ChangeLog   [plain text]

Sat Oct  1 05:24:19 1994  Paul Eggert  <>

	* Version 2.7 released.

	(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Remove sys/wait.h.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add tmpnam.
	* system.h (<sys/wait.h>, WEXITSTATUS): Use simpler scheme
	now that HAVE_SYS_WAIT_H is not set on hosts
	that are incompatible with Posix applications.

	* util.c (dir_file_pathname): Use filename_lastdirchar not strrchr.
	* sdiff.c (expand_name): Likewise.
	(private_tempnam): Use tmpnam if HAVE_TMPNAM; this simplifies porting.
	(exists, letters): Omit if HAVE_TMPNAM.

	* diff3.c (read_diff): If STAT_BLOCKSIZE yields zero,
	adjust it to a more reasonable value.

Sat Sep 24 20:36:40 1994  Paul Eggert  <>

	* sdiff.c (exists, private_tempname): Adopt latest GNU libc algorithm.
	(private_tempnam): Specialize for sdiff to avoid portability problems.

Thu Sep 22 16:47:00 1994  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (AC_ARG_PROGRAM): Added.
	(AC_OUTPUT): Add [date > stamp-h].

	(check,, cmp.o, util.o): New targets.
	(edit_program_name): New variable; replaces old binprefix method.
	(install, uninstall): Use it.
	(binprefix): Removed.
	(distfiles): Add
	(clean): Clean stamp-h.
	(config.hin, config.h): Use time stamp files.
	(cmp_o): Add $(LIBOBJS).
	(install): Install info files from srcdir if they're not in `.'.

	* cmp.c, io.c (word): Don't define if already defined.

	* comp.c (main): Use setmode, not open(..., O_BINARY); this gets stdin.
	Use NULL_DEVICE instead of "/dev/null".
	(cmp): Use %lu instead of %ld when it is more likely to be right.

	* diff.h (PR_FILE_NAME): Rename to PR_PROGRAM and move to,

	* diff3.c (main): Give proper diagnostic if too many labels were given.
	(read_diff): Use SYSTEM_QUOTE_ARG.

	* system.h: <string.h>: Include if HAVE_STRING_H, too.
	<ctype.h>: Include here.  All includers changed.
	work around common <ctype.h> problems.
	(O_BINARY): Remove.
	(SYSTEM_QUOTE_ARG): New macros.

	* diff.c: Add comment.

	* util.c (PR_PROGRAM): Moved here from diff.h.
	(begin_output): Use SYSTEM_QUOTE_ARG.

	* io.c (read_files): Set mode to binary before returning 1.

	* sdiff.c (TMPDIR_ENV): New macro.
	(DEFAULT_EDITOR_PROGRAM): Renamed from DEFAULT_EDITOR for consistency.
	(expand_name): Change `isdir' to `is_dir' to avoid theoretical ctype
	namespace contamination.
	(main): Use SYSTEM_QUOTE_ARG.
	(private_tempnam): Don't access "/tmp" directly; use PVT_tmpdir.

Tue Sep 13 18:46:43 1994  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (AC_FUNC_MEMCHR): Remove.  Autoconf didn't adopt this,
	since we need not worry about an old experimental library
	where memchr didn't work.
	(AC_FUNC_MEMCMP): Not needed, since we only test for equality.
	(AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): Add test for memchr.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Check for memchr, not memcpy, since it'll be cached.
	(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add string.h; regex.c uses on some old hosts.

	* system.h (memcmp): Define in terms of bcmp.
	Use HAVE_MEMCHR to test for all mem* routines.

	* (srcs): Remove memcmp.c.
	We use bcmp if memcmp doesn't work, since we only test for equality.

Mon Sep 12 15:52:22 1994  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (AC_CONFIG_HEADER): Rename to config.hin.
	(AC_ISC_POSIX, AC_MINIX): Go back to these old names for Autoconf 2.
	(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Remove now-redundant check for <string.h>.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Check for strchr.
	macros when suitable.
	* memcmp.c: New file.
	* (CPPFLAGS, DEFS, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, prefix, exec_prefix):
	Default to autoconf-specified strings.
	(COMPILE): Use the defaults.
	(srcs): Add memcmp.c.
	(distfiles): Rename>config.hin,>install-sh.
	(Makefile, config.h, config.hin, config.status): Rework for
	compatibility with Autoconf 2.
	* io.c (binary_file_p): Assume non-broken memchr.
	* memchr.c: Assume compiler understands void *; otherwise
	we don't match GCC's internal declaration of memchr.
	* system.h: Use more modern autoconf approach to standard C headers.
	* version.c: Include <config.h>, not "config.h".

	* diff.c, diff.h (ignore_some_line_changes):
	New variable; replaces `length_varies'.
	(line_end_char): Replace with '\n'; it wasn't being used consistently.

	* io.c (find_and_hash_each_line): Fix inconsistencies with -b -w -i and
	incomplete lines.  Put incomplete lines into their own bucket.
	This means line_cmp no longer needs line length arguments,
	and equivalence classes' line lengths no longer need to include \n.
	Invoke line_cmp only if ignore_some_line_changes.
	(prepare_text_end): -B no longer ignores missing newlines.
	(read_files): Allocate another bucket for incomplete lines.

	* util.c (line_cmp): Now takes just two arguments.  No longer
	optimizes for common case of exact equality; the caller does that
	optimization now.  The caller is changed accordingly.
	Optimize for the common case of mostly equality.
	Use isupper+tolower instead of islower+toupper, for consistency.

	* waitpid.c (waitpid): Fix typo with internal scoping.

Thu Sep  8 08:23:15 1994  Paul Eggert  <>

	* Revamp for Autoconf 2.
	* memchr.c, waitpid.c: New source files for substitute functions.
	* (diff_o, diff3_o, sdiff_o): Add $(LIBOBJS).
	(srcs): Add memchr.c, waitpid.c.
	(distfiles): Add, memchr.c, waitpid.c,
	* system.h: Use Autoconf 2 style HAVE_DIRENT_H etc. macros for dirs.
	* dir.c (dir_sort): Prefer NAMLEN (p) to strlen (p->d_name).
	Change VOID_CLOSEDIR to CLOSEDIR_VOID for Autoconf 2.
	* sdiff.c, util.c (memchr, waitpid): Remove; use new substitutes.
	* diff3.c (read_diff): Use new waitpid substitute.

	* cmp.c, diff.c, diff3.c, sdiff.c (check_stdout, try_help): New fns.
	(usage): Just print more detailed usage message; let caller exit.
	* diff.c (option_help): New variable.
	(filetype): Add Posix.1b file types.

Fri Sep  2 16:01:49 1994  Paul Eggert  <>

	* Switch to new autoconf names.  Add sys/file.h test.
	* (distclean): Clean config.cache, config.log
	(used by new autoconf).

	* diff.c, diff3.c, (main), sdiff.c (trapsigs): If we'll have children,
	make sure SIGCHLD isn't ignored.

	* diff3.c (DIFF_CHUNK_SIZE): Removed.  Get size from STAT_BLOCKSIZE.
	(INT_STRLEN_BOUND): New macro.

	* ifdef.c (format_group, groups_letter_value):
	Use * instead of [] in prototypes.

	* system.h: Include <sys/file.h> only if HAVE_SYS_FILE_H.
	(S_IXGRP, S_IXOTH, S_IXUSR): Remove unused macros.

	* util.c (begin_output): Check fdopen result.

