ChangeLog.0   [plain text]

1999-03-15  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	*, libtool.spec, NEWS: bump to 1.3a
	* Branched for release 1.3 (branch-1-3)
	*, libtool.spec, NEWS: bump to 1.2g

	*, libtool.spec: bump to 1.2f
	* doc/PLATFORMS: ditto
	* NEWS: libtool 1.2f released

	* silence ``unbug'' :-) detected by sh.test

1999-03-14  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* TODO: we now use full pathnames for `file'

1999-03-14  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* TODO: libltdl is now documented
	* doc/libltdl.texi (linking with installed libtool libraries):
	  fixed typo
	* doc/libltdl.texi (libltdl): added documentation for building
	  libtool modules and examples how to embed libltdl
	* don't ignore user-specified run-paths (fixed it
	  at the right place)

1999-03-14  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (deplibs_check_method=none): discard -L and -R
	switches when testing whether deplibs contains some library

1999-03-14  Erez Zadok  <>

	* config.sub: recognize hppa2.0w, yet to be installed at GNU

	* config.guess: minor update for FreeBSD-elf, yet to be installed
	at GNU

1999-03-14  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (bsdi4*, sys_lib_search_path_spec,
	sys_lib_dlsearch_path_spec): fix thinko in variable names; add
	standard directories

	* (exclude_expsyms): exclude symbols before sorting,
	otherwise only the sorted list will have them excluded

	* (file_magic_cmd, file_magic_test_file, freebsd-elf*, 
	bsdi4*): use full pathnames when possible

	* (all-recursive): depend on ACINCLUDE_M4_LIST
	(all-local, check-local): remove, unused

	* doc/PLATFORMS: updated platforms tested on 1.2f-pre; clean up;
	reorder; untabify

	* config.guess, config.sub: updated from GNU common

	* doc/libtool.texi: notes on thread-safety problems of
	libltdl/dlopen on GNU/Linux and FreeBSD

	* (aix3*, aix4*): GNU ld on AIX is very broken: it
	cannot create working shared libraries.  Print a warning
	suggesting the user not to use it and disable shared libraries.

1999-03-13  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (global_symbol_to_cdecl): was reset before trying
	`symprfx=_', rendering the test with `_' useless

	* doc/libtool.texi (AM_PROG_LIBTOOL): eliminate overfull boxes
	* doc/libtool.texi: complete dlopening/libltdl documentation

	* (osf3*, osf4*, deplibs_check_method): pass_all does
	not really work; use file_magic instead.
	(osf3*, osf4*): customize sys_lib_[dl]search_path_spec 

	* (file_magic_test_file): new variable; if set, it
	will be used as an argument for $file_magic_cmd to test whether
	the regex in deplibs_check_method matches its output
	(file_magic_cmd): use full pathnames whenever possible

	* (sys_lib_dlsearch_path_spec): new variable, that
	lists the system *run-time* search path.  Listed directories are
	not implicitly hard-coded into executables.
	* use it, but *never* discard -R flags
	* doc/libtool.texi: document it
	* NEWS: ditto
	Reported by Bob Friesenhahn <>

	* tests/sh.test: look for `$Xsed' without `$echo "X...' 
	*, fixed a few such occurrences

	* (-static, -all-static): revert March 11's patch, I was 
	barking up the wrong tree

1999-03-12  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c: removed FILENAME_MAX since LTDL_FILENAME_MAX
	  is sufficient and doesn't break HP/UX

1999-03-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (global_symbol_pipe) extract symbol tag from the
	output of NM too
	(global_symbol_to_cdecl): new variable; convert the output of
	global_symbol_pipe to valid C declarations; on HP/UX, convert
	text symbols to function declarations
	* libtool.m4: similar modifications
	* doc/libtool.texi: document new variable
	* use global_symbol_to_cdecl to generate lt_dlpreopened 
	symbols; avoid extracting symbol lists from dlpreopened files
	twice; do not filter symbols from dlpreopened libraries
	* TODO: fixed HP/UX dlpreopening problem

	* (-static, -all-static): set dlopen_self to
	$dlopen_self_static regardless of link_static_flag or pic_flag

	* FreeBSD bug that needs symbol table compiled with
	-fPIC is fixed in release 3.1; use it only for 2.* and 3.0

1999-03-11  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* when building a library it doesn't make 
	  sense to remove a relinked program ("lt-" prefix)
1999-03-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* mdemo/main.c (main, test_dl, test_dlself): propagate error
	conditions better, to avoid false positives

	* */ $(OBJECTS): depend on libtool
	(libtool): rebuild automatically

	* set dlopen_* variables to unknown when appropriate
	* only emit warning about lack of AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN if
	*all* dlopen_* variables are set to unknown

1999-03-11  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* delete the old output files (incl. the relinked binary)
	  before linking.

	* replaced `configure' with $progname and all
	  line numbers with @LINENO@
1999-03-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (strdup): cannot return str when it's NULL
	because of const correctness

1999-03-10  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (strdup): always use our own, because the
	standard strdup won't use lt_dlmalloc

	* (dlfcn.h): function definition may cause warnings;
	define variable instead

	* properly create an export file for a program,
	avoiding error messages about not finding it

	* TODO: need to document AC_LIBLTDL_*; static self dlopening
	problem fixed

	* libtool.m4 (AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN): just set lt_dlopen=yes
	(AC_LIBTOOL_SETUP): if lt_dlopen=yes, add --enable-dlopen to
	libtool_flags; drop --enable-dlopen-self
	* perform all the dirty work of testing for dlopening 
	support, because we need platform-dependent equivalents for
	-export-dynamic, for self dlopening, and -static, for static self
	(dlopen_self_static): new configuration variable that is set to
	yes only if static programs can dlopen themselves
	* (-static, -all-static): dlopen_self=dlopen_self_static

	* libltdl/ (libltdl_cv_need_uscore): do not assume
	dlfcn.h and LTDL_LAZY exist; use LTDL_GLOBAL and LTDL_LAZY_OR_NOW.
	This test is likely to fail if self-dlopening does not work,
	especially because we do not link the program with
	-export-dynamic.  Let's just hope that platforms whose symbol
	names start with underscores will also accept underscores for
	dlopen.  We should probably use libtool to compile and link this
	test, so that we can use -export-dynamic.

	* mdemo/ (@LIBLTDL@): depend on ../libltdl/config.h

	* fix AC_OUTPUT_COMMANDS for ltconfig and
	so that they work if srcdir is relative too
	avoid introducing multiple --enable options when re-running
	* libltdl/ if enable_ltdl_* is not set, assume no
	* if enable_ltdl_install is not set, enable it

	* libltdl/ only assume implicit installation if
	libltdl was libtoolized.  If not, print a warning message
	suggesting the use of --enable-ltdl-install or of one of the
	AC_LIBLTDL_* macros.

	* libtool.m4 (AC_LIBTOOL_SETUP): new macro, that does all the
	configure-work that AC_PROG_LIBTOOL used to do; add
	--cache-file=$cache_file to libtool_flags
	(AC_PROG_LIBTOOL): call AC_LIBTOOL_SETUP, save the cache, run
	ltconfig and reload the cache
	* support --cache-file switch.  If it is used, load
	the cache in the beginning and save it just before terminating

	* tests/ (TESTS): run demo-nofast before demo-shared

	* create ltconfig and at the end of
	config.status, if they do not exist.  This fixes the bootstrap
	problem reported by Erez Zadok <>

1999-03-10  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* NEWS: sorted by importance
	* set LIBTOOL_FLAGS when generating libtool
	* check for dlopen support and set LIBTOOL_FLAGS
	* fix spacing for --disable-ltdl-install,
	  always configure libltdl, add libltdl/acinclude.m4 to 
	  ACINCLUDE_M4_LIST, disable installation of libltdl if necessary
	* libltdl/ set version info for
	* libltdl/ don't check whether 
	  enable_ltdl_convenience/install was set so that libltdl
	  can be used as independent package (libltdl.tar.gz) without
	  the need to use --enable-ltdl*
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: minor cleanups, allocate the line cache
	  dynamically (lt_dlopen)
1999-03-10  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlopen): some preprocessors choke if the `#'
	of `#define' is not in column 1; let's go back to fortran! :-)
	Add #undefs too, to avoid potential warnings or errors.

1999-03-09  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	renamed convenience libltdl, dropped toinst hack for installable
	* libltdl/ ditto
	* libltdl/ ditto; abort if none of the macros is used

	* $output_objdir/$objdir/ -> $output_objdir/lt-

1999-03-09  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlopen): don't hardcode the length of the
	  constant strings

1999-03-09  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (install-data-hook): install libltdl as a directory, 
	not as a tar-file, so that we do not modify the build tree at make 
	install time
	* (ltdl, ltdl_tar): update

	*,, NEWS: install libltdl by default

	new macros
	* NEWS: ditto
	* libltdl/ if none of the new macros or configure
	arguments are used, warn and build convenience library only
	* libltdl/ conditionally build convenience
	* mdemo/ refer to @LIBLTDL@

1999-03-09  Gary V. Vaughan <>

	* NEWS: updated.

1999-03-08  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* extract symbols from program objects to nlist first,
	then translate them to the export_symbols format.  Now it works,
	but it appears to be needlessly extracting the symbol list from
	dlpreopened libraries twice
	* temporarily disable dlopen_self when linking with
	-static or -all-static, until we figure out how to test whether it
	works at configure time

	* TODO: remember to fix this later

	* tests/build-relink.test: when hell is expected to fail, run it
	within a subshell and redirect stderr to stdout, so that dynamic
	linker errors are only printed in verbose mode

	* (hardcode_libdir_separator, compile_rpath,
	finalize_rpath): only substitute hardcode_libdir_flag_spec if
	hardcode_libdirs is non-empty

	* libtool.m4 (AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN): do not depend on the existence
	of dlfcn.h nor on the definition of RTLD_LAZY

	* tests/build-relink.test: hellT was renamed to lt-hell

	* libltdl/ (@TOINST@/ do not hide the
	command that creates the TOINST directory; remove `-o $@' from the 
	LINK command, $(LINK) already contains it.

1999-03-08  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* doc/libtool.texi (tests): documented demo-nofast.test and
	  renamed cdemo* to demo*

1999-03-08  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/, libltdl/, mdemo/
	libltdl must not be renamed; if there's a problem with the install 
	option, let's fix it, not just work around it by breaking code of 
	users of the convenience library

	* tests/build-relink.test: link broken with at least
	one libtool object

1999-03-08  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* TODO: updated (libltdl build problem fixed)
	* doc/libtool.texi (libltdl interface): removed the line which
	  promised that lt_dlopen will return NULL if it can't resolve all
	* libltdl/, libltdl/ fixed build problem:
	  renamed the convenience library to and the 
	  installed version to
	* (wrapper script): replaced the "T" suffix of the program
	  file name with a "lt-" prefix
	* mdemo/ use
	* tests/, tests/demo-nofast.test: added demo to
	  test --enable-fast-install=no
1999-03-07  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* tests/ (TESTS): run hardcode before build-relink
	* tests/hardcode.test (need_prefix): set to yes so that _inst is
	not removed

	* (compile_command): append finalize search path to
	compile search path

	* tests/build-relink.test: new; check shlibpath_overrides_runpath
	* tests/ (TESTS): add build-relink.test; remove
	hardcode.test duplicates
	* doc/libtool.texi: document it

	* (relink_command): do not prepend cd `pwd` to it, the
	scripts already enters the correct directory, and expanding the
	pathname would prevent the build tree from moving
	* (enable_fast_install): force it to no only if we
	need relink; in the other cases, set it to needless
	* (fast_install): if needless, set relink_command empty
	* doc/libtool.texi (fast_install, shlibpath_overrides_runpath):
	document the new behavior

	* (enable_fast_install): test whether it can be forced 
	off after shlibpath_overrides_runpath and enable_shared are set

1999-03-07  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* TODO: updated
	* NEWS: updated

	* TODO: scheduled some items for next release/future
	* demo/ use AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN
	* libtool.m4: added AC_ENABLE/DISABLE_FAST_INSTALL macro
	* added --disable-fast-install flag
	* partially reverted Alexandre's patch and implemented
	  on-demand linking in such a way that the old developer-friendly
	  linking style is optional,
	  don't hardcode library paths that are in the system search path,
	  fixed a typo in lib_search_path,
	  implemented -export-symbols-regex for programs

1999-03-06  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (LTDL_LAZY_OR_NOW): renamed from LTDL_NOW; prefer 
	LAZY loading because it's much faster and NOW is apparently
	partially broken on FreeBSD
	Reported by Archie Cobbs <>

	* (archive_expsym_cmds, solaris, without_gnu_ld):
	$lib.exp already starts with $objdir/
	Reported by Godmar Back <>

	* (freebsd): compile symbol table file with pic_flag
	only on FreeBSD and when not static linking; it's been causing
	trouble on platforms such as OpenBSD.

1999-02-26  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* libtool.m4 (cygwin): s/\\(mingw\\|cygwin\\)32/\\1/g.  Must've
	missed this file when I changed to cygnus' new sanction name.

	* (sub_uncdrive): removed.  This won't work with
	the next version of cygwin.
	(sub_uncdir): removed. We use <drive>:/path/to/executable now.
	* libtool.m4 (AC_PROG_LD): removed sub_uncdrive and sub_uncdir.

1999-02-25  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* TODO: added items for next alpha release, ILD etc.
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: removed unnecessary check from presym_sym, 
	  fixed bug in lt_dlclose, allow lt_dlopenext(NULL),
	  set deplibs for lt_dlopen(NULL)

1999-02-24  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (file_magic_regex): sed `10q' is faster than `11,$d'

1999-02-22  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* (dlopen, dlopen_self): default is unknown
	* fixed -dlopen self, print a warning
	  if -dlopen is used without AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN 
	* mdemo/ use -dlopen self

1999-02-22  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* added missing mkdir $progdir for on-demand executable

	* create on-demand executable as $progdir/$$-$program,
	and rename it to $progdir/$program only when it's finished, to
	avoid race conditions.  We can still get the program linked
	multiple times, if multiple instances are started simultaneously
	and the program does not exist, but they are very unlikely to
	interfere with each other.  There's still a possibility that one
	process removes the $program another has just created, and doesn't 
	replace it before the other tries to run it, in a system whose
	`mv' is not atomic, so it will $rm then $mv, but so what? :-)
	Locking files have been avoided to prevent dead-locks in case they 
	are left over after a reboot or crash.

	* TODO: removed ILD, soon to be merged, and added convenience
	libraries docs

	* (irix5*, irix6*, shlibpath_overides_runpath): yes

	* remove on-demand executable in the proper place, and
	just warn if it can't be removed; add wrapper code to test whether 
	the install-executable is newer than the build-executable, to
	relink it when it appears to be out-of-date

	* libltdl/ check for dld.h
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: include dld.h
	(dld_open) it's spelled memory_error, not no_memory_error
	Reported by Stefan Burstroem <>
	* fix typos in my last change (s/ocmpile/compile/)

1999-02-21  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlopen): use newhandle instead of handle
	  when dlopening the executable
	* libtool.m4 (AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN): removed the redundant "yes: "
	  prefix for lt_cv_dlopen, renamed lt_cv_dlopen_LIBS 
	  to lt_cv_dlopen_libs (more consistent)
	* implemented -dl[pre]open self, necessary for 
	  lt_dlopen(NULL), generation of exported symbols was broken

1999-02-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* avoid duplication of -L switches, it sometimes breaks
	IRIX 5.2's linker

	* (freebsd*, finish_cmds): expand objformat here
	Reported by Vladimir Kushnir <>

1999-02-20  Vladimir Kushnir <>

	* (freebsd-elf*, need_version, need_lib_prefix): no
	(freebsd-elf*, library_names_spec): add $ instead of
	$$versuffix; add $libname$

1999-02-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* doc/libtool.texi: remove ticks from menu items; it breaks TeX
	Reported by Erez Zadok <>

	* fixes for export-symbols dry-run

	* (shlibpath_overrides_runpath): new variable;
	determines whether LD_LIBRARY_PATH or equivalent can be used to
	override a hard-coded library search path; default to unknown
	(linux-gnu*): set it to no
	(solaris*, sunos4*): set it to yes
	* (build_libdirs_flags, build_libdirs, build_rpath): if
	shlibpath_overrides_runpath is not yes, arrange that wrapper
	scripts create, on demand, programs that use uninstalled libraries

	* doc/libtool.texi: document it
	* libtool.m4 (AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN): check for dlopen in libc before
	trying in dl.  Add the actual dlopening type to lt_cv_dlopen, and
	add any needed libraries to lt_cv_dlopen_LIBS.  Add test for
	MS-Windows' LoadLibrary.  Check whether a program can dlopen
	itself only if we really have dlopen(), not some equivalent
	function, but leave room for testing with other mechanisms.
	(AC_PROG_LIBTOOL): assume some form of dlopen, but not
	dlopen(NULL), is available if AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN is not used, for
	backward compatibility.

1999-02-20  Archie Cobbs  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlopen): use newhandle instead of handle
	where appropriate, when dlopening a non-libtool library

1999-02-19  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* (export_symbols_cmds): renamed from
	(cygwin, mingw): Be sure to compile the ltdll.c object before
	extracting the exported symbol list.  Extract only the names
	of the exported symbols from the def file [otherwise we might
	run into trouble with -export-symbols-regex].
	(archive_expsym_cmds): Regenerate the def file from the symbol
	export list.
	(delay_variable_subst): New sed expression to allow us to delay
	evaluation of $foo in a double_quote_subst evaluated variable by
	using \$.
	* (export_symbols_cmds): evaluate each ~ delimitted cmd
	* doc/libtool.texi (libtool script contents): new paragraph to
	explain the difference between _cmd and _cmds suffixes for
	variable names.
	(export_symbols_cmds): renamed from export_symbols_cmd.
1999-02-18  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (ld_shlibs): move -soname and similar flags to the
	end of archive_cmds and archive_expsym_cmds, so as to prevent
	gcc's collect2 from inserting an object file between -soname and
	the library name

	* (openbsd*, netbsd*, library_names_spec): append
	alternate name without ${release}, otherwise build fails when
	-release is used

1999-02-18  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* (archive{,_sym}_commands): Be careful not to
	re-export the dll entry points DllMain@12, _cygwin_dll_entry@12 and
	_cygwin_noncygwin_dll_entry@12 to avoid bugs with the wrong entry
	function being called with inter-dll dependencies.
	Reported by DJ Delorie <>
	* THANKS: Added DJ Delorie, since his code inspired the impgen.c
	program and because he has patiently answered all of the
	irritating dll and win32 questions I have fired at him.
	* (version_type):  Oops.  Irix versioning implies that
	major version numbers are 1 based (not zero based).  Fixed.
	* (version_type): Implement irix versioning.
	* (irix{5,6}*): Use new irix shared object versioning.
	* TODO: remove irix versioning from TODO list.

