ChangeLog   [plain text]

2004-05-10  Stephen Gildea  <>

	* src/preproc/refer/label.y (same_author_last_name,
	same_author_name): Handle empty sort keys.

2004-05-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	tmac/TODO: Updated.

	* tmac/doc-syms (doc-str-Lb-libposix, doc-str-Lb-libpthread,
	doc-str-Lb-librt): Reset font.
	(Lb): Rename `doc-str-Lb' to `doc-str-Lb1'.
	Provide `doc-str-Lb' to reset font.
	* tmac/ Updated.

2004-05-08  Jan Schaumann  <>

	* src/preproc/html/pre-html.cpp (make_message): Make it work for
	snprintf versions which don't conform to ANSI C 99 (this is,
	counting the string's trailing null byte in the return value).

2004-05-07  Keith Marshall  <>

	* src/roff/troff/node.cpp (suppress_node::tprint): Don't expect
	that all implementations of sprintf handle null pointers correctly.

2004-05-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, man/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo:
	Document `.U' register.

	* src/roff/troff/env.cpp (environment::mark_last_line)
	[WIDOW_CONTROL]: Fix scope of `p' for new C++ compilers.

2004-05-04  Larry Kollar  <>

	New read-only register `.U'; it returns 1 in safer mode and 0

	* src/roff/troff/input.cpp (init_input_requests): Implement `.U'

2004-05-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* install-sh, mkinstalldirs: New versions; taken from texinfo CVS.

2004-04-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/font.h (font): Use `int' for ch_index.
	* src/libs/libgroff/font.cpp (font::alloc_ch_index,
	font::compact): Updated.

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (run_pipeline) [_WIN32]: Fix compiler

	* src/roff/troff/div.cpp (begin_page), src/roff/troff/env.cpp
	(hyphen_word): Fix compiler warnings.
	* src/roff/troff/input.cpp (get_char_for_escape_name): Return
	Update all callers.
	(get_delim_number, get_line_arg): Change second argument type to
	`unsigned char'.
	(macro_header::copy, token::next, do_define_string,
	do_define_character, substring_request, asciify_macro,
	unformat_macro, read_size, non_interpreted_node::interpret,
	while_request, main: Fix compiler warnings.
	(read_color_draw_node): Initialize `col'.

	* src/preproc/tbl/table.cpp (horizontal_span, table_entry): Make
	`start_col' and `end_col' of type `int'.
	(vertical_rule): Make `col' of type `int'.

	* src/preproc/grn/hdb.cpp (DBRead): Protect call to getc with check
	for EOF.

	* src/preproc/refer/label.y (uppercase_array, lowercase_array):
	New arrays.
	(format_serial): Use them to remove dependency on ASCII.

	* src/devices/grops/ps.cpp (ps_printer::define_encoding): Fix
	compiler warning.
	* src/devices/grops/psrm.cpp (resource_manager::supply_resource):

	* src/devices/grotty/tty.cpp (tty_font::load_tty_font): Fix
	compiler warnings.
	(glyph): Change type of `hpos' to `int'.

	* src/devices/lbp/lbp.cpp (strsep): Removed.  Unused.
	* src/devices/lbp/lbp.h (splinerel): Fix compiler warnings.

	* src/utils/tfmtodit.cpp (gf::load): Fix compiler warnings.

	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c (get_text): Fix compiler warning.

2004-04-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grolbp/lbp.h, src/preproc/grn/gprint.h,
	src/preproc/grn/hgraph.cpp, src/preproc/grn/hpoint.cpp,
	src/preproc/html/pushback.cpp, src/preproc/html/pushback.h: Use
	`double' instead of `float' everywhere.
	* src/preproc/grn/main.cpp: Use `double' instead of `float'
	(main): Add return value.
	* src/preproc/grn/hdb.cpp: Use `double' instead of `float'
	Update all user functions.

	* src/include/search.h, src/include/ptable.h, src/include/printer.h,
	src/preproc/eqn/box.h, src/preproc/pic/object.h,
	src/preproc/refer/refer.h, src/preproc/tbl/table.h,
	src/preproc/tbl/table.cpp, src/roff/troff/env.h,
	src/roff/troff/div.h, src/roff/troff/token.h, src/roff/troff/node.h,
	src/roff/troff/input.cpp, src/roff/troff/request.h,
	src/roff/troff/node.cpp: Don't mix `struct' and `class' in forward

	* src/utils/indxbib/signal.c: Include stdlib.h.

2004-04-14  Keith Marshall  <>

	* tmac/s.tmac (@init, RP): Allow initialization of the PO register
	before the first page.

2004-04-14  Thomas Klausner <>

	* tmac/doc-common (doc-volume-as-*): Use lowercase names.
	(doc-operating-system-*): Updated.
	* tmac/doc-syms (doc-str-St-*): Various small fixes.
	(doc-str-Lb-*): Add more library names.

2004-04-10  Art Haas  <>

	* src/utils/hpftodit/hpuni.cpp (hp_msl_to_unicode_list): Don't
	use anonymous type.

2004-04-09  Art Haas  <>

	* src/utils/tfmtodit.cpp (lig_chars): Don't use anonymous type.

2004-04-09  Keith Marshall  <>

	* arch/misc/ Generate better comment for sed script.

2004-04-08  Art Haas  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/glyphuni.cpp (glyph_to_unicode_list),
	src/libs/libgroff/uniglyph.cpp (unicode_to_glyph_list),
	src/libs/libgroff/uniuni.cpp (unicode_decompose_list),
	src/preproc/eqn/box.cpp (param_table), src/preproc/grn/hgraph.cpp
	(polyfill), src/preproc/grn/main.cpp (polyfill),
	src/preproc/refer/command.cpp (command_table),
	src/utils/tfmtodit.cpp (lig_table): Don't use anonymous types (which
	gcc 3.5 doesn't like).

2004-04-08  Werner Lemberg  <>

	Removing many compiler warnings.  groff should now compile with
	a C++ compiler used for C files also.  [Simple variable renamings
	to avoid shadowing aren't logged in detail.]

	* src/devices/grodvi/dvi.cpp: Some local variable renamings.
	(draw_dvi_printer::draw) ['c']: Enclose in block.

	* src/devices/grohtml/post-html.cpp: Some local variable renamings.
	(page::add_line): Fix typos.
	* src/devices/grohtml/html-text.cpp: Some local variable renamings.

	* src/devices/grolbp/lbp.cpp: Don't define _GNU_SOURCE.
	Some local variable renamings.
	* src/devices/grolbp/lbp.h: Some local variable renamings.

	* src/devices/grolj4/lj4.cpp, src/devices/grotty/tty.cpp: Some local
	variable renamings.

	* src/libs/libbib/index.cpp (index_search_item_iterator::get_tag):
	Remove redundant local variable declaration.
	* src/libs/libbib/map.c (mapread, unmap): Don't use K&R style.
	Don't use `caddr_t' but `void *'.
	Enclose functions with `extern "C"' for C++.

	* src/libs/libdriver/input.cpp (remember_filename,
	remember_source_filename): Use cast for string constant.

	* src/libs/libgroff/font.cpp, src/libs/libgroff/fontfile.cpp,
	src/libs/libgroff/nametoindex.cpp, src/libs/libgroff/paper.cpp,
	src/libs/libgroff/geometry.cpp: Some local variable renamings.
	* src/libs/libgroff/iftoa.c, src/libs/libgroff/itoa.c: Don't use K&R
	Enclose functions with `extern "C"' for C++.
	* src/libs/libgroff/quotearg.c (TRUE,FALSE): Define as macros.
	(needs_quoting): Return `int'.
	(quote_arg): Add proper casts to malloc and realloc.
	* src/libs/libgroff/spawnvp.c: Compile code only for MS-DOS and
	various MS Windows environments.
	(spawnvp_wrapper): Add proper cast to malloc.

	* src/preproc/eqn/box.h: Remove redundant declarations of
	`make_script_box', `make_mark_box' and `make_lineup_box'.
	* src/preproc/eqn/eqn.y: Remove redundant declaration of `strsave'.
	* src/preproc/eqn/script.cpp, src/preproc/eqn/pile.cpp: Some local
	variable renamings.

	* src/preproc/grn/hpoint.cpp: Some local variable renamings.
	* src/preproc/grn/hgraph.cpp: Some local variable renamings.
	(dx, dy): Renamed functions to...
	(deltax, deltay): This.
	* src/preproc/grn/main.cpp: Some local variable renamings.
	(deffont): Add `const'.
	(initpic, conv): Use cast for string constant.

	* src/preproc/html/pre-html.cpp: Some local variable renamings.
	(makeFileName, alterDeviceTo, addZ): Use cast for string constant.
	(char_buffer::run_output_filter): Second argument is unused.
	* src/preproc/html/pushback.cpp: Some local variable renamings.

	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y: Remove redundant declaration of `do_copy'.
	* src/preproc/pic/object.cpp: Some local variable renamings.

	* src/preproc/refer/label.y (lookup_label): Remove redundant
	declaration of local variable.

	* src/preproc/soelim.cpp: Remove redundant declaration of

	* src/preproc/tbl/main.cpp: Some local variable renamings.

	* src/roff/groff/groff.cpp (main): Use cast for string constant.
	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c: Enclose declarations of `error',
	`c_fatal', and `i_to_a' with `extern "C"' for C++.
	Don't use C++-style comments.

	* src/roff/troff/env.h: Remove redundant declaration of `title'.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h, src/roff/troff/env.cpp,
	src/roff/troff/div.cpp, src/roff/troff/node.cpp: Some local variable
	* src/roff/troff/div.h: Remove redundant declaration of
	* src/roff/troff/troff.h: Remove redundant declaration of
	* src/roff/troff/input.cpp: Remove redundant declaration of
	`handle_first_page_transition' and `process_input_stack'.

	* src/utils/hpftodit.cpp: Some local variable renamings.

	* src/utils/indxbib/signal.c: Enclose functions with `extern "C"'
	for C++.
	Don't define RETSIGTYPE.
	* src/utils/indxbib/indxbib.cpp: Some local variable renamings.

	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.cpp: Don't use K&R style.
	(error): Use `const' in argument.
	(main): Remove redundant declaration of `optind'.
	Move declaration of `Version_string' to top-level.

	* PROBLEMS: Document difficulties compiling signal.c if a C++
	compiler is used for C.

2004-04-07  Werner Lemberg  <>

	* Makefile.sub (DISTCLEANFILES): Add `test-groff'.

2004-04-06  Keith Marshall  <>

	Make scripts like and portable across various
	(Unix-like) shell implementations from Cygwin, MSYS, etc., which use
	non-POSIX path separators.  The idea is to extend those scripts to
	decide at run-time (of the script) which path separator to use.

	* arch/misc/Makefile.sub: New file.
	* arch/misc/ New file, generating OS dependency fixups.
	This script handles @GROFF_BIN_PATH_SETUP@, replacing it with
	a proper definition of the variable `GROFF_RUNTIME'.

	* (SH_DEPS_SED_SCRIPT): New variable.
	(PROGDEPDIRS): New variable.
	`FORCE' it.

	* src/preproc/eqn/Makefile.sub (neqn): Call SH_DEPS_SED_SCRIPT.
	Don't substitute @SEP@ and @BINDIR@.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ Use @GROFF_BIN_PATH_SETUP@.

	* src/roff/nroff/Makefile.sub (nroff): Call SH_DEPS_SED_SCRIPT.
	Don't substitute @SEP@ and @BINDIR@.
	* src/roff/nroff/ Use @GROFF_BIN_PATH_SETUP@.

2004-04-05  Keith Marshall  <>

	* src/roff/nroff/ Implement work-around for sh.exe from
	Cygwin which doesn't handle stderr correctly.

2004-03-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Makefile.comm (install_dev, uninstall_dev): Protect `for' loops
	against empty argument.  Problem reported by <>.

2004-03-05  Keith Marshall  <>

	* (SEP): Replaced with...
	(RT_SEP, SH_SEP): Separators for the target platform's native path
	separator and the build environment, respectively.
	(fontpath, tmacpath): Use RT_SEP.
	(MDEFINES): Updated.

	* contrib/mom/Makefile.sub (GROFF_BIN_PATH): Use SH_SEP.
	* doc/Makefile.sub (GROFF_BIN_PATH): Use SH_SEP.
	* src/preproc/eqn/Makefile.sub (neqn): Use SH_SEP.
	* src/roff/nroff/Makefile.sub (nroff): Use SH_SEP.

2004-03-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* fonts/devlj4/Makefile.sub (LJ4RES): Set to 1200.  This helps to
	reduce alignment problems with newer printers which use built-in
	TrueType fonts (instead of the older Intellifonts).  The ideal
	solution is to provide a second set of groff metric files, but this
	is extremely time-consuming to produce, given that HP's metric
	files are very rudimentary.

2004-03-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grolj4/lj4.cpp (main): Fix argument of getopt_long.
	s/operand/argument/ in error message.

2004-03-01  Keith Marshall  <>

	* src/roff/groff/groff.cpp (main): Don't allow option -o if -Thtml
	is in use.

2004-03-01  Antti Kantee  <>

	* tmac/s.tmac (XE): Fix error message.

2004-02-27  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* src/include/nonposix.h (write, dup, dup2, close) [_MSC_VER]:
	New macros.

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c: Declare strcasecmp.
	(run_pipeline) [_WIN32]: Use function name variants which don't
	start with `_'.
	Fix stream handling.

2004-02-27  Keith Marshall  <>

	* src/include/nonposix.h: Fix declaration of `system_shell_name'.
	Declare `spawnvp_wrapper' and macro definitions of spawnvp only
	for platforms which use the native Win32 runtime libraries.
	(FLUSH_INPUT_PIPE) [_UWIN]: Provide non-empty version.

	* src/libs/libgroff/quotearg.c (QUOTE_ARG_MALLOC_ERROR,

	* src/preproc/html/pre-html.cpp: Remove declaration of
	Don't use __MINGW32__.
	(char_buffer::run_output_filter) [MAY_FORK_CHILD_PROCESS]: Fix
	calls to `set_redirection' and `WAIT'.
	[MAY_SPAWN_ASYNCHRONOUS_CHILD]: Remove unused variable `i' and `j'.
	Fix calls to `set_redirection' and `save_and_redirect'.
	(char_buffer::do_html, char_buffer::do_image) [DEBUGGING]: Fix calls
	to `set_redirection' and `save_and_redirect'.
	(usage): Fix message.
	(makeTempFiles, main): Use `DEBUG_FILE'.

2004-02-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/troff.h (WARN_TOTAL): Fix value.

2004-02-21  Keith Marshall  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/quotearg.c: New file, providing proper argument
	quoting for MSVC's spawn* and exec* functions.
	* src/libs/libgroff/spawnvp.c: New file, providing a wrapper around
	spawnvp with proper quoting for MSVC.

	* src/libs/libgroff/assert.cpp (program_name),
	src/libs/libgroff/new.cpp (program_name): Declare as `extern "C"'.
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub (OBJS, CSRCS): Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/input.cpp (program_name): Declare as `extern "C"'.

	* src/include/error.h (program_name): Declare as `extern "C"'.
	* src/include/nonposix.h [__MSDOS__ ...]: Handle spawnvp.

2004-02-21  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* src/preproc/html/pre-html.cpp [__CYGWIN__ ...]: Declare

2004-02-20  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (cmd) [__MSDOS__ || ...]: New global
	(sbasename) [__MSDOS__ || ...]: New function.
	(system_shell_name) [__MSDOS__ || ...]: Use a different, more
	generic algorithm.
	(system_shell_dash_c, is_system_shell) [__MSDOS__ || ...]: Updated.
	(run_pipeline) [_WIN32]: Use _XXX variants for some macros instead
	of XXX.
	Use STDOUT_FILENO instead of hardcoded file handle.
	(signal_catcher) [__MSDOS__]: Moved to non-_WIN32 section.

2004-02-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/div.cpp: Include nonposix.h after troff.h to
	avoid warnings w.r.t. redefinition of P_tmpdir for some compilers.

2004-02-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devlj4/Makefile.sub (DEVFILES): Updated to contain all
	new font and mapping files.

2004-02-18  Jeff Conrad  <>
	    Keith Marshall  <>

	* src/include/nonposix.h (FLUSH_INPUT_PIPE): New macro to empty
	an input pipe.  This is needed for the MSVC compiler to make troff's
	`-o' option work.

	* src/roff/troff/div.cpp: Include nonposix.h.
	(cleanup_and_exit): Call FLUSH_INPUT_PIPE.

2004-02-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devlj4/generate/special.awk: New script.
	* font/devlj4/generate/Makefile (S): Use special.awk.
	* font/devlj4/*: Regenerated, including the following new files:
	Arial (AR, AB, AI, ABI), Times New Roman (TNRR, TNRB, TNRI, TNRBI),
	MS Symbol (SYMBOL), Wingdings (WINGDINGS).
	* NEWS: Document new lj4 fonts and revised hpftodit.

2004-02-17  Paco Andrés Verdú  <>

	* src/devices/grolbp/lbp.h (vmdvarc): Fix formatting string.

2004-01-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/progname.cpp: Replaced with...
	* src/libs/libgroff/progname.c: New file.
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub: Updated accordingly.

2004-01-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devlj4/generate/Makefile (SYMBOL): Use 9nb28703.tfm.

2004-01-16  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* font/devlj4/generate/,
	font/devlj4/generate/ Include unnamed glyphs.
	Use groff glyph names where possible.
	* src/devices/grolj4/ Minor updates.

2004-01-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/www.tmac (DC): Handle TTY devices.

	* doc/ Document viewCVS from
	* NEWS, README: Updated.

	* src/roff/groff/ Mention lj4_font man page.

	* font/devlj4/generate/Makefile (SYMBOLMAP, WINGDINGSMAP): New
	(SYMBOL, WINGDINGS): New targets.

2004-01-13  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* src/devices/grolj4/ New man page.
	* src/devices/grolj4/Makefile.sub (MAN5): New variable.
	* src/devices/ Mention lj4_font man page.

	* src/utils/hpftodit/hpftodit.cpp (read_map): Handle line comments.
	* src/utils/hpftodit/ Document it.
	(CW): New macro.
	Remove details about fonts (which are now in

	* font/devlj4/generate/,
	font/devlj4/generate/ New files.

2004-01-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* README: Mention ffii's viewcvs access.

2004-01-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devlj4/generate/ Map MSL 228 to U+221F.

2004-01-09  Jeff Conrad  <>

	Revert most of the change from 2004-01-03 to better control used
	symbol sets.

	* src/utils/hpftodit/hpftodit.cpp (symbol_set): New structure.
	(text_symbol_sets, special_symbol_sets): New arrays.
	(symbol_set_table): New global variable.
	(read_symbol_sets): Use search order given in the text_symbol_sets
	and special_symbol_sets arrays.  If command line flag -a is not
	given, search both arrays.
	(output_charset): Require x_height_tag only for command line flag -i.

2004-01-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implement string-valued registers \n[.m] and \n[.M] to return the
	name of the current drawing and background color, respectively.

	* src/roff/troff/symbol.h: Moved to...
	* src/include/symbol.h: Here.
	Small fixes to make it work outside of the `troff' directory.
	* src/roff/troff/symbol.cpp: Moved to...
	* src/libs/libgroff/symbol.cpp: Here.
	Small fixes to make it work outside of the `troff' directory.

	* src/include/Makefile.sub (HDRS), src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub
	(OBJS, CCSRCS), src/roff/troff/Makefile.sub (OBJS, CCSRCS, HDRS):

	* src/include/color.h: Include symbol.h.
	(color): Add new field `nm'.
	* src/libs/libgroff/color.cpp (color::color): Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/dictionary.cpp, src/roff/troff/div.cpp,
	src/roff/troff/node.cpp, src/roff/troff/number.cpp,
	src/roff/troff/reg.cpp: Don't include symbol.h.

	* src/roff/troff/env.cpp: Don't include symbol.h.
	environment_get_fill_color_string): New member functions.
	(init_env_requests): Handle `.m' and `.M' registers.
	* src/roff/troff/input.cpp: Don't include symbol.h.
	(default_symbol): Moved to symbol.cpp/symbol.h.
	(do_glyph_color, do_fill_color, define_color): Pass symbol name
	to color constructor.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h: Updated.

	* NEWS, man/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo:
	Document new registers.

2004-01-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/nroff.cpp (space_node::get_breakpoints,
	space_node::nbreaks): Protect against zero `next' field.

2004-01-03  Jeff Conrad  <>

	In hpftodit, use the symbol sets offered in the TFM.

	* src/utils/hpftodit/hpftodit.cpp (NO_GLYPH): New constant.
	(symbol_set, text_symbol_sets, special_symbol_sets,
	symbol_set_table): Removed.
	(get_printcode): Removed.
	(read_symbol_sets): Initialize `symbol_set' field with
	Simplify code to just use the `kind' value.
	(output_charset): Improve output formatting.
	(dump_symbols): Simplified.

2004-01-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devlj4/generate/ Add more MSL numbers.

2004-01-02  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* src/utils/hpftodit/hpftodit.cpp (is_decomposed): New macro.
	(text_symbol_sets): Add more symbol sets.
	(debug_flag): New static variable (moved from `main').
	(get_printcode, show_symset): New functions.
	(main): Remove `debug_flag'.
	(output_charset): Use `show_symset'.
	(dump_symbols):  Use `show_symset'.
	Print symsets for all glyphs.
	(read_map): Actually call `unicode_to_ucode_make' but this time

2004-01-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devlj4/generate/, font/devlj4/generate/
	Fix placement of comments.

2004-01-01  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* src/utils/hpftodit/hpftodit.cpp (main): Read map file also if
	option `-d' is given.
	(output_charset): Improve warning messages to give more information.
	(dump_symbols): Make information more precise.
	(usage): Updated.
	(read_map): Don't call unicode_to_ucode_name; the glyph names must
	appear as-is and shouldn't be decomposed.

2003-12-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/hpftodit/hpftodit.cpp (dump_tags): Handle posture_tag.
	* font/devlj4/generate/Makefile (IFLAG): Updated to new units.
	(FONTS): Add TrueType font families Arial and Times New Roman.
	(TNRR, TNRB, TNRI, TNRBI, AR, AB, AI, ABI): New targets.
	* font/devlj4/generate/ Fix Unicode values of `fi' and

2003-12-31  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* (SEP): Quote value.
	* src/roff/troff/node.cpp (suppress_node::tprint): Change type of
	`tem' to `char*' to avoid deallocation of a pointer to a constant
	object which some compilers don't like.

2003-12-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devlj4/generate (, Rewritten to work
	with the new hpftodit version.

2003-12-30  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* src/utils/hpftodit/hpftodit.cpp (output_charset): Emit HP symbol
	set and 8bit character code for all glyphs also.

2003-12-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/strcasecmp.c: Updated from gnulib.

2003-12-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	More fixes for MSVC compiler.

	* doc/Makefile.sub, contrib/mom/Makefile.sub (GROFF_BIN_PATH): Use

	* src/include/nonposix.h (STDIN_FILENO, STDOUT_FILENO,
	STDERR_FILENO) [_MSC_VER]: Define conditionally.
	(getpid) [_MSC_VER]: Remove.
	Include direct.h and process.h conditionally.

	* src/roff/troff/node.cpp (suppress_node::tprint): Don't use
	parentheses for a_delete.

	* src/utils/lookbib/lookbib.cpp: Include nonposix.h.

	* test-groff: Replaced with...
	* This new template to handle path separator

	* Check for direct.h and process.h.
	Generate test-groff script.
	* configure, src/include/config.hin: Regenerated.

2003-12-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add integral extension glyph.
	Add new option `-x' to afmtodit to suppress use of built-in AGL.

	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Add `u23AE'.

	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Provide entry for `integralex' to
	override (old) PUA value of the AGL.
	* font/devps/generate/Makefile (SS): Add afmtodit option `-x'.
	* font/devps/*: Regenerated.

	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Add option `-x'.
	* src/utils/afmtodit/, NEWS: Updated.

2003-12-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add forgotten `coproduct' symbol (already available for DVI).

	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devps/generate/textmap,
	font/devps/symbolmap, font/devutf8/R.proto, man/,
	src/libs/libgroff/, src/libs/libgroff/glyphuni.cpp: Add
	U+2210 (\[coproduct]).

2003-12-26  Jeff Conrad  <>

	hpftodit has been extended to handle TrueType metric files and
	more glyphs.  See for more details.

	* src/utils/hpftodit/hpftodit.cpp: Include stdio.h, string.h, 
	ctype.h, and unicode.h.
	s/msl/charcode/ everywhere since we now handle Unicode values also.
	(equal, NO, YES, MSL, SYMSET, UNICODE, UNICODE): New macros.
	Use it where appropriate.
	(MULTIPLIER): Replaced with...
	(multiplier): New global static variable.
	(scale): Updated.
	(tag_type): Add more TFM tags.
	(tag_name): New array.
	(BYTE_TYPE): New value assigned.
	(ASCII_TYPE, RATIONAL_TYPE): New enumeration values.
	(text_symbol_sets, special_symbol_sets): Extended to cover more
	(check_type): Add return value.
	(check_units): Add parameters to get ppi and upem values.
	Handle TrueType TFM data.
	(output_font_name): New function.
	(output_charset): Add parameter to handle TFM type.
	Handle TrueType TFMs also.
	(em_fract): New macro.
	(dump_tags): Be much more verbose and handle more tags.
	(dump_ascii, dump_symbol_sets, dump_symbols): New functions.
	(hp_msl_to_ucode_name, unicode_to_ucode_name, is_uname): New
	(read_map): Add parameter to handle TFM type.
	Handle both MSL and Unicode mappings.
	(main): Add two new command line options `-a' and `-q'.
	Updated to make use of new functions.
	(usage): Updated.

	* src/utils/hpftodit/hpuni.cpp: New file.

	* src/utils/hpftodit/Makefile.sub, src/utils/hpftodit/

2003-12-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/nonposix.h (read) [_MSC_VER]: Define.

2003-12-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Some reformulations as suggested
	by Michail Vidiassov <>.

2003-12-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devhtml/R.proto: Add u00{47,67}_0306, u00{53,73}_0327,
	and u0049_0307.
	Add missing latin-2 glyphs.
	* font/devutf8/R.proto: Add missing latin-2 glyphs.

	* tmac/troffrc: Load `composite.tmac' earlier.

	* tmac/dvi.tmac, tmac/ps.tmac, tmac/lbp.tmac: Add u00{47,67}_0306,
	u00{53,73}_0327, and u0049_0307.
	* tmac/X.tmac: Add u00{47,67}_0306.
	* tmac/tty-char.tmac: Use composite glyph names for readability.

	* NEWS: Updated.

	* src/include/unicode.h: Remove `extern' keywords.

2003-12-20  Nilgün Belma Bugüner  <>

	* tmac/latin5.tmac: New file.

2003-12-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add some glyphs needed for Turkish.

	* font/devutf8/R.proto: Add u00{47,67}_0306, u00{53,73}_0327,
	and u0049_0307.

	* tmac/composite.tmac: Add `,' as a synonym for `ac' accent. 
	* tmac/tty-char.tmac: Add representations for u00{47,67}_0306,
	u00{53,73}_0327, and u0049_0307.

2003-12-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_output::put_float): Revert change
	from 2001-10-04.
	Remove trailing zeros.

2003-12-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Make \? transparent to end-of-sentence recognition.

	* src/roff/troff/ (non_interpreted_node): Add
	`ends_sentence' member function.

2003-12-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document `dt' request correctly.
	Other minor typographical improvements.

2003-12-10  Michail Vidiassov  <>

	* src/utils/afmtodit/Makefile.sub (afmtodit): Fix typo.

2003-12-10  Richard Stallman  <>

	* LICENSE: Better wording.

2003-12-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS): Set default value to 0.
	* configure, NEWS: Updated.

2003-12-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* FDL: Updated to version 1.2 (from

2003-12-07  Bernd Warken  <>

	* LICENSE: Updated.

2003-12-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* INSTALL: Improved.

2003-12-05  Keith Marshall  <>

	Use path separator character of target platform for compiled-in
	default paths.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_TARGET_PATH_SEPARATOR): New macro.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2003-12-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/nonposix.h (PATH_SEP_CHAR): New definition.
	Replace `PATH_SEP[0]' with `PATH_SEP_CHAR' everywhere.

2003-12-04  Bernd Warken  <>

	* LICENSE: New file.

2003-12-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Comment out code which handles
	ligatures present in AFM files since groff currently only
	understands some standard ligatures and nothing else.

2003-12-03  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* src/roff/groff/groff.cpp (main): Don't run the spooler if
	option -v is given.

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (run_pipeline) [_WIN32]: Fix error
	Close stdout copy.
	Don't use Unix wait flags.

2003-12-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/glyphuni.cpp, src/roff/troff/unicode.cpp,
	src/roff/troff/unicode.h, src/roff/troff/uniglyph.cpp,
	src/roff/troff/uniuni.cpp: Moved to...
	* src/libs/libgroff/glyphuni.cpp, src/libs/libgroff/unicode.cpp,
	src/libs/libgroff/unicode.h, src/libs/libgroff/uniglyph.cpp,
	src/libs/libgroff/uniuni.cpp: Here.

	* src/include/Makefile.sub.old (HDRS),
	src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub (OBJS, CCSRCS),
	src/roff/troff/Makefile.sub (HDRS, PBJS, CCSRCS): Updated.

2003-12-01  Keith Marshall  <>

	* src/preproc/htlp/pre-html.cpp (__tmpfile): Renamed to
	Updated all users.

2003-12-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* groff.texinfo: Document special behaviour of `.vs 0'.
	Improve documentation of `cflags' request.
	* NEWS: Updated.

2003-11-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devlj4/generate/Makefile (CORONET): Use correct TFM.
	* font/devlj4/CORONET: Regenerated.

2003-11-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/env.cpp (hyphen_trie::read_patterns_file): Fix loop
	if processing hyphenation patterns in traditional mode.
	Improve error messages.

2003-11-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/node.cpp (troff_output_file::put_char_width,
	troff_output_file::put_char): Fix type of local variable `c'.

2003-11-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (P): Removed.  Updated all function
	(i_to_a): Removed.  libgroff already provides this function.
	(run_pipeline) [_WIN32]: Don't use itoa but i_to_a.

2003-11-18  Keith Marshall  <>

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (xstrsignal): Fix usage of

2003-11-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* COPYING: Use correct version.

2003-11-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	LynxOS 4.0.0 doesn't declare vfprintf.

	* Check for vfprintf.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* src/include/lib.h: Handle `NEED_DECLARATION_VFPRINTF'.
	* src/include/config.hin: Regenerated.

2003-11-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	LynxOS 4.0.0 has snprintf (without declaration) but no vsnprintf.

	* Check for vsnprintf.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* src/include/lib.h: Handle `NEED_DECLARATION_VSNPRINTF' and
	* src/include/config.hin: Regenerated.

2003-11-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4: Updated syntax to autoconf 2.59.
	Don't check for gsos2.
	(GROFF_SRCDIR, GROFF_BUILDDIR): Removed.  autoconf 2.59 provides
	working abs_top_srcdir and abs_top_builddir.

	* Updated syntax to autoconf 2.59.
	Replace call to AC_DECL_SYS_SIGLIST with call to AC_CHECK_DECLS.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	*, doc/ s/@top_srcdir@/@abs_top_srcdir@/,

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (xstrsignal):

2003-11-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grodvi/dvi.cpp (draw_dvi_printer::draw) ['a']: Always
	make start angle smaller than end angle to circumvent a bug in tpic
	handling of some versions of dvipdfm (and dvipdfmx).

2003-10-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grops/ Improve section on creating EPS.

2003-10-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* contrib/pic2graph/ Fix typo (-P-letter ->

2003-10-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fix documentation of `.if'.

2003-10-27  Michail Vidiassov  <>

	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Handle unmapped characters of
	the form `uniXXXX' also.

2003-10-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* contrib/eqn2graph/, contrib/grap2graph/,
	contrib/pic2graph/ Implement secure management of
	temporary files.
	Pass `-P-pletter' to groff to avoid data outside of the converted
	area -- some versions of `convert' (for example 5.3.8) don't check
	the bounding box of the image but always use a fixed image size
	(letter paper format).
	* contrib/eqn2graph/, contrib/grap2graph/,
	contrib/pic2graph/ Updated.

	* src/roff/groff/ Document $TMP and $TEMP.

2003-10-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/troff.cpp (troff_output::simple_circle,
	troff_output::simple_ellipse, troff_output::simple_arc,
	troff_output::simple_line, troff_output::simple_spline,
	troff_output::simple_polygon): Insert a space before arguments.
	(troff_output::set_fill): Emit `\&' before `\D'Fg...' since the
	latter doesn't produce a node, so the following `.sp -1' would do
	the wrong thing.
	Don't emit `.sp -1' after \M.  This also doesn't produce a token
	(and we don't have to care about compatibility mode).
	(troff_output::set_color, troff_output::reset_color): Don't emit
	`.sp -1' after \M and \m.

	* src/roff/troff/input.cpp (old_have_input): New global variable.
	(input_stack::get): Handle `old_have_input'.
	(process_input_stack) <token::TOKEN_NEWLINE>: Call
	`trapping_blank_line' depending on `old_have_input', not

2003-10-20  Keith Marshall  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/tmpfile.cpp [__MSDOS__, _Win32]
	(WIN32_TMPDIR_ENVVAR, MSDOS_TMPDIR_ENVVAR): New macros, providing
	default directory names for temporary files.
	[__MSDOS__, _Win32] (temp_init::temp_init): Use them.

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c [__MSDOS__]: Include stdlib.h.
	[__MSDOS__] (run_pipeline): Honour environment variables.
	Don't use `tmpnam' but `tempnam' to work around messy

	* README.MinGW: New file.

2003-10-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/html/pre-html.cpp (write_upto_newline): Don't use
	`(*t)->next' without testing validity of `*t'.
	(usage): Make it more readable.

2003-10-16  Keith Marshall  <>

	Make html device run under both MS-DOS and Win32.

	* src/preproc/html/pre-html.cpp (MAY_FORK_CHILD_PROCESS,
	MAY_SPAWN_ASYNCHRONOUS_CHILD): New macros to control whether
	spawn or fork+exec has to be used, and whether parent must sleep
	until the child process terminates.  Used in
	(copyofstdoutfd): Removed.
	(char_buffer): Replace `write_file_html' and `write_file_troff'
	member functions with `emit_troff_output' and `run_output_filter'.
	(replaceFd): Replaced with...
	(set_redirection): New auxiliary function.
	(waitForChild): Replaced with...
	(save_and_redirect): New auxiliary function for.

	(char_buffer::do_html, char_buffer::do_image): Simplified, using new

2003-10-14  Keith Marshall  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_SYS_NERR): Check stdlib.h also.
	(GROFF_LIBC): New function.
	Check for `kill'.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* src/include/lib.h: Handle __MINGW32__.
	* src/include/nonposix.h [_MSC_VER]: Handle __MINGW32__.
	Add macro for `pipe'.
	Define P_tmpdir.

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (run_pipeline): Handle `no_pipe'

	* src/utils/indxbib/signal.c (handle_fatal_signal) [!HAVE_KILL]:

2003-10-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Finally fix change 2003-08-26, based on ideas from Chuck Silvers

	* contrib/mom/Makefile.sub: Use a stamp file in the `examples'

2003-10-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/groff/groff.cpp (help), src/devices/grops/ps.cpp (usage),
	src/roff/troff/ (usage): Updated.

	* NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

2003-10-12  Peter Miller  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/searchpath.cpp
	(search_path::open_file_cautious): New function which also handles
	`-' as stdin and stdout depending on the access mode.
	* src/include/searchpath.h (search_path): Updated.

	* src/devices/grops/ps.cpp (main): Handle new `-I' switch.
	* src/devices/grops/ps.h: Include `searchpath.h'.
	* src/devices/grops/psrm.cpp (resource_manager::supply_resource):
	Open resource file with `include_search_path.open_file_cautious'.
	* src/devices/grops/ Document new `-I' switch.

	* src/devices/grodvi/dvi.cpp (main), src/devices/grolbp/lbp.cpp
	(main), src/devices/grolj4/lj4.cpp (main),
	src/devices/grotty/tty.cpp (main): Ignore new `-I' switch.

	* src/preproc/soelim/soelim.cpp (include_list_length, include_list):
	Replaced with...
	(include_search_path): New global variable.
	(include_path_append): Removed.
	(main): Use `include_search_path.command_line_dir' to handle `-I'.
	(do_file): Simplify, using new

	* src/roff/groff/groff.cpp (print_commands): Accept file handle as
	(main): Pass arguments to `-I' to both troff and devices.
	Improve handling of `-V'.
	* src/roff/groff/ Document changes to -I and -V.

	* src/roff/troff/input.cpp (include_search_path): New global
	(next_file, source, ps_bbox_request, transparent_file,
	process_input_file): Use new
	(main) Handle `-I' switch.
	* src/roff/troff/node.cpp (troff_output_file::really_copy_file):
	Use new `include_search_path.open_file_cautious'.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h: New extern symbol `include_search_path'.
	* src/roff/troff/ Document new `-I' switch.

2003-09-15  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	Support multiple calls of .Lb in LIBRARY section.

	* tmac/doc-common (doc-in-library-section): New register.
	(doc-section-library): New string.
	(Sh): Set `doc-in-library-section'.
	(Rd): Updated.
	* tmac/doc-syms (Lb): Insert breaks before and after arguments
	if in LIBRARY section.
	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-save-global-vars): Updated.
	* NEWS, tmac/ Updated.

2003-09-14  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc-common (doc-default-operating-system): New variable.
	(Os): Use it.

2003-09-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-reset-reference): Handle data for `%I' also.

2003-08-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* contrib/mom/Makefile.sub: Fix last change to make it really work.
	* Makefile.comm: Use `test ... ||' in favor of `if test ...; then'.
	(install_dev, uninstall_dev): Check whether $(DEVSCRIPTS) and
	$(DEVFILES) are not empty.
	* Use `test ... ||' in favor of `if test ...; then'.

2003-08-26  Chuck Silvers  <>

	* contrib/mom/Makefile.sub (prepare_make_examples): Make it work
	with parallel runs of `make'.

2003-08-23  Stephen Gildea  <>

	* src/preproc/ref/ref.cpp (reference::compute_sort_key): Always
	insert SORT_SEP.  With certain combinations of sort specifications,
	refer sorted entries in the wrong order.  In particular, entries
	with a missing field should be be sorted before all entries that
	have that field, before refer looks to the next field.

2003-08-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/pfbtops/Makefile.sub (LINK.c): Define it so that the
	g++ linker is used.  Reported by Mark J. Reed

2003-08-16  Heinz-Jürgen Oertel  <>

	Add key character `x' to tbl which makes tbl call a user-defined
	macro on a table cell.

	* src/preproc/tbl/table.h (entry_modifier): Add `macro'.
	* src/preproc/tbl/table.cpp (block_entry::do_divert): Call
	`set_modifier' after printing the compatibility request.
	(set_modifier): Print call to `m->macro' if not empty.
	* src/preproc/tbl/main.cpp (entry_format::debug_print): Handle
	(process_format): Implement cases `x' and `X'.
	* src/preproc/tbl/, NEWS: Updated.

2003-08-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Minor fixes.

2003-08-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac [cR]: Fix redefinition of `bp'.

2003-08-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile.sub: Not all shells expand wildcards in the `for'
	argument list to nothing if there is no file to match.  Use `ls' as
	a protection, similar to autoconf.

	* Makefile.comm (install_dev, uninstall_dev): Protect `for' against
	empty argument lists.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Improve documentation how vertical spacing
	and line breaks interact.
	Other minor fixes.

	* tmac/www.tmac: Initialize `www-htmlimage-gap'.

2003-08-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, src/devices/grops/ -b16 is necessary to produce
	EPS (using eps2eps or similar programs to compute the bounding box).

2003-07-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Use the new @/ command to avoid overlong lines.
	* doc/texinfo.tex: Updated from texinfo 4.6.
	* README.CVS: From now on we need texinfo 4.6.

2003-07-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add requests `dei1' and `ami1' for completeness.

	* src/roff/troff/ (calling_mode): Remove
	(comp_mode): New enumeration.
	(do_define_string, define_string, define_nocomp_string,
	append_string, append_nocomp_string): Updated.
	(do_define_macro): Add third parameter.
	(define_macro, define_nocomp_macro, define_indirect_macro,
	append_macro, append_nocomp_macro, append_indirect_macro): Updated.
	(define_indirect_nocomp_macro, append_indirect_nocomp_macro): New
	(ignore): Updated.
	(init_input_requests): Add `dei1' and `ami1'.

	* tmac/trace.tmac: Handle de1 and am1.
	(de): Improve tracing message.
	(am): Add missing `do'.
	(return): Use de1.

	* NEWS, man/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo:
	Document new requests.

2003-07-22  Heinz-Jürgen Oertel  <>

	Add option -G to .MPIMG to insert a gap between text and the image.

	* tmac/www.tmac (www-finish-left-po, www-finish-right-ll,
	www-finish-left-ll): Updated.
	(www-image-just, www-image-gap, www-htmlimage-gap): New variables.
	(MPIMG): Make option -L and -R optional.
	Implement option -G.

2003-07-22  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/post-html.cpp
	(html_printer::do_file_components): Don't use `stdout' as lvalue
	since it can be a macro.

2003-07-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/strerror.c: Include errno.h to be in sync with
	the corresponding test in aclocal.m4.

2003-07-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/html/pre-html.cpp (TRANSPARENT): Don't use colour
	names but RGB values directly.  Otherwise pnmtopng depends on
	an external file `rgb.txt' which maps colour names to values.

2003-07-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_SYS_ERRLIST): Include stdlib.h for MinGW.
	* configure, src/include/config.hin: Regenerated.

	* src/libs/libgroff/strerror.c: Include stdlib.h for MinGW.

2003-07-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Add solution for UTF-8 problem with hyphens.

2003-07-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* *.man: Switch to non-compatibility mode temporarily if GNU
	syntax extensions are used in the particular man page.

	* PROBLEMS: Add solutions for SGR problems.

2003-07-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Don't ignore grotty's command line options if \X'tty: sgr ...' is
	used to change the drawing scheme.

	* src/devives/grotty/tty.cpp (bold_flag_option,
	underline_flag_option, italic_flag_option, reverse_flag_option,
	bold_underline_mode_option): New global variables.
	(update_options): New function.
	(tty_printer::special): Call update_options.
	(main): Don't set xxx_flag but xxx_flag_option, then call

2003-07-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Make grotty emit proper Unicode box drawing characters for -Tutf8.

	* src/devices/grotty/tty.cpp (START_LINE, END_LINE): New enum
	(hline_char, vline_char): New global variables.
	(tty_printer::tty_printer): Initialize them.
	(tty_printer::draw): Emit START_LINE and END_LINE flags for both
	horizontal and vertical lines.
	(crossings): New global array.
	(tty_printer::end_page): Use it to determine the proper crossing
	character for -Tutf8.

2003-07-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefilesub (HTMLDOCFILESALL): New macro.
	(HTMLDOCFILES): Revert to `pic.html'.
	(CLEANADD, install_html, uninstall_sub): Use HTMLDOCFILESALL.

2003-07-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Improve documentation of absolute coordinates.
	Document absolute positioning of pictures.

	* NEWS: Add new pic capability.

2003-07-09  Hartmut Henkel  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/geometry.cpp (check_output_arc_limits):

2003-07-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implement support for dashed and dotted ellipses in pic.  Based on
	a patch from Hartmut Henkel <>.

	* src/preproc/pic/common.cpp (common_output::ellipse_arc,
	common_output::dashed_ellipse, common_output::dotted_ellipse): New
	functions.  Ellipse arcs are approximated with circle arcs.
	* src/preproc/pic/common.h (common_output): Updated.
	* src/preproc/pic/tex.cpp (tex_output::ellipse): Use new ellipse
	* src/preproc/pic/troff.cpp (simple_output::ellipse): Ditto.

	* src/preproc/pic/TODO, src/preproc/pic/ Updated.

2003-07-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Make grotty work on platforms which have unsigned char as the
	default for char.  Based on a patch by Thomas Klausner

	* src/devices/grotty/tty.cpp (schar): New typedef.
	Updated calls to declare_ptable and implement_ptable.
	(glyph): Use schar for back_color_idx and fore_color_idx.
	(tty_printer): Use schar for curr_fore_idx and curr_back_idx.
	(tty_printer::tty_color, tty_printer::tty_printer,
	tty_printer::color_to_idx, tty_printer::put_color): Updated.

2003-07-06  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* src/roff/nroff/ Add option -d for completeness.
	* src/roff/nroff/ Updated.

2003-07-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, tmac/ Updated.
	* doc/Makefile.sub: Updated.

2003-07-05  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Implement support for multiple HTML output files.

	* src/preproc/html/pre-html.cpp (scanArguments): Dummy handling for
	-j command line option.

	* src/devices/grohtml/post-html.cpp (job_name, multiple_files): New
	global variables.
	(file): New fields `new_output_file', `require_links',
	(file::file): Updated.
	(files::set_file_name, files::set_links_required,
	files::are_links_required, files::is_new_output_file,
	files::file_name, files::next_file_name): New functions.
	(header_desc): New fields `no_of_level_one_headings',
	(header_desc::header_desc): Updated.
	(header_desc::write_headings): Handle multiple files.
	(html_printer::write_header): Save file name in which header occurs.
	(html_printer::determine_header_level): Possibly split files on
	level one headings.
	(html_printer::do_links, html_printer::troff_tag): Updated.
	(html_printer::insert_split_file, html_printer::do_job_name,
	html_printer::emit_link, html_printer::write_navigation,
	html_printer::do_file_components): New functions.
	(html_printer::~html_printer): Handle multiple files.
	(main): Handle command line option `-j'.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ Updated.

	* doc/Makefile.sub (pic.html), doc/ (pic.html): New rule
	which splits file.

	* tmac/www.tmac (JOBNAME): New macro.
	* tmac/s.tmac (SH-NO-TAG): New macro.
	(@SH): Call SH-NO-TAG.
	(@NH): Updated.

2003-07-05  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/ Improve documentation of punctuation

2003-07-04  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (Bd): Change to doc-Li-font later.

2003-07-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac [cR]: Redefine `bp' to avoid empty lines.

2003-07-01  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-do-func, doc-do-func-args): Don't print a comma
	after `/*' and `*/'.
	Fix spacing.
	(Fn, Fo): Reduce indentation in synopsis.

	* tmac/doc-common (doc-check-depth): New macro.
	(doc-end-macro, Sh, Ss): Use it.
	(Cd): Fix behaviour in synopsis.
	(In): Make it parsed and callable.
	If not in the synopsis, represent the C header file enclosed in
	angle brackets.
	(doc-str-Rv-std-suffix, doc-str-Rv-stds-suffix, doc-str-Rv-std0):
	Use minus, not hyphen.

	* tmc/ Updated.

2003-07-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Integrated grap2graph, contributed by Eric S. Raymond.

	* contrib/grap2graph/{Makefile.sub,,}:
	New files.
	*, NEWS, MANIFEST, contrib/,
	contrib/, src/roff/groff/ Updated.

2003-07-01  Colin Watson  <>

	* src/xditview/*.c: Add prototypes, fix return types, add includes.
	Based on work by Fumitoshi UKAI <>.

2003-06-31  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/tty-char.tmac: Provide `lb', `rb', `lk', `rk', `lt', `rt'.

2003-06-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile.sub (CLEANADD): Remove all files created by
	running `make groff.{pdf,dvi}'.

	* Makefile.sub (DISTCLEANFILES): Remove all non-source files from
	src/xditview also.

2003-06-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* (SHELL): Define as @SHELL@.
	(mkinstalldirs): Use $(SHELL).
	* Makefile.comm (SHELL): Removed.

2003-06-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/s.tmac (De, Ds): New aliases for .DE and .DS, respectively.
	The X11 documentation files use them.
	* tmac/, doc/groff.texinfo: Document them.

2003-06-15  Robert Goulding  <goulding@Princeton.EDU>

	* tmac/e.tmac (@C): Handle .ad also.

2003-06-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/tbl/ Document formatting of text blocks.

	* src/roff/troff/ (token::next) <handle_escape_char>:
	Assign `n' even here.  It is possible to construct a node
	immediately following an escape character:

	  .di xx

2003-06-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* README.WIN32: Removed.
	* MANIFEST: Updated.

2003-06-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/nroff/ Don't emit SGR for option -u.

2003-06-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y <sprintf_args>: Implement workaround for bug
	in Compaq C++ V6.5-033 for Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1A (Rev. 1885).

2003-06-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/hdb.cpp (DBRead): Don't close file handle; this
	is done by the calling function.

2003-05-22  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/X.tmac: Fix definition of `em'.

2003-05-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (return_macro_request): Fix detection of

2003-05-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-tag-list): Force horizontal mode after tag
	to make	items work which consist only of a tag.

2003-05-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-tag-list): Don't use \Z to assure that spaces
	aren't stretched in a tag (this can fail with unformatted boxes).
	Instead, insert a break and go back one line.

2003-05-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (return_macro_request): If called with
	argument pop macro twice.  We need this to trace `return'.

	* tmac/trace.tmac: Handle `return'.
	Fix typos.

	* NEWS, man/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo:

2003-05-15  Larry Kollar  <>

	* tmac/, doc/groff.texinfo: Improve documentation of
	registers `FPS', `FVS', and `FPD'.

2003-05-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c (get_text): Handle loop counter

2003-05-03  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/ Slight improvements.

2003-05-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/doc-common (doc-header): Emit vertical space of 1v instead of
	`doc-header-space' after header line if register `cR' is set.

2003-05-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* TODO: Updated.

2003-05-01  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc-common (Nd): Use \[em].

2003-05-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/doc-ditroff, tmac/doc-nroff (doc-header-space,
	doc-footer-space): Initialize to 0.5i.
	(doc-setup-page-layout): Don't set doc-header-space and

2003-04-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* REVISION: Set to 1.

	* doc/ Document possible problems with `figname'.

2003-04-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

Version 1.19 released

	* VERSION: Set to 1.19.
	* REVISION: Set to 0.
	* doc/groff.texinfo, doc/, NEWS: Updated.

	* src/devices/grohtml/post-html.cpp (html_printer::~html_printer):
	Define charset as `US-ASCII' in html output.

	* tmac/www.tmac (ULE): Add missing scaling indicator.

	* win32-diffs: Removed.

2003-04-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document `dn' and `dl' registers if used with
	`.da' and `.boxa'.
	Document how to insert discardable whitespace with `.ss'.

2003-04-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/tex.cpp (tex_output::start_picture): Make code
	work with plain TeX also.

	* src/preproc/pic/, doc/ Fix TeX code example.

2003-04-25  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/post-html.cpp (html_printer::~html_printer):
	Use a loose DTD.

2003-04-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/, doc/ Explain how to get a
	vbox with positive height and zero depth if in TeX mode.

	* NEWS: Document glyph name changes for grodvi and grolj4.

2003-04-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/tex.cpp (tex_output::start_picture): Fix TeX code.
	* doc/ Fixed.

2003-04-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	HP-UX 10.20 has `snprintf' but it isn't declared.

	* Add declaration test for snprintf.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* src/include/lib.h: Handle `NEED_DECLARATION_SNPRINTF'.
	* src/include/config.hin: Regenerated.

2003-04-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add keyword `figname' to pic, specifying the name of the picture
	box in TeX mode.  Based on a patch from William J Poser

	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y: New token `FIGNAME'.
	(macro_name): New rule of type <str>.
	(placeless_element): Handle `FIGNAME'.
	* src/preproc/pic/lex.cpp (lookup_keyword): Add `figname'.
	* src/preproc/pic/main.cpp (graphname): New global variable.
	(do_picture): Initialize `graphname'.
	* src/preproc/pic/pic.h: Updated.
	* src/preproc/pic/tex.cpp (tex_output::start_picture): Use
	Simplify TeX code.
	(tex_output::text): Beautify output.
	* src/preproc/pic/object.cpp (object_spec::~object_spec): Deallocate
	`shaded' and `outlined' unconditionally.
	* NEWS, src/preproc/pic/, doc/ Updated.
	Minor improvements.

	* PROBLEMS, README.CVS: Mention that bison version 1.875b or
	greater is necessary.

2003-04-17  Hartmut Henkel  <>

	Add option -r to soelim to avoid emission of `.lf' lines.
	Add option -t to produces TeX comment lines instead of `.lf' lines.

	* src/preproc/soelim/soelim.cpp: New global variables `raw_flag'
	and `tex_flag'.
	(usage): Updated.
	(main): Handle `-r' and `-t'.
	(set_location): Handle `raw_flag' and `tex_flag'.
	* src/preproc/soelim/, NEWS: Updated.

2003-04-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ Replaced with...
	* tmac/ This perl script to avoid sed compatibility

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_HTML_PROGRAMS): Emit useful warning message
	if --quiet is used for the configure script.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2003-04-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/post-html.cpp (text_glob::text_glob):
	Add `const' to second argument.
	(html_printer::add_table_end): Add `const' to argument.
	* src/devices/grohtml/html-text.cpp (html_text::issue_tag): Add
	`const' to arguments.
	* src/devices/grohtml/html-text.h: Updated.

	* src/devices/grolbp/charset.h (symset): Use `unsigned char'.
	* src/devices/grolbp/lbp.h (lbpputc): Use `unsigned char' for

	* src/devices/grotty/tty.cpp (tty_printer::make_rgb_string): Use
	cast for integer constant.

	* src/preproc/html/pre-html.cpp (image_device): Use `const'.
	(writeNbytes): Add `const' to first argument.
	(writeString): Add `const' to argument.
	(char_buffer::can_see): Add `const' to third argument.
	* src/preproc/html/pushback.cpp (pushBackBuffer::isString): Add
	`const' to argument.
	* src/preproc/html/pushback.h: Updated.

	* src/preproc/soelim/soelim.cpp (include_list): Add `const'.
	(include_path_append): Add `const' to argument.
	(do_file): Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/uniglyph.cpp (unicode_to_glyph_list): Use `const'
	for `value'.
	(unicode_to_glyph_init::unicode_to_glyph_init): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/uniuni.cpp (unicode_decompose_list): Use `const'
	for `value'.
	(unicode_decompose_init::unicode_decompose_init): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/glyphuni.cpp (glyph_to_unicode_list): Use `const'
	for `value'.
	(glyph_to_unicode_init::glyph_to_unicode_init): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/ (process_startup_file): Add `const' to

	* tmac/ Make script more portable by using a here

2003-04-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Renamed all `*.cc' files to `*.cpp'.
	Updated all configuration files, makefiles, and documentation.

2003-04-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ Slight improvements.

2003-04-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devascii/R.proto, font/devcp1037/R.proto,
	font/devlatin1/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Fill up remaining
	character slots with unnamed glyphs.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Fix hyphenation value if `cR' is active.
	(an-first): New global variable.
	(an-header): Emit vertical space between multiple man pages.

2003-04-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo, man/ \S only accepts integer

2003-04-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Revised.

2003-04-10  Bernd Warken  <>

	* doc/ Improved.

2003-04-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add register \n[.height] which returns the value of \H.
	Add register \n[.slant] which returns the value of \S.

	* src/roff/troff/ (init_env_requests): Implement.
	* NEWS, man/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo:

2003-04-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/html.tmac: Move some of the data into html-end.tmac.
	Remove most of the character translations for eqn since html fonts
	now cover those characters.
	Load www.tmac.
	* tmac/html-end.tmac: New file.
	* tmac/troffrc: Load html.tmac not www.tmac for -Thtml.
	* tmac/troffrc-end: Load html-end.tmac not html.tmac for -Thtml.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Add html-end.tmac.

2003-04-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Document negative values of `N' if -Thtml is

2003-04-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Makefile.comm (depend.temp): Check location of YTABC.

2003-04-05  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>

	* contrib/mom/Makefile.sub (GROFFBIN): New variable for groff
	binary path.
	(groff_bin_path): Rename to GROFF_BIN_PATH.
	* doc/ (TROFFBIN): New variable for troff
	binary path.
	(GROFFBIN): New variable for groff binary path.
	(groff_bin_path): Rename to GROFF_BIN_PATH.
	* doc/Makefile.sub (GROFFBIN): New variable for groff
	binary path.
	(groff_bin_path): Rename to GROFF_BIN_PATH.

	* Makefile.comm (install_dev): Install scripts from DEVSCRIPTS
	(uninstall_dev): Uninstall scripts from DEVSCRIPTS.
	* (all): Depend on DEVSCRIPTS.
	(install_dev): Likewise.
	* font/devdvi/Makefile.sub (DEVSCRIPTS): New variable to hold
	* font/devps/Makefile.sub (DEVSCRIPTS): Likewise.
	(DEVGENSCRIPTS): New variable to hold generated scripts.

2003-04-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libdriver/ (IntArray::operator[],
	IntArray::get_data): Remove meaningless `const' in return value.

	* README.CVS: New file.

2003-04-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Check for stdint.h in C++, not in C.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_STDINT_H): New function,
	* Check for stdint.h with GROFF_STDINT_H instead of
	* configure, src/include/config.hin: Regenerated.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Use HAVE_CC_STDINT_H.

	Fix handling of &nbsp; in grohtml.  To do this, troff emits `N'
	with a negative value, representing the width of the unbreakable
	space (only for -Thtml).  grohtml then converts this back to
	&nbsp; and uses the value of N as its width.

	* src/roff/troff/ (space_char_hmotion_node::tprint,
	unbreakable_space_node::tprint): Emit `N-<width>'.
	* src/include/printer.h (printer::set_numbered_char): Make it
	Make members `font_table' and `nfonts' protected instead of private.
	* src/devices/grohtml/
	(html_printer::set_numbered_char): New member function.

	* src/libs/libgroff/

	* src/roff/troff/ (unbreakable_space_node::tprint): Don't
	emit word marker.

2003-04-03  Sergey A. Osokin  <>

	* man/ Small fixes.

2003-04-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Make groff independent from locale's numeric settings.

	* Check for `setlocale'.
	* configure, src/include/config.hin: Regenerated.

	* src/include/lib.h: Handle HAVE_SETLOCALE.

	* src/devices/grodvi/ (main), src/devices/grolj4/
	(main), src/devices/grops/ (main), src/preproc/grn/
	(main), src/preproc/pic/ (main): Call `setlocale'.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Change dir category to `Typesetting'.
	(Man font macros): Mention that there is no space between arguments
	of .BI and friends.

	* src/libs/libdriver/, src/devices/grotty/
	(*printer::change_color, *printer::change_fill_color): Add missing

2003-04-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_table::emit_col,
	html_table::is_gap): Compute table widths after converting border
	positions to avoid rounding errors.

2003-04-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_text::do_space): Handle
	`space_emitted' properly.

2003-03-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ Fix column width calculation.
	(html_table::set_linelength): Don't add 1.
	(html_table::add_indent): Don't subtract 1.

	* tmac/html.tmac: Set default page offset to zero.

2003-03-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Make groff emit `&nbsp;' for `\ ' and `\~' if `-Thtml' is used.

	* src/roff/troff/ (space_char_hmotion_node::tprint,
	unbreakable_space_node::tprint): New functions.
	(troff_output_file): Make space_char_hmotion_mode::tprint and
	unbreakable_space_node::tprint to friends.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h: Updated.

	* font/devhtml/R.proto: Add `&nbsp' at position 0xA0 (as defined
	in the HTML standard).

2003-03-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (point_size): Fix emission of html tag.
	Otherwise, the following code

	  .di xxx
	  .ps 10

	produces `x a' instead of `xa'.  This is a temporary fix, disabling
	font changes in diversions for -Thtml.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (TH, SH): Use `HTML-TAG-NS' instead of
	(an-do-tag-html): Merge with ...
	(an-do-tag): This macro.
	Change code slightly to circumvent grohtml bug.
	* tmac/troffrc-end: Define dummy for HTML-TAG-NS.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_table::emit_col,
	html_table::is_gap): Round `width' properly.

	* tmac/html.tmac: Provide some default layout parameters for

	* font/devhtml/DESC.proto: Don't use discrete values for `sizes'

2003-03-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	src/devices/grops/ (ps_printer::do_import): Fix error message.

2003-03-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (BT): Don't call .tl if register `ps4html' is

2003-03-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (vertical_spacing): Allow zero value for
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

2003-03-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (process_input_stack) <TOKEN_BEGIN_TRAP,
	TOKEN_END_TRAP>: Reset `have_input'.

2003-03-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/groff/ Mention groff_trace man page.

2003-03-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* (LIBEXT): New variable to indicate the file extension
	of library files.  Computed heuristically from $(OBJEXT).
	* Makefile.lib, Makefile.comm: Use it.

	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c (get_text): New function.  Split
	overlong lines into smaller chunks.
	(get_binary): New function.
	(main): Use them.
	* src/utils/pfbtops/ Updated.

2003-03-15  Colin Watson  <>

	* src/roff/groff/ Minor syntax fix.

2003-03-14  Egil Kvaleberg  <>

	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_printer::media_set,
	ps_printer::~ps_printer): Handle zero paper width and length.

2003-03-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add options -p and -l to grodvi.

	* src/devices/grodvi/ Include paper.h.
	(landscape_flag, user_paper_length, user_paper_width): New global
	(dvi_printer::begin_page): Emit `papersize' special.
	Set color after initialization of `cur_h' and `cur_v'.
	(main): Add options `-l' and `-p'.
	* font/devdvi/Makefile.sub (DESC): Set `papersize'.
	* src/devices/grodvi/, NEWS: Updated.

	* src/devices/grops/ (valid_input_table): Fixed.

2003-03-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grops/ Move documentation of .PSPIC to...
	* man/ This man page.
	* man/ Declare `paperwidth' and `paperlength' as

	* tmac/X.tmac: Don't load pspic.tmac.

2003-03-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Make variable `pr' local to libdriver/  Based on a patch
	by Bernd Warken <>.

	* src/include/driver.h (pr): Removed.

	* src/libs/libdriver/ (pr): New global variable.
	(do_file): Deallocate `pr'.
	* src/libs/libdriver/ (pr): Removed.

	* src/devices/grodvi/ (main), src/devices/grohtml/
	(main), src/devices/grolbp/ (main), src/devices/grolj4/
	(main), src/devices/grops/ (main), src/devices/grotty/
	(main): Don't delete `pr'.

2003-03-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/a4.tmac, tmac/composite.tmac: Use `.do'.
	* tmac/papersize.tmac: New file.
	* tmac/troffrc: Include `papersize.tmac'.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Add `papersize.tmac'.
	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Set LT to LL by default.

	* NEWS, MANIFEST, tmac/, man/,
	doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (add_iso_paper): Fix very embarassing
	bug which caused all odd iso papers to have wrong dimensions.

	* src/devices/grops/ (user_paper_width): New global variable.
	(main) <'p'>: Set `user_paper_width' also.
	(ps_printer::media_width, ps_printer::media_height): Use values
	given with option `-p'.

2003-03-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/nonposix.h: Provide default for SET_BINARY.

	* src/devices/grodvi/, src/devices/grolbp/,
	src/devices/grolj4/, src/devices/grops/ Call SET_BINARY

	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c: Call SET_BINARY unconditionally.
	(main): Treat \r\n as \n.

2003-03-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Use register `HY' to control hyphenation.
	* NEWS, tmac/, doc/groff.texinfo: Document it.

2003-03-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added support to access more than 256 glyphs in Type 1 fonts.

