archie   [plain text]

#!../expect -f

# archie

# Log in to the archie ftp-catalog at McGill University, and mail back results
# Brian P. Fitzgerald
# Department of Mechanical Engineering
# Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

set CINTR \003	;# ^C
set CSUSP \032	;# ^Z

set timeout -1
spawn telnet

expect_after eof exit	;# archie logs us out if too many people are logged in

expect {
	login:		{send archie\r}
	"unknown"	{exit 1}
	"unreachable"	{exit 1}

expect	"archie>" {send "set pager\r"}
expect	"archie>" {send "set maxhits 20\r"}
expect	"archie>" {send "set term vt100\r"}
expect	"archie>" {send "set sortby time\r"}
expect	"archie>" {
	send "set mailto [exec whoami]@[exec hostname].[exec domainname]\r"

send_user "type ^C to exit, ^Z to suspend\n"
interact {
	-reset	$CSUSP  {exec kill -STOP [pid]}
		$CINTR  {exit 0}