesn't seem to do the right thing
	* src/Options.cpp/h: add hasWildCardExportRestrictList()
	* src/ld.cpp: if dead stripping code and have wildcard exports, add all global atoms matching wildcards as roots
	* unit-tests/test-cases/exported-symbols-wildcards-dead_strip: added test case

2007-10-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5433882> ld shouldn't search /Network/Library/Frameworks by default
	* src/Options.cpp: remove /Network/Library/Frameworks/ from default search path
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: document the change

2007-10-04     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5341567> all binaries should get LD_UUID load commands, not just those with DWARF symbols
	* src/ld.cpp: default fCreateUUID to be true for non object file output types
	* unit-tests/test-cases/no-uuid/Makefile: update test case to match new rules

----- Tagged ld64-78

2007-09-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5476313> range check load commands
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: check that load commands all fit in load command size from header
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: check that load commands all fit in load command size from header

2007-09-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5433355> Xc8M2540a: ld64 crashes when linking Pascal program
	* src/ld.cpp: fix findAtomAndOffset() to handle where there are no function atoms 

2007-09-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5241179> ADOBE Xcode 3: ld -dead_strip does not work with -init from an archive
	* src/ld.cpp: add bool parameter to entryPoint() so -init atom not looked for too soon
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dead_strip-init-archive: added test case

2007-09-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5459546> Spurious link warnings for inline members of C++ template classes
	* src/ld.cpp: check definition kinds before warning about visibility mismatches
	* unit-tests/test-cases/visibility-warning: added test case

2007-09-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5394172> an empty .o file with zero load commands will crash linker
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: have Reader constructor return early of no load commands
	* unit-tests/test-cases/empty-object: added test case
2007-09-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5453384> 9a527: ppc64 branch islands fail with 4GB pagezeo
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: start range calculations at start of __text not at zero.

----- Tagged ld64-77 (Xcode 3.0)

2007-07-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5351380> Kernel is linked with some global symbols unsorted
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Add NListNameSorter to allow global atoms and extra labels to be sorted

2007-07-20     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5254468> Can't do objc_msgSendSuper dispatches after loading a Fix&Continue bundle
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: when calculating what kind of reloc to use, never use an 
	  external reloc to reference 32-bit ObjC symbols.

2007-07-20     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5349847> Runtime crash with ICC math library on Leopard
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: detect if section starts with a symbol that is not 
	  aligned to section and correct it.

----- Tagged ld64-76

2007-06-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5303718> export hiding does not work for frameworks
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: fix checks in isPublicLocation()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/symbol-moving: update to test frameworks as well as dylibs

2007-06-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5299907> linker should use undefines from flat dylibs when linking a main flat
	* src/ObjectFile.h: added fLinkingMainExecutable
	* src/Options.cpp: set up fLinkingMainExecutable
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: when linking a main executable for flat namespace, the reader for
		any loaded flat namespace dylib will have a new atoms that has references to all undefined
		symbols in the dylib
	* unit-tests/test-cases/flat-indirect-undefines: added test case
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: update man page to describe when dylib undefines are used

2007-06-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5277857> OpenGL.framework and X11 both have a libGL.dylib which can cause ld to segfault if both are found
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: add assertNoReExportCycles() method
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dylib-re-export-cycle: added test case

2007-06-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5286462> ld64 has slightly different warning message formats than the old ld
	* src/ld.cpp: standardize all warning messages to start with "ld: warning"
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: ditto
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: ditto
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp:ditto

2007-06-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5297034> -dead_strip can cause duplicate external commons
	* src/ld.cpp: don't use discarded coalesced global atoms as dead strip roots
	* src/machochecker.cpp: error if duplicate external symbols
	* unit-tests/test-cases/commons-coalesced-dead_strip: added test case

2007-06-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4135857> update man page that linker does not search indirect libraries with two-level namespace
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: add new "Indirect dynamic libraries" section to man page

2007-06-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5285473> Xc9A466: Exports file cannot use Mac line ends
	* src/Options.cpp: check for \r or \n when parsing .exp files
	* unit-tests/test-cases/exported_symbols_list-eol: added test case

----- Tagged ld64-75

2007-05-31     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4607755> Simplier, generalized way to re-export dylibs: LC_REEXPORT_DYLIB
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Use LC_REEXPORT_DYLIB when targetting 10.5

----- Tagged ld64-74.5

2007-05-31     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5241902> set OSO timestamp to zero for when building in buildit
	* src/ld.cpp: check for RC_RELEASE and if exists set all OSO timestamps to zero

2007-05-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5224676> BUILD_STABS now causes ld of xnu to bus error
	* src/ld.cpp: Change || to && in collectStabs()

----- Tagged ld64-74.4

2007-05-18     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5211667> static probes don't work with libraries in dyld shared cache
	*  src/OpaqueSection.hpp: the __TEXT segment is executable

----- Tagged ld64-74.3

2007-05-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5201463> ppc: linker adds stubs to cstring references
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: update ppc stubableReference() to only allow high/low references
		to be stubed if they reference a symbol in some other dylib.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/stub-generation: added test case

2007-05-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5008421> ppc64: need to make LOCAL indirect symbol table entry for now local symbol
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: factored local tests into indirectSymbolIsLocal()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/non-lazy-r: added test case

2007-05-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5198807> ld64 drops fix&continue bit in __OBJC, __image_info.
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: implement objcReplacementClasses()

2007-05-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5066152> support __image_info in __DATA segment for 64-bits
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: use strncmp() for __objc_imageinfo since it is 16 bytes long
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: specialize segment/section names for synthesized objc image info section

2007-05-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* unit-tests/include/common.makefile: set COMPILER_PATH so harness works with latest compiler

----- Tagged ld64-74.2

2007-05-11     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5195447> ld64-74.1 breaks libstdc++ DejaGnu test (G5 only)
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: don't stub a reference if the target offset is non-zero

----- Tagged ld64-74.1

2007-05-09     Nick Kledzik    <>
	* src/Options.h: add emitWarnings()
	* src/Options.cpp: wire up -w to emitWarnings()

2007-05-09     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5137285> ld64 won't link wine (regression from Tiger)
	* src/Architectures.hpp: add x86::kPointerDiff16 and x86::kPCRel16
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add support to parse new relocs
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add support fo new relocs

2007-05-08     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5182537> need way for ld and dyld to see different exported symbols in a dylib
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: update parse and use $ld$ symbols
	* src/Options.h: move VersionMin to ReaderOptions
	* src/ObjectFile.h: move VersionMin to ReaderOptions
	* src/Options.cpp:  move VersionMin to ReaderOptions
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: move VersionMin to ReaderOptions
	* unit-tests/test-cases/symbol-moving: added test case

2007-05-03     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5181105> typo in error message for linking -pie
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix typo in error messages

----- Tagged ld64-74

2007-05-03     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5171880> ld64 can't find @executable _path relative dylibs from our umbrella frameworks
	<rdar://problem/4019497> ld64 should handle linking against dylibs that have @loader_path based dylib load commands
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add from parameter to findDylib()
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: supply from parameter to findDylib()
	* src/ld.cpp: use from parameter for @loader_path substitution in findDylib()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/re-export-relative-paths: added test case

2007-05-02     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ObjectFile.h: add fLogObjectFiles and fLogAllFiles
	* src/Options.cpp: hook up -t to fLogAllFiles and -whatsloaded to fLogObjectFiles 
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: log if fLogAllFiles
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: log if fLogObjectFiles or fLogAllFiles 
	* src/MachOReaderArchive.hpp: log if fLogAllFiles
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: update man page

2007-05-02     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5177848> typo in message, frameowrk
	* src/Options.cpp: fix typo

2007-05-01     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4977301> "ld" man page is missing the description for many options 
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: add documentation on all obsolete options
2007-05-01     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5113424> ld doesn't handle -mlong-branch .o files that have had local symbols stripped
	<rdar://problem/4965359> warning about dwarf line info with -mlong-branch
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: don't lop -mlong-branch stubs off end of functions
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: allow code references besides BR24 to be stubable

2007-04-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5065659> unable to link VTK because __textcoal_nt too large
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: when doing a final link map __textcoal_nt to __text

2007-04-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5062685> ld does not report error when -r is used and exported symbols are not defined.
	<rdar://problem/4637139> ld leaves global common symbols not in exported symbols list.
	* src/ld.cpp: stop special casing -r mode in checkUndefines() 
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: don't create proxy atom in -r mode if it is supposed to be exported.
		mark tentative definitions are private extern in -r mode even without -keep_private_externs
	* unit-tests/test-cases/exported_symbols_list-r: added test case

2007-04-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5137732> ld should keep looking when it finds a weak definition in a dylib
	* src/ld.cpp: modified addJustInTimeAtoms() to keep looking when a weak defintion is found
	* unit-tests/test-cases/weak-def-ordinal: added test case

2007-04-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5166572> better error message for indirect dylibs missing required architecture
	* src/ld.cpp: when loading indirect dylib add path to error messages

2007-04-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5109373> the i386 slice of dyld does not need __IMPORT segment
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add fForDyld
	* src/Options.cpp: set up fForDyld
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: if fForDyld, change __IMPORT segment to __DATA
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: recognize __DATA/__pointers in dyld as a non-lazy section

2007-04-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5008421> ppc64: need to make LOCAL indirect symbol table entry for now local symbol
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use INDIRECT_SYMBOL_LOCAL for any non-global symbol
	* unit-tests/test-cases/strip_local: update test case
2007-04-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5150407> ld64 -sectorder and -order_file files don't accept white space following the :
	* src/Options.cpp: prune white space after colon and before symbol name
	* unit-tests/test-cases/order_file: update test case to have a space after the colon

2007-04-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5055233> ld64 corrupts debug symbol table entries, nm doesn't print them
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: properly set ilocalsym in module table

2007-04-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5066152> support __image_info in __DATA segment for 64-bits
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: look for new objc info section name too

2007-04-24     Nick Kledzik    <>
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix -non_global_symbols_strip_list to work with -r
	* unit-tests/test-cases/local-symbol-partial-stripping: update test case

