HISTORY   [plain text]

This is the HISTORY file for Expect.  Modifications made by Cygnus
support are in ChangeLog. - Don

Date	Version	Description
-------	-------	------------------------------------------------------
6/15/98 5.26.1	Dean Sauder <dsauder@dcn.att.com> noted C-preprocessor lines in
		configure must start in column 0.

5/18/98 5.26.0	Kevin Schleicher <kms@lucent.com> noted xkibitz leaves xterms
		if first xterm is HUP'd.  Kevin also noticed a resource leak
		in dislocate.  Both problems fixed.

		Robbie Gilbert <rwg@fns.com> noted expect_devtty was logging
		devtty (twice) to stdout.  Fixed.

		Added support inttypes.h, required on Solaris 5.6 for termios.h

		Kristina  <kristina@greatbasin.net> noted that tip failed when
		spawned from a cgi script (BSDI BSD/OS 3.1 i386) because tip
		didn't see a definition for SHELL and HOME.  They need to be
		set.  (Doesn't have to be anything useful; the empty string is
		fine!)  Solution: documented this in Expect man page.

		Zachariah Baum <zack@studioarchetype.com> noted that config.sub
		didn't grok Intel 686.  Found a newer version that did in

		POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY: Changed interact so that it observes
		parity while matching.  It used to ignore parity.  This impacts
		people who use interact to connect through to a real serial
		device that generates parity.  If matches don't work, use the
		exp_parity command.  (This fix should have been made years ago,
		when the exp_parity command was added.  It is now absolutely
		necessary now that people are doing matching with 8 bits.)

		After the second occurrence of a system admin who broke grantpt
		by removing setuid from the relevant system util, I added an
		explicit test and explanation.

		Disabled history in xkibitz.  There seems to be some new
		incestuous relationship between history and unknown now so that
		redefining unknown leaves Tcl calling history but without
		knowing what it is because it's never been defined (as it would
		be by the traditional unknown).

		Fixed quoting bug in passwd.cgi example. 

9/28/97	5.25.0	Switched back to hand-generating pkgIndex.tcl file after too
		many complaints about problems running pkg_mkIndex.

8/12/97 5.24.1	Chris Schanzle <chris@goof2.ncsl.nist.gov> pointed out that
		install fails on a virgin file system because install_shared_
		lib depends on a directory that hasn't yet been created.

		Larry Virden gave corrections to URLs in README.

8/21/97	5.24.0	Bo Johansson <bo.johansson@mbox2.swipnet.se> noted TclWordEnd
		had changed and provided fix.  This caused crash in expect.

8/18/97	5.23.0	This version supports Tcl 8.0 and continues support for 7.6.
		Refs to Tcl_Files dropped.  inter_return and close became
		obj cmds.  Rewrote notifier (again) to accomodate new notifier
		model.  Lots of other miscellaneous tweaks.  Also see debugger
		HISTORY file.

		Finally removed long-deprecated commands "continue -expect",
		"send_spawn", and "getpid" and their exp_ versions.

		Harold Brauer <harold.brauer@canada.cdev.com> reported problems
		with an old SCO system (i386-unknown-sco3.2v5.0) that turned
		out to be due to a typo in the configure script.

		Jimmy Aitken supplied mods to config.guess for brand new and
		very old Pyramid systems.

		Buz Owen noted memory leak in use of expect_background (with
		no args).

		Jonathon Kamens noted provided patch for pty_termios.c for
		modern Sequent (which ptmx).

		Jonathon Kamens noted that TCL defined RANLIB for shared lib
		(if --enabled-shared) which isn't appropriate when Expect tries
		to build both shared and unshared libs.

		Jonathon Kamens noted that shared lib config didn't work on
		SunOS.  I had used Tcl's SHLIB_SUFFIX instead of its

		Qingyi Liao <liao@casabyte.com> encountered core dump when
		exp_bg -i $exp_spawn_any was retracted.  Bug in ecmd_remove_fd.

		Fixed a bunch of bugs in example/gethostbyaddr.

		Josef Sachs noted that stty cannot be caught when no /dev/tty.
		It calls exit instead of returning an error.

		Gordon Chaffee <chaffee@plateau.CS.Berkeley.EDU> patched
		Exp_WaitCmd - it was zeroing pid element instead of wait.

		Bob Manson <manson@cygnus.com> provided fix for HP on which it
		was possible for timer to be mistakenly deleted in
		exp_get_next_event while processing a pty open event.

		Jeff Slonaker <JSlonaker@osc.uscg.mil> noted that exp_poll.c
		had wrong signature and poll had arguments out of order!  That
		would suggest that no one has ever used exp_poll.c before...

	5.22.1	Larry Virden noted that TCL_BUILD_LIB_SPEC can't be used if
		build directory has been removed.  Added check to configure.

		Worked more on package command.  Buz Owen pointed out that my
		code wouldn't support redefinition of TCL_LIBRARY.  Bumped up
		minor version to avoid package loading mishaps.

		Nigel Standing <nigel@idiom.com> noted lack of C-u binding in
		tkpasswd - must be due to change in tk4.2.

		Forced env(SHELL) to be defined inside kibitz for when using
		with CGI.

		Charles Packer <packer@fermi.gsfc.nasa.gov> noted that CRAY-YMP
		needed sys/types.h in exp_console.c

		Extra / when developing defn of TCL_LIBRARY.  Shouldn't
		actually cause any problems though.

2/3/97	5.22.0	Fixed package support - again.  Sigh.

		David Pasirstein <dpasirst@sun.cs.wcupa.edu> noted that RedHat
		Linux 2nd passwd prompt requires slightly different pattern -
		modified mkpasswd and tkpasswd.

		Toshiaki Nomura <nom@yk.fujitsu.co.jp> provided patch to
		config.guess for Fujitsu DS/90.

		Roger Brooks <R.S.Brooks@liverpool.ac.uk> noted C lib passed
		argv[0] instead of file to first arg of execvp.

		Cary D. Renzema <caryr@mxim.com> noted that a simple puts -nnl
		might never appear - Expect closes all of its fds before Tcl
		gets a chance to flush.  Stdout is the obvious problem since
		Expect thinks it can cavalierly close that too.  Hmm.

		At request of Tom Tromey, solved possible missing tclRegexp.h
		problem by having Expect install it.  Cleaned up TCLHDIR and
		TCL_LIBRARY hackery in Makefile.

12/27/96 5.21.7	Nelson Beebe noted unset is not portable in /bin/sh.  Removed
		and converted everything to understand CONFIG_SHELL.

		Modified cryptdir to strip out shell metachars from filenames.

12/10/96 5.21.6	Michael Schumacher noted that some systems cannot build
		unshared libs from shared objects.  Chose to go with BLT's
		approach of building shared objs in separate shared directory.

		Buz Owen <ado@bbn.com> noted that "package require Expect"
		didn't work because it looked for Expect lib in the wrong
		place (well, the "documented" place).  The problem is that Tcl
		insists libraries should be in the same directory as the
		pkgIndex.tcl file while the natural thing to do would be to
		split them up and put the .tcl file in the arch-indepent
		app-specific scripts dir and the lib in the arch-dependent
		common dir.  Sigh.  If this is ever fixed/changed, the
		instructions in the Makefile should be fixed.

		<Van.Trinh@siemenscom.com> noted that expect library name
		exceed filename max on some systems - like his old SCO.

12/4/96	5.21.5	Michael Schumacher noted new configure wasn't passing on Tcl's
		shared lib cflags.

10/26/96 5.21.4	Achyutram Bhamidipaty <ram@epic.com> ran into bugs in Expect's
		file event handler which prevented expectk from entering
		implied event loop.  Also found one memory problem - thanks
		to CenterLine.

		Tom Tromey fixed handling of --enable-shared when overriding
		Tcl's value et al.  Tom also added missing "else true" to
		Makefile: "In a Makefile, you have to always supply an "else"
		clause for an "if", to work around a bug in certain versions of
		sh.  In some versions of sh, an "if" whose test fails will
		return the status of the test if there is no "else" clause --
		causing spurious make failures."  See ChangeLog.

10/18/96 5.21.3 Example directory was missing several examples.

10/17/96 5.21.2 Debugger section of configure file corrupted.

10/10/96 5.21.1	Oops, distribution unpacked into wrong version.

		Tom Tromey provided patch for stty to understand OSF 4.0.

9/28/96	5.21.0	Official Expect release for Tcl 7.5.

		Junio Hamano <junio@twinsun.com> provided fixes for aclocal
		for with_tcl/tkconfig.

		Roger Billau <rfbilla@amtnet.sandia.gov> noted that C library
		didn't work on Solaris 2.5.  Turns out Solaris requires fflush
		be called between input and output operations on FILE pointers.

		Lots of Cygnus mods - see ChangeLog.

		Sid Cowles <scowles@incyte.com> and Hans Riethmann
		<hans@F1.telekurs.ch> noted relative path specs of tcl-includes
		(and others) caused debugger config to fail since it is at a
		different directory level.

		Al Snow <asnow@fuwutai.att.com> noted -C failed due to typo.

8/17/96 5.20b18	Andrew Rakowski <andrew.rakowski@nr.usu.edu> noted no defn of
		LIB_RUNTIME_DIR, a creation of Tcl7.5p1.

		Tom Tromey added -v to Expect and -version to Expectk.

		Ben Boule <bboule@xylogics.com> noted that Interactive (IUNIX)
		requires 9 char max length after -l.  Looks like squeezing out
		the "." is sufficient.  He also noted that IUNIX needs -Xp in
		LIBS to find strftime.  This test should really be done by Tcl.

8/12/96 5.20b17 Glen Biagioni <glen@prosoft.com> noted interact -re "A(xx)"
		failed to match.  Problem turned out to be that Tcl 7.5 changed
		a constant which in the regexp code, which Expect didn't see
		because it provides its own defn for interact.  Alas, the one
		thing Expect reuses from Tcl was where the change was.  This
		should really be fixed so Expect doesn't rely on Expect in this
		way, but there's no point in putting in a lot of work on regexp
		when we're anticipating a new one soon anyway.

		Bjorn S. Nilsson <nilsson@nbivms.nbi.dk> noted fixcat hangs.
		Turned out that new Tcl (7.5p1) now waits for all children to
		disappear.  But Expect still had a handle to a child.  I added
		an exit handler to close the connections before Tcl's exit

		Tom Tromey provided patch to support augmenting CFLAGS on
		Makefile invocation.

		Gary Merinstein <gmerin@panix.com> noted that configure failed
		on his linux unless it had --enabled-shared.  Not quite sure
		about how this can be, but the flag wasn't being passed to the
		debugger's configure, so I've fixed that and hopefully this
		will cure the original prob.

		Added initial announcement of full version at beginning of
		configure.  This should ease my pain in responding to people
		sending me config output without including version numbers.

		Tom Tromey noted expect_cf.h was machine dependent.  Fixed
		expect_comm.h so that it no longer required expect_cf.h (which
		should be renamed to indicate it is no longer public).

		Bart Robinson <lomew@cs.utah.edu> provides mods to support
		openpty() in FreeBSD/NetBSD.  Without openpty, Expect doesn't
		see the full pty namespace (ptyX[0-v]).

7/15/96 5.20b16	Nathan Estey <nfe@the-hermes.net> noted that Makefile failed
		on SunOS when shared libs were enabled due to incomplete dot
		stripping in lib prefix.

7/6/96	5.20b15	Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolmt@geko.net.au> noted that shared lib
		has to be installed before building expect.  Also noted that
		ldconfig should be run on Linux 2.0 systems and maybe others.

6/25/96 5.20b14 Tim Mooney provided fixes to obey --includedir and similar
		configure conventions.

6/25/96 5.20b13	A bug when installing Expect using new _installed targets.

6/24/96	5.20b12	Numerous complaints from Solaris users about shared libraries.
		Unfortunately, no one is giving me configure-ready fixes so
		(and Tk's configure seems to have bugs as well) so fixing
		these is like throwing darts.

		Stan Brown <stanb@netcom.com> noted noidle example broke when
		fed "-".

		Gordon Irlam <gordoni@cygnus.com> noted typo in install-sh.

		David Sheinberg <sheinb@bcmvision.neusc.bcm.tmc.edu> noted no
		args test for spawn -open/leaveopen.

		Misc patches from Tim Mooney to pacify much of gcc -wall.

		Kayvan Sylvan insists Linux stty reads from stdin so added
		hardcoding to configure.in for that.  In xkibitz, Linux stty
		-raw didn't disable all post-processing.  How odd that it is
		not a problem in interact.  In the meantime, added extra stty
		to xkibitz to do what was missed.

5/30/96 5.20b11	Kayvan Sylvan <kayvan@sylvan.com> noted quoting bug in

5/22/96 5.20.b10 Patches from Larry Virden in Makefile.in and exp_int.h

5/20/96 5.20.b9	Too many substitutions in configure caused sed failures on
		DEC (limit 99) and HP (100).  Commented out definitions
		that weren't absolutely critical.  Hopefully, this gets us
		under the limit but can't be sure since there's no easy way
		of knowing.

		Numerous mods from Mark Diekhans to support clist-style	ptys
		on SCO OpenServer.  (He says SVR4 ptys are broken on that

		Simon J. Gerraty <sjg@zen.void.oz.au> says that write() returns
		0 inside of exact_write on SunOS.  This is outside the SunOS
		spec so of course we have no idea what's going on.  So I added
		code to try and recover from (or at least warn of) this.

		Tom Tromey unified decls of errno to #includes.

5/13/96	5.20b8	Tim Mooney <mooney@dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoDak.edu> pointed out
		backwards stty test - this would have corrupted every platform!
		He also pointed out that alpha-dec-osf3.2  (3.2c) complained
		too many args to sed.  Someone earlier said similarly about
		HPUX 10, but I assumed it was the quotes in the weird stty
		flag I was passing, so that "fix" wasn't.  GNU sed has no
		problem, but obviously this is not sufficient for many people.

5/10/96	5.20b7	Renamed/numbered versions so that it's easier for others to

		Upgraded to autoconf 2.10.

		Matthias Kurz <mk@baerlap.north.de> noted Makefile problems
		with final Tcl7.5.

		Blair Zajac <blair@gps.caltech.edu> noted configure mishandled
		stty defaults on HP and shared lib must be installed executable
		on HP.

		autoconf insists on adding -O to CFLAGS when using gcc.  Ack!

3/23/96 5.20b1	Beta release 1 of Expect for Tcl 7.5.

		Michael Hunter <mphunter@qnx.com> provided misc mods for QNX.

		Various people reported problems with IRIX.  Removing from the
		stty list fixed the problem.  Similar problem with Solaris.

		Added explicit close to autoexpect.  Added a mechanism for
		enabling conservative mode after script is generated.

		Hal Schechner <hal-j@netusa.net> pointed out passwd.cgi must
		meet passwd's requirement that it not be run by an unrelated
		user.  Easy enough - just do an su first.

3/26/96 5.20a5	Alpha release 5 of Expect for Tcl 7.5b3.

		Added example passwd.{html,cgi} to change a password.

		Many fixes from Stephen Williams <steve@icarus.com>
		and Jonathon Kamens for Makefile and configure.

3/22/96 5.20a4	Alpha release 4 of Expect for Tcl 7.5b3.

		Added version number to lib directories (POTENTIAL

		Revised gethostbyaddr example - evidentally hadn't worked for
		some time!

