ChangeLog   [plain text]

2002-10-03  Paul D. Smith  <>

	Version 3.80 released.

	* dir.c: Change hash functions to use K&R function definition style.
	* function.c: Ditto.
	* read.c: Ditto.
	* variable.c: Ditto.

	Update to automake 1.7.

	* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Update to require 1.7.
	(pdf): Remove this target as automake now provides one.


2002-09-30  Martin P.J. Zinser  <>

	* Updates for GNU make 3.80.
	* makefile.vms: Ditto.

2002-09-23  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* read.c (enum make_word_type): Remove w_comment.
	(get_next_mword): Don't treat comment characters as special; where
	this function is used we will never see a comment (it's stripped
	before we get here) and treating comments specially means that
	targets like "foo\#bar" aren't handled properly.

2002-09-18  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* doc/make.texi (Bugs): Update with some info on Savannah, etc.

	* read.c (eval): Expansion of arguments to export/unexport was
	ignoring all arguments after the first one.  Change the algorithm
	to expand the whole line once, then parse the results.

2002-09-17  Paul D. Smith  <>

	Fix Bug #940 (plus another bug I found while looking at this):

	* read.c (record_target_var): enter_file() will add a new entry if
	it's a double-colon target: we don't want to do that in this
	situation.  Invoke lookup_file() and only enter_file() if it does
	not already exist.  If the file we get back is a double-colon then
	add this variable to the "root" double-colon target.

	* variable.c (initialize_file_variables): If this file is a
	double-colon target but is not the "root" target, then initialize
	the root and make the root's variable list the parent of our
	variable list.

2002-09-13  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* doc/make.texi (MAKE Variable): Add some indexing for "+".

	* hash.c (round_up_2): Get rid of a warning.

2002-09-12  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* (loadavg_SOURCES, loadavg.c): Tiptoe around automake
	so it doesn't complain about getloadavg.c.

	* commands.c (set_file_variables): Make sure we always alloca() at
	least 1 character for the value of $? (for '\0').

2002-09-11  Paul D. Smith  <>

	macro to use RESULT instead of the incorrect _RESULT_.

	* make.h (HAVE_BROKEN_RESTART): Add prototypes for atomic_stat()
	and atomic_readdir().  We need to #include dirent.h to get this to
	* misc.c (atomic_readdir): Fix typos.

2002-09-10  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* read.c (eval): Expand variable lists given to export and
	unexport, so that "export $(LIST_OF_VARIABLES)" (etc.) works.
	(conditional_line): Ditto for "ifdef".  Fixes bug #103.

	* doc/make.texi (Variables/Recursion): Document this.
	(Conditional Syntax): And here.

2002-09-09  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* Check for memmove().

2002-09-07  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* (HAVE_BROKEN_RESTART): Define this on PTX systems;
	Michael Sterrett <> reports that while it has
	SA_RESTART, it does not work properly.

	* misc.c (atomic_stat): If HAVE_BROKEN_RESTART, create a function
	that invokes stat() and loops to do it again if it returns EINTR.
	(atomic_readdir): Ditto, with readdir().

	* make.h (stat, readdir): If HAVE_BROKEN_RESTART, alias stat()
	and readdir() to atomic_stat() and atomic_readdir().

2002-09-04  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* implicit.c (pattern_search): Daniel <>
	reports that GNU make sometimes doesn't recognize that targets can
	be made, when directories can be created as prerequisites.  He
	reports that changing the order of predicates in the DEP->changed
	flag test so that lookup_file() is always performed, solves this

2002-08-08  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* Require a newer version of gettext.

	* misc.c (perror_with_name): Translate the format string (for
	right-to-left language support).
	(pfatal_with_name): Ditto.

	* main.c: Create a static array of strings to store the usage
	text.  This is done to facilitate translations.
	(struct command_switch): Remove argdesc and description fields.
	(switches): Remove values for obsolete fields.
	(print_usage): Print each element of the usage array.

	* hash.c: Change function definitions to be K&R style.

2002-08-02  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* NEWS: Remove the mention of .TARGETS; we aren't going to publish
	this one because it's too hard to get right.  We'll look at it for
	a future release.
	* main.c (main): Don't create the .TARGETS variable.
	* variable.c (handle_special_var): Don't handle .TARGETS.