----- Tagged ld64-73.7

2007-05-10     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5194804> can't use dtrace static probes in x86_64 dylib
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: x86_64:kPointerDiff32 is ok in shared region
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dtrace-static-probes: update to build dylib too

2007-05-09     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5191610> 9A430: using -dead_strip with static dtrace probes causes ld to crash
	* src/ld.cpp: fix markLive() to look at right name in dtrace probe refernce
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dtrace-static-probes: added -dead_strip case

----- Tagged ld64-73.6

2007-04-17     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5140897> Add options to do partial stripping of local symbols
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use fOptions.keepLocalSymbol()
	* src/Options.cpp: implement -non_global_symbols_no_strip_list and -non_global_symbols_strip_list
	* src/Options.h: replace stripLocalSymbols() with localSymbolHandling() and keepLocalSymbol()
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: document -non_global_symbols_no_strip_list and -non_global_symbols_strip_list
	* unit-tests/test-cases/local-symbol-partial-stripping: added test case

----- Tagged ld64-73.5

2007-04-17     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5129379> ld64-73.3 XBS logging incorrectly reporting "direct" dynamic libraries
	* src/ld.cpp: restore direct vs indirect library for LD_TRACE_DYLIBS logging

2007-04-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5067034> data initialized to a weak imported symbol is missing relocation
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: check for A::kPointerWeakImport in buildExecutableFixups()
	* unit-tests/test-cases/weak_import: updated test case to catch this problem

2007-04-13     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5071047> Support -U 
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: create proxies for -U symbols
	* src/Options.cpp: process -U 
	* src/Options.h: add allowedUndefined() and someAllowedUndefines()
	* src/ld.cpp: create proxies for -U symbols
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1:  document -U and -undefined options
	* unit-tests/test-cases/undefined-dynamic-lookup: added test case

----- Tagged ld64-73.4

2007-04-12     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5125280> ld changes needed to support read-only DOF
	* src/Options.cpp: remove -read_only_dof
	* src/Options.h: remove fReadOnlyDOFs
	* src/ld.cpp: only generate read-only DOF sections

----- Tagged ld64-73.3.1

2007-04-13     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5130496> -framework vecLib -framework Accelerate causes bad ordinals 
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix bug optimizeDylibReferences() when there are two readers with same install name

----- Tagged ld64-73.3

2007-04-03     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld.cpp: read-only-dofs should use 32-bit offsets for x86_64
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: if "public" re-export is not marked implict, still mark it as re-exported

2007-04-02     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5105971> if replacement file for -dylib_file is missing, warn instead of error
	* src/ld.cpp: a try/catch to turn -dylib_file error into a warning.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dylib_file-missing: add test case
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: update man page about -dead_strip_dylibs

----- Tagged ld64-73.2

2007-03-31     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5102873> ld64-73: atom sorting error with duplicate zero sized bss symbols
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: suppress warning on sorting zero size zero fill atoms
2007-03-31     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5102845> ld64-73 fails anything linking with -lm
	* src/ld.cpp: when processing dylbs that are sylinks ensure that fDylibMap contains all paths  
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: when dead stripping dylibs and renumbering ordinals make sure
		aliases dylib get renumbered too
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dylib-aliases: added
----- Tagged ld64-73.1
2007-03-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: back out use of LC_REEXPORT_DYLIB until rdar://problem/5009909 is in build fleet
----- Tagged ld64-73
2007-03-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4175790> ER: -dead_strip_dylibs
	<rdar://problem/3904828> linker should add implicit load commands for indirectly used public dylibs
	* src/ObjectFile.h: change dylib reader interface to implictly/explicitlyLinked
	* src/ld.cpp: use new dylib reader interface
	* src/Options.h: add deadStripDylibs()
	* src/Options.cpp: support -dead_strip_dylibs
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: use new dylib reader interface
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: remove dylib load commands for unused dylibs and alter ordinals 
	* unit-tests/test-cases/re-export-optimizations: added
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dead_strip_dylibs: added

2007-03-30     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: enable -lfoo to search for as well as libfoo.dylib, 
		remove seg addr table hack for transitioning to new linker

2007-03-30     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/5073800> ADOBE XCODE3: Linker is slow with large C++ .o files
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: the compiler generates stubs to weak functions in the
		same translation unit.  Don't treat those like the spurios stubs to static functions.

2007-03-29     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4739044> ld64 should link mach_kernel during xnu builds to support dtrace
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: To handle duplicate labels properly, rework how atoms sizes are set 
		by iterating through sorted fAtoms rather than fAddrToAtom, . Change default alignment of commons
		to be the natural alignment of the size rounded up to the closest power of two and max it at 12.
		Build atoms in reverse symbol table order so that global atoms are constructed before locals.
		This assures that if there is a global and local label at the same location, the global label
		will become the atom's name and the local will be an alias.  Properly handle a label
		at the end of a section.  Handle R_ABS in relocations.  Handle sect-diff relocs with addends.
		Don't auto-strip 'l' symbols in static executables (mach_kernel).
	* src/OpaqueSection.hpp:  opaque_section now has an ordinal
	* src/ld.cpp: opaque_section now requires an ordinal
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add ReaderOptions.fForStatic
	* src/Options.cpp: set fForStatic when building a static executable
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add from atom to StubAtom<ppc>.  Properly write out i386
		sect-diff relocs with addends.  properly write out ppc PICbase relocs where pic base
		is not in the atom.

2007-03-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5085863> Typo in ld man page (-exported_symbols_list)
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: fix typo

2007-03-26     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4727750> consider generating LC_UUID from a checksum of the file
	* src/Options.h: change emitUUID() to getUUIDMode()
	* src/Options.cpp: support -random_uuid
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set uuid to be md5 hash of entire output file

2007-03-24     Nick Kledzik    <>
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: restructure writeAtoms() to copy all atoms in memory if possible

2007-03-24     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5082603> ld -r of stripped .o file can incorrectly merge non-lazy pointers
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: when generating a .o file, non-lazy pointer with target offsets should be
		encoded as LOCAL in the indirect symbol table
	* unit-tests/test-cases/stripped-indirect-symbol-table: added test case

2007-03-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5084564> SWB: ld64-72 errors building with gcc-4.2	
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: add curly brackets in switch cases
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: rearrange classes so there are no template specialization forward references

2007-03-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld.cpp: fix -print_statistics when using -dead_strip

2007-03-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: generate better names for non-lazy pointers to the interior of atoms

2007-03-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: speed up ld -r a little by reversing relocs en mas

2007-03-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4975277> ld Bus Error on missing command line arguments
	* src/Options.cpp: check next argv[] is not NULL

2007-03-16     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/4832049> need to be able to order symbols in anonymous namespaces
	* src/ld.cpp: add logic to do fuzzy matching of symbols with anonymous namespace usage
	* unit-tests/test-cases/order_file-ans: added test case

2007-03-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5042552> headerpad_max_install_names deprecated for 64-bit
	* src/ld.cpp: make sure dylib load command order matches command line order
	* src/Options.h: add maxMminimumHeaderPad()
	* src/Options.cpp: add maxMminimumHeaderPad() set by -headerpad_max_install_names
	* src/src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: check maxMminimumHeaderPad()
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: update man page about -headerpad_max_install_names

2007-03-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4592484> Linker returns success although exported symbols are undefined.
	* src/ld.cpp: turn missing symbols back into an error

2007-03-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4019497> ld64 should handle linking against dylibs that have @loader_path based dylib load commands
	* unit-tests/test-cases/loader_path: added test case

2007-03-16     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/3904828> linker should add implicit load commands for indirectly used public dylibs
	<rdar://problem/4142277> Indirect libraries should be found using -F and -L options
	<rdar://problem/4607755> Simplier, generalized way to re-export dylibs: LC_REEXPORT_DYLIB
	* src/ld.cpp: reworked all dylib processing.  Readers can now add the dylib list.
	* src/Options.h: add findFileUsingPaths()
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: look in re-exported children instead of requring linker to do that
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add processIndirectLibraries(), remove getDependentLibraryPaths()  
	* src/machochecker.cpp: support LC_REEXPORT_DYLIB
    * src/ExecutableFile.h: simplify DyLibUsed
	* src/Options.cpp: add findFileUsingPaths().  add new re-export options
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Use LC_REEXPORT_DYLIB when targetting 10.5
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: updated with new re-export options
	* unit-tests/test-cases/indirect-path-search: added tests that -F and -L work with indirect dylibs
	* unit-tests/test-cases/re-export-cases: added tests for all combinations of re-exporting

2007-03-14     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4982400> sort external relocations to optimize dyld performance	
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: added ExternalRelocSorter
	* src/machochecker.cpp: verify external relocations are grouped by symbol number
	* unit-tests/test-cases/external-reloc-sorting: added test case
----- Tagged ld64-72

2007-03-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: ignore .objc_category_name_* symbols in .exp files

2007-03-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: stop special casing mach_kernel and instead requre kernel to be built with -new_linker 

2007-03-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5044253> ld64-72 (experimental) is causing DejaGnu test failures
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add optimizableGOTReferenceKind() to track GOT uses that cannot be optimized

2007-03-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5026135> minimum header padding should be 32 to allow code signing
	* src/Options.cpp: initialize fMinimumHeaderPad to 32
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: better calculation of header padding 

2007-03-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5033206> Linker crashes with -flat_namespace against two-level dylibs that might have re-exports
	* src/ld.cpp: flat namespace should not allow NULL indirect readers

2007-03-06     Nick Kledzik    <>
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: don't error on S_COALESCED sections with anonymous atoms
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set MH_PIE bit when linking -pie
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: don't echo environment when running unit test

2007-03-01     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: Add descriptions to all "rarely used options"

2007-03-01     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4971033> Remove support for Essential Symbols: Warn about use of -Sp option; remove man page entry
	* src/Options.cpp: make -Sp obsolete
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: make -Sp obsolete