	* src/devices/grops/ (subencoding): New structure.
	(style): Add `sub' field.
	Updated all users.
	(ps_printer): Add `subencodings' and `next_subencoding_index' fields.
	Add `set_subencoding', `get_subfont' and `encode_subfont' member
	Updated all users.
	(ps_printer::set_char): Use `set_subencoding'.
	(make_subencoding_name): New function.
	(ps_printer::set_style): Handle case where `sty.sub' is not zero.
	(ps_printer::~ps_printer): Emit subencoding definitions.

	* src/devices/grops/ (valid_input_table): New array to
	properly support EBCDIC.
	(white_space): Add `\f'.
	(ps_get_line): Change first argument to be of type `string &'.
	Updated all callers.
	This allows to get lines of arbitrary length.
	Use `valid_input_table'.
	Remove warning about non-conforming PS line length.  This seems
	not to be of great importance -- for example, dvips don't emit
	a warning either.
	(PS_LINE_MAX): Removed.
	(matches_comment): Change first argument to be of type `string &'.

	* src/devices/grops/, src/devices/grops/TODO: Updated.

	* src/utils/afmtodit/ (%unicode_decomposed,
	%AGL_to_unicode, %default_ligatures): New hash tables.
	Read all map entries.
	Add unencoded characters.
	Check for default ligatures if there are no `L' entries.
	Print all kern entries.
	Print all characters in charset.
	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Updated.

	* font/devps/*: Regerated all fonts.

	* tmac/latin[129].tmac, tmac/cp1047.tmac: Don't test for existence
	of characters, just use `.trin'.  Otherwise the mapping depends
	on the font encoding.
	* tmac/ps.tmac: Add `fi' and `fl'.
	Improve `Fi' and `Fl'.
	* tmac/X.tmac, tmac/lbp.tmac, tmac/tty.tmac: Improve `Fi' and `Fl'.
	* tmac/Xps.tmac: Fix `em'.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2003-03-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (charinfo_to_node_list): Reset

2003-03-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Makefile.sub (DISTCLEANFILES): Add gxditview._man.

	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Remove entry `similarequal'.
	* font/devps/symbolmap: Updated.

2003-03-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (font::load): Fix error message for
	bad character type.

	* src/devices/grops/ Improve documentation of the -b

	* tmac/tty.tmac: Load latin1.tmac for all TTY devices except
	`ascii' and `cp1047'.

2003-03-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Document composite glyphs and the `composite' request.

	* man/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo: Do it.

2003-02-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devdvi/generate/ Add some more Unicode entities.
	* font/devdvi/*EC: Updated.

	* tmac/composite.tmac, tmac/latin2.tmac, tmac/latin9.tmac: New files.
	* tmac/latin1 (latin1-tr): Undo any previous mapping.
	* tmac/troffrc: Load `composite.tmac'.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Updated.

	* doc/groff.texinfo (Input Encodings): New section.
	* NEWS: Updated.

2003-02-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/texinfo.tex: New version 2003-02-11.06.

	* tmac/doc-common (Dt): Don't emit warning for unknown section.
	* tmac/ Fix description of `Dt'.

2003-02-26  Egil Kvaleberg  <>

	* font/devps/ Fix for included Postscript that does
	a setpagedevice -- which is now safely ignored.

	* NEWS: Updated.

	* src/devices/grops/ Now sets the page size in the generated
	document.  This is done in two ways: Via a %%-comment for gv and
	the like, and via a PageSize and setpagedevice for programs that
	understands Postscript proper, like ps2pdf.

	* src/devices/grops/ps.h: New broken-flag to avoid page size
	definition, if required.

	* src/devices/grops/ New broken-flag 16 mentioned.

	* doc/ Added -nosetpage flag (via @pnmtops_nosetpage@).
	Not really necessary due to the fix in, but cleaner:
	Such information does not belong in an .eps file.

	* doc/Makefile.sub: See doc/

2003-02-26  Ralph Corderoy  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_PNMTOPS_NOSETPAGE): Use P2 format for testing
	instead of P1 since the latter is broken in some versions of netpbm.
	* configure: Updated.

2003-02-26  Larry Kollar  <>

	Make man pages more customizable.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (FT): New register holding footer distance from
	(HF): New string holding the default heading font.
	(TH): Handle registers `IN' and `SN' set on the command line.
	Use `FT'.
	(PT, BT): New strings to customize header and footer lines.
	(an-header, an-footer): Use them.
	(SH, SS): Use `HF'.
	* tmac/ Document changes.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document man changes.
	Document Ultrix extensions of man.

2003-02-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (do_width, do_if_request): Reset
	`have_input' after changing back to old environment.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ (lbp_printer::set_line_thickness): Move
	function up to be defined before first call.  This is necessary to
	avoid a compilation problem with Sun's WorkShop 6 C++ compiler.

	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Make script search for files in
	the default font directory also.  Based on a patch from James
	J. Ramsey <>.
	* src/utils/afmtodit/Makefile.sub (afmtodit): Handle @FONTDIR@.
	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Document it.

	* NEWS: Updated.

	* tmac/, doc/groff.texinfo: Many minor fixes.

2003-02-25  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_HTML_PROGRAMS): Add test for pnmtops.
	* Use it.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* Updated.

	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Remove www.tmac.
	(CLEANADD): Add www.tmac-sed.
	(pnmtops_nosetpage): Define default.
	(install_data): Handle www.tmac-sed and substitute
	(stamp-sed): Add www.tmac.
	* tmac/www.tmac: Rewritten, based on a patch by Bernd Warken.
	It now breaks URLs at suitable places.
	(www:substring_ok): New register set by...
	(www:@test_substring): New macro.
	(www:error): New alias to www-error.
	(www:lenstr, www:splitstr, www:url_breaks, www:url_breaks_splitted):
	New macros.
	(URL): Use www:url_breaks.
	(CDS, CDE): New macros.

2003-02-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_printer::define_encoding): Avoid
	buffer overflow.

2003-02-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Contrary to the PCL5 Developer's Guide, the ascenders in TFM files
	can be negative also.

	* src/utils/hpftodit/ (char_info): `ascent' must be
	(read_char_table): Avoid negative ascenders.
	(output_charset): Add cast.
	* font/devlj4/*: Regenerated.

	Replace unnamed glyphs for DVI fonts with `uXXXX' glyph names where

	* font/devdvi/generate/{tc,texttt,ec,texmi,texsy,textex}.map: Do it.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Map glyph 23 to `u21C6' instead
	of `<>'.
	* font/devdvi/*: Regenerated.

	Map `la' and `ra' to U+27E8 and U+27E9.  These two characters have
	normal width, while the previously used characters (U+2329 and
	U+232A) are classified as wide due to canonical equivalence with the
	CJK punctuation characters U+3008 and U+3009.

	* font/devutf8/R.proto: Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/, src/roff/troff/ Ditto.

	* man/ Simplify handling of table traps by
	introducing `start block' and `end block' macros.
	(Ns, Ne, 2s, 2e, Ds, De): New macros.
	(DL): Make it work with Unix troff also.
	Fix code values of `la' and `ra'.

	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Define `<>' for CW and CWI.

2003-02-23  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (element_list::~element_list):
	New destructor, fixing a major memory leak.

2003-02-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Flip `*f' and `+f'
	to be in conformance with Unicode 3.0 and newer.

	* font/devlj4/generate/ Add `Eu'.
	* font/devlj4/generate/ Flip `*e' and `+e'.
	* font/devlj4/S: Regenerated.

	* man/ Completely rewritten.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fix description of request and macro arguments.

2003-02-20  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Valgrind fixes.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_table::~html_table):
	Deallocate `columns' list.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (char_block::~char_block):
	New destructor.
	(text_glob::text_glob_html, text_glob::text_glob_special,
	text_glob::text_glob_line, text_glob::text_glob_auto_image,
	text_glob::text_glob_tag): Avoid memory leaks.
	(text_glob::remember_table): Free memory before reassigning.

2003-02-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add glyph `+e', greek lunate epsilon symbol, and `-h' (with the
	alias `hbar'), the Planck constant over two pi.

	* font/devdvi/generate/ Use `*e' for position 15 and
	`+e' for position 34.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Replace `DI' and `HE' with
	`u2662' and `u2661'.
	* font/devdvi/{MI,S}: Regenerated.
	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Add `+e', `-h', `hbar'.
	* font/devlbp/*: Add `hbar' alias.
	* font/devlj4/generate/ Ditto.
	* font/devlj4/S: Regenerated.
	* font/devps/generate/symbolchars: Add `+e'.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Fix PS name for `-h'.
	Add `hbar' alias.
	* font/devps/symbolmap: Regenerated.

	* src/devices/grops/ (transform_fill): Removed since unused.

	* src/roff/troff/ (glyph_to_unicode_list): Add `+e',
	`-h', `hbar'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (unicode_to_glyph_list): Add `+e',

	* tmac/X.tmac, tmac/ps.tmac: Provide definitions for `-h' and
	* tmac/tty-char.tmac: Add `+e'.

2003-02-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Another round trying to really fix problems with `have_input'.

	* src/roff/troff/ (input_stack::get): Handle `have_input'.
	(token::next) <'\n'>, <\'\n'>: Don't handle `have_input'.

	* src/devices/grotty/ (tty_printer::put_color): Fix color
	handling if both foreground and background colors are default.

	* doc/groff.texinfo (Debugging): Document .lf differences to
	AT&T troff.

2003-02-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grotty/ (tty_printer::make_rgb_string): Avoid
	null-bytes in created string.

	* src/roff/troff/ (lookup_color, interpolate_macro,
	alias_macro, lookup_request): Improve warning messages.

	* src/roff/troff/ (suppress_node::tprint): Use `strsave',
	not `strdup'.
	Free `last_image_filename'.

	* src/preproc/html/ (char_block::char_block): Initialize
	(imageList::createPage, imageList::createImage): Use `free', not
	(imageItem::~imageItem): Free `imageName'.
	(addRegDef): Use `strsave', not `strdup'.
	(get_resolution): Free `pathp'.

2003-02-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grotty/ (tty_printer::tty_printer): Fix pointer
	to `dummy'.

2003-02-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add memory management for colors to deallocate unnamed colors

	* src/include/color.h (color): New members `free_list' and `next'.
	New member functions `new' and `delete'.
	Add destructor.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Implement it.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (font::add_kern): Use integer cast
	for array size of new operator.

	* src/libs/libdriver/ (IntArray::operator[]): Remove
	redundant comparison.

	* src/roff/troff/ (word_space_node::reread,
	hmotion_node::reread): Avoid warning about unused parameter.
	(reset_output_registers): Remove redundant parameter.
	(define_color): Undo change 2003-02-12.

	* src/roff/troff/reg.h: Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/ (troff_output_file::really_print_line,
	output_file::put_filename, real_output_file::really_put_filename,
	break_char_node::get_hyphen_list): Avoid warning about unused
	(suppress_node::tprint): Updated.

	* Check declaration for rand() and srand().
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* src/preproc/pic/pic.h: Declare fmod(), rand(), and srand()
	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y: Remove declaration of fmod(), rand(),
	and srand().

	* src/preproc/eqn/ (delim_table): Add missing initializers
	to avoid compiler warnings.

	* src/preproc/grn/ (HGPrintElt): Second parameter is

	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_printer::set_char): Last parameter
	is unused.
	* src/devices/grops/ (skip_possible_newline): Remove first
	(unused) parameter.
	Updated all callers.

	* src/devices/grotty/ (tty_printer::set_char): Last parameter
	is unused.
	* src/devices/grodvi/ (dvi_printer::set_char): Ditto.
	* src/devices/grolj4/ (lj4_printer::set_char): Ditto.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer::emit_line):
	Parameter is unused.
	(html_printer::add_table_end): Define parameter conditionally.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (simple_output::special): Parameter
	is unused.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Define _GNU_SOURCE conditionally.
	(lbp_printer::set_char): Last parameter is unused.

	* src/utils/indxbib/ (main): Remove redundant comparison.

2003-02-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	New commands \D'Fr ...', \D'Fc ...', etc. for orthogonality.
	Make \D'f ...' move horizontally again for backwards compatibility.
	Replace it with \D'Fg ...' where appropriate to avoid dependency
	on horizontal resolution.

	* src/roff/troff/ (do_get_long_name): New function.
	(get_long_name): Call it.

	(read_draw_node): Handle `\D'Fx ...' by calling ...
	(read_color_draw_node): New function.

	(read_rgb, read_cmy, read_cmyk, read_gray): New optional argument
	Pass it to `do_get_long_name' which is used instead of

	* src/libs/libdriver/ (color_from_Df_command): Remove
	unnecessary value guard.
	(parse_D_command) <'f'>: Add horizontal shift.

	* src/preproc/grn/ (HGPrintElt) <POLYGON>: Use \D'Fg ...'.
	* src/preproc/pic/ (troff_output::set_fill): Ditto.
	(FILL_MAX): Removed.

	* NEWS, man/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo:

2003-02-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (do_name_test, do_expr_test,
	do_zero_width): Push `\n' if closing delimiter is missing.

	(token::next) <ESCAPE_NEWLINE>, <'\n'>, <\'\n'>: Reset `have_input'.
	<'F'>: Make \F non-transparent at the beginning of line.
	(process_input_stack) <token::TOKEN_CHAR, token::TOKEN_NEWLINE,
	token::TOKEN_REQUEST, token::TOKEN_BEGIN_TRAP>: Don't handle

	(define_color): Free color in case of reassignment.

	* doc/groff.texinfo (@Defesc, @DefescList, @DefescItem,
	@DefescListEnd): Use @Var, not @var.
	Fix all calls.

	* src/preproc/grn/ (HGPrintElt): Fix typo.

	* src/preproc/pic/ (object_spec::~object_spec): Free
	`shaded' and `outlined' arrays.
	(object_spec::object_spec): Initialize `shaded' and `outlined'.
	(graphic_object::set_fill_color, graphic_object::set_outline_color):
	Use strsave.
	(closed_object::set_fill_color): Ditto.
	* src/preproc/pic/ (troff_output::set_color): Use strsave
	instead of strdup.
	(troff_output::reset_color): Use a_delete instead of free.
	* src/preproc/pic/ (do_file): Free `out' in case of error.

2003-02-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Improve documentation of `ad'.
	Document that \D'f...' is dependent on the horizontal resolution.
	* man/ Improve documentation of \D'f...'.

	* src/preproc/grn/ (HGPrintElt) <POLYGON>: Don't emit
	compensating \h'...' for \D'f ...' since the latter no longer moves
	current position.
	* src/preproc/pic/ (troff_output::set_fill): Ditto.

2003-02-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Improve error messages for `x F' (and `F') commands.

	* src/include/error.h: Add declaration for
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Add `current_source_filename'.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ (do_error_with_file_and_line): Add
	parameter for source file string.
	Updated all callers.

	* src/libs/libdriver/ Add `current_source_filename'.
	(remember_source_filename): New function.
	(parse_x_command <'F'>, do_file <'F'>): Use it.

2003-02-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Make grotty not emit warnings about unknown colors more than

	* src/devices/grotty/ Include `ptable.h'.
	(TTY_MAX_COLORS): Removed.
	(DEFAULT_COLOR_IDX): Defined to -1.
	(glyph): Change `back_color_idx' and `fore_color_idx' to `char'.
	(tty_printer): Change `curr_back_idx' and `curr_fore_idx' to `char'.
	Change `tty_colors' to be a ptable.
	First arg of `put_color' is now `char'.
	New functions `make_rgb_string' and `tty_color'.
	(tty_printer::tty_printer): Use `tty_color'.
	(tty_printer::color_to_idx): Return value is now `char'.
	Use `tty_color'.

	* src/include/color.h (color): Add `print_color' member function.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ (color::print_color): Implement it.

2003-02-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Valgrind fixes.

	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_printer::define_encoding): Close
	encoding file.

	* src/include/ptable.h (PTABLE::~PTABLE, PTABLE::define): Always
	assume that value has been allocated with `new[]', thus use
	`a_delete' for deallocation.

	* src/libs/libdriver/ (get_integer_arg,
	get_possibly_int_args, parse_x_command, do_file): Use `a_delete'
	where appropriate.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (delete) [!COOKIE_BUG]: Define.
	* src/libs/libgroff/
	(character_indexer::named_char_index): Use `new <type>[1]'.

	* src/preproc/eqn/ (init_table, do_definition): Use `new
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (set_special_char_type): Ditto.
	(split_text): Use `a_delete'.

	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y (define_label, define_variable): Use `new

	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::choose_breakpoint): Avoid
	harmless memory leak.
	(hyphen_trie::read_patterns_file): Initialize `buf'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (troff_output_file::troff_output_file):
	Initialize `current_fill_color'and `current_glyph_color'.
	* src/roff/troff/
	(glyph_to_unicode_init::glyph_to_unicode_init): Use `new <type>[1]'.
	* src/roff/troff/
	(unicode_decompose_init::unicode_decompose_init): Ditto.
	* src/roff/troff/
	(unicode_to_glyph_init::unicode_to_glyph_init): Ditto.

2003-01-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/indxbib/ (main) [__EMX__]: Check with
	`access' before calling `unlink'.
	(do_file): Handle __EMX__.

	* src/include/nonposix.h: Handle __EMX__.

	* (SEP): New variable; set to @PATH_SEPARATOR@.
	(fontpath,tmacpath): Use it.
	(MDEFINES): Add it.
	Sorted alphabetically.

	* src/preproc/eqn/, src/roff/nroff/ Use
	* src/preproc/eqn/Makefile.sub, src/roff/nroff/Makefile.sub: Handle

2003-01-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/strcasecmp.c, src/libs/libgroff/strncasecmp.c:
	New files, copied from gnulib.
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub (CSRCS): Add them.
	* Updated.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* src/include/config.hin: Regenerated.
	* src/include/lib.h [!HAVE_STRCASECMP]: Declare `strcasecmp'.
	Don't define `strcasecmp' as `strcmp'.
	[!HAVE_STRNCASECMP]: Declare `strncasecmp'.
	Dont define `strncasecmp' as `strncmp'.

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c [!HAVE_STRCASECMP, !HAVE_STRNCASECMP]:

2003-01-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/indxbib/ (main) [__EMX__]: Fix typo:

2003-01-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo (Ligatures and Kerning): Mention limitations.

2003-01-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add US-english hyphenation exceptions (converted from Barbara
	Beeton's hyphenation exception log reports which appear irregularly
	in TUGBoat).

	* tmac/ Updated to latest version.
	* tmac/README: Updated.
	* tmac/, tmac/ New files.
	* tmac/troffrc: Load `'.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Add `'.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

2003-01-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Improve hyphenation slightly.  This is a first step in redesigning
	the hyphenation algorithm to make it more flexible (e.g. allowing
	kerns and ligatures between the hyphenation character and the
	following character -- while not used normally in English, other
	languages like German would benefit).

	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::hyphenate_line): Use
	assertion instead of if-clause.
	Let `get_hyphen_list' return the number of involved characters in
	the hyphenation pattern instead of computing it directly (which
	often yields too small values).
	* src/roff/troff/node.h (*::get_hyphen_list): Add second parameter.
	* src/roff/troff/ (*::get_hyphen_list): Handle new second

2003-01-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Fixing a bug which caused groff to hang if the hyphenation exception
	dictionary tried to grow.

	* src/roff/troff/ (hyphen_trie::insert_hyphenation,
	hyphen_trie::read_patterns_file, do_hyphenation_patterns_file): Use
	pointer to dictionary.

2003-01-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Add switch `-m' to suppress
	negative left italic correction.
	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Document it.

	* font/devps/generate/Makefile (RFLAG): Add `-m'.
	S,TB,TR,ZD,ZDR}: Regenerated with afmtodit options `-i 0 -m'.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2003-01-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS: Updated.

2003-01-16  Jörgen Grahn  <>

	* src/preproc/refer/ Mention REFER environment variable.

2003-01-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Similar to \[is], the square root glyph (\[sr]) and the square root
	extension glyph (\[radicalex]) are now text symbols.  The new
	mathematical versions are called \[sqrt] and \[sqrtex],

	* font/devX*/S: Regenerated.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Rename `sr[0123]' to `sqrt[0123]'.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Rename `sr' to `sqrt'.
	* font/devdvi/EX, font/devdvi/S: Regenerated.
	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Add `sqrt'.
	* font/devlj4/generate/ Add `sqrt'.
	* font/devlj4/S: Regenerated.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Add `sqrt'.
	* font/devps/S, font/devps/symbolmap: Regenerated.

	SQRT_CHAIN, BAR_CHAIN): Use `sqrt*' and `sqrtex*'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (init_charset_table): Make `sqrtex'
	overlap horizontally.

	* tmac/X.tmac, tmac/ps.tmac, tmac/lj4.tmac: Add `sqrtex'.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Add `sr', and `sqrtex'.
	Fix `radicalex'.

	* doc/groff.texinfo, man/ Document that `radicalex'
	and `sqrtex' are overlapping glyphs.

2003-01-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devdvi/generate/ Add `is'.
	* font/devps/symbolmap: Regenerated.
	* font/devdvi/*TC, MI, S: Regenerated.

	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Remove `is'.

2003-01-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	`is' is now a text symbol (only relevant for dvi).  The math variant
	can be accessed with `integral'.

	* font/devX*/S: Regenerated.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Remove `is'.
	* font/devdvi/EX: Updated.
	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Add `integral'.
	* font/devlj4/generate/ Ditto.
	* font/devlj4/S: Regenerated.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Add `integral'.
	* font/devps/S: Regenerated.

	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Define `is'.

	* src/roff/troff/ (glyph_to_unicode_list): Add `integral'.

	* src/preproc/tbl/ (process_format): Fix error message.

2003-01-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Add `ne' and `nc'.
	* font/devps/textmap: Fix entries for `ne' and `nc'.
	* font/devps/symbolmap: Regenerated.

	* src/roff/troff/ (glyph_to_unicode_list),
	src/roff/troff/ (unicode_to_glyph_list): Add `18',
	`38', `58', `78', `-+', `|=', `nc', `ne'.

	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Add `nm', `ne', `nc'.
	Use `schar' for `aq'.
	* tmac/ps.tmac, tmac/X.tmac: Add `nc' and `ne'.
	* tmac/ec.tmac: Add `SC' to special fonts for `CW' and `CWI'.
	* tmac/tty.tmac: Add `ne'.

	* src/roff/troff/ (make_glyph_node): Test with `get_macro'
	for fallback glyphs.

2002-12-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add glyph `|='.

	* font/devX*/*: Regenerated.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Remove `eq'.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Make `~=' the same as `~~'.
	Assign `|=' to position 39.
	* font/devdvi/*EC, S: Regenerated.
	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Add `|='.
	* font/devlj4/generate/ Make `~=' the same as `~~'.
	Assign `|=' to position 549.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap, font/devps/enerate/symbolmap: Remove
	Add `uni2243' for `|='.

	* tmac/ec.tmac: Add `eq'.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Add `=~'.
	* tmac/tty-char.tmac, tmac/ps.tmac, tmac/X.tmac, tmac/lbp.tmac: Add

2002-12-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devdvi/generate/ Remove `**'.
	* font/devdvi/*TC: Regenerated.
	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Add `18', `38', `58',
	`78', `<<', `>>'.
	* font/devutf8/NOTES: Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/charinfo.h (charinfo): Add `setx_macro' function.
	Don't give default parameter to `set_macro'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (do_define_character): Use `setx_macro'
	instead of `set_macro'.
	(charinfo::setx_macro): Implement it.
	(charinfo::set_macro): Don't change `mode'.

	* tmac/tty.tmac: Add `18', `38', `58', `78', `<<', `>>'.
	* tmac/ps.tmac, tmac/X.tmac: Add `<<', `>>'.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Define `!=' with `.schar'.

2002-12-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devX*/S: Regenerated.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Remove `pl'.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Remove `mi', `14', `12', `34'.
	* font/devdvi/*{TC,EC}: Regenerated.
	* font/devhtml/R.proto: Add `-+'.
	Remove double entries for `rk', `lk', `lt', `rt', `rb', `lb'.
	* font/devlbp/*: Remove `or'.
	* font/devlj4/generate/ Remove `or'.
	* font/devlj4/S: Regenerated.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Add `fiveeighths', `oneeighth',
	`seveneighths', `threeeighths'.
	Remove `plusmath'.
	Replace `minusplus' with `uni2213'.
	* font/devps/symbolmap: Regenerated.
	* font/devutf8/R.proto: Replace `shc' with unnamed glyph.
	Add `-+'.

	* src/roff/troff/charinfo.h (charinfo): Add `is_normal' inline
	* src/roff/troff/ (troff_output_file::put_char_width):
	Call glyph_color and fill_color even if tcommand_flag isn't set.
	(make_node, node::add_char): Check not ci->is_fallback but

	* tmac/lj4.tmac, tmac/lbp.tmac: Define `or'.
	* tmac/ec.tmac: Add .rchar entry for `f/'.
	Don't remove `12', `14', `34'.
	Define `pl' to be always roman.
	* tmac/ps.tmac (ps-frac, ps-frac-mono): New macros.
	Define `18', `38', `58', `78'.
	* tmac/tty.tmac: Add `-+'.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Define `f/'.
	(dvi-frac): Use `f/'.
	* tmac/X.tmac (X-frac, X-frac-mono): New macros.
	Define `18', `38', `58', `78'.

2002-12-15  Colin Watson  <>

	* contrib/pic2graph/ Add missing `;;'.

2002-12-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add glyph `tno', a textual variant of `no'.

	* font/devX*/*: Regenerated.
	* font/{devcp1047,devlatin1,devutf8,devhtml}/R.proto: Add `tno'.
	* font/devdvi/generate/{ Replace `no' with `tno'.
	* font/devdvi/generated/{texsy,textex}.map: Add `tno'.
	* font/devdvi/*: Regenerated.
	* font/devlbp/*: Add `tno'.
	* font/devlj4/generate/ Replace `no' with `tno'.
	* font/devlj4/*: Regenerated.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Replace `no' with `tno'.
	* font/devps/generate/symbolchars: Add `no'.
	* font/devps/*: Regenerated.

	* src/roff/troff/ (glyph_to_unicode_list): Add `tno'.

	* tmac/cp1047.tmac, tmac/latin1.tmac: Replace `no' with `tno'.
	* tmac/tty-char.tmac: Add entry for `tno' and `3d'.

	* NEWS: Updated.

	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Replace most `\\' with `\E'.
	Add definition for `sd'.
	* tmac/X.tmac, tmac/ps.tmac: Replace most `\\' with `\E'.

	* tmac/eqnrc <dvi>: Use `integral' instead of `is' glyph.

2002-12-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (TH): Use integer value for `IN' if in nroff
	mode to avoid rounding errors.
	(an-do-tag, an-do-tag-html, RS, RE): Remove redundant `.br'.

	* src/roff/groff/, src/roff/nroff/,
	src/roff/troff/ Improve documentation of -T.

2002-12-07  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c: Don't define `const' for _WIN32.
	(run_pipeline) [_WIN32]: Provide working function without `fork'.

2002-12-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devps/generate/freeeuro.sfd: Make dimensions of Euro.symbol
	glyphs compatible to Adobe's Euro fonts (scaling them down a bit).
	Scaling Euro.sansserif glyphs down to have the same height as
	Removed unnecessary points; added some extrema.

	* font/devps/EURO, font/devps/freeeuro.afm, font/devps/freeeuro.pfa:

2002-12-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devps/generate/freeeuro.sfd: Add glyphs `Euro.symbol.slanted'
	and `Euro.symbol.bold.slanted'.
	Improve some glyph offsets and widths.
	* font/devps/EURO, font/devps/freeeuro.afm, font/devps/freeeuro.pfa:
	* font/devps/generate/Makefile (freeeuro.afm freeeuro.pfa): Fix
	* font/devps/generate/ Generate PFA in current

	* tmac/europs.tmac: Updated to new glyph indices.
	Use Euro.symbol for font familiy `A'.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Minor improvements.

2002-12-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devdvi/ s/%O/%0/.
	* font/devdvi/*TC: Regenerated.

	* src/roff/troff/ (init_div_requests): Sorted.

	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Remove `Ye'.
	* tmac/ec.tmac: Remove `Ye'.
	Add .rchar entry for `de'.

	* man/, man/ Document register `.pe'.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document registers `.pe', `.n', and `.w'.
	* NEWS: Updated.

2002-11-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add PS font for various Euro glyphs.

	* font/devps/generate/freeeuro.sfd: New master font file for
	* font/devps/generate/ New conversion script for
	* font/devps/generate/Makefile (FONTS): Add `EURO'.
	(EURO, freeeuro.afm, freeeuro.pfa): New rules.
	* font/devps/freeeuro.pfa, font/devps/freeeuro.afm: Generated from
	* font/devps/EURO: Generated from `freeeuro.afm'.
	* font/devps/download: Add `freeuro.pfa'.
	* font/devps/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Adde `EURO' and

	* tmac/europs.tmac: New file.
	* tmac/ps.tmac: Include `europs.tmac'.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (DISTFILES): Add `europs.tmac'.

2002-11-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devdvi/generate/ Remove `lh' and `rh'.
	* font/devdvi/S: Regenerated.
	* font/devhtml/R.proto: Fix `CR' and `ci'.
	Add `OK'.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Fix `lh', `rh', and `sq'.
	Remove `bs'.
	* font/devps/symbolmap: Regenerated.
	* font/devutf8/R.proto: Fix `CR' and `ci'.
	Add `OK'.
	* font/devutf8/NOTES: Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/ (unicode_to_glyph_list): Fix `CR' and
	Add `OK'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (glyph_to_unicode_list): Ditto.

	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Add `lh' and `rh'.
	* tmac/Xps.tmac: Fix `lh' and `rh'.
	* tmac/X.tmac: Add `OK'.
	* tmac/lj4.tmac: Ditto.

2002-11-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devX*/S: Regenerated.
	* font/devascii/R.proto, font/devcp1047/R.proto: Remove glyphs `lb',
	`lc', `lf', `lk', `lt', `rb', `rc', `rf', `rk', and `rt'.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Remove `or' glyph.
	* font/devdvi/S: Regenerated.
	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Add/fix glyphs
	`parenlefttp', `parenleftex', `parenleftbt', `parenrighttp',
	`parenrightex', `parenrightbt', `bracketlefttp', `bracketleftex',
	`bracketleftbt', `bracketrighttp', `bracketrightex',
	`bracketrightbt', `bracelefttp', `braceleftmid', `braceleftbt',
	`braceex', `braceleftex', `bracerightex', `bracerighttp',
	`bracerightmid', `bracerightbt', `lt', `lk', `lb', `rt', `rk',
	`rb', and `bv'.
	* src/roff/troff/, src/roff/troff/ Ditto.
	* font/devutf8/NOTES: Updated.
	* font/devlj4/generate/ Add glyph `braceex'.
	* font/devlj4/S: Regenerated.

	* tmac/tty-char.tmac: Add glyphs `lf', `rf', `lc', and `rc'.

2002-11-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (unicode_to_glyph_list): Add `va'
	and `vA'.
	Fix code for `an'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (glyph_to_unicode_list): Ditto.

	* doc/texinfo.tex: New version from texinfo 4.3.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated for texinfo 4.3.
	Use @tie{} where appropriate.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Don't include `or' and `bv'.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Remove `rn'.
	* font/devdvi/*TC, font/devdvi/*EC: Regenerated.
	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Add `vA'.
	Fix code for `an'.
	* font/devX100/*, font/devX100-12/*, font/devX75/*,
	font/devX75-12/*: Regenerated.

	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Add special fonts `SA' and `SB'.
	Use .char (again) for `br', `ul', `rn', `or', and `ru'.
	Improve definition of `an'.
	* tmac/ps.tmac: Use .char (again) for `br', `ul', `rn', `or', and
	* tmac/lj4.tmac: Use .char (again) for `br', `ul', `rn', and `ru'.
	* tmac/X.tmac: Add definition for `or'.
	* tmac/Xps.tmac: Undo change 2002-11-05.
	* tmac/lbp.tmac: Add definitions for `br', `rn', `ul', and `ru'.

2002-11-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (troff_output_file::put_char): Always
	call flush_tbuf.

2002-11-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added three new requests `schar', `fschar', and `rfschar'.  `schar'
	defines a glyph which is searched after the check for fonts declared
	with `.special' (and before the check for all mounted special
	fonts).  `fschar' defines a glyph for a particular font which is
	searched after the check for fonts declared with `.fspecial' (and
	before the check for fonts declared with `.special').  `rfschar'
	removes glyphs defined with `fschar'.

	* src/roff/troff/token.h (char_mode): New enum.
	Declare do_define_character.
	* src/roff/troff/charinfo.h (charinfo): Replace `fallback' with
	(charinfo::is_fallback): Updated.
	(charinfo::is_special): New method.
	* src/roff/troff/ (do_define_character): Add and use
	optional second parameter used as a prefix for font-specific glyph
	(define_character, define_fallback_character): Updated.
	(define_special_character): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Add `schar'.
	(charinfo::charinfo, charinfo::set_macro): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/ Include `stringclass.h'.
	(make_glyph_node): Handle special glyphs defined with `.schar' and
	(define_font_special_character, remove_font_special_character): New
	(init_node_requests): Sorted.
	Add `fschar' and `rfschar'.
	* NEWS, man/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo:
	Document new requests.

	* font/devhtml/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto: Add `va'.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Add `va' for CW and CWI (using `.fschar').

2002-11-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added new font `SC' (cmtex10) to devdvi.

	* devdvi/generate/Makefile (FONTS): Add `SC'.
	(SC): New rule.
	* devdvi/generate/ New map file for cmtex.
	* devdvi/SC: New.
	* devdvi/Makefile.sub (DEVFILES): Updated.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Add fspecial entries for SC.
	Add `MI', `S' and `CW' to the `special' call.  Otherwise, `SC' is
	found before `S' since the font position of `SC' is lower due to the
	gaps in DESC's `font' line.
	* tmac/ec.tmac: Add a `special' call.
	* NEWS: Updated.

	* font/devhtml/R.proto: Remove double entry for `ti'.
	* tmac/tty.tmac: Add entries for `IJ', `ij', and `bq'.
	* tmac/tty-char.tmac: Remove entry for `bq'.
	* tmac/lbp.tmac: Add entries for `lq', `rq', `fo', `fc', and `em'.
	* tmac/ec.tmac: Don't remove `aq' glyph.
	* tmac/X.tmac: Fix entry for `em'.
	Add entries for `fo' and `fc'.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Add entries for `em', `en', `hy', `fo', and `fc'.

	* doc/groff.texinfo, man/, man/ Fix
	documentation of `special' and `fspecial' requests.

2002-11-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devascii/R.proto, font/devcp1047/R.proto,
	font/devlatin1/R.proto: Remove entry for `.i'.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Add entry for `ad'.
	* font/devdvi/generate/, font/devdvi/generate/,
	font/devdvi/generate/ Add dummy glyph name `slash@for@l'.
	We need this for getting kerning values to compose `/l' and `/L'.
	* font/devdvi: Regenerated font definition files for CM fonts.
	* font/devhtml/R.proto: Add entries for "'C", "'c", `IJ', and `ij'.
	* font/devutf8/R.proto: Ditto.
	Remove double entry for `ti'.

	* src/roff/troff/ (glyph_to_unicode_list): Fix entries
	for (groff) ligatures, `la', and `ra'.
	Add "'C", "'c", `IJ', and `ij'.
	Remove double entry for `ti'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (unicode_to_glyph_list): Remove all
	double entries.
	Add "'C", "'c", `IJ', and `ij'.
	Fix entries for (groff) ligatures, `la', and `ra'.

	* tmac/ps.tmac (ps-achar): New macro.
	Define "'c" and "'C".
	* tmac/tty.tmac: Add entry for `.i'.
	* tmac/X.tmac (X-achar): New macro.
	Define "'c", "'C", and `:Y'.
	Add entries for `IJ' and `ij'.
	* tmac/Xps.tmac (Xps-achar): New macro.
	Define "'c" and "'C".
	Add entries for `IJ' and `ij'.
	* tmac/lbp.tmac (lbp-achar): New macro.
	Add fallback characters for all groff ligatures and many other
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Fix definitions of `_' and `ul'.
	Add entries for `/l' and `/L'.
	Define "'c" and "'C".
	Add entries for `IJ' and `ij'.

2002-11-02  Larry Kollar  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Document how to solve Mac OS X compilation problems.

2002-11-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding support for composite glyphs: \[xxx yyy ...] and the
	`composite' request.

	* src/roff/troff/ New file for mapping groff glyph names
	to Unicode-based glyph names.
	* src/roff/troff/ New file for mapping Unicode-based
	glyph names to groff glyph names.
	* src/roff/troff/ New file for canonically decomposing
	Unicode-based glyph names.
	* src/roff/troff/, src/roff/troff/unicode.h: New files
	for handling Unicode glyph names.
	* src/roff/troff/ Include unicode.h.
	(composite_glyph_name): New function.
	(token::next) <'['>: Handle Unicode glyph names and composite
	(composite_dictionary): New dictionary for the `composite' request.
	(composite_request): Implement `composite' request.
	(init_input_requests): Add `composite'.
	Alphabetically sorted.
	* src/roff/troff/ (tabs_save, tabs_restore): Removed (already
	commented out).
	(init_env_requests): Alphabetically sorted.
	Removed `tas' and `tar' (already commented out).
	* src/roff/troff/Makefile.sub: Updated.

2002-10-31  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* src/roff/nroff/, src/roff/nroff/ Fix description
	of options.

2002-10-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Fix computation of .trunc register.  Additionally, its value (and
	the value of the .ne register) is now always set before entering the

	* src/roff/troff/ (diversion::need): Set `truncated_space' and
	`needed_space' before calling `space'.
	(top_level_diversion::space): Remove special code for 'sp before the
	first page.
	Call `begin_page' with the discarded space as a parameter.
	(top_level_diversion::begin_page): Add optional parameter to set
	* src/roff/troff/div.h: Updated.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Improve documentation of .sp, \n[.trunc], and

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (SH, SS, TP, IP, HP, TS): Undo change 2002-10-26.
	(LP): Remove superfluous call to `br'.
	* tmac/doc-common (doc-paragraph): Undo change 2002-10-26.
	* tmac/doc.tmac (Bd, Bl, doc-set-vertical-and-indent): Ditto.

2002-10-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/doc-ditroff: Remove useless switch/variable -rC.
	(doc-setup-header): Don't set page register `%'.
	* tmac/doc-nroff: Remove variable `C'.
	(doc-setup-page-layout): Set doc-header-space to .5i unconditionally.
	(doc-setup-header): Don't set page register `%'.
	Don't call `bp'.
	* tmac/doc-common (doc-header): Call `ns'.
	(doc-paragraph): Protect .sp with .br so that it survives traps
	possibly set by the user.
	* tmac/doc.tmac (Bd, Bl, doc-set-vertical-and-indent): Ditto.

	* tmac/doc*: Replace ' with . for consistency if no effect.

2002-10-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (SH, SS, TP, IP, HP, TS): Protect .sp with .br
	so that it survives traps possibly set by the user.

	* src/roff/troff/ Fix the changes from 2002-10-23.
	(troff_output_file::set_font): Call flush_tbuf if necessary.
	(troff_output_file::fill_color, troff_output_file::glyph_color): Call
	flush_tbuf and do_motion only if necessary.
	troff_output_file::put_char_width, troff_output_file::put_char,
	troff_output_file::draw): Updated.
	(word_space_node::tprint, space_node::tprint, hmotion_node::tprint,
	vmotion_node::tprint): Undo change 2002-10-23.

2002-10-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/www.tmac (DC): Fix case of overlapping images.

2002-10-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (troff_output_file::fill_color,
	troff_output_file::glyph_color): Set current color before testing
	(troff_output_file::put_char_width, troff_output_file::put_char,
	troff_output_file::draw): Don't call flush_tbuf and/or do_motion
	before glyph_color.
	(troff_output_file::file_color, troff_output_file::glyph_color):
	Call do_motion.
	(word_space_node::tprint, space_node::tprint, hmotion_node::tprint,
	vmotion_node::tprint): Move first, then call fill_color.

2002-10-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo, man/ Document that it is not
	possible to use multiple main macro packages.

2002-10-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grops/ (cmyk_flag): New global variable.
	(ps_printer::set_color): Set `cmyk_flag' for CMY and CMYK colors.
	(ps_printer::~ps_printer): Emit `%%Extensions: CMYK' if `cmyk_flag'
	is set.
	* font/devps/ (Fk, Ck): Enclose definitions with a
	`where' construction since `cmyksetcolor' is a PS Level 2 operator.

2002-10-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, doc/ Updated.

2002-10-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (troff_output_file::put_char_width,
	troff_output_file::put_char, troff_output_file::fill_color,
	troff_output_file::glyph_color): Handle case where color pointer
	is null.

2002-10-13  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	Add the new -r option to grotty.  It is similar to the -i option
	except it tells grotty(1) to use the "reverse video" attribute to
	render italic fonts.

	* src/devices/grotty/ (reverse_flag): New global variable.
	(tty_printer::make_underline, tty_printer::put_color,
	tty_printer::end_page): Use it.
	(main): Add -r switch.
	(usage): Updated.
	* src/devices/grotty/ Document it.

2002-10-11  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (hyphen_trie::read_patterns_file): Add
	cast to `unsigned char' to properly read patterns with 8bit

2002-10-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* REVISION: Increased to 2.

Version 1.18.1 released

2002-10-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/, NEWS: Updated.

2002-10-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/doc-common (Ss): Add final `.ns' (similar to `.Sh') to
	suppress additional whitespace after the header.

	* tmac/doc-ditroff, tmac/doc-nroff (Am): New string to be in sync
	with NetBSD.

	* src/preproc/grn/, tmac/, NEWS: Updated.

2002-10-07  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc-common(doc-volume-operating-system-ateol): New flag.
	(Dt): Use it to improve language localization (especially Russian
	and French).

2002-10-07  Daniel Senderowicz  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/gprint.h (BSPLINE, BEZIER): New macros.
	* src/preproc/grn/ (DBGetType): Parse spline and bezier
	drawing commands.
	* src/preproc/grn/ (drawwig): Add parameter to control
	curve type.
	Call `picurve' for BSPLINE.
	(HGPrintElt): Handle BSPLINE.
	* src/preproc/grn/README: Document it.

2002-10-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (break_char_node::col): New variable.
	Updated constructor.
	(space_node::tprint, word_space_node::tprint): Call `fill_color'
	(space_node::space_node): Remove assertion.
	(break_char_node::add_self): Pass color argument to space node.
	* src/roff/troff/ (token::add_to_node_list, token::process):
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::do_break,
	environment::add_padding): Ditto.

2002-10-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Redesigning color support in troff.  Colors are no longer
	represented as separate nodes but are now part of glyph nodes and
	friends.  This fixes the current formatting misbehaviour due to the
	changes introduced on 2002-09-20.  Some extra code is necessary for
	proper grotty support: Without adding color variables to
	space-related nodes, the background color would be changed too late.

	* src/roff/troff/node.h, src/roff/troff/
	(glyph_color_node, fill_color_node): Removed.
	(node::get_glyph_color, node::get_fill_color): New virtual member
	(space_node::col): New variable.
	Updated constructors of space_node and derived classes accordingly.
	(hmotion_node::col): New variable.
	Updated constructors of hmotion_node and space_char_hmotion_node
	(vmotion_node::col): New variable.
	Updated constructor accordingly.
	(draw_node::gcol, draw_node::fcol): New variables.
	Updated constructor accordingly.
	(special_node::gcol, special_node::fcol): New variables.
	Updated constructors accordingly.
	(troff_output_file::put_char, troff_output_file::put_charwidth,
	troff_output_file::draw): Set glyph and fill color.
	(troff_output_file::start_special): Set glyph and fill color.
	Always set current font.
	(troff_output_file::fill_color, troff_output_file::glyph_color):
	Don't call `do_motion'.
	(glyph_node::gcol, glyph_node::fcol): New variables.
	Updated constructors of glyph_node and ligature_node accordingly.
	(glyph_node::get_glyph_color, glyph_node::get_fill_color): New
	member functions.
	node::add_discretionary_hyphen): Updated.
	(break_char_node::merge_self): Updated.
	(word_space_node::tprint, space_node::tprint, hmotion_node::tprint,
	vmotion_node::tprint): Handle color.
	(make_glyph_node, make_node, node::add_char): Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::space_newline,
	environment::space, environment::output_line, environment::do_break,
	environment::make_tab_node, environment::add_padding, title):
	(environment_switch, environment_copy): Don't add color nodes.

	* src/roff/troff/ (do_glyph_color, do_fill_color): Return
	(token::next): Updated.
	\m and \M now are as transparent as \s.
	(process_input_stack, token::add_to_node_list, token::process,
	read_draw_node): Updated.
	(charinfo_to_node_list): Don't add color nodes.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

2002-09-27  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc-common (ds-operating-system-FreeBSD-4.*): New version

2002-09-27  Colin Watson  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (bracket_node::copy): Check `list' != 0.

2002-09-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Replace `300' with `font::res' where
	(linewidth_factor): New global variable.
	(lbp_printer::set_line_thickness): Fix case for size < 0, using
	(long_options): Add -w/--linewidth option.
	(usage): Updated.
	(main): Handle -w option to set linewidth_factor.
	(lbp_printer::lbp_printer): Initialize req_linethickness, not

	* src/devices/grolbp/, NEWS, doc/ Updated.

2002-09-22  Paco Andrés Verdú  <>

	Fixed a bug in the line thickness setting code.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ (lbp_printer::req_linethickness): New
	(lbp_printer::set_line_thickness): Pass environment as second
	Implement it actually.
	(lpb_printer::set_char, lbp_printer::draw): Use `req_linethickness'
	and `set_line_thickness, depending on the current font size.

2002-09-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Some Debian patches.

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.h (MAX_COMMANDS): Increase to 12.
	* src/roff/troff/ (bracket_node::copy): Initialize

2002-09-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* configure: Regenerated with autoconf 2.54.

2002-09-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/env.h (environment): Rename cur_glyph_color to
	Rename cur_fill_color to fill_color.
	* src/roff/troff/ Updated.

2002-09-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (title): Copy color status after processing
	* src/roff/troff/ (charinfo_to_node_list): Emit glyph and
	fill color nodes to reset colors properly.

	* tmac/www.tmac (DC): Fix color handling.

	* src/preproc/pic/, doc/ Document some color issues.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fixing documentation of `tl' request.
	* doc/ Updated.

2002-09-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (environent_switch, environment_copy):
	Emit glyph and fill color nodes to initialize colors properly.

2002-09-17  Colin Watson  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::set_glyph_color,
	environment::set_fill_color): Fix typo which prevented \m[] work

2002-09-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add left and right italic correction to non-slanted PS fonts.  This
	is an experimental feature to improve image rendering of grohtml.

	* font/devps/generate/Makefile (RFLAG): New variable, set to `-i 0'.
	({T,H,C,P,N,BM,A,HN}{R,B}, ZD, S, ZDR): Use it.
	* font/devps/*: All non-slanted fonts regenerated.
	* NEWS: Updated.

2002-09-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add a site-specific font directory.

	* (localfontdir, legacyfontdir): New variables.
	(fontpath): Use them.
	(MDEFINES, uninstall_dirs): Updated.
	* Makefile.comm (.man.n): Add `LOCALFONTDIR' and `LEGACYFONTDIR'.

	* src/roff/troff/, NEWS: Updated.
	* doc/groff.texinfo (Font Directories): New section.
	Other minor fixes.

	* src/devices/grodvi/, src/devices/grohtml/,
	src/devices/grolbp/, src/devices/grolj4/,
	src/preproc/grn/ Minor fixes.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer::do_tab_ts):
	Remove unused variable.

2002-09-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo, man/ Clarify argument of \N.
	* man/ Fix documentation of 'N'.

2002-09-09  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* doc/ (webpage.html): Depend on gnu.eps also.
	* src/roff/troff/ (indent): Emit html tag only if break_flag is
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (text_glob::is_br_ni): Removed.
	(text_glob::is_br, html_printer::lookahead_for_tables): Updated.
	(html_printer::do_tab_ts): Call `emit_table_header' with `FALSE'.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_text::start_tag) <P_TAG,
	PRE_TAG>: Call `begin' with `FALSE'.

2002-09-09  Ralph Corderoy  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (string::extract): Fix position of
	terminating null byte.

2002-09-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add global option `nospaces' to tbl so that leading and trailing
	spaces in data items are ignored.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (string::remove_spaces): New member
	function to remove leading and trailing spaces.
	* src/include/stringclass.h: Updated.

	* src/preproc/tbl/table.h (table): Add flag `NOSPACES'.

	* src/preproc/tbl/ (process_options): Handle `nospaces'
	Fix typo in error messages.
	(process_data): Implement `nospaces' option.
	* src/preproc/tbl/, NEWS, doc/ Updated.

2002-09-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/config.hin: Add `HAVE_ISATTY'.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ (xtmpfile_list): Drop `const' for
	`fname' member.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Include `time.h'.
	* src/libs/libdriver/ (Char): Add `operator==' and
	`operator!=' for `char'.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Replace @ifnottex block for top node with
	@ifhtml block.

2002-09-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ (.texinfo.html): Add -I switch.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Add @ifnottex block for top node to make
	translation to HTML work.

2002-09-05  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/preproc/html/ (LETTER_LENGTH): Removed.
	(get_papersize, determine_vertical_offset): Removed.
	(char_buffer::do_image): Always specify letter size.
	(main): Updated.
	(imageList::createPage): Use -dDEVICEHEIGHTPOINTS instead of

2002-09-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo, tmac/ Improve documentation of
	default indentation.

2002-09-04  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/preproc/html/ (imageList::createPage): Use
	-sPAPERSIZE for gs.
	(generateImages): Clean up push-back buffer.

2002-09-04  Ralph Corderoy  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Minor fixes.

2002-08-21  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/preproc/html/ (DEFAULT_LINE_LENGTH): New macro.
	(gsPaper): Removed.
	(determine_vertical_offset): Use LETTER_LENGTH.
	(createPage): Moved to ...
	(imageList::createPage): This.
	Call gs with -dDEVICEWIDTHPOINTS to avoid cropping.
	(imageList::getMaxX): New function.
	(createImage): Moved to ...
	(imageList::createImage): This.
	(imageList::createImages): New function.
	(generateImages): Read `maxx' directly.
	(scanArguments): Don't specify `gsPaper' for `-o'.
	(makeTempFiles): Call `xtmpfile' with the last argument set to

2002-08-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/nonposix.h (mkdir, WAIT, creat) [_MSC_VER]: Define.
	(WAIT, _WAIT_CHILD) [!_MSC_VER]: Define.
	* src/preproc/html/ (waitForChild): Use WAIT.
	* src/preproc/html/ Include nonposix.h.
	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c: Define strcasecmp and strncasecmp

2002-08-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Use $(OBJEXT) for the object file extension.

	* Makefile.comm (.SUFFIXES): Add .obj.
	(.cc.obj, .c.obj): New implicit rules.
	* (OBJEXT): New variable, initialized from autoconf.
	* */Makefile.sub: s/.o/.$(OBJEXT)/.

2002-08-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* INSTALL: Mention texinfo 4.2 as a prerequisite.

2002-08-21  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (colType): Make enum global to
	the file.
	(html_printer::update_min_max, html_printer::add_table_end): New
	(html_printer::lookahead_for_tables): Use them.
	Reset page offset correctly.
	(html_printer::~html_printer): Add creation of creator comment up.

2002-08-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (T&): New dummy macro to avoid warning.
	* man/ Fix typos.
	* man/ Minor reordering.
	* contrib/eqn2graph/ (Tp): New macro.
	* contrib/groffer/ Fix typos.

2002-08-18  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Avoid endless loops while scanning for tables.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (list::insert): Set
	(html_printer::next_horiz_pos): Add `text_glob' argument; update
	all callers.
	Return immediately if that argument is NULL.
	(html_printer::calc_nf): Don't test if `g' is NULL.
	(html_printer::lookahead_for_tables): Use
	Don't test if `g' is NULL.

2002-08-18  Gaius Mulley  <>

	A better fix, replacing fix 2002-08-15, for increasing SIZE.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (char_block): Make `buffer'
	a pointer.
	(char_block::char_block): Allocate `buffer'.
	(char_buffer::add_string): Use it.

2002-08-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grops/, src/devices/grolj4/,
	src/devices/grodvi/ Document default line thickness.

2002-08-15  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (char_block): Increase SIZE to

2002-08-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Updated.

2002-08-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (node::add_char): Call `freeze_space' for
	unbreakable space.

2002-08-08  Aaron Campbell  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/ (object_spec::make_move): Fix typo
	(&& -> &).

2002-08-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (read_rgb, read_cmy, read_cmyk): Call
	(read_gray): Ditto.
	Don't push back a space but a newline onto the stack.

2002-08-07  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Add fonts `CI', `CB', and `CBI' to grohtml which have been omitted

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer::end_font,
	html_printer::start_font): Handle them.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_text::do_italic): Don't
	reset bold and tt.
	(html_text::do_bold): Don't reset italic and tt.
	(html_text::do_tt, html_text::do_pre): Don't reset bold and italic.
	* font/devhtml/DESC.proto: Add those fonts.
	* font/devhtml/Makefile.sub (PROTOFONTS): Updated.

2002-08-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* MORE.STUFF: Added gpresent.

	* tmac/trace.tmac: Show nesting level by a corresponding amount of
	whitespace before printing the logging message.

2002-07-31  Colin Watson  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_table::finish_row):
	Initialize `n' to zero.  This fixes a segfault on ARM.

2002-07-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Remove calls to .st and .sc which are undefined.

2002-07-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y (print_arg, relative_path): Add missing
	final semicolon.

2002-07-28  Colin Watson  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/post-html (html_printer::troff_tag): Handle
	(html_printer::html_printer): Initialize `pointsize'.

2002-07-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile.sub (PROCESSEDEXAMPLEFILES): Remove gnu.eps and
	(CLEANNOTSRCDIRADD): Add gnu.eps and gnu.png.
	(gnu.eps): Add -rle switch to pnmtops.
	(distfiles): Add gnu.eps and gnu.png.

2002-07-25  Petter Reinholdtsen  <>

	* src/libs/libdriver/ (Char): Add const to `operator=='.
	Add `operator!='.

2002-07-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/, doc/Makefile.sub (groff_bin_path): Don't use
	' \+' but '  *' for sed.
	(GROFF): Set GROFF_COMMAND_PREFIX to empty value.

2002-07-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document `papersize' keyword.
	* NEWS, man/ Updated.

2002-07-23  Colin Watson  <>

	Extend papersize keyword to accept more than a single entry.  The
	first valid will be used.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (font::load_desc): Implement it.
	(font::scan_papersize): Really skip final newline.
	* src/preproc/html/ (get_papersize): Ditto.

2002-07-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Test for isatty.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* src/include/posix.h: Check HAVE_ISATTY.
	* src/roff/troff/ [ISATTY_MISSING]: Removed.
	* src/utils/lookbib/ Include posix.h.
	Don't declare isatty.

2002-07-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS: Add `output' request.

	* REVISION: Increased to 1.

Version 1.18.0 released

2002-07-19  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Allow internal glyph indices > 0xFF in grohtml for input characters.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (to_unicode): Use `unsigned int'
	as parameter.
	(html_printer::add_to_sbuf): Use `unsigned int' as first parameter.
	Updated all callers.
	(html_printer::sbuf_continuation, html_printer::overstrike): Ditto.
	(html_printer): Updated.

2002-07-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devhtml/R.proto: Updated to HTML 4, adding many glyphs.
	* font/devutf8/R.proto: Adding some missing glyphs.
	* font/devutf8/NOTES: Updated.

	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Add more composite glyphs.
	* tmac/html.tmac: Updated.

	* man/ Add `sum' and `product' entities.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2002-07-18  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Improved table, tab, and indenting support.

	* src/roff/troff/ (file_iterator::suppress_newline_flag,
	string_iterator::suppress_newline_flag): Removed.  Updated all
	function which have used it.

	* src/roff/troff/ Include `input.h'.
	(environment::add_node): Accept 0 as parameter.
	(environment::add_html_tag): Add `force' parameter.
	Updated all callers.
	(environment::add_html_tag_tabs): Ditto.
	For the moment, support left-aligned tabs only.
	(environment::make_html_tag): New function.
	(fill, no_fill): Set .br html tag additionally.
	(environment::newline): Emit `eol.ce' or `eol' tag for html.
	(environment::add_html_tag_eol): Removed.
	(tab_stops::distance_to_next_tab): Add variant for handling 
	(environment::distance_to_next_tab): Ditto.
	Updated all callers.
	(environment::handle_tab): Handle tabs for html.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h: Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/ Updated all callers of

	* src/devices/grohtml/,
	src/devices/grohtml/html-table.h: New files.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_text): New members
	`blank_para' and `start_space'.
	(html_text::issue_tag): Don't emit TABLE_TAG.
	Handle indentation for PRE_TAG and P_TAG.
	(html_text::end_tag): Updated.
	(html_text::table_is_void, html_text::issue_table_begin,
	html_text::issue_table_end): Removed.
	(html_text::do_push): Simplified.
	[DEBUGGING]: Small fix.
	(html_text::push_para): Add new parameter for indentation; updated
	all callers.
	Handle PRE_TAG.
	(html_text::do_indent, html_text::do_table, html_text::done_table,
	html_text::is_in_table): Removed.
	(html_text::do_pre): Handle P_TAG also.
	(html_text::shutdown): Handle p->indent.
	(html_text::check_emit_text): Simplified.
	(html_text::do_emittext): Reset `blank_para'.
	(html_text::do_para): Add new parameter for indentation; updated
	all callers.
	(html_text::remove_indent): New function.
	(html_text::do_space): Handle verbatim text properly.
	(html_text::ever_emitted_text, html_text::starts_with_space,
	html_text::remove_para_align): New functions.
	(html_text::dump_stack_element, html_text::dump_stack): Updated.

	* src/devices/grohtml/html_text.h (HTML_TAG): Remove TABLE_TAG.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ Include html-table.h.
	(INDENTATION): Removed.
	(text_glob): Added many `is_<foo>' functions.
	Added table description `tab'.
	Added `get_arg',`get_tab_args', `remember_table', and `get_table'
	member functions.
	(list): Add `insert' and `move_to' member functions.
	(page): Add `insert_tag' member function.
	(page::dump_page) [DEBUG_TABLES]: Improved.
	(html_printer): Add `table' and `max_linelength' elements.
	Add many `do_<foo>', `insert_<foo>', `next_horiz_pos',
	`lookahead_for_tables', `shutdown_table', `calc_nf', `calc_po_in',
	`remove_tabs', `remove_courier_tabs'.
	(html_printer::emit_raw): Handle indentation.
	(html_printer::do_center, html_printer::write_header): Updated.
	(html_printer::is_courier_until_eol): Check for tag.
	(html_printer::do_linelength): Handle max_linelength.
	(html_printer::do_page_offset, html_printer::do_indentation): Handle
	(html_printer::do_tempindent): Updated.
	(html_printer::do_indentedparagraph): Removed.
	(html_printer::do_indent): Simplified.
	(html_printer::do_eol): Use `ever_emitted_text'.
	(html_printer::do_flush, html_printer::do_links): Don't call
	(html_printer::do_break): Handle end_tempindent.
	(html_printer::troff_tag): Get argument.
	Don't handle `.ip'.
	Handle `.tab-ts', `.tab-te', `.col', `tab', and `tab0' tags.
	(html_printer::flush_page): Call `lookahead_for_tables'.
	Don't call `done_table'.
	(html_printer::add_to_sbuf): Always call do_indent.

	* src/devices/grohtml/Makefile.sub: Updated.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (TP): Don't handle html device specially.
	(an-do-tag-html): New function which will be used instead of
	`an-do-tag' if html device is used.

	* tmac/html.tmac: Call .po to pass default page offset to grohtml.

	* tmac/s.tmac (@IP): Don't handle html device specially.
	(@IP-html): New function which will be used instead of `@IP' if
	html device is used.

	* tmac/www.tmac (HTML-NS, HTML-TAG-NS): New auxiliary macros -- this
	is a hack which will eventually vanish again.
	(PIMG): Handle `-C' option correctly if not html.
	(HR): Use HTML-NS.

2002-07-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Don't use `-P-' for invoking perl.

2002-07-14  Eric S. Raymond  <>

	* contrib/pic2graph/pic2graph.*: Use convert(1).
	* contrib/eqn2graph/eqn2graph.*: Minor fixes.

2002-07-14  Bernd Warken  <>

	* tmac/ New file.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Updated.
	* NEWS: Updated.

2002-07-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/groff/ Add some cross references.

2002-07-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (substring_request): Add warnings for
	string indices out of range.

2002-07-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devdvi/generate/ Fix typo (`(l' -> `/l').
	* font/devdvi/*EC: Regenerated.

2002-07-10  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/ Updated and extended.

2002-07-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (length_macro): Renamed to...
	(length_request): This.
	Move call of `' to the very end, otherwise the register
	value hasn't been updated yet.
	(init_input_requests): Updated.

2002-07-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (substring_macro): Renamed to...
	(substring_request): This.
	(init_input_requests): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/request.h: Updated.

2002-07-08  Robert D. Goulding  <goulding@Princeton.EDU>

	* src/roff/grog/ Fix typo.

2002-07-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* win32-diffs: Updated.

	Handle `papersize' keyword properly in DESC.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (font::scan_papersize): Fix argument
	Updated all callers.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Add four more paper formats used by
	* src/include/paper.h: Updated.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Remove unnecessary semicolons.
	Other minor C syntax fixes.
	(papersize, paperlength, paperwidth): Renamed to `user_*'.
	(lbp_printer): Add `papersize', `paperlength', and `paperwidth'
	(lbp_printer::lbp_printer): Pass three arguments.
	Set paper dimensions properly.
	(make_printer, main): Updated.
	(handle_unknown_desc_command): Fix error messages.
	(main): Handle papersize keyword in DESC properly.

	* src/devices/grolj4/ (paper_size): Renamed to
	(lbp_printer::lbp_printer): Pass an argument.
	Set paper_size properly.
	(handle_unknown_desc_command): Removed.
	(make_printer, main): Updated.
	* src/devices/grolj4/ Minor documentation fix.

	* man/, NEWS: Updated.

2002-07-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Integrated eqn2graph, contributed by Eric S. Raymond.

	* contrib/eqn2graph/{Makefile.sub,,}: New
	*, NEWS: Updated.

2002-06-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Changing the substring request to make it fit better with other
	string manipulation functions in other programming languages:
	Index 0 is now the first character in the string, and index -1
	indicates the last character.  Since this request didn't work
	properly anyway in the last release, it doesn't harm too much to
	change the syntax.

	* src/roff/troff/ (substring_macro): Use loops to get
	the real string length (ignoring COMPATIBLE_SAVE and
	Implement change described above.

	* man/, tmac/doc-common (doc-header), tmac/doc.tmac
	(doc-do-Bd-args, doc-do-Bl-args): Changed accordingly.

	* NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo, man/ Updated.

2002-06-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Make .chop work with .de1 and friends.  COMPATIBLE_SAVE and
	COMPATIBLE_RESTORE are completely ignored.

