README   [plain text]

This is mdemo, an example package that uses GNU libtool with an
Automake-generated environment to build two simple modules and 
a program.

It demonstrates how to build both dynamic and static libraries
that can be dlopened. mdemo uses libtool's portable dlopen
wrapper called "libltdl". 
All exported symbols are prefixed with "libname_LTX_" to avoid
symbols conflicts, especially when linking statically.
libltdl will automatically cut the prefix off to get the real name.

Note that on Windows, for the purposes of illustrating ltdl, the
libraries *are* built as dll's, but do not have the __declspec
machinery to make them suitable for loading at link time.  This is
only for clarity inside this example, look at the example in ../demo
to see how the __declspec macros should be set up.