	* (impgen.c): Added a new embedded C file that can be
	used under win32 to extract a def file (symbol export list) from a
	dll that has none.  Code to use it might need to wait for the ILD
	merge before it will be useful...
1999-02-18  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* TODO: updated
	* autogen: only libltdl needs autoheader 
	* doc/libtool.texi (link mode): documented -export-symbols-regex
	  and updated -export-symbols
	* doc/libtool.texi (script contents): documented 
	  always_export_symbols, export_symbols_cmd, exclude_expsyms, 
	  include_expsyms, dlopen and dlopen_self
	  more detailed description of need_lib_prefix
	* a "'" was missing in the default value 
	  of export_symbols_cmd
	* implemented -export-symbols-regex
1999-02-17  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (freebsd2*, sunos4*, exclude_expsyms): exclude
	* implement exclude_expsyms with egrep

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlmalloc, lt_dlfree): SunOS' cc can't cope
	with argument lists, we __P even in the definition

1999-02-15  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* cdemo/ renamed *foo1 to *foo, removed $(MATH_LIB)
	* cdemo/foo1.c: renamed to foo.c
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: eliminated lt_dltype, in presym_open():
	  search for @PROGRAM@ if filename == 0, in lt_dlopen():
	  fixed bug for filename == 0
	* libltdl/ltdl.h: use __P macro for lt_dlmalloc/free
	* libtool.m4: new macro AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN: checks for dlopen
	  and dlopen(NULL) support
	* added new variables dlopen and dlopen_self,
	  --enable-dlopen[-self] flags for AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN
	* use dlopen[_self], dlpreopen files if there's no
	  dlopen support, build lt_preloaded_symbols only if
	  -dl[pre]open was used, include program symbols if -export-dynamic
	  was specified and there's no dlopen(NULL) support
	* mdemo/ use AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN
	* mdemo/main.c: demonstrate lt_dlopen(0)
1999-02-15  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* demo/dlmain.c (_WIN32): The lt_symlist structure is now const,
	so my original horrible temporary win32 hack no longer worked.
	Here is a new horrible temporary hack to prevent helldl from SEGVing
	on win32.  I will fix this properly when we figure out how to do
	data exports from dlls.

1999-02-14  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libtool.m4 (AC_CHECK_LIBM): do not set MATHLIB or AC_SUBST it,
	this has a negative side-effect of causing automake to add MATHLIB 
	to every single Makefile.  Let's use plain AC_CHECK_LIB, so that
	LIBS get set, until we find a better alternative
	* *demo/ remove $(MATHLIB)

	* libltdl/ add a DESCRIPTION argument to AC_DEFINEs
	where appropriate, so as to get rid of acconfig.h
	* libltdl/acconfig.h: removed

1999-02-13  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* *demo/ use $(MATHLIB)
	* *demo/ use AC_CHECK_LIBM
	* doc/libtool.texi: renamed file_magic_command to file_magic_cmd,
	  renamed archive_sym_cmds to archive_expsym_cmds
	* ditto
	* ditto
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: use lt_dlmalloc/free
	* libltdl/ltdl.h: define lt_dlmalloc/free
	* libtool.m4: added AC_CHECK_LIBM macro
	* renamed archive_sym_cmds to archive_expsym_cmds,
	  added always_export_symbols, export_symbols_cmd, exclude_expsyms,
	  include_expsyms, removed archive_cmds for cygwin/mingw and AIX,
	  on Solaris store the exported symbols list in objdir
	* allow -export-symbols for modules, use thread_safe flag,
	  add include_expsyms to the exported symbols

1999-02-12  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.h (_LTDLL_EXTERN): libltdl is no longer linked as a
	shared library, so the _declspec's were preventing the linker from
	resolving symbols on win32.  They have been removed now.

1999-02-12  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* don't try to read objdir/ before it is

	* create libname.lai at link time, not at install time,
 	but still create it at install time if it is missing
	Reported by Akim Demaille <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (tryall_dlopen): strcmp filenames was reversed

1999-02-11  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* autogen: libltdl needs autoheader
	* demo/ renamed hell.debug to hell.static
	  (we're demonstrating static linking, not debugging)
	* tests/demo*: ditto
	* doc/libtool.texi (libltdl): documented new lt_dlopen(NULL)
	* libltdl/acconfig.h: required for config.h
	* libltdl/ use config.h
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: use config.h, support lt_dlopen(NULL)
	  (returns a handle for the program itself)
	* minor reformatting
	* in lt_preloaded_symbols always define
	  the program's symbols first, for -export-dynamic list all
	  program symbols together, -export-symbols was broken for
	  programs, minor reformatting
	* mdemo/ renamed mdemo.debug to mdemo.static
	* tests/mdemo*: ditto, mdemo.test was completely broken
1999-02-10  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (irix5*, irix6*, osf3*, osf4*): do not use
	-set_version in archive_cmds if verstring is empty
	(irix6*, shlibpath_var, sys_lib_search_path-spec,
	deplibs_check_method): set appropriate values depending on
	selected ABI, -32, -n32 or -64, as set in LD by libtool.m4
	(uts4*): remove dot between .so and versuffix

1999-02-08  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (irix5*, irix6*, deplibs_check_method): use
	file_magic for inter-library dependency tracking
	* (irix5*, hardcode_libdir_separator): set it to a
	colon, because on IRIX 5 only the last -rpath switch prevails, and 
	it can be a list of colon-separated directories.  This change will 
	affect irix6 too, but that's not a problem.

	* (irix5*, library_names_spec): add soname_spec,
	otherwise we can't dlopen

1999-02-08  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* according to Marcus Sundberg <>
	  HP/UX, IRIX, OpenBSD, Digital Unix and SunOS support
	  need_version=no and need_lib_prefix=no,
	  fixed a bug in Solaris' archive_sym_cmds

1999-02-04  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libtool.m4 (ac_cv_sys_global_symbol_pipe): accept TAB in
	addition to space as separator, and allow more than one space
	between the symbol code and the symbol name; HP/UX's nm, for
	example, uses two spaces
	* (global_symbol_pipe): ditto
	(bsdi4, deplibs_check_method): variable name was misspelled
	* libltdl/ (libltdl_cv_preloaded_symbols): rewrite
	test, so as not to depend on the way global_symbol_pipe is
	initialized; the current test would get false positives, as
	global_symbol_pipe was initialized `x=""', not `x='

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (find_module): initialize filename if dir is NULL 
	Reported by Godmar Back <>

1999-02-04  Godmar Back  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlopenext): missing space for terminator when
	allocating memory for shlib_ext

1999-02-03  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlopenext): tmp would be trashed if shlib_ext
 	was longer than 3 characters

1999-02-02  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* new config.guess returns *-*-cygwin now instead of
	*-*-cygwin32.  sed -e 's%\(cygwin\|mingw\)32%\1%g'
	*   sed -e 's%\(cygwin\|mingw\)32%\1%g'

	* (hardcode_libdir_flag_spec, allow_undefined_flag,
	archive_cmds, archive_sym_cmds, old_archive_from_new_cmds):
	removed duplication of config by assuming that `test $with_gcc =
	yes' implies gnu ld, otherwise MSVC++ (which I haven't tested
	since I inheritted the code from Ian Lance Taylor btw!) is implied.
1999-01-28  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* Reverted this change of Alexandre's from the
	1999-01-25; "don't try to use .o instead of .lo just because
	there's no PIC flag.  It loses if --disable-static, and there's
	not much point if we're referring to the same file anyway...",
	because not all linkers will accept .lo object names.
	* In the case where --disable-static is specified (as
	noted in Alexandre's log entry), we just link some .o files to
	prevent the original error.
	Reported by Andrey Slepuhin <>

1999-01-27  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* search for A[MC]_PROG_LIBTOOL, not
	Reported by Jeff Garzik <>

1999-01-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* THANKS: Now that we have a policy, applied it to the existing
	list.  This in no way demeans the work of those people removed
	from the THANKS file, who are still credited in the ChangeLogs and
	without who's work, libtool would not work so well on many
	platforms, but serves to highlight the outstanding and continued
	contribution the remaining people have made.  And I quote, "We
	reserve THANKS for people who have made major contributions, and
	leave the credit to the others for the ChangeLog only."
	* THANKS: added Sam Vilain.
	* ($echo):  When using printf to replace echo the shell
	expands %s\n to %sn.  Changed to use "%s\n" (with quotes).
	Reported by Sam Vilain <>

1999-01-27  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (find_file): fix endless loop condition
	(find_module): filename allocation was off by 1

	* libltdl/ (distclean-local): renamed from
	distclean-hook, that didn't work

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlopen, find_file now returns 0 on

	* (ltconfig, some broken makes don't like
	macros in targets; replace $(srcdir) with @srcdir@
	* (ACINCLUDE_M4_LIST): same problem; expand $srcdir

	* libltdl/ (@TOINST@/ if installation is
	enabled, create to-be-installed within @TOINST@
	(noinst_LTLIBRARIES): even if installation is enabled, build
	convenience, otherwise builds of random packages may
	fail if the user happens to enable installation
	(distclean-hook): wipe out $(TOINST)
	* libltdl/ set TOINST and LIBLIBS as appropriate;
	don't set NOINSTLIBS any more
	* mdemo/ use

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (find_file): oops, filenamesize was miscomputed

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (find_file): allocate filename dynamically

	* libltdl/ (AC_PROG_LIBTOOL): automake does not
	recognize it and fail, better keep using AM_PROG_LIBTOOL until the
	next release of automake
	* demo/, cdemo/ ditto
	* depdemo/, mdemo/ ditto

	* libltdl/ltdl.c: make all global strings char[], not char*; check 
	that all calls to malloc() are properly cast
	(strdup, strchr, strrchr, trim, free_vars): declare as inline
	(find_module): allocate filename dynamically; support null dir
	(free_vars): free dir and name only if non-null
	(lt_dlopen): keep dir as NULL if not given; fix expression that
	calculated the size of name; only free and name if non-null
	(lt_dlopenext): allocate tmp dynamically

	* (pkgdatadir): expand ${PACKAGE} at configure-time,
	just like automake does

	* (pkgdatadir): define pkgdatadir explicitly, and
 	comment that automake does not need it, but libtoolize does

	* (aclocaldir): do not set it explicitly, automake
	does already

	* (TIMESTAMP): use mkstamp here too

1999-01-27  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* cdemo/ renamed AM_PROG_LIBTOOL to AC_PROG_LIBTOOL
	* demo/ likewise
	* depdemo/ likewise
	* libltdl/ likewise
	* mdemo/ likewise
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: in find_module() check whether libdir is defined,
	  tryall_dlopen(): move deallocation of an already opened handle
	  to lt_dlopen(), allocate the directory in lt_dlopen() dynamically,
	  minor cleanups, fixed memory leak (name)
	* libtool.m4: renamed all AM_ macros to AC_ and added aliases for
	  compatibilty, updated AC_SYS_NM_PARSE (no undefined symbols,
	  don't count the symbols)
	* added thread_safe_flag_spec (not used yet),
	  added generic variable for linker options "linkopts" in
	  all archive_cmds
	* added -thread-safe flag (unused)
1999-01-26  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (LTCONFIG_VERSION): damn!, adding TIMESTAMP doesn't
 	always work, because then different ChangeLog timestamps fail to
 	pass the version test.  Instead of forcing both ltconfig and to be updated every time ChangeLog changes, better
	revert it
	explicit quotes and add it to the list of variables to quote

	* reworded `dropped inter-library dependencies'
	message, and added a warning about inter-library dependencies even 
	for non-module builds

1999-01-26  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* (install-data-hook): Don't show the if expression
	that tests for gzip with a conditional error message; just do it
	quietly and show the error if it fails, or the next action if it
	*  It seems Alexandre accidentally removed the
	AC_SUBST(pkgdatadir) line recently which breaks libtoolize.
	Reverted that small change.

1999-01-25  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (find_module): test old_name and dlname for NULL, 
	not len==0

	* libltdl/ (libltdl_cv_objdir): yes, appending the "/" 
	in was much simpler
	* libltdl/ltdl.c (objdir): ditto

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (objdir): string collation isn't portable; strcat 
	"/" explicitly.  Or should this be moved to

1999-01-25  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c: allocate the variables in lt_dlopen() dynamically
1999-01-25  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (file_magic): use egrep instead of expr to support
	more general regular expressions
	(file_regex): remove it; the name is misleading, it's not used
 	anywhere, and probably will never be
	*, doc/libtool.texi: ditto
	* (linux-gnu*, deplibs_check_method): extend regex to 
	support `LSB dynamic lib' in the output of `file'
	Reported by Scott D. Heavner <>
	* (dependency_libs, xrpath): add -R switches to
	dependency_libs only just before creating the .la file; they
	should not be passed to the C compiler or linker at
	library-creation time, since we don't know whether it is supported

	* (freebsd2.2*, hardcode_minus_L): for FreeBSD 2.2.6,
	this must be `no'

	* mkstamp: move the sed script to extract revision and date
	information into a separate shell-script, so that we can break
	lines between commands; FreeBSD's sed doesn't like `;' after `t'
	Reported by Axel Thimm <>
	* use mkstamp
	* THANKS: added Axel Thimm
	* don't try to use .o instead of .lo just because
	there's no PIC flag.  It loses if --disable-static, and there's
	not much point if we're referring to the same file anyway...

	* (pass_all=none, droppeddeps): set only if deplibs was

1999-01-24  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c: minor bugfixes, append a "/" the search 
	  directory only if necessary
	* added support for FreeBSD >= 3.0
	  (patch from Kurt D. Zeilenga)
	* THANKS: added Kurt D. Zeilenga

1999-01-24  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* doc/libtool.texi (libltdl): list supported dlopen mechanisms,
	  added function lt_dlopenext(), removed reference to 
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: partially reverted Alexandre's dynamic string
	  allocation change (it was not necessary and the code was unreadable),
	  cleanups, removed usr_search_path_size, renamed usr_search_path
	  to user_search_path, in find_module() also check for moved
	  modules, merged find_file() and find_library(),
	  added lt_dlopenext(), in lt_dladdsearchdir() no longer reset
	  the search path if 'search_dir' == NULL and don't use realloc()
	  (might not be available on all platforms),
	  removed __P((void)) in the declaration of lt_dlgetsearchpath()
	* libltdl/ltdl.h: added lt_dlopenext()
	* AIX archive commands were broken,
	  fixed a MAJOR bug in global_symbol_pipe which caused
	  "demo-shared.test;demo-make.test" to fail (libtool must not extract
	  undefined symbols of libraries, i.e. symcode must not contain 'U')
	* tests/ (clean-local): "make distclean" in cdemo, too

1999-01-22  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (ltconfig, add ChangeLog Revision to
	* get values of PACKAGE and VERSION set by
	AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE, and extract only TIMESTAMP from the ChangeLog

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlopen): if we're reusing a previously opened
	handle, don't reset its name nor add it to the list, and free the
	name we have allocated
	Reported by Edouard G. Parmelan <Edouard.Parmelan@France.NCR.COM>

	* (ltconfig,, TIMESTAMP): let's not assume
	anything about the format of the date, just that it does not
	contain `$'

1999-01-22  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* (date): echo the version number during
	configuration, and show $date for cvs versions.

	* ($(srcdir)/ltconfig): Oops.  cvs co keyword
	expansion ate the sed expression! Changed sed separator to '%'
	because there are '/' in the date.  Added missing '\(' to search
	expression.  Inserted a null string to stop cvs from expanding it
	next time =)O|
	($(srcdir)/ ditto.

1999-01-22  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (TSDEPS_DIST): dist-time dependencies for timestamps
	(timestamps, update-timestamps): check whether TSDEPS_DIST are
	up-to-date and update ltconfig and if needed
	(ltconfig, depend on TSDEPS; replace @TIMESTAMP@ with
	the Date tag in the ChangeLog
	(TSDEPS): empty unless overridden by update-timestamps
	*, (TIMESTAMP): append timestamp to most
	references to VERSION

1999-01-22  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* (ild): Revert the change which allowed libtool to
	link libraries with dependencies on .la libs.
	* NEWS: Removed reference to win32, incase 1.3 ships before
	ild is ready.
	* doc/PLATFORMS: Removed i686-pc-cygwin32, for the same reason.
	* doc/libtool.texi: Removed win32 refs, for the same reason.

1999-01-22  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (Xsed): add 1 to Xsed definition that goes into
	temporary wrapper scripts
	* libtool.m4: we don't have Xsed here, expand it manually
	Reported by Pavel Roskin <>

1999-01-22  Edouard G. Parmelan  <Edouard.Parmelan@France.NCR.COM>

	* (finalize_hardcode_libdirs, finalize_rpath): in
	platforms that use -rpath, programs must be finalized at
	installation time, otherwise build-tree programs will
	prefer installed libraries over build-tree ones

1999-01-22  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* mdemo/ (../libltdl/libtool): if it does not exist,
	the sub-make for will take care of it, but we must at
	least provide an empty rule for it, otherwise the sub-make will
	never run

	* demo/, demo/ (DLPREOPEN): reverted; it
	didn't make any difference.

1999-01-21  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* THANKS: Added Chris Laas <golem@MIT.EDU>
	From Chris Laas <golem@MIT.EDU>
	* (compile):  corrected a typo in compile mode which
	caused "gcc: unrecognized option -c-fPIC" errors due to a missing

1999-01-21  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ reintroduce code to detect native library
	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlopen): if a .la file name is given, that's
	all.  Otherwise, lt_dlopen now tries to append .la first.  If this 
	fails, it tries the given filename, and, at last, tries to append
	the native library extension to the given filename.
	* doc/libtool.texi (lt_dlopen): explain new lookup strategy

	* libltdl/ltdl.c: major rewrite to avoid almost all fixed-size
	buffers; only `tmp' in lt_dlopen remained.  But the code got ugly

	* (linux-gnu*, finish_cmds): remove erroneous backslash

	* demo/ set DLPREOPEN to -dlopen if we don't have
	shared libraries
	* demo/ (DLPREOPEN): use instead of -dlpreopen
	(STATIC): use $(STATIC), not @STATIC@
	* mdemo/ (STATIC): ditto

	* tests/demo-shared.test, tests/demo-static.test: new tests
	* tests/mdemo-shared.test, tests/mdemo-static.test: ditto
	* tests/ ditto
	* doc/libtool.texi: document them
	* demo/, mdemo/ (STATIC): do not use
	-static unconditionally, it can't work with --disable-static
	* demo/, mdemo/ check whether libtool was 
	configured to build static libraries and, if not, set STATIC to an 
	empty string

1999-01-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (module, droppeddeps): if libtool could not satisfy
	all dependencies of a module, it will only build a static version
	of it, and display a warning message

1999-01-20  Erez Zadok <>

	* (aix4*, with_gcc, archive_cmds): fix typo in Andrey
	Slepuhin's last patch

1999-01-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (@DIST_MAKEFILE_LIST@): work around Ultrix /bin/sh bug
	* tests/nomode.test (must specify a MODE): ditto
	Reported by Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
	* THANKS: Added Rainer Orth

1999-01-20  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* No known version of Solaris 2 hardcoded -L paths.