2007-03-01     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/5040314> Support -pie	
	* src/Options.h: Add positionIndependentExecutable()
	* src/Options.cpp: Support -pie option to set positionIndependentExecutable()
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable: if -pie is used, add extra local relocations and error if any
		absolute addressing is used

2007-03-01     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4739044> ld64 should link mach_kernel during xnu builds to support dtrace
	* src/ld.cpp: Ensure segments are laid out in discovery order.  Add support for kAbsoluteSymbol.
			Warn when merging symbols of different visiblity.  Warn when a tentative definition 
			is replaced by one a real definition with a smaller size.  Lay out __common section
			so that ones built with -fno-commons come before regular commons.
	* src/ObjectFile.h: remove SegmentOffset ivar and getter/setters
	* src/machochecker.cpp: allow images with no r/w segments
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable: Add AbsoluteAtom.  Sort tentative definitions by name instead of by size
			Add support for custom commons alignment.  
	* src/Options.cpp: Fix spurious -sectalign warnings.  Don't use ld_classic when linking mach_kernel
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Support kAbsoluteSymbol atoms. In -r mode, set custom alignment 
			for commons if alignment is not its size.  Support global __dtrace_probe labels.
	* src/ObjectDump.cpp: add support for kAbsoluteSymbol atoms.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/commons-alignment: Added test case for custom commons alignment
	* unit-tests/test-cases/absolute-symbol: Added test case for basic absolute symbols
	* unit-tests/test-cases/segment-order: Added test case that segments lay out in discovery order
	* unit-tests/test-cases/commons-order: Added test case that commons lay out correctly
	* unit-tests/test-cases/end-label: Added test case that a label used to mark the end of a section does not
			get associcated with the next section.

2007-02-23     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/3965017> gcc-5005: DejaGnu failures due to -frepo
	* src/ld.cpp: Add quotes to referenced from name to make collect2 and -frepo happy

2007-02-22     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: rework how padding after load commands is calculated

2007-02-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: extend special case of __mh_execute_header to static executables too

2007-02-21     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/3882294> gcc link map option ( "-M" ) should be redirectable to file
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: added -map option description
	* src/Options.h: added generatedMapPath()
	* src/Options.cpp: set up generatedMapPath() if -map option is used
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add writeMap() method to generate map file

2007-02-19     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4557734> Implement GOT Load elimination optimization
	* src/ld.cpp: track size of all atoms and if > 2GB sort large zero-fill atoms to end
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: If image size < 2GB, only generate GOT entries if value must be
	updatable by dyld.  If > 2GB, only eliminate GOT entries to non-zero-fill atoms.  Any use
	of an eliminated GOT entry has its code changed from MOVQ _foo@GOT(%rip) to LEAQ _foo(%rip).
	* unit-tests/test-cases/large-data: added
	* unit-tests/test-cases/got-elimination: added

----- Tagged ld64-71.2

2007-02-13     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4995303> new ld ignores -segprot option
	* src/Options.h: expose customSegmentProtections()
	* src/Options.cpp: parse -segprot option and populate customSegmentProtections()
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use customSegmentProtections()

2007-02-13     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4988068> i386 -stack_addr doesn't work
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use correct offset into thread state record

----- Tagged ld64-71.1

2007-02-07     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld.cpp: sort __OBJC2 segment to be next to __OBJC segment

2007-02-07     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: change missing -seg_addr_table from an error to a warning

2007-02-06     Nick Kledzik    <>
	<rdar://problem/4977311> Leopard 9A357: -dylib_file broken?
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: remove use of fInstallPathOverride
	* src/Options.cpp: wire up -dylib_file option 
	* src/Options.h: remove fInstallPathOverride.  add fDylibOverrides
	* src/ld.cpp: check dylibOverrides() for indirect libraries
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dylib_file: add test case

2007-02-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: don't warn about zero size __image_info sections

2007-02-04      Rick Balocca    <>
	Enable the failing cases for missing command line arguments

2007-02-04      Rick Balocca    <>
	Make sure that all .o's are checked by ObjectDump
	and all macho are checked by machochecker

2007-02-04      Rick Balocca    <>
	Fix an endian problem with machochecker
	Fix blank-stubs Makefile

----- Tagged ld64-71

2007-02-02      Rick Balocca    <>
	blank-stubs test case: handle the case of a native ppc compile--this
	sets the subtype, which must be passed to lipo

2007-02-01      Rick Balocca    <>
	make cpu-sub-types test more robust

2007-02-01      Rick Balocca    <>
	auto-arch tests were resulting in a false FAILs

2007-02-01      Rick Balocca    <>
	test cpu-sub-types was resulting in a false FAIL

2007-02-01      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4969335> STD:VSC: c99 -o writes to file that does not have write permission
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: check file is writable before using it

2007-02-01      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4965743> debug map (N_OSO) timestamps for object files in ranlib archive are incorrect
	* src/MachOReaderArchive.hpp: parse modTime for .o files out of archive header

2007-01-31      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4967535> 9A354: ld -all_load does *NOT* produce the same dSYM as *.o or -u
	* src/ld.cpp: when using -all_load don't assume that all atoms have same reader
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dwarf-archive-all_load: added

----- Tagged ld64-70.1

2007-01-31      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in addObjectRelocs_powerpc() mask scattered r_address to 16-bits

----- Tagged ld64-70

2007-01-30      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4810668> linker should verify GC consistency of modules being linked into library
	<rdar://problem/4474195> Support cpu-sub-types for ppc
	* src/ObjectFile.h: Add getObjCConstraint() and getCpuConstraint()
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp:  don't make atom for __image_info section, instead parse constaints
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: look at __image_info content to get constaints
	* src/ld.cpp: add updateContraints() and checkObjc()
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add ObjCInfoAtom to sythesize __image_info content
2007-01-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/*: remove ObjectFile::requiresFollowOnAtom() method

2007-01-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/ld.cpp: enable LLVM_SUPPORT by default
	src/LLVMReader.hpp: don't use absolute paths for llvm headers and libraries

2007-01-26      Rick Balocca    <>
	* src/ObjectDump.cpp: The usage() message was incorrect.

2007-01-25      Rick Balocca    <>
	* unit-tests/test-cases/zero-fill3:  It was reporting FAIL on ld64 error return.
		It should have been checking for non-error return.

2007-01-24      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4952297> x86 fast stubs should not cross 64-byte boundries
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: for x86, 64-byte align __jump_table section 
	and make 64-btye crossing stubs be empty entries with indirect symbol table 

2007-01-19      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.h: add readOnlyx86Stubs()
	* src/Options.cpp: support -read_only_stubs
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: make __IMPORT segment not writable if -read_only_stubs is used

2007-01-16  Eric Christopher  <>

	<rdar://problem/4856341> ld64 --help isn't recognized
	* src/Options.cpp (Options::parse): Support --help and -help.

2007-01-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: add range checking on macho_scattered_relocation_info::set_r_address()

2007-01-14      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4514409> Support wildcards in contents of -exported_symbols_list
	* src/Options.h: add SetWithWildcards class
	* src/Options.cpp: add -exported_symbol and -unexported_symbol and use SetWithWildcards
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: add -exported_symbol and wildcard explanation
	* unit-tests/test-cases/exported-symbols-wildcards: added test case

2007-01-10      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4868270> [U]SDT probes should use C calling convention
	* src/Options.cpp: Add -read_only_dof
	* src/ld.cpp: create __dof section(s) based on probe and isenabled sites
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: parse new sdt 2.0 probes encoded in .o files
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: handle regenerating dtrace probes into .o files
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dtrace-static-probes: added test case

----- Tagged ld64-69.8

2007-01-30      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4964508> Support LD_FORCE_NO_SEG_ADDR_TABLE
	* src/Options.cpp: Support LD_FORCE_NO_SEG_ADDR_TABLE

----- Tagged ld64-69.7

2007-01-25      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4949507> Leopard9A351: CFM Apps Are Broken because CFM glue is missing
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: check S_ATTR_NO_DEAD_STRIP in dontDeadStrip()

----- Tagged ld64-69.6

2007-01-24      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4947347> LD_TRACE_ARCHIVES should only print out when a .o is actually used from an archive
	* src/ld.cpp: create and use logArchive() 

----- Tagged ld64-69.5

2007-01-22      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4946075> 9A350: can't link ppc programs with ld_classic
	* src/Options.cpp: Remove support for LD_NO_CLASSIC_LINKER. Add support for -classic_linker

----- Tagged ld64-69.4
2007-01-17      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4925645> QTComponents does not link with ld64
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: handle N_RSYM and N_PSYM stabs

----- Tagged ld64-69.3

2007-01-03      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: If the same dylib is specified twice and the second is specified weak, make it weak

----- Tagged ld64-69.2

2006-12-18      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4889729> -dead_strip without -exported_symbols_list should not strip global functions from archives
	* src/ld.cpp: when adding a .o file from an archive, add all its global symbols to live roots
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dead_strip-archive: added

2006-12-18      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4889409> flat_namespace main executables do not need to indirect interior references
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: don't indirect references to global symbols in main executables
	* unit-tests/test-cases/flat-main: updated to test for indirection
	* unit-tests/test-cases/flat-dylib: added

----- Tagged ld64-69.1

2006-12-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4886721> -flat_namespace does not work with -mdynamic-no-pic
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: rework checking for use of ppc absolute addressing to allow them as long as
	  the target is within the same linkage unit.

2006-12-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4886652> -ObjC should only load .o with .objc_ symbols
	* src/Options.cpp: remove warning from -ObjC and have it instead set fLoadAllObjcObjectsFromArchives
	* src/MachOReaderArchive.hpp: when -ObjC is used, preload all .o files from archives that contain .objc_ symbols

----- Tagged ld64-69

2006-12-13      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4879913> prebound interior pointers must be non-zero
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in fixUpReference_powerpc() set lazy pointers bound to with the dylib to
	 their target value. Properly set REFERENCE_FLAG_UNDEFINED_* flags in reference table and n_desc

2006-12-09      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4868738> ld64 fails to detect error that ld_classic does
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: check for absolute reloc to an external symbol
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: ignore -mlong-branch stubs in .o files

2006-12-09      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4874209> symbols with REFERENCED_DYNAMICALLY should never be stripped
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: update Writer<A>::shouldExport() to check for kSymbolTableInAndNeverStrip
	* unit-tests/test-cases/main-stripped: add test that dynamically referenced symbol cannot be stripped

2006-12-08      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/allowable-client: add variant test cases (e.g. CoreServices_profile)
	* src/ld.cpp: allow frameworks with variant install names (e.g. CoreServices_profile) to be private clients

2006-12-08      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: rewrite man page
	* src/Options.h: add warnObsolete()
	* src/Options.cpp: use warnObsolete() on many options.  Make nonWeak the weak-mis-match default.
		Make -ObjC mean -all_load.