	The following changes simplify porting to non-Posix environments.
	* cmp.c, diff.c, diff3.c, sdiff.c, (main): Call initialize_main first.
	* diff.c (binary_I_O): New variable for --binary option.
	(main, usage, compare_files): Support --binary option.
	(compare_files): Use filename_lastdirchar to find last
	directory char in a file name.
	* cmp.c (main), diff.c (compare_files), dir.c (compare_names,
	diff_dirs): Use filename_cmp to compare file names.
	Use same_file to determine whether two files are the same.
	* context.c (print_context_label): Check whether ctime yields 0.
	* diff3.c (read_diff), sdiff.c (cleanup, main, waitpid),
	util.c (begin_output): Use popen+pclose if !HAVE_FORK.
	* io.c (sip): If HAVE_SETMODE, test for binary files in O_BINARY mode.
	* sdiff.c (ck_fdopen): Function removed.
	(edit): Use system if !HAVE_FORK.
	(execdiff): Now assumes caller has pushed all args, plus trailing 0.
	All callers changed.
	(private_tempnam): Try TMP if TMPDIR isn't defined.
	Fit temporary filenames into 8.3 limit.
	* system.h (STAT_BLOCKSIZE): Don't define if already defined.
	(min, max): Undef if already defined.
	(filename_cmp, filename_lastdirchar, HAVE_FORK, HAVE_SETMODE,
	initialize_main O_BINARY, same_file): New macros.

Fri Jun 17 11:23:53 1994  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* (info, dvi, diff.dvi): New targets.
	(clean): Remove TeX output files.

Fri Jun 17 05:37:52 1994  Paul Eggert  (

	* cmp.c, io.c (word): Change from typedef to #define, to avoid
	collision with Unicos 8.0 <sys/types.h>, which also typedefs `word'.

Thu Apr 15 00:53:01 1994  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff3.c (scan_diff_line), util.c (print_number_range): Don't
	rely on promotion to make the old-style parameter type agree
	with the prototype parameter type; this doesn't work on
	Apollos running bsd4.3.

Mon Jan  3 02:05:51 1994  Paul Eggert  (

	* (LDFLAGS): Remove -g.  Change all link commands
	to use both $(CFLAGS) and $(LDFLAGS).

Mon Dec 13 12:23:27 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* system.h: Don't assume dirent.h exists just because
	_POSIX_VERSION is defined.

Fri Dec  3 18:39:39 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff.c (main): allow -pu.

Tue Nov 23 03:51:08 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* (distclean): Remove config.h.

Wed Nov 10 00:28:27 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* Version 2.6 released.

	* analyze.c (too_expensive): New variable, for heuristic to
	limit the worst-case cost to O(N**1.5 log N) at the price of
	producing suboptimal output for large inputs with many differences.
	(diff_2_files): Initialize it.
	(struct partition): New type.
	(SNAKE_LIMIT): New macro; merely documents already-used number 20.
	(diag): New `minimal' arg; all callers changed.  Put results into
	struct partition.  Apply `too_expensive' heuristic.  Tune.
	(compareseq): New `minimal' arg; all callers changed.  Tune.
	(shift_boundaries): Improve heuristic to also coalesce adjacent runs
	of changes more often.

	* diff.c (long_options, main, usage): Add `--help'.
	(main): Send version number to stdout, not stderr.
	(usage): Send usage to stdout, not stderr.
	(compare_files): Initialize `inf' properly.

	* io.c (word): Change to `int'; it makes a big difference on x86.
	(sip, slurp): Put off allocating room to hold the whole file until we
	have to read the whole file.  This wins if the file turns out
	to be binary.

	* util.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): "virtual memory" -> "memory"
	(primes): Omit large primes if INT_MAX is small.

	* sdiff.c (usage): Send usage to stdout, not stderr.
	(long_options, main, usage): Add `--help'.
	(main): Send version number to stdout, not stderr.  Exit afterwards.

	* diff3.c (usage): Send usage to stdout, not stderr.
	(long_options, main, usage): Add `--help'.
	(read_diff): Detect integer overflow in buffer size calculations.

	* cmp.c (word): New type.  All uses of `long' for
	word-at-a-time comparisons changed to `word'.
	(long_options, main, usage): Add `--help'.
	(usage): Send usage to stdout, not stderr.
	(main): Add `-v'.  Send version number to stdout, not stderr.

	* (AC_HAVE_HEADERS): Add unistd.h; remove AC_UNISTD_H.

Mon Sep 27 07:20:24 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff.c (add_exclude_file): Cast memchr to (char *)
	to suppress bogus warnings on some nonstandard hosts.

	* (cmp): Add version.o.

	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): Work around memcmp bug with size=0.

	* cmp.c (main, usage, version_string): Add --version option.

	* system.h (malloc, realloc): Declare only if !HAVE_STDLIB_H.
	(memchr): Declare only if !HAVE_MEMCHR.  These changes are
	needed to keep some nonstandard hosts happy.

	* util.c (memchr): Make first arg char const *
	to match standard.
	(xmalloc, xrealloc): Cast malloc, realloc
	to (VOID *) to suppress bogus warnings on some nonstandard hosts.

	* diff3.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Cast malloc, realloc
	to (VOID *) to suppress bogus warnings on some nonstandard hosts.

	* sdiff.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Cast malloc, realloc
	to (VOID *) to suppress bogus warnings on some nonstandard hosts.
	(lf_copy, lf_skip, lf_snarf): Cast memchr to (char *)
	to suppress bogus warnings on some nonstandard hosts.
	(memchr): Make first arg char const *
	to match standard.

Mon Sep 27 00:23:37 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* Version 2.5 released.

	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): Work around memcmp bug with size=0.

	* cmp.c (main, usage, version_string): Add --version option.
	* (cmp): Add version.o.

	* diff.c (add_exclude_file): Cast memchr to (char *)
	to suppress bogus warnings on some nonstandard hosts.
	* sdiff.c (lf_copy, lf_skip, lf_snarf): Likewise.

	* diff3.c, sdiff.c, util.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Cast malloc, realloc
	to (VOID *) to suppress bogus warnings on some nonstandard hosts.

	* sdiff.c, util.c (memchr): Make first arg char const *
	to match standard.

	* system.h (malloc, realloc): Declare only if !HAVE_STDLIB_H.
	(memchr): Declare only if !HAVE_MEMCHR.  These changes are
	needed to keep some nonstandard hosts happy.

	* xmalloc.c: Include <sys/types.h> always; some nonstandard hosts
	need it for size_t even if STDC_HEADERS.

Sat Sep 18 01:33:07 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* system.h (S_IS{BLK,CHR,DIR,FIFO,REG,SOCK}): Fix defns if

	* (diff3, sdiff, cmp): Do not link $(ALLOCA).

	* analyze.c (discard_confusing_lines): Make defn static, like decl.
	* sdiff.c (xmalloc): Likewise.

	* ifdef.c (format_group): Ensure isdigit argument isn't < 0.

	* side.c (print_half_line): Use isprint, since some hosts lack isgraph.
	* util.c (output_1_line): Likewise.  Ensure its argument isn't < 0.
	(xmalloc, xrealloc): Remove needless casts.

	* system.h (volatile, const):
	Define these before including any system headers,
	so that they're used consistently in all system includes.
	(getenv, malloc, realloc): Declare even if HAVE_STDLIB_H, since some
	<stdlib.h>s don't declare them.
	(memchr): Likewise for <string.h>.

	* cmp.c, diff3.c, diff.h, sdiff.c: Include "system.h" first.
	* diff.c: Remove redundant "system.h" inclusion.

	* diff3.c (xmalloc): Now static.
	(xmalloc, realloc): Remove needless casts.
	(READNUM): Ensure isdigit argument isn't negative.

Wed Sep 14 07:14:15 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* Version 2.4 released.

	* ifdef.c (scan_char_literal): New function, for new %c'x' and
	%c'\ooo' format specs.
	(format_group, print_ifdef_lines): Use it.  Remove %0 format spec.

	* cmp.c (cmp): Don't try to read past end of file; this doesn't
	work on ttys.

	* system.h, version.c: #include <config.h>, not "config.h", to allow
	configuring in a separate directory when the source directory has
	already been configured.
	* (COMPILE): New defn, with proper -I options so that
	`#include <config.h>' works.
	(.c.o, diff3.o, sdiff.o): Use it.

Mon Sep 13 06:45:43 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff.c (main, longopts): Add --line-format=FORMAT option.
	(specify_format): Args no longer const pointers.  All callers changed.

