ChangeLog   [plain text]

2005-07-07  Release Manager

	* GCC 4.0.1 released.

2005-06-06  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* jv-scan.c (fatal_error, warning): Use gmsgid instead of msgid for
	argument name.
	* gjavah.c (error): Likewise.
	* java-tree.h (parse_error_context): Likewise.
	* parse.y (parse_error_context, parse_warning_context,
	issue_warning_error_from_context): Likewise.

2005-06-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/21722:
	* class.c (build_static_field_ref): Don't fold constant fields if
	current class is from a .class file and we're using indirect

2005-05-26  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	(GCJ_CURRENT_BC_ABI_VERSION): Use new method to calculate version ID.
	(parse_version): Calculate version ID using new method. Use bit-flag
	for flag_indirect_dispatch.

2005-05-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/21519:
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns) <SAVE_EXPR>: Don't call

2005-05-13  Aaron Luchko <>

	* gcj.texi: Add '-verify', '-noverify', and '-verifyremote'.

2005-04-28  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/19285
	* java-tree.h (soft_resolvepoolentry_node): New.
	(alloc_constant_fieldref): Declare.
	* expr.c (expand_java_field_op): Don't call class_init for
	accesses to static fields with indirect dispatch.
	* builtins.c (initialize_builtins): Add "__builtin_expect".
	* decl.c (soft_resolvepoolentry_node): New variable.
	(java_init_decl_processing): Create a decl for
	* class.c (build_fieldref_cache_entry): New function.
	* class.c (build_static_field_ref): New function.
	(build_static_field_ref): Rewrite for indirect dispatch.
	* constants.c (find_name_and_type_constant_tree): New function.
	(alloc_constant_fieldref): Likewise.
	(build_constants_constructor): Handle CONSTANT_Fieldref and

2005-05-06  Thomas Fitzsimmons  <>

	PR java/20309
	* (java): Add gjnih.
	(GJNIH_OBJS): New variable.
	(gjnih$(exeext)): New target.
	(JAVA_MANFILES): Add gjnih.1.
	(java.uninstall): Add gjnih.1.
	(java.mostlyclean): Add gjnih.
	(java.maintainer-clean): Add gjnih.1.
	(java/gjavah-jni.o): New target.
	(.INTERMEDIATE): Add gjnih.pod.
	(gjnih.pod): New target.
	* (stagestuff): Add gjnih.
	* gcj.texi (Top): Add gjnih node.
	(Invoking gcjh): Add descriptions of -force, -old, -trace, -J and
	-bootclasspath options.
	(Invoking gjnih): New node.
	* gjavah.c Initialize flag_jni to 1 if JNI_DEFAULT is defined.
	(TOOLNAME): New macro.
	(error): Replace hard-coded gcjh with TOOLNAME.
	(process_file): Likewise.
	(usage): Likewise.
	(version): Likewise.
	(help): Likewise.  Add help output for -force, -old, -trace and -J
	(options): Add force, old, trace and J fields.
	(main): Handle -force, -old, -trace and -J options.

2005-04-28  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/21115
	* expr.c (force_evaluation_order): Convert outgoing args smaller
	than integer.

	PR java/20768
        * java-except.h (struct eh_range.handler): Remove unused field.
        (handle_nested_ranges): Remove function declaration.
        (sanity_check_exception_range): Add function declaration.
        * verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Remove call to
	(start_pc_cmp): Remove function.
	(verify_jvm_instructions): Remove PC sorting of exception regions.
        * verify-glue.c (verify_jvm_instructions_new): Call
        * except.c (link_handler, eh_range_freelist, link_handler,
        handle_nested_ranges): Remove.
        (add_handler): Rewrite.
        (sanity_check_exception_range): New function.
        (print_ranges): New function.

2005-04-25  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* gjavah.c, jcf-dump.c, jv-scan.c, jvgenmain.c: Replace calls
	to `unlock_stream' with `unlock_std_streams'.

2005-04-24  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* gjavah.c (main): Unlock the stdio streams.
	* jcf-dump.c (main): Likewise.
	* jv-scan.c (main): Likewise.
	* jvgenmain.c (main): Likewise.

2005-04-25  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* (java/decl.o, java/resource.o): Depend on $(EXPR_H)
	instead of just expr.h.

2005-04-20  Release Manager

	* GCC 4.0.0 released.

2005-04-07  Andrew Haley  <>

	* gcj.texi: Correct gcj-dbtool instructions.

2005-04-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (libgcj Runtime Properties): Document

2005-04-01  Thomas Fitzsimmons  <>

	* gcj.texi (Invoking gij): Add descriptions of new -X options.
	Mention recognized-and-ignored compatibility options.
	(Memory allocation): Add descriptions of JvMalloc, JvRealloc and
	(About CNI): Add Memory allocation section.

2005-04-01  Tom Tromey  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Fix types of
	_Jv_MonitorEnter, _Jv_MonitorExit, _Jv_AllocObject,
	_Jv_AllocObjectNoFinalizer, _Jv_Throw, _Jv_NewPrimArray,
	_Jv_JNI_PopSystemFrame, _Jv_divI, _Jv_remI, _Jv_divJ, _Jv_remJ.

2005-03-24  Anthony Green  <>

	* gcj.texi (Invoking gcj-dbtool): Document new LIBDIR option to
	'gcj-dbtool -p'.

2005-03-18  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/20522
	* decl.c (update_aliases): Don't update variables that are about
	to die.
	(maybe_poplevels): Add comment.

2005-03-16  Andrew Haley  <>

        * expr.c (expand_java_arrayload): Don't generate a
        NullPointerException based on the type of the node.
        (build_java_array_length_access): Likewise.

2005-03-11  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* jcf-io.c (caching_stat): Use __extension__ to avoid pedantic
	* Don't elide warnings in jcf-io.c.

2005-03-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Invoking gcj-dbtool): Document 'gcj-dbtool -p'.
	(libgcj Runtime Properties): Document the default .db.

2005-03-07  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* verify-glue.c (vfy_is_assignable_from): Perform static check using
	can_widen_reference_to if the C++ ABI is in use.
	(vfy_get_interface_count, vfy_get_interface): Remove unused functions.
	* verify-impl.c (debug_print, make_utf8_const, init_type, copy_type,
	type_isresolved, init_state, set_pc, state_get_pc,
	_Jv_BytecodeVerifier): Clean up unused and disabled functions.
	(verify_fail): Report the current PC from the verifier context.
	(free_state): Remove #if 0 block to enable this function.
	(free_verifier_context): Call free_state on state_list iterator
	values before freeing them.
	* expr.c (pop_type_0): Pop correct type for error message when stack
	contains a multi-word type.

2005-03-07  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* expr.c (build_java_array_length_access): Remove !flag_new_verifier
	for known NULL array length access.

2005-03-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Invoking gcj-dbtool): Document '-f'.

2005-03-04  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/18362
	* class.c (set_method_index): Don't set method_index if it is
	(layout_class_method): Don't complain about "non-static method foo
	overrides static method" in the case of indirect dispatch.

2005-02-23  Thomas Fitzsimmons  <>

	PR libgcj/16923
	* gcj.texi (Invocation): Add descriptions of JvVMInitArgs and

2005-02-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/20056:
	* verify-impl.c (EITHER): New define.
	(types_compatible): Handle it.
	(check_field_constant): Use it.

2005-02-18  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/20056:
	* verify-impl.c (types_equal): Fixed test.

	PR java/20056:
	* verify-glue.c (vfy_class_has_field): New function.
	* verify.h (vfy_class_has_field): Declare.
	* verify-impl.c (check_field_constant): Added 'putfield'
	(verify_instructions_0): Updated.
	(types_equal): New function.

2005-02-14  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/19921:
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns) <CALL_EXPR>: Note the
	stack effect of multianewarray.

2005-02-14  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/19907
	* expr.c (expand_byte_code): Call promote_arguments().
	(promote_arguments): New function.
	* decl.c (check_local_unnamed_variable): Remve special case for
	new verifier.
	(find_local_variable): Promote all boolean types to int
	when searching for local variable decls.
2005-02-12  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* builtins.c, java-except.h, jcf-parse.c, jv-scan.c, lex.c,
	parse-scan.y: Update copyright.

2005-02-11  Per Bothner  <>

	PR java/15543
	* parse-scan.y (input_location): Remove variable.
	(main_input_filename): New - replaces input_filename, which isn't
	* lex.c (java_init_lex): Wrap some more places in #ifndef JC1-LITE,
	so we don't reference input_location or wfl_operator in that case.
	* jv-scan.c (expand_location): Remove - no longer used.
	(main): Set main_input_filename rather than input_filename.

2005-02-09  Richard Henderson  <>

	* builtins.c (initialize_builtins): Call build_common_builtin_nodes.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Initialize const_ptr_type_node.

2005-02-08  Marcin Dalecki  <>

	* expr.c (add_type_assertion): Use the proper enumeration type,
	since this is what htab_find_slot() is expecting.

2005-02-06  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcj.texi: Update copyright dates.

2005-02-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (libgcj Runtime Properties): Default library_control
	to 'cache'.

2005-02-02  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	PR java/15543
	* parse-scan.y (formal_parameter): Use $2 (type) instead of $$
	(modifiers) when square brackets are present in a declaration for
	a final paramter.
	* jv-scan.c (main): Set input_filename and input_line.

2005-02-01  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/19742:
	* gjavah.c (get_field_name): Don't override name for JNI header.

2005-02-01  Roger Sayle  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Implement RSHIFT_EXPR
	of unsigned types using iushr and lushr JVM bytecodes.

2005-02-01  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	PR java/19738
	* gjavah.c (jni_print_float): Do not emit floating-point
	initialiser for a static final field.
	(jni_print_double): Likewise.

2005-02-01  Mark Mitchell  <>

	2005-01-31  Mark Mitchell  <>
	* gjavah.c (print_field_info): Mark static data members of
	floating-point type with "__extension__".

2005-01-31  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_field_info): Mark static data members of
	floating-point type with "__extension__".

2005-02-01  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	PR java/9157
	* parse.y (build_string_concatenation): Remove redundant if.
	(patch_conditional_expr): Attempt to patch_string() the condition
	of a ?: as well, in addition to its other operands.

2005-01-25  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (java/java-tree-inline.o): Removed.

2005-01-25  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	PR java/19070
	* parse.y (patch_binop): Allow comparisons against NULL only
	if the other operand is of a reference type.

2005-01-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h (gcj_abi_version): Declare.
	* class.c (make_class_data): Push gcj_abi_version into "next"
	field.  Renamed field.
	* decl.c (gcj_abi_version): New global.
	(parse_version): New function.
	(java_init_decl_processing): Call it.  Renamed 'next' field.
	Include version.h.

2005-01-24  Roger Sayle  <>

	PR java/19295
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Conversions between
	integer types of the same precision shouldn't generate widening
	or narrowing conversion bytecodes.

2005-01-22  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* java-except.h, java-tree.h: Remove unused prototypes.

2005-01-20  Andrew Pinski  <>

	PR java/18091:
	* jcf-write.c (perform_relocations): Don't call memcpy if source
	and destination are the same.

2005-01-17  Tom Tromey  <>

	* verify-impl.c (get_short): Sign extend.
	(get_int): Likewise.

2005-01-12  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* expr.c (build_jni_stub): Replace mistaken use of TYPE_SIZE_UNIT
	with TYPE_SIZE.

2005-01-10  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* verify.c: Revert to the version before the BC-ABI merge.

2005-01-10  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	PR java/19277
	* check-init.c (check_init): Take care of references that do not
	have an explicit final variable declaration (e.g. array length
	access) for pre/post in/de-crement operators.

2005-01-08  Mark Wielaard  <>

	* parse.y (process_imports): Allocate (and free) original_name only
	when not already defined.
	* jcf-parse.c (read_class): Free results of find_class() and
	(java_parse_file): Keep pointer to head of file_list and free when
	done. Free result of lrealpath().

2005-01-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Standard Properties): java.ext.dirs is now used.

2004-12-20  Andrew Haley  <>

	* typeck.c: Use fold_convert for ints and booleans.

2004-12-17  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/18931
	* typeck.c (convert): Use a CONVERT_EXPR when converting to
	(convert_to_boolean, convert_to_char) : Remove.
	* convert.h (convert_to_boolean, convert_to_char) : Remove.
	* expr.c (expand_load_internal): Do type conversion if type is not
	as required.
2004-12-13  Danny Smith  <>

	PR target/18459
	* class.c (emit_register_classes): Use TARGET_USE_JCR_SECTION.
	Update comment.

2004-12-07  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/18811:
	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Remove sanity test for missing inner
	class file.
2004-12-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (JAVA_MANFILES): Added gcj-dbtool.
	(java.uninstall): Likewise.
	(java.maintainer-clean): Likewise.
	(.INTERMEDIATE): Likewise.
	(java.install-man): Likewise.
	(gcj-dbtool.pod): New target.
	* gcj.texi (Code Generation): Document -findirect-dispatch.
	(libgcj Runtime Properties): Document
	(Top): Link to "Invoking gcj-dbtool".

2004-12-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/14853:
	* java-tree.h (extract_field_decl): Declare.
	* parse.y (extract_field_decl): Renamed from
	strip_out_static_field_access_decl.  No longer static.
	* check-init.c (get_variable_decl): Unwrap COMPOUND_EXPRs.

2004-12-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lang.c (flag_new_verifier): Define.
	(java_post_options): Set flag_new_verifier if indirect dispatch
	is being used.
	* lang.opt (fnew-verifier): Removed.

2004-12-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR bootstrap/14614:
	* (java.install-common): Only install transformed
	gcjh if gcj-cross exists.

2004-12-03  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/18812
	* except.c (link_handler): Patch 'outer' field of siblings of the
	range we're demoting.

2004-12-03  Andrew Haley  <>
	PR java/18697 
	* class.c (layout_class_method): Don't fail to override a method
	simply because it has DECL_ARTIFICIAL set.

2004-12-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/16675:
	* parse.y (craft_constructor): Special case null_pointer_node.

2004-12-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/18741:
	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_expr): Don't call
	SET_EXPR_LOCATION unless wrapped tree is an expression.

2004-11-27  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (set_source_filename):  Improvement to Andrew's fix:
	Fix fencepost error in 'i', which got executed one too many times.
	Also, fold memcpy into explicit loop, as originally intended.
	Also, free temporary 'buf' which otherwise leaks.

2004-11-27  Per Bothner  <>

	* expr.c (build_expr_wfl): Only declare last_file and last_filenode
	local static variables if not USE_MAPPED_LOCATION.

2004-11-27  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* class.c, decl.c, expr.c: Fix comment typos.

2004-11-26  Andrew Pinski  <>

	PR java/18305
	* decl.c (end_java_method): Call
	attach_init_test_initialization_flags on all the init_decls.
	* parse.y (attach_init_test_initialization_flags): Move to ...
	* expr.c (attach_init_test_initialization_flags): here and
	support BIND_EXPR also.
	* java-tree.h (attach_init_test_initialization_flags): Prototype.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_class_file): Don't disable class init

2004-11-25  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gjavah.c, jcf-dump.c, jv-scan.c, jvspec.c: Avoid ` as left quote
	in diagnostics.

2004-11-24  Richard Henderson  <>

	* verify-glue.c (vfy_init_name, vfy_clinit_name, vfy_object_type,
	vfy_string_type, vfy_throwable_type): Use ANSI declaration form.

2004-11-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	* verify.c (defer_merging): Don't use C++-style comment.
	* verify.h (java_opcode): Added java_opcode_end.
	* class.c (build_class_ref): Remove C++ comment and old FIXME.

	* verify-impl.c (vfy_push_type): Removed bogus "return".
	(initialize_stack): Use vfy_alloc and vfy_free.
	(verify_instructions_0): Likewise.

	* Merged gcj-abi-2-dev-branch to trunk.

2004-11-24  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (parse_class_file): Set file_start_location.

2004-11-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (make_field_value): Don't call build_static_field_ref.
	(build_static_field_ref): Don't emit direct references when using
	indirect dispatch.

	* gcj.texi (Invoking gij): Document -verbose.  Put -verbose and
	-verbose:class into man page synopsis.

2004-11-09  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (build_java_arraystore_check): Still generate check if
	element type is itself an array.

2004-11-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h (soft_check_assignment_node): Removed.
	(enum java_tree_index): Removed JTI_SOFT_CHECK_ASSIGNMENT_NODE.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Don't initialize

2004-11-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (layout_class_methods): Don't add Miranda methods when
	using indirect dispatch.

2004-11-05  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* class.c (make_class_data): Call emit_assertion_table to set the
	'assertion_table' field.
	(build_signature_for_libgcj): Move here from expr.c.
	(add_assertion_table_entry): New function. Callback for assertion
	hashtable traversal.
	(emit_assertion_table): New. Take class argument, and generate 
	assertion table DECL based on the TYPE_ASSERTIONS hashtable.
	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Define assertion_entry_type record.
	Push 'assertion_table' class field instead of 'verify'.
	* expr.c (type_assertion_eq): Compare 'assertion_code' field.
	(type_assertion_hash): Include 'assertion_code' in hash.
	(add_type_assertion): Rewritten. Take class and assertion_code
	arguments. Add assertions to the TYPE_ASSERTIONS hashtable.
	(can_widen_reference_to): Use new add_type_assertion() arguments.
	* java-tree.h (java_tree_index): Add JTI_ASSERTION_ENTRY_TYPE, 
	(verify_identifier_node): Removed.
	(assertion_entry_type, assertion_table_type): New.
	assertion code definitions.
	(struct type_assertion): Add assertion_code. Rename 'source_type' and
	'target_type' to 'op1' and 'op2'.
	(add_type_assertion): Declare.
	(lang_printable_name_wls): Remove unused definition.
	* verify-glue.c: (vfy_is_assignable_from): New. Call add_type_assertion
	to emit runtime assertion.
	(vfy_note_stack_type): Clean up non-C90 declarations.
	(vfy_note_local_type): Likewise.
	* verify.h (vfy_is_assignable_from): Declare.
	* verify-impl.c (is_assignable_from_slow): Remove unused function.
	(ref_compatible): Rename arguments. Call vfy_is_assignable_from() 
	instead of is_assignable_from_slow().
	(types_compatible): Reinstate ref_compatible() call.

2004-11-04  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (build_static_field_ref): Reverted previous patch.

	* class.c (build_static_field_ref): Don't emit direct references
	when using indirect dispatch.

2004-11-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (expand_java_arrayload): Set lhs_type_node.
	(expand_java_arraystore): Set rhs_type_node.

2004-11-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (compute_class_name): Use filename length from zip
	directory, not strlen.

	* expr.c (expand_invoke): Mark new interface methods as abstract.

2004-11-01  Tom Tromey  <>

	* verify-impl.c (push_jump): Removed check for uninitialized
	(push_exception_jump): Likewise.
	(handle_ret_insn): Likewise.
	(handle_jsr_insn): Likewise.
	(state_check_no_uninitialized_objects): Removed.

	* decl.c (check_local_unnamed_variable): Recognize
	promoted-to-int parameters when using the new verifier.
	* expr.c (expand_java_arraystore): Explicitly request array type
	when using new verifier.
	(expand_java_arrayload): Likewise.
	(invoke_build_dtable): Don't pass object_type_node as
	expression argument to build_java_indirect_ref.
	(build_java_check_indexed_type): Do nothing.
	(build_java_arraystore_check): Handle case where array doesn't
	have array type.
	(build_java_array_length_access): Likewise.
	(expand_invoke): Handle case where interface overrides a method
	from Object.
	(pop_type_0): Always succeed for reference types.
	(process_jvm_instruction): Don't pop a value in a dead
	exception handler.
	(pop_arguments): Convert arguments to correct types.

2004-10-29  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (give_name_to_class): Remove line that was
	incorrectly merged.

2004-10-29  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (set_source_filename): Add code to build new sfname.

2004-10-20  Andrew Haley  <>

	* decl.c (end_java_method): Don't expand if flag_syntax_only.

2004-10-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* verify.h (vfy_notify_verified): Removed.
	* verify-glue.c (vfy_notify_verified): Removed.

2004-10-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* verify-impl.c (debug_print_state): Declare `i' before code.
	(merge_types): Modify `t' when it is null_type.

2004-10-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* verify-impl.c (type_print): Renamed from print.  Now static and
	takes an argument.
	(debug_print_state): Use type_print.

2004-10-25  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (build_invokeinterface): Compute correct offset for
	index into interface methods.

2004-10-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h (verify_jvm_instructions_new): Declare.

	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Remove -fnew-verifier from cc1
	command line.

	* verify-impl.c (verify_instructions): Correctly handle wide
	types on the stack.
	* verify-glue.c (vfy_get_class_name): Use DECL_NAME.
	(vfy_get_component_type): Strip pointer types.
	(vfy_find_class): Use get_type_from_signature.  Strip pointer
	Include java-except.h.

2004-10-20  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* verify-impl.c (type_array_elementpop_raw, vfy_pop_type_t, 
	vfy_push_type_t, set_variable, add_new_state, merge_into,
	handle_jsr_insn, branch_prepass, check_class_constant,
	check_wide_constant, get_one_type, compute_static_types, 
	verify_instructions_0): Clean up C99 declarations after statements.

2004-10-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* verify-impl.c (merge_refs): Compare reference against iterator,
	not ref2.

	* verify-glue.c (vfy_tag): Mask off resolved flag.

2004-10-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* verify-impl.c (verify_instructions): Call vfy_note_local_type.
	(init_state_with_stack): Initialize `this_type' in state.
	(verify_method): Use debug_print.
	* verify-glue.c (vfy_is_primitive): Removed debugging print.
	(vfy_note_stack_depth): Reverted last patch.
	(vfy_note_stack_type): Note pointer to Object, not Object.
	(vfy_note_local_type): Likewise.

	* verify.h (vfy_note_instruction_seen): Declare.
	* verify-glue.c (verify_jvm_instructions_new): Set
	BCODE_EXCEPTION_TARGET on target instruction.
	(vfy_note_instruction_seen): New function.
	* verify-impl.c (FLAG_INSN_SEEN): New define.
	(verify_instructions_0): Set flag on instruction.  Save state for
	PC=0 later.
	(verify_instructions): Call vfy_note_instruction_seen.

	* verify-glue.c (vfy_note_stack_depth): Fix off-by-one error.
	(verify_jvm_instructions_new): Call method_init_exceptions,
	add_handler, and handle_nested_ranges.
	* verify-impl.c (verify_method): Return 1 on success.
	(verify_instructions_0): Save the state at PC=0.

	* verify-impl.c (init_type_from_class): Set is_resolved and
	ref_next on new ref_intersection.
	(init_type_from_string): Likewise.

2004-10-15  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* expr.c (expand_bytecode): Use verify_jvm_instructions_new
	if flag_new_verifier is set.
	* java-tree.h (flag_new_verifier): Declare.
	* lang.opt (fnew-verifier): New option.
	* verify-impl.c: Work around namespace pollution by undef'ing 
	(struct verifier_context): Make 'bytecode' const.
	(verify_fail_pc): Pass -1 PC argument to vfy_fail.
	(types_compatible): For the BC-ABI, always consider reference types
	(check_class_constant): Use vfr->current_class.
	(check_constant): Likewise.
	(check_wide_constant): Likewise.
	(check_field_constant): Check for 'L' at start of type name.
	(get_one_type): Return pointer instead of type. Set type result in
	caller via passed type pointer.
	(compute_argument_types): Update to use new get_one_type arguments.
	(compute_return_type): Likewise.
	(make_verifier_context): New. Allocate and initialize 'vfr'.
	(free_verifier_context): New. Free 'vfr' and its contents.
	(verify_method): Remove ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED. Call make_verifier_context
	and free_verifier_context.

2004-10-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* verify-glue.c (vfy_note_local_type): Mark argument as unused.
	* verify.h (vfy_fail): Fixed formatting.

	* verify-impl.c (vfr): Fixed comment formatting.
	(collapse_type): New function.
	(verify_instructions): Notify compiler about type map.
	* verify.h (vfy_note_stack_depth): Updated.
	(vfy_note_stack_type): Likewise.
	(vfy_note_local_type): Likewise.
	(vfy_unsuitable_type, vfy_return_address_type, vfy_null_type):
	* verify-glue.c (vfy_note_stack_depth): Correctly size type
	state.  Added `method' argument.
	(vfy_note_stack_type): Renamed from vfy_note_type.  Added `method'
	(vfy_note_local_type): New function.
	(vfy_unsuitable_type): Likewise.
	(vfy_return_address_type): Likewise.
	(vfy_null_type): Likewise.

	* verify.h (VFY_IN_GCC): Removed.
	* verify-impl.c (verify_instructions_0): Removed useless "\".
	(struct state) <next>: Uncomment.

2004-10-13  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* verify-impl.c: Formatting fixes. Reformat C++-style comments to 

2004-10-06  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* (verify.o): Re-enabled this target.
	* verify-glue.c (vfy_get_interface_count): Add ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
	(vfy_get_interface): Likewise.
	(verify_jvm_instructions_new): Renamed from verify_jvm_instructions.
	* verify.h (verify_jvm_instructions_new): Declare.
	* verify-impl.c (free_state): Temporarily comment out unused

2004-10-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h (JV_STATE_READ): New enum value.

2004-10-06  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* verify.h: New file.

2004-10-05  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* verify-impl.c, verify-glue.c, verify.h: New files.
	* Add rules for verify-impl.o and verify-glue.o.

2004-09-24  Andrew Haley  <>

	* decl.c (check_local_unnamed_variable): Always use the PARM_DECL
	for a slot if it's of pointer type.

2004-09-14  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (make_class_data): Correctly initialize "state" field.
	Initialize "engine" field.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Add "engine" field.

2004-09-10  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/12760
	* expr.c (build_invokeinterface): Use fast method for interface
	* java-tree.h (enum java_tree_index): Add JTI_ITABLE_TYPE,
	(struct lang_type): Add  itable_methods, itable_decl, itable_syms_decl.
	(emit_symbol_table): Add new arg, element_size.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Initialize Class.itable.
	* class.c (GEN_TABLE): New macro.
	(gen_indirect_dispatch_tables): Use it.  Add itable.
	(make_class_data): Add new arg for emit_symbol_table().
	Emit itable.
	(add_miranda_methods): Make sure search_class has been parsed.
	(emit_symbol_table): Add new arg, element_size.

2004-09-06  Andrew Haley  <>

	* verify.c (merge_types): Return Object for all merges of
	* expr.c (add_type_assertion): Don't generate assertions when
	source type is array of Object.
2004-09-03  Andrew Haley  <>

	* class.c (finish_class): Nullify TYPE_VERIFY_METHOD.

	* lang.c (java_post_options): Force flag_verify_invocations if
	we're not using indirect dispatch.

	* expr.c (pop_type_0): Move test for interfaces before call to
	(build_signature_for_libgcj): Remove generation of canonical array
	(add_type_assertion): Canonicalize both arrays.
	Don't assert that type X can be assigned to Object.
	Don't assert that type X an be assigned to type X.
	Don't assert that Object can be assigned to type X.
	(can_widen_reference_to): Warn whenever we generate an assertion.
	(process_jvm_instruction): Use throwable_type_node for the type of
	an exception class.

2004-09-01  Andrew Haley  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Change
	verify_identifier_node to "__verify".
	* expr.c (add_type_assertion): Use verify_identifier_node for name.
	* java-tree.h (verify_identifier_node): Change to "__verify".

	* expr.c (build_signature_for_libgcj): New function.
	(add_type_assertion): Use it to construct signatures for
	source_type and target_type.

2004-08-27  Andrew Haley  <>

	* java-tree.h (enum java_tree_index): Add JTI_VERIFY_IDENTIFIER_NODE.
	(verify_identifier_node): New.
	(struct type_assertion): New type.
	* expr.c (type_assertion_eq): New function.
	(type_assertion_hash): New function.
	(add_type_assertion): New function.
	(can_widen_reference_to): Call add_type_assertion().
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Add verify_identifier_node.
	* class.c (make_class_data): Initialize TYPE_VERIFY_METHOD (type).
	(finish_class): Output TYPE_VERIFY_METHOD (type).

	* decl.c (end_java_method): Nullify unused fields.

2004-08-17  Andrew Haley  <>

	* verify.c (defer_merging): Quieten.
	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Only try to open a class file if it's
	java.lang.Object or if it's part of the current compilation.
	Check that the class we just tried to load is the class we just
	loaded.  Quieten.
	(java_parse_file): Set flag_verify_invocations off if we're
	compiling from .class.
	(parse_zip_file_entries): Abort if we try to read a dummy class.
	* expr.c (can_widen_reference_to): Quieten.
	(build_invokevirtual): Abort if we try to invokevirtual an
	(expand_invoke): Don't build a non-interface call to an interface.
	(build_instanceof): Don't do premature optimization if
	flag_verify_invocations is not set.
	* class.c (set_super_info): Disable code that inherits TYPE_DUMMY
	from superclass.
	(build_static_field_ref): Add correct type conversion for
	(add_miranda_methods): Disable generation of Miranda methods for
	dummy classes.
	(layout_class_method): Don't complain about non-static method
	overrides static method with dummy classes.

2004-08-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (build_static_field_ref): Re-enable atable lookups for
	static fields.

	* parse.y (strip_out_static_field_access_decl): Indentation fix.

2004-08-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (libgcj Runtime Properties): Document new properties.

2004-08-06  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Check that we really have loaded the
	class we're looking for.

2004-07-19  Andrew Haley  <>

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Comment change only.

	* typeck.c (build_java_array_type): Add size field to array name.

	* java-tree.h (LOCAL_SLOT_P): New.
	(update_aliases): Add PC argument.
	(pushdecl_function_level): New function.

	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_expr): Handle VAR_DECL,
	(java_gimplify_modify_expr): New function.

	* expr.c (push_type_0): Call find_stack_slot() to create temporary.
	(expand_iinc): Pass PC to update_aliases().
	(STORE_INTERNAL): Likewise.
	(process_jvm_instruction): Likewise.

	* decl.c (base_decl_map): New variable.
	(uniq): New variable.
	(update_aliases): Rewrite with more thorough checking.
	(debug_variable_p): New function.
	(push_jvm_slot): Don't initialize local variable.  Don't pushdecl.
	(check_local_named_variable): Delete whole function.
	(initialize_local_variable): New function.
	(check_local_unnamed_variable): Add checks and comments.
	(find_local_variable): Rewrite.
	(java_replace_reference): New function.
	(function_binding_level): New variable.
	(pushdecl_function_level): New function.
	(maybe_pushlevels): Set DECL_LOCAL_END_PC.
	(maybe_pushlevels): Call pushdecl() on each of the new decls.
	(start_java_method): Reset uniq.  Create base_decl_map.  Set
	(end_java_method): Null unused fields to save memory.

2004-06-29  Andrew Haley  <>

	* except.c (expand_start_java_handler): Push a new binding level.
	Don't build a TRY_CATCH_EXPR now, we'll do it later.  Call
	register_exception_range() to register where we'll do it.
	(expand_end_java_handler): Remove old bogus code.  Replace with
	new logic that simply builds TRY_CATCH_EXPRs and inserts them at
	the top of the expression we're curently building.
	(maybe_end_try): Delete.
	* decl.c (binding_level.exception_range): New field.
	(clear_binding_level): Add field exception_range.  Reformat.
	(poplevel): Call expand_end_java_handler().
	(poplevel): Call java_add_stmt only if functionbody is false.
	(maybe_poplevels): Don't call maybe_end_try() from here.
	(end_java_method): Clear no longer used trees in function decl.
	(register_exception_range): New function.
	* java-tree.h (register_exception_range, struct eh_range): Declare.

2004-06-22  Andrew Haley  <>

	* class.c (gen_indirect_dispatch_tables): Set the DECL_OWNER of
	the otable.
	* check-init.c (get_variable_decl): Teach check-init about
	FIELD_DECLs addressed via the otable.
	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Check CLASS_LOADED_P, not

2004-05-28  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Don't try to read a class that we've
	already read.

	* expr.c (build_invokeinterface): Use the old-fashioned way of
	doing indirect dispatch: look up interfaces by name.
	* java-tree.h (enum java_tree_index): Add
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Add

	* gjavah.c (print_method_info): Final methods have vtable entries,
	so gjavah needs to output them. 
	* class.c (layout_class_method): Generate vtable entries for final
	* parse.y (invocation_mode): Use INVOKE_VIRTUAL for indirect
	dispatch, even if a method is final.

2004-05-25  Andrew Haley  <>

	* class.c (build_symbol_entry): Convert the names of constructors
	to init_identifier_node when generating an entry for the indirect
	dispatch table.
	* expr.c (build_known_method_ref): Generate indirect calls for
	all methods marked DECL_EXTERNAL or TREE_PUBLIC.

2004-05-24  Andrew Haley  <>

        * expr.c (build_known_method_ref): Make sure ARRAY_REF access to
        atable element is of the right type.

        * class.c (build_static_field_ref): Cast pointer to correct type
        for field.

2004-04-20  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* Merged with HEAD as of 20040514. Diff against

2004-04-16  Andrew Haley  <>

	* verify.c (check_pending_block): Disable subroutine checks.
	(defer_merging): New function.
	(merge_types): If types are dummy, use defer_merging to combine them.
	(verify_jvm_instructions): If invocation is invokeinterface and
	target is dummy, assume target really is an interface.

	* parse.y (patch_invoke): Break out call to java_create_object.

	* lang.c (flag_verify_invocations): New.

	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): If we've already failed to load a
	class, don't try again.
	(load_class): If we can't find a .class file, don't fail, but emit
	a warning.
	(parse_class_file): Don't act on dummy methods.

	* java-tree.h (flag_verify_invocations): New.
	(lang_type.dummy_class): New field.
	(java_create_object): New function.

	* expr.c (build_field_ref): Widen field offset.
	(pop_type_0): If the type in stack_type_map is a TREE_LIST, check
	that each of its elements is compatible with the one we're
	(pop_type_0): Issue a warning to say that we need to generate a
	runtime check.
	(java_create_object): New function.
	(build_field_ref): Only generate hard refs if we're not using
	indirect dispatch.
	(expand_java_field_op): If we're using !verify_invocations and we
	see a missing field, generate a decl for it.

	(expand_invoke): If a class doesn't have the method we seek and
	we're using !flag_verify_invocations, generate a decl for the
	method now.

	(build_known_method_ref): Always use indirect dispatch via the
	atable for static methods.

	(expand_java_NEW): Break out object creation into new function,	

	(can_widen_reference_to): Issue a warning to say that we need to
	generate a runtime check.

	* class.c (set_super_info): Inherit TYPE_DUMMY from sureclass.
	(make_method_value): Also use index for interfaces.
	(make_class_data): Skip dummy field for inherited data.
	Don't build method array for dummy methods.
	Set size_in_byte to -1 when using inirect dispatch
	Don't build a hard class ref if we don't have a hard ref to our
	superclass, or if we're using inirect dispatch.
	Null out dispatch tables.

	(layout_class_method): Don't complain about non-static method
	overrides static method is method is artificial.

	(build_static_field_ref): Disable atable references to static
	fields for the time being.

	(layout_class_methods): Check for CLASS_INTERFACE as

2004-11-24  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* class.c (make_class_data): Don't check flag_inline_functions.
	* lang.c (flag_really_inline): Remove unused flag.
	(java_handle_option): Don't set it here.  Remove special handling
	of flag_inline_functions for Java.
	(java_init): Don't set flag_inline_trees here.  Already done...
	(java_post_options):  Don't clear flag_inline_functions.

2004-11-24  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_labeled_block_expr): New function.
	(java_gimplify_exit_block_expr): New function.
	(java_gimplify_expr): Use them to gimplify EXIT_BLOCK_EXPR and
	* java-tree.def (LABELED_BLOCK_EXPR): Moved from tree.def.
	(EXIT_BLOCK_EXPR): Likewise.
	* java-tree.h (LABELED_BLOCK_LABEL): Moved from tree.h.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Don't handle the unused
	* lang.c (java_tree_inlining_walk_subtrees): Handle EXIT_BLOCK_EXPR.
	EXIT_BLOCK_LABELED_BLOCK instead of TREE_OPERAND.  Don't handle the
	second operand of EXIT_BLOCK_EXPR.
	* parse.y (find_expr_with_wfl): Use LABELED_BLOCK_BODY instead of
	(build_bc_statement): Use build1 to build EXIT_BLOCK_EXPR nodes.

2004-11-23  Ben Elliston  <>

	* xref.h (xref_flag_value): Remove.
	(xref_set_data, xref_get_data): Likewise.
	(xref_set_current_fp): Likewise.
	(XREF_NONE): Likewise.
	(XREF_GET_DATA): Likewise.
	* xref.c (xref_flag_value): Remove.
	(xref_set_data, xref_get_data): Likewise.
	(xref_set_current_fp): Likewise.

2004-11-23  Ben Elliston  <>

	* gjavah.c (output_directory): Make static.
	(temp_directory): Likewise.
2004-11-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* decl.c (instn_ptr_type_node): Removed.
	(lineNumbers_ptr_type_node): Removed.
	(jint_type): Removed.
	(jint_ptr_type): Removed.

2004-11-09  Andrew Pinski  <>

	PR java/15576
	* check-init.c (check_init): Ignore DECL_EXPR.
	* expr.c (always_initialize_class_p): Reenable.
	(build_class_init): Use a variable to store the decl.  Also use
	boolean_false_node instead of integer_zero_node.
	* parse.y (attach_init_test_initialization_flags): Add a decl_expr
	to the block.

2004-11-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/16843:
	* gjavah.c (HANDLE_END_FIELD): Call print_field_info when
	generating a JNI header.
	(print_field_info): Handle JNI headers.
	(jni_print_float): Likewise.
	(jni_print_double): Likewise.

2004-11-08  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* decl.c (end_java_method): Remove duplicated code.

2004-11-06  Zack Weinberg  <>
            Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* lex.h (HAVE_ICONV): Undefine if we do not have HAVE_ICONV_H
	as well.

2004-11-02  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	PR java/17265
	* class.c: Reinstate 2004-08-18 patch. 
	(make_local_function_alias): Don't create an alias for extern (native)

2004-10-22  Eric Botcazou  <>

	PR java/17265
	* class.c (make_local_function_alias): Revert 2004-08-18 change.
	(make_method_value): Likewise.

2004-10-21  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/18091:
	* jcf-parse.c (set_source_filename): Add code to build new sfname.

2004-10-20  Andrew Haley  <>

	* decl.c (end_java_method): Don't expand if flag_syntax_only.
	Remove duplicated code block.

2004-10-18  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* (java/parse.o-warn, java/parse-scan.o-warn):
	New rules to work around old Bison warnings.

2004-10-17  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* class.c (ident_subst): Always alloca buffer.
	* java-opcodes.h (LAST_AND_UNUSED_JAVA_OPCODE): Add this dummy
	opcode after including javaop.def.
	* jcf-dump.c (CHECK_PC_IN_RANGE): Return 0 from the arm of the
	conditional expression that exits, to avoid warnings.
	* verify.c (CHECK_PC_IN_RANGE): Mark the __GNUC__ definition as
	a user of an extension.
	* win32-host.c: Move check down to have non-empty file when
	WIN32 is not defined.

	* (java-warn): Add STRICT_WARN.
	(java/jcf-io.o-warn): Don't have Werror for this file.
	* jcf-io.c (caching_stat): Add FIXME for non-POSIX scandir use.

2004-10-16  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* expr.c (expr_add_location): Move declaration to before all
	* parse.y (java_expand_classes): Ditto.
	* lex.c (java_peek_unicode): Ditto.

2004-10-16  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* check-init.c: Use %<, %> and %q for quoting in diagnostics,
	if possible, else convert `foo' to 'foo'.
	* class.c: Likewise.
	* decl.c: Likewise.
	* expr.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-io.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c: Likewise.
	* lang.c: Likewise.
	* lex.c: Likewise.
	* parse.h: Likewise.

2004-10-16  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* parse.y (parse_warning_context): Remove ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF_2 and
	rename parameter 'msg' to 'msgid' in function declaration.
	(issue_warning_error_from_context): Likewise.
	(yyerror): Rename parameter 'msg' to 'msgid'.
	(all over): Use new quoting style for diagnostics.

2004-10-15  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* boehm.c, builtins.c, java-except.h, jcf-io.c, jcf-path.c,
	jcf.h, lang-specs.h, lex.c, lex.h, resource.c, win32-host.c:
	Update copyright.

2004-10-14  Matt Austern  <>

	* lang.c (java_tree_inlining_walk_subtrees): Last arg is struct
	pointer_set_t* now.
2004-10-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/15578:
	* lang.opt (--extdirs): Document.
	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Recognize -encoding and

2004-10-06  Ulrich Weigand  <>

	* parse.y (issue_warning_error_from_context): Use va_list *
	instead of va_list parameter.
	(parse_error_context): Update call.
	(parse_warning_context): Likewise.

2004-10-05  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* parse.y, parse-scan.y: Add list of diagnostic messages to
	insulate translation template from version of yacc/bison used
	to compile the grammar.

2004-10-05  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	Prepare for %q, %< and %> in diagnostic message strings.
	* java-tree.h (parse_error_context): remove ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF_2.
	Name second parameter 'msgid'.
	* parse.y: Additionally include pretty-print.h and diagnostic.h.
	(issue_warning_error_from_context): Use pretty-printer functions
	instead of vsprintf for constructing formatted messages. Rename
	parameter 'msg' to 'msgid'.
	(parse_error_context): Rename parameter 'msg' to 'msgid'.
	(parse_warning_context): Likewise.

2004-10-05  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/17779
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_zip_file_entries): If a class has a
	superclass and a TYPE_SIZE of zero, lay it out.

2004-09-30  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/17733
	* jcf-parse.c (compute_class_name): Rewrite.

2004-10-01  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* java.c (java_expand_body): Update call of tree_rest_of_compilation.

2004-10-01  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* lex.c: Fix a comment typo.

2004-10-01  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* java-tree.h: Fix a comment typo.

2004-09-30  Per Bothner  <>

	Simplify lexer.  Implement --enable-mapped-location support.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_class_file):  Use linemap_line_start.
	(parse_source_file_1): Pass filename as extra parameter, so we can call
	linemap_add and set input_location here, rather than in both callers.
	(read_class): Pass copied filename to parse_source_file_1.
	Don't initialize wfl_operator - only needed for source compilation.
	(read_class, jcf_parse):  Call linemap_add with LC_LEAVE.
	* lex.h:  Remove a bunch of debugging macros.
	* lex.h (struct_java_line, struct java_error):  Remove types.
	(JAVA_COLUMN_DELTA):  Remove - use java_lexer.next_colums instead.
	(struct java_lc_s):  Remove prev_col field.
	(struct java_lexer):  New fields next_unicode, next_columns, and
	avail_unicode.  New position field, and maybe token_start field.
	Don't need hit_eof field - use next_unicode == -1 instead.
	* parse.h:  Various changes for USE_MAPPED_LOCATION.
	(BUILD_EXPR_WFL, EXPR_WFL_ADD_COL): Remove no-longer-used macros.
	(struct parser_ctxt):  New file_start_location field.
	Remove p_line, c_line fields since we no longer save lines.
	Remove elc, lineno, and current_jcf fields - no longer used.
	* parse.y:  Updates for USE_MAPPED_LOCATION and new lexer.
	Don't use EXPR_WFL_ADD_COL since that isn't trivial with
	source_location and is probably not needed anymore anyway.
	Use new expr_add_Location function.
	(SET_EXPR_LOCATION_FROM_TOKEN):  New convenience macro.
	(java_pop_parser_context):  Minor cleanup.
	(java_parser_context_save_global, java_parser_context_restore_global,
	java_pop_parser_context):  Save/restore input_location as a unit.
	(issue_warning_error_from_context):  If USE_MAPPED_LOCATION take
	a source_location instead of a wfl context node.
	(check_class_interface_creation):  input_filename is not addressable.
	(create_artificial_method):  Calling java_parser_context_save_global
	and java_parser_context_restore_global is overkill.  Instead,
	temporarily set input_location from class decl.
	(java_layout_seen_class_methods): Set input_location from method decl.
	(fix_constructors): Make more robust if no EXPR_WITH_FILE_LOCATION.
	(finish_loop_body):  Likewise.
	* lex.c: Updates for USE_MAPPED_LOCATION.  Use build_unknwon_wfl.
	(java_sprint_unicode):  Take a character, not index in line.
	(java_sneak_uncode):  Replaced by java_peek_unicode.
	(java_unget_unicode):  No longer used.
	(java_allocate_new_line. java_store_unicode):  Removed, since we
	no longer remember "lines".
	(java_new_lexer):  Update for new data structures.
	(java_read_char):  Move unget_value checking to java_read_unicode.
	(java_get_unicode, java_peek_unicode, java_next_unicode): New more
	efficient functions that are used directly when lexing.
	(java_read_unicode_collapsing_terminators):  No longer needed.
	(java_parse_end_comment, java_parse_escape_sequence, do_java_lex):
	Re-organize to use java_peek_unicode to avoid java_unget_unicode.
	(java_parse_escape_sequence):  Rewrite to be simpler / more efficient.
	(do_java_lex):  Lots of movings around to avoid java_unget_unicode,
	combine switch branches, and test for common token kinds earlier.
	(java_lex_error):  Rewrite.
	* jv-scan.c (expand_location): New function, copied from tree.c.
	(main): Set ctxp->filename instead of setting input_filename directly.

2004-09-30  Per Bothner  <>

	More cleanup for --enable-mapped-location.
	* class.c (push_class):  If USE_MAPPED_LOCATION don't set
	input_location here.  Instead do it in give_name_to_class.
	(build_class_ref):  Set DECL_ARTIFICIAL, for the sake of dwarf2out.
	* expr.c (expand_byte_code): Call linemap_line_start.
	* expr.c (build_expr_wfl):  If USE_MAPPED_LOCATION, change final
	parameters to a source_location.  Don't need EXPR_WFL_FILENAME_NODE.
	(expr_add_location):  New function, if USE_MAPPED_LOCATION.
	* class.c (maybe_layout_super_class):  Adjust build_expr_wfl call

	* java-tree.h (JAVA_FILE_P, ZIP_FILE_P):  Remove unused macros.
	* jcf-parse.c (java_parse_file): Don't set input_filename.
	Use IS_A_COMMAND_LINE_FILENAME_P to check for duplicate filenames.
	Create a list of TRANSLATION_UNIT_DECL.
	(current_file_list):  Is now a TRANSLATION_UNIT_DECL chain.  The
	reason is so we can set a DECL_SOURCE_LOCATION for each file.
	(java_parse_file):  Don't set unused ZIP_FILE_P, JAVA_FILE_P..
	Create line-map LC_ENTER/LC_LEAVE entries for archive itself.
	(file_start_location):  New static.
	(set_source_filename):  Avoid extra access to input_filename macro.
	Concatenate new name with class's package prefix.
	(set_source_filename, give_name_to_class): Update.
	(give_name_to_class):  Set class's "line 0" input_location here.
	(parse_class_file):  Set input_location as a unit.

	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Sanity test if missing inner class file.

2004-09-29  Per Bothner  <>

	* java-tree.h:  Redefine some macros and add some declaration
	to handle the USE_MAPPED_LOCATION case.
	* parse.h (EXPR_WFL_QUALIFICATION):  Use operand 1, not 2.
	* java-tree.h (EXPR_WFL_FILENAME_NODE):  Use operand 2, not 1.
	* java-tree.def (EXPR_WITH_FILE_LOCATION): Only need two operands in

	* check-init.c (check_init): Handle USE_MAPPED_LOCATION case.
	* decl.c (finish_method, java_add_stmt): Likewise.
	* java-gimplify.c (java-gimplify.c):  Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns):  Likewise.
	* lang.c (java_post_options): Likewise - call linemap_add.

2004-09-29  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/17007
	* parse.y (patch_binop): Don't mess with the TREE_SIDE_EFFECTS of the
	result of TRUNC_MOD_EXPR.
	(patch_unaryop): Likewise for CONVERT_EXPR, which may throw.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Mark
	soft_lookupinterfacemethod_node and soft_instanceof_node pure.

2004-09-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/15710:
	* class.c (add_miranda_methods): Load superinterface if not
	already loaded.

2004-09-28  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/17586
	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Don't try to read a class that we've
	already read.

2004-09-28  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Back out previous broken patch.

2004-09-28  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/17586
	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Don't try to read a class that we've
	already read.
	Check that we really did read the right class.

2004-09-25  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/17500:
	* parse.y (create_artificial_method): Use add_method_1.

2004-09-25  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* expr.c, jcf-dump.c, parse-scan.y, parse.y: Fix
	comment typos.
	* gcj.texi: Fix typos.

2004-09-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/15656:
	* parse.y (class_instance_creation_expression): Set `$$' to NULL
	in error parts of rule.
	(unary_expression): Don't call error_if_numeric_overflow when $1
	is NULL.

2004-09-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/16789:
	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Set
	CAN_COMPLETE_NORMALLY on first call when chaining static calls.
	* expr.c (force_evaluation_order): Check for empty argument list
	after stripping COMPOUND_EXPR.

2004-09-23  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/16927:
	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): Call patch_string() on Operand 1 of

2004-09-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/17329:
	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_expr) <SAVE_EXPR>: Ignore case
	where operand is null.

2004-09-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/17380:
	* parse.y (not_accessible_p): Allow access to protected members
	even when class is not static.

2004-09-22  Kelley Cook  <>

	* Revert the gcc-none.o change.

2004-09-22  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* parse.y (patch_anonymous_class): VEC_space returns true if there
	is space.

2004-09-21  Matt Austern  <>

	Fix bootstrap.
	* gjavah.c (free_method_name_list): Fix function definition so
	it's a proper C prototype.

2004-09-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/17575:
	* gjavah.c (free_method_name_list): New method.
	(main): Call it.

2004-09-17  Jeffrey D. Oldham  <>
	    Zack Weinberg  <>

	* java-tree.def: Use tree_code_class enumeration constants
	instead of code letters.
	* java-gimplify.c, jcf-write.c, lang.c, parse.y: Update for
	new tree-class enumeration constants.

