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GNU Service Directory

This is a list of people who have asked to be listed as offering
support services for GNU software, including GNU Emacs, for a fee
or in some cases at no charge.

The information comes from the people who asked to be listed;
we do not include any information we know to be false, but we
cannot check out any of the information; we are transmitting it to
you as it was given to us and do not promise it is correct.
Also, this is not an endorsement of the people listed here.
We have no opinions and usually no information about the abilities of
any specific person.  We provide this list to enable you to contact
service providers and decide for yourself whether to hire one.

Before FSF will list your name in the GNU Service Directory, we ask
that you agree informally to the following terms:

1. You will not restrict (except by copyleft) the use or distribution
of any software, documentation, or other information you supply anyone
in the course of modifying, extending, or supporting GNU software.
This includes any information specifically designed to ameliorate the
use of GNU software.

2. You will not take advantage of contact made through the Service
Directory to advertise an unrelated business (e.g., sales of
non-GNU-related proprietary information).  You may spontaneously
mention your availability for general consulting, but you should not
promote a specific unrelated business unless the client asks.

Please include some indication of your rates, because otherwise users
have nothing to go by.	Please put each e-mail address inside "<>".
Please put nothing else inside "<>".  Thanks!

For a current copy of this directory, or to have yourself listed, ask:

** Please keep the entries in this file alphabetical **

Alc?ve <>
12 place Indira Gandhi
92230 Gennevilliers
T?l.: +33 1 47 33 82 84
Fax: +33 1 47 33 76 98

Alc?ve offers a comprehensive range of corporate-quality
Free Software related solutions, with technical support
via telephone, fax or email and remote system management.
We also offers consulting and training.

Rates approximately 3000FF per day, depending on the job.

Updated:  1998-09-09

Altrasoft	<>
4880 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 205
San Jose, CA  95129-1034
+1 408 243 3300

Altrasoft provides corporate-quality support, development and user
documentation for GNU Emacs, XEmacs and InfoDock.  (InfoDock is a turnkey
information management and software development toolset built atop emacs,
written by one of our associates.)  Emacs distributions for a variety of
platforms are also available, as is support for other emacs variants, such as
those often found on PCs.

Our unique focus on emacs-related work allows us to attract expert talent in
this area to keep you on the leading edge of productivity, especially if you
do software development work.  We do the porting, patching, coding,
integrating, debugging, documenting and testing so that your people spend
much more productive time on their mainline tasks.

Standard support packages include help on all aspects of the packages
supported, including all tools shipped as a standard part of the original
package distribution.  In general, we want to give you an unbelievably strong
level of support, so where we can, we will also answer questions concerning
any add-on Lisp code that is used at your site.  Setup and customization
help, bug fixes, and announcements of new releases are, of course, included.

Support rates start at $1,500 USD, for single user support for one year.
Discounts are available for group contracts.  We also offer Golden Support
contracts for those who need the absolute best in mission-critical support;
contact us for details.  Hourly development rates and fixed bid work are

Updated: 1997-05-12

Magnus Alvestad <>

GNU Emacs, GCC, the Unix tools, Linux, Jolt.

Rates: Free, or from $50/hour.

Updated:  1997-05-09

AO UrbanSoft <>
St. Petersburg State University Science Campus
St. Petersburg, Russia

AO UrbanSoft packages, markets and supports
industry standard free software products,
including the Linux operating system and
TeX document compiler.
The company also provides programming services 
based on TeX, Tk, Python, HTML, Java, Perl and

Rates approximately 15 USD per hour.

Updated: 1997-05-25

Joseph Arceneaux                <>
307 Chattanooga St.   
San Francisco, CA  94114
+1 415 648 9988

I am a former FSF staffmember who made Wells Fargo Bank the first bank
to provide secure banking over the Internet.  I have 20 years
experience with various computer systems.  I performed the X11
implementation of Emacs version 19, and designed and implemented
WYSIWYG features of Emacs.  I also installed and administered FSF
network.  Maintainer of GNU indent.

I provide installation, porting, debugging and customization or
development of GNU and other software.  I also design and implement
free software projects and consult on software engineering, security,
and intranet design.

Time and material rates around $150 USD per hour, depending upon the
particular job.  I am also very interested in fixed-bid jobs.  For
selected non-profit organizations with worthy goals, I work for free.

Updated: 1998-06-24

Dipl.-Inform. Gerd Aschemann          <>
Osannstr. 49
D-64285 Darmstadt
Tel.: +49 6151 16 2259

- System Administrator (UNIX and NT) at CS Department, TU Darmstadt, Germany
- 18 years working in the CS field, System administration on different platforms
- 12 years with UNIX/Networking/FreeWare/GNU/X11
-  9 years courses on Operating Systems and Distributed Systems
- Lectures on System and Network Administration
- Platforms: Solaris, Linux, SunOS, Ultrix, HP-UX, Digital Unix, AIX, SCO, FreeBSDs
- Distributed Platforms and Information Systems (CORBA, WWW, Java)
- Experience with parallel environments (Connection Machine, Meiko, Parsytec)
- Consultant

Rates are at 150,-- DM (~85 US$) per hour minimum, depending on the job.
I am willing to travel for sufficiently large jobs.

Updated: 1998-07-23

			Basis Technology Corp.
		     One Kendall Square, Bldg 200
			 Cambridge, MA 02139

			 Tel: +1-617-252-5636
			 Fax: +1-617-252-9150
		      E-mail: <>

Technical Expertise:
  Multilingual software development
  Internationalization and localization of software products
  International character encodings, including Unicode, ISO-10646,
    ISO-2022, ISO-8859-n, JIS, KSC5601, BIG5, GB2312
  Translation of technical materials into Japanese, Korean, and Chinese
    including HTML, SGML, RTF, MIF, etc.

GNU-related Services:
  Custom internationalization and localization of GNU software, or
    applications developed using GNU tools (GCC, G++, Emacs Lisp, etc.)
  Custom multilingual application development based on MULE.

GNU Contributions:
  Organized 1992, 1993, and 1994 fund-raising seminars and lecture
    tours for FSF in Japan.
  Negotiated book royalty agreements with Japanese publishers on
    behalf of the FSF.
  Negotiated hardware contributions from Japanese PC vendors to
    the FSF.