	* ifdef.c: Add support for %?c, %(A=B?T:E), PRINTF_SPECn formats.
	(struct group): New struct.
	(print_ifdef_lines): Use it to simplify argument passing.
	Remove the convention that last arg -1 signifies that the lines
	from file 2 are the same as the lines from file 1; this
	convention no longer works, now that line numbers might be
	printed out, since the line numbers may differ.
	Add first FILE * argument to output to.  All callers changed.
	Use a faster test for the single-fwrite optimization.
	(format_group, scan_printf_spec, groups_letter_value): New functions.

	* diff.h (group_format, line_format): No longer const pointers.
	(format_ifdef): 1st arg is no longer const pointer.

	* system.h <limits.h>, <stdlib.h>, <string.h>:
	Include only if HAVE_LIMITS_H etc.

	* system.h (memcmp, memcpy, strchr, strrchr, struct dirent): Prefer
	these standard names to the traditional names (bcmp, bcpy, index,
	rindex, struct direct).  All callers changed.

	* system.h (PARAMS, VOID):
	Define earlier so that malloc decl can use VOID.
	(STAT_BLOCKSIZE): Simplify ersatz defn; just use 8K.

Fri Sep  3 00:21:02 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff.c (compare_files): Two files with the same name must be
	the same file; avoid a needless `stat' in that case.

Fri Aug 27 06:59:03 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* Pervasive changes for portability to 64-bit hosts:
	Add prototypes to function declarations.
	Use size_t, not int, when needed.

	* Other pervasive changes:
	Use `const' more often.
	Use STD{IN,OUT,ERR}_FILENO instead of [012].
	Use 0, not NULL, for portability to broken hosts.

	* (srcs, objs, distfiles, cmp): New files cmpbuf.[ch].
	(distfiles): New files, mkinstalldirs.
	(.c.o): Add -DHAVE_CONFIG_H.

	* analyze.c: (diag): Pacify `gcc -Wall' with a useless assignment.
	(diff_2_files): Use l.c.m., not max, of files' buffer sizes.

	* cmp.c: Make globals static when possible.

	(file): Now a 2-element array; replaces `file1' and `file2'.
	(file_desc, buffer): Likewise, for file[12]_desc and buf[12].
	(main): Likewise, for stat_buf[12].  Index these variables with `i'.

	(ignore_initial): New var.
	(long_options): Now const.  Add `--ignore-initial'.
	(usage): Sort options and add `--ignore-initial'.
	(main, cmp): Add `--ignore-initial' support.

	(main): `cmp - -' now succeeds.
	When comparing standard input to a file, and using a shortcut (e.g.
	looking at file sizes or inode numbers), take the lseek offset into
	account before deciding whether the files are identical.
	Avoid mentioning `dev_t', `ino_t' for portability to nonstandard hosts.
	Use l.c.m. of files' buffer sizes, not 8 * 1024.
	ferror (stdout) does not imply errno has a useful value.
	If 2nd file is "-", treat it first, in case stdin is closed.

	(cmp): Always compute `char_number', `smaller' for speed and simplicity.
	Say `cmp: EOF on input', not `/usr/gnu/bin/cmp: EOF on input',
	as per Posix.2.

	(block_compare_and_count): Increment line_number argument.
	Remove end_char argument; it's always '\n'.  All callers changed.
	Do not assume sizeof(long) == 4; this isn't true on some 64-bit hosts.
	(block_compare): Minimize differences with block_compare_and_count.

	(block_read): Coalesce `bp += nread's.

	(printc): Remove `FILE *' arg; output to stdout.  All callers changed.

	Configure into config.h.

	* context.c (print_context_label):
	Standard input's st_mtime is no longer a special case
	here, since `compare_files' now sets it to the current time.

	* diff.c (usage): Sort options.
	(filetype): New function.
	(compare_files): Set stdin's st_mtime to be the current time.
	Leave its name "-" instead of changing it to "Standard Input";
	to test whether a file is stdin, we must compare its name to "-" instead
	of its desc to 0, since if it's closed other file descs may be 0.
	When comparing standard input to a file, and using a shortcut (e.g.
	looking at file sizes or inode numbers), take the lseek offset into
	account before deciding whether the files are identical.
	Pretend that nonexistent files have the same filetype as existing files.
	Rename `errorcount' to `failed', since it's boolean.
	In directory comparisons, if a file is neither a regular file nor a
	directory, just print its type and the other file's type.

	* diff.h (Is_space, textchar): Remove.
	(struct msg, msg_chain, msg_chain_end): Move to util.c.
	(VOID): Move to system.h.
	(line_cmp, version_string, change_letter, print_number_range,
	find_change): New decls.

	* diff.texi:
	whitespace -> white space.  It now stands for whatever isspace yields.
	Add --ignore-initial.

	* diff3.c (VOID): Move to system.h.
	(version_string): Now char[].
	(usage): Sort options.
	(process_diff): Pacify `gcc -Wall' with a useless assignment.
	(read_diff): pid is of type pid_t, not int.  Use waitpid if available.
	(output_diff3): Simplify test for `\ No newline at end of file' message.

	* dir.c (struct dirdata): Rename `files' to `names' to avoid confusion
	with external struct file_data `files'.

	* io.c (line_cmp): Move declaration to diff.h.
	(textchar): Remove.
	(find_and_hash_each_line): Use locale's definition of white space
	instead of using one hardwired defn for -b and another for -w.

	* normal.c (change_letter, print_number_range, find_change):
	Move decls to diff.h.
	(print_normal_hunk): Now static.

	* sdiff.c (SEEK_SET): Move to system.h.
	(version_string): Now char[], not char*.
	(private_tempnam): Remove hardcoded limit on temporary file names.
	(exiterr, perror_fatal, main): When exiting because of a signal,
	exit with that signal's status.
	(lf_refill, main, skip_white, edit, interact): Check for signal.
	(ignore_SIGINT): Renamed from `ignore_signals'.
	(NUM_SIGS, initial_handler): New macros.
	(initial_action, signal_received, sigs_trapped): New vars.
	(catchsig, trapsigs): Use sigaction if possible, since this closes the
	windows of vulnerability that `signal' has.  Use RETSIGTYPE not void.
	When a signal comes in, just set a global variable; this is safer.
	(checksigs, untrapsig): New functions.
	(edit): Pacify `gcc -Wall' with a useless assignment.
	Respond to each empty line with help, not to every other empty line.
	(private_tempnam): Remove hardcoded limit on temporary file name length.
	Don't assume sizeof (pid_t) <= sizeof (int).

	* system.h: (S_IXOTH, S_IXGRP, S_IXUSR,
	New macros, if system doesn't define them.
	(volatile): Don't define if already defined.
	(PARAMS): New macro.
	(VOID): Move here from diff.h.

	* util.c (struct msg, msg_chain, msg_chain_end): Moved here from diff.h.
	(message5): New function.
	(pr_pid): New var.
	(begin_output): Allocate `name' more precisely.
	Put child pid into pr_pid, so that we can wait for it later.
	Don't check execl's return value, since any return must be an error.
	(finish_output): Detect and report output errors.
	Use waitpid if available.  Check pr exit status.
	(line_cmp): Use locale's definition of white space
	instead of using one hardwired defn for -b and another for -w.
	(analyze_cmp): Avoid double negation with `! nontrivial'.
	Pacify `gcc -Wall' be rewriting for-loop into do-while-loop.
	(dir_file_pathname): New function.

	* version.c (version_string): Now char[], not char*.

Thu Jul 29 20:44:30 1993  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* (config.status): Run config.status --recheck, not
	configure, to get the right args passed.

Thu Jul 22 10:46:30 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* (dist): Replace `if [ ! TEST ]; then ACTION; fi'
	with `[ TEST ] || ACTION || exit' so that the containing for-loop exits
	with proper status for `make'.

Thu Jul  8 19:47:22 1993  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* (installdirs): New target.
	(install): Use it.
	(Makefile, config.status, configure): New targets.

Sat Jun  5 23:10:40 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* (dist): Switch from .z to .gz.