	* src/roff/troff/ (char_list::set, char_list::get): New
	(macro): `length' field renamed to `len'.
	Added new field `empty_macro' (1 if macro is empty), to be used
	instead of checking `len'.
	Updated all callers.
	(macro::empty): Updated.
	(macro::length, macro::set, macro::get): New functions.
	(macro::append): Ignore COMPATIBLE_SAVE and COMPATIBLE_RESTORE.
	Set `empty_macro'.
	(chop_macro): Check and remove trailing COMPATIBLE_SAVE/
	* src/roff/troff/request.h: Updated.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document .chop's behaviour better.

2002-06-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Fix documentation for the addition of positions.

	* tmac/doc.tmac, tmac/an-old.tmac: Need groff version 1.18.

2002-06-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implementation of string arguments of the form \*[foo arg1 arg2 ...]

	* src/roff/troff/ (have_string_arg): New global variable.
	(read_mode): New enumeration.
	(read_escape_name): Use it.  Update all calls.
	(read_long_escape_name): Use it.  Update all calls.
	Set have_string_arg if appropriate.
	(get_char_for_escape_name): Add parameter for handling space
	(interpolate_string_with_args, decode_string_args): New functions.
	(get_copy, token::next): Call it if necessary.
	(interpolate_string): Fix error message.

	* NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo, man/, man/
	Document it.

2002-06-24  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/ Updated and extended.

2002-06-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/, src/preproc/pic/ Fix description of `:='.

2002-06-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Improve documentation of composite block objects.

2002-06-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (init_registers): Add three registers
	`seconds', `minutes', and `hours' to hold the current time.

	* NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo, man/, man/

2002-06-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Make \X accept both `\ ' and `\~', converting them to single space

	* src/roff/troff/token.h (token): Add TOKEN_UNSTRETCHABLE_SPACE.
	(token::unstretchable_space): New inline function.
	* src/roff/troff/ (token::next, token::delimiter,
	token::description, token::add_to_node_list, token::process): Handle
	(encode_char): Handle tok.stretchable_space and

	* NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo: Document it..

2002-06-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_printer::special): Fix error message.

	* src/devices/grotty/ (tty_printer::special): Add `sgr'
	keyword to enable/disable SGR output.
	(tty_printer::change_fill_color): New function.
	* NEWS, src/devices/grotty/ Document `sgr' special.

	* src/roff/troff/ (output_request): Add missing `'

2002-06-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add a `color' request and a `.color' register to control usage of

	* src/roff/troff/ (disable_color_flag): Replaced with...
	(color_flag): This (which is the inverse).
	(activate_color): New function.
	(main, init_input_requests): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/troff.h, src/roff/troff/
	(troff_output_file::fill_color, troff_output_file::glyph_color):

	* NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo, man/, man/
	Document the changes.

2002-06-17  Colin Watson  <>

	Circumvent bug in autoconf 2.53 regarding top_builddir.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_BUILDDIR): s/top_builddir/groff_top_builddir/.
	*, doc/
	* configure: Regenerated (with autoconf 2.53).

2002-06-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (font::load_desc): Fix computation of
	`paperwidth' and `paperlength' for the `papersize' keyword.

2002-06-16  P. Alejandro Lopez-Valencia  <>

	* src/devices/grops/ Add info about Type 42 fonts.

2002-06-15  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer::emit_raw,
	html_printer::do_linelength, html_printer::do_pageoffset,
	html_printer::do_indentation, html_printer::do_tempindent,
	html_printer::do_break, html_printer::begin_page): Clear indented
	* tmac/html.tmac: Disable hyphenation.

2002-06-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Don't produce HTML files if utility programs are missing.

	* (make_html, make_install_html): New variables.
	(MDEFINES): Updated.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_HTML_PROGRAMS): New function to test for HTML
	utility programs.
	* Use it.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* doc/Makefile.sub (PROCESSEDEXAMPLEFILES): Move webpage.html to...
	(HTMLEXAMPLESFILES): This new variable.
	(all): Use `make_html'.
	(html): New target.
	(install_data): Use `make_install_html'.
	Move html stuff to...
	(install_html): This new target.
	(uninstall_sub): Updated.

2002-06-14  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/roff/grog/Makefile.sub (grog): Renamed to...
	(grog.old): This.
	(grog): New rule to always install as grog.

2002-06-08  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/roff/grog/ Fix typo.

2002-06-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Add more info on .tr arguments.

2002-06-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, src/roff/grog/, doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_MKSTEMP): Include unistd.h.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2002-06-05  Ralph Corderoy  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (table_sizes): Add more values.

	* src/roff/grog/, src/roff/grog/ Recognize mom.

2002-06-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_PAGE): Don't use `prefix' directly since it
	is not initialized at the time we need it in case `--prefix' hasn't
	been set.  Check for `ac_default_prefix' also.
	Test for `papersize' keyword also and generalize allowed whitespace.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* font/devps/Makefile.sub (DESC): Use `papersize' instead of

	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub (version, revision): Replaced
	(src_version, src_revision): New variables to avoid overwriting
	from parent make process.
	( Updated.

	* src/preproc/html/ Include paper.h and font.h.
	(linebuf, linebufsize): New global variables.
	(sys_fatal): Use `fatal' to abort properly.
	(get_line): New function.
	(get_resolution): Use it.
	Improve error messages.
	(get_papersize): Check `papersize' also.
	Use `get_line'.
	Improve error messages.

2002-06-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Makefile.comm (CLEANNOTSRCDIRADD): New target for files which
	should be removed only if builddir is not srcdir.
	(mostlyclean): Handle `CLEANNOTSRCDIRADD'.
	(clean): Depend on `mostlyclean'.
	(distclean): Depend on `clean'.
	(realclean, extraclean): Depend on `distclean'.
	(, .y.o): Simplified.  The output files are no longer written
	to srcdir but to builddir.
	* (MDEFINES): Add `version' and `revision'.
	(uninstall_dirs): Fix order of directories.
	* doc/Makefile.sub (version, revision): Removed.
	(CLEANADD): Removed grnexmpl.g, groff, groff-*.
	(CLEANNOTSRCDIRADD): New target for grnexmpl.h, groff, groff-*.
	* src/preproc/eqn/Makefile.sub, src/preproc/pic/Makefile.sub,
	src/preproc/refer/Makefile.sub (YTABC, YTABH): Don't use `srcdir'
	as prefix.

	* doc/texinfo.tex (\authortt): New macro.
	(\shortcontt): Define.
	(\titlepage): Set \tt to \authortt while defining \authorfont.
	(\appendixbox): New macro.
	(\chapmacro, \appendixentry): Use \appendixbox to get even
	indentation for letters.
	(\summarycontents): Set \tt.
	(\internalpagesize): Add two arguments for real paper width and
	height as needed by pdfTeX.
	(\letterpaper, \smallbook, \afourpaper, \afivepaper, \afourlatex):
	(\tempdima, \tempdimb): New temporary dimensions.
	(\pagesizesyyy): Updated.

2002-06-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding a new keyword `papersize' to the DESC file format (similar
	but not completely identical to grolbp's extension).  grops now has
	a -p command line option to override `papersize'.  Finally, grolbp
	has been adapted to the new syntax.

	* src/libs/libgroff/, src/include/paper.h: New files.  It
	defines and initializes the `papersizes[]' array with NUM_PAPERSIZES
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub (OBJS): Add `paper.o'.
	(CCSRCS): Add `'.

	* src/include/font.h (font): Add `papersize' element.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ (font::unit_scale): New helper function.
	(font::scan_papersize): New function.
	(font::load_desc): Use it for handling `papersize' keyword.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Initialize `font::papersize'.

	* src/devices/grops/ Include paper.h.
	(user_paper_length): New global variable.
	(ps_printer): Use paper length as initializer.
	(make_printer): Updated.
	(main): Handle new `-p' option.
	* src/devices/grops/ Updated.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Include paper.h.
	(set_papersize): Use new `papersizes' array.
	(handle_unknown_desc_command): Don't handle `papersize'.
	(main): Use `font::scan_papersize' for handling `-p' option.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ Updated.

	* man/ Document `papersize'.
	* NEWS: Updated.

2002-05-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grops/TODO: Updated.
	* src/devices/grops/ More info on paper formats.
	* man/ Document `paperheight' and `paperwidth'.

2002-05-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile.sub (CLEANADD): Add grnexmpl.g, groff, and groff-*
	to list only if srcdir != currdir.
	(distfiles): New target.

	* (EXTRADIRS): Add font/devlj4/generate.
	(NOMAKEDIRS): New variable.
	(DISTDIRS): Use it.

2002-05-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add .output request, similar to \! at top-level.

	* src/roff/troff/ (transparent): Remove unused declaration.
	(output_request): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Add it.
	* NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo, man/, man/
	Document it.

	(prepare_examples): Fix typo.
	* doc/groff.texinfo (@direntry): Fix it.

2002-05-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Including the doc subdir into groff's Makefile system.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_INSTALL_INFO): New function.
	* Use it.
	Generate `doc/Makefile'.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* (infodir, INSTALL_INFO): New variables.
	(MDEFINES, uninstall_dirs): Updated.
	(OTHERDIRS): Add `doc'.
	* Makefile.comm (CLEANDIRADD): New variable.
	(mostlyclean): Use it.

	* doc/Makefile.sub, doc/ New files.
	* doc/Makefile: Removed.

	* NEWS, INSTALL: Updated.

2002-05-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Renamed to ...
	* doc/ This.
	Use `.NHR'.

2002-05-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Integrating the `mom' macro package, contributed by Peter Schaffter

	* contrib/mom/*: New subdirectory tree.
	* (docdir, exampledir, htmldocdir): New variables to
	be used for documentation files.
	(MDEFINES, uninstall_dirs): Use them.
	(OTHERDIRS): Add contrib/mom.
	* Makefile.comm (.man.n): Add @DOCDIR@, @EXAMPLEDIR@, and
	* MANIFEST, NEWS: Updated.

2002-05-22  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Change syntax of \O: \O[0] suppresses output, \O[1] enables output
	if at outer level; at start-up we are at outer level.

	* src/roff/troff/ (do_suppress): Implement it.
	Simplify \O[3].

	Add option -p to show progress information.
	pre-grohtml will now render only one page at a time, reducing the
	size of needed disk resources enormously.

	* src/preproc/html/ (imagePageStem): Replaced with...
	(imagePageName): New global variable.
	(psPageName, show_progress, currentPageNo): New global variables.
	(html_system): Close saved stderr and stdout handles.
	(write_end_image): Accept a parameter to control \O escape.
	(write_start_image): Adapted to new \O meaning.
	(char_buffer::write_upto_newline): Updated.
	(createAllPages): Replaced with...
	(createPage): This new function to create a single page for images.
	It uses `psselect' from the psutils package.
	(removeAllPages): Removed.
	(createImage): Updated.
	Handle progress display.
	(char_buffer::do_html, char_buffer::do_image) [DEBUGGING]: Removed.
	(scanArguments): Add option -p.
	(makeTempFiles): Updated to create temp files for psPageName and
	(removeTempFiles): Removed.
	(main): Updated.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (header_desc::write_headings,
	html_printer::write_header): Append `\0' to `buffer'.
	(html_printer::do_eol): Depend on `current_paragraph->emitted_text'.
	(main): Handle -p.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_text::dump_stack_element):
	Handle `text_emitted'.
	(html_text::table_is_void): Slightly rewritten.
	(stop): New external symbol.
	(html_text::do_push) [DEBUGGING]: Use it and simplify.
	(html_text::shutdown): Call `dump_stack'.
	(html_text::do_space): Rewritten.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ Document -p and the need of

	* tmac/www.tmac (DC, HTML-DO-IMAGE, HTML-IMAGE-END): Updated to
	new \O syntax.
	Call \O[0] if `ps4html' is active.
	* tmac/s.tmac (@EQ, @EN): Handle html better.
	(@TS, TE): Ditto.
	* tmac/html.tmac: Don't use black for background colour.

	* src/roff/troff/ Include `div.h'.
	(troff_output_file::really_print_line): Don't use `is_on'. 
	(troff_output_file::word_marker, troff_output_file::flush_tbuf
	troff_output_file::put_char_width, troff_output_file::put_char,
	troff_output_file::determine_line_limits, troff_output_file::draw,
	real_output_file::begin_page, glyph_color_node::tprintf,
	fill_color_node::tprint, hline_node::tprint, vline_node::tprint):
	Use `is_on'.
	(troff_output_file::really_on): Call `do_motion'.
	(suppress_node::tprint): Use `get_page_number' instead of `%'
	Call `reset_output_registers' conditionally on `is_on'.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document new syntax of \O.
	* NEWS, man/ Updated.

2002-05-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* MORE.STUFF: Add info about David Frey's deroff implementation.

2002-05-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Pic's `with' attribute now accepts positions.

	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y: Make `.', BOX, CIRCLE, ELLIPSE, ARC, LINE,
	ARROW, SPLINE, and `[' left-associative tokens to fix shift/reduce
	(object_spec): Add rule for `WITH' and `position'.
	(relative_path): Give `corner' the precedence of `CHOP'.
	* src/preproc/pic/object.h (path): New members `pos' and
	* src/preproc/pic/ Updated initializers of `path'.
	(path::follow): Handle `is_position'.

	* doc/ Completely updated grammar description.
	Many typographical improvements.

2002-05-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Accept ^^x (char
	code of x in range 0-127) also.
	* doc/groff.texinfo, man/ Updated.

	Added keywords `north', `south', `east', and `west' for corners
	in pic.

	* src/preproc/pic/ (lookup_keyword): Add NORTH, SOUTH, EAST,
	and WEST.
	(yylex): Handle them.
	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y: Add tokens NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST.
	(corner): Handle them.

2002-05-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grops/ Clarify handling of `download' file.

2002-05-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding `warnscale' and `spreadwarn' requests, based on a patch from
	Jeffrey Friedl <>.

	* src/roff/troff/ (spread_limit, warn_scale,
	warn_scaling_indicator): New global variables.
	(warnscale_request, spreadwarn_requests): New functions.
	(main): Initialize `warn_scale' and `warn_scaling_indicator'.
	(init_input_requests): Updated.
	(error_type): Add `OUTPUT_WARNING'.
	(do_error): Handle it.
	(output_warning): New warning function which shows output location.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h (spread_limit): New external variable.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::choose_breakpoint): Use
	(distribute_space): Emit warning if added space is larger than
	(environment::possibly_break_line): Emit warning if a line can't
	be adjusted on both sides.

	* doc/groff.texinfo, man/, man/ Document it.

2002-05-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (special_node::special_node): Use
	env_definite_font(curenv) instead of curenv->get_font().  Otherwise
	\X''\% crashes, for example.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document \! and \? used at top-level.

2002-05-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/ Fix some keyword syntax.
	Other minor typographical fixes.

	* src/roff/groff/ Fix typos.

2002-05-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/groff/ ([ShortOpt]): Renamed to...
	(ShortOpt[]): This to avoid problems with refer.

	* doc/ Fix typo.
	Fix pic grammar description.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (ne): Use de1, not de.

2002-05-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Finished separation of glyphs and characters.
	Don't use the string `Appendix' for appendix headers (both in
	the text and the table of contents).
	* man/, src/roff/troff/ Fix order of tmac

	Use registers LL and LT (similar to -ms) for controlling the
	length of title and line, respectively, in the -man and -mdoc
	macro packages.

	* tmac/doc-ditroff (doc-setup-page-layout), tmac/doc-nroff
	(doc-setup-page-layout): Use \n[LL] and \n[LT].
	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Set \n[LL] and \n[LT] if not defined.
	(TH): Use \n[LL].
	(an-header, an-p-footer): Use \n[LT].
	* NEWS, tmac/, tmac/,
	doc/groff.texinfo: Document it.

2002-05-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/fdl.texi: New file.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Include it.
	Define and use @copying.
	Starting with separating glyph, symbol, and character.

2002-04-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* (EXEEXT): Set it.
	* src/*/Makefile.sub (PROG): Add $(EXEEXT) for all non-script

	* src/include/nonposix.h: Define GS_NAME.
	* src/preproc/html/ (createAllPages): Use GS_NAME.

	Some preliminary changes for EMX support under OS/2.

	* src/preproc/pic/ (main), src/roff/groff/pipeline.c: Add
	__EMX__ similar to __MSDOS__.
	* src/utils/indxbib/ (main) [__EMX__]: Use `unlink'.

2002-04-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Integrated
	Some macro fixes.

2002-04-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Minor fixes.

2002-04-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Moving @cindex entries after @Def* to get
	correct page references.
	Fixed many index entries.

2002-04-23  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/ Enlarged.

2002-04-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More examples, other fixes.

2002-04-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (pipe_output): Multiple calls to `pi'
	will now form a chain, e.g.

	  .pi foo
	  .pi bar

	is now the same as

	  .pi foo | bar

	This is for compatibility with plan 9's troff.

	* tmac/tty.tmac: Set default tab values to 0.8i to be compatible
	with UNIX troff.
	* NEWS: Updated.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Add documentation of remaining requests and

2002-04-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Add documentation of remaining escapes.

	* font/devdvi/generate/ Remove entry for `sr'.
	* font/devdvi/*TC: Regenerated.

2002-04-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (token::next): Make \H behave consistently
	if not in compatibility mode, i.e., increment relative to the
	previous height.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated accordingly.

2002-04-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document \\, \e, \E, \., and \c.

2002-04-16  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/roff/groff/ Improve documentation of -P option.
	Other minor fixes.

2002-04-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add new escape \F to switch font family.

	* src/roff/troff/ (token::next): Handle \F.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::set_family): Handle
	`interrupted' flag.
	* NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo, man/, man/
	Document it.

2002-04-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-tag-list): Use \Z to avoid stretching of
	spaces in tags.

2002-04-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implement \f[] as an alternative to \fP.  Change \mP and \MP to
	\m[] and \M[], respectively.

	* src/roff/troff/ (EMPTY_SYMBOL): New global variable.
	(symbol::symbol): Handle NULL string and empty string differently.
	* src/roff/troff/symbol.h (symbol::is_empty): New inline function.
	* src/roff/troff/ (read_escape_name, read_long_escape_name):
	Add optional parameter.
	Updated calling functions.
	(get_copy, do_glyph_color, do_fill_color, token::next): Use
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::set_font): Ditto.

	* src/preproc/pic/ (troff_output::set_fill,
	troff_output::reset_color: Updated.

	* tmac/www.tmac: Updated.

	* NEWS, man/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo,
	doc/, src/devices/grotty/, tmac/

	* tmac/Xps.tmac: Remove some redundant code.

	* tmac/doc-common, tmac/doc-ditroff, tmac/doc-nroff, tmac/doc.tmac,
	tmac/dvi.tmac, contrib/groffer/, man/,
	man/, man/, man/,
	src/roff/groff/ Replace \f[P] with \f[].

2002-04-13  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/include/printer.h, src/libs/libdriver/
	(printer::change_fill_color): New member function.
	* src/libs/libdriver/ (parse_D_command): Use it.

2002-04-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Completed pass on gtroff reference.

2002-04-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More fixes.

2002-04-11  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/include/color.h: Decorate with `const'.
	Use `size_t'.
	Include `stddef.h'.
	* src/libs/ Decorate with `const'.
	Use `size_t'.
	(color::color): Initialize members.
	* src/libs/libdriver/ (parse_D_command): Handle `f'
	command according to the documentation.

	* man/ Updated.
	Minor fixes.

2002-04-11  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/preproc/html/ (write_start_image): Remove
	redundant output.
	* tmac/www.tmac (DC, HTML-DO-IMAGE): Ditto.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (page::add_and_encode): Using
	\C'hy' caused an assertion failure.

	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::environment): Initialize
	(environment::copy): Handle `ignore_next_eol' and `emitted_node'.

2002-04-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/, man/, NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo:
	Document pvs request and .pvs register.

2002-04-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Improve and fix documentation of diversions
	and environments.

2002-04-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fix documentation of drawing functions.
	Other minor fixes.

2002-04-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Better documentation of double quotes as
	Other minor fixes.

2002-04-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Document names of special characters better.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Minor improvements.

	* tmac/lbp.tmac: Load latin1.tmac.
	* tmac/X.tmac, tmac/Xps.tmac: Load latin1.tmac or cp1047.tmac.

	* font/devX*/*: Regenerated (all chars > 0x80 removed).

2002-04-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tty.tmac: Don't use shc request.
	* tmac/latin1.tmac, tmac/cp1047.tmac: Translate soft hyphen to `\%'.
	* NEWS: Updated.

	* man/ Minor fixes.

	* font/devlbp/*: Remove all `charXXX' entities.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (font::~font): Deallocate
	(font::load): Use `new' for allocating `special_device_coding'.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ (character_indexer::lookup_char):
	Removed unused member.

2002-04-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/drivers/grops/ (skip_possible_newline): New function.
	resource_manager::do_begin_data): Use it.

	* doc/texinfo.tex: Updated to version 4.2.

	* src/roff/troff/token.h: Add TOKEN_ZERO_WIDTH_BREAK for `\:'.
	(token::zero_width_break): New inline function.
	* src/roff/troff/ (token::next): Use it.
	(token::description): Updated.
	(encode_char): Ignore `\%', `\&', `\)', and `\:'.
	(token::add_to_node_list, token::process): Use it.
	* NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

	* src/preproc/eqn/ (over_box::output): Fix typo.
	* tmac/tty.tmac: Add missing backslash.

2002-04-04  Tadziu Hoffmann  <>

	* src/preproc/eqn/ (set_script_size, box::top_level): Use
	`.ps' register instead of `.s' to handle fractional point sizes.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (limit_box::compute_metrics,
	limit_box::output): Ditto.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (size_box::compute_metrics,
	size_box::output): Ditto.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (over_box::compute_metrics,
	over_box::output): Ditto.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (script_box::compute_metrics,
	script_box::output): Ditto.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (sqrt_box::compute_metrics,
	sqrt_box::output): Ditto.

2002-04-03  Michael Selway  <>

	* src/drivers/grops/ (resource_manager::do_begin_binary):
	Fix typo.

2002-04-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Reduce title size.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fix documentation of .t register.
	Fix handling of colon.
	Fix `\' vs. `\\'.

	* src/roff/troff/ (exit_troff): Emit LAST_PAGE_EJECTOR
	only if page length is positive to avoid a loop.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (ne): Increase page length to avoid problems with

2002-04-02  P. Alejandro Lopez-Valencia  <>

	* src/include/nonposix.h, src/roff/groff/pipeline.c:

2002-03-28  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* doc/gnu.xpm: New image contributed by Emily Mulley.
	* doc/Makefile (gnu.eps, gnu.png): Use pnmdepth.
	(homepage.html): Be dependent on gnu.eps.
	* doc/ Updated to new image.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer): New member
	(html_printer::flush_sbuf, html_printer::set_char): Set it.
	(html_printer::sbuf_continuation): Use it.

2002-03-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/getopt.c: Updated to latest version.

	* tmac/README: More on hyphen.tex license.

2002-03-26  Larry Kollar  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Add documentation of most missing requests.

2002-03-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add three glyphs `t+-', `tmu', and `tdi' which are textual variants
	of `+-', `mu', and `di', respectively.

	* font/devascii/R.proto, font/devutf8/R.proto,
	font/devlatin1/R.proto, font/devhtml/R.proto,
	font/devcp1047/R.proto, font/devlpb/*: Add them.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Ditto.
	* font/devps/*: Regenerated.
	* font/devlj4/generate/ Add them.
	* font/devlj4/*: Regenerated.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Use them.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Add them.
	* font/devdvi/*: Regenerated.
	* font/devX*/*: Regenerated.

	* tmac/latin1.tmac, tmac/cp1047.tmac, tmac/tty.tmac,
	tmac/tty-char.tmac: Updated.

	* NEWS, man/ Updated.

2002-03-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/dvi.tmac, tmac/X.tmac, tmac/ps.tmac, tmac/html.tmac,
	tmac/lj4.tmac, tmac/tty.tmac: Replace most `.char' with `.fchar'.
	* tmac/ec.tmac: Remove `.rchar' calls (no longer necessary since
	we use `.fchar' in dvi.tmac.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Improve definition of \[Fo] and \[Fc].
	* tmac/Xps.tmac: Simplify some char definitions.
	Add definition for \[f/].
	* man/ Updated for new X.tmac.

	* tmac/README: New file.

2002-03-23  Phil Lobbes  <>

	* Makefile.comm (.y.o): New rule for make on Solaris 2.5.1 -- the
	internal .y.o rule took precendence over the rule, compiling
	the yacc files with gcc instead of g++.

2002-03-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Add replacement font for `CB'.

	* tmac/doc.tmac: s/request/macro/ in messages.
	(doc-generic-macro): Improve error message.
	* tmac/ Minor improvements.

2002-03-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document possible conflict between `tr' and
	`char' requests.

2002-03-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Improve handling of hyphenation patterns.  It is now possible to
	use most of TeX's pattern files unmodified.  To make the process
	more flexible, a new request `hpfcode' has been added which
	provides a character code mapping for the `hpf' request.  See
	comment before hpf_getc() for more details.

	* src/roff/troff/ (insert_hyphenation, hpf_getc): New
	(read_patterns_file): Additional parameter for exception dictionary.
	Extended to recognize \pattern, \hyphenation, and \endinput.
	(do_hyphenation_patterns_file): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h (hpf_code_table): New extern.

	* src/roff/troff/ (hpf_code_table): New array.
	(init_hpf_code_table, hyphenation_patterns_file_code): New
	(hyphenation_code): Handle translation from `trin' correctly.
	(main, init_input_requests): Updated.
	(charinfo::set_translation): Handle hyphenation code also.

	* src/roff/troff/charinfo.h (charinfo::get_translation_input): New
	inline function.

	* src/roff/troff/ (WORD_MAX): Reduced to 256 since `unsigned
	char' is used for offsets in hyphenation exceptions.

	* tmac/ Replace with contents of unmodified `hyphen.tex'.

	* NEWS, man/, man/ Document it.

2002-03-20  Larry Kollar  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Add documentation for `hpfa' and `trin'

2002-03-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/html.tmac: Fix serious typo.

2002-03-17  Larry Kollar  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Add documentation for `writec' request.

2002-03-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added request `hpfa' to append hyphenation patterns.

	* src/roff/troff/ (hyphen_trie::read_patterns_file): Add
	parameter `append'.
	(hyphenation_patterns_file): Renamed to...
	(do_hyphenation_patterns_file): This.
	(hyphenation_patterns_file, hyphenation_patterns_file_append): New
	(init_hyphen_requests): Updated.
	* NEWS, man/, man/ Document it.

2002-03-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added request `writec' in analogy to `tmc'.

	* src/roff/troff/ (write_request): Renamed to...
	(do_write_request): This.
	Added one parameter.
	(write_request, write_request_continue): New functions.
	(init_input_requests): Updated.
	* NEWS, man/, man/ Document it.

	* font/devdvi/ (sizes): Allow all sizes in the range
	* NEWS: Document it.

2002-03-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Add writem request.

	Add request `trin' (translate input) to make `.asciify' work
	correctly.  This is necessary since `charXXX' entity names are no
	longer hardcoded in font definition files.

	* src/roff/troff/charinfo.h (charinfo): Add `asciify_code' and
	`translate_input' members.
	(charinfo::set_asciify_code, charinfo::get_asciify_code,
	charinfo::set_translation_input): New methods.
	(charinfo::set_translation): Add third argument.
	* src/roff/troff/ (charinfo:set_translation): Set
	(do_translate): Add second argument.
	(translate_input): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/ (glyph_node::asciify,
	composite_node::asciify): Use `get_asciify_code'.

	* tmac/cp1047.tmac, tmac/latin1.tmac: Use `trin'.

	* NEWS, man/, man/ Updated.

2002-03-14  Larry Kollar  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Improve documentation of .RS and .RE.

2002-03-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add a new request `sizes' similar to the `sizes' command in DESC

	* src/roff/troff/ (override_sizes): New function.
	(init_env_requests): Use it.
	* src/roff/troff/token.h: Export `read_string'.
	* NEWS, man/, man/ Document it.

2002-03-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More fixes for texinfo 4.1 and higher.

2002-03-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/pspic.tmac: Add support for -Tdvi.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Include pspic.tmac.
	* src/devices/grodvi/ Document it.
	* NEWS: Updated.

	* font/devlj4/generate/Makefile: Fix URL of metric files.

2002-03-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* PROBLEMS: The static constructor bug has been fixed in z/OS V1R3.

2002-03-09  Larry Kollar  <>

	* tmac/ Add documentation for RS and RE macros.

2002-03-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fixes for texinfo 4.1.

2002-03-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/lib.h: Include getopt.h if groff-getopt.h can't be
	Handle CYGWIN properly.

2002-03-07  Paco Andrés Verdú  <>

	* font/devlbp/Makefile.sub (DEVFILES): Add some missing fonts.
	* tmac/lbp.tmac: Add some font translations.

2002-03-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devcp1047/R.proto, font/devlatin1/R.proto,
	font/devhtml/R.proto: Remove `charXXX'	entries.
	* tmac/tty.tmac, tmac/html.tmac: Load latin1.tmac or cp1047.tmac
	where appropriate.

	* font/devlj4/generate/ Remove `charXXX' entries.
	* font/devlj4/*: Regenerated all font definition files.
	* tmac/lj4.tmac: Load latin1.tmac.

	* src/utils/hpftodit/ (do_file): Partially undo change
	from 2000-06-17: LJ4 metric files are *not* text files.

	* tmac/troffrc, tmac/dvi.tmac, tmac/ps.tmac: Don't use .T string
	register to test for EBCDIC.

2002-03-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Skip comment lines in encoding
	files (as grops already does).
	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Document comment lines in map
	* src/devices/grops/ Document comment lines in encoding

	* tmac/cp1047.tmac: New file.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac, tmac/tty-char.tmac: Use it.
	* tmac/ps.tmac: Load latin1.tmac or cp1047.tmac.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Updated.

	* tmac/ec.tmac: Don't load latin1.tmac again.

	* font/devps/generate/lgreekmap, font/devps/generate/symbolchars,
	font/devps/generate/dingbats.rmap, font/devps/text.enc,
	font/devps/generate/Makefile (symbolmap): Add header comment.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Ditto.
	Remove `charXXX' entries.
	* font/devps/symbolmap: Regenerated.
	* font/devps/*: Regenerated all font definition files.

2002-02-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add color support to grodvi (for drawing colors are currently
	translated to gray values).

	* src/devices/grodvi/ (FILL_MAX): Removed.
	(dvi_printer): Add `cur_color' member.
	(dvi_printer::set_color): New function.
	(draw_dvi_printer): Remove `fill'.
	(draw_dvi_printer::fill_next): Pass environment as parameter.
	Update code for new color support translated to gray.
	(dvi_printer::set_char): Updated.
	(dvi_printer::begin_page, dvi_printer::end_page): Handle color
	changes crossing the page border.
	(dvi_printer::draw): Updated.
	Remove cases `f' and `F'.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Add color definitions.
	* NEWS, src/devices/grodvi/ Updated.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (R): Make this a macro to emit a warning if
	used incorrectly.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_NEED_DECLARATION): Use test similar to recent
	versions of autoconf.
	* configure: Updated.

	* doc/ Use `.blm'.
	* tmac/www.tmac (www-depth): New auxiliary variable.
	(www-pop-level): Don't issue HTML tag.
	(ULS, ULE, LI): Use absolute indentation.

	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_printer::begin_page,
	ps_printer::end_page): Switch forth and back to default color while
	starting a new page.

2002-02-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add EC and TC fonts to devdvi.

	* src/utils/tfmtodit/ Document patching of
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Renamed to...
	* font/devdvi/generate/ This.
	Remove entry for `aq'.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ New file.
	* font/devdvi/generate/Makefile (*EC, *TC): New creation rules for
	EC and TC fonts.
	(FONTS): Updated.
	* font/devdvi/*EC, font/devdvi/*TC: New font definition files.
	* font/devdvi/Makefile.sub (DEVFILES): Updated.
	* tmac/ec.tmac: New file.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Updated.
	* NEWS, src/devices/grodvi/ Updated.
	* man/ Check `ECFONTS' register.

	* font/devdvi/{TR,TI,TB,TBI,HR}: Fix `name' field.

2002-02-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devdvi/generate/*.map: Remove all `charXXX' entries.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Add 'y and 'Y.
	* font/devdvi/*: Updated.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Formatting.

	Add font `HBI' for the dvi output.
	Add support for font families `T' and `H'.

	* font/devdvi/HBI: New file.
	* font/devdvi/B: Renamed to ...
	* font/devdvi/TB: This.
	* font/devdvi/BI: Renamed to ...
	* font/devdvi/TBI: This.
	* font/devdvi/I: Renamed to ...
	* font/devdvi/TI: This.
	* font/devdvi/R: Renamed to ...
	* font/devdvi/TR: This.
	* font/devdvi/H: Renamed to ...
	* font/devdvi/HR: This.
	* font/devdvi/Makefile.sub (DEVFILES): Updated.
	* font/devdvi/generate/Makefile (HBI): New rule.
	(FONTS): Updated.
	(R, I, B, BI, H): Renamed to ...
	(TR, TI, TB, TBI, HR): This, respectively.
	(srcdir): Fixed.
	* NEWS, src/devices/grodvi/ Updated.
	* font/devdvi/ Don't mount R, I, B, BI, and CWI.
	Add `styles' and `family' keywords.
	* tmac/dvi.tmac: Alias `H' to `HR'.
	Add some fspecial requests for italic fonts.
	Add TR and TI as special.
	Add support for `_' with font CWI.

	* src/roff/troff/ (parse_expr): Add missing `break' for
	operator `:'.  Until now, the expression `0:1' would return 2
	instead of 1.

2002-02-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Added some missing PS glyph names (from the
	Adobe Glyph List).
	* font/devps/generate/textmap, font/devps/symbolmap: Add

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Minor additions and fixes.
	* man/ Remove documentation of fp request.  This
	is already covered in the original troff manual.
	Updated to be consistent with other doc files.
	* NEWS: Updated.

2002-02-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_EBCDIC): Don't include `font/devutf8' in
	Define new variable OTHERDEVDIRS (containing `font/devlj4
	font/devlbp' if not EBCDIC).
	* (TTYDEVDIRS): Always include `font/devutf8'.
	(OTHERDEVDIRS): New variable.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* NEWS, src/devices/grotty/ Updated.

2002-02-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (do_overstrike, do_bracket,
	get_line_arg): Honour input level.

	Add new symbol `mc' corresponding to U+00B5 MICRO SIGN.

	* font/*/*: Implement it in all font files.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap, font/devps/generate/symbolchars,
	* font/devps/symbolmap: Updated.
	* font/devlj4/generate/ Updated.
	* font/devdvi/generate/CompileFonts (sizes): Add LaTeX sizes.
	* font/devdvi/generate/ Updated.

	* font/devutf8/R.proto: Remove all `charXXX' entries.
	* font/devutf8/NOTES: Updated.

	* font/devX*/*: Regenerated with xtotroff, using fonts from XFree86
	version 4.1.0.

	* tmac/latin1.tmac, tmac/psold.tmac, tmac/tty-char.tmac: Updated.

	* NEWS, man/ Updated.

2002-02-21  Phil Lobbes  <>

	* src/include/lib.h [HAVE_SNPRINTF]: Include stdarg.h.

2002-02-20  Ralph Corderoy  <>

	* src/roff/grog/ Fix computation of $refer.

2002-02-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/lib.h [!HAVE_SNPRINTF]: Add declarations for
	`snprintf' and `vsnprintf'.

	* src/include/htmlindicate.h: Renamed to...
	* src/include/htmlhint.h: This.
	* src/include/Makefile.sub: Updated.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ Updated.

2002-02-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/, man/, man/,
	man/, man/, src/roff/groff/,
	src/roff/troff/ Updated to latest changes in www.tmac.

	* win32-diffs: Updated.

2002-02-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile (clean): Add *.eps.
	(MEMACROS): Removed.
	(TFLAG): New variable.
	(TROFF): Use it.
	Add -ww.
	(GROFF): Use TFLAG, FFLAG, -U, -p, -e, -t, and -ww.
	(.me.dit): Fixed.
	(.ms.html, .ms.ascii,, homepage.html): Simplify.

	* tmac/www.tmac: Use dummy diversion while resetting and disabling
	* tmac/e.tmac: Inserted some more `\"' to remove warnings if used
	* src/roff/troff/ Fix order of parameter description.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2002-02-16  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Simplify image handling for grohtml.
	Fix <p> bug.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (DEBUGGING): Don't undefine but
	comment out.
	(html_text::dump_stack): Don't emit newline while debugging.
	(html_text::do_push) [DEBUGGING]: Print more info.
	(html_text::check_emit_text): Fix handling of <p>.
	* src/devices/grohtml/html.h: Updated.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (FPUTC, FPUTS, PUTC): New macros,
	replacing `fputc', `fputs', `putc'.  If DEBUGGING is defined, they
	send its data to stderr also.
	Update all callers.
	(simple_output::space_or_newline) [DEBUGGING]: Removed.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer::do_links,
	html_printer::html_printer): Remove `DEBUGGING' conditionals.

	* src/include/html-strings.h (HTML_IMAGE_{CENTERED,LEFT,RIGHT,END}):
	* src/libs/libgroff/ (is_in_graphic_start,
	is_inline_image): Removed.
	(html_begin_suppress, html_end_suppress): Don't take a parameter.
	(graphic_start, graphic_end): Removed.
	* src/include/htmlindicate.h: Updated.
	* src/preproc/html/ (DEBUG_HTML): Removed.
	(macroset_template): New global variable.
	(makeFileName): Use `macroset_template'.
	(write_end_image): Don't take a parameter.
	Don't emit newline.
	(write_start_image: Don't emit newline.
	(char_buffer::write_upto_newline): Updated.
	(char_buffer::skip_to_newline): Renamed to ...
	(char_buffer::skip_until_newline): This.
	Fix code.
	(char_buffer::write_file_troff, char_buffer::write_file_html):
	(createAllPages, createImage) [DEBUGGING]: Handle `debug' flag.
	(removeAllPages): Remove `DEBUGGING' conditionals.
	(addRegDef, dump_args): New functions.
	(char_buffer::do_html, char_buffer::do_image): Handle
	`www-image-template' command line variable.
	Add more debugging code.
	(addps4html): Removed.
	(removeTempFiles) [DEBUGGING]: Handle `debug' flag.

	* src/preproc/eqn/ Include `ctype.h'.
	(suppress_html): Removed.
	(do_file): Updated.
	(inline_equation): Use `html_begin_suppress' and
	* src/preproc/pic/ Don't include `htmlindicate.h'.
	(troff_output::start_picture, troff_output::finish_picture):
	* src/preproc/tbl/ Don't include `htmlindicate.h'.
	(process_input_file): Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/ (page_number): Set page number only if the
	`ps4html' register isn't defined.
	* src/roff/troff/ (image_no): New external variable.
	(do_suppress): Use it.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h (suppress_node::image_id): New member.
	* src/roff/troff/ (image_no): Remove `static' keyword.
	(suppress_node::suppress_node): Initialize `image_id' member.
	(suppress_node::same): Handle `image_id' also.
	(suppress_node::copy): Updated.
	(last_image_id): New global variable.
	(suppress_node::tprint): Use it.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (TS, TE, EQ, EN): Use HTML-IMAGE and
	* tmac/pspic.mac (PSPIC): Fix html support.
	* tmac/s.tmac (@EQ, @EN, @TS, TE, PS, PE): Ditto.
	* tmac/www.tmac (www-image-template): Set up.
	(HTMLINDEX): Renamed to...
	(HX): This.
	(BODYCOLOR): Renamed to...
	(BCL): This.
	(BACKGROUND): Renamed to...
	(BGIMG): This.
	(URL): Change order of parameters for consistency.
	(MAILTO): Renamed to...
	(MTO): This.
	(IMG, PIMG, MPIMG): This.
	(HTML-H-BEGIN, HTML-H-END): Renamed to...
	(HnS, HnE): This.
	(LINKS): Renamed to...
	(LK): This.
	(LINE): Renamed to...
	(HR): This.
	(NO-AUTO-RULE): Renamed to...
	(NHR): This.
	(HTML-TL): Renamed to...
	(HTL): This.
	(UL-BEGIN, UL-END): Renamed to...
	(ULS, ULE): This.
	(DROPCAP): Renamed to...
	(DC): This.
	(TS, TE, EQ, EN): Provide default definitions.
	(www-make-unique-name): Updated.
	* tmac/ Updated.

	* doc/Makefile (homepage.html): Add option -r to grohtml.
	Use shortened image name.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated info on grohtml strings and macros.
	* doc/ Updated and extended.

2002-02-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Don't use `CSI 39 m' and `CSI 49 m' but `CSI 0 m'.

	* src/devices/grotty/ (SGR_DEFAULT_COLOR,
	SGR_BACK_DEFAULT_COLOR): Replaced with ...
	(tty_printer::put_color): Use it.
	(ttr_printer::end_page): Simplify.

2002-02-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ Moved to...
	* man/ This place.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub, man/Makefile.sub: Updated.

2002-02-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub (snprintf.o): Don't use
	$(COMPILE.c) to not include groff's assert.h.

	* src/drivers/grotty/ (main): Add GROFF_NO_SGR environment
	* NEWS, src/drivers/grotty/ Document it.

2002-02-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/snprintf/snprintf.c: Updated to latest version

	* src/roff/grog/ (process): Fix handling of `.['.  We now
	test whether there is `.]' also.
	Don't check for spaces after `.['.
	* src/roff/grog/ Do the same.

2002-02-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Illegal -> Invalid.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ Renamed to ...
	* src/libs/libgroff/ This.
	(illegal_char_table): Renamed to ...
	(invalid_char_table): This.
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub: Updated.
	* win32-diffs: Updated.

	* doc/groff.texinfo, src/devices/grops/ (ps_get_line),
	src/libs/libdriver/ (fatal_command, parse_color_command,
	parse_x_command), src/libs/libgroff/ (text_file::next,
	font::load), src/preproc/eqn/ (read_line, main),
	src/preproc/eqn/ (file_input::read_line),
	src/preproc/pic/ (file_input::read_line,
	simple_file_input::get, simple_file_input::peek),
	src/preproc/pic/ (top_input::get, top_input::peek),
	src/preproc/pic/, src/preproc/refer/
	(input_stack::push_file), src/preproc/refer/ (do_file,
	do_bib), src/preproc/tbl/ (table_input::get),
	src/preproc/grn/, src/preproc/grn/ (interpret),
	src/roff/troff/ (file_iterator::fill, file_iterator::peek,
	do_zero_width, read_request, encode_char, ps_get_line,
	transparent_file, get_char_for_escape_name, transparent_translate,
	asciify, input_char_description, read_string, set_string),
	src/roff/troff/ (environment::add_html_tag),
	src/roff/troff/, tmac/e.tmac (`@(', `(f'): Do it.

	* src/include/lib.h: Updated.

	* src/preproc/eqn/ Removed.

	* NEWS: Updated.

	* src/preproc/grn/ (DBRead): Fix fscanf() fields.

2002-02-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/gnu.xpm: New image.
	* doc/Makefile (DOCS): Add
	Add rules for converting xpm->png and xpm->eps.
	Use `gnu.{xpm,eps}' as image names.
	* doc/ Updated.

2002-02-09  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* tmac/www.tmac (www-error): New macro, replacing calls to `@error'.
	(IMAGE): Change image position parameters to `-L', `-R', and `-C'.
	Remove calls to `B1' and `B2'
	(PNG-IMAGE): New macro for inclusion of images in PNG format.
	(www-left-ll-trap, www-left-po-trap, www-right-ll-trap): New
	auxiliary variables for MARGIN-PNG-IMAGE.
	(www-finish-left-po, www-finish-right-ll, www-finish-left-ll): New
	auxiliary macros for MARGIN-PNG-IMAGE.
	(MARGIN-PNG-IMAGE): New macro to put an image in PNG format into
	the margin.
	(www-heading-no): New auxiliary variable for HTML-H-{BEGIN,END}.
	(HTML-H-BEGIN, HTML-H-END): New macros to begin and end a heading.
	(DROPCAP): New macro to produce dropcap characters.
	(www-do-image): Renamed back to...
	Updated all callers.

	* doc/Makefile (gnubw.eps): Updated.
	* doc/ Updated.

2002-02-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Fixed typos (\(*tx -> \*(tx).
	Added `linethick' to table in section `Style Variables'.

2002-02-08  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/libs/libdriver/ (get_extended_arg): Fix conditional.

2002-02-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding options -C (compatibility mode) and -c (grotty's old output
	scheme) to nroff.

	* src/roff/nroff/ Implement it.
	Remove `-Wall'.
	* NEWS, src/roff/nroff/ Updated.

	* PROBLEMS: Document bison 1.32 bug.

	Some fixes to make groff compile on z/OS 1.2 UNIX (was OS/390).

	* src/roff/troff/ (make_tfont): Define it earlier.
	* src/roff/troff/div.h: Add prototype for `end_diversions'.
	* src/roff/troff/ Add prototype for `process_input_stack'.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h: Add prototype for `title'.

	Adding EBCDIC support to grotty.

	* src/devices/grotty/ (CSI): New macro.
	(SGR_*, tty_printer::put_color): Use it.

2002-02-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implementing color support in grotty.  The new switch -c activates
	the old drawing scheme, disabling color at the same time.  The new
	switch `-i' selects italic instead of underlining (SGR only).

	* src/devices/grotty/ (putstring): New define instead of
	`fputs'.  Updated all callers.
	(old_drawing_scheme): New global variable.
	(COLOR_CHANGE): New enum value.
	(SGR_*): New defines containing color handling escape sequences.
	(glyph): New members `back_color_idx' and `fore_color_idx'.
	(glyph::order): Add COLOR_CHANGE.
	(tty_printer): New members `cur_fore_idx', `curr_back_idx',
	`is_underline', `is_bold', `cu_flag', `tty_colors'.
	New methods `make_underline', `make_bold', `color_to_idx',
	`change_color', `put_color'.
	(cu_flag): Moved into `tty_printer' class.
	(tty_printer::tty_printer): Initialize colors.
	(tty_printer::add_char, tty_printer::set_char, tty_printer::special,
	tty_printer::draw, tty_printer::end_page): Handle colors also.
	(main): Add options `-c' and `-i'.
	(usage): Updated.
	* NEWS, src/devices/grotty/ Updated.

	* src/include/errarg.h (errarg): Add support for `unsigned int'.
	* src/libs/libgroff/errarg.c: Implement it.

	* src/include/printer.h (printer): Add `change_color' method
	(currently used by grotty only).
	* src/libs/libdriver/ Implement it.
	* src/libs/libdriver/ (parse_D_command, do_file): Add
	call to `pr->change_color'.

	* src/roff/troff/ (troff_output_file::fill_color,
	troff_output_file::glyph_color): Call `do_motion'.

	* tmac/tty.tmac: Add color definitions.

	* src/roff/groff/ Minor fixes.

2002-02-05  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/libs/libdriver/ Introduce `EnvInt' typedef and use
	it.  This is a preparation for future changes.

2002-02-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (process_input_stack): Fix the case
	where leading spaces are followed by \f or \s; previously, an
	incorrect space width has been used.

	* doc/ (quoted_char): Fix argument.
	(comment): Define string.

2002-02-04  Larry Kollar  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More fixes.

2002-02-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/eqn/ (output_string): Don't use \\*[...].
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (do_file, inline_equation): Call
	`restore_compatibility' before `output_string' -- the LINE_STRING
	register now already contains proper switches from and to
	compatibility mode.

	* man/ Add Euro symbol.
	* man/ Improve documentation of `.am1' and `.as1'.
	* tmac/tty.tmac: Add `EUR' as replacement for `eu' and `Eu'.
	* doc/groff.texinfo (Defstr*): Print strings with full syntax.
	Other minor fixes.

	* doc/Makefile (.SUFFIXES, .texinfo.pdf, clean): Add support for
	(.texinfo.html): Add support for texinfo->html.

2002-02-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added three new requests `ds1', `as1', and `ami'.  The former two
	are equivalent to `ds' and `as' with the difference that
	compatibility mode is saved on entry, switched off during string
	expansion, and restored on exit.  The latter is the pendant to `dei'
	for `am'.

	(do_define_string): Use `define_mode' and `calling mode'.
	Insert COMPATIBLE_SAVE and COMPATIBLE_RESTORE at the beginning and
	end of string, respectively.
	(define_string, append_string): Use `calling_mode'.
	(define_nocomp_string, append_nocomp_string,
	define_string_indirect): New functions.
	(init_input_requests): Updated.
	* NEWS, man/, man/ Document it.

	* src/preproc/eqn/ (box::top_level, box::extra_space): Use
	`as1' for assigning LINE_STRING (this is `10' usually).  Sun's
	mm macro package accesses this string register directly.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (inline_equation): Use `as1'.

	* tmac/trace.tmac: Trace calls to `am' also.  Make it work in
	compatibility mode.

2002-02-02  Larry Kollar  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo, tmac/ More fixes.

2002-01-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (I): Use \, and \/ to improve spacing.

2002-01-31  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/devices/grolbp/ (main): Delete `pr'.
	* man/ Revised and updated.

2002-01-30  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/libs/libdriver/ [USE_ENV_STACK]: New macro to comment
	out the unused `{' and `}' commands.  Undefined by default.
	(IntArray): Make `data' private.
	(IntArray::operator[], IntArray::get_data, IntArray::len): Use these
	new methods instead.
	(skip_line_D, skip_to_end_of_line): New functions.
	(get_D_fixed_args): Use `skip_line_D'.
	Changed to handle dummy odd arguments by ...
	(get_D_fixed_args_odd_dummy): This new function.
	(get_D_variable_args): Split some code into ...
	(get_possibly_integer_args): This new function.
	(send_draw): Use more `const'.
	(delete_current_env): New function.
	(position_to_end_of_args): Use `size_t'.
	(send_draw): Updated.
	(parse_D_command): Handle `c', `C', and `t' better.
	(do_file): Updated.

2002-01-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS: Revised.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Introduce @Def...List, @Def...Item, and
	@Def...ListEnd which replaces @Def...x.  This is necessary to get
	proper HTML output -- see the comment in the file for more
	Updated all calls.

2002-01-29  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Fixes to make color changes of 2002-01-21 work with grohtml.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (style): Updated.
	(html_printer): Remove unused methods.
	(html_printer::do_font, html_printer::draw, html_printer::set_char,
	html_printer::special): Updated.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (debugStack, turnDebug,
	html_text::dump_stack_element, html_text::dump_stack) [DEBUGGING]:
	Added some debugging code.
	(html_text::start_tag): Updated.
	(html_text::do_push): New method.
	(html_text::push_para): Call it.
	Add method for handling color.
	(html_text::do_color): Updated.
	(html_text::shutdown): Handle color.
	* src/devices/grohtml/html-text.h (tag_definition): New member

2002-01-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ps.tmac, tmac/html.tmac: Fix compatibility mode issues.

2002-01-27  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Add two switches -a and -g to control the antialiasing bits for
	text and graphics, respectively.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (main): Dummy code for `-a' and
	* src/devices/grohtml/ Document them.
	* src/preproc/html/ (MIN_ALPHA_BITS, MAX_ALPHA_BITS):
	New macros.
	(textAlphaBits, graphicAlphaBits, antiAlias): New global variables.
	(setupAntiAlias): New function.
	(createAllPages): Updated.
	(scanArguments): Handle `-a' and `-g'.
	(main): Call `setupAntiAlias'.
	* NEWS: Updated.

2002-01-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo (Def*): Call index function after deffn.

	* tmac/html.tmac: Call `nroff' request.

2002-01-26  Larry Kollar  <>

	* tmac/ Add some omissions.

2002-01-25  Larry Kollar  <>

	* tmac/ Typographical improvements.

2002-01-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated version and copyright.
	* src/devices/grops/ Updated.

	* tmac/ Fix `ig' macro.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (ne): Redefine `ne' request to be a no-op in
	nroff mode.
	Use `.ne' unconditionally everywhere.
	(TS): Only insert some vertical space.  Doing a page break is no
	longer necessary due to the redefinition of the `ne' request.

	* src/libs/libdriver/ (parse_D_command): Don't emit a
	warning for unknown subcommands but parse and pass them to the
	device driver.

2002-01-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/, NEWS: Fix typos.

2002-01-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Complete revision of color support:

	  Adapt programs to the new libdriver/

	  Color spaces are no longer converted to RGB but transferred as-is
	  in the troff intermediate output format.

	  Handle default color gracefully.  troff now supports a `default'
	  color (which can't be changed).

	  grops will now use the proper color space functions if available.

	  Update pic.

	Note that currently grohtml doesn't handle colors properly.  This
	has to be fixed.

	* src/libs/libgroff/itoa.c (UINT_DIGITS): New macro.
	(ui_to_a): New function.
	* src/include/lib.h: Updated.

	* src/include/color.h (color_scheme): Replace `NONE' with `DEFAULT'.
	(color): Simplified; removed all `double' members and methods.
	A new array `components' now holds the color parameters.
	(color::is_default, color::get_components): New methods.
	(color::operator==, color:operator!=): New.
	(Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Gray): New macros
	to make access to the `components' array more comprehensible.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Implement new color support.
	(atoh): Small fixes.
	(color::read_encoding): Simplified for new troff intermediate color
	output format.
	(default_color): New global variable.

	* src/roff/troff/ (default_symbol): New global variable.
	(lookup_color): Use it.
	(default_black): Removed.
	(do_glyph_color, do_fill_color): Simplified.
	(define_color): Handle default color.
	Improve warnings.
	(do_if_request): Handle default color.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::environment): Initialize
	colors with `default_color'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (troff_output_file::put): Add method
	for `unsigned int'.
	(troff_output_file::hex): Removed.
	(troff_output_file::fill_color, troff_output_file::glyph_color):
	Updated to include/color.h and libdriver/

	* src/preproc/pic/ (draw_arrow): New parameter to set
	fill color properly (identically to the outline color).  \D'f...'
	doesn't work any more.
	All function calls to it updated.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer::do_body, main):
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_text::issue_color_begin):

	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_output::put_color): New method.
	(ps_printer::sbuf_color): Make a real member instead of pointer.
	(ps_printer::fill_color, ps_printer::output_color): Removed.
	(ps_printer::ps_printer): Updated.
	(ps_printer::set_char): Ditto.
	(ps_printer::set_color): Use various color schemes.
	Use `put_color' method.
	(ps_printer::flush_sbuf): Don't set color.
	(ps_printer::fill_path): Take `environment' as parameter.
	Simplify color handling.
	(ps_printer::set_line_thickness): Renamed to ...
	(ps_printer::set_line_thickness_and_color): This (and updated).
	(ps_printer::set_color): Change second parameter from `complete'
	to `fill' which better describes what it does.
	(ps_printer::draw): Call `flush_sbuf' to output graphic commands
	and text in the right order.
	Remove branches for `f' and `F'; this is handled by
	* src/devices/grops/ps.h: Updated.
	* font/devps/prologue (FL): Redefined.
	({F,C}r,k,g: New color functions (with and without filling).

	* doc/, src/preproc/pic/ Small fixes.
	* man/, man/, man/,
	doc/groff.texinfo, NEWS: Updated.

2002-01-20  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/libs/libdriver/ Completely rewritten.  See comments
	in this file for what has been changed.

2002-01-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* test-groff: Fix GROFF_FONT_PATH.
	* tmac/andoc.tmac: Add dummy macros for equation support -- eqnrc
	is read before .TH or .Dd is parsed.

2002-01-18  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (check_output_arc_limits): Fix
	quadrant boundaries.

2002-01-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* devices/grops/ Aargh!  Fix the fix of the incorrectly
	applied last patch.

2002-01-17  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc.common: Initialize %I register for the %I macro to
	avoid (harmless) warning.
	* tmac/doc.tmac (Bd): There is no reason to enforce -compact
	when in the SYNOPSIS section.

2002-01-17  Bruno Haible  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/ (get_token): Fix typo.

2002-01-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* devices/grops/ Fix incorrectly applied last patch.

2002-01-17  Larry Kollar  <>

	* tmac/ Completely rewritten.

2002-01-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (TS): Force break, inserting some vertical space.

2002-01-15  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* devices/grops/ (ps_printer::fill_path): Fix handling of
	fill colors.
	(ps_printer::draw): Ditto.

2002-01-14  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/ Minor fixes.

2002-01-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Some fixes.

2002-01-13  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* doc/ Fix typos.

2002-01-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo, doc/ More on a printable backslash.

2002-01-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devutf8/R.proto, font/devhtml/R.prot: Add `Eu' and `eu'
	* NEWS: Updated.

2002-01-09  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/ Revised.
	* man/ Minor fixes.
	* src/roff/troff/ Some reordering.

2002-01-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Add dummy macros for equation support.

2002-01-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	doc/groff.texinfo: Fix documentation of glyph searching algorithm.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Revert change 2001-12-23.  This breaks too many
	man pages.
	* tmac/ Small improvements.

2002-01-07  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/ Revised.

2002-01-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/www.tmac: Remove extraneous backslash.

2002-01-06  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/, src/roff/groff/, man/ Revised.

2002-01-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Integrated groffer, contributed by Bernd Warken.

	* contrib/groffer/*: New.	
	*, NEWS: Updated.

2002-01-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added macros `@Defmpreg' and `@Defmpregx' for
	registers defined in macro packages.
	Revising the ms part.

2002-01-04  Larry Kollar  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Add documentation for ms macros.

2002-01-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	First step in adding PS support for the Euro symbol.  `eu' is the
	official Euro logo, `Eu' is a font-specific glyph variant.

	* font/devps/text.enc: Add `Euro' at position 9.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Add `Euro' as symbol `Eu'.
	* font/devps/symbolmap: Regenerated.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2002-01-02  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/ Revised.

2002-01-01  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/roff/groff/ Completely rewritten.

2001-12-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile: Updated.

2001-12-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/www.tmac: Make all names of internal macros/registers/strings
	lowercase, and prepend `www-'.
	Other minor changes.
	* src/roff/troff/ Add preprocessor string at BOF.

2001-12-30  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Implement option `-b' in grohtml to set the HTML background colour.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (default_background): New global
	(html_printer::html_printer): Initialize `background' to
	(main): Implement option `-b'.
	(usage): Updated.
	* src/preproc/html/ (scanArguments): Add dummy handling
	of `-b' option.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ Updated.
	* doc/Makefile (.ms.html): Use `-b'.
	* tmac/html.tmac: Don't set background color.

	Add new grohtml tag `.html-tl'.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (title_desc): Add `with_h1'
	member variable.
	(title_desc::title_desc): Updated.
	(html_printer::troff_tag): Handle `.html-tl'.
	(html_printer::write_title): Use `with_h1'.
	* tmac/www.tmac (www-end-nowhere): New auxiliary macro.
	(HTML-TL): New macro.

	Add support for unordered lists in HTML.

	* tmac/www.tmac (www-level): New auxiliary register.
	(www-level1, www-level2, www-level3): New auxiliary strings.
	(www-push-level, www-pop-level): New auxiliary macros
	(UL-BEGIN, UL-END, LI): User macros for unordered lists.


	* src/preproc/html/ (DEFAULT_IMAGE_RES): Increase to 100.
	(vertical_offset): Initialize with 0.
	(gsPaper): New global variable.
	(get_resolution): Scan for and return unsigned int.
	(get_papersize): New function to get paper length from devps/DESC.
	(determine_vertical_offset): New function.
	(createAllPages): Produce gray-level images and use proper page
	(createImage): Use `-quiet' option of pnmcrop.
	(addZ): Fix passing of `-Z'.
	(scanArguments): Fix handling of `-o'.
	(main): Call `determine_vertical_offset'.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer::draw): Comment out
	code for `l'.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (add_tmp_file): Fix buffer length.
	* src/roff/troff/ (troff_output_file::check_charinfo): Handle
	glyph descenders properly.

	* doc/ Include `gnubw.eps'.
	* doc/Makefile (gnubw.eps): New rule.
	(homepage.html): Depend on `gnubw.eps'.

2001-12-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (default_black): Fix return value.

2001-12-24  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc-common (Dt): Change output of architecture strings.
	Do some syntax cleanup.
	* tmac/ Updated.

2001-12-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding an `itc' request (input line trap accepting \c).

	* src/roff/troff/env.h (environment): New member
	Make `do_input_trap' a friend function instead of `input_trap'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::environment,
	environment::copy): Updated.
	(environment::newline): Implement it.
	(do_input_trap): New function.
	(input_trap): Call `do_input_trap'.
	(input_trap_continued): New function.
	(init_env_requests): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/TODO: Updated.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (SH, SS, B, I, SM, SB, TP): Use `.itc' instead of

	* src/preproc/grn/ (DBRead): Really chop after 127 characters.

2001-12-22  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc-common, tmac/doc-syms: Small updates.

2001-12-22  Colin Watson  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (an-p-footer): Set title length in environment 1.

2001-12-22  Bernd Warken  <>

	* MANIFEST: New file.

2001-12-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ Updated.

2001-12-22  Solar Designer  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ (MAXSTRING_S): New macro.
	(DBRead): Use it.

2001-12-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implement a fallback character request `.fchar'.

	* src/roff/troff/charinfo.h (charinfo): New flag `fallback'.
	(is_fallback): New inline function.
	* src/roff/troff/ (do_define_character): New function.
	(define_character): Call `do_define_character'.
	(define_fallback_character): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Add `fchar'.
	(charinfo::charinfo): Updated.
	(charinfo::set_macro): New argument to set `fallback' flag.
	* src/roff/troff/ (make_glyph_node, make_node,
	node::add_char): Check `fallback' flag.
	* NEWS, man/, man/groff_man: Updated.

2001-12-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* groff.texinfo: Document exact search algorithm for glyphs.

2001-12-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Makefile.cpg, Makefile.ccpg, Add dummy file to
	the left side of $(MANPAGES) rule to make it always non-empty.

2001-12-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (default_black): Define default color
	`black' if not yet defined.

2001-12-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implement new string-valued register `.fn' to return the current
	real (internal) font name.

	* (environment::get_font_name_string): New function.
	(init_env_requests): Add `.fn' register.
	* env.h (environment): Updated.
	* (font_info): Make `get_font_name' a friend.
	(get_font_name): New function.
	* node.h: Updated.

	* man/, man/, NEWS: Updated.

2001-12-12  Ralph Corderoy  <>

	* src/preproc/eqn/ (inline_equation): Fix typos.

2001-12-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/, doc/groff.texinfo: There is no .R macro.

2001-12-10  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* man/ Adding documentation for \O.

2001-12-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/html/ (TROFF_COMMAND): Removed.
	(scanArguments): Use PROG_PREFIX for the name of the troff binary.

2001-12-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Revised.
	* src/roff/groff/ Replace man page references with a
	pointer to

2001-12-09  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/ Completely rewritten.

2001-12-06  Ralph Corderoy  <>

	* src/preproc/eqn/ (inline_equation): Improve error message.

2001-12-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (get_delim_file_name): Removed since no
	longer used.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer::html_printer): Fix
	order of initializers.
	* NEWS: Updated.