----- Tagged ld64-68.3

2006-12-05      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld.cpp: allow umbrella frameworks to have variant install names (e.g. CoreServices_profile) and still link

----- Tagged ld64-68.2

2006-12-05      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.cpp: Use N_PBUD in the symbol table for undefined symbols in prebound dylibs

----- Tagged ld64-68.1

2006-12-01      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: always generate module tables for 32-bit architectures so that ld_classic
		can link against them

----- Tagged ld64-68

2006-12-01      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4858299> seg_addr_table needs matching fuzziness
	* src/Options.cpp: special case a how a dozen dylib are looked up in the seg_addr_table

2006-12-01      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: have all -static links for 32-bit archs roll over to ld_classic unless
	* unit-tests/bin/ set LD_NO_CLASSIC_LINKER_STATIC for unit tests

2006-11-29      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4855542> ld64-67: QTComponents fails to build
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: don't error out when a local non-lazy pointer does not point to a symbol
	* unit-tests/test-cases/strip_local: added test case

2006-11-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4433496> Need a way to mark libraries usable by dynamic linker but unusable by static linker
	* src/Options.cpp: allow -client_name to be used with main executables
	* src/ld.cpp: generalize -allowable_client.  Any dylib can now restrict who can link against it.  As a convention
		linking with -allowable_client '!' will mean no one can statically link with the dylib.  It can still be loaded
		dynamically, or by any existing clients, but no new clients can link with it.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/allowable-client/Makefile: enable previously commented out test cases.  Add test cases
		of a dylib that allows no clients and just one client

2006-11-27      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4795615> -final_output should be used if -install_name not used
	* src/Options.cpp: fall back to using -final_output for install name

----- Tagged ld64-67

2006-11-17      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support __IMPORT segment being slide independently of __DATA segment in shared cache

2006-11-16      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4838262> 9a303: ld -filelist Bus Error
	* src/Options.cpp: add check that -filelist is followed by an argument

2006-11-16      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: when building split-seg dylibs, LINKEDIT goes in read-only side

2006-11-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set proper attributes for __eh_frame in ld -r mode
	* unit-tests/test-cases/eh_frame: added test case

2006-11-10      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: redirect references to static weak stubs to the real target

2006-11-09      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: r_address is offset from first LC_SEGMENT vmaddr - not from segment with lowest address

----- Tagged ld64-66.1

2006-11-09      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: initialize fModuleInfoAtom to zero

2006-11-08      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4821985> FSF GCC's libjava doesn't link with Ochre ld64
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: ignore debug_line section if debug_info section is missing or empty

----- Tagged ld64-66

2006-11-07      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4824368> SWB: d64-65 does not built usage split-seg dylibs
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: when prebinding split-seg correctly set r_address fields and on
	disk values for external relocations
	* unit-tests/test-cases/prebound-split-seg: added test case

2006-11-03      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: don't report dependent libraries if MH_NO_REEXPORTED_DYLIBS bit is set
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set MH_NO_REEXPORTED_DYLIBS bit if dylib does not logically re-export any other dylibs
	* unit-tests/test-cases/re-export-flag: added test case
	* src/machochecker.cpp: validate use of MH_NO_REEXPORTED_DYLIBS

2006-11-02      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4814565> Mysterious messages from ld64 with MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET = 10.5
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: kPointerWeakImport is a valid reference type to cross segments

2006-11-02      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp,h: Add support for -rpath
	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: add macho_rpath_command
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add RPathLoadCommandsAtom to create LC_RPATH for each -rpath

----- Tagged ld64-65

2006-10-30      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4729162> x86_64 default stack_addr is wrong
	* src/Options.cpp: change default 64-bit stack location when using -stack_size

2006-10-30      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4474316> dylibs need modules for 10.3 and for ld_classic in Salt
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add ModuleInfoLinkEditAtom to create module table stuff
	* src/Options.cpp,h: Add needsModuleTable()
	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: Add macho_dylib_module, macho_dylib_reference, and macho_dylib_table_of_contents

2006-10-27      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/no-uuid/Makefile: add -gstabs+ to be compatible with latest compiler
	* unit-tests/test-cases/stabs-coalesce/Makefile: add -gstabs+ to be compatible with latest compiler

2006-10-26      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4585230> i386 -mdynamic-no-pic switch statement jump table is out of line
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: for i386 don't check for direct references to weak symbols

2006-10-26  Devang Patel  <>

	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Supply final output file path to optimizer.

2006-10-26  Devang Patel  <>

	* src/ObjectFile.h: Make setSection* methods virtual.
	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Override setSection* methods.

2006-10-26  Devang Patel  <>

	* unit-tests/test-case/llvm-integration/a13.h: New.
	* unit-tests/test-case/llvm-integration/ New.
	* unit-tests/test-case/llvm-integration/ New.

2006-10-26  Devang Patel  <>

	* src/options.h, src/options.cpp: Add -save-temps command line option.
	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Use saveTemps option.

2006-10-26  Devang Patel  <>

	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Remove invalid module from memory.

2006-10-26  Devang Patel  <>

	* src/LLVMReader.hpp: Collect symbol alignment info from LLVM optimizer.

2006-10-21  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/ld.cpp (Linker::Linker): Check for LD_NO_CLASSIC_LINKER before
	invoking ld_classic.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-literals/Makefile: Run for -mdynamic-no-pic
	and pic.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/static-executable/Makefile: Skip for 64-bit. Add
	-dead_strip to command line.

----- Tagged ld64-64.2

2006-10-19      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: stop copying LLVMReader.hpp into man1 directory

----- Tagged ld64-64.1

2006-10-19      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4791643> ld64-63.1 erroneously coalesces an empty string with a non-empty string
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: rework cstring parsing to not assume all strings are start
	  at section alignment boundaries, and when coalescing empty strings always use one with greatest
	  alignment requirement
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in -r mode, don't pad end of cstring section
	* src/ObjectFile.h: correctly name leadingZeros() as trailingZeros()
	* src/ld.cpp: leadingZeros() --> trailingZeros()

2006-10-18  Eric Christopher  <>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/read-only-relocs/Makefile: Skip for x86_64.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/llvm-integration/Makefile: Skip if llvm isn't

2006-10-18      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4783853> ld64 change required to go with assembler cstring change
	<rdar://problem/4732996> ld64 should error when a local relocation references an address outside its section
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: for x86_64  in order to work with local or external relocations to cstrings
	change parser to allow atoms with a pending name that is resolved after references are instantiated.
	Make direct references to kRegularDefinition atoms.
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in -r mode for x86_64 generate L* labels for cstrings and use external relocations
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-literals/test.c: add two cases of cstring literal plus addend

2006-10-06      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4786250> check MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET if -macosx_version_min is not used
	* src/Options.cpp: if -macosx_version_min is not used, check MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET, if
	that is unused, default to 10.5

----- Tagged ld64-64

2006-10-06      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4756806> crash in ppc64 program - bl to saveFP, but saveFP is too far away?
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in addPPCBranchIslands(), properly account for growth of __text

2006-10-06      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4769120> Linker-defined alias converts reference into definition and generates error.
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: only alias symbols actually in the symbol table

2006-10-06      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/dwarf-debug-notes/Makefile: crt1.o no longer has stabs, so don't need to strip it
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dwarf-debug-notes-r/Makefile: crt1.o no longer has stabs, so don't need to strip it

2006-10-06      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: rework dwarf line parsing to fix warnings that starting
	showing up with gcc-5421

2006-10-05  Eric Christopher  <>

	<rdar://problem/4760935> ld64 needs to support libtool options
	* src/Options.cpp (Options::parse): Add -noall_load, -install_name,
	-current_version and -compatibility_version.

2006-10-03  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/Options.cpp (Options::gotoClassicLinker): Use execvp
	to call ld_classic.

2006-10-03  Eric Christopher  <>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/tentative-to-real/Makefile: Clean up after tests.

2006-10-03  Eric Christopher  <>

	* unit-tests/include/common.makefile (VALID_ARCHS): Add x86_64.
	(OTOOL): Remove munging based on ARCH.

2006-09-29      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4743925> problem merging .o files built with and without -fno-common
	src/Options.*: make MakeTentativeDefinitionsReal a reader option
	src/ObjectFile.h: make MakeTentativeDefinitionsReal a reader option
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: make MakeTentativeDefinitionsReal a reader option
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: only assign a section name of __common to
		tentative defintions when making a final linked image

2006-09-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/Options.h/.cpp: add support for -segaddr option
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: In Writer::assignFileOffsets(), use -segaddr info

2006-09-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4587349> Emit new CPU subtypes for ppc64 and x86-64 when targeting 10.5 or later
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set high bit of cpusubtype of 64-bit main executables when targeting 10.5 or later

2006-09-28	Devang Patel	<>

	Add LLVM LTO support
	src/LLVMReader.hpp: New file.
	src/ld.cpp: Add optimization phase. Use LLVM LTO.
	unit-tests/test-cases/llvm-integration: New tests.