Wed May 26 17:16:02 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff.c (main): Cast args to compare_files, for traditional C.
	* side.c (print_sdiff_common_lines_print_sdiff_hunk): Likewise.
	* analyze.c, diff3.c, sdiff.c, util.c: Don't assume NULL is defined

Tue May 25 14:54:05 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* analyze.c (diff_2_files):  With -q, do not report that files differ
	if all their differences are ignored.
	(briefly_report): New function.
	* diff.h (ignore_some_changes): New variable.
	* diff.c (compare_files): Don't use the file size shortcut if
	ignore_some_changes is nonzero, since the file size may differ
	merely due to ignored changes.
	(main):  Set ignore_some_changes if we might ignore some changes.
	Remove unsystematic assignment of 0 to static vars.
	* io.c (read_files): New argument PRETEND_BINARY says whether to
	pretend the files are binary.

	* diff3.c (tab_align_flag): New variable, for new -T option.
	(main, usage, output_diff3): Add support for -T.

Sun May 23 15:25:29 1993  Richard Stallman  (

	* dir.c (dir_sort): Always init `data' to avoid GCC warning.

Sat May 22 15:35:02 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* (dist): Change name of package from diff to diffutils.
	Don't bother to build .Z dist; .z suffices.

Fri May 21 16:35:22 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff.c: Include "system.h" to get memchr declaration.
	* system.h (memchr): Declare if !HAVE_MEMCHR, not if

Wed May 19 17:43:55 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* Version 2.3 released.

Fri Apr 23 17:18:44 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* io.c (find_identical_ends): Do not discard the last HORIZON_LINES
	lines of the prefix, or the first HORIZON_LINES lines of the suffix.
	* diff.c (main, longopts, usage): Add --horizon-lines option.
	* diff3.c (main, process_diff, read_diff): Invoke second diff
	with --horizon-lines determined by the first diff.
	* diff.h, diff3.c (horizon_lines): New variable.

Mon Mar 22 16:16:00 1993  Roland McGrath  (

	* system.h [HAVE_STRING_H || STDC_HEADERS] (bcopy, bcmp, bzero):
	Don't define if already defined.

Fri Mar  5 00:20:16 1993  Richard Stallman  (

	* diff.c (main): Use NULL in arg to compare_files.

Thu Feb 25 15:26:01 1993  Roland McGrath  (

	* system.h: Declare memchr #if !HAVE_MEMCHR && !STDC_HEADERS,

Mon Feb 22 15:04:46 1993  Richard Stallman  (

	* io.c (find_identical_ends): Move complicated arg outside GUESS_LINES.

Mon Feb 22 12:56:12 1993  Roland McGrath  (

	* (.c.o): Add -I$(srcdir); put $(CFLAGS) last before $<.

Sat Feb 20 19:18:56 1993  Richard Stallman  (

	* io.c (binary_file_p): Return zero if file size is zero.

Fri Feb 19 17:31:32 1993  Roland McGrath  (

	* Version 2.2 released.

	* system.h [HAVE_STRING_H || STDC_HEADERS] (index, rindex): Don't
	define if already defined.

Wed Feb 17 17:08:00 1993  Roland McGrath  (

	* (srcs): Remove limits.h.

Thu Feb 11 03:36:00 1993  Richard Stallman  (

	* diff3.c (xmalloc): No longer static.

	* sdiff.c (edit): Allocate buf dynamically.

	* dir.c (dir_sort): Handle VOID_CLOSEDIR.

Wed Feb 10 00:15:54 1993  Richard Stallman  (

	* limits.h: File deleted (should never have been there).

Tue Feb  9 03:53:22 1993  Richard Stallman  (

	* (.c.o, diff3.o, sdiff.o): Put $(CFLAGS) last.

Wed Feb  3 15:42:10 1993  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* system.h: Don't #define const; let configure do it.

Mon Feb  1 02:13:23 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* Version 2.1 released.

	* (dist): Survive ln failures.  Create .tar.z
	(gzipped tar) file as well as .tar.Z (compressed tar) file.

Fri Jan  8 22:31:41 1993  Paul Eggert  (

	* side.c (print_half_line): When the input position falls
	outside the column, do not output a tab even if the output
	position still falls within the column.

Mon Dec 21 13:54:36 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* (.c.o): Add -I.

Fri Dec 18 14:08:20 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* Add HAVE_FCNTL_H, since system.h uses it.

Tue Nov 24 10:06:48 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* Note change from USG to HAVE_STRING_H.

Mon Nov 23 18:44:00 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* io.c (find_and_hash_each_line): When running out of lines,
	double the number of allocated lines, instead of just doubling
	that number minus the prefix lines.  This is more likely to
	avoid the need for further memory allocation.

Wed Nov 18 20:40:28 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* dir.c (dir_sort): Plug memory leak: space holding directory
	contents was not being reclaimed.  Get directory size from
	struct file_data for initial guess at memory needed.
	Detect errors when reading and closing directory.
	(diff_dirs): Pass struct file_data to dir_sort.  Finish plugging leak.
	* diff.c (compare_files): Pass struct file_data to diff_dirs.

	* io.c (find_and_hash_each_line): Don't assume alloc_lines is
	nonzero when allocating more lines.

Thu Nov 12 16:02:18 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff.c (main): Add `-U lines' as an alias for `--unified=lines'.

	* diff3.c (usage): Add third --label option in example.

	* util.c (analyze_hunk): Fix test for ignoring blank lines.

	*, system.h: Avoid USG; use HAVE_TIME_H etc. instead.

Mon Nov  9 05:13:25 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff3.c (main, usage): Add -A or --show-all.
	-m now defaults to -A, not -E.  Allow up to three -L options.
	(output_diff3_edscript, output_diff3_merge):
	Remove spurious differences between these two functions.
	Output ||||||| for -A.  Distinguish between conflicts and overlaps.
	(dotlines, undotlines): New functions that output `Ns', not `N,Ns'.
	(output_diff3_edscript, output_diff3_merge): Use them.

	* io.c (find_identical_ends): shift_boundaries needs an extra
	identical line at the end, not at the beginning.

	* sdiff.c (edit): execvp wants char **, not const char **.

Mon Oct 19 04:39:32 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* context.c (print_context_script, find_function): Context
	line numbers start with - file->prefix_lines, not 0.

	* io.c (binary_file_p): Undo last change; it was a library bug.

Sun Oct 18 00:17:29 1992  Richard Stallman  (

	* io.c (binary_file_p): Consider empty file as non-binary.

Mon Oct  5 05:18:46 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff3.c (main, make_3way_diff, using_to_diff3_block): Don't
	report bogus differences (for one of -mexEX3) just because the
	file0-file1 diffs don't line up with the file0-file2 diffs.
	(This is entirely possible since we don't use diff's -n
	option.)  Always compare file1 to file2, so that diff3 sees
	those changes directly.  Typically, file2 is now the common
	file, not file0.
	(output_diff3_merge): The input file is file 0, not the common file.

	(FC, FO): New macros; they replace FILE1, FILE0 for two-way diffs,
	to distinguish them from three-way diffs.

	* diff3.c (using_to_diff3_block): Fold repeated code into loops.

	* diff3.c (make_3way_diff, process_diff): Have the *_end
	variable point to the next field to be changed, not to the last
	object allocated; this saves an if-then-else.

	* diff3.c (process_diff): Use D_NUMLINES instead of its definiens.

	* diff3.c: Make fns and vars static unless they must be external.

Wed Sep 30 09:21:59 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): OUTPUT_IFDEF is now robust.
	* diff.h (ROBUST_OUTPUT_STYLE): Likewise.
	(default_line_format): Remove.  All refs removed.

	* ifdef.c (print_ifdef_lines): Add %L.  Optimize %l\n even if user
	specified it, as opposed to its being the default.

Tue Sep 29 19:01:28 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff.c (longopts, main): --{old,new,unchanged,changed}--group-format
	are new options, so that -D is no longer overloaded.  Set
	no_diff_means_no_output if --unchanged-{line,group}-format allows it.
	* diff.h (enum line_class): New type.
	(group_format, line_format): Use it to regularize option flags.
	All refs changed.

	* ifdef.c (format_ifdef, print_ifdef_lines): %n is no longer a format.