2001-12-05  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fix documentation of \O.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_text::do_indent,
	html_text::do_table, html_text::do_emittext, html_text::do_para):
	Use `const' for first argument.
	(html_text::do_table): Use cast.
	* src/devices/grohtml/html-text.h: Updated.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (simple_output::put_string): Add
	method for `const string &s'.
	* src/devices/grohtml/html.h: Updated.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (MAX_STRING_LENGTH): Removed.
	(manufacture_headings): New global variable to handle `-h' option.
	(is_subsection): Removed.
	(char_buffer::add_string): Add `const' to first argument.
	Protect against invalid string argument.
	Add method for `const string &s'.
	(text_glob): Completely redesigned.
	(page): Use `const' for strings and remove string length variable.
	(page::add_html): Removed.
	(page::add_end_encode): New member function.
	(to_unicode): Moved upwards.
	(title_desc, header_desc): Updated.
	(header_desc::write_headings): Updated to new ANCHOR_TEMPLATE
	(html_printer::is_bold, html_printer::make_bold): New member
	(html_printer::end_of_line): Updated.
	(generate_img_src, html_printer::do_auto_image,
	html_printer::do_title, html_printer::write_header,
	html_printer::determine_header_level, html_printer::do_heading,
	html_printer::do_linelength, html_printer::do_pageoffset,
	html_printer::do_indentation, html_printer::do_tempindent,
	html_printer::do_indentedparagraph, html_printer::do_break,
	html_printer::flush_sbuf, get_html_translation,
	html_printer::begin_page, html_printer::special): Rewritten to get
	rid of static string length limit.
	(html_printer::troff_tag): Added `.no-auto-rule'.
	(html_printer::flush_globs): Small fix.
	(html_printer::determine_space): Don't compute `space_width'.
	(html_printer::translate_to_html): Renamed to ...
	(html_printer::emit_html): This (with updates).
	(html_printer::write_header): Implement `-h' option.
	(html_printer::draw): Remove commented-out code.  Handle `F'
	(html_printer::add_char_to_sbuf): Removed.
	(html_printer::add_to_sbuf): Rewritten.
	(html_printer::sbuf_continuation): Fixed.
	(html_printer::seen_backwards_escape, reverse,
	html_printer::remove_last_char_from_sbuf): Removed.
	(char_translate_to_html, str_translate_to_html): Removed.
	(html_printer::overstrike): New function member.
	(html_printer::set_char): Use it.
	(html_printer::do_body): New function member.
	(html_printer::~html_printer): Use it.
	(main): Handle `-h' option.
	(usage): Updated.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ Document -h switch.

	* src/preproc/html/ Include searchpath.h
	Replace `POSTSCRIPTRES' macro with `postscriptRes' variable.
	(get_resolution): New function.
	(checkImageDir): Use `0777' permissions in mkdir()
	(write_start_image): Rewritten to use `\O[5...]'.
	(createImage, generateImages): Updated.
	(main): Handle `F' and `h' options.
	Use `get_resolution'.

	* src/roff/troff/ (begin, end, image): Removed.
	(do_suppress): Take parameter.
	Handle modified syntax of `\O'.
	(token::next): Updated.
	(init_markup_requests): Removed.
	(main): Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/div.h: Add declaration for begin_page().

	* tmac/color-html.tmac: Removed.  Contents moved to...
	* tmac/html.tmac: Here.  Set background color.
	* tmac/color.tmac: Removed.  Contents moved to...
	* tmac/ps.tmac: Here.
	* tmac/www.tmac: Remove the title command when generating images
	for html.
	(NO_AUTO_RULE): New macro.
	(HTML_DO_IMAGE): Use revised `\O' escapes.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub, tmac/, tmac/troffrc: Updated.

2001-12-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ Fix typo.

2001-12-01  Colin Watson  <>

	* man/ Fix typo.

2001-11-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libbib/map.c, src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c: Include

	* src/roff/troff/ (read_draw_node): Emit error message if
	more than one argument to \D'f ...'.

	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Add lbp.tmac.

2001-11-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac, tmac/doc.tmac: Assure that the macro package is
	loaded only once.

	* tmac/ Minor cosmetic fix.

2001-11-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/groff/, tmac/,
	tmac/ s/mwww/www/.

2001-11-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_MKSTEMP): Implement test using C++ linkage.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* win32-diffs: Updated.

	* tmac/groff_mwww.tmac: Renamed to ...
	* tmac/groff_www.tmac: This.
	* tmac/mwww.tmac: Removed.
	* NEWS, tmac/Makefile.sub: Updated.

2001-11-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Improve documentation of the `\v' escape.
	Fix explanation of `\D' and `rt'.

2001-11-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (an-header): Set header length equal to page
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Improve documentation of `ne' request.  Other
	minor fixes.
	* NEWS: Small fix.

2001-11-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, man/Makefile.sub: Updated.

2001-11-19  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/ New file.

2001-11-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Renamed to ...
	* man/ This.  Updated.
	* man/Makefile.sub, src/roff/troff/, NEWS: Updated.

	* src/preproc/html/ Renamed to ...
	* src/preproc/html/ This.  Updated.
	* src/preproc/html/pushbackbuffer.h: Renamed to ...
	* src/preproc/html/pushback.h: This.
	* src/preproc/html/Makefile.sub, src/preproc/html/

	* src/libs/libgroff/ Renamed to ...
	* src/libs/libgroff/ This.
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub: Updated.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (an-end): Fix page length.

2001-11-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, man/, doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.
	* man/Makefile.sub: Include
	* VERSION: Set to 1.18.
	* REVISION: Set to 0.

2001-11-16  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (do_define_macro): Allow whitespace before
	the second dot (or ending macro name) to end a macro.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Doc fix.

2001-11-16  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc-common (doc-header): Handle very long document titles

2001-11-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-do-Bl-args): Fix .substring requests.

2001-11-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Revised and split into and...
	* man/ New file.
	* NEWS: Updated.

2001-11-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (TS, TE): New macros for table support.

2001-11-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/lib.h: Provide a fix for emx to not include

2001-10-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (substring_macro): Fix computation of
	boundary values.

2001-10-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Undo change from 2001-08-28.

	* src/roff/troff/ (have_input): New global variable.
	(token::next): Set `have_input' for \f, \H, \R, \s, and \S if not
	in compatibility mode.
	(process_input_stack): Use it.

2001-10-19  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-flag-recursion): Protect arguments against
	being handled as end-of-sentence characters,

2001-10-10  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (file_iterator): New members
	`suppress_newline_flag' and `seen_escape'.
	(file_iterator::next_file): Updated.
	(file_iterator::fill): Use it.
	(string_iterator): New member `suppress_newline_flag'.
	(string_iterator::fill): Set it.
	(get_color_element): Use MAX_COLOR_VAL.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment): Remove `need_eol'.
	(no_fill): Don't set `env->ignore_next_eol'.
	(environment::newline): Handle `eol' tag properly.
	Emit `eol.ce'.
	(environment::add_html_tag): Set `env->ignore_next_eol'.
	Don't handle `.ce'.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h (environment): Updated.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (text_glob::is_eol_ce): New
	member function.
	(html_printer::outstanding_eol): New member function.
	(html_printer::do_title): Use new functions.
	(html_printer::troff_tag): Test `id_eol_ce'.

2001-10-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/color.tmac, tmac/color-html.tmac: Use `.do' to make those
	files work with -C also.

2001-10-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Minor fix.
	* src/preproc/html/ (scanArguments): Don't handle `-?'
	as a valid command line switch.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (main): Ditto.
	(usage): Updated.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ Updated.
	* src/roff/groff/ (main): Pass `-v' to predriver also.

2001-10-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implementing color support in troff, pic, grops, and grohtml.  These
	changes are based on a major patch provided by Gaius Mulley

	New request: `defcolor', supporting rgb, cmy, cmyk, and gray
	definitions with both hex values and fractions.

	New escapes: \m and \M for drawing and background color,
	respectively.  This corresponds to the troff output commands `m'
	and `DF'.

	groff and troff accept command line switch `-c' to disable color
	output (which is automatically disabled in compatibility mode).

	New scaling indicator `f' for fractions (1f = 65536u).

	New conditional operator `m' to test for defined colors with `if'
	and `ie'.

	New keywords `color' (or `colour', `colored', `coloured'), `outline'
	(or `outlined'), and `shaded' added to pic.

	* src/include/color.h: New file.
	* src/include/driver.h: Include it.
	* src/include/printer.h: Include color.h.
	(environment): New members `col' and `fill'.
	(printer): Remove `adjust_arc_center' member function.
	* src/include/Makefile.sub: Updated.

	* src/libs/libdriver/ (do_file): Initialize `env.col' and
	Handle `m' and `DF' troff commands.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ New file.
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub: Updated.

	* src/preproc/html/ (IMAGE_BORDER_PIXELS): Set to 2.
	(stop): Removed.
	(createImage): Fix computation of `y2'.
	Use `pnmcrop' also.
	(buffer::write_file_html): Remove calls to `stop'.

	* src/preproc/pic/common.h (common_output): New abstract function
	members `set_color', `reset_color', `get_last_filled', and
	* src/preproc/pic/object.h: Add `IS_SHADED' and `IS_OUTLINED'.
	(object_spec): Add members `shaded' and `outlined'.
	* src/preproc/pic/output.h (output): `command' is now abstract.
	New function members `set_color', `reset_color', `get_last_filled',
	and `get_outline_color'.
	* src/preproc/pic/ (lookup_keyword): Recognize `colo[u]r[ed]',
	`outline[d]', and `shaded'.
	* src/preproc/pic/ (output::command): Removed.
	(output::set_location):	Moved to output.h.
	(graphic_object): Add protected members `outline_color' and
	Add member functions `set_outline_color', `get_outline_color', and
	(closed_object): Add member function `set_fill_color'.
	Add member `color_fill'.
	(graphic_object::print_text): Use `out->set_color' and
	(box_object::print, ellipse_object::print, circle_object::print,
	line_object::print, spline_object::print, arc_object::print): Ditto.
	(object_spec::make_object): Implement `IS_OUTLINED' and `IS_SHADED'.
	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y: Add tokens `COLORED', `OUTLINED', and
	`SHADED', making them `%left'.
	Add rules `object_spec [SHADED|COLORED|OUTLINED] text'.
	* src/preproc/pic/ (tex_output): New dummy function members
	`set_color', `reset_color', `get_last_filled', and
	* src/preproc/pic/ (simple_output): New abstract function
	members `set_color', `reset_color', and `get_last_filled'.
	(simple_output::polygon, simple_output::circle,
	simple_output::ellipse): Use `get_last_filled'.
	(troff_output): New members `last_filled' and `last_outlined'.
	New function members `set_color', `reset_color', `get_last_filled',
	and `get_outline_color'.
	(troff_output::finish_picture): Use `reset_color'.
	(troff_output::set_fill): Test `last_filled'.
	* src/preproc/pic/ Updated.

	* src/roff/groff/ (main): Implement `-c' option.
	(synopsis, help): Updated.
	src/roff/groff/ Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/troff.h: Include color.h.
	(warning_type): Add WARN_COLOR.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h (environment): New members
	New member functions `get_{prev_,}{glyph,fill}_color'.
	* src/roff/troff/ Initialize and implement them.
	* src/roff/troff/ New global variable `disable_color_flag'.
	Replace `NULL' with `0' everywhere for consistency.
	(lookup_color, default_black, do_glyph_color, do_fill_color,
	get_color_element, read_rgb, read_cmy, read_cmyk, read_gray,
	define_color): New functions.
	(token::next): Implement \M and \m escapes.
	(do_if_request): Implement `m' operator.
	(usage): Updated.
	(main): Implement `-c' option.
	(init_markup_requests): Add `defcolor' request.
	(warning_table): Add `color' warning.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h (glyph_color_node, fill_color_node): New
	* src/roff/troff/ (troff_output_file): New members
	`current_{page,glyph}color'.  New member functions `put_hex',
	`glyph_color', and `fill_color'.
	(glyph_color_node::*, fill_color_node::*): Implement it.
	* src/roff/troff/ (SCALE_INDICATOR_CHARS): Add `f'.
	(parse_term): Add support for `f'.
	* src/roff/troff/ Updated.

	* src/devices/grodvi/ (draw_dvi_printer::draw): Add dummy
	entry for `F'.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ (lbp_printer::draw): Ditto.
	* src/devices/grolj4/ (lj4_printer::draw): Ditto.

	* src/devices/grohtml/html-text.h (HTML_TAG): Add COLOR_TAG.
	(tag_definition): Use `void *' for arg1.
	(html_text): New member functions `do_color' and `done_color'.
	Use `void *' for second parameter of `push_para' member function.
	New `push_para' member function with a single parameter.
	Use `char *' for parameter of `issue_table_begin' member funtion.
	New `issue_color_begin' member function.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_text::end_tag): Handle
	(html_text::issue_color_begin): New function.
	(html_text::issue_table_begin): Use `char *' for parameter.
	(html_text::start_tag, html_text::shutdown,
	html_text::check_emit_text): Updated.
	(html_text::push_para): Use `void *' for second parameter.
	Add same function with only one parameter.
	(html_text::do_*): Updated.
	(html_text::do_color, html_text::done_color): New functions.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (style): New member `col'.
	Mew member `style' with 6 parameters.
	(style::style, style::operator==): Updated.
	(html_printer::do_font): Use it.
	(html_printer::draw): Add dummy entry for `F'.
	(html_printer::set_char): Updated.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ Updated.

	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_output::put_float): Use `%g' to have
	trailing zeroes removed.
	(ps_printer): New members `sbuf_color', `fill_color', and
	Removed member `fill'.
	New member function `set_color'.
	(ps_printer::ps_printer, ps_printer::set_char): Updated.
	(ps_printer::flush_sbuf, ps_printer::set_line_thickness,
	ps_printer::fill_path, ps_printer::draw): Use `set_color'.

	* tmac/color-html.tmac, tmac/color.tmac: New files.
	* tmac/troffrc: Include them.
	* tmac/www.tmac (URL, FTP, MAILTO): Use blue color.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Updated.

	* NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo, doc/, man/,
	man/ Updated.
	* font/devps/ Define FC and CO functions.

2001-10-04  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Fix incorrect cropping of images and incorrect handling of special
	characters.  Fix handling of file names in \O.

	* src/include/geometry.h: New file.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ New file.
	* src/libs/libdriver/ (printer::adjust_arc_center): Moved
	to `'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (get_delim_file_name): Fixed problem with
	initial spaces.
	(do_suppress): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/ Include geometry.h.
	(troff_output_file::flush_tbuf): Fixed parameters to
	(troff_output_file::check_charinfo): Ditto.
	(troff_output_file::determine_line_limits): Add support for `Da'
	and `Dl' commands.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (str_translate_to_html):
	Add new parameter `is_special' to decode special characters from
	escape sequences.
	(html_printer::do_title, html_printer::do_heading,
	html_printer::translate_to_html, html_printer::special): Updated.

2001-10-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Makefile.sub (DISTCLEANFILES): Add stamp-h.
	Fix entry for config.h.
	* test-groff (GROFF_BIN_PATH): Add $builddir/roff/groff.
	* tmac/troffrc: Translate nonbreakable space character to `\~'.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ Document -d command line option.

2001-09-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Use

	  .ev xxx

	instead of the old code (`.ad .hy' after the table) to suppress
	incorrect hyphenation for grohtml output.

2001-09-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/, man/ Minor fixes.

2001-09-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Updated, reordered.  Improved EPS section (thanks to
	Arnold Robbins <>).

2001-09-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* configure: Regenerated with autoconf 2.52.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Complete revision of indices.

2001-09-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile (clean): Updated to delete all indices.

2001-09-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Remove superfluous line.

	* tmac/s.tmac: Enable all warnings only if no -W or -w option is
	given on the command line (or rather, if only the default warnings
	are set).

2001-09-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/, src/preproc/eqn/, tmac/ Don't
	use .ne for TTY devices.

2001-08-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/token.h, src/roff/troff/

2001-08-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/token.h (token_type): Add TOKEN_TRANSPARENT_ESCAPE.
	* src/roff/troff/ (token::next): Return
	TOKEN_TRANSPARENT_ESCAPE for \f, \H, \R, \s, and \S if not in
	compatibility mode.
	(token::description): Updated.
	(process_input_stack): Reset `bol' for TOKEN_TRANSPARENT_ESCAPE.
	(token::add_to_node_list, token::process): Ignore

2001-08-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Fix `S' string.

2001-08-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Don't use .ne for TTY devices.

2001-08-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Replace `\\' with `\e' (and fixing some single
	Many other minor fixes.

	* Add message at end to inform how to compile
	* configure: Regenerated.

2001-08-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/getopt.h, src/libs/libgroff/{getopt.c, getopt1.c}:
	Updated to latest version of libc.

2001-08-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Don't create subdirectories before AC_CONFIG_FILES.
	Autoconf 2.50 and newer can handle this.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2001-08-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Fix typo.
	* src/preproc/tbl/ Document case of global options.

2001-08-21  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer::end_font): Fix
	handling of `CR' font.

2001-08-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Use a config.h file.

	* src/include/lib.h: Include config.h.
	* All C files: Ditto (if necessary).
	* All C++ source and header files: Include lib.h first (if

	* src/include/config.hin: New file (autogenerated by autoheader).
	* New file.
	* Updated.
	* aclocal.m4: Add third parameters to AC_DEFINE macros.
	(GROFF_ARRAY_DELETE): Simplified.
	* Makefile.sub (DISTCLEANFILES): Updated.
	Added targets for remaking config.status, config.hin, config.h,, and stamp-h.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2001-08-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS: Updated.

2001-08-18  Sebastian Krahmer  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y (format_number): Use do_sprintf().
	(do_sprintf): Use snprintf().

2001-08-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/snprintf/*: Added an snprintf module written by Mark
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub: Updated.
	* Add test for snprintf().
	* Updated.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* src/preproc/html/ (make_message): Reactivate code which
	uses snprintf().

2001-08-14  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (Ex): New implementation.
	* tmac/doc-common, tmac/ Updated.

2001-08-13  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (Rv): Implement support for 0 or more than 1
	* tmac/ Updated.

2001-08-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/tbl/ Minor documentation update.

2001-08-13  John David Anglin  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ Add prototype for gettimeofday().
	* Add declaration test for gettimeofday().
	* aclocal.m4: Include sys/time.h for gettimeofday declaration test.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2001-08-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_MKSTEMP): Define HAVE_MKSTEMP.
	* Add declaration test for strcasecmp().
	* Updated.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* src/include/lib.h [!HAVE_MKSTEMP]: Add prototype for mkstemp() --
	this is necessary because groff's is C++.
	Add declaration conditionally for strcasecmp().

2001-08-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Integrated pic2graph, contributed by Eric S. Raymond.

	* contrib/pic2graph/{Makefile.sub,,}: New
	*, NEWS: Updated.

	* src/preproc/tbl/ Revised.

2001-08-09  Eric S. Raymond  <>

	* src/preproc/tbl/ Extended to cover all tbl features.

2001-08-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/tbl/ (process_data): Fix recognition of .lf

2001-08-08  Paul Eggert  <>

	* Makefile.sub (configure): Depend on, not
	* INSTALL.gen: Upgrade to autoconf 2.52's INSTALL.

2001-08-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/afmtodit/, src/roff/groff/ Minor

2001-08-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Improve documentation of -E option.

2001-07-28  Ralph Corderoy  <>

	* src/preproc/html/ (pushBackBuffer::readNumber):

2001-07-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/refer/ Undo last change.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ Ditto.

2001-07-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/refer/ Include `lib.h'.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ Ditto.

2001-07-25  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_PAGE): Add `AC_DEFINE(PAGEA4)'.
	* src/preproc/html/ Use it for DEFAULT_VERTICAL_OFFSET.
	* Comment updated.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2001-07-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/ Removed.
	* src/preproc/pic/pic_tab.h: Removed.
	* src/preproc/refer/ Removed.

	* doc/Makefile (.ms.html): Don't use a file name extension in
	argument to grohtml's -I option.
	* (dist): Remove CVS directories.
	Call `distfiles' target.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ Add information about valid
	versions of pnmtopng.
	* src/preproc/html/ (TRANSPARENT): Use `white' as colour
	name instead of number.

2001-07-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Minor fixes.

2001-07-21  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* doc/Makefile (.ms.html): Put image files into a subdirectory.
	(clean): Updated.

2001-07-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ New file, defining get_tempname().
	* src/libs/libgroff/ New file.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ New file.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ [HAVE_MKSTEMP_PROTO]: Removed.
	(xtmpfile) [!HAVE_MKSTEMP]: Removed.
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub: Updated.
	* src/include/lib.h: Add mksdir() prototype.
	* src/include/posix.h: Define S_IXUSR if not yet defined.

	* src/preproc/html/ (MAX_RETRIES): Removed.
	(createAllPages): Use mksdir() instead of current code.
	* src/utils/indxbib/ [HAVE_MKSTEMP_PROTO]: Removed.
	(main): [!HAVE_MKSTEMP]: Removed.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_MKSTEMP): Updated to use new file.
	* Add tests for stdint.h, sys/time.h, and
	Call new GROFF_xxx macros.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* Comments updated.

2001-07-20  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/preproc/html/ (scanArguments): Use getopt_long()
	instead of current code.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (main): Handle `-d' option.
	* src/roff/groff/ (possible_command::insert_args): New
	(main): Use it for predriver handling instead of insert_arg().

2001-07-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile: Added GROFF_BIN_PATH to make it work with uninstalled
	groff also.

	* src/include/posix.h: Define S_IWUSR if not yet defined.

2001-07-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS: Updated.

2001-07-18  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/ Document new -width and -column syntax.
	Some other minor fixes.
	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Add `AT' and `UC' macros.

2001-07-17  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Replace call to `troff' with `groff -Z' to make it aware of

	* src/preproc/html/ (TROFF_COMMAND): New macro.
	(troff_command, command_prefix): Removed.
	(alterDeviceTo): Use groff.
	(addZ): New function.
	(char_buffer::do_html): Use it.
	(scanArguments): Use TROFF_COMMAND.
	(findPrefix): Removed.
	(main): Updated.
	* src/roff/groff/ (main): Handle zflag for preprocessors.

2001-07-17  Eric S. Raymond  <>

	* doc/ Documentation fixes.

2001-07-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Replace atexit() with global destructor.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (xtmpfile_list): Add constructor.
	(xtmpfile_list_init): New global structure to deallocate
	xtmpfile_list on exit.  Its destructor inherits most code from
	(remove_tmp_files): Deleted.
	(add_tmp_file): Simplified.

2001-07-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Replace strdup() with strsave().

	* src/devices/grolbp/ [!HAVE_STRDUP]: Removed.
	(set_papersize): Use strsave() and a_delete.
	(main): Use strsave().
	* src/preproc/html/ (make_message, createAllPages,
	removeAllPages): Use strsave() and a_delete.

	* Remove test for strdup.
	* Comment updated.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2001-07-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* win32-diffs: Updated.

2001-07-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/html/ (makeTempFiles): Activate new code,
	removing the old one.
	* src/utils/indxbib/ (main): Remove compiler warning.

2001-07-14  Ralph Corderoy  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (xtmpfile): Fix guard for `namep'.

2001-07-12  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	Merge -xwidth into -width.  Add -xwidth functionality to -column

	* tmac/doc.tmac (Bl): Add dummy doc-typeXXX and doc-spaceXXX to
	avoid warning.
	(doc-do-Bl-args): Merge -xwidth code with -width.  Test whether
	string immediately following a leading dot starts with a valid mdoc
	Add similar code to the -column branch.
	(doc-Bl-usage): Updated.
	* s/-xwidth/-width/.

2001-07-12  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (text_glob::is_br): Stop titles
	running into centered or non-formatted text.

2001-07-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Introduce short and long prefixes to have the selection at run-time
	whether there is a 8+3 limit for names of temporary files.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (TMPFILE_PREFIX): Replaced with...
	(tmpfile_prefix, tmpfile_prefix_len, use_short_prefix): New
	(temp_init): New global structure to initialize above three
	(xtmptemplate): Use two parameters for long and short prefix.
	Simplify code use above three variables.
	(xtmpfile): Use long and short prefixes as parameters.
	* src/include/lib.h: Updated.

	* src/preproc/html/ ({PAGE,PS,REGION}_TEMPLATE): Replace
	with ...
	(createAllPages, makeTempFiles): Updated.

2001-07-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* REVISION: Increased to 3.

Version 1.17.2 released

2001-07-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/indxbib/ (main): Change type of `name_max'
	to size_t.

2001-07-06  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (Rv): Make `Rv' really not parseable.
	Fix synopsis.
	* tmac/ Fix synopsis.

2001-07-05  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-inset-list, doc-hang-list, doc-ohang-list):
	Restore `doc-Pa-font'.

2001-07-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/indxbib/dirnamemax.c: Moved to ...
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Here.
	Add copyright.
	* src/include/lib.h: Add file_name_max.
	* src/utils/indxbib/ Updated.
	* src/utils/indxbib/Makefile.sub, src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub:

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (TMPFILE_PREFIX) [__MSDOS__]: Define
	as empty.
	(xtmpfile) [_MSC_VER]: Removed -- MSVC has mktemp().

	* src/preproc/html/ (PAGE_TEMPLATE, PS_TEMPLATE,
	REGION_TEMPLATE): New macros.
	(createAllPages, makeTempFiles): Use them.
	Include `nonposix.h'.
	(html_system): New function.
	(createAllPages, createImage): Use it.

	* tmac/www.tmac: Fix typos.

2001-07-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/www.tmac: Disable hyphenation in normal text only if output
	device is html.
	(URL, FTP, MAILTO): Disable hyphenation of actual URL with `\%'.
	* tmac/, NEWS: Updated.

2001-07-03  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* tmac/www.tmac (.IMAGE): Add fourth parameter to specify vertical
	image location.

2001-07-02  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc-common, tmac/doc.tmac (doc-display-ft-stack,
	doc-display-ps-stack): Implement font and font size stack for

2001-07-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* REVISION: Increased to 2.
	* src/roff/troff/ (read_size): Fix special case `\s[0]'.

	* src/groff/grog/ (process): Handle `Oo' and `Oc' not at the
	beginning of a line.
	* src/groff/grog/ Ditto.

2001-06-29  Peter Marquardt  <>

	* src/preproc/eqn/ Put `export' keyword in a new line to
	make it portable.

2001-06-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Fix problems with preprocessor string for `man' program.

	* *.man: Don't use `s' in preprocessor string --  it doesn't exist.
	Updated/added copyright.
	Moved Emacs's local variable to identify nroff mode to the end of
	the file; add local variable if missing.

2001-06-26  Andras Salamon  <>

	* aclocal.m4: Replace AC_LANG_SAVE + AC_LANG_CPLUSPLUS with
	* configure: Regenerated.

2001-06-25  Andras Salamon  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_PAGE): Fix page detection code.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2001-06-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Don't include arkup.tmac (which no longer exists)
	but www.tmac.
	* doc/ Fix typos.

Version 1.17.1 released

2001-06-21  Golubev I. N.  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_NEED_DECLARATION): Fix inclusion of strings.h.
	* configure: Updated.

2001-06-20  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/roff/preproc/html/ (make_message): Fix incorrect
	image names.
	* src/roff/troff/ (blank_line): Add html tag.

2001-06-19  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (do_suppress): Fix typo.

2001-06-18  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Added two new options (-D and -I) to specify image names and a
	subdirectory to place the images in.

	Change syntax from \\Ox to \\O[x].

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (main): Add options.
	(usage): Updated.
	* src/preproc/html/ Include `stdarg.h'.
	Use `NULL' instead of `0' for null string pointers.
	(MAX_RETRIES): New macro.
	(lengthOfintToStr, intToStr, make_message): New functions.
	(makeFileName): Make function static.
	Implement -D and -I options.
	(checkImageDir): New function.
	(write_end_image, write_start_image): Use new syntax of \O.
	(createAllPages, removeAllPages): Implement -D and -I options.  Use
	(createImage): Use make_message().
	(addps4html): Add guard for malloc().
	(usage, scanArguments): Updated.
	(makeTempFiles): Use mkstemp().
	(removeTempFiles): Use unlink().
	(findPrefix): Add guard for malloc().
	(main): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/ (get_delim_file_name): New function to
	parse \O.
	(do_suppress): Updated to parse new syntax.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ Updated.
	* tmac/www.tmac: Updated to new syntax.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2001-06-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/grog/Makefile.sub: Remove NAMEPREFIX.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ Minor improvements.

2001-06-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/html/Makefile.sub: Remove NAMEPREFIX.

2001-06-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/, mann/ Use '\" instead of .\" in the first
	line to specify preprocessor options -- mandb 2.3.1 only recognizes
	the former.
	* src/preproc/grn/ Add proper '\" string.

2001-06-11  OKAZAKI Tetsurou  <>

	* test-groff: Don't use PATH but GROFF_BIN_PATH.

2001-06-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Updated to autoconf 2.50.

	* Renamed to...
	* This.
	* aclocal.m4 (AC_OUTPUT_MAKE_DEFS): Removed.
	(GROFF_OS390): Updated.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2001-05-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/env.c, src/roff/troff/env.h,
	src/roff/troff/, src/roff/troff/ Undo `ss' change
	from 2000-12-21.

2001-05-17  Jeffrey Friedl  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (read_size): Fix special case `\s0'.

2001-05-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (read_size): Emit warning if value becomes
	less than or equal zero; set it to 1 then.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h (node::node): Initialize `last'.

2001-05-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Make predefined strings work in compatibility
	Add troff version guard.
	* tmac/doc.tmac: Simplify version guard.

2001-05-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	The .ns and .rs requests are now honoured not only in the top-level
	but in all diversions (similar to UNIX troff).

	This change is based on a patch from Tadziu Hoffmann

	* src/roff/troff/div.h (diversion): Add `no_space_mode' member.
	(top_level_diversion): Remove `no_space_mode' member.
	* src/roff/troff/ (diversion::diversion,
	top_level_diversion::top_level_diversion): Updated.
	(macro_diversion::output): Reset `no_space_mode'.
	(no_space, restore_spacing): Use `curdiv' unconditionally.
	(space_request, blank_line): Check `curdiv->no_space_mode'.
	(no_space_mode_reg::get_value, no_space_mode_reg::get_string): Use
	`curdiv' unconditionally.
	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo:

2001-05-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added two new requests `de1' and `am1' which are similar to `de' and
	`am' with the difference that compatibility mode is saved on entry,
	switched off during macro execution, and restored on exit.

	* src/roff/troff/input.h: Added two new special characters
	* src/roff/troff/ (input_iterator): Added two member
	functions `save_compatible_flag' and `get_compatible_flag'.
	(input_stack): Ditto.
	(string_iterator): Ditto.  Also add private member
	(calling_mode): New enumeration.
	(do_define_macro): Use it.  Insert COMPATIBLE_SAVE and
	COMPATIBLE_RESTORE at the beginning and end of macro, respectively.
	(define_macro, define_indirect_macro, append_macro, ignore): Use
	(define_nocomp_macro, append_nocomp_macro): New functions.
	(init_input_requests): Updated.
	(do_request): Rename local variable `saved_compatible_flag' to
	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/ Document it.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Use `de1' instead of `de' request for all
	public and trap-invoked macros.  As a consequence, the man macros
	work in compatibility mode also.

2001-05-06  Solar Designer  <>

	* Use $(mandir).

2001-05-06  Alexios Zavras  <>

	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Fix serious typo.

2001-05-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added `.ns' number register: Returns 1 in no-space mode (if in
	top-level diversion), 0 otherwise.

	* src/roff/troff/ (no_space_mode_reg): New class.
	(init_div_requests): Updated.
	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo:
	Document it.

2001-05-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/nroff/ Improved documentation (especially

2001-05-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added `brp' request: This is \p as a request.

	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::do_break): Add parameter
	(do_break_request): New function (was `break_request').
	(break_request): Calls `do_break_request'.
	(break_spread_request): New; calls `do_break_request'.
	(init_env_requests): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h: Updated.
	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/ Document it.

	* REVISION: Increased to 1.
	* win32-diffs: Updated.

2001-05-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Fix minor compatibility mode issue.
	* tmac/troffrc-end: Make it really work in compatibility mode.

2001-04-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/utils/lkbib/ Switch inclusion order of stdio.h and

2001-04-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/getopt.c, src/include/getopt.h: Updating to
	latest versions from glibc CVS archive.

	* MORE.STUFF: Updated, using a patch from Kees Zeelenberg

2001-04-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Move check for mkstemp() to...
	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_MKSTEMP): This new function.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* src/include/groff-getopt.h: Don't use variable names in

	* src/devices/grohtml/html-chars.h: Removed.  It isn't used.
	* src/devices/grohtml/Makefile.sub,
	src/devices/grohtml/ Updated.

2001-04-21  Albert Chin-A-Young  <>

	* Add special check for mkstemp().
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Use it.
	* src/utils/indxbib/ Ditto.
	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c (main): Don't use C++ comment style.
	* src/devices/grolbp/lbp.h (lbpprintf, lbpputs, vdmprintf): Use

2001-04-20  Bruce Lilly  <>

	`Version_string' as C++ object was not visible to linker from C
	object files.
	Add `const' to `Version_string'.

	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c (main), src/roff/groff/
	(main), src/roff/troff/ (main), src/preproc/tbl/
	(main), src/preproc/pic/ (main), src/preproc/eqn/
	(main), src/preproc/grn/ (main), src/preproc/html/
	(scanArguments), src/preproc/refer/ (main),
	src/preproc/soelim/ (main), src/devices/grotty/
	(main), src/devices/grodvi/ (main), src/devices/grolj4/
	(main), src/devices/grohtml/ (main),
	src/devices/grolbp/ (main), src/utils/tfmtodit/
	(main), src/utils/hpftodit/ (main),
	src/utils/lookbib/ (main), src/utils/indxbib/
	(main), src/utils/lkbib/ (main),
	src/utils/addftinfo/ (main): Implement it.

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c: Add _UWIN.
	* src/include/nonposix.h: Ditto.

2001-04-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/lib.h: Use HAVE_STRERROR.
	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c: Ditto.
	* src/preproc/html/ Remove declaration of `strerror'.
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub ( Add `extern "C"'.
	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c: Add copyright notice.
	* win32-diffs: Updated.
	* src/utils/hpftodit/ (read_map): Fix compiler warning.

2001-04-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/html/ (scanArguments): Use `troff_command'
	instead of hardwired `"troff"'.
	(char_buffer::read_file): Remove unused variables.
	(char_buffer::write_file_troff): Ditto.
	(char_buffer::write_file_html): Ditto.
	(generateImages): Ditto.
	(abs): Removed.
	* src/utils/addftinfo/ (main): Fix compilation problem.

	* src/include/lib.h: Don't include `groff-getopt.h' for UWIN.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (font::load_desc): Fix compiler warning.
	* src/libs/libbib/ (index_search_item_iterator::get_tag,
	index_search_item::search1): Ditto.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h (width_list): Reorder members.
	* src/roff/troff/ (do_define_macro): Fix compiler warning.
	(lookup_warning): Ditto.
	(prepend_string): Commented out.
	* src/roff/troff/ (is_good_size): Fix compiler warning.
	* src/roff/troff/ (number_value_to_ascii): Ditto.
	* src/preproc/tbl/ (process_format): Ditto.
	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y (define_variable, reset, reset_all): Fix
	compiler warnings.
	* src/preproc/pic/ Updated.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (init_table): Fix compiler warnings.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (over_box::compute_metrics): Ditto.
	* src/preproc/refer/ (execute_command): Ditto.
	* src/preproc/refer/ (sortify_title, find_month): Ditto.
	* src/preproc/refer/ (lookup_token): Ditto.
	* src/preproc/soelim/ Ditto.
	* src/preproc/html/ (ERROR): Ditto.
	(isHexDigit): Commented out.
	(pushBackBuffer::isString): Remove unused variable.
	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_printer::special): Fix compiler
	* src/devices/grops/ (resource_manager::lookup_font,
	resource_manager::read_resource_arg, read_one_of, parse_extensions):
	* src/devices/grodvi/ (dvi_printer::draw): Ditto.
	* src/devices/grolj4/ (lj4_font::handle_unknown_font_command,
	lookup_paper_size): Ditto.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (is_subsection): Commented out.
	(text_glob, element_list): Reorder members.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_text::do_pre): Remove
	compiler warning.
	* src/devices/grohtml/html-text.h (html_text::emit_space): Change
	return value to `void'.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (word_list::word_list): Fix order
	of initializers.
	* src/devices/grohtml/html.h (simple_output::check_newline,
	simple_output::space_or_newline, simple_output::enable_newlines):
	Add return value.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ (wp54charset, set_papersize): Remove
	compiler warnings.
	* src/utils/tfmtodit/ (tfm::load, gf::load, main): Ditto.
	* src/utils/hpftodit/ (File::seek, read_symbol_sets,
	output_ligatures, output_charset, read_map): Ditto.
	* src/utils/lookbib/ (main): Ditto.
	* src/utils/indxbib/ (main, fwrite_or_die): Ditto.
	(do_file): Fix typo (`=' -> `==').
	* src/utils/lkbib/ (main): Remove compiler warning.
	* src/utils/addftinfo/ (main): Ditto.

2001-04-18  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* src/roff/nroff/ Adding -p (pic) and -t (tbl) options.
	Fix usage of GROFF_BIN_PATH.
	* src/roff/nroff/ Updated.

2001-04-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS: Fixing typos.

Version 1.17 released

2001-04-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/Makefile.sub (install-data): mdoc.local-s is in current
	directory, not in $(srcdir).

2001-04-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More info on conditionals.

2001-04-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added some info about groff internals.

	* src/roff/troff/ (make_glyph_node): Emit warning message
	about missing special character only if the name is non-null.

2001-04-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Removing the grohtml-old device driver which is now obsolete.

	* src/devices/grohtml-old/*: Removed.
	* font/devhtml-old/*: Removed.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ (graphic_start, graphic_end):
	Remove comments.
	* test-groff (PATH): Updated.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Updated.
	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Remove special code for html-old device.
	Replace `html-or-html-old' register with `an-html'.
	* tmac/eqnrc: Updated.
	* tmac/html-old.tmac: Removed.
	* tmac/troffrc, tmac/troffrc-end: Updated.
	* tmac/www.tmac: Remove special code for html-old device.
	Replace `html-or-html-old' register with `www-html'.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (remove_tmp_files),
	src/libs/libgroff/ (graphic_end),
	include/htmlindicate.h, src/preproc/grn/*.cc,
	src/roff/groff/env.{cc,h}: Remove `void' parameter if used as a
	single argument for consistency with rest of source code.

	* aclocal.m4, tmac/an-old.tmac: Fix copyright.

2001-04-13  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Fixing typos.

2001-04-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Fixing many font switches.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fixes, additions.
	* MORE.STUFF: Updated.

2001-04-12  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ Updated manual page regarding
	simple anchor.
	* src/preproc/html/ (createImage): Fixed right hand
	cropping of images.
	(removeTempFiles): New function to tidy up temporary files.
	* src/preproc/html/ (main): Calls `removeTempFiles()'.
	Many fixes to do with the new inline suppress node and image regions
	are much tighter.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ New method `is_auto_img'.
	(generate_img_src): New function.
	(html_printer::do_auto_image): Utilizes it.
	(do_heading, do_title): Include inline images within their contents.
	(html_printer::begin_page): Tidied up comments that are issued to
	the html output file.
	(html_printer::do_fill): Fixed so that `.nf' works with fonts other
	than courier.
	(text_glob::is_br): New method used by do_heading.
	* tmac/s.tmac: If -Thtml then emit $1 in .IP rather than its
	equivalent diversion.
	* src/include/html-strings.h: Altered image tags to reflect the
	inline image node.
	* src/include/htmlindicate.h (html_end_suppress): Added `is_inline'
	* src/preproc/eqn/ Will suppress generation of image tags if
	it is already inside a pic image.  Only emit tags if the argument
	`-Tps:html' is present.
	* src/preproc/tbl/ Changes to reflect additional
	`html_end_suppress' parameter.
	* src/roff/troff/ Only emit eol tag if a node has been
	emitted since the last eol tag was written.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h: New boolean `emitted_node'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (do_suppress): Handles extra suppress
	nodes \O3, \O4, \O5.  No longer use `output_low_mark_miny'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (check_charinfo): New method. 
	(troff_output_file::determine_line_limits): Alterations to limit
	* tmac/www.tmac: Changes to reflect new suppress nodes.
2001-04-12  Bruno Haible  <>

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer::add_to_sbuf):
	Escape the html_glyph in the buffer.
	(str_translate_to_html): Output the unescaped escaped_char.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (issue_table_begin): Set
	`frame=void', not `frame=none'.  Add `border=0'.

2001-04-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Add some words on how to avoid wrapper macros.

2001-04-11  Blake McBride  <>

	* src/include/nonposix.h (fileno) [_MSC_VER]: Removed.

2001-04-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devlbp/Makefile.sub (CLEANADD): Set it.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (CLEANADD): Add tmac.local-s.
	* (dist): Don't remove src/xditview/Imakefile, but ...
	* Makefile.sub (DISTCLEANFILES): Here.

	* libs/libgroff/ Include `nonposix.h'.
	* win32-diffs: Updated.

2001-04-10  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	Added skeleton macro for defunct macros.

	Updated documentation.

	When inside displays, an empty input line warning should be
	suppressed.  If another macro call is put inside a display,
	all subsequent empty lines found in that display caused a
	warning to be emitted.

	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-defunct-macro): New macro.
	(Db, Ds, Ex, Or, Sf): Reimplemented using this macro.
	(doc-restore-global-vars): Fixed typo.
	(doc-empty-line): Check the `doc-display-depth' register to
	determine whether we are inside display or not.

	* tmac/doc-common: Removed `Or' and `Sf' registers.
	Moved obsolete `Ds' macro to doc.tmac.

	* tmac/ Bump document date.
	Document `.Vt' under ``Variable Types''.
	Removed documentation for obsolete `.Or' macro.

2001-04-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS: Updated.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Many fixes, additions, clarifications, etc.

2001-04-10  Bruno Haible  <>

	* src/devices/grodvi/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	Write --version output to stdout, not stderr.
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	* src/devices/grohtml-old/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ (long_options): Use symbolic getopt.h
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	(main): Write --help output to stdout, not stderr.
	* src/devices/grolj4/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	* src/devices/grops/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	* src/devices/grotty/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	(main): Accept --help and --version.
	* src/preproc/grn/ (usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	(main): Accept --help and --version.
	* src/preproc/html/ (usage): Add stream argument.
	(scanArguments): Accept --help and --version.
	* src/preproc/pic/ (usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	(main): Accept --help and --version.
	* src/preproc/refer/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	* src/preproc/soelim/ (usage): Add stream argument. Don't
	(main): Accept --help and --version.
	* src/preproc/tbl/ (usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	(main): Accept --help and --version.
	* src/roff/groff/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	(synopsis): Add stream argument.
	(help): Write --help output to stdout, not stderr.
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	* src/roff/grog/ Accept --help and --version.
	(help): New sub.
	* src/roff/grog/ Accept --help and --version.
	* src/roff/nroff/ Accept --help and --version.
	* src/roff/troff/ (USAGE_EXIT_CODE): Remove macro.
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	(main): Accept --help and --version.
	* src/utils/addftinfo/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	(usage): New function with stream argument, doesn't exit.
	* src/utils/hpftodit/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	(usage): New function with stream argument, doesn't exit.
	* src/utils/indxbib/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	* src/utils/lkbib/ (usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	(main): Accept --help and --version.
	* src/utils/lookbib/ (usage): Add stream argument. Don't
	(main): Accept --help and --version.
	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c (usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.
	(main): Accept --help and --version.
	* src/utils/tfmtodit/ (main): Accept --help and --version.
	(usage): Add stream argument. Don't exit.

2001-04-10  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	Fix indentation in SYNOPSIS.

	Updated to include changes of latest BSD mdoc version (basically,
	the only change is that `.Fn' and `.Fc' put a final semicolon after
	a function declaration in the SYNOPSIS section).

	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-in-synopsis-count): Replaced with ...
	(doc-in-synopsis-section): New variable.  Updated all related
	(doc-indent-synopsis-active): New register.
	(Nd, Fn, Fo): Use it.
	(Cd): It requires manipulation of \n[doc-indent-synopsis] so that
	`.Cd' with long argument line produces indented wrapped lines. 
	Also, the misplaced `.nop \*[doc-Nm-font]\c'' caused extra
	undesirable line break to be output.
	(doc-do-func-decl, Nm, Vt, Fn, Fo): Remove extraneous calls to
	(Fn, Fc): Add final `;' to output.
	(doc-save-global-vars, doc-restore-global-vars): Updated.
	* tmac/doc-common: Remove `Ex' register.
	* tmac/doc-ditroff, tmac/doc-nroff, tmac/doc-syms: Updated

2001-04-06  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/doc.tmac (Cd): Simplify code.
	* tmac/ Document some behaviour of `Cd' request.

2001-04-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implement continuous underlining for nroff mode.  To do that, a new
	request in the ditroff language has been added: `x u N' (N is 0
	or 1).

	\X and \Y are now transparent to end-of-sentence recognition.

	* src/include/printer.h (printer): Add `type' parameter to `special'
	* src/libs/libdriver/ (printer::special): Updated.
	* src/libs/libdriver/ (do_file): Handle `x u N'.

	* src/devices/dvi/ (dvi_printer::special): Handle only
	specials of type `p'.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer::special): Ditto.
	* src/devices/grohtml-old/ (html_printer::special): Ditto.
	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_printer::special): Ditto.
	* src/devices/grotty/ Add new enum CU_MODE.
	(glyph::order): New method.
	(tty_printer::add_char): Use it.
	(tty_printer::special): New method.
	(tty_printer::end_page): Implement it.

	* src/roff/troff/node.h (special_node): Add `no_init_string' member.
	* src/roff/troff/ (special_node::special_node): Add parameter
	to set `no_init_string'.
	(special_node::tprint_start): Use it.
	(special_node::same, special_node::copy): Updated.
	(special_node::ends_sentence): New method.
	(troff_output_file::start_special): Add parameter to include
	inititialization of special conditionally.

	* src/roff/troff/env.h (environment): New member `underline_spaces'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (do_underline_special): New function.
	(environment::set_font): Use it.
	(do_underline): Use it.  This was `underline()'.
	(underline): Call `do_underline()'.
	(continuous_underline): New function which calls `do_underline()'.
	(environment::newline): Use `do_underline_special()'.
	(init_env_requests): Updated.

	* NEWS, man/ Updated.

2001-04-06  Bruno Haible  <>

	* font/devutf8/R.proto: Fix code of 'shc'.

2001-04-06  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	Many fixes.  Diag lists can now be nested also; additionally,
	`-compact' and `-offset' are supported.

	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-have-indent): Replaced with ...
	(doc-list-have-indent-stackXXX): A new register stack.
	(doc-have-diag-list): Removed.
	(Bl): Use `doc-list-have-indent-stackXXX'.
	(El): Updated.
	(doc-diag-list): Use `doc-compact-list-stackXXX'.
	(doc-tag-list): Use `doc-list-have-indent-stackXXX'.
	(doc-set-vertical-and-indent): Ditto.
	(doc-next-list-depth): Removed.
	(doc-increment-list-stack): Updated.
	(doc-decrement-list-stack): Use `doc-list-depth' instead of
	(doc-end-list, doc-end-column-list): Don't use
	(doc-set-column-tab): Don't use `doc-list-offset-stackXXX'.
	(doc-save-global-vars, doc-restore-global-vars): Updated.
	* tmac/doc-common: Updated.
	* tmac/ Updated.
	* NEWS: Fix typo.

2001-04-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grotty/ Fix grammatical error.

2001-03-30  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	Remove .Ld from mdoc package; replace it with special handling of

	* tmac/doc-common: Remove `Ld' register.
	Uncomment `doc-volume-ds-*' strings.
	Remove `doc-operating-system-default'.
	(Os): Updated.
	* tmac/doc-syms (Ld): Removed.
	* tmac/doc.tmac (doc-parse-args, doc-parse-arg-vector): Handle
	`...' specially.
	* NEWS: Updated.

	* tmac/ Many fixes and updates.

2001-03-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/troffrc-end: Protect data with `.do'.  Reported by T. Kurt
	Bond <>.
	* tmac/www.tmac: Save compatibility mode.

2001-03-28  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/ Many fixes.

2001-03-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/soelim/ Document that `.<whitespace>so'
	isn't recognized.

2001-03-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (TP, an-do-tag): Reduce line length while in
	diversion.  This fixes overlong tags.

2001-03-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fixed and improved documentation of fonts.
	* tmac/doc-syms: Fix error messages.
	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Remove incorrect double backslashes.

2001-03-24  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Strip mdoc.local also
	* tmac/strip.sed: Fixed.

2001-03-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/doc-nroff, tmac/doc-ditroff: Implement -rSxx switch for
	selecting the font size.
	* tmac/, NEWS: Document it.

2001-03-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (save_vertical_space): Add default argument
	to `sv' request.
	* src/roff/troff/ (family_change): Make `.fam' accept no
	argument to restore previous font family.
	* src/roff/troff/, man/, NEWS: Updated.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More fixes and additions (mainly for font
	manipulating commands).

	* tmac/ Small updates and renamed to ...
	* tmac/ This.  The quick reference has been removed.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub, NEWS: Updated.

2001-03-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Replaced mdoc implementation.  The new version is `state of the
	art', using almost all new features of groff 1.17 -- it won't run
	with older versions.

	* tmac/doc.tmac: Completely rewritten.
	* tmac/doc-common: Ditto.
	* tmac/doc-nroff: Ditto.
	* tmac/doc-ditroff: Ditto.
	* tmac/doc-syms: Ditto.
	* tmac/mdoc.local: New file.
	* tmac/ Replaced with ...
	* tmac/ New file, covering mdoc completely.
	* tmac/strip.sed: Updated.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Updated.
	* INSTALL: Updated.

	* tmac/ Add `man.local' to the FILES section.

2001-03-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added many @noindent.
	Replaced @end_Example -> @endExample.
	Added info whether registers are r/o.
	Many other additions and fixes.

2001-03-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added macro @Var (and some hacks due to bugs
	in makeinfo of texinfo 4.0) to be used in @Def* macros.
	Improved @Def* macros: Now the exact syntax of request, register,
	and escapes is shown.
	Added macros for parentheses and brackets to be used in @Def*.
	Many fixes and improvements of the documentation.

2001-03-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added new index: `st' (for strings).
	Added macros @Defstr(x).
	Added macro @Example (adding @group).
	Other minor improvements.

2001-03-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added two new indices: `es' (for escapes) and
	`rq' for requests.  `fn' is no longer used.
	Added macros @Defreq(x), @Defreg(x), and @Defesc(x).
	Removed @Deffn(x).

	* tmac/an-old.tmac (an-p-footer): If `cR' is set, replace page
	number with name of man page.

2001-03-19  Larry Kollar  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Complete revision.  Added many @Deffn to gain

2001-03-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Document `prepro', `postpro', and `print'.
	* src/roff/groff/ Improve documentation of `-l' and `-L'.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ Fixing typos.

2001-03-19  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* tmac/s.tmac (@IP): Pass `.ip' html tag.
	* tmac/ Remove .LINE macro
	* tmac/www.tmac (LINE): Add `.ti'.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_printer): New member
	(html_printer::emit_raw): Use it.
	(html_printer::do_linelength): Ditto.
	(html_printer::do_pageoffset): Ditto.
	(html_printer::do_indentation): Ditto.
	(html_printer::do_tempindent): Ditto.
	(html_printer::do_break): Ditto.
	(html_printer::begin_page): Ditto.
	(html_printer::do_indentedparagraph): New function.
	(html_printer::troff_tag): Handle `.ip'.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_text::issue_table_begin):
	Add `<td width=...>' handling.
	(html_text::do_table): Add parameter.
	(html_text::do_indent): Updated.
	* src/devices/groohtml/html-text.h: Updated.

2001-03-16  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Introduced simple html tables to implement indentation.

	* src/devices/grohtml/html.h (word, word_list): New structures.
	(simple_output): Use it.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ Add `INDENTATION'.
	(html_printer): Improve indentation handling.
	(html_printer::emit_raw): Set `in_table' element.  Handle
	indentation if set.
	(html_printer::write_header): Move conditional downwards.
	Don't allow whitespace in tags.
	(html_printer::do_linelength): Handle line length and indentation
	(html_printer::do_pageoffset): Handle indentation conditionally.
	(html_printer::do_indentation): Ditto.
	(html_printer::do_tempindent): New function member.
	(html_printer::do_fill): Take care of indentation.
	(html_printer::do_flush): Finish table.
	(html_printer::do_links): Ditto.
	(html_printer::do_break): New function for handling `.br' and `.ti'.
	(html_printer::troff_tag): Use it.
	Handle `.ti'.
	(html_printer::flush_globs): Fix.
	(html_printer::flush_page): Finish table.
	(html_printer::html_printer): Fix error message.  Set up
	(html_printer::add_to_sbuf): Remove special handling of character
	code 255.
	(to_unicode): Remove `stop()'.
	(html_printer::write_title): Cleanup.
	(html_printer::begin_page): Use `put_string()'.  Handle indentation.
	(html_printer::~html_printer): Flush text and end the line.
	Use `put_string()'.
	* src/devices/grohtml/html_text.h: Add more *_TAG enum values.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (html_text::end_tag): Fix
	emission of tags.
	(html_text::start_tag): Disable newlines.
	(html_text::table_is_void): New function.
	(html_text::issue_table_begin): Ditto.
	(html_text::issue_table_end): Ditto.
	(html_text::push_para): Better table handling.
	(html_text::do_indent): New function.
	(html_text::do_table): Ditto.
	(html_text::done_table): Ditto.
	(html_text::do_tt): Handle PRE_TAG.
	(html_text::is_in_table): New function.
	(html_text::check_emit_text): Handle tables.
	(html_text::do_emittext): Use `nl()'.
	(html_text::do_para): Handle table.
	(html_text::remove_def): New function.
	* src/devices/grohtml/ (word, word_list): Implement
	(simple_output::end_line): Flush last word.
	(simple_output::simple_comment): Ditto.
	(simple_output::begin_comment): Recoded.
	(simple_output::end_comment): Ditto.
	(simple_output::comment_arg): Removed.
	(simple_output::check_newline): Improve test and flush last word.
	(simple_output::space_or_newline): Improved.
	(simple_output::write_newline): Replaced with...
	(simple_output::nl): This.
	(simple_output::put_raw_char): Flush last word.
	(simple_output::check_space): Removed.
	(simple_output::put_translated_string): Ditto.
	(simple_output::put_string): Simplified.
	(simple_output::put_number): Updated.
	(simple_output::put_float): Ditto.
	(simple_output::put_symbol): Removed.
	(simple_output::enable_newlines): Add `check_newline()'.
	(simple_output::flush_last_word): New function.

	* src/roff/troff/ (no_fill): Remove call to add_html_tag().
	* src/roff/troff/ (page_offset): Add call to add_html_tag().

	* tmac/s.tmac (@PP, @IP): Add html conditional code.
	* tmac/an-old.tmac (TP): Ditto.

2001-03-09  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* Make it POSIX compliant.

2001-03-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added the `return' request to end a macro immediately.  It simply
	pops iterators from the input stack until a macro iterator is found.

	* src/roff/troff/ (input_iterator::is_macro,
	macro_iterator::is_macro): New member.
	(input_return_boundary): New class to signal an immediate return
	to while_request().
	(input_stack::add_return_boundary, input_stack::is_return_boundary):
	New functions.
	(input_stack::clear): Use it.
	(input_stack::pop_macro): New function.
	(while_request): Use `is_return_boundary()'.
	(return_macro_request): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Use it.

	* src/roff/troff/TODO: Updated.
	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/ Document it.

2001-03-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (input_iterator::is_boundary): Minor

2001-03-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Make `\B' more rigid.

	* src/roff/troff/ (parse_expr, parse_term): Add `rigid'
	(get_number_rigidly): New function.
	* src/roff/troff/ (do_expr_test): Use it.
	* src/roff/troff/token.h: Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/request.h: Fix typo (init_html_request ->

2001-03-04  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Fixed grohtml handling of any named glyph for glyph indexes < 0x80. 
	Cosmetic changes to `.html-begin', `.html-end', `.html-image' which
	are now `.begin', `.end', `.image'.

	* src/devices/grohtml/ Adding UNICODE_DESC_START.
	(html_printer::add_to_sbuf): Changing type of `code' parameter.
	Use add_char_to_sbuf().
	(to_unicode): New function.
	(char_translate_to_html): Changing type of `ch' parameter.
	Use `to_unicode()'.
	(html_printer::~html_printer): Comment out doctype string.
	* src/preproc/html/ (write_end_image): Use `.end'
	instead of `.html-end'.
	(write_start_image): Use `.begin' and `.image' instead of
	`.html-begin' and `.html-image'.
	* src/roff/troff/ Rename `html_level' to `begin_level'.
	(html_begin): Renamed to ...
	(begin): This.
	(html_end): Renamed to ...
	(end): This.
	(html_image): Renamed to ...
	(image): This.
	(init_html_requests): Renamed to ...
	(init_markup_requests): This.
	* tmac/www.tmac: Updated.

2001-02-28  Bram  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (font_widths_cache): Fixing syntax of

2001-02-26  David Leonard  <>

	* doc/ Fixing some typos.

2001-02-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (space_node::get_hyphenation_type): New
	method.  Return `HYPHEN_MIDDLE' if it was `\:'.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h: Updated.

2001-02-17  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/ Fix typo.

2001-02-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Fixing a bug which prevented proper end-of-sentence recognition
	between an `unformatted' box and the following text.  As a
	consequence, vertical line distances are no longer preserved in
	boxes after a call to `.unformat' -- because boxes aren't
	line-oriented (contrary to diversions), this doesn't make sense

	* src/roff/troff/ (*node::set_unformat_flag): Add return
	(vertical_size_node::set_unformat_flag): New method.
	* src/roff/troff/node.hh: Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/ (word_space_node::reread,
	hmotion_node::reread): Reset `unformat' flag after usage.
	(unformat_macro): Append only if `set_unformat_flag()' returns
	* src/roff/troff/ Updated.

2001-02-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/, NEWS, man/ Improved
	documentation of `asciify' and `unformat' requests.

2001-02-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Redesigned the `unformat' request.  It is no longer connected with
	`asciify' but rather uses new `reread()' methods if the `unformat'
	flag is set.  Additionally, the handling of space characters after
	unformatting has been fixed so that they retain their width.

	* src/roff/troff/node.h (width_list): New structure to store
	original widths of spaces.
	(node): Added `unformat' member.
	Replaced `num_spaces' variable with `orig_width' list.
	* src/roff/troff/ (*node::asciify,
	asciify_reverse_node_list): Removed `unformat_only' flag and related
	(word_space_node::asciify, word_space_node::word_space_node): Use
	(word_space_node::~word_space_node): New destructor.
	(word_space_node::copy): Updated to handle `orig_width'.
	(hmotion_node::copy, unbreakable_space_node::copy): Updated.
	(*node::merge_space): Update `orig_width' list if necessary.
	(*node::set_unformat_flag): New methods to set the `unformat' flag.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::space_newline): Use
	(environment::space): Added method to handle space width and
	sentence space width as parameters.  Use `width_list'.
	(environment::make_tab_node): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h: Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/ (word_space_node::reread,
	unbreakable_space_node::reread, hmotion_node::reread): New methods
	to handle nodes specially if `unformat' flag is set.
	(do_asciify_macro): Renamed back to ...
	(asciify_macro): This.
	(unformat_macro): New implementation to simply set the `unformat'

	* MORE.STUFF: Added more info about deroff.

2001-02-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/node.h (unbreakable_space_node, hmotion_node,
	space_char_hmotion_node, overstrike_node): Add `get_hyphen_list()'
	and `add_self()' methods to avoid hyphenation.  For example, the
	hyphen list for `foo\0\0bar' was `foobar', causing insertion of a
	soft hyphen after `foo'.  Now the hyphen list is correctly

2001-02-05  Yoshiteru Kageyama  <>

	* tmac/ Fix `BIR' macro.

2001-02-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	A new escape sequence `\:', inserting a zero-width break point.

	* src/roff/troff/input.h: Adding `ESCAPE_COLON'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (get_copy, token::next, asciify):
	Implement it.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h (node): Add `is_escape_colon()' virtual
	(space_node): Add `was_escape_colon' member.  Add `is_escape_colon()'
	and `asciify()' methods.
	* src/roff/troff/ (space_node::space_node): Updated.
	(space_node::asciify): Handle `was_escape_colon'.
	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/ Document it.

	Handle `\~' similar to other comparable requests.

	* src/roff/troff/ (process_input_stack): Remove now obsolete
	(token::next): Move creation of an unbreakable_space_node to...
	(token::add_to_node_list): Here.

	Fix a bug which sometimes prevented hyphenation of words connected
	with `\~' or `\ ' (and other escape sequences handled as
	TOKEN_NODE).  This also fixes a hyphenation problem with boxes
	(after a call to the `unformat' request).

	* src/roff/troff/env.h (environment::possibly_break_line,
	environment::hyphenate_line): Introducing `start_here' parameter.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::space_newline,
	environment::space): Use it.
	(environment::possibly_break_line, environment::hyphenate_line):
	Implement it.
	* src/roff/troff/ (process_input_stack): Use it.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h (unbreakable_space_node, hmotion_node,
	space_char_hmotion_node, overstrike_node): Add
	`get_hyphenation_type()' method.
	* src/roff/troff/ (break_char_node::asciify): Don't asciify
	if `unformat_only' is active.

2001-01-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implemented new read-only number register `.linetabs' which
	returns 1 if in line-tabs mode, 0 otherwise.

	* src/roff/troff/env.h (environment): Add get_line_tabs() member.
	* src/roff/troff/ (get_line_tabs): New function.
	(init_env_requests): Use it.
	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/ Document it.

	* VERSION, REVISION: Changing to 1.17.0.

2001-01-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Fixed a bug which prevented hyphenation of words which are finished
	with `\)'.

	* src/roff/troff/token.h (token): Add enum type
	`TOKEN_TRANSPARENT_DUMMY' and method `transparent_dummy()'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (token::next, token::description,
	get_line_arg, token::add_to_node_list, token::process): Use it.

2001-01-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/div.h (diversion): Add `saved_prev_line_interrupted'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (do_divert): Use it.

	* src/roff/troff/ (asciify): Add ESCAPE_RIGHT_PARENTHESIS.

2001-01-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding the `linetabs' request.  If set, tab distances are not
	computed relative to the input line but relative to the output line.

	* src/roff/troff/env.h (environment): New member `line_tabs'.
	* src/roff/troff/ (line_tabs_request): Implement request.
	(environment::environment, environment::copy): Updated.
	(environment::distance_to_next_tab): Use `line_tabs'.
	(init_env_requests): Register request.
	* src/roff/troff/, man/, NEWS: Document it.  Other

2001-01-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Introducing a new read-only register `.int' which is set to a
	positive value if the last output line is interrupted (i.e., if it
	contains `\c').

	* src/roff/troff/ (init_env_requests): Add it.
	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/ Document it.

2001-01-23  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* tmac/mwww.tmac: Call `www.tmac', not `arkup.tmac'.
	* src/preproc/html/ (findPrefix): New function which
	generates the troff executable name via the system prefix.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ Modified warning message.

2001-01-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	troff's `box' and `boxa' requests didn't preserve temporary

	* src/roff/troff/div.h (diversion): Add `saved_saved_indent' and
	`saved_target_text_length' members.
	* src/roff/troff/ (do_divert): Use them.

	Tabs (but not yet leaders and fields) are now handled correctly by
	`asciify' request.

	* node.h (hmotion_node): Add field `was_tab'.
	* (environment::make_tab_node): Set it.
	* (hmotion_node::copy, hmotion_node::asciify): Use it.