2002-08-01  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* main.c (switches): Add a new option, -B (--always-make).  If
	specified, make will rebuild all targets that it encounters even
	if they don't appear to be out of date.
	(always_make_flag): New flag.
	* make.h: Extern always_make_flag.
	* remake.c (update_file_1): Check always_make_flag; if it's set we
	will always rebuild any target we can, even if none of its
	prerequisites are newer.
	* NEWS: Mention it.

	* doc/make.texi (Shell Function): Make it clear that make
	variables marked as "export" are not passed to instances of the
	shell function.

	Add new introspection variable .VARIABLES and .TARGETS.

	* variable.c (handle_special_var): New function.  If the variable
	reference passed in is "special" (.VARIABLES or .TARGETS),
	calculate the new value if necessary.  .VARIABLES is handled here:
	walk through the hash of defined variables and construct a value
	which is a list of the names.  .TARGETS is handled by
	(lookup_variable): Invoke handle_special_var().
	* file.c (build_target_list): Walk through the hask of known files
	and construct a list of the names of all the ones marked as
	* main.c (main): Initialize them to empty (and as simple variables).
	* doc/make.texi (Special Variables): Document them.
	* NEWS: Mention them.

	* variable.h (struct variable): Add a new flag "exportable" which
	is true if the variable name is valid for export.
	* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Set "exportable" when a new
	variable is defined.
	(target_environment): Use the "exportable" flag	instead of
	re-checking the name here... an efficiency improvement.

2002-07-31  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* config.h-vms.template: Updates to build on VMS.  Thanks to for helping verify the build.
	* Build the new hash.c file.
	* hash.h: Use strcpmi(), not stricmp(), in the

2002-07-30  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* hash.h (ISTRING_COMPARE, return_ISTRING_COMPARE): Add missing
	backslashes to the HAVE_CASE_INSENSITIVE_FS case.
	Reported by <>.

2002-07-10  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* variable.c (pop_variable_scope): Remove variable made unused by
	new hash infrastructure.
	* read.c (dep_hash_cmp): Rewrite this to handle ignore_mtime
	comparisons as well as name comparisons.
	* variable.h: Add a prototype for new hash_init_function_table().
	* file.c (lookup_file): Remove variables made unused by new hash
	* dir.c (directory_contents_hash_2): Missing return of hash value.
	(dir_contents_file_exists_p): Remove variables made unused by new
	hash infrastructure.

	Installed Greg McGary's integration of the hash functions from the
	GNU id-utils package:

2002-07-10  Greg McGary  <>

	* scripts/functions/filter-out: Add literals to to the
	pattern space in order to add complexity, and trigger
	use of an internal hash table.  Fix documentation strings.
	* scripts/targets/INTERMEDIATE: Reverse order of files
	passed to expected `rm' command.

2002-07-10  Greg McGary  <>

	* (SRCS): Add hash.c (noinst_HEADERS): Add hash.h
	* hash.c: New file, taken from id-utils.
	* hash.h: New file, taken from id-utils.

	* make.h (HASH, HASHI): Remove macros.
	(find_char_unquote): Change arglist in decl.
	(hash_init_directories): New function decl.
	* variable.h (hash.h): New #include.
	* filedef.h (hash.h): New #include.
	(struct file) [next]: Remove member.
	(file_hash_enter): Remove function decl.
	(init_hash_files): New function decl.

	* ar.c (ar_name): Delay call to strlen until needed.
	* main.c (initialize_global_hash_tables): New function.
	* misc.c (remove_comments): Pass char constants to find_char_unquote.
	* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Update last_mtime on `prev' chain.

	* dir.c (hash.h): New #include.
	(struct directory_contents) [next, files]: Remove members.
	[ctime]: Add member for VMS.  [dirfiles]: Add hash-table member.
	(directory_contents_hash_1, directory_contents_hash_2,
	directory_contents_hash_cmp): New functions.
	(directories_contents): Change type to `struct hash_table'.
	(struct directory) [next]: Remove member.
	(directory_hash_1, directory_hash_2, directory_hash_cmp): New funcs.
	(directory): Change type to `struct hash_table'.
	(struct dirfile) [next]: Remove member.
	[length]: Add member.  [impossible]: widen type to fill alignment gap.
	(dirfile_hash_1, dirfile_hash_2, dirfile_hash_cmp): New functions.
	(find_directory): Use new hash table package.
	(dir_contents_file_exists_p): Likewise.
	(file_impossible): Likewise.
	(file_impossible_p): Likewise.
	(print_dir_data_base): Likewise.
	(open_dirstream): Likewise.
	(read_dirstream): Likewise.
	(hash_init_directories): New function.