		Jan Nijtmans <nijtmans@nici.kun.nl> provided pkgIndex.tcl.in.
		Renamed Exp_Init to Expect_Init to support package cmd.
		Provided #define so that Exp_Init will continue to work.

		Revised exit handling so that it works if Expect is dynamically

		aclocal.m4 Patches from Tom Tromey.

3/15/96	5.20a3	Alpha release 3 of Expect for Tcl 7.5b3.

		Edward Haletky <elh@astroarch.com> noted that Machten required
		inclusion of types.h in exp_tty_in.h.

		Added various patches from Rob Savoye.  One incompatibility
		is that the static lib now ends with the version number.

		Added support for TCL_SHLIB_{LD_LIBS,VERSION} in Tcl b3.

		Jonathan Karges <J.Karges@dkfz-heidelberg.de> found that clib
		was timing out immediately on -1.

3/6/96	5.20a2	Alpha release 2 of Expect for Tcl 7.5b2.

		Leland Joseph <leland@tec.tetd.bellcore.com> noted
		expect-tests.exp exceeds the 14 character filename length.

		Added config.{sub,guess} to support AC_CANONICAL_....

		Rewrote much of aclocal, configure.in, and Makefile.in
		to handle Tcl/Tk config.sh files and shared/dl support.

		Simplified varargs/stdarg mess for Expect's C library.

		Threw away closetcl junk.  No longer required because
		Tcl finally started doing close-on-exec.

		Incorporated various fixes from Tom Tromey at Cygnus.
		See ChangeLog for details.

		Added require/provide support.

		Rejiggered event handling to support new Tcl_File interface.

		Removed libexpectk.  Because event loop was moved into Tcl, it
		is no longer necessary for it to be different than libexpect.

		Removed all support for earlier versions of Tcl and Tk.

		Numerous misc patches from Paul Eggert <eggert@twinsun.com>
		most to support Tcl 7.5.

		Arnold Robbins supplied yet another patch to fix earlier
		problem noted by Hume Smith.

		David Engel <david@ods.com> reported problem with Linux dumping
		core.  CenterLine, of course, immediately found the problem -
		uninit'd lowercase buffer.

		Peter Haggerty <haggerty@borg.lib.vt.edu> noted that his Next
		died in cron.  It seems that Next doesn't support O_NOCTTY
		(even though the man pages says it does) and so during pty
		testing, control terminal would get allocated and then kill
		the process (by generating a HUP) when deallocated.  Avoid
		by ignoring HUP when doing pty testing on such machines.

1/3/96	5.19.0	Fixed bug that made expect report wrong string when using
		a terminating anchor in a positive-length glob match,
		reported by Graham L. Randall <grandall@nit.airtouch.com>.

		Added rlogin-display to included examples.  rlogin-display
		automatically propagates your $DISPLAY when you rlogin.

		Hume Smith <hclsmith@localhost.isisnet.com> noted problem
		with day of the week calc at year end/start.  Arnold Robbins
		supplied fixes.

		Jonathan Kamens provided fix to make sync byte reads
		recover from EINTR.

		Henry Spencer noted errant line of spaces in Makefile.

10/21/95 5.18.1	Began adding support for tcl7.5a1/tk4.1a1.  (not finished!!)
		- Make aclocal understand new Tcl/Tk directory layout
		  for finding tclInt.h and private libraries.
		- Added support for Tcl_AsyncReady.

		Paul Townsend <aab@aab.cc.purdue.edu> noted that distclean did
		not remove some config cruft.  Also recommended unsetting
		M*FLAGS that cause make called from configure to fail.

		Various fixes from Cygnus.  See Changelog.

		Deleted "-" before rm in loop in deinstall in Makefile as per
		Doug Claar <dclaar@hprtnyc.ptp.hp.com>.  Doug also found prob
		involving recent STTY fix.  Symptom was that pty wasn't
		correctly inited in cgi scripts on HPs - and Cray pty support
		blew up entirely.

		Added exp_ prefix to tests so that they can be run with other

		Seth Ornstein <pp001465@pop3.interramp.com> noted bug in the
		way rftp detected symlinks.

		Upgraded to autoconf 2.4.  This fixes a bug in AC_PROC_CPP
		which blew up when CPP was defined in the environment.  Noted
		by John Pfuntner.

		Jonathan Kamens noted that library didn't check return pipe()
		return value.

		Added vrfy example.

		Przemek Klosowski <przemek@rrdjazz.nist.gov> Irix 6.0 fails
		to use ptys that have been used by someone else.  SGI admitted
		this is a bug and the solution is to upgrade to 6.1.

		Yoad Grinberg noted "expect -timeout" mistakenly ate next arg
		as pattern.

8/24/95 5.18.0	Wayne Christopher noted that the way exp_eval_with_one_arg
		modifies the original argv makes the ICEM Tcl compiler unhappy
		so I rewrote it to avoid that.

		Ian Zimmerman <itz@rahul.net> found that a braced arg list of
		a single pattern beginning with a \n caused expect to reeval
		for multiple args twice.  I added a -nobrace flag that expect
		and/interact can use internally to prevent this.

		Florian La Roche <florian@jurix.jura.uni-sb.de> noted a few
		glitches in the way -ltcl was searched for in aclocal.

		Joachim Posegga <posegga@ira.uka.de> noted lack of Tcl internal
		includes should be an error during configure.

8/10/95 5.17.8	Martin Wunderli <wunderli@baloo.limmat.net.ch> found missing
		quote in config.

		Danny Faught noted problems in Makefile when passing STTY defn
		with quotes.  Created another a STTY-less CPPFLAGS for cases
		where additional reexpansion occurs.

		Danny Faught noted bug in error handling for checking
		permission problem with /tmp.

8/1/95	5.17.7	Todd Rimmer <trimmer@mantis.ssw.com> noted that HP 10 with
		optional streams package has both PTYM and PTMX which conflict
		in pty_termios.

		Rainer Wilcke provides fixes: scripts not listed as dependency.
		distclean target used Makefile after deleting, and many fixes
		to man pages.

		Saad Mufti <mufti@hobbit.pls.com> noted bug in how C library
		handled polling (when handling multiple fds).

		Jeff Bowyer noted more autoexpect bugs.

7/22/95 5.17.6	More features added to autoexpect (now version 1.3).

		Sanjay <sanjay@clef.lcs.mit.edu> noted bug in TCLH config macro
		which caused it to use 7.3 instead of 7.4.

		Rodney Barnett <rlb@us.teltech.com> noted expectd.proto had a
		few refs to interact_out where it should've had expect_out.

		Terry Rhodes <tbr@88open.org> noted that Expect returned a 0
		exit status upon syntax error unlike tclsh and wish.

		Fred Obermann <fredo@conan.ids.net> noted that Unixware 2.01
		native development tools don't permit configure to find memcpy
		because memcpy is handled specially by the compiler and it
		complains when it finds configure's default test with no args.
		Changed to a hand-crafted test with args.

7/12/95	5.17.5	Jeff Bowyer <jbowyer@muni.cz> noted minor bugs in autoexpect.

		Rob Saul <robs@sco.com> noted that configure failed on SCO OSR5
		because trap requested by Cygnus (to allow config in bg) used
		higher traps than SCO sh knows about.

		Changed "can't happen" to "xmkmf is broken" when configure
		fails to compile simple	C-Tk program.

		John H. Chauvin <jchauvin@netcom.com> noted exp_tty_current and
		cooked raised multiple def errors on SGI 5.3 with native cc.

7/9/95	5.17.4	Wolfhardt Lotz <s11@blue.lrw.uni-bremen.de> noted Solaris
		doesn't do case-insensitive man page lookups so I lowerized
		the beginning of the .SH lines.

		Henry Spencer noted unbackslashed quotes in the autoexpect

7/3/95	5.17.3	Modified VARARGS decls to support new Tcl 7.4 definitions.

		Fine-tuned aclocal so that it would prefer later versions.

		Added autoexpect example and man page.

6/30/95	5.17.2	select-based dsleep() was returning an internal expect-style
		return code instead of a Tcl-style.

6/30/95 5.17.1	Kannan Varadhan <kannan@isi.edu> noted aclocal didn't
		look in right directories to find Tk.

6/30/95	5.17.0	Modified regexp interfaces to support Tcl 7.4b4.

		Mods from Tony Isles <ittony@traf.com> for Sequent Dynix/ptx
		V2.1.5 (which is really old).

		Michael Schumacher <hightec@rz.uni-sb.de> noted that Solaris
		2.4 header files require __EXTENSIONS__ for all sorts of
		traditional but non-standard definitions.

		Modified aclocal to support new Tcl/Tk library names.

		George Forman <forman@cs.washington.edu> requested support in
		C lib for fds that already exist.  I added exp_spawnfd.

		Fixed bug preventing signal rearming on Linux (using SV-style
		signal handling).

		Wayne Christopher <wayne@pmac.icemcfd.com> noted missing interp
		in call to exp_error.

		Added null support to interact's exact matching.

		Bruce Jerrick noted INSTALL was being used rather than

		Dennis Ferguson <dennis@mci.net> noted that on Solaris 2.4
		close(pty) occasionally returns EINVAL.

		Added tests so that if we can't get a pty, we can give the user
		much more help with what to do about it.		

		Steven Byrnes noted that Solaris has replaced TIOCCONS with
		SRIOCISREDIR interface.

		Technically speaking, interact shouldn't do buffer-shuffling
		but I've added as a fail-safe mechanism to catch people who
		use preposterous patterns.

		Alan Heckert <heckert@tiber.nist.gov> noted missing decl in
		Convex pty support.

		Fixed all expectk examples for Tk4.

		Bryan S. So <so@cs.wisc.edu> noted that interact -o eof failed
		if an unbuffered pattern was partially in progress.

		Added -timeout flag to expect command to override timeout var.

		John Pfuntner <pfuntner@VNET.IBM.COM> noted that OpenMVS did
		not notice @ inside of Makefile SETUID macro as suppression
		but instead treated it as part of the program name.

		Jim Porter <James.W.Porter@att.com> noted that exp_free_i freed
		the variable name even if not allocated.

		Yet more mods to aclocal and various .in files from Rob Savoye.

4/21/95 5.16.3	Matija Grabnar <Matija.Grabnar@ijs.si> noted that sleep maxed
		out after about 36 minutes.  Turned out to be a poor assumption
		in some interfacing code.

4/19/95	5.16.2	rbd <uport@netcom.com> noted tcl_RcFileName multiply defined
		when compiling with Tk4.

4/16/95	5.16.1	Robert Nicholson <robert@steffi.dircon.co.uk> noted NextStep's
		sys/wait.h is not POSIX-like so WNOHANG fails to get a defn.

		Alexandre Rafalovitch <arafalov@socs.uts.edu.au> discovered
		example on dislocate man page didn't work.  I fixed it.

4/8/95	5.16.0	gcc 2.3.3 complains about internal errors so I figure: time to
		upgrade.  Switched to Cygnus 2.6-95q1.  Works now but now
		complains about wait status.  I trashed all the gory wait
		status configure code and adopted autoconf's suggestion about
		refusing to use sys/wait.h if not POSIX.1 compatible.  Nice!

		Jeffrey C Honig <jch@nr-tech.cit.cornell.edu> requested a -gmt
		flag for timestamp command.

		Chuck Ocheret <chuck@gigadactyl.com> noted that expect -pty
		fails.  Problem is that Tcl's exec blindly closes all the fds
		between 3 and its own highest fd.  See comments in code.

		Loris Caren <loris@caren.demon.co.uk> noted eof in fg bombs on
		Linux.  Turns out to be analogous to eof in bg problem fixed
		in 5.14.0.

		Upgraded to autoconf 2.3.  Continued making changed to config
		script to take advantage of autoconf 2 capabilities.

4/1/95  5.15.4	Steve Simmons noted .x remnant from earlier dir install proc.

3/31/95 5.15.3	Forgot to export TCLHDIR defn when configuring debugger.

3/29/95 5.15.2	Steve Simmons <scs@aisinc.com> noted Makefile multiple defined
		distclean and it might be nice to provide aclocal.m4 even
		though it isn't normally used.

		cevans@resdev1.ppco.com added prompts to passmass for AIX.

3/27/95	5.15.1	Fixed tkterm script - inadvertently left tic debugging on.
		Also add support for Ctrl-space and Ctrl-@ as requested by
		Zbigniew Wieckowski <wieckows@cs.umn.edu>.

		Larry Virden asked that configure also check for .so libs.

3/23/95	5.15.0	Everitt Beers <ebeers@scf.usc.edu> noted that Linux doesn't
		support kill -STOP 0.  Changed 0 to [pid].

		zhengping (z.) you <you@bnr.ca> found bug where a bg expect did
		not rearm a spawn id after a first bg expect (and another one)
		to clear it.

		Elliott Wolin <wolin@physics.wm.edu> noted that tkterm
		complained if tic wasn't found.  I'll have it override the
		user misconfig in that case.  Also noted that interact failed
		on AIX.  Evidentally, my new config tests for ISC found that
		AIX looked just like it.  Added additional test for tcsetattr
		to distinguish them.

		Rob Savoye asked for Dbg config.in to be distributed.  Rob
		supplied numerous other mods: install-sh replaced install.sh,
		mkinstalldirs, testsuite mods, new aclocal.m4, support for
		recursive make.

		Fixed bugs in configuration of debugger.

		Disabled configure's file-caching.

		Kannan Varadhan <kannan@isi.edu> noted incorrect diag reporting
		TCLHDIR in configure.

		Marty Olevitch <marty@howdy.wustl.edu> noted that DEC Alpha
		did not sleep correctly because configure didn't find sleep
		and found poll (which is broken).  Problem turned out to be a
		bug in autoconf's AC_CHECK_FUNC.  Got patch from Jim Meyering

		Fixed config probs for Edward Huie <huie@net.com> on Mac SE/30,
		System 7.1, Tenon Intersystems' MachTen 2.1.1-G (BSD 4.3 on
		Mach kernel) and MachTen X11R4 3.1.

		Moved libraries forward in configure to allow for AC_CHECK_FUNC
		to succeed when funcs are in other libraries.

		Made configure test for Linux and unset CFLAGS=-g if so.

2/25/95 5.14.3	Larry Virden noted configure was missing brackets in raw shell
		cmds evidentally due to m4 interpretation.
2/24/95	5.14.2	Larry Virden noted configure was not correctly rewriting from
		--(exec-)prefix.  Due to new autoconf.  Also noted glob was
		finding tclX directory.

		Hal Peterson noted that because configure now actually attempts
		a link before using a library, the code to check for -ltk would
		have to worry about all the other utility libraries first.

2/23/95	5.14.1	Hal Peterson noted that configure.in checked incorrectly for

2/22/95 5.14.0	Jamal <root@lonestar.tlug.org> noted Linux has tic in a
		different place than on my system - affected tkterm script.

		Xiaokun Zhu <xiaokun@stats.gla.ac.uk> noted problem on DEC
		Alpha OSF/1.3 evidentally due to backwards decl of index macro.

		Greg McFarlane <gregm@nms.otc.com.au> noted that large args in
		send cmd cannot be passed blindly to exp_error.

		david d `zoo' zuhn <zoo@armadillo.com> requested modifying
		configure so that it did not require Tcl/Tk to be built - only
		configured.  This means that it may not find installed
		libraries.  Hopefully, this won't cause anyone problems but its
		not my preference.

		Fixed error which caused spurious eof when changing patterns
		in expect_bg.