	Added new request `unformat' which will, contrary to `asciify',
	preserve font information after unformatting (i.e., only nodes
	dealing with horizontal space are converted back to input

	* (asciify_macro): Renamed to ...
	(do_asciify_macro): this, having a new parameter `unformat_only'.
	(asciify_macro, unformat_macro): New; using do_asciify_macro.
	(init_input_requests): Added `unformat'.
	* (*_node::asciify), asciify_reverse_node_list: Added
	parameter to control asciification process.
	* node.h (*_node::asciify): Ditto.
	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/ Document it.

2001-01-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Minor improvement of `.in' documentation.

2001-01-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ps.tmac: Remove call of psold.tmac.
	* tmac/psold.tmac: Comment updated.
	* tmac/psnew.tmac: Removed since no longer needed.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub, NEWS, src/devices/grops/ Updated.

	* font/devutf8/R.proto: Adding `shc' glyph.
	* font/devutf8/NOTES: Updated.

	* test-groff: Updated.

2001-01-15  Gaius Mulley  <>

	First cut of the new html device driver.  Changes to pre-html and
	the new grohtml are too numerous to be documented here.

	Stuff related to `html' has been renamed to `html-old' and `html2'
	stuff has been renamed to `html' (including directories).  The new
	html device driver is therefore invoked as `-Thtml'.

	Added new `\O' escape to suppress output (needed by html driver).

	Added functions and code to pass info about input-level commands
	(`.in', `.fl', etc.) to html driver.

	Three new functions (.html-begin, .html-end, and .html-image) for
	better html handling: `html-begin' will execute the remaining line
	if at the outermost nesting level, increasing an internal counter.
	`html-end' does the same but decreases the internal counter.
	`html_image' puts its arguments into a special node (suppress_node)
	to define an image region.

	The `output' request has been removed.

	* tmac/html-tags.tmac: Removed.
	* tmac/arkup.tmac: Updated and renamed to ...
	* tmac/www.tmac: New file.
	* tmac/markup.tmac Updated and renamed to ...
	* tmac/mwww.tmac: New file.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Updated.
	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Updated.
	* tmac/eqnrc: Updated.
	* tmac/
	* tmac/ Updated and renamed to ...
	* tmac/ New file.
	* tmac/ Updated.
	* tmac/html-old.tmac: Updated and Renamed from html.tmac.
	* tmac/html.tmac: Updated and renamed from html2.tmac.
	* tmac/pspic.tmac: Updated html support.
	* tmac/s.tmac: Added html output support.
	* tmac/troffrc, tmac/troffrc-end: Updated.

	*, doc/Makefile: Updated.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added info about new `\O' escape.
	* doc/ Use `MAILTO' macro.

	* font/devhtml/DESC.proto: Add `C' font.
	* font/devhtml/Makefile.sub: Updated.
	* font/devhtml/R.proto: Minor fixes.
	* font/devhtml-old/Makefile.sub: Updated.

	* src/devices/grohtml-old/Makefile.sub: Updated.

	* src/libs/libdriver/ (printer::get_font_from_index): New
	* src/libs/libgroff/ (html_begin_suppress,
	graphic_start): Add `inline' parameter.  Update.
	(html_end_suppress, graphic_end): Update.

	* src/include/html-strings.h: New file.
	* src/include/htmlindicate.h: Comments updated.
	* src/include/printer.h: Updated.

	* src/preproc/eqn/ (do_file, main): Updated.
	* src/preproc/pic/ (troff_output::start_picture,
	troff_output::finish_picture): Updated.
	* src/preproc/tbl/ (process_input_file): Updated.

	* src/roff/groff/ (main): Updated.
	Pass device arguments to predrivers also.
	Use `ps' device for `eqn' preprocessor if `-Thtml' is given.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h (environment): Updated.
	New elements `need_eol' and `ignore_next_eol' (for html output).
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::environment): Add initializers
	for `need_eol' and `ignore_next_eol'.
	(environment::add_html_tag_eol, environment::add_html_tag_tabs): New
	(point_size, fill, no_fill, center, right_justify, line_length,
	indent, temporary_indent, break_request, handle_tab): Use
	(set_tabs): Use `add_html_tag_tabs()'.
	(environment::add_html_tag): Updated.
	(environment::do_break): Updated.
	* src/roff/troff/ (space_request, flush_output): Use
	* src/roff/troff/ Updated.
	New variable `html_level' to indicate nested `html-begin' requests.
	(file_iterator::fill): Use `environment::add_html_tag_eol()'.
	(non_interpreted_char_node, token_node, non_interpreted_node): Add
	`force_tprint()' method.
	(token::next): Handle `\O'.
	(do_suppress): Implement it.
	(html_begin, html_end, html_image): New functions.
	(init_output_requests): Renamed to ...
	(init_html_requests): this.
	(main): Use it.
	(macro::append_str, macro::append_unsigned, macro::append_int): New
	New variable `output_low_mark_miny' to limit minimal value of y.
	(reset_output_registers): Use it.
	(output_request): Removed.
	(get_output_registers): New function.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h (node): Make `force_tprint()' virtual.
	(*_node): Added `force_tprint()' if necessary.
	(special_node): New elements `tf' and `get_tfont()'.
	(suppress_node): New class.
	* src/roff/troff/
	New global variables `image_no' and `suppress_start_page'.
	(real_output_file): New method `is_on()'.
	(troff_output_file): New method `start_special(tfont)'.
	(troff_output_file::really_print_line): Use `tprint' conditionally.
	(real_output_file::print_line): Updated.
	(real_output_file::on): Updated.
	(*_node): Added `force_tprint()'.
	(special_node::special_node): Initializer updated.
	(special_node::same, special_node::copy, special_node::tprint_start):
	(get_reg_int, get_reg_str): New functions.
	(suppress_node::*): New methods.
	New global variables last_position, last_image_filename;
	(min): New inline function.
	* src/roff/troff/reg.h, src/roff/troff/request.h,
	src/roff/troff/troff.h: Updated.

2001-01-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, doc/groff.texinfo: Fix
	documentation of `asciify' request.

2001-01-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Move definition of special characters
	like `ESCAPE_TILDE' to ...
	* src/roff/troff/input.h: New file.
	* src/roff/troff/Makefile.sub (HDRS): Add it.

	Extending the .asciify request to `unformat' space characters also.

	* src/roff/troff/node.h (word_space_node): Add `num_spaces' element
	to count input space characters.
	Update constructors to take care of it.
	* src/roff/troff/ (space_char_hmotion_node::asciify): Use
	`ESCAPE_SPACE' instead of normal space.
	(word_space_node::asciify): New method.
	(unbreakable_space_node::asciify): New method.
	(word_space_node::merge_space): New method.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::space_newline,
	environment::space): Add code to initialize `num_spaces' (using the
	constructor of `word_space_node').
	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/, doc/groff.texinfo:
	Document it.

2001-01-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Use table header traps only conditionally.

2001-01-09  Bjarni Ingi Gíslason  <>

	* man/ Add `ý' and `Ý' to the `acute' group.

2001-01-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Introducing the `box' and `boxa' requests which are similar to
	`di' resp. `da' but omitting a partially filled line (which is
	restored after ending the diversion).

	* src/roff/troff/div.h (diversion): Add elements to save partially
	filled line.
	* src/roff/troff/ (do_divert): Add parameter `boxing' to save
	partially filled line.
	(divert, divert_append): Updated.
	(box, box_append): New functions.
	(init_div_requests): Use them.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h (environment): do_divert() is now a friend.
	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, man/ Document it.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fix documentation of `lf' request.

2000-12-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/, NEWS: Document `writem' request.

2000-12-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Ignore `ss' request if in compatibility mode.

	* src/roff/troff/ Make `compatible_flag' non-static.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h: Added extern `compatible_flag' declaration.
	* src/roff/troff/ (space_size): Use it.

	* doc/groff.texinfo, src/roff/troff/ Fix documentation of
	`ss' request in nroff mode.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Fixed some serious bugs introduced with latest

2000-12-15  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* tmac/troffrc, tmac/troffrc-end: Convert tmac.* to *.tmac.

2000-12-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/eqn/Makefile.sub (MAN1): Added
	* src/preproc/eqn/ Small fixes and additions.

2000-12-13  Ruslan Ermilov  <>

	* src/utils/addftinfo/, src/devices/grops/
	Fixing typo.

	* src/preproc/eqn/ New file.

	* src/preproc/tbl/ (table::print): Fix `indent cannot be
	negative' warning.

	* tmac/e.tmac: Add `T&' macro.
	Fix `indent cannot be negative' warning.
	* tmac/s.tmac: Fix `indent cannot be negative' warning.

2000-12-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/lib.h: Replaced __ALPHA with __alpha symbol.

2000-12-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Added info about adding -lPW on HP-UX to satisfy the
	`alloca' symbol .

	* MORE.STUFF: Added info about deroff for djgpp.

	* tmac/an-old.tmac, tmac/, doc/groff.texinfo, NEWS: Fix
	documentation of -rcR switch.

2000-12-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/an-old.tmac: Implementing the -rcR switch (similar to mdoc);
	if -rcR=1 (which is now the default in nroff mode), a single, very
	long page is created instead of multiple pages: All `ne' and `wh'
	requests are put into conditionals; a new macro `an-end' is added to
	be called with `em'.

	Some other minor cleanups.

	* NEWS, tmac/, doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

2000-12-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Fixing a bug which prevented hyphenation in words followed
	immediately by a TOKEN_NODE (e.g. `\ ', `\~', etc.).

	* src/roff/troff/ (process_input_stack <token::TOKEN_NODE>):
	Adding possibly_break_line().
	* src/roff/troff/env.h (environment): Make possibly_break_line()

	Make `\~' usable in .tr request.

	* src/roff/troff/token.h (token_type): Add TOKEN_STRETCHABLE_SPACE.
	(token): Add stretchable_space().
	* src/roff/troff/ (token::next, token::delimiter,
	token::description, process_input_stack, do_translate,
	add_to_node_list, token::process): Use it.
	* src/roff/troff/node.h (node): Add fourth parameter to add_char()
	for adjusting the space.
	* src/roff/troff/ (node::add_char): Implement it.  Add code
	for stretchable space.
	* src/roff/troff/ (token::add_to_node_list): Use it.
	(make_node): Add code for stretchable space.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::add_char): Use it.
	* src/roff/troff/ Add ESCAPE_TILDE special character.
	(get_copy, token::next, transparent_translate, asciify): Use it.

	* NEWS, src/roff/troff/, src/roff/troff/TODO,
	doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.
	* man/ Small reorderings.

2000-11-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS: Fixes.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (main): Use `config_macro_path' for -M
	* src/roff/troff/ (main): Add `config_macro_path' and
	`safer_macro_path' to -M option.
	* src/roff/troff/ Fixes.

2000-11-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Use safer path (except for config files) if -U isn't specified.  Add
	a special macro path (without home and current directory) for config
	files.  Add home directory to unsafe path for consistency.  Don't
	include the home directory in the font path.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ Add `config_macro_path', change
	* src/include/macropath.h: Add `config_macrp_path'.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Fix font path.
	* src/roff/troff/ (process_startup_file): Use
	(main): Select unsafe path if -U is given.

	* src/preproc/eqn/ (main): Fixing search path for
	configuration file.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ Updated.

	* src/roff/troff/, man/, tmac/

	* src/preproc/grn/, src/devices/grodvi/,
	src/devices/grohtml/, src/devices/grolbp/,
	src/devices/grolj4/, src/devices/grops/,
	src/devices/grotty/ Updated.

	* Fix comments.

2000-11-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/safer.tmac: Empty file added (again) for compatibility
	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Updated.

2000-11-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grodvi/ (main),
	src/devices/grohtml2/ (main),
	src/devices/grolbp/ (main), src/devices/grolj4/
	(main), src/devices/grops/ (main), src/devices/grotty/
	(main), src/preproc/eqn/ (main), src/preproc/grn/
	(main), src/preproc/html2/ (main),
	src/preproc/pic/ (main), src/preproc/refer/ (main),
	src/preproc/soelim/ (main), src/preproc/tbl/
	(main), src/roff/groff/ (main), src/roff/troff/
	(main), src/utils/hpftodit/ (main),
	src/utils/indxbib/ (main), src/utils/lkbib/
	(main), src/utils/lookbib/ (main),
	src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c (main), src/utils/tfmtodit/
	(main): Use stdout for -v.
	* src/roff/groff/ (run_commands),
	src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (run_pipeline): New parameter `no_pipe'
	to make direct printing to stdout possible.
	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.h: Updated.

	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Add -v switch.
	* src/utils/afmtodit/Makefile.sub (afmtodit): Use @VERSION@.
	* src/utils/afmtodit/ Updated.

	* src/utils/addftinfo/ (main): Add -v switch.
	(version): New function.
	(usage): Updated.
	* src/utils/addftinfo/ Updated.

	* src/devices/*/*, src/preproc/*/*, src/roff/*/*, src/utils/*/*:
	Fixing copyright dates.

	* src/preproc/eqn/ Adding GROFF_BIN_PATH to path instead of
	replacing it.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ (main): Use Version_string instead of

	* src/roff/nroff/Makefile.sub (nroff): Fix use of @VERSION@.

2000-11-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	In all programs, make -v return immediately with exit status 0 to
	be compliant with the GNU standard.

	* src/devices/grodvi/ (main),
	src/devices/grohtml2/ (main),
	src/devices/grolbp/ (main), src/devices/grolj4/
	(main), src/devices/grops/ (main), src/devices/grotty/
	(main) src/preproc/eqn/ (main), src/preproc/grn/
	(main), src/preproc/html2/ (main),
	src/preproc/pic/ (main), src/preproc/refer/ (main),
	src/preproc/soelim/ (main), src/preproc/tbl/
	(main), src/roff/groff/ (main), src/roff/troff/
	(main): Implement it.
	* NEWS: Updated.

	* src/roff/groff/ (main): Add copyright notice.  Add refer
	and postprocessors to the -v option.

	* src/roff/grog/ Implement -v.
	* src/roff/grog/Makefile.sub (grog): Use @VERSION@.
	* src/roff/grog/, doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

	* src/roff/nroff/ Implement -v.
	* src/roff/nroff/Makefile.sub (nroff): Use @VERSION@.
	* src/roff/nroff/ Updated.
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (main): Fix comment typo.

	* MORE.STUFF: Added info about djgpp port of grap.

2000-11-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/grog/grog.{pl,sh}: Implemented -C switch for compatibility
	mode (or rather, implemented non-compatibility mode).
	* NEWS, src/roff/grog/, doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

	* src/roff/groff/ (main): Add BIN_PATH to PATH instead of
	replacing it -- we don't find gxditview otherwise.
	* NEWS, src/roff/groff/, doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

	* src/preproc/pic/depend: Removed.  Unnecessary.

	Implemented dummy keyword `solid' in pic for compatibility with
	AT&T pic.

	* (lookup_keyword): Added `solid'.
	* pic.y: Added SOLID with dummy rule.
	*, pic_tab.h: Regenerated.
	* doc/ Updated.

2000-11-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	For security reasons, don't use the current directory but the home
	directory while searching and scanning troffrc and troffrc-end.
	Similarly, replace the current directory with the home directory
	in the font path.

	* (fontpath, tmacpath): Remove current directory.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (search_path::search_path): Add
	two parameters `add_home' and `add_current'.
	(search_path::~search_path, search_path::command_line_dir,
	search_path::open_file): Remove tests for `dirs' being zero.
	* src/include/searchpath.h: Adjust.
	* src/libs/libgroff/, src/include/macropath.h: Add
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Adjust `font_path'.

	* src/roff/troff/troff.h: Add `searchpath.h' and `mac_path'.
	* src/roff/troff/ Use `mac_path', initialized with
	(process_startup_file): Set `mac_path' to `safer_macro_path'.
	* src/roff/troff/ Use `mac_path'.

	* src/preproc/eqn/ (main): Use `safer_macro_path'.

	* NEWS, man/, src/roff/troff/,
	src/roff/groff/, tmac/, arch/djgpp/README:

2000-11-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/lib.h: Don't include groff-getopt.h for OSF/1.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_SYS_ERRLIST): Do test in C, not in C++.
	* Fix typo in comment.
	* configure: Regenerated.

	* src/libs/libgroff/*, src/include/*, src/roff/troff/*: Fixing
	copyright dates.

2000-11-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add system tmac directory (/usr/local/lib/groff/site-tmac).

	* Add $(libdir), $(libprogramdir), and $(systemtmacdir).
	(uninstall_dirs): Add $(libdir), $(libprogramdir), and
	Use @libdir@.
	* Makefile.comm (.man.n): Add @SYSTEMMACRODIR@.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (install_data): Create
	$(systemtmacdir) and $(localtmacdir).
	(uninstall_sub): Use $(systemtmacdir) for wrapper macros.
	* man/, src/roff/troff/, src/roff/groff/,
	NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo: Updated and minor fixes.

	* Makefile.comm, Added tmac_{s,an}_prefix stuff again.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Added `wrap' stuff again, but installing into
	$(systemtmacdir) since the wrapper files are platform-dependent.

2000-11-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fix typo.

2000-10-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Convert macros `tmac.XXX' to `XXX.tmac'.  Special cases:
	  tmac.doc.old -> doc-old.tmac  -> an-old.tmac

	* tmac/tmac.*: Moved to ...
	* tmac/*.tmac: this.
	* tmac/man.local: Fix comment.
	* tmac/, tmac/, tmac/,
	tmac/, tmac/, tmac/ Updated. 
	Added some `FILES' sections.  More use of @...@ directives.  Other
	minor updates.
	* arch/djgpp/README, font/devutf8/NOTES: Updated.
	* doc/, doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.
	* man/, man/ Updated.
	* src/devices/grodvi/, src/devices/grolbp/,
	src/devices/grolj4/, src/devices/grops/,
	src/devices/grotty/ Updated.
	* src/preproc/pic/ Updated.
	* src/roff/grog/, src/roff/grog/ Use -mdoc-old
	instead of -mdoc.old.
	* src/roff/grog/ Document -mdoc and -mdoc-old.
	* src/roff/nroff/ Updated.
	* NEWS: Updated.

	* tmac/fixmacros.sed, tmac/strip.sed: Add explanatory comment.

	* tmac/mm.diff: Removed -- it has no use now since the mm package
	is part of groff.

	* tmac/*: Removed trailing spaces.

	* arch/djgpp/t-groff.bat: Fix GROFF_TMAC_PATH ( is now in
	the tmac subdirectory also).

	* Makefile.comm, Remove tmac_{s,an}_prefix stuff.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Adapted to new macro names; removed `wrap'
	stuff since it is no longer needed.


2000-10-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Invert current behaviour: Search first FOOBAR.tmac, then

	* src/roff/troff/ Introduce MACRO_POSTFIX.
	(open_mac_file, macro_source): Implement it.
	* src/roff/troff/, tmac/, man/,
	doc/groff.texinfo, NEWS: Document it.

	* src/roff/nroff/, src/roff/groff/, man/
	Small documentation improvements.

	* test-groff: Fix GROFF_TMAC_PATH ( is now in the tmac
	subdirectory also).

	* font/devps/Makefile.sub: Fix rules for dingbats.*map.

2000-10-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add local tmac directory (groff/site-tmac).

	* Add $(localtmacdir).
	(uninstall_dirs): Add $(localtmacdir).
	* Makefile.comm (.man.n): Add @LOCALMACRODIR@.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (install_data, uninstall_sub): Handle man.local
	in $(localtmacdir).  Create $(localtmacdir).
	* man/, src/roff/troff/, NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo:
	Updated and minor fixes.

	Rename font/devps/generate/dingbats[r]map to dingbats.[r]map.

	* font/devps/generate/Makefile.sub, arch/djgpp/README: Adjust.

2000-10-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Move to tmac directory.

	* src/roff/troff/ Removed.
	* src/tmac/ Added.
	* src/roff/troff/Makefile.sub, tmac/Makefile.sub: Updated.

	Change installation structure for data files from .../groff/... to
	.../groff/<version><revision>/... to be conform with other GNU

	*, Makefile.comm, src/utils/indxbib/Makefile.sub,
	doc/Makefile: Implement it.
	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_PAGE): Add test for new directory structure.
	* configure: Updated.
	* arch/djgpp/README, font/devutf8/NOTES: Use it.
	* NEWS: Document it.
	* man/, tmac/ Use @FONTPATH@, @FONTDIR@, and
	@MACRODIR@ instead of hard-coded directories.

2000-10-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implement $GROFF_BIN_PATH environment variable (which defaults to
	$bindir) used for child programs of groff and similar wrappers.

	* Improve documentation.
	* Makefile.comm (,man.n), src/include/Makefile.sub (defs.h),
	src/preproc/eqn/Makefile.sub (neqn),
	src/roff/nroff/Makefile.sub (nroff): Add $(bindir).
	* src/preproc/eqn/, src/roff/nroff/ Implement
	* src/roff/groff/ (main): Implement $GROFF_BIN_PATH and
	$GROFF_PATH__ (the latter for communication with troff).
	* src/roff/troff/ (main): Use $GROFF_PATH__ for $PATH if
	* NEWS, src/roff/nroff/, src/roff/groff/,
	doc/groff.texinfo: Document it.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Improve documentation of troff's -a option.

2000-10-17  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Fixed calculation of opminx and fixed
	non-intrusive eol marker.
	(troff_output_file::determine_line_limits): New function.
	(troff_output_file::draw): Use it.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::add_html_tag): Use output() +
	output_pending_lines() instead of output_line().
	* src/preproc/eqn/ (do_file): Fix graphic_end().
	* src/preproc/html2/ (char_buffer::write_file_troff,
	createImage): Small fixes.
2000-10-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Replace tmac.safer with a real secure solution.

	* src/roff/troff/ (open_request, opena_request, pipe_source,
	system_request, pipe_output): Disable requests if in safer mode.
	* src/roff/groff/ (main): Remove reference to tmac.safer.
	* tmac/tmac.safer, tmac/ Removed.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub, NEWS, man/, tmac/,
	doc/groff.texinfo, src/roff/groff/,
	src/roff/troff/, arch/djgpp/README: Updated.

	* src/devices/grops/ (main), src/devices/grops/
	(resource_manager::output_prolog): Replace setenv() with putenv().

2000-10-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libbib/map.c, src/libs/libgroff/getcwd.c,
	src/libs/libgroff/strtol.c, src/preproc/html2/,
	src/preproc/html2/, src/preproc/html2/,
	src/roff/groff/pipeline.c: Removing `#ifndef errno' to avoid
	compilation errors with some compilers.  It seems that this code
	is no longer necessary -- if yes, it is easy to add some #ifdef's
	for that particular old-fashioned compiler.

	* MORE.STUFF: Added info about Meta-tbl.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added more info about `.if "..."..."'.

2000-10-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding a new escape sequence \B'...': If the string between
	the delimiters is a valid numeric expression, return the character
	`1', and `0' otherwise.  This is an analogon to \A.

	* src/roff/troff/ (do_expr_test): Implement it.
	(token::next): Use it.
	* src/roff/troff/, NEWS, man/ Document it.

	* tmac/tmac.trace: Made independent from escape character.

2000-10-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding a new request .dei: define indirect.  The first and second
	parameter of .dei are taken from string registers instead directly;
	this very special request is needed to make tmac.trace independent
	from the escape character (which might even be disabled).

	* src/roff/troff/ (do_define_macro): Implement it.
	(define_macro_indirect): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Use it.

	Adding two requests .ecs and .ecr: Save and restore the escape
	character.  These two requests are needed to make tmac.trace
	independent from the escape character (which might even be

	* src/roff/troff/ (save_escape_char, restore_escape_char):
	Implement it.
	(init_input_requests): Use it.

	* src/roff/troff/, NEWS, man/ Updated.

2000-09-22  Ricardo Soares Guimarães  <>

	Adding a new option -P and new environment variable GROPS_PROLOGUE
	to grops, selecting a different prologue file (minor modifications
	by WL).

	* src/devices/grops/ (resource_manager::output_prolog),
	src/devices/grops/ (main): Implement it.
	* src/devices/grops/, NEWS: Document it.

2000-09-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* INSTALL: Add info about selecting paper format.

2000-09-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (main): Fixing compiler warning.
	* src/include/{driver.h, lib.h}: Move inclusion of string.h and
	strings.h from the former to the latter.
	* src/devices/grolbp/, src/include/lib.h: Move strncasecmp()
	stuff from the former to the latter.

2000-09-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implementing two new requests .tm1 and .tmc: The former is similar
	to .tm but can output leading spaces; its syntax is similar to
	defining a string, i.e., a `"' can be used to mark the beginning of
	the string to be written to stderr: `.tm1 " test'.  The latter is
	similar to .tm1 but doesn't write out a final newline character.

	* src/roff/troff/ (terminal1, terminal_continue,
	do_terminal): New functions.
	(init_input_requests): Use them.
	* src/roff/troff/, NEWS, man/ Updated.

2000-09-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ Small fixes.

2000-09-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ Fixing typo.

2000-09-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Implementing a .nop request which does nothing.

	* src/roff/troff/ (nop_request): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Use it.
	* src/roff/troff/, NEWS, man/ Updated.

2000-09-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added some comments.

2000-08-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/TODO: Updated.

2000-08-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fix comment how to compile the DVI file.

2000-08-25  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* font/devps/generate/Makefile (SHELL): Define explicitly to
	"/bin/sh", for non-Unix platforms.
	(extraclean): Use a more portable "" quoting instead of a
	backslash (which doesn't work on DOS/Windows).
	* font/devlj4/generate/Makefile (extraclean): Ditto.

	* font/devdvi/generate/Makefile (extraclean): Ditto.

2000-08-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, doc/groff.texinfo, tmac/, man/,
	src/roff/troff/ Document Eli's latest changes.

2000-08-25  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (open_mac_file, macro_source): Support
	macro file names of the form NAME.tmac as well as tmac.NAME.

2000-08-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/posix.h: Remove definition of FILENAME_MAX.

	* src/preproc/html2/pre-html.h, Add return type to
	`sys_fatal' and `stop' function().

	* test-groff: Updated.

2000-08-24  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Added the new troff command .output <arg> to suppress output (while
	still obeying motion) and also the opminx, opminy, opmaxx, opmaxy
	registers (for passing the output dimensions to the output device).

	* src/roff/troff/ (top_level_diversion::output): Use `width'
	* src/roff/troff/node.h, src/roff/troff/
	supress_output_file::really_print_line): Use `width' parameter.
	(troff_output_file::really_on, troff_output_file::really_off,
	output_file::on, output_file::off, real_output_file::on,
	real_output_file::off, real_output_file::really_on,
	real_output_file::really_off): New functions.
	(real_output_file:public output_file): New variable `output_on'.
	(real_output_file::begin_page, real_output_file::copy_file,
	real_output_file::transparent_char, real_output_file::print_line):
	Use it.
	(real_output_file::print_line): Use check_output_limits.
	* src/roff/troff/reg.h, src/roff/troff/request.h,
	src/roff/troff/ (assign_registers): New function to remove
	two `goto's.
	(do_ps_file): Use it.
	(check_output_limits, reset_output_registers, output_request,
	init_output_requests): New functions.
	(init_input_requests): Updated.

	Added new grohtml2 device and html2 preprocessor (coding
	not yet finished) which will eventually replace grohtml.

	*, tmac/Makefile.sub, tmac/eqnrc, tmac/troffrc-end:
	* src/include/htmlindicate.h, src/include/htmlindicate
	(html_begin_suppress, html_end_suppress): New functions.
	* src/preproc/tbl/ Use it.
	* src/roff/groff/ Add support for html2 device (which will
	automatically invoke the html2 preprocessor).
	* src/roff/troff/ (is_html2): New variable.
	* src/roff/troff/troff.h, src/roff/troff/env.h,
	src/roff/troff/ (environment::add_html_tag): New function
	(uses `is_html2').
	(environment::do_break): Use it.
	* font/devhtml2/*: New files.
	* src/devices/grohtml2: New device.
	* src/preproc/html2: New preprocessor.
	* tmac/tmac.html-tags, tmac/tmac.html2: New files.

2000-08-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Same workaround for sinix as for AIX.

2000-08-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/lib.h: Provide a fix for IRIX to not include

2000-08-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Don't provide an empty value for SH_SCRIPT_SED_CMD
	since some non-GNU sed programs can't handle null regexps.
	* configure, src/preproc/eqn/Makefile.sub,
	src/roff/grog/Makefile.sub, src/roff/nroff/Makefile.sub: Updated.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Add an AIX workaround for an autoconf
	bug (string.h and strings.h are both needed according to latest
	POSIX standard).

	* MORE.STUFF: Added info about unroff and troffcvt.

2000-08-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tmac.a4: Will now work with ms macros also; -ma4 should be
	used before -ms.

	* tmac/ Remove unused number register.

	* tmac.doc: Minor documentation fix.

2000-08-07  Paul Eggert  <>

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (is_system_shell):
	Fix typo: "monocased_shell" no longer exists.

2000-08-07  Paul Eggert  <>

	Remove FILENAME_MAX limits.

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (is_system_shell): Do not assume
	that the argument length is less than FILENAME_MAX.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ (add_tmp_file): Likewise.
	Use struct hack to allocate and free file name.
	(struct xtmpfile_list): fname is now part of the structure,
	not a pointer to another string.

2000-08-07  Tom Schmidt  <>

	* src/include/posix.h: Add a default value for FILENAME_MAX.

2000-08-06  Paul Eggert  <>

	Add support for new BSD-style man pages (with ".Dd" instead of
	".TH"), so that "groff -man" understands both styles, even
	when running "groff -man" on a host whose system man page
	macros don't support ".Dd".

	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Add
	(stamp-wrap): Source tmac.andoc first when wrapping man macros,
	in case the system man macros don't define Dd or TH.

	* tmac/ Renamed from tmac/
	* tmac/ New one-line file.
	* tmac/tmac.andoc (TH): Adjust to the file renaming.

2000-08-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Fixing typos.

Version 1.16.1 released

2000-07-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Preparing release 1.16.1.

	* REVISION: Revision number set to 1.
	* MORE.STUFF: Added info about port to DOS.
	* NEWS, win32-diffs: Updated.

	* src/include/nonposix.h: Remove first line -- this file is used
	in C also.

	* (dist): Delete Imakefile earlier to avoid a soft
	link to it.

2000-07-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/texinfo.tex: Update to latest version.

2000-06-28  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (ENVSETUP): Don't assume POSIX make semantics for
	commands that fail.  Don't assume that "export a=b" is valid shell
	syntax.  This is needed for Solaris 2.5.1.

	* src/libs/libgroff/, src/utils/indxbib/ Fix
	comment about missing Solaris headers.

	* PROBLEMS: Add section about problems with Sun Make and VPATH.

2000-06-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devics/grodvi/ Replace _setmode() (for MSC) with

	* src/include/posix.h: Use HAVE_UNISTD instead of _MSC_VER.

	* win32-diffs: Updated.
	* README.WIN32: Added CRs to make all Windows editors happy.

	* src/roff/troff/ Added WIFSIGNALED() macro (copied from

2000-06-23  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* src/roff/grog/Makefile.sub (grog): Prepend `-e' to
	$(SH_SCRIPT_SED_CMD), for the case where its value is empty.

2000-06-17  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* src/utils/tfmtodit/ #include nonposix.h.
	(tfm::load, gf::load): Open tfm and gf files in binary mode: these
	are binary files.
	(main): Support non-Posix systems with several different styles of
	slash characters in file names.

	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c: #include nonposix.h.
	(main) [SET_BINARY]: Switch stdin into binary mode.

	* src/utils/indxbib/ #include nonposix.h.
	(main): Support file names with several possible slash-type
	characters, as given by DIR_SEPS[] in nonposix.h.
	(main) [__MSDOS__]: If renaming the temporary index file fails
	because it has more than one dot in its trunk, replace the dot
	with an underscore and try again.
	(do_file): Use FOPEN_RB instead of "r".  Skip every CR before a
	[__MSDOS__ || _MSC_VER]: Stop at the first ^Z character.

	* src/utils/hpftodit/ #include nonposix.h.
	(File::File): Open the input file in binary mode.  Strip CR
	characters from each CR-LF pair.
	(xbasename): Support file names with several possible slash-type
	characters, as given by DIR_SEPS[] in nonposix.h.

	* src/include/Makefile.sub (HDRS): Add nonposix.h.

	* src/roff/troff/ [HAVE_UNISTD_H]: Include <unistd.h>.
	[!_POSIX_VERSION]: Define for traditional Unix systems.
	(real_output_file::real_output_file): Remove the MSVC-specific
	call to popen, use instead POPEN_WT, appropriately defined on
	nonposix.h.  #include nonposix.h.
	(real_output_file::~real_output_file): Remove the MSVC-specific
	call to pclose, a suitable macro is now defined on nonposix.h.
	and WEXITSTATUS instead of assuming traditional Unix
	interpretation of the status returned by pclose.

	* src/roff/troff/ (pipe_source): Remove the MSVC-specific
	call to popen, use POPEN_RT instead (appropriately defined on
	nonposix.h).  #include nonposix.h.
	(ps_bbox_request): Open the PostScript file in binary mode.
	Close the file after processing it.
	(getpid) [_MSC_VER]: Remove; a suitable macro is now defined on

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (run_pipeline) [__MSDOS__ || _WIN32]:
	A version of run_pipeline that doesn't use `fork'.
	(signal_catcher) [__MSDOS__ || _WIN32]: New function.
	(system_shell_name, system_shell_dash_c)
	(is_system_shell) [__MSDOS__ || _WIN32]: New functions, to hide
	the ugliness of testing DOS/Windows file names for equality, and
	support both stock shells and ports of Unix shells.

	* src/roff/groff/ #include nonposix.h.
	(BSHELL): Definition moved to nonposix.h.
	(main): Use PATH_SEP[0] instead of literal ':'.  Use BSHELL_DASH_C
	instead of a literal "-c".
	(xbasename): Support file names with several possible slash-type
	characters, as given by DIR_SEPS[] in nonposix.h.
	(possible_command::print): Use BSHELL_DASH_C and IS_BSHELL instead
	of literal strings.

	* src/preproc/soelim/ #include nonposix.h.
	(do_file): Use IS_ABSOLUTE instead of testing for a literal '/'.

	* src/preproc/pic/Makefile.sub (YTABH): Change to

	* src/preproc/pic/ Change to pic_tab.h.

	* src/preproc/eqn/Makefile.sub (YTABH): Rename to

	* src/preproc/eqn/ #include eqn_tab.h, not

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (DEFAULT_TMPDIR) [P_tmpdir]: If
	P_tmpdir is defined, use it instead of the literal "/tmp".
	(remove_tmp_files, add_tmp_file): New functions.
	(xtmpfile): Record temporary files and register an atexit function
	to delete them explicitly, instead of relying on the OS to do
	that, which doesn't work on non-Unix systems.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ #include nonposix.h.
	(search_path::search_path): Use PATH_SEP instead of a literal
	(search_path::command_line_dir): Ditto.
	(search_path::open_file): Use IS_ABSOLUTE, PATH_SEP and DIR_SEPS,
	to support non-Posix systems.

	* src/libs/libbib/ #include nonposix.h.
	(search_list::add_file): Open the file in binary mode.

	* src/libs/libbib/ #include nonposix.h.
	(file_buffer::load): Remove \r characters preceding \n from the
	loaded buffer.

	* src/libs/libbib/ #include nonposix.h.
	(make_index_search_item): Open index_filename in O_BINARY mode.
	(index_search_item_iterator::get_tag): Ditto.  Remove \r
	characters before \n characters.
	(index_search_item::check_files): Open files in binary mode.
	(index_search_item::munge_filename): Support DOS-style file names
	with backslashes and drive letters, use IS_ABSOLUTE.

	* src/devices/grops/ #include nonposix.h.
	(main) [SET_BINARY]: Switch stdout to binary mode.

	* src/devices/grolj4/ #include nonposix.h.
	(main) [SET_BINARY]: Switch stdout to binary mode.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ #include nonposix.h
	(fill_pattern) [SET_BINARY]: Switch stdout to binary mode.

	* src/devices/grodvi/ #include nonposix.h.
	[_MSC_VER]: Remove inclusion of Windows-specific headers (done by
	(main) [SET_BINARY]: Switch stdout to binary mode.
	[_MSC_VER]: Remove an explicit call to _setmode.

	* src/include/nonposix.h: New file.

	* (ENVSETUP): New variable, to set up case-sensitive
	operation when building with DJGPP.

	* Makefile.comm: mv[ch] to y_tab.[ch], to make it work on
	(.man.n): Replace `;' with `|', since FONTPATH, MACROPATH,
	etc. can include a semi-colon on DOS/Windows.
	(depend.temp): Use depend1.temp instead of depend.temp1, to
	prevent files from overerwiting each other on 8+3 filesystems.

	* (t): Change definition to work with DOS/Windows.

	doc/groff.texinfo: Apart of some typo corrections, I also changed
	some index entris, to make them more non-ambiguous, and also put
	@ignore around some parts that are not yet written, to allow the
	Info output be readable.

2000-06-10  Gael Queri  <>

	Replaced specific checks for function declarations with a generic
	routine taken from GNU bfd.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_NEED_DECLARATION): New function.
	* Use it.
	* src/devices/grolbp/, src/include/lib.h,
	src/preproc/grn/, src/preproc/pic/pic.h,
	src/roff/groff/ Use it.
	*, configure: Updated.

2000-06-07  Paco Andrés Verdú  <>

	* src/devides/grolbp/lbp.h: Removed unused variables.

2000-05-31  Keith Thompson  <>

	* src/devices/grolbp/ (set_papersizes): Add declaration of

2000-05-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_SRAND): New function to test the return value
	of srand() -- at least SunOS 4.1.3 uses `int' instead of `void'.
	* Use it.
	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y, src/preproc/pic/ Use it.
	* configure, Updated.

	* Add test for strncasecmp().
	* src/include/lib.h: Use it.

2000-05-29  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/Makefile.sub: Add MLIB.

2000-05-29  Nix  <>

	* Use @datadir@ and @mandir@ appropriately.

2000-05-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/grog/Makefile.sub, src/roff/grog/ Add `@g@'.

	* PROBLEMS: Small update.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Various small fixes.

2000-05-28  Keith Thompson  <>

	* src/roff/nroff/ Fix main loop syntax.

	* src/utils/indxbib/ Add declaration of mkstemp().

2000-05-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Removed unused macro.

2000-05-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* (dist): Remove src/xditview/Imakefile explicitly. 
	This is needed e.g. if you do
	`make distclean; ./configure; make dist'.

Version 1.16 released

2000-05-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding font CWI (constant width italic) to devdvi.

	* font/devdvi/CWI: New file.
	* font/devdvi/generate/Makefile: Add generating rule.
	* font/devdvi/, font/devdvi/Makefile.sub, win32-diffs,
	tmac/tmac.dvi: Use it.
	* NEWS: Announce it.

	* font/devlj4/*: Regenerated (only adding kernings for `cq' glyph).
	* font/devlj4/generate/Makefile: Cosmetic changes only.

	* man/ Removed most of the redundant description of
	special characters (which is in  Added font
	translation CB->CR for devdvi.  Other minor fixes.

	* tmac/tmac.dvi: Improved appearance of \(co (copyright) and \(rg
	(registered) symbols.

2000-05-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile: Added rule for creating info files.

	* font/devdvi/*: Added kernings for `cq' glyph.  Updated to latest
	AMS font metrics.
	* font/devdvi/generate/Makefile: Fixed dependencies.

	* font/devps/*: Regenerated.  Heavy changes for Bookman and
	NewCentury Schoolbook!
	* font/devps/generate/afmname: Will now run with GNU awk.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Added forgotten `cq' glyph name.
	* font/devps/generate/Makefile: Cosmetic changes only.

2000-05-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ Added a new command line option `-rSxx' (`xx' can be
	10, 11, or 12) to support output with 11pt and 12pt base font sizes. 
	`.SS' now produces a heading with a smaller size than `.SH'. 
	Completely formatted.
	* doc/groff.texinfo, tmac/, NEWS: Document it.

	* man/ Improved table appearance.  Use of `eo' request
	to reduce number of doubled backslashes in macro definitions.
	Replacing `\e' with `\(rs'.  Other minor fixes.

	* src/preproc/tbl/ Insert HTML table end tag before `lf'
	to have correct line number.

	* INSTALL: Small improvement.

2000-05-20  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/, tmac/ Updates (with corrections by

2000-05-19  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/ Complete update (with a lot of corrections by WL).

2000-05-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding `cq' (PS name `quoteright') glyph name as an alias for "'".

	* font/*/*: Implement it.
	* man/, NEWS: Document it.

	* src/include/unix.h: Removed.  It isn't used.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Slight improvements.

2000-05-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* README, win32-diffs: Small fixes and improvements.

2000-05-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* FDL: New file (the Free Documentation License version 1.1).

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added many start-up values for gtroff.
	Some structural improvements of the source code.

2000-05-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Added small comment about troffrc-end.
	* src/roff/troff/ Added info about troffrc-end.

2000-05-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* (EXTRADIRS): Fix typos.
	(dist): Handle deletion of old .tar.gz file correctly.
	(DISTDIRS): Include all tty output devices.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Adding more cross references; countless other

2000-05-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* MORE.STUFF: Added Robert Marks's utilities.

2000-05-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added win32 port contributed by Blake McBride

	* README.WIN32, win32-diffs: New files.
	* NEWS: Updated.

	* src/preproc/grn/ (HGSetBrush): Replace `%lf' with `%f'.
	(tmove, tmove2): Added parentheses to avoid compiler warnings.
	(change): Removed unused variables.

	* src/preproc/grn/ (main, conv): Removed unused variables.
	(savebounds): Changed return value from `int' to `void'.
	* src/preproc/grn/ Ditto.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ (lbp_printer::draw): Removed superfluous
	final backslash in comment to avoid compiler warning.

	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c: Added `getopt.h'.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More fixes.

2000-05-11  OKAZAKI Tetsurou  <>

	* tmac/tmac.doc: Documentation fix.

2000-05-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Reading the source code shows up a lot of
	omissions and incorrect data...  More conversion to @Deffn macros.

2000-05-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (number_value_to_ascii): Remove ASCII

	* src/roff/troff/request.h: Removing unused `no_break_flag'.

2000-05-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/, man/, tmac/ Minor

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Extended history section.  More conversion to
	@Deffn macros.  More .tr documentation.

2000-05-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Completed tab section.  Added info about

2000-05-06  Mike MacIsaac  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Describe configure script fix for OS/390 Unix.

2000-05-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devdvi/ Change size 11pt to 10.95pt (as used in
	LaTeX 2e).
	* NEWS: Document it.

	* man/ Minor optical improvements.

2000-05-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding `dq' (PS name `quotedbl') glyph name as an alias for `"'.

	* font/*/*: Implement it.
	* man/, NEWS: Document it.

2000-05-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/, man/, man/ Fixing @MANxEXT@
	* NEWS: Document the three new man pages.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_CXX_CHECK): Removing obsolete AC_C_CROSS call.
	* configure: Updated.

	* font/devcp1047/R.proto: Fixing fatal bug (a missing `"' character).

2000-05-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added grap support to grog.

	* src/roff/grog/, src/roff/grog/ Implement it.
	* src/roff/grog/ Document it.

	* doc/groff.texinfo, NEWS: Add info about grap support.

	Add new man pages comptributed by Bernd Warken <>
	(with slight fixes by me).

	* tmac/ New file documenting tmac mechanism.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Add
	* man/ New file giving overview of roff system.
	* man/ A short reference of troff.
	* man/Makefile.sub: Add and

2000-04-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added grap support to groff.

	* src/roff/groff/ Implement it.
	* src/roff/groff/ Document it.

	* src/devices/grotty/ Add cp1047 device.
	* src/preproc/eqn/, src/preproc/eqn/, tmac/eqnrc:
	* src/roff/groff/ Ditto.
	* src/roff/nroff/, src/roff/nroff/ Ditto.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Ditto.

	* tmac/troffrc: Fix mapping of latin-1 char 160 (non-breakable space)
	for cp1047.

2000-04-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Add `pc' glyph.
	* tmac/tmac.latin1: Replacing `md' glyph with `pc'.
	* tmac/tmac.tty: Add `pc' glyph.
	* tmac/tmac.tty-char: Use/add `pc' glyph.  Don't call tmac.latin1 if
	we use cp1047 output device.

	*, aclocal.m4: Don't build utf8 on EBCDIC hosts since
	there are still hardcoded latin1->unicode values in utf8's font
	definition files.
	* configure: Updated.
	* NEWS: Minor clarification.  Updated.

	* PROBLEMS: Formatted.  Added info about C++ fix pack for OS/390

2000-04-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding EBCDIC code page 1047.

	* font/devcp1047/R.proto, font/devcp1047/Makefile.sub,
	font/devcp1047/DESC.proto: New files.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_EBCDIC): Introduce TTYDEVDIRS which can be
	either ascii/latin1 or cp1047.
	* Use it.
	* configure: Updated.

	Replacing and/or adding `md' (mathdot) glyph with `pc'
	(periodcentered) in all text fonts.

	* font/*/*: Change it.

2000-04-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_OS390): Fixing compiler flags.

	* Add check for strings.h.
	* src/include/driver.h: Use HAVE_STRINGS_H.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ Remove string.h.

	* src/include/groff-getopt.h: New file.  It will be used instead of
	getopt.h (to be included in lib.h) to avoid endless problems with
	picky C++ compilers.
	* src/include/lib.h: Use groff-getopt.h.
	* src/include/Makefile.sub: Updated.

	* configure: Updated.
	* Updated.

	* NEWS: Mention EBCDIC support.

2000-04-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* TODO: Some additions.

2000-04-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/, doc/groff.texinfo: Fixing documentation
	of mso request.

2000-04-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Minor fixes.

2000-04-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/, doc/groff.texinfo, NEWS: Document the
	`.T' string register and the incompatible definition of the `.T'
	number register (compared to Unix troff).

	* man/ Add some missing characters.
	* font/devutf8/NOTES: Update.

2000-04-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/htmlindicate.h, src/include/lib.h,
	src/include/posix.h: Fix copyright.

	* src/include/Makefile.sub: Update.

2000-04-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (input_char_description): Removing
	superfluous space char.

	* tmac/tmac.X: Fix typo \(bq -> \(Bq.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document EBCDIC.

2000-04-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Introducing `shc' as the glyph name for the soft hyphen character.

	* tmac/tmac.tty, tmac/tmac.latin1, tmac/tmac.html,
	font/devlatin1/R.proto: Use it.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2000-04-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_printer::flush_sbuf): Removing
	dependency on ASCII order.

2000-04-16  Sandor BARANY  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/illegal.c: Added EBCDIC table.
	* src/roff/troff/ Added adaptation to EBCDIC.

	* src/preproc/refer/, src/roff/troff/ Minor changes
	to increase portability.

2000-04-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4: Added GROFF_EBCDIC and GROFF_OS390 tests.
	Redefined AC_OUTPUT_MAKE_DEFS to replace ASCII character `012' with
	the generic `\n' if under OS/390 Unix.


	* configure: Regenerated.

2000-04-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More conversions to @Deffn.

2000-04-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tmac.psfig: Fix incorrect use of `&' operator by replacing it
	with `:'.

	* src/roff/nroff/ Add note about tmac.tty-char.

2000-04-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More conversions to @Deffn.

2000-04-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/{getopt.c,getopt1.c}, src/include/getopt.h:
	Updated to latest version (glibc 2.1.3).

2000-04-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile (clean): Include more index files.
	Add rule texinfo->dvi.

2000-04-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added new index `op' for operators.  More
	info on end of sentence characters.  More use of @Deffn.

2000-03-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* */*.man: Adding a note that a whitespace can be inserted between
	a command line option and its parameter -- we are using GNU getopt.

	* src/roff/groff/ Add example of `-m mandoc'.

2000-03-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Correct anachronism of calling the man macro file with `-man'
	instead of `-m man' etc.

	* tmac/, tmac/tmac.mandoc, tmac/tmac.markup, tmac/tmac.mdoc,
	tmac/, tmac/ New files tmac.m<package> which simply
	load tmac.<package>.

	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Updated.  Take care of $(tmac_an_prefix) etc.

	* NEWS: Updated.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

	* tmac/ Copyright added.

2000-03-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Introducing macros `Deffn' and `Defmac' to
	typeset the request resp. escape name with a tt font -- due to a
	bug in texinfo.tex it is necessary to use the `-e' switch with

	Improving info about usage of groff units.

	Other minor fixes.

2000-03-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added section about man macro package
	(I've basically taken  Introducing new indices `ma'
	for macros/strings and `gl' for glyph names.  Other minor fixes.

	* tmac/ Fixed some typos.

2000-03-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Removed all occurrences of `you', `we', etc.
	Other minor fixes.

	* doc/texinfo.tex: New file.

2000-03-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Improved section on number registers.  Other
	minor updates.

2000-03-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/groff/ Added info about grolbp.  Make nicer

	* src/devices/grolbp/, src/roff/nroff/,
	src/devices/grolj4/, src/devices/grops/,
	src/preproc/eqn/, src/utils/afmtodit/,
	src/utils/tfmtodit/ Make nicer synopsis.

	* src/preproc/grn/ Better synopsis; added copyright.

	* src/roff/grog/ Updated copyright date.

2000-03-14  Francisco Andrés Verdú  <>

	* Added test for strdup.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Added a strdup() version in case none
	is available.

	Replaced dynamic allocation of arrays `[...]' with `new' operator.

	Other minor fixes.

2000-03-12  OKAZAKI Tetsurou  <>

	* Makefile.comm: Add $(INCLUDES) to $(ALL_CFLAGS).

2000-03-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ (DBGetType): Added return value to make
	compilers silent.
	* src/preproc/grn/ Add #ifdef for hypot().
	* src/include/lib.h: Remove some spaces.

2000-03-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (xtmptemplate, xtmpfile): Removing
	initializers from arguments (some compilers don't like this).

2000-03-09  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ Added library file which is now
	used by pic and eqn to tell grohtml where the graphic regions start
	and end.
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub: Use it.
	* src/preproc/eqn/, src/preproc/pic/ Altered to use
	graphic_start() and graphic_end() from

2000-03-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tmac.safer: Will now work correctly in compatibility mode.
	* tmac/ More fixes.

2000-03-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile: Added texput.log to the `clean' target.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added info about delimiters for escapes.

2000-03-08  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/ Add info on conversion of pic images to
	other graphic formats.

2000-03-07  OKAZAKI Tetsurou  <>

	*, Makefile.sub, src/preproc/eqn/Makefile.sub,
	src/roff/groff/Makefile.sub, src/roff/nroff/Makefile.sub,
	src/utils/afmtodit/Makefile.sub: Use $(INSTALL_SCRIPT) for script

2000-03-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Spelling fixes.

2000-03-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ Completely revised to cover everything in

	* doc/groff.texinfo, src/roff/troff/ Document evc request.
	Other minor fixings.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment_copy): Improve error message and
	fix itoa->i_to_a.
	* src/roff/troff/TODO: Updated.

	* doc/Makefile: Bug fixes -- this is still provisional, though...

	* tmac/eqnrc: Small fixes.

2000-03-05  Abramo Bagnara  <>

	Adding a request `evc' to copy environments.

	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::copy, environment_copy):
	Implement it.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h: Add prototype.

2000-03-05  Francisco Andrés Verdú  <>

	Adding strsep() -- Solaris 8 doesn't have it.

	* Test it.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ Add code.

2000-03-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (macro_diversion::output,
	top_level_diversion::output): Fixing an incompatibility with
	original troff: \x'0' updates the .a register also.  Thanks to
	<> for pointing this out.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document it.

	* Create Makefile.dep if necessary before calling the
	submake process to avoid warning about nonexistent file.

	* NEWS, PROJECTS: Updated.

2000-03-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/troffrc: Add tmac.lbp.

2000-03-03  Francisco Andrés Verdú  <>

	* tmac/tmac.lbp: New file.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ Add documentation of `lbpname'

2000-03-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Fixing $(subdir).

	* README, NEWS: Small fixes.

	* test-groff: Adding path to grolbp.

	* The (new) file src/xditview/ will be
	also configured -- it is now possible to build gxditview in a
	directory different from $srcdir.

2000-03-02  Blake McBride  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (open_file): Adapting to WinNT.

	* MORE.STUFF: Added website of bell labs and info about plot2dev.

2000-03-01  Colin Phipps  <>

	* src/utils/indxbib/ (main): Use mkstemp() for temporary

2000-02-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding GNU getopt to the groff distribution.

	* src/include/getopt.h, src/libs/libgroff/{getopt.c,getopt1.c}:
	New files.
	* src/include/Makefile.sub, src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub: Update.
	* aclocal.a4: Remove GROFF_GETOPT function.
	*,, PROBLEMS: Update.
	* src/include/lib.h: Replace getopt tests with getopt.h.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ Remove inclusion of getopt.h.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.  Adding more index

	* man/ Fix nroff mode activation (for emacs).
	* man/ Add missing ligature.

2000-02-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.  Adding more index

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Added a comment line at the
	beginning of the file (similar to shell scripts) which indicates
	that `tbl' should be used as a preprocessor.

2000-02-27  Blake McBride  <>

	Adapting groff to MS Visual C++ 6.0 compiler (tested with
	Windows NT 4.0).  Uses _MSC_VER define where necessary.

	* src/devices/grodvi/ Making stdout a binary stream.
	* src/devices/grolj4/ Making getopt variables `extern "C"'.
	* src/devices/grohtml/, src/devices/grops/,
	src/include/lib.h, src/libs/libgroff/,
	src/libs/libgroff/itoa.c, src/libs/libgroff/,
	src/preproc/refer/label.y, src/preproc/refer/,
	src/roff/groff/pipeline.c, src/roff/troff/,
	src/roff/troff/, src/roff/troff/,
	src/roff/troff/, src/roff/troff/,
	src/roff/troff/ Renaming itoa() to i_to_a() and iftoa() to
	if_to_a() to avoid name	clashes.
	* src/include/posix.h: Don't use unistd.h.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Use `#ifndef...#else...#endif'
	clause for integrating non-Unix xtmpfile() code.
	* src/roff/troff/ Adding `public' keyword to macro_header
	structure; use "rt" for popen() in pipe_source(); add getpid()
	dummy function.
	* src/roff/troff/ Use special versions of popen() in
	real_output_file() and pclose() in ~real_output_file().

2000-02-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding a new driver, grolbp, for Canon CAPSL printers (LBP-4 and
	LBP-8 series laser printers).  This code has been contributed by
	Francisco Andrés Verdú <>.

	* src/devices/grolbp/*: The grolbp output device.
	* font/devlpb/*: The font description files.
	* Add grolpb and devlbp subdirectories.

	* src/devices/grodvi/, src/devices/grolj4/,
	src/devices/grotty/,src/roff/troff/ Minor
	typographic fixes.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.  Adding more index

	* NEWS: Updated.

	* src/devices/grolbp/Makefile.sub: Adding $(srcdir).

	* man/ Adding info about obsolete DESC keywords.
	* src/devices/grolj4/ Documenting additional DESC

2000-02-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ Added info about the gremlin file format
	(contributed by Daniel Senderowicz <>).

2000-02-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ Allow values of `narrow' parameter and
	friends to be non-integer.

	* src/preproc/grn/ Document it.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.  Adding more index

2000-02-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ Introduce BASE_THICKNESS, defining
	line thicknesses to be integer multiples of this value.

	* src/preproc/grn/ Commenting out the -s option -- the
	corresponding code doesn't work (yet).

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.  Adding more index

2000-02-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/{,}: Using point units to
	specify line thickness instead of base units.  The new default
	values are now 0.15,pt 0.45pt, and 0.75pt for thin, middle, and
	thick lines respectively.

	Removed unused variable `prevval'.

	* src/preproc/grn/ Updated.

2000-02-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ Slight formatting.

	* src/roff/groff/ Formatting fix.
	* src/preproc/grn/ Ditto.

	* src/roff/grog/ Fixing two embarassing bugs.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.

2000-02-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>


	* test-groff: Added grn subdir to path.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Some restructing and other small improvements.

	* src/roff/groff/ (help): Fixed info string.

2000-02-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Fix description of .GS request.

	* src/roff/troff/ Fixing typo.

	Adding the `grn' preprocessor for gremlin graphic files.

	* src/preproc/grn/*: This is the Berkeley distribution written by
	David Slattengren and Barry Roitblat, adapted to groff by Daniel
	Senderowicz and Werner Lemberg.

	* doc/grnexampl.{me,g}: A sample for grn.

	* Added subdirectory entry for grn.

	* src/roff/groff/ Added support for grn.  It can be now
	called with the switch `-g'.

	* src/roff/groff/ Updated.

	* src/roff/grog/grog.{man,pl,sh}: Updated.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2000-02-11  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/include/lib.h: Added xtmptemplate and made xtmpfile
	parametrically polymorphic.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ Implemented xtmptemplate
	and the alterations to xtmpfile.
	xtmpfile can be requested to return the filename created
	and asked not to unlink the temp file.  The default behaviour
	if parameters are absent is exactly the same as before.

2000-02-11  Abramo Bagnara  <>

	A new request `length' is available which returns the length of a
	string in a number register:

	* src/roff/troff/ (length_macro): Implement it.
	* src/roff/troff/ (init_input_requests): Register it.

2000-02-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo, src/roff/troff/ Add documentation
	of the `substring' request.

	* src/roff/troff/, doc/groff.texinfo: Document `length'

	* src/roff/troff/TODO, NEWS: Updated.

2000-02-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/groff/ Added an example.

2000-02-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	I've considerably modified the directory structure of the
	distribution to get a more vertical layout.  For example, the number
	of top level directories has been reduced from 42 to 6.

	As a consequence, many changes, especially to the makefiles, were

	* The makefile variables `top_builddir' and `top_srcdir' have been
	introduced.  Virtually all relative paths have been replaced with
	absolute ones using these two variables.

	* Dependencies (in the files `Makefile.dep') are no longer part of
	the distribution.  Instead, they are created during a `make install'
	in the build directory.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_SRCDIR, GROFF_BUILDDIR): Two new functions to
	make `top_srcdir' and `top_builddir' absolute.

	Some other changes:

	* Man pages now depend on the files `VERSION' and `REVISION'.

	* The added shell script `mkinstalldirs' will replace `mkdir' in
	almost all cases.

	* VERSION: Version number increased to 1.16.

2000-02-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* grops/ (read_one_of): Fixed pointer incrementation.

	* Removed $(tmac_m) since it is no longer needed
	(after an update of the mm stuff).

	* troff/Makefile.sub ( Fix dependencies.

2000-02-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	The .psbb request will now also accept Mac PS images (i.e. using LF
	as the EOL character).

	* troff/ (ps_get_line): New function, taken from
	(with slight modifications).
	* troff/ (do_ps_file): Use it.

	* test-groff: Add grohtml and grolj4 output devices to PATH.

2000-01-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, MORE.STUFF: Updated.

2000-01-30  Cary D. Renzema  <>

	Add the `srand' command to pic.

	* pic/, pic/pic.y: Implement it.
	* pic/ Document it.
	* pic/, pic/ Regenerated (with yacc).

2000-01-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add a new request `.psbb'.  This does exactly what the external
	program psbb did.  It scans a PostScript image file for a
	%%BoundingBox comment and extracts the bounding box values (in
	PostScript units) which	are then stored in the four new (read-only)
	number registers `llx', `lly', `urx', and `ury'.

	This will allow the usage of the .PSPIC macro without worrying
	about unsafe behaviour of groff, i.e., it will work without the
	`-U' switch of groff.

	* troff/ Implement it.
	* tmac/tmac.pspic: Use it.
	* troff/, grops/, NEWS: Document it.
	* psbb/*, Remove it since it is no longer needed.

	This is bloody C code simply adapted from psbb.c!  Any improvements

2000-01-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Minor clarifications.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2000-01-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* afmtodit/ Use new `--' comment delimiter.

2000-01-28  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* man/ Brought up to date regarding tcommand
	* libgroff/ Handle everything after `--' as a comment
	in the font files.
	* devps/*: Added comment delimiter inside devps font files.

2000-01-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tmac.arkup, tmac/ Replace \fC...\fR with
	\fC...\fP (which now works as expected).

	* troff/ Fix typo.

2000-01-27  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Completed the pass_filenames implementation in troff.

	* libdriver/ Will read the new `F' tcommand.
	* troff/, troff/node.h: Will issue the new `F' tcommand.
	* troff/ Use it.

2000-01-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* troff/ (set_font): Fix the behaviour of \fP.  The previous
	font will now be updated even if an invalid font is selected.

2000-01-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Updated for new tmac.arkup.

	* tmac/tmac.html: Disable line breaks after hyphen-like characters.

	* tmac/tmac.arkup: Cleanup.

	Added `\&' to .HTML macro to `leave vertical mode', so to say.

	Removed obsolete .LINK macro completely.

	The macros .URL, .FTP, and .MAILTO now accept a third argument which
	will be immediately appended to the second argument (to be used with
	punctuation, for example).

	Disabled .CDFTP macro temporarily for security reasons.

	* tmac/ Complete revision for latest changes in
	tmac.arkup -- note that it does not yet format correctly with
	grohtml :-(

2000-01-23  Bruno Haible  <>

	* nroff/ Accept -Tutf8 option and pass it through.
	* devutf8/R.proto: Add mappings for wp, lh, rh.
	* devutf8/NOTES: Updated.

2000-01-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated version/copyright info.

2000-01-21  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Added support for two new directives in device descriptions:
	`pass_filenames' (to pass the input file name to the output device)
	and `use_charnames_in_special' (to support e.g. accented characters
	in the `X' request).

	* include/font.h, troff/charinfo.h: Declare it.

	* libgroff/, libgroff/ Set it.

	* devhtml/DESC: Use it.

	* troff/ New function encoded_char.

	* troff/token.h: Add test for `specialness'.

2000-01-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/Makefile.sub: tmac.a4 and tmac.trace have been removed by
	mistake from the list of files to be installed.

2000-01-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* README: Added info how to apply patches.

2000-01-15  Jan Echternach  <>

	* troff/ (ligature_note::operator delete):  Fix g++ warning.

2000-01-15  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* troff/ Add support for troffrc-end.

	* tbl/ Altered to issue table-start and table-end special
	characters if using the html device.

	* devhtml/*: Modified font files to incorporate html encoding of

	* tmac/ New file documenting tmac.arkup.

	* tmac/troffrc-end: New file.  This is invoked after all user
	specified macros.  Currently used by the html device to	include
	tmac.html.  Thus no need for users to specify -mhtml anymore.

	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Add troffrc-end.
	(MAN7): Add

	* tmac/, tmac/tmac.html: Small html updates.

	* tmac/troffrc: tmac.arkup will now be called for the html device.

	* libgroff/, libgroff/font.h: Altered to include reading of
	extra device specific information about fonts.

	* doc/ New file.  It is an example how an HTML home page
	could look like with grohtml.

	* doc/Makefile: Add  Remove rule for pic.html.

2000-01-12  Bruno Haible  <>

	* devutf8/R.proto: Add mappings for ti, Fn, st, an.  Change mappings
	of Im, Re.

	* devutf8/NOTES: Updated.

2000-01-08  Bruno Haible  <>

	* eqn/, eqn/, eqn/, eqn/, eqn/,
	eqn/, grodvi/, grops/, grops/,
	libbib/, libbib/, libbib/,
	libdriver/, libgroff/, libgroff/,
	pic/, pic/, refer/label.y, refer/, tbl/,
	tbl/, tfmtodit/, troff/,
	troff/, troff/, troff/, troff/,
	troff/node.h, troff/ Avoid most "g++ -Wall -Wno-sign-compare"

	* troff/ (bracket_node::copy): Initialize last to NULL.