	* file.c (hash.h): New #include.
	(file_hash_1, file_hash_2, file_hash_cmp): New functions.
	(files): Change type to `struct hash_table'.
	(lookup_file): Use new hash table package.
	(enter_file): Likewise.
	(remove_intermediates): Likewise.
	(snap_deps): Likewise.
	(print_file_data_base): Likewise.

	* function.c
	(function_table_entry_hash_1, function_table_entry_hash_2,
	function_table_entry_hash_cmp): New functions.
	(lookup_function): Remove `table' argument.
	Use new hash table package.
	(struct a_word) [chain, length]: New members.
	(a_word_hash_1, a_word_hash_2, a_word_hash_cmp): New functions.
	(struct a_pattern): New struct.
	(func_filter_filterout): Pass through patterns noting boundaries
	and '%', if present.  Note a_word length.  Use a hash table if
	arglists are large enough to justify cost.
	(function_table_init): Renamed from function_table.
	(function_table): Declare as `struct hash_table'.
	(hash_init_function_table): New function.

	* read.c (hash.h): New #include.
	(read_makefile): Pass char constants to find_char_unquote.
	(dep_hash_1, dep_hash_2, dep_hash_cmp): New functions.
	(uniquize_deps): Use hash table to efficiently identify duplicates.
	(find_char_unquote): Accept two char-constant stop chars, rather
	than a string constant, avoiding zillions of calls to strchr.
	Tighten inner search loops to test only for desired delimiters.

	* variable.c (variable_hash_1, variable_hash_2,
	variable_hash_cmp): New functions.
	(variable_table): Declare as `struct hash_table'.
	(global_variable_set): Remove initialization.
	(init_hash_global_variable_set): New function.
	(define_variable_in_set): Use new hash table package.
	(lookup_variable): Likewise.
	(lookup_variable_in_set): Likewise.
	(initialize_file_variables): Likewise.
	(pop_variable_scope): Likewise.
	(create_new_variable_set): Likewise.
	(merge_variable_sets): Likewise.
	(define_automatic_variables): Likewise.
	(target_environment): Likewise.
	(print_variable_set): Likewise.

2002-07-10  Paul D. Smith  <>

	Implement the SysV make syntax $$@, $$(@D), and $$(@F) in the
	prerequisite list.  A real SysV make will expand the entire
	prerequisites list _twice_: we don't do that as it's a big
	backward-compatibility problem.  We only replace those specific

	* read.c (record_files): Replace any $@, $(@D), and $(@F) variable
	references left in the list of prerequisites.  Check for .POSIX as
	we record targets, so we can disable non-POSIX behavior while
	reading makefiles as well as running them.
	(eval): Check the prerequisite list to see if we have anything
	that looks like a SysV prerequisite variable reference.

2002-07-09  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* doc/make.texi (Prerequisite Types): Add a new section describing
	order-only prerequisites.

	* read.c (uniquize_deps): If we have the same file as both a
	normal and order-only prereq, get rid of the order-only prereq,
	since the normal one supersedes it.

2002-07-08  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* AUTHORS: Added Greg McGary to the AUTHORS file.
	* NEWS: Blurbed order-only prerequisites.
	* file.c (print_file): Show order-only deps properly when printing
	the database.

	* maintMakefile: Add "update" targets for wget'ing the latest
	versions of various external files.  Taken from Makefile.maint in
	autoconf, etc.

	* dosbuild.bat: Somehow we got _double_ ^M's.  Remove them.
	Reported by Eli Zaretskii <>.

2002-07-07  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* po/*.po: Remove.  We'll use wget to retrieve them at release

	* variable.c (do_variable_definition) [W32]: On W32 using cmd
	rather than a shell you get an exception.  Make sure we look up
	the variable.  Patch provided by Eli Zaretskii <>.

	* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Fix handling of -t flag.
	Patch provided by Henning Makholm <>.

	* implicit.c (pattern_search): Some systems apparently run short
	of stack space, and using alloca() in this function caused an
	overrun.  I modified it to use xmalloc() on the two variables
	which seemed like they might get large.  Fixes Bug #476.

	* main.c (print_version): Update copyright notice to conform with
	GNU standards.
	(print_usage): Update help output.