  Carl Hoffman, Steve Cohen, or Karen Watts

Updated:  1998-07-23

Laurent Bernardin
16, rue Dicks
L-6944 Niederanven
+41 1 632 7469

Support and installation of all GNU software.

Expertise: C, C++, Java, Motif, X, Unix administration, network security

Rates: ~60 US$ / hour (Flux 2000.-)

Updated:  1998-07-23

Dean Brettle Computer Consulting


7485 Rush River Drive
Suite 710-193
Sacramento, CA 95831

I provide development, technical support, and training for free software
and open source systems including GNU/Linux, the GNU development suite,
Tcl/Tk, Emacs, and the GIMP.

I have over 9 years experience building and maintaining systems ranging
from computed tomography systems to airborne sensor control systems --
all with free software.

Rates range from $65.00/hr to $72.50/hr USD, depending upon work
location.  I am also willing to work on fixed price contracts.

Updated: 1998-07-07

Philip Brown
(703) 893-8967 (prefer email)
Northern-VA, D.C. Area (world-wide via internet)
Rates: $45/Hr + extra for site visit; less for educational or charitable organizations

Systems Supported:

         Sun boxes running Solaris 2.5-up
         HP9000s running HP/UX 8.07 - 10.X
         IBM RS6000 running AIX 3.2.X-up
         Also SGI/Indy

Software Supported:
         Most all FSF (Gnu) software
         esp. GCC, GDB, Emacs, Binutils, GS, et al...

        I'd be more than happy to assist anyone in my area with acquiring,
        installing, and configuring any FSF tools/utilities on any of the
        above systems.  I'm also willing to work with other UNIX systems not
        listed above. In addition, I'm glad to share my many years of
        experience with anyone having difficulty using or configuring these
        tools.  I've been installing and using them for about 5 years now
        and I'll swear by their quality and the people/principles that made
        them available.

                        Phil Brown

Updated:  1998-07-23

James Craig Burley
97 Arrowhead Circle
Ashland, MA 01721-1987
(Email and postal mail contacts only, please.)
Email: <>

    Compiler Internals (author of GNU Fortran, for example)
    Operating Systems Internals
    Tools/Utilities Development and Maintenance
    Microcode Development and Maintenance (primarily VLIW machines)
    System Design (computers, operating systems, toolsets, &c)
    Debugging (often asked to help debug Other People's Code)
    Documentation (authored many books and ran a few doc projects)
    Extensive experience with a variety of operating systems, hardware,
        languages, and so on

Rate: $100/hour -- willing to consider flat-fee arrangements

Updated: 1999-02-01

Thomas Bushnell, BSG  <>
Becket House
66 Highland Ave. No. 8
Somerville, MA  02143
(617) 623-0654

All GNU software: Installation, customization, answering simple or
                  complex questions, bug fixing, extension.

Experience:  I have done Unix and GNU programming for many years.
             I am the primary author of the Hurd (which provides most
             kernel related facilities for the GNU OS).

I am easily available in the Cambridge/Boston area; work via email.
I am willing to travel for sufficiently large jobs.

Rates: $100/hr, negotiable, less for non-profit organizations.

Updated: 1998-07-27

C2V                          Michel Delval <>
82 bd Haussmann              Jean-Alain Le Borgne <>
75008 Paris
Tel (33 1)
Fax (33 1)
Compuserve 100413,1012
e-mail: <>

Services: we offer source or source+binary distribution,
installation, training, maintenance, technical support,
consulting, specific development and followup on the GNU software
development environment: Emacs, gcc/g++, binutils, gas, gdb.

Porting on new platforms, and professionally developing software
with the GNU tools in the Unix/X11 environment since they were
first available.

Experience: GNU C Compilation toolchain for the SGS-Thomson D950
and ST20 DSP chips.

GNU C compilation toolchain (cross-compiler, compiler, linker,
assembler, debugger) for SparcV7 ERC32 based space systems
(Sextant Avionique / Alcatel Espace).

Feasability study, analysis and prototyping of a complete
compilation toolchain based on the GNU programming tools for the
CSEM RISC microprocessor family.

Rates: from 2000 FF/day to 150 000 FF/year, 40% discount for
educational institutions, add taxes and expenses.  Ask for list.

Updated: 1998-07-23

Bruce Dawson    -    <>
CodeMeta, Inc.
Manchester, NH  USA

Specializing in GNU tools such as guile, CVS, gnats, bash, gawk, fileutils...

 o 800 phone support.

 o Modification and development.

 o Training.

Rate: $75/hour or per quote.

Updated: 1998-07-23

Kevin Cosgrove  	<kevinc@dOink.COM>

	I can help folks with porting & installation of many GNU
	and X packages on a variety of Unix platforms.

	My rates depend on the scope of each project but range
	from $35 to $90 per hour.

Updated:  1997-05-07

Couvares Consulting
1312 Chandler St.
Madison, WI 53715
Phone: (608) 256-6901
Email: <>
Contact: Peter F. Couvares

Type of support: We offer phone/email support, installation, systems
integration, systems programming, training, and specialized consulting
services for free software in UNIX and NT environments.

Sample prices: USD100/hour commercial, 50/hour non-profit, sliding
scale for individuals.

Updated:  1998-07-23

Stuart Cracraft         <>
P.O. Box 6752
Laguna Niguel, CA, 92607, USA
Phone: 714-308-7900
Rate: $50/hour, and as appropriate for the project.

Consultation topics:
Entire GNU suite - porting, compilation, installation,
user-training, administrator-training.

Method: via any combination of telephone, dialup, Internet, in-person, email.

Experience: supporting GNU since project inception, original port of
GNU Emacs to Sun Solaris, original author of GNU Emacs online tutorial.
Expertise in C, Emacs Lisp, Perl, Expect, Oracle, Informix, SunOS, Solaris,
NIS, NFS, system-monitoring via paging. Unix System and Database
administration or development. Coordinator of the GNU mascots: GNU Chess, 
GNU Shogi, GNU Go.

Updated: 1998-07-23

Noel Cragg                      <>
6244 Aberdeen Av
Goleta CA 93117

I'll do installation, debugging, and extension of GNU tools on a
contract basis.  CVS and configuration management are my current
specialties.  Rate: $75/hour or per-project negotiated fee.

