AUTHORS   [plain text]

The original version, up to release 2.0, of the Gimp Print plug-in was
written by Mike Sweet <>.

Version 3.0, which is based on version 2, was written by Robert
Krawitz <> in late 1999, and frozen in early 2000.
The code was based on the 2.0 release.

Version 4.0 was developed by a team led by Robert Krawitz.  It was
released in November 2000.  We hosted the development on SourceForge,
a service provided to the free source community by VA Linux Systems.
The complete hosting service provided by SourceForge permitted the
development team to concentrate on improving the software rather than
having to worry about maintaining a development system.

Version 4.2 was developed by the same team, with some additions, and
was released in November 2001.  Roger Leigh in particular has
reimplemented the build system to match the GNU standard, making for a
far more flexible and powerful system.

The list of contributors, in alphabetical order, is as follows.  The
principal areas that each contributed to are listed in addition.

Andy Stewart            <>
        User manual

Andy Thaller		<>
	Canon driver

Charles Briscoe-Smith	<>
	Epson driver

Dave Hill		<>
	PCL driver

Eric Sharkey		<>
	Debian support
	Epson unprinter

Eugene Anikin		<>
	Performance instrumentation
	Sharp-eyed bug fixer

Grant Taylor		<>
	Implementor of the "foomatic" spooler configuration system

Henryk "Buggs" Richter	<>
	Initial implementation of the Ghostscript (stp) front end

Ian Young		<>
	Documentation of the Epson driver
	Experimental inks/color management

Jean-Marc Verbavatz	<>
	Dithering and color management

Karl Heinz Kremer	<>
	Liaison with Epson
	Engineering and design

Mark Tomlinson		<>
	Implementation of Raph Levien's EvenTone dither

Michael Natterer	<>
	New user interface
	Liaison with the Gimp development team

Mike Sweet		<>
	CUPS front end
	Lots o'details
	4.0 maintainer

Peter Missel		<>
	Canon driver

Richard Wisenoecker	<>
	Lexmark driver

Robert Krawitz		<>
	Epson driver
	Dithering and color management
	User interface
	Engineering/Project lead
	Ghostscript front end

Roger Leigh		<>
        Complete reimplementation of the configure/build system
	Debian support

Steve Kann		<>
	Roll feed support for Epson printers

Steve Miller		<>
	User interface

Thomas Tonino		<>
	Vastly improved dithering and color management

Till Kamppeter		<>
	Foomatic interface

Tyler Blessing		<>
        Macintosh OS X packaging