	* function.c (func_eval): Create a new make function, $(eval
	...).  Expand the arguments, put them into a buffer, then invoke
	eval_buffer() on the resulting string.
	(func_quote): Create a new function, $(quote VARNAME).  Inserts
	the value of the variable VARNAME without expanding it any

	* read.c (struct ebuffer): Change the linebuffer structure to an
	"eval buffer", which can be either a file or a buffer.
	(eval_makefile): Move the code in the old read_makefile() which
	located a makefile into here: create a struct ebuffer with that
	information.  Have it invoke the new function eval() with that
	(eval_buffer): Create a new function that creates a struct ebuffer
	that holds a string buffer instead of a file.  Have it invoke
	eval() with that ebuffer.
	(eval): New function that contains the guts of the old
	read_makefile() function: this function parses makefiles.  Obtains
	data to parse from the provided ebuffer.  Some modifications to
	make the flow of the function cleaner and clearer.  Still could
	use some work here...
	(do_define): Takes a struct ebuffer instead of a FILE*.  Read the
	contents of the define/endef variable from the ebuffer.
	(readstring): Read the next line from a string-style ebuffer.
	(readline): Read the next line from an ebuffer.  If it's a string
	ebuffer, invoke readstring().  If it's a FILE* ebuffer, read it
	from the file.

	* dep.h (eval_buffer): Prototype eval_buffer();

	* variable.c (do_variable_definition): Make sure that all
	non-target-specific variables are registered in the global set.
	If we're invoked from an $(eval ...) we might be inside a $(call
	...) or other function which has pushed a variable scope; we still
	want to define our variables from evaluated makefile code in the
	global scope.

2002-07-03  Greg McGary  <>

	* dep.h (struct dep) [ignore_mtime]: New member.
	[changed]: convert to a bitfield.
	* implicit.c (pattern_search): Zero ignore_mtime.
	* main.c (main, handle_non_switch_argument): Likewise.
	* rule.c (convert_suffix_rule): Likewise.
	* read.c (read_all_makefiles, read_makefile, multi_glob): Likewise.
	(read_makefile): Parse '|' in prerequisite list.
        (uniquize_deps): Consider ignore_mtime when comparing deps.
	* remake.c (update_file_1, check_dep): Don't force remake for
	dependencies that have d->ignore_mtime.
	* commands.c (FILE_LIST_SEPARATOR): New constant.
        (set_file_variables): Don't include a
	prerequisite in $+, $^ or $? if d->ignore_mtime.
        Define $|.

2002-06-18  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* make.texinfo: Updates for next revision.  New date/rev/etc.
	Recreate all Info menus.  Change license on the manual to the GNU
	Free Documentation License.  A number of typos.
	(Variables Simplify): Don't use "-" before it's defined.
	(Automatic Prerequisites): Rewrite the target example to work
	properly if the compile fails.  Remove incorrect comments about
	how "set -e" behaves.
	(Text Functions): Move the "word", "wordlist", "words", and
	"firstword" functions here, from "File Name Functions".
	* make-stds.texi: Update from latest GNU version.
	* fdl.texi: (created) Import the latest GNU version.

2002-06-06  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* variable.c (do_variable_definition): New function: extract the
	part of try_variable_definition() that actually sets the value
	into a separate function.
	(try_variable_definition): Call do_variable_definition() after
	parsing the variable definition string.
	(define_variable_in_set): Make the name argument const.

	* variable.h (enum variable_flavor): Make public.
	(do_variable_definition): Create prototype.

	* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Create a new built-in variable,
	(read_makefile): Add each makefile read in to this variable value.

2002-05-18  Eli Zaretskii  <>

        * Makefile.DOS.template: Tweak according to changes in the
        distribution.  Add back the dependencies of *.o files.

        * configh.dos.template: Synchronize with

2002-05-09  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* file.c (file_timestamp_now): Use K&R function declaration.

	* getloadavg.c (getloadavg): Merge setlocale() fix from sh-utils
	getloadavg.c.  Autoconf thinks QNX is SVR4-like, but it isn't, so
	#undef it.  Remove predefined setup of NLIST_STRUCT.  Decide
	whether to include nlist.h based on HAVE_NLIST_H.  Change obsolete
	* (NLIST_STRUCT): Define this if we have nlist.h and
	nlist.n_name is a pointer rather than an array.

	* acinclude.m4 (make_FUNC_SETVBUF_REVERSED): Grab the latest
	version of AC_FUNC_SETVBUF_REVERSED from autoconf CVS.
	* Use it instead of the old version.