Updated: 1998-07-22

Cygnus Solutions
1325 Chesapeake Terrace
Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA
+1 408 542 9600 voice
+1 408 542 9699 fax

Cygnus Solutions provides supported and maintained versions of gcc, g++, gdb
with GUI, GNU linker and GNU macro assembler.  In addition, Cygnus provides
these GNU software development tools for well over 100 host-target
configurations.  Support includes bug fixes and semi-annual releases of the
toolset.  Each release is regression tested and includes substantial
improvements and additions to the current release.  Support is available for
groups of 5 or 25 on a wide range of standard, special and vintage
toolchains for native and embedded applications.  New target processors are
being added regularly.  Rates for support for standard products start at $7495.

Cygnus Solutions contacts:

	Kathy Powers
	ph: +1-206-888-6002
	fx: +1-206-888-6145
	email: <>

   	Erik Westcott
   	ph: +1 408 542 9637
   	fx: +1 408 542 9699
   	email:  <>
Updated: 1997-09-02 by rms

Marcus G. Daniels              <>
1399 Hyde Park Road            <>
Santa Fe, NM  87501            <>
(505)984-8800 x267

I can customize, extend, port, and repair many types of free software.
I have software maintenance experience (e.g. CLISP, Swarm), and have
contributed to several GNU packages (e.g. Emacs).  Twelve years of C
and Unix experience.  Consulting rates start at $60 US/hr.

Updated: 1998-07-22

DSS Distributed Systems Software, Inc.
7500 Abercrombie Dr., Suite 103          <>
Richmond, British Columbia V6Y 3J9
CANADA                                   (604) 270-9559

GNU-related services:
  We specialize in support for GCC (mainly C and C++), including porting,
  retargeting, and customizing.
  Also, GNU and other free software that falls within our areas of expertise.

  DSS provides software design, implementation, and consulting services.

  Distributed systems:
    o Client/Server architectures, computer networking, communication
    o Directory systems, including X.500 and LDAP
    o High-performance and special-purpose distributed systems and databases:
      scalability, reliability, availability, transactions
    o Computer systems performance analysis

  Compilers, translators, and interpreters, including "small" and
  special-purpose languages

  Consulting rates are $85-$300 (Canadian dollars) per hour, plus
  applicable taxes.  Fixed-cost projects are also possible.

Updated: 1998-06-24

Echo Labs                  <>
29 Weld St,      
Nedlands, WA 6009
Perth, Australia
+61 (0) 41 985 9603

Echo Labs is a software consultancy that also provides support and
development skills.  Specialising in GNU software, particularly Tcl/Tk
and Linux. We can deliver systems at a fraction of the cost of those
based on more traditional technologies.  Internet/intranet and data
communications solutions, for all platforms are undertaken.  GUI
front-ends done quickly.

While typically involved in engineering and technical areas, any
GNU/Open Source software will be supported.

For further details see:

Experience: 13+ years C/Unix, Sun, SCO, Linux, Win/NT.
            Secure WWW servers (Apache SSL), Ecommerce solutions.
            Systems programming, device drivers, hardware interfacing.
            GNU tools/utilities, Embedded & realtime systems.
            Communications protocols and implementation.

Degrees:    BAppSc (CS), Curtin University, Perth

Rates:      AUS $50-75/hr neg.

Updated:    1998-07-23

Andrew Ford                             <>
Ford & Mason Ltd.             
South Wing, Compton House               Tel: +44 1531 829900
Compton Green, Redmarley                Fax: +44 1531 829901
Gloucester, United Kingdom

 * 18 years in the computer industry
 * 14 years Unix/C programming experience
 * 10 years experience with GNU software
 *  4 years web experience (author of the first book about setting up a web site)

Services offered:
 * Installing and customizing GNU and other free software
 * GNU Emacs customization and emacs lisp coding
 * Perl module development
 * TeX and LaTeX macro development
 * software development (especially in Perl, C, C++)
 * web site setup (with Apache)
 * web application development with mod_perl
 * translation (German -> English)
 * writing documentation

 around 60 pounds/hour (approx US$80/hour) plus expenses
 less for charities and non-profit organization

Updated: 1998-06-24

Free Software Association of Germany
Michaela Merz
Heimatring 19
6000 Frankfurt/Main 70
phone:	  (+49 69) 6312083)
ert  :	  (+49-172-6987246)
email:	  (

Supporting all kinds of freeware (i.e. GNU), freeware development, consulting,
training, installation.	 Special LINUX support group.


Companies and for profit
organizations		   :  100 US$ / hour
Private and not-for-profit
organizations		   :   40 US$ / hour
ert (24h Emergency
response team)		   :  300 US$ / hour

Entered: 1994-04-14

Noah Friedman                   <>
4463 Moraga Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611

Author of several Emacs Lisp packages and parts of Emacs, as well as
numerous network and unix system utilities.  Co-maintained GNU Texinfo and
Autoconf for a couple of years.  Experienced unix systems engineer.
FSF employee Feb 1991--Sep 1994.

I can perform installation, porting, and enhancement of all GNU software
and any other free software, especially for Linux/GNU systems; design
high-capacity hardware-redundant servers for production environments;
provide consulting on the use of version control management with CVS; and I
am willing to provide handholding for shell programming and Emacs Lisp

Fees negotiable, averaging $100-$150/hour.  I can work in the California
bay area or anywhere accessible on the Internet.  For larger jobs I may be
willing to travel.

Updated: 1998-06-24

Ronald F. Guilmette	<>
RG Consulting
1751 East Roseville Pkwy. #1828
Roseville, CA 95661
Tel: +1 916 786 7945
FAX: +1 916 786 5311

Services:	Development & porting of GNU software development tools.

GNU Contributions:
		Invented, designed, and implemented the protoize and
		unprotoize tools supplied with GCC2.

		Designed and developed all code to support the generation
		of Dwarf symbolic debugging information for System V Release
		4 in GCC2.

		Performed original port of GNU compilers to SVr4 system.

		Finished port of GNU compilers to Intel i860 RISC

Experience:	13+ years UNIX systems experience, all working on compilers
		and related tools.

