aghdr.h   [plain text]

    This software may only be used by you under license from AT&T Corp.
    ("AT&T").  A copy of AT&T's Source Code Agreement is available at
    AT&T's Internet website having the URL:
    If you received this software without first entering into a license
    with AT&T, you have an infringing copy of this software and cannot use
    it without violating AT&T's intellectual property rights.

#pragma prototyped

#define ATT_GRAPHPVT_H 1

#ifndef EXTERN
#define EXTERN extern

#include <agraph.h>

#include	 	<ctype.h>

#include "config.h"

#ifdef HAVE_AST
#include		<ast.h>
#include		<vmalloc.h>
#include		<vmalloc.h>
#endif  /* HAVE_VMALLOC */
#include		<sys/types.h>
#include		<stdlib.h>
#include		<string.h>
#include	<unistd.h>
#endif /* HAVE_UNISTD_H */
#endif /* HAVE_AST */
#ifdef DEBUG
#include <assert.h>
#define assert(x)

#ifndef streq
#define streq(s,t)		((*s == *t) && !strcmp((s),(t)))
#ifdef offsetof
#undef offsetof
#define offsetof(typ,fld)  ((int)(&(((typ*)0)->fld)))
#define NOTUSED(var)	(void) var

#define NILgraph			NIL(Agraph_t*)
#define NILnode				NIL(Agnode_t*)
#define NILedge				NIL(Agedge_t*)
#define NILsym				NIL(Agsym_t*)
#define NILstr				NIL(char*)

#define MAX_OUTPUTLINE		80
#define	SUCCESS				0
#define FAILURE				-1

#define AGDISC(g,d)			((g)->clos->disc.d)
#define AGCLOS(g,d)			((g)->clos->state.d)
#define AGNEW(g,t)			((t*)(agalloc(g,sizeof(t))))

#define ISALNUM(c) ((isalnum(c)) || ((c) == '_') || (!isascii(c)))

	/* functional definitions */
typedef Agobj_t *(*agobjsearchfn_t)(Agraph_t *g, Agobj_t *obj);
int	agapply(Agraph_t *g, Agobj_t* obj, agobjfn_t fn, void *arg, int preorder);

	/* global variables */
EXTERN Agraph_t *Ag_G_global;
extern char* AgDataRecName;

	/* set ordering disciplines */
extern Dtdisc_t		Ag_obj_id_disc;
extern Dtdisc_t		Ag_obj_seq_disc;
extern Dtdisc_t		Ag_edge_disc;
extern Agcbdisc_t	AgAttrdisc;

	/* flattening */
void		agnotflat(Agraph_t *g);
void		agflatten_edges(Agraph_t *g, Agnode_t *n);

	/* internal constructor of graphs and subgraphs */
Agraph_t	*agopen1(Agraph_t *g);
void		agstrclose(Agraph_t *g);

	/* object set management */
Agnode_t	*agfindnode_by_id(Agraph_t *g, unsigned long id);
Dtcompar_f	agdictorder(Agraph_t*, Dict_t*, Dtcompar_f);
int			agobjidcmpf(Dict_t *d, void*, void*, Dtdisc_t *disc);
int			agnamecmpf(Dict_t *d, void*, void*, Dtdisc_t *disc);
void		agset_node_disc(Agraph_t *g, Dtdisc_t *disc);
unsigned long		agnextseq(Agraph_t *g, int objtype);

/* dict helper functions */
Dict_t		*agdtopen(Agraph_t *g, Dtdisc_t *disc, Dtmethod_t *method);
void		agdtdisc(Agraph_t *g, Dict_t *dict, Dtdisc_t *disc);
long		agdtdelete(Agraph_t *g, Dict_t *dict, void *obj);
void		agdtclose(Agraph_t *g, Dict_t *dict);
void		*agdictobjmem(Dict_t *dict, Void_t *p, size_t size, Dtdisc_t *disc);
void		agdictobjfree(Dict_t *dict, Void_t *p, Dtdisc_t *disc);
void		*agrealbindrec(void *obj, char *name, unsigned int size, int mtf, int norecur);

	/* name-value pair operations */
Agdatadict_t *agdatadict(Agraph_t *g);
Agattr_t	*agattrrec(void *obj);

void agraphattr_init(Agraph_t *g, int norecur);
void agraphattr_delete(Agraph_t *g);
void agnodeattr_init(Agnode_t *n, int norecur);
void agnodeattr_delete(Agnode_t *n);
void agedgeattr_init(Agedge_t *e, int norecur);
void agedgeattr_delete(Agedge_t *e);

	/* parsing and lexing graph files */
void		aglexinit(Agdisc_t *disc, void *ifile);
int			aaglex(void);
void		aglexeof(void);
void		aagerror(char	*);
int 		aagparse(void);

	/* ID management */
int			agmapnametoid(Agraph_t *g, int objtype, char *str, unsigned long *result, int allocflag);
int			agallocid(Agraph_t *g, int objtype, unsigned long request);
void		agfreeid(Agraph_t *g, int objtype, unsigned long id);
char		*agprintid(Agobj_t *obj);
int			aginternalmaplookup(Agraph_t *g, int objtype, char *str, unsigned long *result);
void		aginternalmapinsert(Agraph_t *g, int objtype, char *str, unsigned long result);
char		*aginternalmapprint(Agraph_t *g, int objtype, unsigned long id);
int			aginternalmapdelete(Agraph_t *g, int objtype, unsigned long id);
void		aginternalmapclose(Agraph_t *g);

	/* internal set operations */
void		agedgesetop(Agraph_t *g, Agedge_t *e, int insertion);
void		agdelnodeimage(Agnode_t *node, void *ignored);

long		agdelsubg(Agraph_t *g, Agraph_t *sub);
int			agdelnode(Agnode_t *arg_n);
int			agdeledge(Agedge_t *arg_e);
int			agrename(Agobj_t *obj, char *newname);
void		agrecclose(Agobj_t *obj);

void		agmethod_init(Agraph_t *g, void *obj);
void		agmethod_upd(Agraph_t *g, void *obj, Agsym_t *sym);
void		agmethod_delete(Agraph_t *g, void *obj);

#define CB_INITIALIZE	100
#define CB_UPDATE		101
#define CB_DELETION		102
void		agsyspushdisc(Agraph_t *g, Agcbdisc_t *cb, void *state, int stack);
int			agsyspopdisc(Agraph_t *g, Agcbdisc_t *cb, int stack);
void	 	agrecord_callback(Agobj_t *obj, int kind, Agsym_t *optsym);
void		aginitcb(void *obj, Agcbstack_t *disc);
void		agupdcb(void *obj, Agsym_t *sym, Agcbstack_t *disc);
void		agdelcb(void *obj, Agcbstack_t *disc);

#endif	/* ATT_GRAPHPVT_H */