		Moved to autoconf-2.1 and m4-1.4.  Rewrote a LOT of the config
		file.  Finally got my hands on an ISC box and fixed configure
		for that.

		Tony Booker <tb@sequent.com> provides mods for Sequent ptx 2
		and 4.

		Jeffrey Friedl <jfriedl@nff.ncl.omron.co.jp> provided fixes for
		timezone handling in config and exp_strf.c.

		David Schmitt <dschmitt@netcom.com> noted that library did
		not detect eof on HP.  I didn't think this was necessary for
		read() but it evidentally is.  I added the support for raw fds
		although it is not obvious to me how to do it for FILEs.

		James Carter <jimc@math.ucla.edu> noted expect_after couldn't
		worked in the exp_bg because I had accidentally written BEFORE
		instead of AFTER when checking the cases.  He also found that
		the eof body could be trashed in an exp_bg.

		Ousterhout apologized for the Tcl7.4 change I noted in 5.13.1
		and said he will undo it.

		Eric Frias <efrias@vt.edu> found library bombed after timeouts.
		exp_match_end was not updated - which makes sense since there
		was no match - however the following expect call assumed that
		exp_match_end was meaningful in order to do its buffer

		Jonathan Kamens supplied new configure test for REARM_SIG after
		noting old could fail if limit prevented creation of core file.
		He also noted REARM_SIG had accidentally been commented out
		of cf file.

		Vincent D. Skahan <vds7789@aw101.iasl.ca.boeing.com> noted that
		Apollo's stty reads stdout and doesn't complain if its bogus.

		Yoad Grinberg <grinberg@vnet.ibm.com> noted that SIGCHLD does
		not work for forked processes, only spawned processes.  Fixed
		this and added counting to make sure none get lost.

		Hal Peterson contributed mods for Unicos.  He noted that
		configure should be more careful adding libs to the link line.
		On the Cray, non-existent libs generate warnings which are not
		detected by configure but which annoy make.

		Bela Gazdy <bela@euch3e.chem.emory.edu> noted /etc/resolv.conf
		misspelled in kibitz.

		Rainer Wilcke noted that "send -null/break" mishandled return
		code, and these and send/expect_tty were not in man page.

		Dvorak example was missing -- in send -.

1/12/95 5.13.2	Peter Wassenaar <peterw@stack.urc.tue.nl> noted that kibitz
		didn't work on AIX.  My fixcat script assumed that AIX's cat
		was like HP's cat - buffered by default.

1/7/95	5.13.1	Marc Bouron <mbouron@lhr-sys.bru-ro.DHL.COM> noted I forgot to
		add virterm to distribution.

		Marc W. Mengel <mengel@dcdmwm.fnal.gov> noted that configure
		must be run in the foreground due to the stty tests.  Added
		this to documentation.

		Modified interpreter to account for the change in Tcl7.4 which
		forces Tcl_RecordAndEval to call Tcl_GlobalEval instead of

		Changed ptys to be initialized based on current tty setting
		rather than original tty setting.

		Stephen Melvin <melvin@zytek.fr> noted that set -e is the real
		problem with ash (see 5.13).  I bet "[" is returning a value
		and triggering it.  It appears that the script can live without
		the set, so out it goes.

		Braun Brelin <bbrelin@netcom.com> noted pipe allocs in spawn
		could fail with meaningless error message.

12/15/94 5.13.0 Synchronize with appearance of "Exploring Expect".  This
		distribution corresponds to the book both in description of
		Expect and in containing all the substantive examples.

		Graham Mark <gam@lanl.gov> noted that his Cray (Unicos
		didn't recognize TCSETCTTY.  Since this was in some Cray-
		specific code, I guess Unicos must have changed some .h files.
		I made it include either termios or termio.  It, at least,
		works on our Cray (Unicos

		Robert Withrow <witr@rwwa.com> noted that FreeBSD
		supplied union wait but waitpid doesn't use it!  So I modified
		configure to be smarter.  He also noted that its /bin/sh is
		really ash which blows up on install.sh.  It appears that it
		doesn't handle uninitialized parameters correctly.  I'm not
		going to fix this because having a broken /bin/sh is so awful
		probably other things are breaking too.  He did note that it
		worked if he switched to bash or the native install, but that
		blows the whole point of install.sh - that we have found too
		much variation in native installs.  Rather than try and figure
		out everyone's variation, we'd like to simplify our life and
		use this common, simple-to-understand sh script.

		Added more example scripts: Adrian Mariano's virterm (like
		expect_term but without relying on Tk), gethostbyaddr, and
		expectd.proto for telnet daemon.

		Matt DiMeo <mdimeo@brooktree.com> noted that expect_background
		failed to detect eof on HP.  I had forgotten to pass the mask.

		Josef Sachs noted that expect_background put Tk's event	handler
		in an infinite loop if it was listening to a pipeline that was
		killed.  I had aborted the cleanup procedure if Tcl's close
		reported an error.  That was a mistake.

		Rick Lyons <rick@razorback.brisnet.org.au> noted a bug.  C lib
		expect would turn a normal read into a poll if remtime reached
		zero on the nose.

		Added ResetResult to Exp_Init to clean up diags in Expectk.
		Made GENFUNCs return -1 on error as per ParseArgv's convention.

11/13/94 5.12.0	Alon Albert noted that in clib, exp_match_end should be init'd
		to exp_buffer before trying to match the pattern - if the
		expect doesn't produce a match, exp_match_end is incorrect and
		will be wrong for subsequent expects.

		Steven Diamond noted that fg expect did not react to a change
		in an indirect spawn id list if it was just waiting for I/O
		(rather than looping in exp_continue).

		Wait fix in previous version broke system() whose return value
		is horribly overloaded.

11/10/94 5.11.0	Stephen Fitzpatrick <sfitzp@cs.qub.ac.uk> noted that NeXT wait
		macros do not accept int wait status.  Switched to using Tcl's
		detection of wait status type.

		Made log_file -leaveopen leave file id open until close like
		spawn -leaveopen did.

		Bruce Jerrick <bruce@cse.ogi.edu> noted public include dir
		wasn't getting created.

		Karl Vogel noted 1) Pyramid has index instead of strchr, strf.c
		needs sys/time.h instead of time.h in strf.c, needs to call
		timezone(), and stty reads stdout but usual stty test fails.

		Made expect_out(spawn_id) always be written to assist people
		who want to log different procs to different files.  This is
		no longer an efficiency problem because interact can do so
		much more then it used to.  Made full_buffer condition write
		forgotten chars even when full_buffer isn't explicitly

		Bert Robben <Bert.Robben@CS.kuleuven.ac.be> noted that the
		debugger needs to know about the presence of stdlib.h.  I was
		hoping to avoid this because it's a pain getting configure to
		call another configure.

		Rainer Wilcke provide several improvements for xkibitz and man

10/6/94	5.10.0	Moved example files around.  Added password generation to
		tkpasswd.  Created standalone script to generate and set
		passwords - good for all those adduser shell scripts.

		Rick Cady <rickc@NSD.3Com.COM> found a bug when switching log

		Rainer Wilcke <wilcke@esrf.fr> noted that xkibitz died when
		closing a connection.  stdin was mistakenly being closed.  He
		also noted that killing xterms under HPUX 9 requires kill -9.

		Enzo Michelangeli <enzo@airhk.air.org> noted that SCO 3.2.1
		defined window size structure in ptem.h.

		Josef Sachs <sachs@panix.com> found a bug when calling fg
		expects repeatedly between bg expects.  On the first fg	expect,
		it cached the fact that the filehandler was armed.  The next
		background expect disarmed it but failed to update the cache.

		John P. Rouillard" <rouilj@dstar.iddis.com> provided configure
		support for --with-{tcl,tk}{lib,include}.

		Mike Figg <figg@pencom.com> noted that man page used old style
		of continue command.

8/23/94	5.9.1	Adrian Mariano noted it would be useful to have exp_continue
		not reset the timer.  Added flag to support this.

		Morris Gasser <gasser@ksr.com> noted that lowering match_max
		didn't work (lib was broken too).

		Keith Hanlan provided a fix for exp_exact.

		Added more examples: mkpasswd, tkterm, term_expect.

		Put close_tcl_files in sep file for easier non-Tcl use of clib.

8/21/94	5.9.0	Fixed window handling code - on AIX, termios does not define
		TIOCGWINSZ.  Instead, you have to include ioctl.h.  Of course,
		you have to avoid the trap of including both on OTHER systems
		such as SunOS 4.1 where the include files conflict!

		Dan MacDonald found that close in async routine caused sync
		expect to blow up.

		Missed deletion of last line of out macro in exp_inter.c

		Simon Warfield <simonw@bwh.harvard.edu> noted bug in xkibitz
		help message.

		Fixed exp_background to use global scope instead of current.

		Steve Diamond <sdd@aplcomm.jhuapl.edu> noted that -i "4 5"
		only used spawn id 5.

		Rob Nagler found yet another bug in log_file when called

		Expectk wasn't creating a window by default.

7/25/94 5.8.1	Made exp_interp external.   Users should be able to set this

		David Barnett <davidb@cats.ucsc.edu> found that Linux was not
		getting a controlling terminal.  The original test for doing
		that was based on Stevens and tested in a very nonspecific way
		for the presence of a Sun via CIBAUD.  Replaced this with a
		more specific test.

		It seems Tcl 7.3 broke my -nostack hack.  The top-level interp
		translates unknown return codes to TCL_ERROR.  Sigh.  I wish
		Ousterhout would stop all of those translations.  If the user
		wants them, they can do so themselves, but now they're forced.

		Martin Buchhoz <buchhlz@vnet.ibm.com> suggested adding
		XKIBITZ_XTERM_ARGS environment variable to xkibitz.  He also
		noted that stty rows/columns support doesn't seem to work on
		AIX.  I haven't yet looked into this.

		Copied 2nd sync mechanism from Expect to C library.
		Added exp_child_exec_prelude hook.

		Jonathan Kamens noted that "spawn cat;close;wait" returned
		-1 on AIX and 0 on Sun.  This is "correct", however to
		address this, I added -ignore to spawn and otherwise made
		signals default.  Also added extra information to return value
		of wait if caused by signal.

		Dan MacDonald <hfvstud@bcarh80a.bnr.ca> noted that exp_continue
		didn't cause timeout to get reread.

		Ting Tan <utan@cisco.com> noted that when using -b, expect
		hangs if open brace and doesn't stop in case of error.

		Oops, broke "log_file" with no args.

		Removed -timestamp from documentation.  Use "timestamp" command

		Keith Hanlan noted C library didn't test already arrived data
		before attempting to read more.  He also suggested I avoid
		forcing the user to do save/restores of per-fd globals.

6/24/94 5.8.0	Hubert Halkin <hhalkin@ucsd.edu> pointed out that interleaved
		expect_bgs and spawns dump core.  I had used the exp_f ptrs
		as handles to TkCreateFileHandler but realloc shuffled them

		Rick Lyons <pclink@qus102.qld.tne.oz.au> provided misc. mods
		for Pyramid.

		Keith Hanlan <keithh@bnr.ca> noted that HP-UX C compiler causes
		odd behavior in Expect when it is compiled with -O.  -g works

		Peter Gasche <zrspg01@compserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de> pointed
		out that Convex 10.2 fails to build.  New version of Convex OS
		added getpty().  Naturally, it differs from old one.  Testing
		is tricky because there is no header file for it.  Even worse,
		the algorithm in the Convex man page is incorrect - it allows
		you to allocate ptys already in use!  Unfortunately, the man
		page is too vague to allow the reader to see that immediately.

		In contrast to BSD stty, Convex, Mach, and NeXT stty don't
		complain if redirected to null.  I'll just have to hardwire the
		test in configure.

		Added -nowait flag to wait command.

		Upon suggestions from David Vezie <dv@xnet.ssl.berkeley.edu>:
		Added -noappend, -open, and -leaveopen to log_file command.
		Added -leaveopen flag to spawn and exp_open.
		Modified spawn to close -open immediately.
		Modified exp_open to close spawn_id immediately.

		Between Jeff Wright <wright@spock.cen.encompass.com>, Brad
		Skrbec, Arup Mukherjee <arup+@cmu.edu>, and the anonymous
		Mach support group at CMU, finally got hard answers about Mach.
		It is no longer supported and there is no intention to provide
		full POSIX support.  Now, at least, I can fix the configure
		script to understand this.

		Added "unbuffer" example.

		Dana Chee <dana@dino.bellcore.com> provided configure hooks
		for finding -lnsl and -lsocket.

		Henry Spencer <henry@zoo.toronto.edu> noted timestamp doc did
		not jive with C defn.  Fixed doc and added timezone support.

		Steve Pynes <fb@steve@ucsd.edu> noted that exp_win.c needs
		_IBCS2 (Intel Binary Compat Standard #2!?!) before it will
		recognize winsize.  He also noted #out was redefined in inter
		code if using simple_event.

		Fixed defn of "stty cooked" to retain echo setting.

		Bennett Todd noted dislocate's pidfile_read was missing close.
		He also noted useless bind in tkpasswd.

		Marty Leisner noted that ^C causes xkibitz to exit ungracefully
		when in interpreter.

		Added yet another sync mechanism (see 5.6) to spawn so that
		child cannot eof before parent has prepped the pty (only a
		probably on HPs, of course).  I had actually written most of
		the code, but left it disabled because I hoped that the
		problem simply wouldn't happen in practice.  Alas, Jonathon
		Kamens found a case where it does.

		Jimmy Aitken <jimmy@pyra.co.uk> noted problem on Pyramid.  My
		original code only looked for /dev/tty##.  On pyramid, ptys
		look like /dev/pts/4.  term wants the last two characters, but
		on the Pyramid, the first of the last two characters can be a
		/ in which case xterm wants a 0.  I.e., suffix of /dev/pts/4
		is "04".  xterm fails completely with 3-digit ptys!  I sent
		a suggestion and patch to X Consortium for this and the pid
		problem - xterm has no way of telling it to which pid to send

		Poul-Henning Kamp <phk@TFS.COM> noted that -lm would make
		autoconf forget about other libs.

		Ram Bhamidipaty noted I forgot to document sleep.

		Removed disasterous performance with * at beginning of glob.

		Mods from Rob Savoye.  See ChangeLog.

		Earnest Hua <eh@c-cube.com> noted expectk.man need wasn't

		Bogus arguments to expectk were not reported correctly.

		Modified clib to catch when user changes match_max between
		expects on two different fds and then switches back.

		Rewrote timestamp to get rid of 200 char limit.

		Ram Bhamidipaty <ram@xor.epi.wisc.edu> noted NetBSD .9 stty
		complained "stdout appears redirected, but stdin is the
		control descriptor".  It compares dev(stdout) to dev(stderr)
		and assumes if they are different then user thinks stty
		ioctls stdout.  This is one case when that assumption is wrong.
		Fixed fd 2 so it points new 2 and is reset to old 2 if an
		error occurs.  This forced me to remove any diagnostic output
		from child (in getptyslave) since this now went back to the
		proc as child output rather than original stderr, sigh.

		Stephan Winokur <swinokur@pinky.trevose.sgi.com> noted that
		IRIX 4.2 had problems with gcc.  While diagnosing, I found
		PTY_TYPE was used before set.  Make doesn't mind (how odd)
		but I changed it anyway.

		Made send understand "-null".  Deprecated "-0".

		Made Expect read .expect.rc from DOTDIR if present.