	* main.c (main): Prefer setvbuf() to setlinebuf().

2002-05-08  Paul D. Smith  <>

	(loadavg_LDADD): Ditto.

2002-04-29  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* expand.c (recursively_expand_for_file): Rename
	recursively_expand() to recursively_expand_for_file() and provide
	an extra argument, struct file.  If the argument is provided, set
	the variable scope to that of the file before expanding.
	* variable.h (recursively_expand): Make this a macro that invokes
	recursively_expand_for_file() with a NULL file pointer.
	* variable.c (target_environment): Call the renamed function and
	provide the current file context.
	Fixes Debian bug #144306.

2002-04-28  Paul D. Smith  <>

	Allow $(call ...) user-defined variables to be self-referencing
	without throwing an error.  Allows implementation of transitive
	closures, among other possibly useful things.
	Requested by: Philip Guenther <>

	* variable.h (struct variable): Add a new field: exp_count, and
	new macros to hold its size and maximum value.
	(warn_undefined): Make this a macro.
	* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Initialize it.
	* expand.c (recursively_expand): If we detect recursive expansion
	of a variable, check the exp_count field.  If it's greater than 0
	allow the recursion and decrement the count.
	(warn_undefined): Remove this (now a macro in variable.h).
	* function.c (func_call): Before we expand the user-defined
	function, modify its exp_count field to contain the maximum
	number of recursive calls we'll allow.  After the call, reset it
	to 0.

2002-04-21  Paul D. Smith  <>

	Modified to use latest autoconf (2.53), automake (1.6.1), and
	gettext (0.11.1).  We're using gettext's new "external" support,
	to avoid including libintl source with GNU make.

	* README.cvs: New file.  Explain how to build GNU make from CVS.

	* Modify checking for the system glob library.
	Use AC_EGREP_CPP instead of AC_TRY_CPP.  Remove the setting of
	GLOBDIR (we will always put "glob" in SUBDIRS, so automake
	etc. will manage it correctly).  Set an automake conditional
	USE_LOCAL_GLOB to decide whether to compile the glob library.

	* getloadavg.c (main): Include make.h in the "TEST" program to
	avoid warnings.

	* Remove special rules for loadavg.  Replace them
	with Automake capabilities for building extra programs.

	* signame.c: This file does nothing if the system provide
	strsignal().  If not, it implements strsignal().  If the system
	doesn't define sys_siglist, then we make our own; otherwise we use
	the system version.
	* signame.h: Removed.

	* main.c (main): No need to invoke signame_init().  Update copyright.

	* ABOUT-NLS: Removed.
	* gettext.c: Removed.
	* gettext.h: Get a simplified copy from the gettext package.
	* po/*: Created.
	* i18n/*.po: Moved to po/.
	* i18n/: Removed.

	* config/*: Created.  Contains package configuration helper files.
	* config.guess, config.sub: Moved to config directory.

	* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add po/, config/Makefile.
	Rework to use new-style autoconf features.  Use the "external"
	mode for gettext.  Make the config file conditional on
	whether exists, to avoid autoconf errors.
	* acinclude.m4: Removed almost all macros as being obsolete.
	Rewrote remaining macros to use AC_DEFINE.
	* acconfig.h: Removed.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Add config/config.rpath.  Use a
	conditional to handle customs support.  Remove special handling
	for i18n features.

2002-04-20  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* function.c (func_call): Don't mark the argument variables $1,
	etc. as recursive.  They've already been fully expanded so
	there's no need to do it again, and doing so strips escaped $'s.
	Reported by Sebastian Glita <>.

	* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Walk through double-colon
	entries via the prev field, not the next field!
	Reported by Greg McGary <>.

	* main.c (main): If the user specifies -q and asks for a specific
	target which is a makefile, we got an assert.  In that case it
	turns out we should continue normally instead.

	* i18n/de.po, i18n/fr.po: Installed an updated translation.

	* i18n/he.po: Installed a new translation.

2002-01-07  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* i18n/es.po, i18n/ru.po: Installed an updated translation.

2001-12-04  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* i18n/ja.po: Installed an updated translation.

2001-09-04  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* i18n/da.po: Installed an updated translation.

2001-08-03  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* i18n/fr.po: Installed an updated translation.
	Resolves Debian	bug #106720.

