NEWS   [plain text]

			Changes from 1.4.2
	1. New XML output option, so test results can be loaded into a
	2. Support for the KFAIL/KPASS (known failures). This is
	mostly oriented towards GDB testing.
	3. New "Hello World" example.
	4. New tutorial chapter.
	5. Test cases build with either GCC 2.x or 3.x.

			Changes from 1.4.1
	1. Various patches for bugs reported from net users.
	2. Test case builds with either libstdc++-v3 (as used by
	gcc-3.0.x) or the older v2.(as used by gcc-2.95.x)

			Changes from 1.4.0
	1. There is new support for a simple unit testing API, that is
	also useful for embedded testing.

			Changes from 1.3
	1. DejaGnu is now back under active maintainance. The initial
	work has been rewriting the manual to bring it up to date, and
	switching to SGML. NT support has also been added, and DejaGnu
	now uses automake.

			  Changes from 1.1.1
	1. Works with (included in release) Tcl 7.3 and Expect 5.6.
	2. Much better error trapping and handling, including the
	   execution of sub scripts.
	3. Re-worked configuration subsystem.
	4. Default handling for testing unknown targets.
	5. New testsuite for expect and runtest.
	6. More debugging procedures.

                          Changes from 1.0

	1. DejaGnu now conforms to POSIX 1003.3, a standard for
	   testing frameworks.
	2. A Tcl debugger written by Don Libes has been added.
	3. Lots of bug fixes.

                          Changes from 0.9

        1. DejaGnu now installs itself like other utilities.
        2. 700 G++ tests are included.
        3. The bugs in the GCC tests have been fixed.
        4. Testsuites are released separately.
        5. Testsuite sources now reside with the within each tool's
           source tree.