2006-09-27      Nick Kledzik    <>

	ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: remove accidental install of source file into man1

2006-09-25      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/Architectures.hpp: add kPointerDiff16 for ppc and ppc64
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support kPointerDiff16
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support kPointerDiff16

----- Tagged ld64-63.1

2006-09-22      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: include stubs in LC_SEGMENT_SPLIT_INFO

2006-09-21      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/Options.cpp: disable split-seg dylibs for 64-bit architectures

2006-09-19      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: rework __cstring parsing to better handle mixed alignment cstrings
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in -r mode, make all __cstrings aligned to section alignment

2006-09-19      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: rework encoding of LC_SEGMENT_SPLIT_INFO

2006-09-19      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/Options.cpp: check for -search_paths_first in first pass

----- Tagged ld64-63

2006-09-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/Options.cpp: since the ld64 will repeatedly search an archive, and some project list archives
		multiple times on command line to work with traditional linkers, automatically ignore duplicate libraries
	unit-tests/test-cases/archive-duplicate: added test case

2006-09-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/Options.cpp: support -r -static
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support -r -static an don't generate LC_DYSYMTAB

2006-09-14      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in -r mode references to weak symbols should not create external relocations
		as that can cause nmedit to errror later.

2006-09-13      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4718189> ld64: Handle .objc_class_name exports specially
	src/Options.cpp: add hack so that .objc_class_name_XXX in -exported_symbols_list imples _OBJC_CLASS_$_XXX
	src/ld.cpp: add hack to supporess errors about .objc_class_name_XXX or _OBJC_CLASS_$_XXX being undefined

2006-09-12      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4474172> Support -prebind when targeting ppc and OS < 10.4
	src/Options.h: add splitSeg() and baseWritableAddress()
	src/Options.cpp: Add support for -seg_addr_table and LD_SEG_ADDR_TABLE, and -prebind and LD_PREBIND.
	src/src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support split-seg and canonical prebound files to be generated

2006-09-11      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4464904> Linking a dylib or binary from identical binaries should produce the same output
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set the timestamps to be constant

2006-09-11      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4070025> Linker support for ordering all sections and symbols
	src/Options.cpp: Add -order_file_statistics.  Allow architecture prefixes in order files
	src/ld.cpp: Use fOptions.printOrderFileStatistics()

2006-09-11      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/3894079> Support -sectorder
	unit-tests/test-cases/order_file: added test case
	src/ld.cpp: Implement order file support in Linker::sortAtoms()
	src/Options.h: add Options.orderedSymbols()
	src/Options.cpp: add parseOrderFile(), implement -order_file

2006-09-07      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4637023> need -i for 64-bit (or equivalent)
	<rdar://problem/4014529> Support -i for aliasing exported symbols
	unit-tests/test-cases/alias-objects: added
	unit-tests/test-cases/alias-command-line: added
	src/ObjectFile.h: Added Atom::getOrdinal() as new way to sort atoms. Added ReaderOptions.fAliases
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: Added SymbolAliasAtom to handle multiple symbols to same address
	src/MachOReaderArchive.hpp: implement Atom::getOrdinal() to space out atom ordinals across member objects
	src/Options.cpp: support -i, -alias, -alias_list.  Move search of /Network/Library/Frameworks to after /System/Library/Frameworks
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: pad out seg_info data.  Implement getOrdinal().
	src/ObjectDump.cpp: call constructors directly instead of using make() wrapper

2006-09-01      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4458878> Need the ability to tag libraries/plug-ins with security attributes
	src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: add warning if using -root_safe or -setuid_safe and link against dylib that is not
	src/ObjectFile.h: add ReaderOption fRootSafe and fSetuidSafe
	src/Options.cpp: handle -root_safe or -setuid_safe command line options
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set MH_ROOT_SAFE and MH_SETUID_SAFE flags

2006-08-31      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/ld.cpp: Add Linker::processDTrace() for processing dtrace static probes
	src/OpaqueSection.hpp: renamed, add symbol name, add ability to add references
	ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: remove SectCreate.cpp, add OpaqueSection.hpp

2006-08-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4571042> Add convention for removing symbols at link time
	<rdar://problem/3962731> Assembler -L option causes ld64 to split stubs
	unit-tests/test-cases/special-labels: added test case
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: ignore L* labels, make l* labels as kSymbolTableNotIn

2006-08-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/lObjectFile.h: refactor isTargetUnbound() into getTargetBinding()
	src/ld.cpp: create __dof section in final linked images from dtrace static probes
	src/Architectures.hpp: add kDtraceProbe
	src/Options.h/cpp: Add support for -dtrace
	src/machochecker.cpp: support LC_SEGMENT_SPLIT_INFO
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support kDtraceProbe
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: suppport kDtraceProbe

2006-08-25      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4701529> generate LC_SEGMENT_SPLIT_INFO for 10.5 or later dylibs
	src/Options.h&.cpp: implement sharedRegionEligible() to control when LC_SEGMENT_SPLIT_INFO is added
	src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: add macho_linkedit_data_command
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: generate LC_SEGMENT_SPLIT_INFO load command and linkedit content

----- Tagged ld64-62

2006-08-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4681062> wrong error message when symbol is found in unused indirect library
	src/ld.cpp: remove indirect libraries if they are not re-exported
	unit-tests/test-cases/indirect-dylib: added test case

2006-08-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/3930461> alignment needs to be richer
	src/ObjectFile.h: define ObjectFile::Alignment class for tracking rich alignment info
	src/ld.cpp: modify SymbolTable::add() to work with new Alignment type
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: use new Alignment type. Remove alignAtLeast() and handleAnonymousNonLazyPointers()
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: update for new Alignment type, use modulus when calculating layout address
	src/ObjectDump.cpp: print richer Alignment info
	unit-tests/test-cases/align-modulus: added test case

2006-08-11      Nick Kledzik    <>

	remove OPEN_SOURCE conditionals around x86_64 support

2006-07-31      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4654131> ld64 while linking cc1 [ when dead_strip is ON]
	src/ld.cpp: Add ivar fAtomsWithUnresolvedReferences to track atoms not initially resolvable
	unit-tests/test-cases/dead_strip-archive: added test case

2006-07-31      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4656617> x86_64: instructions with immediate and rip-relative operands need to use new relocation types
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: generate new reloc types in -r mode
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: parse new reloc types
	unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-asm/relocs-asm.s: add test cases for new reloc type

2006-07-18      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: suppress warning about dwarf info parsing for one benign no-op case
	the compiler emits when there are not functions in the __text section

2006-07-17      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4634840> faster debug note generation
	src/ld.cpp: rework collectDebugInfo() to produce all debug notes in one pass, intead of a
	pass per .o file. Added timing info for collectDebugInfo() to -print_statistics
	unit-tests/test-cases/dwarf-debug-notes-r/Makefile: add expliced -arch to ld -r
	unit-tests/test-cases/dwarf-debug-notes-r/expected-stabs: alter for new debug notes order

2006-07-17      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4623994> ld64 VSIZE is 1.18GB when building Finder ppc64
	src/ld.cpp: fixed typo in createReader() that prevented dylibs from being unmapped

----- Tagged ld64-61.1

2006-07-11      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4622049> ld64-61: gcc DejaGnu tests failing due to -arch followed by unknown architecture name
	src/Options.cpp: map ppc750, ppc7400, ppc7450, and ppc970 to ppc. Improve error message

2006-07-11      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4622769> If -arch is missing, rollover to ld_classic does not happen
	src/Options.h: make gotoClassicLinker() public
	src/ld.cpp: call gotoClassicLinker() if the inferred architecture is ppc or i386

----- Tagged ld64-61

2006-06-29      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4606628> ld64 should be renamed to ld
	src/Options.cpp: exec() ld_classic if -arch ppc or -arch i386 is seen
	src/ld.cpp: alter version string
	ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: change install location to /usr/bin/ld, add symlink from /usr/bin/ld64
	doc/man/man1/ld.1: added

----- Tagged ld64-60

2006-06-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4604539> Can't link large ppc64 program: ld64 says "bl out of range"
	MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix branch island generation to work for weak_import functions
	and properly chain together branch islands
	MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: improve performance of huge .o file reading by sorted references
	only when done

2006-06-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4603454> MySQL-36 fails to build with ld64-59
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: back out fix for 4585335
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: back out fix for 4585335

2006-06-27      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: handle N_GSYM without ending :G() since that is how
	dwarf debug notes are formed.

2006-06-23      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4599239 objc class with no superclass causes bad undefined symbol
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: handle NULL superclass in objc_class
	unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-objc/test.m: add case with no super class

2006-06-23      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4313369> ld64 doesn't support variant linking -framework fw,_debug
	src/Options.cpp: enhance findFramework() to support suffixes

----- Tagged ld64-59

2006-06-22      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4596726> ld64 lost DWARF debug notes
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add fHasUUID so kDebugInfoStabsUUID can be set later
	unit-tests/test-cases/dwarf-debug-notes-r: added test case

2006-06-21      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4567995> python 64-bit address miscalculation
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: change getTargetOffset() to sign extend the 32-bit value to 64-bits

2006-06-21      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4535036> ld64 seems to offset things incorrectly when using -r
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in -r mode, virtual sections should not increment address

----- Tagged ld64-58

2006-06-16      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/rebase.cpp: fix page alignment problem
	src/rebase.cpp: fix endianess problem with local non-lazy pointers

2006-06-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/rebase.cpp: fix to build in CurryWeed
	ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: fix to build properly in CurryWeed

2006-06-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4495309> Support .objc_class_name_* symbols
	src/ObjectFile.h: Add kSymbolTableInAsAbsolute
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: synthesize references to required objc classes
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: write objc_class_name as absolute symbol
	unit-tests/test-cases/objc-references: added

2006-06-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4484369> SECTION_ATTRIBUTES unset in ppc64 mach-o header
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add section attribute for sections with code

2006-06-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4569407> ld64 bogus duplicate symbol name linking GNU libobjc
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: only special case Apple objc runtime objc classes

2006-06-15      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4582999> x86_64: ".align" directive not honored
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: change code alignment to not depend on atom size

2006-06-14      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4585335> jump table into middle of weak symbol causes error
	src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: create direct references to the interior of weak symbols
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: do not error on absolute references to interior of weak symbols

2006-06-13      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/Options.cpp: allow -image_base as an alias for -seg1addr