2004-09-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/17216:
	* class.c (layout_class_method): Put synthetic methods into the

2004-09-11  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* (java/ggc-none.c): Change dependency
	for ggc.h into $(GGC_H).

2004-09-11  Mohan Embar  <>

	* (java/win32-host.o): Add dependency on
	* win32-host.c: Add includes for coretypes.h, jcf.h

2004-09-11  Mohan Embar  <>

	* (GCJH_OBJS): Change dependency from
	ggc-none.o to java/ggc-none.o
	(JCFDUMP_OBJS): Likewise.
	(java/ggc-none.o): New target.

2004-08-25  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* boehm.c (get_boehm_type_descriptor):  Adjust build_int_cst calls.
	* class.c (build_utf8_ref, build_static_field_ref,
	make_field_value, make_method_value, get_dispatch_table,
	make_class_data, emit_symbol_table, emit_catch_table): Likewise.
	* constants.c (get_tag_node, build_ref_from_constant_pool,
	build_constants_constructor): Likewise.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Likewise.
	* expr.c (build_java_array_length_access, build_newarray,
	expand_java_multianewarray, expand_java_pushc, expand_iinc,
	build_java_binop, build_field_ref, expand_java_add_case,
	expand_java_call, build_known_method_ref, build_invokevirtual,
	build_invokeinterface, build_jni_stub): Likewise.
	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_new_array_init): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Likewise.
	* lex.c (do_java_lex): Likewise.
	* parse.y (patch_binop, patch_unaryop, patch_cast,
	build_newarray_node, patch_newarray): Likewise.
	* resource.c (compile_resource_data): Likewise.
	* typeck.c (build_prim_array_type): Likewise.

2004-08-24  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Adjust
	initialize_sizetypes call.

2004-08-23  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* jv-scan.c (fancy_abort): Add.

2004-08-20  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* expr.c (build_java_arrayaccess): Use convert to change
	len's type.

2004-08-19  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* class.c (make_local_function_alias): Allocate extra space for 'L'
	in name buffer. Reported by Thomas Neumann.

2004-08-19  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* parse.h (JAVA_RADIX10_FLAG): Rename to ...
	(JAVA_NOT_RADIX10_FLAG): ... here.  Invert meaning.
	* lex.c (do_java_lex): Adjust.
	(error_if_numeric_overflow): Likewise.

2004-08-18  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* class.c (make_local_function_alias): Only make a new decl if we
	support alias attribute on all decls.

2004-08-18  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* class.c (make_local_function_alias): New function. Create local
	alias for public method DECL.
	(make_method_value): Use make_local_function_alias.
	* parse.y (craft_constructor): Don't special-case anonymous classes.
	Always set ctor_name to init_identifier_node.
	(lookup_method_invoke): Call layout_class_method when creating
	anonymous class constructor.

2004-08-18  Richard Henderson  <>

	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_expr): Move '2' handling into
	default case.  Treat '<' similarly.  Update for
	is_gimple_formal_tmp_var name change.

2004-08-17  Andrew Haley  <>

	* lang.c (lang_printable_name): Obey verbose flag.
	* parse.y (constructor_circularity_msg): Set VERBOSE arg for
	(verify_constructor_circularity, get_printable_method_name,
	check_abstract_method_definitions, java_check_regular_methods,
	java_check_abstract_methods, check_inner_class_access,
	fix_constructors, patch_method_invocation, patch_return):
	* expr.c (pop_type_0): Likewise.

	* java-tree.h (lang_printable_name_wls): Delete.

2004-08-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/8473:
	* parse.y (primary): Changed for initialized and uninitialized
	array creations.
	(array_access): Handle array_creation_initialized.
	(array_creation_expression): Split into
	array_creation_initialized and array_creation_uninitialized.

2004-08-16  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-write.c (find_constant_index): Canonicalize NaNs when
	generating bytecode.

2004-08-16  Elliot Lee <>

	PR java/9677
	* jcf-parse.c (java_parse_file): Handle filenames with embedded
	spaces, and quoted filelists.

2004-08-15  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* boehm.c (get_boehm_type_descriptor): Use build_int_cst.
	* class.c (build_utf8_ref, build_static_field_ref,
	make_field_value, make_method_value, get_dispatch_table,
	make_class_data, emit_symbol_table, emit_catch_table): Likewise.
	* constants.c (get_tag_node,  build_ref_from_constant_pool,
	build_constants_constructor): Likewise.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Likewise.
	* expr.c (build_java_array_length_access, build_newarray,
	expand_java_multianewarray, expand_java_pushc, expand_iinc,
	build_java_binop, build_field_ref, expand_java_add_case,
	expand_java_call, build_known_method_ref, build_invokevirtual,
	build_invokeinterface, build_jni_stub): Likewise.
	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_new_array_init): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Likewise.
	* lex.c (do_java_lex): Likewise.
	* parse.y (patch_binop, patch_unaryop, patch_cast,
	build_null_of_type, patch_newarray): Likewise.
	* resource.c (compile_resource_data): Likewise.
	* typeck.c (build_prim_array_type): Likewise.

2004-08-10  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_new_array_init): Use create_tmp_var.
	Don't create BLOCK here or call java_gimplify_block.

2004-08-09  H.J. Lu  <>

	* java-tree.h (flag_deprecated): Removed.
	* lang.opt (Wdeprecated): Use existing Var(warn_deprecated).
	* parse.y (check_deprecation): Check warn_deprecated instead of

2004-08-06  Kelley Cook  <>

	* lang.c (flag_emit_class_files, flag_filelist_file, flag_redundant,
	flag_use_divide_subroutine, flag_use_boehm_gc, flag_store_check,
	flag_hash_synchronization, flag_assert, flag_jni, flag_newer,
	flag_check_references, flag_extraneous_semicolon, flag_deprecated,
	flag_force_classes_archive_check, flag_optimize_sci,
	flag_indirect_dispatch): Remove explicit declarations.
	* lang.opt: Add implicit declare/define/assign.  Remove obsolete
	final comment.

2004-08-05  Michael Chastain  <>

	PR bootstrap/14893
	* (java.install-man): Install from either build
	tree or source tree, whichever has the file first.

2004-08-05  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Adjust force_fit_type call.
	* lex.h (SET_LVAL_NODE_TYPE): Remove.
	* lex.c (java_perform_atof): Use SET_LVAL_NODE directly.
	(do_java_lex): Likewise. Adjust force_fit_type call.

2004-08-04  Roger Sayle  <>
	    Andrew Haley  <>

	* typeck.c (convert_ieee_real_to_integer): Call fold on the range
	checking trees as they're being built.
	(convert): Call convert_ieee_real_to_integer if we're
	converting a constant, even if we're writing a class file.

2004-08-02  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	PR java/16701
	* parse.y (fold_constant_for_init): Call resolve_field_access with
	correct current_class context.

2004-08-01  Roger Sayle  <>

	* decl.c (update_aliases, initialize_local_variable): Replace calls
	to build with calls to buildN.
	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_modify_expr): Likewise.
	* parse.h (BUILD_THROW): Likewise.
	* parse.y (switch_expression, synchronized_statement,
	catch_clause_parameter, array_creation_expression,
	conditional_expression, make_qualified_name,
	resolve_qualified_expression_name, patch_method_invocation,
	patch_invoke, build_method_invocation, build_new_invocation,
	build_assignment, patch_assignment, build_binop, patch_binop,
	build_string_concatenation, build_incdec, patch_unaryop,
	patch_cast, build_array_ref, build_newarray_node, patch_newarray,
	patch_return, build_if_else_statement, build_labeled_block,
	build_new_loop, build_loop_body, build_bc_statement,
	build_assertion, encapsulate_with_try_catch, build_try_statement,
	build_try_finally_statement, patch_synchronized_statement,
	emit_test_initialization): Likewise, replace build with buildN.

2004-07-28  Eric Christopher  <>

	(java_unsafe_for_reeval): Ditto.

2004-07-26    <>

	* parse.y (build_super_invocation): Adjust declaration order to
	avoid declaration after statement.

2004-07-25  Bernardo Innocenti  <>

	* decl.c: Rename all identifiers named `class' to `cl'.

2004-07-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* decl.c (build_result_decl): Set DECL_ARTIFICIAL and DECL_IGNORED_P.

2004-07-23  Mike Stump  <>

	* boehm.c (set_bit): Improve type safety wrt unsignedness.
	* gjavah.c (throwable_p, decode_signature_piece,
	print_full_cxx_name, print_include, add_namelet, add_class_decl,
	process_file): Likewise.
	* jcf-dump.c (main): Likewise.
	* jcf-io.c (read_zip_member): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (HANDLE_CONSTANT_Utf8, get_constant,
	give_name_to_class, get_class_constant): Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c (find_constant_wide, push_long_const,
	generate_classfile): Likewise.
	* lex.c (java_new_lexer, java_read_char, cxx_keyword_p): Likewise.
	* parse.y (read_import_dir): Likewise.
	* typeck.c (parse_signature_type): Likewise.
	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Likewise.
	* zextract.c (find_zip_file_start, read_zip_archive): Likewise.

2004-07-23  Thomas Fitzsimmons  <>

	* Replace rmic and rmiregistry references with
	grmic and grmiregistry.
	* gcj.texi: Likewise.

2004-07-20  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/16431.
	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Comment change only.

	* typeck.c (build_java_array_type): Add size field to array name.

	* java-tree.h (LOCAL_SLOT_P): New.
	(update_aliases): Add PC argument.
	(pushdecl_function_level): New function.

	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_expr): Handle VAR_DECL,
	(java_gimplify_modify_expr): New function.

	* expr.c (push_type_0): Call find_stack_slot() to create temporary.
	(expand_iinc): Pass PC to update_aliases().
	(STORE_INTERNAL): Likewise.
	(process_jvm_instruction): Likewise.

	* decl.c (base_decl_map): New variable.
	(uniq): New variable.
	(update_aliases): Rewrite with more thorough checking.
	(debug_variable_p): New function.
	(push_jvm_slot): Don't initialize local variable.  Don't pushdecl.
	(check_local_named_variable): Delete whole function.
	(initialize_local_variable): New function.
	(check_local_unnamed_variable): Add checks and comments.
	(find_local_variable): Rewrite.
	(java_replace_reference): New function.
	(function_binding_level): New variable.
	(pushdecl_function_level): New function.
	(maybe_pushlevels): Set DECL_LOCAL_END_PC.
	(maybe_pushlevels): Call pushdecl() on each of the new decls.
	(start_java_method): Reset uniq.  Create base_decl_map.  Set
	(end_java_method): Null unused fields to save memory.

2004-07-20  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* class.c (add_interface_do): Remove.
	(set_super_info, interface_of_p, maybe_add_interface,
	add_interface, make_class_data, layout_class,
	add_miranda_methods): Adjust BINFO accessors and addition.
	* expr.c (can_widen_reference_to, lookup_field): Adjust BINFO
	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Likewise.
	* parse.y (patch_anonymous_class, check_inner_circular_reference,
	check_circular_reference, java_complete_class,
	check_interface_throws_clauses, java_check_abstract_methods,
	find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Adjust BINFO accessors
	and addition.
	* typeck.c (find_method_in_interfaces): Adjust BINFO accessors.

2004-07-18  Roger Sayle  <>

	* builtins.c (max_builtin, min_builtin,
	java_build_function_call_expr): Replace calls to build with buildN.
	* class.c (build_class_ref, build_static_field_ref,
	get_dispatch_table, make_class_data, layout_class_method): Likewise.
	* constants.c (build_ref_from_constant_pool): Likewise.
	* decl.c (update_aliases, push_jvm_slot, poplevel, finish_method,
	add_stmt_to_compound): Likewise.
	* except.c (build_exception_object_ref, expand_end_java_handler):
	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_case_expr,
	java_gimplify_default_expr, java_gimplify_block,
	java_gimplify_new_array_init, java_gimplify_try_expr): Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Likewise.
	* typeck.c (convert_ieee_real_to_integer): Likewise.

2004-07-17  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* java-tree.h (builtin_function): Declare.

2004-07-16  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* parse.y (java_complete_expand_methods, java_expand_classes): Don't
	abuse restore_line_number_status.

2004-07-15  Frank Ch. Eigler  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (java_emit_static_constructor): Specify default

2004-07-13  Per Bothner  <>

	* java-tree.h (all_class_filename):  Remove useless macro.
	(enum java_tree_index):  Remove JTI_ALL_CLASS_FILENAME constant.
	(BUILD_FILENAME_IDENTIFIER_NODE):  Remove useless macro.
	* parse.y (java_parser_context_restore_global):  Replace
	BUILD_FILENAME_IDENTIFIER_NODE by plain get_identifier.
	* jcf-parse.c (read_class, java_parse_file):  Likewise.

2004-07-12  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	PR java/16474
	gjavah.c (print_field_info): Emit constant only if field is static.

2004-07-11  Roger Sayle  <>

	* expr.c (java_truthvalue_conversion, flush_quick_stack,
	java_stack_swap, java_stack_dup, build_java_athrow, build_java_jsr,
	build_java_ret, build_java_throw_out_of_bounds_exception,
	build_java_array_length_access, java_check_reference,
	build_java_arrayaccess, build_java_arraystore_check, build_newarray,
	build_anewarray, expand_java_multianewarray, expand_java_arraystore,
	expand_java_arrayload, build_java_monitor, expand_java_return,
	expand_load_internal, expand_java_NEW, build_get_class,
	build_instanceof, expand_java_CHECKCAST, expand_iinc,
	build_java_soft_divmod, build_java_binop, build_field_ref,
	expand_compare, expand_java_goto, expand_java_switch,
	expand_java_add_case, build_class_init, build_known_method_ref,
	invoke_build_dtable, build_invokevirtual, build_invokeinterface,
	expand_invoke, build_jni_stub, expand_java_field_op,
	java_expand_expr, expand_byte_code, STORE_INTERNAL,
	force_evaluation_order, emit_init_test_initialization): Convert
	calls to "build" into calls to the prefered "buildN" functions.

2004-07-11  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* java-tree.h (set_block): Remove.
	* lang.c (java_clear_binding_stack): New.
	* decl.c (struct binding_level): Remove this_block.
	(clear_binding_level): Likewise.
	(poplevel): Don't handle this_block.
	(set_block): Remove.

2004-07-10  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* class.c (common_enclosing_context_p): Remove statement with no

2004-07-09  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	PR java/8618
	* parse.y (create_anonymous_class): Remove 'location' argument. Use
	the WFL from TYPE_NAME to get line number for the decl. Fix comment.
	(craft_constructor): Inherit access flags for implicit constructor
	from the enclosing class.
	(create_class): Fix comment typo.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Pass type of qualifier to
	not_accessible_p, not the type in which target field was found.
	(not_accessible_p): Handle inner classes. Expand protected
	qualifier-subtype check to enclosing instances, but don't apply this
	check to static members. Allow protected access to inner classes
	of a subtype. Allow private access within common enclosing context.
	(build_super_invocation): Get WFL line number info from current
	class decl.
	(build_incomplete_class_ref): Update for new create_anonymous_class
	* class.c (common_enclosing_context_p): New. Determine if types
	share a common enclosing context, even across static contexts.
	(common_enclosing_instance_p): Renamed from
	common_enclosing_context_p. Determines if types share a common
	non-static enclosing instance.
	* java-tree.h (common_enclosing_instance_p): Declare.
	* jcf-write.c (get_method_access_flags): New. Surpress private flag
	for inner class constructors.
	(generate_classfile): Use get_method_access_flags.

2004-07-09  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* class.c (interface_of_p): Check for null TYPE_BINFO.

2004-07-09  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* class.c (make_class): Do not create binfo here.
	(set_super_info): Create it here.
	* java-tree.h (CLASS_HAS_SUPER): Cope with lack of a binfo.

2004-07-08  Richard Henderson  <>

	* expr.c (case_identity, get_primitive_array_vtable,
	java_expand_expr, emit_init_test_initialization): Remove.
	* java-tree.h (java_expand_expr): Remove.
	* lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_EXPAND_EXPR): Remove.

2004-07-07  Per Bothner  <>

	* class.c (build_static_field_ref):  Add a NOP_EXPR; otherwise we
	get internal error due to mismatched types.

	* gcj.texi (Invoking gij):  Document new -verbose:class flag.

	* gcj.texi (Linking):   New node.  Document -lgij usage.

2004-07-07  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* java-tree.h (CLASSTYPE_SPUER): Adjust BINFO macros.
	* java/class.c (set_super_info, class_depth, interface_of_p,
	maybe_add_interface, add_interface, make_class_data,
	layout_class, add_miranda_methods): Adjust BINFO macros.
	* expr.c (can_widen_reference_to, lookup_field): Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Likewise.
	* parse.y (patch_anonymous_class,
	check_inner_circular_reference, check_circular_reference,
	java_complete_class, check_abstract_method_definitions,
	check_interface_throws_clauses, java_check_abstract_methods,
	find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Likewise.
	* typeck.c (find_method_in_interface): Likewise.
	* verify.c (merge_types): Likewise.

2004-07-06  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* java-tree.h (CLASS_HAS_SUPER_FLAG): Use BINFO_FLAG_1.
	* class.c (add_interface_do): Use BINFO_VIRTUAL_P.

2004-07-05  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* class.c (make_class): Use make_tree_binfo.
	(set_super_info, add_interface_do): Likewise.
	* java-tree.h (CLASS_HAS_SUPER_FLAG): Expect a BINFO.

2004-07-04  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* verify.c: Correct array element access formatting thinko.

2004-07-04  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* verify.c: Insert a short blurb at the start referring to the JVMS.
	(merge_type_state): Remove redundant nested if statement.
	(verify_jvm_instructions): Ensure current_subr is initialised to
	Minor formatting fixes all over the place.

2004-07-02  Richard Henderson  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns <case SAVE_EXPR>): Rewrite.

2004-07-01  Richard Henderson  <>

	* class.c (registerClass_libfunc): Remove.
	(init_class_processing): Don't set it.
	(emit_register_classes): Take list_p parameter.  Fill it in
	with _Jv_RegisterClass calls.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Don't call
	* jcf-parse.c (java_emit_static_constructor): New.
	(java_parse_file): Call it.
	* resource.c (registerResource_libfunc): Remove.
	(init_resource_processing): Remove.
	(write_resource_constructor): Take list_p parameter.  Fill it in
	with _Jv_RegisterResource calls.
	* java-tree.h: Update prototypes.

2004-06-29  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	PR java/1262
	* class.c (layout_class_method): Do not override package-private
	method if its in a different package.
	(split_qualified_name): Move here from parse.y. Rename from
	breakdown_qualified. Add comment.
	(in_same_package): Move here from parse.y. Add comment.
	* java-tree.h (break_down_qualified, in_same_package): Declare.
	(in_same_package): Likewise.
	* parse.y (breakdown_qualified, in_same_package): Moved to class.c.
	Callers updated.

2004-06-29  Andrew Haley  <>

	* except.c (expand_start_java_handler): Push a new binding level.
	Don't build a TRY_CATCH_EXPR now, we'll do it later.  Call
	register_exception_range() to register where we'll do it.
	(expand_end_java_handler): Remove old bogus code.  Replace with
	new logic that simply builds TRY_CATCH_EXPRs and inserts them at
	the top of the expression we're curently building.
	(maybe_end_try): Delete.
	* decl.c (binding_level.exception_range): New field.
	(clear_binding_level): Add field exception_range.  Reformat.
	(poplevel): Call expand_end_java_handler().
	(poplevel): Call java_add_stmt only if functionbody is false.
	(maybe_poplevels): Don't call maybe_end_try() from here.
	(end_java_method): Clear no longer used trees in function decl.
	(register_exception_range): New function.
	* java-tree.h (register_exception_range, struct eh_range): Declare.

2004-06-28  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* jcf-write.c (get_classfile_modifiers): Formatting fixes.

2004-06-27  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	Formatting fixes.
	* expr.c (class_has_finalize_method): Fix method name indentation.
	(expand_java_call): Remove K&R style parameter declaration.
	(expand_invoke): Fix statement indentation.
	(expand_java_field_op): Likewise.
	* parse-scan.y: Fix typo.
	(reset_report): Fix method name indentation.
	* parse.y (unresolved_type_p, build_expr_block): Remove extra blank
	line. Fix typos.
	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Document parameters, insert
	page break.
	* lang.c (lang_init_source): Fix method name indentation.
	* class.c (common_enclosing_context_p): Likewise.
	(emit_symbol_table): Fix parameter list indentation.
	* decl.c (add_stmt_to_compound, java_add_stmt): Remove K&R style
	parameter declaration.
	* constants.c: Fix copyright notice indentation.
	* typeck.c (find_method_in_superclasses): Fix parameter list
	(find_method_in_interfaces): Likewise.
	* zextract.c (makelong): Fix method name indentation.

2004-06-26  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	PR java/15715.
	* parse.y (create_interface): Set correct access modifiers for
	* jcf-write.c (get_classfile_modifiers): New function.
	(generate_classfile): Use get_classfile_modifiers, not

2004-06-26  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (register_incomplete_type): Set JDEP_ENCLOSING for "super"
	dependency to current parser context, not NULL_TREE, for top-level
	(jdep_resolve_class): Enable member access check for all inner
	class dependencies.

2004-06-26  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (qualify_and_find): Pass type decl, not identifier, to

2004-06-26  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	PR java/15734
	* expr.c (expand_java_field_op): Ensure that target class for static
	field access has been loaded.

2004-06-26  Bryce McKinlay  <>
	    Ranjit Mathew  <>

	PR java/1207, java/16178
	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Return immediately if passed a type decl
	where CLASS_FROM_SOURCE_P is set. Remove FIXME.
	* parse.y (do_resolve_class): Remove checks for CLASS_FROM_SOURCE_P
	before calling load_class.
	(qualify_and_find): Likewise.
	(find_in_imports_on_demand): Likewise.
	(find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Likewise.

2004-06-24  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (java_layout_seen_class_methods): Don't call load_class
	on class defined by source parser.

2004-06-23  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (set_nested_class_simple_name_value): Removed.
	(java_complete_expand_class): Remove calls to

2004-06-22  Andrew Haley  <>
	    Ranjit Mathew  <>

	Fixes PR java/16113.
	* decl.c (force_poplevels): Remove call to expand_end_bindings.

2004-06-22  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* parse.y (create_class): Correct diagnostic message about
	java.lang.Object extending anything else.

2004-06-21  Richard Kenner  <>

	* class.c (build_class_ref): Add new operand for COMPONENT_REF.
	(build_static_field_ref): Likewise and add new operands for ARRAY_REF.
	* constants.c (build_ref_from_constant_pool): Likewise.
	* expr.c (build_java_array_length_access): Likewise.
	(build_get_class, build_field_ref, build_known_method_ref): Likewise.
	(invoke_build_dtable, build_invokevirtual): Likewise.
	(build_invokeinterface, java_expand_expr): Likewise.
	(emit_init_test_initialization): Likewise.
	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_new_array_init): Likewise.
	* parse.y (make_qualifed_name, build_array_ref): Likewise.

2004-06-21  Andrew Haley  <>

	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_block): set TREE_USED on the new

2004-06-21  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* jcf.h (struct JCF): Change java_source, right_zip and finished
	to unsigned int.
	* lex.h (struct java_lexer): Change hit_eof, read_anything,
	byte_swap and use_fallback to unsigned int.
	* parse.h (struct _jdep): Change flag0 to unsigned int.

2004-06-17  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	Fixes PR java/13948
	* parse.y (java_layout_seen_class_methods): Ensure class is loaded
	before trying to lay out its methods.
	* jcf-parse.c (read_class): Track parsed files using canonical paths
	obtained via lrealpath from libiberty.
	(java_parse_file): Likewise.
	(parse_source_file_1): Rename formal parameter to reflect its
	modified purpose. Minor formatting fix.

2004-06-15  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* class.c (emit_register_classes): Make the function uninlinable,
	do not set current_function_cannot_inline.
	* resource.c (write_resource_constructor): Do not reset
	flag_inline_functions around rest_of_compilation.

2004-06-08  Andrew Pinski  <>

	PR java/15769
	* expr.c (java_truthvalue_conversion): Handle
	ORDERED_EXPR, and UNORDERED_EXPR as comparison operators,
	i.e. return the expression.

2004-06-03 Mark G. Adams  <>

	* gjavah.c: Include version.h

2004-05-31  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_conditional): Correct handling
	of unordered conditionals. Add comment.

2004-05-29  Ranjit Mathew  <>
	    Per Bothner  <>

	* java-tree.h (DECL_LOCAL_FINAL_IUD): New macro to test if a
	local variable was initialised upon declaration.
	* parse.y (declare_local_variables): Set DECL_LOCAL_FINAL_IUD if
	variable was final and initialised upon declaration.
	* check-init.c (check_final_reassigned): Give error only if a blank
	final is not definitely unassigned or if an initialised final is
	(check_bool_init): Respect JLS2 16.1.7 requirements for boolean
	assignment expressions. Remove case MODIFY_EXPR, label do_default.
	(check_init): Perform initialised-variable-removing-optimisation
	only on non-final local variables.

2004-05-28  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_conditional): Handle binops
	(generate_bytecode_insns): Likewise.

2004-05-28  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Handle binops UNLT_EXPR, UNLE_EXPR,

2004-05-28  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* gcj.texi (Object allocation): Remove _Jv_AllocBytes.
	(Mixing with C++): Document JvAllocBytes and RawDataManaged.

2004-05-26  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* decl.c (struct binding_level): Add GTY marker. Compile
	binding_depth unconditionally.
	(current_binding_level, free_binding_level, global_binding_level):
	(clear_binding_level): Unconditionally set binding_depth.
	(make_binding_level): Use ggc_alloc_cleared, not xmalloc.

2004-05-26  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* lex.c (java_new_lexer): Set 'encoding'.
	(java_read_char): Improve error message for unrecognized characters.
	* lex.h (struct java_lexer): New field 'encoding'.

2004-05-23  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* Link in $(LIBCPP) instead of mkdeps.o.

2004-05-21  Mark Wielaard  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_stub_or_jni): Mark functions only JNIEXPORT, not

2004-05-19  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* typeck.c: Remove non-printable character 160.

2004-05-17  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* check-init.c: Correct minor typos.

2004-05-13  Diego Novillo  <>

	*, expr.c, java-gimplify.c: Rename
	tree-simple.[ch] to tree-gimple.[ch].

2004-05-14  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* java-gimplify.c (java_gimplify_expr): Correct minor typos.

2004-05-13  Diego Novillo  <>

	Merge from tree-ssa-20020619-branch.  See
	ChangeLog.tree-ssa for details.

	*, builtins.c, check-init.c, class.c,
	constants.c, decl.c, except.c, expr.c, java-except.h,
	java-tree.def, java-tree.h, jcf-parse.c, jcf-write.c,
	lang.c, lang.opt, parse.y, resource.c: Merged.
	* java-gimplify.c: New file.

2004-05-10  Andrew Haley  <>

	* parse.y (create_class): Set TYPE_VFIELD.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Likewise.

	* expr.c (build_invokevirtual): Remove DECL_VINDEX offset adjustment.
	* class.c (make_method_value): Replace DECL_VINDEX with call to
	(get_dispatch_vector): Likewise.
	(layout_class_method): Likewise.
	Replace set of DECL_VINDEX with call to set_method_index().
	(set_method_index): New function.
	(get_method_index): New function.
	* java-tree.h (set_method_index): New function decl.
	(get_method_index): New function decl.

2004-05-10  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* parse.y (check_pkg_class_access): Add new argument
	and use it when cl is NULL to call lookup_cl on it.
	(parser_check_super_interface): Do not call lookup_cl.
	Pass this_decl to check_pkg_class_access and NULL
	instead of lookup_cl.
	(parser_check_super): Update for change in
	(do_resolve_class): Likewise.
	(process_imports): Likewise.
	(find_in_imports_on_demand): Likewise.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Likewise.

2004-05-06  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	Fixes PR java/9685, PR java/15073
	* parse.y (accessibility_string): New method.
	(not_accessible_field_error): Use accessibility_string()
	instead of java_accstring_lookup().
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Check with
	check_pkg_class_access() before allowing access using
	qualified names.
	Fix comment typo.
	Use check_pkg_class_access() instead of not_accessible_p()
	for unqualified types.
	(not_accessible_p): Use DECL_CONTEXT (member) instead of
	REFERENCE for package-private access checking.
	(patch_method_invocation): Use accessibility_string() instead
	of java_accstring_lookup().

2004-04-30  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	Fixes PR java/15133
	* gjavah.c (struct method_name): Add member is_native.
	(overloaded_jni_method_exists_p): Match candidate method only if
	it is native.
	(print_method_info): Initialise is_native flag from the method's
	access flags.

2004-04-30  Roger Sayle  <>

	* builtins.c (java_builtins): Add acos, asin, ceil and floor.
	(initialize_builtins): Likewise, define acos, asin, ceil and floor.

2004-04-22  Roger Sayle  <>

	* resource.c (write_resource_constructor): Guard call to possibly
	NULL targetm.asm_out.constructor with targetm.have_ctors_dtors.

2004-04-19  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* class.c (make_class_data): Add new field aux_info.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Push type and decl for

2004-04-15  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* expr.c (expand_java_NEW): Don't use size argument for
	_Jv_AllocObject calls.
	* parse.y (patch_invoke): Likewise.

2004-04-12  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* expr.c (build_invokeinterface): Remove unused variables to
	fix warnings.

2004-04-12  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* class.c (get_interface_method_index): New function. Return dispatch
	index for interface method.
	(make_method_value): For interface methods, set index field to
	iface dispatch index, not DECL_VINDEX.
	* expr.c (build_invokeinterface): Use get_interface_method_index.

2004-03-31  Richard Kenner  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Use TYPE_UNSIGNED.

2004-03-31  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/14104
	* jcf-io.c (opendir_in_zip): Tidy up error handling.

2004-03-30  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* builtins.c, expr.c, jcf.h, parse.h: Use new shorter
	form of GTY markers.

2004-03-25  Marcus Meissner  <>

	PR java/14689:
	* jcf-path.c (jcf_path_extdirs_arg): Add missing closedir.

2004-03-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/14315:
	* jcf-write.c (make_class_file_name): Don't report if mkdir
	failed with EEXIST.

2004-03-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Extensions): Document GCJ_PROPERTIES.

2004-03-20  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* class.c, gjavah.c, lang.c: Fix comment typos.
	* gcj.texi: Fix typos.

2004-03-19  Per Bothner  <>

	* gcj.texi (Code Generation):  Document new flags and assert defaults.

	* class.c (assume_compiled_node_struct):  Rename type to
	class_flag_node_struct, as it is now also used for enable_assertions.
	Rename assume_compiled_node typedef.  Rename excludep field to value.
	(find_assume_compiled_node):  Rename function to find_class_flag_node.
	Minor optimization - avoid needless strlen.
	(add_assume_compiled):  Some tweaking and optimization.
	Rename and generalize to add_class_flag takem an extra parameter.
	(add_assume_compled):  New just calls add_class_flag.
	(add_enable_assert, enable_assertions):  New functions.
	(enable_assert_tree):  New static.
	* java-tree.h (add_enable_assert, enable_assertions): New declarations.
	* lang.opt (fenable-assertions, fenable-assertions=,
	fdisable-assertions, fdisable-assertions=):  New options.
	* lang.c (java_handle_option):  Handle new options.
	* parse.y (build_incomplete_class_ref):  Handle class$ in an inner
	class in an interface - create helper class nested in outer interface.
	(build_assertion):  Short-circuit if enable_assertions is false.

2004-03-18  Richard Kenner <>

	* java-tree.h: Changes throughout to add checking to macros
	and numerous whitespace changes.
	(VAR_OR_FIELD_CHECK): New macro.
	* jcf-write.c (get_access_flags): Use FIELD_PUBLIC, METHOD_PUBLIC,

2004-03-16  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf-jump.c (options):  New --print-constants option.
	* gcj.texi (Invoking jcf-dump):  Document --print-constants.

	* jcf-dump.c (flag_print_constant_pool):  Default to off.
	(print_constant_terse_with_index):  New helper function.
	(various places):  Check flag_print_constant_pool where missing.
	(main):  If verbose set flag_print_constant_pool.
	(HANDLE_INNERCLASSES_ATTRIBUTE):  Null inner class name is anonymous.

2004-03-15  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/14581
	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): Check that final variable has an

2004-03-12  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/14551
	* typeck.c (convert): Clear TREE_OVERFLOW after an integer

2004-02-29  Roger Sayle  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (java_parse_file): Handle the case that input_filename
	is NULL.

2004-02-27  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (build_assertion):  Re-do 02-25 change following Jeff Sturm
	suggestion:  Use build_incomplete_class_ref.
	This fixes PR java/13508, java/11714.

2004-02-27  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* java/parse.h: Update copyright.

2004-02-26  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/14231:
	* parse.y (check_interface_throws_clauses): Check for
	!METHOD_INVISIBLE (iface_method).
	* class.c (layout_class_methods): Check for CLASS_INTERFACE as

2004-02-25  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (build_assertion):  If we're in an inner class, create the
	class$ helper routine in the outer class.

2004-02-19  Richard Henderson  <>

	* parse.y (switch_label): Use make_node for DEFAULT_EXPR.

2004-02-16  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* (java.install-man): Add extra dependencies.

2004-02-13  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* Install man pages under the same names
	(possibly transformed) as the program they document.

2004-02-10  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gjavah.c: Include "intl.h".
	(error): New function.
	(main): Call gcc_init_libintl.
	(get_field_name, throwable_p, print_c_decl, print_full_cxx_name,
	print_stub_or_jni, process_file, main): Use error rather than
	(print_method_info, usage, help, version, main): Mark strings for
	translation with _.  Avoid splitting up sentences.  Send
	information messages to stdout.
	* jcf-dump.c: Include "intl.h".
	(main): Call gcc_init_libintl.
	(process_class, usage, help, version, main, CHECK_PC_IN_RANGE):
	Mark error, usage and version messages for translation with _.
	Avoid splitting up sentences.
	* jv-scan.c: Include "intl.h".
	(fatal_error, warning): Change parameter s to msgid.  Translate
	(main): Call gcc_init_libintl.
	(usage, help, version): Mark error, usage and version messages for
	translation with _.  Avoid splitting up sentences.
	* jvgenmain.c: Include "intl.h".
	(main): Call gcc_init_libintl.
	(usage, main): Mark error messages for translation with _.
	JVGENMAIN_OBJS): Add intl.o.
	(java/jcf-dump.o, java/gjavah.o, java/jv-scan.o,
	java/jvgenmain.o): Update dependencies.

2004-02-08  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name):  In case of inaccessible
	class don't use not_accessible_field_error, which can get confused.

2004-02-05  Kelley Cook  <> (po-generated):  Delete.

2004-02-05  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* (java/decl.o, java/expr.o, java/parse.o):
	Depend on target.h.
	* decl.c: Include target.h.
	(start_java_method): Replace PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES with
	* expr.c: Include target.h.
	(pop_arguments): Replace PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES with
	* parse.y: Include target.h.
	(start_complete_expand_method): Replace PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES
	with targetm.calls.promote_prototypes.

2004-02-04  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* typeck.c: Update copyright.

2004-02-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Remove duplicate

2004-01-30  Kelley Cook  <>

	* (doc/gcj.dvi): Use $(abs_docdir).

2004-01-28  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* expr.c (build_field_ref): Move variable
	definition up.

2004-01-28  Andrew Haley  <>

	* expr.c (build_field_ref): Widen field offset.

2004-01-27  Andrew Haley  <>

	* parse.y (check_interface_throws_clauses): Make sure class_decl
	has been loaded.

2004-01-22  Jeff Sturm  <>

	PR java/13733
	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Don't modify lhs_type for
	reference assignments.

2004-01-20  Kelley Cook  <>

	* Replace $(docdir) with doc.
	(, java.srcinfo,, java.srcman): New rules.
	(java.install-man): Revamp rule.

2004-01-20  Kelley Cook  <>

	GCJH_TARGET_INSTALL_NAME): Define via a immediate $(shell)
	instead of deferred backquote.

2004-01-16  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* typeck.c (find_method_in_interfaces): Move variable
	definition up.

2004-01-16  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/13273:
	* typeck.c (shallow_find_method): New.
	(find_method_in_superclasses): New.
	(find_method_in_interfaces): New.
	(lookup_do): Rewrite.
	* java-tree.h (SEARCH_ONLY_INTERFACE): Delete.

	* jcf-parse.c (read_class): Save and restore output_class.
	* decl.c (java_expand_body): Set output_class from fndecl.

2004-01-15  Michael Chastain  <>

	* class.c (gen_indirect_dispatch_tables): Fix string length

2004-01-15  Kelley Cook  <>

	* (parse.c, parse-scan.c): Always build in doc directory.
	(java.srcextra): Copy above back to source directory if requested.
	(po-generated): Delete reference to $(parsedir).
	(java/parse.o, java/parse-scan.o): Delete reference to $(parsedir).
	Use implicit rule.

2004-01-14  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* lang.c (java_estimate_num_insns_1): Fix bug in MODIFY_EXPR cost

2004-01-09  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* java-tree.h (java_expand_expr): Change prototype.
	* expr.c (java_expand_expr): Add alt_rtl parameter.

2004-01-09  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/12755:
	* parse.y (java_fix_constructors):  Set output_class.
	(java_reorder_fields): Likewise.
	(java_layout_classes): Likewise.
	(java_expand_classes): Generate indirect dispatch tables.
	(java_expand_classes): Set output_class.
	(java_finish_classes): Likewise.
	* lang.c (java_init): Turn on always_initialize_class_p if we're
	using indirect dis[atch.
	(java_decl_ok_for_sibcall): Use output_class, not current_class.
	(java_get_callee_fndecl): Use class local atable.
	* jcf-parse.c
	(always_initialize_class_p): Decl moved to java-tree.h.
	(HANDLE_CLASS_INFO): Set output_class.
	(read_class): Likewise.
	(parse_class_file): Call gen_indirect_dispatch_tables.
	(parse_zip_file_entries): Set output_class.
	(java_parse_file): Set output_class.  Don't emit symbol tables.
	* java-tree.h (output_class): New.
	Remove global declarations for otable, atable, and ctable.
	(always_initialize_class_p): moved here from decl.c.
	(struct lang_type): Add otable_methods, otable_decl,
	otable_syms_decl, atable_methods, atable_decl, atable_syms_decl,
	ctable_decl, catch_classes, type_to_runtime_map.
	* expr.c (build_field_ref): Make otable, atable, and ctable class
	local rather than global.
	(build_known_method_ref): Likewise.
	(build_invokeinterface): Likewise.
	(java_expand_expr): Pass runtime type (rather than actual type) to
	* except.c (prepare_eh_table_type): Create TYPE_TO_RUNTIME_MAP for
	this class.  Look up each class in that map to delete duplicates.
	(expand_end_java_handler): Pass runtime type (rather than actual
	type) to expand_start_catch.
	* decl.c: (always_initialize_class_p): Decl moved to java-tree.h.
	(do_nothing): New.
	(java_init_decl_processing): Rearrange things.  Remove global
	declarations of otable, atable, and ctable.
	(java_init_decl_processing): Make lang_eh_runtime_type do_nothing.
	(java_expand_body): Set output_class.
	* constants.c (build_constant_data_ref): Use output_class, not
	(alloc_name_constant): Likewise.
	* class.c (gen_indirect_dispatch_tables): New.
	(build_class_ref): Generate hard reference to superclass, even if
	using indirect dispatch.
	(build_static_field_ref): Use class local atable.
	(make_class_data): Generate hard reference to superclass, even if
	using indirect dispatch.
	Generate symbolic references to interfaces when using indirect
	(make_class_data): Emit otable, atable, and ctable.
	Make otable, atable, and ctable class local rather than global.
	(emit_catch_table): Make otable, atable, and ctable class local
	rather than global.

2003-12-25  Andrew Pinski  <>

	* parse.y (catch_clause_parameter): Fix typo.

	PR java/13404
	* parse.y: (catch_clause_parameter): Return early if $3, aka
	formal_parameter, is null.

2003-12-20  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* class.c: Remove uses of "register" specifier in
	declarations of arguments and local variables.
	* decl.c: Likewise.
	* expr.c: Likewise.
	* gjavah.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-dump.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-io.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c: Likewise.
	* keyword.h: Likewise.
	* parse.y: Likewise.
	* typeck.c: Likewise.
	* verify.c: Likewise.

2003-12-06  Kelley Cook  <>

	* (GCJ_CROSS_NAME): Delete.
	(java.install_common, java.install-man): Adjust for above.
	(java.uninstall): Likewise.

2003-12-03  Michael Koch  <>

	* class.c (make_class_data):
	Push field value to 'hack_signers' instead of 'signers'.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing):
	Push field 'hack_signers' instead of 'signers'.

2003-12-03  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* lex.h: Check both HAVE_ICONV and HAVE_ICONV_H before
	including iconv.h.

2003-12-03  Ralph Loader  <>

	PR java/12374:
	* parse.y (qualify_ambiguous_name): Remove lots of broken
	field access processing - there's no need to do that here,
	because we have resolve_field_access.  Remove
	RESOLVE_EXPRESSION_NAME_P as it isn't used anywhere else.
	* java-tree.h: Remove RESOLVE_EXPRESSION_NAME_P as it isn't

2003-12-01  Jeff Sturm  <>

	Fix PR java/13237
	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): Save location prior to patching

2003-11-25  Mohan Embar  <>

	PR java/12548
	* resource.c (write_resource_constructor): Append
	"_resource" to constructor identifier name.

2003-11-25  Jeff Sturm  <>

	Fix PR java/13183.
	* constants.c (cpool_for_class): New function.
	(outgoing_cpool): Remove global variable.
	(alloc_name_constant): Use cpool_for_class.
	(build_constants_constructor): Likewise.
	* decl.c (java_expand_body): Set current_class.
	* java-tree.h (outgoing_cpool) Remove declaration.
	(init_outgoing_cpool): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (init_outgoing_cpool): Remove function.
	(parse_class_file): Don't call init_outgoing_cpool.
	* parse.y (java_complete_expand_methods): Don't call
	init_outgoing_cpool.  Don't save outgoing_cpool.
	(java_expand_classes): Don't restore outgoing_cpool.
	(java_finish_classes): Likewise.

2003-11-24  Mohan Embar  <>

	* (java.install-common) Add
	symlink for $(target_noncanonical)-gcjh for
	native builds.

2003-11-20  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* (java.extraclean): Delete.

2003-11-20  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* (check-java): Add.

2003-11-19  Jeff Sturm  <>

	Fix PR java/13024.
	* except.c (prepare_eh_table_type): Allocate variable-sized
	buffer `buf' with alloca.

2003-11-17  Jeff Sturm  <>

	Fix PR java/12857.

	decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Don't initialize
	class_not_found_type_node, no_class_def_found_type_node.

	JTI_NO_CLASS_DEF_FOUND_TYPE_NODE): Remove from java_tree_index.
	(class_not_found_type_node, no_class_def_found_type_node):
	Don't define.

	parse.y (build_dot_class_method_invocation): Add this_class
	argument.  Qualify method invocations to a different class.
	(create_new_parser_context): Initialize saved_data_ctx to 0.
	(java_parser_context_save_global): Initialize saved_data_ctx to 1.
	(build_dot_class_method): Don't load classes.  Register
	incomplete types.
	(build_incomplete_class_ref): Special cases for interfaces
	and inner classes.  Move build_dot_class_method call to here...
	(patch_incomplete_class_ref): ...from here.  Pass current_class
	to build_dot_class_method_invocation.
	(build_assertion): Pass class_type to
	(encapsulate_with_try_catch): Handle EXPR_WITH_FILE_LOCATION node.

2003-11-17  Jeff Sturm  <>

	Fix PR java/12739.
	* java-tree.h (BLOCK_EMPTY_P): Define.
	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): Check for empty blocks

2003-11-17  Andrew Haley  <>

	* java-tree.h (LOCAL_VAR_OUT_OF_SCOPE_P): New.
	(struct lang_decl_var:freed): New variable.
	* decl.c (poplevel): Mark local vars that have gone out of scope.
	(push_jvm_slot): Don't use the RTL of a var that has gone out of

2003-11-16  Jason Merrill  <>

	* (java.tags): Create TAGS.sub files in each directory
	and TAGS files that include them for each front end.

2003-11-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_stub_or_jni): Pass `env' to FatalError.

2003-11-12  Jason Merrill  <>

	PR optimization/12547
	* lang.c (java_tree_inlining_walk_subtrees): Just walk
	BLOCK_EXPR_BODY directly.

2003-11-12  Andrew Haley  <>

	PR java/11045
	* parse.y (fold_constant_for_init): Check that we really do have a

	PR java/11533
	* lang.c (merge_init_test_initialization): Clear DECL_INITIAL for
	init_test_decls being inlined.

	PR java/12890:
	* parse.y (do_resolve_class): Check return value from

2003-11-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/12915:
	* parse.y (merge_string_cste): Handle case where we have a
	pointer that happens to be zero, not null_pointer_node.

2003-11-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (classify_zip_file): Correctly compare
	filename_length against length of manifest file's name.

2003-11-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/12894:
	* jcf-parse.c (classify_zip_file): Only skip MANIFEST.MF file.

2003-11-06  Andrew Haley  <>

	* expr.c (java_stack_swap): Make sure destination stack slots are
	of the correct type.

2003-11-03  Kelley Cook  <>

	* (dvi): Move targets to $(docobjdir).
	(gcj.dvi): Simplify rule and adjust target.
	( Simplify rule.
	(gcj.pod): New intermediate rule.
	(gcjh.pod): Likewise.
	(jv-scan.pod): Likewise.
	(jcf-dump.pod): Likewise.
	(gij.pod): Likewise.
	(jv-convert.pod): Likewise.
	(rmic.pod): Likewise.
	(rmiregistry.pod): Likewise.
	(gcj.1): Delete.
	(gcjh.1): Delete.
	(jv-scan.1): Delete.
	(jcf-dump.1): Delete.
	(gij.1): Delete.
	(jv-convert.1): Delete.
	(rmic.1): Delete.
	(rmiregistry.1): Delete.

2003-11-02  Jeff Sturm  <>

	Fixes PR java/12866.
	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Move test
	for outer field access methods from here...
	(check_thrown_exceptions) here.

2003-11-01  Kelley Cook  <>

	* .cvsignore: Delete.

2003-10-28  Frank Ch. Eigler  <>

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Don't warn about legal
	eh binding regions generated for example by jdk 1.4.1.

2003-10-24  David S. Miller  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_parse): Fix args to fatal_error().

2003-10-22  Andrew Haley  <>

	(java_get_callee_fndecl): New.

	* jcf-parse.c (java_parse_file): Call emit_catch_table().

	* java-tree.h (ctable_decl): New.
	(catch_classes):  New.
	(java_tree_index): Add JTI_CTABLE_DECL, JTI_CATCH_CLASSES.

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Add catch_class_type.
	Add ctable_decl.
	Add catch_classes field.

	* class.c (build_indirect_class_ref): Break out from
	(make_field_value): Check flag_indirect_dispatch.
	(make_class_data): Ditto.
	Tidy uses of PUSH_FIELD_VALUE.
	Add field catch_classes.
	(make_catch_class_record): New.

	* java-tree.h (PUSH_FIELD_VALUE): Tidy.

2003-10-22  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* jcf-write.c: Follow spelling conventions.
	* parse.y: Likewise.

2003-10-22  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* ChangeLog: Fix typos.
	* expr.c: Fix comment typos.
	* jcf-write.c: Likewise.
	* lang.c: Likewise.
	* lex.c: Likewise.
	* mangle.c: Likewise.
	* parse-scan.y: Likewise.
	* parse.y: Likewise.

2003-10-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (expand_byte_code): Only warn about dead bytecode when
	extra_warnings is set.

2003-10-22  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	Fix for	PR java/12586.
	* mangle.c (find_compression_record_match): Don't iterate through
	package namespace elements unless they all match compression_table

2003-10-20  Kelley Cook  <>

	* (info): Honor $(parsedir) and $(docobjdir).
	(generate-manpages): Likewise.
	(java.maintainer-clean): Likewise.
	( Likewise.
	(gcj.1): Likewise.
	(gcjh.1): Likewise.
	(jv-scan.1): Likewise.
	(jcf-dump.1): Likewise.
	(gij.1): Likewise.
	(jv-convert.1): Likewise.
	(rmic.1): Likewise.
	(rmiregistry.1): Likewise.
	(java.install-man): Likewise.
	(parse-scan.o): Move and define complete compile line.
	(parse.o): Likewise.
	(jcf-tree-inline.o): Move.

2003-10-20  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* (info): Update dependencies.
	(java.install-info): Remove.
	($(srcdir)/java/ Replace with ...
	($(docobjdir)/ ... this.

2003-10-14  Nathanael Nerode  <>

	* Replace uses of $(target_alias) with

2003-10-09  Tom Tromey  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Declare signers field.
	* class.c (make_class_data): Set signers field.

2003-10-09  Jason Merrill  <>

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Use make_node to create a BLOCK.
	* parse.h (BUILD_PTR_FROM_NAME): Use make_node to create a

2003-10-06  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* ( Replace with ...
	(info): ... this.
	(java.dvi): Replace with ...
	(dvi): ... this.
	(java.generated-manpages): Replace with ...

2003-10-03  Kelley Cook  <>

	* builtins.c, jcf.h, jvspec.c: Remove PARAMS macros.

2003-10-01  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (java_parse_file): Write otable and atable.
	* java-tree.h (atable_methods): New.
	(atable_decl): New.
	(atable_syms_decl): New.
	(enum java_tree_index): Add JTI_ATABLE_METHODS, JTI_ATABLE_DECL,
	(symbol_*type): Rename method_symbol* to symbol*type.
	(emit_offset_symbol_table): Delete.
	(emit_symbol_table): New.
	(get_symbol_table_index): New.
	(atable_type): New.
	* expr.c (build_field_ref): Handle flag_indirect_dispatch.
	(build_known_method_ref): Likewise.
	(get_symbol_table_index): Rename from get_offset_table_index.
	Parameterize to allow re-use by differing types of symbol table.
	(build_invokevirtual): Pass table to get_offset_table_index.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Push types and decls for
	atable and atable_syyms.
	* class.c (build_static_field_ref): Handle flag_indirect_dispatch.
	(make_class_data): Add new fields atable and atable_syms.
	(emit_symbol_table): Rename from emit_offset_symbol_table.
	Parameterize to allow re-use by different types of symbol table.
	(build_symbol_entry): Renamed from build_method_symbols_entry.