Mon Sep 28 04:51:42 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff.c (main, usage): Replace --line-prefix with the more general
	--{old,new,unchanged}-line-format options.
	* ifdef.c (format_ifdef, print_ifdef_lines): Likewise.
	* diff.h (line_format): Renamed from line_prefix.  All refs changed.
	* diff.h, ifdef.c (default_line_format): New variable.
	* util.c (output_1_line): New function.
	(print_1_line): Use it.

	* ifdef.c: (format_ifdef, print_ifdef_lines): Add %0 format.

Sun Sep 27 05:38:13 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff.c (main): Add -E or --line-prefix option.  Add -D'=xxx'
	for common lines.  Change default -D< format from copy of -D>
	format to to -D<%<; similarly for default -D> format.
	* diff.h (common_format, line_prefix): New variables.
	* ifdef.c (format_ifdef): New function.
	(print_ifdef_script, print_ifdef_hunk, print_ifdef_lines):
	Use it for -D'=xxx', -E.

	* context.c (find_hunk): Glue together two non-ignorable changes that
	are exactly CONTEXT * 2 lines apart.  This shortens output, removes
	a behavioral discontinuity at CONTEXT = 0, and is more compatible
	with traditional diff.

	* io.c (find_identical_ends): Slurp stdin at most once.

	* util.c (print_line_line): line_flag is const char *.

Thu Sep 24 15:18:07 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* ifdef.c (print_ifdef_lines): New function, which fwrites a sequence
	of lines all at once for speed.
	(print_ifdef_script, print_ifdef_hunk): Use it.

Thu Sep 24 05:54:14 1992  Paul Eggert  (

	* diff.c (main): Support new -D options for if-then-else formats.
	(specify_format): New function.
	* diff.h (ifndef_format, ifdef_format, ifnelse_format): New variables.
	* ifdef.c (print_ifdef_hunk): Use the new variables instead of
	a hardwired format.

	* side.c (print_1sdiff_line): Represent incomplete lines on output.
	(print_sdiff_script): Likewise.  Don't print 'q' at end,
	since that doesn't work with incomplete lines.
	* sdiff.c (interact): Don't assume diff output ends with 'q' line.
	* diff.h (ROBUST_OUTPUT_STYLE): OUTPUT_SDIFF is now robust.

	* sdiff.c (lf_copy, lf_snarf): Use memchr instead of index,
	to avoid dumping core when files contain null characters.
	(memchr): New function (if memchr is missing).

	* io.c (sip): New arg SKIP_TEST to skip test for binary file.
	(read_files): Don't bother testing second file if first is binary.

Thu Sep 17 21:17:49 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* system.h [!USG && !_POSIX_VERSION]: Protect from conflicting
	prototype for wait in sys/wait.h.

Wed Sep 16 12:32:18 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* Include binprefix in -DDIFF_PROGRAM.

Tue Sep 15 14:27:25 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* Version 2.0.

Sat Sep 12 01:31:19 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* util.c, diff.h, system.h [!HAVE_MEMCHR]: Don't use void *
	and const when declaring memchr replacement.  Declare memchr

Thu Sep 10 15:17:32 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* (uninstall): New target.

	* diff.c (excluded_filename): Use fnmatch, not wildmat.
	(usage): Document -x, -X, --exclude, --exclude-from. Use fnmatch.c, not wildmat.c.

Sun Sep  6 23:46:25 1992  Paul Eggert (

	* diff.h, util.c: Use it instead of MEMCHR_MISSING.

Sun Sep  6 07:25:49 1992  Paul Eggert (

	* diff.h: (struct line_def): Replace this 3-word struct with char *.
	This uses less memory, particularly for large files with short lines.
	(struct file_data): New member linbuf_base counts number of lines
	in common prefix that are not recorded in linbuf;
	this uses less memory if files are identical or differ only at end.
	New member buffered_lines counts possibly differing lines.
	New member valid_lines counts valid data.
	New member alloc_lines - linbuf_base replaces old linbufsize.
	linbuf[0] now always points at first differing line.
	Remove unused members ltran, suffix_lines.
	Add const where appropriate.
	(Is_space): New macro, for consistent definition of `white space'.
	(excluded_filename, memchr, sip, slurp): New declarations.
	* ed.c (print_ed_hunk): Adjust to diff.h's struct changes.
	* context.c (pr_context_hunk): Likewise.
	* ifdef.c (print_ifdef_script): Likewise.
	* side.c (print_sdiff_script, print_half_line): Likewise.
	* util.c (analyze_hunk, line_cmp, print_1_line): Likewise.

	* analyze.c (shift_boundaries): Remove unneeded variable `end' and
	unnecessary comparisons of `preceding' and `other_preceding' against 0.
	(diff_2_files): When comparing files byte-by-byte for equality,
	don't slurp them all in at once; just compare them a buffer at a time.
	This can win big if they differ early on.
	Move some code to compare_files to enable this change.
	Use only one buffer for stdin with `diff - -'.
	(discard_confusing_lines, diff_2_files): Coalesce malloc/free calls.
	(build_script): Remove obsolete OUTPUT_RCS code.

	* diff.c (add_exclude, add_exclude_file, excluded_filename): New fns.
	(main): Use them for the new --exclude and --exclude-from options.
	(compare_files): Don't open a file unless it must be read.
	Treat `diff file file' and `diff file dir' similarly.
	Move some code here from diff_2_files to enable this.
	Simplify file vs dir warning.

	* dir.c (dir_sort): Support new --exclude* options.

	* io.c (struct equivclass): Put hash code and line length here instead
	of struct line_def, so that they can be shared.
	(find_and_hash_each_line): Compute equivalence class as we go,
	instead of doing it in a separate pass; this thrashes memory less.
	Make buckets realloc-able, since we can't preallocate them.
	Record one more line start than there are lines, so that we can compute
	any line's length by subtracting its start from the next line's,
	instead of storing the length explicitly.  This saves memory.
	Move prefix-handling code to find_identical_ends;
	this wins with large prefixes.
	Use Is_space, not is_space, for consistent treatment of white space.
	(prepare_text_end): New function.
	(find_identical_ends): Move slurping here, so it's only done when
	needed.  Work even if the buffers are the same (because of `diff - -').
	Compare prefixes a word at a time for speed.
	(find_equiv_class): Delete; now done by find_and_hash_each_line.
	(read_files): Don't slurp unless needed.
	find_equiv_class's work is now folded into find_and_hash_each_line.
	Don't copy stdin buffer if `diff - -'.
	Check for running out of primes.
	(sip, slurp): Split first part of `slurp' into another function `sip'.
	`sip' sets things up and perhaps reads the first ST_BLKSIZE buffer to
	see whether the file is binary; `slurp' now just finishes the job.
	This lets diff_2_files compare binary files lazily.
	Allocate a one-word sentinel to allow word-at-a-time prefix comparison.
	Count prefix lines only if needed, only count the first file's prefix.
	Don't bother to count suffix lines; it's never needed.
	Set up linbuf[0] to point at first differing line.
	(binary_file_p): Change test for binary files:
	if it has a null byte in its first buffer, it's binary.
	(primes): Add more primes.

	* util.c (line_cmp): Use bcmp for speed.
	Use Is_space, not is_space, for consistent treatment of white space.
	(translate_line_number): Internal line numbers now count from 0
	starting after the prefix.
	(memchr): New function (if memchr is missing).

	* Document HAVE_ST_BLKSIZE.  Link with wildmat.o.
	* system.h (STAT_BLOCKSIZE): New macro based on HAVE_ST_BLKSIZE.
	* wildmat.c: New file.

Fri Sep  4 01:28:51 1992  Richard Stallman  (

	* sdiff.c (xmalloc): Renamed from ck_malloc.  Callers changed.

Thu Sep  3 15:28:59 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* diff.h: Don't declare free, index, rindex.

Tue Aug 11 22:18:06 1992  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* io.c (binary_file_p):  Use heuristic to avoid declaring info
	files as binary files.  Allow about 1.5% non-printing
	characters (in info's case, ^_).

Tue Jul  7 01:09:26 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* diff.h: Replace function_regexp and ignore_regexp with lists
	of compiled regexps.
	* analyze.c, context.c, util.c: Test whether the lists, not
	the old variables, are empty.
	* util.c (analyze_hunk), context.c (find_function): Compare
	lines with the lists of regexps.
	* diff.c (add_regexp): New function.
	(main): Use it.