2006-06-13      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4585115> implement -d
	src/Options.h: add fMakeTentativeDefinitionsReal
	src/Options.cpp: set fMakeTentativeDefinitionsReal if -d option is found
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: turn tentative into real definition if makeTentativeDefinitionsReal
	unit-tests/test-cases/btentative-to-real: added test case

2006-06-13      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4584355> implement -bundle_loader
	src/Options.h: add fBundleLoader bit to DynamicLibraryOptions
	src/Options.cpp: handle -bundle_loader
	src/ld.cpp: pass fBundleLoader bit to MachOReaderDylib
	src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: support reading MH_EXECUTE files if fBundleLoader is set
	src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: set bundle loader ordinal as EXECUTABLE_ORDINAL
	unit-tests/test-cases/bundle_loader: added test case

2006-06-12      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4583347> -syslibroot can cause "can't find ordinal for imported" error
	src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: in  Reader::reExports() compare install path in addition to load path

2006-06-10      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4548935> Need rebasing tool
	src/rebase.cpp: added
	unit-tests/test-cases/rebase-basic: added
	doc/man/man1/rebase.1: added
	ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj:  added rebase target.  changed all targets to build with dwarf

2006-06-10      Nick Kledzik    <>

	src/machochecker.cpp: add some ppc reloc sanity checking

----- Tagged ld64-57

2006-06-06      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4565088> ld64 is not adding a final '/' char on the initial directory-name SO stab debug map entry
	ld.cpp: Change Linker::synthesizeStabs() to assure directory SO always has a trailing slash
	unit-tests/test-cases/dwarf-debug-notes/expected-stabs: update with trailing /

2006-06-06      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4572702> -sectcreate of a 0-byte section fails
	MachOWriterExecutable.cpp: Don't error out on zero length segments
	MachOWriterExecutable.cpp: For ppc64 reloc base address is the first writable segment iff
	 there is a writable segment >4GB from base address

2006-06-04  Eric Christopher  <>

	Radar 4560240
	Radar 3964999
	* src/ld.cpp (createReader): Fixed error message.
	(resolve): Ditto.
	(resolveFrom): Ditto.
	(checkUndefines): Ditto.

----- Tagged ld64-56

2006-05-23      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4558079> No debug notes for ObjC methods when linking with ld64
	ld.cpp: don't limit debug notes to functions starting with underscore

2006-05-22      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4556982> ld64 spends much time in mach_o::relocatable::Reader<x86_64>::findAtomByName
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: add makeReferenceToSymbol() so that x86_64 does not need to do by-name lookups

2006-05-22      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4535044> remove inferring warning
	* ld.cpp: Remove "inferring" warning.  If a link failed and now arch was specifed add which arch was
	inferred to error message

2006-05-19      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4544001> ld64 does not honor -arch_multiple
	* ld.cpp: If fOptions.printArchPrefix(), add architecture name to error message

2006-05-19      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4555973> Support S_16BYTE_LITERALS section types
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support S_16BYTE_LITERALS
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support S_16BYTE_LITERALS

2006-05-19      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4548803> "warning can't parse dwarf compilation unit info" warnings building debug
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix bugs in dwarf line table parsing

----- Tagged ld64-55

2006-05-18      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4534339> Default the pagezero size to 4GB for x86-64
	* src/Options.cpp: Chnage default the pagezero size to 4GB for x86-64

2006-05-18      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4552825> x86_64 CarbonCore fails to link with "atom not found in symbolIndex"
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in buildObjectFileFixups() don't call addObjectRelocs() on kNoFixUp references

2006-05-18      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4553555> ld64: .section defaults to read-only
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: default unknown segments to r/w

2006-05-18      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4551990> -fvisibility=hidden causes crashes for x86_64
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: properly handle RIP relative tentative definitions

2006-05-12      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Architectures.hpp: add x86::kAbsolute32
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: generate x86::kAbsolute32 for mdynamic-no-pic instructions
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: process x86::kAbsolute32 reference kind

----- Tagged ld64-54

2006-05-11      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4545108> CF-393 failes to link for x86_64
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.cpp: fix sign extension for Rel32 relocs in Writer<x86_64>::fixUpReferenceRelocatable

2006-05-11      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4501434> warning arch x86_64 not found using i386
	* src/ld.cpp: remove hack to allow x86_64 to link against i386 dylibs

2006-05-10      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4543754> x86_64: .objc_class_name symbol names scrambled
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: properly compute alignment of __OBJC __class sections

2006-05-08      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/3894083> Support -dead_strip
	* src/Options.h/cpp: implement -why_load and -why_live.  Enable -dead_strip.
	* src/MachOReaderArchive.hpp: implement -why_load
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: suppress GCC_except_table* symbols in final output
	* src/ld.cpp: implement dead code stripping
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dead_strip: added

----- Tagged ld64-53

2006-05-05      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: make 10.4 be minimum OS version for newer architectures

2006-05-05      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4147604> N_SO symbols in 64-bit builds have a zero address for n.n_value
	* src/ld.cpp: for SO stabs, associate first and last atom in the SO range
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: use atom associated with SO stab to set ins n_value

2006-05-05      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix end FUN stab to have length of function

2006-05-02      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4496250> 64-bit main executables should have 4GB zero page by default
	* src/Opptions.cpp: change default pagezero_size to 4GB for ppc64
	<rdar://problem/4492850> 64 bit: apps with -mdynamic-no-pic seg fault when page zero > 4GB
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.cpp: rework pagezero for ppc64 so that if any mdynamic-no-pic code
	is found, the code is kept in the low 2GB, and a new segment is create to map away up to 4GB.

2006-05-02      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Opptions.cpp: remove warning about -stack_addr not specified.  Add warning if 32-bit stack
	overlaps shared region

----- Tagged ld64-52.1

2006-05-01      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.cpp: rework handleAnonymousNonLazyPointers() to handle anl's in the middle
	the __data section too.

----- Tagged ld64-52

2006-04-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4513304> 64-bit: 9A152 TextEdit crashes in dlopen on bring-up
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.cpp: rework anonymous non-lazy-pointer detection

2006-04-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4528054> 64 Bit: Development build of ppc64 TextEdit gets confused about static variables
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.cpp: mark non-lazy-pointer atoms as scopeTranslationUnit if targetting a static symbol

2006-04-21      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: fix default address for ppc64 custom stack
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.cpp: fix set up of ppc64 custom stack

2006-04-14      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/Options.cpp: fix -sub_library processing to work it dylib is specifed with leaf name

----- Tagged ld64-51.1

2006-04-13      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4513304> 64-bit: 9A152 TextEdit crashes in dlopen on bring-up
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: when detecting anonymous non-lazy-pointers disqualify data
	that points to static or global symbols
	* src/ld.cpp: print version of ld64 in error messages

----- Tagged ld64-51

2006-04-11      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4499168> exported symbols not properly stripped
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: enable AnonymousAtom::setScope()

2006-03-31      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4498391> ld64 fails when linking debug ppc64 HIToolbox
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: handle anonymous non-lazy pointers encoded with local relocations
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in -r mode, only generated INDIRECT_SYMBOL_LOCAL for non-lazy targets that

2006-03-31      Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/4496499> ld64 should remove generated file if link errors out
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: catch exceptions in Writer<A>::write(), delete output file, and rethrow

----- Tagged ld64-50

2006-03-29      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: synthesize .objc_class_name symbols
	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: use strncpy for sect/seg names to zero fill trailing space

2006-03-28      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix spurious warning about dwarf line info

----- Tagged ld64-49.1

2006-03-25      Nick Kledzik    <>

	* MachOWriterExecutable.hpp : don't complain about ppc64 dyld being based > 4GB

----- Tagged ld64-49

2006-03-24	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: dyld is allowed to have synthesized non-lazy pointers
	<rdar://problem/4488113> ld64 is after processing bad GSYM stabs
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: if a GSYM is found that does not match any data symbol, suppress it

2006-03-23	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in Writer<x86>::fixUpReferenceFinal() fix when x86::kPointer is for an
	external relocation

2006-03-23	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/Options.cpp: change macosx-min-version to default to a per-architecture setting
	  add warning if -pagezero_size is not page aligned
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: properly handle external relocations for ppc64 with 4GB pagezero
	* src/machochecker.cpp: sanity check relocation records

----- Tagged ld64-48

2006-03-21	Nick Kledzik	<>

	<rdar://problem/4481406> 64bit: passing function pointer to another function passes the wrong function address
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: when processing a non-lazy pointer to a static function, don't accidentally
	match it to a STAB symbol.

2006-03-21	Nick Kledzik	<>

	<rdar://problem/4180168> .eh symbols make up 13% of libstdc++'s stripped binary size
	* src/ObjectFile.h: add ReaderOptions.fForFinalLinkedImage
	* src/Options.cpp: setup ReaderOptions.fForFinalLinkedImage
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: mark .eh symbols kSymbolTableNotIn when building final linked image

2006-03-21	Nick Kledzik	<>

	<rdar://problem/4473742> ld64 does not parse optional second argument to -filelist
	* unit-tests/test-cases/filelist: added
	* src/Options.cpp: in Options::loadFileList() handle comma option

----- Tagged ld64-47.1

----- Tagged ld64-47

----- Tagged ld64-46

2006-03-10	Nick Kledzik	<>

	<rdar://problem/4419505> ld64 should figure out architecture from .o files
	* unit-tests/test-cases/auto-arch: added
	* src/ld.cpp: added Linker::inferArchitecture() to scan .o files are infer architecture to link
	* src/MachOReaderArchive.hpp: enhanced validFile() to look deeper into archive and really valdate
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: stop using fOptions.architecture()
	* src/Options.cpp: stop defaulting to ppc64

2006-03-09	Nick Kledzik	<>

	<rdar://problem/4465004> Need "intentionally left blank" dylib stubs
	* unit-tests/include/common.makefile: add VALID_ARCHS
	* unit-tests/run-all-unit-tests: set up VALID_ARCHS
	* unit-tests/test-cases/blank-stubs: add test case
	* src/ld.cpp: in addDylib(), detect and ignore blank stubs
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: in constructor, handle blank stubs

2006-03-09	Nick Kledzik	<>

	<rdar://problem/4471424> crash in stub with 2GB pagezero
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: StubAtom<ppc64> can't be no-pic if a large zero-page is used

2006-03-06	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/Options.cpp: addSectionAlignment, warn if -sectalign alignment is not a power of two

----- Tagged ld64-45

2006-03-06	Nick Kledzik	<>

	<rdar://problem/4466930> LP64/9A122: ld64: hang when trying to link DiscRecording framework
	* src/Options.cpp: addSectionAlignment, warn on zero.  Use log2() for alignment conversion

----- Tagged ld64-44

2006-03-04	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix again test for detection of anonymous non-lazy-pointer.
	Error out if .o file contains old __DWARFA style dwarf.