1999-01-20  Erez Zadok <>

	* s/n\'t/ not/
	* doc/PLATFORMS: updates for sunos4/m68k and aix

1999-01-20  Andrey Slepuhin  <>

	* (aix4*): check for reworked collect2, always pass
	-bnoentry option to linker when building a shared library

1999-01-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (file_magic): follow soft-links before running `file'
	on the candidate library; try to avoid entering endless loop
	Suggested by Nix <>
	* (linux*, solaris*, bsdi4*, sys_lib_search_path):
	remove expansion of $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
	* (lib_search_path): append the expansion of $shlibpath_var
	* doc/libtool.texi: document it

	* THANKS: Added Steven Schultz

1999-01-20  Steven M. Schultz <>

	* (bsdi4*, check_shared_deplibs_method): file_magic
	(bsdi4*, sys_lib_search_path): add /shlib and other dirs

1999-01-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* cdemo/main.c (main): use K&R definition syntax
	* mdemo/main.c (test_dl, main): ditto
	(test_dl): casts return value of lt_dlsym to appropriate types

	* (dlsyms): #define const to nothing if not __STDC__

	* (global_symbol_pipe): #define const to nothing if
	not __STDC__

	* demo/dlmain.c (main): cast s->address to the appropriate pointer
 	types, otherwise StunOS4's cc refuses to compile it

	* (sunos4*, without_gnu_ld, with_gcc, archive_cmds):
 	add -fPIC, because libgcc is multilibbed, and we want the PIC
 	version of it for shared libraries, otherwise ld complains

	* demo/dlmain.c (main): add missing const to declaration of name

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (find_module): remove the libdir argument, and
	try to  open library only as old_name and dir/dlname
	(lt_dlopen): use `installed' variable in .la file to decide
	whether to use libdir or objdir
	* demo/ (AC_C_CONST): added, for portability
	* mdemo/ (AC_C_CONST): ditto
	* libltdl/ (AC_C_CONST, AC_C_INLINE): ditto
	* libltdl/ltdl.c (LTDL_FILENAME_MAX): use FILENAME_MAX if defined
	(FILENAME_MAX): replace all explicit uses with LTDL_FILENAME_MAX
	(presym_free_symlists, trim): don't return void, for portability
	(lt_dlgetsearchpath): replace (void) with __P((void))

	* (compile): when compiling both PIC and non-PIC, write
 	the PIC object to .libs/.lo and only rename it to .lo after
 	compiling the .o, to avoid fooling make dependencies

	* mdemo/main.c (LTDL_PREOPENED_SYMBOLS): remove

1999-01-20  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* TODO: Added inter-library deps for ltlibs.

	* THANKS: Added Vladimir Kushnir.
1999-01-20  Vladimir Kushnir  <>
	* (freebsd3*): Define `deplibs_check_method' and
	`file_magic_command' for freebsd-elf.

1999-01-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* TODO: should we also build a `static' copy of a convenience
 	library out of .o files?

	* (bsdi4*, netbsd*, uts4*, library_names_spec,
	soname_spec): removed duplicate dot before $major
	Reported by Steven M. Schultz <> (bsdi4*)

	* THANKS: added Manfred Weichel

1999-01-20  Manfred Weichel  <>

	* (sysv5*): same as sysv4.3*

1999-01-20  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlopen): properly detect error condition when
	full pathname of non-libtool library is provided
	* libltdl/ (libltdl_cv_preloaded_symbols,
	HAVE_PRELOADED_SYMBOLS): test whether we support -dl*open
	* libltdl/ltdl.c (!HAVE_PRELOADED_SYMBOLS, lt_preloaded_symbols):
	define it to an empty list if libtool won't generate it, so as to
	avoid link errors.  This will cause silent dlopening failures, but 
	maybe this is better than failing to link the program...

	* libltdl/ltdl.h (LTDL_PRELOADED_SYMBOLS): remove it; better to
	declare lt_preloaded_symbols
	* doc/libtool.texi (LTDL_PRELOADED_SYMBOLS): ditto

	* (dlpredeps): removed, reverting 1999-01-17's change

1999-01-19  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ (Makefile): depend on libtool

	* (lt_preloaded_setup): function added to symbol list
	source file to work around FreeBSD problem

	* (check-local): depend on libltdl/Makefile

	* mdemo/ (mdemo_LDFLAGS, mdemo_LDADD): moved -dlopen
	flags to LDADD
	* doc/libtool.texi (Using Automake): how to add -dlopen to LDADD

1999-01-19  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	From Andrey Slepuhin <>
	* (hardcode_action) Oops, misapplied the patch!
	* (compile_dependencylbs): removed this
	variable and pick up the library dependencies from $deplibs.
	* (compile_dependencylibs): removed this
	variable, use deplibs to hold these dependencies.

	From Andrey Slepuhin <>
	* (hardcode_action) make sure deplibs is set to include
	all the	extra libs added to compile_command.

1999-01-18  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libtool.m4 (LIBTOOL_DEPS): set it
	* libltdl/ (LIBTOOL_DEPS): AC_SUBST it
	* libltdl/ (libtool): use it
	* doc/libtool.texi (AM_PROG_LIBTOOL): document it

	* (libltdl.tar.gz): don't create it as part of the
	build, since it is likely to become stale if we do
	(install-data-hook): create and install libltdl.tar.gz, without
	depending on GNU tar
	Reported by Manfred Weichel <>

1999-01-17  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* added libltdl.tar.gz to CLEANFILES
	* ChangeLog: some reformatting
	* TODO: documentation updates
	* doc/libtool.texi: added preliminary libltdl documentation,
	  updated dlopen and -module documentation,
	  renamed -avoid-versioning to -avoid-version
	  documented the libtool script variables compiler_c_o, 
	  compiler_o_lo, need_locks, old_postuninstall_cmds, 
	  postuninstall_cmds, sys_lib_search_path_spec,
	  fix_srcfile_path, objdir, objext, libext,
	  documented the two new flags (--ltdl[-tar]) of libtoolize
	* libltdl/ incremented the version, removed
	  libtool dependency so that it can be build independently
	* libltdl/ removed LTDL_SHLIB_EXT hack, 
	  set version to 1.0, use AM_MAINTAINER_MODE, 
	  DLPREOPEN is always supported, check for libtool's objdir variable
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: some cleanups (moved constants to the beginning
	  of the file and prefixed all of them with LTDL_, minor optimizations 
	  in find_file() and find_module()), renamed lt_dlpreopen* to
	  lt_dlpreload* for consistency, removed LTDL_SHLIB_EXT hack,
	  we don't need unistd.h, DLPREOPEN is _always_ supported,
	  reverted Alexandre's lt_dlpreopen_default_ change, 
	  try to open the not-installed module before the installed one,
	  replaced lt_dlsearchpath() with lt_dladdsearchdir(),
	  lt_dlsetsearchpath() and lt_dlgetsearchpath()
	* libltdl/ltdl.h: renamed lt_dlpreopen* to lt_dlpreload* 
	  for consistency, removed the declaration of lt_preloaded_symbols
	  (should be imported by programs),
	  reverted Alexandre's lt_dlpreopen_default_ change and added
	  two new macros LTDL_PRELOADED_SYMBOLS and 
	  added lt_dladdsearchdir(), lt_dlsetsearchpath() and 
	* libtool.m4: some reformatting
	* implemented --ltdl, bugfix when checking for
	  the libtool package directory
	* removed $thread_safe_flags from Andrey Slepuhin's
	  AIX patch, renamed sys_lib_search_path to sys_lib_search_path_spec,
	  some reformatting, fixed typo in deplibs_check_method (unkwnon)
	* documented -o for compile mode, some reformatting,
	  renamed -avoid-versioning to -avoid-version
	  renamed sys_lib_search_path to sys_lib_search_path_spec
	* mdemo/ use -avoid-version
	* mdemo/main.c: use LTDL_PRELOADED_SYMBOLS and 

1999-01-17  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (wlarc): set to either '${wl}' or an empty string,
 	depending on whether archive_cmds runs CC or LD
	(gnu_ld=yes, whole_archive_flag_spec): "$wlarc" instead of '${wl}'

	* mdemo/ (../libltdl/ depend on
	../libtool, because ../libltdl/libtool depends on it
	(mdemo_debug_*): copy from mdemo_*, adding -static to LDFLAGS

	* (dlpredeps): append dependencies from dlopened modules 
	(but not dlpreopened ones) after all explicitly linked libraries

	* (need_lib_prefix, need_version,
 	deplibs_check_method): default to unknown, so that we're
 	remembered that this needs porting; unknown is interpreted as yes,
 	yes and none, respectively
	(freebsd2*, freebsd3*, sunos4*, need_version): set to yes
	(freebsd2*, freebsd3*, library_names_spec): libraries without a
	version number are not used by `ld'; add $versuffix;
	Reported by Ben Jackson <>
	* (deplibs_check_method): alias unknown to none
	(need_version): if vinfo was not provided and release info was,
	zero out versuffix only if we don't need_version.
	* doc/libtool.texi: document what `unknown' means

	* libltdl/ltdl.h (lt_dlpreopen_default): reverted to a macro
	without arguments, that calls lt_dlpreopen_default_ with
	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlpreopen_default_): renamed from
	(find_module) tryall_dlopen old_name first, so that we don't
 	override statically linked symbols with dlopened ones

1999-01-15  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	From Andrey Slepuhin <>
	* (cd $pkgdatadir): Make sure we return the the
	working directory when this is done.

	From Andrey Slepuhin <>
	* (aix): Use shared library support correctly on
	aix4*, and tweak the config for aix3.
	* NEWS: added aix3 and aix4 to list of hosts with improved
	* THANKS: added Andrey Slepuhin <>.

1999-01-15  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* (@DIST_MAKEFILE_LIST@): added a second '$' 
	  before abs_scrdir, removed ltconfig and from
	  EXTRA_DIST (automake distributes them by default)
1999-01-14  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* autogen: moved faking of the libtool scripts before
	  the call of automake, so that ltconfig and
	  are included in the distribution
	* when checking whether PIC is supported assume
	  only on HP/UX that warnings during compilation mean that
	  PIC is not supported (Thanks to Ron O'Hara)
	* THANKS: added Ron O'Hara
1999-01-14  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* Moved ltconfig and back into srcdir, and
	add them to the distribution.  Added work-around if `mv -f' fails.
	fix @AINCLUDE_M4_LIST@ and @DIST_MAKEFILE_LIST@ for relative and
	absolute specifications of srcdir

1999-01-14  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c: added variable symbol prefix, added user-defined
	  library search path (can be set using lt_dlsearchpath()),
	  added default_preloaded_symbols which are independent of
	* libltdl/ltdl.h: added lt_dlsearchpath() and
	* mdemo/ use -export-dynamic until libtool 
	  and libltdl are able to handle module dependencies
1999-01-14  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* THANKS: added Mark Elbrecht.
	* (PATH_SEPARATOR): new variable to hold valid $PATH
	separator characters for the build host, to support DJGPP
	* Use PATH_SEPARATOR instead of hardcoded `:'.
	Reported by Mark Elbrecht <>

	* cdemo/README: typo: mdemo->cdemo

1999-01-14  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* autogen: fake the libtool scripts to help fixing
	  the bootstrapping problem
	* always configure libltdl, however after building
	  the libtool scripts, 
	  build the libtool scripts in builddir, not srcdir
	  (unfortunately this breaks building when srcdir!=objdir, 
	   but it was just plain wrong - needs to be fixed),
	  build and install libltdl.tar.gz,
	  copy acinclude.m4 instead of linking them, so that we 
	  can 'make dist' in libltdl,
	  fixed configuring of subdirectories
	* removed --enable-ltdl-install - libltdl is supposed
	  to be installed by packages, not by libtool itself
	* new flags --ltdl and --ltdl-tar to install libltdl
	  in packages (--ltdl doesn't work yet),
	  install only the necessary libtool scripts, not just all 
	  files in pkgdatadir
	* mdemo/ removed the rule for libltdl configuration
1999-01-13  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* mdemo/ (../libltdl/libtool): mkdir and configure

1999-01-13  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* demo/dlmain.c, libltdl/ltdl.c,,, 
	  doc/libtool.texi: renamed dld_preloaded_symbols to 
	  lt_preloaded_symbols, symbol lists are 'const'
	* cdemo/ don't check for string.h
	* demo/dlmain.c: renamed dld_symlist to lt_symlist,
	  preloaded symbols are 'const', use lt_ptr_t instead of void*
	* demo/foo.h: define lt_ptr_t
	* doc/libtool.texi: document lt_preloaded_symbols correctly
	* libltdl/, mdemo/ renamed libtest to libltdlc
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: fixed some minor typos, renamed dldpre to presym,
	  bugfix: search in search_path only if we have no directory 
	  and a search_path, in lt_dlsym() check whether symbol != 0
	* libltdl/ltdl.h: removed lt_dlpreopen_default()
	* (dlpreopen): removed dld_preloaded_symbol_count
	* added help for -avoid-versioning, -export-symbols,
	  -module, add @SYMFILE@ if one of -export-dynamic, -dlopen or
	  -dlpreopen is used
	* mail/deplibs.html: added Gordon Matzigkeit's inter-library
	  dependencies article
	* mdemo/ removed -export-dynamic from LDFLAGS
	  (no longer necessary, since libtool defines lt_preloaded_symbols
	  when -dlopen is used), initialize with lt_preloaded_symbols
1999-01-13  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* doc/libtool.texi (Test descriptions): cdemo-static works, thanks 
	to Edouard Parmelan!

	* THANKS: added Sebastian Wilhelmi

	* (solaris): define `need_version' to no

1999-01-13  Sebastian Wilhelmi  <>

	* (solaris): Define `deplibs_check_method',
	`file_magic_command', `need_lib_prefix' and `sys_lib_search_path'
	* (file_magic_regex): Add space before matching pattern,
	such that it works on solaris (solaris has a tab between the
	library name (including the colon) and the `ELF' and such the
	`ELF' will never be matched).

1999-01-13  Edouard G. Parmelan  <Edouard.Parmelan@France.NCR.COM>

	* (NM): PATH search was not updated like in
	libtool.m4, in last Alexandre Oliva's change to it
	(sysv4*, ncr): pass all library dependencies
	* (dependency_libs, -R): use `deplib' instead of `arg' to
	iterate, otherwise we'd overwrite `arg'
	(convenience, old_libs): if --disable-shared, convenience
	libraries are just old archives, as .lo's are of no use
	* tests/cdemo-static.test: print --disable-shared here

1999-01-13  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ (libltdl_cv_shlibext, LTDL_SHLIB_EXT):
	system-dependent extension of shared libraries
	(libltdl_cv_shlibpath_var, LTDL_SHLIBPATH_VAR): system-dependent
	run-time shared library search path
	* libltdl/ltdl.c (dldpre_init, dldpre_exit): unrelate init/exit
	from add/remove symlists, so one may add dld_preloaded_symbols
	from main(), when only a library will call dldpre_init
	(lt_dlopen): use LTDL_SHLIBPATH_VAR, if defined, as secondary
	search path.  Also, if a requested .la file cannot be found, try
	with the LTDL_SHLIB_EXTension instead.

	* (old_archives, oldobjs): use find to SYMDEF here too

	* (@DIST_MAKEFILE_LIST@): `$' must be doubled

	* (AC_CONFIG_DIRS): configure only libltdl, and then,
	only if --enable-ltdl-install
	(CONF_SUBDIRS): list directories that are configured on demand,
	but that must be included in the distribution
	* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): added version 1.3e and
	readme-alpha, to handle README-alpha automatically
	(EXTRA_DIST): removed README-alpha
	(BUILD_SUBDIRS): subdirectories that are always built
	(all-local, check-local): depend on $(ACINCLUDE_M4_LIST), from
	configure, and libtool, so that it is built before subdirs
	(configure-subdirs): new target
	(configure-subdirs, distdir): depend on $(DIST_MAKEFILE_LIST),
	from configure
	(@DIST_MAKEFILE_LIST@): create subdir if needed, then run
	On-demand configuration of subdirs at distribution time was
	suggested by Gary V. Vaughan <>

	* libtool.m4, (NM): search for NM in PATH before
	/usr/ccs/bin, /usr/ucb and /bin.  However, if the found one isn't
	BSD-compat keep searching.  If no BSD-compat is found, use the
	first we found.

	* THANKS: added Raffaele Sena

1999-01-13  Raffaele Sena  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c: replaced RTDL with RTLD

1999-01-13  Manish Singh  <>

	* (osf3*, osf4*, irix6*): include
	${libname}{release}.so for library_names_spec

1999-01-13  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS): added cdemo
	* (DIST_SUBDIRS): ditto
	* tests/ (TESTS): added cdemo-shared.test
	* tests/cdemo-static.test: disable shared libraries here
	* tests/cdemo-shared.test: disable static libraries here
	* doc/libtool.texi (Test descriptions): added cdemo tests
	* THANKS: added Edouard G. Parmelan

1999-01-13  Edouard G. Parmelan  <Edouard.Parmelan@France.NCR.COM>

	* fix convenience libraries when static libraries
	are disables.
	* cdemo/README, cdemo/, cdemo/, cdemo/foo.h,
	cdemo/foo1.c, cdemo/main.c, cdemo/.cvsignore, test/cdemo-conf.test,
	test/cdemo-make.test, test/cdemo-exec.test, test/cdemo-static.test:
	new tests for convenience libraries.
	* autogen,, test/ ditto.

	*, doc/PLATFORMS: Added support for NCR MP-RAS
	(i586-ncr-sysv4.3*) with native compiler.
	* README, doc/libtool.texi: Added note for NCR MP-RAS compiler.