3/30/94	5.7.0	Removed alpha status.

		Added $(EVENT).o to library.

		Finally deleted old shar file.  Revised README.

3/22/94 5.6.3	Phil Moore <phil@signals.geol.scarolina.edu> noted termios.h
		should not come from sys even if it exists.  (SGI doesn't have

3/21/94 5.6.2	Paul Kinzelman <pkinz@cougar.tandem.com> noted that I forgot
		to remove -update from documentation.

		Fixed interact's -i so it understands indirect spawn ids.

3/21/94 5.6.1	expect_background randomly failed.  I forgot to save Tk's
		event mask so occasionally events were incorrectly classified
		as eof.

		Added -buffer to expectk and made "nobuffer" the default so
		scripts are read in much faster.

3/15/94	5.6.0	Added cat_buffers marker to avoid "catu" option to scripts.

		Got temporary use of an evaluation copy of TestCenter.
		Promptly found several memory leaks.  Oops.

		Added a synchronization mechanism to spawn so that user cannot
		send to pty before it is init'd.  This also deals with the HP
		trap more simply.  Removed extra open added in 5.5.1.  While
		working on this, it occurred to me stty needs to temporarily
		disable trap.  Added exp_slave_control so that C programmers
		can get to it portably.

		Added "expect -ex" to documentation.

		Fixed winsize bug on Solaris.

		Added functions to allow user flexibility closing fds in child.

3/8/93	5.5.1	Integrated bug fixes from Arnold Robbins <arnold@skeeve.atl.
		ga.us> for his own strftime code.

		Rob Savoye passed back a patch from OSF to cast ptsname.

		Added a test for cat.  R.K.Lloyd noted HP failed pid test.
		Turned out to be another bug related to pty-trapping.  The test
		of course, was doing something that a user would never do.
		Hope this doesn't break other HPs.   Pty trapping is becoming
		less and less clear to me.  Ioctls generated by slave look like
		modem ioctls.  Added an artificial open because different
		versions of HP's stty execute differing numbers of ioctls.
		In test script, changed each cat to cat -u.

2/17/93	5.5.0	Began a test suite based on Ousterhout's model: make test

		Added passmass man page.
		Added decl of exp_tty_original to pty_sgtty.c.
		Added error_spawn_id

		Alon Albert <al@mercury.co.il> provided a bug fix for new
		buffer handling code in C library.

		Fix fd leak related to spawn -open.

2/7/94	5.4.0	Some installation improvements from Rob Savoye and Owen Rees.

		Bug in handling empty string match - crept in recently.

		Finally fixed longstanding oddness: stty -raw reset echo.

		Made spawn close all file descriptors.  Added exp_open command
		to get old effect.

1/26/94	5.3.5	Made rftp use /bin/ls to avoid -F from people's aliases.

		Initialized auto_path.

		Fixed exp_version so it fails if the major #s are not equal
		(which is what the man page said).

1/18/94 5.3.4	Jim Meyering <meyering@idefix.comco.com> gave config fixes
		of X handling on Irix-4.0.5 and suggested that tknewsbiff
		observe DOTDIR.

1/18/94	5.3.3	Kevin Short <short@gdc.com> noted some remaining use of malloc
		and free instead of ck versions.

		Initialize tcl_interactive to 0 while processing -c flag to
		avoid unreliable handling of unknown proc.

1/17/94	5.3.2	Jeffry Abramson <jra@hrcms.att.com> noted that "spawn -pty"
		hung on an HP.  Problem was trapping was enabled so as soon
		as I tried to open the slave, Expect blocked waiting for ack!

1/14/94	5.3.1	Forgot to delete a bad call to strcat in exp_internal.

1/13/94	5.3.0	Added -info flag to log_file, log_user, exp_internal, and
		strace, so you could get original args back out.	

		Wrote tknewsbiff script (and was extremely pleased).

		Fixed rftp.  I must have broke it when I changed to using Tcl's
		new switch cmd.  Also sped it up by replacing split/join
		nonsense with a single regexp.

		Danny Faught <faught@convex.com> noted that glob patterns
		returned shortest matches.  While fixing this, found that glob
		patterns ending in $ were broken, too.

		Massaged libraries and include files.  The include file for
		using Expect with Tcl or Tk is now expectcl.h.  libexpect.a
		now suffices for using Expect's funcs with C or Tcl.

		Add all the features from Expect into C library including
		null and full buffer matching.  Added exp_buffer (_end) and
		some other variables to support fd multiplexing better.
		Made unmatched chars from previous expects remain for future

		Chen <johnny@e0sun3.ccl.itri.org.tw> found bug in exp_pid when
		-i had no arg.

		Rewrote expect_bg, after, and before so they all handle args
		the same.  Interact and all the expect variables now handle
		indirects.  exp_bg now handles -brace flag.

		Geoff Bullen <geoff@itx.nsg.com.au> noted that interact put
		terminal into raw mode even if stdin was redirected.

		Rob Savoye provided more configure mods to better find Tcl/Tk.

		Fixed bug in wait that didn't close down "busied" fds.

		Kazuro Furukawa <furukawa@apricot.kek.jp> provided a better
		default for SHORT_BINDIR in the Makefile and noted that DEC
		doesn't understand "test -x".

12/3/93	5.2.0	Recent fix was buggy and blew up when eof case still had data
		in buffer.

11/23/93 5.1.4	At request of Rod Beckwith <rodb@slugo.corp.sgi.com> fix some
		minor things to which SGI cc was sensitive.

		Fixed bug in dvorak script where eof could occur in nested
		interact, upsetting original interact.

		Forgot to change -flush to -nobuffer in man page.

		Added some more places to search for X11 for Jeff Moore
		<jbm@internet.sbi.com> note.

		Added yet more fixes and notes for NeXT for Brad Skrbec
		<skrbec@motcid.rtsg.mot.com> who found that NeXT has POSIX
		include files but NOT the functions that go with them.  Sigh.
		Needless to say, configure is thrown off by this.

11/14/93 5.1.3	John Pierce <jpierce@chem.UCSD.EDU> noted several declarations
		that AIX's cc couldn't handle include a struct with same elt
		name at two different levels.  Also _IO is declared twice
		in AIX include files but only checked once.

		Fixed bad args in exp_spawnl call in chesslib examples.  Can't
		imagine how it ever worked before.

		Richard Weidner <richard@cicero.jpl.nasa.gov> found a bug in
		configure (test always treats a bare string as true!) that
		caused NeXT to be declared as POSIX.

		Fixed two bugs in Tcl_StringMatch2.  One caused glob ranges to
		succeed when they shouldn't.  Another was how malformed ranges
		are handled, and came right from Tcl.  Reported to John.
		Switched Expect library to use T_SM2 from Expect itself.

		Blair Zajac <blair@olympia.gps.caltech.edu> noted expectk used
		CLFLAGS instead of CFLAGS.

		Forgot to fix mishandling of parens inside of alternation in

11/9/93	5.1.2	Added "null" keyword and remove_nulls command to allow matching
		ASCII 0 in expect/interact.

		Rob Nagler <nagler@olsen.ch> noted that expect_background
		failed if pattern didn't consume all data.  event handler
		knows nothing about data already arrived but not processed.

		Made Expectk understand --

11/8/93	5.1.1	Fixed yet another bug in setting expectk's argv0.

11/6/93	5.1.0	Provided support to work with Tcl 7.[0-1] and Tk 3.[3-4].

		Pasi Kaara <ppk@atk.tpo.fi> found an off-by-one in the buffer
		shuffling when buffers fill up during an expect.

		Changed \\\$ to \\$ in patterns that search for literal $.

		Added "spawn -pty" support for xterm -S.

		Fixed yet another argv problem in Expectk.  When run using
		expectk explicitly, script name was left in argv.

		Fixed system command's return value to match exec new style.

11/1/93	5.0.4	Mark Davies <mark@comp.vuw.ac.nz> noted that BSD4.4 sysconf
		returns -1 (a bug).  Rewrote to avoid requiring this info.
		Switched from from explicit refs of sys_errlist to Tcl's

		As per Adrian Mariano <adrian@cam.cornell.edu>, added exp_sleep
		command primarily to allow sleeping by sub-second intervals.
		Also avoids exec overhead.  Not yet documented.

		Kartik Subbarao <subbarao@concorde.fc.hp.com> noted that on
		HPUX 9, SC_OPEN_MAX should be ifdef'd on itself rather than

		Karl Vogel <vogelke@c-17igp.wpafb.af.mil> noted Pyramid
		didn't like varargs included twice in exp_command.c.

		Deleted expect_version variable (was never documented) and
		deprecated expect_library to be exp_library for consistency.

10/16/93 5.0.3	Lou-Salkind@deshaw.com found interpreter() could stomp past end
		of input array.  Same problem in debugger.

		Bud Bach noted init.tcl wasn't being sourced, and Makefile
		broke if all scripts were commented out.

		Added interesting highlights and bindings to tkpasswd.

		Made Makefile look for -ltk if libtk.a doesn't exist.

		Rick Sladkey pointed out that -re patterns to look for $ should

		R.K.Lloyd noted config doesn't see prototypes with K&R cpp.

10/8/93 5.0.2	Bud Bach noted tcl_interactive was not set.

10/8/93	5.0.1	R.K.Lloyd noted various problems, some related to being on an
		HP when a lot of #ifdefs kicked in.

10/7/93	5.0.0	Added expect_background.  In the Tk environment, this registers
		actions to be called upon receipt of a pattern from a process.

		Renamed "debug" as exp_internal" and made debugger available
		as "debug" and "exp_debug".

		Milan Gupta <mbg0@bunny.gte.com> noted that system() (at least
		on his HP) hangs when SIGCLD is ignored.

		<jason@vicor.com> noted that Tcl's exec command doesn't bother
		to close fds, so force them with close on exec.

		Renamed "continue -expect" as "exp_continue".  "continue
		-expect" will continue to work, just won't be documented.  It's
		just too dangerous when you start mixing extensions.
		Renamed "return -tcl" as "inter_return".  Had to do something
		to avoid random return values from matching "-tcl".  This
		design was just wrong.  Surprising that it never bit anyone.
		Renamed "expect_version" as "exp_version" just to continue
		this regularity.

		Protected initial fd_new's with isatty so disconnect doesn't
		lose redirected fds.

		Allowed DFLT_STTY to be omitted entirely.  Apollo doesn't need

		Modified fork to fail on failure instead of returning -1.  This
		made spawn failure match disconnect failure.

		Dan Hyde <drh@citi.umich.edu> noted missing arg in exp_error.

		Jerry Whelan <guru@stasi.bradley.edu> noted -buffer was botched
		in man page.  Hal Peterson noted that bug in man page caused
		groff to choke.

		wait now returns {pid, spawn_id, 0|-1, status (or error msg).
		errorCode is now set if appropriate.  wait -i -1 waits for any.

		Propagated winsize to pty.

		Documented "-open".

		Quentin Stafford-Fraser <Fraser@europarc.xerox.com> noted that
		interact -u was broken.

		Fixed interact's default actions "return"/"interpreter" to be
		writable.  Removed ability to set default eof/timeout.  Removed
		dash from same.

		Rewrote trap to use Tcl's async support.  
		Added -code switch and made interpreter understand "-nostack"
		coming from error to use ^C to easily return to interpreter.
		Introduced following incompatibilities:
		- ONEXIT interface disappeared.  Use "exit -onexit".  (Thinking
			of this as a signal bought nothing but complexity.)
			Added "exit -noexit" to run all expect-related exit
			handlers without exiting or destroying interp or ".".
			Useful for when other apps have exit handlers.
		- trap command takes missing action as a query.	 Use "" or
			SIG_DFL to delete or reset a trap.
		- SIGCLD gone.  Now always called CHLD even if underlying
			system only knows about CLD.
		All sig handlers and exit handlers run at global level.

		Removed setjmp/longjmp crap.  Not needed since systems which
		wait in read don't restart system calls.

		Added support in expect for "-gl" and allowed longer forms to
		match Tcl's switch command.  Similarly for "-ex" in interact.
		Rewrote arg parsing for send.

		Added "stty" command to support stty of ttys other than
		/dev/tty.  Better for /dev/tty, too.  This should fix
		security complaint from BSD's Net2 stty.

		<R.K.Lloyd@csc.liv.ac.uk> gave fixes for configure and noted
		exp_main_tk was missing exp_conf.h.

		Added "exp_timestamp" command.  Fixed bug in interpreter cmd.
		It wouldn't return anything with TCL_OK.

		Renamed -flush to -nobuffer.

		Make interact default to executing actions in raw mode.
		Accept -reset to execute in cooked mode.  Ignore -f.  
		Fixed examples.  Fixed bug in "-o -timeout".

		Deprecated getpid (due to Tcl's pid), added exp_pid.

		Put "rm -f" inside catch.  SunOS 4.1.3 and some version of AIX
		complain despite the -f!

		Added "send -break" for Dave Mielke.

		Fixed argv handling of expectk to match expect for Steve Clark.

		Switching to Tcl 7.0

8/21/93 4.7.7	Cygnus added support for OSF/1 style ptys.

		Brian Bebeau <brian@cblph.att.com> found bug in PTC support,
		HAVE__GETPTY, timestamp doc, and provides some mods for config
		AT&T StarServer.

		Detection of direct spawn ids failed on -1.

8/18/93	4.7.6	Removed zone and gmtoff from timestamp.  Not ANSI.
		Removed getpid confusion.
		Once again, added "cat -u" into kibitz (this time for AIX 3.2).

8/18/93 4.7.5	De Clarke <de@lick.UCSC.EDU> hit error in exp_global.h because
		tcl.h had not been included.

8/16/93 4.7.4	Richard Kasperowski <richk@icad.COM> found that Ultrix 4.1-2
		failed to allocate controlling terminal.  Ultrix's setsid is
		evidentally buggy.  Switched back to setpgrp - which fixed it.

		Fixed type defn of exp_tty_original.

		Dave Mielke found two bugs in interact: re-failure prevented
		other patterns from matching a particular point in the stream,
		and two or more -inputs didn't actually work.  Also found bug
		in HP trap handling - despite what docs say, other things
		besides open/close have to be handled.  Specifically, slave was
		generating an ARGGET.  Backed off on trying to wait immediately
		for two OPENs to just waiting for one OPEN.  Perhaps zero?
		Also found deficiency in return -tcl - failed to return arg.

		At Dave's request, made cmdfile by read in a single gulp rather
		than line by line.  Added -b (buffer) flag for old behavior.
		Old behavior performs badly on very long procedures but is use-
		ful for reading commands from pipes.  Made "system stty" return
		status of raw/echo.

		Made log_user return previous value irrespective of args.

		Fixed mishandling of parens inside of alternation noted by
		Bud Bach <bachww@rtsg.mot.com>.

		Added -timestamp, -iread, and -iwrite to interact and

		Added -onexec flag to close to solve problem posed by
		Bellave Jayaram <bjayaram@slee01.srl.ford.com>.

		Added -0 to send.  Removed capability of send to send multiple

		Chip Rosenthal noted bug in releasing trap 0's action.  Also
		modified exit handler to allow recursive invocation.  Instead
		of complaining, it skips handlers that have already been
		invoked and forces the process to exit.

		Added new names for most command prefaced by "exp_".
		Deprecated send_spawn.

		Switched to Ousterhout's ckalloc and attitudes towards failure.

		Started adding Tcl 7.0 support.  getpid renamed to pid.  Added
		exp_pid to support things that Tcl 7 does with its pid.