2006-03-02	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/ld.cpp: only re-map page aligned sub-parts of a fat file.  A conformat mmap() requires alignment.

----- Tagged ld64-43

2006-03-02	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: <rdar://problem/4464370> tighten detection of anonymous non-lazy-pointer

----- Tagged ld64-42

2006-02-28	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix x86 __IMPORT permissions for class Segment

2006-02-28	Nick Kledzik	<>

	<rdar://problem/4461240> SWB: ld64-37 (can't resolve symbol ___dso_handle)
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add class DsoHandleAtom

2006-02-28	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/literals-coalesce-alignment: added test case
	* src/ld.cpp: when coalescing strings pick one with greater alignment
	<rdar://problem/4458660> ld64: CG link failed because lo14 reference to anonymous non-lazy-pointer not aligned
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-c/test.c: tweak to fail like 4458660
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: detect anonymous non-lazy-pointer and transform into real non-lazy-pointers

----- Tagged ld64-41

2006-02-24	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/Options.cpp: Warning about -no_dead_strip_inits_and_terms and -i options.
					   Fix -weak-l option.

----- Tagged ld64-40

2006-02-24	Nick Kledzik	<>

	<rdar://problem/4454698> Leopard9A113: ppc64 libstdc++.dylib initializer crashes in pthread_once
	* unit-tests/test-cases/multiple-entry-points: added
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: make sure that if there are multiple symbols with the same
	address, that we properly make zero length atoms for all but last symbol

2006-02-24	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/Options.cpp: <rdar://problem/4456093> ld64 doesn't realpath(3) B&I tracing paths

2006-02-24	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/Options.cpp: <rdar://problem/4457078> 9A110: ld64 can't deal with section names >16 chars

2006-02-23	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp:  use vector.reserve() to minimize re-allocations
	* src/Options.cpp: use vector.reserve() to minimize re-allocations
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp:  use vector.reserve() to minimize re-allocations
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp:  use vector.reserve() to minimize re-allocations
	* src/ld.cpp:  use vector.reserve() to minimize re-allocations

2006-02-23	Nick Kledzik	<>

	<rdar://problem/4455927> ld64 creates corrupt executables (and has malloc errors) with -headerpad option
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Change LoadCommandsPaddingAtom<A>::setSize() to update fLargestAtomSize
	* unit-tests/test-cases/header-pad: added

2006-02-23	Nick Kledzik	<>

	<rdar://problem/4455192> ld64 creates invalid static executables
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Change MachHeaderAtom<A>::copyRawContent() to create correct header
	for static executables.  Change SymbolTableLoadCommandsAtom to skip LC_DYSYMTAB for static executables
	* src/machochecker.cpp: Add tests that static executables are well formed
	* unit-tests/test-cases/static-executable: added

2006-02-22	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/Options.cpp: <rdar://problem/4453468> chnage printf on unknown arg to a throw

----- Tagged ld64-39

2006-02-20	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/read-only-relocs: added new test case
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: <rdar://problem/4448922> detect and error on relocs in read-only sections
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix parsing of i386 absolute addressing relocs

2006-02-20	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/stabs-coalesce: added new test case
	* src/ld.cpp.hpp: <rdar://problem/4449226> in collectStabs removed unused stabs

----- Tagged ld64-38

2006-02-17	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: <rdar://problem/4434578> set correct n_sect field of stabs

2006-02-15	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderArchive.hpp: <rdar://problem/4441920> with -all_load skip over both kinds of SYMDEFs
	* unit-tests/test-cases/archive-basic/Makefile: add -all_load test case

----- Tagged ld64-37

2006-02-13  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp (assignFileOffsets): Simplify. Add comments.
	Adjust whitespace.

2006-02-13	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in Writer<x86>::fixUpReferenceRelocatable() fix kPCRel32 for external case

2006-02-13	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/zero-fill: added
	* src/machochecker.cpp: check that S_ZEROFILL have no file offset
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: rework assignFileOffsets() to fix rdar://problem/4441145

2006-02-12	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: <rdar://problem/4440880> fix use of first zero-length c-string in .o file

2006-02-12	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: <rdar://problem/4440905> fix uninitialized fAlignment

2006-02-12	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-asm/relocs-asm.s: add pointer-diff cases
	* src/Architectures.hpp: make size explicit in ppc/ppc64 kPointerDiff
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: don't allow kPointerDiff64 for ppc (just ppc64)
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.cpp: set proper r_length for ld -r of kPointerDiff

----- Tagged ld64-36

2006-02-08	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.cpp: rdar://problem/4438677 Handle when a .o file dwarf line info entries but no functions

2006-02-08	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.cpp: Properly set address of first TEXT section
	Keep S_COALESCED attribute for __eh_frame

2006-02-08	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/ld.cpp: Temporarily turn allowable client errors into warnings
	* unit-tests/test-cases/allowable-clientMakefile: Temporarily let warnings be ok for above
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix ld -r to not use external relocations for symbols make static

2006-02-08	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/ld.cpp: A sibling in an umbrella can always link with its other siblings
	* unit-tests/test-cases/allowable-client: add test case for above

2006-02-08	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support LOCAL non-lazy pointers to hidden symbols
	* src/machochecker.cpp: verify indirect symbol table
	* unit-tests/test-cases/private-non-lazy: added test case

2006-02-07	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix calculation of file offsets in ld -r mode
	* src/machochecker.cpp: verify segment file offsets are within file

----- Tagged ld64-35

2006-02-06	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* ld.cpp: allow parent of sub-framework to link
	* unit-tests/test-cases/allowable-client/Makefile: added cases for parent and clients of parent

2006-02-04	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-c/test.c:  added some array cases
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: factor out makeReferenceToEH()
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add initial support for non-lazy pointer synthesis

----- Tagged ld64-34

2006-02-04	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/ld.cpp: <rdar://problem/4432917> fix -no_arch_warnings
				  <rdar://problem/4432932> fix -undefined warning
				Do BINCL/EINCL optimization for gfull stabs
				Implement "essential symbols" for stabs (-Sp)
				Fix allowable clients to only test on direct libraries
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support BINCL/EINCL stabs

2006-02-03	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/machochecker.cpp: add code to check load command alignment
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: make load command alignment depend on architecture

2006-02-03	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/literals-coalesce: added
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: assure all targets of low14 ppc relocs are at least 4-byte alignmented

----- Tagged ld64-33

2006-02-02	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: properly coalesce 8-byte literals
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: support ppc64::kPointerDiff32

----- Tagged ld64-32

2006-02-02	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support anonymous zero fill atoms

2006-02-02	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/ld.cpp: A weak definition is good enough, do not search archives for a non-weak one
	* unit-tests/test-cases/archive-weak: add test case for above
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: an atom should never have a by-name reference to itself
	* src/Options.cpp: prevent .eh symbols from being exported via a -exported_symbols_list

2006-02-01	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: Support -macosx_version_min 10.5

2006-02-01	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: don't try to parse debug_line dwarf if no symboled atoms

----- Tagged ld64-31

2006-02-01  Eric Christopher  <>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/allow-stack-execute/Makefile: Move otool handling...
	* unit-tests/include/common.makefile: ... here.
	* unit-tests/bin/ New.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/no-uuid: Ditto.
	* src/ld.cpp (Linker::) Add fCreateUUID.
	(::Linker): Initialize.
	(::collectStabs): Use. Set if dwarf or we have a UUID already.
	(::writeOutput): Pass as argument to Writer::write along with option.
	* src/Options.h (Option::emitUUID): Declare.
	(Option::fEmitUUID): Ditto.
	* src/Options.cpp (Option::emitUUID): New.
	(parse): Handle -no_uuid.
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable (Reader::Reader): Handle LC_UUID.
	* src/ExecutableFile.h (Writer::Write): Add createUUID boolean.
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable: Add UUID forward declaration.
	(fUUIDAtom): New.
	(UUIDLoadCommandAtom): Emit LC_UUID if fEmit. New function emit. Size
	to zero at start.
	(Writer::writer): Add handle for LC_UUID. If createUUID emit LC_UUID.
	(MachHeaderAtom::copyRawContent): Don't count a load command if its size is
	(UUIDLoadCommandAtom::copyRawContent): Depend on fEmit.

2006-01-31	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/dwarf-debug-notes : Added
	* src/ld.cpp: don't generate debug note for .eh symbols
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: make dwarf line info to atom matching faster and better

2006-01-31	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj : Make buildable on Leopard
	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: make buildable without latest cctools headers

2006-01-31	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: better error message for bad relocs
	* src/ObjectDump.cpp: add emacs tab settings
	* src/SectCreate.h: ditto
	* src/SectCreate.cpp: ditto
	* src/machochecker.cpp: ditto
	* src/ExecutableFile.h: ditto

2006-01-30  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/ExecutableFile.h: Indent.

