triefa.h   [plain text]

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/* File - TrieFA.h
 *    The data types for the generated trie-based finite automata.

struct TrieState {				/* An entry in the FA state table			*/
	short			def;		/* 	If this state is an accepting state then*/
								/*	this is the definition, otherwise -1.	*/
	short			trans_base;	/* The base index into the transition table.*/
	long			mask;		/* The transition mask. 					*/

struct TrieTrans {				/* An entry in the FA transition table.		*/
	short			c;				/* The transition character (lowercase).*/
	short			next_state;		/* The next state.						*/

typedef struct TrieState TrieState;
typedef struct TrieTrans TrieTrans;

extern TrieState	TrieStateTbl[];
extern TrieTrans	TrieTransTbl[];