2003-09-30  Roger Sayle  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Implement evaluate-once
	semantics for SAVE_EXPR, by caching the result in a temporary.

2003-09-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Save and restore input_location
	instead of file and line separately.
	* decl.c (java_expand_body): Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Likewise.
	* parse.y (safe_layout_class): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (read_class, parse_class_file): Likewise.
	(java_parse_file): Use %H for warning locator.

2003-09-28  Roger Sayle  <>

	* expr.c (java_check_reference): Use the semantics of COND_EXPRs
	with void-type branches instead of using a COMPOUND_EXPR.

2003-09-28  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* decl.c (java_optimize_inline, dump_function): Remove.
	* java-tree.h (java_optimize_inline): Remove declaration.
	* jcf-parse.c (java_parse_file): Assume flag_unit_at_a_time is set.
	* parse.y (source_end_java_method, java_expand_classes):
	Likewise.  Remove dead code.

2003-09-27  Roger Sayle  <>

	* lang.c (java_init_options): Set flag_evaluation_order.
	* expr.c (force_evaluation_order): Don't attempt to force
	evaluation order of binary operations using save_expr.
	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): No longer need to call
	force_evaluation_order when constructing binary operators.

2003-09-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>
	    Bryce McKinlay  <>

	PR java/1333:
	* parse.y (not_accessible_field_error): New function.
	(resolve_expression_name): Check field access permissions.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Use
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Likewise.

2003-09-24  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* class.c (build_utf8_ref): Test for HAVE_GAS_SHF_MERGE value.

2003-09-23  Roger Sayle  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Optimize binary operations
	with equal operands without side-effects.

2003-09-22  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Don't emit otable decls
	if flag_indirect_dispatch is not set.

2003-09-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* class.c, decl.c, jcf-parse.c, jcf-write.c, parse.y,
	resource.c: Revert.

2003-09-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* class.c, decl.c, jcf-parse.c, jcf-write.c, parse.y,
	resource.c: Update for DECL_SOURCE_LOCATION rename and change to const.

2003-09-20  Richard Henderson  <>

	* check-init.c, class.c, decl.c, expr.c: Use %J in diagnostics.

2003-09-18  Roger Sayle  <>

	* expr.c (java_truthvalue_conversion): Remove FFS_EXPR case.
	* check-init.c (check_init): Likewise.

2003-09-18  Roger Sayle  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Add support for fconst_2.

2003-09-16  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Add MIN_EXPR and MAX_EXPR.

2003-09-17  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	Fixes PR java/9577
	* mangle.c (find_compression_record_match): Skip
	over a "6JArray" (the array template mangled string)
	(mangle_array_type): Correct minor typo.
	(atms): Move definition to the beginning.

2003-09-16  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* class.c (add_miranda_methods): Ensure super-interfaces are laid
	out. Fix for PR java/12254.

2003-09-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* parse.y (source_end_java_method): Update for new
	cgraph_finalize_function argument.

2003-09-09  Richard Henderson  <>

	* parse.y (source_end_java_method): Update call to

2003-09-03  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* decl.c (java_expand_body): New function.
	* expr.c (build_class_init): Set DECL_IGNORED_P.
	* java-tree.h (start_complete_expand_method,
	java_expand_body): Declare.
	* jcf-parse.c (cgraph.h): Include.
	(java_parse_file): Handle flag_unit_at_a_time.
	(java_estimate_num_insns): Use walk_tree_without_duplicates.
	(java_start_inlining): New function.
	* parse.h (java_finish_classes): Declare.
	* parse.y: Include cgraph.h.
	(block): Don't special-case empty block production.
	(craft_constructor): Set DECL_INLINE.
	(source_end_java_method): Handle flag_unit_at_a_time.
	Replace inline code with call to java_expand_body.
	(start_complete_expand_method): Remove static modifier.
	(java_expand_method_bodies): Patch function tree for
	class initialization and/or synchronization as needed.
	Don't begin RTL expansion yet.
	(java_expand_classes): Check flag_unit_at_a_time before
	calling finish_class.
	(java_finish_classes): New function.
	(java_complete_lhs): Ensure COMPOUND_EXPR has non-NULL type.
	(patch_assignment): Set DECL_CONTEXT on temporary variable.
	(emit_test_initialization): Set DECL_IGNORED_P.

2003-09-03  Roger Sayle  <>

	* builtins.c (enum builtin_type): Delete unused enumeration.
	* (java/builtins.o): Remove built-types.def dependency.

2003-08-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Extensions): Document gcjlib URLs.

2003-08-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Extensions): Added xref.
	(libgcj Runtime Properties): Document

2003-08-20  Andrew Haley  <>

	* except.c (prepare_eh_table_type): Use new encoding for exception
	handlers when using -fno-assume-compiled.

2003-08-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Invoking gij): Document -X and -?.

2003-08-13  Mohan Embar  <>

	* Added missing win32-host.o to JAVA_OBJS,
	* win32-host.c: Removed the unnecessary and broken dependency
	on jcf.h

2003-08-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (java_check_regular_methods): Typo fixes.  Call
	check_interface_throws_clauses.  Use
	(check_interface_throws_clauses): New function.
	(check_concrete_throws_clauses): New function.
	(hack_is_accessible_p): New function.
	(find_most_specific_methods_list): Added FIXME.
	* typeck.c (lookup_do): Use `flags' argument to decide what to
	do.  Reimplemented.
	(lookup_argument_method_generic): New function.
	(lookup_argument_method2): Removed.
	* jcf.h (ACC_INVISIBLE): New define.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Skip invisible methods.
	* class.c (add_miranda_methods): New function.
	(layout_class_methods): Use it.
	(get_access_flags_from_decl): Use ACC_INVISIBLE.
	* java-tree.h (METHOD_INVISIBLE): New define.
	(lang_decl_func) [invisible]: New field.
	(lookup_argument_method_generic): Declare.
	(SEARCH_INTERFACE): New define.
	(SEARCH_SUPER): Likewise.
	(SEARCH_VISIBLE): Likewise.
	(lookup_argument_method2): Removed declaration.

2003-08-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/11600:
	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): See whether we're calling a method
	on an array.
	(check_thrown_exceptions): Added `is_array_call' argument;
	fixed `clone' checking; updated all callers.

2003-08-05  Steven Bosscher  <>

	* java-tree.h (DECL_ESTIMATED_INSNS): Remove (moved to tree.h).

2003-08-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h (METHOD_TRANSIENT): Removed.
	* decl.c (pushdecl): Removed some dead code.
	* class.c (get_access_flags_from_decl): Can't have transient
	(add_method_1): Can't have a transient method.

2003-07-28  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* jvspec.c: Convert to ISO C90 prototypes.

2003-07-25  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* decl.c (force_poplevels): Fix warning call.

2003-07-25  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* expr.c (expand_java_field_op): Don't use xxx_with_decl
	(expand_java_field_op): Likewise.
	* class.c (layout_class_method): Likewise
	(emit_register_classes): Likewise.
	* decl.c (pushdecl): Likewise.
	(poplevel): Likewise.
	(force_poplevels): Likewise.
	(give_name_to_locals): Likewise.
	* check-init.c (check_for_initialization): Likewise.

2003-07-24  Jason Merrill  <>

	* java-tree.h: Move boolean_type_node et al to the back end.

2003-07-19  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* class.c java-tree.h jcf-write.c jvspec.c: Remove unnecessary

2003-07-19  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.opt: Don't show -MD_ and -MDD_.

2003-07-18  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang-options.h: Remove.
	* lang.opt: Add help text.

2003-07-15  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* expr.c: Remove the last argument to expand_assignment().

2003-07-09  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* java-tree.h (DECL_NUM_STMTS): Rename to...
	* lang.c (java_estimate_num_insns, java_estimate_num_insns_1):
	New static functions.
	* parser.y (add_stmt_to_compound): Do not account statements.

2003-07-08  Mark Wielaard  <>

	* gcj.texi: CNI now expands to Compiled Native Interface.

2003-07-08  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* (java/gcj.dvi): Use PWD_COMMAND.

2003-07-07  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* expr.c (expand_byte_code): Adjist emit_line_note call.

2003-07-06  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.c (java_handle_option): Don't handle filenames.

2003-07-02  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* jcf-path.c: Don't default-define PATH_SEPARATOR nor
	* jcf-write.c: Don't default-define DIR_SEPARATOR.
	* jcf.h: Delete COMPARE_FILENAMES definition.

2003-07-02  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.c (java_init_options): Update prototype.

2003-07-01  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* decl.c (poplevel): Adjust define_label call.

2003-06-27  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* gjavah.c (flag_jni): Make non-static.
	* parse-scan.y (ctxp): Make non-static.

	* class.c (build_method_symbols_entry)
	* expr.c (get_offset_table_index)
	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_parse):
	Mark the definition static, matching the forward declaration.

2003-06-26  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.c (java_handle_option): Don't check for missing arguments.

2003-06-20  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* class.c (push_class): Use a location_t to save place.
	(emit_register_classes): Set input_location. Adjust
	expand_function_end call.
	* resource.c (write_resource_constructor): Likewise.
	* decl.c (end_java_method): Adjust expand_function_end call.
	* parse.y (source_end_java_method): Likewise.

2003-06-17  Robert Abeles  <>

	* lang.c (java_handle_option): Likewise.

2003-06-16  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.c (java_handle_option): Special-casing of optional
	joined arguments no longer needed.
	* lang.opt: Update switches that take optional argument.

2003-06-15  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.opt: Declare Java.
	* lang.c (java_init_options): Update.

2003-06-15  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.c (version_flag): Rename to v_flag to avoid clash w/ toplev.h.

2003-06-14  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang-specs.h: Rewrite -MD and -MMD to append an underscore.
	* lang.c (java_handle_option): -MD and -MMD have an underscore.
	* lang.opt: -MD and -MMD have an underscore.

2003-06-14  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* class.c (emit_register_classes): Adjust init_function_start
	* decl.c (complete_start_java_method): Likewise.
	* resource.c (write_resource_constructor): Likewise.

2003-06-14  Neil Booth  <>

	* Update to use options.c and options.h.
	* lang.c: Include options.h not j-options.h.
	(java_handle_option): Abort on unrecognized option.
	(java_init_options): Request Java switches.

2003-06-11  Neil Booth  <>

	* Handle mostlyclean.

2003-06-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lang.c (java_handle_option): Update dependency_tracking for
	OPT_MF case.

	* lang.c (java_handle_option): OPT_fbootclasspath_ can take an
	empty argument.

2003-06-10  Andrew Haley  <>

	* resource.c (write_resource_constructor): Use expand_expr to
	generate the address of the label attached to a resource.
	* (java/resource.o): Add expr.h

2003-06-10  Andrew Haley  <>

	(java_decl_ok_for_sibcall): New.

2003-06-09  Neil Booth  <>

	* (JAVA_OBJS, java/lang.o): Update.
	(java/j-options.c, java/j-options.h): New.
	* java-tree.h (resource_name, compile_resource_file,
	compile_resource_data): Constify.
	* jcf-write.c (jcf_write_base_directory): Similarly.
	* jcf.h (jcf_write_base_directory): Similarly.
	* lang.c: Include j-options.h.
	(cl_options_count, cl_options, string_option, java_decode_option,
	lang_f_options, lang_W_options, LANG_HOOKS_DECODE_OPTION,
	process_option_with_no): Remove.
	(resource_name): Constify.
	(java_handle_option): New.
	(java_init): Don't call jcf_path_init.
	(java_init_options): Call jcf_path_init.
	* lang.opt: New.
	* resource.c (compile_resource_data, compile_resource_file): Constify.

2003-06-09  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* java-tree.h (DECL_FUNCTION_LAST_LINE): New.
	(struct lang_decl_func): Add last_line field.
	* parse.y (missing_return_error, finish_method_declaration,
	lookup_cl, start_artificial_method_body, source_end_java_method,
	start_complete_expand_method): Adjust.

2003-06-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Added `*' after fassume-compiled and

2003-06-08  Roger Sayle  <>

	* builtins.c (define_builtin_type, builtin_types): Delete.
	(define_builtin): Rewritten to take just the built-in code,
	the function's name, type and fallback library function name.
	All built-ins used by Java are implicit and BUILT_IN_NORMAL.
	(initialize_builtins): Overhaul to define the GCC builtins
	used by gcj manually, providing the Java run-time's
	implementations as the fallback library function.

2003-06-08  Anthony Green  <>

	* parse.y (patch_cast): Fix conversions from floating-point to
	integral types.

2003-06-08  Neil Booth  <>

	* Update.
	* lang.c: Include opts.h. Define cl_options_count and cl_options.

2003-06-07  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.c (java_init_options): Update.

2003-06-05  Jan Hubicka  <>

	*  Add support for stageprofile and stagefeedback

2003-05-31  Roger Sayle  <>

	* lang.c (java_init_options): Prescribe wrap-around two's
	complement arithmetic overflow by setting flag_wrapv.

2003-05-29  Roger Sayle  <>

	* builtins.c (cos_builtin, sin_builtin, sqrt_builtin): Delete.
	(builtin_record): Add an additional builtin_code field to
	record which GCC built-in corresponds to the Java function.
	(java_builtins):  Add new entries for atan, atan2, exp, log,
	pow and tan.
	(max_builtin, min_builtin, abs_builtin): Perform constant
	folding on the resulting tree.
	(java_build_function_call_expr): Likewise, perform constant
	folding on the resulting tree.
	(initialize_builtins): The NULL creators are now allowed in
	the java_builtins table, which is now terminated by an entry
	with builtin_code == END_BUILTINS.
	(check_for_builtin): Likewise.  If the matching creator is
	NULL, construct the call using java_build_function_call_expr
	directly with the decl for the corresponding builtin_code.

2003-05-23  Nathanael Nerode  <>

	* win32-host.c: Normalize copyright boilerplate.

2003-05-16  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* parse.y (print_int_node): Use string concatentation on
	HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_* format specifier to collapse multiple
	function calls into one.

2003-05-13  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* jcf-parse.c, jcf-write.c, lex.c: Replace all calls to
	fatal_io_error with calls to fatal_error; add ": %m" to the end of
	all the affected error messages.

2003-05-13  Richard Henderson  <>

	* class.c (layout_class_method): Set DECL_EXTERNAL.
	* decl.c (java_mark_decl_local, java_mark_class_local): New.
	* java-tree.h (java_mark_class_local): Declare.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_class_file): Use it.
	* parse.y (java_expand_classes): Likewise.

2003-05-04  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* (java/parse.o, java/parse-scan.o): Depend on input.h.
	* lex.h: #include input.h.
	* jv-scan.c (input_filename): Remove.

2003-05-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/10491:
	(handle_inner_classes): New function.

2003-05-01  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/10459:
	* parse.y (finish_for_loop): Do nothing if update expression is a
	EXPR_WFL_NODE wrapping nothing.
	(java_complete_lhs) <COMPOUND_EXPR>: Likewise.

2003-05-02  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* lex.h (input_lineno): Remove declaration.
	* parse-scan.y: #include input.h.
	(input_filename): Remove declaration.
	(input_location): Add definition.
	(input_line): Remove definition.

2003-05-01  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* lex.h (lineno): Rename to ...
	(input_line): ... here
	* parse-scan.y (lineno): Rename to ...
	(input_line): ... here.
	(reset_report): Rename lineno to input_line.
	* check-init.c (check_init): Likewise.
	* class.c (push_class): Likewise.
	* decl.c (complete_start_java_method, end_java_method): Likewise.
	* expr.c (expand_byte_code): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (give_name_to_class, parse_class_file): Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Likewise.
	* lex.c (java_init_lex, java_allocate_new_line,
	do_java_lex): Likewise.
	* parse.h (YYNOT_TWICE): Likewise.
	* parse.y (empty_statement, expression_statement,
	java_pop_parser_context, java_parser_context_save_global,
	yyerror, register_fields, method_header, safe_layout_class,
	find_in_imports_on_demand, create_artificial_method,
	source_end_java_method, start_complete_expand_method,
	build_thisn_assign, java_complete_lhs,
	maybe_absorb_scoping_block): Likewise.

2003-04-20  Mohan Embar  <>

	* jcf-io.c (find_class): use DIR_SEPARATOR instead of
	'/' when computing java source filename

2003-04-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_c_decl): Indentation fix.

2003-04-12  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* class.c (make_field_value, make_method_value, get_dispatch_table)
	(make_class_data, emit_offset_symbol_table)
	* constants.c (build_constants_constructor)
	* parse.y (maybe_build_array_element_wfl):
	Use build_constructor.

2003-04-10  Eric Blake  <>

	PR java/10253:
	* parse.y (string_convert_int_cst): Always use at least one digit
	in string conversion. Remove ASCII dependence.
	(merge_string_cste): Fix merging of 3-byte UTF-8 characters.

2003-03-16  Mohan Embar  <>

	* added win32-host.c
	* jcf.h: defined macro JCF_OPEN_EXACT_CASE which
	resolves to open() on non-Win32 platforms and
	Win32-specific jcf_open_exact_case() on Win32
	* jcf-io.c (find_class): use JCF_OPEN_EXACT_CASE
	when trying .java and .class files
	* win32-host.c: added to repository. Defines
	Win32-specific jcf_open_exact_case()

2003-04-10  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-write.c (struct jcf_partial): num_jsrs: new field.
	(maybe_free_localvar): Renamed from localvar_free.
	Add new arg, really.
	(generate_bytecode_insns): Set new variable, jsrs.
	Only free local vars if no jsr insns have been emittted.
	Call maybe_free_localvar, not localvar_free.

2003-03-30  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcj.texi: Remove @ at start of file.

2003-03-25  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (create_interface): Call CHECK_DEPRECATED.

2003-03-23  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* Link jcf-dump against $(LDEXP_LIB).

2003-03-21  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* javaop.h (jfloat, jdouble): Make them structures mirroring
	the bit fields of IEEE float and double respectively.
	(union Word, union DWord): Delete.
	(WORD_TO_FLOAT, WORDS_TO_DOUBLE): Update to match.

	* gjavah.c (java_float_finite, java_double_finite, F_NAN_MASK,
	D_NAN_MASK): Delete.
	(jni_print_float, jni_print_double): New.  Generate
	hexadecimal floating constants.
	(print_field_info): Use jni_print_float/double.

	* jcf-dump.c: Include math.h.  Use ldexp/frexp to assemble
	finite floating point numbers for output; special case
	non-finite floats.

2003-03-19  Nathanael Nerode  <>

	* lang.c (java_dump_tree): Change return type from 'int' to 'bool'.
	Replace 0 and 1 with true and false in return statements.

2003-03-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (do_java_lex): Renamed from java_lex.
	(java_lex): New function.
	Include timevar.h.

2003-03-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_inner_class): Error if qualifier is a primitive

2003-03-04  Andrew Haley  <>

	* gjavah.c (is_first_data_member): New global variable.
	(print_c_decl): If it's the first data member, align it as the
	(process_file): Set is_first_data_member.

2003-03-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_field_access): Initialize class if field is
	found in another static field.
	* expr.c (build_class_init): Don't optimize out initialization of
	implemented interface.

2003-03-11  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-io.c (caching_stat): Initialize origsep to remove compiler

2003-03-10  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* jcf-io.c (caching_stat): Account for both DIR_SEPARATOR
	and DIR_SEPARATOR_2 for a target.
	Correct minor typos.

	* jcf-write.c (make_class_file_name): Take both DIR_SEPARATOR
	and DIR_SEPARATOR_2 for a target into account.

2003-03-08  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.c (java_init): Update prototype, move code to java_post_options.
	(java_post_options): Similarly.

2003-03-05  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* jcf.h (COMPARE_FILENAMES): New macro similar to "strcmp" to
	compare file name components depending on the case-sensitivity
	or otherwise of the host file system.

	* jcf-path.c (add_entry): Use COMPARE_FILENAMES instead of
	"strcmp" to compare file name components.
	Use IS_DIR_SEPARATOR instead of comparing directly against
	(jcf_path_extdirs_arg): Use IS_DIR_SEPARATOR instead of
	comparing directly against DIR_SEPARATOR.

2003-03-04  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (java.tags): New target.

2003-03-01  Roger Sayle  <>

	* java/builtins.c (builtin_type): Handle DEF_FUNCTION_TYPE_VAR_3.
	(initialize_builtins): Handle DEF_FUNCTION_TYPE_VAR_3.

2003-03-01  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (jdep_resolve_class): Only check deprecation if we found
	a decl.

2003-02-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR java/9695:
	* class.c (maybe_layout_super_class): Always pass a WFL to
	* parse.y (do_resolve_class): Updated comment to explain

2003-02-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Check whether class is
	deprecated before writing attribute count.

2003-02-25  Roger Sayle  <>

	* java/decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Get soft_fmod_node from
	built_in_decls[BUILT_IN_FMOD] rather than define it ourselves.

2003-02-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lang-options.h: Added -Wdeprecated.
	* gcj.texi (Warnings): Document -Wdeprecated.
	* java-tree.h (flag_deprecated): Declare.
	* lang.c (lang_W_options): Added deprecated.
	(flag_deprecated): New global.
	* chartables.h: Rebuilt.
	* (process_one): Look at whitespace.
	(print_tables): Define LETTER_SPACE, LETTER_MASK.
	* parse.h (CLEAR_DEPRECATED): New macro.
	* jcf-parse.c (handle_deprecated): New function.
	* jcf-reader.c (get_attribute): Handle Deprecated attribute.
	* parse.y (resolve_type_during_patch): Check deprecation.
	(jdep_resolve_class): Likewise.
	(process_imports): Likewise.
	(resolve_expression_name): Likewise.
	(check_deprecation): Strip arrays from decl.  Check
	(patch_method_invocation): Also check the particular constructor
	for deprecation.
	(register_fields): Use CHECK_DEPRECATED_NO_RESET in loop.
	* jcf-write.c (append_deprecated_attribute): New function.
	(generate_classfile): Generate deprecated attribute when
	* lex.c (java_parse_doc_section): Return type now void.  Rewrote.
	(java_lex) [case '*']: Simplify logic.
	(java_start_char_p): Use LETTER_MASK.
	(java_part_char_p): Likewise.
	(java_space_char_p): New function.

2003-02-20  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	Change base class access representation.
	* java/class.c (set_super_info): Don't set TREE_VIA_PUBLIC.
	(add_interface_do): Likewise.

2003-02-12  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Change
	soft_lookupjnimethod_node to reflect the change in
	signature of _Jv_LookupJNIMethod in libjava/
	* expr.c (build_jni_stub): Calculate and pass the size
	on the stack of the arguments to a JNI function. Use
	new target macro MODIFY_JNI_METHOD_CALL to allow a
	target to modify the call to a JNI method.

2003-02-08  Roger Sayle  <>

	* jcf-io.c (java_or_class_file): Use libiberty's lbasename
	instead of basename to avoid compiler warnings on Tru64.

2003-02-04  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcj.texi: Update to GFDL 1.2.

2003-01-31  Andrew Haley  <>

	* parse.y (java_expand_classes): Scan the whole class list looking
	for access methods that haven't yet been expanded.

2003-01-31 Adrian Bunk <>

	Fix for java/4269:

	to fix bootstrap on sparc-unknown-netbsdelf1.5.
	* jcf-parse.c: Likewise.

2003-01-31  Mark Wielaard  <>

	* gjavah.c (throwable_p): Allocate 1 more byte for string.

2003-01-31  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* class.c (make_class): Use BINFO_ELTS.
	(set_super_info): Likewse.
	(add_interface_do): Likewise.

2003-01-30  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (read_class): Update identifier's class value if it
	changed during parsing.

2003-01-30  Loren James Rittle  <>

	* (po-generated): Find the targets in $(parsedir).
	Propagate change to all other rules as required.
	(java/parse-scan.o): Add explicit dependency on
	$(parsedir)/java/parse-scan.c .

2003-01-29  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Only transform the rhs of an
	assignment when compiling to native.

2003-01-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_conditional): Typo fixes.

2003-01-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_lex): Don't include UEOF as part of token.
	(java_read_unicode): Error if \u sequence prematurely terminated.

2003-01-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (java_check_regular_methods): Check for construct after
	checking types in throws clause.

2003-01-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (build_static_field_ref): Only a String or numeric field
	can fold to a constant.

2003-01-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (parse_zip_file_entries): Overwrite trailing \0 of
	file name in resource buffer.

2003-01-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (build_known_method_ref): Use method's context to find
	method table index.

2003-01-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* constants.c (set_constant_entry): Allocated cleared memory.

2003-01-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h: Don't use PARAMS.
	* resource.c: Add prototypes for all functions.
	(write_resource_constructor): Use `const char *' to avoid

2003-01-22 Nathanael Nerode  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (process_zip_dir): Remove unused variable.

2003-01-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (build_invokeinterface): Abort if method's context is not
	an interface.

2003-01-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Input and output files): Mention non-class entries.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Call
	* java-tree.h (compile_resource_data, write_resource_constructor,
	compile_resource_file, init_resource_processing): Declare.
	* (gtfiles): Added resource.c.
	* (gt-java-resource.h): New target.
	(JAVA_OBJS): Added resource.o.
	(java/resource.o): New target.
	* resource.c: New file.
	* class.c (compile_resource_file): Moved to resource.c.
	(registerResource_libfunc): Likewise.
	(utf8_decl_list): Mark with GTY; now static.
	* jcf-parse.c (classify_zip_file): New function.
	(parse_zip_file_entries): Use it; compile .properties files.
	(process_zip_dir): Use classify_zip_file and compute_class_name.
	Don't write class name into zip directory.
	(java_parse_file): Call write_resource_constructor.
	(compute_class_name): New function.
	* jcf-io.c (read_zip_member): Reindented.

2003-01-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (supers_all_compiled): New function.
	(make_class_data): Use it.

2003-01-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (method_header): Native method can't be strictfp.
	No method can be transient or volatile.

2003-01-21  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <> (jvspec.o-warn): Add -Wno-error.

2003-01-18  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* check-init.c: Fix comment typos.
	* class.c: Likewise.
	* constants.c: Likewise.
	* decl.c: Likewise.
	* except.c: Likewise.
	* expr.c: Likewise.
	* java-except.h: Likewise.
	* java-tree.h: Likewise.
	* javaop.h: Likewise.
	* jcf-dump.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-io.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c: Likewise.
	* lang.c: Likewise.
	* mangle.c: Likewise.
	* typeck.c: Likewise.
	* verify.c: Likewise.

2003-01-18  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (java/jcf-write.o): Depend on $(TM_P_H).
	* jcf-write.c: Include "tm_p.h".

2003-01-17  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* jcf-io.c (caching_stat): Cast the 3rd arg of scandir to void*.

2003-01-16  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* builtins.c (java_build_function_call_expr): Renamed from
	build_function_call_expr.  All callers changed.

	* (java/jcf-parse.o): Depend on $(TM_P_H).
	* jcf-parse.c: Include tm_p.h.

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Avoid signed/unsigned

2003-01-14  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (make_class_data): Check that super is compiled before
	building class reference to it.

2003-01-14  Andrew Haley  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): _Jv_NewMultiArray is a
	varargs function -- correct.

2003-01-14  Andrew Haley  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Temporarily back out previous patch.

2003-01-14  Andrew Haley  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): _Jv_NewMultiArray is a
	varargs function -- correct.

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Copy the rhs of an assignment into a
	temporary if the RHS is a reference.

2003-01-11  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (keyword.h): Pass "-L ANSI-C" to gperf.
	* keyword.h: Regenerated.

	* All Files: Convert to ISO C style function definitions.

2003-01-09  Nathanael Nerode  <>

	* parse.y (check_pkg_class_access): ANSIfy definition.

2003-01-09  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* decl.c, parse-scan.y, parse.y: Don't cast return value of
	xmalloc et al.

	* class.c, gjavah.c, parse.y, verify.c: Don't use PTR.

2003-01-09  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	Merge from pch-branch:

	2002-12-02  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* (java/gjavah.o): Update dependencies.
	* gjavah.c: Include ggc.h.

	2002-08-16  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* (GCJH_OBJS): Add ggc-none.o.
	(JCFDUMP_OBJS): Add ggc-none.o.
	(java/jcf-dump.o): Depend on GGC_H.
	* jcf-reader.c (jcf_parse_constant_pool): Use ggc_alloc to allocate
	CPool substructures.
	* jcf-parse.c (process_zip_dir): Use ggc_alloc to allocate JCFs.
	* jcf-dump.c: Include ggc.h.

	2002-08-08  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* jcf.h (union cpool_entry): New.
	(struct CPool): Use gengtype to mark.  Change field 'data' to be
	an array of unions.
	(struct JCF): Use gengtype to mark.
	(CPOOL_UINT): Update for new cpool_entry type.
	(CPOOL_USHORT1): Likewise.
	(CPOOL_USHORT2): Likewise.
	(CPOOL_FINISH): Use GC to free cpool subfields.
	* parse.h (struct parser_ctxt): Mark field current_jcf.
	* lex.c (java_init_lex): Use GC to allocate struct JCF.
	* jcf-parse.c (HANDLE_CONSTANT_Utf8): Update for new cpool_entry type.
	(main_jcf): Use gengtype to mark.
	(ggc_mark_jcf): Delete.
	(get_constant): Update for new cpool_entry type.
	(give_name_to_class): Likewise.
	(get_class_constant): Likewise.
	(init_outgoing_cpool): Use GGC to allocate struct CPool.
	(java_parse_file): Use GGC to allocate struct JCF.
	(init_jcf_parse): Don't call ggc_add_root.
	* jcf-reader.c (jcf_parse_constant_pool): Update for new
	cpool_entry type.
	* java-tree.h (current_jcf): Use gengtype to mark.
	(CPOOL_UTF): Update for new cpool_entry type.
	(outgoing_cpool): Use gengtype to mark.
	(struct lang_type): GC struct JCF and struct CPool.
	* (gtfiles): Add jcf.h.
	* constants.c (find_tree_constant): New.
	(set_constant_entry): Allocate cpool subfields using GGC.  Update
	for new cpool_entry type.
	(find_constant1): Update for new cpool_entry type.
	(find_constant2): Likewise.
	(find_utf8_constant): Use find_tree_constant.
	(find_class_or_string_constant): Remove unnecessary cast to jword.
	Update for new cpool_entry type.
	(count_constant_pool_bytes): Update for new cpool_entry type.
	(write_constant_pool): Likewise.
	(alloc_name_constant): Use find_tree_constant.
	(build_constants_constructor): Update for new cpool_entry type.

	2002-08-08  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* parse.y (mark_parser_ctxt): Delete.
	(goal): Don't use ggc_add_root.
	(create_new_parser_context): Use GC to allocate struct parser_ctxt.
	(java_pop_parser_context): Let GC free parser_ctxt.
	(java_parser_context_resume): Likewise.
	* parse.h (struct parser_ctxt): Use gengtype to mark.
	(ctxp): Likewise.
	(ctxp_for_generation): Likewise.
	* lex.h (struct java_lc_s): Mark for gengtype.
	(java_lexer): Rearrange for gengtype.
	* (gtfiles): Add lex.h, parse.h.

2003-01-09  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* All Files: Remove PARAMS macro.

	* expr.c, gjavah.c, javaop.h, jcf-dump.c, jcf-io.c, jcf-reader.c,
	jcf-write.c, jcf.h, jv-scan.c: Don't rely on the `DEFUN', `AND' or
	`__STDC__' macros.

	* jv-scan.c, parse.y: Remove VPARAMS, VA_OPEN, VA_FIXEDARG and

2003-01-09  Christian Cornelssen  <>

	* (java.install-common, java.uninstall,
	java.install-info, java.install-man): Prepend $(DESTDIR)
	to destination paths in all (un)installation commands.
	(java.install-common): Rewrite $(LN) command to support
	DESTDIR with "ln" as well as with "ln -s".

2003-01-08  Nathanael Nerode  <>

	* java-tree.h: Protect against multiple inclusion.

2003-01-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (add_assume_compiled): Don't adjust parent if we're
	already at the root of tree.

2003-01-05  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* lang.c (dump_compound_expr): Prototype.

2003-01-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/8712:
	* expr.c (build_instanceof): Build an NE_EXPR, not a COND_EXPR,
	when simply checking against `null'.

2003-01-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Standard Properties): Document http.proxyHost and

	* gcj.texi (GNU Classpath Properties): Document new properties.

2003-01-02  Steven Bosscher <>

	* java/jcf-reader.c, java/jvgenmain.c, java/keyword.gperf,
	java/lang-options.h, java/mangle.c, java/mangle_name.c,
	java/xref.c, java/zextract.c,java/zipfile.h: Fix copyright years.

2003-01-01  Steven Bosscher  <>

	*, boehm.c, buffer.c,
	  buffer.h, builtins.c, class.c,, constants.c,
	  convert.h, decl.c, except.c,
	  expr.c, java-except.h,
	  java-tree.h, javaop.def,
	  jcf-parse.c, jcf-write.c,
	  jv-scan.c, jvgenmain.c,
	  jvspec.c, keyword.gperf,
	  keyword.h, lang-options.h,
	  lang-specs.h, lang.c, lex.c,
	  lex.h, mangle.c, mangle_name.c,
	  parse-scan.y, parse.h, parse.y,
	  typeck.c, verify.c, xref.c,
	  xref.h: Replace "GNU CC" with
	  "GCC" in the copyright header.

	* check-init.c, gjavah.c, javaop.h,
	  jcf-depend.c, jcf-dump.c, jcf-io.c,
	  jcf-path.c, jcf-reader.c, jcf.h,
	  zextract.c, zipfile.h: These files are
	  "part of GCC". Also say "GCC" not "GNU CC".

2002-12-30  DJ Delorie  <>

	* Protect against texi2pod/pod2man failing.

2002-12-28  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcj.texi: Use @copying.

2002-12-27  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_name_for_stub_or_jni): Adjust call to
	(print_cxx_classname): Add add_scope parameter.
	(print_class_decls): Do not emit a semicolon after the extern
	"Java" block.
	(process_file): Adjust calls to print_cxx_classname.

2002-12-23  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcj.texi: Include Cover Texts in man page.

2002-12-23  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* class.c (build_static_field_ref): Check FIELD_FINAL.

	* constants.c (alloc_class_constant): Use TYPE_CPOOL_DATA_REF
	instead of current_constant_pool_data_ref.
	* java-tree.h (current_constant_pool_data_ref): Undefine.
	* jcf-parse.c (init_outgoing_cpool): Don't initialize

	* except.c (prepare_eh_table_type ): Use DECL_NAME of class type,
	not build_internal_class_name.

	* parse.y (patch_incomplete_class_ref): Always emit `class$' method.
	Use it when class ref isn't certain to be compiled.

2002-12-23  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcj.texi: Include gcc-common.texi.
	* ($(srcdir)/java/, java/gcj.dvi): Depend on

2002-12-22  Anthony Green  <>

	* gcj.texi (Limitations): Add note about org.xml.sax and

2002-12-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns) [SWITCH_EXPR]: Handle case
	where minimum case value is Integer.MIN_VALUE.
	Fixes PR java/8955.

2002-12-18  Andrew Haley  <>

	* parse.y (patch_invoke): Force evaluation order when `check' is
	set.  For PR libgcj/8945.

2002-12-16  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* gcj.texi: Change version number to 3.4.

2002-12-05  Ranjit Mathew <>
	Andrew Haley <>

	* parse.y (source_end_java_method): Remove custom encoding of line
	numbers for a function decl before passing it to the back end.

2002-12-03  Andrew Haley  <>

	* class.c (make_class_data): New field, "chain".
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Likewise.

2002-12-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	For PR java/8740:
	* parse.y (do_resolve_class): Handle qualified name via

2002-11-30  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* boehm.c, buffer.c, builtins.c, check-init.c, class.c,
	constants.c, decl.c, except.c, expr.c, gjavah.c, jcf-depend.c,
	jcf-dump.c, jcf-io.c, jcf-parse.c, jcf-path.c, jcf-write.c,
	jv-scan.c, jvgenmain.c, jvspec.c, lang.c, mangle.c, mangle_name.c,
	parse-scan.y, parse.y, typeck.c, verify.c, xref.c, zextract.c:
	Include coretypes.h and tm.h.
	* Update dependencies.

2002-11-27  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Use `LL' on 64-bit constant.

2002-11-25  Diego Novillo  <>

	* jcf-reader.c: Don't expand JCF_readu4 inside the
	expansion of JCF_SKIP.

2002-11-25  Diego Novillo  <>

	* jcf-reader.c: Don't expand JCF_readu4 inside the
	expansion of JCF_SKIP.

2002-11-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (patch_binop): Cast right hand side of shift expression
	to `int'.  Fixes PR java/8676.

2002-11-22  Ranjit Mathew <>
	    Andrew Haley <>

	* gcc/java/jcf-write.c (write_classfile): Remove target
	class file, if it exists, before renaming the temporary
	class file to it.

2002-11-19  Jason Thorpe  <>

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_spec_functions): New.

2002-11-18  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/7912:
	* expr.c (can_widen_reference_to): Allow cast of array to
	Cloneable or Serializable.
	* java-tree.h (java_lang_cloneable_identifier_node): Declare.
	(java_io_serializable_identifier_node): Likewise.
	* parse.y (java_lang_cloneable, java_io_serializable): Removed.
	(valid_ref_assignconv_cast_p): Use new identifier nodes.
	* lex.c (java_init_lex): Don't initialize java_lang_cloneable and
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Initialize
	java_lang_cloneable_identifier_node and
	(java_lang_cloneable_identifier_node): New global.
	(java_io_serializable_identifier_node): Likewise.

2002-11-14  Jens-Michael Hoffmann  <>

	* buffer.c: Remove unnecessary casts.
	* check-init.c: Likewise.
	* class.c: Likewise.
	* constants.c: Likewise.
	* decl.c: Likewise.
	* except.c: Likewise.
	* gjavah.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-io.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-path.c: Likewise.
	* jvspec.c: Likewise.
	* lang.c: Likewise.
	* lex.c: Likewise.
	* verify.c: Likewise.

2002-11-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_stub_or_jni): Include JNIEXPORT and JNICALL in
	a JNI header.

2002-11-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/6388.
	* lex.h (JAVA_INTEGRAL_RANGE_ERROR): Wrap in do...while.
	* java-tree.h (enum java_tree_index): New values
	(decimal_int_max, decimal_long_max): New defines.
	* lex.c (yylex): Rewrote range checking.  Sign extend literals.
	(error_if_numeric_overflow): Rewrote range checking.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Initialize decimal_int_max,

2002-11-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h: Move JV_STATE_ERROR before JV_STATE_DONE.

	* class.c (make_method_value): Put class name, not signature, into
	`throws' field.  For PR java/8415.

2002-10-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Invoking gij): Document --showversion.
	(Standard Properties): java.library.path now set.

2002-10-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (decode_signature_piece): In JNI mode, print
	`jobjectArray' when array depth is nonzero.
	Fixes PR java/8296.

2002-10-15  Andrew Haley  <>

	* parse.y (patch_invoke): Call force_evaluation_order on a static
	arg list.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Call force_evaluation_order
	on a arg list that is part of a Qualified Expression Name.

	* lang.c (dump_compound_expr): New.
	(java_dump_tree): New.

2002-10-20  Ranjit Mathew <>

	* gcj.texi: Added item describing the GCJ runtime property

2002-10-15  Richard Henderson  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Fix type warning.

2002-10-15  Andrew Haley  <>

	* java-tree.h (java_inlining_merge_static_initializers): Declare.
	(java_inlining_map_static_initializers): Declare.

2002-10-14  Andrew Haley  <>

	* tree-inline.c (remap_block): All local class initialization
	flags go in the outermost scope.
	(expand_call_inline): Call java_inlining_map_static_initializers.
	(expand_call_inline): Call java_inlining_merge_static_initializers.
	* java/lang.c (merge_init_test_initialization): New.
	(java_inlining_merge_static_initializers): New.
	(inline_init_test_initialization): New.
	(java_inlining_map_static_initializers): New.

2002-10-11  Mark Wielaard  <>

	* gcj.texi (Compatibility): Add Limitations and Extensions section.

2002-10-10  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* class.c (JAVA_TREEHASHHASH_H): Use htab_hash_pointer.

2002-10-09  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* parse.y (merge_string_cste): Add parentheses around & within |.

2002-10-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (variable_declarator_id): Simplify error path for
	array declarator error.  For PR java/8003.

2002-10-08  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* gjavah.c, jcf-dump.c, jv-scan.c: Globally replace GCCBUGURL with

2002-10-08  Andrew Haley  <>

	* parse.y (attach_init_test_initialization_flags): Check for

2002-10-07  Anthony Green  <>

	* parse.y (merge_string_cste): Fix bug in string concatenation.

2002-10-03  Michael Koch  <>

	* gcj.texi (Standard properties):
	Change default of java.awt.toolkit to gnu.awt.gtk.GtkToolkit.

2002-10-02  Roger Sayle  <>

	PR optimization/6627
	* lang.c (java_init): If storing the vbit in function
	pointers, ensure that force_align_functions_log is atleast
	one to aid compatability with g++ vtables.

2002-10-01  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* jcf-dump.c (print_constant, case CONSTANT_float): Don't fall
	foul of type-based aliasing.

2002-09-30  Anthony Green  <>

	* gcj.texi (Invoking jv-scan): Fix texinfo.

2002-09-28  Anthony Green  <>

	* gcj.texi (Invoking jv-scan): Add --no-assert documentation.
	(Code Generation): Add -fno-assert documentation.
	* jv-scan.c (flag_assert): New global.
	(options): Add assert option.
	(help): Add --no-assert documentation.
	* parse-scan.y (flag_assert): New global.
	* lang.c (lang_f_options): Add -fassert/-fno-assert support.
	(flag_assert): New global.
	* java-tree.h (flag_assert): New global.
	* lex.c (java_lex): Obey flag_assert.
	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Strip -fassert/-fno-assert when
	calling cc1.

2002-09-26  Andrew Haley  <>

	* expr.c (build_java_array_length_access): Check for null pointer.
	* expr.c (expand_java_arrayload): Likewise.

2002-09-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Decode from IEEE no matter
	what the target format.

2002-09-20  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* ChangeLog: Follow spelling conventions.
	* class.c: Likewise.
	* decl.c: Likewise.
	* expr.c: Likewise.
	* gjavah.c: Likewise.
	* java-tree.h: Likewise.
	* jcf-dump.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c: Likewise.
	* jvspec.c: Likewise.
	* lang.c: Likewise.
	* mangle.c: Likewise.
	* parse.y: Likewise.

2002-09-17  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_read_unicode_collapsing_terminators): Handle case
	where \r appears at EOF.  Fixes PR java/7950.

2002-09-16  Volker Reichelt  <>

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Remove unused variable.

2002-09-16  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* java-tree.h (union lang_tree_node): Add chain_next option.

2002-09-16  Richard Henderson  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Runtime check for IEEE format;
	use new real.h interface.
	* jcf-write.c (find_constant_index): Use new real.h interface.

2002-09-15  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* lang.c: Follow spelling conventions.

2002-09-11  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (fold_constant_for_init):  If a VAR_DECL, convert numerical
	constant to the type of the field.
	(java_complete_tree):  Remove now-redundant code.

	* parse.y (fold_constant_for_init):  'null' is not a constant expr.

2002-09-03  Jesse Rosenstock  <>

	For PR java/5794:
	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions) [OPCODE_jsr]: Only push the
	return label if a ret instruction for the jsr has been reached.

2002-09-09  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* parse.y (DIR_SEPARATOR): Don't define.
	(check_class_interface_creation): Use IS_DIR_SEPARATOR.

2002-08-28  Andrew Haley  <>

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Allow exception handler
	inside code that is being protected, but generate a warning.
	* except.c (link_handler): Initialize `expanded' in new eh_range.
	(binding_depth, is_class_level, current_pc): Declare extern.

2002-09-01  Mark Wielaard <>

	* gcj.texi: Add chapter about system properties.
	Fixed some typos.

2002-08-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (try_builtin_assignconv): Allow narrowing primitive
	conversion if RHS_TYPE is byte, short, or char.

2002-08-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Invoking gij): Document -cp and -classpath.

2002-08-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (java/jcf-path.o): Use $(datadir), not
	$(prefix)/share.  For PR libgcj/7633.

	For PR java/6005 and PR java/7611:
	* lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_CAN_USE_BITFIELDS_P): New define.
	(java_can_use_bit_fields_p): New function.

2002-08-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Class Initialization): Mention class initialization of

2002-07-30  Andrew Haley  <>

	* (java-tree-inline.o): New.
	(JAVA_OBJS): Add java-tree-inline.o.
	* parse.y (source_end_java_method): Call java_optimize_inline.
	(java_expand_method_bodies): Save method's tree in
	(add_stmt_to_compound): Keep track of the number of statments.
	* lang.c (java_init): Enable flag_inline_trees.
	(java_post_options): If flag_inline_functions is on, enable
	flag_inline_trees instread.
	(decl_constant_value): New.
	(java_tree_inlining_walk_subtrees): New.
	* java-tree.h (DECL_NUM_STMTS): New macro.
	(java_optimize_inline): Declare.
	* expr.c (java_expand_expr): Allow a BLOCK to return a value.
	Handle a LABEL_EXPR.
	* decl.c (build_result_decl): If we already have a DECL_RESULT
	don't make another.
	(dump_function): New.
	(java_optimize_inline): New.
	(dump_function): New.

2002-08-13  Jesse Rosenstock  <>

	For PR java/7483:
	* parse.y (build_assertion): Invert return from

2002-08-08  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* jcf-write.c (get_access_flags): Return correct access flags for
	private and protected inner classes.

2002-08-08  Nathan Sidwell  <>

	* java/ (java.mostlyclean): Remove coverage files.

2002-08-05  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* mangle_name.c: Don't include obstack.h twice.
	* xref.c: Don't include obstack.h.

2002-08-04  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* class.c: (permanent_obstack): Delete declaration.
	* constants.c: (permanent_obstack): Delete declaration.
	* except.c: (permanent_obstack): Delete declaration.
	* expr.c: (permanent_obstack): Delete declaration.
	* jcf-parse.c: (permanent_obstack): Delete declaration.
	(saveable_obstack): Delete declaration.
	* parse.h: (permanent_obstack): Delete declaration.
	* typeck.c: (permanent_obstack): Delete declaration.

2002-08-04  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcj.texi (version-gcc): Increase to 3.3.

2002-07-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_lex): Check for `e' or `E' after 0.

2002-07-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* lang.c (java_unsafe_for_reeval): New.

2002-07-21  Neil Booth  <>

	* jcf-path.c (GET_ENV_PATH_LIST): Remove.
	(jcf_path_init): Use GET_ENVIRONMENT.

2002-07-10  Roger Sayle  <>
	    Zack Weinberg <>

	* builtins.c (initialize_builtins): Remove defines that
	handled C/C++ specific junk hereby removed from builtins.def.

2002-07-07  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.c (java_post_options): Update prototype.

2002-07-05  Roger Sayle  <>

	* builtins.c (initialize_builtins): Ignore the additional
	parameter to DEF_BUILTIN.  Handle more C/C++ specific junk in
	the builtins.def file.

2002-07-01  Tom Tromey  <>

	For PR libgcj/7073:
	* parse.y (patch_incomplete_class_ref): Handle VOID_TYPE

2002-07-01  Roger Sayle  <>

	* java/decl.c (builtin_function): Accept additional parameter.
	(java_init_decl_processing): Pass an additional NULL_TREE
	argument to builtin_function.

2002-06-29  T.J. Mather  <>

	* gcj.texi: Fixed gcj invocation example so that it compiles.

2002-06-26  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* lex.c (java_init_lex): Avoid incorrect hardcoded constant 11.
	* parse.y (mark_parser_ctxt): Likewise.
	(check_modifiers, declare_local_variables): Avoid incorrect
	hardcoded constant 10.

	* lex.c (java_read_char): Avoid "comparison is always true"

2002-06-25  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* expr.c (JSR): Avoid undefined operation on PC.

2002-06-21  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* decl.c (clear_binding_level): Const-ify.

2002-06-13  Akim Demaille  <>

	* parse.y (class_declaration, interface_declaration): Make sure
	all their rules have an action, in order to avoid meaningless `$$
	= $1' and their type clashes.

2002-06-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Use FIELD_SYNTHETIC.
	* parse-scan.y (statement_without_trailing_substatement): Added
	(assert_statement): New rule.
	* java-tree.h (struct lang_type) [assertions]: New field.
	(FIELD_SYNTHETIC): New define.
	* lex.c (java_lval;): Added ASSERT_TK.
	* parse.y (ASSERT_TK): Added.
	(statement_without_trailing_substatement): Added assert_statement.
	(assert_statement): New rule.
	(build_assertion): New function.
	(maybe_generate_pre_expand_clinit): Create and initialize
	(lookup_package_type): Removed decl.
	* keyword.h: Rebuilt.
	* keyword.gperf (assert): New token.

2002-06-10  Akim Demaille  <>

	* parse.y (interface_type_list, class_member_declaration)
	(unary_expression_not_plus_minus): Remove duplicate %type.
	Whitespace changes.

2002-06-09  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (java/lang.o): Use LANGHOOKS_DEF_H.

	* parse.y (method_header): Give error message in all cases.
	Fixes PR java/6865.

2002-06-10  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	Don't use RTL inlining. Fix for PR java/6820.
	* lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_POST_OPTIONS): Define.
	(flag_really_inline): New.
	(java_decode_option): Set flag_really_inline if -finline-functions
	is seen.
	(java_post_options): New function. Turn off inlining unless
	flag_really_inline is set.