6/12/93	4.7.3	fnf@fishpond.cygnus.com noted minor type problems.  Rob Savoye
		noted trap SIGINT overrode debugger handler.  Default should
		be reverse.

6/8/93	4.7.2	Added debugger to public release.

6/7/93	4.7.1	Ed Oskiewicz <eo@ansa.co.uk> noted prototype botch - exp_cook.
		Owen Rees <rtor@ansa.co.uk> noted missing decl - tclRegexpError

6/6/93	4.7.0	Gert Bultman <bultman@dgw.rws.nl> exposed a bug in interact's

5/27/93	4.6.0	Rick Sladkey <jrs@world.std.com> fixed a bug in send_log -
		checking a master needlessly and indexing off the end of an

		Rob Savoye made change for detecting libpt.a, modified
		autoconf for better handling of X, exec_prefix, and ranlib.

		Kris Woeppel <krisw@cs.athabascau.ca> said SVR3 doesn't have

		Made libexpect.a understand regexp.  Reorganized code.  It
		now requires Tcl to be installed first, although it uses only
		a few utility routines.  Hopefully this isn't a problem for

		Zack Xu <zack@cs.wisc.edu> noted exp_main.h needed C++ support.

		Pascal Meheut <pascal@cnam.cnam.fr> gave fix for skipping over
		null bytes while interact is pattern matching.

		Added "--" to expect, interact, and send.

		Added support for associating multiple -i's with a single
		pattern, and -i's with no pattern for use with spawn_id_any.

		Made interact work with systems that lack select/poll.

		Added code and #defines for debugger.  Debugger itself is not
		yet available.

4/19/93	4.5.2	Achim Flammenkamp <achim@HRZ.Uni-Bielefeld.DE> noted that I
		documented full_buffer as buffer_full.

		Ted Stockwell <ted@sirius.aggregate.com> noted that wait arg
		was missing an & in configure test.

		Scott Hess noted that systems can have wait4 without waitpid.

		Jonathan Kamens <jik@gza.com> noted/fixed some things that
		weren't autoconf'd correctly: pid_t, RETSIGTYPE, malloc.

		Gary Shea noted that a recent change to expectk made it not
		default to interactive.		

4/12/93	4.5.1	At request of Rusty Wilson <zrlw05@hou.amoco.com>, added
		"-console" to spawn.

		Pang Wai Man Raymond <wmpang@cuse1.se.cuhk.hk> reported that
		passmass didn't grok DEC's passwd prompts for root.

4/7/93	4.5.0	Fixed bug in interact regexp preventing match of multichar

4/6/93	4.4.3	Bennett Todd <bet@sbi.com> noted missing example scripts
		timed-read and time-run.

3/29/93	4.4.2	Bill Houle <Bill.House@SanDiego.NCR.COM reported fixes
		for SVR4 pty support to compile.		

		Made string matcher understand *$.  Documented tty_spawn_id.
		Made command line -i override -f.

		For Tuan Doan <tdoan@bnr.ca> on HP, make kibitz use domainname
		as fallback and used whoami instead of env(USER).

		Fixed bug in the generic pty code that could report out of ptys
		because an earlier slave slowly deleted the lock file.

3/25/93 4.4.1	Stephen House <sdhouse@bnr.ca> reported exp_tk.c wouldn't
		compile on HP.  Fixed.

3/24/93	4.4.0	Added back SVR4-style pty allocation which got omitted in the
		autoconfig process.  Fixed bug in interact's -update handling.
		Fixed bug in weather script that cut off long reports.

3/15/93 4.3.0	Cleaned up /tmp files used during pty locking.

		Added command "parity" to enable parity stripping.  Fixed
		match_max to do -i correctly.

3/15/93	4.2.4	Fixed to work on new SGI which returns slave-close via excep
		(select) or POLLERR (poll) rather than thru read().  Why do you
		people do things like this?

3/12/93	4.2.3	Fixed to work on AIX (using /dev/ptc) and UTS (using getpty).

3/11/93 4.2.1-2	Fixed numerous bugs relating to HP ptys.  It's amazing that for
		their bewildering complexity, they couldn't support generation
		of EOF to the master (or at least enable trapping of just
		close), rather than forcing the code to know about opens, too.

3/8/93	4.2.0	Integrated Rob Savoye's autoconfig code.

		Interact mishandled new -eof flag.  Added -update.

		Gary Shea <shea@cs.ukans.edu> noted that tkwait hung if
		expect had been called.  Rewrote most of tk_event.c and fixed
		some other problems related to efficiency & multiple timeouts.

		E Beck <beck@qtp.ufl.edu> suggested mods to more easily support
		Extended Tcl.

		Bill Mitchell <mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com> reported problems on
		4.3+BSD.  Added	support for TIOCSCTTY.

		Dana Burd <dana@wrs.com> noted that "exit" caused by ^C during
		expect didn't work - just returning to expect.  Fixed, and then
		removed "feature" of ^C to abort a timeout.  This feature
		proved a lot less useful than I thought it would.

2/21/93 4.1.0	Bill Tierney <wtierney@leland.stanford.edu> noted that double
		close dumped core.  Rewrote fd_to_f and close/adjust functions.

		Interactive interpreter() didn't properly wait in
		get_next_event, so Tk stopped responding to events.
		Wrote version of interpreter that shares expect's input buffers
		but can't think of a use.  Left as an ifdef SHARE_CMD_BUFFER.

1/26/93	4.0.1	Added eof check to xpstat.  Removed incorrect and unnec.
		#includes from exp_main_exp.c

		Chip Rosenthal <chip@chinacat.unicom.com> found my refs to
		tclRegexpError need externs on systems that don't use Tcl's
		string.h.  string.h should probably be changed not to refer to

		Added FAQ about Expect's copyright status.

		Mark Christopher <christo@bnr.ca> pointed out some really
		stupid errors in the HP support for select.	

12/16/92 4.0.0	Rewrote interact.  Made re-entrant thru event-handler for Tk.
		(Same for Expect.)  Abstracted out common code so that
		remainder is specific to select vs poll vs tk (although
		"simple" was impossible to handle).  Added timeouts, regexps
		(at request of numerous people), ability to set up arbitrary
		graphs of process flows, and some miscellaneous but useful
		functionality.  New flags are: -input, -output, -re, -echo,
		-flush, -eof.

		Added "-noecho" to spawn command.

		Added getpid command.  Something with this functionality should
		be added to the Tcl core.  When it is, this function will go

		Removed assumption of global "interp" handle.  Rewrote init
		and other routines for use as libraries.  Added appropriate
		glue to Makefile.

		At request of Rob Savoye <rob@cygnus.com> added "send_log" and
		disabled buffering on all output.  The only affect unbuffered
		output will cause users is if they pass large strings in
		multiple args to send.

		Ray Davis <rdavis@masschaos.de.convex.com> reported Convex 
		could not do job control from spawned procs.  I added a symbol
		DO_SETSID to force this.

		Martin Leisner modified rftp to understand iftp.  I added it
		to the publicly donated scripts directory.

11/17/92 3.24.1	Martin Leisner suggested Makefile use $(MAKE) and support Tcl
		as a Sun shared library.

		Seth Perlman <seth@welchgate.welch.jhu.edu> suggested interact
		support timeout.  I've added this as "-timeout" in inter_select
		but left undocumented while we experiment with interface.

		Joe VanAndel <vanandel@ncar.ucar.edu> pointed out that su2
		script still used old syntax.  Fixed.

		Konrad Haedener <haedener@iacrs1.unibe.ch> fixed a bug in
		POSIX tty handling on AIX.  Surprisingly, we discovered AIX
		worked just fine when pty_bsd is used and without -DPOSIX!

		Doug (George Jetson) <pynq@midway.uchicago.edu> pointed out
		that a spawn_id for /dev/tty would be really handy.  I added
		tty_spawn_id for this purpose.

11/4/92 3.24.0	After problem reported by James Ward <jew@sunquest.com> added
		to man page describing delays required by hardware such as for
		UART switching.

		Recoded all \C sequences as \### in examples and man page in
		anticipation of them going away in next version of Tcl.

		Switched to printing errorInfo during errors instead of the
		command and only the top-level error message.  Since this
		includes entire stack, this should be very helpful.

		J. Cazander <cazander:pasichva via serigate@phcoms.seri.
		philips.nl> reported that purify found a write beyond the end
		of an input buffer.  Lucked, it was just before a double-word
		boundary, so it probably isn't a problem.  I fixed it anyway.

10/9/92	3.23.1	Tor Lillqvist <tml@tik.vtt.fi> supplied support for HP 8.0.7 in
		POSIX-mode, and a bugfix for POSIX tty mode switching

10/8/92	3.23.0	Larry Rogers <lrr@Princeton.EDU> reported that "weather" blew
		up in spawn.  I'll add a catch-all to the script to report
		similar problems (out of ptys, processes, etc.)

		Ting Leung <tleung@bnr.ca> notes that log() in human_write can
		receive a 0 (domain error).  Fixed unit_random to avoid that.

		Tony Primavera <aprima@xox.ssc.af.mil> notes that the sample
		archie script needs to understand mcgill's limit of 10 users.
		Tor Lillqvist <tml@tik.vtt.fi> noted that a lesser-used pattern
		("unknown...") is incorrect.

		Grant Taylor <gat@pecan.cray.com> found a problem when forking
		(using Expect's fork) multiple processes, each of which spawned
		something.  In the BSD pty support, I had used the pid to build
		a temporary file for testing the pty before actual use.  When
		multiple processes tried to use the same tempfile, it blew up.

8/12/92	3.22.13	Corey Satten pointed out that -u on cat caused kibitz to slow
		down on Ultrix.  I see the same behavior on SunOS.  I added an
		option to fix it for systems that need it.  Corey also noted
		arg miscounting in kibitz, and pointed out that world-readable
		fifos could be a security problem.  He gave a fix for this and
		also a fix to force ptys to be put into raw mode.

		Terrence Brannon <tb06@pl122e.eecs.lehigh.edu> reported rftp
		referenced the undefined variable 'transfer'.  Turned out to be
		a bug in the code to handle symbolic links.

7/20/92 3.22.12	Added O_NOCTTY (if defined) in pty_bsd.c to avoid gaining
		control terminal while testing pty when running as daemon.

		At request of Michael D. Riley <riley@mbeya.research.att.com>
		added explanation to man page - how expect_after/before deal
		with spawn_id.

		Charles Hannum discovered the problem with AIX (see earlier)
		was a missing "extern" in the errno declaration.  Also, the
		compiler was sensitive to a lack of access to the defn of
		struct expect_special.

		Dave Coombs gave me yet another fix for the weather server to
		accomodate its ever continual change.

7/2/92	3.22.11	Yet more work.  Discovered that SunOS and Ultrix really like
		setpgrp(0,0) much better than setpgrp(0,getpid()) but the
		manual doesn't describe well why this seems to work better.
		(The old call worked inconsistently.)

6/30/92	3.22.10	Did more work on modifications to dissolve connection between
		stdio and devtty.  Eventually, I'd like to add a separate
		spawn_id for devtty (expect_devtty?).

6/5/92	3.22.9	Hansel Wan <hhw0@gte.com> noted that $errorInfo was clobbered
		by prompt1.  To prevent this, I added a default definition
		for prompt1 (and prompt2 while I was at it).

		Unnati Amin <uxa@po.cwru.edu> noted that the example scripts
		checked for $ in prompts which didn't work.  This bug was
		created when $ was turned into a "match end-of-input" char
		in the transition from v2 to v3.  Solution: backslash the $.

		A few parts of code assumed spawn_id was always stdin, which
		caused "send" to send to stdout, which meant succeeding
		expect's hung, waiting forever.  Fixed is_user macro.
		This was a problem with scripts that redirected stdin or
		somehow reused fd 0.  Surprising that no one ever did that
		before - also surprising that it didn't bother cron jobs.

6/2/92	3.22.8	Man pages fixes from Matt Crawford crawdad@fncent.fnal.gov.

5/12/92	3.22.7	Missing ; in Makefile, screwed up chmod.

		Fixed bug that caused interact to think the modes had changed
		when they hadn't.

5/11/92	3.22.6	Added regression paper to ftp archive - published in the 1992
		USENIX San Antonio Proceedings.

		Swapped setpgrp and fork in disconnect command for sysV88.
		According to Dave Schmitt <daves@techmpc.csg.gss.mot.com>,
		original code (right out of Stevens) starts the child with
		closed stdio fds.

		Fixed bug in interact that changed /dev/tty modes even if
		interact was used to connect two completely different ttys.
		Had never been a problem before, but today I wrote some code
		that actually calls interact from cron!  Also, copied the
		experimental fix from 3.22.5 to inter_poll.

		Jeremy Nussbaum <jeremy@world.std.com> says cat needs "-u" in
		kibitz for his HP 8.0 system to work.  I wonder why this has
		never been a problem on earlier HP and other systems?

		Forced Makefile to mark scripts executable.

4/12/92	3.22.5	Fixed bugs reported by Matt Ranney <mjr@uther.Calvin.EDU>
		including a syntax error (!) in expect.c on ecases_inuse.
		I didn't even compile this before pushing out?  He also noted
		some # were not in column 1.

		I put in an experimental fix to interact (only in select
		version currently) to fix when pattern matching from master
		and user needs to continue typing in order to complete match.

4/3/92	3.22.4	Charles Hannum (mycroft@gnu.ai.mit.edu) pointed out that I
		screwed up a comment in the brand new pty_aix3.c.  He also gave
		me a fix for an arg-less expect, which did a malloc(0).  And
		he said that AIX ptys return EOF in yet a new way - read()
		returns -1 with errno == 0.  Yuck.

3/29/92	3.22.3	Jay Schmidgall gave me yet another pty_aix3.c.  He also gave
		ifdefs for POSIX terminal support.

3/18/92	3.22.2	Jay Schmidgall <shmdgljd+@rchland.ibm.com> modified pty_sgi3.c
		to make a pty interface for recent versions of AIX.

		Steve Summit <scs@adam.mit.edu> noted that "trap 0" could
		actually call signal(0...)

		Martin Leisner <Martin_A._Leisner.Henr801C@xerox.com> noted
		that rftp was broken.  It seems I never handled symlinks.  They
		are interesting.  You can't tell from the listing whether they
		are files or directories, so you just have to blindly go ahead
		and assume it's one or the other and see what happens!

3/11/92 3.22.1	In talking to Dave Schmitt ,daves@techmpc.csg.gss.mot.com>,
		realized the documentation for wait had never been updated
		from the way it used to work in v2 (returning any pid).

3/11/92	3.22.0	Another question from Ron, prompted me to find another bug.
		interact -o wrongly manipulated the user buffer at one point.

3/10/92	3.21.0	Ron Young <ron@nevada.edu> found that spawn failed on a
		DECstation 3100 running Ultrix 4.2.  I had forgotten to test
		that cmdfile was valid before comparing against stdin in fix
		related to fflush in 3.20.0.

		While I was on a DECstation, I noticed that it does not accept
		setpgrp(...,0).  Changed 2nd arg to getpid().

3/6/92	3.20.2	Stefan Farestam <farestam@orion.cerfacs.fr> provided a new
		version of pty_sgi.c which uses _getpty.  I renamed the old
		one pty_sgi3.c

3/3/92	3.20.1	Brian Woodson requested I update the dates and version numbers.