2006-01-30	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: performance improvements
	* src/ld.cpp: now that stubs are synthesized in write, don't need to special case anymore

2006-01-30	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix parsing of pcc relocs
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-asm/relocs-asm.s: add test case for above

2006-01-29	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/weak_import: added test case
	* src/ld.cpp: move code for weak_import mismatch to writer
	* src/ObjectFile.h: remove ImportWeakness methods
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: ditto
	* src/SectCreate.cpp: ditto
	* src/Architectures.hpp: add new ReferenceKinds for weak_imports
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: implement new ReferenceKinds
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: handle new ReferenceKinds and weak_import mismatches

2006-01-29	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/Options.cpp: verify -allow_stack_execute is only used on main executables

2006-01-29	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: sync with latest dwarf reader from Geoff
	* src/debugline.c: sync with latest dwarf reader from Geoff

2006-01-27  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/ld.cpp (Linker::syntesizeStabs): Correct spelling. Update all uses.

2006-01-27  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/Options.h (Options): Add hasExecutableStack, fExecutableStack.
	* src/Options.cpp (Options::hasExecutableStack): New.
	(Options::parse): Parse -allow_stack_execute.
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp (MachHeaderAtom::copyRawContent):
	* unit-tests/include/common.makefile (FAIL_IF_EMPTY): New.
	* unit-tests/bin/ New file.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/allow-stack-execute: New directory.

2006-01-27	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: rely on latest system headers
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix ppc stubs.
		wrote new relocationNeededInFinalLinkedImage() to replace common code

2006-01-27  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/ld.cpp (logTraceInfo): New.
	(Linker::addArchive): Use.
	(Linker::addDylib): Ditto.
	* src/ObjectFile (ReaderOptions::fTraceOutputFile): New.
	* src/MachOReaderArchive.hpp (Reader::Reader): Move trace
	logging to Linker::addArchive.
	* src/Options.cpp (parsePreCommandLineEnvironment): Check
	LD_PRINT_FILE if tracing dylibs or archives.

2006-01-26	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: handle NULL strings in SO debug notes

2006-01-26	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix header padding calculation and thread state

2006-01-26	Nick Kledzik	<>

	Rewrite all stabs processing.
	Move sythesize of debug notes into ld.cpp

2006-01-26	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix ppc and ppc64 stub relocs

2006-01-25	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: special case building in Curry

2006-01-25	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix bugs in stub/lazy-pointer synthesis

2006-01-24  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/ld.cpp (Linker::createReaders): Change logging title to XBS.
	(Linker::addDylib): Ditto.
	* src/MachOReaderArchive.hpp (Reader::Reader): Ditto.
	* src/Options.h (fPrintOptions): New.
	* src/Options.cpp (Options::Options): Initialize above.
	(Options::checkForFile): Change logging title to XBS.
	(Options::findFramework): Ditto.
	(Options::parse): Add log for options.
	(Options::parsePreCommandLineEnvironmentSettings): Add LD_TRACE_ARCHIVES,

2006-01-24	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: better C++ eh parsing

2006-01-23  Eric Christopher  <>

	* unit-tests/bin/ New.
	* unit-tests/include/common.makefile (FAIL_IF_SUCCESS): Use.
	* unit-tests/allowable-client: New test.
	* src/ld.cpp (Linker::addDylib): Check allowable clients before adding dylib.
	* src/Options.h (allowableClients): New.
	(clientName): Ditto.
	(fAllowableClients): Ditto.
	(fClientName): Ditto.
	* src/Options.cpp: Implement above.
	(parse): Handle -allowable_client and -client_name.
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp (getAllowableClients): New.
	(fAllowableClients): Ditto.
	(Reader): Process LC_SUB_CLIENT load command.
	* src/ObjectFile.h (parentUmbrella): New.
	(getAllowableClients): New.
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp (AllowableClientLoadCommandsAtom): New.

2006-01-23	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* unit-tests/test-cases/archive-basic: added
	* src/ld.cpp: fix shadowed local variable
	* src/FileAbstraction.hpp: <rdar://problem/4417372> ld64 shouldn't inline when building debug

2006-01-23	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/ld.cpp: fix symbol not found error message
	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: add logging to hash table
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: enable stabs processing. Handle static functions with stubs
									handle labeled cstrings.
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: properly suppress atoms not in symbol table. fix low14 error check.
									add StubAtomHelper.
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-literals/test.c: add more interesting edge cases

2006-01-17	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: tweaks to synthesizing debug notes

2006-01-16	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/debugline.{sh}: added
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: synthesize debug notes SOL from dwarf
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix lazy pointer section
	* src/ObjectDump.hpp: Fix conditionalization
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dwarf-strip: added

2006-01-11	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support Tiger crt1.o build with old ld64
	* src/ObjectDump.hpp: Support -arch option

2006-01-10	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: fix stubs for ppc64
	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: fix typo for macho_routines
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: add machochecker target
	* src/machochecker.cpp: new skeleton for checking mach-o file bit
	* unit-tests/: Add support for running machochecker

2006-01-10	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: warn if dwarf can't be parsed
	* src/MachOReaderArchive.hpp: modTime for OSO stabs from archives is .a modTime

2006-01-09	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* track modification time of .o files so that sythesized OSO stab will have it

2006-01-09	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOFileAbstraction.hpp: add macho_uuid_command
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.cpp: add UUID load command to generated files

2006-01-09	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: no longer keep dylib memory mapped
	* src/ld.cpp: don't track dylib sizes because they are not longer memory mapped

2006-01-05	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support new relocations

2006-01-05	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderDylib.hpp: support MH_DYLIB_STUB
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: Add Geoff's comp unit extractor

2006-01-05	Nick Kledzik	<>

	refactor: transform Atom::dontStripName() to getSymbolTableInclusion()
	* src/ld.cpp: pass dyld_stub_binding_helper to writer
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: update synthesized stabs
	  Ignore stubs and lazy pointers in .o files
	  Support initializers and terminators
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: synthesize stubs and lazy pointers as needed
	* ld64.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: change Release target to build with dwarf

2006-01-03  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/Options.h (multipleDefinitionsInDylibs): Declare.
	(overridingDefinitionInDependentDylib): Ditto.
	(warnOnMultipleDefinitionsInObjectFiles): Ditto.
	(multiplyDefined): Remove.
	(multiplyDefinedUnused): Ditto.
	(fMultiplyDefined): Ditto.
	(fWarnOnMultiplyDefined): New.
	(fMultiplyDefinedDynamic): Ditto.
	* src/Options.cpp (Options::Options): Initialize above.
	(overridingDefinitionInDependentDylib): New.
	(multipleDefinitionsInDylibs): Ditto.
	(warnOnMultipleDefinitionsInObjectFiles): Ditto.
	(parse): Update comments. Fix parsing of -y option.
	Update error message for -dead_strip. Parse above

2006-01-02	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* Refactor: move Atom::writeContent() to Writer

2005-12-23	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* Reworked, simplify, and document test harness
	* unit-tests/README: Added

2005-12-23	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fixes for Objective-C
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-objc: Added

2005-12-22	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: fix check that next reloc is pair
	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: Add code to synthesize essential stabs from dwarf

2005-12-21	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: Fix parsing of literal sections
	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: Fix writing of literal sections
	* unit-tests/test-cases/relocs-literals: Added

2005-12-15  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/Options.h (enum Treatment): New.
	(enum PICTreatment): Delete.
	(enum VersionMin): New.
	(prebind): Declare.
	(macosxVersionMin): Ditto.
	(multiplyDefined): Ditto.
	(multiplyDefinedUnused): Ditto.
	(setVersionMin): Ditto.
	(setPICTreatment): Delete.
	(setReadOnlyRelocTreatment): Ditto.
	(picTreatment): Adjust return type.
	(parseTreatment): New.
	(fPrebind): Ditto.
	(fVersionMin): Ditto.
	(fPICTreatment): Change type.
	(fMultiplyDefined): New.
	(fMultiplyDefinedUnused): Ditto.
	(fLimitUndefinedSymbols): Ditto.

	* src/Options.cpp: Fix whitespace. Add comments on options.
	(Options::Options): Add initializers for new variables.
	(Options::prebind): New.
	(Options::macosxVersionMin): Ditto.
	(Options::parseTreatment): Ditto.
	(Options::setVersionMin): Ditto.
	(Options::setReadOnlyRelocTreatment): Delete.
	(Options::setPICTreatment): Ditto.
	(Options::Parse): Update for above. Add comments.

2005-12-15	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: Add comments about dwarf

2005-12-14	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/ELFFileAbstraction.hpp: Added
	* src/ELFReaderRelocatable.hpp: Added
	* Lot of fixes for new architecture
	* Added __OPEN_SOURCE__ to "Preprocessor Macros" to disable new architecture support by default

2005-12-13	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: check for S_ATTR_DEBUG and ignore those sections
	* unit-tests/test-cases/dwarf-ignore: added

2005-12-12	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* Added test harness and three initial tests:
		relocs-asm, relocs-c, and hello-world

2005-12-12	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: Massive refactoring:
		Now there are three Atom classes, Chopping into Atoms
		is done on label boundaries or by knowledge of special
		sections, Share lots of ppc/ppc64 code.
	Stabs process code is temporarily disabled.

2005-12-12	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/ObjectDump.cpp: Add command line options: -no_content, -stabs, -no_sort

2005-12-11  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/Options.cpp: Reformat.
	* src/Options.h: Ditto.

2005-12-07  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp (Atom::getAlignment):
	When calculating alignment of an Atom, take into account
	the alignment from which we pulled the Atom.

2005-12-06	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/Options.cpp src/Options.h: Add design comments

2005-12-05  Eric Christopher  <>

	* src/ld.cpp (Linker::createWriter): Uncomment ppc64 and
	i386 linkers.

2005-12-05  Eric Christopher  <>

	* ChangeLog: New file.

2005-12-02 	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/ObjectFile.h: Add design comments

2005-11-30 	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* Fix uses of __OPEN_SOURCE__

2005-11-28 	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* Refactor Atom to use getDefinitionKind()

2005-11-21 	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: don't generate section for commons in -r mode

2005-11-18 	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* x86 tweaks

2005-11-18 	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* src/ObjectDump.cpp: make work with command line arguments

2005-11-18 	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* Massive rework to remove preprocessor conditionals and use templates

2005-11-14 	Nick Kledzik	<>

	* Created new Subversion repository for ld64 from cvs tag ld64-27.2