		7+ years working professionally on GCC, G++, and GDB under
		contract to various firms including the Microelectronics
		and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), Data General (DG),
		Network Computing Devices (NCD), and Intel Corp.

Other qualifications:
		Developer of the RoadTest (tm) C and C++ commercial
		compiler test suites.

		Former vice-chairman of UNIX International Programming
		Languages Special Interest Group (UI/PLSIG).

		Bachelor's and a Master's degrees, both in Computer Science.

Rates:		Variable depending upon contract duration.  Call for quote.

Updated: 1998-07-10

Kevin Harris <>
Dallas, Texas USA

Entire GNU suite - porting, compilation, installation and maintenance
Platforms: Any unix variant (AIX, *BSD, Digital Unix, HP/UX, GNU/Linux, 
Solaris, SunOS, et al)

Method: Call-in via modem to your site, telnet, or on-site.

Rates: US $0-75/hour depending upon client requirements

Note: If you are an individual installing GNU software on your personal Linux
system, or are a non-profit organization, my hourly rate for you is simple:
FREE. You just have to pay for the phone calls and/or travel/lodging, if any is

Experience: I've used, supported and maintained GNU software on numerous unix
systems since 1989.

I have extensive experience in C, Emacs Lisp, Perl and general unix systems.

Updated: 1998-06-24

Michael P. Deignan
Ideamation, Inc.
136 Nelson Street
Providence, RI 02908
(401) 331-3708
(401) 272-6449 fax.

Rate:	Varies depending on complexity of task.
	Hourly and fixed-rate contracts are available.
Programs Supported:	All

Updated: 1998-07-23

 Interactive Information Limited is an Edinburgh-based company that
 specialises in WWW services and in particular support for accessing
 existing systems and information.

 Our staff have many years experience in using, and developing lisp packages
 within, Emacs, and in using other GNU/Unix tools, particularly under public
 domain UNIXes.

 We can provide services throughout the UK, at any level from general
 consultancy through fetching, installing and customising software to
 bespoke programming.  Fees would be in the range #300 - #600 per day,
 depending primarily on the size of the job.

 You can contact us
         by email: <>
         by phone: 0370 30 40 52 (UK)
                   (+44) 370 30 40 52 (International)
         by post: 3, Lauriston Gardens,
                  Edinburgh EH3 9HH

Updated: 1998-07-24

Kaman Sciences Corporation
Griffiss Business & Technology Park
775 Daedalian Drive
Rome, NY 13441-4909
(315) 334-4900
       Dennis Fitzgerald	<> 
       Tom Robbins		<>
Kaman Sciences has performed a GNU port for a custom RISC processor.
We have experience in the definition and description of the machine
register transfer language to the GNU tool-set.  This includes rewriting
and modification of the necessary description and source files of gcc, gas,
and gld and other binutils.  Kaman also has services for installation and
setup of GNU tools, (GAWK, GCC, EMACS, etc.) on Sun workstations.
Work is on a "service contract" basis and development is charged either
hourly or as a fixed price contract.
Consulting rates: $70 to $175 per hour.
Updated:  1997-05-07

Joseph R. Kiniry		<>
Caltech Mailstop 256-80
Pasadena, CA 91125              <>
Phone: 626-395-4840
Fax: 626-792-4257

Long-term high-level consultant with four advanced degrees in a
variety of domains.  See
for more information on professional and academic background.

I provide installation, porting, debugging, customization, design, and
development of GNU and other UNIX and non-UNIX software.  I am or have
been a certified developer with Microsoft, SunSoft, NeXT, and Amiga.
I have a great deal of development and management experience and an
extremely broad background which contributes to my excellent system
integration capabilities.  I have a special expertise and conduct
research in distributed systems and component/object technologies.

Time and material rates for local work vary regionally, but are
currently $250 per hour on the west coast.  Other rates apply for
long-term jobs (day rates, travel, etc.) and remote work (usually 1/2
fee).  I am interested in fixed-bid jobs and will work for lower rates
for non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Updated: 1998-08-27

Bradley M. Kuhn

I am available for Unix system administration and software development
consulting, including but not limited to installation, configuration and
integration of GNU tools and other copy-lefted software such as GNU/Linux
and the various distributions of GNU/Linux.

Please visit my homepage for more information on my background and skills.  My
resume is also available there.

I am available for both 1099 (preferred) and W2 on-site contracting in the
Cincinnati, OH, USA metropolitan area, as well as remote consulting via dialup
or Internet connection anywhere in the USA.  I have no interest in permanent
relocation at this time.

My rate varies greatly between $25-$40/hour, depending on the circumstances.
Rates for non-profit organizations are substantially lower, and possibly free.

Updated: 1998-09-12

Fen Labalme                     <>
CoMedia Consulting 
142 S. Lake Merced Hill         WE ARE EVERYWHERE
San Francisco CA 94132           JUST SAY "KNOW"

Consulting, installation, customization and training for GNU Emacs,
and selected other GNU & network software.  Design & implementation
of free software projects, as well as software engineering & system
design.  I have been hacking Emacs since '76 when it was TECO and ^R
macros (don't ask), and am inter/intra-network, UNIX & Web friendly.

Rates:  $150 hour & up, depending;  flat rate jobs considered.
        Lower rates, barter or free for selected non-profits.

Updated: 1998-06-24

Greg Lehey
PO Box 460
Echunga SA 5153

Phone:	+61-8-8388-8250
Fax:	+61-8-8388-8250
Mobile:	+61-41-739-7062
Mail	<>

Services: Supply, porting, installation, consultation on all GNU

Experience: 25 years OS and compiler experience, ports of most GNU
products.  Author of ported software CD-ROM for UNIX System V.4.2,
"Porting UNIX Software" (O'Reilly), "Installing and Running FreeBSD"
and "The Complete FreeBSD" (both Walnut Creek).

Rates: Choice of AUD 180 per hour or hotline rates AUD 3 per minute.
Outside Australia, $US 100 per hour or $US 2 per minute.  Quick
questions may be free.  Limited free support available for
purchasers of LEMIS CD-ROMs.