2000-01-12  Fabrizio Polacco  <>

	grolj4: Paper size will be searched case-insensitively.

	* include/lib.h: Add check for strcasecmp().
	* grolj4/ (lookup_paper_size): Use strcasecmp().
	* Check for strcasecmp().

2000-01-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* troff/Makefile.sub ( Fix incorrect path to

2000-01-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Makefile.comm,, doc/Makefile: More fixes for the
	revision scheme.

	Add a new read-only register, `.Y', which contains the groff

	* troff/ (init_input_requests): Define it.
	* troff/Makefile.sub ( Define `revision' string.
	* doc/groff.texinfo, troff/ Document it.

	* libgroff/Makefile.sub ( Add definition of
	`Version_string[]', consisting of `<major>.<minor>.<revision>'
	* eqn/, grodvi/, grolj4/, grops/,
	grotty/, hpftodit/, indxbib/, pic/,
	refer/, soelim/, tbl/, tfmtodit/,
	troff/, pfbtops/pfbtops.c: Use it.

2000-01-10  Fabrizio Polacco  <>

	Add a revision scheme to the groff package.

	* REVISION: New file.
	* libgroff/Makefile.sub ( Use it to define
	* grops/ Use revision_string (converted to an unsigned
	integer) in constructor of resource_manager.

2000-01-10  Bruno Haible  <>

	* devutf8/Makefile.sub, devutf8/DESC.proto, devutf8/R.proto: New
	* (DEVDIRS): Add devutf8.
	* grotty/ Include device.h.
	(glyph): Change type of `code' to `unsigned int'.
	(tty_printer): New field is_utf8.  Constructor takes device argument.
	(tty_printer::tty_printer): If device if `utf8', set is_utf8.
	(tty_printer::add_char): Change type of first arg to `unsigned int'.
	(tty_printer::put_char): New function.
	(tty_printer::end_page): Use put_char() instead of ::putchar().
	(make_printer): Pass device to tty_printer constructor.
	* Determine default device by calling 'locale'.  As a
	fallback, look at all of $LC_ALL, $LC_CTYPE, $LANG, $LESSCHARSET.
	Recognize UTF-8 locales.
	* tmac/eqnrc: Recognize utf8 like latin1.
	* tmac/troffrc: Device utf8 needs tmac.tty.

2000-01-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/Makefile.sub: tmac.a4 and tmac.trace will now be installed.

2000-01-07  Paul Eggert  <>

	Add a new predefined writeable number register, `year',
	which contains the current year.

	* doc/groff.texinfo, PROBLEMS, troff/ Document it.
	* tmac/tmac.s: Use it.
	* troff/ (init_registers): Initialize it.

2000-01-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Fixed typo.

2000-01-04  Paul Eggert  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Add Y2k advice for the yr number register.

2000-01-03  Paul Eggert  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fix Y2k bug in documentation of \n(yr.

2000-01-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tmac.arkup: Slight modification of macros to provide better
	appearance for non-HTML formats.

2000-01-01  Charles Levert  <>

	* soelim/ (include_path_append): realloc(NULL, n)
	does not automatically translate to malloc(n) on all OSes
	(e.g., SunOS) so do it explicitly.  Also, check the returned

2000-01-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tmac.arkup: Added .LINE macro.  Some formatting.

	* Added $(tmac_m) again since the Makefile in `mm'
	expects this variable

2000-01-01  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* doc/Makefile: Added instructions to create HTML and text
	versions of some files.

1999-12-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Updated INSTALL.gen.

	* tmac/tmac.arkup: Added fixes so that .FTP and .MAILTO works
	better resp. correctly with non-HTML devices.

Version 1.15 released

1999-12-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, VERSION: Changed to 1.15

1999-12-27  Paul Eggert  <>

	* nroff/ -S is safer, not safe.

	* groff/ (main): Use `safer', not `safe', in variable
	names.  This does not change the behavior.

	* troff/ (main): Likewise.

	* nroff/ Likewise.

	* troff/ (prepend_string): New function.
	(main): Prepend -msafer, so that we check macro libraries for

	* PROBLEMS: Report problem with Sun C++ 5.0 and 5.1.

Version 1.14 released

1999-12-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, VERSION: Changed to 1.14.

1999-12-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* refer/ Fixing the last fix.

Version 1.13 released

1999-12-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ A typo (`.if' instead of `.ie') made the page
	number disappear.

	* NEWS: Updated.

	* tmac/tmac.safer: Forgot to remove `so' from the `rm' request.

	* VERSION: Changed to 1.13 -- to be compliant with the Adobe 3.0
	document conventions, the version number must be a real.

Version 1.12.1 released

1999-12-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* VERSION: Changed to 1.12.1.

1999-12-22  Alan Rooks  <>

	* refer/ (do_file): Slight modification to satisfy the
	`Standard system CC - C++ Compilation System 3.1 03/03/99' on SCO
	UnixWare 7.1.

1999-12-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* changed ->; updated copyright

	* tmac/tmac.safer, tmac/ Remove `so' (again) from
	list of unsafe requests.

	* pic/ Fixed a typo.

	* man/ Fixed a typo.

1999-12-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Doc fixes.

1999-12-17  Fabrizio Polacco  <>

	* groff/ Missing `U' option added to getopt().

	* troff/ Missing `U' option added to synopsis.

Version 1.12 released

1999-12-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* troff/ (usage), groff/ (synopsis): Added -U flag
	to the synopsis.

	* nroff/, nroff/ Replaced `secure', `unsecure'
	with the more appropriate terms `safer' and `unsafe'.

	* libgroff/strerror.c, aclocal.m4, Added checks for
	sys_nerr and sys_errlist[].

	* pic/pic.h, aclocal.m4, Added check for hypot().

	* pic/pic.y, pic/ Added check for fmod().

1999-12-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* VERSION: Changed to 1.12.

	Here some patches from various sources; most of them taken from
	the Debian distribution.

	* tmac/, tmac/,
	tmac/Makefile.sub: New files copied directly from the NetBSD
	distribution.  Probably, some additional adaptation later on is

	* tmac/tmac.safer, tmac/ Added `so' to the list
	of unsafe requests.

	* groff/, groff/, nroff/,
	nroff/, pic/, pic/, troff/,
	troff/ Added option `-U' for unsafe mode.  Safe mode
	(`-S') is now the default.

	* README, NEWS: Updated.

1999-12-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Regenerated nodes and menus with emacs.

	* doc/Makefile (clean): Added cleaning commands for groff.texinfo.

1999-12-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Removed AC_PREFIX_PROGRAM since it causes more
	grief than relief today.  Additionally, it is against the GNU
	coding standards.

	* configure: Recreated.

1999-12-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Added GROFF_LIBM.

	* configure: Recreated.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_LIBM): New function which tests whether -lm is

	* Added definition of $(LIBM).

	* Makefile.comm (LIBM): Removed.

	* pfbtops/Makefile.sub: On AIX, -lm is needed also.

1999-12-03  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* doc/Makefile: Added rule for generation pic.html.

	(clean): Files produced by grohtml will be removed also.

	* doc/ Small fix.

	* tmac/tmac.html: Fixed suppression of headers.

1999-11-16  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* tmac/tmac.html: Fixing horizontal arrows.

	Turning off hyphenation.

	* tmac/ Improved support for grohtml; better indentation,
	no footers/headers.

1999-10-31  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* tmac/tmac.arkup: Added CDFTP macro

	* tmac/tmac.html: All headers are turned off for ms, me, and mm

	* tmac/troffrc: Some additions for HTML stuff.

1999-10-06  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* tmac/tmac.html: Small changes.

1999-09-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Minor fixes.

1999-09-26  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* devhtml/TR: Changed spacewidth to 3.

	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Added tmac.arkup.

	* tmac/tmac.html: Moved markup macros to tmap.arkup.

	* tmac/tmac.arkup: New file.

	* grohtml/ChangeLog: New file.

1999-09-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo (Common Features): Added Copying chapter.
	Changed format to @smallbook.

1999-09-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS: Added info about groff.texinfo.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Will now compile (using texi2dvi) without
	warning messages.

1999-09-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* groff/ More updates.

1999-09-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: New file.  This manual is still very
	rudimentary.  It has been originally contributed by Trent
	A. Fisher <> with first corrections and
	additions by me.

	* INSTALL: Added information about the `doc' subdir

	* troff/ Minor fixes.

	* groff/ Added missing `-L arg' to SYNOPSIS section;
	reordered options.

	* troff/ (usage): Added missing `-ffam' to usage message.

	* (dist): groff-$(version).tar.gz must be removed
	also, otherwise it is included itself in another call of `make

	* groff/ (synopsis): Removed superfluous space.


	* VERSION: Updated to 1.12beta.

	* BUG-REPORT: Some cosmetic fixes.  Corrected email address.

	* README: Updated: Included documentation about CVS repository,
	mailing lists, and daily snapshots.

	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Fixed $(tmap_wrap) finally.

1999-09-12  Bjarni Ingi Gislason  <>

	* tmac/ If the tag didn't fit into the space that the
	macro `TP' specifies, the rest of the tag went into the space for
	the next line.

1999-09-12  Jeffrey Copeland  <> 

	* grolj4/ Added duplex printing (option `-d').

	* grolj4/ Document duplex printing.

1999-09-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile ( Fixed rule which caused problems with
	non-GNUish sed programs.

	* tmac/doc-syms: Removed extra space from -iso8802-3 macro

	* (LIBS): Added `-lc'

	* Makefile.comm (.man.n): Added substitution for @TMAC_AN_PREFIX@.

	* pic/ (solid_arc): Casting M_PI to double.

	* libgroff/putenv.c (putenv): Changed function header to ANSI C.

	* groff/, tmac/Makefile.sub (MAN7), tmac/
	(new file), tmac/ (deleted), tmac/ (new
	file), tmac/ (deleted): {me,msafer} -> groff_{me,msafer}.

	* groff/ New file.  This manual page was originally
	written for the Debian GNU/Linux system by Susan G. Kleinmann

	* eqn/ (list_box::compute_metrics,
	list_box::compute_sublist_width): Removed variable declaration to
	avoid shadowing warnings.

	* grops/ (resource_manager::process_file): Ditto.

	* tfmtodit/ (main): Ditto.

	* libgroff/ (font::load_desc): Renamed auxiliary variable
	to avoid shadowing warnings.

	* tbl/ (block_entry::do_divert, table::do_row): Renamed
	shadowing loop variable.

	* groff/, troff/ Added doc about grohtml.

1999-09-12  Gaius Mulley  <>

	New grohtml frontend to convert groff input to html.

	* (CCPROGDIRS, DEVDIRS): Added html device.

	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Added tmac.html.

	* tmac/eqnrc: Added html device.

	* tmac/tmac.html: New file.

	* eqn/ (do_file, inline_equation), pic/
	(troff_output::start_picture, troff_output::finish_picture),
	tbl/ (process_input_file):
	Surrounded output with `graphics_start' and `graphics_end' so that
	the html driver can identify non-text portions.

	* grodvi/ (dvi_printer::set_char), grolj4/
	(lj4_printer::set_char), grops/ (ps_printer::set_char),
	grotty/ (tty_printer::set_char): Additional parameter

	* include/printer.h: Class printer: New function
	set_char_and_width; new variables (is_char_named, is_named_set,
	named_command, named_char_s, named_char_n) to hold information
	about named characters -- needed by the html driver.

	* libdriver/ (printer::set_ascii_char,
	printer::set_special_char): Use set_char_and_width.

	* devhtml/*: New device files for html driver.

	* grohtml/*: New driver grohtml.

1999-09-11  Wilfredo Sanchez  <>

	* tmac/doc-common, tmac/ Removed the word `UNIX' in
	default strings.

1999-09-11  Luke Mewburn  <>

	* libgroff/ (search): Small fix to test against NULL

1999-09-11  Jeff Conrad  <>

	* troff/ (copy): The characters in a bracket escape (e.g.,
	\b'abc') were stacked in reverse order when processed in a

	* troff/node.h: Added `*last' to struct `node' to make the above
	fix work.

	* troff/ (read_draw_node), libdriver/ (do_file):
	The default scale for the 'f' and 't' graphics functions were 'm'
	rather than 'u' (i.e., no scaling).

1999-09-11  Peter Miller  <>

	* groff/ (main),, soelim/ (main,
	do_file), soelim/ Added `-I file' option to soelim,
	defining include paths.

	* soelim/ (include_path_append): New function.

1999-09-11  Larry Jones  <>

	* tbl/ (process_options): Unix (at least Documenter's
	Workbench) tbl allows arbitrary non-alpha characters between

1999-09-11  Paul Eggert  <>

	Y2k fixes.  Don't assume that the current year precedes 2000.

	* doc/ Add \n(y2, \n(y4.

	* tmac/doc-common (Yr): New number register.
	(Dd): Don't assume current year precedes 2000.

	* tmac/tmac.e (td): Likewise.
	(y2, y4): New number registers.

	* pic/ Update reference for pic paper to May, 1991

1999-09-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/Makefile.sub (install_data, stamp-wrap, uninstall_sub):
	Removed quotation marks which prevented correct expansion of

	* devlj4/Makefile.sub (LJ4RES): Fixed value (600 instead of 300).

1999-09-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Makefile.sub (DISTCLEANFILES): Added `config.log' and

	* Removed configure.old.

1999-08-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* VERSION: Updated to 1.11.1

1999-05-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile: changed `.PS' postfix to `.ps' for consistency.

	* tmac/Makefile.sub (install_data, stamp-wrap, uninstall_sub):
	added quotations around $(tmac_wrap) to avoid syntax error if
	variable is empty.

	* configure: Newly generated using autoconf 2.13.

	* (LDFLAGS): Set variable to @LDFLAGS@.

Fri Aug 15 08:51:47 1997  Eric S. Raymond  <>

	doc/Makefile. doc/, groff/
	Prepare for 1.11 release.  No code changes.
	Documentation for pic added (doc/

Sun Nov 26 11:45:13 1995  James Clark  <>

	* Version 1.10 released.

Fri Nov 24 09:56:16 1995  James Clark  <>

	* afmtodit/ Avoid comment on first line.

Mon Nov 20 11:13:49 1995  James Clark  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_INSTALL_SH): New macro.
	* Call it.

	* Makefile.sub (configure): Depends on aclocal.m4 not acgroff.m4.
	(distfiles): Doesn't depend on config.log or config.cache.

Sun Oct  1 08:45:36 1995  James Clark  <>

	* grog/ Use print "" rather than print in END rule.

Wed Aug 23 13:30:52 1995  James Clark  <>

	* tbl/ (process_data): Don't give error for excess data
	entries that are comments.

Fri Jul 28 11:00:27 1995  James Clark  <>

	* tbl/ (process_data): Fix case where new for-scope rules
	silently change meaning of code.

Tue Jul  4 23:39:51 1995  James Clark  <>

	* troff/ (hyphenate): Loop over all consecutive sequences
	of non-zero hyphenation codes.

Sat Jul  1 00:42:15 1995  James Clark  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_POSIX): Use conflicting declaration technique.

Thu Jun 29 13:58:36 1995  James Clark  <>

	* tmac/tmac.e (ip): Divert the tag so as to freeze the spaces.

Tue Jun 27 12:30:16 1995  James Clark  <>

	* tmac/tmac.andoc: Make it work in compatibility mode.

	* refer/token.h (token_info::is_range_sep): New function.
	* refer/ (init_special_chars): Make \(en a RANGE_SEP.
	* refer/ (reference::output): More sophisticated check for
	multiple pages.

	* devps/ (MANUAL): New procedure.
	* grops/ (main): New -m option.
	(usage): Include -m.
	(ps_printer::~ps_printer): Implement -m.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_G): New macro.
	* Call it.
	* (g): Provided by configure.

	* hpftodit/ (basename): Rename to xbasename.

	* tmac/tmac.tty: Disable warning about bad fonts.  Remove font

	* (tmacpath): Don't include /usr/lib/tmac.
	(tmac_m, tmac_s): Deleted.
	(sys_tmac_prefix, tmac_wrap, tmac_prefix, tmac_an_prefix,
	tmac_s_prefix): New variables.
	(MDEFINES): Change accordingly.
	* Makefile.comm (.man.n): Use new TMAC_* variables.
	* (GROFF_TMAC): Call.
	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_TMAC): Define.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (stamp_wrap): New target.
	(install_data, uninstall_sub): Handle macro wrapping.

Mon Jun 26 14:54:39 1995  James Clark  <>

	* tbl/ (main): Ignore -T option.

Thu Jun 22 09:08:06 1995  James Clark  <>

	* devlj4/generate/ Add definition of \(nb.

	* tmac/tmac.dvi: Add definition of \(nb.

	* troff/dictionary.c (dictionary::dictionary): association::v gets
	initialized by association::association.

	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Avoid using temporary files when installing.

	* troff/ (environment::set_font): Make bad font number a

	* (fontpath): Remove $(prefix)/lib/font from fontpath.

	* (datadir): Use share rather than lib.

	* groff/ (basename): Rename to xbasename.

Wed Jun 21 16:59:46 1995  James Clark  <>

	* Makefile (CCLIBS): Don't use.
	* Makefile.ccpg: Likewise.

	* acgroff.m4: Rename to...
	* aclocal.m4: Modify extensively for autoconf 2.
	* Likewise.
	* Likewise.

	* groff/pipeline.c (const): Declare as empty if __STDC__ not
	(xstrsignal): Check for definition of NSIG. Conditionalize
	on SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED.  Make return type const.

Sat Jun 10 12:28:16 1995  James Clark  <>

	* troff/ (interpolate_macro): Rephrase missing space

Thu May 11 01:07:16 1995  Jason Merrill  <>

	* addftinfo/, eqn/, eqn/, eqn/,
	grodvi/, groff/, grops/, grops/,
	grotty/, include/ptable.h indxbib/,
	libbib/, libbib/, libbib/,
	libdriver/, libdriver/, libgroff/,
	libgroff/, libgroff/, libgroff/,
	libgroff/, lkbib/, lookbib/,
	pic/, pic/, pic/pic.y refer/label.y refer/,
	refer/, refer/, tbl/, tbl/,
	tfmtodit/, troff/, troff/,
	troff/, troff/, troff/, troff/
	Fix 'for' scoping.

Wed Apr 19 21:15:11 1995  James Clark  <>

	* troff/ (spring_trap): Push a macro_iterator rather than a
	(spring_trap, postpone_traps, unpostpone_traps): Move to later in
	(macro_iterator::macro_iterator): Add additional argument.

Mon Apr 10 12:06:02 1995  James Clark  <>

	* troff/ (vertical_size::vertical_size): In place of integer
	specifying line spacing use cunits specifying post vertical
	(macro_diversion::output, top_level_diversion::output): Likewise.
	* troff/div.h: Change declarations accordingly.
	* troff/ (pending_output_line): Replace ls field by post_vs
	pending_output_line::output, environment::output,
	environment::output_line, environment::output_title,
	environment::hyphenate_line):  In place of
	integer specifying line spacing use cunits specifying post vertical
	(environment::environment): Add post_vertical_spacing and
	prev_post_vertical_spacing arguments.
	(environment::get_post_vertical_spacing): New function.
	(environment::total_post_vertical_spacing): New function.
	(environment::post_vertical_spacing): New function.
	(init_env_requests): Initialize pvs request and .pvs register.
	* troff/env.h: Change declarations.

Tue Mar 28 09:52:07 1995  James Clark  <>

	* tmac/tmac.pspic: Immediately remove the temporary file.

Sat Mar 25 10:43:11 1995  James Clark  <>

	* tmac/tmac.pspic (PSPIC): Scale graphic uniformly even when
	height is specified.

Thu Jan 26 16:20:13 1995  James Clark  <>

	* tbl/table.c (struct vertical rule, class table_entry): Use int
	not short for start_row and end_row.

Fri Jan 13 13:53:05 1995  James Clark  <>

	* troff/ (trapping_blank_line, blank_line_macro): New
	(diverted_space_node::reread, process_input_stack): Call
	trapping_blank_line() rather than blank_line().
	(init_input_requests): Bind "blm" to blank_line_macro().

	* tmac/tmac.s (XA): Use .br and par@reset rather than XA.

Tue Jan 10 11:40:35 1995  James Clark  <>

	* troff/ (environment::possibly_break_line): Require that
	width total excluding width of final space node be greater than
	the target text length.

Tue Jan  3 09:13:37 1995  James Clark  <>

	* troff/ (kern_pair_node::vertical_extent): New function.

Sun Dec  4 13:19:07 1994  James Clark  <>

	* troff/ (charinfo_node): New class.
	(glyph_node, composite_node): Derive from charinfo_node.  Change
	member functions accordingly.

Wed Nov 30 10:29:29 1994  James Clark  <>

	* nroff/ Use -Tlatin1 not -TLatin1.

Mon Aug  8 10:17:59 1994  James Clark  (

	* tmac/tmac.tty-char: Add definitions for \(ab and \[arrowvertex].

	* devps/generate/textmap (notsubset): Add.

	* tmac/tmac.a4: New file.

Sun Jul 24 20:08:42 1994  James Clark  (

	* pic/ (had_parse_error): New variable.
	(do_picture, do_whole_file): Set had_parse_error if yyparse()
	returns non-zero.
	(main): Return 1 if had_parse_error is true.

Tue Jul 19 13:40:31 1994  James Clark  (

	* grolj4/ (main): Avoid use of strtoul.

Mon Jul 18 15:03:02 1994  James Clark  (

	* nroff/ Default device is -Tlatin1 if $LC_CTYPE is
	iso_8859_1 or $LESSCHARSET is latin1.

Sun Jul 10 13:38:35 1994  James Clark  (

	* hpftodit: New directory.
	* (CCPROGDIRS): Add hpftodit.
	* devlj4/generate: New directory.

Thu Jul  7 23:49:48 1994  James Clark  (

	* Don't use AC_VFORK.
	* groff/pipeline.c (run_pipeline): Use fork() always.

Wed Jul  6 11:13:17 1994  James Clark  (

	* grops/ (main): Use %1 not %s in error message for -w.

	* (CCPROGDIRS): Add grolj4.
	(DEVDIRS): Add devlj4.
	* grolj4, devlj4: New directories.
	* tmac/troffrc: Handle lj4.
	* tmac/tmac.lj4: New file.

Fri Jun 17 18:02:53 1994  James Clark  (

	* tmac/tmac.e (@n): Set indent to 0 before calling |h.

Wed Jun  1 07:33:47 1994  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (do_if_request): At end of second string, switch
	environments before getting next token.

Fri May 20 07:39:18 1994  James Clark  (

	* devps/psstrip.sed: Split rule that strips whitespace on either
	side of delimiters.

Wed May 18 08:13:47 1994  James Clark  (

	* troff/node.h (font_family::make_definition): Add return value to
	declaration.  * troff/symbol.h (symbol::operator==,
	symbol::operator!=): Likewise.

Tue May 17 20:46:06 1994  James Clark  (

	* groff/ (main, help, synopsis): Handle -S.
	(possible_command::insert_arg): New function.

	* tmac/tmac.safer: New file.
	* tmac/ New file.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub (FILES): Add tmac.safer and

Thu Mar 10 01:58:30 1994  Paul Eggert  (

	* pic/pic.h, pic/ (safer_flag): New variable.
	* pic/pic.y (placeless_element): Avoid unsafe operations if
	`safer_flag' is set.
	* pic/ (main): Add -S option, which sets `safer_flag'.

Tue May 10 13:02:31 1994  James Clark  (

	* eqn/ (get_token): Put call to add_context() in block to
	work around Sun C++ 4.0 bug.

	* include/stringclass.h (operator +): Use ?: instead of `if' to
	work around Sun C++ 4.0 bug.

Thu May  5 11:18:03 1994  James Clark  (

	* tbl/ (process_format): Accept - as a synonym for the _
	key letter.

	* libbib/ (minus_one): Don't declare as const.

Fri Apr 29 09:32:48 1994  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (get_char_for_escape_name): Push back a newline.

Wed Apr 27 21:14:18 1994  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (write_macro_request): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Bind write_macro_request to writem.

Sun Apr 17 11:15:38 1994  James Clark  (

	* tmac/tmac.s (@EN): Turn filling back on even if there was no

	* eqn/ (do_space): Supply missing argument to lex_error.

	* tmac/tmac.s (@TS): Renamed from TS.
	(TS): Call LP then TS again.
	(cov*ab-init): Alias @TS to TS.

	* tmac/tmac.s: Allow QP or RS to initialize.

	* tmac/tmac.s (par@load-init): New macro.  Call at end of file.
	Move initializations of PS and LL here.
	(par@init): Don't initialize HY.  Avoid changing environment 0.
	(par*env-init): Don't all par@reset.

Thu Apr 14 19:15:45 1994  James Clark  (

	* include/posix.h: Include <fcntl.h> only if not using <osfcn.h>.

Sun Apr 10 09:54:44 1994  James Clark  (

	(LDFLAGS): Add definition line.

Thu Apr  7 22:22:22 1994  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (get_optional_char): Split off error check into...
	(check_missing_character): New function.
	* troff/token.h: Declare it.
	* troff/ (margin_character): Don't call get_optional_char.
	Only call after making the node.

	* include/lib.h (getopt): Make 2nd argument char *const *.

Fri Mar 11 07:28:03 1994  James Clark  (

	* nroff/ Deleted.

Fri Mar  4 10:51:36 1994  James Clark  (

	* pic/make-dos-dist: Deleted.

Wed Mar  2 20:59:16 1994  James Clark  (

	* devps/psstrip.sed: Strip comments before stripping trailing
	white space.

Sat Feb 19 13:07:16 1994  James Clark  (

	* Version 1.09 released.

Wed Feb 16 16:53:49 1994  James Clark  (

	* tmac/doc-ditroff (hK): Don't reset page number if \nC is > 0.

Mon Feb 14 08:26:40 1994  James Clark  (

	* libgroff/ (font::load_desc): Fix typo in error message.

Sun Feb 13 09:37:38 1994  James Clark  (

	* libgroff/ (operator new): Rewrite so as to avoid warning
	about returning without a value.

	* troff/charinfo.h (charinfo::get_special_translation): Cast

	* refer/ (lookup_token, store_token): Remove bogus loop
	test.  Fix test so that it works with n unsigned.

	* pic/pic.y (defaults_table): Fully bracket initializer.
	* pic/ (lookup_keyword): Likewise.
	* eqn/ (token_table, def_table): Likewise.
	* eqn/ (param_table): Likewise.
	* troff/ (warning_table): Likewise.
	* libgroff/ (table): Likewise.
	* grops/ (ps_printer::special): Likewise.
	* grops/ (resource_manager::process_file): Likewise.
	* tfmtodit/ (lig_chars, lig_table): Likewise.
	* refer/ (command_table): Likewise.
	* addftinfo/ (param_table): Likewise.

	* troff/ (symbol::symbol): Prevent compiler warnings
	about temp's being unused.
	(unused): New function.

	* groff/ Declare c_fatal.

	* libbib/ (bmpattern::search): Cast patterrn[--j] to

	* libbib/ (index_search_item::load): Prevent compiler
	warnings about fd_closer's being unused.
	(unused): New function.

Sat Feb 12 10:31:59 1994  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (copy_mode_error): Make `prefix' static.
	Fix typo.

	* include/posix.h: Include <osfcn.h> is HAVE_CC_OSFCN_H is
	* acgroff.m4,, Makefile: Rename HAVE_CC_UNISTD_H to
	HAVE_CC_OSFCN_H and modify accordingly.

	* troff/ (init_charset_table): radicalex overlaps

	* groff/acgroff.m4 (GROFF_ISC_SYSV3): New macro (from
	* groff/ Call it.

	* groff/acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PCLOSE): New macro.
	* groff/ Call it.
	* include/lib.h: Conditionalize declaration of pclose.

	* troff/ (last_page_number): New global variable.
	(top_level_diversion::begin_page): Exit if we just printed the
	last page.
	* troff/div.h (last_page_number): Declare it.
	* troff/ (parse_output_page_list): Set last_page_number.

	* eqn/ Rename \(rn to \[radicalex].
	* devps/S, devps/textmap, tmac/, tmac/tmac.dvi,
	tmac/tmac.X: Likewise.
	* tmac/, tmac/tmac.X, tmac.dvi: Add definitions of \(rn.
	* tmac.dvi: Make \(ru and \(ul extend beyond their width by .04m.

Fri Feb 11 11:45:40 1994  James Clark  (

	* tmac/doc-ditroff (hK): Remove groff specific code which
	prevented page-breaks between separate manual entries.  If this is
	the first page, don't set the page number to 1.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_POSIX): New macro.
	* Use it.

	* troff/ (class real_output_file,
	real_output_file::~real_output_file): Conditionalize use of
	popen/pclose on POPEN_MISSING.
	* troff/node.h: Conditionalize pipe_command on POPEN_MISSING.
	* troff/ (pipe_command): Give an error if POPEN_MISSING.
	(pipe_source): Similarily.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PROG_CCC): Update message about libg++.

	presence of declarations by trying to compile example with
	conflicting declarations.  (gcc only gives a warning for missing

Wed Feb  9 09:12:23 1994  James Clark  (

	* tmac/tmac.pspic (PSPIC): Allow options to specify alignment
	(from Ulrich Lauther).

Tue Feb  8 03:56:40 1994  James Clark  (

	* libbib/ (file_buffer::load): Use S_ISREG macro.

Thu Feb  3 09:34:35 1994  James Clark  (

	* indxbib/ (write_hash_table): Add code for case where
	pointers and ints have different sizes.

Sun Jan  9 16:17:51 1994  James Clark  (

	* tmac/tmac.s (par*env-init): Call par@reset.

Fri Jan  7 10:24:27 1994  James Clark  (

	* tmac/tmac.s (@IP): Switch to a new environment when diverting
	(par*push-tag-env, par*pop-tag-env): New macros.

Wed Jan  5 21:18:34 1994  James Clark  (

	* grops/ (ps_printer::ps_printer): Use MAX_LINE_LENGTH for
	initializing `out'.  Reduce MAX_LINE_LENGTH from 79 to 72.

	* grops/ (ps_printer::~ps_printer): Output %%CreationDate
	comment.  Include <time.h>.

Wed Dec 15 14:14:00 1993  James Clark  (

	* grops/ (is_small_h, is_small_v): Deleted.
	(ps_printer::flush_sbuf): Use absolute motion only at beginning of

Tue Dec 14 10:06:34 1993  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (read_request): Only print a prompt if reading
	from the terminal.  Also clearerr on EOF if reading from the
	terminal.  Declare isatty.

Mon Nov 29 08:38:15 1993  James Clark  (

	* refer/label.y: Rename map_t to map_func and extractor_t to

Sat Oct 30 06:38:12 1993  James Clark  (

	* include/assert.h: Don't use volatile.
	* libgroff/ Likewise.

Fri Oct 29 15:00:23 1993  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (abort_request): Look at character in tok before
	calling get_copy().

Thu Oct 28 14:09:48 1993  James Clark  (

	* troff/troff.h (NO_RETURN): Deleted.
	* troff/ (cleanup_and_exit):  Don't declare aas NO_RETURN.
	* troff/ (exit_troff): Likewise

	* Remove `Making ...' messages since GNU make now
	gives these. 

	* Use AC_HAVE_HEADERS(unistd.h) instead of AC_UNISTD_H.

Wed Oct 27 11:12:51 1993  James Clark  (

	* tmac/tmac.s (@init): Initialize PO to \n(.o here, rather than
	to constant 1 inch.

Sat Oct 23 10:03:52 1993  James Clark  (

	* tmac/tmac.e (hl): Use \n[.in] rather than \n(.i.

Thu Oct 14 12:09:45 1993  James Clark  (

	* eqn/ (delim_box::compute_metrics): Don't increase
	MARK_REG if there was no left delimiter.

Sat Oct  2 19:54:47 1993  James Clark  (

	* pic/ (troff_output::text): Set line thickness to
	relative before outputting text.

	* tmac/tmac.e (@k): Don't zero ?T.
	((z): Likewise.

Sat Sep 25 11:08:43 1993  James Clark  (

	* tmac/tmac.e ($p): Handle possibility that $3 is empty.

Wed Aug 18 08:51:41 1993  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (decode_args): Warn about unquoted tabs (from
	Paul Eggert).

Tue Aug 10 08:38:32 1993  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (ignoring): New variable.
	(ignore): Set ignoring during call to do_define_macro.
	(do_define_macro): Clear ignoring before interpolating terminating
	(copy_mode_error): New function.
	(get_char_for_escape_name, read_long_escape_name,
	interpolate_arg): Use copy_mode_error.
	(warning_table): Add WARN_IG.
	* troff/troff.h (WARN_IG): Declare.
	(WARN_TOTAL): Change accordingly.

	* groff/pipeline.c (strsignal): Rename to xstrsignal.
	* groff/ (strsignal): Delete declaration.

Fri Jul 16 01:43:12 1993  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (page_offset): Use 'm' as default scaling.

Sat Jul  3 09:11:38 1993  James Clark  (

	* nroff/ Ignore -u.

Wed Jun  9 12:17:27 1993  James Clark  (


Fri Jun  4 17:35:47 1993  James Clark  (

	* tmac/tmac.s (par*box-draw): Set adjustment mode to l while
	drawing box.
	(B2): With -Tascii, leave additional vertical space before
	and after. Ensure that the left and right indent is restored to
	what it was even if the point size changes.  Don't call
	par@finish. Change the indent, line length and title length
	directly.  With -Tascii, make the width of the box 1n less.
	(B1): Remember 1n at the current point size.  Don't call
	par@reset.  Change the indent, line length and title length
	directly.  Ensure that the temporary indent is preserved.
	(par*box-mark-top): Turn off no spacing mode.

Thu Jun  3 17:47:14 1993  James Clark  (

	* (dist): Use .gz suffix.

Thu May 27 20:04:59 1993  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (main): Add return 0.
	* pic/ (main): Use return instead of exit.
	* tbl/ (main): Likewise.
	* eqn/ (main): Likewise.
	* grops/ (main): Likewise.
	* grotty/ (main): Likewise.
	* groff/ (main): Likewise.
	* grodvi/ (main): Likewise.
	* refer/ (main): Likewise.
	* indxbib/ (main): Likewise.
	* lkbib/ (main): Likewise.
	* soelim/ (main): Likewise.
	* addftinfo/ (main): Likewise.

	* troff/token.h (process_input_stack): Don't declare as static.
	* troff/ Likewise.

	* troff/node.c (invalidate_fontno): Make it a static member of
	class font_family.  Change callers.
	* troff/node.c: Change declaration.

	* tbl/ (struct input_entry_format): Add explicit public
	* tbl/ (struct text_stuff, struct single_hline_stuff,
	struct double_hline_stuff): Likewise.
	* tbl/table.h (struct entry_format): Likewise.
	* pic/object.h (struct saved_state): Likewise.

	* include/stringclass.h: Add forward declarations of friend
	functions that are later declared as inline.  Don't include inline
	specifier in friend declaration.

	* libgroff/lib.h: Declare popen and pclose.
	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_POPEN): New macro.
	* Call it.

	* include/lib.h (PI): New constant. Undef first if necessary.
	* tfmtodit/ (main): Use PI rather than M_PI.
	* grops/ (degrees, radians): Likewise.
	* libgroff/ (font::get_skew): Likewise.

	* grops/ (is_ascii): New function.
	(ps_output::put_string): Use is_ascii.  Use csprint rather than
	(ps_printer::define_encoding): Use csspace.
	* libgroff/strtol.c (ISASCII): New macro.
	(strtol): Cast arguments to is*() and tolower() to unsigned char.
	Use ISASCII rather than isascii.
	* libgroff/ Use isascii() only if <ctype.h> defines it.
	* libgroff/ Likewise.
	* libdriver/ Include cset.h.
	(do_file, get_integer, possibly_get_integer): Use csdigit() rather
	than isdigit().

	* refer/ (main): Use %ld rather than %d for longs.

	* libbib/ (index_search_item_iterator::get_tag): Use
	S_ISREG macro.

	* addftinfo/ (param_t): Add explicit `int'.

Mon May 24 08:51:37 1993  James Clark  (

	* troff/ (hyphenation_code): Skip white space between
	char/code pairs.

Sun May 16 08:15:52 1993  James Clark  (jjc at

	* tbl/table.h (table::entry_list_tailp): New member.
	(table::table): Initialize it.
	(table::add_entry): Use entry_list_tailp to avoid O(n^2)

Sat May 15 17:26:00 1993  James Clark  (jjc at

	* grotty/ (tty_printer::add_char): Don't discard characters
	with negative horizontal positions. Remove casts of glyph::hpos to
	(USHRT_MAX): Delete definition.
	(SHRT_MAX, SHRT_MIN): New definitions.
	(glyph::hpos): Change type to short.
	(tty_printer::end_page): Output multiple backspaces if necessary.
	 Remove casts of glyph::hpos to int.
Fri May  7 12:14:37 1993  James Clark  (jjc at

	* tmac/tmac.s (@RT): New definition.

Thu May  6 21:36:54 1993  James Clark  (jjc at

	* refer/ (do_file): Make sure current_filename is set when
	filename is "-".

	* pic/ (common_output::dot_line): Handle zero length

Sun May  2 19:54:16 1993  James Clark  (jjc at

	* tmac/tmac.s (par@reset): Get value for .hy for \n[HY].
	(par@init): Initialize \n[HY].

Mon Apr 26 11:43:16 1993  James Clark  (jjc at

	* troff/ (dictionary::remove): Continue when
	r < j < i.

Sun Apr 25 11:03:00 1993  James Clark  (jjc at

	* ( Avoid ending up with two versions of

Thu Apr 22 21:03:45 1993  James Clark  (jjc at

	* tmac/tmac.dvi (\(,c): Define only if it does not exist.
	(\(,C): Likewise.  Also fix typo.

Wed Apr 21 08:47:32 1993  James Clark  (jjc at

	* lib.h: Delete extraneous semi-colon.

	* Add pso request: `so' from a pipe.
	* troff/input.c (file_iterator::file_iterator): Add 3rd argument.
	(file_iterator::close): New function.
	(file_iterator::~file_iterator, file_iterator::next_file): Use
	(file_iterator::backtrace): Say `process' rather than `file' when
	the stream is popened.
	(pipe_source): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Bind ".pso" to pipe_source.

Tue Apr 20 00:02:26 1993  James Clark  (jjc at

	* afmtodit/ Avoid single quotes in comments.

	* pfbtops/pfbtops.c: Output 64 characters per line.  Output hex
	digits in lower case.

Mon Apr 19 09:55:57 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.08 released.

	* (dist): Insert || true after ln -s commands that
	might fail.

	* mm: Update to mm 1.16.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_CSH_HACK): New macro.
	* Call GROFF_CSH_HACK.  Substitute for
	* (SH_SCRIPT_SED_CMD): New variable.  Include in
	* nroff/Makefile.sub (nroff): New target.
	(install_data): Install nroff.
	* eqn/Makefile.sub (neqn): Sed with SH_SCRIPT_SED_CMD.
	* grog/Makefile.sub (grog): Sed with SH_SCRIPT_SED_CMD.

Sat Apr 17 08:24:28 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/Makefile.sub (neqn): Add chmod +x.

	* grog/Makefile.sub (grog): Remove spurious semi-colon.

Fri Apr 16 22:41:57 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/ (string_iterator::string_iterator()): Initialize
	lineno and count.

Tue Apr 13 10:22:28 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/ (macro_diversion::space,
	top_level_diversion::space): Don't set high_water_mark.
	(macro_diversion::output, top_level_diversion::output): Don't
	include post line space in high water mark.

Wed Apr  7 12:48:18 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/eqn.y: Don't define YYDEBUG.
	* pic/pic.y: Likewise.

Mon Apr  5 10:15:15 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e ([3): Add space after comma following editors.
	Change double spaces to single spaces.
	([4): Change double spaces to single spaces.

	* grops/ps.h (USE_PS_ADOBE_2_0): New flag for broken_flags.
	* grops/ (ps_printer::~ps_printer): If the USE_PS_ADOBE_2_0
	bit is set in broken_flags, use 2.0 rather than 3.0 as the version
	after %!PS-Adobe- (for Newsprint).

	* troff/ (top_level_diversion::begin_page): When
	before_first_page is 1, set page_number to 1.

Sun Apr  4 14:28:53 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/ (box::top_level): Protect equation with \&.

Sat Apr  3 23:27:25 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff/ (possible_command::set_name): Delete old name.

	* groff/ (possible_command::~possible_command): Use

	* troff/ (troff_output_file::begun_page): New member.
	(troff_output_file::troff_output_file): Initialize it.
	(troff_output_file::really_begin_page): Only output V command if a
	page has been begun.

	* pic/pic.y (placeless_element): Delete argument to PRINT after

Fri Apr  2 11:31:02 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Make wrapman work.
	* troff/div.h (class top_level_diversion): Replace
	first_page_begun by before_first_page (with opposite sense).
	* Change first_page_begun to before_first_page inverting sense.
	* troff/ (class nl_reg): New class.
	(init_div_requests): Use class nl_reg for \n(nl.
	(top_level_diversion::begin_page): Don't call
	output_file::begin_page if before_first_page is 2;
	reset before_first_page afterwards.  If have_next_page_number is
	false, then always increment page_number.
	* tmac/ Set traps within TH rather than at the top-level.
	Restore compatibility mode after loading, and then disable
	compatibility mode in TH.

Thu Apr  1 11:09:34 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* grotty/ (tty_printer::end_page): Don't discard characters
	past last line.
	* troff/node.h (output_file::trailer): Declare.
	* troff/ (cleanup_and_exit): Call output_file::trailer().
	* troff/ (output_file::trailer): New function.
	(troff_output_file::~troff_output_file): Move most code into...
	(troff_output_file::trailer): New function.
	(class troff_output_file): Delete page_length member. Declare
	(troff_output_file::really_begin_page): Use current page length
	for final V command.

	* tbl/ (struct options): New decimal_point_char member.
	(options::options): Initialize this.
	(process_options): Implement decimalpoint option.
	(process_data): Pass decimal_point_char option to table::table.
	* tbl/table.h (class table): New decimal_point_char member.
	(table::table): Add additional argument.
	* tbl/ (find_dot): Rename to find_decimal_point. Add
	second argument specifying decimal point character.  Use this
	instead of '.'.
	(table::table): Initialize decimal_point_char.
	(table::add_entry): Change call to find_dot.

	* troff/ (get_copy, token::next): Implement \V.
	(interpolate_environment_variable): New function.

Tue Mar 30 14:41:39 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/ (lookup_keyword): Rename MIN to K_MIN, MAX to K_MAX.
	* pic/pic.y: Likewise.

	* grotty/ (tty_printer::add_char, tty_printer::end_page):
	Add casts to int.
	* refer/ (reference::insert_field, reference::delete_field):
	* troff/ (parse_term): Likewise.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PROG_YACC): New macro.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PROG_CCC): Don't add -O automatically for gcc
	and g++.
	* (OPTIMIZE): New define.
	(DEBUG): Empty by default.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_SYS_SIGLIST): Don't quote program.
	(GROFF_CC_COMPILE_CHECK): Quote use of $2 and $3.

	* troff/ (trie::~trie): Make virtual to shut up g++.

	* devps/psstrip.sed: Use different delimiter on last line (so that
	it works with BSD 4.4 sed.)

Mon Mar 29 17:07:14 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* devps/psstrip.sed: Delete comments.

	* acgroff.m4 (AC_GETOPT): Don't test whether <unistd.h> declares
	optind, opterr, optarg.
	* lib.h: When UNISTD_H_DECLARES_GETOPT is defined, declare optind,
	opterr, optarg.

Sun Mar 28 17:44:25 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* (check): Dummy target.

Wed Mar  3 04:53:38 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.07 released.

	* Integrate mm 1.11.

	* tbl/ (alphabetic_block_entry::print): start_row was used
	where start_col was meant.

Thu Feb 25 07:55:36 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* grog/, grog/ Recognize PH and SA as -mm macros.

Wed Feb 24 10:15:34 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/ (token::next): Make \z\o'...' and similar things

	(environment): Add margin_character_flags member.
	* (environment::environment(symbol),
	environment::environment(const environment *): Initialize
	(margin_character): Rewrite.
	(environment::output_line): Add a margin character if
	margin_character_flags is non-zero.  Turn off the
	MARGIN_CHARACTER_NEXT bit.  If that makes margin_character_flags
	zero, use margin_character_node without copying and then set
	margin_character_node to 0.

	* devps/ Change minimum size to 1000.

Tue Feb 23 14:57:49 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/symbol.h (symbol::hash): Change return type to unsigned
	* troff/ (dictionary::lookup, dictionary::remove):
	Add casts to int.

	* test-groff: Use -r rather than -x.

	* grops/psfig.diff: Include in distribution again.

Mon Feb 22 09:10:44 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* (dist): Use gzip.

Sun Feb 21 11:12:53 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_GETOPT): Check for declaration of getopt() in
	unistd.h as well as in stdlib.h.
	* include/lib.h: Include <stdlib.h> is STDLIB_H_DECLARES_GETOPT is
	defined; otherwise include <sys/types.h> and <unistd.h> if

	* use builtin(include, ... rather than include(...
	* configure: Regenerate with autoconf 1.3.

	* libdriver/ (printer::adjust_arc_center): Use new
	algorithm suggested by Andy Fyfe.

	* libdriver/ (printer::adjust_arc_center): New function.
	* include/printer.h: Declare this.
	* grops/ (ps_printer::draw): Use it.
	* grodvi/ (dvi_printer::draw): Use it.

Fri Feb 19 23:13:51 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile.comm (.man.n): Replace macrodir by tmacdir.

Thu Feb 11 16:46:59 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/ (main): Handle "eqn -".

Mon Jan  4 20:29:56 1993  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e (++): Install fix from comp.bugs.4sd.

	* mm: Integrate version 1.08.

	* pic/ (troff_output::finish_picture): Set
	EQN_NO_EXTRA_SPACE reg to 0 rather than removing it.
	* eqn/ (box::extra_space): Set EQN_NO_EXTRA_SPACE_REG to 0
	if it's not defined. Check whether the register is non-zero rather
	than whether it's not defined.
	* tmac.e ({, <): Make argument to \x zero if \n(0x is non-zero.

	* indxbib/ Move all signal handling into...
	* indxbib/signal.c: New file.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_STRUCT_EXCEPTION): New macro.
	* libgroff/matherr.c: Protect with ifdef HAVE_STRUCT_EXCEPTION.

	* troff/ (token::token, token::operator=): Work round SGI
	C++ bug.
	* pic/ (position::position): Likewise.

Mon Dec 28 21:50:21 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.h: Move declaration of hypot().

Wed Dec 16 12:28:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.h: Declare hypot().

	* pic/pic.h: Define M_PI if necessary.

Thu Dec 10 12:03:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e (re): Add alternative version that doesn't use groff
	`.ta T' feature.

	* devps/ (RE): Handle the possibility that the old font
	doesn't have a FontName entry.

Wed Dec  2 10:25:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e (fam): Redefine to set family in environment 2.
	(@C): Use @fam not fam.

Thu Nov 26 16:01:25 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lookbib/ (main): Change type of start to const char *.
	* lkbib/ (main): Likewise.

	* eqn/ (definition::definition): Don't use member
	initializer syntax for members of anonymous unions.

	* troff/ (input_stack::backtrace): Change type of to const
	char *.

Wed Nov 25 13:43:09 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* include/stringclass.h (class string): Declare inline friend
	functions as inline in class declaration.
	* troff/hvunits.h (class hunits, class vunits): Likewise.
	* include/refid.h (class reference_id): Likewise
	* troff/troff.h (points_to_units(units), scale(units, double)):
	Delete declarations.
	* libdriver/ (get_char): Delete declaration.
	* include/lib.h: Change 2nd argument of getopt from const char **
	to char **.
	* troff/ (symbol::symbol): Cast `new char *[n]' to `const
	char **' before assigning to a `const char **'.
	* tbl/ Delete extra declarations of prints().

Tue Nov 24 14:33:13 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* libgroff/ (font::load_desc): Cast `new char *[n]' to `const
	char **' before assigning to a `const char **'.

	* libgroff/ (errarg::errarg): Don't use member
	initializer syntax for members of anonymous unions.

Sat Nov 21 05:02:23 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* mm: Integrate version 1.07.

Tue Nov 17 16:44:27 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (translate2): Rename to
	(init_input_requests): Rename tr2 to trnt.

Mon Nov 16 09:49:32 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/charinfo.h (class charinfo): Add transparent_translate field.
	(charinfo::set_translation, charinfo::set_special_translation):
	Add second argument that specifies value for
	(charinfo::get_translation, charinfo::get_special_translation):
	Add optional second argument that specifies whether translation is
	being used for transparent throughput.
	* troff/ (charinfo::set_translation,
	charinfo::set_special_translation): Handle second argument.
	(charinfo::charinfo): Initialize transparent_translate.
	(translate): Split main part off into
	(do_translate): New function.  Pass argument saying whether
	translation applies to transparent throughput.
	(translate2): New request.
	(init_input_requests): Bind translate2 to `tr2'.

Wed Nov 11 11:43:20 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.h (class table): Add `nokeep' flag.
	* tbl/ (process_options): Handle `nokeep' option.
	* tbl/ (table::init_output, table::do_row, table::do_top,
	table::do_bottom): Don't output keep/release macro definitions or
	calls when `nokeep' option has been specified.

Sat Nov  7 01:28:33 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.Xps (Xps-char): Use " as delimiter for \Z.

Wed Nov  4 16:29:04 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/ (table_entry::divert, block_entry::do_divert,
	block_entry::divert, alphabetic_block_entry::divert): Add extra
	argument giving column separation.
	(table::compute_widths): Pass column separation to
	(block_entry::do_divert): If an entry spans multiple columns and a
	minimumum width has been specified for each column, then set the
	line length to the sum of the widths (plus possibly the column

	* troff/ (set_escape_char): Don't set the escape_char
	until after calling has_arg().

Tue Nov  3 11:23:27 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/ (table::do_top): Add missing \s0 for double box

	* tbl/ (table::print_double_hline): Avoid extra new line
	in case where r > nrows - 1.

	* tbl/ (BODY_HEIGHT): Deleted.
	(LINE_SEP): New definition.
	(table::print_single_hline, table::print_double_hline,
	table::compute_vrule_top_adjust, table::compute_vrule_bot_adjust,
	table::do_row, table::do_top): Use LINE_SEP space before a line
	instead of \n[.v]-BODY_HEIGHT-BODY_DEPTH.

	* tbl/ (text_entry::print_contents): New function.
	(text_string_name, right_text_string_name): Deleted.
	(simple_text_entry::do_width, numeric_text_entry::do_width,
	alphabetic_text_entry::do_width): Don't store the contents of the
	entry in a string.
	(left_text_entry::simple_print, right_text_entry::simple_print,
	numeric_text_entry::simple_print): Print the entry directly
	instead of using the stored string.

Fri Oct 30 10:39:32 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* devps/Makefile: Strip PostScript files.
	* devps/prologue: Rename to...
	* devps/
	* devps/psstrip.sed: New file.
	* devps/download: Use .pfa rather than .ps for installed versions
	of fonts.

Thu Oct 29 09:14:43 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/ (input_trap): Give a warning if the argument is out
	of range.

	* troff/ (adjust): Treat negative argument as missing. Round
	argument > 5 down to 5.

	* troff/ (center, right_justify): Make negative argument zero.

	* troff/ (page_offset, vertical_position_traps): Treat
	invalid argument as missing.
	* troff/ (line_spacing, line_length, title_length, indent,
	underline, hyphen_line_max_request, control_char,
	no_break_control_char, widow_control_request, adjust, input_trap,
	point_size): Likewise.
	* troff/ (ligature, kern_request, bold_font, track_kern,
	constant_space): Likewise.
	* troff/ (compatible, shift, warn_request,
	set_escape_char): Likewise.

	* tbl/ (format::format): Avoid doing `new int[0]'.
	* tbl/ (table::table): Likewise.

	* (install_dev): depends on $(DEVFILES).

Wed Oct 28 08:30:57 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* devX75, devX75-12, devX100, devX100-12: New directories.
	* Add these to DEVDIRS.

	* troff/Makefile.sub, eqn/Makefile.sub, indxbib/Makefile.sub,
	afmtodit/Makefile.sub, tmac/Makefile.sub, nroff/Makefile.sub,
	grog/Makefile.sub, mm/Makefile.sub (uninstall_sub): New target.
	* (uninstall, uninstall_sub, uninstall_dirs): New
	* Makefile.ccpg, Makefile.cpg,,
	(uninstall): New target.
	* Makefile.comm (uninstall, uninstall_sub, uninstall_man,
	uninstall_prog, uninstall_dev): New targets.

	* troff/ (return_request): Treat an invalid argument as

Mon Oct 26 11:33:47 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e ((f): Set up the environment even when there's a
	current diversion.  Transperently throughput a call to @N.
	(@N): New macro.

Thu Oct 22 05:05:59 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/ (table::compute_vrule_top_adjust): Round adjustment
	up to vertical resolution.

	* tbl/ (table::do_row): Change row number after printing
	stuff list.

	* pic/ (get_token_after_dot): Make .left and .right work.

Wed Oct 21 14:46:45 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Rename CHANGES to NEWS.

Tue Oct 20 23:25:21 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* libgroff/ (operator new): Avoid calling malloc(0).

Mon Oct 19 09:10:13 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man.ultrix: Removed.

Sun Oct 18 06:35:15 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile.comm (extraclean): Delete files whose names begin with

	* pic/ (troff_output::text): Fix typo in implementation of
	aligned text.

Sat Oct 10 09:32:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/ (hyphenate_request, vertical_spacing, no_number):
	* troff/ (page_length, need_space, space_request): Treat
	invalid optional argument as missing.
	* troff/ (number_lines): If the first argument is present
	but not a number, turn on line numbering, don't change the next
	line number and parse the remaining arguments.

	* tmac/tmac.e (@q): Do the `ne' before changing to environment 2.

Thu Oct  8 10:24:40 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.h: Change declaration accordingly.
	* eqn/ (set_gsize): Change return type to int.  Return 0 if
	the specified size was bad but don't give an error.  Check for
	* eqn/ (main): Change caller. Leave validation to set_gsize.
	* eqn/lex (do_size): Likewise.

Wed Oct  7 09:48:59 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PROG_CCC): Use fopen when checking for C++
	compatible headers.

Sun Oct  4 18:24:02 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/ (table::init_output): Improve error message when
	table won't fit on one page.

Fri Oct  2 10:41:40 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/ (troff_output::start_picture): Generate line
	containing a horizontal motion equal to the width of the picture.

	* groff/ (main): Allow PROG_PREFIX to be set at runtime
	using GROFF_COMMAND_PREFIX environment variable.

Fri Sep 25 11:40:40 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Use $NF rather than $(NF).

Tue Sep 22 09:47:24 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/ (main):  Use %1 not %c in argument to warning.

	* eqn/ (main): Output code to check that geqn was given the
	correct -T option.

Mon Sep 21 10:59:16 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* (dist): Instead of doing `make -f ../Makefile', do
	`ln -s ../Makefile .; make; rm -f Makefile'.

	* troff/hyphen: Rename to...
	* troff/
	* troff/ (main): Delete -H option. Don't call
	* troff/ Include searchpath.h and macropath.h.
	(exception_dictionary): Deleted.
	(ht): Deleted.
	(read_hyphen_file): Deleted.
	(hyphenation_language): New struct.
	(class trie, class hyphen_trie): Move declarations up.
	(trie_node::~trie_node): Deleted.
	(trie::delete_trie_node): New function.
	(trie::do_delete): New pure virtual function.
	(hyphen_trie::do_delete): New function.
	(trie::~trie): New function.
	(hyphen_trie::~hyphen_trie): New function.
	(trie::clear): No need to chcek that tp is not 0.
	(current_language, language_dictionary): New variables.
	(hyphen_word): Give an error if no current language.  Use
	exceptions dictionary in current language.
	(hyphen_trie::read_patterns_file): Find file using macro_path.
	Allow comments (starting with %) in patterns file.  Don't make it
	a fatal error if the file can't be found.
	(hyphenate): Return if no current language.  Get the exceptions
	dictionary and the hyphenation patterns from the current language.
	(set_hyphenation_language): New variable.
	(hyphenation_patterns_file): New function.
	(hyphenation_language_reg): New class.
	(hyphenation_language_reg::get_string): New function.
	(init_hyphen_requests): Bind "hla" to set_hyphenation_language and
	"hpf" to hyphenation_patterns_file.  Initialize `.hla' number
	* groff/ (main, help, synopsis): Delete -H option.
	* include/Makefile.sub: Don't define HYPHENFILE.
	* Delete hyphenfile variable and remove from MDEFINES.
	* Makefile.comm (.man.n): Don't substitute for HYPHENFILE.
	* tmac/troffrc: Set hyphenation language to `us'. Load `'
	hyphenation patterns.

Sun Sep 20 09:33:02 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/ New file.
	* eqn/Makefile.sub: Handle

	* eqn/eqn.h: Declare `nroff' variable.
	* eqn/ (param_table): Add `nroff' param.
	(nroff): Define it.
	* eqn/ (yylex): Handle TDEFINE and NDEFINE using `nroff'
	* tmac/eqnrc: Set `nroff' to 1 for -Tascii or -Tlatin1.

	* troff/troff.h (WARN_FONT): New warning.
	(WARN_TOTAL): Change accordingly.
	(warning_table): Add WARN_FONT.
	* troff/ (mount_font_no_translate): Pass argument to
	font::load_font.  If this is non-zero, give a warning.
	Don't give an error message when accessing a font that has already
	been found to be invalid.
	* include/font.h (font::load, font::load_font): Add additional
	optional argument which suppresses error message if the font is
	not found.
	* libgroff/ (font::load_font): Handle additional argument.
	(font::load): Add additional argument. If this is non-null, set it
	to 1 and don't give error message.

	* include/printer.h (printer::end_page): Add argument giving
	length of page.
	* libdriver/ (do_file): Pass this.
	* grops/ (ps_printer::end_page): Add argument.
	* grodvi/ (dvi_printer::end_page,
	draw_dvi_printer::end_page): Add argument.
	* grotty/ (class tty_printer): Remove lines_per_page and
	columns_per_page members. New member nlines.
	(tty_printer::tty_printer): Don't compute lines_per_page from
	font::paperlength. Don't compute columns_per_page from
	(tty_printer::add_char): Don't check horizontal position against
	columns_per_page. Grow glyphs vector if neccessary.
	(tty_printer::end_page): Add argument giving page_length in units.
	Discard lines past end of page.

Wed Sep 16 06:29:52 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.tty-char: Fix definition of \(/l.

	* tmac/tmac.X: Define \(en.

Tue Sep 15 10:37:13 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PRINT): If a system has lpr and lp but not
	lpq, then use lp rather than lpr.

	* tmac/tmac.s (par@reset): Don't call `ad'.
	(par*env-init): Call `ad'.

Sun Sep 13 18:48:20 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Use $(NF) instead of $6 to extract year from output of

	* troff/ #undef BLOCK_SIZE if it's defined.
	* indxbib/ Likewise.

Sun Sep  6 09:44:46 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* libgroff/putenv.c: New file.
	* libgroff/Makefile.sub: Add putenv.c to CSRCS.
	* Say that putenv.o can be one of LIBOBJS.
	* Test for putenv with AC_REPLACE_FUNCS. Test for
	stdlib.h with AC_HAVE_HEADERS.

Sat Sep  5 18:11:52 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* indxbib/dirnamemax.c: Include <sys/dir.h> only if <dirent.h>
	does not exist.

Fri Sep  4 09:43:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/ (gsize): Make it an int.
	(set_gsize): Parse argument handling increment or decrement.
	(box::top_level): Convert gsize to a string.

	* troff/ (exit_troff): Make buf unsigned char [].
	Call to make_temp_iterator casts buf to char*.

	* ($(TARGETS), dot): Pass $(MDEFINES) to recursive makes.

	* Makefile.ccpg (depend.temp): Depends on $(YTABC).
	* Makefile.cpg (depend.temp): Likewise.

	* Makefile.dep: Remove Makefile.dep from $(REALCLEANFILES).

	* Makefile.comm: Add y.output to MOSTLYCLEANFILES.

Thu Sep  3 08:01:55 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.s (B, I, BI, CW): Rewrite avoiding aliases.

Tue Sep  1 18:24:53 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.06 released.

	* Integrate mm 1.04.

Fri Aug 28 11:28:19 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile.comm, Makefile.ccpg, Makefile.cpg: Fix TAGS target.

Thu Aug 27 11:03:33 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* afmtodit/ Add -n option that disables generation of
	ligatures command.
	* devps/generate/Makefile (CR, CB, CI, CBI): Pass -n flag to
	afmtodit. Regenerate.

	* tmac/tmac.e ()z): Adjust _b if necessary so as to avoid moving
	@f back past the current position.

	* tmac/tmac.e: Change calls to @R so that comments are not part of

Tue Aug 25 10:42:07 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Check for mkstemp with AC_HAVE_FUNCS.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PROG_CCC): Don't check for <osfcn.h>. Instead
	check that we can link a call to a function declared in <stdio.h>.
	(GROFF_UNISTD_H): New macro.
	* Call it.
	* Document it.
	* include/posix.h: New file.
	* troff/troff.h: Don't include <osfcn.h>
	* troff/ Include posix.h.
	* libgroff/, libgroff/ Include posix.h rather than
	* indxbib/, libbib/{,,}:
	Include posix.h rather <sys/types.h>, <sys/stat.h>, <osfcn.h>,
	* indxbib/ (S_IRUSR, S_IRGRP, S_IROTH): Delete definitions.
	* libbib/ (S_ISREG, O_RDONLY): Delete definitions.
	* libbib/ (O_RDONLY): Delete definition.
	* refer/, include/driver.h, pic/pic.h, groff/
	Don't include <osfcn.h>.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_TIME_T): New macro.
	* Call it.
	* Document it.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_TRADITIONAL_CPP): New macro.
	* Call it.
	* include/ptable.h: Don't include generic.h.
	(name2): Define it.

	* tmac/tmac.s (][): Make [T1 and [T2 aliases for [T.
	Afterwards remove [T1 and [T2.
	(ref*spec!0, ref*spec!2): Use T1 rather than T.
	(ref*spec!1, ref*spec!4, ref*spec!4): Use T2 rather than T.
	(ref*add-T2): Renamed from ref*add-T.
	(ref*add-T1): New macro.

Mon Aug 24 11:11:11 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* acgroff.m4 (AC_PROG_CCC): Use GROFF_EXIT rather than exit 1.

	* libbib/ Include <fcntl.h>.
	(O_RDONLY): Define if necessary.
	(make_index_search_item, index_search_item_iterator::get_tag,
	index_search_item::check_files): Use O_RDONLY.
	* libbib/ Include <fcntl.h>, <sys/types.h>, <sys/stat.h>.
	(O_RDONLY): Define if necessary.
	(search_list::add_file): Use O_RDONLY.
	* indxbib/ Include <fcntl.h>, <sys/types.h>,
	(S_IRUSR, S_IRGRP, S_IROTH): Define if necessary.
	(main): Use these.

