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Source License FAQ 28 September 1999
Q1. Can I modify the source and distribute it to someone else?
A1. Yes, but you need to package the modifications separately, usually as a 
patch file.

Q2. Can I give the original source capsule to someone else? 
A2. You can, provided that the person you give it to has agreed to these same 
conditions. The person does not have to physically sign the license, but they 
must affirmatively agree to the same license agreement that you have. We have 
enclosed this agreement with the package.

Q3. If I make changes to the source, can I keep them private?
A3. You can as long as you do not distribute them to anyone else. If you 
distribute them to anyone else, then you need to make the changes available to 
AT&T and give AT&T the right to distribute these changes without any royalties.

Q4. What types of changes must I make available to AT&T?
A4. You only need to inform AT&T of changes to the source code files that are 
provided by AT&T.

Q5. Can I distribute copies of binaries, compiled from the original or modified 
source, within and outside my company or organization? 
A5. Yes. The binaries should include the notice set forth in the agreement 
indicating that some of the underlying source code came from AT&T.

Q6. Can I sell binaries?
A6. Yes, provided that you adhere to the terms of the license, for example in 
not misrepresenting your relationship with AT&T. 

Q7. Are there any patents that would affect the use of this software?
A7. The agreement allows you to use the AT&T source code (within the
guidelines set forth in the agreement) without worrying about whether
such usage infringes any patents AT&T may have. AT&T, however, cannot
assure that the software does not infringe some other unknown third
party's patents, which is why AT&T asks that you check the website
http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/graphviz for any notices relating
to the software.

Q8. Does AT&T provide support for any of this software?
A8. AT&T does not provide support for the source code at this time.

Q9. Can I redistribute the source files outside the original capsule, e.g. in a 
CD-ROM file system?
A9. Yes, as long as the exact same set of files is distributed. 

Q10. Can I obtain a different license to cover commercial applications where I 
do not want to release patches?
A10. Please contact AT&T if you are interested in a license that differs
from the terms in the source code agreement, or if you have any questions
regarding the agreement.