xpstat   [plain text]

#!../expectk --

# This script acts as a front-end for xpilot.  Run it in the background,
# and it will pop up a window for each server it finds running.  After
# you run it, press the "?" button for more info.

# Store the filename of your xpilot client in the following variable.
set xpilot /usr/local/bin/xpilot

# Author: Don Libes, NIST, 12/29/92

# I never have figured out how to get the alias out of xrdb.  For now, just
# read it ourselves out of .Xdefaults - ugh.

log_user 0

set timeout 60

proc probe {} {
	global max db hosts world

	set timeout -1

	expect_before eof {wait;return 0}

	expect -re "Server on (.*). Enter command> " {
			exp_send "S\r"
			set host $expect_out(1,string)
			# replace dots in hostnames by underscores
			regsub -all . $host _ host
			# force lowercase to avoid Tk widget name problems
			set host [string tolower $host]
			lappend hosts $host
	expect -re "WORLD\[^:]*: (\[^\r]*)\r" {
		set worldtmp $expect_out(1,string)
	expect -re "AUTHOR\[^:]*: (\[^\r]*)\r" {
		set author $expect_out(1,string)
	set world($host) "$worldtmp by $author"

	# skip over junk to get players
	expect {
		-re -+ {}
		-re "Enter command> " {
			set max($host) 0
			display $host
			return 1
	set i 0
	expect {
		-re "\\.\\.\\. .  (................)   (...) *(\[^ ]*) *(\[^\r]*)\r" {
			# strip trailing blanks
			set alias [string trimright $expect_out(1,string)]
			set db($host,$i,alias) $alias
			# strip leading zeros
			scan $expect_out(2,string) %d db($host,$i,life)

			set db($host,$i,score) $expect_out(3,string)

			set db($host,name,$alias) $expect_out(4,string)

			incr i
		-re "Enter command>"

	set max($host) $i
	display $host

	return 1

proc resize {w a b} {
	# 27 is a guess at a fixed-width sufficiently comfortable for
	# the variable-width font.  I don't know how to do better.
	$w configure -width 27

proc play {host} {
	global xpilot alias

	exec xhost $host
	catch {exec $xpilot -name $alias($host) -join $host} status

proc show-help {x y msg} {
	catch {destroy .help}
	toplevel .help
	wm geometry .help +$x+$y

	message .help.text -text $msg

	button .help.ok -text "ok" -command {destroy .help}
	pack .help.text 
	pack .help.ok -fill x

# pop up window with alias
proc show-alias {host seln x y} {
	global db

	catch {destroy .alias}
	toplevel .alias
	wm geometry .alias +$x+$y
	wm transient .alias .

	regexp "(.*\[^ ]) +\[-0-9]+ +\[0-9]+$" $seln discard alias

	button .alias.b -text "$db($host,name,$alias)" -command {
		destroy .alias
	.alias.b config -padx 1 -pady 1 -highlightthickness 0
	pack .alias.b

proc help {x y} {
	show-help $x $y "xpstat - written by Don Libes, NIST, December 29, 1992

This script acts as a front-end for xpilot.  Run it in the background, and it will pop up a window for each server it finds running.  Press the \"?\" button for this info.

This program polls each xpilot server once a minute.  To make it poll immediately, press \"update\".  Press \"play as\" to enter the current game with the alias to the right.  Edit to taste.  (Your alias is initialized from the value of xpilot.name in ~/.Xdefaults.)

Double-click the left button on an alias to see the real user name.  To remove the user name window, click on it with the left button.

Pan the world/author text, player list, or your own alias by holding the middle mouse button down and moving the mouse."

# if user presses "update" try to update screen immediately
proc prod {x y} {
	global cat_spawn_id updateflag

	if $updateflag {
		show-help $x $y "I heard you, gimme a break.  I'm waiting for the xpilot server to respond..."
	set updateflag 1

	exp_send -i $cat_spawn_id "\r"

proc display {host} {
	global world db alias max env

	set w .$host
	#if 0==[llength [info com $w]]
	if ![winfo exists $w] {	

		# window does not exist, create it

		toplevel $w -class xpstat
		wm minsize $w 1 1
		wm title $w "xpilot@$host"
		wm iconname $w "$host xpilot stats"
		entry $w.world -state disabled -textvar world($host)

		listbox $w.players -yscroll "resize $w.players" -font 7x13bold
		$w.players config -highlightthickness 0 -border 0
		$w.world config -highlightthickness 0

		bind $w.players <Double-Button-1> {
			scan %W ".%%\[^.]" host
			show-alias $host [selection get] %X %Y

		message $w.msg -text "no players" -aspect 1000 -justify center

		button $w.help -text ? -command {
			help 10 20

		button $w.update -text "update"
		bind $w.update <1> {
			after 1 prod %X %Y

		button $w.play -text "play as"
		bind $w.play <1> {
			scan %W ".%%\[^.]" host
			after 1 play $host

		entry $w.alias -textvar alias($host) -width 10
		set alias($host) $env(USER)

		bind $w.alias <Return> {
			scan %W ".%%\[^.]" host
			play $host

		$w.play config -padx 1 -pady 1 -highlightthickness 0
		$w.update config -padx 1 -pady 1 -highlightthickness 0
		$w.help config -padx 1 -pady 1 -highlightthickness 0
		$w.alias config -highlightthickness 0

		pack $w.world -expand 1 -fill x
		pack $w.msg
		pack $w.help $w.update $w.play -side left
		pack $w.alias -side left -expand 1 -fill x
		set max($host,was) 0

	if $max($host)==0 {
		# put up "no players" message?
		if $max($host,was)>0 {
			pack $w.msg -after $w.world -fill x -side top
			pack forget $w.world
	} else {
		# remove "no players" message?
		if $max($host,was)==0 {
			pack $w.players -after $w.world -side top
			pack forget $w.msg

	$w.players delete 0 end

	for {set i 0} {$i<$max($host)} {incr i} {
		$w.players insert end [format "%-17s %4d %d" \
			$db($host,$i,alias) \
			$db($host,$i,score) \
			$db($host,$i,life) \

	set max($host,was) $max($host)

wm withdraw .
set oldhosts {}

set updateflag 0		;# 1 if user pressed "update" button

# look for desired alias in the .Xdefaults file
set status [catch {exec egrep "xpilot.name:" [glob ~/.Xdefaults]} output]
if $status==0 {
	regexp "xpilot.name:\[ \t]*(\[^\r]*)" $output dummy env(USER)

spawn cat -u; set cat_spawn_id $spawn_id

while 1 {
	global xpilot hosts

	set hosts {}

	eval spawn $xpilot $argv
	while {[probe]} {exp_send "N\r"}
	catch {expect_before}	;# disable expect_before from inside probe

	# clean up hosts that no longer are running xpilots

	foreach host $oldhosts {
		# if host not in hosts
		if -1==[lsearch $hosts $host] {
			destroy .$host
	set oldhosts $hosts

	set updateflag 0

	# sleep for a little while, subject to click from "update" button
	expect -i $cat_spawn_id -re "...."	;# two crlfs