	* diff3: Add -v --version option.
	* Link with version.o.

	* system.h: New file.
	* diff.h, cmp.c, diff3.c, sdiff.c: Use it.

	* diff.h, diff3.c: Include string.h or strings.h, as appropriate.
	Declare malloc and realloc.

	* diff3.c (perror_with_exit): Include program name in message.

	* diff3.c: Lowercase error messages for GNU standards.

	* sdiff.c [USG || STDC_HEADERS]: Define bcopy in terms of memcpy.

	* sdiff.c: Use the version number from version.c.
	* Link with version.o.

	* cmp.c error.c xmalloc.c: New files from textutils.
	* Add rules for them.

	* diff.c (longopts): --unidirectional-new-file is like -P, not -N.
	Rename --file-label to --label (leave old name, but undocumented).

	* sdiff.c, diff.c (usage): Condense messages and fix some errors.

	* diff3.c (main, usage): Add long-named options.

Fri Jul  3 14:31:18 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* diff.h, diff3.c, sdiff.c: Change FOO_MISSING macros to HAVE_FOO.

Thu Jun 25 16:59:47 1992  David J. MacKenzie  (

	* diff.c: --reversed-ed -> --forward-ed.

Wed Feb 26 12:17:32 1992  Paul Eggert  (eggert@yata.uucp)

	* analyze.c, diff.c, diff.h, io.c: For -y, compare even if same file.

Fri Feb 14 22:46:38 1992  Richard Stallman  (

	* io.c, diff3.c, analyze.c: Add extra parentheses.

Sun Feb  9 00:22:42 1992  Richard Stallman  (

	* diff.h (unidirectional_new_file_flag): New variable.
	* diff.c (main): Set that for -P.
	(compare_files): Support -P, somewhat like -N.
	(longopts): Support long name for -P.

Sat Jan  4 20:10:34 1992  Paul Eggert (eggert at yata.uucp)

	* Distribute* too.

	* README, sdiff.c: version number now matches version.c.

	* configure: Fix and document vfork test.

	* ifdef.c: Don't dump core if `diff -Dx f f'.

Mon Dec 23 23:36:08 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* diff.h, diff3.c, sdiff.c: Change POSIX ifdefs to

Wed Dec 18 17:00:31 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* (srcs): Add sdiff.c.
	(tapefiles): Add diff.texi and

	* diff.h, diff3.c, sdiff.c: Use HAVE_VFORK_H instead of

Tue Dec 17 00:02:59 1991  Paul Eggert  (eggert at yata.uucp)

	* (all): Add, sdiff.

	* configure, diff.c, sdiff.c:
	Prefix long options with `--', not `+'.
	* diff.c: Regularize option names.

	* configure: Fix check for vfork.
	* configure, diff.c, diff.h, diff3.c, sdiff.c:
	Use Posix definitions when possible.

	* context.c: Align context with tab if -T is given.  Tune.
	* diff.c, diff.h, side.c: Calculate column widths so that tabs line up.
	* io.c: Add distinction between white space and printing chars.
	* side.c: Don't expand tabs unless -t is given.
	* side.c, util.c: Tab expansion now knows about '\b', '\f', '\r', '\v'.
	* util.c: -w skips all white space.  Remove lint.  Tune.

	* sdiff.c: Support many more diff options, e.g. `-', `sdiff file dir'.
	Ignore interrupts while the subsidiary editor is in control.
	Clean up temporary file and kill subsidiary diff if interrupted.
	Ensure subsidiary diff doesn't ignore SIGPIPE.
	Don't get confused while waiting for two subprocesses.
	Don't let buffers overflow.  Check for I/O errors.
	Convert to GNU style.  Tune.

	* sdiff.c, util.c: Don't lose errno.
	Don't confuse sdiff with messages like `Binary files differ'.
	* sdiff.c, side.c: Don't assume that common lines are identical.
	Simplify --sdiff-merge-assist format.

Mon Sep 16 16:42:01 1991  Tom Lord  (lord at

	*, sdiff.c: introduced sdiff front end to diff.

	*, analyze.c, diff.c, diff.h, io.c, side.c: Added
	sdiff-style output format to diff.

Mon Aug 26 16:44:55 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	*, configure: Only put $< in Makefile if using VPATH,
	because older makes don't understand it.

Fri Aug  2 12:22:30 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at apple-gunkies)

	* configure: Create config.status.  Remove it and Makefile if
	interrupted while creating them.

Thu Aug  1 22:24:31 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at apple-gunkies)

	* configure: Check for +srcdir etc. arg and look for in that directory.  Set VPATH if srcdir is not `.'.
	* Get rid of $(archpfx).

Tue Jul 30 21:28:44 1991  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* (prefix): Renamed from DESTDIR.

Wed Jul 24 23:08:56 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* diff.h, diff3.c: Rearrange ifdefs to use POSIX,
	more systems that aren't pure USG or BSD.
	Don't not define const if __GNUC__ is defined -- that would
	break with -traditional.
	* configure: Check for those features.

Wed Jul 10 01:39:23 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* configure, $(INSTALLPROG) -> $(INSTALL).

Sat Jul  6 16:39:04 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* Replace Makefile with configure and
	Update README with current compilation instructions.

Sat Jul  6 14:03:29 1991  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* util.c (setup_output): Just save the args for later use.
	(begin_output): Do the real work, with the values that were saved.
	It's safe to call begin_output more than once.
	Print the special headers for context format here.
	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): Don't print special headers here.
	* context.c (pr_context_hunk, pr_unidiff_hunk): Call begin_output.
	* ed.c (print_ed_hunk, print_forward_ed_hunk, print_rcs_hunk):
	* normal.c (print_normal_hunk): Likewise.
	* ifdef.c (print_ifdef_hunk): Likewise.
	* util.c (finish_output): Don't die if begin_output was not called.

Thu Jun 20 23:10:01 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* Makefile: Add TAGS, distclean, and realclean targets.

Tue Apr 30 13:54:36 1991  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.h (TRUE, FALSE): Undefine these before defining.

Thu Mar 14 18:27:27 1991  Richard Stallman  (

	* Makefile (objs): Include $(ALLOCA).

Sat Mar  9 22:34:03 1991  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.h: Include regex.h.

Thu Feb 28 18:59:53 1991  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* Makefile (diff3): Link with GNU getopt.

Sat Feb 23 12:49:43 1991  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* io.c (find_equiv_class): Make hash code unsigned before mod.

	* diff.h (files): Add EXTERN.

Sun Jan 13 21:33:01 1991  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c: +print option renamed +paginate.  Remove +all-text.

Mon Jan  7 06:18:01 1991  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* Makefile (dist): New target, replacing diff.tar and
	diff.tar.Z, to encode version number in distribution directory
	and tar file names.

Sun Jan  6 18:42:23 1991  Michael I Bushnell  (mib at

	* Version 1.15 released.

	* version.c: Updated from 1.15 alpha to 1.15

	* context.c (print_context_number_range,
	print_unidiff_number_range): Don't print N,M when N=M, print
	just N instead.

	* README: Updated for version 1.15.
	Makefile: Updated for version 1.15.

	* diff3.c (main): Don't get confused if one of the arguments
	is a directory.

	* diff.c (compare_files): Don't get confused if comparing
	standard input to a directory; print error instead.

	* analyze.c (diff_2_files), context.c (print_context_header,
	print_context_script), diff.c (main), diff.h (enum
	output_style): Tread unidiff as an output style in its own
	right.  This also generates an error when both -u and -c are

	* diff.c (main): Better error messages when regexps are bad.

	* diff.c (compare_files): Don't assume stdin is opened.

	* diff3.c (read_diff): Don't assume things about the order of
	descriptor assignment and closes.

	* util.c (setup_output): Don't assume things about the order
	of descriptor assignment and closes.

	* diff.c (compare_files): Set a flag so that closes don't
	happen more than once.

	* diff.c (main): Don't just flush stdout, do a close.  That
	way on broken systems we can still get errors.