2002-06-10  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* gjavah.c (throwable_p): Accept argument as either a classname or
	signature fragment. Create null-terminated classname string for super
	when calling itself recursively.
	(decode_signature_piece): Skip first character from class name
	signature when calling throwable_p.

2002-06-08  H.J. Lu  (

	* jcf-path.c (jcf_path_init): Allocate 1 more byte for string.

2002-06-04  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-write.c (perform_relocations): Optmize a goto to a goto.

2002-06-04  Michael Koch  <>

	* gcj.texi (Input Options): Fixed typo.

2002-06-04  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* java-tree.h, class.c, expr.c, jcf-parse.c, parse.y,
	typeck.c, verify.c: Remove all #if JAVA_USE_HANDLES blocks,
	and all now-pointless local variables.  Rename other local
	variables to reflect their not being handles.

	* java-tree.h, jcf-dump.c, jcf-io.c: Remove all
	#if JCF_USE_STDIO blocks.

	* parse.y: Add missing semicolon at end of rule.

2002-06-03  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* check-init.c (attach_initialized_static_class): Delete, unused.
	* parse.y: Use htab_t instead of struct hashtable, update
	all uses.
	* java-tree.h: Include hashtab.h instead of hash.h.
	(struct lang_decl_func): Use htab_t, set up for gengtype.
	(struct init_test_hash_entry): Delete.
	(struct treetreehash_entry): New.
	(java_treetreehash_find): New
	(java_treetreehash_new): New prototype.
	(java_treetreehash_create): New prototype.
	(java_mark_tree): Delete prototype.
	(java_hash_hash_tree_node): Delete prototype.
	(java_hash_compare_tree_node): Delete prototype.
	(attach_initialized_static_class): Delete prototype.
	* expr.c (build_class_init): Update to use java_treetreehash
	(java_expand_expr): Update to use htab_t.
	(emit_init_test_initialization): Likewise.
	* decl.c (java_mark_tree): Delete.
	* class.c (init_test_hash_newfunc): Delete.
	(java_hash_hash_tree_node): Delete.
	(java_hash_compare_tree_node): Delete.
	(add_method_1): Update to use java_treetreehash functions.
	(java_treetreehash_hash): New function.
	(java_treetreehash_compare): New function.
	(java_treetreehash_find): New function.
	(java_treetreehash_new): New function.
	(java_treetreehash_create): New function.
	* (JAVA_TREE_H): Replace hash.h by HASHTAB_H.

	* (java/parse.o): Depend on debug.h.
	* java-tree.h (struct lang_identifier): Use gengtype.
	(union lang_tree_node): New.
	(struct lang_decl_func): Use gengtype.
	(struct lang_decl_var): Likewise.
	(struct lang_decl): Likewise.
	* parse.y: Include debug.h.
	* lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_MARK_TREE): Delete.

	* lang.c (struct language_function): New dummy structure.

	descriminator for DECL_LANG_SPECIFIC.
	(struct lang_decl_func): Rename from struct lang_decl.
	(enum lang_decl_desc): New.
	(struct lang_decl): Make it a union.  Update all the accessor macros.
	(struct lang_type): Use gengtype.
	* class.c (add_method_1): Set descriminator for DECL_LANG_SPECIFIC.
	* decl.c (java_dup_lang_specific_decl): All lang_decl structures
	are now the same size.
	(lang_mark_tree): Use gengtype to mark TYPE_LANG_SPECIFIC;
	use discriminator to mark DECL_LANG_SPECIFIC.

	* (gt-java-builtins.h): New rule.
	(java/builtins.o): Add dependency on gt-<filename>.h.
	* builtins.c: Use gengtype for roots.
	(union string_or_tree): Use gengtype.
	(struct builtin_record): Use gengtype.
	* (gtfiles): Add builtins.c.

	* (gt-java-class.h, gt-java-constants.h,
	gt-java-decl.h, gt-java-expr.h, gt-java-jcf-parse.h,
	gt-java-jcf-write.h, gt-java-lang.h, gt-java-mangle.h,
	gt-java-parse.h, gtype-java.h): Add rules to generate.
	(parse.o): Add dependency on gt-java-parse.h, gt-java.h.
	(class.o): Add dependency on gt-*.h.
	(constants.o): Likewise.
	(decl.o): Likewise.
	(expr.o): Likewise.
	(jcf-parse.o): Likewise.
	(jcf-write.o): Likewise.
	(lang.o): Likewise.
	* (gtfiles): New.
	* class.c: Replace uses of ggc_add_* with GTY markers.  Include gt-*.h.
	* constants.c: Replace uses of ggc_add_* with GTY markers.
	Include gt-*.h.
	* decl.c: Replace uses of ggc_add_* with GTY markers.  Include gt-*.h.
	* expr.c: Replace uses of ggc_add_* with GTY markers.  Include gt-*.h.
	* java-tree.h: Replace uses of ggc_add_* with GTY markers.
	* jcf-parse.c: Replace uses of ggc_add_* with GTY markers.
	Include gt-*.h.
	* jcf-write.c: Replace uses of ggc_add_* with GTY markers.
	Include gt-*.h.
	* lang.c: Replace uses of ggc_add_* with GTY markers.  Include gt-*.h.
	* mangle.c: Replace uses of ggc_add_* with GTY markers.  Include
	* parse.y: Replace uses of ggc_add_* with GTY markers.  Include gt-*.h.
	Include gtype-java.h.

2002-06-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/5913:
	* parse.y (patch_binop): Call patch_string on op1.

2002-06-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/1343, PR java/6336:
	* parse.y (make_nested_class_name): Remove extraneous `else'; fix
	formatting.  Changed return type.
	(anonymous_class_counter): Moved to top of file.
	(maybe_make_nested_class_name): Append number to class name for
	function-local classes.

2002-05-28  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* decl.c, jcf-parse.c, parse.y, typeck.c: Include real.h.
	* Update dependency lists.

2002-05-18  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* gjavah.c (throwable_p): Do not free the name of the class after
	passing it to find_class.
	* java-tree.h (CLASS_BEING_LAIDOUT): Remove duplicate definition.
	* jcf-io.c (dirent.h): Include it.
	(fnmatch.h): Likewise.
	(compare_path): New function.
	(java_or_class_file): Likewise.
	(memoized_dirlist_entry): New type.
	(memoized_dirlist_lookup_eq): New function.
	(memoized_dirlists): New variable.
	(caching_stat): New function.
	(memoized_class_lookup_eq): New function.
	(memoized_class_lookups): Likewise.
	(find_class): Use memoized_class_lookups and caching_stat.
	* jcf.h (JCF_USE_SCANDIR): Define.
	* parse.y (java_expand_classes): Write the class files in reverse

2002-05-16  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* Allow for PWDCMD to override hardcoded pwd.

2002-05-13  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* jcf-write.c (write_classfile): Unlink the temporary file if it
	cannot be renamed.  Use concat to build up the name of the
	temporary file.

2002-05-08  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* jcf-write.c (write_classfile): Write the file to a
	temporary file and then rename it.

2002-05-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (throwable_p): Use xstrdup, not strdup.

	Fix for PR java/1200:
	* gjavah.c (throwable_p): New function.
	(decode_signature_piece): Use it.  A `WeakReference' isn't the
	same as a `jweak'.
	Include hashtab.h.
	(gcjh_streq): New function.

2002-05-07  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* parse.y (finish_for_loop): Fix if statement.

2002-05-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/5941:
	* parse.y (finish_for_loop): Set SUPPRESS_UNREACHABLE_ERROR for
	loop update expression.
	(java_complete_lhs): Use SUPPRESS_UNREACHABLE_ERROR.
	* java-tree.h (SUPPRESS_UNREACHABLE_ERROR): New macro.

2002-05-04  Mark Wielaard  <>

	For PR java/6519:
	* parse.y (build_string_concatenation): Return just op1 only when op2
	is null and op1 is a STRING_CST, otherwise always construct a

2002-04-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	For PR java/6382:
	* parse.y (string_convert_int_cst): New function.
	(merge_string_cste): Use it.

2002-04-25  Neil Booth  <>

	* java-tree.h (java_parse_file): Update.
	(java_set_yydebug): Remove.
	* jcf-parse.c (yydebug): Remove.
	(java_set_yydebug): Die.
	(java_parse_file): Update.
	* lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_SET_YYDEBUG): Remove.

2002-04-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	For PR java/6425:
	* parse.y (qualify_ambiguous_name) [case CALL_EXPR]: Always choose

2002-04-23  Per Bothner  <>

	* expr.c (PRE_JSR):  Call NOTE_LABEL for return address.
	* java-tree.h (BCODE_RETURN_TARGET):  Removed - never set.

2002-04-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	For PR java/6314:
	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Use --resource, not -R.  Also
	recognize `-fcompile-resource='.
	* gcj.texi (Invoking gcj): Use --resource, not -R.  Expanded text
	a bit.

2002-04-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c: (yyparse): Don't prepend "./" to relative
	paths. Fixes PR java/2791.

2002-04-19  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-write.c (push_long_const): lo, hi: New variables.
	Use rshift_double to extract the high part of a 64-bit long.
	Use WORD_TO_INT to extract the low part.

	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): CONSTANT_Integer: Use an unsigned
	HOST_WIDE_INT for num.  Use JPOOL_UINT to get it.
	CONSTANT_Double: Use JPOOL_UINT to get both halve of a double.

2002-04-18  Neil Booth  <>

	* typeck.c (incomplete_type_error): Remove.

2002-04-18  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* class.c (make_class_data): Set DECL_ALIGN on static class data,
	for hash synchronization.
	* expr.c (java_expand_expr): Set DECL_ALIGN on static array objects.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Don't set TYPE_ALIGN for

2002-04-16  Mark Wielaard  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Only write const_0 if not
	negative zero.

2002-04-16  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	Fix for PR java/6294:

2002-04-15  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	Fix for PR java/6085:
	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Always use build_access_to_thisn
	to get enclosing "this" argument for inner-class constructor
	invocation. Pass correct arguments to build_access_to_thisn.

2002-04-10  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* gcj.texi (Input Options): Fix extdirs patch.

2002-04-10  Anthony Green  <>

	* jcf-path.c (jcf_path_init) : Clean up local extdirs declaration.

2002-04-09  Anthony Green  <>

	* gcj.texi (Input Options): Add --extdirs documentation.
	* jcf-dump.c (OPT_extdirs): New macro.
	(options): Add extdirs option.
	(help): Describe --extdirs.
	(main): Handle OPT_extdirs.
	* gjavah.c (OPT_extdirs): New macro.
	(options): Add extdirs option.
	(help): Describe --extdirs.
	(main): Handle OPT_extdirs.
	* jcf-path.c (jcf_path_init): Add extdirs support.
	(jcf_path_extdirs_arg): New function.
	(extensions): New variable to hold extensions path entries.
	* jvspec.c: Remove -fextdirs= when compiling main().
	* lang.c (java_decode_option): Handle -fextdirs=.
	* jcf.h (jcf_path_extdirs_arg): Declare new function.
	* Compile jcf-path with version info for use in
	identifying the appropriate libgcj.jar.

2002-04-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	For PR libgcj/5303:
	* .cvsignore: Added rmic.1 and rmiregistry.1.
	* gcj.texi (Top): Link to new nodes.
	(Invoking rmic): New node.
	(Invoking rmiregistry): Likewise.
	* (java.generated-manpages): Added rmic.1 and
	(java.maintainer-clean): Likewise.
	($(srcdir)/java/rmic.1): New target.
	($(srcdir)/java/rmiregistry.1): Likewise.
	(java.install-man): Handle rmic.1 and rmiregistry.1.

2002-04-08  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* gcj.texi (Invocation): Update JvAttachCurrentThread documentation.
	Add note about handling uncaught exceptions. Add an exception handler
	to example.

2002-04-08  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Clear "from_super" flag
	after using it to patch CALL_EXPR.

2002-04-08  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* gcj.texi (Invocation): Document CNI invocation API.

2002-04-04  Neil Booth  <>

	* expr.c (truthvalue_conversion): Rename.  Update.
	(expand_compare): Update.
	* java-tree.h (java_truthvalue_conversion): New.

2002-04-01  Neil Booth  <>

	* java-tree.h (java_mark_addressable): New.
	* lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_MARK_ADDRESSABLE): Redefine.
	* typeck.c (mark_addressable): Rename, update.

2002-04-01  Neil Booth  <>

	* expr.c (build_java_binop): Update.
	* java-tree.h (java_signed_type, java_unsigned_type,
	java_signed_or_unsigned_type): Update.
	* parse.y (patch_binop): Update.
	* typeck.c (signed_or_unsigned_type, unsigned_type,
	signed_type): Update.

2002-03-31  Neil Booth  <>

	(java_dummy_print): Remove.
	(lang_print_error): Rename.  Exit early if inhibiting output.
	(inhibit_error_printing_function): New.
	(java_init): Don't set hook.
	(lang_init_source): Use new boolean.

2002-03-29  Martin Kahlert  <>

	* parse.y (do_resolve_class): Fix infinite recursion.

2002-03-29  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (check_inner_circular_reference): Ignore incomplete

2002-03-29  Neil Booth  <>

	* (builtins.o): Update.
	* boehm.c (get_boehm_type_descriptor): Update.
	* builtins.c: Include langhooks.h.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Update.
	* java-tree.h (java_type_for_mode, java_type_for_size): New.
	* typeck.c (type_for_mode, type_for_size): Update.

2002-03-29  Martin Kahlert  <>

	* lex.c (java_new_lexer): Alias "646" to DEFAULT_ENCODING.

2002-03-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* except.c (expand_end_java_handler): If the handler type is NULL,
	use java.lang.Throwable.  Fixes PR java/5986.

2002-03-28  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	Fix for PR java/4715:
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_source_file_3): New function.
	(read_class): Call it.
	(java_parse_file): Likewise.

2002-03-28  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* java/lang.c (java_init_options): Set flag_trapping_math to 0.

2002-03-28  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_package): Initialize "decl".
	(lookup_package_type): Remove unused function.

2002-03-28  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	Fix for PR java/5993:
	* parse.y (resolve_package): Return the decl if resolution was
	successful. Don't special case "java.lang" and "java.lang.reflect"
	packages. Set type_name to the merged identifier.
	(resolved_qualified_expression_name): Print error using "name" if
	resolve_package returns NULL_TREE.

2002-03-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (expand_invoke): Don't generate null pointer check if
	we're calling <init>.

2002-03-27  Neil Booth  <>

	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Rename java_expand_expr,
	fix prototype.
	* java-tree.h (java_lang_expand_expr): Similarly.
	* lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_EXPAND_EXPR): Redefine.
	(java_init): Don't set hook.

2002-03-27  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	Fix for PR java/5850:
	* parse.y (lookup_field_wrapper): Call itself recursively for enclosing
	context if field was not found in the current scope.
	* expr.c (lookup_field): Don't look in enclosing contexts.

2002-03-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/5942:
	* parse.y (init_src_parse): Added sanity check.
	* parse.h (struct parser_ctxt) [modifier_ctx]: Array has 12
	elements, not 11.

2002-03-26  Neil Booth  <>

	* decl.c (lang_mark_tree): Rename java_mark_tree.
	* java-tree.h (java_mark_tree): New.
	* java-lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_MARK_TREE): Redefine.

2002-03-25  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* lex.c: Change java_perform_atof to take normal parameters
	instead of a pointer to a parameter block.  Call it directly
	from java_lex.

2002-03-22  Mark Wielaard  <>

	Fix for PR java/5368:
	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Use decl not field_decl
	when printing error message.

2002-03-25  Neil Booth  <>

	* decl.c (maybe_build_cleanup): Remove.

2002-03-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	Andrew Haley  <>

	* expr.c (build_field_ref): Don't build a check if the field is a
	member of `this'.

2002-03-21  Eric Blake  <>

	Fix for PR java/6026:
	* lex.c (java_lex): Fix parsing of consecutive floats.

2002-03-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (build_access_to_thisn): Stop when FROM is not an inner

2002-03-21  Neil Booth  <>

	* cp-tree.h (pushdecl, pushlevel, poplevel, set_block,
	insert_block, getdecls, kept_level_p, global_bindings_p): New.

2002-03-20  Nic Ferrier  <>

	* gcj.texi: @code{gcj} becomes @command{gcj}.
	@code{gcc} becomes @command{gcc}.
	GcjRaw changed to gnu.gcc.RawData.

2002-03-20  Neil Booth  <>

	* decl.c (start_java_method): Use new hook.
	(java_init): Remove old hook.

2002-03-18  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* builtins.c (define_builtin): Do nothing if `type' is null.
	Fixes PR java/5876.

2002-03-18  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (parser_check_super_interface): Fix error message

2002-03-17  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Delete unused variables.

2002-03-17  Neil Booth  <>

	* java-tree.h (java_parse_file): New.
	* jcf-parse.c (yyparse): Rename java_parse_file.
	* lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_PARSE_FILE): Redefine.

2002-03-16  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (craft_constructor): Return the constructor decl.
	(java_expand_classes): Update comments.
	(lookup_method_invoke): Call fix_constructors immediately for
	anonymous class. Fixes PR java/5935.

2002-03-15  Anthony Green  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (yyparse): Don't emit class registration
	constructor when compiling resource files.

2002-03-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* lang.c (java_tree_code_type, java_tree_code_length,
	tree_code_name): Delete.
	(tree_code_type, tree_code_length, tree_code_name): Define.
	(java_init): Don't try to copy into the various tree_code

2002-03-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant) [CONSTANT_String]: String values are
	UTF-8, not UCS-2.  Fixes PR java/5923.

	* parse.y (qualify_ambiguous_name): Handle case where QUAL_WFL is
	a call_expr wrapped in a convert.  Fixes PR java/5848.

2002-03-12  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* jcf-write.c (write_classfile): Improve error strings.

2002-03-11  Eric Blake  <>

	* lex.c: Adjust comments to GNU standards.

2002-03-11  Eric Blake  <>

	Fix for PR java/5902:
	* lex.c (java_lex): Fix parsing of literals.

2002-03-11  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Wrap the right-hand-side with a save_expr
	to prevent it getting evaluated twice in the store checking case.
	* expr.c (build_java_arraystore_check): Unwrap SAVE_EXPR's when
	examining OBJECT.

2002-03-09  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Make sure class_type_node
	alignment is not less than 64 bits if hash synchronization is enabled.

2002-03-08  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs):  Check if patch_assignment
	returned an error-mark.

	* parse.y (try_builtin_assignconv):  Don't special-case zero.

2002-03-08  Per Bothner  <>

	Fix for PR java/5812.
	* expr.c (build_java_jsr):  Take pc arguments, and do lookup_label
	here instead of in JSR macro.  Likewise with load_type_state call.
	Do the latter on if the return_pc has been verified (the jsr returns).
	(JSR):  Now just call build_java_jsr.

2002-03-07  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* java/ (JAVA_TARGET_INSTALL_NAME): Define.
	(java.install-common): Link native driver to

2002-03-05  David Billinghurst <>

	* builtins.c(cos_builtin): method_return_type ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED
	* builtins.c(sin_builtin): Likewise
	* builtins.c(sqrt_builtin): Likewise

2002-03-03  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* java/expr.c, java/jcf-parse.c, java/lex.c:
	Remove all #ifndef REAL_ARITHMETIC blocks, make all #ifdef
	REAL_ARITHMETIC blocks unconditional.  Delete some further
	#ifdef blocks predicated on REAL_ARITHMETIC.

2002-03-03  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* class.c (init_class_processing): Use ARRAY_SIZE in lieu of
	explicit sizeof/sizeof.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (init_jcf_parse): Likewise.
	* parse.y (init_src_parse): Likewise.

2002-03-02  Per Bothner  <>

	Make --CLASSPATH by a synonym for --classpath and -classpath.
	Implement --bootclasspath.
	* jcf-path.c (classpath_u):  Rename static variable to classpath_user.
	(classpath_l):  Remove.
	(jcf_path_CLASSPATH_arg):  Remove.
	(jcf_path_bootclasspath_arg):  New function.
	(jcf_path_seal):  Simplify accordingly.

	* jcf.h (jcf_path_bootclasspath_arg):  New declarations.
	(jcf_path_CLASSPATH):  Remove declaration.
	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec):  Also accept -fbootclasspath*.
	(lang_specific_driver):  Translate -bootclasspath.
	* lang-options.h:  Add --bootclasspath.  Update --CLASSPATH.
	* lang.c (decode_lang_options):  Do jcf_path_init first.
	Handle -fCLASSPATH same as -fclasspath.  Also process -fbootclasspath.
	* gjavah.c:  Also handle --bootclasspath.
	Handle --CLASSPATH as a synonum for --classpath.
	* jcf-dump.c: Likewise.

	"." is not part of system path, but is the default for --classpath.
	* jcf-path.c (jcf_path_init):  Don't add "." to sys_dirs.
	(jcf_path_seal):  Add "." if no CLASSPATH specified.

	* gcj.texi:  Document changes.

2002-03-01  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* expr.c (build_java_arraystore_check): Fix formatting.

2002-02-28  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	Fix for PR java/5758, java/5632:
	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Renamed local variable, consider `.' an
	inner-class separator too.
	* parse.y (do_resolve_class): New local `decl_result.'
	Progressively build a name for what can have been loaded.

2002-02-28  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* expr.c (java_array_data_offset): Removed function.
	(build_java_array_length_access): Obtain "length" value using a
	COMPONENT_REF, instead of INDIRECT_REF and arithmetic.
	(build_java_arrayaccess): Correct comment. Access "data" using a
	COMPONENT_REF, and return an ARRAY_REF instead of an INDIRECT_REF.
	(build_java_arraystore_check): New function.
	(expand_java_arraystore): Use build_java_arraystore_check.
	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Simplify code to insert a store check
	when lvalue is an ARRAY_REF. Use build_java_arraystore_check.
	* check-init.c (check_init): Update to reflect that an array length
	access is now a COMPONENT_REF.
	* gcj.texi (Code Generation): Improve documentation of
	-fno-bounds-check. Add documentation for -fno-store-check.
	* java-tree.h (flag_store_check): Declare.
	(build_java_arraystore_check): Declare.
	* lang.c (flag_store_check): Initialize to 1.
	(lang_f_options): Add store-check option.
	* jvspec.c: Don't pass store-check option to jvgenmain.
	* lang-options.h: Add help string for -fno-store-check.

2002-02-28  Neil Booth  <>

	* decl.c (copy_lang_decl): Rename java_dup_lang_specific_decl.
	* java-tree.h (java_dup_lang_specific_decl): New.

2002-02-27  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* builtins.c, decl.c: Delete traditional-mode-related code
	copied from the C front end but not used, or used only to
	permit the compiler to link.

2002-02-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/2369:
	* jvspec.c (verify_class_name): New function.
	(lang_specific_driver): Call it.
	(JAVA_START_CHAR_P): New macro.
	(JAVA_PART_CHAR_P): Likewise.

2002-02-22  Per Bothner  <>

	* class.c:  Change vtable to be more compatible with g++ v3 abi.
	(get_dispatch_table):  Prepend offset-to-top (always 0) and
	type_info pointer (currently unimplemented hence NULL) to vtable.
	Specifically, prepend offset-to-top and typeinfo ptr (currently null).
	(make_class_data):  Variable dtable_start_offset is sizeof 2 pointers.
	Adjust vtable pointers by dtable_start_offse - i.e. skip new words.
	(build_dtable_decl):  Add declarations for new fields.

2002-02-20  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Set CAN_COMPLETE_NORMALLY on call
	to finit$ (otherwise generate_bytecode_insns drops it). However, we
	don't need to set it on the COMPOUND_EXPR - the caller does that.

2002-02-20  Nic Ferrier  <>

	* gcj.texi: Option `--classpath' becomes `--CLASSPATH.'Option
	`--CLASSPATH' becomes `--classpath.'
	* gjavah.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-dump.c: Likewise.
	* lang-options.h: Likewise.
	* lang.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-path.c: Updated comment.
	(jcf_path_classpath_arg): Renamed `jcf_path_CLASSPATH_arg.'
	(jcf_path_CLASSPATH_arg): Renamed `jcf_path_classpath_arg.'
	* jcf.h (jcf_path_CLASSPATH_arg): Ditto.
	(jcf_path_CLASSPATH_arg): Ditto.
	(classpath_u): Updated leading comment.

2002-02-20  Per Bothner  <>

	* builtins.c (check_for_builtin):  New function.
	(build_call_or_builtin):  Remove.
	* java-tree.h:  Update accordingly.
	* expr.c (expand_invoke):  Use build + check_for_builtin instead
	of build_call_or_builtin.
	* parse.y (patch_invoke):  Likewise.  This avoids needlessly creating
	a new CALL_EXPR node, which means we don't lose the CALL_USING_SUPER
	flag (which had caused jcf-write to incorrectly emit invokevirtual).

2002-02-17  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h (TYPE_STRICTFP): New macro.
	(struct lang_type) [strictfp]: New field.
	(CLASS_STRICTFP): New macro.
	(METHOD_STRICTFP): New macro.
	(struct lang_decl) [strictfp]: New field.
	* parse.y (method_header): Disallow strictfp constructor or
	abstract method.
	(STRICT_TK): Move before MODIFIER_TK.
	* jcf-write.c (get_access_flags): Likewise.
	* class.c (set_class_decl_access_flags): Recognize ACC_STRICT.
	(add_method_1): Likewise.
	(get_access_flags_from_decl): Likewise.
	* jcf-dump.c (print_access_flags): Print in standard order.  Also,
	recognize strictfp flag.
	* jcf.h (ACC_STRICT): New define.

2002-02-12  David Billinghurst <>

	* class.c(build_utf8_ref): Move declaration of decl_size

2002-02-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Input Options): --CLASSPATH does not suppress system

2002-02-04  Anthony Green  <>

	* class.c (build_utf8_ref): Put UTF-8 constants into merged
	sections if available.

2002-02-04  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (java_expand_classes): Fix typo in static field loop.

2002-02-02  Richard Henderson  <>

	* class.c (add_field): Mark static fields external.
	(build_class_ref): Remove redundant set.
	* parse.y (java_expand_classes): Mark static fields of classes
	to be compiled as local.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_class_file): Likewise.

2002-02-02  Nic Ferrier  <>

	* gcj.texi (About CNI): New node.

2002-02-01  Craig Rodrigues  <>

	PR java/5080
	* jcf-parse.c : Check for HAVE_LOCALE_H before using
	setlocale() with LC_CTYPE as a parameter.
	* jv-scan.c: Same.

2002-01-31  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gjavah.c (version), jcf-dump.c (version), jv-scan.c (version):
	Follow GNU Coding Standards for --version.

2002-01-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (build_jni_stub): Ensure storage for `meth' is
	* parse.y (java_complete_expand_methods): Set
	current_function_decl before building JNI stub.

2002-01-26 Andreas Tobler <>

	* gcc/java/builtins.c (sqrt_builtin): Use BUILT_IN_SQRT, not

2002-01-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Use add_predefined_file.
	(predef_filenames): Removed.
	(java_init_decl_processing): Don't register predef_filenames.
	* jcf-parse.c (add_predefined_file): New function.
	(predefined_filename_p): Rewrote.
	(predefined_filename_p): No longer static.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Call initialize_builtins.
	* (JAVA_OBJS): Added builtins.o.
	(java/builtins.o): New target.
	* builtins.c: New file.
	* parse.y (patch_invoke): Use build_call_or_builtin.
	* java-tree.h (build_call_or_builtin): Declare.
	(initialize_builtins): Declare.
	(java_set_exception_lang_code): Removed unused declaration.
	(java_tree_index): Added JTI_PREDEF_FILENAMES.
	(predef_filenames): New define.
	(add_predefined_file): Declare.
	(predefined_filename_p): Declare.
	* expr.c (expand_invoke): Use build_call_or_builtin.

2002-01-22  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* parse.y (patch_switch_statement): Fix format specifier.

2002-01-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	More for PR java/5365:
	* gjavah.c (print_stub_or_jni): Cause exception to be thrown by
	(process_file): Generate include for

2002-01-15  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* .cvsignore: Add man pages.

2002-01-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/5365:
	* gjavah.c (process_file): Turn class name into a file name.

2002-01-14  Matthias Klose  <>

	* gcj.texi: Fix whitespace and formatting errors in the
	synopsis of the man pages. Update copyright.

2002-01-14  Tom Tromey  <>

	For PR libgcj/5303:
	* (java.install-man): Handle jv-convert man page.
	(java.generated-manpages): Added jv-convert.1.
	(java.uninstall): Remove jv-convert.1.
	(java.maintainer-clean): Likewise.
	($(srcdir)/java/jv-convert.1): New target.
	* gcj.texi (Top): Link to jv-convert node.
	(Individual utilities): Likewise.
	(Invoking jv-convert): New node.

2001-01-10  Jeff Sturm  <>
	    Martin Kahlert  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Don't swap lo/hi for big
	endian targets when HOST_BITS_PER_WIDE_INT >= 64.

2002-01-03  Graham Stott  <>

	* class.c (compile_resource_file): Update copyright date.
	Constify filename parameter.
	(java-tree.h): Update copyright date.
	(compile_resource_file): Constify filename parameter.

2002-01-03  Graham Stott  <>

	* gcc/jcf-parse.c: Update copyright date.
	(yyparse): Constify resource_filename.

2002-01-02  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* parse.y (src_parse_roots): Don't needlessly zero init.

2001-12-31  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (dump_java_tree): New function.
	(source_end_java_method): Call it.
	(end_class_declaration): Likewise.
	* lang.c (java_decode_option): Call dump_switch_p.

2001-12-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* Don't process characters after \uffff.  Added
	comment pointing to input file.

2001-12-28  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* Const-ify output.  Document the location of a
	suitable unicode input file.

	* chartables.h: Regenerate.

2001-12-26  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* chartables.h: Const-ify.
	* gjavah.c (options): Likewise.
	* jcf-dump.c (options): Likewise.
	* jv-scan.c (options): Likewise.
	* lex.c (java_start_char_p, java_part_char_p): Likewise.
	* parse.y (binop_lookup): Likewise.

2001-12-23  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (keyword.h): Pass -C to gperf to const-ify
	the static arrays that are output.
	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Make static.
	* keyword.gperf (struct java_keyword, java_keyword): Const-ify.
	* keyword.h: Regenerate.
	* lang.c (string_option, process_option_with_no, lang_f_options,
	lang_W_options): Const-ify.
	* lex.c (java_lex): Likewise.

2001-12-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* boehm.c (PROCEDURE_OBJECT_DESCRIPTOR): Merge into ..
	(get_boehm_type_descriptor): ... here.  Arrange for the
	TREE_TYPE to get set properly.

2001-12-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* class.c (compile_resource_file): Set TREE_PUBLIC on the constructor
	only if the target requires collect2.

	* class.c (build_class_ref): Mark _Jv_fooClass DECL_EXTERNAL.

2001-12-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	For PR java/4509:
	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs) [COMPOUND_EXPR]: Correctly compute
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns) [COMPOUND_EXPR]: Don't
	generate code for second branch if first branch can't complete
	(generate_bytecode_insns) [LOOP_EXPR]: Don't generate `goto' to
	the loop head if the loop body can't complete normally.

2001-12-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	For PR java/4766:
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns) [TRY_FINALLY_EXPR]: Handle
	case where `finally' clause can't complete normally.

2001-12-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fixes PR java/5057:
	* parse.y (analyze_clinit_body): Added this_class parameter.
	Check for more cases where we must keep <clinit>.
	(maybe_yank_clinit): Cleaned up flow control.

2001-12-20  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Don't initialize
	* java-tree.h (java_tree_index): Remove JTI_FINIT_LEG_IDENTIFIER_NODE.
	(finit_leg_identifier_node): Remove.

2001-12-20  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* mangle.c (mangle_member_name): Don't special-case for
	* mangle_name.c (unicode_mangling_length): Likewise.
	(append_unicode_mangled_name): Likewise.
	* parse.y (make_nested_class_name): Remove dead NO_DOLLAR_IN_LABEL

2001-12-20  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* expr.c (build_java_array_length_access): Don't force null pointer
	check unless flag_check_references is set.

2001-12-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/3417:
	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Added special processing for
	(patch_return): Don't convert booleans to integers, and don't
	special-case `null'.

2001-12-20  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* (diff_excludes): Remove.

2001-12-17  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcj.texi: Update link to GCC manual.

2001-12-17  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (link_nested_class_to_enclosing): Removed useless

2001-12-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	* mangle.c (mangle_method_decl): Never emit `C2' constructor.
	Fixes PR java/5088.

2001-12-16  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* ChangeLog,, class.c, expr.c, gcj.texi, java-tree.h,
	jcf-parse.c, jcf-write.c, lex.c, parse.h, parse.y, verify.c: Fix
	spelling errors.

2001-12-16  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* lex.c (java_read_unicode, java_lex): Use hex_p/hex_value.

2001-12-16  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Build otable_type correctly.
	otable_decl is an otable_type.

2001-12-15  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* java-tree.h (otable_methods, otable_decl, otable_syms_decl,
	otable_type, otable_ptr_type, method_symbol_type,
	method_symbols_array_type, method_symbols_array_ptr_type): New
	field/global tree definitions.
	(flag_indirect_dispatch): New flag.
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Initialize new otable and
	otable_syms type nodes and decls. Add new field "index" to
	* class.c (build_method_symbols_entry): New function.
	(make_method_value): Set "index" to to method's vtable index for
	virtual methods when indirect-dispatch is not used.
	(make_class_data): For indirect-dispatch, don't emit the dtable_decl,
	and set vtable_method_count to -1. Set otable and otable_syms field
	if indirect-dispatch is used and there was something to put in them.
	(build_method_symbols_entry): New function.
	(emit_offset_symbol_table): New function.
	* expr.c (get_offset_table_index): New function.
	(build_invokevirtual): Build array reference to otable at the index
	returned by get_offset_table_index, and use the result as the vtable
	(build_invokeinterface): Similar.
	* jcf-parse.c (yyparse): If indirect-dispatch, call
	emit_offset_symbol_table at the end of compilation, after all classes
	have been generated.
	* jvspec.c: Don't pass findirect-dispatch to jvgenmain.
	* lang.c (flag_indirect_dispatch): Define.
	(lang_f_options): Add indirect-dispatch flag.

2001-12-14  Matthias Klose  <>

	* gcj.texi: Markup for man page generation. Document missing
	options printed by <tool> --help.
	Terminate description of gij's -ms option with a dot.
	* ($(srcdir)/java/*.1): New targets.
	(java.generated-manpages java.install-man, java.uninstall,
	java-maintainer-clean) Updated.

2001-12-14  Hans Boehm  <>

	* class.c (get_dispatch_table): Fix java vtable layout
	* decl.c (java_init_decl_processing): Initialize
	alloc_no_finalizer_node, finalize_identifier_node.
	* expr.c (class_has_finalize_method): New function.
	(expand_java_NEW): Generate calls for finalizer-free allocation.
	(build_invokevirtual): Fix java vtable layout for
	* java-tree.h (enum java_tree_index): New entries:
	(alloc_no_finalizer_node, finalize_deintifier_node): New macros.
	(class_has_finalize_method): declare.
	(HAS_FINALIZER_P): New macro.
	* parse.y (patch_invoke): Generate calls for finalizer-free

2001-12-12  Matthias Klose  <>

	whitespace at end of line.

2001-12-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_init_lex): Define wfl_to_string as
	gnu.gcj.runtime.StringBuffer unless generating bytecode.

2001-12-11  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* class.c (make_method_value): Use null_pointer_node to
	represent empty exception table.

2001-12-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init) [SWITCH_EXPR]: Use SWITCH_HAS_DEFAULT.

2001-12-10  Douglas B. Rupp  <>

	* (jvspec.o): Add $(OUTPUT_OPTION).

2001-12-09  Per Bothner  <>

	* check-init.c (current_switch_has_default):  New static field.
	(check_init):  Case DEFAULT_EXPR: Set current_switch_has_default.
	Case SWITCH_EXPR:  Save/restore current_switch_has_default.  If no
	DEFAULT_EXPR seen, simulate a default alternative that copies state.

2001-12-09  Tom Tromey  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Don't allow pre- or post- increment
	or decrement of final variable.
	(final_assign_error): Minor error message rewording.

2001-12-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h: Fixed typo.

	* gjavah.c (decompile_method): Don't decompile to `return this'
	for static methods.

	* gjavah.c (cxx_keywords): Re-sorted.
	* lex.c (cxx_keywords): Re-sorted.

	* gjavah.c (HANDLE_METHOD): Set `decompiled' before doing anything

	* gjavah.c (print_namelet): Clear subnamelets.
	(HANDLE_METHOD): Set `method_printed' earlier.

2001-12-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lang.c (lang_f_options): Added
	(java_decode_option): Removed special case.

2001-12-07  Per Bothner  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init):  Fix typo freeing memory twice.

2001-12-05  Per Bothner  <>

	Restore support for static class initialization optimization.
	* java-tree.h (STATIC_CLASS_INIT_OPT_P): Re-enable.
	* check-init.c (check_int):  At end of BLOCK handle initialization
	blocks, which used to be done in java_complete_expand_method but did
	not handle the case where check_for_initialization might allocate
	more than a word of bits.
	* decl.c (lang_make_tree):  The smic field is now a tree.
	* expr.c (build_class_init):  Set DECL_FUNCTION_INIT_TEST_CLASS field.
	* java-tree.h (DECL_FUNCTION_INIT_TEST_TABLE):  New macro.

	* parse.y (emit_test_initialization):  Combine hash_lookup calls.

	Change from a hash table to a list.
	(struct_lang_decl):  Change field 'smic' to match.
	* class.c (add_method_1):  Initialize
	* parse.y (adjust_init_test_initialization):  Removed - inlined into -
	(java_expand_method_bodies): -here, since 'smic' is now a list.
	(patch_invoke):  Add to 'smic' list, instead of hash_lookup.

	* check-init.c (WORD_SIZE):  Use BITS_PER_UNIT.

	* class.c (java_hash_compare_tree_node):  Fix casts.

2001-12-04  Per Bothner  <>

	* check-init.c:   Handle definite unassignment to finals in addition
	to definite assignment.
	(loop_current_locals):  New field.
	(num_current_locals, int start_current_locals, num_current_words):
	Make static.
	(SET_P, CLEAR_P, SET_BIT):  Add needed but missing parentheses.
	(get_variable_decl, check_final_reassigned):  New functions.
	(check_init, check_bool_init):  Modify as needed for checking finals.
	(check_for_initialization):  Take extra parameter and return void.
	Do extra start-up logic to check final fields for assignment.
	* parse.y (check_static_final_variable_assignment_flag,
	reset_static_final_variable_assignment_flag, check_final_assignment,
	reset_final_variable_global_assignment_flag):  Remove functions.
	(java_complete_expand_methods, outer_field_access_fix,
	patch_assignment): Remove no-longer used logic.
	* java-tree.h (DECL_FIELD_FINAL_IUD):  Change usage and comments.
	* parse.y (register_fields, java_complete_tree):  Update accordingly.

	* check-init.c (ALLOC_WORDS/FREE_WORDS):  Use xmalloc/free, not alloca.
	(check_cond_init, check_bool2_init):  Use DECLARE_BUFFERS.

	* java-tree.h (STATIC_CLASS_INIT_OPT_P):  Temporarily turn off.

	* java-tree.h (DECL FINAL):  New bit-field.
	(LOCAL_FINAL_P):  Use DECL_FINAL rather than old LOCAL_FINAL.
	(DECL_INIT_CALLS_THIS):  New macro.
	(struct lang_decl):  New bit-field init_calls_this.
	(DECL_BIT_INDEX):  Change to use pointer_alias_set since we now
	use it for both local variables and final fields.
	(struct lang_decl_var):  Remove bit-fields final_liic, final_ierr,
	and local_final.
	(struct lang_type):  Remove hfv bit-field.
	(check_for_initialization):  Change to return void.

	* java-tree.h (IS_ARRAY_LENGTH_ACCESS):  New macros.
	* expr.c (build_java_array_length_access):  Set IS_ARRAY_LENGTH_ACCESS.
	* check-init.c (final_assign_error):  New helper function.
	(check_final_reassigned, check_init):  Use it.
	(check_init):  Also check IS_ARRAY_LENGTH_ACCESS for ARRAY.length.

	* java-tree.h (struct lang_decl, struct lang_decl_var):  Change all
	bit-fields to unsigned.

2001-12-03  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (patch_binop):  Minor constant folding.

	* parse.y (build_current_thisn):  Shorter 'buffer'.

2001-12-03  Per Bothner  <>

	* decl.c (complete_start_java_method):  Now generate TRY_FINALLY_EXPR
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns):  Remove support for
	CLEANUP_POINT_EXPR and WITH_CLEANUP_EXPR as they are no longer used.
	* check-init.c (check_init):  Likewise.

2001-12-03  Per Bothner  <>

	* verify.c (subroutine_nesting):  New function.
	(verify_jvm_instructions):  Use it to fix logic for checking that
	we're done with the current subroutine.

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instruction): For OPCODE_checkcast and
	OPCODE_instanceof use POP_TYPE macro for better diagnostics.

2001-12-03  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf.h:  Fix obvious typo in comment.
	* typeck.c (build_null_signature):  Add comment.

2001-12-03  Neil Booth  <>

	* expr.c: Remove leading capital from diagnostic messages, as
	per GNU coding standards.
	* jcf-io.c: Similarly.
	* jcf-parse.c: Similarly.
	* jv-scan.c: Similarly.
	* jvspec.c: Similarly.
	* mangle.c: Similarly.

2001-12-02  Tang Ching-Hui  <>
	    Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (build_java_arrayaccess): Call save_expr on array for
	correct evaluation order, modified comment, fixed indentation.
	* parse.y: (patch_assignment): Correctly extract the array base
	from the tree generate by build_java_arrayaccess, added comments.
	(patch_array_ref): Remove SAVE_EXPR on ARRAY_REF.
	Fixes PR java/3096, PR java/3803, PR java/3965.

2001-12-01  Neil Booth  <>

	* expr.c (expand_byte_code): Remove trailing periods from messages.
	* jcf-parse.c (load_class, jcf_parse): Similarly.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Similarly.
	* lex.c (java_lex): Similarly.

2001-11-30  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* class.c (add_interface_do): Set BINFO_VPTR_FIELD.

2001-11-29  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* (java.generated-manpages): New dummy target.

2001-11-27  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Cannot use %umain, breaks
	(lang_specific_pre_link): Use set_input to set input_filename.
	Append `main' here.
	* jvgenmain.c (usage): Append literal `main' to CLASSNAME.
	(main): Fix definition.
	Strip `main' from classname.
	Fixes PR java/227.

2001-11-18  Roger Sayle <>

	* parse.h (java_expand_switch): Remove old prototype.

2001-11-18  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/1401:
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns) [binop]: Handle case where
	arg0 is null.
	(generate_bytecode_insns) [MODIFY_EXPR]: Handle `OP=' case

2001-11-18  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.c (finish_parse): Rename to java_finish.
	(LANG_HOOKS_FINISH, java_finish): New.

2001-11-15  Neil Booth  <>

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Rename java_init_decl_processing.
	* java-tree.h: New prototype.
	* lang.c (java_init): Update prototype.  Combine with old init_parse.

2001-11-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (method_signature): New global.
	(decompile_return_statement): New function.
	(decompile_method): Use it.
	(print_method_info): Removed `synth' argument.

2001-11-09  Neil Booth  <>

	* java-tree.h (java_set_yydebug): New.
	* jcf-parse.c (set_yydebug): Rename java_set_yydebug.
	* lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_SET_YYDEBUG): Override.
	(print_lang_decl, print_lang_type, print_lang_identifier,
	print_lang_statistics, lang_print_xnode): Remove.

2001-11-09  Neil Booth  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (init_lex): Remove.
	* lang.c (language_string, lang_identify): Remove.
	(struct lang_hooks): Constify.
	(LANG_HOOKS_NAME): Override.
	(init_parse): Update.

2001-11-08  Andreas Franck  <>

	program_transform_name the way suggested by autoconf.
	(java.install-common): Also transform auxiliary program names with

2001-11-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (trap_overflow_corner_case): New rule.
	(unary_expression): Use it.
	* lex.c (java_init_lex): Don't set minus_seen.
	(yylex): Don't use minus_seen.  Communicate overflow to parser for
	it to handle.
	(error_if_numeric_overflow): New function.
	* parse.h (minus_seen): Removed field.
	(JAVA_RADIX10_FLAG): New define.

2001-11-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	Patch for PR java/1414:
	* parse.y (case_label_list): New global.
	(goal): Register case_label_list with GC.
	(java_complete_lhs): Save new case on case_label_list.
	(patch_switch_statement): Check for duplicate case labels.

2001-11-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Removed unused third argument.
	(java_complete_lhs): Removed unused third argument to patch_assignment.

2001-11-06  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.c: Include langhooks-def.h.
	* Update.

2001-10-31  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* Replace $(INTL_TARGETS) with po-generated.

2001-10-29  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* mangle.c (find_compression_record_match): Don't match compression
	records for package name elements unless they occur at the start of
	the name. Fix for PR java/4717.

2001-10-25  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* expr.c (expand_java_field_op): Don't special-case references to
	(build_primtype_type_ref): Removed.
	* java-tree.h (build_primtype_type_ref): Remove prototype.
	* parse.y (maybe_build_primttype_type_ref): Removed.
	(complete_function_arguments): Don't special-case references to
	(patch_assignment): Likewise.
	(array_constructor_check_entry): Likewise.

2001-10-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* mangle.c (static tree compression_table): Fixed leading comment.
	* parse.h (struct parser_ctxt): Fixed field comment.
	* parse.y (check_pkg_class_access): New prototype, fixed leading
	comment, new parameter used to emit error only if passed as true.
	(parse_check_super): Pass extra argument to check_pkg_class_access.
	(do_resolve_class): Likewise.
	(process_imports): Likewise.
	(read_import_dir): Fixed indentation.
	(find_in_imports_on_demand): New local class_type_name. Local
	node_to_use deleted. while loop changed into for loop. Report
	multiple definition only for accessible classes. Improved error
	(start_complete_expand_method): Local `ptr' removed. DECL_ARGUMENTS
	assigned to parameter list, fixed indentation. while loop changed
	into for loop, restore TREE_CHAIN on local `tem' before the next

2001-10-23  Richard Kenner  <>

	* lang.c (lang_get_alias_set): Deleted.

2001-10-21  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* gjavah.c (jni_print_char): Fix thinko in last change.

	* gjavah.c (jni_print_char, decode_signature_piece): Use
	safe-ctype macros and/or fold extra calls into fewer ones.
	* lex.c (java_read_unicode, java_lex): Likewise.
	* mangle_name.c (append_unicode_mangled_name,
	unicode_mangling_length): Likewise.

2001-10-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (java/lang.o): Depend on langhooks.h.

2001-10-15  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* lang.c (langhooks.h): Included.
	(LANG_HOOKS_INIT): Redefined.
	(struct lang_hooks lang_hooks): New initialization.

2001-10-11  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (patch_synchronized_statement):  Use a TRY_FINALLY_EXPR
	The former is simpler, and jcf-write.c handles it better.
	(java_complete_lhs):  No longer need to handle CLEANUP_POINT_EXPR
	* jcf-write.c:  Revert Alex's change from 2000-10-18.  It is no
	longer needed, as we already handle empty TRY_FINALLY_EXPR bodies fine.

	* parse.y (patch_if_else_statement):  If the condition is constant,
	optimize away the test.

2001-10-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_cast): Call patch_string on the first operand of
	the incoming node, update it if necessary. Fixes PR java/4510.

2001-10-09  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (find_as_inner_class): Don't disregard the enclosing scope
	when name qualifier matches a package name.

2001-10-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR java/4489:
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns) [SWITCH_EXPR]: Always
	force a new label when computing `body_block'.

2001-10-07  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* jcf-io.c (format_uint): Const-ify.
	* lang.c (java_tree_code_type, java_tree_code_length): Likewise.
	* lex.c (java_get_line_col): Likewise.
	* parse.y (build_incdec): Likewise.

2001-10-05  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (register_incomplete_type): Set JDEP_SUPER to be given
	a NULL enclosing context if appropriate. Fixes PR java/4466.

2001-10-03  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Use lvalue's original TYPE when
	building the final COMPOUND_EXPR.
	(try_reference_assignconv): Fixed leading comment.

2001-09-26  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (check_final_variable_indirect_assignment): For
	COMPOUND_EXPR, return only if finals were found initialized
	properly, if not, keep on checking.
	(check_final_variable_global_assignment_flag): New local
	error_found, set when appropriate and used to decide whether to
	report uninitialized finals. Fixed typo in comment.

2001-09-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Fixed typo in predef_filenames
	last three initializations. Fixes PR java/4360.

2001-09-21  Richard Henderson  <>

	* class.c (get_dispatch_table): Handle function descriptors.
	(build_dtable_decl): Likewise.
	* expr.c (build_invokevirtual): Likewise.

2001-09-20  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Build class initialization
	when static finals are used to qualify method invocation.
	Fixes PR java/4366.

2001-09-19  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h: (WFL_STRIP_BRACKET): Re-written using
	* parse.y (build_type_name_from_array_name): New function.
	(array_creation_expression:): Accumulate []s instead of [s.
	(cast_expression:): Accumulate []s instead of [s after cast type
	(build_array_from_name): Local string deleted, use
	(build_unresolved_array_type): Accumulate []s instead of [s after
	type name.
	(register_fields): Fixed comment.
	(resolve_class): Local name, base deleted, new locals tname and
	array_dims. Use build_type_name_from_array_name. Use array_dims to
	build array type.
	(purify_type_name): Use STRING_STRIP_BRACKETS.

2001-09-18  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* parse.y: Use VA_OPEN/VA_CLOSE/VA_FIXEDARG throughout.
	* jv-scan.c: Likewise.

2001-09-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Inner class creation context
	check not enforced within constructors. Fixes PR java/1873.

2001-09-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns) [SWITCH_EXPR]: Call
	NOTE_PUSH for single-case push.  Fixes PR java/4189.