Updated: 1998-08-26

Alan Lehotsky                                                   <>
Quality Software Management
634 West St
Carlisle, MA 01741

Phone:  (978)287-0435
Fax:    (978)287-0436

                -       Support for GNU compilers, including rehost/retarget
                -       General system software work (SW tools, O/S, device drivers)
                -       runtime library (especially floating point)
                -       project management
                -       software process improvement

Experience:     15+ years of design and implementation of optimizing
                        compilers.  "Mr. Bliss" at Digital in the 70's and early
                        80's.  Experience with Motorola 68k, PowerPC, SPARC, x86,
                        NS32K, ADI SHARC DSP.  Compilers for languages including
                        Ada, BLISS, C, C++, FORTRAN, Pascal, Modula/2,  O/S
                        experience includes Unix (OSF/1, SunOS, Solaris, AIX, HP/UX),
                        VAX/VMS, Windows/NT, MacOS.

                        4 years experience with GCC internals, including major
                        changes to support 8 bit bytes on word-address SHARC DSP.

References available

Rates:          $100/hr
                        fixed price possible for well-defined deliverables

Updated: 1998-06-24

Rohan Lenard                            <>
32 Holtermann St.
Crows Nest, NSW 2065
+61 411250024

* The human face behind the mailing list - known
  in the past as <> and <> - now
  known as <>.

* Interested in providing first line support and development.

Experience: 10+ years C/Unix, 6+ years C++
            Extensive experience with GNU tools, cross-compilers,
            embedded/hosted systems, realtime, simulations,
            and military software.

Degrees:    BSc (CS), BE (Comms), University of Melbourne

Rates:      AUS $75+/hr neg.

Updated:  1997-05-17

Reuven M. Lerner		<>
17 Disraeli Street
Haifa 34333

Phone:     04-824-2265 (within Israel)
       +972-4-824-2265 (outside of Israel)

Fax:       04-826-1219 (within Israel)
       +972-4-826-1219 (outside of Israel)    


- System and network administration, especially Linux-based systems
  and networks
- Administration, training, and programming for Internet nodes and
  World-Wide Web sites
- Installation, support and training in the use of Linux, Emacs, Perl,
  and other free software
- Expertise in C, Emacs Lisp, and Perl

Consulting rates: $75/hour, less for educational institutions.

Updated: 1998-06-24

Richard Levitte             (in TeX: Richard Levitte
Levitte Programming                  Levitte Programming
Spannvagen 38, I                     Spannv\"agen 28, I
S-168 35  Bromma                     S-168 35  Bromma
Sweden                               Sweden)  +46 (8) 26 52 47      (there is an answering machine)
Cellular: +46 (10) 222 64 05
e-mail:   <>

What I do:
	Primarily I work on GNU software for VMS, both VAX and AXP.  I've
	been porting GNU Emacs to VMS since spring 1991.  I've 	ported a
	bunch of other GNU programs as well.  I maintain GNU vmslib.
	For further info, see

Programs supported:
	To a varying degree (ranging from extension and porting to
	installation and simple questions) at the time of updating this
	- GNU vmslib, emacs, autoconf, zip, diffutils, m4, patch, texinfo,
	  C/C++; on both VMS and Unix.
	- Other GNU programs to a small degree; on Unix.
	For further info, look at

	Fluent in TeX/LaTeX and many programming languages.
	Modified key elements in Emacs (e.g., memory and process management)
	to work transparently on VMS.  I have very good knowledge in the VMS
	operating system.  I'm also knowledged in the a few Unix flavors.
	For further info, see

Your Rate:
	$70-$100/hour (500-800 SEK in sweden), plus expenses.  My rates
	are negotiable, depending on how interesting the project is to me.

Updated: 1997-05-08

Sean Levy                                           <attila@StAlphonsos.COM>
352 Roup Ave                             http://www.StAlphonsos.COM/~attila/
Pittsburgh, PA 15232                                         +1.412.361.7802

I have been a professional hacker for over 15 years, and have worked on
everything from PDP-10's and -11's and early microcomputers to modern Unix
workstations of various kinds, at all levels.  I've done every kind of
hacking, in many different languages (including some I designed and
implemented).  Current efforts are focused on Linux, GNU software, WWW-based
systems, and security.  My resume and PGP key are available via my web

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, available anywhere via the Internet.  Possibility
of travel for some jobs.  Speak Spanish, have traveled in Europe and

Rates: $100 USD/hour standard, lower for non-profits or other worthy causes,
       $200 USD/hour for pager access and 24-hour support

Updated: 1998-06-24

Lexa Software                 
1590 The Alameda, Suite 102
San Jose, CA  95126

+1 800 278-2040
+1 408 278-2043  voice
+1 408 278-2045  fax

Lexa Software provides support for GNU C/C++ including the GNU debugger
and linker.  Lexa has extensive experience supporting GCC/G++ on SNI
and Pyramid as well as all other MIPS ABI platforms.  We offer support
to 2, 5, 25 and larger number of users via phone, email, ftp.

Updated:  1997-05-01

Gord Matzigkeit                      <>
#15, 2105 Cornwall Street  
Regina, Saskatchewan  S4P 2K8        Voice: (306) 522-7884

I will gladly help novice and intermediate computer users to install,
understand, and use free software, whether or not I have prior
experience with that software.  I know my limitations well, and will
freely give other contacts if I cannot solve your problem myself.

I have over 3 years of experience with several of the major free OSes:
Linux/GNU (Red Hat, Debian, Slackware), NetBSD, FreeBSD, and GNU/Hurd.
Some of my specialties are networking, Emacs, Automake, Autoconf, C,
Perl, and shell script programming.

My rates are negotiable depending on the task: usually $10-$40
(Canadian) per hour.

Updated:  1998-10-19

Andrew McCallum
6623 Dalzell Place
Pittsburgh, PA  15217
Home: (412) 422-0688

Services:     Support, enhancements, new development in:
		GNU Objective C
		GNUstep, both graphical and non-graphical.
		GNUstep Base Library: libgnustep-base
		(especially Distributed Objects)
		Interface between Objective-C and Guile or TCL: libguileobjc.