Mon Dec 24 16:24:17 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (usage): Use = for args of long options.

Mon Dec 17 18:19:20 1990  Michael I Bushnell  (mib at

	* context.c (print_context_label): Labels were interchanged badly.

	* context.c (pr_unidiff_hunk): Changes to deal with files
	ending in incomplete lines.
	* util.c (print_1_line): Other half of the changes.

Mon Dec  3 14:23:55 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (longopts, usage): unidiff => unified.

Wed Nov  7 17:13:08 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): No warnings about newlines for -D.

	* diff.c (pr_unidiff_hunk): Remove ref to output_patch_flag.

Tue Oct 23 23:19:18 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (compare_files): For -D, compare even args are same file.
	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): Likewise.
	Also, output even if files have no differences.

	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): Print missing newline messages last.
	Return 2 if a newline is missing.
	Print them even if files end with identical text.

Mon Oct 22 19:40:09 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (usage): Return 2.

Wed Oct 10 20:54:04 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (longopts): Add +new-files.

Sun Sep 23 22:49:29 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* context.c (print_context_script): Handle unidiff_flag.
	(print_context_header): Likewise.
	(print_unidiff_number_range, pr_unidiff_hunk): New functions.
	* diff.c (longopts): Add element for +unidiff.
	(main): Handle +unidiff and -u.
	(usage): Mention them.

Wed Sep  5 16:33:22 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* io.c (find_and_hash_each_line): Deal with missing final newline
	after buffering necessary context lines.

Sat Sep  1 16:32:32 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* io.c (find_identical_ends): ROBUST_OUTPUT_FORMAT test was backward.

Thu Aug 23 17:17:20 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff3.c (WIFEXITED): Undef it if WEXITSTATUS is not defined.
	* context.c (find_function): Don't try to return values.

Wed Aug 22 11:54:39 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.h (O_RDONLY): Define if not defined.

Tue Aug 21 13:49:26 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* Handle -L option.
	* context.c (print_context_label): New function.
	(print_context_header): Use that.
	* diff.c (main): Recognize the option.
	(usage): Updated.
	* diff.h (file_label): New variable.
	* diff3.c (main): Recognize -L instead of -t.

	* diff3.c (main): Support -m without other option.

	* diff3.c (WEXITSTATUS, WIFEXITED): Define whenever not defined.

	* diff3.c (bcopy, index, rindex): Delete definitions; not used.
	(D_LINENUM, D_LINELEN): Likewise.
	(struct diff_block): lengths includes newlines.
	(struct diff3_block): Likewise.
	(always_text, merge): New variables.
	(read_diff): Return address of end, not size read.  Calls changed.
	Pass -a to diff if given to diff3.
	current_chunk_size now an int.  Detect error in `pipe'.
	Check for incomplete line of output here.
	(scan_diff_line): Don't make scan_ptr + 2 before knowing it is valid.
	No need to check validity of diff output here.
	Include newline in length of line.
	(main): Compute rev_mapping here.  Handle -a and -m.
	Error message if excess -t operands.  Error for incompatible options.
	Error if `-' given more than once.
	Fix error storing in tag_strings.
	(output_diff3): REV_MAPPING is now an arg.  Call changed.
	Change syntax of "missing newline" message.
	Expect length of line to include newline.
	(output_diff3_edscript): Return just 0 or 1.
	REV_MAPPING is now an arg.  Call changed.
	(output_diff3_merge): New function.
	(process_diff): Better error message for bad diff format.
	(fatal, perror_with_exit): Return status 2.

	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): Report missing newline in either
	or both files, if not robust output style.

	* util.c (setup_output): Detect error from pipe.
	No need to close stdin.

	* util.c (print_1_line): Change format of missing-newline msg.
	Change if statements to switch.

	* io.c (slurp): Don't mention differences in final newline if -B.

	* io.c (binary_file_p): Use ISO char set as criterion, not ASCII.

	* io.c (find_identical_ends): Increase value of BEG0 by 1.
	Other changes in backwards scan to avoid decrementing pointers
	before start of array, and set LINES properly.

	* diff.h (ROBUST_OUTPUT_STYLE): New macro.
	* io.c (find_identical_ends, find_and_hash_each_line): Use that macro.

	* diff.h (dup2): Don't define if XENIX.

	* diff.c (main): Check for write error at end.

	* context.c (find_function): Don't return a value.
	Use argument FILE rather than global files.

	* analyze.c: Add external function declarations.
	* analyze.c (build_script): Turn off explicit check for final newline.

	* analyze.c (discard_confusing_lines): Make integers unsigned.

Tue Jul 31 21:37:16 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* io.c (find_and_hash_each_line): Correct the criterion
	for leaving out the newline from the end of the line.

Tue May 29 21:28:16 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* dir.c (diff_dirs): Free things only if nonzero.

Mon Apr 16 18:31:05 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.h (NDIR_IN_SYS): New macro controls location of ndir.h.

	* diff3.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Don't die if size == 0 returns 0.

Sun Mar 25 15:58:42 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* analyze.c (discard_confusing_lines):
	`many' wasn't being used; use it.
	Cancelling provisionals near start of run must handle already
	cancelled provisionals.
	Cancelling subruns of provisionals was cancelling last nonprovisional.

Sat Mar 24 14:02:51 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* analyze.c (discard_confusing_lines):
	Threshold for line occurring many times scales by square root
	of total lines.
	Within each run, cancel any long subrun of provisionals.
	Don't update `provisional' while cancelling provisionals.
	In big outer loop, handle provisional and nonprovisional separately.

Thu Mar 22 16:35:33 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* analyze.c (discard_confusing_lines):
	The first loops to discard provisionals from ends failed to step.
	In second such loops, keep discarding all consecutive provisionals.
	Increase threshold for stopping discarding, and also check for
	consecutive nondiscardables as separate threshold.

Fri Mar 16 00:33:08 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff3.c (read_diff): Pass -- as first arg to diff.

	* diff3.c: Include wait.h or define equivalent macros.
	(read_diff): Don't use stdio printing error in the inferior.
	Remember the pid and wait for it.  Report failing status.
	Report failure of vfork.

Sun Mar 11 17:10:32 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff3.c (main): Accept -t options and pass to output_diff3_edscript.
	(usage): Mention -t.
	(read_diff): Use vfork.
	(vfork): Don't use it on Sparc.

	* diff.h (vfork): Don't use it on Sparc.

Tue Mar  6 22:37:20 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff3.c (dup2): Don't define on Xenix.

	* Makefile: Comments for Xenix.

Thu Mar  1 17:19:23 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): `message' requires three args.

Fri Feb 23 10:56:50 1990  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* diff.h, util.c, diff3.c: Change 'void *' to 'VOID *', with
	VOID defined as void if __STDC__, char if not.

Sun Feb 18 20:31:58 1990  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* Makefile: Add rules for getopt.c, getopt1.c, getopt.h.

	* getopt.c, getopt.h, getopt1.c: New files.

	* main.c (main, usage): Add long options.

	* analyze.c (shift_boundaries): Remove unused var 'j_end'.

Thu Feb  8 02:43:16 1990  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* GNUmakefile: include ../Makerules before Makefile.

Fri Feb  2 23:21:38 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* analyze.c (diif_2_files): If -B or -I, don't return 1
	if all changes were ignored.

Wed Jan 24 20:43:57 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff3.c (fatal): Output to stderr.

Thu Jan 11 00:25:56 1990  David J. MacKenzie  (djm at

	* diff.c (usage): Mention -v.

Wed Jan 10 16:06:38 1990  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff3.c (output_diff3_edscript): Return number of overlaps.
	(main): If have overlaps, exit with status 1.

Sun Dec 24 10:29:20 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* io.c (find_equiv_class): Fix typo that came from changing init of B
	to an assigment.

	* version.c: New file.
	* diff.c (main): -v prints version number.

	* io.c (binary_file_p): Null char implies binary file.

Fri Nov 17 23:44:55 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* util.c (print_1_line): Fix off by 1 error.

Thu Nov 16 13:51:10 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* util.c (xcalloc): Function deleted.

	* io.c (slurp): Null-terminate the buffer.

