list.test   [plain text]

# Commands covered:  list
# This file contains a collection of tests for one or more of the Tcl
# built-in commands.  Sourcing this file into Tcl runs the tests and
# generates output for errors.  No output means no errors were found.
# Copyright (c) 1991-1993 The Regents of the University of California.
# Copyright (c) 1994 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
# See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution
# of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
# RCS: @(#) $Id: list.test,v 1.2 2001/09/14 01:43:43 zlaski Exp $

if {[string compare test [info procs test]] == 1} then {source defs}

# First, a bunch of individual tests

test list-1.1 {basic tests} {list a b c} {a b c}
test list-1.2 {basic tests} {list {a b} c} {{a b} c}
test list-1.3 {basic tests} {list \{a b c} {\{a b c}
test list-1.4 {basic tests} "list a{}} b{} c}" "a\\{\\}\\} b{} c\\}"
test list-1.5 {basic tests} {list a\[ b\] } "{a\[} b\\]"
test list-1.6 {basic tests} {list c\  d\t } "{c } {d\t}"
test list-1.7 {basic tests} {list e\n f\$ } "{e\n} {f\$}"
test list-1.8 {basic tests} {list g\; h\\} {{g;} h\\}
test list-1.9 {basic tests} "list a\\\[} b\\\]} " "a\\\[\\\} b\\\]\\\}"
test list-1.10 {basic tests} "list c\\\} d\\t} " "c\\} d\\t\\}"
test list-1.11 {basic tests} "list e\\n} f\\$} " "e\\n\\} f\\$\\}"
test list-1.12 {basic tests} "list g\\;} h\\\\} " "g\\;\\} {h\\}}"
test list-1.13 {basic tests} {list a {{}} b} {a {{}} b}
test list-1.14 {basic tests} {list a b xy\\} "a b xy\\\\"
test list-1.15 {basic tests} "list a b\} e\\" "a b\\} e\\\\"
test list-1.16 {basic tests} "list a b\}\\\$ e\\\$\\" "a b\\}\\\$ e\\\$\\\\"
test list-1.17 {basic tests} {list a\f \{\f} "{a\f} \\\{\\f"
test list-1.18 {basic tests} {list a\r \{\r} "{a\r} \\\{\\r"
test list-1.19 {basic tests} {list a\v \{\v} "{a\v} \\\{\\v"
test list-1.20 {basic tests} {list \"\}\{} "\\\"\\}\\{"
test list-1.21 {basic tests} {list a b c\\\nd} "a b c\\\\\\nd"
test list-1.22 {basic tests} {list "{ab}\\"} \\{ab\\}\\\\
test list-1.23 {basic tests} {list \{} "\\{"
test list-1.24 {basic tests} {list} {}

# For the next round of tests create a list and then pick it apart
# with "index" to make sure that we get back exactly what went in.

test list-2.1 {placeholder} {
} {}
set num 1
proc lcheck {a b c} {
    global num d
    set d [list $a $b $c]
;   test list-2.$num {what goes in must come out} {lindex $d 0} $a
    set num [expr $num+1]
;   test list-2.$num {what goes in must come out} {lindex $d 1} $b
    set num [expr $num+1]
;   test list-2.$num {what goes in must come out} {lindex $d 2} $c
    set num [expr $num+1]
lcheck a b c
lcheck "a b" c\td e\nf
lcheck {{a b}} {} {  }
lcheck \$ \$ab ab\$
lcheck \; \;ab ab\;
lcheck \[ \[ab ab\[
lcheck \\ \\ab ab\\
lcheck {"} {"ab} {ab"}
lcheck {a b} { ab} {ab }
lcheck a{ a{b \{ab
lcheck a} a}b }ab
lcheck a\\} {a \}b} {a \{c}
lcheck xyz \\ 1\\\n2
lcheck "{ab}\\" "{ab}xy" abc

concat {}

# Check that tclListObj.c's SetListFromAny handles possible overlarge
# string rep lengths in the source object.

proc slowsort list {
    set result {}
    set last [expr [llength $list] - 1]
    while {$last > 0} {
	set minIndex [expr [llength $list] - 1]
	set min [lindex $list $last]
	set i [expr $minIndex-1]
	while {$i >= 0} {
	    if {[string compare [lindex $list $i] $min] < 0} {
		set minIndex $i
		set min [lindex $list $i]
	    set i [expr $i-1]
	set result [concat $result [list $min]]
	if {$minIndex == 0} {
	    set list [lrange $list 1 end]
	} else {
	    set list [concat [lrange $list 0 [expr $minIndex-1]] \
			  [lrange $list [expr $minIndex+1] end]]
	set last [expr $last-1]
    return [concat $result $list]
test list-3.1 {SetListFromAny and lrange/concat results} {
    slowsort {fred julie alex carol bill annie}
} {alex annie bill carol fred julie}