	* libbib/ (S_ISREG): Define it if necessary.
	(index_search_item::load): Use S_ISREG.

	* include/driver.h: Include <errno.h>.

Sun Aug 23 11:32:18 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/ (body_height): Increase default value to 85.
	(body_depth): Increase default value to 35.

Fri Aug 21 05:34:42 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/pbox.h (SAVE_FONT_STRING): Define it.
	* eqn/ (box::top_level): Hide use of \R in a string that is
	protected from expansion with \E.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PAGE): Use `case' to test domain.

	* Makefile (Makefile): New target.

	* Makefile.sub (configure, distfiles): New targets.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS): Avoid using ${var:-val}

Thu Aug 20 12:27:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/ (param_table): Add body_height and body_depth.

	* eqn/ (def_table): Make circumflex in hat_def roman.

Tue Aug 18 16:24:25 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* psbb/Makefile.sub: Don't link with libgroff.a.

	* acgroff.m4 (GROFF_PUTENV): New macro.
	* groff/ Don't declare putenv if STDLIB_H_DECLARES_PUTENV
	is defined.

	* troff/ (distribute_space): Rename force_forward argument
	to force_reverse.  Reverse the list if force_reverse is true.

Mon Aug 17 17:49:05 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/ Don't define a string `T'. Just define Tm.

	* eqn/ (matrix_box::compute_metrics): Don't allow computed
	height or depth to be negative.  Guard against SUP_RAISE quantity
	being negative.

Sat Aug 15 08:18:54 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* devps/generate/textmap: Add `an' (arrowhorizex).
	* tmac/ \(an overlaps horizontally.
	* tmac/tmac.dvi, tmac/tmac.tty: Add `an'.

	* devps/symbolchars: Add arrowverttp, arrowvertbt.
	* devps/textmap: Add arrowvertex.
	* eqn/ (delim_table): Add uparrow, downarrow and
	updownarrow delimiters.
	* tmac/, tmac/tmac.X: Add definition of \(va.

	* tbl/ (simple_entry::position_vertically,
	block_entry::position_vertically):  For a centered entry, perform
	the motion in two stages.

	* refer/ (split_punct): Don't call lookup_token if there
	is no token.

Fri Aug 14 11:14:58 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/ (token::next): Delete token_node after copying

	* grodvi/ (dvi_printer::dvi_printer): Initialize

	* libdriver/ (printer::load_font): Delete old_font_table.

	* grops/ (ps_printer::define_encoding): Delete elements of vec.

Tue Aug 11 13:50:38 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* grops/ (usage): -b option takes an argument.

	* devps/prologue (PLG): New procedure.
	* grops/ (main, usage): New -g option.
	(ps_printer::~ps_printer):  If guess_flag is set, guess the paper
	length using PLG.

Mon Aug 10 11:17:53 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* include/cset.h: Include <limits.h> if we have it.

	* libgroff/ New file.
	* include/lib.h (illegal_input_char): Use table.
	* troff/ (ESCAPE_RIGHT_PARENTHESIS): Renumber to 0206.
	* pic/ (ARG1): Renumber to 14.
	* eqn/ (ARG1): Likewise.

	* troff/Makefile.sub ( Handle 3 part versions
	(eg 1.05.90) correctly.

Sun Aug  9 13:35:43 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e (sr): Deleted. Set $r and $R directly.
	Rename $r and $R registers to $v and $V.
	($r, $R): Initialize to 0.
	(@v, @V): New macros.
	(sz): Call @v.
	(@M): Call @V.

	* troff/ (main, usage): Add -R option that says not to
	load troffrc.
	* eqn/ (main, usage): Rename -n to -R.

Sat Aug  8 00:16:00 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* devps/ Leave font positions 5-9 blank.
	* devdvi/ Likewise.

	* grog/ Handle `.PS <file' correctly.

	* troff/ (input_stack::push): Improve error message when
	input stack limit exceeded.

Fri Aug  7 13:08:16 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/ (main): Fix typo in handling of `a' option.

	* refer/ (do_bib): In state START after a newline remain
	in state START.

	* groff/ Deleted.
	* groff/Makefile.sub: Delete handling of

	* pic/ (troff_output::text): Test \n(0p rather than \*(.T
	to determine whether to use \X'ps:...'.
	* tmac/troffrc: Set 0p register to 0.
	* tmac/ Set 0p register to 1.

	* groff/ Support -X option. Give warning for -TXps and
	transform to -X -Tps. Pass troff a -r.X=1 option if -X is used.
	* tmac/troffrc: Support -r.X=1.

	* pic/ (troff_output::dot): Don't test

Thu Aug  6 13:32:08 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* include/lib.h: Declare getopt() and friends unless

	* doc/ Delete.
	* man/ New file.

Wed Aug  5 00:38:58 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac/tmac.e (np, bu): Test \n($p with string expression in case
	user has changed register format.

Mon Aug  3 11:22:18 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff/ Get rid of device_table.  Get postprocessor from
	`postpro' command in DESC file.  Get spooler command from `print'
	command in DESC file.  Execute spooler command with /bin/sh.

	* groff/ Split Unix-specific parts into...
	* groff/pipeline.c: New file.

	* LICENSE: Delete.
	* COPYING: New file.
	* all files: Update copyright notices.

	* Rearrange files.  Redo Makefiles.  Use autoconf.

Sat Aug  1 09:36:50 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (charinfo_to_node_list): Interpret character
	definition with escape_char of `\'.

Tue Jul 28 12:20:12 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/strerror.c, lib/iftoa.c, lib/itoa.c: Don't include lib.h.
	Define INT_DIGITS as big enough for 64-bit integer.
	* lib/strtol.c: Don't include lib.h.
	* lib/lib.h: Delete ifdef __cplusplus stuff.

Mon Jul 27 11:08:50 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/Makefile: Add DESC to DEVICEFILES.  Separate out rule
	for making DESC.  Make $(FONTS) depend on DESC. afmtodit should
	get DESC from current directory.

Sun Jul 26 15:38:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (main): Always reset the line number when reading
	from stdin.

	* tbl/table.c (table::print_single_hline, table::print_double_hline,
	table::define_bottom_macro, table::do_row, table::do_top): Round
	vertical spacing up to vertical resolution.

Fri Jul 24 14:32:07 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.h (enum resource_type): Avoid comma at end of
	* dvi/dvi.c (class dvi_printer): Likewise.
	* dvi/tfmtodit.c (gf::load): Likewise.
	* refer/label.y (struct expression): Likewise.
	* refer/refer.c (class label_processing_state): Likewise.
	* refer/indxbib.c (do_file): Likewise.
	* troff/troff.c (enum warning_type): Likewise.
	* tbl/main.c (process_data): Likewise.
	* troff/charinfo.h (class charinfo):

Wed Jul 22 09:17:58 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/devdvi/ Add entry for `-'.  Regenerate fonts.

Tue Jul 21 11:39:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c: Move to new groff subdirectory.
	* groff/Makefile: New file.
	* Makefile: Remove handling of groff.c. Add groff to SUBDIRS.

	* man/ Use ls -L if supported.

	* Consolidate all header files produced by gendef into lib/defs.h.
	* lib/macropath.c, lib/fontfile.c, lib/device.c: Include defs.h.
	Don't include path.h.
	* lib/Makefile (path.h): Don't generate.
	* troff/input.c: Include defs.h. Don't include config.h.
	* troff/Makefile (config.h): Don't generate.
	* refer/index.h: Don't include suffix.h.
	* refer/index.c: Include defs.h.
	* refer/indxbib.c: Include defs.h.
	* refer/refer.h, refer/lkbib.h: Don't include path.h. Include
	* refer/Makefile (suffix.h, path.h): Don't generate.
	* groff.c: Don't include config.h. Include defs.h.
	* Makefile (config.h): Don't generate.
	(lib/defs.h): Generate.
	(topclean): Remove lib/defs.h.

Mon Jul 20 10:12:57 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/malloc.c, lib/getpagesize.h: Deleted.
	* Makefile: Add COOKIE_BUG configuration option.  Delete malloc
	related stuff.
	* lib/Makefile: Delete malloc-related stuff.
	* lib/new.c: Workaround COOKIE_BUG if necessary.

	* refer/lkbib.c, refer/indxbib.c: Don't include refer.h.  Include
	needed header files directly.
	* refer/refer.h: Omit definition of DEFAULT_INDEX.
	* Makefile: Include definition of DEFAULT_INDEX in path.h.

Sun Jul 19 10:19:22 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c (FONT_COMMAND_HANDLER): Pass command name and single
	* lib/font (font::load_desc, font::load): Don't split argument of
	unknown command.
	(font::handle_unknown_font_command): Change type.
	* ps/ps.c (ps_font::handle_unknown_font_command,
	handle_unknown_desc_command): Change type.
	* dvi/dvi.c (dvi_font::handle_unknown_font_command): Change type.

Fri Jul 17 11:12:49 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.h (font::handle_unknown_font_command): Add file and
	line arguments.
	* lib/font.c (font::handle_unknown_font_command):
	* ps/ps.c (ps_font::handle_unknown_font_command):
	* dvi/dvi.c (dvi_font::handle_unknown_font_command): Add file and
	lineno arguments.  Use _with_file_and_line functions for error

	* lib/fontfile.c (font::unknown_desc_command_handler): New static
	data member.
	* lib/font.c (font::set_unknown_desc_command_handler): New
	(font::load_desc): For unknown commands, call
	unknown_desc_command_handler if not null.
	* lib/font.h (class font): Declare them.
	* ps/ps.c (handle_unknown_desc_command): New function.
	(main): Set bflag if we had a -b option. Call
	(broken.h): Don't include.
	* ps/Makefile: No need for broken.h.  Pass BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS to
	* ps/devps/Makefile: Add `broken' command to DESC file using

	* macros/tmac.e ([, ]): Add as synonyms for { and }.

	* macros/tmac.e ($p): Only exdent if \$3 > 0.

	* macros/tmac.e (@R, @S): New macros.
	Declare @, po, $0, $i, $p, df, so, fu, bt, *, ?a, ?b, ?C, ?e, ?H,
	?I, ?n, ?o, ?R, ?s, ?T, ?W, ?w registers with @R.
	Declare $H, $[0-9], .. macros with @S.
	Declare |0, |1, |2, |3 strings with @S.

	* macros/tmac.e (@S): Rename to @U.

	* macros/tmac.e (@z): Define @b and bp as empty instead of
	deleting them,

	* macros/tmac.e (@m): Deleted.
	(@h): Don't call @m.
	(@z): Don't set @m trap.

	* macros/tmac.e ($h, $f): Define |z as empty string.

	* macros/tmac.e (@D): Rework to avoid unbalanced .el requests.
	(@q): Likewise.

	* macros/tmac.e (@h): Set ?H, ?C , ?s registers to 0 rather than
	removing them.
	()f): Likewise for * register.

	* macros/tmac.e (sr): Don't ever scale the arguments. If the third
	argument is missing, don't change $R.  Call sr with three
	arguments when initializing.

Thu Jul 16 12:17:12 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.e (sr): New macro.
	Initialize $r and $R using sr.

	* macros/tmac.e (,): Delete \*(#[.

	* troff/env.c (set_tabs): Read the tab type even if the position
	is bad.  Allow the position of the first tab stop to be negative.

Wed Jul 15 13:14:37 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/dirnamemax.c: Use pathconf() if <unistd.h> defines
	* refer/Makefile: Compile dirnamemax.c using -DHAVE_UNISTD_H
	rather than -DPATHCONF_MISSING.
	* Makefile: Get rid of PATHCONF_MISSING.

	* refer/map.c: New file.
	* refer/index.c: Interface to mmap through map.c.  Rename map_size
	to map_len.
	* refer/Makefile: Handle map.c.
	* Makefile: Include -DHAVE_MMAP in OLDCFLAGS rather than CFLAGS.

Tue Jul 14 14:15:20 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile: RANLIB should be `true' if there is no ranlib.
	* lib/Makefile (libgroff.a): Simplify.
	* driver/Makefile (libdriver.a): Simplify.

	* Makefile: Change -DWAIT_COREDUMP_0200 to -DWCOREFLAG=0200.
	* groff.c (WCOREDUMP): Use WCOREFLAG.  Define only if not already

Sat Jul 11 09:19:17 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (compare_ranges): Declare as extern "C".

	* troff/input.c (init_registers): Use `struct tm' instead of `tm'.

	* macros/tmac.s, macros/tmac.e: Change .nx /dev/null to .nx.

Wed Jul  8 11:52:27 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::text): Merge in grops_output::text,
	but conditionalize use of \X based on \*(.T.
	(grops_output::*): Deleted.
	* pic/output.h: Delete declaration of make_grops_output.
	* pic/main.c (main): Ignore -p and -x.  driver_extension_flag is 1
	by default. -n sets it to 0.
	(usage): Corresponding changes.
	* groff.c (main): Don't pass -x or -p to pic.
	* Likewise.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::do_exec, ps_printer::do_file): Force ndefs
	to be non-zero.

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Change calculation of asc_boundary and
	desc_boundary.  Make these bounds inclusive.
	* ps/devps: Regenerate font files.

Tue Jul  7 13:14:15 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.latin1: New file.
	* macros/tmac.tty-char: Use tmac.latin1.
	(tmac.tty-tr): Deleted.
	* macros/Makefile: Install tmac.latin1.
	* macros/tmac.dvi: Use tmac.latin1.
	* macros/troffrc: Translate \[char160] onto no-break space here.
	* macros/{tmac.dvi,,tmac.tty,tmac.X75}: Don't do it here.

Mon Jul  6 11:06:52 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.Xps: Use `do' request.

	* macros/ Use `do' request.

	* macros/tmac.e (@C): Use `do' request.

	* macros/tmac.X, macros/tmac.Xps: Moved from xditview.
	* macros/Makefile: Install tmac.X*.

	* tty/tmac.tty, tty/tmac.tty-char: Move to macros.
	* tty/Makefile: Don't install tmac.tty*.
	* macros/Makefile: Install tmac.tty*.

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Move to macros.
	* dvi/Makefile: Don't install tmac.dvi.
	* macros/Makefile: Install tmac.dvi.

	* ps/*: Move to macros.
	* ps/Makefile: Don't install*.
	* macros/Makefile: Install*.

	* eqn/box.c: Provide draw_lines parameter corresponding to -D
	* macros/eqnrc: Set draw_lines parameter based on device.
	* groff.c: Don't pass -D flag to eqn.
	* Likewise.
	* eqn/main.c: Warn about use of -D.

	* troff/input.c (process_startup_file): New function.
	(main): Call process_startup_file().
	* macros/troffrc: New file.
	* macros/Makefile: Install troffrc.
	* groff.c (main): Don't pass extra -m option to troff. For a 
	pseudo device pass the name of the pseudo device to troff using
	* Likewise.
	* groff.c (possible_command::prepend_arg): Deleted.

	* troff/input.c (do_request): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Bind "do" to do_request.

	* eqn/main.c (main): Instead of loading eqnchar from device directory,
	load eqnrc from macro directory.
	* macros/eqnrc: New file.
	* macros/Makefile: Install eqnrc.
	* ps/devps/eqnchar: Deleted.
	* ps/devps/Makefile: Don't install eqnchar.
	* dvi/devdvi/eqnchar: Deleted.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Don't install eqnchar.
	* groff.c (main): Pass -M to eqn. Don't pass -F to eqn. New
	variable optM.

	* lib/device.[ch]: New files.
	* lib/font.h (font::set_device_name, font::get_device_name):
	* lib/fontfile.c: Use device.h.
	* lib/Makefile: Handle device.[ch]. Make paths.h define DEVICE.
	* troff/input.c: Delete definition of `device'.
	(main): Don't initialize device.
	* troff/troff.h: Include device.h rather than declaring device.
	* troff/Makefile: No need to handle DEVICE.
	* driver/input.c: Include device.h. Don't use
	* groff.c, Makefile: Rename device.h to config.h.
	* groff.c: Use library device variable.
	* eqn/main.c: Use library device variable.
	* eqn/Makefile: No need to handle DEVICE.

	* lib/searchpath.[ch]: New files.
	* lib/Makefile: Handle searchpath.[ch].
	* troff/input.c (open_file, init_dirs): Deleted.
	(macro_dirs): Deleted.
	(open_mac_file, macro_source): Use class search_path.
	(add_string, struct string_list): Move definition.
	(main): Change -M option to use macro_path. Delete call to
	* lib/fontfile.c (font::command_line_font_dir, font::open_file):
	Rewrite to use class search_path.
	* lib/font.h, lib/fontfile.c (font::cl_font_dirs): Deleted.
	* lib/Makefile: fontfile.c depends on searchpath.h.
	* lib/Makefile: Rename fontpath.h to paths.h. Make paths.h define
	* lib/macropath.[ch]: New files.
	* troff/Makefile: No need to handle MACROPATH.

	* troff/input.c: Delete DUMP code.
	* lib/fontfile.c, lib/font.h: Delete

	* troff/input.c (push_token): New function.
	(handle_first_page_transition): Use push_token().
	(process_input_stack): Change handling of a space at the beginning
	of the line.

Sun Jul  5 17:11:09 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (font_dirs): Delete unused variable.

	* eqn/lex.c (do_set): Correct error messages.

Sat Jul  4 10:20:55 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (do_define_string): Allow the string name to be
	followed immediately by a tab.
	(define_character): Likewise.

Thu Jul  2 10:59:15 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::draw): When drawing an arc, don't allow k to
	be negative.

	* troff/input.c (input_iterator::is_file): New virtual function.
	(file_iterator::is_file): New function.
	(input_stack::end_file): New function.
	(input_stack::next_file): Handle the situation where there is no
	file on the input stack correctly.  Avoid making two passes over
	the input stack.
	(next_file): Make the filename optional; in this case call

Wed Jul  1 10:17:25 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Change the definitions of \(ul and _ so that they
	produce a real _ charater when the current font is CW and _

	* lib/errarg.c (errarg::errarg(const char *)): Invert conditional
	expression to work around gcc 2.2 bug.

Wed Jun 24 08:12:24 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/main.c (main): Don't give an error if we can't find eqnchar.

	* troff/env.c (environment::add_padding): New function.
	(environment::add_char): Use add_padding().
	(environment::space): Likewise.
	(environment::wrap_up_field): Add some padding if there is none
	and there's no current tab.
	* troff/env.h: Declare environment::add_padding.

Mon Jun 22 08:37:45 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* pic/pic.y: undef fmod and rand before declaring them.

Sun Jun 14 11:40:18 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* troff/input.c (main): If the DESC file specifies a font name of
	0, then leave the corresponding font position empty.

	* New file.
	* Makefile (install.nobin): Install

	* tty/devlatin1/R.proto: Add ao as synonym for de.
	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Define ao as o.

	* tty/dev{ascii,latin1}/R.proto: Add aq.
	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Delete definition of aq.

Mon Jun  8 11:43:20 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* troff/input.c (init_charset_table): Don't translate 0240.
	* ps/ Translate char160 to space.
	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Likewise.
	* tty/tmac.tty: Likewise.

Sun Jun  7 10:52:35 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Add support for all Latin-1 characters.

	* macros/tmac.s: Delete definitions of \(rg, \(ah, \(ad, \(a-,
	\(ao, \(ac, \(ho, \(-D, \(Sd, \(TP, \(Tp, \(ss, \(AE, \(ae, \(OE,
	\(oe, \(r?, \(r!.

	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Add \(ah.

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Add definitions of Tp, TP, Sd, -D, ho.
	No need to define \(FM and \(!/. Conditionalize all character

	* ps/devps/lgreekmap: Add +h, +f, +p.

	* ps/tmac.psnew: New file.
	* ps/Makefile: Install tmac.psnew.

	* troff/input.c (charinfo_to_node_list): Don't ever interpret
	character definitions in compatible mode.

	* troff/input.c (remove_character): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Bind remove_character to "rchar".

	* ps/tmac.psold: New file.
	* ps/Makefile: Install tmac.psold.
	* ps/ Load tmac.psold. Move definitions of ISO Latin-1
	characters into tmac.psold.  Make these definitions unconditional.

	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Define \n(_C only if it is not already defined.

	* ps/ Don't define \('c and \('C.

	* ps/devps/textmap: Move Greek characters to...
	* ps/devps/symbolchars:

Sat Jun  6 16:41:17 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* ps/devps/text.enc: Add quotesingle.
	* ps/devps/textmap: Add +h, +f, +p, Fn, Bq, bq, aq, lz.
	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Likewise.
	* dvi/devdvi/ Add +h, +f, +p.
	* dvi/devdvi/ Add Fn.
	* dvi/devdvi/ Add lz.
	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Handle Bq, bq, aq.

	* pic/lex.c (get_token): Recognize 'th.
	* pic/map.y: Allow `expr'th in contexts where ORDINAL was allowed.

Fri Jun  5 11:20:46 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* ps/devps/textmap: Move di, mu, +- to...
	* ps/devps/symbolchars:

	* macros/tmac.s (@XS): Don't call par@reset or fi.
	(XA): Call LP. Turn off adjustment. Reduce line length.

	* macros/tmac.s: Initially alias XS to LP.
	(XS): Rename to @XS.
	(cov*ab-init): Alias XS to @XS.

Thu Jun  4 09:12:05 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* troff/token.h: Delete TOKEN_CHAR_HEIGHT, TOKEN_CHAR_SLANT,
	(token::is_size, token::changes_env): Deleted.
	* troff/number.c (parse_term): No need to process \s explicitly.
	Call only after scale indicator has been processed.
	* troff/input.c (do_overstrike, do_bracket): No need to process \s,
	\f etc explicitly.
	(token::next): Handle \s, \f, \S, \H immediately rather than
	returning them as tokens.
	(token::operator==, token::description, token::add_to_node_list,
	token::process): Remove handling of deleted tokens.

	* troff/env.c (environment::add_char): When adding padding
	indicator character, call start_line() if necessary.

Wed Jun  3 09:55:50 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Don't output 0 kerns.

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Remove directory from name of encoding in
	font description file.

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Improve error messages.

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Allow DESC file to be specified with -d.

	* ps/devps/Makefile: Incorporate FontMakefile. Rework.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Deleted.
	* ps/devps/afmname: New file.

	* ps/devps/symbol.sed: New file.
	* ps/devps/symbol.diff: Deleted.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Generate symbol.afm using symbol.sed.
	Generate zapfdr.afm from zapfd.afm.

	* tty/tmac.tty (tty-char): Prefix definition with ".

	* macros/ (TP): Don't start a diversion if one has already
	been started.

	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Add Latin-1 characters.

	* tty/tmac.tty-char: Incorporate suggestions from Paul Eggert.

Tue Jun  2 00:54:34 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (table::allocate): Delete old_vline, old_entry.
	Move declaration of struct horizontal_span.

	* tbl/table.c (table::table): Initialize span_list.
	(table::~table): Delete span_list.

	* lib/ptable.h (PTABLE(T)::~PTABLE(T)): Delete v.

	* ps/devps/Makefile: Avoid dependency on GNU make.

	* ps/ Check that character does not already exist before
	defining it.

	* tty/tmac.tty: Add definitions of \(ff, \(!=, \(==, \(~=, \(sq,
	\(OE, \(oe, \(AE, \(ae, \(lh, \(rh. Delete definitions of \(en,
	\(ru, \(ul, \(br, \(bv, \(sl which are in the font description

	* tty/tmac.tty-char: New file.
	* tty/Makefile: Install tmac.tty-char.
	* tty/tmac.tty: Move definitions of \(ua, \(da, \(uA, \(dA into

	* tty/tmac.tty: Fix definition of \(34.

	* tty/dev{ascii,latin1}/R.proto: Add ha and ti. Map
	bracket-drawing characters onto |. Add *o.

	* troff/env.c (environment::wrap_up_tab): Increment field_spaces
	only if current_field.

	* troff/dictionary.c (dictionary::lookup): Free old_table after

Mon Jun  1 10:15:22 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* tty/dev{ascii,latin1}/R.proto: Add uppercase Greek characters
	whose glyphs are identical to glyphs of some Roman character.

	* tty/devlatin1/R.proto (bu): Deleted.
	* tty/devascii/R.proto (bu): Deleted.
	* tty/tmac.tty: Add definition of \(bu.

	* eqn/main.c (do_file): Pass FILE as argument.
	(main): Automatically load eqnchar.  New options -F and -n.
	Pass do_file an opened FILE.
	* groff.c: Don't pass eqnchar to eqn. Pass -F options onto eqn.
	No need to include font.h.
	* Likewise.  Don't need to use - for standard input.
	Prefix files with -- if first file starts with -.

	* macros/tmac.e: Conditionalize use of \$* on \n(.g.

	* troff/env.c (environment::possibly_break_line): Don't set line
	to 0 across call to output_line().  Don't call output_line() until
	after discarding nodes after break.

Sun May 31 10:45:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* request.h (macro::empty): Declare it.
	* input.c (macro::empty): New method.
	(interpolate_macro):  Don't give a WARN_SPACE if the two-character
	macro is empty.

Sat May 30 10:27:15 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* troff/env.c (environment::start_field): Decrement space_total
	when a space is frozen.

Fri May 22 14:34:38 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* macros/ (R): Delete macro.

	* troff/input.c (get_copy, token::next): Support \# (like \" but
	newline is ignored).

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Fix error message in 'Y' case.

Thu May 21 09:26:24 1992  James Clark  (jjc@jclark)

	* eqn/delim.c (define_extensible_string): Recognize any prefix of
	a delimiter name.

Fri May 15 10:20:41 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* c++test.c: Include <osfcn.h>.

	* lib/strtol.c, lib/getcwd.c, ps/psbb.c: Declare errno in case
	<errno.h> doesn't.

Fri May  8 09:37:19 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (table::divide_span): Don't count column separation
	if expand was specified.

	* tbl/main.c (process_format): Don't ignore width specs in
	continued format.  Give warning for changing equal widths or
	column separation in continued format.
	(process_data): Set column separation, minimum width, equal
	columns at end of table.

Thu May  7 08:50:40 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.c (kern_pair_node::add_discretionary_hyphen,
	node::add_discretionary_hyphen): Use soft_hyphen_char.
	(set_soft_hyphen_char): New function.
	(init_node_requests): Bind to shc.  Initialize soft_hyphen_char.

	* Makefile (c++tested): Give more helpful message if test fails.

Tue May  5 10:58:39 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (init_charset_table): Translate 0240 to
	an unbreakable space.

	* troff/token.h (token::hyphen_indicator): New function.
	* troff/charinfo.h (TRANSLATE_HYPHEN_INDICATOR): New special
	* troff/input.c (translate): Allow translation to \%.
	* troff/node.c (node::add_char): Handle
	(make_node): Don't allow TRANSLATE_HYPHEN_INDICATOR here.

	* troff/input.c (init_charset_table): Don't set BREAK_AFTER flag
	for \(hy.

	* tty/devlatin1/R.proto: \(hy and - should print as 055.

Tue Apr 21 09:24:42 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (run_commands): If the last command gets a SIGPIPE send
	a SIGPIPE to all children than haven't yet terminated.  When
	command terminates, set pid field to -1.

Fri Apr 17 11:20:48 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (main): Pass an appropriate -filename option to gxditview.

Thu Apr 16 15:11:40 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* (install): Remove existing program before copying.

	* Makefile, */Makefile,,, groff.c: Allow
	programs which have Unix counterparts to be installed with
	user-specified prefix.

	* troff/input.c (exit_troff): Don't check if exit_started.
	(exit_request): Don't call exit_troff if exit_started.

	* ( Rename to install.dwbmm.

Tue Apr 14 10:05:10 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* driver/input.c (do_file): Add missing break for '#' case.

Mon Apr 13 10:11:02 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (input_stack::clear):  Clear past any boundaries and
	then add the boundaries back.

	* troff/input.c (exit_troff): Return immediately if already

	* macros/tmac.s (pg@end-text): New macro.  Use pg@end-text for the
	end macro.
	(pg*end-page): If the text has ended and there are no more
	footnotes or keeps, exit.

	* macros/doc-ditroff (Lq, Rq): Define as \(lq and \(rq.

	* troff/input.c (init_charset_table): Make \(rq transparent by

	* macros/ Define lq and rq strings.

	* macros/tmac.s (Q, U): Define as \(lq and \(rq.

Sun Apr 12 12:54:37 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (environment::final_break): New function.
	(environment::newline): Set prev_line_interrupted to 2 if
	* troff/env.h: Declare environment::final_break.
	* troff/input.c (exit_troff): Call environment::final_break()
	instead of environment::do_break().

	* macros/Makefile: Install man.local if $(MACRODIR)/man.local
	doesn't already exist.
	* macros/man.local: New file.
	* macros/ Load man.local.
	* macros/man.ultrix: New file.

Sat Apr 11 17:32:04 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (exit_groff): Rename to...
	(exit_troff): New function.

	* troff/div.c (exit_started, done_end_macro,
	seen_last_page_ejector): New global variables.
	(began_page_in_end_macro): New static variable.
	(exit_flag): Deleted.
	(top_level_diversion::top_level_diversion): Initialize
	(top_level_diversion): More elaborate test for whether
	cleanup_and_exit() should be called.
	Set began_page_in_end_macro if the end macro isn't yet finished.
	* troff/div.h (top_level_diversion::last_page_count): New data
	(top_level_diversion::set_last_page): New function.
	(exit_started, done_end_macro, seen_last_page_ejector): Declare.
	* troff/env.c (do_break): Zero prev_line_interrupted.
	* troff/input.c (exit_flag): Delete declaration.
	(LAST_PAGE_EJECTOR): New magic cookie.
	(token::next): Handle LAST_PAGE_EJECTOR.
	(exit_groff): Set exit_started and done_end_macro instead of
	exit_flag.  Call top_level_diversion::set_last_page.  Push a
	LAST_PAGE_EJECTOR instead of calling push_page_ejector().  Do
	another ejection after setting seen_last_page_ejector.

Thu Apr  9 04:37:11 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* etc/, etc/ Recognize -me sh macro.

	* macros/tmac.e (TH): Make sure there's room for the initial

	* macros/tmac.s (par@init): Make PD and DD at least \n(.V.
	Set FVS in points rather than units.

Mon Apr  6 11:21:32 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::add_trap): Don't consider the
	position of empty slots.

Fri Apr  3 10:46:45 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/S: Fix height and depth of parenrightex.
	* ps/devps/symbol.diff: Regenerate.

Sat Mar 28 21:17:52 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tmac.e (u): Do underlining as in -mgs.

Fri Mar 27 09:23:44 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tty.c (tty_printer::end_page): If overstriking is
	suppressed, still turn overstruck horizontal and vertical lines
	into +.

	* lib/new.c: Back out Feb 24 change; no longer needed with gcc

	* refer/label.y (format_expr::evaluate): Avoid use of %0*d.

Wed Mar 18 09:29:10 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.05 released.

Tue Mar 17 16:50:45 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tty.c: Instead of keeping an array of glyphs and then
	sorting it, keep a ordered linked list of glyphs for each line.

	* driver/driver.h: Include stddef.h.

	* tty/tty.c (compare_glyph):
	* refer/refer.c (rcompare):
	* troff/env.c (compare_ranges): Arguments of qsort comparison
	function should be const void *.

	* troff/number.c (parse_term):
	* dvi/dvi.c (draw_dvi_printer::draw): Avoid initialization in
	switch statement.

	* refer/label.y (consider_authors): Don't access variables
	constructed under a condition outside that condition: put braces
	round for statement containing declaration; redeclare use of same
	variable later.

	* pic/pic.y (text_expr): Delete production that allows
	parenthesised text_expr.
	(expr): Allow a conditional_expr to appear in parentheses.
	(conditional_expr): Rename to any_expr.

	* mm: Install new version 1.01 from jh.

	* lib/font.c (font::get_width): Cache scaled widths.
	(font::font): Initialize widths_cache.
	(font::~font): Destroy widths_cache.
	* lib/font.h: Add font::widths_cache. Declare font_widths_cache.

Mon Mar 16 10:16:10 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* c++test.c, c++test.ref: New files.
	* Makefile: Check that the C++ compiler works.

	* ps/tmac.pspic (PSPIC): Do a break.

	* ps/ Move definition of PSPIC into...
	* ps/tmac.pspic: New file.
	(PSPIC): Draw box around picture, but make it invisible to grops.
	* ps/ Load tmac.pspic.
	* ps/Makefile: Install tmac.pspic.

Sun Mar 15 14:18:08 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c (scale_round): If n is negative,
	subtract .5 before truncating floating point result.

	* lib/fontfile.c: Include <errno.h>.

Tue Mar 10 14:17:03 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* driver/input.c (get_char): Inline. Don't update current_lineno.
	Change callers to up date current_lineno if necessary.
	Use get_char() instead of getc(current_file).

Sun Mar  8 18:05:28 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ Fix up spacing of \(mo and \(nm.

Fri Mar  6 19:38:58 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tty.c (tmac.tty): Define \(rg as (R).

Tue Mar  3 10:11:25 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/lib.h: New define a_delete.
	* Use a_delete instead of delete when deleting an array of objects
	without destructors.

	* lib/lib.h: Rename adelete to ad_delete.
	* Change uses of adelete.

Mon Mar  2 12:41:05 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/eqn.y: Include lib.h.

	* troff/node.c (grow_font_table): Delete old_font_table.

	* mm: Install new version from jh.

Fri Feb 28 10:42:23 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.h (format_type): Make global instead of local to class
	entry_format.  Prefix enumerators with FORMAT_.
	* tbl/table.c, tbl/main.c: Corresponding changes.
	* refer/token.h (token_type): Make global.  Prefix enumerators
	with TOKEN_.
	* refer/token.[ch]: Corresponding changes.
	* Makefile: Get rid of -DNO_NESTED_TYPES configuration option.

	* troff/div.c (node::set_vertical_size): Don't name argument.

Thu Feb 27 10:29:19 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile: New configuration option ARRAY_DELETE_NEEDS_SIZE.
	* lib/lib.h: Define adelete accordingly.
	* pic/object.c (graphic_object::graphic_object):
	* tbl/main.c (format::~format):
	* tbl/table.c (table::~table):
	* refer/ref.c (reference::~reference, reference::merge,
	reference::insert_field, reference::delete_field): Use adelete.

	* Makefile: Change NESTED_TYPES to NO_NESTED_TYPES.
	* refer/token.h:
	* tbl/table.h: Corresponding changes.

	* common.c (common_output::dashed_arc, common_output::dotted_arc):
	Ensure total_angle is positive.

Wed Feb 26 08:49:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/ref.c (reference::merge, reference::insert_field,
	reference::delete_field): Avoid delete[0].

	* refer/token.c (init_special_chars): Move calls to cmupper
	outside calls to init_two_char_letter to work around bug in gcc

Mon Feb 24 14:20:00 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/new.c (operator new): Use __builtin_new for g++.

	* pic/object.c (graphic_object::~graphic_object):  Don't use
	delete [] on 0.

	* pic/object.c (output::compute_scale): Initialize max_width and

Sat Feb 15 09:55:20 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (write_request): Call fflush.

	* troff/node.h (class composite_node): Move declaration to node.c
	* troff/input.c (charinfo_to_node): Rename to ...
	(charinfo_to_node_list): Return node list rather than composite
	* troff/node.c (make_composite_node): New function.
	(make_node, add_char): Call make_composite_node instead of
	(class composite_node): Add a tfont * member.  Delete font_size
	(composite_node::composite_node, composite_node::copy,
	composite_node::size): Corresponding changes.
	(composite_node::tprint): Provide constant spacing, emboldening
	and track kerning as specified in tfont.
	(composite_node::width): Change width calculation accordingly.
	* troff/env.h (environment::composite): New member.
	(environment::is_composite, environment::set_composite): New
	* troff/env.c (environment::environment): Initialize composite.
	* troff/input.c (charinfo_to_node): Call
	* troff/node.c (make_composite_node, make_glyph_node): Use the
	plain version of the tfont if the environment is composite.

	* troff/node.c (font_info::get_space_width): Additional argument
	giving space_size.  Handle constant space correctly. Scale by
	space_size unless constant spaced.
	(env_sentence_space_width): New function.
	* troff/node.h: Declare it.
	* troff/env.h (environment::get_space_size,
	environment::get_half_narrow_space_width): Make inline.
	(environment::get_space_width): Make inline.  Just call
	* troff/env.c: Delete definitions for funtions made inline.
	(environment::space_newline, environment::space): Use
	env_sentence_space_width(). Don't scale by space_size.
	* troff/node.h: Move declarations of env*space_width() functions
	into env.h.

Sat Feb  8 09:30:22 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (PS): Don't try to set negative indent.

Thu Feb  6 09:00:35 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.y: Fix min function.

Tue Jan 28 07:52:29 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man/ Clear LANGUAGE.

Sun Jan 19 13:02:41 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.y, pic/lex.c: Rename COMMAND token to COMMAND_LINE.
	* pic/lex.c: New COMMAND keyword.
	* pic/pic.y (print_args, print_arg): New rules.
	(placeless_element): Use print_args for PRINT.
	New COMMAND element.

Tue Jan  7 13:14:31 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (terminal): Handle missing argument correctly.

	* pic/pic.y (text_expr): New rule.

	* pic/pic.y: Implement := operator.

Sun Jan  5 10:23:02 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* etc/, etc/ Distinguish old and new versions of

Sat Jan  4 14:42:26 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/dingbatsrmap: Include this in the distribution.

	* macros/tmac.doc: Replace with new version from 2nd Networking
	Release. Fix loading of doc-* files.
	* macros/{doc-common,doc-ditroff,doc-nroff,doc-syms}: New files.
	* macros/tmac.doc.old: New file.  Apply fixes that had been
	applied to old tmac.doc.
	* macros/tmac.andoc: Check that we're running under groff.
	* macros/Makefile: Rework.

Fri Jan  3 13:27:51 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.h (format_type): 
	* refer/token.h (token_type): If NESTED_TYPES is defined, use
	typedef to make these types visible at file scope.
	* Makefile: Add NESTED_TYPES configuration option.

	* troff/div.c (mark): At the top level use the value of
	nl_reg_contents rather than the current vertical position.

Thu Jan  2 10:34:51 1992  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tty.c: Implement \D for horizontal or vertical lines.
	(tty_printer::set_char): Use vec_used+2 as serial number.
	Don't allow size of vector to exceed USHRT_MAX-2.
	Split off part into...
	(tty_printer::add_char): New function.
	(tty_printer::draw): New function.
	(compare_glyph): Handle equal serial numbers.
	(tty_printer::end_page): Handle overstruck characters from \D.
	(main, usage): Implement -d option.

Mon Dec 23 10:37:51 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (process_format):
	* eqn/text.c (split_text):
	* troff/input.c (token::next): Use inner block for declarations
	with initializers in switch statement.

Mon Dec 16 20:52:03 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/common.c (common_output::dash_line): Cope with zero-length

Sun Nov 17 12:04:08 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.04 released.

Wed Nov 13 05:27:21 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/ (TH): Define a macro an-init to define variables
	based on command line arguments.
	(an-header): Call it.

Sun Nov  3 12:07:34 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile ( Rename to install.dwbmm.

	* Makefile: Integrate mm.
	* mm: New directory.

Wed Oct 30 10:11:34 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/dirnamemax.c: If PATHCONF_MISSING is defined, include

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::simple_spline,
	troff_output::simple_polygon): Rename variable `v' to `d' to avoid
	shadowing parameter.

	* lib/tmpfile.c (xtmpfile): Declare dir as const char *.

	* lib/ptable.h: Add explicit casts when converting from unsigned
	long to unsigned.

	* dvi/devdvi/{SA,SB,,}: New files.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Install SA, SB.

	* refer/indxbib.c: Add declaration of mktemp.

	* refer/lookbib.c: Add declaration of isatty.

Fri Oct 25 09:00:17 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/lex.c (interpolate_macro_with_args):  While collecting
	arguments, keep track of whether we're in a string.

Wed Oct 23 08:42:48 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ (PSPIC): Do the .sp after the \X, and move the \X
	down with \v, so as to avoid problems with top of page trap
	setting no space mode.

Tue Oct 22 17:38:49 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/lex.c (get_delimited_text): Allow tab before macro body.

Tue Oct 15 17:24:53 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/psrm.c (ps_get_line): Fix bug when lines longer than 255.
	Improve error message.

Fri Oct 11 11:09:38 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/psrm.c (print_ps_string): Don't pass negative numbers to

Wed Oct  9 17:50:14 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (possible_command::execp): Always use _exit() after a
	failed exec.

	NO_SYS_WAIT_H 	configuration options.
	* groff.c: Use these options.  Use POSIX-style macros to extract
	fields from the status returned by wait().

Fri Oct  4 12:12:27 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (table::compute_separation_factor): Allow the
	separation factor to drop to 0.

Tue Oct  1 18:12:38 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/search.c: Include <errno.h>.

Sun Sep 29 08:40:57 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.y (YYDEBUG): Don't define for Borland C++.

	* lib/lib.h: #ifdef out declarations of itoa and iftoa for Borland

	* pic/lex.c (input_stack::bol): Move definition out of class body.

	* pic/main.c: On MSDOS munge argv[0].

	* lib/ptable.h: Define name2 as _Paste2 for Borland C++.

	* lib/ptable.c (hash_string): Use unsigned long rather than
	(next_ptable_size): Use unsigned rather than int.  Give an error
	message if we've hit the largest table size.
	* lib/ptable.c: Corresponding changes.  Also use unsigneds for the
	table size.

	* pic/object.h (object_spec): Make flags unsigned long.  Declare
	flags as const unisgned long rather than as enums.

	* pic/output.c: Deleted.

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::simple_ellipse): Remove spurious %.

	* tbl/table.c (simple_entry::note_double_vrule_on_{left,right}):
	Add additional argument.
	(line_entry::note_double_vrule_on_{left,right}): Set value of
	douvle_vrule_on_{right,left} flag according to argument.
	simple_line_entry::double_line_print): If adjacent to double vrule
	on a corner extend rather than shorten the rule by half the double
	vrule sep.

	* troff/number.c (parse_term): In checking for overflow, handle the
	case where the current horizontal position is negative.

Thu Sep 12 08:26:09 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/object.c (draw_arrow): Check for object having zero length.

Wed Sep 11 10:32:38 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/main.c (do_file): Split off inline equation handling into...
	(inline_equation): New function.  Search for starting delimiter
	(delim_search): New function. Don't recognize a delimiter that
	occurs in the name of an escape sequence, number register, string

Tue Sep 10 04:01:11 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/delim.c (delim_box::compute_metrics): Don't call
	define_extensible_string if left is 0.
	(delim_box::output):  Don't print the left delimiter if left is 0.
	(delim_box::debug_print): Check for left == 0 before calling printf.

Fri Aug 23 13:02:30 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/Makefile (majorminor.c): Include only digits in

Thu Aug 22 09:35:37 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/dirnamemax.c: new file.
	* refer/genlimits.c: Deleted.
	* refer/indxbib.c (main): Use dir_name_max() instead of NAME_MAX.
	Don't check path length.
	* refer/Makefile: Add dir_name_max.o; delete genlimits.
	* Makefile: Add PATHCONF_MISSING option.

	* refer/indxbib.c (get_cwd): New function.
	(main): Use get_cwd().
	* lib/getcwd.c: New file.
	* Makefile: Delete -DHAVE_GETWD. Include GETCWD variable. Pass
	* lib/Makefile: Compile getcwd.o.

	* ps/tmac.psatk (psatk-defs): Define showpage after pushing

	* refer/indxbib.c (main): Check success of mktemp.

	* lib/tmpfile.c: New file.
	* lib/Makefile: Add tmpfile.c.
	* lib/lib.h: Declare xtmpfile(); include <stdio.h>.
	* ps/ps.h: Delete declaration of mktemp().
	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::ps_printer): Use xtmpfile().
	* refer/refer.c (divert_to_temporary_file): Use xtmpfile().
	* driver/driver.h: No need now to include errno.h.

	* everywhere: Set errno to 0 before calling fopen().

	* eqn/eqn.h, etc/soelim.c, driver/driver.h, etc/addftinfo.c,
	dvi/tfmtodit.c, groff.c, refer/index.c, refer/linear.c,
	refer/lookbib.c, refer/refer.h, ps/psbb.c: Include <errno.h>.

Mon Aug 19 10:52:18 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.h (translate_space_to_dummy): Declare it.
	* troff/env.c (environment::space_newline, environment::space):
	If translate_space_to_dummy is set then make the width of spaces 0.
	* troff/input.c (translate): If the second character of a
	translation is a space, translate to unbreakable space.  If the
	first character is a space, set or clear translate_space_to_dummy
	according to whether the second character is \&.  Weird!

Tue Jul 30 10:03:56 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (run_commands): Don't use non-zero exit code because a
	command gets SIGPIPE.

	* groff.c, Use -mXps with -TXps.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::special): Move call to flush_sbuf() into...
	(ps_printer::do_exec, ps_printer::do_file, ps_printer::do_def,
	ps_printer::do_mdef, ps_printer::do_import): Call flush_sbuf().
	(ps_printer::special): New specials invis and endinvis.
	(ps_printer::do_invis, ps_printer::do_endinvis): New functions.
	(ps_printer::set_char, ps_printer::draw): Return if invis_count>0. 
	(ps_printer::end_page): Check that invis_count == 0.
	(ps_printer::invis_count): New member.
	(ps_printer::ps_printer): Initialize invis_count to 0.

	* troff/env.c (environment::hyphenate_line): Hyphenation
	indicator at beginning of word inhibits splitting after -, \(em

	* pic/pic.y (element): Allow another element to follow } without
	any intervening separator.

Mon Jul 22 12:27:37 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/lex.c (get_delimited): Allow tabs before delimiter.

Wed Jul 17 10:59:08 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c: Get rid of HAVE_UNION_WAIT stuff.  Instead suppress
	declaration of wait() in header files.
	* Makefile: Get rid of -DHAVE_UNION_WAIT.

	* tbl/table.c (alphabetic_text_entry::add_tab): New function.

	* lib/lib.h: Declare return type of strerror as char *.

	* man/Makefile: Add g flag to sed substitutions.
	* Makefile (shgroff, bindist): Likewise.

Sun Jul 14 11:57:02 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::do_import): Move push of userdict into...
	* ps/devps/prologue (PBEGIN): Define showpage after pushing

Sat Jul 13 20:53:04 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/prologue (PBEGIN): Zap any definition of showpage in

Fri Jul 12 07:10:09 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man/ Handle the fact that BSD ls -l does not print the

Sun Jul  7 08:00:23 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (define_number_reg):  If currently undefined,
	don't define it if the argument is an invalid expression.

	* Makefile: Ignore return value of `if' commands without `else'

	* Makefile: Split up CPPDEFINES into a series of separate
	configuration options.

	* troff/input.c (init_registers): Use time_t instead of long
	unless LONG_FOR_TIME_T is defined.  Use returned result rather
	than passing pointer.
	* Makefile: Document LONG_FOR_TIME_T as a CPPDEFINE.

	* lib/Makefile (fontpath.h): Use gendef.

Thu Jul  4 09:48:05 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (input_iterator::shift): Delete argument name.
	* troff/node.c (suppress_output_file::really_begin_page,
	suppress_output_file::really_transparent_char, node::ascii_print,
	node::tprint): Delete names of unused arguments.

Wed Jul  3 17:34:57 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/label.y (string):  Pass $4 to command_error.

Tue Jul  2 15:06:01 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.03 released.

Sat Jun 29 08:14:01 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile: Pass definition of SHELL in SUBFLAGS.

	* gendef: New file.
	* Makefile, eqn/Makefile, refer/Makefile, troff/Makefile,
	ps/Makefile: Use gendef to construct header files that are
	constructed from the Makefile.

	* macros/Makefile: make all should build stripped version of tmac.e.

	* refer/Makefile (clean): Remove y.output.

Fri Jun 28 09:44:36 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/pfbtops.c (main): Add -v option which prints out a version
	* ps/Makefile (pfbtops): Link with libgroff.a.

Fri Jun 21 07:43:23 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/search.h (linear_searcher::get_nkeys): Delete declaration.
	* refer/linear.c (linear_searcher::get_nkeys): Delete definition.

	* refer/lkbib.c (main): Always terminate reference with blank
	* refer/lookbib.c (main): Likewise.

	* refer/linear.c (file_buffer::load): Check that the file is not a
	binary file.

	* refer/Makefile (genlimits): Possibly add -DHAVE_SYS_DIR_H.
	(genlimits.c): Include <sys/dir.h> if HAVE_SYS_DIR_H is defined.
	Delete second inclusion of <sys/param.h>.

Tue Jun 18 01:32:26 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/token.h (token::special): Deleted.

	* tbl/main.c (process_format): Rework so that opt->tab_char is
	recognized only when appropriate.

	* ps/Makefile (clean): Remove pfbtops.

Sun Jun 16 09:37:19 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c (text_file::next): Don't return if we have got a
	blank line.

Fri Jun 14 09:52:26 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/refer.c (store_reference): Get hash code from old_table[i]
	when rehashing the table.

Thu Jun 13 01:26:43 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.c (box::top_level): Save size and prev size using \R and
	restore it afterwards. Set the size to the size at the beginning
	of the line.
	* eqn/pbox.h: Declare SAVED_INLINE_PREV_SIZE_REG,

	* refer/Makefile (limits.h): Use ./genlimits.

Wed Jun 12 16:05:34 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* refer/index.c: Delete declarations of stat() and fstat().

Tue Jun 11 14:52:49 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tmac.tty: Add character definitions for \(>= and \(<=.

Mon Jun 10 22:49:48 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* etc/, etc/ Change regex for .PS.

Fri Jun  7 09:13:06 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (token::get_char): Handle \e.

	* refer/linear.c: Delete declarations of fstat() and stat().

Wed Jun  5 09:11:59 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.c, troff/env.c, troff/input.c, Makefile: Remove
	OP_DELETE_BROKEN stuff, since we now have a fix for g++.

Mon Jun  3 13:41:32 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (do_define_macro): Improve error handling for end
	of file while defining macro.

Sun Jun  2 10:20:24 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.h: Fix declaration of set_gsize.
	* eqn/box.c (set_gsize): Make argument const char *.
	(gsize): Declare as char *.
	* eqn/main.c (main): Don't convert gsize to int.
	* eqn/lex.c (do_gsize): Pass char * to set_gsize.

	* Version 1.02 released.

Sat Jun  1 12:19:46 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.andoc: New file.
	* macros/Makefile: Install tmac.andoc.

	* troff/node.c, troff/env.c, troff/input.c: Conditionalize use of
	operator new and delete on OP_DELETE_BROKEN not being defined.
	* Makefile: Mention OP_DELETE_BROKEN.

Mon May 27 13:49:07 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile (bindist): Pass SUBFLAGS.

Sun May 26 14:13:22 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile, groff.c: Pass definitions to groff.c via device.h.

	* tty/tty.c (tty_font::load_tty_font): Avoid shadowing

	* ps/Makefile, ps.c: Pass BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS via broken.h.

	* ps/ps.h, ps/psrm.c: Make comment_table and
	header_comment_table local to resource_manager::process_file.

	* With -TXps pass -printCommand option to gxditview.

	* groff.c (possible_command::print): Implement using

	* xditview: Merge in new implementation with own ChangeLog.

Sat May 25 18:33:20 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (main): Implement PRINT_OPTION.
	(append_arg_to_string): New command.
	(device_table): Set PRINT_OPTION flag for Xps.

Fri May 24 09:48:58 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/groff.h: Rename to troff.h.

	* pic/lex.c (lookup_keyword, docmp): New functions.
	(get_token): Use new lookup_keyword.
	Don't include key.h.
	* pic/key.[ch], pic/pic.gperf: Deleted.
	* pic/Makefile: Remove gperf stuff.

	* pic/Makefile, pic/output.h: Move definition of TEX_SUPPORT
	into output.h.
	* pic/tex.c: Move include of pic.h before test of TEX_SUPPORT.

	* troff/Makefile, troff/node.c: Move definition of
	STORE_WIDTH into node.c.

	* etc/, etc/ Support -mdoc.

Thu May 23 12:30:49 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/devdvi/, dvi.devdvi/,
	dvi/devdvi/ Add lq and rq.
	dvi/devdvi: Regenerate fonts.
	* ps/devps/textmap: Add lq and rq.
	* ps/devps: Regenerate fonts.
	* tty/devascii/R.proto, tty/devlatin1/R.proto: Add lq and rq.
	* macros/tmac.e: Define \*(lq and \*(rq to be \(lq and \(rq.

	* pic/object.c (position_rectangle): When checking radius
	cope with possiblity that width or height is negative.
	(box_object::box_object): Have separate xrad and yrad with
	signs matching signs of dim components.
	(box_object::{north,south}_{east,west}): Use xrad and yrad.
	(box_object::print): With rounded boxes use absolute values
	for dim and rad arguments.

	* lib/Makefile, lib/fontfile.o: Pass definition of FONTPATH
	in fontpath.h.

	* eqn/Makefile, eqn/main.c: Pass definition of DEVICE in device.h.

	* various files: Add explicit destructors to keep Saber CC +d

Wed May 22 11:37:11 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/box.c (box::top_level): Restore fonts correctly after
	font changes in line containing inline equation.  Also
	restore previous font as well as current font.
	* eqn/pbox.h: Define necessary string and register names.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Case 'R' calls do_register.
	(do_register): New function.

Tue May 21 11:28:23 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c, Support Xps device.  Allow each device
	to have a pseudo_name and a real_name.

	* groff.c (run_commands): Don't print `Broken pipe' messages.

	* ps/pfbtops.c: New file.
	* ps/Makefile: Add pfbtops.

	* troff/number.c (parse_term): Improved error message.

Mon May 20 11:22:14 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c,, etc/, etc/ Support grefer.

	* Makefile: Integrate refer.
	* refer: New directory.
	* man/, man/, man/,
	man/ New files.
	* man/Makefile: Support refer man pages.

	* lib/lib.h: Declare is_prime.
	* lib/prime.c: New file.

	* troff/input.c (macro_source): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Bind "mso" to macro_source.

	* troff/env.c (environment::possibly_break_line): Maintain
	pointer to pointer to node to be split in ndp so as to avoid
	using address of freed node.

	* troff/env.c (environment::hyphenate_line): Maintain pointer to
	pointer to first node to be hyphenated in startp so as to
	avoid using address of freed node.

	* troff/env.c (class trie, class hyphen_trie): Make the
	elements of the trie be of type char not unsigned char.
	Declare arguments to be const char* instead of unsigned char *.
	* troff/env.c (hyphenate): Initialize hbuf[0].

	* troff/input.c (set_string): Declare p to be char * and cast
	*p to unsigned char when necessary.

	* troff/input.c (do_define_macro): Declare s to be const
	char*. Cast element to unisgned char when necessary, Declare
	d to be an int.  Handle EOF better.

	* troff/Makefile, troff/input.c: Different scheme for passing

Tue May 14 13:41:36 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/devascii/R.proto: Delete entry for em.
	* tty/devlatin1/R.proto: Likewise.

Sat May 11 11:13:28 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (translate): Stop when we get a space. Treat eof
	like newline.

	* macros/ (IP): Only pass quoted argument to TP when \n(.$>1.

Wed Apr 24 19:24:33 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (process_format): A font name following a `f'
	modifier that starts with a digit can be only one character long.
	Also deal with EOF on the second character of the font name.

Wed Apr 17 11:23:43 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Turn \~ into an
	* troff/node.c (unbreakable_space_node): New class.
	* troff/node.h: Declare it.

Tue Apr 16 10:47:12 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/dvi.c (dvi_printer::set_char): Make code an int.  Check that
	it's >= 0, before outputting it as a single byte.

Mon Apr 15 11:20:23 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c: Make font_char_metric::code an int.
	(font::get_code): Change return type to int.
	(font::load): Allow code to be arbitrary integer.
	* lib/font.h (font::get_code): Change return type to int.
	(font::number_to_index): Change argument type to int.
	* troff/input.c (token::next):  In case 'N', allow any value.
	Store value in token::val.
	(token::operator==): For TOKEN_NUMBERED_CHAR test equality of val.
	(token::get_char, token::add_to_node_list, token::process): Get
	number from val.
	(charinfo::set_number): Change argument to int.
	(charinfo::get_number):  Require that NUMBERED flag be set.
	(get_charinfo_by_number): Store numbered characters not between 0
	and 255 in a dictionary.
	* troff/charinfo.h (get_charinfo_by_number): Change argument type
	to int.
	(charinfo::number): Change type to int.
	(charinfo::set_number): Change type of set_number to int.
	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::put_char_width,
	troff_output_file::put_char): Test whether character is numbered
	using charinfo::numbered().
	* driver/printer.c (printer::set_numbered_char): Allow arbitrary
	values of num.
	* lib/nametoindex.c: New implementation to cope with arbitrary
	number characters.

	* troff/input.c (token::operator==): Test val for

	* man/Makefile: Add definiton of BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS.
	(.man.n):  sed out @BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS@.

Sun Apr 14 12:57:00 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/ Don't copy UniqueID.  Avoid use of newdict

	* all Makefiles: rm targets of cp and >.

	* xditview/xtotroff.c (MapFont): Unlink troff_name before opening

	* eqn/lex.c (def_table): Add dollar.

Sat Apr 13 13:02:44 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (do_width): Push back newline before closing delim
	like do_bracket.

Fri Apr 12 15:16:03 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (possible_command::prepend_arg): New function.
	(main): Prepend device -m option.
	* Put device -m options before command-line options.

Tue Apr  9 10:24:43 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/ (IP): Quote argument to TP.

	* ps/ps.c (main): New option -b, which sets...
	(broken_flags): New variable.
	(ps_printer::~ps_printer): Incorporate the setup section in the
	prolog if (broken_flags & NO_SETUP_SECTION).
	(ps_printer::begin_page): Generate {Begin,End}PageSetup comments.
	(ps_printer::merge_download_fonts, ps_printer::merge_import_fonts,
	ps_printer::merge_ps_fonts, ps_printer::print_font_comment,
	ps_printer::lookup_doc_font, ps_printer::download_fonts,
	ps_printer::read_download_file, read_document_fonts, add_font,
	skip_line, parse_fonts_arg, document_font::document_font,
	document_font::~document_font, document_font::download,
	ps_output::include_file):  Deleted.
	(ps_printer::~ps_printer): Generate %%EOF. Generate %!PS-Adobe-3.0
	rather than %!PS-Adobe-2.0.  Make calls to
	resource_manager::need_font for each font that we used. Replace
	calls to merge_ps_fonts, merge_download_fonts, print_font_comment,
	print_supplied_font_comment, print_needed_font_comment by call to
	resource_manager::print_header_comments. Output %%Orientation
	comment. Output %%Requirements: numcopies comment if ncopies > 1.
	Don't output the prolog directly.  Instead call
	resource_manager::output_prolog.  Only define #copies when ncopies
	> 1.  Delete calls to print_include_font_comments  and
	download_fonts.  Add call to resource_manager::document_setup.
	(ps_printer::do_file): Call resource_manager::import_file instead
	of including it ourselves.
	(ps_printer::do_import): Likewise.  Also don't call
	merge_import_fonts. Push userdict on the dictionary stack before
	and pop it afterwards.
	Move declaration of ps_output into ps.h.
	* ps/psrm.c: New file implementing resource_manager class.
	* ps/ps.h: New file declaring ps_output and resource_manager
	* ps/devps/
	* ps/devps/
	* ps/devps/prologue:  Use 3.0 conventions.
	* ps/Makefile: Pass definition of BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS in DEFINES.
	Add default definition of BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS.
	* Makefile: New variable BROKEN_SPOOLER_FLAGS.  Add

Mon Apr  8 09:26:54 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* etc/ New file.
	* Makefile (GROG): New variable.
	* etc/Makefile (GROG): New variable.
	(install.nobin): Install $(GROG) rather than

Thu Apr  4 11:36:45 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/special.c (special_box::compute_metrics): Make the input and
	output strings the same.  Get the new height and depth from the
	predefined height and depth registers.  Also make subscript kern
	and skew available.
	(special_box::compute_subscript_kern, special_box::compute_skew):
	New functions.

	* eqn/box.c (pointer_box::compute_skew,
	simple_box::compute_metrics, box::top_level)
	* eqn/text.c (prime_box::compute_metrics,
	* eqn/limit.c (limit_box::compute_metrics):
	* eqn/delim.c (build_extensible, delim_box::compute_metrics):
	* eqn/sqrt.c (sqrt_box::compute_metrics): Protect possibly
	negative numbers in `nr' requests with a leading 0.

Wed Apr  3 15:58:23 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/special.c: New file.
	* eqn/eqn.y: Declare token SPECIAL.  Make it right associative.
	Add new rule for simple.
	* eqn/lex.c (token_table): Add SPECIAL.
	* eqn/box.h: Declare make_special_box.
	* eqn/Makefile: Add special.[co].

Sat Mar 30 10:57:53 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/prologue: Possibly set packing to true while defining.
	Create grops dictionary here.  Initialize local variables before
	defining procedures.
	(PICTURE): Rename to PBEGIN. Also do save, noop showpage, count
	the dictionary stack. Set strokeadjust and overprint to false if
	the relevant operators are defined.
	(PEND): New procedure.
	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::~ps_printer): In the prolog just include
	prologue.  Do everything else in the setup section.
	(ps_printer::do_import): Just call PBEGIN and PEND around the
	picture. Also push userdict before, and pop it afterwards.

Wed Mar 27 07:59:50 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.c (bracket_node::tprint): Brackets were being printed
	1m too low.

	* macros/ (SH, SS): Set fill mode.

Tue Mar 26 07:46:31 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::begin_page): Set
	high_water_mark to 0.

Fri Mar 22 09:19:46 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man/ New file.
	* man/mdate.c: Deleted.
	* man/Makefile: Use instead of mdate.
	(mdate): Deleted.

	* eqn/lex.c (do_gsize): Supply missing argument to error message.

Tue Mar 19 11:06:50 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man/mdate.c: New file.
	* man/*.man: Replace modification date by @MDATE@.
	* man/Makefile (.man.n): Replace @MDATE@ by `mdate $<`.
	(mdate): New target.

	* lib/font.c (text_file::next): Deal with arbitrarily long lines.
	Remove illegal input characters.

Mon Mar 18 08:32:25 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (pg*start-col): Do .ns *after* running the hooks.

Sat Mar 16 03:52:25 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (begin_page): Change behaviour when
	!first_page_begun and !break_flag.

	* troff/input.c (do_name_test): Return 0 if argument is empty.

	* troff/input.c (read_long_escape_name): Require closing ] to be
	at same input level as opening [.

	* troff/input.c (read_increment_and_escape_name): New function.
	(get_copy, process_input_stack): Use this for \n.

Fri Mar 15 00:31:48 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::begin_page): Ignore the
	current value of page_number if !first_page_begun.

	* groff.c (main): Fix declaration of buf.

	* troff/input.c (do_name_test): New function.
	(token::next): Implement \A.
	(token::next): Implement \e by turning it into a TOKEN_ESCAPE.
	(token::description, token::add_to_node_list, token::process):
	* troff/token.h: New token TOKEN_ESCAPE.

Thu Mar 14 10:22:26 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/main.c (do_picture): Allow space before and after filename
	following `<'.  Check that the filename is not empty.

Wed Mar 13 12:49:40 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.01 released. 

	* dvi/devdvi/CompileFonts: Add cm*ss10 fonts.

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: ftr HR to H.

	* macros/tmac.e: Round up computation of $r.