	* io.c (read_files): Delete unused vars.

	* io.c (find_equiv_class): Don't index by N if too low.

	* dir.c (dir_sort): Delete the extra declaration of compare_names.

	* diff.h: Don't declare xcalloc.  Declare some other functions.

	* analyze.c (shift_boundaries):
	Test for END at end of range before indexing by it.
	Fix typo `preceeding' in var names.

Sat Nov 11 14:04:16 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff3.c (using_to_diff3_block): Delete unused vars.
	(make_3way_diff, process_diff_control, read_diff, output_diff3): Likewise.

Mon Nov  6 18:15:50 EST 1989 Jay Fenlason (

	* README Fix typo.

Fri Nov  3 15:27:47 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (usage): Mention -D.

	* ifdef.c (print_ifdef_hunk): Write comments on #else and #endif.

Sun Oct 29 16:41:07 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (compare_files): Don't fflush for identical files.

Wed Oct 25 17:57:12 1989  Randy Smith  (randy at

	* diff3.c (using_to_diff3_block): When defaulting lines from
	FILE0, only copy up to just under the *lowest* line mentioned
	in the next diff.

	* diff3.c (fatal): Add \n to error messages.

Wed Oct 25 15:05:49 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* Makefile (tapefiles): Add ChangeLog.

Tue Oct  3 00:51:17 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff3.c (process_diff, create_diff3_block): Init ->next field.

Fri Sep 29 08:16:45 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* util.c (line_cmp): Alter end char of line 2, not line 1.

Wed Sep 20 00:12:37 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* Makefile (diff.tar): Expect ln to fail on some files;
	copy them with cp.

Mon Sep 18 02:54:29 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* Handle -D option:
	* io.c (find_and_hash_each_line): Keep all lines of 1st file.
	* diff.c (main): Handle -D option.
	(compare_files): Reject -D if files spec'd are directories.
	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): Handle OUTPUT_IFDEF case.

Fri Sep  1 20:15:50 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (option_list): Rename arg VECTOR as OPTIONVEC.

Mon Aug 28 17:58:27 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (compare_files): Clear entire inf[i].stat.

Wed Aug 23 17:48:47 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* io.c (find_identical_ends): Sign was backward
	determining where to bound the scan for the suffix.

Wed Aug 16 12:49:16 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): If -q, treat all files as binary.
	* diff.c (main): Detect -q, record in no_details_flag.

Sun Jul 30 23:12:00 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (usage): New function.
	(main): Call it.

Wed Jul 26 02:02:19 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (main): Make -C imply -c.

Thu Jul 20 17:57:51 1989  Chris Hanson  (cph at kleph)

	* io.c (find_and_hash_each_line): Bug fix in context handling,
	introduced by last change.

Fri Jul 14 17:39:20 1989  Chris Hanson  (cph at kleph)

	* analyze.c: To make RCS work correctly on files that don't
	necessarily end in newline, introduce some changes that cause
	diffs to be sensitive to missing final newline.  Because
	non-RCS modes don't want to be affected by these changes, they
	are conditional on `output_style == OUTPUT_RCS'.
	(diff_2_files) [OUTPUT_RCS]: Suppress the "File X missing
	newline" message.
	(build_script) [OUTPUT_RCS]: Cause the last line to compare as
	different if exactly one of the files is missing its final

	* io.c (find_and_hash_each_line): Bug fix in
	ignore_space_change mode.  Change line's length to include the
	newline.  For OUTPUT_RCS, decrement last line's length if
	there is no final newline.
	(find_identical_ends) [OUTPUT_RCS]: If one of the files is
	missing a final newline, make sure it's not included in either
	the prefix or suffix.

	* util.c (print_1_line): Change line output routine to account
	for line length including the newline.

Tue Jun 27 02:35:28 1989  Roland McGrath  (roland at

	* Makefile: Inserted $(archpfx) where appropriate.

Wed May 17 20:18:43 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff3.c [USG]: Include fcntl.h.

	* diff.h [USG]: New compilation flags HAVE_NDIR, HAVE_DIRECT.

Wed Apr 26 15:35:57 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* dir.c (diff_dirs): Two new args, NONEX1 and NONEX2, say to pretend
	nonex dirs are empty.
	(dir_sort): New arg NONEX, likewise.
	* diff.c (compare_files): Pass those args.
	Sometimes call diff_dirs if subdir exists in just one place.

Wed Apr 12 01:10:27 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* io.c (find_identical_ends): Set END0 *after* last char
	during backward scan for suffix.

Sat Apr  8 15:49:49 1989  Randall Smith  (randy at

	* diff3.c (using_to_diff3_block): Now find high marks in files 1
	and 2 through mapping off of the last difference instead of the

	* diff3.c: Many trivial changes to spelling inside comments.

Fri Feb 24 12:38:03 1989  Randall Smith  (randy at

	* util.c, normal.c, io.c, ed.c, dir.c, diff.h, diff.c, context.c,
	analyze.c, Makefile: Changed copyright header to conform with new
	GNU General Public license.
	* diff3.c: Changed copyright header to conform with new GNU
	General Public license.
	* COPYING: Made a hard link to /gp/rms/COPYING.

Fri Feb 24 10:01:58 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* io.c (slurp): Leave 2 chars space at end of buffer, not one.
	(find_identical_ends): Special case if either file is empty;
	don't try to make a sentinel since could crash.

Wed Feb 15 14:24:48 1989  Jay Fenlason  (hack at

	* diff3.c (message)  Re-wrote routine to avoid using alloca()

Wed Feb 15 06:19:14 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* io.c (find_identical_ends): Delete the variable `bytes'.

Sun Feb 12 11:50:36 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* io.c (slurp): ->bufsize is nominal amount we have room for;
	add room for sentinel when calling xmalloc or xrealloc.

	* io.c (find_identical_ends): Do need overrun check in finding suffix.

Fri Feb 10 01:28:15 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.c (main): -C now takes arg to specify context length.
	Now -p to show C function name--Damned IEEE!
	Fatal error if context length spec'd twice.

	* ed.c (print_ed_hunk): Now special treatment only for lines containing
	precisely a dot and nothing else.  Output `..', end the insert,
	substitute that one line, then resume the insert if nec.

	* io.c (find_and_hash_lines): When backing up over starting context,
	don't move past buffer-beg.

	* io.c (find_identical_ends): Use sentinels to make the loops faster.
	If files are identical, skip the 2nd loop and return quickly.
	(slurp): Leave 1 char extra space after each buffer.

	* analyze.c (diff_2_files): Mention difference in final newlines.

Wed Jan 25 22:44:44 1989  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* dir.c (diff_dirs): Use * when calling fcn ptr variable.

Sat Dec 17 14:12:06 1988  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* Makefile: New vars INSTALL and LIBS used in some rules;
	provide default defns plus commented-put defns for sysV.

Thu Nov 17 16:42:53 1988  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* dir.c (dir_sort): Open-trouble not fatal; just say # files is -1.
	(diff_dirs): If dir_sort does that, give up and return 2.

	* diff.c (compare_files): Don't open directories.
	Don't close them specially either.
	Cross-propagate inf[i].dir_p sooner.

Sun Nov 13 11:19:36 1988  Richard Stallman  (rms at

	* diff.h: Declare index, rindex.

	* diff.c (compare_files): If comparing foodir with b/f,
	use foodir/f, not foodir/b/f.

	* diff.c (compare_files): Don't print "are identical" msg for 2 dirs.
	Status now 1 if one file is a dir and the other isn't, etc.

Thu Nov  3 16:30:24 1988  Randall Smith  (randy at

	* Makefile: Added a define for diff3 to define DIFF_PROGRAM.

	* util.c: Added hack to make sure that perror was not called with
	a null pointer.

	* diff.c: Changed S_IFDIR to S_IFMT in masking type of file bits

	* diff3.c: Included USG compatibility defines.

	* diff.h: Moved sys/file.h into #else USG section (not needed or
	wanted on System V).

	* ed.c, analyze.c, context.c: Shortened names to 12 characters for
	the sake of System V (too simple not to do).
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version-control: never