1999-01-12  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* before using LN_S remove the symlink
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: support multiple symbol lists, moved library-
	  and file searching to separate functions, renamed "preload_libs"
	  to "dl_dependency_libs", set the LT_SYMBOL_OVERHEAD to the correct
	  value (7), fix to support lt_dlsym() for not-libtool modules again,
	  check for invalid handles, when using strdup() check whether
	  it fails
	* libltdl/ltdl.h: declare the lt_dlsymlist type for lt_dlpreopen()
	* mdemo/README: rewritten
	* mdemo/ check only for math.h (string.h is no longer

1999-01-12  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* (ltdl-install): Fixed up the indentation so that
	`configure --help' is pretty again.

1999-01-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	*, NEWS, doc/libtool.texi: Added support for -R flag
	*, doc/libtool.texi: documented that -rpath is the same
	as -R for programs
	* softened the instructions for linking with installed
	libraries, and noted that libtool can be used to link with them;
	documented that -rpath is not required for convenience libraries

	* (symxfrm): don't print $pipe_works twice, once for
	each $ac_symprfx
	Reported by Godmar Back <>

	* (convenience, libobjs): get only .o and .lo files from 
	the files extract from the convenience library.  Some systems,
	such as FreeBSD2, will add a SYMDEF file, that is not an object
	file, and therefore should not be fed to the linker

	* libtool.m4 (AM_SYS_NM_PARSE): while we are at it, we may well
	cache the value of ac_cv_sys_symbol_underscore

	* libtool.m4 (AM_SYS_NM_PARSE): need for underscore prefix is now
	auto-detected, by trying first without, then with it.  
	* ditto

1999-01-10  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS): add libltdl, demo, mdemo and
	depdemo commented out, so that `dist' works before `check'
	(BUILD_LTDL): will contain libltdl if --enable-ltdl-install
	* (DIST_SUBDIRS): expand SUBDIRS and add depdemo,
	commented out
	* libltdl/ (EXTRA_LTLIBRARIES): add, the
	same as libltdl but always a convenience library.  Not built by
	default.  Both libraries now depend on the libtool script, that
	depends on ../libtool and is rebuilt when needed
	* mdemo/ (mdemo, mdemo.debug): depend on and link with
	../libltdl/, that is rebuilt if needed
	(mdemo_LDADD): removed $(LIBADD_M), to avoid silent failures
	( renamed from; test removing the lib prefix
	* mdemo/foo1.c: renamed libfoo1_LTX symbols to foo1_LTX
	* mdemo/main.c: don't include string.h nor math.h, nor refer to
	sin nor cos
	* tests/mdemo-exec.test: renamed to
	* tests/mdemo-inst.test: ditto

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (FILENAME_MAX): use it instead of MAX_FILENAME,
	and don't redefine it if already defined; default to 1024, as on
	most systems
	(LT_SYMBOL_OVERHEAD): new macro, that accounts for the size of
	the _LTX_ separator and the initial underscore
	(lt_dlsym): sym now points to a stack buffer (lsym) if possible,
	or is dynamically allocated.  If allocation fails, a
	buffer_overflow_error is returned.

1999-01-10  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* define dld_preloaded_symbols if at least one of
	  -export-dynamic, -dlopen or -dlpreopen was specified,
	  do not include program objects in the symbol list
	  if -export-dynamic was not enabled
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: limit symbols to max. 256 bytes
	* mdemo/ build libltdl in a subdirectory,
	  do not use -export-dynamic for mdemo and mdemo.debug
	* tests/mdemo-conf.test,tests/mdemo-make.test,tests/mdemo-inst.test:
	  do not check for libltdl
1999-01-09  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlopen): missing strlen in bound test

1999-01-09  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* NEWS: support for BSD/OS 4.x was not documented
	* demo/ link against libm only if available
	* mdemo/ likewise, use -avoid-versioning flag
	  instead of -avoid-version (typo)
	* demo/ check for libm, string.h and math.h
	* mdemo/ likewise
	* depdemo/ check for libm and math.h
	* libltdl/ check for dlerror
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: check for buffer overflows, implemented
	  dlerror, fixed a severe bug which occured when opening 
	  non-libtool modules, dlopen with the flags GLOBAL and NOW
	* mdemo/main.c: report the error using lt_dlerror()
1999-01-08  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* doc/libtool.texi (old_archive_from_new_commands): Documented
	this ltcofig variable.

1999-01-07  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* (cygwin, allow_undefined): Unfortunately, there are
	problems with this variable when trying to make a dll which has
	undefined symbols, in which case not even a static library is
	built.  For now, we need to specify -no-undefined on the libtool
	link line when we can be certain that all symbols are satisfied,
	otherwise we get a static library.

1999-01-06  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* ChangeLog: merged in tests/ChangeLog
	* tests/ChangeLog: deleted
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: assigned copyright to the FSF
	* libltdl/ltdl.h, mdemo/foo*,main.c: likewise
1999-01-06  Gary V. Vaughan  <>
	* (dllsearchpath): add absolute directory paths to
	dllsearchpath so that the wrapper scripts can be called from any
	directory (e.g. tests) on cygwin.

	* (cygwin, library_names_spec): revert Alexandre's
	change from yesterday to use `-dll.a' suffix.  That change caused
	$libname-dll.a to be a symlink to $soname, which isn't even an
	`ar' archive.  Before the import library suffix can be changed, we
	need to figure out how to handle building objects differently for
	linking with an import library versus an equivalent static library.

	* TODO: Added details of a Linux wrapper script bug.
	Reported by Jeff Garzik <>.

1999-01-05  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (libobjs_save, oldobjs): when building an
	old-fashioned archive, use a copy of libobjs saved before
	convenience libraries are appended

	* libltdl/ltdl.h (_LTDLL_EXPORT, _LTDLL_IMPORT): use cygwin or
	unix library import/export primitives; this may be convenient for
	people willing to create DLLs
	* libltdl/ltdl.h, libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlpreopen): new function,
	that replaces the current preloaded_symbols list with its
	argument, and returns the old value, initially NULL
	(dldpre_init): don't refer to dld_preloaded_symbols any more
	(dldpre_open, dldpre_sym): search preloaded_symbols
	(lt_dlpreopen_default): call lt_dlpreopen with
	dld_preloaded_symbols, that is declared as extern; it should be
	called from the main program or from some static library without
	(lt_dlerror): new function, that returns the error message for the 
	last error occurred; the error message is kept in the static
	variable last_error
	* libltdl/ (enable-ltdl-install): moved back from
	enable-install; other packages might use enable-install already,
	better have fine grained control over this.
	* libltdl/ ( discarded

1999-01-05  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* do not configure libltdl by default
	* do not build libltdl by default
	* libltdl/ ltdls.lo depends on libtool
	* tests/ before starting the tests 
	  make sure that libtool was build
	* tests/mdemo-conf.test: configure libltdl
	* tests/mdemo-make.test: build libltdl
1999-01-05  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (SP2NL, NL2SP): Don't delete empty lines, as this
	would lose for files with embedded blanks.
	* (cygwin, archive_cmds, archive_sym_cmds): Moved
	ltdll.c into, to avoid its duplication, and added a sed
	script to extract it.  Also, create def and base files in $objdir,
	and don't remove them after the compilation.
	(cygwin, library_names_spec): Create static part of the dll with
	suffix -dll.a, to avoid conflicts with actual static libraries.
	* Added ltdll.c, as commented out text

1999-01-01  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* NEWS: new BeOS support
	* THANKS: added Joseph Beckenbach
	* libltdl/ltdl.h: use dllimport/export on Win32
1998-12-31  Joseph Beckenbach III <>

	* added support for BeOS
	* (shlibpath_var): added a workaround for 
	  an odd bug in the BeOS R4 sed
1998-12-31  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* verified all copyright notices 
	  and updated them to 1999
	* TODO: added some things that need to documented
	* doc/libtool.texi: -export-symbols is not 
	  supported on all platforms
	* doc/PLATFORMS: added a few new platforms
1998-12-30  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* NEWS: updated
	* THANKS: added Todd Vierling <>
1998-12-30  Todd Vierling  <>

	* improved shared object handling on both
	  a.out and ELF platforms for NetBSD

1998-12-29  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* do not rely on a leading space when concatenating
	  variables as suggested by Erez Zadok
	* likewise
	* doc/PLATFORMS: updated and reformatted 
	  (thanks to Erez Zadok for the testing)
1998-12-27  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* THANKS: added Erez Zadok <>
1998-12-26  Erez Zadok  <>

	* support i486-ncr-sysv4.3.03
	shared libraries.

	* before every ln -s, remove the link name

1998-12-25  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* depdemo/ removed last relics of demo
	* depdemo/sysdep.h: ditto
	* mdemo/ ditto
	* libltdl/ fixed the version number, build libltdls if
	  -enable-install and -enable-dlpreopen are enabled
	* libltdl/ libltdl is version 0.1, not 1.0,
	  renamed -enable-ltdl-install to -enable-install,
	  conditionals for libltdls, check for strchr and index,
	  replaced NULL with 0
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: replaced NULL with 0, dlpreopen only if
	  USE_DLPREOPEN was defined, integrated shl_load code from GModule
	  (still untested)

1998-12-24  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* libltdl/ fixup spacing in --enable-ltdl-install
	help string so that it lines up nicely for configure --help.

	* (dllsearchpath): keep track of what the dll search path
	will need to be in the wrapper scripts as deplibs are calculated.
	Make sure the wrapper script doesn't end in `.exr', which makes
	win32 try to execute it as a binary!
	Add the contents of dllsearchpath to $PATH in the wrapper script.
	Use the relative path to the wrapped program so that the dll
	search path is calculated properly by win32 OSes.
	* TODO: removed the item for making wrapper scripts work on win32.

	* TODO: removed the reference to making libltdl and demo work on
	win32.  They *do* work now that wrapper scripts are functioning.
	* (file_magic_command): It turns out that if the
	file_magic_command generates huge output (e.g. running `objdump
	-f' over a large import lib [say libX11.a]) the expr to check it
	against the file_magic_regex blows up.  There is now an optimistic
	heuristic, to save only the first 10 lines of running
	file_magic_command which (at risk of sounding like Bill) should be
	enough for anyone =)O|.

	* Set the compile_dependencylibs and	dllsearchpath for
	non-libtool libs, or else libdeps only works between ltlibs for

1998-12-23  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (SP2NL, NL2SP): use `tr' magic to avoid passing very
	long lines to sed
	* doc/libtool.texi (sed): very long lines are no longer a problem

	* libltdl/ install libltdl conditionally...
	* libltdl/ ... if --enable-ltdl-install is issued
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: removed #ifdef DEBUG
	* mdemo/ (mdemo_debug_LDADD, mdemo_debug_DEPENDENCIES): 

1998-12-23  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* doc/PLATFORMS: added my cygwin32 box (i686-pc-cygwin32).

	* TODO: remind myself of the win32 tasks remaining.
	* (archive_cmds, archive_sym_cmds,
	old_archive_from_new_cmds): Fixed a bug which left an a.exe in the
	build directory.  Fixed a bug where $soname-def was never deleted.

	* (file_magic_command): new variable holds the command
	(including any args) to run to generate the string to match
	against the regex in $file_magic.  Use the variable where
	necessary. Added to libtool header output.
	(deplibs_check_method): use file_magic for win32, but compare the
	output of `objdump -f' with the regex (see below).
	(archive_cmds, archive_sym_cmds): use compile_dependencylibs for
	each $CC invokation (see below).

	* Set allow_undefined to `no' for win32 variants by
	default, otherwise it is impossible to link a dll without forcing
	the makefile maintainer to figure out whether to pass
	--no-undefined at every libtool invokation.
	(compile_dependencylibs): save the list of dependency library
	flags needed for a deplib build on win32.
	(link_against_libtool_libs): commented out the check for this;  if
	it is left in, then ltlibs (i.e. *.la files) cannot be deplibs for
	subsequent links.
	Don't add -lc to the deplibs line for win32 platforms (which don't
	have a libc as such).
	(file_magic_command): use this to get some output to compare with
	the file_magic regex (instead of hardcoding `file' which doesn't
	exist on win32.
	* doc/libtool.texi (Porting inter-library dependencies): Updated
	to document the changes above.
	* (deplibs_check_method): Changed the file_magic regex
	to match more linux variants.  This is less lenient than Thomas
	Tanner's commit to fix the same problem below.
	Reported by Joel Klecker <>
	* THANKS: added Joel Klecker <>

1998-12-23  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* fixed file-magic for Linux shared libraries
	* removed the unused -force-static flag
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: added strchr, search modules in LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH,
	  check whether actual module was already dlopened, 
	  read in preload_libs rather than dependency_libs

1998-12-23  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* libltdl/ build two versions of libltdl: 
	  libltdl (support native dlopen if available, otherwise dlpreopen), 
	  libltdls (like libltdl, but always support for dlpreopen)
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: ditto
	* libltdl/ warn if dlopen is not supported
	* mdemo/ (mdemo.debug): use libltdls

1998-12-22  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* revert Thomas Tanners change to create all
	libraries without the `lib' prefix on win32, otherwise `gcc foo.c
	-lbar' can't find libbar.a.

1998-12-22  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (SUBDIRS): prepend `.' to avoid am-recursive
	dependency hack

1998-12-21  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* indentation is now 8 character wide tabs 
	* ditto
	* ChangeLog: ditto
	* renamed check_shared_deplibs_method to 
	  deplibs_check_method (we_dont_want_too_long_variable_names :)
	* doc/libtool.texi (Porting inter-library dependencies): ditto
	* depdemo/.cvsignore: renamed hell* to depdemo*, added *.lo,*.la
	* mdemo/.cvsignore: ditto
1998-12-21  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* libtool.m4 (AM_SYS_NM_PARSE): apparently  __ptr_t is predefined
	on some systems - use lt_ptr_t instead.
	* ditto.
	* ditto.

	* libtool.m4 (AM_SYS_SYMBOL_UNDERSCORE): use an AC_SUBST to pass
	the result of this into the compile rather than AC_DEFINE which
	breaks when building with older versions of autoconf.
	* (symxfrm): Don't put the leading underscore back
	with the global_symbol_pipe.
	* demo/dlmain.c (main): No need to specialcase underscores in
	dld_preloaded_symbols - it is fixed by symxfrm above!
	* libltdl/ use AM_SYS_SYMBOL_UNDERSCORE from
	libtool.m4 rather than reinvent the wheel here =)O|

	*  Fix deplibs methods to not rely on a.out (cygwin
	uses a.exe!).

	* libltdl/ Cleanups - fix header comment and emacs
	* demo/dlmain.c (win32_force_data_import_address): a nasty hack
	to force the address of imported data symbols into
	dld_preloaded_symbols on win32, which does data imports
	differently to function imports (sheesh!).  This functionality
	needs to be moved into the dld_preloaded_symbols generation code.
	demo/helldl with static linking is broken on win32 by this change,
	probably until after libtool-1.3 =(O|
	* demo/foo.h: make sure __CYGWIN32__ is always defined on cygwin32
	systems.  Use the correct __declspec macro for lib exports/imports
	on cygwin32.
	* demo/foo.c, demo/hello.c: Make sure we tell foo.h that these
	sources are inside libfoo, and want to export symbols.
1998-12-20  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* autogen: configure demo, depdemo, libltdl and mdemo
	* tests/mdemo-exec.test: renamed hell* to mdemo*
	* tests/mdemo-inst.test: ditto
1998-12-19  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* libltdl/ build a normal libtool library
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: get LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH but don't make use of it yet,
	  some reformatting
	* fixed a bug which listed symbols in 
	  dld_preloaded_symbols twice
	* TODO: removed symbol export lists and deplibs

1998-12-18  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* added need_lib_prefix and need_version,
	  which determine whether we must prefix modules with 'lib'
	  and whether versioning is required for libraries.
	* allow modules names without 'lib' prefix, 
	  new -avoid-versioning option
	* doc/libtool.texi (link flags): updated documentation for -module,
	  added -avoid-versioning
	* doc/libtool.texi (libtool script contents): 
	  documented the two new flags and archive_sym_cmds
	* doc/libtool.texi (tests): 
	  added (partially very short) documentation for assign.test, 
	  nomode.test, quote.test, sh.test
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: canonicalize module names, 
	  some cleanups and bugfixes,  __ptr_t is predefined on 
	  some systems - use lt_ptr_t instead
	* mdemo/: renamed hell* to mdemo* (hell is already used in
	  demo), updated the documentation, import sin and cos in main
	  program rather than linking libfoo1 statically

1998-12-17  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_LIBTOOL): Added AC_PREREQ(2.12) to prevent
	people using libtool with old autoconfs that don't provide the
	features we need.

1998-12-16  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* NEWS,, libtool.spec: Bumped to 1.2e for CVS
	* NEWS,, libtool.spec: Bumped to 1.2d for release

	* (cvs-dist): our release tags are in lower case
	(cvs-diff): ditto
	(EXTRA_DIST): added README-alpha
	* README-alpha: minor adaptations
	* demo/, mdemo/, depdemo/
	removed comment about special needs for distribution
	* depdemo/ don't generate dependencies
	* depdemo/ modified version number

	* (-force-static, force_static): removed
	* libltdl/ (CFLAGS): ditto
	* libltdl/ check for memory.h, rindex() and
	dlpreopening.  Fixed NEED_USCORE caching policy.
	* libltdl/ltdl.h (lt_dlsym): make the name argument const
	* libltdl/ltdl.c (types): new variable: head of list of available
	dlopening mechanisms
	(lt_dltype_t): interface of a dlopening mechanism, with pointers
	to functions for init, exit, open, close and sym
	(lt_dlhandle_t): added pointer to interface type
	(strdup): don't name it strdup; it can be troublesome
	(strrchr): ditto; use rindex if available
	(LIBTOOL_STATIC): check HAVE_DLPREOPEN instead, and move to the
	end of the file, so that it becomes the header of the list
	(all): renamed all interface-implementation functions, to avoid
	name clashes, and created lt_dltype_t nodes for all of them
	(lt_dlinit): initialize all available interfaces; remove those
	that fail from the list.  Return failure only if no interfaces
	could be initialized.
	(lt_dlexit): return number of failures
	(tryall_dlopen): try to open the library with all available
	(lt_dlopen): use tryall_dlopen; increased size of fixed buffers.
	We should probably make these bound-checked or dynamically
	allocated for the final release!  Fix bug when filename did not
	contain slashes; should we check for `\\' too?  Try old_library if 
	everything else fails.
	(lt_dlclose): use the interface type for closing
	(lt_dlsym): make `symbol' const, use interface type for looking up 
	* mdemo/ moved mdemo/modules/* back into mdemo
	(SUBDIRS): removed
	(libfoo2_la_LDFLAGS): added -static; nice test.  However, since it 
	causes -lm to linked into hell*, it causes tests that should fail
	to pass
	(noinst_HEADERS): no need to install foo.h
	* mdemo/ remove modules/Makefile
	tests/mdemo-exec.test: updated accordingly

	* NEWS: Added Thomas Tanner and Gary V. Vaughan to the list of new 
	maintainers.  Detailed expected failures of libtldl+mdemo.  Listed 
	recent ports.  Added full URL for the home page.  Note that
	libtool C program is unusable.