2001-09-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (TYPE_IMPORT_LIST): New macro.
	(struct lang_type): New fields import_list and import_demand_list.
	* parse.y (java_complete_class): Initialize TYPE_IMPORT_LIST and
	TYPE_IMPORT_DEMAND_LIST with ctxp counterparts.
	(do_resolve_class): New local saved_enclosing_type, initialized,
	passed as parameter to find_in_imports and find_in_imports_on_demand.
	(find_in_imports): Added paramater enclosing_type, use its
	TYPE_IMPORT_LIST when applicable.
	(find_in_imports_on_demand): Added parameter enclosing_type, use
	its TYPE_IMPORT_DEMAND_LIST when applicable. Reorganized locals
	declaration and initialization.
	(fold_constant_for_init): Switch/restore current_class to the
	appropriate context.

2001-09-13  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Fix typo.

2001-09-13  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* expr.c (expand_invoke): Const-ification.
	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Likewise.

2001-09-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* gjavah.c (cxx_keywords): Const-ification.
	* keyword.gperf (java_keyword): Likewise.
	* lang.c (java_tree_code_name): Likewise.
	* lex.c (cxx_keywords): Likewise.
	* parse.y (java_parser_context_suspend, merge_string_cste): Likewise.

2001-09-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* parse.h (ctxp_for_generation): Mark extern.

2001-09-10  Richard Henderson  <>

	* class.c (build_class_ref): Set DECL_EXTERNAL before make_decl_rtl.

2001-09-07  Matt Kraai  <>

	* typeck.c (java_array_type_length, build_prim_array_type):
	Represent empty arrays by NULL index.

2001-09-06  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (compile_resource_file): Grouped with other prototypes.
	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Removed unused local `ptr.'

2001-09-06  Anthony Green  <>

	* class.c (O_BINARY): Define if necessary.
	(registerResource_libfunc): Declare.
	(init_class_processing): Initilize registerResource_libfunc.
	(compile_resource_file): New function.
	* java-tree.h (resource_name): Declare.
	(compile_resource_file): Declare.
	* jcf-parse.c (yyparse): Handle compiling java resource files.
	* lang.c (java_decode_option): Handle -fcompile-resource option.
	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Handle -R flag for compiling
	resource files.
	* gcj.texi (Code Generation): Add documentation for -R flag.

2001-09-05 Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Issue an error in case of
	field/initial value mismatch.
	* parse.y (analyze_clinit_body): Keep <clinit> if an array is
	being initialized and we're generating bytecode.
	(java_complete_lhs): In MODIFY_EXPR section: added comments,
	set DECL_INITIAL properly when appropriate.
	Fixes PR java/4230
	Fixes PR java/4204

2001-09-01  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (maybe_yank_clinit):  A field without an initializer is not
	relevant.  All initializers except static final and constant require
	<clinit>, regardless of flag_emit_class_files.

2001-08-31  Per Bothner  <>

	* class.c (set_constant_value):  When not emitting class files, then a
	String ConstantValue is a utf8const_ptr_type.

2001-08-30  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile):  Check that field is primitive
	or string before emitting ConstantValue attribute.

2001-08-30  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name):  If creating a
	COMPOUND_EXPR, set it's type correctly.

2001-08-30  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf-io.c (open_class):  Set filename field.

	* jcf-parse,c (parse_class_file):  Set current_function_decl
	for better error message when Code attribute is missing.

	* lang.c (put_decl_node, lang_print_error):  Re-arrange for
	better diagnostics, especially for constructors.

2001-08-30  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile):  Don't write ConstantValue
	attribute if field is not final, for compatibility with jdk.

	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile):  Convert ConstantValue values
	to correct type.  Work-around for front-end bug.
	* class.c (set_constant_value):  Error if constant has wrong type.

2001-08-30  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf-dump.c (print_constant):  Fix fencepost error so "Float" and
	"Double" are printed at verbosity 1.

	* jcf-dump.c (main):  Disable flag_print_attributes if --javap.

	* jcf-dump.c (SPECIAL_IINC):  Remove unneeded casts to long.

2001-08-30  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Don't verify final re-assignment here.
	(java_complete_lhs): Verify assignments to finals calling
	patch_assignment. Verify re-assignments to finals before calling

2001-08-29  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): Allow final locals in CASE_EXPRs.
	Fixes PR java/1413

2001-08-28  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* lex.c (java_lex): new local found_hex_digits. Set and then used
	in test to reject invalid hexadecimal numbers.
	* parse.y (java_complete_tree): Prevent unwanted cast with
	initialized floating point finals.
	(patch_binop): Emit a warning when detecting a division by zero,
	mark result not constant, don't simplify non integer division.

2001-08-28  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf-write.c  (generate_bytecode_insns):  For increments and
	decrements just recurse to push constant.  Improvement on Mark's patch.

2001-08-28  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Generate an integer to
	real conversion for increments and decrements of reals.

2001-08-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Handle unresolved
	qualified expressions, prevent numerical qualifiers, fixed typo.
	Fixes PR java/4141

2001-08-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (check_deprecation): Handle TYPE_DECL in a special case,
	don't report anything but deprecated class when marked so. Handle
	(patch_method_invocation): Check deprecation on methods and types.
	(patch_binop): code becomes an enum tree_code, added default: to
	switch to handle that. Detect division by zero, try to fold and
	return before using a subroutine.

2001-08-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (yyparse): Set magic to 0, don't issue error for a
	file smaller than 4 bytes.
	* parse.y (check_inner_circular_reference): New function.
	(check_circular_reference): Likewise.
	(array_initializer:): Accept {,}.
	(java_check_circular_reference): Rewritten using
	check_circular_reference and check_inner_circular_reference.
	(java_complete_expand_method): Unconditionally save and restore
	the unpurged exception list.
	(build_dot_class_method_invocation): Unmangle signature parameter.

2001-08-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Add `throws' field to method
	* class.c (make_method_value): Compute `throws' field for method.

2001-08-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_inner_class): Keep local_enclosing to NULL if
	circularity is detected.
	(ctors_unchecked_throws_clause_p): Fixed leading comment.

2001-08-17  Richard Henderson  <>

	* class.c (emit_register_classes): Add align parameter to
	call to assemble_integer.

2001-08-16  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): New locals saved and class_loaded. If
	loading a class_or_name fails, try considering an innerclass name
	and load the enclosing context.
	* parse.y (resolve_inner_class): New function.
	(find_as_inner_class): Added leading comment.
	(register_incomplete_type): Keep the current context as enclosing
	context for JDEP_FIELD dependencies.
	(do_resolve_class): Locals new_class_decl and super initialized to
	NULL. Call resolve_inner_class, explore the enclosing context
	superclass if necessary.
	Fixes PR java/4007

2001-08-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-dump.c (main): Updated for change to jcf_path_seal.
	* gjavah.c (main): Updated for change to jcf_path_seal.
	* lang.c (version_flag): New global.
	(java_decode_option): Recognize `-version'.
	(java_init): Update for change to jcf_path_seal.
	* jcf.h (jcf_path_seal): Added `print' argument.
	* jcf-path.c (jcf_path_seal): Added `print' argument.

2001-08-13  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* (java/decl.o): Update dependencies.
	* decl.c: Include libfuncs.h, don't include toplev.h.

2001-08-12  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): exception_type_node,
	class_not_found_type_node, and no_class_def_found_type_node
	initialized. predef_filenames augmented accordingly.
	instinit_identifier_node initialized.
	* java-tree.def (INSTANCE_INITIALIZERS_EXPR): Entry removed.
	* java-tree.h (enum java_tree_index): New entries
	(exception_type_node): New macro.
	(class_not_found_type_node): Likewise.
	(no_class_def_found_type_node): Likewise.
	(instinit_identifier_node): Likewise.
	(struct lang_type): Fixed typo in bitfield name.
	(DECL_INSTINIT_P): New macro.
	(ID_INSTINIT_P): Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): instinit$ bears the Synthetic
	* parse.y (encapsulate_with_try_catch): New function.
	(generate_instinit): Likewise.
	(build_instinit_invocation): Likewise.
	(ctors_unchecked_throws_clause_p): Likewise.
	(add_instance_initializer): Deleted.
	(build_instance_initializer): Likewise.
	(in_instance_initializer): Likewise.
	(check_method_redefinition): instinit$ not to be verified.
	(java_complete_expand_methods): Generate instinit$, simplified code.
	(build_dot_class_method): Eliminated unnecessary locals. Use
	encapsulate_with_try_catch, removed unnecessary code.
	(fix_constructors): New local iii. Use build_instinit_invocation.
	(patch_method_invocation): Added comment.
	(maybe_use_access_method): Don't consider instinit$.
	(find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Shorten the search for
	instinit$ too.
	(java_complete_lhs): case INSTANCE_INITIALIZERS_EXPR removed.
	(patch_return): Use DECL_INSTINIT_P instead of in_instance_initializer.
	(patch_throw_statement): Likewise. Fixed typo.

2001-08-12  David Edelsohn  <>

	2001-08-02  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Cannot use %umain, breaks
	(lang_specific_pre_link): Use set_input to set input_filename.
	Append `main' here.
	* jvgenmain.c (usage): Append literal `main' to CLASSNAME.
	(main): Fix definition.
	Strip `main' from classname.
	Fixes PR java/227.

2001-08-11  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* lex.h: Don't include setjmp.h.  Don't define
	SET_FLOAT_HANDLER or prototype set_float_handler.

2001-08-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Call `expand_end_bindings' and
	`poplevel' in the right order.

2001-08-09  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (class.o): Depend on TARGET_H.
	* class.c (emit_register_classes): Use target hooks instead of
	assemble_constructor and assemble_destructor.

2001-08-08  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* check-init.c (flags.h): Include
	(check_init): Don't report uninitialized static class
	initialization flags, don't free bit index when doing static class
	initialization optimization.
	(check_for_initialization): Return type changed to `unsigned int.'
	(attach_initialized_static_class): New function.
	* class.c (add_method_1): Create the initialized static class
	table if necessary.
	(finish_class): Always emit deferred inline methods.
	* decl.c (emit_init_test_initialization): Moved to expr.c
	(complete_start_java_method): Don't traverse
	(lang_mark_tree): Mark hash tables in function decls.
	* expr.c (emit_init_test_initialization): Moved from decl.c.
	(build_class_init): Create LAG_DECL_SPECIFIC for the static class
	initialization flag, set DECL_CONTEXT and
	(java_lang_expand_expr): Emit initialization code for static class
	initialized flags when entering block, if necessary.
	* gcj.texi (-fno-optimize-static-class-initialization): Documented.
	* java-tree.h (flag_optimize_sci): New global variable declaration.
	(LOCAL_FINAL_P): Fixed typo in comment.
	(FINAL_VARIABLE_P): Likewise.
	(struct lang_decl): New fields `ict', `smic' and `cif.'
	(check_for_initialization): New returned value for global.
	(attach_initialized_static_class): New global function.
	* lang-options.h (-fno-optimize-static-class-initialization): New flag.
	* lang.c (java_decode_option): Handle
	* parse.y (start_complete_expand_method): New function.
	(java_expand_method_bodies): Likewise.
	(attach_init_test_initialization_flags): Likewise.
	(adjust_init_test_initialization): Likewise.
	(emit_test_initialization): Likewise.
	(java_complete_expand_methods): Nullify abstract and native method
	(java_complete_expand_method): New locals `fbody', `block_body'
	and `exception_copy.' Reorganized: directly return on empty method
	bodies, call `start_complete_expand_method', remember definitely
	initialized static class in function, don't expand method bodies.
	(java_expand_classes): Call `java_expand_method_bodies' before
	`finish_class' when compiling to native.
	(resolve_expression_name): Use `orig' after building outer class
	field access.
	(patch_invoke): Remember static method invocations.

2001-08-06  Richard Henderson  <>

	* class.c (emit_register_classes): Pass a symbol_ref and priority
	to assemble_constructor.

2001-08-02  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (all_class_filename): New macro.
	(enum java_tree_index): New enum `JTI_ALL_CLASS_FILENAME.'
	(BUILD_FILENAME_IDENTIFIER_NODE): Fixed leading comment. Link
	newly created IDENTIFIER_NODE to `all_class_filename.'

2001-08-01  Jeff Sturm  <>

	Use ggc_add_tree_root to register roots.

2001-07-31  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): WITH_CLEANUP_EXPR node to use its
	second operand calling check_init.
	* decl.c (complete_start_java_method): Swaped second and third
	arguments while creating WITH_CLEANUP_EXPR node.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Use second operand
	instead of third when handling WITH_CLEANUP_EXPR.
	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): Expand second operand of
	(patch_synchronized_statement): Swaped second and third arguments
	while creating WITH_CLEANUP_EXPR node.

2001-07-18  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (create_interface): Avoid cyclic inheritance report when
	syntax error encountered during class definition.
	Fixes PR java/2956

2001-08-02  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Cannot use %umain, breaks
	(lang_specific_pre_link): Use set_input to set input_filename.
	Append `main' here.
	* jvgenmain.c (usage): Append literal `main' to CLASSNAME.
	(main): Fix definition.
	Strip `main' from classname.
	Fixes PR java/227.

2001-07-18  Tom Tromey  <>

	For PR java/2812:
	* lex.h: Use HAVE_ICONV, not HAVE_ICONV_H.
	* lex.c (java_new_lexer): Use ICONV_CONST.
	(java_read_char): Likewise.
	* (jc1$(exeext)): Link against LIBICONV.
	(jv-scan$(exeext)): Likewise.

2001-07-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h (INTERFACE_INNER_MODIFIERS): Disallow `private.'
	* parse.y (check_class_interface_creation): Allow `private' if the
	enclosing is not an interface.
	(create_interface): Interface tagged public if the enclosing
	context	is an interface.
	(create_class): Class tagged public if the enclosing context
	is an interface.
	Fixes PR java/2959

2001-07-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (push_class): Set DECL_SIZE to `integer_zero_node.'
	Fixes PR java/2665

2001-07-14  Tim Josling  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Remove references to EXPON_EXPR.

2001-07-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_complete_lsh): Set CAN_COMPLETE_NORMALLY and unset
	Fixes PR java/3602

2001-07-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Remove -ffilelist-file from cc1

2001-07-12  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Don't override primary if one
	is already provided, but let this$<n> be built. Fixed comment.

2001-07-12  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (empty_statement:): Report empty statement error only
	when found at class declaration level.
	Fixes PR java/3635

2001-07-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (expand_load_internal): New function.

2001-07-11  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (verify_constructor_super): Compare anonymous class ctor
	args with `valid_method_invocation_conversion_p.'
	Fixes PR java/3285

2001-07-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* lang-specs.h: Forbit the use if `-femit-class-file{s}' without
	`-fsyntax-only.' Fixes PR java/3248

2001-07-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-io.c (find_class): Clarified error message. Fixes PR java/2603

2001-07-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h (INNER_ENCLOSING_SCOPE_CHECK): No `this' is fine if the
	current function is static. Fixes PR java/1970

2001-07-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Add enclosing context to ctor
	calls if necessary. Fixes PR java/2953

2001-07-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_package): Abort if qualified expression member
	isn't right.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): Don't qualify as type if `this' in use.
	Fixes PR java/1391

2001-07-07  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* verify.c: Don't use // comments.

2001-07-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lang.c (flag_assume_compiled): Removed.
	* java-tree.h (flag_assume_compiled): Removed.
	* lang-options.h: Removed -ffile-list-file, -fuse-boehm-gc,
	-fhash-synchronization, -fuse-divide-subroutine,
	-fcheck-references, -femit-class-file, -femit-class-files,
	-fassume-compiled.  Updated --encoding information.  Changed
	-foutput-class-dir to `-d'.

2001-07-04  Daniel Berlin  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (parse_class_file): Add lineno parameter to
	debug_start_source_file call.

2001-07-04  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcj.texi: Use gpl.texi.
	* ($(srcdir)/java/, java/gcj.dvi): Update
	dependencies and use doc/include in search path.

2001-07-03  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* parse.y (fix_constructors): Test if a CALL_EXPR invokes
	`this'.  If so, don't build instance initializers.

2001-07-03  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_expression_name): Improved error message for
	inner class cases. Fixes PR java/1958

2001-06-28  Gabriel Dos Reis  <>

	* lang.c: #include diagnostic.h
	(lang_print_error): Add a `diagnostic_context *' parameter.
	(java_dummy_print): Likewise.
	* (JAVA_LEX_C): Depend on diagnostic.h

2001-06-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (gcc_mark_jcf): Test for a finished JCF.
	* jcf.h (typedef struct JCF): New bitfield `finished.'
	(JCF_FINISH): Set `finished.'
	(JCF_ZERO): Reset `finished.'
	Fixes PR java/2633

2001-06-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (class_body_declaration:): Don't install empty instance
	Fixes PR java/1314

2001-06-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (set_super_info): Call `set_class_decl_access_flags.'
	(set_class_decl_access_flags): New function.
	* java-tree.h (set_class_decl_access_flags): New prototype.
	* jcf-parse.c (handle_innerclass_attribute): Read and set access flags.
	(parse_class_file): New local `decl_max_locals.' Take wide types
	into account to compute DECL_MAX_LOCALS.
	* parse.y (type_import_on_demand_declaration:): Ignore duplicate
	imports on demand.

2001-06-22  Jan van Male  <>

	* zipfile.h: Use GCC_JCF_H instead of JCF_H.

2001-06-20  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (java_hash_tree_node): Fixed indentation in leading comment.
	* parse.y (do_resolve_class): Moved comments out to leading comment
	section. Removed local `start', New local `_ht' and
	`circularity_hash.'  Record `enclosing' in hash table and search
	it to detect circularity.  Use `enclosing' as an argument to
	`lookup_cl.' Free the hash table when done.

2001-06-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_read_char): Disallow invalid and overlong
	sequences.  Fixes PR java/2319.

2001-06-05  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* decl.c (create_primitive_vtable): Don't call make_decl_rtl.

2001-06-04  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (force_evaluation_order): Match wrapped ctor calls, locate
	arguments accordingly.

2001-06-02  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcj.texi: Move contents to just after title page.

2001-06-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (type_literals:): Use `build_incomplete_class_ref' with
	builtin type.
	(patch_incomplete_class_ref): Build the class ref, build the class
	init if necessary, complete the tree.
	Fixes PR java/2605

2001-05-31  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (lookup_field_wrapper): Test `name' code.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Test `qual_wfl' code.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): Handle `CONVERT_EXPR', fixe indentation,
	handle `qual_wfl' by code.
	(maybe_build_primttype_type_ref): Test `wfl' code.

2001-05-23  Theodore Papadopoulo  <>

	* ($(srcdir)/java/ Added dependencies on
	(java/gcj.dvi): Use TEXI2DVI instead of custom tex calls.  Create
	the dvi file in the java directory.

2001-05-25  Sam TH  <>

	* javaop.h jcf.h lex.h,
	parse.h: Fix header include guards.

2001-05-23  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* jv-scan.c (version): Update copyright year.

2001-05-21  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (read_class):  If class is from .class or .zip file
	and it's already been read, don't push/pop parser context.

2001-05-18  Per Bothner  <>

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_pre_link):  Re-arrange the linker
	command line so the jvgenmain-generated main program comes first.

2001-05-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (build_utf8_ref): Don't generate identifier based on
	utf8const contents.

2001-05-12  Richard Henderson  <>

	* java-tree.def (JAVA_EXC_OBJ_EXPR): New.
	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Expand it.
	(process_jvm_instruction): Build JAVA_EXC_OBJ_EXPR instead of
	calling build_exception_object_ref.
	* parse.y (catch_clause_parameter): Likewise.
	(build_dot_class_method): Likewise.
	(try_reference_assignconv): Likewise.
	* check-init.c (check_init): Check JAVA_EXC_OBJ_EXPR not EXC_PTR_EXPR.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Likewise.

2001-05-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (build_unresolved_array_type): Set
	EXPR_WFL_QUALIFICATION on the newly created wfl.
	Fixes PR java/2538. Fixes PR java/2535.

2001-05-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (fix_constructors): Removed unnecessary assignment to
	local. Moved assignment to `this$<n>', fixed comments and
	(build_wfl_wrap): Fixed indentation.
	Fixes PR java/2598, java/2579 and java/2658.

2001-05-03  Mo DeJong  <>

	* lex.c (java_new_lexer): Call iconv_close on temp handle used to
	check for byte swap.

2000-05-02  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* expr.c (build_class_init): Move MODIFY_EXPR
	outside of COND_EXPR.  Remove variable `call'.

2001-05-02  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* decl.c: NULL_PTR -> NULL.
	* jcf-write.c: Likewise.

2001-05-01  Tom Tromey  <>

	* ($(srcdir)/java/ Added `-I..'.
	(java/gcj.dvi): Added $(srcdir) to TEXINPUTS.
	* gcj.texi: Updated copyright text.  Include fdl.texi.
	(Top): Link to new node.

2001-05-01  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.h (REGISTER_IMPORT):  Use tree_cons instead of chainon.

2001-05-01  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (java_pop_parser_context):  The TREE_VALUE of a link in the
	import_list contains the name, not the TREE_PURPOSE.

2001-04-29  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* jcf-io.c (read_zip_member): Cast to long in comparison with
	signed value.

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Initialize variables.

	* mangle.c (find_compression_record_match): Likewise.

	* typeck.c (build_null_signature): Provide static prototype.  Mark
	parameter with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Initialize variable.

2001-04-27  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (do_resolve_class): Check for cyclic inheritance during
	inner class resolution.

2001-04-27  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (java_expand_classes):  Don't change ctxp_for_generation
	while iterating, since that could cause gc to lose stuff.

2001-04-26  Per Bothner  <>

	Fix method search wrt scope of inner classes to match JLS2.
	* typeck.c (build_null_signature):  New static function.
	(has_method):  New function.  Uses build_null_signature and lookup_do.
	* java-tree.h (has_method):  New declaration.
	* parse.y (find_applicable_accessible_methods_list):  Do not search
	context of inner classes here.
	(patch_method_invocation):  Search scope, ie. current and outer clases,
	for method matching simple name, to find class.

2001-04-26  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns case SWITCH_EXPR):
	Fix thinko:  If a single case, use if_icmpeq, not ifeq.

	* constants.c (find_methodref_with_class_index):  New function.
	(find_methodref_index):  Use find_methodref_with_class_index.
	* java-tree.h (find_methodref_with_class_index):  New declaration.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns case CALL_EXPR):  Don't change
	DECL_CONTEXT, instead use new find_methodref_with_class_index function.
	If context changed from interface to class, don't use invokeinterface.

2001-04-25  Per Bothner  <>

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions):  For field instructions,
	check that field index is valid.  For invoke instructions, check that
	method index is valid.

2001-04-25  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* (target_libs): Copy from $libgcj_saved.

2001-04-25  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Add new class "protectionDomain"
	* class.c (make_class_data): Set initial value for "protectionDomain".

2001-04-22  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Fix memory allocation
	deficit, by using concat in lieu of xmalloc/sprintf.

2001-04-20  Per Bothner  <>

	Fixes to compile multiple .class files at once.
	* decl.c (init_decl_processing):  Don't set CLASS_LOADED_P.
	* java-tree.h (CLASS_PARSED_P):  New macro.
	(CLASS_LOADED_P):  Re-define to use TYPE_SIZE and CLASS_PARSED_P.
	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_parse_source):  Inline into read_class.
	(read_class):  Avoid some code duplication.
	Don't call JCF_FINISH for a .class file - might be needed later.
	(jcf_parse):  Don't call layout_class here.  Check/set CLASS_PARSED_P
	rather than CLASS_LOADED_P, since latter implies class laid out.
	(yyparse):  Do layout_class and JCF_FINISh here instead, in pass 2.
	* parse.y:  Don't need to set CLASS_LOADED_P for array types.

2001-04-11  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (java/boehm.o): Depend on toplev.h.

	* boehm.c: Include toplev.h.

2001-04-06  Tom Tromey  <>
	    Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	Fix for PR gcj/1404 and PR gcj/2332:
	* parse.y (build_array_from_name): If we use the type_wfl then
	accumulate dimensions from the original type as well.
	(build_unresolved_array_type): Don't modify TYPE_OR_WFL in place.

2001-04-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (analyze_clinit_body): Return true if the second operand
	of a METHOD_EXPR is nonzero.

2001-04-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* ($(srcdir)/java/parse-scan.c): Run bison from build
	($(srcdir)/java/parse.c): Likewise.

2001-04-05  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* gcj.texi: Use `which-gcj' instead of `which-g77.'
	(version-gcc): Initialized.
	(which-gcj): Likewise.

2001-04-04  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (struct lang_decl): New macro
	`DECL_FIXED_CONSTRUCTOR_P.' New field `fixed_ctor.'
	* parse.y (build_instance_initializer): New function.
	(add_instance_initializer): Use it.
	(java_fix_constructors): Set `current_class' before fix pass.
	(fix_constructors): Just return if already fixed. Move `super()'
	invocation ahead. Use `build_instance_initializer.'
	Fixes PR java/1315.

2001-04-04  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Pass field's
	DECL_CONTEXT to `not_accessible_p.'
	(not_accessible_p): Changed parameters order in `inherits_from_p'

2001-03-27  Andrew Haley  <>

	* lang-options.h: Add flag_check_references.

2001-04-04  Per Bothner  <>

	* java-tree.h (CONSTANT_VALUE_P):  New macro.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile):  Use CONSTANT_VALUE_P.
	* parse.y (maybe_build_class_init_for_field):  New static function.
	(resolve_expression_name, resolve_field_access):  Use
	maybe_build_class_init_for_field instead of build_class_init
	This does not do the init if the field is compile-time-constant.
	(resolve_field_access):  Simplify.

	* parse.y (fold_constant_for_init):  Merge test into switch.

2001-04-03  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* (buffer.o, check-init.o, class.o): Don't depend
	on gansidecl.h.
	* buffer.c, jvgenmain.c: Don't include gansidecl.h.

2001-04-02  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* expr.c (pop_type_0): Save the result of the first
	lang_printable_name call in a scratch buffer, so it
	won't be clobbered by the second call.

2001-03-30  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse-scan.y (array_type:): Rewritten.
	(type_declaration:): `empty_statement' replaces `SC_TK.'
	(class_member_declaration:): `empty statement' added.
	(method_body:): Simplified.
	(static_initializer:): Likewise.
	(primary_no_new_array:): Use `type_literals.'
	(type_literals:): New rule.
	(dims:): Set and update `bracket_count.'
	Fixes PR java/1074. Fixes PR java/2412.

2001-03-28  Hans Boehm  <>

	* boehm.c (PROCEDURE_OBJECT_DESCRIPTOR): Set to use `build_int_2.'
	(get_boehm_type_descriptor): Set type on returned value to be a
	pointer length integer.

2001-03-28  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* expr.c (pop_type_0): Call `concat' rather than building the
	string manually.
	(pop_type): Add format specifier in call to `error'.

	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Avoid casting away

2001-03-28  Jeffrey Oldham  <>

	* jvgenmain.c (do_mangle_classname): End string constant with '\0'.

2001-03-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	IA-64 ABI Exception Handling:
	* (except.o): Don't depend on eh-common.h.
	* check-init.c (check_init): Handle EXC_PTR_EXPR.
	* decl.c (init_decl_processing) [throw_node]: No _Jv_Sjlj_Throw.
	[soft_exceptioninfo_call_node]: Remove.
	[eh_personality_libfunc, lang_eh_runtime_type]: New.
	(end_java_method): No emit_handlers.
	* except.c (java_set_exception_lang_code): Remove.
	(method_init_exceptions): Don't call it.
	(prepare_eh_table_type): No CATCH_ALL_TYPE.
	(build_exception_object_ref): New.
	(expand_end_java_handler): Update for except.h name changes.
	(emit_handlers, expand_resume_after_catch): Remove.
	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Update for except.h name changes.
	(process_jvm_instruction): Use build_exception_object_ref.
	* java-tree.h (JTI_SOFT_EXCEPTIONINFO_CALL_NODE): Remove.
	(soft_exceptioninfo_call_node): Remove.
	(build_exception_object_ref): Declare.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns) [CALL_EXPR]: No
	soft_exceptioninfo_call_node.  Move processing ...
	[EXC_PTR_EXPR]: ... here.
	* parse.h (BUILD_ASSIGN_EXCEPTION_INFO): Remove dead code.
	* parse.y (catch_clause_parameter): Use build_exception_object_ref.
	(source_end_java_method): No java_set_exception_lang_code or
	(build_dot_class_method): Use build_exception_object_ref.
	(try_reference_assignconv): Check EXC_PTR_EXPR not

2001-03-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* java-tree.h (throw_node): Define as a single member of
	java_global_trees instead of a separate array.
	* decl.c (throw_node): Don't declare.
	(init_decl_processing): Init a scalar throw_node.
	Don't register it for gc.
	* check-init.c (check_init): Reference scalar throw_node.
	* expr.c (build_java_athrow): Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Likewise.
	* parse.h (BUILD_THROW): Likewise.

2001-03-28  Richard Henderson  <>

	* decl.c (end_java_method): Do not save and restore
	* parse.y (source_end_java_method): Likewise.
	* lang.c (flag_exceptions): Don't declare.
	(java_init_options): Set flag_non_call_exceptions.  Set
	flag_exceptions here ...
	(java_init): ... not here.

2001-03-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* expr.c, parse.h: Use USING_SJLJ_EXCEPTIONS instead of

	* lang.c (flag_new_exceptions): Don't declare it.
	(java_init_options): Or set it.

2001-03-27  Richard Henderson  <>

	* decl.c (end_java_method): Rename asynchronous_exceptions to
	* parse.y (source_end_java_method): Likewise.

2001-03-27  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* Depend on $(SYSTEM_H), not system.h.

2001-03-26  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* parse.h (DECL_END_SOURCE_LINE): Don't rely on DECL_FRAME_SIZE.

2001-03-26  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (find_as_inner_class): Follow current package
	indications not to mistakingly load an unrelated class.

2001-03-25  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* constants.c (PUTN): Use memcpy, not bcopy.

	* lex.c (java_read_char): Use memmove, not bcopy.

	* parse.y (java_parser_context_resume): Use memcpy, not bcopy.

2001-03-23  Per Bothner  <>

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions):  Replace 3 pop_type by POP_TYPE
	macro for better error pin-pointing.
	* java-tree.h:  Fix typo in comment.

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns):  Changes to TRY_FINALLY_EXPR.
	Don't include jsr/goto in exception range.
	Check if start and end of exception range are the same (also TRY_EXPR).
	Don't emit jsr after try_block if CAN_COMPLETE_NORMALLY is false.
	However, do emit the following goto even if try_block is empty.
	Defer freeing exception_decl until after the finalizer, to make
	sure the local isn't reused in the finalizer.  Fixes PR java/1208.

	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs):  If the try-clause is empty, just
	return the finally-clause and vice versa.

2001-03-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* gcj.texi (Input Options): documented the check for attribute
	`gnu.gcc.gccj-compiled' and the `-fforce-classes-archive-check' flag.
	* java-tree.h (flag_force_classes_archive_check): Declared extern.
	* jcf-parse.c (HANDLE_GCJCOMPILED_ATTRIBUTE): New macro.
	(jcf_parse): Check for the right classes archive if necessary.
	* jcf-reader.c (get_attribute): Define `MATCH_ATTRIBUTE' and use it.
	(jcf_parse_fields): Fixed indentation.
	* jcf-write.c (append_gcj_attribute): New function.
	(generate_classfile): Compute the attribute count, invoke
	* jcf.h (typedef struct JCF): `seen_in_zip' and `java_source'
	turned into bit-fields. New bit-field `right_zip.'
	(JCF_ZERO): Set `right_zip' to zero.
	* lang-options.h (-fforce-classes-archive-check): Added flag.
	* lang.c (flag_force_classes_archive_check): New flag.
	(lang_f_options): New entry `force-classes-archive-check.'
	Fixes PR java/1213.

2001-02-07  Andrew Haley  <>

	* gcj.texi (Configure-time Options): Add -fcheck-references.
	* expr.c (build_java_indirect_ref): New function.
	(java_check_reference): New function.
	(build_java_array_length_access): Use build_java_indirect_ref to
	check for null references.
	(build_java_arrayaccess): Likewise.
	(build_get_class): Likewise.
	(build_field_ref): Likewise.
	(invoke_build_dtable): Likewise.
	(build_invokeinterface): Likewise.
	* lang.c (lang_f_options): Add flag_check_references.
	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Add flag_check_references.
	* java-tree.h (flag_check_references): New variable.
	* lang.c (flag_check_references): Likewise.
	* parse.y (patch_invoke): Use java_check_reference.
	(patch_assignment): Allow for extra nesting in

2001-03-23  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* gjavah.c (cxx_keywords): Update from the definitive list in cp/lex.c.
	* lex.c (cxx_keywords): Likewise.

2001-03-21  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (qualify_ambiguous_name): Broaden `length'
	recognition. Help MODIFY_EXPR be resolved as expression names.
	Fixes PR java/2066. Fixes PR java/2400.

2001-03-21  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* gjavah.c (process_file): Mark interface definitions with
	"__attribute__ ((java_interface))".

2001-03-21  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (layout_class): Fixed push_super_field's second
	argument. Fixes PR java/2333.
	(jdep_resolve_class): Reset TYPE_SIZE if `error_mark_node', it's
	too early to lay innerclasses out.

2001-03-20  Tom Tromey  <>
	    Alexandre Petit-Bianco <>

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Handle the case of a SAVE_EXPR
	inside an array reference. Insertion of the array store check
	rewritten. Fixes PR java/2299.

2001-03-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_read_unicode): Only accept leading `u's.

2001-03-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (read_class): Initialize `class'.

2001-03-20  Matt Kraai  <>

	* jcf_parse.c (jcf_parse): Eliminate unused variable.

2001-03-19  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* class.c (build_class_ref): Use SET_DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME.
	(layout_class): Likewise.
	(layout_class_method): Likewise.
	(emit_register_classes): Likewise.
	* decl.c (builtin_function): Likewise.
	(give_name_to_locals): Likewise.

2001-03-19  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (load_inner_classes):  Check CLASS_LOADED_P
	before trying to load an inner class.

	Fixes to process to command-line .class files in two passes.
	* java-tree.h (JAVA_FILE_P, CLASS_FILE_P, ZIP_FILE_P):  New flags.
	(CLASS_FROM_CURRENTLY_COMPILED_P):  ... because it is more general now.
	* class.c (is_compiled_class):  Fix for renamed flag.
	* parse.y (maybe_create_class_interface_decl):  Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (yyparse):  Also set if compiling .class files.
	* jcf-parse.c (read_class);  Read current_class.
	(jcf_parse):  Make static.
	(load_inner_classes):  New function, with code moved from jcf_parse,
	because we need to inner classes after the command-line files are read.
	(yyparse):  Set finput to NULL when it doesn't need to be closed.
	Reduce use of main_jcf (basically only for archive) and
	use finput instead of main_jcf->read_state.
	Inline jcf_figure_file_type into yyparse.
	Set JAVA_FILE_P, CLASS_FILE_P, or ZIP_FILE_P on filename list name.
	Defer load_inner_classes and parse_class_file to a second pass,
	after we've correctly mapped command-line .clas fiels to classes.
	(jcf_figure_file_type):  Removed.
	* jcf.h (JCF_ZIP, JCF_CLASS, JCF_SOURCE):  Removed flags.
	(JCF_ZERO):  Also clear zipd field.
	* zipfile.h:  Conditionalize on JCF_H insread of JCF_ZIP.

2001-03-18  Matt Kraai  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (yyparse): Change ch from char * to char.

2001-03-19  Per Bothner  <>

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver):  Check for .zip and .jar files.
	Add constructed filelist-file at end, following -xjava.  Thus any .o
	and library files are not affected by the -xjava.  Also wrap
	explicit @FILE with -xjava and -xnone.

2001-03-19  Andrew Haley  <>

	* class.c (build_static_field_ref): Call make_decl_rtl() after
	setting the DECL_EXTERNAL flag.

2001-03-17  Per Bothner  <>

	* decl.c (clear_binding_level):  Fix initializer (broke 03-15).

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns):  Handle emitting iinc
	when result is is needed (target is STACK_TARGET).

	* parse.h (JDEP_SOLV):  Removed.
	* parse.y (register_incomplete_type):  Use JDEP_TO_RESOLVE instead.

	* parse.y (incomplete_class_list): Removed.
	(obtain_incomplete_type): Don't use or set incomplete_class_list.
	It doesn't work if resolve_class changes the name of an array type
	that is on the list and then someone else looks for the modified name.
	Also, seems liable to break when compiling multiple source files at
	once.  So the simplest is to just remove incomplete_class_list -
	it is only a minor space win and it is not even clear it saves time.

	* parse.y (resolve_class):  Remove unneeded promote_type.

2001-03-15  Per Bothner  <>

	* java-tree.h (BLOCK_IS_IMPLICIT):  New flag.
	* parse.h (BLOCK_EXPR_ORIGIN):  Removed macro.
	* parse.y (declare_local_variables, maybe_absorb_scoping_blocks):

	* jcf-parse.c (yyparse):  Set/reset input_filename for source file.
	* parse.y (java_expand_classes):  Likewise.

	* parse.y (expand_start_java_method):  Was only called once and had a
	misleading name, so inline in caller java_complete_expand_method.
	(enter_a_block):  Likewise inline in enter_block and remove.

	Remove junk from when gcc/java was created (by copying from C/C++).
	* decl.c (keep_next_level_flag, keep_next_if_subblocks):  Remove.
	(struct binding_level):  Remove fields keep, keep_if_subblocks,
	more_cleanups_ok, have_cleanups (which have never been used).
	(pushlevel, poplevel):  Remove related useless code.

	* class.c (make_class_data):  The class_dtable_decl (i.e. the
	vtable for Class) should be external, except when compiling Class.

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver):  Fix -C handling.
	Check -save-temps to see if temp @FILE should be deleted.
	Follow-up to/fix for February 16 patch.

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions):  Better error msgs for dup.
	(type_stack_dup):  Remove no-longer neded error check.

2001-03-15  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* mangle.c (mangle_record_type): Rename 'from_pointer' argument
	to 'for_pointer'. If this type is for a pointer (argument) mangling,
	don't surround the element with 'N..E' if the type name is

2001-03-14  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* class.c (build_static_field_ref): Use COPY_DECL_RTL,
	(make_method_value): Likewise.
	(get_dispatch_table): Likewise.

	* decl.c (push_jvm_slot): Use COPY_DECL_RTL, DECL_RTL_SET_P, etc.

2001-03-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (lang_requires): Define.

2001-03-07  Brad Lucier  <>

	* typeck.c (convert): Check flag_unsafe_math_optimizations,
	not flag_fast_math.

2001-03-05  Per Bothner  <>

	Fix a problem where rest_of_decl_compilation applied to
	class_dtable_decl causes problems because it was done too early,
	before output file was opened.
	* decl.c (init_decl_processing):  Remove init of class_dtable_decl.
	* class.c (class_dtable_decl):  Add macro - element of class_roots.
	(make_class_data):  Define class_dtable_decl.
	* java-tree.h (JTI_CLASS_DTABLE_DECL, class_dtable_decl):  Removed.

2001-03-01  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* java/class.c, java/decl.c, java/java-tree.h: Replace all
	uses of 'boolean' with 'bool'.

2001-03-01  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* lang-specs.h: Add zero initializer for cpp_spec field to all
	array elements.

2001-02-16  Per Bothner  <>

	Handle compiling multiple input files at once, and @FILE syntax.
	* gcj.texi:  Updated documentation to match.
	* java-tree.h (flag_filelist_file, init_src_parse):  New declarations.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_source_file):  Split into ...
	(parse_source_file_1):  New function - and:
	(parse_source_file_2):  New function.
	(yyparse):  On -ffilelist-file, open and scan named file.
	On first pass over files, only do parse_source_file_1.
	A new second pass calls parse_source_file_2 for each file to compile.
	(init_jcf_parse):  Call init_src_parse.
	* jvspec.c (INDIRECT_FILE_ARG):  New flag.
	(lang_specific_driver):  Support @FILELIST-FILE syntax, as well
	as multiple input file combined in one compilation.
	* lang-options.h:  Add -ffilelist-file
	* lang.c (flag_filelist_file):  New flag variable.
	(lang_f_options):  Handle -ffilelist-file.
	* lex.c (java_init_lex): Don't clear ctxp->incomplete_class.
	* parse.h (struct parse_ctxt):  Remove fields incomplete_class and
	gclass_list - use global fields of src_parse_roots instead.
	* parse.y (src_parse_roots):  New array.
	(incomplete_class_list, gclass_list):  New macros.
	(push_parser_context, java_pop_parser_context,
	java_parser_context_resume):  Don't fiddle with deleted fields.
	(various):  Use incomplete_class gclass_list and global macros
	instead of parse_ctxt fields - the lists are global.
	(init_src_parse):  New function.

2001-02-23  Richard Kenner  <>

	* decl.c (set_block): Set NAMES and BLOCKS from BLOCK.

2001-02-20  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (check_inner_class_access): Moved declaration of local
	`enclosing_decl_type' to the right location.

2001-02-19  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (parser_check_super_interface): Don't call
	check_pkg_class_access for an inner interface.
	(parser_check_super): Don't call check_pkg_class_access for inner
	(do_resolve_class): Simplify enclosing type loop. Don't call
	check_pkg_class_access if CL and DECL are not set.
	(find_in_imports_on_demand): Set DECL if class_type needed to be
	loaded. Don't call check_pkg_class_access for an inner class.
	(check_inner_class_access): Rewritten to implement member access
	rules as per spec 6.6.1.
	(check_pkg_class_access): Handle the empty package correctly.
	(in_same_package): New function. Determine if two classes are in the
	same package.

2001-02-18  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* typeck.c (build_java_array_type): Don't try to poke a public `clone'
	method into array types.
	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Bypass access check on clone call
	to array instance.

2001-02-15  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (build_instanceof): Check for arrays when trying fold to

2001-02-15  Jim Meyering  <>

	* (java.install-common): Depend on `installdirs'.
	(java.install-info): Likewise.

2001-02-15  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* (jvspec.o): Modify rule to match that of cp/g++spec.o.

2001-02-14  Tom Tromey  <>
	    Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	Fix for PR java/1261.
	* typeck.c (build_java_array_type): Add public `clone' method to
	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Use current_class
	when checking for inaccessibility.
	(patch_method_invocation): Fixed error message when accessibility
	denied.  Added `from_super' argument.

2001-02-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_class): Don't build a fake decl. Use the one
	already built.
	* typeck.c (build_java_array_type): Build and assign decl to array

2001-02-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (not_accessible_p): Changed leading comment. Added extra
	`where' argument. Use it to enforce protected access rules.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Added extra argument to
	(patch_method_invocation): Use argument `primary' to provide
	not_accessible_p with an extra argument.
	(lookup_method_invoke): Added extra argument to not_accessible_p.
	(search_applicable_method_list): Likewise.

2001-02-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Try to resolve as
	an inner class access only if `decl' is a TYPE_DECL.

2001-02-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* decl.c (classdollar_identifier_node): Initialize.
	* java-tree.h (enum java_tree_index): New entry
	(classdollar_identifier_node): New macro.
	(ID_CLASSDOLLAR_P): Likewise.
	* parse.y (build_dot_class_method): Use `classdollar_identifier_node.'
	(build_dot_class_method_invocation): Likewise.
	(find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): `class$' can't be

2001-02-09  Raja R Harinath  <>

	* (java/mangle_name.o): Add 'make' prereqs.

2001-02-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* (JVGENMAIN_OBJS): Added `errors.o'
	* jvgenmain.c (error): Reversed 2001-02-09 patch. `error' is now

2001-02-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* mangle_name (append_unicode_mangled_name): Emit `_' or `U'
	outside of the `__U' sequence too.
	(unicode_mangling_length): Count `_' or `U' outside of the `__U'
	sequence too.

2001-02-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jvgenmain.c (error): Reversed 2001-02-01 deletion.

2001-02-08  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* (JAVA_OBJS): Added java/mangle_name.o
	(JVGENMAIN_OBJS): Likewise.
	* java-tree.h (append_gpp_mangled_name): New prototype.
	* jcf-parse.c (ggc_mark_jcf): Argument now `void *.'
	Removed cast calling `gcc_add_root.'
	* jvgenmain.c (mangle_obstack): New global, initialized.
	(main): Use it.
	(do_mangle_class): Constify local `ptr.'
	Removed macro `MANGLE_NAME.' Removed cast in `for.' Call
	append_gpp_mangle_name and update `count' if necessary.
	Use `mangle_obstack.'
	* mangle.c (append_unicode_mangled_name): Removed.
	(append_gpp_mangled_name): Likewise.
	(unicode_mangling_length): Likewise.
	(mangle_member_name): Return type set to `void.'
	(mangle_field_decl): Don't append `U' in escaped names.
	(mangle_method_decl): Likewise.
	(mangle_member_name): Just use `append_gpp_mangled_name.'
	* mangle_name.c: New file.

2001-02-07  Per Bothner  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init):  Fix TRY_FINALLY_EXPR logic.

	* check-init.c (check_init):  Don't call done_alternative after
	processing loop code, as a LOOP_EXPR never terminates normally.

2001-02-08  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gcj.texi: Change reference to

2001-02-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (HANDLE_SYNTHETIC_ATTRIBUTE): Don't handle field

2001-02-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_new_lexer): Longer error message.

2001-02-05  Jeff Sturm  <>
	    Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* typeck.c (build_prim_array_type): Added leading comment.
	(build_java_array_type): Moved locals out of
	block. Always create the `data' field, fixed alignment to match

2001-02-04  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Don't bother recomputing
	`length'.  Use rest_of_decl_compilation, not make_decl_rtl.
	Fixes PR java/1866.

2001-02-05  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (process_imports): Save the original name of the import
	for better error report.

2001-02-04  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* (jvspec.o): Add DRIVER_DEFINES to the list
	of macros used when compiling jvspec.c.
	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Link with the shared
	libgcc by default.

2001-02-04  Richard Kenner  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Call internal_error instead of fatal.
	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Likewise.
	* mangle.c (java_mangle_decl): Likewise.
	* parse.y (make_nested_class_name, java_complete_lhs): Likewise.
	(operator_string): Likewise.
	* check-init.c (check_init): Call abort instead of fatal.
	* class.c (build_class_ref): Likewise.
	* constants.c (write_constant_pool): Likewise.
	* decl.c (start_java_method): Likewise.
	* expr.c (push_type, java_stack_pop, java_stack_swap): Likewise.
	(java_stack_dup, encode_newarray_type): Likewise.
	(build_java_array_length_access): Likewise.
	(build_java_check_indexed_type, expand_java_pushc): Likewise.
	(build_java_soft_divmod, build_invokeinterface): Likewise.
	* java-tree.h (INNER_CLASS_P): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_signature, get_name_constant): Likewise.
	(give_name_to_class, get_class_constant): Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c (CHECK_PUT, CHECK_OP, get_access_flags): Likewise.
	(find_constant_index, generate_bytecode_conditional): Likewise.
	(generate_bytecode_insns, perform_relocations): Likewise.
	* lex.c (java_unget_unicode, java_lex): Likewise.
	* mangle.c (mangle_type, mangle_record_type): Likewise.
	(mangle_pointer_type, mangle_array_type, init_mangling): Likewise.
	(finish_mangling): Likewise.
	* parse.h (MARK_FINAL_PARMS): Likewise.
	* parse.y (pop_current_osb, unreachable_stmt_error): Likewise.
	(obtain_incomplete_type, java_complete_class): Likewise.
	(java_check_regular_methods, java_complete_expand_method): Likewise.
	(cut_identifier_in_qualified, check_deprecation): Likewise.
	(patch_invoke, find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Likewise.
	(java_complete_lhs, lookup_name_in_blocks): Likewise.
	(check_final_variable_indirect_assignment, build_unaryop): Likewise.
	* typeck.c (set_local_type, parse_signature_type): Likewise.
	(parse_signature_string, build_java_signature): Likewise;
	(set_java_signature): Likewise.
	* verify.c (type_stack_dup, CHECK_PC_IN_RANGE): Likewise.
	* class.c (add_method): Call fatal_error instead of fatal.
	(build_static_field_ref): Likewise.
	* expr.c (build_known_method_ref, expand_invoke): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant, jcf_parse): Likewise.
	* lex.c (java_new_new_lexer): Likewise.
	* jv-scan.c (main): Likewise.
	(fatal_error): Renamed from fatal.
	* jcf-parse.c (yyparse): Call fatal_io_error instead of
	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_parse_source): Call fatal_io_error, not fatal.
	(yyparse): Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c (make_class_file_name, write_classfile): Likewise.
	* lex.c (java_get_line_col): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Make errors non-fatal.
	* lex.c (byteswap_init, need_byteswap): Only #ifdef HAVE_ICONV.

2001-02-01  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* jvgenmain.c (class_mangling_suffix): Remove unused string.
	(error): Remove unused function.
	(main): Don't use "__attribute__ alias" on generated class symbol.

2001-01-30  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (init_jcf_parse): Added cast to ggc_add_root's last
	* parse.y (finish_method_declaration): Code accounting for WFLed
	method DECL_NAMEs deleted.
	(check_abstract_method_definitions): Likewise.
	(resolve_type_during_patch): Layout resolved type.
	* typeck.c (lookup_do): Removed unused local.

2001-01-30  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* java-tree.h: Remove JTI_INTEGER_NEGATIVE_ONE_NODE.
	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Use integer_minus_one_node, not
	* expr.c (build_java_binop): Likewise.

2001-01-24  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* zextract.c (read_zip_archive): Read file_offset before writing
	zipd and consequently clobbering the header contents.

2001-01-27  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* Remove all dependencies on defaults.h.
	* decl.c: Don't include defaults.h.
	* expr.c: Likewise.
	* parse.y: Likewise.

