ChangeLog   [plain text]

2003-10-20  Ira Ruben  <>

	* Makefile: Add OPT to control -O level from command line.
	VERSION set to 1.4.
	* MacsBug.h: Fix typeo in stream dcl in struct DisasmData.
	Declared current_pc_lines.
	* MacsBug_display.c: Define current_pc_lines.
	(disasm_pc): Fix comments, changed Disasm_pc_data struct.
	(display_pc_area): Always do "x/0i 0", use gdb_get_register
	instead of gdb_get_register, use x/Ni for N lines instead
	of doing one at a time, add extra line if no symbol shown.
	(save_stack): Use gdb_get_sp to get $sp and changed call
	to gdb_read_memory.
	(save_all_regs): Use gdb_get_register instead of gdb_get_int.
	(__display_side_bar): Use gdb_get_register instead of
	gdb_get_int, gdb_get_sp to get $sp, change gdb_read_memory
	* MacsBug_patches.c (fix_pc_area_if_necessary): Use
	gdb_get_register instead of gdb_get_int and fix bug in
	range checking.
	* MacsBug_plugins.c (tf): Change call to gdb_get_register().
	(tv): Ditto.
	* MacsBug_testing.i (testb): Ditto plus some bug fixes.
	* MacsBug_utils.c (format_disasm_line): Remove call to
	gdb_internal_error, moved call to get_screen_size to fix bug
	with max_rows and max_cols being unitialized, bump addr in
	this routine instead of by caller.
	(__disasm): Always do "x/0i 0", use gdb_get_register instead
	of gdb_get_int, use x/Ni for N lines instead of doing one at
	a time.
	* README.html: Updated to summarize 1.4 changes.
	* README.txt: Ditto.

2003-08-22  Jim Ingham  <>

	* Macsbug_patches.c (fix_pc_area_if_necessary): Call get_current_frame
	to make sure the deprecated_selected_frame gets set.
2002-09-24  Klee Dienes  <>

	* Makefile (LDFLAGS): Disable link against -framework liberty.

2002-09-24  Klee Dienes  <>

	* Makefile: Use (cd dir && command), not (cd dir; command).