2001-06-13  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* i18n/da.po, (ALL_LINGUAS): Installed a new

2001-06-11  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* i18n/ko.po: Installed a new translation.

2001-05-06  Paul D. Smith  <>

	Modify the EINTR handling.

	* job.c (new_job): Reorganize the jobserver algorithm.  Reorder
	the way in which we manage the file descriptor/signal handler race
	trap to be more efficient.

2001-05-06  Paul Eggert  <>

	Restart almost all system calls that are interrupted, instead
	of worrying about EINTR.  The lone exception is the read() for
	job tokens.

	* (HAVE_SA_RESTART): New macro.
	(MAKE_JOBSERVER): Define to 1 only if HAVE_SA_RESTART.
	* main.c (main): Use SA_RESTART instead of the old,
	nonstandard SA_INTERRUPT.

	* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add bsd_signal.
	* main.c (bsd_signal): New function or macro,
	if the implementation doesn't supply it.
	(The bsd_signal function will be in POSIX 1003.1-200x.)
	(HANDLESIG): Remove.
	(main, FATAL_SIG): Use bsd_signal instead of signal or HANDLESIG.

	* make.h (EINTR_SET): Remove.
	(SA_RESTART): New macro.

	* arscan.c (ar_member_touch): Don't worry about EINTR.
	* function.c (func_shell): Likewise.
	* job.c (reap_children, free_child, new_job): Likewise.
	* main.c (main): Likewise.
	* remake.c (touch_file, name_mtime): Likewise.

	* arscan.c (ar_member_touch): Fix bug uncovered by EINTR removal;
	if fstat failed with errno!=EINTR, the error was ignored.

	* job.c (set_child_handler_action_flags): New function.
	(new_job): Use it to temporarily clear the SIGCHLD action flags
	while reading the token.

2001-05-02  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* job.c (start_job_command): Don't add define/endef per-line flags
	to the top-level flags setting.

2001-04-03  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* arscan.c (VMS_get_member_info,ar_scan) [VMS]: VMS sets the low
	bit on error, so check for odd return values, not non-0 return
	(VMS_get_member_info): Calculate the timezone differences correctly.
	Reported by John Fowler <>.

2001-03-14  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* variable.c (lookup_variable) [VMS]: Null-terminate the variable
	value before invoking define_variable().
	Reported by John Fowler <>.

2001-02-07  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* read.c (record_target_var): If we reset the variable due to a
	command-line variable setting overriding it, turn off the "append"

2001-01-17  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* variable.c (lookup_variable) [VMS]: When getting values from the
	environment, allocate enough space for the _value_ plus escapes,
	not enough space for the name plus escapes :-/.
	Reported by John Fowler <>.

	* remake.c (f_mtime): Removed the "***" prefix from the mod time
	warnings that make generates, so it doesn't look like an error.
	Reported by Karl Berry <>.

	Fix for PR/2020:  Rework appended target-specific variables.  I'm
	fairly confident this algorithm is finally correct.

	* expand.c (allocated_variable_append): Rewrite.  Instead of
	expanding each appended variable then adding all the expanded
	strings together, we append all the unexpanded values going up
	through the variable set contexts, then expand the final result.
	This behaves just like non-target-specific appended variable
	values, while the old way didn't in various corner cases.
	(variable_append): New function: recursively append the unexpanded
	value of a variable, walking from the outermost variable scope to
	the innermost.
	* variable.c (lookup_variable): Remove the code that looked up the
	variable set list if the found variable was "append".  We don't
	need this anymore.
	(lookup_variable_in_set): Make this non-static so we can use it
	(try_variable_definition): Use lookup_variable_in_set() rather
	than faking out current_variable_set_list by hand (cleanup).
	* variable.h: Add a prototype for the now non-static

2000-11-17  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* remake.c (f_mtime) [WINDOWS32]: On various advice, I changed the
	WINDOWS32 port to assume timestamps can be up to 3 seconds away
	before throwing a fit.

2000-11-17  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* read.c (readline): CRLF calculations had a hole, if you hit the
	buffer grow scenario just right.  Reworked the algorithm to avoid
	the need for len or lastlen at all.  Problem description with
	sample code chages provided by Chris Faylor <>.

2000-10-24  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* gettext.c (SWAP): Declare this with the prototype, otherwise
	some systems don't work (non-32-bit?  Reported for Cray T3E).
	Reported by Thorstein Thorsteinsson <>.