2001-01-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* ChangeLog (2001-01-21): Fixed typo.
	* class.c (layout_class_method): Code accounting for WFLed
	method DECL_NAMEs deleted.
	* constant.c (find_methodref_index): Likewise.
	* decl.c (lang_mark_tree): Mark `wfl' field in struct lang_decl.
	* java-tree.h (DECL_FUNCTION_WFL): New macro.
	(struct lang_decl): New field `wfl'.
	(java_get_real_method_name): Prototype deleted.
	* mangle.c (mangle_method_decl): Code accounting for WFLed
	method DECL_NAMEs deleted.
	* parse.h (GET_METHOD_NAME): Macro deleted.
	* parse.y (reset_method_name): Deleted.
	(method_header): Set DECL_FUNCTION_WFL.
	(check_abstract_method_header): Code accounting for WFLed method
	DECL_NAMEs deleted.
	(java_get_real_method_name): Deleted.
	(check_method_redefinition): Code accounting for WFLed method
	(java_check_regular_methods): Likewise.
	(java_check_abstract_methods): Likewise.
	(java_expand_classes): Don't call `reset_method_name.'
	(search_applicable_method_list): Use DECL_NAMEs instead of
	* typeck.c (lookup_do): Code accounting for WFLed method
	DECL_NAMEs deleted.

2001-01-25  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* lex.c (java_read_char): Check for EOF from getc first.

2001-01-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (layout_class): Don't lay the superclass out if it's
	already being laid out.
	* jcf-parse.c (handle_innerclass_attribute): New function.
	(jcf_parse): Don't load an innerclasses if it's already being
	laid out.
	* jcf-write.c (append_innerclass_attribute_entry): Static
	`anonymous_name' and its initialization deleted. `ocii' and `ini'
	to be zero for anonymous classes.

2001-01-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (set_constant_value): Set DECL_FIELD_FINAL_IUD if
	* jcf-parse.c (set_source_filename): Use

2001-01-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (build_jni_stub): Set DECL_CONTEXT on `meth_var' so it
	gets a unique asm name.

2001-01-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (HANDLE_END_METHODS): Nullify current_method.
	if necessary.
	* jcf-reader.c (get_attribute): Handle `Synthetic' attribute.
	* parse.y (lookup_package_type_and_set_next): Deleted.
	(resolve_package): Removed unnecessary code.
	(find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): `finit$' can't be
	* verify.c (pop_argument_types): Added missing prototype.

2001-01-23  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* Disable java by default.

2001-01-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi (Copying): New node.
	Added copyright information.

2001-01-21  Per Bothner  <>

	Various fixes to allow compiling a compressed .jar/.zip archive.
	* zipfile.h (struct ZipFileCache):  Replace by struct ZipFile.
	(struct ZipFile):  Add fields name and next (from  ZipFileCache).
	(struct ZipDirectory):  New field zipf points to owning ZipFile.
	* jcf.h (struct ZipDirectory):  Add forward declaration.
	(struct JCF):   Declare zipd field to have type struct ZipDirectory.
	Remove seen_in_zip and zip_offset fields.
	(JCF_SEEN_IN_ZIP):  New macro.
	* zextract.c (read_zip_archive):  Set ZipDirectory's zipf field.
	* jcf-io.c:  Change all ZipFileCache to ZipFile.
	(read_zip_member):  New function.
	(open_in_zip):  Call read_zip_member.
	* jcf-parse.c (find_in_current_zip):  Remove function.
	(read_class):  Merge in find_in_current_zip functionality.
	Call read_zip_member if needed.
	(parse_zip_file_entries):  Use read_zip_member.
	(process_zip_dir):  Update for removed and added JCF fields.
	(jcf_figure_file_type):  Re-use, don't copy initial ZipFile struct.

2001-01-21  Per Bothner  <>

	Minor optimization of static ggc roots.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_roots):  New static field.
	(current_field, current_method, current_file_list):  Replace by macros
	naming fields of parse_roots.
	(init_jcf_parse):  Combine 3 ggc_add_tree_root calls to 1.
	* class.c (class_roots):  New static field.
	(registered_class, fields_ident, info_ident, class_list):
	New macros naming fields of parse_roots.
	(build_static_field_ref):  Don't register roots here.
	(layout_class):  Static field list replaced by macro class_list.
	(init_class_processing):  Call ggc_add_tree_root for 4 roots.
	Initialize fields_ident and info_ident here.

2001-01-21  Per Bothner  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (ggc_mark_jcf):  New function.
	(init_jcf_parse):  Register current_jcf as ggc root.

2001-01-21  Per Bothner  <>

	* lang.c (put_decl_node):  Print method's name.

2001-01-21  Per Bothner  <>

	* verify.c (VERIFICATION_ERROR_WITH_INDEX):  New macro.
	(verify_jvm_instructions):  Use it, for better error messages on loads.

2001-01-21  Per Bothner  <>

	* verify.c (merge_type_state):  Still may have to merge even if

2001-01-21  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (method_header):  Don't set the DECL_NAME of a FUNCTION_DECL
	to a EXPR_WITH_FILE_LOCATION - that is just too fragile and wrong.

2001-01-19  Per Bothner  <>

	* expr.c (pop_type_0):  Only return object_ptr_type_node on mismatch
	if expeting an interface type.  Refines Tom's change of 2000-09-12.

2001-01-18  Per Bothner  <>

	* gcj.texi (Input Options): Mention .java files.

2001-01-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* lang-options.h (-Wunsupported-jdk11): Removed.
	* lang.c (flag_not_overriding): Deleted.
	(flag_static_local_jdk1_1): Likewise.
	(lang_W_options): Removed "unsupported-jdk11" entry.
	* parse.y (java_check_methods): Removed dead code.

2001-01-17  Tom Tromey  <>

	Changes suggested by Per Bothner:
	* gcj.texi (Input Options): Don't mention input files.
	(Code Generation): Updated --main information.
	(Invoking jcf-dump): Mention that --javap is incomplete.
	From Alexandre Petit-Bianco:
	(Warnings): Don't mention -Wunsupported-jdk11.
	My stuff:
	(Compatibility): Mention JDK 1.2-ness of libraries.
	(Resources): Mention resources used when writing gcj.

2001-01-17  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcj.texi: New file.
	* ($(srcdir)/java/ New target.
	( Depend on
	(java/gcj.dvi): New target.
	(java.dvi): Depend on gcj.dvi.
	(java.install-info): Wrote.

2001-01-16  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Use TREE_SYMBOL_REFERENCED after
	having called make_decl_rtl.

2001-01-14  Per Bothner  <>

	Various patches to emit better messages on verification errors.
	* expr.c (push_type_0):  Return error indication on stack overflow,
	instead of callinfg fatal.
	(push_type):  Now just call push_type_0 (nd fatal on overflow).
	(pop_type_0):  Return detailed error message (in a char** argument).
	(pop_type):  If pop_type_0 fails, print error message.
	(pop_argument_types):  Moved to verify.c.
	* verify.c (pop_argument_types):  Moved from expr.c.
	Return a (possible) error message, rather than void.
	(verify_jvm_instruction):  Use new macros, improving error messages.
	For case OPCODE_astore use object_ptr_type_node.
	* java-tree.h (TYPE_UNDERFLOW, TYPE_UNEXPECTED):  New macros.
	(pop_type_0, push_type_0, pop_argument_types):  Update accordingly.

	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs case EXPR_WITH_FILE_LOCATION): If body is
	constant, return body without wrapper.  (Improves constant folding.)
	* lex.c (build_wfl_node):  Clear TREE_TYPE from returned node.

2001-01-13  Per Bothner  <>

	* expr.c (expand_java_field_op):  Assigning to a final field outside
	an initializer does not violate JVM spec, so should be warning, not
	error.  (Sun's verifier does not complain - though MicroSoft's does.)

2001-01-12  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gjavah.c (version), jcf-dump.c (version): Update copyright year
	to 2001.

2001-01-11  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_expression_name): Permit instance variables from
	enclosing context in super constructor call.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Permit enclosing class's qualified
	"this" in super constructor call.

2001-01-10  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* class.c (build_utf8_ref): Remove last argument in call to
	make_decl_rtl; use make_function_rtl instead of make_decl_rtl.
	(build_class_ref): Likewise.
	(build_static_field_ref): Likewise.
	(get_dispatch_table): Likewise.
	(layout_class_method): Likewise.
	(emit_register_classes): Likewise.
	* constants.c (build_constant_data_ref): Likewise.
	* decl.c (builtin_function): Likewise.
	(create_primitive_vtable): Likewise.
	* expr.c (build_known_method_def): Likewise.
	(build_jni_stub): Likewise.
	(java_lang_expand_expr): Likewise.

2001-01-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Omit -fencoding from cc1 invocation.

2001-01-08  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (lang_printable_name_wls): New prototype.
	* lang.c (put_decl_name): Removed dead code. Use DECL_CONTEXT
	rather than `current_class' to print type name. Don't prepend type
	names when printing constructor names.
	(lang_printable_name_wls): New function.
	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_parse_source): Pass NULL `file' argument to
	`build_expr_wfl', alway set EXPR_WFL_FILENAME_NODE.
	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Message tuned for constructors.
	(not_accessible_p): Grant `private' access from within
	enclosing contexts.

2001-01-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	All files with updated copyright when applicable.
	* (JVGENMAIN_OBS): Removed java/mangle.o.
	* class.c (mangle_class_field): Function removed.
	(append_gpp_mangled_type, mangle_static_field, mangle_field): Likewise.
	(utf8_cmp, cxx_keyword_p): Moved to lex.c.
	(build_class_ref): Call `java_mangle_class_field' instead of
	(build_dtable_decl): Rewritten to call `java_mangle_vtable.'
	(layout_class): Call `java_mangle_decl' instead of
	(cxx_keywords): Initialized static array moved to `lex.c.'
	(layout_class_method): Changed leading comment. Simplified to
	call `java_mangle_decl.' Local `ptr' moved in for loop body.
	* decl.c (lang_mark_tree): Mark field `package_list.'
	* java-tree.h (TYPE_PACKAGE_LIST): New macro.
	(struct lang_type): New field `package_list.'
	(unicode_mangling_length): Prototype removed.
	(append_gpp_mangled_name, append_gpp_mangled_classtype,
	emit_unicode_mangled_name): Likewise.
	(cxx_keyword_p): New prototype.
	(java_mangle_decl, java_mangle_class_field,
	java_mangle_class_field_from_string, java_mangle_vtable): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_parse_source): Constify `file' argument to
	* jvgenmain.c (main_method_prefix): Global variable removed.
	(main_method_suffix): Likewise.
	(do_mangle_classname): New function.
	(main): Call it. Format changed to accommodate new mangling scheme.
	* lex.c: (utf8_cmp): Conditionally prototyped.
	(cxx_keywords): Moved from class.c, conditionally defined.
	(utf8_cmp, cxx_keyword_p): Likewise.
	* mangle.c (obstack.h, ggc.h): Included.
	(mangle_field_decl): New function.
	(mangle_method_decl, mangle_type, mangle_pointer_type,
	mangle_array_type, mangle_record_type,
	find_compression_pointer_match, find_compression_array_match,
	find_compression_array_template_match, set_type_package_list,
	entry_match_pointer_p, emit_compression_string, init_mangling,
	finish_mangling, compression_table_add, mangle_member_name): Likewise.
	(mangle_obstack): New global.
	(MANGLE_RAW_STRING): New macro.
	(unicode_mangling_length): Turned static.
	(append_unicode_mangled_name): Renamed from
	`emit_unicode_mangled_name.'  Turned static. `mangle_obstack'
	replaces `obstack', removed from the parameter list.
	(append_gpp_mangled_name): Turned static. `mangle_obstack'
	replaces parameter `obstack', removed from the parameter list. Call
	`append_unicode_mangled_name' instead of `emit_unicode_mangled_name.
	(append_gpp_mangled_classtype): Removed.
	(compression_table, compression_next): New static variables.
	* parse.y (temporary_obstack): Extern declaration removed.

2001-01-05  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_binop): Compute missing type in error situations.

2001-01-05  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* class.c (make_class_data): Push initial value for "arrayclass".
	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Add new class field "arrayclass".

2001-01-05  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (switch_label): Use build, not build1, to construct

2001-01-04  Neil Booth  <>

	* lang.c (lang_decode_option): Change -MA to -MP.
	* jcf-depend.c (jcf_dependency_add_target, jcf_dependency_set_target):
	Update to new prototype; do quote targets.
	(jcf_dependency_write): Update.

2000-12-22  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	Shorten primitive array allocation path:
	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Use _Jv_NewPrimArray not _Jv_NewArray
	to create new primitive arrays.
	* expr.c (build_newarray): If generating native code, call
	soft_newarray_node with a reference to the primitive TYPE identifier
	instead of type_value.

2000-12-17  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	Fix for PRs gcj/312 and gcj/253:
	* parse.y (valid_ref_assignconv_cast_p): Load classes for source and
	dest if they arn't already.
	* class.c (layout_class): Call maybe_layout_super_class on
	superinterfaces also, but only if compiling from bytecode.

	Fix for PR gcj/373:
	* parse.y (create_class): Set ACC_STATIC if class is declared in an

2000-12-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_parse_source): Set wfl_operator if not already

2000-12-14  Andrew Haley  <>

	* boehm.c (mark_reference_fields): Change test to correctly detect
	bitmap overflow.

2000-12-15  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* (lang_dirs): Added.

2000-12-15  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (end_artificial_method_body): Fixed undefined behavior.
	Credits go to rth for finding it.

2000-12-13  Mike Stump  <>

	* parse.y (check_static_final_variable_assignment_flag): Fix spelling.

2000-11-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (JAVA_LEX_C): Added chartables.h.
	* lex.c (java_ignorable_control_p): Removed.
	(java_letter_or_digit_p): Removed.
	(java_start_char_p): New function.
	(java_read_char): Return `int', not `unicode_t'.  Changed
	(java_read_unicode): Likewise.
	(java_read_unicode_collapsing_terminators): Likewise.
	(java_get_unicode): Likewise.
	(java_new_lexer): Initialize hit_eof.
	(java_parse_end_comment): Take `int' argument.
	(java_parse_doc_section): Likewise.
	(java_parse_escape_sequence): Don't allow backlash-newline.
	Return `int'.
	* lex.h (JAVA_DIGIT_P): Removed.
	(JAVA_PART_CHAR_P): New macro.
	(UEOF): Now -1.
	(java_lexer): New field `hit_eof'.
	* chartables.h: New file.
	* new file.

2000-11-20  Tom Tromey  <>
	    Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): Only allow compound assignment of
	reference type if type is String.

2000-12-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* (java/jcf-path.o:): libgcj.jar replaces
	jcf-path.c: Likewise.

2000-12-09  Anthony Green  <>

	* zipfile.h (ZipDirectory): Declare size, uncompressed_size,
	filestart and filename_length as int values.

2000-12-07  Mo DeJong  <>

	* jcf-io.c (find_class): Correct the logic that tests to see if a
	.java file is newer than its .class file. The compiler was
	incorrectly printing a warning when file mod times were equal.

2000-12-07  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* jvgenmain.c: Use ISPRINT not isascii.

2000-12-06  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (end_artificial_method_body): Fixed typo.

2000-12-04  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Pick the correct enclosing
	context when creating inner class instances.
	Fixes gcj/332.

2000-11-26  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* gjavah.c (version), jcf-dump.c (version), jv-scan.c (version):
	Update copyright year to 2000.

2000-11-23  Anthony Green  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (init_jcf_parse): Register current_file_list root.
	Move current_file_list out of yyparse and make it static.

	* expr.c: Declare quick_stack and tree_list_free_list as static
	(init_expr_processing): Register quick_stack and
	tree_list_free_list roots.

2000-11-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (build_outer_field_access): New local `decl_ctx', use
	it. Check for field's context and current class immediate outer
	context inheritance.
	(outer_field_access_p): Consider fields inherited from the last
	enclosing context.
	(build_access_to_thisn): Stop at the last enclosing context if
	Fixes gcj/367.

2000-11-23  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* (jvspec.o): Depend on $(CONFIG_H).

2000-11-22  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Call UT8_CHAR_LENGTH on `utf8', not the
	scratch buffer.

2000-11-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jv-scan.c (help): Document --complexity.
	(options): Added --complexity.
	(flag_complexity): New global.
	(main): Call `report'.
	* parse-scan.y (complexity): New global.
	(if_then_statement, if_then_else_statement,
	if_then_else_statement_nsi, switch_block_statement_group,
	while_expression, do_statement, for_begin, continue_statement,
	throw_statement, catch_clause, finally, method_invocation,
	conditional_and_expression, conditional_or_expression,
	conditional_expression): Update complexity.
	(reset_report): Reset complexity.
	(report): New function.

2000-11-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (yylex): Added STRICT_TK case.
	* parse.y (STRICT_TK): Added.
	* parse-scan.y (STRICT_TK): Added.
	* ($(srcdir)/java/keyword.h): Added missing `\' and
	`;'.  Use 4, not 3, with -k option.  Correctly rename resulting
	* keyword.h: Rebuilt.
	* keyword.gperf (strictfp): Added.

2000-11-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (yylex): Recognize floating point constants with leading

2000-11-19  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* java-tree.h (cyclic_inheritance_report): Constify.
	* parse.y (cyclic_inheritance_report): Likewise.

2000-11-17  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* parse.y (goal): Remove call to ggc_add_string_root.

2000-11-16  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant), parse.y (do_merge_string_cste):
	Create string in scratch buffer, then pass to build_string.

2000-11-13  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* parse.y (issue_warning_error_from_context): Add

2000-11-11  Anthony Green  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (process_zip_dir): Add finput parameter.
	(jcf_figure_file_type): Call process_zip_dir with appropriate

2000-11-10  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* decl.c (copy_lang_decl): Use memcpy, not bcopy.
	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_figure_file_type): Likewise.

2000-11-09  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* parse.y (create_new_parser_context): Use memset () instead of
	bzero ().

2000-11-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (process_file): Only include gcj/cni.h when generating
	CNI stubs.

2000-11-07  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* expr.c (note_instructions), jcf-io.c (find_class), jcf-parse.c
	(init_outgoing_cpool), lex.c (java_init_lex): Use memset ()
	instead of bzero ().

2000-11-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.h (JAVA_FLOAT_RANGE_ERROR): Typo fix.
	* lex.c (IS_ZERO): New define.
	(java_perform_atof): Error on floating point underflow.

2000-11-04  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_parse_escape_sequence): Only read two octal
	characters if the first one is greater than 3.  Don't allow
	"octal" numbers to include the digits 8 or 9.

2000-11-05  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* (java.distdir): Remove.

2000-11-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (java.dvi): New target.
	Partial fix for PR other/567.

	* lang-options.h: Mention -Wout-of-date.
	* jcf-dump.c (flag_newer): New global.
	* gjavah.c (flag_newer): New global.
	* jcf-io.c (find_class): Only warn when flag_newer set.
	* lang.c (flag_newer): New global.
	(struct string_option): New declaration.
	(lang_W_options): New global.
	(process_option_with_no): New function.
	(lang_decode_option): Use it.

	* class.c (cxx_keyword_p): Accept keywords with trailing `$'s.
	* gjavah.c (cxx_keyword_subst): Handle any number of trailing

	* lex.h (_JAVA_IDENTIFIER_IGNORABLE): New macro.
	(JAVA_ID_CHAR_P): Also try java_ignorable_control_p.
	* lex.c (java_read_unicode): Removed `term_context' argument.
	Recognize any number of `u' in `\u'.
	(java_read_unicode_collapsing_terminators): New function.
	(java_get_unicode): Use it.
	(java_lineterminator): Removed.
	(yylex): Produce error if character literal is newline or single
	quote.  Return if eof found in middle of `//' comment.  EOF in
	`//' comment is only an error if pedantic.
	(java_ignorable_control_p): New function.
	(java_parse_end_comment): Return if eof found in middle of
	Include flags.h.
	* jv-scan.c (pedantic): New global.

2000-10-31  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (outer_field_access_p): Inherited fields aren't
	consider outer fields.
	(maybe_build_thisn_access_method): Use
	(resolve_expression_name): Trigger an error if a static field
	is being accessed as an outer field.

2000-10-29  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* (LIBGCJ_ZIP_FILE): Define with `$(prefix)'.
	Fixes gcj/365.

2000-10-27  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* Move all build rules here from,
	adapt to new context.  Wrap all rules that change the current
	directory in parentheses.  Expunge all references to $(P).
	When one command depends on another and they're run all at
	once, use && to separate them, not ;.  Add OUTPUT_OPTION to
	all object-file generation rules.  Delete obsolete variables.

	* Delete.
	* Delete outputs= line.

2000-10-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): NULLify this_arg when already
	(maybe_use_access_method): Handle call to methods unrelated to the
	current class. Fixed comment.
	Fixes gcj/361.

2000-10-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

       * parse.h (INNER_ENCLOSING_SCOPE_CHECK): Check inherited type in

2000-10-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_new_lexer): Initialize new fields.  Work around
	broken iconv() implementations.
	(java_read_char): Swap bytes if required.  Use fallback decoder if
	(byteswap_init, need_byteswap): New globals.
	(java_destroy_lexer): Only close iconv handle if it is in use.
	* lex.h (java_lexer): New fields read_anything, byte_swap,
	Made out_buffer unsigned.

2000-10-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (register_incomplete_type): Include JDEP_FIELD as a case
	where an enclosing context can be set on the jdep.
	(do_resolve_class): Fixed identation.

2000-10-21  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>


	* jcf-reader.c (peek_attribute, skip_attribute): Only define
	when requested.

	* parse.h (yyerror): If JC1_LITE, mark with ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN.

	* verify.c (CHECK_PC_IN_RANGE): Cast result of stmt-expr to void.

2000-10-18  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (OP1): Update `last_bc'.
	(struct jcf_block): Fixed indentation and typo in comments.  New
	field `last_bc'.
	(generate_bytecode_insns): Insert `nop' if `jsr' immediately
	follows `monitorenter'.
	* parse.y (patch_synchronized_statement): New local `tmp'. Call
	Fixes gcj/232.

2000-10-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Recognize -MF and -MT.
	* lang-specs.h: Added %{MA}, %{MF*}, %{MT*}.
	* lang-options.h: Added -MA, -MT, -MF..
	* lang.c (lang_decode_option): Recognize -MA, -MT, -MF.
	(DEPEND_TARGET_SET): New macro.
	(init_parse): Handle new flags.
	* jcf.h (jcf_dependency_print_dummies): Declare.
	* (s-java): Added mkdeps.o.
	* (BACKEND): Added mkdeps.o.
	(../gcjh$(exeext)): Added mkdeps.o.
	(../jcf-dump$(exeext)): Added mkdeps.o.
	* jcf-depend.c: Include mkdeps.h.
	(struct entry, dependencies, targets, MAX_OUTPUT_COLUMNS,
	add_entry): Removed.
	(jcf_dependency_reset): Rewrote.
	(dependencies): New global.
	(jcf_dependency_set_target): Rewrote.
	(jcf_dependency_add_target): Likewise.
	(jcf_dependency_add_file): Likewise.
	(munge): Removed.
	(print_ents): Removed.
	(jcf_dependency_write): Rewrote.
	(print_dummies): New global.
	(jcf_dependency_print_dummies): New function
	(jcf_dependency_write): Call deps_dummy_targets if required.

2000-10-18  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* gjavah.c (add_class_decl): Removed unused variables `tname',
	`tlen' and `name_index'.
	* java-tree.h (BUILD_FILENAME_IDENTIFIER_NODE): New macro.
	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_parse_source): Use it and set EXPR_WFL_FILENAME
	in `wfl_operator' with value.
	(jcf_figure_file_type): Fixed identation.
	* lex.c (java_get_line_col): Use EOF. Tuned `^' placement.
	* parse.y (analyze_clinit_body): New function.
	(static_initializer:): Reset `current_static_block'.
	(java_parser_context_restore_global): Set EXPR_WFL_FIILENAME_NODE in
	`wfl_operator' with new value.
	(lookup_cl): Use EXPR_WFL_FILENAME.
	(maybe_yank_clinit): Handle bogus <clinit> bodies, call
	(build_outer_field_access): Access to this$<n> built from
	current_class, not its outer context.
	(build_access_to_thisn): Fixed leading comment. Tidied things up.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Handle `T.this' and `T.this.f()'.
	(patch_method_invocation): Use `is_static_flag' when already
	(patch_newarray): Removed assignment in ternary operator.

2000-10-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* except.c (free_eh_ranges): Don't free `whole_range'.

2000-10-15  Anthony Green  <>

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Call init_class_processing before
	anything else.

2000-10-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Fixed leading comment. Use
	* decl.c (push_jvm_slot): Use MAYBE_CREATE_VAR_LANG_DECL_SPECIFIC.
	(give_name_to_locals): Likewise.
	(lang_mark_tree): Handle FIELD_DECL. Register `am' and `wfl'
	fields in lang_decl_var.
	(FIELD_INNER_ACCESS): Removed ugly cast, macro rewritten.
	(LOCAL_FINAL): Rewritten.
	(struct lang_decl): Fixed comments. Added `synthetic_ctor' and
	`init_final' fields.
	(struct lang_decl_var): Fixed leading comment. Added `am', `wfl',
	`final_uid', `final_liic', `final_ierr' and `local_final' fields.
	(struct lang_type): Added `afv' field.
	* parse.y (check_static_final_variable_assignment_flag): New function.
	(reset_static_final_variable_assignment_flag): Likewise.
	(check_final_variable_local_assignment_flag): Likewise.
	(reset_final_variable_local_assignment_flag): Likewise.
	(check_final_variable_indirect_assignment): Likewise.
	(check_final_variable_global_assignment_flag): Likewise.
	(add_inner_class_fields): Use LOCAL_FINAL_P.
	(register_fields): Handle local finals and final variables.
	(craft_constructor): Set DECL_FUNCTION_SYNTHETIC_CTOR.
	(declare_local_variables): Call MAYBE_CREATE_VAR_LANG_DECL_SPECIFIC.
	(source_start_java_method): Call MAYBE_CREATE_VAR_LANG_DECL_SPECIFIC
	on local finals.
	(java_complete_expand_methods): Loop to set
	`reset_final_variable_local_assignment_flag' and
	`check_final_variable_local_assignment_flag' accordingly before
	and after constructor expansion. Call
	before expanding <clinit> and after call
	`check_static_final_variable_assignment_flag' if the
	current_class isn't an interface. After all methods have been
	expanded, call `check_final_variable_global_assignment_flag' and
	`check_static_final_variable_assignment_flag' if the current class
	is an interface.
	(maybe_yank_clinit): Fixed typo in comment.
	(build_outer_field_access_methods): Removed old sanity check. Use
	Don't create access methods for finals.
	(resolve_field_access): Use `CLASS_FINAL_VARIABLE_P'.
	(java_complete_tree): Likewise. Reset DECL_FIELD_FINAL_IUD if
	existing DECL_INIT has been processed.
	(java_complete_lhs): Likewise.
	(check_final_assignment): Filter input on `lvalue''s TREE_CODE.
	Test for COMPONENT_REF to get to the FIELD_DECL. Implemented new
	(patch_assignment): Use LOCAL_FINAL_P.
	(fold_constant_for_init): Reset DECL_FIELD_FINAL_IUD if
	DECL_INITIAL is nullified.
	Fixes gcj/163.

2000-10-13  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (parse.c, parse-scan.c): Create atomically.

	* (parse.c, parse-scan.c): Likewise.

2000-10-12  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* class.c (temporary_obstack): Remove.
	(make_class): Don't mess with obstascks.
	(push_class): Likewise.
	(set_super_info): Likewise.
	(add_method_1): Likewise.
	(add_method): Likewise.
	(add_field): Likewise.
	(build_utf8_ref): Likewise.
	(build_class_ref): Likewise.
	(build_static_field_ref): Likewise.
	(finish_class): Likewise.
	(push_super_field): Likewise.
	(layout_class): Likewise.
	(layout_class_methods): Likewise.
	(init_class_processing): Likewise.
	* constants.c (get_tag_node): Likewise.
	(build_constant_data_ref): Likewise.
	* decl.c (ggc_p): Remove.
	(copy_lang_decl): Use ggc_alloc.
	(complete_start_java_method): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(start_java_method): Likewise.
	(end_java_method): Likewise.
	* except.c (link_handler): Use xmalloc.
	(free_eh_ranges): New function.
	(method_init_exceptions): Use it.
	(add_handler): Use xmalloc.
	(expand_start_java_handler): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(prepare_eh_table_type): Likewise.
	(expand_end_java_handler): Likewise.
	* expr.c (push_value): Likewise.
	(create_label_decl): Likewise.
	(build_jni_stub): Likewise.
	(java_lang_expand_expr): Likewise.
	(note_instructions): Use xrealloc.
	(java_push_constant_from_pool): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(process_jvm_instruction): Likewise.
	* java-tree.h (cyclic_inheritance_report): Remove duplicate
	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(read_class): Likewise.
	(jcf_parse): Likewise.
	* lex.c (expression_obstack): Remove.
	(java_lex): Don't use obstack_free.
	* parse.h (exit_java_complete_class): Don't mess with obstacks.
	* parse.y (gaol): Add more GC roots.
	(add_inner_class_fields): Adjust calls to MANGLE_* macros.
	(lookup_field_wrapper): Likewise.
	(obtain_incomplete_type): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(build_alias_initializer_parameter_list): Adjust calls to MANGLE_*
	(craft_constructor): Don't mess with obstacks.
	(safe_layout_class): Likewise.
	(java_complete_class): Likewise.
	(source_end_java_method): Likewise.
	(build_outer_field_access_methods): Likewise.
	(build_outer_method_access_method): Likewise.
	(maybe_build_thisn_access_method): Likewise.
	(build_dot_class_method_invocation): Likewise.
	(java_complete_tree): Likewise.
	(java_complete_lhs): Likewise.
	(do_merge_string_cste): Likewise.
	(patch_string_cst): Likewise.
	(array_constructor_check_entry): Likewise.
	* typeck.c (build_java_array_type): Likewise.
	(parse_signature_string): Likewise.
	(build_java_signature): Likewise.

2000-10-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR gcj/356:
	* gjavah.c (add_class_decl): Don't special-case inner classes.
	(add_namelet): Likewise.

2000-10-11  Rodney Brown  <>

	* java-tree.h: Constify current_encoding.
	* lang.c: Constify current_encoding.

2000-10-10  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* jvgenmain.c (class_mangling_suffix): Omit `.'.
	(main): Use `$' when NO_DOLLAR_IN_LABEL is not set, otherwise `.'.

2000-10-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Reinstall 1999-08-14 Anthony's
	patch. Fixes gcj/340.

2000-10-10  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_new_lexer): Initialize out_first and out_last
	* lex.h (java_lexer): Added out_buffer, out_first, out_last.

2000-10-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (pop_current_osb): New function.
	(array_type:): Use `dims:', changed actions
	accordingly. Suggested by Anthony Green.
	(array_creation_expression:): Used pop_current_osb.
	(cast_expression:): Likewise.
	(search_applicable_method_list): Fixed indentation.

2000-10-08  Anthony Green  <>

	* parse.y (array_type_literal): Remove production.
	(type_literals): Refer to array_type, not array_type_literal.

2000-10-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	Patch contributed by Corey Minyard.
	* decl.c (check_local_named_variable): New function.
	(tree check_local_unnamed_variable): Likewise.
	(find_local_variable): Splitted. Call check_local_{un}named_variable.

2000-10-07  Anthony Green  <>

	* class.c (layout_class): Handle case where superclass can't be
	layed out yet.

2000-10-07  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* (keyword.h): Refer to GNU FTP site for updated

2000-10-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Added `-fdollars-in-identifiers'.
	* jvgenmain.c (class_mangling_prefix): Removed.
	(class_mangling_suffix): New global.
	(main): Use it.
	* gjavah.c (cxx_keyword_subst): Mangle C++ keywords by appending
	(print_method_info): Handle overrides for static and final
	(process_file): Generate declaration for class object field.
	* class.c (cxx_keywords): New array.
	(utf8_cmp): New function.
	(cxx_keyword_p): New function.
	(layout_class_method): Mangle C++ keywords by appending `$'.
	(mangle_field): New function.
	(mangle_class_field): Use mangle_field.  Mangle class name as
	(mangle_static_field): Use mangle_field.

2000-10-03  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* decl.c (find_local_variable): Removed uncessary type check and
	fixed range check typo. From Corey Minyard.

2000-09-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* decl.c (give_name_to_locals): New local `code_offset'. Call
	* expr.c (note_instructions): New function.
	(expand_byte_code): Don't collect insn starts here.
	(peek_opcode_at_pc): New function.
	(maybe_adjust_start_pc): Likewise.
	* java-tree.h (maybe_adjust_start_pc): Declare.
	(note_instructions): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_class_file): Call `note_instructions'.

2000-09-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (field_access:): Fixed indentation.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): Properly qualify `this.a[b].c'.

2000-09-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR gcj/307:
	* parse.y (patch_binop): Use JNUMERIC_TYPE_P, not
	JPRIMITIVE_TYPE_P, for arithmetic operators.
	(patch_method_invocation): Indentation fix.
	(try_builtin_assignconv): Handle boolean specially.  Fixed typo.
	(valid_builtin_assignconv_identity_widening_p): Handle boolean.
	(do_unary_numeric_promotion): Cleaned up code.
	(valid_cast_to_p): Handle boolean correctly.

2000-09-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_read_unicode): Reset bs_count when finished with
	`\u' sequence.

2000-10-01  Mark Mitchell  <>

	Convert to GC.
	* (s-java): Don't depend on ggc-callbacks.o.
	* (BACKEND): Don't include ggc-callbacks.o.
	(typeck.o): Depend on ggc.h.
	* class.c (add_method_1): Use GC functions for allocation.
	(init_class_processing): Register roots.
	* decl.c (ggc_p): Set to 1.
	(pending_local_decls): Make it static.
	(push_jvm_slot): Use GC functions for allocation.
	(init_decl_processing): Register roots.
	(give_name_to_locals): Use GC functions for allocation.
	(lang_mark_tree): New function.
	functions for allocation.
	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_parse_source): Use ggc_strdup.
	* lex.c (java_lex): Use build_string, rather than replicating it
	* parse.y (goal): Add more roots.
	(mark_parser_ctxt): New function.
	* typeck.c: Include ggc.h.

2000-09-29  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (maybe_yank_clinit): Also keep <clinit> if its body
	contains something else than MODIFY_EXPR.

2000-09-23  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* (JAVA_SRCS): Include java-tree.h.
	* (parse.o): Depend on ggc.h.
	(class.o): Likewise.
	(constants.o): Likewise.
	(decl.o): Likewise.
	(expr.o): Likewise.
	(jcf-parse.o): Likewise.
	(jcf-write.o): Likewise.
	(mangle.o): Likewise.
	* class.c: Include ggc.h.
	(build_static_field_ref): Register GC roots.
	(layout_class): Likewise.
	(init_class_processing): Likewise.
	* constants.c: Include ggc.h.
	(current_constant_pool_data_ref): Remove.
	(tag_nodes): Move it to ...
	(get_tag_node): ... here.  Register GC roots.
	* decl.c: Include ggc.h.  Remove many global tree definitions.
	(throw_node): Define.
	(java_global_trees): Likewise.
	(predef_filenames): Make the size a constant.
	(init_decl_processing): Adjust accordingly.
	(init_decl_processing): Call init_jcf_parse.  Register GC roots.
	* expr.c: Include ggc.h.
	(init_expr_processing): Register GC roots.
	(build_invokeinterface): Likewise.
	* java-tree.h: Replace extern tree declarations with macros.
	(java_global_trees): New variable.
	(java_tree_index): New enumeration.
	(init_jcf_parse): Declare.
	* jcf-parse.c: Include ggc.h.
	(current_class): Remove declaration.
	(main_class): Likewise.
	(all_class_list): Likewise.
	(predefined_filename_p): Adjust for constant size of
	(init_jcf_parse): New function.
	* jcf-write.c: Include ggc.h.
	(generate_classfile): Register GC roots.
	(append_synthetic_attribute): Likewise.
	(append_innerclass_attribute_entry): Likewise.
	* lang.c: Include ggc.h.
	(lang_print_error): Register GC roots.
	* parse.h (struct parser_ctxt): Rename fields to avoid conflicts
	with macros.
	* parse.y: Include ggc.h.
	(wfl_operator): Remove.
	(goal): Register GC roots.
	(java_pop_parser_context): Adjust for new field names.
	(java_parser_context_save_global): Likewse.
	(java_parser_context_restore_global): Likewise.
	(java_parser_context_suspend): Likewise.
	(java_parser_context_resume): Likewise.
	(verify_constructor_circularity): Register GC roots.
	(lookup_cl): Likewise.
	(java_reorder_fields): Likewise.
	(build_current_this): Likewise.
	(class_in_current_package): Likewise.
	(argument_types_convertible): Likewise.
	(patch_cast): Rename wfl_op parameter to avoid macro conflicts.

2000-09-14  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.h: Use HAVE_ICONV_H, not HAVE_ICONV.

2000-09-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-parse.c: Include <locale.h>.
	* jv-scan.c: Include <locale.h>.

2000-09-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (pop_type_0): Return `Object' if trying to merge two
	interface types.
	* verify.c (merge_types): Don't return `TYPE_UNKNOWN' for
	interface types; `Object' is always a valid supertype.

2000-09-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR gcj/33:
	* jv-scan.c (help): Document --encoding.
	(options): Added `encoding' entry.
	(OPT_ENCODING): New define.
	(main): Handle --encoding.
	Include <langinfo.h> if nl_langinfo exists.
	* lang-options.h: Document --classpath, --CLASSPATH, --main, and
	* jcf-parse.c Include <langinfo.h> if we have nl_langinfo.
	(parse_source_file): Correctly call java_init_lex.  Added `finput'
	argument.  Use nl_langinfo to determine default encoding.
	* java-tree.h (current_encoding): Declare.
	* parse.y (java_parser_context_restore_global): Don't restore
	(java_parser_context_save_global): Don't set `finput' field.
	(java_pop_parser_context): Don't restore `finput'.  Free old lexer
	if required.
	* lang.c (current_encoding): New global.
	(lang_decode_option): Recognize `-fencoding='.
	(finish_parse): Don't close finput.
	* parse.h (struct parser_ctxt): Removed `finput' and
	`unget_utf8_value' fields.  Added `lexer' field.
	(java_init_lex): Fixed declaration.
	* lex.c (java_new_lexer): New function.
	(java_destroy_lexer): Likewise.
	(java_read_char): Added `lex' argument.  Handle iconv case.
	(java_read_unicode): Added `lex' argument.  Count backslashes in
	lexer structure.
	(java_init_lex): Added `finput' and `encoding' arguments.  Set
	`lexer' field in ctxp.
	(BAD_UTF8_VALUE): Removed.
	(java_lex): Handle seeing UEOF in the middle of a string literal.
	* lex.h: Include <iconv.h> if HAVE_ICONV defined.
	(java_lexer): New structure.
	(UNGETC): Removed.
	(GETC): Removed.
	(DEFAULT_ENCODING): New define.
	(java_destroy_lexer): Declare.

2000-09-12  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR gcj/343:
	* lex.c (java_init_lex): Initialize java_io_serializable.
	* parse.y (java_io_serializable): New global.
	(valid_ref_assignconv_cast_p): An array can be cast to

2000-09-10  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* decl.c, expr.c: Include defaults.h if not already included.
	Don't define the *_TYPE_SIZE macros.

2000-09-09  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* typeck.c (build_java_array_type): Correct first parameter
	in ADJUST_FIELD_ALIGN invocation.

2000-09-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lang-specs.h: Also recognize `-femit-class-files'.

2000-09-05  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* verify.c (merge_types): Load the types to merge if necessary.

2000-09-02  Anthony Green  <>

	* jcf-io.c: Include zlib.h.
	(open_in_zip): Read compressed class file archives.
	* zipfile.h (ZipDirectory): Add uncompressed_size and
	compression_method fields.
	* zextract.c (read_zip_archive): Collect file compression info.

2000-08-15  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (do_resolve_class): Also explore superclasses of
	intermediate enclosing contexts when searching for inner classes.

2000-08-11  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (variable_declarator_id:): Better error message.
	(expression_statement:): Use YYNOT_TWICE.
	(cast_expression:): Likewise.
	(assignment:): Likewise.

2000-08-11  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (do_merge_string_cste): New locals. Create new
	STRING_CSTs each time, use memcpy. Fixes gcj/311.

2000-08-07  Hans Boehm  <>

	* boehm.c (mark_reference_fields): Set marking bits for all words in
	a multiple-word record.
	(get_boehm_type_descriptor): Use the procedure marking descriptor for

2000-08-31  Mike Stump  <>

	* (jc1$(exeext), gcjh$(exeext), jv-scan$(exeext),
	jcf-dump$(exeext)): Make parallel safe.

2000-08-29  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (set_source_filename): Constify a char *.
	* jcf-write.c (append_innerclasses_attribute,
	make_class_file_name): Constify a char *.  Don't recycle a
	variable for an unrelated purpose.
	* parse.y: (build_alias_initializer_parameter_list): Constify a char *.
	(breakdown_qualified): Do not modify IDENTIFIER_POINTER strings.

2000-08-29  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (can_widen_reference_to): Fixed indentation.
	* java-tree.h (CLASS_METHOD_CHECKED_P): Added leading comment.
	* parse.y: `finit$' replaces `$finit$' in comments.
	(try_builtin_assignconv): Fixed leading comment.

2000-08-25  Greg McGary  <>

	* gjavah.c (cxx_keyword_subst): Use ARRAY_SIZE.

2000-08-24  Greg McGary  <>

	* lang.c (lang_decode_option): Use ARRAY_SIZE.
	* parse.y (BINOP_LOOKUP): Likewise.

2000-08-22  Andrew Haley  <>

	* javaop.h (WORD_TO_INT): Mask lower 32 bits of a jword before
	sign extending. Fixes gcj/321.
	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Mask lower 32 bits of a jint before
	combining to make a jlong. Fixes gcj/321.

2000-08-21  Nix  <>

	* lang-specs.h: Do not process -o or run the assembler if

2000-08-16  Andrew Haley  <>

	* typeck.c (build_java_array_type): Rewrite code to do array
	alignment.  Take into account back-end macros when aligning array
	data.  Remove setting of TYPE_USER_ALIGN; Java doesn't allow the
	user to set alignment. Fixes gcj/252 and 160.

2000-08-09  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (check_abstract_method_definitions): Now return `int'.
	Check implemented interfaces.  Fixes PR gcj/305.

	* parse.y (patch_switch_statement): Disallow `long' in switch
	expressions.  Fixes PR gcj/310.

2000-08-15  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* decl.c (finit_leg_identifier_node): New global.
	(init_decl_processing): Use `finit$' to initialize
	finit_identifier_node. Use `$finit$' to initialize
	* expr.c (expand_java_field_op): Use ID_FINIT_P.
	* java-tree.h (finit_identifier_node): Changed attached comment.
	(finit_leg_identifier_node): New declaration.
	(ID_FINIT_P): Take finit_identifier_node and
	finit_leg_identifier_node into account. This is a backward
	compatibility hack.

2000-08-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_conditional): Re-installed lost
	Jan 6 2000 patch.
	(generate_bytecode_insns): Check `nargs' before emitting it.
	* verify.c (merge_type_state): Fixed typo.
	* ChangeLog: Fixed typo in some jcf-write.c entries mentioning

2000-08-13  Anthony Green  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Add case for BIT_FIELD_REF (required
	for -pg builds).

2000-08-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (maybe_layout_super_class): Fixed indentation.
	* java-tree.h (CLASS_METHOD_CHECKED_P): New macro.
	(java_check_methods): New function declaration.
	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Let `char_len' go up to 3. Use `str'
	instead of `str_ptr'.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Emit number the of args
	of a `invokeinterface' at the right time.
	* parse.h (WFL_STRIP_BRACKET): New macro.
	* parse.y (build_unresolved_array_type): Reuse `type_or_wfl'.
	(check_class_interface_creation): Don't check for cross package
	innerclass name clashes.
	(method_header): Behave properly if MDECL is `error_mark_node'.
	(method_declarator): Return `error_mark_node' if bogus current
	(resolve_class): Apply WFL_STRIP_BRACKET on `cl' if necessary.
	(resolve_and_layout): New local `decl_type', set and used. Call
	(java_check_methods): New method.
	(java_layout_classes): Use it.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): No EH check necessary in
	(java_complete_lhs): Use VAR_DECL's DECL_INITIAL when evaluating
	`case' statement.
	(patch_assignment): Set DECL_INITIAL on integral final local.

2000-08-08  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (flag_extraneous_semicolon): New extern.
	* lang-options.h: (-Wextraneous-semicolon): New option.
	* lang.c (flag_redundant): Fixed typo in leading comment.
	(flag_extraneous_semicolon): New global.
	(lang_decode_option): Set `flag_extraneous_semicolon' when
	-Wall. Decode `-Wextraneous-semicolon'.
	* parse.y (type_declaration:): Removed `SC_TK' hack, added
	`empty_statement' rule.
	(class_body_declaration): Likewise.
	(method_body:): Accept `;' as a method body.
	(static_initializer:): Removed `SC_TK' hack.
	(constructor_block_end:): Likewise.
	(empty_statement:): Report deprecated empty declaration. Fixes

2000-08-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (build_dot_class_method_invocation): Changed parameter
	name to `type'. Build signature from `type' and convert it to a
	STRING_CST if it's an array.
	(patch_incomplete_class_ref): `build_dot_class_method_invocation'
	to use `ref_type' directly.

2000-08-06  Ovidiu Predescu  <>

	* lang-options.h: Added a comma after the last element to avoid
	syntax errors when other languages define additional options.

2000-08-04  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* (jc1, jv-scan): Depend on $(BACKEND), not stamp-objlist.
	(jc1): Link with $(BACKEND).
	(jv-scan): Depend on version.o, not all of $(OBJS) or $(BACKEND).

2000-08-02  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* jvspec.c: Adjust type of second argument to
	lang_specific_driver, and update code as necessary.

	* class.c (build_dtable_decl): Initialize dummy.

2000-08-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (maybe_yank_clinit): When generating bytecode: non empty
	method bodies not to rule out discarding `<clinit>'; don't use
	<clinit> to initialize static fields with constant initializers.

2000-08-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_method_info): Added `synth' parameter. Skip
	synthetic methods.
	(method_synthetic): New global.
	(HANDLE_METHOD): Recognize synthetic method and tell
	`print_method_info' about it.
	(HANDLE_END_METHOD): Do not issue an additional `;\n' if we're
	processing a synthetic method.
	* jcf-reader.c (skip_attribute): New function.
	( skip_attribute): Likewise.

2000-08-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (build_outer_field_access): Fixed comments.
	(fix_constructors): Emit the initialization of this$<n> before
	calling $finit$.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Build an access to `decl' if

2000-07-31  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse-scan.y (curent_class): Non longer const.
	(inner_qualifier, inner_qualifier_length): Deleted.
	(current_class_length): New global.
	(bracket_count): Fixed typo in leading comment.
	(anonymous_count): New global.
	(class_instance_creation_expression:): Handle anonymous classes.
	(anonymous_class_creation:): New rule.
	(push_class_context): Rewritten.
	(pop_class_context): Likewise.
	(INNER_QUALIFIER): Macro deleted.
	(report_class_declaration): call `push_class_context' when
	entering the function. `fprintf' format modified not to use
	(report_class_declaration): Assign `package_name' and
	`current_class' to NULL separately.

2000-07-31  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (build_invokeinterface): Call layout_class_methods on
	target interface.

2000-07-27  Tom Tromey  <>
	    Anthony Green  <>
	    Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (make_class_data): Create vtable for abstract classes.
	(get_dispatch_table): Changed to cope with abstract classes.

2000-07-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Don't reverse the argument
	list when dealing with anonymous class constructors. Fixed typo in

2000-07-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (build_alias_initializer_parameter_list): Reverse
	crafted list when building aliases for anonymous class

2000-07-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (jdep_resolve_class): Don't bother checking potential
	innerclass access if `decl' is NULL.
	(find_in_imports_on_demand): TREE_PURPOSE of `import' contains the

2000-07-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.c: Remove (again.)

2000-07-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (find_as_inner_class): Removed 2000-07-19 patches.
	* jcf-parse.c (HANDLE_INNERCLASSES_ATTRIBUTE): Local `decl' moved
	outside the `if' statement, alias to innerclass removed, `decl'
	used to mark the class complete.

2000-07-21  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (simple_name:): Fixed typo in error message.

2000-07-21  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): LOOP_EXPR:, SWITCH_EXPR: the node
	or its first operand can be error marks.

2000-07-20  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (method_header): Likewise.

2000-07-19  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (process_imports): Consider that one might be trying to
	import an innerclass. Fixes gcj/254

2000-07-19  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (find_as_inner_class): Handle the case where the
	enclosing context of an innerclass has been loaded as bytecode.

2000-07-19  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (simple_name:): Reject `$' in type names.
	(resolve_type_during_patch): Use `type' as a second
	argument to resolve_no_layout. Fixes gcj/257.

2000-07-18  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (find_most_specific_methods_list): Select the only
	non-abstract method even if max has been set.
	Fixes gcj/285, gcj/298.

2000-07-18  Jeff Sturm  <>

	* lang-specs.h: Added %(jc1) to java compiler options.

2000-07-14  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* .cvsignore: New file.

2000-07-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (not_accessible_p): Access granted to innerclasses
	(indirectly) extending the reference type. Fixes gcj/249.

2000-07-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Fixed comment.
	(maybe_use_access_method): Build this$<n>s to the context of the
	target method, or a type that extends it. Fixes gcj/242.

2000-07-13  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* parse.c: Remove.

2000-07-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (fold_constant_for_init): Avoid bullish conversion.

2000-07-13  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lang-specs.h: Added %{I*}.

2000-07-13  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* lang-specs.h: Use the new named specs.  Remove unnecessary braces.

2000-07-12  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* parse-scan.c: Remove.