Experience:	10+ years of UNIX experience.
		Programming for NeXTSTEP since version 0.8, 1988.
		MA and PhD in Computer Science.
		Extensive work on GNU Objective C Runtime.
		Author of GNUstep Base Library, including Distributed Objects
		FSF Chief Maintainer of the GNUstep Project.
		Contributor to GCC, Emacs, Guile.
		C, Objective-C, Postscript, Scheme, Lisp, ELisp, Linux.
		English and Francais.

Rates:		$90-$150 / hour, negotiable, depending on many variables.

Updated: 1997-05-07

Mark P. Mitchell <>
3421 El Camino Real #35
Atherton, CA 94027
(650) 364-5360

I am an experienced software engineer, with particular expertise in
the field of programming tools.  I am responsible for the
implementation of member templates in currently available versions of
G++ as well as many other G++ bug-fixes, and continue to work actively on
improving G++.

I am willing to work on any and all projects involving free software.

Please see my resume at the above URL for further information on
my experience and qualifications.

My standard rate is $125/hr, but I am willing to negotiate flat fees, and
discounts for deserving organizations.

Updated: 1998-02-13

NET-Community                   <>
526 NW 21st, #48     
Portland, OR 97209 USA
1-503-279-8845 voice

NET-Community provides support for the complete GNUstep toolset
including the Objective-C runtime within GCC, the GNUstep Base Library,
the Display Ghostscript system, the GNUstep GUI Library, the GNUstep
X/DPS GUI Backend, and the GNUstep Database Library. NET-Community also
provides support for its own MediaBook software including the MediaBook
Random Library and the MediaBook Speech Synthesis Library.
NET-Community actively supports and develops free software on all
GNUstep platforms; a portion of the proceeds, usually 20%, generated
from CD-ROM sales go towards additional development and enhancement of

Updated: 1998-09-08

Thi Nguyen                      <>
San Jose, CA, USA               +1 408 314 3470

Expertise: Hardware Verification Tools and Environment
 - simulators / transactors / stimulus generators
 - scripts of all sorts / environment / flows
 - elisp customizations
 - speak: C, C++, elisp, Scheme, Perl, Verilog, sh

Please see for resume.

Rate: $100/hr, possibly less

Updated: 1998-06-24

Peter Olsen
P.O. Box 410
Simpsonville, MD 21150

What I do:  Mathematical modeling and model building using Gnu
        and other Free Software.  Scientific and engineering
        analysis, modeling, and programming in FORTRAN, C, LISP,
        Java, and Smalltalk.  Statistical analysis.
        Emacs customization.

Examples of my previous work:
             1. I built the model used predict the
        amount of work required to clean up the Exxon Valdez oil
        spill.  Model was completed in ten days, used to allocate
        resources for $2 billion summer cleanup, predictions were
             2. I built a model applying commercial capital
        investment standards to a Federal Agency budget, helped
        support $250 Million budget increase.

Credo:  Engineering is the art of applying a professional
        knowledge of mathematics and the physical sciences to
        improve the quality of life.

Rates:  $225/hour (+ travel and expenses) on site,
        $175/hour remote access.

Notes:  1. Visiting Lecturer for Society for Industrial and Applied
        Mathematics:  Will speak without fee about Valdez model
        (or other work) to Educational and not-for-profit
        organizations (plus most-economical travel and living
        expenses or travel or living arrangements in kind).

        2. I do not accept offers which pose even the appearance
        of conflict of interest with any present or former client
        or employer.

Updated: 1998-06-24

  Open Systems Consultants a.s     Open Systems Consultants a.s
  St. Olavsgt. 24                  Fabrikkvn 8
  N-0166 OSLO                      N-4033 FORUS
  NORWAY                           NORWAY

Phone:               Fax:
  +47 22 20 40 50    +47 22 20 02 85

Web:                 E-mail:  <>

Open Systems Consultants a.s can provide programming support for all
GNU software -- extending or adopting it to meet customer needs.
Prices vary with software and project.  Hourly fees are in the $80-120
range.  Fixed-priced projects are also available.  Phone support is
available only for customers with support contracts.

Updated:  1998-08-26

Francesco Potorti` <>
Via S.Stefano, 8
56123 Pisa, Italy
Tel. (050)560671

Emacs:	installation and maintenance, training and tutorials,
	customisation, extensions, troubleshooting.  Author of some of
	the packages in the emacs distribution, has made the porting
	of emacs to the Motorola Delta architecture.

Other:	installation and maintenance of GNU software.  Experience with
	hylafax, RCS, gperf, etags, smail, indent, diff, gawk, gcc,
	screen.  Is the current maintainer of etags.

Rates:	30-80 KL/hr, depending on experience on the particular task.
	Average is 50 KL/hr $50/hr.
	Prefer e-mail communication to telephone.

Qualifications: Electronic Engineering degree, Pisa.  Full time
	researcher in CNUCE-CNR.
	Familiar with elisp programming and porting of C programs.

Updated:  1998-08-26

Dipl.-Inform. Klaus K?mpf              <>
L?hnerstrasse 14
D-90491 N?rnberg

- 15 years C/Unix experience
- 6 years VMS experience
- Ported BFD library, Binutils, GNU Assembler, GNU C, GNU C++,
  GNU C++ libraries, and GNU Make to openVMS/Alpha.

I do a lot of cross-platform (Unix/Linux-OpenVMS-WindowsNT) development
mostly with the GNU compiler environment. I am actively supporting GNU
software on OpenVMS/Alpha and OpenVMS/VAX.

Updated: 1998-08-26

Quiotix Corporation
Menlo Park, CA

Contact: Jeffrey Siegal
         415 324-0535

Area of focus: Embedded systems--using GNU software to develop for
embedded systems, porting GNU software to embedded systems, extending GNU
software to better support embedded environments, developing new tools and
utilities for embedded development using GNU software.

Services: porting, development, support, project management, advisory

Rates: $125-$250/hour or fixed fees depending on services provided.

Updated:  1997-05-16

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht		<>
47 Esparito Ave.
Fremont, CA 94539-3827
(510) 659-9757

Anything, (lisp, C, customization, porting, installing) I have
written thousands of lines of GNU Emacs C and Lisp code.  Original
author of the floating point additions in Emacs 19.

Rates:	$95/hr.

Updated: 1997-05-08

Stanislav Shalunov

Phones: on request

Installing, configuring, helping learn any free software.  
Handholding, trouble shooting.  Making custom changes to free 
software written in C.  Teaching, lecturing, consulting.