3/1/92	3.20.0	Prompted by a question from Ken Mandelberg, added -raw to
		noidle and kibitz script.

		Fixed fflush(cmdfile) again, having been authoritatively told
		by net wisdom that there is no way to portably fflush a shared
		read-stream. (I take back my claim about a bug in HP's fclose!)

		John Sellens gave me some more fixes for non-DEC MIPS OS.

2/22/92	3.19.1	John Sellens <jmsellen@watmath.waterloo.edu> gave me a bug
		fix for NOWAITPID.

2/21/92 3.19.0	Found a bug in HPUX fclose!!  It moves the I/O pointer in the
		shared file table entry!  This explains the symptoms I reported
		earlier.  Fortunately, it's easy to code around (by me - it is
		no longer necessary to fudge the scripts).

		Added some stuff to the man page to explain why expect behaves
		the way it does in an emacs shell window and how to live with

2/21/92	3.18.0	Worked on the HP port some more.  The HP causes a real problem
		by insisting SIGCLD be delivered in order for wait to return
		a status.  This royally complicated the code, partly because
		of the special casing all over the place in the trap command,
		the asynchronous delivery of SIGCLD and also because Tcl itself
		is not prepared to have system calls be interrupted.  Cleverly,
		the HP also defines both CLD and CHLD which threw my macros
		off at first.  Thanks, but I don't this kind of help!

		Anyway, the end result is that on the HP, SIGCLD is ignored.
		The manual claims wait status will not be delivered but it
		seems to be anyway.  Good grief!  (Even if it were ignored,
		it would not be such a calamity, since wait is used mainly
		to discard zombies on other systems.)

		A remaining problem is that there appears to be some odd
		interaction, perhaps with fork, such that the script is rolled
		back at eof if a spawned process happens to exit at the same
		time.  The solution for now is to exit all scripts via exit
		rather than letting exit be called implicitly.  There must be
		some real bug, but I'm unable to find anything after lots of
		testing, line and Saber.  At the moment, I'm highly suspicious
		of the HP itself rather than expect.

		Bob Proulx and Jeff Okamoto supplied me with patches for
		inter_select.c.  HP transmits some pty interactions via the
		exception field in select.

		Michael Grant gave me a mod to grok ~ in the logfile and
		debug commands.

2/17/92	3.17.1	Brian Keves <keves@meaddata.com> pointed out that the man page
		still referred to "expect_match" instead of "expect_out".

2/12/92	3.17.0	Eric Arnold <Eric.Arnold@corp.sun.com> ran into a problem
		when running in the background.  interact did ioctl(0...)s to
		change the terminal mode, ignoring the -u flag.

		Fixed a bug in kibitz which blew up when asking for a password
		due to a spelling error.  The drawbacks of interpreters...

2/4/92	3.16.3	Dongchul Lim <lim@doctor.chem.yale.edu> noted that scripts can
		hang in the background.  I had assumed isatty(0) was enough to
		contrast bg/fg but it returns 1 if the script was started with
		a & from the terminal.  I added code to watch if any ioctl(0)s
		were done.  If so, than it is safe to do more, in particular
		in the exit handler to reset the terminal modes.

1/28/92	3.16.2	Fixed a bug on SV systems causing errors when trying to do
		further reads after a SIGCLD had already arrived on a spawn_id.

		Peter Funk <pf@artcom0.north.de> gave mods for SCO XENIX 386.

1/24/92	3.16.1	Oops.  Forgot to add pty_svr4.c to shar.

1/13/92 3.16.0	Karl Lehenbauer <karl@sugar.NeoSoft.Com> a tiny change for
		getting a clean compile on SCO 3.2.2.

		My getimeofday-avoidance code wasn't right, sigh.  Kibitz
		noticed.  Fixed two other bugs in kibitz - password request
		was for wrong user and it timed out but shouldn't have.

		Note: seems to work fine with new version of Tcl: 6.2

1/13/92	3.15.1	Added a bit of code to avoid gettimeofday system calls when
		timeout == -1.  Fixed minor bugs in kibitz relating to cleaning
		up and returning error messages.

		Redid support for stdlib.h including making it default to fix
		problem in Ultrix 4.2 reported by Oliver Kretzschmar <viskretz

		Ian Johnstone <ianj@sequent.com> said his system (DYNIX 3.2)
		needed an additional include <ctype.h> in inter_select.

		Dave Coombs <cme.nist.gov> added logic to test/weather to
		accomodate a new feature in the weather server.

		Hal Peterson fixed some SV code that I just added for handling
		SIGCLD properly.  He made the Cray-extra-child timeout in half
		the normal timeout to allow distinguishing between eof and real
		timeout.  Finished rest of Jeff Okamoto's fixes for HPUX.  

		Wally Strzelec <packman@tamuts.tamu.edu> provided mods for
		Amdahl which has its own pty-handling functions.  Ifdef'd into

12/30/91 3.15.0	Fixed a bug that struck when eof occurred when reading from
		multiple processes simultaneously and no user-supplied eof

12/26/91 3.14.1	Ted Gibson <tgibson@logdis11.hq.aflc.af.mil> gave me some mods
		for a 3B2 having to do with termio vs termios, etc.

12/24/91 3.14.0	Deprecated expect 2.  Expect 3 is now the official version.

		Parag Patel <parag@netcom.netcom.com> gave me some #includes
		necessary for A/UX 2.

		Brian Woodson noticed "send a b" generates incorrect debug

		Working with Jeff Okamoto to run expect on HP/UX 8.0, we fixed
		SIGCLD catching (he says HPUX doesn't ignore them by default?),
		obviating longjmp from stomping locals, fixed a bug in cmdWait
		that would prevent the wait status from being collected in
		rare situations.

12/17/91 3.13.1	James Davis suggested fixing Makefile to handle case where no
		example scripts should be installed.  I added similar logic
		for script man pages.

		Pete Siemsen fixed a bunch of things in the Makefile including
		where to get expect when invoking fixline1.  He suggested defs
		for supporting install and multiple MAN targets.

12/12/91 3.13.0	Matthew Freedman <mattf@cac.washington.edu> noted mismatch
		between lib man page (said "stty_init") and lib code (said
		"exp_stty").  He also found a screwup in the library such that
		the pty slave wasn't being set up correctly.

		Added note to kibitz man page on how to kibitz with 3 or more.

12/12/91 3.12.0	"expect *" worked incorrectly if it was first expect after
		spawn, due to buffer not being initialized.

		Added a good example for "expect -continue" to man page.
		Added an FAQ about a gcc problem that seems to be common.

12/11/91 3.11.2	James Davis noted I forgot to put kibitz.man in distribution.
		I changed kibitz to read domain from resolv.conf instead of
		calling domainname(1) for systems upon which NIS domainname
		differs from Internet.

		Pete Siemsen <siemsen@barnard.usc.edu> noted slight error in
		libexpect man page.

12/10/91 3.11.1	A couple tiny mods to the Makefile courtesy of James B. Davis
		and Michael Grant (guest worker from Sun, temporarily at
		<mgrant@xdr.ncsl.nist.gov>.  Both of them also noted a problem
		caused by incorrect installation of gcc that caused expect to
		say "ioctl(set): Invalid something or other" upon exit.

		Fixed complaint about exit() while compiling without STDC.

12/9/91 3.11.0	beta!

		Hal Peterson provided fixes for UNICOS 6.1 and 7.0 on both
		CRAY-2 and CRAY Y-MP.  He also fixed a problem in interact
		where malloc(0) could've occurred.

		Added support for allowing user to set interpreter prompt.

		Added forgotten -d flag to match_max in rftp script. 
		Made kibitz understand user@host.

		Expect's internal buffer-full-handling incorrectly copied
		the latter buffer half beginning from the end of the buffer.

12/5/91 3.10.1	Massaged Makefile to allow for more flexibility in
		installation, especially with regards to scripts.  #! is now

		Added "kibitz", a really cute script to let two people control
		one program.  Example users are for one person to help another
		remotely, logging a conversation (run emacs or whatever inside
		kibitz and your conversation can be logged, scrolled backwards,
		etc., or of course, playing games together.

12/4/91	3.10.0	Tightened up arg checking for "wait" - it core dumped when it
		should've said "syntax error".

		Rick Cady <rickc@nsd.3com.com> noted minor inconsistency in man
		page describing strace.

		I fixed a bug that prevented "system stty -echo raw" from
		working.  The raw data was clobbering the -echo data.

12/3/91	3.9.0	Brian Woodson noted that "close -i ..." evoked a syntax error.
		I had parsed the arguments incorrectly.

		After the nth request, I finally set up pub/expect/scripts as
		a directory for scripts.

12/2/91 3.8.0	Phil Sheperd <pshepher@loki.uni.edu.au> fixed a major bug in
		exp_spawnv() preventing one side of the pty from being set up
		correctly.  Thus nothing worked!  He also reported that his
		system didn't have strdup, so I added an explicit defn of it.

		James B. Davis fixed a couple nroff-bugs on the man page, and
		said someone already gave him a dump script (see below).

		Richard (R.C.) Vieregge <richv@bnr.ca> found a $ was missing
		from test/ftp.exp.

11/22/91 3.7.2	James B. Davis <james@solbourne.com> straightened out a couple
		things in the Makefile and asked if anyone had written a script
		for dump.

		Jeff Okamoto <okamoto@hpcc25.corp.hp.com> had a couple changes
		for HPUX 7 and 8 compat, involving termio stuff.

		Prompted by Andy Norman, added note to man page describing how
		to disable all argv processing while using #!.

		Converted passmass and rftp over to new version.

11/15/91 3.7.1	Brian Woodson asked me about the Tcl_WaitPids "got unknown
		process" panic.  This is a Tcl bug that John has promised
		to fix.  I'll document how to avoid it in the man page.

		Incidentally, I'm going under the knife tomorrow for three
		torn cartilage in my wrist.  The doctors say it may be a couple
		days to couple months.  Until I get back, hang in there.

11/13/91 3.7.0	Yet another bug discovered (and fixed).  "expect eof" was
		failing to remember the buffer, and expect_out(buffer) was
		empty upon return.

		Brian Woodson noted I forgot to document the -i flag of close.

11/12/91 3.6.0	Sean Cunningham <sean@moorenet.com> reported that he couldn't
                open /dev/tty from 'at'.  'spawn' was incorrectly not executing
		code to claim it was a controlling tty.  BSD only.

11/11/91 3.5.1	Brian Woodson notes that version 2 and 3 treat the following

			proc p {} {spawn s}; expect

		In v3, spawn_id is locallized by the proc, and thrown away when
		p returns.  Unfortunately, in v2 due to some sloppy coding on
		my part, spawn always affected the global value of spawn_id.
		This differed from the handling of other variables, and in v3,
		this unusual behavior had to go, because the multiprocess
		handling and the large number of variables implicitly set
		(especially by the expect command) demanded that I be more
		systematic about how this was done.

		Since I never depended on this behavior, I never documented it
		as being something you should rely upon.  Alas.  To fix it, add
		the line

			global spawn_id

		to the beginning of any proc that calls spawn and needs the
		value of spawn_id implicitly defined outside of the proc.

11/6/91	3.5.0	Drew Whitehouse <Drew.Whitehouse@anu.edu.au> hit a bad pointer.
		I forgot an initialization in expect.c which caused problems
		when an EOF occurred which had no eof pattern.

11/2/91	3.4.0	Added FAQ from various questions people have sent me and my
		replies.  Made CONVERTING file on converting from 2 to 3.

		Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe@math.utah.edu> found a missing
		declaration for exp_tty_original in bye() of main.c.  How come
		the Sun C compiler doesn't complain about this!?!!?

		Nelson also reported that SunOS 4.0.3 had a problem including
		varargs.  It turned out that old varargs had check for
		reinclusion, and tclInt.h also includes it.  So I added an
		#ifdef va_dcl and put my inclusion after tclInt.h.

10/31/91 3.3.0	Converted most of the examples.  Three more to go.
		Worked on man page some more.

		Modified expect so that if timeout > 0, and nothing in the
		buffer matched, it will force a read, no matter how long the
		preceeding code took.  This may be hard to understand, but is
		the intuitive behavior that I always desired.

10/30/91 3.2.0	Fixed bug in eof handling.  Converted some more of the
		examples, and added to Makefile.

10/29/91 3.1.0	Fixed slight bugs in tty mode switching, pty initialization
		(via stty).

		Fixed expect library.  Fixed compatibility code for non-BSD
		systems.  As usual, I could only test it so far, not having
		all these systems at my disposal.  I don't expect major
		problems though, since the basic functions I depend on haven't

		Completely rewrote handling of continue, return, etc in
		expect, interact, interpreter.  It's actually systematic now.

		Checked with John O. about some code to bounce wild return
		codes, which he said was a mistake and would remove, so now I
		can pass my own return codes different from Tcl's.

To get | to return ->	TCL_RETURN	TCL_OK		(no return)
    expect		return		default		continue -expect
    interact		return -tcl	return		default
    interpreter		return -tcl	return		default

		What this table says is, to get "interpreter" (for example) to
		return TCL_RETURN to its caller, you must say "return -tcl",
		because "return" makes it return TCL_OK.

		The "argumented" versions are considered to be the uncommon
		form.  In particular, I'd be surprised if anyone ever uses
		the -tcl argument, but it's there for completeness and
		consistency now.

		Put together a FAQ.  Needs more work, but hopefully worthwhile
		as is.

		Computing Systems with Expect article appeared a couple days
		ago.  How ironic that it describes the old version of Expect.
		Nonetheless, it looks ok.

10/25/91 3.0.0	alpha!
		First release of Tcl-6.0-ready code.
		It might fly for a couple seconds.

	Here is a quick list of changes.  Besides Tcl incompatibilities, Expect
	incompatibilities are flagged below as:

	**	major - scripts definitely won't run if they depend on this
	*	minor - scripts probably will run but there is some subtle
		change that should be examined).

	**	Select renamed 'ready' and undocumented.  Seems pointless now.

		Added support to expect command for waiting on patterns from
		different processes.  The old version implemented this via
		'select' but but it is much simpler via expect.  Added -i to
		a number of commands to signify a spawn_id which overrides
		the variable.

		Added any_spawn_id to match any spawn_id.
		An explicit null pattern, forces a spawn_id to be considered
		when all it can possibly match are any_spawn_id patterns.

	*	output is no longer flushed to expect_match upon timeout. 
		May be multiple buffers now, so it doesn't make sense to
		flush just one.)  -n was added to disable transfers from input
		buffer to expect_match var.  I suspect it will only be used
		for experimentation.

		Added expect -re for regular expressions.  Added expect_out
		array to retain indices and strings of partial matches for
	**	for both glob and re.  expect_match has been renamed

		A la Tcl, added -nocase for both types of patterns.  (Oddly,
		Tcl's case only does it for regexps.)

		By popular demand, unanchored glob patterns.  Old patterns
		will continue to work, since earlier interpretation was much
		stricter.  Unfortunately, unanchored matches make certain user
		errors easier.  For instance, people will send answers before
		seeing all of the question.  Typically, output can 'look'
		ugly, as answers land in the middle of other things.

		To anchor patterns, use ^ in beginning and/or $ at end.

		Added expect_out(spawn_id) to report which spawn_id was read.

		Made expect and variants understand all args as one arg.

		Added 'default' pattern.

		Added continue_expect command.

		Added expect_before, expect_after commands which take same
		args as expect, but continue to stay in effect for all expects.

