TODO   [plain text]

Write Texinfo documentation for grep.  The manual page would be a good
place to start, but Info documents are also supposed to contain a
tutorial and examples.

Fix the DFA matcher to never use exponential space.  (Fortunately, these
cases are rare.)

Improve the performance of the regex backtracking matcher.  This matcher
is agonizingly slow, and is responsible for grep sometimes being slower
than Unix grep when backreferences are used.

Provide support for the Posix [= =] and [. .] constructs.  This is
difficult because it requires locale-dependent details of the character
set and collating sequence, but Posix does not standardize any method
for accessing this information!

Provide some sort of Hilight ... hmm Not.

	Have different binaries for fgrep, egrep and grep.
	It needs a complete rewrite of the main and how the matcher
	is call; it should not depend on the name of the program.

	Port to Win NT/95 see Delorie or cygnus win32 project

	Merge all the modifs that are scattering around in the
	various Linux distribution.

Some test in tests/spencer2.tests should have failed !!!
Need to filter out some bugs in dfa.[ch]/regex.[ch].

Threads for grep ?

Grep does 32 bits arithmetic, it needs to move to 64.

Clean up, to many #ifdef's !!

	Merge the work done By Paul Eggert
	(--text, -directory=ACTION, large files).

Check some new Algorithms for matching, talk to Karl Berry and Nelson.
Sunday's "Quick Search" Algorithm (CACM 33, 8 August 1990 pp. 132-142)
claim that his algo. is faster then Boyer-More ????
Worth Checking.

Take a look at cgrep (Context grep) seems like nice work.
Take a look at sgrep (Struct grep).
Take a look at agrep (Approximate grep), from glimpse.
Can we merge ?

POSIX Compliance see p10003.x

Moving away from GNU regex API for POSIX regex API.

DONE(well never really finish):
	Finish I18N.

Better and faster !!