vispath.h   [plain text]

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#pragma prototyped

#ifndef _VIS_INCLUDE
#define _VIS_INCLUDE

#include <pathgeom.h>

#if defined(_BLD_pathplan) && defined(_DLL)
#   define extern __EXPORT__

/* open a visibility graph */
extern vconfig_t *Pobsopen(Ppoly_t **obstacles, int n_obstacles);

/* close a visibility graph, freeing its storage */
extern void Pobsclose(vconfig_t *config);

/* route a polyline from p0 to p1, avoiding obstacles.
 * if an endpoint is inside an obstacle, pass the polygon's index >=0
 * if the endpoint is not inside an obstacle, pass POLYID_NONE
 * if the endpoint location is not known, pass POLYID_UNKNOWN

extern int Pobspath(vconfig_t *config, Ppoint_t p0, int poly0,
	Ppoint_t p1, int poly1, 
	Ppolyline_t *output_route);

#define POLYID_NONE		-1111
#define POLYID_UNKNOWN	-2222

#undef extern