2000-07-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (set_super_info): Handled protected inner classes.
	(common_enclosing_context_p): Bail early if arguments aren't both
	inner classes.
	(get_access_flags_from_decl): Handle private and protected inner
	* java-tree.h (TYPE_PROTECTED_INNER_CLASS): New macro.
	(struct lang_type): New bitfield `poic'.
	* parse.y (jdep_resolve_class): Call check_inner_class_access on
	inner classes only.
	(check_inner_class_access): Renamed arguments, added
	comments. Handles protected inner classes (fixes gcj/225)
	(not_accessible_p): Fixed comments. Avoid handling inner classes.

2000-07-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Verify qualified
	access to `this'. Fixes gcj/239.

2000-07-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Don't install ConstantValue
	for null pointers.

2000-07-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Handle inner class
	access. Fixes gcj/256.

2000-07-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Properly install the
	ConstantValue attribute and the initial value constant pool index
	on string constants.
	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): Keep DECL_INITIAL when emitting
	class files.

2000-07-06  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h (BUILD_PTR_FROM_NAME): Surround with a do/while
	* parse.y (find_as_inner_class): Fixed typo.
	(do_resolve_class): Explore enclosing contexts when searching for
	innerclasses. Removed curly brackets around BUILD_PTR_FROM_NAME.
	(check_inner_class_access): Check `decl' which can be null in case
	of previous errors.

2000-07-05  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (java_debug_context): Declared `extern'.
	(safe_layout_class): Likewise.
	* parse.y (resolve_field_access): Field must be `static' in order
	to be replaced by its initial value. Added comments.
	(find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Fixed typo.
	(find_most_specific_methods_list): Methods found in innerclasses
	take over methods founds in the enclosing contexts.
	(java_complete_tree): Loosen restrictions on the type of DECLs
	that can be replaced by their initialization values.
	(valid_ref_assignconv_cast_p): Removed call to `enclosing_context_p'.

2000-07-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (PARSE_DIR): New macro.
	(PARSE_RELDIR): Likewise.
	(PARSE_C): Likewise.
	(PARSE_SCAN_C): Likewise.
	($(PARSE_C)): New target.
	($(PARSE_SCAN_C)): Likewise.
	(SET_BISON): New macro.
	(BISONFLAGS): Likewise.

2000-07-02  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* gjavah.c (HANDLE_METHOD): Call print_method_info with a NULL stream
	argument on the first pass for CNI as well as JNI.
	(print_method_info): Set up method name on the first pass only.

2000-07-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (parser_qualified_classname): Removed parameter
	(create_interface): Removed first passed parameter to
	(create_class): Likewise. Don't install alias on static
	innerclasses. Fixes gcj/275.

2000-07-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (maybe_generate_pre_expand_clinit): Don't build a
	debugable statement with empty_stmt_node. Fixes gcj/272

2000-07-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (build_instanceof): Layout type after it's loaded. Fixes

2000-06-29  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (push_long_const): Appropriately cast short negative
	constant to jword.

2000-06-29  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (verify_constructor_super): Use loop variable
	`m_arg_type' initialized with `mdecl_arg_type'.

2000-06-29  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_field_access): Handle case where `type_found'
	is NULL.

2000-06-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (lookup_field): The same field can be found through two
	different interface. Don't declare it ambiguous in that case.

2000-06-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.c (java_lineterminator): Don't recognize \r after \n.  If \r
	follows \r, then unget it at a lower level.

2000-06-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_field_access): Pass decl, not DECL_INITIAL, to

2000-06-25  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (for_statement): Wrap expression in a WFL if it is a
	constant.  For PR gcj/268.

2000-06-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (do_resolve_class): Minor optimiztion in the package
	list search. Removed unnecessary test and return statement.
	(valid_ref_assignconv_cast_p): Order of arguments to
	enclosing_context_p fixed.

2000-06-24  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (lookup_field): Print error and return error_mark_node if
	field reference is ambiguous.

	* parse.y (check_abstract_method_definitions): Also check if
	`other_method' is abstract.

2000-06-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (set_super_info): Handle ACC_PRIVATE for (inner)
	* java-tree.h (TYPE_PRIVATE_INNER_CLASS): New macro.
	(struct lang_type): New field `pic'.
	(CLASS_PRIVATE): New macro.
	* parse.y (check_inner_class_access): New function.
	(jdep_resolve_class): Call it.

2000-06-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (patch_incomplete_class_ref): Initialize the returned
	class.  For PR gcj/260.

2000-06-21  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* except.c (prepare_eh_table_type): Use `CATCH_ALL_TYPE'.

2000-06-20  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* check-init.c (ENABLE_JC1_CHECKING): Replaces ENABLE_CHECKING for
	Java specific checks.
	* expr.c (build_instanceof): CLASS_INTERFACE and CLASS_FINAL usage
	screened by DECL_P.
	* java-tree.def (CASE_EXPR): Marked 'e'.
	(DEFAULT_EXPR): Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c (set_source_filename): CLASS_COMPLETE_P usage
	screened by DECL_P.
	* jcf-write.c (ENABLE_JC1_CHECKING): Replaces ENABLE_CHECKING for
	Java specific checks.
	(generate_bytecode_insns): Test try_block for BLOCK before using
	* parse.y (build_wfl_wrap): Added `location' argument. Set
	EXPR_WFL_LINECOL accordingly.
	(dim_expr:): Wrap constants with WFLs.
	(method_declarator): Use TREE_TYPE not TYPE_NAME on GET_CPC.
	(resolve_package): Check for `stmt' not being a BLOCK before
	building a debuggable statement with it.
	(make_qualified_primary): Added extra parameter to build_wfl_wrap
	(resolve_field_access): Make sure `decl' is a DECL before treating
	it as such.
	(maybe_build_primttype_type_ref): Make sure `wfl''s node is an
	IDENTIFIER_NODE before treating it as such.
	(patch_new_array_init): Make sure `elt' is a TREE_LIST before
	treating it as such.
	(find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): CLASS_INTERFACE macro
	to be applied only on non array types.

2000-06-16  Per Bothner  <>

	define in terms of DECL_RESULT, as that fails when --enable-checking.

2000-06-15  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* jcf-write.c (CHECK_PUT): Add static prototype.  Make pointer
	types the same in comparison.
	(CHECK_OP): Add static prototype.

2000-06-13  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* typeck.c (build_java_array_type): Set TYPE_USER_ALIGN.
	* parse.y (java_complete_class): Set DECL_USER_ALIGN.
	* parse.c: Rebuilt.

2000-06-11  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* decl.c (create_primitive_vtable): Prototype.

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Initialize variable

	* lang.c (lang_get_alias_set): Mark parameter with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.

2000-06-09  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Use a hashtable
	to track searched classes, and do not search the same class more than
	once. Call find_applicable_accessible_methods_list on immediate
	superclass, instead of search_applicable_method_list on all ancestors.
	Fix for PR gcj/238.

2000-06-09  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* parse.y (register_fields): Permit static fields in inner classes
	if they are final. Fix for PR gcj/255.

2000-06-06  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h (REGISTER_IMPORT): Use `chainon' to link new entries.
	* parse.y (find_in_imports): Returned type changed to void,
	leading comment fixed.
	(register_package): New function.
	(qualify_and_find): Likewise.
	(package_declaration:): Use `register_package'.
	(single_type_import_declaration:): Removed local variable
	`node'. Added missing `;' for consistency.
	(type_import_on_demand_declaration:): Use `chainon' to link new
	(lookup_field_wrapper): Lookup local variables defined in outer
	contexts first.
	(java_complete_class): Don't reverse the list of imported on demand.
	(do_resolve_class): Reorganized. Removed local variable
	`original_name'. Call `qualify_and_find' with the current package
	name, invoke `find_in_imports_on_demand' right after. Call
	`qualify_and_find' with the packages we've seen so far. Fixed
	operations numbering in comments.
	(java_expand_class): Don't reverse `package_list'.
	(find_most_specific_methods_list): New local variables `abstract'
	and `candidates'. Use them to pick the right method.

2000-06-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (check_modifiers_consistency): Don't subtract out
	`PUBLIC_TK' from argument to THIS_MODIFIER_ONLY.

2000-06-04  Philipp Thomas  <>

	* (INTLLIBS): New.
	(LIBS): Add above.
	(DEPLIBS): Ditto.

2000-06-02  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (get_dispatch_table): Build the vtable dummy entry list
	element with a null purpose. Fixed leading comment.
	(build_dtable_decl): Build an accurate dtable type when appropriate
	and use it.

2000-06-02  Richard Henderson  <>

	* lang.c (lang_get_alias_set): New.

2000-05-31  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_field_access): Complete the DECL_INITIAL tree
	before using it as the accessed field.

2000-05-31  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h (boolean_array_vtable, byte_array_vtable,
	char_array_vtable, short_array_vtable, int_array_vtable,
	long_array_vtable, float_array_vtable, double_array_vtable):
	* expr.c (get_primitive_array_vtable): New function.
	(create_primitive_vtable): New function.
	(java_lang_expand_expr): Enable code to statically generate
	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Create primitive vtables.
	(boolean_array_vtable, byte_array_vtable, char_array_vtable,
	short_array_vtable, int_array_vtable, long_array_vtable,
	float_array_vtable, double_array_vtable): Define.

2000-05-26  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* java/parse.y (find_applicable_accessible_methods_list):
	Don't add an uninitialized value to the list.

2000-05-25  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_field_access): Don't check DECL_LANG_SPECIFIC
	when trying to see if field's class should be initialized.  Always
	initialize field's declaring class, not qualified class.
	For PR gcj/162.

	* parse.y (array_constructor_check_entry): Pass `wfl_value', not
	`wfl_operator', to maybe_build_primttype_type_ref.
	Fixes PR gcj/235.

2000-05-23  Bryce McKinlay  <>

       * parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Don't try to lookup methods
       in primitive types.

2000-05-02  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_field_access): Call the appropriate <clinit>
	before accessing the length of a static array. Craft a decl for
	the field while its time. Fixes PR gcj/129.

2000-05-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_package): Correctly set `*next' (was off by
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Fixed comment.

2000-04-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_parse_source): Reset current_class and
	current_function_decl to NULL before parsing a new file.

2000-04-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (block_end:): If the collected block doesn't feature a
	statement, insert an empty statement.

2000-04-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (maybe_yank_clinit): New function.
	(maybe_generate_pre_expand_clinit): Always link <clinit> at the
	end of the list of methods belonging to a class.
	(java_complete_expand_method): Check whether <clinit> is really
	necessary and expand it accordingly.

2000-04-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (fold_constant_for_init): Let VAR_DECL and FIELD_DECL be
	processed by the method's switch statement.

2000-05-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h: Added init state enum.
	* decl.c (emit_init_test_initialization): Initialize class
	initialization check variable by looking at class' state.

2000-05-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-tree.h (build_instanceof): Declare.
	(build_get_class): Declare.
	* parse.y (patch_binop): Use build_instanceof.
	* expr.c (build_instanceof): New function.  If class is final,
	don't make a function call.
	(expand_java_INSTANCEOF): Use it.
	(build_get_class): New function.

2000-05-18  Alexandre Oliva  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Scan the source_file for
	slashes with the right pointer variable.

2000-05-17  Andrew Cagney  <>

	* lang.c (lang_decode_option): Update -Wunused flags by calling
	* decl.c (poplevel): Replace warn_unused with warn_unused_label.

2000-05-09  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* check_init.c (check_init): Constify local char *.
	* class.c (push_class): Constify local char *.
	* java_tree.h: Update prototypes.
	* jcf-io.c (open_class): Constify filename parameter and
	return value.
	(find_class): Remove redundant string copy.  Cast return from
	* jcf-parse.c (read_class, parse_class_file, yyparse):
	Constify local char *.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns, generate_classfile):
	Constify local char *.
	* jcf.h (JCF): Constify filename and classname.
	(JCF_FINISH): Cast args to FREE to char * when appropriate.
	* lang.c (init_parse): Constify parameter and return value.
	* lex.c (java_get_line_col): Constify filename parameter.
	* parse.h: Constify parser_ctxt.filename.  Update prototypes.
	* parse.y (java_parser_context_suspend,
	issue_warning_error_from_context, safe_layout_class): Constify
	local char *.
	* parse.c: Regenerate.

2000-05-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	* expr.c (build_jni_stub): Cache the result of

2000-05-05  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* decl.c (predef_filenames_size): Now 7.
	(predef_filenames): New seventh entry.

2000-05-04  Tom Tromey  <>

	* boehm.c (mark_reference_fields): Don't mark RawData fields.
	Keep track of when we've seen a reference field after a
	non-reference field.
	(get_boehm_type_descriptor): Handle case where we see
	non-reference fields but no trailing reference field.
	* decl.c (rawdata_ptr_type_node): Define.
	(init_decl_processing): Initialize rawdata_ptr_type_node.
	* java-tree.h (rawdata_ptr_type_node): Declare.

2000-05-04  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* jcf-dump.c (SPECIAL_IINC): Ensure arguments match format
	specifiers in calls to fprintf.

2000-05-03  Andrew Haley  <>

	* expr.c (build_java_jsr): Use emit_jump, not expand_goto.

	* javaop.h (WORD_TO_INT): New function.
	* jcf.h (JPOOL_INT): Ditto.

	* gjavah.c (decode_signature_piece): Don't treat `$' as namespace

2000-04-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (add_method_1): Set both DECL_EXTERNAL and METHOD_NATIVE
	on native function.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_class_file): Call build_jni_stub for native
	JNI methods.
	* expr.c (build_jni_stub): New function.
	* lang-specs.h: -fjni and -femit-class-file are incompatible.
	* parse.c: Rebuilt.
	* parse.y (java_complete_expand_methods): Expand a native method
	and call build_jni_stub if -fjni given.
	* lang-options.h: Document -fjni.
	* lang.c (flag_jni): New global.
	(lang_f_options): Added `jni' entry.
	* java-tree.h (soft_lookupjnimethod_node,
	soft_getjnienvnewframe_node, soft_jnipopsystemframe_node):
	(flag_jni): Declare.
	(build_jni_stub): Declare.
	(struct lang_decl): Added `native' flag.
	(METHOD_NATIVE): Redefined to use `native' field of lang specific
	* decl.c (soft_lookupjnimethod_node, soft_getjnienvnewframe_node,
	soft_jnipopsystemframe_node): New globals.
	(init_decl_processing): Set them.  _Jv_InitClass only takes one

	* java-tree.def: Put into `C' mode.

2000-04-27  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR gcj/2:
	* expr.c (expand_invoke): Generate check to see if object pointer
	is null in nonvirtual invocation case.
	* java-tree.h (soft_nullpointer_node): Declare.
	* decl.c (soft_nullpointer_node): New global.
	(init_decl_processing): Initialize soft_nullpointer_node.
	* parse.y (invocation_mode): Return INVOKE_NONVIRTUAL for `final'
	or `private' methods.
	(patch_invoke): Handle INVOKE_NONVIRTUAL case.

2000-04-26  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* decl.c (complete_start_java_method): Don't call _Jv_InitClass
	from <clinit>

2000-04-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* zextract.c (find_zip_file_start): New function.
	(read_zip_archive): Use it.

2000-04-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (register_incomplete_type): Handle JDEP_ANONYMOUS.

2000-04-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (common_enclosing_context_p): New function.
	* java-tree.h (common_enclosing_context_p): Added prototype.
	* parse.h (INNER_ENCLOSING_SCOPE_CHECK): Relaxed test to allow
	classes sharing an outer context with the current instance.
	* parse.y (build_access_to_thisn): Fixed leading comment.
	(verify_constructor_super): New local `supper_inner'. Skip
	enclosing context argument in the case of inner class constructors.
	(patch_method_invocation): Insert proper context as second
	parameter to pure inner class constructor super invocations.

2000-04-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (end_class_declaration): Reset the interface number

2000-04-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (source_start_java_method): Deleted unnecessary code.
	(patch_method_invocation): Fixed comment.

2000-04-24  Robert Lipe <>

	* parse.h (_jdep): Member `kind' now ENUM_BITFIELD.

2000-04-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* boehm.c (mark_reference_fields): Use int_byte_position.

2000-04-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* boehm.c (mark_reference_fields): Only call byte_position on
	non-static fields.

2000-04-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* boehm.c (mark_reference_fields): Added `last_view_index'
	argument.  Use DECL_FIELD_OFFSET to determine field's offset.

2000-04-20  Mo DeJong  <>

	* parse.h (INTERFACE_INNER_MODIFIERS): New macro.
	* parse.y (check_class_interface_creation): Fixed comments. Select
	permitted modifiers for (inner) interfaces. Changed error message
	to report rejected modifiers used with local classes.

2000-04-20  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h (INNER_ENCLOSING_SCOPE_CHECK): Immediate inner classes
	of directly inherited type considered in scope.
	* parse.y (do_resolve_class): Search inherited classes for inner

2000-04-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (not_accessible_p): Use member's class, not current
	class, when doing inheritance check for protected reference.
	Fixes PR gcj/124.

2000-04-20  Jason Schroeder  <>

	* jcf-dump.c (SPECIAL_IINC): Fixed typo printing iinc instruction.

2000-04-19  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (lookup_field_wrapper): Search for final local aliases.
	(resolve_expression_name): Let lookup_field_wrapper search for
	final local aliases. Force the value of `name' if one is found.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): CONVERT_EXPR is enough to now we have
	an expression name. Fixed comments.

2000-04-19  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (yyerror): `msg' can be null, don't use it in that case.

2000-04-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (cxx_keyword_subst): Avoid potential infinite loop.

2000-04-18  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (maybe_make_nested_class_name): Use `obstack_grow0'.

2000-04-18  Tom Tromey  <>

	PR gcj/211:
	* gjavah.c (utf8_cmp): Changed return value.
	(cxx_keyword_subst): Handle all C++ keywords.  Allocate new return
	(cxx_keywords): New global.
	(get_field_name): Handle new result of cxx_keyword_subst.
	(print_method_info): Likewise.

2000-04-17  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_name_for_stub_or_jni): Don't prefix method names
	with a newline, for CNI.
	(print_stub_or_jni): Print a space or newline before method name for
	CNI as well as JNI.
	(print_cxx_classname): Don't write leading "::" in CNI stub method.
	(process_file): Include gcj/cni.h if generating CNI stubs.

2000-04-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (decompile_method): Use print_field_name.
	Fixes PR gcj/205.

2000-04-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_expand_classes): Reverse the package list once.
	(java_complete_lhs): PLUS_EXPR: don't try rhs and lhs at string
	(patch_binop): New temp `cn'. Call patch_string on LHS/RHS of
	the `==' and `!=' operators.

2000-04-05  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): At invocation time,
	always relate an interface method to the type of its selector.

2000-04-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR gcj/2:
	* expr.c (expand_invoke): Generate check to see if object pointer
	is null in nonvirtual invocation case.
	* java-tree.h (soft_nullpointer_node): Declare.
	* decl.c (soft_nullpointer_node): New global.
	(init_decl_processing): Initialize soft_nullpointer_node.
	* parse.y (invocation_mode): Return INVOKE_NONVIRTUAL for `final'
	or `private' methods.
	(patch_invoke): Handle INVOKE_NONVIRTUAL case.

2000-04-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	Fix for PR gcj/140:
	* parse.y (check_final_assignment): Recognize assignments to the
	`length' field of an array when generating class files.

2000-04-05  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (decl_hash): Prototype removed.
	(decl_compare): Likewise.

2000-04-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.h (THIS_MODIFIER_ONLY): Changed meaning of `v' parameter.
	* parse.y (check_modifiers_consistency): Check for final/volatile
	clash.  Fixes PR gcj/164.

2000-04-05  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c: (java_hash_hash_tree_node): Renamed from `decl_hash',
	made global.
	(java_hash_compare_tree_node): Renamed from `decl_compare, made
	(add_method_1): Use `java_hash_hash_tree_node' and
	* java-tree.h: (java_hash_hash_tree_node): Prototyped.
	(java_hash_compare_tree_node): Likewise.
	* parse.y (find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Create,
	delete and use a hash table to remember already searched interfaces.

2000-04-03  Matt Welsh  <>

	* jcf-depend.c (add_entry): Fixed bug where list was always replaced
	with latest entry.

2000-04-04  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* boehm.c (mark_reference_fields, set_bit): Prototype.
	(set_bit): Un-ANSI-fy definition.

	* class.c (init_test_hash_newfunc, decl_hash, decl_compare):

	* decl.c (emit_init_test_initialization): Likewise.

	* gjavah.c (jni_print_char): Likewise.

	* parse.y (create_new_parser_context): Likewise.

2000-03-30  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Added Anthony's Thu Jan 6 2000
	patch missing hunk. Fixed indentation.

2000-03-30  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (D_NAN_MASK): Only define as word-reversed when

2000-03-28  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse-scan.y (pop_class_context): Reset `inner_qualifier_length'
	when negative *before* using it as an array index.
	* ChangeLog: Fixed typo.

2000-03-28  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse-scan.y (pop_class_context): Reset `inner_qualifier_length'
	to 0 when it reaches -1.

2000-03-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (get_constant): Properly cast `num' during the
	invocation of `add_double'.
	* jcf-write.c (push_long_const): Properly cast `lo' before
	comparing it to short bounds.
	* parse-scan.y (interface_declaration:): Rule re-arrange so that
	`interface_body:' is reduced after the current interface is

2000-03-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Add `%{<...}' construct for each
	Java-specific `-f' option.

2000-03-26  Richard Kenner  <>

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Only call initialize_sizetypes once.
	Adjust order of making types.
	Make bitsize_*_node values.

2000-03-25  Richard Kenner  <>

	* class.c (make_field_value): Use byte_position.
	* expr.c (JAVA_ARRAY_LENGTH_OFFSET): Use byte_position.
	(java_array_data_offset): Likewise.
	* java-tree.h (MAYBE_CREATE_TYPE_TYPE_LANG_SPECIFIC): Add case to
	bzero call.

2000-03-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (check_abstract_method_definitions): New local
	`end_type_reached'. Make sure we also consider `end_type'.
	(java_check_abstract_method_definitions): Make sure we eventually
	consider `java.lang.Object'.
	(maybe_use_access_method): Don't use access method if not in the
	context of a pure inner class or if the method's context is right.
	(find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): New static flag
	`object_done'. Don't search abstract classes as interfaces. Fixed
	indentation. Fixed the `java.lang.Object' only search. Search
	class interface(s) first, then fully search enclosing contexts.
	(find_most_specific_methods_list): Pick the closest candidate when
	they're all abstract.

2000-03-20  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): TRY_FINALLY_EXPR:
	properly initialize `finished_label'. Don't emit gotos for empty
	try statements.

2000-03-19  Martin v. L÷wis  <>

	* except.c (emit_handlers): Clear catch_clauses_last.

2000-03-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (check_method_types_complete): New function.
	(create_class): Reset anonymous class counter only when seeing an
	non inner classe.
	(java_complete_class): JDEP_METHOD: Don't recompute signature
	if incomplete.

2000-03-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (build_static_ref): Fixed indentation in comment.
	* java-tree.def (TRY_EXPR): Fixed typo in name.
	(CLASS_LITERAL): Likewise.
	* java-tree.h: (TYPE_DOT_CLASS): New macro.
	(struct lang_type): New field `dot_class'.
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Fixed error message.
	(generate_classfile): Method `class$' is synthetic.
	* parse.y (build_do_class_method): New function.
	(build_dot_class_method_invocation): Likewise.
	(java_complete_expand_methods): Expand TYPE_DOT_CLASS if necessary.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Handle CLASS_LITERAL.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): Likewise.
	(patch_incomplete_class_ref): Invoke synthetic method if necessary.
	(build_try_statement): Fixed leading comment.

2000-03-17  Richard Kenner  <>

	* class.c (make_field_value): Properly handle sizes.
	(get_dispatch_vector): Use tree_low_cst and host_integerp.
	(layout_class_method): Count using trees.
	* decl.c (push_promoted_type): Set TYPE_{MIN,MAX}_VALUE with copy_node.
	* expr.c (java_array_data_offset): Use int_bit_position.
	(build_newarray, build_anewarray): Use host_integerp and tree_low_cst.
	(build_invokevirtual): Use tree_low_cst and do computations with trees.

2000-03-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lang.c (flag_hash_synchronization): New global.
	(lang_f_options): Added `hash-synchronization'.
	* lang-options.h: Mention -fhash-synchronization.
	* java-tree.h (flag_hash_synchronization): Declare.
	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Only push `sync_info' value when
	hash table synchronization is disabled.
	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Only push `sync_info' value when
	hash table synchronization is disabled.
	* class.c (make_class_data): Only push `sync_info' field when hash
	table synchronization is disabled.  Removed dead code.

2000-03-16  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lang.c (lang_decode_option): Enable -Wunused when -Wall given.

2000-03-15  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h (INNER_ENCLOSING_SCOPE_CHECK): Disregard anonymous
	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): Handle anonymous classes
	creation in static context.

2000-03-15  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h (INNER_ENCLOSING_SCOPE_CHECK): New macro.
	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Use it.
	(patch_method_invocation): Likewise.

2000-03-15  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (register_incomplete_type): JDEP_ENCLOSING set
	depending on the type of dependency which dictates what the
	current class is.
	(unresolved_type_p): Resolved types limited to the current class.

2000-03-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Set type of `sync_info' to be
	pointer to Object.

	* boehm.c (get_boehm_type_descriptor): Correctly compute `bits'.
	Correctly compute bit number for current slot.  Zero `high' and
	`low' in DS_LENGTH case.  Don't skip inherited fields.  Use
	(mark_reference_fields): New function.

2000-03-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (register_incomplete_type): Fixed initialization of

2000-02-28  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse-scan.y (inner_qualifier, inner_qualifier_length): New
	static globals.
	(push_class_context, pop_class_context): New function.
	(class_body:): Call pop_class_context.
	(interface_body:): Likewise.
	(INNER_QUALIFIER): New macro.
	(report_class_declaration): Changed output format and use
	INNER_QUALIFIER. Call push_class_context.

2000-02-14  Andrew Haley  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Add new cases for unary and binary
	tree nodes.

2000-03-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_package): Set `next' once a type name has been
	progressively discovered.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Propagate resolution only if
	there are remaining qualifiers. Take into account `q' might have
	been cleared after re-qualification.
	* parse.y (patch_method_invocation): New local `resolved'.
	Section dealing with qualified expression rewritten to use

2000-03-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h (PUSH_CPC): Fixed indentation.
	(DEBUG_CPC): New macro.
	* parse.y (class_body_declaration:): Use
	(method_declaration:): Check for null current_function_decl.
	(static_initializer:): Use SET_CPC_STATIC_INITIALIZER_STMT.
	(java_parser_context_pop_initialized_field): Better handling of
	empty lists.
	(maybe_make_nested_class_name): Mark nested class name as
	qualified when necessary.
	(end_class_declaration): Don't call java_parse_context_resume when
	one or more error occurred.
	(add_inner_class_fields): Use SET_CPC_INITIALIZER_STMT.
	(register_fields): Use SET_CPC_STATIC_INITIALIZER_STMT and
	(method_header): Check for inner classes declaring static methods.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Handle situation where `this'
	is implied.

2000-03-13  Hans Boehm <>

	* typeck.c (build_prim_array_type): Correctly set the high word too.

2000-03-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_complete_expand_methods): Leave <clinit> out of
	ordinary methods.
	(maybe_generate_pre_expand_clinit): Put <clinit> at the end of the
	list of methods for interfaces.

2000-03-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (qualify_ambiguous_name): Properly handle expressions
	using `null'.

2000-03-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (check_final_assignment): Extended to process
	(patch_assignment): Have check_final_assignment called only once.

2000-03-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (IS_INIT_CHECKED): New flag.
	* check-init.c (check_init): Test and set IS_INIT_CHECKED.
	* parse.y (patch_string): Call force_evaluation_order on the
	completed string concatenation tree.
	* expr.c (force_evaluation_order): Call force_evaluation_order on
	function's arguments too.

2000-03-06  Richard Kenner  <>

	* decl.c (emit_init_test_initialization): Mark KEY as unused.
	* expr.c (build_newarray): Cast TREE_INT_CST_LOW to HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(build_anewarray): Likewise.
	* parse.y (patch_newarray): Likewise.
	* parse.c: Regenerated.

2000-03-06  Bryce McKinlay  <>

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Added new class fields `depth',
	`ancestors', and `idt' to class_type_node. Use
	_Jv_LookupInterfaceMethodIdx for soft_lookupinterfacemthod_node.
	* class.c (make_class_data): Push initial values for new fields.
	* java-tree.h: Updated prototype for `build_invokeinterface'.
	* expr.c (build_invokeinterface): Changed parameters to accept
	`method' tree. Calculate index of `method' in its declaring
	interface. Build call to _Jv_LookupInterfaceMethodIdx.
	(expand_invoke): Call `build_invokeinterface' with new parameters.
	* parse.y (patch_invoke): Call `build_invokeinterface' with new

2000-03-06  Bryce McKinlay <>

	* typeck.c (lookup_do): Search superinterfaces first
	when looking up an interface method. From Godmar Back

2000-03-06  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (JAVA_SRCS): Added boehm.c, lex.c.

2000-03-02  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (lookup_argument_method2): Declared.
	(safe_layout_class): Prototype moved from parse.h.
	* parse.h (safe_layout_class): Prototype moved to java-tree.h.
	* parse.y (java_check_regular_methods): Local `super_class' gone.
	Call lookup_argument_method2 instead of lookup_argument_method.
	Perform modifier match for methods found declared in implemented
	interfaces. Fixed indentation problem. Overriding/hiding error
	report to take place only for methods found in classes.
	* typeck.c (lookup_argument_method): Changed leading
	comment. Re-written by calling lookup_do.
	(lookup_argument_method2): New function.
	(lookup_java_method): Re-written by calling lookup_do.
	(lookup_do): New function.

2000-03-02  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Removed dead code. Handle (blank)
	final variables.
	* parse.y (declare_local_variables): New local `final_p', set it
	and use it to initialize LOCAL_FINAL.
	(check_final_assignment): Only check FIELD_DECLs.

2000-02-17  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (JAVA_OBJS): Added boehm.o.
	(boehm.o): New target.
	* (JAVA_SRCS): Added boehm.c.
	* java-tree.h (flag_use_boehm_gc): Declare.
	(get_boehm_type_descriptor): Declare.
	* lang.c (lang_f_options): Added `use-boehm-gc'.
	(flag_use_boehm_gc): New global.
	* lang-options.h: Added -fuse-boehm-gc.
	* boehm.c: New file.
	* class.c (get_dispatch_table): If class uses a Boehm type
	descriptor, put it in the vtable.
	(make_class_data): Removed dead code.

2000-03-03  Per Bothner  <>

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing):  Initialize sizetype properly.

2000-03-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (LOCAL_CLASS_P): New flag usage and macro.
	* jcf-dump.c (HANDLE_INNERCLASSES_ATTRIBUTE): New macro.
	* jcf-parse.c (HANDLE_INNERCLASSES_ATTRIBUTE): Likewise.
	(jcf_parse): New local `current'. Load innerclasses seen in outer
	context being processed.
	* jcf-reader.c (HANDLE_INNERCLASSES_ATTRIBUTE): New macro.
	* jcf-write.c (append_innerclasses_attribute): New function.
	(append_innerclasses_attribute_entry): Likewise.
	(get_access_flags): Handle static classes. Set anonymous and local
	classes to be private.
	(generate_classfile): Attribute count adjusted. Call
	* parse.y (parser_qualified_classname): New parameter `is_static',
	produce non qualified name accordingly.
	(block_statement:): Set LOCAL_CLASS_P when declaring local class.
	(create_interface): Added argument to parser_qualified_classname.
	(create_class): Added argument to parser_qualified_classname. Setup
	alias for top level classes. Use PURE_INNER_CLASS_DECP_P.
	(add_inner_class_fields): Fixed indentation.
	(method_declarator): Use PURE_INNER_CLASS_DECP_P.
	(method_declarator): Fixed typo in comment.
	(craft_constructor): Use PURE_INNER_CLASS_DECP_P.
	(build_current_thisn): Likewise.
	(patch_method_invocation): Likewise.

2000-03-01  Martin von Loewis  <>

	* decl.c (current_function_decl): Move to toplev.c.

2000-02-28  Richard Kenner  <>

	* java-tree.h (LABEL_PC): Relect name changes in ../tree.h.
	(DECL_BIT_INDEX): Use underlying representation.
	* parse.h (DECL_INHERITED_SOURCE_LINE): Likewise.

2000-02-27  Richard Kenner  <>

	* expr.c (build_java_ret): Pass proper type to size_binop.

2000-02-25  Anthony Green  <>

	* expr.c (build_class_init): Mark the decl to be ignored by
	* java-tree.h (DECL_BIT_INDEX): Move definition from check-init.c
	* check-init.c: Move DECL_BIT_INDEX to java-tree.h
	* class.c (init_test_hash_newfunc): New function.
	(decl_hash): New function.
	(decl_compare): New function.
	* decl.c (emit_init_test_initialization): New function.
	(complete_start_java_method): Traverse the init test hashtable,
	calling emit_init_test_initialization.
	(always_initialize_class_p): Define.
	* expr.c (build_class_init): Use initialization tests when
	emitting class initialization code.
	(always_initialize_class_p): Declare.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_class_file): Set always_initialize_class_p to
	* java-tree.h: Include hash.h.
	(struct lang_decl): Add init_test_table field.
	(init_test_hash_entry): Define.

2000-02-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* gjavah.c (main): Avoid using `argi' to report unimplemented

2000-02-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): TRY_FINALLY_EXPR:
	initialize locals to avoid warnings. Local `exception_type' moved
	into if statement.

2000-02-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_expression_name): Use `orig' as a second
	argument to resolve_field_access.
	(resolve_field_access): Removed unnecessary code when dealing with
	static fields.

2000-02-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (push_super_field): Don't push the field twice.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_source_file): Call java_reorder_fields.
	* parse.h (java_reorder_fields): Prototyped.
	* parse.y (java_reorder_fields): New function.
	(java_layout_class): Simplified not to worry about re-ordering.

2000-02-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_name): In JNI case, correctly quote string.
	(print_method_info): Don't handle overrides in JNI mode.

2000-02-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (init_decl_processing): `_Jv_IsInstanceOf' returned
	value type set to `boolean_type_node'.

2000-01-18  Joerg Brunsmann  <>

	* jcf-dump.c (main): Test for correct condition after
	output file creation.

2000-02-19  Anthony Green  <>

	* jcf-depend.c (add_entry): Fix test for first list entry.

2000-02-19  Richard Kenner  <>

	* class.c (build_class_ref, push_super_field): Set DECL_SIZE_UNIT.
	* constants.c (build_constants_constructor): Likewise.

2000-02-19  Anthony Green  <>

	* jcf-depend.c (add_entry): Add entries to the end of the list.

1999-11-03  Pekka Nikander  <>

	* decl.c (INT_TYPE_SIZE): Define if necessary.
	(expand_java_return): Handle the case of a native integer smaller
	than a JVM integer.

2000-02-18  Martin von Loewis  <>

	* gjavah.c (help): Use GCCBUGURL.
	* jv-scan.c (help): Likewise.
	* jcf-dump.c (help): Likewise.

2000-02-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Don't generate empty
	`finally' clauses.

2000-02-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Call `fatal' if no file containing
	the target class are found.

2000-02-16  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* (PARSE_C, PARSE_SCAN_C): Move dependencies on
	lex.c, lex.h, and PARSE_H to...
	(parse.o, parse-scan.o):, respectively.

	* lex.c: Split out code that may trigger SIGFPE from yylex()
	to its own function.
	* lex.h (JAVA_FLOAT_RANGE_ERROR): Don't set value.

2000-02-16  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (jvspec.o): Depend on $(GCC_H), not gcc.h.

2000-02-15  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (outer_field_access_p): Stop in time when outer contexts
	are exhausted.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Properly qualify *everything*
	after a package.type to be resoled as expression names.
	(find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Save/restore `class' to
	isolate it from a possible outer context search.

2000-02-15  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (jni_print_char): New function.
	(print_full_cxx_name): Use it.
	(decode_signature_piece): Likewise.
	(print_cxx_classname): Likewise.

2000-02-15  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (jv-scan, jcf-dump, gcjh): Depend on and link with
	(jcf-dump.o, gjavah.o, jv-scan.o): Depend on version.h.

	* gjavah.c: Include version.h.

	* jcf-dump.c: Likewise.

	* jv-scan.c: Likewise.

2000-02-12  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (outer_field_access_fix): First parameter now a tree
	node. Check for assignment to final. First argument to
	build_outer_field_access_fix modified to accommodate prototype.
	(build_outer_field_access): Don't check for assignment to final
	(java_complete_lhs): MODIFY_EXPR case: Check for `error_mark_node'
	possibly returned by outer_field_access_fix. Changed
	outer_field_access_fix's first argument.
	(check_final_assignment): $finit$'s context is OK.
	(patch_unaryop): Use node instead of its line/column value when
	calling outer_field_access_fix.

2000-02-11  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (interface_declaration:): No longer tagged
	<node>. Re-installed default action.
	(class_member_declaration:): Handle inner interfaces.
	(interface_member_declaration): Handle inner interfaces and
	(create_interface): Push error if one seen. Suspend parsing
	context when processing an inner interface.
	(register_fields): Inner class static field limitations not to
	apply to inner interfaces.

2000-02-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Update `java_error_count' when a
	class' file can't be found.
	(parse.y): Avoid (byte)code generation when errors seen.

2000-02-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): Handle TRUNC_DIV_EXPR. Ensure `fatal'
	decodes a valid node.
	(patch_binop): Handle TRUNC_DIV_EXPR.

2000-02-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_package): New local `acc'. Try to progressively
	build and guess a package and type name.

2000-02-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Load and
	layout the search class if necessary.
	(java_complete_tree): Keep to original type of the folded initial

2000-02-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (layout_class): Set and test CLASS_BEING_LAIDOUT.
	Generate error message if circularity is detected. New static
	local `list'.
	* java-tree.h (CLASS_BEING_LAIDOUT): New flag usage, new macro.  *
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Very simply handle
	* parse.y (java_check_circular_reference): Use
	`cyclic_inheritance_report' during report, if necessary.
	(java_complete_lhs): fixed comment with `THROW_EXPR:' case. Avoid
	walking NEW_ARRAY_INIT twice.

2000-02-09  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (check_class_interface_creation): Allow inner classes to
	be `private' or `protected', check modifiers' consistency. Prevent
	block local classes from bearing any modifiers.

2000-02-10  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* except.c (check_start_handlers): Re-add prototype lost in last
	(maybe_start_try): Remove excess argument to `check_start_handlers'.

2000-02-09  Andrew Haley  <>

	* decl.c (clear_binding_level): Remove excess initializer.
	(maybe_poplevels): Remove unused variable.
	(force_poplevels): Ditto.
	(struct binding_level): Add comment.

2000-02-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Don't consider
	pre-initialization with reference value (use <clinit> instead.)
	* parse.y (java_fix_constructors): No generated constructor for
	(build_outer_field_access): Removed debug message.
	(outer_field_expanded_access_p): Adapted to bytecode generation.
	(build_outer_field_access_method): Use fix_method_argument_names.
	(build_outer_method_access_method): Fixed indentation. Added
	comment. Handle access method generation for static and also void
	(build_access_to_thisn): Inserted debug message.
	(maybe_build_thisn_access_method): Use fix_method_argument_names.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Fixed comment.
	(not_accessible_p): Adapted to bytecode generation. Added comment.
	(patch_method_invocation): Added comment.
	(maybe_use_access_method): Fixed leading comment. Handle static
	(java_complete_lhs): Don't shortcut handling of initialized upon
	declaration String type static fields when generating bytecode.
	(patch_unaryop): Handle outer field access when generating

2000-02-03  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (FIELD_THISN): New macro.
	* jcf-write.c (append_synthetic_attribute): New function.
	(generate_classfile): Set "Synthetic" attribute on this$<n>,
	val$<name> fields, access$<n> and $finit$ methods. Fixed indentation.
	* parse.y (add_inner_class_fields): Set FIELD_THISN for created
	this$<n> fields.
	(build_outer_field_access): Turned on access functions usage and
	generation when compiling to bytecode.
	(maybe_use_access_method): Likewise.

2000-01-25  Andrew Haley  <>

	* java-except.h (struct eh_range): Add `expanded' field.
	(maybe_start_try): Add end_pc arg.
	(maybe_end_try): Ditto.
	* java-tree.h (force_poplevels): new function.
	* expr.c (expand_byte_code): Don't call maybe_start_try or
	* except.c (add_handler): Reset expanded.
	(expand_start_java_handler): Set expanded.
	(check_start_handlers): Don't expand a start handler that's
	already been expanded.
	(maybe_start_try): Add end_pc arg.  Only expand a handler which
	ends after end_pc.
	(expand_end_java_handler): call force_poplevels.
	(force_poplevels): new function.
	* decl.c (binding_level): Add start_pc of binding level.
	(maybe_pushlevels): Call maybe_start_try when pushing binding
	(maybe_poplevels): Call maybe_end_try when popping binding levels.
	(LARGEST_PC): Define.
	(clear_binding_level): Use LARGEST_PC.

	* java-tree.h (DEBUG_JAVA_BINDING_LEVELS): new define.
	* decl.c (DEBUG_JAVA_BINDING_LEVELS): new define.
	(binding_depth, is_class_level, current_pc): new variables.
	(struct binding_level): ditto.
	(indent): new function.
	(push_jvm_slot): add debugging info.
	(maybe_pushlevels): ditto.
	(maybe_poplevels): ditto.
	(pushlevel): ditto.
	(poplevel): ditto.
	(start_java_method): ditto.
	(give_name_to_locals): comment only.
	* except.c (binding_depth, is_class_level, current_pc):
	new variables.
	(expand_start_java_handler): add debugging info.
	(expand_end_java_handler): ditto.

2000-02-05  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* gjavah.c (overloaded_jni_method_exists_p): Add prototype.
	(print_name_for_stub_or_jni, process_file): Constify a char*.

2000-02-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-io.c (jcf_print_utf8_replace): Handle UTF-8 input.

2000-01-31  Scott Bambrough  <>

	* gcc/java/javaop.h (WORDS_TO_DOUBLE): Allow WORDS_TO_DOUBLE to
	assemble doubles correctly when HOST_FLOAT_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN is
	defined to be 1.

2000-02-02  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.def (INSTANCE_INITIALIZERS_EXPR): New tree code.
	* java-tree.h (TYPE_II_STMT_LIST): New macro.
	(struct lang_type): New field `ii_block'.
	* lex.c (java_init_lex): Use CPC_INITIALIZER_LIST,
	* parse.h (struct parser_ctxt): New field `instance_initializers'.
	* parse.y (add_instance_initializer): New function.
	(in_instance_initializer): New static global.
	(class_body_declaration:): Link instance initializer block.
	(static_initializer:): Use CPC_STATIC_INITIALIZER_STMT.
	(array_creation_expression:): Remove unused local.
	(java_parser_context_push_initialized_field): Fixed leading
	(java_parser_context_pop_initialized_field): Likewise.
	(add_inner_class_fields): Use CPC_INITIALIZER_STMT.
	(register_fields): Use CPC_STATIC_INITIALIZER_STMT and
	(fix_constructors): New local `class_type'. Use it. Call
	(java_complete_lhs): New case INSTANCE_INITIALIZERS_EXPR.
	(patch_return): Forbid return in instance initializers.
	(patch_throw_statement): Enforce exception handling in the context
	of instance initializers.

2000-02-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (java.mostlyclean): Remove executables in

2000-01-31  Scott Bambrough  <>

	* gcc/java/gjavah.c (D_NAN_MASK): Alternate definition required when
	HOST_FLOAT_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN is defined to be 1.
	(java_float_finite): Convert to use union Word from javaop.h.
	(java_double_finite): Convert to use union DWord from javaop.h.

2000-02-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (options): Added `jni' entry.
	(help): Document -jni.
	(flag_jni): New global.
	(process_file): Handle JNI output.  Don't print text from
	-prepend, -add, etc, when generating stubs.  Only remove `.class'
	suffix if it actually exists.
	(main): Create a `.c' file when run with `--jni --stubs'.  Create
	correct output file name with `--jni'.
	(print_include): Mangle header name differently in JNI case.
	(HANDLE_METHOD): In JNI mode, call print_method_info to generate
	method list.
	(print_method_info): Handle JNI case.  Put signature info into
	method name.  Handle case when STREAM is NULL.
	(print_name_for_stub_or_jni): New function.
	(print_stub_or_jni): Renamed from `print_stub'.  Handle JNI.
	(print_cxx_classname): Handle JNI.
	(print_full_cxx_name): Likewise.
	(decode_signature_piece): Likewise.
	(overloaded_jni_method_exists_p): New function.
	(struct method_name): Added `signature' and `sig_length' fields.
	(HANDLE_END_FIELD): Do nothing in JNI mode.

2000-02-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jv-scan.c: Include version.c, <getopt.h>.
	(options): New array.
	(usage): New function.
	(version): New function.
	(main): Use getopt_long to parse command line.
	* jcf-dump.c: Include version.c, <getopt.h>.
	OPT_JAVAP): New macros.
	(options): New array.
	(usage): Return `void'.  Changed message.
	(help): New function.
	(version): New function.
	(main): Use getopt_long_only to parse command line.
	* gjavah.c: Include <getopt.h>.
	OPT_MM, OPT_MG, OPT_MD, OPT_MMD): New macros.
	(options): New array.
	(java_no_argument): Removed.
	(help): Updated with missing options.
	(main): Use getopt_long_only to parse command line.
	(usage): Changed message.

2000-02-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.def (NEW_ANONYMOUS_ARRAY_EXPR): New tree code.
	* parse.y (array_creation_expression:): Handle anonymous arrays.
	(build_array_from_name): Don't set `ret_name' if null.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): New case NEW_ANONYMOUS_ARRAY_EXPR.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): Likewise.
	(java_complete_expand_class): Likewise.

2000-02-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.def (SYNCHRONIZED_EXPR): Fixed typo.
	* parse.y (reorder_static_initialized): New function.
	(java_parser_context_pop_initialized_field): Use it.
	(add_inner_class_fields): Use
	augmented. Install marker after last alias initializer, if any.
	(generate_finit): Fixed typo. Don't try to retain only the used
	(method_header): Compute and set DECL_FUNCTION_NAP.
	(method_declarator): Fixed comment. Insert alias initializer in
	parameter list.
	(build_alias_initializer_parameter_list): Fixed leading
	comment. New case for AIPL_FUNCTION_DECLARATION. Old enum value
	(java_complete_expand_class): Code to retain only used aliases
	(java_complete_expand_methods): New local `first_decl'. Generate
	$finit$ first, then expand the constructors, regular methods and
	(java_complete_expand_method): Don't report error on missing
	return statement if previously detected bogus.
	(fix_constructors): Don't patch constructor parameters list.
	(patch_method_invocation): Use new AIPL enum values. Reverse
	alias initializer list for anonymous classes.

2000-01-30  Anthony Green  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Use TYPE_IS_WIDE to
	determine how many stack slots to pop.

2000-01-29  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (formal_parameter:): Set `$$' to NULL_TREE for better
	error handling/recovery.
	* java-tree.h (SYNCHRONIZED_EXPR): Fixed typo in comment.

2000-01-28  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	(DECL_FUNCTION_NAP): New macro.
	(struct lang_decl): New field `nap'.
	(struct lang_type): New fields `finit_stmt_list' and
	(BUILD_THROW): Macro line separator re-indented.
	* parse.y (end_class_declaration): New function.
	(maybe_generate_pre_expand_clinit): New name for
	java_pre_expand_clinit. Create <clinit> off TYPE_CLINIT_STMT_LIST,
	pre-expand static fields.
	(maybe_generate_clinit): Function deleted.
	(check_for_static_method_reference): Prototype's parameter list
	(generate_finit): New name for maybe_generate_finit. Changed
	leading comment. Function rewritten to use
	TYPE_FINIT_STMT_LIST. Call build_alias_initializer_parameter_list.
	(build_alias_initializer_parameter_list): New function.
	(java_parser_context_pop_initialized_field): Likewise.
	(add_inner_class_fields): Likewise.
	(type_declaration:): Call end_class_declaration.
	(class_member_declaration:): Likewise.
	(formal_parameter_list:): Fixed typos.
	(formal_parameter:): Use ARG_FINAL_P to mark created tree list
	element. Improved error handling.
	(block_statement:): Call end_class_declaration.
	(anonymous_class_creation:): Likewise.
	(create_anonymous_class): Fixed comments.
	(create_class): Call add_inner_class_fields.
	(register_fields): Set FIELD_LOCAL_ALIAS according to ARG_FINAL_P.
	(method_header): Use MARK_FINAL_PARMS.
	(finish_method_declaration): Use UNMARK_FINAL_PARMS.
	(method_declarator): Propagate final argument flag.
	(craft_constructor): New local `artificial'. Call
	build_alias_initializer_parameter_list. Use
	(source_start_java_method): Mark parm decls with LOCAL_FINAL if
	(complete_expand_class): Get rid of unused outer context local
	alias fields.
	(java_complete_expand_methods): Fixed leading
	comment. Generate/pre-expand <clinit> first. Changed method
	expansion order to regular, $finit$, constructors, <clinit>.
	(java_complete_expand_method): Set current_function_decl.
	(fix_constructors): Fix constructor parameter list to account for
	outer context local alias initializers.
	(verify_constructor_super): Use SKIP_THIS_AND_ARTIFICIAL_PARMS.
	(resolve_expression_name): Lookup outer context local aliases. New
	local `access', use it.
	(patch_method_invocation): Patch inner class ctor invocation with
	outer context local aliases initialization values. $finit$
	invocation patching now includes things generated with
	(argument_types_convertible): Use SKIP_THIS_AND_ARTIFICIAL_PARMS.
	(build_super_invocation): Likewise.
	(patch_assignment): Changed comment.

2000-01-27  Andrew Haley  <>

	* jcf-write.c (emit_goto): RESERVE 3 bytes for insn.
	(emit_if): Ditto.
	(emit_jsr): Ditto.

2000-01-25  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* parse.h (OBSOLETE_MODIFIER_WARNING): Don't use ANSI string
	(OBSOLETE_MODIFIER_WARNING2): New macro allowing two args.

