ChangeLog-Apple   [plain text]

2006-04-25 Stacey Pang	(
	Adding more radars to macosx-radars.exp
	Some are things that should have been transferred but weren't
	because of the confusion from the merge and some are regressions
	since Tumeric.  

2006-03-10 Stacey Pang	(
	Adding some nice finishing touches on a few more files in gdb/bin
	* start_tests - now moves aside useless test directories
	* lib/ - configure process has been simplified so
	  users no longer need a .dejagnurc file to make this work -
	  this should be helpful if the compiler group wants to run our
	  tests because they have their own dejagnu harness and .dejagnurc
	* lib/tools/ignore_tests - removed my directory so this script can
	  now be run by anyone no matter where it's installed.  
	  Note: This isn't perfect ... it still requires manually mucking
	  with the testsuite/configure script once per check-in to work.  
	  But it's the best solution at the moment.  
	* README - describes all of these things.  

2006-03-09 Stacey Pang	(
	Re-structuring gdb/bin diretory:
	- README file in gdb/bin has been updated to reflect these changes.
	- User modifiable config info and libraries are now separate from
	main testing scripts
	- Main testing scripts can now find the libaries and tools they
	need even if gdb/bin directory is relocated.  This means anyone
	should now be able to use the main testing scripts without
	* getInfo [-tools|-sys]        print software versions
	* mv_logs                      move log files around
	* report                       analyze and compare log files.  
	* start_tests                  create,configure test directories
				       and/or run tests.  

2006-02-21 Stacey Pang	(
	* Adding gdb/bin directory which contains several automated testing

2006-02-02  Jason Molenda  (

	* Set host_configargs for darwin hosts.  When
	setting host_configargs, preserve any previous settings in that
	var.  Comment out the AS_FOR_TARGET settings as they are upsetting
	autoconf for reasons beyond my ken.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2005-12-16  Jason Molenda  (

	* Remove duplicated apple local config.
	* configure: Updated by hand - autoconf is barfing on
	and I don't have time to look at what it is whining about right now.

2005-06-15  Klee Dienes  <>

	* Restore the stamp-framework-* section.
	* Restore processing for '-arch <x>'.  Cleanup serdep.tmp.
	* configure: Re-generate.

2004-09-09  Jason Molenda  (

	* (target==*darwin*): Don't configure/build tcl/expect;
	we hae perfectly good versions in /usr/bin already.
	Don't configure utils, sim, etc.  We don't use them so it's just wasted

2004-03-25  Jason Molenda  (

	* Use "GAS_FOR_TARGET" instead of "AS_FOR_TARGET" - 
	autoconf 2.57 seems to not like "AS_FOR_TARGET" as a special name.
	* Makefile.tpl: Ditto.
	*  Use "host", "build", "target" instead of
	"host_alias", "build_alias", "target_alias".  I believe this is an
	autoconf 2.13 vs autoconf 2.57 difference, although I haven't
	investigated in depth.
	Configure bfd, binutils, opcodes, gdb directories on darwin systems.
	Default to --disable-shared --enable-64-bit-bfd --disable-softfloat.
	Use "GAS_FOR_TARGET" instead of "AS_FOR_TARGET" - autoconf 2.57 seems 
	to not like "AS_FOR_TARGET" as a special name.
	* gettext.m4: Link directly to libintl.a, not

2003-02-27  Klee Dienes  <>

	* defs.h (gdb_osabi): Add support for 64-bit registers on Darwin.
	* osabi.c (gdb_osabi_names): Add support for 64-bit registers on Darwin.

2003-01-13  Klee Dienes  <>

	* (SED): Hard-code to 'sed'.

2003-01-13  Klee Dienes  <>

	* gettext.m4 (CY_WITH_NLS): Default msgfmt to ':'.

2002-01-07  Klee Dienes  <>

	* config.if: Update to autoconf-2.57.
	* Makefile.tpl: Echo sub-configure commands before executing.
	* Update to autoconf-2.57.

2002-12-12  Klee Dienes  <>

	* gettext.m4 (CY_WITH_NLS): Default msgfmt to ':'.

2002-12-12  Klee Dienes  <>

	* (NSLIBTOOL): Use cc -dynamiclib.
	(stamp-gdb-framework): Restore; was deleted in merge.
	* configure (--build): Check for NOBUILD, not "".

2002-12-07  Klee Dienes  <>

	* libtool.m4: Remove.
	* Remove.
	* Remove.
	* Remove.
	* ltconfig: Remove.