	* xditview/tmac.X:  Don't give up completely in compatibility mode.
	Use \n(.s instead of \n[.s].

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Don't give up completely in compatibility mode.
	Use \(ci instead of \[ci]. Use \n(.s instead of \n[.s].
	Add u to factors inside \s[...]. Rename frac to dvi-frac.
	Translate \(FM onto \[prime] and \(!/ onto \[slashnot]; use these
	short names in the char definitions.

	* ps/ Don't give up completely in compatibility mode.
	Fix the fraction definitions to use \n(.s and \(f/. Add an extra
	quote in front of \n(.s. Add u to factors inside \s[...].

Mon Mar 11 12:01:20 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tmac.tty: Call the nroff request.

	* macros/tmac.e ((x, )x):  Better definitions that work properly
	in a diversion.
	(@0, @1): Helper macros for (x.

	* macros/tmac.e ($s, hl): Use \l rather than \D.

	* tty/tmac.tty: Make it work better in compatibility mode.
	(pchar): Rename to tty-char.

	* macros/tmac.e (@E): New macro.
	(r, i, b, rb, bi): Use @E.

	* macros/tmac.e (@F): Don't use (;...) syntax.

	* macros/tmac.e: Remove mention of \*(||/revisions.  Mention that
	it was modified for groff.

	* macros/tmac.e: Make sure \n(ps and \n(es are >= \n(.V.

	* macros/tmac.e (<., .>): Removed.
	([., .]): If \n(.V>=1v, use [] instead of superscripting.

	* macros/tmac.e: Remove check that groff is being used.

	* macros/tmac.e (@C): Change families only if using groff; turn
	compatibility mode off while changing familes. Save compatibility
	mode before changing families and restore it afterwards.

	* macros/tmac.e (@h): Remove test for offset + line length.

	* macros/tmac.e (sorry): Rename to @S.  Use \$1 instead of \$0
	(lo, th, ac): Define to call @S instead of using als.

	* macros/tmac.e: Make $r and $R now contain \n(.v*100/\n(.sp, ie
	the ratio of the vertical spacing to the point size in units
	expressed as a percentage.  Use these instead of $10r and $10R,
	Delete $10r and $10R.

	* lib/font.c (font::load): In default computation of space_width,
	divide by sizescale.  Use scale_round.

	* macros/ (TP): Don't call `nf'.
	(an-do-tag): Don't call `fi'.

Sun Mar 10 09:52:35 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (process_input_stack): Handle the case where
	spaces at the beginning of an input line are followed by a

Thu Mar  7 20:18:07 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (device_table): Add PIC_X_OPTION for dvi device.
	* Use pic -x with the dvi device.

	* dvi/devdvi/FontMakefile (H): Don't use -s.

	* dvi/devdvi/HI, dvi/devdvi/HB: New files.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Add HI and HB to FONTS.
	* dvi/devdvi/FontMakefile: Add rules for HI and HB. Include these
	in FONTS.

Mon Mar  4 13:20:14 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/psfig.diff: New file.
	* ps/tmac.psfig: New file.

Sat Mar  2 00:15:09 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (]=, ref*do-tl, ref*bib-print): Deleted.
	(]-): Don't call ref*do-tl.

	* macros/tmac.s (ref*end-print): Use XP if [F not defined.

	* macros/tmac.s (ref*normal-print): Call FS rather than fn@do-FS.
	(fn@do-FS): Rename to fn*do-FS.

	* troff/input.c (transparent_translate): New function.
	(process_input_stack): Apply transparent_translate before calling
	diversion::transparent_output(unsigned char).

Wed Feb 27 00:13:25 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (do_define_macro): Define the macro before calling

	* xditview/Makefile: Add DEVICES variable.  Change install target
	to use this.

Tue Feb 26 10:46:22 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (run_commands): Handle the possibility that there are
	child processes other than those forked by us.

Sun Feb 24 21:32:30 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/string.c (string::append): New function.
	* lib/stringclass.h: Declare it.

Thu Feb 21 11:49:26 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/main.c (main): New option -N which sets
	(do_file): If no_newline_in_delim_flag is set don't allow newlines
	in delimiters.
	* groff.c (main): Pass -N on to eqn.
	(help, synopsis): Mention -N.
	* Implement -N.

Wed Feb 20 15:16:10 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (]=, ref*bib-print, ref*do-tl): New macros.
	(]-): Call ref*do-tl if ref*need-tl is non-zero.
	(XP): Allow as initializer.

Tue Feb 19 14:09:06 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (environment::wrap_up_field): If field_spaces are
	non-zero and we have a current_tab, subtract padding from
	tab_distance.  If this makes tab_distance <= 0, use the next tab
	stop instead.  If there isn't any next tab or it's a left tab,
	wrap up the current tab.
	(environment::start_field): Initialize tab_precedes_field.
	(environment::wrap_up_tab): If there's a current field, update
	pre_field_width, field_distance and tab_precedes_field.
	* troff/env.h (environment::tab_precedes_field): New member.

Fri Feb 15 01:24:00 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::do_file): New function.
	(ps_printer::special): Bind to `file' special.
	(ps_printer::do_exec): Set ndefined_styles to 0.

Sat Feb  9 03:03:04 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/text.c (split_text): Grok \* and similar escapes sequences.
	Avoid stripping first character from the start of unrecognized
	escapes.  Use lex_error instead of error to report errors.
	* eqn/lex.c (get_token): Rework handling of escapes.
	(lex_error): Move declaration into...
	* eqn/eqn.h.

	* xditview/xditview.c (main): Make -page option work.

	* Makefile: Correct comment about -DBROKEN_SPOOLER and pageview.

Wed Feb  6 12:28:43 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (B2): Correct size of box.

Tue Feb  5 00:37:35 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (B2): Postpone drawing the box until in the
	top-level diversion.

	* tty/tmac.tty: Add font translations for C, CR, CW.

	* groff.c (synopsis, help): Document -i.
	* Implement -i.

	* macros/tmac.s (@NH): Put a `.' after multi-part numbers.
	Simplify the construction of SN.

	* troff/number.c (parse_term): Give `|' a higher precedence.
	* tbl/table.c (numeric_text_entry::simple_print): Parenthesise

	* macros/tmac.s (B2): Use par@finish instead of par@reset.

Mon Feb  4 12:36:09 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/string.c (string::move): New function.
	* lib/stringclass.h: Declare it.

Sat Feb  2 16:02:16 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (distribute_space): Add optional argument
	(environment::wrap_up_field): Call distribute_space with
	`force_forward' argument of 1.

Fri Feb  1 19:36:33 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/string.c, lib/stringclass.h (string::operator+=(char)):
	Inline it.  Move reallocation into...
	(string::grow1): New function.
	* pic/Makefile, tbl/Makefile, eqn/Makefile, ps/Makefile: Redo
	dependencies to include library header files.
	* lib/Makefile: Make string.c and lf.c depend on stringclass.h.

Thu Jan 31 15:02:27 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (@NH): Use the same number registers than -ms does
	for the heading level counters.  Use the same string that -ms does
	for the number for this heading.

Wed Jan 30 14:25:40 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/new.c (operator new): Cast result of malloc to char *.

	* troff/input.c (spring_trap, lookup_request): Add assert that nm
	is not null.

Tue Jan 29 18:08:05 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (main): Support -i.

Sun Jan 27 13:23:17 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.h: Include <osfcn.h>.

	* ps/ps.c: Add declaration of mktemp.

	* Makefile: Add -DHAVE_UNION_WAIT option for CPPDEFINES.
	* groff.c: If HAVE_UNION_WAIT is defined, declare wait()'s
	argument as union wait *.
	(run_commands): If HAVE_UNION_WAIT is defined cast wait()'s
	argument to union wait *.

Sat Jan 26 12:04:52 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tty/tmac.tty: Add definition of \(co.

	* pic/object.c (make_arc): Only increase radius when radius
	strictly less than d.
	(arc_object::update_bounding_box): May need to add 4.0 to end_quad
	more than once.

	* troff/env.c (environment::environment(symbol),
	environment::environment(const environment *)):  Initialize

Sat Jan 19 08:18:35 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (main): Add exit(0).

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::~ps_printer): Use fseek instead of rewind.

	* pic/main.c (main):
	* eqn/main.c (main):
	* tbl/main.c (main):
	* etc/soelim.c (main):
	* driver/printer.c (printer::~printer):
	* troff/node.c (real_output_file::~real_output_file,
	real_output_file::flush):  Check for errors on stdout.

	* most files: Add 1991 to copyright notice.

	* macros/tmac.s: Don't test \n(.x and \n(.y.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Rename `escape_char' label to
	`handle_escape_char' and `normal_char' label to

Thu Jan 17 15:46:35 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (main, synopsis, help): Support -a option.
	* Likewise.  Also eliminate Zflag variable by adding -z
	to trflags while parsing options.

Tue Jan 15 13:07:27 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/number.c (parse_term): With `m', `M' and `n' scale
	indicators, convert scale factor to hunits before scaling.

Mon Jan 14 12:39:12 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c (scale_round): Better test for overflow when n is

Thu Jan 10 11:10:56 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (process_format): Add second argument of type
	options*. Change callers.  Allow opt->tab_char as well as '\t'
	between format items.

Mon Jan  7 12:30:18 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/ (PD): With no arguments, make sure register PD is
	at least \n[.V].
	(TH): Call PD with no argument, instead of setting register PD

Sun Jan  6 11:18:39 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Version 1.00 released.

Sat Jan  5 08:44:30 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/, xditview/tmac.X: Add font translation of C to CR.

	* dvi/devdvi/DESC: Mount CW instead of CR.

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Add definition of \(tm.

	* dvi/devdvi/ Add lh, and rh.
	* dvi/devdvi/ Add lt, rt, lb, rb, lk, rk.
	* dvi/devdvi/ Add *o. Regenerate fonts.

	* dvi/devdvi/FontMakefile: Generate H from cmss10.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Install H.
	* dvi/devdvi/H: New file.

Fri Jan  4 15:04:57 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (vertical_spacing): Don't allow vertical spacing to
	be 0.

Thu Jan  3 13:41:19 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (@EN): Add \n(.V to the argument to ds@need.

	* macros/tmac.pic (PS): Avoid attempting to set negative indent.

	* macros/tmac.s (@EN): Handle the case where the equation is empty
	but the label is not.

Wed Jan  2 10:31:44 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/groff.h: New warning category WARN_SPACE.
	* troff/input.c: Add WARN_SPACE to DEFAULT_WARNING_MASK. Add
	WARN_SPACE to warning_table.
	(interpolate_macro): Give a warning of type WARN_SPACE if the name
	is longer than two characters and is not defined, but the first
	two characters do make a defined name.

	* PROBLEMS: New file.

	* CHANGES: New file.
	* README-0.6, README-1.00: Deleted.

	* groff.c, Add X75-12 and X100-12 devices.
	* xditview/devX75/Makefile: Make devX75-12.
	* xditview/devX100/Makefile: Make devX100-12.

	* xditview/devX100/eqnchar, xditview/devX75/eqnchar,
	dvi/devdvi/eqnchar, ps/devps/eqnchar: Remove use of \R.

Tue Jan  1 19:24:01 1991  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* README-0.7: Rename to README-1.00.

	* macros/tmac.pic: New file.
	* macros/Makefile (install.nobin): Install tmac.pic.

Mon Dec 31 10:40:53 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (hyphen_word): Correct the test for whether the
	token is a hyphen.  Reset npos to 0.

	* macros/tmac.s (par@sup-start, par@sup-end): New implementations.

Sun Dec 30 15:53:13 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (ds*common-end): Call par*reset.
	(PE): Likewise.
	(par@reset-indent): Deleted.

	* macros/tmac.s (@IP): Divert the label.

Sat Dec 29 14:33:32 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* xditview/draw.c (setGC): Use a line width of .1m rather than
	.04m by default; round rather than truncate value.

	* tbl/table.c (class empty_entry): New class.
	(empty_entry::empty_entry, empty_entry::line_type): New functions.
	(table::add_entry): Represent empty entries by objects of type
	(table_entry::line_type): Return -1.
	(table::determine_row_type): Ignore entries with line_type 0.
	Treat type -1 as non-lines.

Fri Dec 28 15:04:41 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/textmap, xditview/libXdvi/DviChar.c, tty/devlatin1/R.proto,
	macros/tmac.s: Rename \(-d to \(Sd.

Thu Dec 27 12:35:47 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/textmap: Add `sd', `/_' and `3d' characters.
	* xditview/libXdvi/DviChar.c: Likewise.
	* dvi/devdvi/ Add `<<', `>>'.

Wed Dec 26 13:33:23 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::begin_page): Call
	init_output() if the_output is 0.

Sat Dec 22 12:35:29 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c: Replace ESCAPE_E by ESCAPE_e and ESCAPE_C by
	(get_copy): Turn \E into ESCAPE_E.
	(token::process, asciify): Handle ESCAPE_E.

	* macros/tmac.s (ds*common-end, par@reset): Add `.rj 0'.
	(RD): New macro.
	(DS): Implement `.DS R'.

Fri Dec 21 11:41:53 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (FS): New macro.

	* macros/tmac.s (fn@do-FS): Use @LP instead of LP.

	* macros/tmac.s (cov*tl-init): Remove after first execution
	instead of aliasing to @nop.  Call top of page macro explicitly
	instead of setting trap; call @init first.  Set pg@top as top of
	page macro.
	(cov*auto-init): Deleted.  Set cov*tl-init instead of
	cov*auto-init as top of page trap. 
	(TL, LP): Do a break instead of calling cov*tl-init.
	(cov*print): With RP format but no TL, alias FS and FE to @FS and
	@FE; in this case also give a warning and always start another
	page. No need to set pg@top here.
	(cov*tl-init): Rename to cov*first-page-init.

	* macros/tmac.s (RP): Do `.pn 0'.
	(cov*tl-init): With RP format don't do `.pn 0'.

	* macros/tmac.s (pg@cs-top): Set no space mode.

	* macros/tmac.s (par@TL, par@AU, par@AI): New macros.
	(cov*ab-init): Alias TL, AU and AI to these.

Thu Dec 20 10:10:50 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s (@EQ): Move the space before the equation into @EN
	(@EN): Do nothing unless \n[dl] is > 0.

Tue Dec 18 12:20:47 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/object.c (ellipse_object::radius): New function.

	* VERSION: Change version to 0.7.

	* tbl/table.c (block_entry::do_divert): Declare return type as
	(block_entry::divert, alphabetic_block_entry::divert): Return 1.

Mon Dec 17 12:30:34 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/column.c: New file.
	* troff/Makefile: Corresponding changes.

	* troff/hvunits.c (scale(vunits, vunits, vunits)):  New function.
	Friend of vunits.

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::space): If the space causes
	the first-page transition and springs a trap, truncate the space
	to 0.

Fri Dec 14 12:30:02 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::do_import): Add a `clear' after including
	the document.

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::line_thickness,
	troff_output::set_fill): Do a horizontal motion to compensate for
	the width of the \D escape sequence.

Thu Dec 13 10:17:14 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* xditview/tmac.X: Reinstate definition of \(rn, but only for X100
	(not X75).

	* eqn/sqrt.c (sqrt_box::compute_metrics):  Supply missing argument
	to printf.

	* tbl/table.c (simple_entry::simply_print): Don't declare as pure.
	Supply empty definition.
	(text_entry::simple_print, simple_text_entry::simple_print):
	Delete declarations.
	(table::add_entry): Represent empty entries by objects of type

Wed Dec 12 08:50:48 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/Makefile: Remove -DHYPHEN_CONTROL from DEFINES.

	* tbl/table.c (left_text_entry::add_tab): New function.

	* macros/tmac.s: Make @RT an alias for par@reset.  Make RT
	initialize like LP.

Mon Dec 10 11:19:55 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (environment::start_field): Give an error message if
	there is no next tab.

Sun Dec  9 11:46:40 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (hyphenate): Skip initial elements with zero
	hyphenation code.

	* macros/tmac.s (par@init): Keep VS in points rather than units.

Sat Dec  8 23:00:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/main.c (main): Implement `-c' option.
	* pic/output.h: Declare make_tpic_output().
	* pic/tex.c (tex_output::set_pen_size): Make it virtual and
	(tpic_output): New class.
	(tpic_output::tpic_output, tpic_output::set_pen_size,
	tpic_output::command, make_tpic_output): New functions.

Fri Dec  7 11:57:41 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (main): Call `.ab' if \n(.g is false.  Define TS/TE
	if they're not already defined.
	* tbl/table.c (init_output): Don't test \n(.g.

	* troff/input.c (do_if_request): Delete `g' condition. Recognize
	`d', `r' and `c' conditions even in compatibility mode.

Tue Dec  4 09:13:47 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ (ps-bb): Protect against negative numbers in bounding

Mon Dec  3 07:18:26 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.h (environment::prev_line_interrupted): New member.
	(environment::get_prev_line_interrupted): New function.
	* troff/env.c (environment::newline): Set prev_line_interrupted.
	(environment::environment(const environment *),
	environment::environment(symbol)): Initialize
	* troff/input.c (process_input_stack): Don't give special
	treatment to space and newline at the beginning of the line if the
	previous line was interrupted.

Sat Dec  1 15:48:37 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/eqn.y: Disallow PRIME by itself.
	* eqn/lex.c (token_table): Bind `opprime' instead of `prime' to
	(def_table): Remove definition of '.  Define prime to be `.

	* eqn/eqn.y: Split off part of rule `script' into a new rule

Fri Nov 30 10:23:44 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s ({, }): New string aliases.

Thu Nov 29 11:34:40 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* README-0.7: New file.

Wed Nov 28 10:09:57 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.s: New file.
	* man/ New file.
	* Makefile: Add definition of TMAC_S. Pass TMAC_S in SUBFLAGS.
	* Similarily.
	* man/Makefile: Add groff_ms.n to MAN7PAGES. Replace @TMAC_S@. Add
	definition of TMAC_S.
	* macros/Makefile: Add definition of TMAC_S. Install tmac.s.
	* macros/TODO: New file.

Sat Nov 24 20:04:54 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/env.c (right_justify): New function.
	(init_env_requests): Bind this to request "rj".
	(center_lines): Set right_justify_lines to 0. If we get a bad
	integer, center 1 line.
	(environment::environment(symbol), environment::environment(const
	environment *)): Initialize right_justify_lines.
	(environment::get_right_justify_lines): New function.
	(init_env_requests): Bind this to number_register ".rj".

	* troff/env.c (environment::choose_breakpoint): Implement
	hyphenation_margin and hyphenation_space.
	environment::get_hyphenation_margin): New functions.
	(init_env_requests): Bind these to .hys and .hym.
	(hyphenation_space_request, hyphenation_margin_request): New
	(init_env_requests): Bind these to hys and hym.
	(environment::environment(symbol), environment::environment(const
	environment *)): Initialize hyphenation_margin and
	* troff/env.h: Corresponding changes to class environment.

Fri Nov 23 09:08:16 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (blank_line): Always do a break.

	* eqn/box.c (do_text): Turn off escapes while appending text to

Thu Nov 22 10:58:59 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (while_break_request, while_continue_request): New
	(init_input_requests): Bind these to "break" and "continue".
	(while_depth, while_break_flag): New variables.
	(while_request): Update while_depth.  Break out of loop if
	while_break_flag is set.

Wed Nov 21 10:54:40 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (init_span_reg): Initialize span_width_reg to \n(.H
	rather than 0.

Mon Nov 19 00:45:03 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Makefile: Include -DBROKEN_SPOOLER by default.  Expand comment.

	* stringify: New file.
	* Makefile (groff.o): Use stringify.

	* xditview/tmac.X: Remove definition of \(rn.
	* xditview/libXdvi/DviChar.c: Remove radicalex from

Sat Nov 17 10:44:58 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (table::add_entry): Allow alphabetic text blocks.
	alphabetic_block_entry::divert, alphabetic_block_entry::print):
	New functions.
	(block_entry::divert): Split off body into ...
	(block_entry::do_divert): If the block is alphabetic, subtract 2n
	from the line length; also update the span width to dl+2n, and the
	alphabetic span width to dl.

	* driver/input.c (do_file):  While reading argument to D command,
	when expanding buffer, multiply szp by sizeof(int) rather than 2
	in the argument to memcpy.

	* tbl/table.c (compute_span_width): Add 2n rather than 1n to the
	width of alphabetic columns.

Fri Nov 16 06:34:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.c (lookup_family): Supply second argument to lookup.

	* troff/dictionary.c (dictionary::lookup): After an unsuccesful
	search, return immediately if v is 0.

	* pic/troff.c: Define EQN_NO_EXTRA_SPACE_REG.
	(troff_output::start_picture): Set this reg.
	(troff_output::end_picture): Remove this reg
	* eqn/box.c (box::extra_space): Don't produce `\x's if

	* eqn/eqn.y: Allow just a PRIME to be a `simple'.
	* eqn/text.c (split_text): Map ' to \(fm when it's the first

Thu Nov 15 10:35:06 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* macros/tmac.e: Use font 3 instead of B in $c. Remove `bd'

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::top_level_diversion):
	Initialize page_number to 0.

Wed Nov 14 21:41:58 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff/troff (environment::environment(const environment *)):
	Initialize name to e->name, rather than "anonymous".

Sat Nov 10 01:59:37 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* xditview/libXdvi/Dvi.c (ShowDvi): If eof is encountered, reset
	requested_page.  Split middle part into ...
	(FindPage): New function.
	(SetValues): If we don't yet know the last page, and the requested
	page is greater than the current page, call FindPage.
	Update the font_map_string before doing this.

	* xditview/tmac.X: Add definitions of \(sq, \(ga, \(dg and \(dd.
	Translate \(lh and \(rh into left and right double arrows.

	* troff/node.c (class hyphen_inhibitor_node): New class.
	hyphen_inhibitor_node::copy, hyphen_inhibitor_node::same,
	hyphen_inhibitor_node::get_hyphenation_type): New functions.
	(node::add_discretionary_hyphen): Use hyphen_inhibitor_node rather
	than dbreak_node(0, 0) to represent a `\%' at the beginning of a

Fri Nov  9 16:05:38 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.h (dummy_node::get_hyphenation_type,
	transparent_dummy_node::get_hyphenation_type):  Declare them.
	* troff/node.c: (dummy_node::get_hyphenation_type,
	transparent_dummy_node::get_hyphenation_type): New functions.

Wed Nov  7 10:09:06 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* xditview/libXdvi/draw.c: If M_PI not defined after including
	math.h, then define it.

	* xditview/Makefile: Add definition of AR. Pass it to the submake
	in libXdvi.
	* xditview/libXdvi/Makefile: Add definitions of AR and RANLIB.

Tue Nov  6 10:14:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/dictionary.h (object_dictionary::alias): Declare return
	value as int.
	* troff/dictionary.c (object_dictionary::alias): Return non-zero
	if the old name was defined.
	* troff/input.c (alias_macro): Give a warning if the old name was
	not defined.
	* troff/reg.c (alias_reg): Likewise.

Mon Nov  5 00:31:39 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Delete implementation of \R.

	* macros/Makefile: Strip comments from tmac.e while installing it.

	* troff/input.c: New variable `nroff_mode'.
	(troff_request, nroff_request): New functions.
	(init_input_requests): Bind `troff' and `nroff' to troff_request
	and nroff_request.
	(do_if_request): Compute results of t and n conditions from

	* text/text.c (split_text): Fix typo in >=.

	* eqn/lex.c: Add definition of `==' to def_table.

Fri Nov  2 02:49:09 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/tex.c (tex_output::start_picture): Change the definitions of
	\graph and \graphtemp so that they work properly with Plain TeX.

	* pic/tex.c (tex_output::solid_arc): Ensure that the second angle
	argument to `ar' is not less than the first.

	* pic/pic.y: Allow a comma between elements of the variable list
	in the argument to `reset'.

	* pic/object.c (arc_object::arc_object): Fix computation of

	* eqn/main.c (main): Add exit(0).

Thu Nov  1 02:03:50 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (begin_page): Test no_space_mode after doing the
	break, but still push the page ejector cookie before doing the
	break.  Also set the next page number after doing the break.
	* xditview/xditview.c (NewFile): Don't set the title and icon name
	if this is the first file and its name is `-'.
	* groff/groff.c: Define a new device flag XT_OPTION.  Set it for
	the X75 and X100 devices.
	(main): If a device has the XT_OPTION flag set and there's exactly
	one file argument, pass the driver -xrm and -title options to set
	the icon name and window title to the name of the file.

	* troff/env.c (environment_switch): If there was an argument but
	it wasn't a valid number or name, then pop an environment but
	don't give an error message on underflow.

	* troff/number.c (start_number): Correct spelling in error message.

	* troff/input.c (token::delimiter): Don't print an error message
	if err is false.

	* xditview/libXdvi/parse.c (ParseInput): In case 'D', only call
	ParseDrawFunction if dw->display_enable is true.

Wed Oct 31 05:49:50 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.y: Parse text positioning like normal attributes, so as
	to allow `"text" at 0,0 ljust'.  Don't allow `center' as a
	positioning attribute.

Mon Oct 29 22:50:38 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/main.c (process_data): When in state START while reading a
	text block, don't change to state MIDDLE if c is a newline.

Sun Oct 28 21:59:56 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/dvi.c (dvi_printer::begin_page): Rename `i' variable to `j'
	so as to avoid shadowing parameter.

Wed Oct 24 18:35:39 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (trim_space): Deleted.
	(table::add_entry): Don't call trim_space.

Mon Oct 22 03:48:39 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* VERSION: Change version to 0.6.

	* troff/number.c (parse_expr): Make == work.

Sat Oct 20 11:28:17 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man/ New file.
	* man/Makefile: Add grog.n to MAN1PAGES.
	* etc/ New file.
	* etc/Makefile: Install as grog.

Fri Oct 19 11:17:15 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Implement \E.

Thu Oct 18 11:56:24 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* xditview/tmac.X: Change font translations to match

	* troff/input.c (non_empty_name_warning): Don't give a warning if
	`\{' terminates the name.

Tue Oct 16 10:04:23 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/symbol.diff: New file.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Mention symbol.diff.

Sun Oct 14 11:46:46 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.c (font_position): Use get_long_name to read the

	* troff/env.c (environment_switch): If we get a number that's < 0
	or >= NENVIRONMENTS, treat it like a name.
	Change NENVIRONMENTS to 10.

	* troff/groff.h: Remove definition of FONTS_MAX.
	* troff/node.h (class font_family): Make map a pointer instead of
	an array. Add a map_size member. Make it a class. Make nm const
	and public. Make invalidate_fontno a friend.
	* troff/node.c: Define font_table_size. Make font_info a pointer
	rather than an array.
	(class troff_output_file): Allocate font_position dynamically. Add
	nfont_positions member.
	(troff_output_file::set_font): Grow font_position if necessary.
	(troff_output_file::~troff_output_file): Delete font_position.
	(troff_output_file::troff_output_file): Allocate font_position.
	(grow_font_table): New function.
	troff_output_file:really_copy_page): Use nfont_positions rather
	than FONTS_MAX.
	(mount_font_no_translate, mount_style): Call grow_font_table if
	(font_family::font_family): Allocate map.
	(font_family::make_definite): Grow map if necessary. Use
	font_table_size instead of FONTS_MAX.
	(font_family::~font_family): New function.
	(invalidate_fontno): Use font_family::map_size.
	(get_fontno, env_space_width, env_half_narrow_space_width,
	env_narrow_space_width, symbol_fotno, is_good_fontno,
	get_bold_fontno, make_glyph_node): Use font_table_size rather than
	(next_available_font_position): Never return 0.

Fri Oct 12 10:17:52 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ Add font translations for compatibility with dpost.

Thu Oct 11 12:09:03 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/pile.c: Rename default_baseline_sep to baseline_sep.
	Move definitions baseline_sep, shift_down, column_sep,
	matrix_side_sep into...
	* eqn/box.c: Add them to param_table.
	* eqn/pbox.h: Add declarations to pbox.h.

	* troff/input.c (set_string): Cast value to unsigned char *.

	* troff/token.h (process_input_stack): Declare it static before
	declaring it a friend.

Wed Oct 10 09:59:13 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* dvi/devdvi/ Fix positions of extensible brace middle
	and bottom.
	* dvi/devdvi/EX: Regenerate.

	* troff/input.c (init_charset_table): Make ", ', ), ], *, \(dg

Tue Oct  9 08:34:02 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/lex.c: In defaults_table, make definition of `dot' call
	`dot_def'.  Don't explicitly make it roman.  Similarily for other

	* pic/lex.c (for_input::for_input): Add by_is_multiplicative
	(for_input::get, for_input::peek): Use this.
	(do_for): Add by_is_multiplicative argument.
	* pic/pic.y: Change optional_by clause to allow '*' after `by'.
	Change semantic value of optional_by to be a double plus a flag
	saying whethet the by clause is multiplicative.

	* eqn/lex.c (get_delimited_text): Remember location of start of
	definition.  Improve error handling when EOF is encountered.

	* lib/font.h: Rename handle_x_command to
	* lib/font.c (font::load): Call handle_unknown_font_command for
	any unknown command in the font description file.  Don't call
	handle_x_command. Include the name of the command in the argv.
	Improve message for unknown command after kernpairs or charset
	* ps/ps.c (ps_font::handle_x_command): Rename to
	handle_unknown_font_command.  Remove message about `x download'
	command.  Give error message for wrong number of arguments.
	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Generate `encoding' instead of `x encoding'.
	* dvi/dvi.c (dvi_font::handle_x_command): Rename to
	handle_unknown_font_command. Give an error message for wrong
	number of arguments.  Rename design_size to designsize.
	* dvi/tfmtodit.c (main): Generate `checksum' instead of `x
	checksum', `designsize' instead of `design_size'.

Mon Oct  8 00:38:55 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/*.[chy]: Change underaccent to uaccent.

	* eqn/eqn.y: Add rule for underaccent.  Declare UNDERACCENT token;
	give it the same precedence as ACCENT.
	* eqn/other.c (make_underaccent_box): New function.
	* eqn/box.h: Declare it.
	* eqn/lex.c: Add UNDERACCENT to token_table. Add utilde to

Sun Oct  7 11:25:16 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/pic.y (reset_all): New function. Called in rule for RESET.
	(parse_init): Call reset_all.
	(define_variable): When defining scale reset only those
	pre-defined variables that are scaled.
	(defaults_table): Add `scale' as non-scaled value.

	* pic/pic.y: Redo parsing of text adjustments: parse adjustments
	together with the text; allow any number of positioning words;
	allow center as a positioning word.

	* pic/object.c (output::compute_scale): Get picture maximum height
	and width from variables called maxpswid and maxpsht.
	* pic/pic.y: Add maxpswid and maxpsht to defaults_table.

Sat Oct  6 10:16:56 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/object.c (object_spec::make_text): Multiply textht by number
	of text items.

	* pic/pic.y: Allow `sprintf("string", expr,...)' wherever text can
	(do_sprintf): New function.
	(pic.gperf): Add sprintf token.
	(text, sprintf): New rules.

	* pic/pic.y: `rand()' with no arguments returns a random number
	in the range [0,1).

	* pic/pic.y: Allow a bare expression to be an attribute: change
	precedences to support this.  Change optional_ordinal rule to
	optional_ordinal_last to avoid reduce/reduce conflict.
	* pic/object.c (object_spec::object_spec): Initialize direction.

	* pic/pic.y: Implement ^ operator meaning exponentiation.

	* troff/node.h: Add default argument to mount_font.
	* troff/node.c (font_position): Read an optional third argument
	giving the external_name.
	(mount_font): Add optional argument giving the external_name.
	(mount_font_not_translate): Have additional argument giving
	external name.  Use this name to load the font.  Pass both names
	to font_info::font_info.
	(font_info::font_info): Have additional argument giving
	(class tfont): New member external_name.
	(font_info::get_tfont): Use external name to construct tfont_spec.

Fri Oct  5 04:03:13 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/lex.c (init_table): Add argument giving device.  Define
	name of device to be "1".
	(do_ifdef): Counts as true if the argument has been defined with
	* eqn/main.c (main): Call init_table with device argument. Make
	device local to main.
	* eqn/eqn.h: Change declaration of init_table. Remove declaration
	of device.

	* pic/lex.c (get_delimited): Allow text to be delimited by
	matching {}s.  Don't recognize ending delimiter within a string.

	* troff/input.c (get_delim_name): New function.
	(token::next): Implement \C.

	* lib/font.c (font::load): Grok ---.  Add an alias for each
	character based on its code.
	(font::get_code_width): Deleted.
	* lib/font.h (class font): Declare font::number_to_index().
	Remove declaration of font::get_code_width.
	* lib/nametoindex.c (font::name_to_index): Add 512 rather than 256
	to indices of named characters.
	(font::number_to_index): New function.
	* troff/input.c (font::number_to_index): New function.
	(get_charinfo_by_number, charinfo::get_number,
	charinfo::set_number): New functions.
	(token::next): Turn \N into a TOKEN_NUMBERED_CHAR.
	(token::process, token::description, token::get_char,
	token::add_to_node_list, token::operator==): Handle
	* troff/charinfo.h: Declare get_charinfo_by_number,
	charinfo::get_number, charinfo::set_number.  Add NUMBERED flag to
	charinfo class.
	(charinfo::numbered): New function.
	* troff/token.h: Add TOKEN_NUMBERED_CHAR.
	* troff/env.h (class environment): Remove declaration of ...
	* troff/env.c (environment::make_numbered_char_node): Deleted.
	* troff/node.c (make_numbered_node): Deleted.
	(class numbered_glyph_node): Remove.
	(troff_output_file::put_char_width, troff_output_file::put_char):
	Handle numbered chars.
	(troff_output_file::numbered_char): Removed.
	(tfont::get_code_width): Removed.
	(make_glyph_node): Don't search special fonts for numbered
	* troff/node.h: Remove declaration of make_numbered_node.
	* driver/input.c (do_file): Handle N command.
	* driver/printer.h: Add declaration of ...
	* driver/printer.c (printer::set_numbered_char): New function.
	* dvi/tfmtodit.c (main): Generate unnamed entries.
	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Likewise.
	* xditview/xtotroff.c (MapFont): Likewise.
	* xditview/libXdvi/parse.c (ParseInput): Grok N command.

	* tbl/main.c (process_format): If multiple widths are specified
	for a column but all the widths are the same, don't give an error

	* tbl/table.c (table::do_row): If the current row is all lines and
	the stuff doesn't contains a line, mark the top of the row after
	printing stuff before the row.  If the current row is not all
	lines and the stuff doesn't contain a line, don't unnecessarily
	mark the top of the row before printing the stuff.
Mon Oct  1 11:42:00 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/groff.h: Remove MAX_PATH.
	* troff/input.c (open_file): Dynamically allocate space for the
	(open_mac_file, process_macro_file): Corresponding changes.

Sun Sep 23 18:56:26 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/node.h (class output_file): Make copy_file pure.  Add
	vspace method ifdef COLUMN. Add is_printing method.
	* troff/node.c: Add class printing_reg. Add class
	real_output_file. Derive other output_file classes from
	real_output_file; in these classes rename begin_page to
	really_begin_page, print_line to really_print_line, copy_file to
	really_copy_file, transparent_char to really_transparent_char.
	Move output_file::flush to real_output_file. Add printing member
	to class output_file.
	* troff/div.h: Remove printing member from top_level_diversion.
	Add vspace member function to class diversion ifdef COLUMN. Add
	some declarations ifdef COLUMN.
	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::copy_file,
	top_level_diversion::output): Don't test printing member before
	* troff/input.c: Handle initial variable_space_request ifdef
	* troff/Makefile: Add column.c but comment it out. Add -DCOLUMN
	but comment it out.

Sat Sep 22 11:32:22 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (diversion::need): Make any space forced.  If we
	sprung a trap, set truncated_space to minus the distance to the
	trap and set needed_space to the amount that was needed.
	(top_level_diversion::space): A forced space turns no_space_mode
	(class constant_vunits_reg): New class.
	(init_div_requests): Implement number registers .trunc and .ne
	using constant_vunits_reg.
	(class truncated_space_reg): Deleted.	

	* troff/div.h: Don't have a no_space_mode member in diversion.
	Instead have it in top_level_diversion.
	* troff/div.c (diversion::diversion): Don't initialize
	(top_level_diversion::top_level_diversion): Initialize
	(no_space, restore_spacing): Do nothing if curdiv != topdiv.
	(macro_diversion::output): Don't clear no_space_mode.

	* troff/input.c (diverted_space_node::reread): Don't call
	environment::do_break.  In fill mode, act like a blank line.
	(diverted_copy_file_node::reread): Don't call

	* troff/div.c (blank_line): New function.
	* troff/div.h: Declare it.
	* troff/input.c (process_input_stack): Call it.

	* troff/div.c (truncated_space_reg::get_string): New function.
	(init_div_requests): Bind to .trunc.
	(space_request, top_level_diversion::space,
	top_level_diversion::output, macro_diversion::space,
	macro_diversion::output): Update truncated_space.
	(macro_diversion::output): Redo calculations when trap sprung.
	(macro_diversion::output, macro_diversion::space): No need for

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::output): Set nl_reg_contents
	after truncating post line spacing.

Fri Sep 21 11:27:25 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/prologue (MF, SF): Make them work even if setfont is
	defined as a procedure rather than as an operator.

Thu Sep 20 12:55:05 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (macro_diversion::space): Ignore no_space_mode.

Wed Sep 19 10:54:37 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::output): Merge
	output_file::print_line and output_file::end_of_line member
	* troff/div.h (class output_file):
	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::print_line,
	troff_output_file::end_of_line, output_file::end_of_line,
	ascii_output_file::print_line, suppress_output_file::print_line):
	Corresponding changes.	

Tue Sep 18 11:31:47 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Don't give a warning for `\.'.

	* troff/env.c (environment::get_center_lines): New function.
	(init_env_requests): Bind number register .ce to it.
	* troff/env.h: Declare it.
	* tbl/table.c (table::init_output): Define reset macro to restore
	.ce.  If center option not given, store .ce in SAVED_CENTER_REG.
	Then do .ce 0.
	(table::print): If center option not given, then imply center
	option if SAVED_CENTER_REG > 0.

Mon Sep 17 09:19:19 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/devps/Makefile: Remove T from FONTS. Remove and from DOWNLOAD.
	* troff/Makefile: Change comment in DEFINES to avoid confusing
	System V make.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::do_exec): Allow newlines within PostScript
	code.  Don't try to catch errors with stopped.
	(check_line_lengths): New function.
	* ps/devps/prologue (EXEC): Deleted.
	(EBEGIN, EEND): New procedures.

Sun Sep 16 14:51:15 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c: Include request.h before node.h.
	* troff/node.c: Likewise.
	* troff/env.c: Likewise.
	* troff/div.c: Likewise.
	* troff/node.h (class special_node): Store argument as a macro
	rather than a char *.
	* troff/node.c (special_node::special_node, special_node::copy):
	Grok this.
	(special_node::~special_node): Deleted.
	(special_node::tprint): Deleted.
	(special_node::tprint_start, special_node::tprint_end,
	special_node::tprint_char): New functions.
	(troff_output_file::special): Deleted.
	(troff_output_file::start_special, troff_output_file::end_special,
	troff_output_file::special_char): New functions.
	* troff/input.c (special_node::tprint): New function.
	(do_special): Use macro not char *.
	(do_transparent_macro): Deleted.
	(token::next): Don't call do_transparent_macro.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Add 'Y' case.
	(do_transparent_macro): New function.
	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::special): Handle newlines with
	argument using new continuation convention.
	* driver/input.c (get_string): Cope with continuation convention.
	(do_file): Don't call skip_line after calling get_string(1).
	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::special, ps_printer::do_import,
	ps_printer::do_def, ps_printer::do_exec): Cope with newlines in
	* xditview/libXdvi/parse.c (ParseInput): Ignore lines starting
	with +.

Sat Sep 15 19:00:10 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (asciify): By default, illegal input characters
	should return empty string.

	* troff/input.c (copy_file): Handle first page transition like title.
	(token::next, process_input_stack): Grok COPY_FILE_REQUEST.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Improve error message for EOF after
	escape character.
	(input_char_description): New function.
	(get_char_for_escape_name): Use input_char_description.
	(token::next): Warn about unrecognized escape sequences.
	(warning_table): Add WARN_ESCAPE.
	* troff/groff.h: Declare WARN_ESCAPE. Change WARN_TOTAL

	* troff/token.h: Remove declaration of process_input_stack.

	* troff/input.c: Remove declaration of init_hyphen_requests.
	* troff/request.h: Correct spelling in declaration of same.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Check whether escape_char is 0.

Fri Sep 14 12:09:25 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* groff.c (main, usage, help): Implement -P and -L options.
	* Likewise.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Use some gotos to avoid code

	* troff/input.c (get_long_name, get_name, read_long_ecsape_name):
	Avoid calling symbol::symbol if name empty.

Thu Sep 13 06:21:45 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (init_input_requests): Make \n(.x return the major
	version number and \n(.y return the minor version number.
	* troff/Makefile: Construct file majorminor.c defining
	major_version and minor_version automatically from ../VERSION.

	* troff/node.c (class glyph_node): Make operator new and operator
	delete public.
	(class ligature_node): Similarily.

	* troff/input.c (operator==(const macro &, const macro &)): New
	(non_interpreted_node::same): Use this.
	(string_iterator::string_iterator): Make macro& argument const.

	* troff/input.c (input_iterator::get): New function. Don't make
	asciify_macro or class non_interpreted_node friends of class
	(non_interpreted_node::interpret): Use input_iterator::get.
	(asciify_macro): Likewise.

	* troff/input.c (~token_node, ~string_iterator, ~arg_list,
	~non_interpreted_node): Deleted.
	* troff/node.c: (~suppress_output_file, ~ascii_output_file):

	* troff/symbol.h: Make all symbol member functions const.

	* lib/strtol.c: New file.
	* lib/Makefile: Add strtol.c.
	* Makefile: Define STRTOL as strtol.o to include strtol in

Wed Sep 12 10:00:49 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::simple_circle): Divide by scale.

Tue Sep 11 14:17:16 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (do_special): Use input_level.

	* troff/token.h (TOKEN_BACKSPACE): New token.
	(token::backspace): New function.
	* troff/input.c (token::description, token::next, token::process):
	(do_special): Turn TOKEN_BACKSPACE back into \b.

	* troff/token.h (token::leader): New function.
	* troff/input.c (do_special): Turn TOKEN_LEADER back into \001.

	* troff/input.c (do_special): Turn TOKEN_TAB back into \t.

	* troff/input.c (do_special): Use token::description in error

Mon Sep 10 11:06:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c (decode_args): Combine quoted and
	quote_input_level variables. Make it a for (;;) loop.

	* troff/input.c (get_char_for_escape_name): Check for \001 and \b.

	* troff/input.c (read_long_escape_name): The test for whether to
	expand buffer was off by 1.
	(read_string): Similarily.

Fri Sep  7 11:45:50 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* troff/input.c: Use `const int' rather than `static const int'.

	* troff/div.h (diversion::copy_file): Declare as pure virtual.
	(macro_diversion::copy_file): New function.
	* troff/node.h: New class diverted_copy_file_node.
	* troff/node.c: Implement it.
	* troff/input.c (copy_file): Use diversion::copy_file. Handle
	first page transition by pushing a diverted_copy_file_node.
	* troff/input.c (token::next, process_input_stack): Don't handle

Thu Sep  6 13:29:10 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c (flush_sbuf): Remember to add sbuf_kern when checking
	whether space widths need adjusting.

	* troff/charinfo.h: Generalize translated_to_space to
	special_translation so as to allow translation to \&.
	* troff/input.c (translate): Allow translation to \&.
	(charinfo::*): Corresponding changes.
	* troff/node.c (make_node, node::add_char): Corresponding changes.
	* troff/node.h (dummy_node::dummy_node): Allow optional first

	* lib/lib.h: Make codes 0200 to 0237 illegal input characters.
	* troff/token.h: Remove TOKEN_TITLE. Remove token::title. Add
	* troff/input.c (token::next): Turn a TITLE_REQUEST into a
	TOKEN_REQUEST with an argument of TITLE_REQUEST.
	(token::process): Grok that.
	* troff/input.c (copy_file): Handle first page transition like
	title by pushing a COPY_FILE_REQUEST cookie.
	(token::next, process_input_stack): Grok that.
	* troff/node.h (output_file::copy_file): Add x and y arguments.
	Make it non-pure.
	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::copy_file): Supply them.
	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::copy_file): Add x and y
	arguments; moveto specified position.  Invalidate font_position
	array after copying file.
	(output_file::copy_file): New function.
	(suppressed_output_file::copy_file, ascii_output::copy_file):
	* troff/input.c (transparent_file): New function.
	(init_input_requests): Bind to "trf".
	(token::next): Handle TRANSPARENT_FILE_REQUEST cookie.
	(process_input_stack): Likewise.

	* troff/Makefile: Add ../lib/lib.h to GROFF_H.

	* troff/node.c (init_node_requests): New number registers .kern
	pointing to global_kern_mode, and .lg pointing to

	* troff/node.c (ligature): Don't change it if we get a bad

	* troff/input.c (do_define_string): Don't strip tabs.

	* troff/input.c (asciify_macro): Make the string_iterator auto.

	* troff/node.c (init_font_requests): Rename to...
	* troff/node.h: Change declaration.
	* troff/input.c (main): Change call.

	* troff/input.c (node::reread, diverted_space_node::reread): New
	(process_input_stack): Call reread rather than
	* troff/node.c (node::get_diverted_space_node,
	diverted_space_node::get_diverted_space_node): Removed.
	* troff/node.h: Declare reread methods instead of
	get_diverted_space_node methods. Make `n' member private.
	* troff/input.c: (token::diverted_space): Removed.
	* troff/token.h: Removed declaration.

Tue Sep  4 00:48:04 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* eqn/script.c (script_box::compute_metrics): Don't let
	SUP_RAISE_FORMAT become negative.

	* tbl/table.c (table::do_row): Entries that don't end in the
	this row shouldn't make the row non-blank.
	* tbl/table.c (table::make_columns_equal): Only set the width of
	columns which are marked as equal.
	* tbl/main.c (process_data): Before issuing excess data error,
	if last character was a newline unget it; then get it again after
	the error.  Also include the contents of the entry in the message.

	* groff.c: New file.
	* Makefile: Build groff from groff.c.  Make it possible to use
	either or groff.c as groff.
	* Similarily.

Mon Sep  3 09:39:49 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Don't delay expansion of $@ in assignment to files.
	Remove occurrences of \".

Sun Sep  2 09:56:59 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* all Makefiles: Simplify and rearrange.

	* Makefile: Handle fmod like malloc.
	* lib/Makefile: Similarily.
	* lib/fmod.c: Remove #ifdef NEED_FMOD.

	* Makefile: Rename OPTIMISE to OPTIMIZE.

	* Remove assignment to PATH.
	* Makefile: Remove SHPATH variable.
	* Similarily.

	* Add -V option to print the pipeline instead of
	executing it.

Fri Aug 31 00:56:46 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* lib/font.c: Split off file searching into ...
	* lib/fontfile.c: New file.

	* lib/strerror.c (strerror): Use `Error %d' for unknown errors.

Thu Aug 30 13:13:55 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* tbl/table.c (table::do_hspan): Delete assertion that e != 0.
	Also change misleading comment.
	(table::do_vspan): Change similarily misleading comment.
	* tbl/main.c (process_data): A format row with an explicit `s'
	uses up a data line, even if all the other columns are `_' or `='.

	* troff/input.c (token::description): Fix description of

Wed Aug 29 04:12:08 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Fix description of -Z in help message.

Tue Aug 28 07:28:33 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* pic/object.c (object_spec::make_object): Allow negative and zero
	line thicknesses.
	* pic/pic.y: Give linethick default value of -1.0.
	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::troff_output): Initialize
	last_line_thickness to BAD_THICKNESS.
	(troff_output::finish_picture): Set thickness to BAD_THICKNESS.
	(troff_output::line_thickness): Canonicalize negative thicknesses
	* pic/tex.c (tex_output::set_pen_size): Silently map negative line
	thicknesses to DEFAULT_PEN_SIZE. Canonicalize negative pen sizes
	to -1.0.
	(tex_output::start_picture): Set pen_size to -2.0.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::set_line_thickness): If line_thickness is
	0, then use 0 linewidth.
	(ps_printer::ps_printer): Initialize line_thickness to -1.

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::simple_ellipse): Divide by scale.

	* ps/devps/symbolchars: Remove `or'.
	* ps/ Implement \(or with .char.

	* ps/devps/symbolchars: Move most characters into textmap.
	* ps/devps/textmap: Add names for troff bracket characters. Remove
	ul, ru, br, bv.

	* ps/devps/ Removed.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Make S from Symbol not TSymbol.
	* ps/ Do with .char what TSymbol did.
	* ps/devps/download: Remove TSymbol.

	* ps/devps/T: Removed.
	* ps/devps/ Removed.
	* ps/devps/Troff.afm: Removed.
	* ps/ Implement \(ru, \(ul, and \(br with .char.
	* ps/devps/download: Remove Troff.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Remove T target.
	* ps/devps/DESC-A4: Remove T from font list.
	* ps/devps/DESC-letter: Likewise.

	* troff/input.c (macro_to_node): Rename to ...
	(charinfo_to_node): Don't pass mac argument.  Temporarily remove the
	character's definition while processing it.
	* troff/node.c (node::add_char, make_node): Change calls to
	macro_to_node accordingly.

	* troff/input.c (token::next): Translate \_ to \(ul.

	* tty/devascii/R.proto: Add `|'.
	* tty/devlatin1/R.proto: Likewise.

Mon Aug 27 11:25:41 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* man: Put the version number in all the man pages.

Sun Aug 26 11:40:05 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* New file.
	* New file.

	* VERSION: New file.
	* lib/version.c: Removed.
	* lib/Makefile: Create version.c from ../VERSION. Remove version.c
	in clean target.

	* troff/input.c (main): Get hyphen_file from GROFF_HYPHEN
	environment variable.

	* all Makefiles: Split install target into install.bin for
	binaries, and install.nobin for everything else.
	* Makefile: Add bindist target.

	* man/ New file.
	* man/Makefile: Add afmtodit.n to MAN1PAGES.
	* ps/devps/Makefile: Add textmap to DEVICEFILES. Install afmtodit
	* ps/Makefile: Pass BINDIR to make install in devps.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::set_char): Do nothing if the character is
	the space character.

	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Rename symbol.afm to tsymbol.afm.

Sat Aug 25 15:39:03 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* ps/ps.c: Redo font downloading.
	* ps/devps/download: New file.
	* ps/devps/Makefile: Add download to DEVICEFILES.
	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Remove -d option.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Don't use -d option with afmtodit.
	* ps/devps/ Add %%DocumentFonts comment.
	* ps/devps/ Likewise.
	* ps/devps/ Likewise.

Fri Aug 24 20:10:30 1990  James Clark  (jjc at jclark)

	* Initialize dev to ${GROFF_TYPESETTER:-@DEVICE@}.

Thu Aug 23 10:03:47 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* ps/ps.c (ps_output::include_file): If BROKEN_SPOOLER is defined,
	then strip the first line if it starts with %.
	* Makefile: Add a comment about this.

	* man/ New file.
	* man/Makefile: Add tfmtodit.n to MAN1PAGES.
	* dvi/Makefile: Install tfmtodit in BINDIR.

	* dvi/tfmtodit.c (usage): Mention -v option.

Wed Aug 22 09:56:36 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::end_of_line): Call do_motion.
	* troff/node.c (troff_output_file::transparent_char): Don't call

	* eqn: Add check_tabs method to most box classes.
	* eqn/box.c (box::top_level): Call check_tabs.

	* eqn/script.c (script_box::output): Use \Z.
	* eqn/limit.c (limit_box::output): Use \Z.

	* eqn/box.c (box::top_level): Use itoa.

Tue Aug 21 09:29:28 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* dvi/tmac.dvi: Add font translations for CR, C, TT.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Don't make links to CW.

	* ps/ Add font translations for C, CW, CO, CX, CD, H, HO,
	HX, HD.
	* xditview/tmac.X: Likewise.

	* troff/node.c: Add font translation feature.
	(get_font_translation): New function.
	(symbol_fontno): Translate the font name.
	(mount_font_no_translate): Rename to mount_font to this.
	(mount_font): New function.
	(font_family::make_definite): Call mount_font_no_translate instead
	of mount_font.
	(mount_style): Translate the font name.
	(font_translate): New function.
	(init_font_requests): Bind "ftr" to font_translate.

	* ps/devps/prologue (SN): New procedure that rounds a position to
	the nearest (pixel + (.25,.25)).
	(DL): Use SN to round endpoints.

	* lib/version.c: Changed version to 0.5.

Sat Aug 18 04:43:21 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* Makefile: Move definition of PAGE to the very beginning, so that
	people are less likely to miss it.

Fri Aug 17 02:15:11 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* man/Makefile: Don't need to sed out @UPCASE_PROG_PREFIX@.

	* troff/env.c (environment::choose_breakpoint): Make `can't find
	breakpoint' error a warning of type WARN_BREAK.  Change message to
	`can't break line'.
	* troff/groff.h: Declare WARN_BREAK with code 4; change WARN_INPUT to
	code 040000.
	* troff/input.c: Add WARN_BREAK to warning_table.  Include

	* tty/tmac.tty: Add definition of \(+-.

	* Remove `--' option to set command.

	* dvi/devdvi/ Remove duplicate md entry.

	* ps/devps/eqnchar: Better definition of cdot using md.
	* dvi/devdvi/eqnchar:  Likewise.
	* xditview/devX100/eqnchar:  Likewise.
	* xditview/devX75/eqnchar: Likewise.
	* eqn/lex.c: Add definition of cdot.

Thu Aug 16 09:33:57 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/input.c (get_optional_char): New function.
	* troff/input.c (set_page_character): Use get_optional_char(),
	rather than has_arg() and tok.get_char(1).
	* troff/env.c (tab_character, leader_character, hyphen_char,
	field_characters): Likewise.
	(margin_character): Likewise.  Also always delete the

	* troff/input.c (token::get_char): Use token::description.

	* troff/input.c (has_arg): Don't skip over tab and \}.
	* troff/number.c (start_number): Give a warning if the number
	starts with \} (WARN_RIGHT_BRACE) or tab (WARN_TAB).

Wed Aug 15 10:04:37 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/input.c (empty_name_warning, non_empty_name_warning): New
	(get_name, get_long_name): Use these.  Rename `warn' argument to

	* troff/node.c (get_fontno): Test that the symbol is not null.

	* troff/input.c (token::description): New function.
	* troff/number.c (parse_term): Use token::description in `numeric
	expression expected' message.
	* troff/groff.h: Add WARN_MISSING.
	* troff/number.c (start_number): New function.
	* troff/number.c (get_vunits, get_hunits, get_number, get_integer,
	get_incr_number): Use start_number().
	* troff/input.c (DEFAULT_WARNING_MASK): Enable WARN_NUMBER by
	* troff/input.c (get_name, get_long_name): Use WARN_MISSING.
	* troff/reg.c (alter_format): Use WARN_MISSING. Also use
	* troff/input.c (token::get_char): Use WARN_MISSING.
	* troff/input.c (token::delimiter): Use token::description.
	* troff/env.c (environment_switch): Back out Aug 3 change.
	* troff/input.c (has_arg): Skip over \}s and tabs but give a
	* troff/token.h (token::tab): New function.
	* troff/node.c (get_fontno): Use tok.skip() rather than has_arg().
	* troff/reg.c (alter_format): Likewise.
	* troff/node.c (bold_font): Use has_arg() rather than tok.skip().

Tue Aug 14 10:11:21 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff (most files): Redo warnings. Divide warnings into various
	categories; warning() has an additional first argument indicating
	the category it falls into.
	* troff/input.c (main): -w now takes an argument. New option -W.
	(enable_warning, disable_warning): New functions.

	* ps/devps/afmtodit: Add -a option to lie about the italic angle.
	* ps/devps/FontMakefile: Pretend TI has an angle of 7.

Mon Aug 13 10:11:16 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* ps/devps/eqnchar: Better definitions of dotdot, vec, dyad, inf.
	* xditview/devX100/eqnchar: Likewise. Remove definition of dot.
	* xditview/devX75/eqnchar: Likewise.
	* dvi/devdvi/eqnchar: Better definitions of vec, dyad, dotdot.

	* eqn/other.c: When bar or over applies to a single character
	don't produce an overline_box or an underline_box. Instead produce
	an accent_box or an underaccent_box, with the accent a line
	whose width is accent_width.  New classes underaccent_box,
	overline_char_box and underline_char_box.
	* eqn/box.h: Move overline_box, underline_box, accent_box class
	declarations into eqn/other.c. Add declarations of
	make_underline_box, make_overline_box, make_accent_box.
	* eqn/eqn.y: Call make_overline_box, make_underline_box
	make_accent_box instead	of constructors.
	* eqn/pbox.h, eqn/box.c: Add accent_width parameter.

	* eqn/other.c: Add accent_box::~accent_box.
	* eqn/box.h: Declare it.

	* With -Tps, use eqn -D.

	* eqn/other.c (overline_box::output): Use \Z. If draw_flag use \D
	rather than \l.
	(underline_box::output): Similarily.
	(accent_box::output): Use \Z.

	* xditview/tmac.X: Add definitions of ~ and ^ (so that they are a
	bit smaller.)

Sun Aug 12 09:41:15 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/div.c (top_level_diversion::transparent_output(unsigned
	char)): Use asciify.
	* troff/input.c (asciify): Don't make it static.
	* troff/token.h (asciify): Declare it.
	* troff/input.c (get_name, get_long_name, token::get_char,
	token::delimiter): Add an extra default argument which says
	whether a warning should be printed.
	* troff: Pass a non-zero argument to one of these rather than
	printing a warning directly.

Sat Aug 11 09:02:21 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff: Consistently use symbol::is_null.

	* troff/dictionary.h: Move some inline functions into

	* troff/request.h: Move inline functions into input.c.
	(request_or_macro::invoke): Make it pure.

	* troff/input.c, troff/reg.h: New class `constant_int_reg'.
	* troff/input.c (init_input_requests): Use class constant_int_reg.
	(class compatible_reg): Deleted.
	* troff/div.c (init_div_requests): Use class constant_int_reg.
	(class last_post_line_extra_space_reg): Deleted.

	* troff/env.c (tab_character): Don't change the tab character if
	we get an invalid argument.
	(hyphen_char): Similarily.

	* troff/reg.c (alter_format): Check that nm is not null.

	* Makefile, Make it possible to customize the commands
	used for printing PostScript and dvi files. Also make it possible
	to customize the path used by

	* eqn/eqn.y: Make `left' right associative.

Fri Aug 10 18:20:39 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* pic/pic.h: Added definition of M_SQRT2 for those systems that
	don't have it.

	* pic/pic.h: Removed definition of INT_MAX.

	* troff/node.c (italic_corrected_node::vertical_extent): Omit

	* troff/input.c (token::next):  Handle \R like \n.

Tue Aug  7 09:46:33 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* ps/tmac.pc (PSPIC): Simplify.

	* troff/env.c (tab_stops::to_string):
	* pic/pic.y (object_type_name):
	* pic/troff.c (simple_output::line):
	* pic/tex.c (tex_output::spline):
	* pic/object.c (object_spec::make_object):
	* tbl/main.c (process_data):  Add cases to switch statements to
	avoid cfront warnings. (Some of these are spurious, since the
	switch already has a default case.)

	* ps/ (PSPIC): Reformatted.  Prefix all local names with
	`ps-'.  Don't test systat; instead check number of arguments to

Mon Aug  6 00:13:07 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* macros/tmac.e: Do not decrease the page offset by 0.5i.

	* ps/ps.c (ps_printer::ps_printer): Use mktemp instead of tempnam.
	Unlink the file as soon as we have opened it, so that we don't
	have to bother with signal handlers.
	(handler): Deleted.
	(fatal_error_exit): Deleted.
	(main): Don't call signal.

	* dvi/tfmtodit.c: Add -k option so that kerns with the skewchar
	can be ignored.
	* dvi/devdvi/Makefile: Use the -k option with S and MI.

	* pic/pic.y:  If there is a label, or an nth construction before
	the first `.' in the argument to `with', ignore it and generate a
	* pic/lex.c (lex_warning): New function.

	* tbl/table.c (table::init_output): In section keep and release
	macro, use 0 indent when diverting and the correct indent when

	* troff/input.c (interpolate_number_format): Do not interpolate
	anything if the number register is not defined.

	* tbl/main.c (process_data): Don't add entry when col >= ncolumns.

Sat Aug  4 08:12:05 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* ps/devps/prologue (PICTURE): Set components of graphics state to
	their default values.

	* ps/devps/text.enc: Add trademark
	* ps/devps/textmap: Add names for club, spade, heart, diamond,
	carriagereturn, suchthat. Use Upsilon1 rather than Upsilon.
	* ps/devps/symbolchars: Add names for summation and product.

	* dvi/devdvi/ Add names for club, spade, heart, diamond,
	suchthat. Add pp. Add upper-case letters.

	* xditview/libXdvi/DviChar.c: Add names for club, spade, heart,
	diamond, carriagereturn, suchthat. Use Upsilon1 rather than

	* dvi/devdvi/ Rename lA (left angle bracket) to la, and
	rA (right angle bracket) to ra.  Introduce names for double-headed
	arrows and double-barred arrows: <>, va, lA, rA, hA, uA, dA, vA.
	* ps/devps/textmap: Likewise for ps device.
	* xditview/libXdvi/DviChar.c: Likewise for X100 and X75 devices.
	* tty/devascii/R.proto: Rename lA to la and rA to ra.
	* tty/devascii/R.proto: Likewise.
	* tty/tmac.tty: Provide definitions for \(<>, \(lA, \(rA, \(hA,
	\(uA, \(dA.
	* eqn/delim.c: In delim_table, rename \(lA to \(la and \(rA to \(ra.

	* xditview/tmac.X: Add definitions for \(fi \(fl \(ff \(Fi \(Fl.

	* eqn/lex.c: Added definitions of `approx', `grad' and `del' to

Fri Aug  3 09:59:27 1990  James Clark  (jjc at yquem)

	* troff/div.c (when_request): Use symbol::is_null rather than
	has_arg to determine whether we have an argument.
	(change_trap): Remove the trap if we get an invalid number. Give
	an error if we don't get at least the macro name.
	(diversion_trap): Remove trap if we get an invalid name or number.

	* troff/env.c (environment_switch): Pop if we get an invalid
	symbol or numeric expression.

	* troff/input.c (do_define_macro):  If EOF is encoutered while
	defining the macro, do before returning.

	* troff/token.h (has_arg): Move definition from here, to ...
	* troff/input.c (has_arg): ... here

	* troff/env.c (space_size): Do nothing if we get an invalid argument.
	* troff/input.c (shift): Likewise.

	* pic/lex.c (get_token_after_dot):  Accept `.center' as a synonym
	for `.c'.

	* pic/troff.c (troff_output::start_picture):  Comment out calls to

	* eqn/main.c (do_file): Subtract 1 from current_lineno if
	interpret_lf_args succeeds.

	* eqn/main.c (do_file): Don't recognize delimiter if preceded by
	\\.  This avoids problems with \$N.

	* Pass -C to preprocessors.

	* lib/lf.c (interpret_lf_args):  Be more flexible.

	* tbl/main.c (main): Add -C option.
	(table_input::get): Do not recognize TE if follo