2000-10-05  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* acinclude.m4 (AM_LC_MESSAGES): Remove undefined macro
	AM_LC_MESSAGES; it doesn't seem to do anything anyway??

	* i18n/gl.po, (ALL_LINGUAS): New Galician translation.

2000-09-22  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* gettext.c: Don't #define _GETTEXT_H here; we only include some
	parts of the real gettext.h here, and we expect to really include
	the real gettext.h later.  If we keep this #define, it's ignored.

2000-09-21  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* main.c (log_working_directory): Rework the text to use complete
	sentences, to make life simpler for the translators.

2000-08-29  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* file.c (remove_intermediates): Print a debug message before we
	remove intermediate files, so the user (if she uses -d) knows
	what's going on.

2000-08-21  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Change how we handle
	target-specific append variable defns: instead of just setting the
	value, expand it as an append _but_ only within the current
	target's context.  Otherwise we lose all but the last value if the
	variable is appended more than once within the current target
	context.  Fixes PR/1831.

2000-08-16  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* function.c (func_shell): Nul-terminate the buffer before
	printing an exec error message (just in case it's not!).
	Fixes PR/1860, reported by Joey Hess <>.

2000-07-25  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Add "~" to the list of
	sh_chars[] which disallow optimizing out the shell call.

2000-07-23  Paul Eggert  <>

	* NEWS, make.texinfo: Document .LOW_RESOLUTION_TIME, which
	supersedes --disable-nsec-timestamps.
	* make.texinfo: Consistently use "time stamp" instead of "timestamp".
	* README: Remove --disable-nsec-timestamps.

	* filedef.h (struct file.low_resolution_time): New member.
	* file.c (snap_deps): Add support for .LOW_RESOLUTION_TIME.
	* remake.c (update_file_1):
	Avoid spurious rebuilds due to low resolution time stamps,
	generalizing the earlier code that applied only to archive members.
	(f_mtime): Archive members always have low resolution time stamps.

	* Remove --disable-nsec-timestamps, as this has
	been superseded by .LOW_RESOLUTION_TIME.

2000-07-23  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (enable_nsec_timestamps): Renamed from
	make_cv_nsec_timestamps, since enable/disable options
	shouldn't be cached.

2000-07-23  Bruno Haible  <>
       and  Paul Eggert  <>

	* file.c (file_timestamp_now):
	Use preprocessor-time check for FILE_TIMESTAMP_HI_RES
	so that clock_gettime is not linked unless needed.

	* filedef.h (FILE_TIMESTAMP_HI_RES):
	Remove definition; "configure" now does this.

	* (jm_AC_TYPE_UINTMAX_T): Move up,
	to before high resolution file timestamp check,
	since that check now uses uintmax_t.
	(FILE_TIMESTAMP_HI_RES): Define to nonzero if the code should use
	high resolution file timestamps.
	so that we don't link in clock_gettime unnecessarily.

2000-07-17  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* i18n/ja.po: New version of the translation file.

2000-07-07  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* remake.c (f_mtime): If NO_FLOAT is defined, don't bother with
	the offset calculation.
	(name_mtime): Replace EINTR test with EINTR_SET macro.

2000-07-07  Paul Eggert  <>

	Fix for PR/1811:

	* remake.c (update_file_1):
	Avoid spurious rebuilds of archive members due to their
	timestamp resolution being only one second.
	(f_mtime): Avoid spurious warnings of timestamps in the future due to
	the clock's resolution being lower than file timestamps'.
	When warning about future timestamps, report only the discrepancy,
	not the absolute value of the timestamp and the current time.

	* file.c (file_timestamp_now): New arg RESOLUTION.
	* filedef.h (file_timestamp_now): Likewise.
	(FILE_TIMESTAMP_NS): Now returns int.  All uses changed.

2000-07-05  Paul D. Smith  <>

	* variable.c (lookup_variable) [VMS]: Remove vestigial references
	to listp.  Fixes PR/1793.

2000-06-26  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (MAINTAINERCLEANFILES): New macro, with stamp-pot in it.

	* dir.c (vms_hash): Ensure ctype macro args are nonnegative.

	* remake.c (f_mtime): Remove unused var memtime.

2000-06-25  Martin Buchholz  <>

	* make.texinfo, NEWS, TODO.private: Minor spelling corrections.
	Ran spell-check	on make.texinfo.

See ChangeLog.2 for earlier changes.