Want to have a free OS with free software serving your needs but do 
not want to spend time yourself or not very skilled with the 
computers?  Cannot decide which free software suits your needs 
better?  Drop me a line.

Well, essentially, anything else on special request.  :-)

Rate: $30/hour if you are in Moscow and I am there when you request 
job done, $50 if the job may be done remotely (like configuring user 
level program), $60/hour + travel expenses otherwise.  (Negotiable, 
significant discounts may apply.)

Entered 1997-07-17
Vin Shelton
EtherSoft, Inc

I have been a professional programmer for 20 years, with most of that time
spent doing UNIX/C/C++ hacking.  My specialties are (in no particular
order): system/kernel hacking, speech recognition, perl, object-oriented
design and analysis, FSF software (I have built nearly every FSF package on
several different platforms), small language design and implementation, and
HTML/web programming.  Currently I'm a member of the XEmacs and egcs beta
teams.  My rates vary from $60 - $100 per hour, depending on the size of the

Updated: 1998-06-24

Signum Support AB		<>
Teknikringen 8
S-583 30 Linkoping, Sweden
+46 13 21 46 00 voice
+46 13 21 47 00 fax

Signum Support AB is a company dedicated to supporting, developing and
distributing free software for mainly UNIX systems. The people behind
Signum Support AB have many years of general UNIX and Internet
experience, both as system administrators and as programmers, and also
extensive experience in maintaining and administering the GNU programs
and Linux.

Signum Support develops and markets the free GUI equipped Readynet
Internet server, the free PHTTPD http server and the easy to use Linux
based Fuego firewall.

Services offered:

 - Support on Internet service software, especially the free
   Readynet Internet server we have developed for Linux.
 - Support on Linux.
 - Customization of Linux.
 - Installation and customizing GNU and other free software.  We are
   making free software as easy to install and use as shrink wrapped
 - Warranty protection.
 - Finding, Recommending and Investigation of free software in any
   area of the customer's choice.
 - Regular consulting.

Rates: For software items, request our price list.
       For consulting, 700-900 SEK/hour.

Updated: 1997-05-12

   Jon Solomon                     <>
   235 Main St., Apt 3C-1
   East Hartford, Conn. 06118
   +1 860 895-8289

   Maintains all GNU software... Available for General Consulting
   (contact me if you are interested)...
   Sendmail a specialty... Can answer questions pertaining to the
   installation, maintenance, bug reporting and fixing for
   most GNU products... Adhering to the FSF/GNU copyleft for all
   work... (I only charge for the time it takes to do the above,
   the software (and most GNU copyleft'd software) is free.
   I can make tapes for you if you need that...

Updated: 1997-05-09

Name:           Julian Stacey <>
Location:	Munich Germany, & on the Internet.
Qualifications: University Degree, BSc Hons Computer & Cybernetics, 1980.
Phone:          +49.89.268616   Fax: +49.89.260812   Data: +49.89.26023276
Time Zone:      +01:00
Rate:           130-170 DM/Hour.  2.7846 DM = 1 Pound = US $1.6332
Commercial Independent Freelance Consultancy:
                Any Unix (inc FreeBSD, Linux etc), C, X-Windows, FSF Tools,
                Internet, Systems engineering, hardware interfacing, 
                real time, comms & scientific industrial, even Cyrillic &
                Chinese interfaces etc.  No Emacs. No Cobol.
Free Sources:   FSF, FreeBSD & NetBSD CVS & current (daily!) & releases,
		X-Windows, XFree86, Free dial in soon (details on web).
		Media Copy Charge ~DM 100 QIC 1/4" 525M, 150M, & 60M; & CAS-60M.
Free GCC-1.40	For Symmetric Computer Systems Model 375 (native cc is broken).
Languages:      Deutsch & Francais
                Man kann mir in Deutsch schreiben, (oder mich anrufen).
                Je comprend Francais, mais je n'ecris pas des responses en Fr.
	- The Free Software Foundation do not pay me.
	- I earn my living from professional consultancy fees.
	- Though I write code for public domain ...
	- I will Not solve stranger's complex problems for free !
	  1) Tell me Immediately,  Are You:
		A)  Expecting to pay my bill for professional consultancy.
		B)  Seeking a few minutes advice free of charge.
	  2) Give me your email address, or that of a friend.
	     or Volunteer to phone back ~ 5 days later to collect follow-up
	     info.  from the net.  (No I will not incur bills phoning you back).
	  3) Speak English if you want free advice !  I speak German, &
	     listen in French, but if you're not paying, make some effort too !

Updated: 1997-05-15

Richard M. Stallman	<>
545 Tech Sq, Rm 430
Cambridge, MA 02139

Emacs: anything whatever
Is anyone interested in courses in using or extending GNU Emacs?

Original inventor of Emacs and main author of GNU Emacs and GCC.

Rates: $6/min or $250/hr.

Updated: 1997-05-09

Kayvan Sylvan <>
Sylvan Associates
879 Lewiston Drive
San Jose, CA 95136-1517
Phone: (408) 978-1407
Fax:   (408) 978-1417

I will help you port, install and customize GNU Emacs, GCC, G++,
bison, and other GNU tools on almost any architecture and operating
system. Questions answered. GNU C and lisp hacking available. I will
also do ongoing support and periodic upgrades if you get on my GNU
software subscription list.

Rates: $70-$100/hour, depending on type of work. Substantial discounts
for long-term contracts and also for educational or non-profit

Experience: Many different Unix systems (2.9BSD to 4.4BSD, Xenix, SVR3 and
SVR4, Linux, FreeBSD). Systems programming and system administration on all
brands of Unix. Kernel hacking experience. Lots of porting experience.

Updated: 1997-05-09

TerraTel AB <>
Tankeg=E5ngen 4
S-417 56 G=F6teborg, Sweden
+46 31 50 79 40 voice
+46 31 50 79 39 fax

TerraTel AB is a company that does consultant jobs and holds courses
in the fields of Unix software, TCP/IP networking and Internet
applications. The people behind TerraTel AB have many years
of general UNIX experience, both as system administrators and as
programmers, and also extensive experience in maintaining the GNU
programs; in administration as well as finding and fixing bugs.