1998-12-16  Bruno Haible  <>

	* doc/libtool.texi (Tested platforms): broken `sed' programs

1998-12-16  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* THANKS: added Stephan Kulow; removed Gary V. Vaughan and Thomas
	Tanner, now that they're AUTHORS

1998-12-16  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* (freebsd-aout, freebsd-elf): added missing dot to

1998-12-16  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ (EXTRA_DIST): removed, nothing needed
	(libtool): automatically update

	* libltdl/ (stdlib.h, unistd.h, stdio.h): check
	* libltdl/ltdl.c: include them

	* demo/ (BINARY_HELLDL): test whether dlopen is
	supported at configure time
	* demo/ (helldl): use automake conditionals to build
	helldl as a script or as a binary program

	* tests/ (EXTRA_DIST): remove ltdl-*.test
	(clean-local): don't clean libltdl any more
	* tests/ltdl-conf.test: removed
	* tests/ltdl-inst.test: ditto
	* tests/ltdl-make.test: ditto
	* tests/ltdl-unst.test: ditto
	* tests/mdemo-make.test: updated accordingly
	* tests/mdemo-inst.test: ditto
	* tests/mdemo-unst.test: ditto
	* doc/libtool.texi: ditto

	* (-DSTATIC): changed to -DLIBTOOL_STATIC, and defined
	only for -force-static; it should be removed soon, before people
	start to use it

	* (AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS): added libltdl
	* (SUBDIRS): build libltdl by default
	(DIST_SUBDIRS): simplify distribution of demo and mdemo
	(libtool, clibtool, libtoolize, ltconfig, add
	srcdir where appropriate
	(ACINCLUDE_M4_LIST): new rule for maintaining links from
	acinclude.m4 to libtool.m4
	(*demo/ don't update autoconf/automake files any
	more; make check is needed

1998-12-14  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* (archive_cmds): tweaked for cygwin b18->b20.1
	compatibility and fixed a bug with generating the export
	definitions file.  This is only tested on b20.1, but should
	work back to b18 at least.

1998-12-11  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* -module implies now -export-dynamic,
	  dlpreopen files if we're linking statically
	* doc/libtool.texi (link flags): added documentation for -module
	  and the tests for mdemo and libltdl
	* mdemo/ replaced -dlpreopen with -dlopen

1998-12-09  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* PORTING: removed the text Akim Demaille converted to .texi

1998-12-09  Akim Demaille  <>

	* doc/libtool.texi: converted inter-library dependencies
	instructions from PORTING

1998-12-09  Alexandre Oliva  <>
	* (convenience, deplibs): propagate dependencies
	* libltdl/ (noinst_HEADERS): don't install ltdl.h yet
	(noinst_LTLIBRARIES): ditto for

1998-12-08  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* README-alpha: adapted the release procedure from
	* adapted the cvs-dist and cvs-diff rules from
	  automake/  I guess this is probably safe to use
	  already, but I didn't test it as it tags the CVS tree.  If
	  it needs tweaking, we'll find out come 1.2d.

1998-12-08  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* fixed some typos in archive_sym_cmds
	* replaced basename with a sed expression

1998-12-07  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* we no longer use PRCS

	* doc/libtool.texi (author): listed all the AUTHORS
	(Dlopen issues): added reference to libltdl, still undocumented
	(C++ libraries): it's not *that* simple, after all :-(
	(Inter-library dependencies): they're back!

1998-12-04  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libtool.m4 (ac_cv_sys_symbol_underscore): `test a == b' doesn't
	work, use `test a = b' instead

	* (mdemo_distfiles): libfoo[12].sym no longer exist

	* (solaris): do not use $CC for linking if GNU ld is
	not available

1998-12-04  Manfred Weichel  <>

	* Port to SCO UnixWare 7.x.

1998-12-03  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* ChangeLog: converted CR/LF back to CR format
	* new variable sys_lib_search_path for searching
	of installed libraries, export archive_sym_cmds and 
	* use sys_lib_search_path, removed extradeplibs
	(they're not portable)
1998-12-02  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* libltdl/ look for string.h or else strings.h, and
	also check for ANSI strrchr() function.  Fix `undescore before
	symbols' macro to not rely on a.out (cygwin uses a.exe!).  Fix
	`underscore for dlsym' to set cache variable properly, not just in
	environment of AC_DEFINE(NEED_USCORE).
	* libltdl/ltdl.h (__ptr_t): for K&R compatibility using char*.
	* libltdl/ltdl.c (strrchr): fallback function incase none is
	defined in libc.
	(trim, ltdlopen): replace rindex with ANSI strrchr.
	Add static function declarations so that we get type checking with
	ANSI compilers.  Use __ptr_t instead of void*.

1998-12-01  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* added -export-symbols support for GNU ld and
	Solaris (untested), archive_sym_cmds for -export-symbols
	* doc/libtool.texi, -export-symbols is now
	independent from -export-dynamic and does not work for modules 
	* added some checks for -export-symbols
	* mdemo/modules/ replaced -export-symbols with 
	-export-dynamic since it doesn't work for modules
1998-12-01  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* README: Updated homepage pointer to gnu libtool page.

	* (ltdll.c): update the ltdll.c file for cygwinb20.
	Based on code from Mumit Khan <>.
	(archive_cmds): correct typo libtool.c->ltdll.c.  Update shell
	commands for cygwin32.

	* libtool.m4 (AM_SYS_SYMBOL_UNDERSCORE): New macro; find out
	whether compiled symbols have an extra leading underscore.
	(AM_SYS_NM_PARSE): New macro (converted to m4 from;
	find a sed expression to parse global symbols from the output of
	* demo/dlmain.c (main): Remove a single	leading underscore from
	compiled symbol names if necessary.

1998-12-01  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* config.guess, config.sub: imported from autoconf pre-2.13

1998-11-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* libtool (AM_PROG_LD): Oops... we need to know the host_os for
	the changes below.  I'm not sure whether mingw32 and os2 support
	UNC paths, if they did we wouldn't need the check, we could use
	UNC paths on all three; or if the bug with $LD not being
	shell-meta escaped was fixed, we could use '\\' separators on all
	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_LD): Cannonicalize the absolute path for the
	ld program;  The order is funny to provide canonicalization to
	paths with '\\' separators as well as '/'.
	* ditto.

	* AUTHORS: Added myself as a co-maintainer.

	* (archive_cmds): The `;\' in a compound statement is
	expanded wrongly for cygwin32, mingw32, aix3 and aix4. Changed to

1998-11-25  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libtool.spec (URL): point to
	(Source): point to

	* (EXTRA_DIST): removed libtool.prj
	Reported by Akim Demaille <>

1998-11-24  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (echo): avoid shell error messages when we're
	testing for large command line support
	Reported by Axel Thimm <>

	* doc/PLATFORMS: updated last-tested release for platforms I've
	got access to

	* THANKS: added Chris P. Ross

1998-11-24  Chris P. Ross  <>

	* added recognition of the dynamic linker on BSD/OS 4.x
	* README: added BSD/OS 4.x to the list of supported platforms
	* doc/PLATFORMS: added BSD/OS 4.x support for various host id's

1998-11-24  David Heine  <dlheine@truffle.Stanford.EDU>

	* (pass_all): actively pass the flags

1998-11-24  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* depdemo: added inter-library dependencies demo (doesn't work yet!)
	* AUTHORS: added myself to the list of maintainers

1998-11-22  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* libltdl: added support for .la files, LGPL license,
	K&R compatibility, some API changes and bugfixes
	* renamed -module flag (for compiling) to -force-static,
	define -DSTATIC when compiling static .o files,
	do not include directories in dld_preloaded_symbols
	* mdemo: modified mdemo to work with the new libltdl
	* tests/mdemo-exec.test, tests/mdemo-inst.test: use .la files
1998-11-21  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libltdl/ltdl.c: replace NULL with 0, so that we don't depend on
	header files defining it.

	* (archive_cmds, osf3, osf4, solaris, sunos4): create
	libraries with gcc -shared if using gcc without GNU ld.

	* replaced occurrences of solaris2 with solaris, to
	prepare for Solaris 7

1998-11-19  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* mdemo/ (hell_debug_LDFLAGS): -dlpreopen -> -dlopen
	(hell_LDFLAGS): added -export-dynamic and -dlopen
	(SUBDIRS, INCLUDES): added modules directory
	(foo1.c, foo2.c, foo.h, libfoo1.sym, libfoo2.sym): moved to modules
	* ditto
	* tests/mdemo-exec.test, tests/mdemo-inst.test: libraries moved
	* mdemo/modules/ new file

	* */ (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): added no-dependencies

	* missing `test' between `&&' and `"$module"'

	* (echo_test_string): the whole ltconfig script was
	too much for DU4.0's ksh, but the first 50 lines will be enough.

	* (installed): new variable defined within a .la file,
	so that libtool can now link already-installed libraries into a
	* NEWS: ditto
	* doc/libtool.texi (Linking executables): document it

	* (output_objdir): compute it from $output, not $arg

	* tests/mdemo-inst.test (libltdl): install it
	* tests/mdemo-unst.test (libltdl): uninstall it
	* tests/ (TESTS): list ltdl-unst.test before mdemo-conf.test

1998-11-18  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* NEWS: -module and libtldl
	* mdemo/ ../libltdl is within $(srcdir)

1998-11-18  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* libltdl, added libltdl (a system independent 
	dlopen wrapper library extracted from mdemo)
	* added -module flag for compiling and linking of
	modules. If enabled it compiles always both .o (with -DLT_RENAME)
	and .lo files
	* mdemo: modified mdemo to work with libltdl
	* tests/ltdl*: added tests for libltdl

1998-11-16  Steve Price  <>

	* when $host_os is freebsd[23]* determine whether
	the current linker format is a.out or ELF
	* add two new $version_type's, freebsd-aout and
	freebsd-elf, to support above change

1998-11-16  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* extent no_builtin_flag to contain -fno-rtti and
	-fno-exceptions in case we compile with a gcc, that supports
	this options (egcs and gcc >= 2.8)

1998-11-16  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (C_compiler): copy $CC before it is overwritten with
	command-line compiler, so that we can use it to compile C sources
	generated during the build.  This fixes the problem that showed up 
	with -export-dynamic of C++ programs in egcs 1.1.
	* NEWS: ditto

1998-11-12  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* PORTING: Porting instructions are in the libtool manual already

	* NEWS: Mention -export-symbols and new dlpreopen

1998-11-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (IFS): revert Gary's patch when parsing version
	information; we still use `:' here :-)

	* NEWS: updated
	* PORTING: new file, with general instructions and inter-library
	dependencies tips

1998-11-11  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* make use of '~' field separator in reload_cmds,
	old_archive_from_new_cmds, old_archive_cmds, archive_cmds,
	old_postinstall_cmds, postinstall_cmds, old_postuninstall_cmds,
	postuninstall_cmds and finish_cmds, so that the semi-colons inside
	if/then/else/fi and for/do/done etc. do not break the eval loop in (below).
	* changed all of the eval loops to use an IFS of `~',
	to allow differentiation between the end-of-statement-;
	(now `~' is used) and end-of-substatement-; (still `;').  This
	fixes AIX and win32 at least.

1998-11-11  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (sunos*, sympat, symxfrm): remove underscore
	prepended by the compiler

1998-11-10  Toshio Kuratomi  <>

	* re-enable deplibs
	* support deplibs, at least for GNU/Linux/x86
	Updated to current libtool by Thomas Tanner  <>

1998-11-10  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Make the relink warning less harsh.

1998-11-07  William M. Perry  <>

	* (aix3, aix4): uniquify symbol names in archive_cmds

1998-11-07  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* add --falback-echo, to be used if everything else
	fails.  The tests now check the behavior of $echo for very large
	strings, because some echo commands would just core dump (e.g.,
	Solaris' printf).  If too large strings fail, smaller ones are
	(ltecho): arrange that, if the --fallback-echo method is selected,
	echo will be defined in the libtool script so as to re-run itself,
	not ltconfig
	* add --fallback-echo
	(qecho) ensure that, if --falback-echo is being used, qecho is
	defined with the full pathname of the libtool script

	* tests/sh.test (test X): ensure that the double-quote supposed to be
	reported is really reported

1998-11-07  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* mdemo/main.c: removed hardcoded library names; link against -lm
	* tests/mdemo-exec, tests/mdemo-inst: pass the library names
	to the program

1998-11-07  Marc J. Fraioli  <>

	* README: Added DG/UX
	* doc/PLATFORMS: ditto

1998-11-04  Michael Tiemann  <>

	* (irix6): it's a little bit different from irix5

1998-11-04  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* THANKS: Added Thomas Tanner and Gary V. Vaughan

	*, updated and fixed the patches below

1998-11-04  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* mdemo/*: added new demo to demonstrate building of dlopenend
	* tests/, tests/mdemo*: added some tests for mdemo

1998-11-04  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	* demo/ added AC_EXEEXT macro so that the tests can
	work on cywin32/mingw32 hosts.  This requires the current CVS

1998-11-04  Thomas Tanner  <>

	* New flag -export-symbols; new dlpreopen system
	* demo/dlmain.c: removed dld_preloaded_symbol_count

1998-11-04  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* On installation, don't get confused if the same name
	appears more than once in the list of library names.

1998-11-04  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Add objext and libext variables.  Check for object
	suffix.  Check for mingw32* as well as cygwin32*.  Use objext when
	testing compiler.  Add support for Visual C++ on cygwin32 when not
	using gcc.  Add objext, libext, and fix_srcfile_path to generated
	libtool script.
	* Use .${objext} rather than .o.  Use fix_srcfile_path
	if it is set.  Check for .obj as well as for .o, and for .lib as
	well as for .a.  Use .${libext} rather than .a when creating old
	* Change initial /bin/sh to @SHELL@.
	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_LIBTOOL): Add AC_REQUIRE for
	AC_CANONICAL_BUILD, so that autoconf doesn't get mixed up by the

1998-11-04  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Look in the right directory for libtool.c in
	archive_cmds for cygwin32.

1998-11-04  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Fix cygwin32 support to avoid using a double
	extension, to delete the def file, to set version_type to windows,
	and to include versuffix in the DLL name.
	* Add support for a version_type of windows.

1998-11-04  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Add cygwin32 support.
	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_LIBTOOL): Call AM_SYS_LIBTOOL_CYGWIN32 on a
	cygwin32 host.  Pass DLLTOOL and AS to ltconfig.
	(AM_SYS_LIBTOOL_CYGWIN32): New macro.

1998-11-04  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* libtool.m4 (sco): fix typo

1998-11-04  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* On AIX, don't treat GNU ld specially.

1998-11-04  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (hardcode_minus_L): Revert Ian's patch for  Although -L hardcoding is not used with GNU ld, it
	does happen, so hardcode_minus_L must be set to yes.

	* (compiler_o_lo): check whether we can write directly
	to a .lo

	* (compiler_o_lo): if not, write to .o and rename it

1998-11-04  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* For sunos4 using GNU ld, set hardcode_minus_L to
	* Add some hacks to make SunOS --enable-shared work
	when using GNU ld.

1998-11-04  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* THANKS: Added Marc J. Fraioli

1998-11-04  Marc J. Fraioli  <>

	* (dgux): new supported platforms

1998-11-04  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (need_locks): if neither `-c -o' nor hard links are
	available, fallback to not so safe mechanism, by setting
	need_locks to warn
	* (need_locks): when need_locks is set to warn, use the
	lockfile to try to fail in case of incorrect concurrent builds

	* THANKS: Added Eric Estievenart

1998-11-04  Eric Estievenart  <>

	* doc/libtool.texi (Compile mode): Document that -o is fully

	* libtool.m4 (libtool-lock): new ARG_ENABLE; sets (need_locks)
	* (disable-lock): control need_locks
	(hard_links): check whether hard-links can be used for locking
	* (need_locks): use $output_obj.lock for locking

1998-11-03  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* correctly create libraries and programs with
	directory components in their names

1998-11-03  Eric Estievenart <>

	* (output_obj): typo

1998-11-02  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* For sunos4, add ${libname}.so$versuffix to
	* For version_type of sunos, set versuffix even if
	-version-info was not used.

1998-11-02  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (libobj): default value must not contain directory

1998-11-02  Eric Estievenart <>

	* (compiler): detect if the compiler supports
	-c and -o flags, create a variable compiler_c_o. Also issue
	a big warning if it is not supported

	* (compile): enable the -o option as input for libtool.
	The objects are not moved if the compiler supports -o with -c.
	Sources and objects can contain relative directories.
	(link): enable the linking of executables into relative directories

1998-11-02  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* AUTHORS: added myself as a co-maintainer
	* THANKS: and removed my name from here

	* autogen: new script; run it to bootstrap libtool after checking
	it out from CVS

	* libtool.m4 (CFLAGS): check whether -belf is needed on SCO, as
	suggested by Robert Lipe <>

1998-10-31  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/ (hc-libpath): Use parameters from the libtool
	in the top build directory, since the one in the demo directory is
	not guaranteed to exist.

1998-10-27  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* demo/ (objdir): there are no longer quotes around
	objdir in the libtool script

1998-10-27  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (dynamic_linker): Echo the result to fd 6, so that
	--silent works correctly.  From William M. Perry.

1998-09-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Fix problems when building only static
	libraries.  From Owen Taylor.

1998-08-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (install): When library_names_spec has redundancies,
	avoid deleting the main library when installing symlinks.  From
	Jeff Dairiki.
	(link): Get rid of backticks in a here doc comment.
	This causes segfaults on Solaris 2.  From Aleksandar Bakic.
	(finish): Don't display messages

	* (archive_cmds): On HP-UX 9, make sure we don't try
	to move a file to itself.  From Jeff Dairiki.

1998-08-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Make changes to accomodate ltmain.c.

	* (clibtool): New target for the C version of libtool.