	**	Added match_max command, deleted it as a variable.  The old
		way was too coarse for use over multiple spawn_ids.  With no
		arg, returns current max.  Takes -i flag and -d for default.

		Added globbing to spawn command.

		Added optional -i spawn_id to wait.

		Added optional -i to send (and all its variants).

		Renamed trace to 'strace' since it conflicts with Tcl's new
		trace command.  Since 'trace' traces variables, I figured
		'strace' wasn't too bad (for "statement trace").  I felt
		obliged to make it short and not as obliged to make it as
		meaningful since it will probably invariably be typed by hand.

		Made timeout == -1 mean infinity.

		Made interact do pattern matching in both directions via
		use of -o flag.

		Added -F flag for convenience.  If -f or -F used, interact
		can no longer be overrun.  In particular, if more characters
		arrive then match a pattern, remaining characters will be
		buffered rather than thrown away (old behavior).

		Patterns may now be substrings of one another.

		Made interact optionally take all args as one.

		Default action is now 'interpreter' (see below).
		interpreter now forces cooked mode, and echos results
		so you don't have to constantly say "send_user [...]\n"

	*	Interact reads characters that have been buffered but not
		matched by expect.  And vice versa.  Does anyone care?
		(My rogue script did.)

		From discussion with John Conti, I decided to make
		'interpreter' a separate command to start up interactive
		command processor.  Changed default action in interact to this.
		Added eval depth and event id to prompt to interpreter.

		Added expect_library which contains path for commonly
		sourced expect scripts.  Automatically source expect.rc
		out of expect_library unless -N given.  Automatically source
		~/.expect.rc unless -n given.

		Added expect_version command to print and/or verify script
		is compatible with running expect.  Tcl version is also tested.
		Felt it was worth making this a command because it's such a
		pain to tear apart version strings.

		Tcl's close and exit are both subsumed by expect's commands
		of the same name.

		Rewrote mode switching code so that "system stty" is handled
		specially.  This allows interact and interpret to get the modes
		they want, without burning the user.  It is now much easier
		to leave expect in raw mode all the time, but the choice is
		up to the user.

		Added vgrindefs, courtesy of Brian Fitzgerald.

9/23/91		Tcl 6.0 released.  This new Tcl has some incompatibilities
		with the old Tcl, so as long as everyone is changing their
		scripts already, I'm taking the opportunity to make some
		incompatible changes to Expect that I've wanted to do for a
		long time.

9/11/91 2.67	Ed Klein <eklein@syrinx.umd.edu> added support for SVR4 in the
		form of pty_svr4.c and mods to command.c.

		Added explanation to man page of how to create unreadable but
		executable scripts.  (No, chmod 111 doesn't work.)

		Mark Diekhans <markd@grizzly.COM> pointed out to me that there
		is a potential problem with the trap command:

		"There is no control over when the signal will cause Tcl_Eval
		to be executed.  There is a chance that code in the Tcl library
		will be executing when the signal comes in and the interpreter
		data structure will be in an inconsistent state.  This could
		cause all sorts of nasty things to happen.  In our Extended Tcl
		(4.0) we added signal handling. but the way we implemented it
		was to have the signal handler set a global flag.  We modified
		Tcl_Eval to check the flag after it finishs executing each
		command.  If the signal came in, Tcl_Eval then returns an error
		such as: "SIGINT signal received".  Signals may then be caught
		with the catch command and processed."

9/10/91 2.66	Don Jackson <Don.Jackson@Eng.Sun.COM> found a syntax error in
		the usage error message of the example ftp-rfc script.

		Marty Olevitch <marty%cosray@wuphys.wustl.edu> provided mods to
		support MORE/bsd.  Namely, added #include types.h to expect.c
		and extern int errno to a number of files.

		Scott Hess <scott@nic.gac.edu> noted a potential problem in
		interact.  Since interact only checks patterns at beginning
		of reads, user can conceivably type fast enough so that
		patterns are typed in the middle of a read.  In reality this
		doesn't happen, but Scott was driving one expect with another
		expect and in this way provoked the behavior.

		The solution is to read chars one at a time, either by
		read(,,1) or buffering in a stdio-like way, but I'm not going
		to do that because the code should really be rewritten entirely
		and it just isn't worth it, since it is so easy to get around
		at the user level.

		Steve Legowik found that spawn-disconnect sequences fail.  The
		pty testing I added in version 2.55 causes expect to regain the
		slave as a controlling tty, which generated SIGHUPs.  If anyone
		knows a clean way to avoid regain controlling ttys, let me
		know.  For now, I just set SIGHUP to SIG_IGN in the disconnect

8/14/91 2.65	Old passmass script changed root password.  I renamed it to
		passmass.old, and made a new one which works for any account.
		It also supports yppasswd, telnet/rlogin, different names for
		accounts on different machines.  Handles VMS machines, too.

		Added Computing Systems paper to expect distribution and moved
		all expect-related things to separate expect directory in our
		ftp directory.

8/5/91	2.64	Achille Petrilli <achille@miss.cern.ch> found that on an SGI,
		the expect command ocassionally returned "no more processes".
		He traced the problem back to O_NDELAY in the open, which was
		taken as-is from the man page, by someone else who's code I
		didn't look at too closely at the time.  The result works now.
		Oddly I thought I fixed this error myself when the SGI support
		was first installed, but I cannot find it.  I evidentally
		screwed up.

7/31/91	2.63	Steve Legowik <legowik@cme.nist.gov> wanted to implement
		callback by having a modem dial out and NOT go away, but
		interact in the reverse direction.  I added "interact -u" to
		support the idea of changing the user from the default stdio
		to a second spawned process.  The result is that we can now
		write a modem callback program that doesn't depend on the cute
		trick of having getty recognize DTR which only worked when the
		modem was directly connected to the computer.  In Steve's case,
		there were several network switches in the way.

		Added "overlay" function which is similar to plain "exec" in
		shell.  (Too bad Tcl took the name already.)

		Added robohunt scripts to the test directory.  I wrote these
		back in January, '91 and forgot about them til now.  But I
		suppose they are illustrative (at the very least of how to
		generate truly random numbers).  Ha.

7/20/91	2.62	Carl Witty <cwitty@jessica.stanford.edu> pointed out my fdset
		implementation (for systems that don't have it) wasted some
		space.  I had commented it correctly, however, making the
		incorrect code obvious (except to me).

		Robert Howland <howland@rahjr.ame.nd.edu> pointed out that
		expect complained about not running from a real terminal under
		cron.  Oops!  So I added a test to skip saving/restoring
		terminal modes when fd 0 is not a tty, since this is obviously

7/19/91	2.61	Oops.  Forgot to include getline and getline.exp examples even
		though they have been documented!

7/17/91	2.60	UMich changed interface to weather system necessitating change
		to weather script.

7/9/91	2.59	Didn't correctly comment things right in Makefile.  Fixed.

		Changed 'close' in gethostbyaddr example to 'catch close'.

6/22/91	2.58	Made new file (pty_sgi.c) for supporting Silicon Graphics ptys.
		Silicon Graphics select fails to see eof immediately but poll
		works ok.  Unfortunately, there was an error in inter_poll
		(bad_io was uninitialized).  Silicon Graphics works now.

		Andy Norman <ange@hplb.hpl.hp.com> notes that linking expect
		with the BSD compatibility library under HP-UX, libc.a must
		be loaded before libBSD.a.  Modified Makefile to reflect this.
		He notes that there is a problem with expect not reading an EOF
		from the current process.  This should go away with HP-UX 8.0
		when select has been enhanced to flag exceptions in the readfds
		argument.  Probably inter_poll would work.

		Edward Haines <haines@bbn.com> notes that close returns EPERM
		("Not owner") on his Sun 4.0.3.  This is rather startling!
		(That's what I get for checking the return value of close!)
		He said it is possible that they have modified things (viz.
		DDN X.25 is loaded), but it still sounds incredible.  For now,
		I told him to either "catch" all closes or to remove the check
		in the source code.  

		Added example scripts: ftp-rfc retrieves an RFC from uunet
		via ftp.  archie mails back a listing from the archie server.

		Add the rest of Hal Peterson's changes for Cray support, 1)
		fixing a problem where spawned processes flushed unread I/O
		upon process exit, and 2) creating processes with the correct
		uid.  See his comments in command.c for more info.

6/6/91	2.57	(On Cray) made signal handler declarations right.  Added
		missing #endif.  Added includes to pty_unicos.c.  Fixed bug
		in two bugs in CmdSend, one involving send_stderr, the other
		send_user.  All of these are from Hal Peterson.

		Added gethostbyaddr as example script.  Given an internet
		address, it returns the domain name.  By querying neighboring
		hosts if the name server fails, a much higher probability of
		returning the name is obtained.

5/30/91	2.56	Mispelled "match_max" as "max_match" in rftp script.  This
		caused files after the 2000 byte mark (per directory) to be

5/21/91	2.55	Revisited BSD pty code to reject ptys that have either slave or
		master side already open.  This fixes problems rare problems
		such as expect not being able to see EOFs from the child proc.
		(because another process still has the pty slave side open).
		USG and Cray pty code could probably use this code, too.

		Fixed bug in expect library (lib_exp.c) which caused output to
		be copied to stderr instead of logfile when logfile_all was
		set.  Per Sreedhar Muppala <muppalla@nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov>.

5/16/91	2.54	Fixed weather script to accomodate occasional Weather Watch
		that would cause an unexpected initial question to pop up.

5/15/91 2.53	Added comment to BUG section of man page describing pty
		misbehavior with non-interactive programs (search for "553061"
		below), as per Hal Peterson <hrp@cray.com>.

		Removed note from README about asking Ousterhout for SV TCL
		at his request.

5/11/91	2.52	Fixed a syntax error that Bruce Larson <ires@kaspar.ires.com>
		found in inter_poll.c

4/23/91		Computing Systems accepted paper on Expect for issue 4.2.

4/18/91	2.51	Added some example scripts:
		weather - retrieves weather forecasts from National Weather
		Service via University of Michigan server.
		rftp - ftp a directory hierarchy (i.e., recursively).

4/18/91	2.50	Changed timeout to apply to total time in expect rather than
		per read().  Original behavior hung forever when my modem test
		script started listening to a modem than spit out 1 spurious
		character every 10 seconds (very consistently).

		Hal Peterson <hrp@pecan.cray.com> noted that exp_spawnv's args
		didn't match documentation.  Fixed in favor of documentation.
		Several other funcs don't match header file (but typechecking
		is avoided during compilation), because it was too hard for me
		to make the header file ANSI compliant and support varargs 
		(which is undeniably more portable than stdargs at this point).
		Fixed prototype declarations (again) in expect.h for C++ and
		Standard C.  Verified with GNU, G++ and Sun C (proto-less).

		Added exp_disconnect to library.  Moved alarm calls closer
		to read() to tighten windows.

4/11/91	2.49	Changed passmass script to use timeout of 1000000 instead of
		10000000000 after discovering that Ultrix sleep(3) doesn't
		sleep at all for large values!

		Added support for systems without dup2 (SVR2) per

		Added test/Makefile to shar as per Chris Pribe

4/4/91	2.48	Fixed possible problem with poll in inter_poll.c for systems
		that check for a valid address even though no members are used.

3/27/91	2.47	Added support for Cray Unicos 6.0, which of course is different
		from Unicos 5.1 (which was different from everything else)!
		This and other minor bugs fixed courtesy of Pete Termaat.

3/19/91	2.46	Removed a "feature" which caused patterns with no whitespace
		not to be run through SplitList.  While not documented not to
		do so, this was mystifying even to me when I saw it.  For
		William Waite.  The result actually simplified the internal
		handling of multiple patterns, removing some excessively
		complex logic that I thought would be helpful for speed, but
		that in retrospect, was not that important.

3/16/91	2.45	Added my own definition of FD_SET, fd_set, etc, test for
		SIGABRT, and support different types of signal arg func
		definitions to support SunOS 3.5 as requested by William Waite

3/14/91	2.44	Removed redundant def'n of pty_stty in pty_usg.c, redef of
		sprintf and added signal.h to command.c to make compiles
		cleaner on SV3 and HPUX machines.  All compliments of Mike

3/10/91	2.43	Added -s (for slow) and -h (for human) flags to send.  This
		had been requested by several people including Frank Terhaar-
		Yonkers (who actually wrote and tested a "send_slow" command),
		and Steve Simmons who suggested the "human" option (over a year
		ago), and Brian Woodson (brianw@swqa-sun.ESD.3com.com), who
		requested both!  Thanks to NIST statistician, Keith Eberhardt,
		who taught me about the Weibull Distribution.

		According to Jim Thomas <jthomas@nmsu.edu>, 3b2 requires
		defines for R_OK and W_OK.  Added to pty_usg.c.

		Added support for "-" as file name on command line to mean
		stdin as requested by Steve Clark <clark@cme.nist.gov>.

		Wrote passmass (change root password on a set of machines) as
		requested by Ken Manheimer <klm@cme.nist.gov>.  Added to test

2/21/91 2.42	Removed reinstallation of signal 0 in signal handler.

		Added hook for setting initial pty parameters when started in
		the background.  Should've done this a long time ago, but I
		was never really happy with my solution and had hoped I would
		think of a nicer method.  I only hope this is clean enough.

2/10/91	2.41	Added buffer_full keyword to solve Brian Fitzgerald's problem.
		It disables "forgetfullness" so that when expect's internal
		buffer hits match_max, whatever it has returns at that point.
		Didn't add this to the library version, because I want to think
		for awhile about the cleanest way to do it.

2/4/91	2.40	Per Brian Fitzgerald (fitz@mml0.meche.rpi.edu), fixed error in
		interact example on man page which incorrectly implied that
		"kill" was built-in.

		Added fork/disconnect functions.  This solved the problem of
		Jerry Friesen (jafries@snll-arpagw.llnl.gov) who wanted to run
		an expect script that asks for a password and then goes to
		sleep for awhile before waking up to run in the background (to
		run a program using Kerberos).

1/30/91	2.39	Per Jim Johnson (jaj@mlb.semi.harris.com), added declaration
		and documentation for exp_pid in libexpect.

1/10/91	2.38	More mods from Frank Terhaar-Yonkers.  Also, some requests
		from Pete TerMaat (pete@willow.cray.com) for features:

		1) a single-step facility.  Yeah, that would be nice.  No
		ideas on how to do this easily.

		2) Generate scripts automatically after watching a session.  
		This is hard.  Read more about this in the FAQ.

1/10/91	2.37	Added support for Cray Unicos 5.1, all courtesy of Frank
		Terhaar-Yonkers (fty@sunvis.rtpnc.epa.gov).  Most of it had to
		do with pty support.

1/8/91	2.36	Modified expect.h to support C++ and ANSI prototypes.  Added
		appropriate example in test directory based on chesslib.c.

1/7/91	2.35	At the request of Jan Norden (jano@imdpy1.im.se) added
		NO_MEMCPY and NO_STRING_H defines for Pyramid.

1/3/91	2.34	Added a check to protect against a longjmp occurring between
		i_read and alarm(0).  Didn't think this would be a problem but
		evidentally a function return modifies the stack, so it cannot
		be returned to again.  Drat!  This appeared in the robohunt
		script I wrote which plays hunt automatically and uses 1
		second timeouts.

12/19/90 2.33	Add signal to sighandler, to reinstall signal for those systems
		that need it.

12/12/90 2.32	Removed test for args to expect.  I only recently realized that
		no args still allows a valid way to check for timeout and eof!