Services offered:

- Installation and customizing GNU and other free software.  We will
  make free software as easy to install and use as shrink wrapped
- Service and support subscriptions.
- Warranty protection.
- Customization and porting.
- Subscriptions to new versions which we will send monthly or with
  any other interval.
- Finding, recommending and investigating free software in any
  area of the customers choice.
- Regular consulting.
- Support on Internet service software, especially the free
- Support on Linux.
- Freeware based courses in Unix usage, C, C++, or any GNU tools

Rates: For courses, contact us for a quote,
For consulting, $60-120/hour, depending on contract length.

Entered:  1997-05-12

Jonathan Thornburg / BKIS Consulting
E-mail: <>       (preferred way to contact me)
Postal: Box 8-7, Thetis Island  BC  V0R 2Y0, Canada
Phone:  (250) 246-3640          (somewhat unreliable)

* B.Sc (Honors 1st Class) in Math+Physics+CS, M.Sc and Ph.D in Astronomy
* 20+ years computing experience using a wide range of software and
  hardware environments

* Very fluent in C (15+ years experience)
* Fluent in C++, Perl, sh, csh, Awk, Fortran, PL/I, Pascal, APL, Lisp,
            Basic, Maple, Reduce, various machine languages
* Very fluent (10+ years experience) in general Unix toolset and programming
* Good knowledge (4+ years experience) of Unix system administration
  (SunOS, Linux, SGI)
* Strong background (both theory and practical experience) in Unix/network
  security, computer graphics, X and Motif GUI programming
* Good general knowledge of Unix (kernel) internals and device drivers
* Very fluent in LaTeX, TeX, also HTML, HTTP, and CGI programming
* Member of Usenix (professional and technical Unix association) and
  SAGE (system administrator's guild)

* Very strong background (extensive experience) in numerical analysis
* Strong backgrounds in hardware architecture, microprogramming,
  programming language implementation, compiler theory, data structures,
  OS design and internals, networking, symbolic manipulation, AI

I'm available for Unix-based contract programming, software installation,
and/or general system administration.  My recent projects include several
20K-50K 50K line C/Maple/Awk scientific applications, several small (1K line)
Perl/Awk text processors and "system glue" CGI programs, finding and fixing
bugs in a (free) 50K line graphics package, and a partially completed project
to port (really rewrite) the GUI of a 50K line C++ Netscape plugin from
Win32 to Unix/X/Motif.

Unless otherwise required by a client, all the software I write is covered
by the GNU General Public License.  My basic rate is Can$50/hour for work I
can do remotely over the Internet, more for on-site work, less for selected
non-profit organizations.

Updated:  1997-05-19

Leonard H. Tower Jr.	<>
36 Porter Street
Somerville, MA	02143

Will work on most GNU software.
Installation, handholding, trouble shooting, extensions, teaching.

Rates: $ 150.00/hour + travel expenses.  Fixed fee quotes available.
         Negotiable for non-profits.

Experience: Have hacked on over a dozen architectures in many languages.  Have
system mothered too many varieties of Unixes.  Assisted rms with the front end
of gcc and its back-end support.  Resume available on request.

Updated:  1998-02-10

noris network GmbH
Matthias Urlichs
Schleiermacherstrasse 12
90491 Nuernberg
Phone: +49 911 59818-0
Fax: +49 911 59818-11
<> (German)

  OS internals, esp. Linux and BSD, esp. device drivers
  Network protocol / program design and coding
  Utilities coding and maintenance
  Program debugging, testing
  User interface design and testing
  Several programming and tool languages

  Installation, debugging, enhancement, distribution,
    for all kinds of free software.
  System administration for most Unix-like systems.
  Email, Fax, phone, and in-person consulting (and/or "question answering").
  Remote support and system monitoring (over the Internet),
  Update service (new tools tested and installed automagically)
  Internet access

  DM 150 (~$85) per hour
  Support contracts start at DM 220/month + DM 30/supported system.
  Willing to travel for sufficiently large jobs.
  Rates don't include taxes.

Updated: 1997-08-04

Paul C.A. van Gool

Address: Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research
         Physics and Electronics Laboratory
         PO Box 96864, 2509 JG the Hague
         The Netherlands

Phone: +31-70-3740260
Fax  : +31-70-3740652

I would like to provide unpaid support for the following things:

- C
- C++
- f2c
- compilation and installation of most GNU packages

Updated:  1998-06-24

Joel N. Weber II
185 Lowell St #2
Somerville, MA 02144-2629

I can install GNU software, customize it, fix bugs, answer questions,
and teach.

I am fluent in C, emacs lisp, Bourne shell, and awk.  I also have a
good understanding of automake and autoconf.

I have modified identd, cvs, and ftpd to change their security
procedures; I have modified the GNU fileutils to understand new flag
bits that were added to the Hurd.  I have been involved in developing
Hurd translators.  Long ago, I worked on developing a web browser;
that project was eventually killed, but I learned a lot in the

I am experienced in webmastering and system administration.

Rate: $100/hour, negotiable.

Arne Wichmann

EMail: <>
Telephone on request.

I support GNU software on the following platforms:

SunOS 4.X 5.X
other platforms on request.

Usual rates: 20DM per hour. Free support for private people as time

Updated: 1997-05-16

Jody Winston
xprt Computer Consulting, Inc.
731 Voyager
Houston, TX, 77058
(281) 480-UNIX, <>

We have supported, installed, and used the entire GNU software suite
for over 8 years on many different Unix platforms.  We have written
character device drivers and proc file systems for custom hardware
running on Linux.  In addition, we have developed a custom X11 server
and X input extensions. Our consulting rate is $150.00 US dollars per
hour, negotiable, plus a per diem for out of town work.

Updated:  1997-05-12

Lige Zhou
Open Technologies Corporation
Sun Lotus Bldg. 2nd Floor
2-9-1 Chuou, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3365-2911 Fax: +81-3-3365-2920
E-mail: <>

My profile is listed at:

I have two years of experience porting and supporting GNU C Compiler and
GNU Assembler at the Wingnut project of SRA, Inc., Tokyo.

I can provide free consultation on these products if the problem is not

Updated:  1996-12-04

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