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This is Info file diff.info, produced by Makeinfo-1.55 from the input
file ./diff.texi.

   This file documents the the GNU `diff', `diff3', `sdiff', and `cmp'
commands for showing the differences between text files and the `patch'
command for using their output to update files.

   Copyright (C) 1992, 1993, 1994 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

   Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this
manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are
preserved on all copies.

   Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of
this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided that
the entire resulting derived work is distributed under the terms of a
permission notice identical to this one.

   Permission is granted to copy and distribute translations of this
manual into another language, under the above conditions for modified
versions, except that this permission notice may be stated in a
translation approved by the Foundation.

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Concept Index

* Menu:

* cmp invocation:                       Invoking cmp.
* cmp options:                          cmp Options.
* diff3 hunks:                          diff3 Hunks.
* diff3 invocation:                     Invoking diff3.
* diff3 options:                        diff3 Options.
* diff3 sample input:                   Sample diff3 Input.
* diff invocation:                      Invoking diff.
* diff options:                         diff Options.
* diff sample input:                    Sample diff Input.
* ed script output format:              ed Scripts.
* ifdef output format:                  If-then-else.
* patch input format:                   patch Input.
* patch invocation:                     Invoking patch.
* patch messages and questions:         patch Messages.
* patch options:                        patch Options.
* sdiff invocation:                     Invoking sdiff.
* sdiff options:                        sdiff Options.
* sdiff output format:                  sdiff Option Summary.
* ! output format:                      Context.
* +- output format:                     Unified Format.
* <<<<<<< for marking conflicts:        Marking Conflicts.
* < output format:                      Normal.
* aligning tabstops:                    Tabs.
* alternate file names:                 Alternate Names.
* backup file names:                    Backups.
* binary file diff:                     Binary.
* binary file patching:                 Arbitrary Limits.
* blank and tab difference suppression: White Space.
* blank line difference suppression:    Blank Lines.
* brief difference reports:             Brief.
* bug reports:                          Bugs.
* C function headings:                  C Function Headings.
* C if-then-else output format:         If-then-else.
* case difference suppression:          Case Folding.
* columnar output:                      Side by Side.
* comparing three files:                Comparing Three Files.
* conflict:                             diff3 Merging.
* conflict marking:                     Marking Conflicts.
* context output format:                Context.
* diagnostics from patch:               patch Messages.
* diff merging:                         Interactive Merging.
* directories and patch:                patch Directories.
* directory structure changes:          Changing Structure.
* empty files, removing:                Empty Files.
* file name alternates:                 Alternate Names.
* file names with unusual characters:   Unusual File Names.
* format of diff3 output:               Comparing Three Files.
* format of diff output:                Output Formats.
* formats for if-then-else line groups: Line Group Formats.
* forward ed script output format:      Forward ed.
* full lines:                           Incomplete Lines.
* function headings, C:                 C Function Headings.
* fuzz factor when patching:            Inexact.
* headings:                             Sections.
* hunks:                                Hunks.
* hunks for diff3:                      diff3 Hunks.
* if-then-else output format:           If-then-else.
* imperfect patch application:          Imperfect.
* incomplete line merging:              Merging Incomplete Lines.
* incomplete lines:                     Incomplete Lines.
* inexact patches:                      Inexact.
* interactive merging:                  Interactive Merging.
* introduction:                         Comparison.
* invoking cmp:                         Invoking cmp.
* invoking diff3:                       Invoking diff3.
* invoking diff:                        Invoking diff.
* invoking patch:                       Invoking patch.
* invoking sdiff:                       Invoking sdiff.
* large files:                          Large Files.
* line formats:                         Line Formats.
* line group formats:                   Line Group Formats.
* merge commands:                       Merge Commands.
* merged diff3 format:                  Bypassing ed.
* merged output format:                 If-then-else.
* merging from a common ancestor:       diff3 Merging.
* merging interactively:                Merge Commands.
* messages from patch:                  patch Messages.
* multiple patches:                     Multiple Patches.
* newline treatment by diff:            Incomplete Lines.
* normal output format:                 Normal.
* options for cmp:                      cmp Options.
* options for diff3:                    diff3 Options.
* options for diff:                     diff Options.
* options for patch:                    patch Options.
* options for sdiff:                    sdiff Options.
* output formats:                       Output Formats.
* overlap:                              diff3 Merging.
* overlapping change, selection of:     Which Changes.
* overview of diff and patch:           Overview.
* paginating diff output:               Pagination.
* patch making tips:                    Making Patches.
* patching directories:                 patch Directories.
* performance of diff:                  diff Performance.
* projects for directories:             Shortcomings.
* RCS script output format:             RCS.
* regular expression matching headings: Specified Headings.
* regular expression suppression:       Specified Folding.
* reject file names:                    Rejects.
* removing empty files:                 Empty Files.
* reporting bugs:                       Bugs.
* reversed patches:                     Reversed Patches.
* sample input for diff3:               Sample diff3 Input.
* sample input for diff:                Sample diff Input.
* script output formats:                Scripts.
* section headings:                     Sections.
* side by side:                         Side by Side.
* side by side format:                  Side by Side Format.
* special files:                        Special Files.
* specified headings:                   Specified Headings.
* summarizing which files differ:       Brief.
* System V diff3 compatibility:         Saving the Changed File.
* tab and blank difference suppression: White Space.
* tabstop alignment:                    Tabs.
* text versus binary diff:              Binary.
* tips for patch making:                Making Patches.
* two-column output:                    Side by Side.
* unified output format:                Unified Format.
* unmerged change:                      Which Changes.
* white space in patches:               Changed White Space.