	* ltmain.c: Experimental C version of libtool.

1998-07-10  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* (install): Test against both $SHELL and /bin/sh.

1998-06-30  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Convenience archive support.  From Ulrich Drepper.

	* (postinstall_commands): Change libraries to be
	executable on Solaris in order to prevent ldd from moaning.  From
	Julian Gosnell.
	(whole_archive_flag_spec): New variable to shortcut convenience
	archive expansion.  From Ulrich Drepper.

1998-06-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, Change globs to accept forward slashes
	in absolute directory names used on DOS-like systems.  From Robert
	S. Maier.

Thu May 28 18:59:08 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Use $SHELL when invoking shell scripts.

1998-05-21  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (compile): Don't have `-static' turn off libtool
	libraries, so that people can use it just to guarantee that `.o'
	files exist.  Suggested by David Mosberger-Tang.

1998-05-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Possibly reexec the shell from within the
	wrapper script.
	Allow `-version-info' and `-release' to coexist again.  If people
	want to shoot themselves in the foot, I'd better let them do so,
	so that people who are smart enough not to can squeeze out another
	ounce of functionality.  From Tim Janik.
	(version_vars): Delete dead variable.

	* (hardcode_minus_L): FreeBSD 3.0 doesn't hardcode, at
	last.  Reported by Jason Nordwick.

	*,, Change a bunch of `if
	test ...; then : ; else ...' constructs to `if test ! ...; then
	...', for clarity.

1998-05-17  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (LC_ALL, LANG): Save these values and restore them
	during execute mode.  From Pavel Kankovsky.
	(mode): Accept strace and truss as programs that throw us into
	execute mode.  From Pavel Kankovsky.

1998-05-07  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Don't use .$versuffix or .$major.  Instead, assume
	the variable will include any required prefix.
	* If no -version-info option was used, produce empty
	version strings rather than 0.0.0.  When making library symlinks,
	avoid making a symlink if the name would be the same.

1998-04-27  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Support `unsupported' as a hardcode_action.
	Reported by Lars Hecking.
	(lib_linked): Do some sanity checking to make sure that we
	actually do link libtool libraries into the program to prevent the
	above problem from happening again.

1998-04-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Maybe reexec under $SHELL, if $echo doesn't work.
	Reported by Lars Hecking.

1998-04-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (maintainer-rekey): New rule to force us to change
	Project-Version after we make a release.  This keeps all version
	numbers in sync, rather than branching just before the release.
	(maintainer-release, maintainer-checkin): Use maintainer-rekey.

	* (finish): Notice when a finish command fails, so that
	we can add it to the list of recommendations.

1998-04-17  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_LIBTOOL): Append file descriptor 5 to
	config.log, so that configure doesn't clobber the messages that
	ltconfig put there.  From David Taylor.

1998-04-15  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (archive_cmds): Try using `$CC -shared' when
	configuring for GCC under irix5 and irix6.  From Wolfram Gloger.
	(ofile): Add `--output' flag to change the name of the generated
	libtool.  Suggested by Wolfram Gloger.

1998-04-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Remove all hardcoded references to in
	favour of $PACKAGE and $PROGRAM.
	(install): Compute the installation name for programs, in case we
	install a relinked file which has a different name.  Reported by
	Pieter Schoenmakers.

	* (echo): Try using the ksh(1) `print -r' builtin
	command, before reverting to printf(1).

	* (libtool): Use $(SHELL) when invoking ltconfig.

	* (echo): Rewrite the test for a working echo so that
	we win on Solaris by avoiding printf(1), if possible.

	* tests/quote.test (echo): Update the echo test from ../

1998-04-13  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_NM): Don't override NM in the environment.

1998-04-13  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* New `--config' flag to print out all configured

	* libtool.m4: Pass ltconfig the undocumented --no-reexec flag,
	since we call it explicitly using CONFIG_SHELL.

	* Restart the script under a different shell if
	CONFIG_SHELL is not /bin/sh.  This way, people can use Bash if
	they don't have a working echo program.

	*, Use $SHELL instead of /bin/sh when
	generating executable scripts.

	*,, Implement the `--debug'
	flag to begin shell tracing.

	* (archive_cmds): Don't use `gcc -shared', even if we
	have GNU ld.  Reported by Robert S. Maier.

1998-04-06  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (pic_flag): Create more than just a null C file, so
	that the SunPRO 4.2 cc doesn't complain.  From Bob Friesenhahn.
	(gnu_ld_acts_native): Delete this variable.  There is just too
	much version skew to try to pretend GNU ld is the same as the
	system ld.  Reported by Ian Lance Taylor.
	(hardcode_action): Don't bother relinking or aborting on systems
	that are too dynamic to have a consistent hardcode method.
	Reported by Doug Winterburn.

1998-03-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* doc/libtool.texi: A little proofreading.  From Albert

1998-03-23  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Treat HP-UX 11 just like HP-UX 10.  From Jeff Law.

1998-03-21  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (reload_flag): Correct a tiny bug where `--silent'
	would still print out the reload flag.  From Stephan Kulow.

1998-03-20  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* libtool.m4: Use changequote to avoid problems with square
	bracket patterns.

1998-03-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Release 1.2.

1998-03-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Rearrange some of the echos to make them more

1998-03-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Break up an echo command that causes Solaris printf
	to dump core.  Apparently the Solaris people hardcoded a 2110-byte
	buffer into their printf(1).  Feh.  From John Judge.

1998-03-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Change the test for the PIC compiler flag so that
	we assume it doesn't work if there are any warning messages.  This
	fixes a bug using old GCC's on HP-UX.  Reported by Akim Demaille.

1998-03-10  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* ($(srcdir)/ltconfig): Remove bogus command to create
	a file ltconfig in the build directory.

1998-03-09  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* Avoid unnecessary use of command substitution,
	replacing foo=`eval \\$echo \"$mumble\"` by eval foo=\"$mumble\".

	(link): Use ${1+"$@"} in wrapper scripts in order to pass
	arguments safely to a program.

	* Use -fpic instead of -fPIC if $host_cpu matches

1998-03-08  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Release 1.1.

	* <sigh> I like `here documents' a lot, but apparently
	they are so badly handled by old and buggy /bin/sh's, that
	replacing `cat <<EOF ... EOF' by `$echo "..."' improves libtool's
	speed by a factor of 5.  So, I've eliminated here docs from the
	all-important  From Tom Lane.

	* tests/tlibtool: Eliminate from distribution.

	* tests/defs (libtool): Don't use tlibtool anymore, since we can now use
	the generated libtool directly.

1998-03-07  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Copy the contents of into the generated
	libtool.  This should more than halve the execution times on old
	or buggy /bin/sh systems, such as HP-UX 9 and SunOS 4.1.4.  From
	Tom Lane.

1998-03-05  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (AM_ENABLE_SHARED, AM_ENABLE_STATIC): Add support for
	the `default' package, so that people can control unnamed
	(LD): Only add an ABI flag under IRIX 6.x, since IRIX 5.x doesn't
	support them.  From Alexandre Oliva.

1998-03-01  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Port to UnixWare 2.x.  From Christopher Olsen.

1998-02-25  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (compile): For consistency, honour the `-static' flag
	during compilation.

1998-02-23  Brendan Kehoe  <>

	--enable-shared, heed the value of $PACKAGE from AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
	if given as the argument for the library to be built shared.

1998-02-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4, (NM): Fix up a typo confusion between
	$ac_dir and $dir.  Reported by Akim Demaille.

	* (link): Don't allow both `-version-info' and
	`-release'.  Reported by Danny Backx.

1998-02-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (noinst_SCRIPTS): Remove lineno from distribution.

	* lineno: Remove from distribution, as it is no longer needed.

	* ($(srcdir)/, $(srcdir)/
	Rewrite these rules not to use config.status or lineno.  This
	makes things simpler, and reduces dependencies, so that the
	scripts are rebuilt and installed in srcdir only when necessary.
	Reported by Stephan Kulow.

	* tests/sh.test (scripts): Remove the lineno script, since it is no
	longer distributed.

	* tests/assign.test, if.test, test-e.test: Even though 15 tests looks
	impressive, these are now redundant.  Remove them from the

	* tests/sh.test: Do what assign.test, if.test, and test-e.test used to

1998-02-16  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4,, Correctly identify absolute
	directory names on MS-DOS.  Suggested by Bob Friesenhahn.

	*,, libtool.m4: Change a bunch of `sed N!d'
	commands to `sed Nq', for efficiency.

	* Only egrep the first few lines of files in order to
	determine if they were libtool-generated.  This prevents egrep(1)
	from taking forever to look at a 10MB binary on Solaris.  From
	Stephan Kulow.

	* tests/defs: Correctly identify absolute directory names on MS-DOS.
	Suggested by Bob Friesenhahn.

1998-02-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (no_undefined_flag): Add a flag to declare under
	Solaris that the library should not have any undefined
	references.  Suggested by Bob Friesenhahn.

	* (mkdir): Fix one more mkdir race.  From H.J. Lu.

1998-02-08  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, (striplib, old_striplib): Ditto.

	* (profile_flag_pattern): Get rid of dead code.

1998-02-07  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (AM_ENABLE_SHARED, AM_ENABLE_STATIC): New macros to
	modify the `--enable-shared' and `--enable-static' defaults in the
	configure script.  This works a lot better than the old
	`enable_shared' and `enable_static' variables did.  Reported by
	Bob Friesenhahn.

	* tests/suffix.test (extensions): Added GNAT (GNU Ada Translator)
	suffices, `.ada', `.ads', `.adb'.  From Samuel Tardieu.

1998-02-07  Samuel Tardieu  <>

	* Recognize .ada, .ads and .adb as known suffixes (they
	are used by GNAT, the GNU Ada compiler).

1998-02-06  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Turn on IRIX shared libraries again!

	* libtool.m4 (LD): Use file(1) to discover which ABI we're using
	on IRIX, and propagate the correct linker flag.  From Jim Wilson.

	*, (Xsed): `arg=-n; echo "$arg" | sed ...'
	gives problems, because the `-n' is interpreted as an option to
	echo(1).  So, use `echo "X$arg" | sed -e 's/^X//' ...' everywhere,
	via the $Xsed convenience variable.  Suggested by H.J. Lu.

1998-02-02  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Turn off IRIX shared library support until 32-bit
	and 64-bit ABI differences can be resolved.

1998-01-28  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (LD): Reverse yesterday's change because `-old_ld'
	isn't accepted by GCC.

1998-01-27  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (soname_spec): Add in user-specified release numbers
	for every host system that supports an soname that differs from
	the linkname.

	* libtool.m4 (LD): Add `-old_ld' to the list of flags that need to
	be passed through on SGI.  Reported by Chris Lee.

	* (release): Prepend a hyphen to the release number, and
	fix a typo because `-version-info' takes only 3 args.  From
	H.J. Lu.

1998-01-25  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (library_names_spec): On Linux, use the
	user-specified release.

	* (link): Allow the user to specify a release number for
	the library using the `-release' flag.  Suggested by H.J. Lu and
	Ian Lance Taylor.

1998-01-23  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* tests/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): Export some important
	environment variables.  Reported by Ian Haggard.

1998-01-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (old_postuninstall_cmds): Reorder so that chmod
	happens after ranlib.  From Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer.

	* (mode): Added `gcc*' and `*-gcc*' to the patterns that
	recognize compilers.  From Pieter Schoenmakers.
	(link): Recognize `.a' files again.  Suggested by Pieter

1998-01-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (compile): Recognize `.asm' extension, for use with
	the nasm assembler.  From Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer.

	* tests/suffix.test (extensions): Recognize `.asm'.  From Markus
	F.X.J. Oberhumer.

1998-01-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (runpath_var): Use instead of

1998-01-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (finish): Add a better --finish message.  Suggested by
	Kenneth Albanowski.

	*, Fix a few typos.

1998-01-03  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Quote the definition of $echo in the wrapper

	* (export_dynamic_flag_spec): Use `--export-dynamic'
	instead of `-export-dynamic', which is not accepted by all GNU
	ld's.  From Eiichi Takamori.

	* (install): Don't print silly `library stripping'
	warnings.  Reported by François Pinard.

1997-12-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Don't forget to quote the CDPATH substitution.  From
	Tor Lillqvist.

1997-12-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, (CDPATH): Unset this environment variable
	so that HP-UX shells, at least, don't print out the directory name
	after a `cd' command.  From Tor Lillqvist.

1997-12-10  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/ (hardcode): Change a bunch of references to
	`$(LIBS)' to `-lm', since we no longer put -lm in LIBS.

	* demo/ Delete the test for libm, since it is
	standard on every system.

	* demo/ (libhello_la_LDFLAGS): Change to include -lm,
	in accordance with new inter-library dependency code.

	* (dependency_libs): Added to help people link programs
	without having to explicitly specify inter-library dependencies.

	* (COLLECT_NAMES): Oops... I forgot to apply the AIX 3
	restriction to the generated libtool script.  Reported by Stefan

1997-12-05  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (thisdir): Quote $echo in the generated libtool
	script for HP-UX.  From Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer.

	* (link): Recognize the `.s' suffix.  From Markus
	F.X.J. Oberhumer.

	* (link_static_flag): Don't quote ${wl} on HP-UX
	because link_static_flag is never evaled.  From Eric Backus.

	* tests/suffix.test (extensions): Recognize `.s'.  From Markus
	F.X.J. Oberhumer.

1997-12-01  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/ (helldl_DEPENDENCIES): Add `' to our
	dependencies so that parallel builds work correctly.  From Jim

	* ($(srcdir)/ltconfig, $(srcdir)/ Rewrite
	these rules so that they are parallelizable.  Reported by Jim

	* (ltecho): We need special handling to quote the
	`echo' variable itself.  From Alexandre Oliva.

1997-11-29  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (COLLECT_NAMES): Enable this workaround for a broken
	collect2 only on AIX 3.  This avoids problems on other AIX
	versions.  Reported by Stefan Westerfeld.

	*, (finish_eval): Variable like finish_cmds,
	except it is a single command which is evaled, and not shown.

	* Port to AmigaOS.  From Joop van de Wege.

	* (echo): Delete preamble to check for a working echo,
	since we just use the one included in the generated libtool.

	* (echo): Include this definition in the generated
	libtool script.

1997-11-28  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, libtool.m4 (NM): Add /usr/ccs/bin to the PATH
	before checking.  From Kaveh R. Ghazi.
	(NM): Delete an extraneous egrep from ltconfig.

	* (finish_cmds): Change back to using `ldconfig -n'.
	This makes Linux behave like other systems, which is more in line
	with what libtool needs.

1997-11-27  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Change a whole bunch of `progname' variables to
	`modename'.  This is for clarity, and to fix a tiny typo in finish

	* libtool.spec (Name, Version): Ditto.

	* (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Use PRCS to automatically generate
	the proper package name and version number.

	* (gnu_ld_acts_native): Treat GNU ld like the native
	linker on SunOS 4.x.  Suggested by Alexandre Oliva.
	(deplibs): Change the defaults all over, since most systems cannot
	handle inter-library dependencies.

	* libtool.m4, (NM): Only look at the first line of the
	output from NM when determining whether it supports a command line
	option.  This prevents false positives on OSes which ignore
	invalid flags, like HP-UX, which prints `nm: unknown option "B"
	ignored'.  Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* (finish_cmds): On Linux, update by
	removing the `-n' flag from ldconfig.  Suggested by Kenneth

	* (maintainer-checkin, maintainer-release): New
	commands to reap the full benefit of using PRCS to maintain
	libtool version numbers.

	*, (global_symbol_pipe): Explicitly cast all
	addresses to __ptr_t.  This fixes a bug due to a strict IRIX
	compiler.  Suggested by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1997-11-23  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (echo): For aesthetics, avoid using `$echo' when
	`echo' will do *exactly* the same thing.  This prevents ugly
	`printf %s\n timestamp > some.lo' commands from appearing in the
	libtool output.
	(link): Delete the `-allow-undefined' flag because it is now the
	default.  Make `-no-undefined' in order for people to declare that
	a library is entirely self-contained.  This prevents maintainers
	from accidentally creating shared libraries that won't work on
	AIX.  Reported by Stefan Westerfeld and Danny Backx.

	* (echo): Use an echo variable, just as in,
	because we need it for quoting substitutions.  For most of the
	script, though, use the default echo, just like Autoconf does.
	Without this patch, character \001 ends up in global_symbol_pipe.
	Reported by Lars Hecking and Jürgen Fluk.

	* (echo): Set default to `echo=echo'.  Ooops.  That's
	what you get for testing obscure code paths and forgetting to
	revert to the original version.  Reported by Danny Backx.

1997-11-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (hardcode_libdir_flag_spec): Set to `-R' for FreeBSD
	2.2.  From Sean Kelly.
	(postuninstall_cmds, old_postuninstall_cmds): Commands to run
	after uninstall mode deletes the libraries.  Suggested by Joop van
	de Wege.
	(export_dynamic_flag_spec): On HP-UX, add the `${wl}-E'
	export_dynamic_flag_spec.  Reported by Matthias Hoelzer.

1997-11-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, (sed_quote_subst): Oops.  We forgot to
	quote backticks.  Reported by Joop van de Wege.

	* tests/quote.test: Add backticks to the backslashify test.

1997-11-09  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (symcode): On IRIX, don't extract undefined
	symbols.  When a function is inlined by G++, references to it are
	still marked as undefined in the object file.  This means that our
	symbol file causes undefined references, because there are
	actually no matching global symbols.  Reported by Paul Kendall.

1997-11-08  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Don't forget to redirect the COLLECT_NAMES libtool
	script fragment to the generated libtool, rather than to stdout.

1997-11-07  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (LD): Add a more sophisticated test to determine the
	ABI flag on IRIX 6.  Suggested by Lars Hecking and Ian Lance

	*, (COLLECT_NAMES): Only export this
	variable if we are running under AIX.  Otherwise, we tickle a g++
	bug under IRIX.  From Paul Kendall.

	* Change bug reporting address to <>.

	* (allow_undefined_flag): OSF/1 3.x also requires a
	wildcard argument to `-expect_unresolved'.  From Stephan Kulow.

1997-11-06  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Use libname_spec.

	* (pic_flag): Somehow, the HP-UX pic_flag (`+Z') was
	dropped between libtool-1.0 and now.  Add it back in.  Reported by
	Akim Demaille.
	Integrated more patches for OS/2.  From Jeff Freedman.
	(libname_spec): New variable for OSes that don't require their
	libraries to look like `libNAME.a'.