2002-12-07  Klee Dienes  <>

        * configure: Change the rules for build/host/target processing to
        the following:

        The inputs are:
          configure --host=HOST --target=TARGET UNDEFS
          configure --build=BUILD --host=HOST --target=TARGET UNDEFS

        The rules are:
          1. You aren't allowed to specify --host, --build, --target, and undefs
             at the same time.
          2. Build defaults to undefs.
          3. If undefs is not specified, then build defaults to the current host,
             as determined by config.guess.
          4. Host defaults to undefs.
          5. If undefs is not specified, then host defaults to build.
          6. Target defaults to undefs.
          7. If undefs is not specified, then target defaults to host.

        Only pass --host= and --target= to sub-configures when they are
        passed by the top-level configure.  Treat the build as a
        cross-compilation whenever --target is specified, even if it
        matches the value of --build and --host.

2002-12-07  Klee Dienes  <>

        * .cvsignore: Add autom4te.cache.

2002-11-21  Klee Dienes  <>

	* depcomp: Update to the version from automake-1.7.
	* missing: Update to the version from automake-1.7.

2002-11-12  Klee Dienes  <>

	* Generalize the Darwin config to *-*-darwin* (not
	just PowerPC).  Remove bfd, binutils, opcodes, gdb, and gprof from

2002-11-05  Klee Dienes <>

	* Remove extra definition of clean-target, to
	match FSF sources.

2002-11-05  Klee Dienes <>

	* ylwrap: Update to automake-1.7.

2002-10-28  Klee Dienes <>
	* gettext.m4: Enable use of libtool for libintl (set l=l,
	* Move darwin/rhapsody section from the "using GNU
	linker" portion of the script to the "not using GNU linker"
	section.  Also recognize powerpc-apple-macos10* as a valid string.
	Set ac_cv_prog_cc_pic, not lt_cv_prog_cc_pic.
	* ltconfig: Default CONFIG_SHELL to /bin/sh.  Also recognize
	powerpc-apple-macos10* as a valid string.  Remove extra '$' in
	library_names_spec, that was leading to libraries named
	libname.1.$dylib instead of libname.1.dylib.
2002-10-14  Klee Dienes <>

        * Update powerpc-apple-darwin* target to include
	ia86, and to build gdb and binutils.

2002-10-07  Klee Dienes <>

        * install-sh: Revert to Cygnus version.

2002-09-12  Jason Molenda  (

	* Remove a few extraneous diffs from FSF

2002-08-30  Klee Dienes  <>

	* configure: Accidentally nuked Jason's check to set --build
	to $host_alias; restored it.
	* Skip expect if $build != $host.  The previous
	test would skip expect whenever building for i386.

2002-07-25  Jason Molenda  (

	* gdb/ By default, assume --with-mmalloc.  There
	is a file in gdb/macosx/ which requires mmalloc to compile.
	* gdb/acconfig.h: Updated.
	* gdb/ Remove electric-fence use.
	(YLWRAP): Reorder calls to ylwrap to conform to new usage.

	* tcl/unix/ Reorder gettimeofday() checks; maybe
	it's an autoconf bug, maybe it's an edge case, but this little
	hack works around it.

	*  Remove electric-fence targets, dependencies.
	* Remove electric-fence.
	Grab latest version of file from FSF.

	* configure: Grab latest version of file from FSF.
	* install-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs, ylwrap: Update from automake-1.6.

	* bfd/acinclude.m4: Update from FSF version.
	* bfd/  Drop electric-fence.
	* binutils/acinclude.m4: Update from FSF version.
	* binutils/ Drop electric-fence.
	* config/acinclude.m4: Update from FSF version.
	* gas/ Drop electric-fence.
	* gdb/acinclude.m4: Update from FSF version.
	* ld/ Drop electric-fence.
	* libiberty/ Drop electric-fence.
	* libiberty/xmalloc.c: Remove electric-fence calls.
	* opcodes/acinclude.m4: Update from FSF version.
	* opcodes/ Drop electric-fence.
	* readline/ Remove electric-fence calls.

2002-08-02  Jason Molenda  (

	* configure:  Fix it in a different place; revert previous

2002-08-02  Jason Molenda  (

	* configure: Set --build to $host_alias if we're not building
	Canadian cross; avoids a noisy warning from the autoconf-2.52
	generated configure files.

2001-09-13  Jason Molenda  (

       * configure:  Darwin's /bin/sh doesn't let you write to $PWD, so don't.
       Apple local change.