kextlibs.8   [plain text]

.Dd April 11, 2006
.Os Darwin
.Nm kextlibs
.Nd find OSBundleLibraries needed by a kext
.Op Ar options
.Ar kext_bundle
utility searches for library kexts that define symbols
needed for linking by
.Ar kext_bundle ,
printing their bundle identifiers and versions.
If any symbols are not found, or are found in multiple libraries,
they are printed to standard error after the library kext informtion.
with the
.Fl xml
flag to get an XML fragment suitable for copying and pasting directly
into an Info.plist file.
If no repository directories are explicitly specified,
searches the system extensions folder.
.Bl -tag -width indent -compact
.It Fl h
.It Fl help
Display a help message and exit.
.It Fl all-symbols
Print all symbols that remain unresolved
or that are found in more than one library kext.
Normally only the number of missing and duplicate symbols is printed.
.It Fl c
.It Fl compatible-versions
Print the compatible rather than the current version.
.It Fl non-kpi
Search the compatibility kernel extension,,
rather than any of the* system kexts.
Use of this option is not recommended:
The exact kernel component (mach, bsd, libkern, or iokit)
cannot be determined,
and the compatible version of
is locked to the current version.
.It Fl r Ar directory
.It Fl repository Ar directory
Specifies a directory to search for dependencies.
You can use this to get library declarations
for a set of extensions other than those of the running system,
or to include a side directory of library kexts.
Note: If you specify a directory with this option,
the system extensions folder is not implicitly searched.
.It Fl e
.It Fl system-extensions
Adds the system extensions folder to the list of directories to search.
If you don't specify any directories or kexts, this is used by default.
.It Fl xml
Print an XML fragment suitable for copying and pasting directly
into an Info.plist file.
.It Fl -
End of options.
utility exits with a status of 0 on completion
if all undefined symbols are found exactly once;
with a status of 1 if any undefined symbols remain,
or with a status of 2 if any symbols
are found in more than one library kext
(whether or not any undefined symbols remain),
and with another nonzero status on some other problem.
.Xr kextcache 8 ,
.Xr kextload 8