12/6/90	2.30-1	Mike Gourlay (mike@penguin.gatech.edu) found and fixed quite a
		few SV-related problems that I had introduced since Clem's
		fixes.  We eventually got it to run on his HPUX machine, a
		mixed breed of BSD/USG stuff.  But spawning a shell worked but
		always produced a complaint about "no access to tty" which we
		were never able to get rid of, and he had a problem with
		exp_fexpect (but not exp_expect), although it still isn't clear
		if that was expect's fault.  He said he would speak to some HP
		engineers about what he found.

12/5/90	2.29	Fixed a malloc off-by-one bug in new C library.  After
		contemplation, revised interfaces.  Decided that rather	than
		following the original 'expect' style, it should be more like
		what a C programmer is used to, so I made the file descriptors
		be parameters to exp_expect rather than globals, added an
		exp_popen which is a popen equivalent, and added exp_fexpect
		versions which are stream equivalents.

		Am not happy with exp_fexpect.  It is much less efficient than
		exp_expect, because there is no way to (portably) get fread()
		to return the way read() does, with less then the number of
		characters you supplied a buffer for.  Instead, I have to call
		fgetc for every char.  Ugh.

		Add a couple new examples, including lpunlock, time.exp,
		chesslib.c (using file descriptors) and chesslib2.c (which uses
		stream pointers).
12/3/90	2.28	Created C library version of expect.

11/29/90 2.27	Fixed bug in interact - when no string actions were defined,
		the mapping table length wasn't set at all.

		Made interact call printify when debugging so that crlf and
		other nonprintables are visible.  Fixed bug in printify which
		interpreted some characters wrong due to parity.

		Added some more examples to the distribution (lpunlock,	dvorak,
		timed_read) and put in another tip in the TCL HINTS section of
		the man page.

11/18/90 2.26	Fixed mismatched comment per Craig Warren (ccw@deakin.oz.au).
		Also improved man page entry for "interact".

11/17/90 2.25	Added -f (fast) on interact options, and made default case a
		little more efficient.  Added explicit support for SIG_IGN and
		SIG_DFL in trap command.  Added ability to specify signals
		symbolically for portability.

11/15/90 2.24	Craig Warren (ccw@deakin.oz.au) wanted to exit expect while in
		interact with a single character.  Dan Bernstein
		(brnstnd@kramden.acf.nyu.edu) wanted to suspend with a single
		character.  So I generalized interact's escape character to
		string-action pairs.

11/7/90	2.23	Tired of getting reports that various (Ultrix 3.1, BSD4.3) C
		compilers can't handle ternary conditionals returning ptr to
		func returning void.  Made all (2) such statements into
		if-then-elses.  Per Steve Simmons (scs@iti.org).

10/8/90	2.22	Allow "log_file" even when no log is open.  This makes user
		programming a little simpler - they don't have to remember
		whether they opened the log or not.

9/27/90	2.21	Fixed bug, v2.19 introduced.  debuglog(unknown string) requires
		a "%s" as formatting for protection against %'s in the unknown

9/17/90	2.20	4 syntax errors in interact_poll.c, vik@sequent.com.  Added
		quotes to all the sends (now that this is more efficient) in
		the examples and man pages.  Also removed a misstatement in the
		man page about the behavior of double quotes.

9/15/90 2.19	Removed buffering from send command.  Originally, I buffered
		the args, so I could do it all in one write.  But to send
		variables bigger than the buffer didn't work.  I didn't think
		about this before.  But Joe Gorman
		(Joe.Gorman@elab-runit.sintef.no) asked me if you could "send"
		a file in one command, and of course you can using [exec cat]
		as the argument to send, but the damn buffering prevented big
		files from being sent.  Anyway, now it works.

9/14/90		Fixed the declarations of nflog and nferrlog.  Added a #define
		so lack of pid_t could be controlled from the Makefile.  Per
		Andy Holyer (and@ux.rfhsm.lon.ac.uk)

9/4/90	2.18	Added trap command to catch signals.  This is nice as (among
		other things) it allows you to turn off the conversion of ^C to
		timeout which was requested by John Conti <jconti@cisco.com>.

8/21/90 2.17	Fixed bug in printify.  Forgot to reset ptr to beginning of
		print buffer.  Made debugging info wrong.  Possibly screwing up
		other things on overflow.

		Paper accepted into USENIX LISA!

8/15/90		Cleaned up man page.  Made tabs line things up correctly,

		Found another problem with ptys (at least under SunOS 4.1 and
		earlier).  When last pty-slave fd closed, any unread output is
		lost after a short window of time (around 10 seconds on a
		Sun 3/60).  Sent example ptybug.c to Sun demonstrating this and
		EIO problem found earlier.  (Service Order #553061)

8/6/90	2.16	Added -f to debug command, -a to log_file command.  This
		required significant changes, including revisiting all the
		logging routines, plus miscellaneous output done in special
		places.  Noted that it cannot be done with getopt, since it
		could be called during main's getopt, and getopt is not
		reentrant!  (Guess how I discovered this!!)

		I'm not particularly happy with the design, but maybe others
		won't be.  In any case, I like the benefit of it and am now
		glad that -a was asked for.  Per Harry Bochner and Ira Fuchs

		Changed behavior of argv, so that 0 == [length $argv] when no
		script/args supplied.

8/4/90	2.15	Added debug command, so -d-ness could be changed while expect
		is running.

7/20/90	2.14	Fixed small bug in -d output from expect, which	printed ^Z as

7/18/90	2.13	Added wait command.  A waitpid/waitspawnid would be nice and
		cleaner, too, but since csh doesn't need it, it is probably not
		worth much.

		Consequently, removed SIGCHLD handling from command.c.  It
		worked under SV but not BSD.  By forcing users to explicitly
		code waits, resulting scripts are more portable.

		Rewrote rogue example.  rogue sometimes misses EOF (generated
		by close on our side) and continues reading.

7/16/90	2.12	Removed buffering from variadic log routines.  This was
		faulting when the buffers overflowed.

		Cleaned up the -d output from expect, so it is much more
		readable.  For example, control characters are now visible.

7/14/90	2.11	Added declaration for errno, to support 4.3BSD.  Per Alan
		Crosswell.  Added -i flag and related behavior.

7/12/90	2.10	Fixed bug where timeout = 0 waited forever rather than not
		waiting at all.

7/11/90		Fixed man page example which didn't include the blank on the
		end of an ftp prompt.

7/9/90	2.9	Fixed bug in send when spawn_id = $user_spawn_id.

6/27/90	2.8	Integrated some mods from clem cole (clemc@ccc.com) to support
		System V.3 (386/ix Version 2.02).  Unfortunately, he didn't do

6/25/90	2.7	Test that cmdfile and logfile are open before fclosing in child
		while spawning.  Per Corey Satten <corey@cac.washington.edu>

6/24/90	2.6	Pty master returns EIO instead of EOF when pty slave closes.
		Bug in pty driver?  Until I figure this out, I have put in code
		to interpret EIO to EOF.

6/21/90		Added new section to expect man page - Tcl hints.

6/14/90		Spoke at USENIX.  Went well.  Added USENIX paper as separate
		ftp archive.

6/4/90 	2.5	Fixed bug in ^C catching during expect.  Changed man page to
		accurately describe what ^C does.  Fixed bug that caused "send"
		to screw up when handed 0 arguments.  All per Harry Bochner.

6/1/90	2.4	Made trailing empty action in expect optional, primarily to
		make straightline code easier to read.

5/15/90	2.3	Changed expect to strip nulls from program output since there
		is no way for Tcl to handle them, per Harry Bochner.

5/5/90		Added "send_error" command.

4/26/90		Got USENIX paper back from Kolstad to proof.  Am depressed at
		how awfully they formatted it.

4/25/90	2.2	Eric Newton found that expect's special variables weren't being
		found inside of user subroutines.  Had to do with new Tcl,
		which now differentiates between variables that are undefined
		vs. empty.

4/24/90		Upgraded Tcl from 2.1 to 3.3.

4/22/90		Added special behaviors of ^C in expect, and when profiling.
		Profiled rogue (at urging of Ousterhout).

4/10/90	2.1	Added select command.  Added support for user_spawn_id so that
		you could treat user just like another process (i.e. with send
		and expect).  Decided to leave send_user/expect, since scripts
		are more readable with them.

4/2/90	2.0	Changed syntax of expect to provide alternatives (a la Tcl
		case), per suggestion of John Ousterhout.  Note that this
		breaks pre-2.0 scripts.

3/31/90		Got great comments from Ousterhout.  (This time he said that he
		really liked the idea.  Maybe he realizes how much it will
		promote Tcl!)

3/30/90		Got comments from dpk.  Made me think more about Perl.

3/28/90		Evi said I should turn the paper in unformatted and they will
		format it.  (She's kidding, I hope.)

3/27/90	1.8	Rewrote interface so that raw arguments can be passed in like a
		shell.  I'd been thinking about this for some time, but Eric
		Newton finally prodded me into action.

3/25/90		Got first corrections for paper - from Sue Mulroney!

3/24/90		Observed that it is possible to use the #! syntax with expect.
		I asked John O. about this (his choice of # as a comment
		character), and he said it was pure coincidence.  Deprecated
		request to end scripts in ".exp".

		Ted Hopp volunteered to be my Center WERB reader.

3/23/90		Finished 1st draft of USENIX paper and sent copies to John
		Ousterhout and panel chair, dpk@morgan.com.

3/20/90	1.7	Deprecated "stty", and added more general "system" command.

		Sent Evi some complaints about the business of not allowing
		camera-ready at USENIX.

3/17/90		Sent copies of man page to Doug Gwyn and Larry Wall for
		comments.  Note that gwyn downloaded it.

3/16/90		Am really irritated by USENIX.  My paper has been put in a
		session against another session, the BSD people.  Furthermore,
		they called my paper an application, when it is no more so than
		any other shell or language.  Better I should be in "lessons
		learned".  Mashey said take a hike, i.e., it was too late to
		change the schedule.  On top of that, our session has four
		people in it, so I'll have very little time to speak.  Grrrr.

3/13/90	1.6	Added "stty", because without it you can't do things like
		turning off echo to accept a password.

3/8/90	1.5	Abstract was accepted into USENIX!!!!  Time to start writing
		it!  Sent man page to Ousterhout.  He didn't seem too

		Added "send_user/expect_user" after listening to Ken complain
		about how shell could not do timed reads.  Actually it can, but
		expect does it much more naturally.  Deprecated echo.  Now, I
		realize that expect can be viewed as a shell!

		Changed logfile/loguser to log_file/log_user to match all the
		variables with underscores in them.

		Barry Warsaw asked if there was any way one could execute any
		command from interact (apparently without any reason in mind).
		Nonetheless, it is a wonderful idea, and I changed the "abort
		character" in interact to an "escape mechanism".  After
		escaping, you may execute any command.  return duplicates the
		old action of the abort character.  Now you can do interactive
		job control, recursive interacts, etc.  You can bet I didn't
		get this right the first time!

		At Scott's request, fixed bug related to pty initializing.
		Scott was putting expect in the background which disassociated
		it from a tty, and I was blindly copying the tty parameters
		without checking to see if they were meaningful or not.

		Tightened up exit code.  Fixed bug in spawn so it would print
		error messages when it failed.  Spawn sends back the error
		message in the pty, if the fork succeeds but exec fails.  Cute!

		Added "close" command.  Makes scripts much shorter and cleaner.

		Return string matched by expect directly, rather than setting a
		special variable.

		Added "match_max" feature.  Probably no one will ever use it.

		Added trace command.

3/6/90	1.4	Rob Densock was the second user, and suggested (demanded?) the
		idea of the loguser command.  I added it and changed "log" to
		"logfile" making the first incompatibility with existing
		scripts (sorry, Steve).

3/1/90	1.3	Trying to make pty code more robust.  Many questions unanswered
		by manuals.  Did a lot of guessing.  While debugging, looked
		through pty code in gnuemacs to see if I might increase
		portability somehow.  I almost barfed when I saw all the funky
		ifdefs on weird ioctls.  Found lots of comments like "this
		might work".

2/28/90		Sent a short Tcl bug list to John Ousterhout.  He thanked me!

2/22-3/90 1.2	Hooked my first user, Steve Ray.  Surprisingly, he only	found
		one bug in the code (exit didn't handle args correctly), but it
		was obvious that I need to put more explanation in the man
		page.  Many of the examples in the man page are based upon his
		probl..  questions.  Thanks, Steve!

2/20/90		Posted news about expect to "general" newsgroup locally.

2/15-20/90	Talked to local POSIX reps and then to Steve Albert (AT&T)
		about portability of select, wait and other system calls.  I'm
		not impressed by 1003.1.

2/9/90		John Ousterhout answered some questions I had about Tcl	syntax.
		I like this language!

2/8/90	1.1	Sandy Ressler suggested the idea of being able to spawn
		multiple programs at the same time although he didn't say how.

		It took about a day to design and code the spawn_id hook.
		Extremely difficult to support this with uucp-style kludge.
		Switched to using select.  So much for portability.

		I investigated how to do this portably, and spent some time
		talking to NIST & AT&T POSIX representatives.  Unfortunately,
		portability (especially when it comes to select()) remains a
		dream.  Provided multiple versions of "interact" depending upon
		what OS you are running.

2/7/90	1.0	Completed first cut of "sex" (for "Smart EXec" or
		"Send/EXpect").  Supports send, expect, echo, log, spawn,

		Spent a lot of time making "log" write to log in just the right
		order (across fork and while debug flag enabled).  Ended up
		writing a bunch of variadic log routines.

		Fooled around with uucp-style multiple processes versus one
		process doing select() to read asynchronously.  Using
		uucp-style for now, since it is more portable.

		Gave up on pipes, and switched to ptys.  Pipes seem to be
		messed up by ftp, perhaps because it goes into raw mode?  Ptys
		are more efficient and cleaner to program albeit less
		well-documented and portable from system to system.

		Ken Manheimer helped me explain what the program does.  I kept
		saying it does "send/expect" processing, and he kept insisting
		that was meaningless to everyone.  (In fact, it comes from
		uucp, and I guess uucp hackers are indeed a dying breed.)  Ken
		gave me an elegant enough sentence that I expanded it into an
		abstract and sent it in to the USENIX conference the following
		day (two days after the deadline).

		I noted that the uucp documentation I referenced in the
		submission is dated October 31, 1978!

1/30/90	0.0	Got a copy of Tcl and went to work.  Tcl was exactly what I
		need.  Plus, it is easy to use, AND it is documented.

1/25/90		Attended Winter 1990 USENIX in DC, with the goal of banging
		heads with some other gurus in hopes of finding a good
		send/expect language for a generalized stelnet.  Had looked at
		uucp and kermit but found nothing general enough.

		Listened to John Ousterhout's presentation on Tcl.  By the
		middle of the talk, I had found religion.  At the end when he
		said it was public-domain, I was ready to orgasm.

*/*/88-89	Spent a lot of time telling Scott how useful his program could
		be if he made it more general.  I thought it wouldn't be that
		difficult to make more generic.  Scott was interested but not
		enough to do it.

9/25/87 	Helped Scott Paisley write a program called stelnet, that
		forked a telnet and did very simple send/expect processing.
		It used pipes, not ptys.  It had no pattern matching, and only
		straight-line control without error handling.  Nonetheless,
		this got me to thinking about making stelnet more generic.