	* (link): Only use global_symbol_pipe if it has been
	defined.  From Stephan Kulow.

	* (global_symbol_pipe): Protect C fragment under C++
	compilers.  From Stephan Kulow.

	* ($(srcdir)/acinclude.m4,
	$(srcdir)/demo/acinclude.m4): Change rules to use LN_S so that
	they can be run on any system.

	* (archive_cmds): For NetBSD, don't include deplibs.
	From Dieter Baron.

	* (mkdir): Check that the directory doesn't exist before
	we exit with error, so that we don't get races during parallel
	builds.  From H.J. Lu.
	(fbsd_hideous_sh_bug): Apparently, some FreeBSD /bin/sh's have a
	bug that will empty base_compile unless we do this dummy
	assignment.  From Marc van Kempen.

1997-10-22  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (libtool_shared, libtool_static): Fixed logic error
	to reenable override of libtool's defaults by setting
	enable_shared or enable_static in  Reported by Tom
	Tromey and Stephan Kulow.

	* (link): Add explicit support for compiler options that
	begin with `+'.  Reported by Aubert Pierre.

1997-10-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Silly me.  Change a bunch of occurances of "* $dir *"
	into *" $dir "*.

	* (pic_flag): PIC is the default for AIX.  From Mark
	Kettenis.  It is also the default for OSF/1.

	* demo/ (objdir): Quote double-quotes.  From Mark

	* (global_symbol_pipe): This variable is not
	double-evaled, so it should not be double quoted.  From Mark

1997-10-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (LD): Same as below.

	* libtool.m4 (LD): Set LD if we discover an absolute path to GNU
	ld.  This prevents breakage when `$CC -print-prog-name=ld' returns
	an absolute directory name.  Reported by Ulrich Drepper.

	* Port to OS/2 using EMX.  From Jeff Freedman.

	* (link): Use old_archive_from_new_cmds.

	* (old_archive_from_new_cmds): New variable to
	support DLL libraries.

	* (link): Only `eval' export_dynamic_flag_spec if it is
	not empty.  Reported by Stephan Kulow.

1997-10-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (objdir): Use the .libs directory on all systems for
	which that name is valid, and _libs on the others (like MS-DOS).
	Suggested by Juergen Erhard.

1997-10-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Added a bit more inter-language support to the
	symbol file generation process.
	Instead of complaining about unrecognized argument suffices, pass
	them to the linker.  This prevents libtool from barfing on
	mandatory arguments to linker flags.  Reported by Michael

1997-10-09  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Change the wrapper script to follow symlinks
	in order to find thisdir.  This should put the final nail in the
	coffin for problems with wrapper scripts.  From Ian Lance Taylor.

1997-10-07  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Change a few `$echo' commands into `$show' to make
	--silent mode behave as advertised.

	* (allow_undefined_flag): On OSF/1 4.x, use
	`-expect_unresolved \*'.  From Christian Mondrup.

	* (install): Change install mode to allow a specified
	/bin/sh argument at the beginning of the install_prog.  Also,
	specify the shell to run when invoking libtool recursively for
	finish mode.  From Chris Provenzano.

	* libtool.m4 (LIBTOOL): Change definition to include $(SHELL).
	From Chris Provenzano.

	* Port to UTS 4.x.  From Alistair Crooks.

	* demo/ (hc-libflag): Add rules to make this binary for

	* tests/hardcode.test (hardcode_libdir_flag_spec): Check the hardcoding
	properties of the flag_spec, too.

1997-09-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (LD): As with libtool.m4, don't override LD.
	Do a whole bunch of ac_t quoting.

1997-09-24  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_LD): Don't override LD in the environment.

1997-09-21  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4, (NM): Arguments to the for loop must be
	whitespace separated.  This fixes a bug under FreeBSD's /bin/sh.
	From George Scott.

	* tests/defs, tests/ (clean-local): Change =inst to 
	_inst to fix portability on MS-DOS.  From Robert Hoehne.

1997-09-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (deplibs): When building shared libraries, always add
	-lc to deplibs.  Reported by Andreas Jellinghaus.

1997-09-15  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	environment variable has not been set, set it to empty.  This
	apparently fixes the AIX bug with GCC's collect2.  Reported by
	Mark Kettenis.

	* demo/,, tests/hardcode.test (objdir):
	Changed objdir variable .libs to _libs.  This is another MS-DOS
	portability fix.  Suggested by Robert Hoehne.

	* tests/hardcode.test (objdir): New variable to simplify change from
	.libs to _libs (MS-DOS portability fix).

1997-09-13  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, (hardcode_minusL): Fix typo by renaming
	hardcode_minusL to hardcode_minus_L.  Also add FreeBSD
	hardcode_libdir_flag_spec. From Paul Traina.

	* (link): Honour multiple `-rpath' flags when linking
	programs.  Suggested by Bengt Martensson.
	Quote appearances of $echo in the wrapper script.  From Alexandre

	*,, tests/tlibtool: Use instead

	* Rename to  This fixes a
	portability problem (on MS-DOS, of all places!).  From Robert

1997-09-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Do not transform libtool objects to regular
	objects if we did not build old libs.  Reported by Tomas Hiller.

1997-09-05  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/ (hell_debug_LDFLAGS): Change hell.static to
	hell.debug in order to reflect the new static linking semantics.

	* (link): Add new `-all-static' flag to prevent all
	dynamic linking.  The old `-static' flag just prevents dynamic
	linking against libtool libraries.  Suggested by Bengt

	* (with_gnu_ld): Add a test to make sure that we are
	actually using GNU ld.  This fixes an inconsistency when running
	ltconfig without using libtool.m4.  Reported by Ulrich Drepper.
	(global_symbol_pipe): Delete symbols that are not valid C
	identifiers.  Reported by Johan Danielsson and Bengt Martensson.

	* tests/demo-exec.test, tests/demo-inst.test: Change references from
	hell.static to hell.debug.

	* tests/quote.test (echo): Add the same Digital Unix echo test fixes as
	the ones to from Todd Kover.

	* tests/if.test, tests/test-e.test (scripts): Add ../lineno to 
	the scripts we check.
	* tests/if.test: Check for accidental use of test X$something rather
	than test "X$something".

1997-09-04  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (echo): Quote all the uses of `echo' in all eval
	statements.  Reported by Bengt Martensson and Alexandre Oliva.
	(echo): Need to surround test args with double quotes, or the echo
	test fails on Digital Unix 4.0.  From Todd Kover.

1997-08-28  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (echo): Change test to one that uses printf.
	This works on AIX, which has the same problems that Solaris does,
	but no working echo program.

	* tests/quote.test (echo): Change test to version that uses printf.
	Be less strict about return results.

1997-08-27  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Make sure that compile_command and
	finalize_command are always evaled.  Quote any unknown linker
	flags we need to pass through.
	(compile): Use quoting for flags we pass.
	(echo): I hate Sun!  The /usr/bin/echo on Solaris handles
	backslash sequences, which makes it impossible to do backslash
	quoting using echo and sed.  So, we search for an echo that obeys
	the `echo '\t'` = '\t' equality.  Then we use `$echo' everywhere
	Put tabs back into the ${IFS=	} sequences.  Emacs untabify is
	libtool bane.

	* Quote all variable values that may contain
	metacharacters creating the libtool script.  This provides
	complete protection, so that even single-quotes may appear inside
	a libtool variable value.

	* (link): Quote finalize_command before putting it in
	the wrapper script.

	* tests/quote.test (echo): Add the test for a non-backslash-mangling

1997-08-26  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (sed_quote_subst): Change the quoting procedure
	again.  I think that the new one is robust for *all* characters,
	including whitespace and metacharacters.

	* tests/quote.test: New torture test for libtool metacharacter quoting.

1997-08-25  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Change quoting procedure because some shells
	cannot handle `]' in scan sets.  From Ian Dall.

1997-08-22  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (execute): Added -dlopen flag handling.  Suggested
	by Alexandre Oliva.

1997-08-21  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Change executable wrapper to fix up value
	of thisdir, as well as progdir, if the $0 path doesn't work.  This
	guarantees that shlibpath_var is set correctly.  Add support for
	execute mode.

	* (execute): New mode to automatically set
	shlibpath_var, which allows easy debugging of uninstalled
	executables and libraries.  Suggested by Kenneth Albanowski.

1997-08-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* ($(srcdir)/ltconfig): Use lineno.

	* Add AM_PROG_AWK for lineno.

	* lineno: New program to automatically put line numbers in

	* libtool.m4, (AM_PROG_LD): Yet Another Rewrite, which
	incorporates the results of `gcc -print-program-name=ld'.
	Suggested by Alexandre Oliva.

1997-08-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Accept `--quiet' and `--silent' flags to turn off
	command echoing.  From Juergen A. Erhard.

	(compile): Recognize the Objective C `.m' extension.  From Juergen
	A. Erhard.

	(compile): Suppress error output from the second compilation (if
	any) so that we don't get those frustrating duplicate error

	* tests/suffix.test (extensions): Added Objective C extension, `.m'.

1997-08-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Added messages to config.log to describe what sort
	of test we are running.
	(pic_flag): Added a sanity check for pic_flag.  This should fix
	bugs reported using the cc bundled with HP-UX 10.  Suggested by
	Bruno Haible and Akim Demaille.

1997-08-01  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Add -dlopen and -dlpreopen support for
	libtool objects.  This means that dlopened modules no longer need
	to be shared libraries.

	* (pic_flag): GCC on IRIX 6 always builds PIC.
	Reported by Ian Lance Taylor.

	* libtool.m4 (LD): Always add `-n32' to the linker if we are using
	GCC on IRIX 6.  Reported by Ian Lance Taylor.

1997-07-30  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_LIBTOOL): Explicitly check enable_shared and
	enable_static rather than just enableval.  This allows scripts to set their own defaults.  Suggested by
	Tommy Reilly.

1997-07-29  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Add NLS environment variable handling copied from  Reported by Akim Demaille.
	(link): If allow_undefined_flag is not supported, then turn on old
	libraries.  Reported by Akim Demaille.

	* demo/dlmain.c (main): Use dld_preloaded_symbol_count to display
	a message about the sortedness of the symbol table.

	* (nlist): Use an nlist convenience variable, so that
	code can be shared directly with

	*, (dld_preloaded_symbol_count): Count up
	the number of symbols in the dld_preloaded_symbols.  Set to `-1'
	if the list wasn't both sorted and counted.  This allows
	applications to do a quick binary search, if they are so inclined.

1997-07-25  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Remove code for `-version-file', since it
	has been long-deprecated.

	Disable static linking if hardcode_direct is unsupported and there
	is no working link_static_flag.  This provides correct behaviour
	for all cases on AIX 3, regardless of whether collect2 is broken
	or not.  Reported by Mark Kettenis.

	* Fix typo in test polarity.  From Mark Kettenis.

1997-07-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (hardcode_direct): Set to `unsupported' if aix3 uses
	a broken collect2.  Adapted out of test results from Mark
	(link_static_flag): Make sure the link_static_flag actually works
	with a trivial binary.

	*, (export_dynamic_flag_spec): Renamed
	from export_dynamic_flag because we eval it in

	* (link_static): Don't eval link_static_flag.

	* demo/dlmain.c (main): Change function prototype to be KNR
	compatible.  From Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* (link): Use no_builtin_flag.  This works around
	conflicting definitions of builtin functions with at least GCC.
	Reported by Kazuhiro Sasayama.

	* (no_builtin_flag): New flag to turn off builtin
	functions when compiling an object file.
	(pipe_works): Use it.

	* tests/demo-exec.test (status): Use status variables so that we try to
	execute all the programs.

1997-07-23  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (pic_flag): According to the libg++ 2.7.2 configure
	script, DEC alpha CPUs are PIC-only, as well.  Reported by Kevin

1997-07-21  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, Replace all occurances of "sed 'X;
	Y'" with "sed -e 'X' -e 'Y'".

	* (link): Finish full integration for `-dlopen' and

	Fix two silly typos where I used a compile_command in place of a
	finalize_command, and vice versa.

	Change the wrapper script to check a hardcoded path only if the
	argv[0] method fails.  This is a compromise for the previous two
	patches, and should solve the majority of problems with wrapper
	scripts.  From Kenneth Albanowski.

	(link): Change a reference to hardcode_libdir_colon_separated to
	use the new hardcode_libdir_separator variable.

	* demo/ (helldl_LDFLAGS): Add `-export-dynamic' and
	`-dlpreopen' for building helldl.

	* demo/dlmain.c (main): Succeed, even if none of the libhello
	symbols have been preloaded.

1997-07-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (global_symbol_pipe): Add `U' to the accepted global
	symbol types.  This means that we will get duplicate symbols, but
	we'll also be sure to get all global symbols used by the program.

	* (pipe_works), (link): Sort and make
	symbol output unique.

1997-07-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (pipe_works): Check to make sure our guessed
	global_symbol_pipe actually works.

	* (link): Revert change from Kenneth Albanowski.  The
	wrapper scripts are more reliable when they just use the argv[0]
	value.  Generally, when the argv[0] method doesn't work, the user
	is trying to do something weird with an uninstalled binary, and
	should try a different approach.

	*, (CC): Always use `$CC' instead of
	`$cc'.  This fixes a FreeBSD bug.  Reported by Chuck Robey, and

1997-07-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): In wrapper scripts, hardcode the current
	directory to prevent phony argv[0] values from screwing up our
	program.  From Kenneth Albanowski.

1997-07-13  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (demo_distfiles): Add demo/dlmain.c to the

1997-07-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/ Add helldl, made from dlmain.c, to demostrate
	`-dlopen' usage.

	* demo/dlmain.c: New file to demonstrate preloaded modules.

	* (link): Add `-dlopen' flag to preload dynamic
	modules, even on static platforms.  Use `$NM' and
	`$global_symbol_cmd' to extract symbols from required files.
	(dlname): Delete dlname mode entirely.  It is rendered obsolete
	because the `.la' file format is now a public interface.

	* (NM): New variable for BSD-compatible nm program.
	(global_symbol_cmd): Pipeline to extract global symbols from the
	nm output.

	* The .la file header should depend on `',
	not `$PROGRAM'.
	(link): Make sure $export_dynamic_flag is eval'ed before it is

	* tests/demo-exec.test, tests/demo-inst.test: Check the new 
	helldl program,	too.

1997-07-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.spec: New Red Hat Package Manager specification file in
	order to help people prepare distributions of libtool for Linux.

	* Eliminate two accidental uses of the NONE magic
	value.  These were breaking libtool's behaviour when no mode is

	* tests/nomode.test: New test to make sure there is correct behaviour
	when we don't specify a mode.

1997-07-08  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Release 1.0.

	* On SunOS, append /usr/etc to the PATH before
	running ldconfig; on *BSD, append /sbin.  This was done in line
	with the Linux change suggested by Kenneth Albanowski.

	* demo/ (hardcode_tests): Aesthetic change to
	alphabetize order of compiling the hardcode tests.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Delete README-automake.

	* README-automake: Remove from distribution.

1997-07-02  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): In the executable wrapper, strip trailing
	colons from the shlibpath_var because some's, notably
	OpenBSD 2.0's (!), don't parse colon-terminated values correctly.
	From Tim Pierce.

1997-07-01  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, Eliminate uses of the NONE magic
	variable value.  Use an empty variable instead.

	* (with_gcc, with_gnu_ld): Do the tests for the C
	compiler and linker if the variables are unset, or if they are not
	GNU C and ld.
	(RANLIB): Eliminate redundant `if' statement.

	* Use AM_PROG_LD.

	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_LD_GNU): New macro to determine if LD is GNU
	(AM_PROG_LD): Rename AM_PATH_PROG_LD to AM_PROG_LD.  Parameterize
	so that the user can specify `--with-gnu-ld' or `--without-gnu-ld'
	to indicate his preference.

1997-06-30  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Append /sbin to the path before running ldconfig on
	Linux.  This helps superusers who haven't set their PATH
	correctly.  Suggested by Kenneth Albanowski.

	* tests/if.test: New test to make sure that we haven't forgotten to
	follow an `if' statement with a `test' command.  This should avoid
	the majority of hard-to-track bugs.

1997-06-29  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Change all the `eval "$run ..."' sequences to
	`$run "eval ..."'.

	Change all `$ln_s ...' sequences to use `(cd /dir && $LN_S ...)'.
	This is the sequence recommended by the Autoconf manual, and
	should avoid any problems on older machines.  Eliminate all uses
	of `cp -p'.  Reported by Akim Demaille.

	(install): Use `test $# -gt 0' instead of `test -n "$1"'.

	* (LN_S): Add test to see if `ln -s' works.

	* libtool.m4: Increment serial number, and require AC_PROG_LN_S.

1997-06-26  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Add missing `test' statement.  Reported by
	Akim Demaille.

1997-06-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (LD): Consistently use ac_cv_path_ld instead of
	am_cv_path_ld.  From Tim Pierce.

1997-06-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Redo two robustness fixes.  Alexandre had the
	correct approach, but I botched them.

	* (dynamic_linker): Disable shared libraries on
	MkLinux unless GNU libc is in use.  Reported by Akim Demaille.

1997-06-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (install): Add a missing `test' command.  Reported
	by Joel Weber.
	Miscellaneous fixes to improve robustness.  From Alexandre Oliva.

	* tests/demo-conf.test (CONFIG_SITE): Set to /dev/null, so that the file doesn't mess up our prefix.  Reported by Joel

	* tests/demo-inst.test: Always run both hell.static and hell.

	* tests/demo-conf.test: Always remove the local config.cache, but run
	`make distclean' only if the Makefile exists.  Otherwise, the demo
	directory is not cleaned up if a user uses their own config.cache.
	Reported by Joel Weber.

1997-06-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Create invalid libtool objects when partial
	linking if we don't have PIC.  From Jeff Dairiki.
	(install): Fix bug if libtool object is installed to a file name
	without directory components.  From Jeff Dairiki.

1997-06-13  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (demo/configure): Fix up rules to run autoconf.
	(aclocal.m4): Now we depend on our own libtool.m4.

	* (AM_PATH_PROG_LD): Use it.

	* libtool.m4 (AM_PATH_PROG_LD): New macro to find the linker used
	by the C compiler.

	* (install, uninstall): Support installing and
	uninstalling `.lo' files.  From Jeff Dairiki.

1997-06-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (ltconfig, Only move if $(srcdir) is not
	the current directory.  Don't regenerate every time the package is
	reconfigured.  Reported by Tom Tromey.
	(MAINTAINERCLEANFILES): Added ltconfig,, so that
	$(srcdir) is not messed with during a regular clean.

1997-06-10  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (ltconfig, Be sure to move these files
	into $(srcdir) once they are created.

	* (link): Disable building static libraries.
	People should use their favourite AR and RANLIB commands.
	Disable building old-style objects if `--disable-static' is
	given.  Suggested by Tom Lees and Stephan Kulow.

1997-06-08  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (host_cpu, host_vendor, host_os): Patch up
	definitions, to allow for the fact that the host_os may contain
	hyphens (as in linux-gnu).  From Scott Goehring.

	* (link): Move the `dlname' setting closer to the top
	of the file.  Suggested by David Mosberger-Tang.
	Symlink the libtool archive into the `.libs' directory so that it
	can be found by programs that want to find a library's dlname by
	searching LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  Reported by David Mosberger-Tang.

1997-06-06  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Tell people to report bugs to the new libtool mailing list,

1997-06-05  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (allow_undefined_flag): New variable that implements
	(archive_cmds): Enable C++ constructors for FreeBSD 2.2.  From
	David Nugent.

	* (link): Accept new `-allow-undefined' flag when
	building libtool libraries.  This tells libtool to allow
	unresolved symbols to exist in shared libraries.  Basically, this
	turns off shared libraries on AIX.  Suggested by Ian Lance Taylor.

1997-05-26  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (LD): On at least IRIX, many different flags need to
	be propagated to the linker if they are part of the compiler
	command line.  Reported by Anthony Green.

1997-05-10  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Trivial port to FreeBSD 3.  From David Nugent.

1997-04-25  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Remove all traces of `-whole-archive',
	`-no-whole-archive', and libtool convenience libraries.  They were
	more trouble than they're worth.  If these are ever reimplemented,
	they need more careful attention to make portable.

	* libtool.m4, Added a `--disable-static' flag to turn
	off static library creation.  From Tom Lees (who finally convinced
	me that it was the Right Thing to do).

1997-04-22  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (hardcode_runpath_var, runpath_var): Use them, if
	the linker has no -rpath flag.
	Quote the values we use to set runpath_var and shlibpath_var.
	(link): Use libobjlibs for libtool convenience libraries.

	* (hardcode_runpath_var, runpath_var): Add new
	variables to describe linkers that honour `LD_RUN_PATH'.
	(host_cpu, host_os): Use these more specific variables, rather
	than the full canonical host system name.

	* (dlname): Distinguish between missing
	`-export-dynamic' and when the library is only statically linked.

1997-04-21  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Trivial port to OpenBSD by making it an alias for
	NetBSD.  From Tim Pierce.

1997-04-16  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Temporary measures to check for a broken collect2
	program.  Right now, we just see if we're using GCC on AIX 3.

	* tests/hardcode.test: AIX also has arbitrary limits on the line length
	of input to fgrep(1), so we need to translate NUL characters to
	newlines in order to properly detect embedded `.libs'.  From Bruno
	Also redirect stderr to /dev/null, so that AIX users don't get
	worried by `fgrep: Maximum line length of 2048 exceeded.'.

1997-04-13  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (mode): Use `egrep -e' when inferring the operation

1997-04-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (linker): Some GNU ld's don't accept `--version',
	but do accept `-v'.  From Jukka Honkela.
	(ld_shlibs): AIX lossage may be settling down.  AIX 3.2.5 ld does
	*not* hardcode direct libraries, but AIX 4.1.[45] ld does.

1997-04-07  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (hardcode_action): Fix silly logic error.  From
	Bruno Haible.

1997-04-05  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (install): Relink if hardcode_action is `relink',
	rather than using complex conditionals based on the other
	hardcode variables.

	* (hardcode_action): Set to `relink', not `immediate',
	if we can only hardcode existing directories.  Rearrange
	conditionals to make the intent clearer, otherwise this can be one
	hellish piece of code for the already-dizzy libtool maintainer.

1997-04-02  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* replfunc.m4: Delete from the distribution.  Documentation now
	describes how to set LTALLOCA and LTLIBOBJS in your own

	* (link): Make sure a libtool library only counts as
	a shared library if its library_names are non-null.
	Use timestamps for .lo's when PIC is turned off, rather than
	symlinking to the real object.  This helps invalid mixtures of PIC
	and non-PIC to fail.

1997-04-01  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute libtool.prj.

	* Shameless plug: Changed source code management system from CVS
	to PRCS.

	* libtool.scm: Initial Guile implementation of libtool.

	* An unexpected inconsistency in my whole approach
	to shared libraries has proven that libtool needs to be completely
	rewritten if I'm going to give full shared library support for
	platforms that don't use the GNU C library version 2 (which to my
	knowledge currently only works on GNU Hurd and Linux/GNU systems).
	Porting the GNU C library should not be difficult, though.

	Platforms that don't have the dlopen(3) family of functions will
	need to install GNU DLD version 4 in order to build any kind of
	libraries at all.  Unfortunately, DLD 4 won't be released for a
	while, because I maintain it, and I'm too busy working on libtool.

	I'll keep the old ltconfig/ implementation around for as
	long as I can, and continue applying bug fixes, so that I'll have
	a reasonable starting point for this new libtool implementation.

	It looks like this implementation will be even more complex than
	the original (pre-0.7) libtool.  Initial estimates show that it
	may be up to 3 times slower, and 5 times larger than libtool-0.9.
	I'll probably have to rewrite it in Guile to get reasonable
	performance, which will severely limit its portability for a

	That will also introduce a bootstrapping issue, since the next
	release of Guile will use libtool to build shared libraries.  So,
	if users want to have shared Guile libraries, they will have to
	configure Guile with `--disable-shared', compile it, install it,
	then reconfigure Guile with `--enable-shared' and repeat.

	I was hoping to get libtool 1.0 out the door by early April, but
	now it looks like it will take at least another year before it'll
	be usable by the public at large.  April fools.  libtool.scm
	doesn't exist yet, either.

	* (verify_host): Remove redundant `Transform *-*-linux*
	to *-*-linux-gnu*'.  From Bruno Haible.

	* tests/hardcode.test: AIX 3 doesn't have strings(1) so we need to do a
	funny tr and pipe the output to fgrep.  From Bruno Haible.

1997-03-31  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Use the new AUTOMAKE and ACLOCAL variables.

	* (link): Only fail if a convenience library doesn't
	exist, and the user specified -whole-archive.
	Fix shell quoting that was breaking @OUTPUT@ substitution.

1997-03-28  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Use the hardcode_libdir_separator.
	Convenience libraries are libtool objects if we're not building
	libtool libs.

	* (hardcode_libdir_separator): Added in case the
	linker only honours the last of the -rpath flags (but it can
	contain multiple colon-separated directories), such as on OSF/1.
	Reported by Carl D. Roth.

	* (link): Set the dlname if -export-dynamic is given.
	(install, uninstall): Handle the dlname file separately.

	* (export_dynamic_flag): Added to allow programs to
	use reflexive dlopens.

	* Include the mode name in any help messages.
	(dlname): New mode to give the name to be used with dlopen(3).

	* (AR): Allow AR to be set by the user, and export it

	* Remove broken profiled library support.
	Added `-whole-archive' and `-no-whole-archive' to manipulate
	convenience libraries.

1997-03-27  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Allow the creation of static convenience
	libraries made of libtool objects.  Suggested by David

1997-03-25  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* On AIX, libtool also needs to look for `B' symbols
	in nm output.  These are global variable definitions.

	* Linking with -static should link against the
	linklib if old_library is empty (like it is on AIX).

	* Change the order of OS detection, so that
	linux-gnu* is detected before gnu*.

	* (libtool): Use the correct CC, RANLIB, LD, when
	generating libtool.  From Carl D. Roth.

	* Find out the user-supplied CC, LD, RANLIB.  From
	Carl D. Roth.

1997-03-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Linking with -static should link against the old
	library, not linklib.

	* README-automake: Updated to point to Automake 1.1m.

1997-03-15  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/main.c: Use it.

	* demo/foo.h: Declare it.

	* demo/foo.c: Added definition of `nothing' so that we have an
	global variable definition, as well as functions.

1997-03-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Make sure either enable_shared or enable_static is
	configured.  Reported by Tom Tromey.

	* Bomb out if no library types are configured.

1997-02-22  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, (hardcode_libdir_flag_spec): Renamed
	from `hardcode_libdir_flag'.
	(library_names_spec): Renamed from `lib_names'.

	*, (hardcode_action): Change value from
	`rpath' to `immediate'.

	* replfunc.m4: Add AM_FUNC_ALLOCA, AM_FUNC_MEMCMP, and

1997-02-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Transform *-*-linux* to *-*-linux-gnu* to support
	old-style config.guess scripts.

1997-02-17  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Create objdir *before* linking a program into it.

1997-02-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Any ld --version that returns GNU is probably a GNU
	ld.  From Marcus Daniels.

	* libtool.m4: Added AM_REPLACE_FUNCS.

1997-02-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Trivial port to *-*-osf4.  From Bruno Haible.

1997-02-10  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* AIX 3 and 4 ld only hardcodes LIBPATH if -L is not
	specified.  This behaviour is the same with both xlc and gcc.

1997-02-07  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* doc/platforms.texi: Yaay!  We found a workaround for HP-UX
	/bin/sh buffer overflows.  From Eric Backus.

1997-02-03  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Release 0.9.

	* PLATFORMS, doc/platforms.texi,, doc/
	Move PLATFORMS to doc/platforms.texi.

	* (link): Use hardcode_libdir_flag to get a library
	directory into the resulting binary.
	Use hardcode_action, and make many simplifying changes to have
	compilation and finalization be consistent with each other.

	* Not so amazing!  It's AIX cc that hardcodes direct
	libraries... gcc doesn't, though.
	(link_rpath_flag): Change link_rpath_flag to be
	(hardcode_action): New variable to simplify

	* tests/ (TESTS): Do the full make sequence with
	--disable-shared, then without.

	* tests/demo-sttc.test: Configure the demo directory with

1997-01-29  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Change to take advantage of linkers that don't
	hardcode direct libraries.

	* Amazing!  AIX 3 linker doesn't hardcode direct
	libraries, which makes it less buggy than AIX 4.  Reported by Mark

	* demo/ Check for the math library.

	* demo/foo.c (foo): Change to use the `cos' function, so that we
	need to link against another library.

	* tests/hardcode.test: Rewrite to use fgrep on output from ``strings
	-a'' if using fgrep directly on the binary files fails.  From Mark

1997-01-28  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Export the PATH variable in order to find
	the program, rather than giving a full path.  This helps give the
	program a less confusing value for argv[0].

	* tests/hardcode.test: Make sure that ../demo/ really is a
	shared library before running hardcoding tests.

1997-01-26  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Release 0.8.

1997-01-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (demo_distfiles): Add demo/acinclude.m4 to the

1997-01-22  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4: For IRIX 6, ld needs -n32 if cc uses it.  Reported
	by Bruno Haible.

	* IRIX ld does not hardcode direct libraries.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-01-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, (hardcode_shlibpath_var): Allow new
	value, `unsupported', since most linkers do not allow you to use
	shlibpath_var for initial linking.

	* Lots of bug fixes from Bruno Haible.  Set wl on
	OSF/1, fix definitions of hardcode_* variables.
	(archive_cmds): Fix not to use +h on HP-UX 9.x.  Reported by Bruno

	* tests/demo-conf.test: Use the CONFIG_SHELL environment variable when
	running configure in the demo directory.  From Bruno Haible.

	* tests/ (clean-local): Make distclean in the demo directory,
	so that ``make clean; env CC=cc make check'' works as one would

	* tests/demo-make.test: Fix typo (use $make instead of make).  Reported
	by Akim Demaille.

1997-01-17  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Handle explicit AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR settings.
	Suggested by Akim Demaille.

	* libtool.m4: Change ltconfig line to use $CONFIG_SHELL when it is
	specified.  Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-01-16  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/ (hc-direct): Do better searching for the proper
	name to do a direct link.
	(hc-libpath): Make allowances if shlibpath_var cannot be used
	to find libraries at link time, such as on AIX.

	* (demo_distfiles): Remove ansi2knr.1 and ansi2knr.c.

	* demo/foo.c, demo/hello.c, demo/main.c: Change ANSI prototypes to
	KNR form, for better portability, and less ansi2knr hair.

	* demo/ Remove AM_FUNC_PROTOTYPES.

	* demo/ Remove ansi2knr from the AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS.

	* demo/ansi2knr.1, demo/ansi2knr.c: Removed these files.

	* Use 1>&2 consistently to direct errors and
	warnings to stderr.
	(compile): Fix missing single quote.

	* (hardcode_direct): On Solaris at least, using
	DIR/ does not hardcode DIR, so introduce a new hardcode
	variable to reflect that.

	* (link): If linking with $link_static_flag fails,
	then retry without it, but still use the .a versions of
	uninstalled libtool archives.

	* tests/tlibtool: Rewrote to grab all the settings from the generated
	libtool script.

	* tests/hardcode.test: Make allowances if shlibpath_var cannot be used
	to find libraries at link time, such as on AIX.

1997-01-15  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Eval $link_static_flag.  Reported by Bruno

	* PLATFORMS: Add to distribution.  Suggested by Bruno Haible.

1997-01-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* tests/demo-conf.test, tests/demo-inst.test, tests/demo-unst.test, 
	Use $make instead of make.

	* tests/defs (make): Add definition of $make that uses the $MAKE
	environment variable, if set.  Suggested by Bruno Haible.

	* tests/demo-unst.test (leftovers): Change the find command to ignore
	files beginning with a dot, as egrep -v doesn't seem to do the
	trick.  Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-01-13  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Add support for SCO OpenServer 5.x.  From
	Christopher Olsen.

	(can_build_shared): Initialize at the top of the file, so that
	shared libraries aren't built on platforms that don't support

	* tests/hardcode.test: Added a test to make sure that libtool's idea of
	hardcoding system linkers is correct.

1997-01-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*,,, doc/libtool.texi:
	Update the copyright completion years.

1997-01-08  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Port to IRIX 5.3, 6.2.

1997-01-06  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* HP-UX 9 support is the same as HP-UX 10, so the
	port is trivial.

	* Add --dry-run option, -n for short.

1997-01-03  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): On at least SunOS, /bin/sh doesn't
	understand "export something=val".  From Bruno Haible.

	* tests/ (distclean-local): Remove all files that the tests
	may have created.  Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* For all tests, discover srcdir when running from the command

	* tests/demo-unst.test: Don't fail if make uninstall doesn't delete
	files beginning with a dot, since spurious .nfsXXX files may be
	present when running NFS.  Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-01-02  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (compile): Recognize valid source file suffixes for
	Fortran and C++.

	* tests/suffix.test: New test to guarantee that libtool compile
	recognizes valid source file suffices.

1996-12-17  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Don't allow *._o and *.l_o to be valid
	object type suffixes, in spite of Automake's current ansi2knr
	implementation.  Not all compilers allow non-`.o' suffixes.

1996-12-16  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Delete the `libtool' version type.

1996-12-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Use the full autoconf syntax when checking for GNU
	C.  Delete library stripping program, until we have a correct

1996-12-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* On AIX 3, use /usr/ucb/nm, not /ucb/nm.  From Mark

1996-12-09  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	Reported by Charles Kerr:
	* doc/libtool.texi (Creating Object Files): Doc fix independant ->

	* (ld_shlibs): SunOS 4 doesn't support shared library

1996-12-08  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Release 0.7.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Add README-automake to the

	* (link): When linking libtool libraries, use
	standard objects if they are PIC.  This prevents spurious warnings
	about invalid suffixes on AIX.

	* demo/ Rename libhell to libhello, so that we're not
	quite as offensive.

	* Remove unnecessary host validity checking.

	* Don't force people to use
	is good enough (for consistency with *.a handling).

	* tests/demo.test: Break up into demo-conf.test, demo-make.test,
	demo-exec.test, demo-inst.test, and demo-unst.test, so that passes
	and failures are reported more quickly.

	* tests/link-2.test: Test to make sure that .lo files don't get built
	directly into programs.

1996-12-07  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Accept files ending in .a as standard
	object files.  Reported by Ulrich Drepper.
	Remove support for creating profiled libraries (for now).
	Transform all library objects into standard objects when linking a

	* (thisdir): How embarrassing!  An error in the regexp
	for finding the directory component of the script path.

	* tests/tlibtool: A typically-configured libtool script, that uses
	../ for its backend.

	* tests/link.test: Make sure that it is legal to link against .a files.

1996-12-05  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (compile): Support `.S' (preprocessed assembler)
	files.  Reported by Anthony Green.

	* Give clearer instrutions for how to update

	*, (link): Add support for creating
	reloadable objects.

1996-12-04  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (install): Fix passing -n flag to `libtool
	(compile): Compile `.lo' and `.o' objects at the same time so that
	non-PIC objects (if they are available) can be used for linking
	into programs and creating static archives.  Suggested by Ulrich

1996-12-03  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Give the full path to the libtool library
	when sourcing it.

	* (old_striplib): Do a configuration test to determine
	if old-style libraries actually can be stripped or not.

1996-12-02  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* tests/demo.test: Try compiling the ../demo subdirectory, with no
	special options.

	* test-e.test: Check that we haven't used `test -e' anywhere in
	our portable shell scripts.

1996-12-02  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Delete reference to ABOUT-LIBS.

	* tests: Added new subdirectory.

	* doc/libtool.texi: Doc fixes, and finished up the Configuring

	* (link): Allow *._o and *.l_o to be valid object
	file suffixes, for Automake's ansi2knr implementation.
	New option -version-info replaces -version-file.

	[help]: Give a pointer to mode-specific help when appropriate.

	* Changed messages to correspond to AM_PROG_CC_STDC.

	* demo: Also test Automake's ansi2knr support.

1996-11-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Bug fixes for AIX 4, and for static platforms.

	* (install): Fix for loops over arguments.
	Need to quote ${IFS= } -> "${IFS= }".
	(link): Fix soname_spec bug.  Create objdir whether or not we have
	shared libraries.

	* Check for library stripping program.
	Use test -f instead of test -e.

1996-11-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Don't run the RANLIB test unless RANLIB wasn't
	Be verbose about the environment variables we were configured

	* (objdir): change to .libs.

1996-11-16  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (install): Just plunge ahead with the
	installation... don't try to enforce dependencies.

1996-11-15  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Fix up $libdir to be $dest in install mode.

1996-11-10  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Finished rewrite of compile, link, and install

	* New ChangeLog file for libtool-0.7, since I've totally rewritten

1996-03-15  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* For historical reasons: this is when I started writing libtool.