	* parse.y (register_fields): Don't pass a format specifier to
	(check_abstract_method_header): Use OBSOLETE_MODIFIER_WARNING2
	instead of OBSOLETE_MODIFIER_WARNING, and don't pass a format
	(check_modifiers): Change function into a macro.
	(check_class_interface_creation): Pass a literal format string.

2000-01-21  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* buffer.h: PROTO -> PARAMS.
	* check-init.c: Likewise.
	* class.c: Likewise.
	* constants.c: Likewise.
	* convert.h: Likewise.
	* decl.c: Likewise.
	* except.c: Likewise.
	* expr.c: Likewise.
	* gjavah.c: Likewise.
	* java-except.h: Likewise.
	* java-tree.h: Likewise.
	* jcf-depend.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-dump.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-parse.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-path.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-reader.c: Likewise.
	* jcf-write.c: Likewise.
	* jcf.h: Likewise.
	* jv-scan.c: Likewise.
	* jvgenmain.c: Likewise.
	* jvspec.c: Likewise.
	* lang.c: Likewise.
	* lex.c: Likewise.
	* lex.h: Likewise.
	* parse-scan.y: Likewise.
	* parse.h: Likewise.
	* parse.y: Likewise.
	* typeck.c: Likewise.
	* verify.c: Likewise.
	* xref.c: Likewise.
	* xref.h: Likewise.
	* zextract.c: Likewise.
	* zipfile.h: Likewise.

2000-01-18  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (make_class): Use MAYBE_CREATE_TYPE_TYPE_LANG_SPECIFIC.
	(is_compiled_class): Remove test on TYPE_LANG_SPECIFIC, use TYPE_JCF.
	* constants.c (build_constant_data_ref): Check for cached
	current_constant_pool_data_ref. Cache current_constant_pool_data_ref
	(struct lang_type): New fields `cpool' and `cpool_data_ref'.
	(LOCAL_FINAL): New macro.
	* jcf-parse.c (init_outgoing_cpool): Always allocate new outgoing
	constant pool -- don't try to reuse.
	(parse_zip_file_entries): Use TYPE_JCF, don't lazily allocate
	(find_in_current_zip): Use TYPE_JCF.
	* parse.h (java_check_final): Prototype removed.
	* parse.y (create_class): Reversed Jan 12, 2000 extra argument patch.
	check_class_interface_creation): Likewise.
	(java_expand_finals): Function removed.
	(class_declaration:): Reversed Jan 12, 2000 extra argument patch.
	(block_statement:): Fixed comment.
	(anonymous_class_creation:): Likewise.
	(check_class_interface_creation): Reversed Jan 12, 2000 extra
	argument patch.
	(check_class_interface_creation): Loosened error report on (inner)
	public class declarations. CPC_INNER_P replaces GET_CPC_LIST.
	(link_nested_class_to_enclosing): Reversed Jan 12, 2000 patch.
	(maybe_create_class_interface_decl): Reversed Jan 12, 2000 extra
	argument patch.
	(create_interface): Likewise.
	(anonymous_class_counter): New static global.
	(create_anonymous_class): Reversed Jan 12, 2000 extra argument
	patch. Fixed comments.
	(create_class): Reversed Jan 12, 2000 extra argument patch. Reset
	anonymous_class_counter when declaring a toplevel class.
	(craft_constructor): Fixed constructor name when handling
	anonymous classes. Anonymous class constructors to feature hidden
	this$<n> parameter.
	(java_fix_constructors): Added comment.
	(java_check_final): Function removed.
	(java_complete_expand_methods): Fixed comment. Don't generate
	class data, save its outgoing constant pool instead.
	(verify_constructor_super): Skip anonymous class constructor
	hidden this$<n> parameter.
	(java_expand_classes): New local `saved_ctxp'. Removed call to
	java_expand_finals and java_check_final. Expand anonymous class
	constructors. Generate class data.
	(build_super_invocation): Skip anonymous class hidden this$<n>
	* typeck.c (build_java_signature): Use TYPE_SIGNATURE and
	(set_java_signature): Likewise.

2000-01-18  Joerg Brunsmann  <>

	* gjavah.c: Delete ACC_VISIBILITY define.
	* jcf.h: Add ACC_VISIBILITY define.
	* parse.y: final: rule tagged <value>.
	(java_check_regular_methods): Use ACC_VISIBILITY define for
	default package access check.
	(local_variable_declaration_statement): Use final: rule.

2000-01-17  Joerg Brunsmann  <>

	* parse.y (format_parameter:): Use final: rule instead of modifiers:.
	(final:): New rule.

2000-01-17  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_field_info): Allow non-static final fields.

2000-01-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h (enum jdep_code): New entry `JDEP_ANONYMOUS'.
	* parse.y (patch_anonymous_class): New function.
	(create_anonymous_class): Register incomplete type when the
	class/interface to extends/implement isn't known yet.
	(parser_check_super_interface): Simplify argument to CLASS_INTERFACE.
	(verify_constructor_super): Tuned error message.

2000-01-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* java-tree.h (FOR_LOOP_P): Replaces IS_FOR_LOOP_P.
	(ANONYMOUS_CLASS_P): New macro.
	(INNER_CLASS_TYPE_P): Fixed typo in leading comment.
	* parse.y (create_class): Added leading argument.
	check_class_interface_creation): Likewise.
	(craft_constructor): New function.
	(verify_constructor_super): Added argument in prototype.
	(class_declaration:): Inserted leading argument.
	(for_begin:): Use FOR_LOOP_P.
	(anonymous_class_creation): Create WFL of the anonymous class to
	instantiate. Call build_new_invocation. Added comments.
	(check_class_interface_creation): Handle parameter `anonymous' in
	verbose mode class creation announce.
	(link_nested_class_to_enclosing): Exclude anonymous classes.
	(maybe_create_class_interface_decl): Don't set DECL_CONTEXT on
	anonymous class, even though they appear to have an enclosing
	(create_interface): Pass extra argument to
	(create_anonymous_class): Set ANONYMOUS_CLASS_P to 1.
	(create_class): Call check_class_interface_creation and
	maybe_create_class_interface_decl with extra new argument. Don't
	add private this$<n> to anonymous classes.
	(method_declarator): Insert hidden this$<n> to anonymous class
	(java_fix_constructors): Deleted code creating default
	constructor. Call craft_constructor instead.
	(java_check_regular_methods): Set `saw_constructor' to 1 for
	anonymous classes.
	(fix_constructors): Pass extra argument to verify_constructor_super.
	(verify_constructor_super): New local `sdecl', use it. Search for
	matching constructor (possibly featuring arguments) in super
	(lookup_method_invoke): Craft constructor according to arguments
	list when dealing with anonymous class constructors.
	(build_super_invocation): Pass arguments to anonymous class super
	(search_loop): Use FOR_LOOP_P.
	(labeled_block_contains_loop_p): Likewise.

2000-01-12  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (set_super_info): Set CLASS_STATIC when appropriate.
	(enclosing_context_p): New function.
	(get_access_flags_from_decl): Handle CLASS_STATIC.
	(maybe_layout_super_class): Extra first argument passed to
	(layout_class_method): Use ID_FINIT_P, DECL_CLINIT_P and
	* decl.c (access0_identifier_node): New global.
	(init_decl_processing): access0_identifier_node initialized.
	(pushdecl): Set DECL_CONTEXT only on non type decls.
	* expr.c (lookup_field): Lookup inner class fields in enclosing
	(expand_invoke): Use ID_INIT_P.
	(expand_java_field_op): Use DECL_CLINIT_P.
	* java-tree.def (CLASS_LITERAL): New tree code.
	(struct lang_decl): New field `inner_access'.
	(enclosing_context_p): Prototyped.
	ID_CLINIT_P): New macros.
	(CLASS_STATIC): New macro.
	INNER_CLASS_P): New macros.
	* jcf-parse.c (yyparse): Avoid the use of ANSI string
	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): binop: Change the type of
	the shift value to int. Fixed typo in comment.
	* lex.c (inst_id, wpv_id): Initialize.
	* mangle.c (unicode_mangling_length): Take `$' into account.
	* parse.h (DRECOVER, RECOVER): Terminate properly.
	(typedef struct _jdep): New field `enclosing'.
	(JDEP_ENCLOSING): New macro.
	(IS_CLINIT): Deleted (DECL_CLINIT_P replaces it.)
	(struct parser_ctxt): New fields `marker_beginning', `marked_end'.
	(do_resolve_class): Added extra argument in prototype.
	* parse.y (resolve_class): Added extra argument in prototype.
	(maybe_create_class_interface_decl): Likewise.
	(maybe_use_access_method, build_wfl_wrap): New functions.
	(java_complete_expand_classes, java_complete_expand_class):
	java_parser_context_suspend, java_parser_context_resume):
	(maybe_make_nested_class_name, make_nested_class_name,
	link_nested_class_to_enclosing, find_as_inner_class,
	find_as_inner_class_do, check_inner_class_redefinition,
	build_thisn_assign, build_current_thisn, build_access_to_thisn,
	maybe_build_thisn_access_method, build_outer_field_access,
	build_outer_field_access_methods, build_outer_field_access_expr,
	build_outer_method_access_method, build_new_access_id,
	build_outer_field_access_method, outer_field_access_p,
	outer_field_expanded_access_p, outer_field_access_fix,
	build_incomplete_class_ref, patch_incomplete_class_ref,
	create_anonymous_class): Likewise.
	(inst_id, wpv_id): New static global variables.
	(synchronized:): New rule, tagged <node>.
	(type_declaration:): No longer tagged <node>. Call POP_CPC in sub
	(anonymous_class_creation:): New rule, tagged <node>.
	(NEW_TK): Tagged <node>.
	(type_literals, array_type_literal): New rules, tagged <node>.
	(class_declaration:): Removed action when reducing by class_body:
	(class_body:): Set DECL_END_SOURCE_LINE and rule's returned value
	using GET_CPC in sub-rules.
	(class_member_declaration): Handle inner classes.
	(method_declaration): When reducing method_header:, reset
	current_function_decl when appropriate.
	(method_declarator:): Set the number of formal parameter to 0 for
	method declared without arguments.
	(constructor_declarator:): Likewise.
	(static_initializer:): List of elements kept in a list.
	(static:): Rule modifiers: replaces MODIFIER_TK. Enforce correct
	use of the keyword `static' for type declarations.
	(block_statement:): Handle inner class declarations.
	(primary_no_new_array:): Use type_literals:. Fixed comment. Handle
	type qualified `this'.
	(class_instance_creation_expression): Use anonymous_class_creation:
	to handle inner class instances creation. Handle qualified `new'.
	(something_dot_new): Added appropriate actions.
	(create_new_parser_context): New function.
	(java_push_parser_context, java_parser_context_save_global,
	java_parser_context_suspend): Use create_new_parser_context.
	(check_modifiers): Changed leading comment.
	(check_class_interface_creation): Handle interclasses.
	(add_superinterfaces): Fixed comment.
	(create_interface): Build qualified name from the raw_name instead
	of its matching WFL. Push the initialized fields list. raw_name added
	as an extra argument to maybe_create_class_interface_decl.
	(create_class): Build qualified name from the raw_name instead of
	its matching WFL. Removed assignment to	current_parsed_class_un.
	Call PUSH_ERROR before returning an error. Suspend the current
	parser context when processing an inner class. Push the
	initialized fields list. raw_name added as an extra argument to
	maybe_create_class_interface_decl. Add the private this$<n>
	(duplicate_declaration_error_p): Use GET_CPC when calling find_field.
	(register_fields): Get the class type from GET_CPC and handle
	previous errors.  Added code to handle the creation of static
	fields in inner classes. Initialized fields initialization
	statements kept in a list of lists.
	(maybe_generate_finit): Initialized fields initialization
	statements kept in a list of lists. Use GET_CPC.
	(maybe_generate_clinit): Likewise.
	(method_header): Use GET_CPC and GET_CPC_UN.
	(parser_qualified_classname): Handle inner classes.
	(register_incomplete_type): Set JDEP_ENCLOSING using GET_CPC.
	(java_fix_constructors): Hide pointer to enclosing context
	instance in constructor list when dealing with inner classes.
	(jdep_resolve_class): Call resolve_class with extra first argument
	(resolve_class): Add enclosing context as a first extra argument
	to do_resolve_class.
	(do_resolve_class): Call find_as_inner_class. Handle WFLs
	(resolve_no_layout): Extra argument added to resolve_class
	(reset_method_name): Use DECL_CLINIT_P, DECL_FINIT_P.
	(java_get_real_method_name): Use GET_CPC_UN.
	(check_abstract_method_definitions): Use DECL_CLINIT_P.
	(java_check_abstract_methods): Handle static method declared in
	inner classes by an error.
	(java_check_regular_methods): Use DECL_CLINIT_P.
	(source_start_java_method): Also set DECL_MAX_LOCALS.
	(create_artificial_method): Call java_parser_context_save_global
	and java_parser_context_restore_global instead of saving/restoring
	the context by hand.
	(expand_start_java_method): Improved verbose mode message.
	(java_complete_expand_methods): Fixed leading comment. Use
	(fix_constructors): Added assignment to this$<n> if necessary.
	(java_expand_classes): Call java_complete_expand_classes instead
	of java_complete_expand_methods.
	(make_qualified_primary): Simplified.
	(merge_qualified_name): Optimized for missing left or right parts.
	(resolve_expression_name): Handle access to outer class fields from
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): New macro
	RESTORE_THIS_AND_CURRENT_CLASS, used. Handle creation of inner
	classes. Report error on non appropriate qualification of
	`new'. Handle qualified `this'.
	(not_accessible_p): Allow access to outer class private fields from
	inner classes.
	(patch_method_invocation): Handle method invocations through
	access methods and inner class constructor invocations.
	(find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Search enclosing
	contexts of an inner class.
	(search_applicable_methods_list): Fixed typo.
	(argument_types_convertible): Handle inner class constructors'
	hidden outer context reference argument.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): Handle qualified `this'.
	(java_complete_lhs): Handle use of field accessed through
	artificial access methods in various cases of assignments. Handle
	(check_final_assignment): Use DECL_CLINIT_P.
	(valid_ref_assignconv_cast_p): Handle the destination being an
	enclosing context of the source.
	(patch_unaryop): Handle use of field accessed through artificial
	access methods.
	(patch_return): Use DECL_CLINIT_P.
	(patch_throw_statement): Use DECL_CLINIT_P.
	(check_thrown_exceptions): Use DECL_FINIT_P and DECL_INIT_P.
	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Use ID_CLINIT_P and

2000-01-16  Anthony Green  <>

	* parse.y (build_string_concatenation): Only use
	StringBuffer(String) shortcut if String arg is constant.

2000-01-12  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): binop: Change the type of
	the shift value to int. Fixed typo in comment.

2000-01-11  Mumit Khan  <>

	* jcf-path.c: Delete PATH_SEPARATOR and DIR_SEPARATOR macros.
	* jcf-write.c: Likewise.
	* parse.y: Likewise.
	* parse.c: Regenerate.

2000-01-09  Anthony Green  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Emit invokeinterface
	bytecodes in the correct order.

2000-01-09  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (jcf-dump, gcjh): Move ../errors.o before $(LIBS).

2000-01-06  Anthony Green  <>

	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Switch to permanent obstack
	before building constant array decl.

2000-01-06  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_conditional): Fixed indentation in
	method invocation and typo in conditional expression.
	(generate_bytecode_insns): COND_EXPR can be part of a binop. Issue
	the appropriate NOTE_POP.
	* parse.y (patch_binop): Shift value mask to feature the right

1999-12-30  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* class.c (assume_compiled, assume_compiled_node): Add static
	(add_assume_compiled): Use xmalloc/xstrdup, not malloc/strdup.

	* jcf-dump.c (ARRAY_NEW_NUM): Cast long to int in switch.

	* jvgenmain.c (usage): Add static prototype with ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN.

	* parse.h (OBSOLETE_MODIFIER_WARNING): Rename parameter `modifier'
	to `__modifier' to avoid stringifying it.

	* parse.y (verify_constructor_circularity): Don't call a variadic
	function with a non-literal format string.
	(java_check_abstract_methods): Move unreachable code inside
	`continue' statement.
	(lookup_method_invoke): Call xstrdup, not strdup.

	* expr.c (expand_java_field_op): Avoid the use of ANSI string

	* jcf-parse.c (yyparse): Likewise.

	* jv-scan.c (main): Likewise.

1999-12-30  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	ERROR_CAST_NEEDED_TO_INTEGRAL): Avoid the use of ANSI string

	* parse.y (synchronized, variable_redefinition_error,
	check_class_interface_creation, create_interface, create_class,
	method_header, finish_method_declaration,
	check_modifiers_consistency, method_declarator,
	complete_class_report_errors, check_abstract_method_definitions,
	java_check_regular_methods, check_throws_clauses,
	java_check_abstract_methods, read_import_dir,
	check_pkg_class_access, declare_local_variables, fix_constructors,
	cut_identifier_in_qualified, resolve_expression_name,
	resolve_qualified_expression_name, patch_method_invocation,
	java_complete_lhs, patch_assignment, try_builtin_assignconv,
	patch_binop, patch_array_ref, patch_newarray, build_labeled_block,
	patch_exit_expr, patch_exit_expr, patch_switch_statement,
	patch_try_statement, patch_synchronized_statement,
	patch_throw_statement, check_thrown_exceptions,
	patch_conditional_expr): Likewise.

1999-12-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* (LIBDEPS): Added gcc's errors.o
	(../jcf-dump$(exeext):): Link with gcc's errors.o
	(../gcjh$(exeext):): Likewise.
	* expr.c (expand_java_NEW): Layout the entire target type instead of
	laying out its methods only.
	(lookup_field): Layout the class after having loaded it.
	* java-tree.h (java_debug_context): Declared.
	* jcf-io.c (toplev.h): Included.
	(find_class): Removed assignment to jcf's outofsynch
	field. Force source file to be read if newer than its matching
	class file. Tweaked debug messages.
	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_out_of_synch): Deleted.
	(read_class): Call to jcf_out_of_synch removed.
	* jcf.h (typedef struct JCF): Field `outofsynch' deleted.
	(jcf_out_of_synch): Prototype deleted.
	* parse.h (struct parser_ctxt): `minus_seen', `java_error_flag',
	`deprecated' and `class_err': integer turned into bit-fields.
	New bit-fields `saved_data_ctx' and `saved_data'. Fixed comments.
	* parse.y (package_list): New global.
	(package_declaration:): Record newly parsed package name.
	(extra_ctxp_pushed_p): Static global deleted.
	(java_parser_context_save_global): Create buffer context for the
	purpose of saving globals, if necessary.
	(java_parser_context_restore_global): Pop context pushed for the
	purpose of saving globals, if necessary.
	(java_debug_context_do): New prototype and function.
	(java_debug_context): Likewise.
	(do_resolve_class): Use already parsed package names to qualify
	and lookup class candidate.
	(java_pre_expand_clinit): Removed unnecessary local variable.

1999-12-17  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (decode_signature_piece): Print "::" in JArray<>.  This
	fixes PR gcj/119.
	(process_file): Use `\n\' at end of each line in string.

1999-12-16  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (expand_invoke): Layout the loaded class before
	attempting to use it.
	(expand_java_field_op): Allow final field assignments to take
	place in $finit$.
	* typeck.c (convert): Return error_mark_node if expr is null.

1999-12-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (class_depth): Return -1 if the class doesn't load
	* expr.c (can_widen_reference_to): Check for errors during depth
	computation and return 0 accordingly.
	* jcf-parse.c (parse_source_file): Call java_fix_constructors to
	create default constructors and add an other error check.
	* parse.h (java_fix_constructors): Prototyped.
	* parse.y (java_pre_expand_clinit): Likewise.
	(build_super_invocation): Re-prototyped to feature one argument.
	(java_check_circular_reference): Directly use `current'.
	(java_fix_constructors): New function.
	(java_check_regular_methods): Don't create default constructors
	here, but abort if none were found.
	(java_complete_expand_methods): Pre-process <clinit> calling
	(java_pre_expand_clinit): New function.
	(fix_constructors): build_super_invocation invoked with the
	current method declaration as an argument.
	(build_super_invocation): Use the context of the processed method
	decl argument instead of current_class.
	* typeck.c (lookup_java_method): Take WFLs in method names into

1999-12-14  Per Bothner  <>

	* class.c (make_class_data): flag_keep_inline_functions to keep
	private methods in the method array.

1999-12-15  Anthony Green  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Take into account both types of
	`throw's when checking for uninitialized variables.

1999-12-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): Force conversion of array
	dimensions to int_type_node, that's what runtime's ABI expects.

1999-12-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h (EXPR_WFL_QUALIFICATION): Temporary uses the third
	operand of a WFL, until the Java front-end gets fixed with regard
	to Mark Mitchell's gcc/tree.h patch (1999-12-04.)

1999-12-10  Andrew Haley  <>

	* parse.h (BUILD_THROW): Add support for sjlj-exceptions.
	decl.c (init_decl_processing): Add _Jv_Sjlj_Throw.
	expr.c (build_java_athrow): Add support for sjlj-exceptions.
	java-tree.h: Ditto.
	jcf-write.c: Ditto.

1999-12-08  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Switch to permanent obstack
	before calling expand_eh_region_start and expand_start_all_catch.
	* except.c (expand_start_java_handler): Switch to permanent
	obstack before calling expand_eh_region_start.
	(expand_end_java_handler): Switch to permanent obstack before
	calling expand_start_all_catch.

1999-12-5  Anthony Green  <>

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Mark throw_node as a noreturn
	function with side effects.
	(init_decl_processing): Mark all memory allocating DECLs with

1999-12-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* except.c (expand_end_java_handler): Call
	expand_resume_after_catch and end_catch_handler.

1999-11-30  Anthony Green  <>

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Create new return label
	chain if non existent (don't rely on the verified state of the jsr

1999-11-30  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_bytecode_insns): Fixed indentation for

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Removed bogus final class test on
	lhs when checking on whether to emit an ArrayStoreException runtime
	* expr.c (expand_java_arraystore): Likewise.

1999-11-28 Anthony Green <>

	* decl.c (find_local_variable): Reuse single slot decls when

1999-11-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (saw_java_source): Global variable removed.
	(read_class): Don't use `saw_java_source'. Added extra braces.
	(yyparse): Code setting `saw_java_source' removed.

1999-11-24  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* except.c (emit_handlers): Zero catch_clauses after emitting them.

1999-11-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* verify.c (merge_type_state): Non verified subroutines being
	considered more than once to trigger passive type merge.

1999-11-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (catch_clause_parameter:): Still set `$$' to NULL_TREE
	in case of error. Error message tuned.

1999-11-21  Anthony Green  <>

	* constants.c (find_methodref_index): Unwrap method names before
	inserting them in the constant pool.

	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_parse): Display `interface' when appropriate.

	* class.c (assume_compiled_node): New typedef.
	(assume_compiled_tree): New static data.
	(find_assume_compiled_node): New function.
	(add_assume_compiled): New function.
	(assume_compiled): New function.
	* class.c (make_class_data): Use assume_compiled.
	(is_compiled_class): Use assume_compiled.

	* java-tree.h (add_assume_compiled): Declare.

	* lang.c (lang_decode_option): Parse new options.

1999-11-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (layout_class): Always convert TYPE_SIZE_UNIT to
	int_type_node: that's what `_Jv_AllocObject' expects.

1999-11-11  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (lookup_method_invoke): Use lang_printable_name to
	reliably build the type name during error report. Fixes PR gcj/97.

1999-11-09  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-path.c: Include <sys/stat.h>.
	(jcf_path_init): Search for  Fixes PR gcj/84.
	(DIR_UP): New macro.

1999-11-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (source_end_java_method): Resume permanent allocation,
	reversing Apr 27 1998 patch.
	(patch_string_cst): Pop obstacks after having pushed the permanent

1999-11-05  Tom Tromey  <>

	* class.c (finish_class): Emit inlined methods if any native
	methods exist in the class.  Fixes PR gcj/85.

1999-11-04  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Handle PLUS_EXPR.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): Likewise.

1999-11-03  Godmar Back <>

	* typeck.c: (lookup_java_method):  search all inherited
	interfaces when looking up interface method.

1999-11-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (method_header:): Issue error message for rule `type
	(synchronized:): Error report when not using synchronized.

1999-11-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Prevent `this' from
	being used before the superclass constructor has been called.
	(complete_function_arguments): Use CALL_EXPLICIT_CONSTRUCTOR_P

1999-10-30  Todd T. Fries <>

	* check-init.c: Fix typo in comment.

1999-10-29  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (add_method_1): Set DECL_INLINE to 1 for private, static
	and final method.

1999-10-29  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (expression_statement:): Call function to report
	improper invocation of a constructor.
	(parse_ctor_invocation_error): New function.

1999-10-26  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* decl.c (poplevel): Don't set BLOCK_TYPE_TAGS or call

1999-10-21  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jvgenmain.c (main): _Jv_Compiler_Properties now an extern; set
	in generated `main'.

1999-10-21  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Handle MODIFY_EXPR.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): Likewise.

1999-10-20  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_complete_tree): fold_constant_for_init to work on
	(java_complete_lhs): Likewise.
	(array_constructor_check_entry): Complete an initializer element
	on permanent_obstack.

1999-10-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jcf-parse.c (parse_source_file): Call jcf_dependency_add_file.
	From Mike Moreton <>.

1999-10-15  Greg McGary  <>

	* java-tree.h (flag_bounds_check): Remove extern decl.
	* lang.c (flag_bounds_check): Remove global variable.
	(lang_f_options): Remove "bounds-check" entry.
	(lang_init_options): Default flag_bounds_check to "on".

1999-10-14  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jvgenmain.c (usage): New function.
	(main): Use it.  Also, handle `-D' options.
	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Recognize -D.
	(jvgenmain_spec): Added `%{D*}' to jvgenmain invocation.

	* jvspec.c (jvgenmain_spec): Use `%umain', not just `%u'.

1999-10-14  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* jcf-dump.c (print_constant, disassemble_method): Don't call a
	variadic function with a non-literal format string.

	* parse-scan.y (report_main_declaration): Likewise.

	* parse.h (ERROR_CAST_NEEDED_TO_INTEGRAL): Likewise.

	* parse.y (read_import_dir, patch_assignment, patch_binop,
	patch_array_ref): Likewise.

	* typeck.c (build_java_array_type): Likewise.

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Likewise.

1999-10-12  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (RELOCATION_VALUE_1): Fixed integer value from 0 to 1.

1999-10-07  Anthony Green  <>

	* jcf-write.c (generate_classfile): Use UNSAFE_PUTx in cases
	where CHECK_PUT may fail for valid reasons.

	* jcf-write.c (UNSAFE_PUT1, UNSAFE_PUT2, UNSAFE_PUT3,
	UNSAFE_PUTN): New macros.

1999-10-04  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lex.h (BUILD_OPERATOR2): Return ASSIGN_ANY_TK in `lite' case as
	well.  Fixes Java PR gcj/59.
	* parse-scan.y (yyerror): Report errors.

1999-09-24  Glenn Chambers  <>

	* decl.c (insert_block): Remove unconditional `abort'.

1999-09-24  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* decl.c (builtin_function): No longer static.  New arg CLASS.  Arg
	FUNCTION_CODE now of type int.  All callers changed.
	Set the builtin's DECL_BUILT_IN_CLASS.

1999-09-23  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Don't read spec file if
	-fsyntax-only given.

1999-09-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* lang-specs.h: Added `%(jc1)' to the jc1 spec.

	* javaop.h (WORD_TO_FLOAT): Use `inline' unconditionally.
	(WORDS_TO_LONG): Likewise.
	(WORDS_TO_DOUBLE): Likewise.

1999-09-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* jcf-write.c (RELOCATION_VALUE_0): New macro.
	(RELOCATION_VALUE_1): Likewise.
	(emit_iinc, emit_reloc, push_constant1, push_constant2,
	push_in_const, push_long_const): Prototyped.
	(push_constant1): Argument `index' is of type HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(push_constant2): Likewise.
	(push_int_const): Cast find_constant1's integer arguments to `jword'.
	(find_constant_wide): Cast find_constant2's integer arguments to
	(find_constant_index): Cast find_constant2's and find_constant2's
	integer arguments to `jword'.
	(emit_pop): Argument `value' is of type HOST_WIDE_INT.
	(emit_switch_reloc): Use RELOCATION_VALUE_0.
	(emit_if): Use RELOCATION_VALUE_1.
	(emit_goto): Likewise.
	(emit_jsr): Likewise.
	(generate_bytecode_insns): Use RELOCATION_VALUE_0. Cast second
	argument to push_long_const to HOST_WIDE_INT.

1999-09-15  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* (parse.o): Depend on $(JAVA_TREE_H).

1999-09-20  Nick Clifton  <>

	* lang.c (lang_decode_option): Extend comment.

1999-09-16  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_method_add_stmt): Test against GET_CURRENT_BLOCK
	instead of fndecl.

1999-09-16  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* gjavah.c (get_field_name, print_method_info, print_include,
	add_namelet): Use xmalloc, not malloc.

	* jcf-depend.c (add_entry): Likewise.  Use xstrdup, not strdup.
	(munge): Use xrealloc, not realloc, trust xrealloc to handle a
	NULL pointer.

	* jcf-io.c (open_in_zip, find_class): Use xstrdup, not strdup.

	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_out_of_synch, yyparse): Likewise.

	* jcf-path.c (add_entry): Likewise.

	* jcf.h (ALLOC, REALLOC): Use xmalloc/xrealloc, not malloc/realloc.

	* jv-scan.c (xmalloc): Remove definition.

	* jvgenmain.c (xmalloc): Likewise.

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Use xcalloc, not xmalloc/bzero.

	* lex.c (java_store_unicode): Use xrealloc, not realloc.

	* parse-scan.y: Use concat, not of xmalloc/assign/strcpy.  Use
	concat, not xmalloc/sprintf.
	(java_push_parser_context): Use xcalloc, not xmalloc/bzero.
	(xstrdup): Remove definition.

	* parse.y (duplicate_declaration_error_p,
	constructor_circularity_msg, verify_constructor_circularity,
	check_abstract_method_definitions, java_check_regular_methods,
	java_check_abstract_methods, patch_method_invocation,
	check_for_static_method_reference, patch_assignment, patch_binop,
	patch_cast, array_constructor_check_entry, patch_return,
	patch_conditional_expr): Use xstrdup, not strdup.

	* zextract.c (ALLOC): Use xmalloc, not malloc.

1999-09-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (jvspec.o): Depend on system.h and gcc.h.

	* jvspec.c: Include gcc.h.  Don't include gansidecl.h.
	(do_spec, lang_specific_pre_link, lang_specific_driver,
	input_filename, input_filename_length): Don't declare.
	(main_class_name, jvgenmain_spec, lang_specific_driver):
	Constify a char*.
	(lang_specific_driver): All calls to the function pointer
	parameter now explicitly call `fatal'.

1999-09-11  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Search
	abstract classes as interfaces.

1999-09-09  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (finish_class): We're now outside a valid method
	declaration. Tell the rest of gcc so.

1999-09-08  Bruce Korb

	* Give the gperf user a hint about why "gperf -F" fails.

1999-09-07  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (add_class_decl): Generate include for gcj/array.h, not
	(decode_signature_piece): Don't emit "::" in JArray<>.
	(print_namelet): Only print trailing `;' when printing a class.

1999-09-10  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* java-tree.h: Delete declarations for all tree nodes now moved to
	* decl.c: Delete their definitions.

1999-09-04  Mark Mitchell  <>

	* (jc1): Depend on ggc-callbacks.o.
	* (OBJS): Add ggc-callbacks.o.
	(OBJDEPS): Likewise.

1999-09-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse.y (strip_out_static_field_access_decl): Return operand if
	it satisfies JDECL_P.

1999-09-02  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (decode_signature_piece): Emit "::" in JArray<>.
	Handle nested arrays, like `[[I'.

1999-09-02  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* class.c (finish_class): Remove unused parameter, all callers

	* expr.c (build_java_athrow): Change return type to void.
	(java_lang_expand_expr): Make sure each case in switch returns a

	* java-tree.h (finish_class): Fix prototype to take void args.

	* jcf-dump.c (usage): Mark with ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN.
	(main): Issue return from main, not exit.

	* jcf-parse.c (parse_class_file): Fix call to `finish_class'.

	* jcf.h (jcf_unexpected_eof): Mark with ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN.

	* jv-scan.c (main): Issue return from main, not exit.

	* parse.y (check_abstract_method_definitions,
	java_check_abstract_method_definitions): Add static prototypes.
	(java_complete_expand_methods): Fix call to `finish_class'.

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Initialize variables `oldpc'
	and `prevpc'.

1999-08-30  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* lang.c (language_string): Constify.

1999-08-30  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (LIBS): Fix definition so we link with $(CLIB).
	Remove hacks for stuff which comes from libiberty.

	* Likewise.

1999-08-30  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* (xref.o): Depend on xref.c explicitly.

1999-08-29  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* java-tree.h (lang_printable_name): Constify a char*.

	* lang.c (lang_printable_name): Likewise.

1999-08-27  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* gjavah.c, jcf-write.c, verify.c: Do not use C++ style
	comments in C code.

1999-08-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_cxx_classname): Print "::" before qualified

1999-08-26  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (lookup_cl): Changed leading comment. Now does its best
	to set the column number.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): Take WFL wrappers into account.

1999-08-25  Gregg Townsend  <>

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Don't check instruction
	validity beyond end of method.

1999-08-25  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Correctly handle --help again.

1999-08-25  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_name, print_base_classname, utf8_cmp,
	cxx_keyword_subst, generate_access, name_is_method_p,
	get_field_name, print_field_name, super_class_name, print_include,
	decode_signature_piece, print_class_decls, usage, help,
	java_no_argument, version, add_namelet, print_namelet): Add static
	(print_base_classname, utf8_cmp, cxx_keyword_subst,
	name_is_method_p): Constify a char*.
	(get_field_name): Likewise.  Prefer xstrdup over malloc/strcpy.
	Provide a final else clause in an if-else-if.
	(print_field_info): Add missing final arg in function call to
	(print_method_info, decompile_method, decode_signature_piece,
	print_c_decl, print_full_cxx_name, print_stub,
	print_mangled_classname, super_class_name, print_include,
	add_namelet, add_class_decl, print_class_decls, process_file,
	help): Constify a char*.

	* jcf-write.c (jcf_handler, push_constant1, push_constant2,
	push_int_const, find_constant_wide, find_constant_index,
	push_long_const, field_op, maybe_wide, emit_dup, emit_pop,
	emit_iinc, emit_load_or_store, emit_load, emit_store, emit_unop,
	emit_binop, emit_reloc, emit_switch_reloc, emit_case_reloc,
	emit_if, emit_goto, emit_jsr, call_cleanups,
	make_class_file_name): Add static prototypes.
	(generate_bytecode_return, generate_bytecode_insns): Pass a

	* jv-scan.c: Include "jcf.h".
	(main): Declare using DEFUN macro.

	* jvspec.c (find_spec_file, lang_specific_pre_link,
	lang_specific_driver): Add prototypes.
	(find_spec_file): Constify a char*.

	* keyword.gperf (hash, java_keyword): Add prototypes.

	* lang.c (lang_print_error): Add static prototype.
	(lang_init): Prefer memcpy over bcopy to avoid casts.

	* lex.c (yylex): Add static prototype.

	* parse-scan.y: Include "lex.c" earlier.

	* parse.h: Remove redundant declaration for `yylex'.

	* parse.y (java_decl_equiv, binop_compound_p, search_loop,
	labeled_block_contains_loop_p): Add static prototypes.
	(not_accessible_p): Make static to match prototype.

	* verify.c (start_pc_cmp): Don't needlessly cast away const.

1999-08-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (check_method_redefinition): Changed leading comment.
	(check_abstract_method_definitions): New function.
	(java_check_abstract_method_definitions): New function.
	(java_check_regular_methods): Call it.
	(verify_constructor_super): Fixed indentation.
	(lookup_method_invoke): Likewise.

1999-08-19  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (method_header): Return a null pointer if the current
	class node is null.
	(finish_method_declaration): Return if the current function decl
	is null.
	(source_start_java_method): Likewise.
	(java_method_add_stmt): Likewise.

1999-08-18  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (emit_register_class): Removed unnecessary call to
	* parse.y (labeled_block_contains_loop_p): Removed unused local

1999-08-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_refold): Added prototype.

1999-08-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (BINOP_COMPOUND_CANDIDATES): New macro.
	(java_stabilize_reference): Removed unnecessary `else'.
	(java_complete_lhs): Set flag to remember boolean. Call
	java_refold. Added comments.
	(java_decl_equiv): New function.
	(binop_compound_p): Likewise.
	(java_refold): Likewise.
	(patch_unaryop): Striped static field access assigned to decl and
	op. Changed promotion scheme for ++/-- operators.
	(search_loop): New function.
	(labeled_block_contains_loop_p): Likewise.
	(patch_loop_statement): Call labeled_block_contains_loop_p. Added
	(patch_bc_statement): Call search_loop. Fixed comment.

1999-08-14  Anthony Green  <>

	* expr.c (java_lang_expand_expr): Mark static array data as

1999-08-10  Rainer Orth  <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

	* jvgenmain.c (main): NUL-terminate name_obstack.

1999-08-10  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* check-init.c (check_bool2_init, done_alternative): Add static

	* class.c (add_interface_do, maybe_layout_super_class): Likewise.
	(add_method, build_utf8_ref, build_class_ref,
	append_gpp_mangled_type, layout_class_method): Constify a char*.

	* decl.c (push_promoted_type, make_binding_level): Add static
	(push_promoted_type, pushdecl): Constify a char*.

	* except.c (find_handler_in_range, link_handler,
	check_start_handlers): Add static prototypes.

	* expr.c (process_jvm_instruction): Constify a char*.

	* gjavah.c (main): Constify a char*.

	* java-tree.h (verify_jvm_instructions, process_jvm_instruction):
	Constify a char*.

	* jcf-depend.c (free_entry, add_entry, munge, print_ents): Add
	static prototypes.
	(add_entry, jcf_dependency_set_target, jcf_dependency_add_target,
	munge, print_ents): Constify a char*.

	* jcf-dump.c (disassemble_method): Constify a char*.
	(print_constant_pool, print_exception_table): Add static prototypes.
	(print_constant, print_exception_table, main, disassemble_method):
	Constify a char*.

	* jcf-io.c (find_classfile, find_class): Likewise.

	* jcf-parse.c (JPOOL_UTF_DATA, find_in_current_zip): Likewise.
	(set_source_filename, predefined_filename_p): Add static prototypes.
	(set_source_filename, get_constant, get_class_constant,
	find_in_current_zip): Constify a char*.

	* jcf-path.c (free_entry, append_entry, add_entry, add_path): Add
	static prototypes.
	(add_entry, add_path, jcf_path_classpath_arg,
	jcf_path_CLASSPATH_arg, jcf_path_include_arg): Constify a char*.

	* jcf-reader.c (get_attribute, jcf_parse_preamble,
	jcf_parse_constant_pool, jcf_parse_class, jcf_parse_fields,
	jcf_parse_one_method, jcf_parse_methods,
	jcf_parse_final_attributes): Add static prototypes.
	(get_attribute): Constify a char*.

	* jcf.h (find_class, find_classfile, jcf_dependency_set_target,
	jcf_dependency_add_target, jcf_path_classpath_arg,
	jcf_path_CLASSPATH_arg, jcf_path_include_arg): Constify a char*.

	* jv-scan.c (main): Constify a char*.
	(gcc_obstack_init): Add prototype arguments.

	* jvgenmain.c (gcc_obstack_init): Likewise.
	(main): Constify a char*.

	* lang.c (put_decl_string, put_decl_node, java_dummy_print): Add
	static prototypes.
	(put_decl_string, lang_print_error): Constify a char*.
	(lang_init): Remove redundant extern prototype.

	* mangle.c (emit_unicode_mangled_name): Constify a char*.

	* typeck.c (convert_ieee_real_to_integer, parse_signature_type):
	Add static prototypes.
	(get_type_from_signature): Constify a char*.

	* verify.c (check_pending_block, type_stack_dup, start_pc_cmp ):
	Add static prototypes.
	(start_pc_cmp): Prefer PTR over GENERIC_PTR.
	(verify_jvm_instructions): Constify a char*.

	* xref.c (xref_flag_value): Likewise.

	* xref.h (xref_flag_value): Likewise.

	* zextract.c (makeword, makelong): Add static prototypes.
	(makeword, makelong): Constify a uch*.

1999-08-09  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* lang.c (java_dummy_print): Constify a char*.
	(lang_print_error): Likewise.
	(lang_init): Remove redundant prototype for `print_error_function'.
	(lang_init_source): Likewise.
	(lang_identify): Constify a char*.

1999-08-09  Tom Tromey  <>

	* javaop.h (WORD_TO_FLOAT): only inline if building with gcc.
	(WORDS_TO_LONG): Likewise.
	(WORDS_TO_DOUBLE): Likewise.

1999-08-04  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (lang.o): Depend on $(RTL_H) $(EXPR_H).

	* expr.c (java_stack_pop, java_array_data_offset,
	build_java_throw_out_of_bounds_exception, case_identity,
	build_java_check_indexed_type): Add static prototypes.
	(linenumber_table, expand_invoke, expand_java_field_op,
	build_primtype_type_ref, expand_byte_code): Constify a char*.

	* java-tree.h (build_primtype_type_ref, linenumber_table):
	Constify a char*.
	(java_lang_expand_expr): Add prototype.

	* lang.c: Include rtl.h and expr.h.  Remove extern prototype for

	* lex.c (java_lex_error): Constify a char*.
	(java_get_unicode, java_read_char, java_allocate_new_line,
	java_unget_unicode, java_sneak_unicode): Prototype.

	* parse-scan.y (current_class, package_name, method_declarator,
	report_class_declaration, yyerror): Constify a char*.

	* parse.h (java_report_errors): Prototype.
	(yyerror): Constify a char*.

	* parse.y (classitf_redefinition_error, check_modifiers,
	parse_jdk1_1_error, lookup_package_type,
	lookup_package_type_and_set_next, get_printable_method_name,
	purify_type_name): Constify a char*.
	(build_super_invocation, maybe_generate_finit,
	verify_constructor_super, parser_add_interface,
	add_superinterfaces, jdep_resolve_class, note_possible_classname,
	java_complete_expand_methods, java_expand_finals,
	cut_identifier_in_qualified, java_stabilize_reference,
	do_unary_numeric_promotion, operator_string, do_merge_string_cste,
	merge_string_cste): Prototype.
	(single_type_import_declaration, yyerror,
	variable_redefinition_error, build_array_from_name,
	build_unresolved_array_type, check_class_interface_creation,
	resolve_class, complete_class_report_errors,
	note_possible_classname, read_import_dir,
	find_in_imports_on_demand, resolve_package, fix_constructors,
	check_deprecation, lookup_method_invoke,
	maybe_build_primttype_type_ref, array_constructor_check_entry):
	Constify a char*.
	(java_complete_expand_methods, java_expand_finals): Make static.
	(convert_narrow): Remove static prototype.

1999-08-03  J"orn Rennecke <>

	* (decl.o): Depends on $(srcdir)/../defaults.h.

1999-08-02  Richard Henderson  <>

	* decl.c: Include defaults.h instead of expr.h.
	* parse.y: Likewise.

1999-08-02  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* java/decl.c (start_java_method): Change all uses of
	PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES, so that it tests it as a C expression.
	Ensure expr.h is included.
	* java/expr.c (pop_arguments): Ditto.
	* java/parse.y (expand_start_java_method): Ditto.

1999-08-01  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (ALL_CFLAGS): Add '-W -Wall'.

1999-07-31  Bernd Schmidt  <>

	* decl.c: Include "function.h".
	* except.c: Likewise.
	* parse.y: Likewise.
	* Update dependencies.

1999-07-30  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* expr.c (build_java_soft_divmod): Provide a default case in switch.
	(java_lang_expand_expr): Mark parameters `target', `tmode' and
	`modifier' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.

	* gjavah.c (process_file): Add braces around ambiguous `else'.

	* jcf-dump.c (print_access_flags, localvar_free): Change return
	type to void.

	* parse.y (java_complete_expand_method): Initialize variable
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Likewise for `field_decl'.
	(patch_method_invocation): Likewise for `class_to_search'.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): Likewise for `name' and `ptr_type'.
	(patch_assignment): Likewise for `lhs_type'.

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Remove unused variable

1999-07-25  Richard Henderson  <>

	* decl.c (va_list_type_node): New.

1999-07-25  Anthony Green  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_stub): New function.
	(METHOD_IS_NATIVE): New macro.
	(print_mangled_classname): Make static.
	(HANDLE_END_FIELD): Don't emit fields during stub generation.
	(process_file): Perform stub generation.
	(HANDLE_METHOD): Don't emit class decls during stub
	(HANDLE_END_METHOD): Take into account stub generation.
	(print_method_info): Handle stub generation.
	(print_stub): New function.
	(print_cxx_classname): Make signature consistant with others.
	(help): Describe -stubs option.
	(main): Create stub file.
	(version): Use version.c.
	(print_full_cxx_name): New function.
	(print_c_decl): Use print_full_cxx_name.

1999-07-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Handle MAX_EXPR.

1999-07-15  Andrew Haley  <>

	* lang.c (flag_use_divide_subroutine): New variable.
	* typeck.c: (convert_ieee_real_to_integer): Bounds check
	fp-to-integer conversion.
	(convert): Call convert_ieee_real_to_integer when flag_fast_math
	is not set.

	* expr.c (build_java_soft_divmod): New function.
	(build_java_binop): Call build_java_soft_divmod if
	flag_use_divide_subroutine is set.
	* decl.c: soft_idiv_node, soft_irem_node, soft_ldiv_node, tree
	soft_lrem_node: new builtin functions.
	(init_decl_processing) Initialize the new builtins.
	* java-tree.h soft_idiv_node, soft_irem_node, soft_ldiv_node, tree
	soft_lrem_node: new builtin functions.
	(build_java_soft_divmod): New function.
	* parse.y: Call build_java_soft_divmod if
	flag_use_divide_subroutine is set.
	* parse.c: Rebuilt.

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Always allow an extra arg (for
	a --specs= arg) even if not linking.
	* lang-options.h (DEFINE_LANG_NAME ("Java")): Add

1999-07-20  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_and_layout): Check methods only once.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Verify thrown exceptions
	(check_thrown_exceptions): Reject exceptions thrown in
	initializer. Error message tuned.

1999-07-14  Andrew Haley  <>

	* expr.c (expand_expr): Do not return the last statement in a
	block as the block's value.

1999-07-03  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (force_evaluation_order): Save the COMPOUND_EXPR'ed
	CALL_EXPR, to avoid order of evaluation changes.

1999-07-02  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (qualify_ambiguous_name): Do not use

1999-07-01  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Handle MAX_EXPR.
	* expr.c (force_evaluation_order): Force method call arguments to
	be evaluated in left-to-right order.
	* parse.y (qualify_ambiguous_name): Loop again to qualify
	NEW_ARRAY_EXPR properly.

1999-06-30  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_invoke): Resolve unresolved invoked method
	returned type.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): STRING_CST to qualify expression for
	type name resolution.

1999-06-24  Andrew Haley  <>

	* class.c (finish_class): Whenever a deferred method is
	output, rescan the list of methods to see if a new candidate for
	output can be found.

1999-06-28  Tom Tromey  <>

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Recognize --help.

1999-06-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (resolve_package): Fixed bogus return statement.
	(patch_method_invocation): Resolve method invocation beginning with
	a package name qualifier.

1999-06-25  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (java.stage1): Depend on stage1-start.
	(java.stage2): Likewise for stage2-start.
	(java.stage3): Likewise for stage3-start.
	(java.stage4): Likewise for stage4-start.

1999-06-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_complete_lhs): When doing cross referencing, don't
	try to keep file location on a WFL expanded as a CALL_EXPR.

1999-06-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (finish_method_declaration): Insert a RETURN_EXPR when
	compiling to class file a void method with an empty method body.
	As a side effect, the bytecode backend will generate the
	appropriate `return' instruction.

1999-06-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (lookup_package_type_and_set_next): New function prototype.
	(resolve_package): Search current and imported packages.
	(lookup_package_type_and_set_next): New function.

1999-06-22  Andrew Haley  <>

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Check for pending blocks
	before invalid PC test and opcode switch, not after.

1999-06-21  Andrew Haley  <>

	* except.c (find_handler_in_range): The upper limit for exception
	ranges is exclusive, not inclusive: (start <= pc < end).
	(link_handler): find child pointer which points to outer by
	searching sibling list: previous code incorrectly assumed that
	outer->outer->first_child must point to outer.
	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): FIXME added to code for
	(verify_jvm_instructions): Do not assume that the last block
	processed in a subroutine is a block which ends with a `ret'
	instruction.  With some control flows it is possible that the last
	block ends with an `athrow'.

1999-06-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (qualify_ambiguous_name): Reorganized the post
	evaluation of non WFL leading expression nodes.

1999-06-11  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (qualify_ambiguous_name): Handle ARRAY_REF after

1999-06-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (qualify_ambiguous_name): Handle qualified expression
	beginning with a STRING_CST.

1999-06-10  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (register_fields): Set DECL_INITIAL on both
	pre-initialized static and public fields.
	(resolve_field_access): Static field access expressions to always
	use pointer types.
	(qualify_ambiguous_name): Work out buried CALL_EXPR for proper
	qualification. CONVERT_EXPR to be resolved as an expression name.
	(java_complete_lhs): Identify and access qualified final
	initialized field in switch statement case expression.
	(fold_constant_for_init): Pre-initialized field decl constant to
	be folded.

1999-06-07  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (note_possible_classname): Mark returned node with
	QUALIFIED_P only if the original class name contained a '/'.

1999-06-05  Anthony Green  <>

	* (gcjh): More parallel build fixes.

1999-06-03  Mike Stump  <>

	* (JCF_DUMP_SOURCES, jvgenmain): Fix parallel builds.

1999-06-02  Anthony Green  <>

	* except.c (link_handler): Chain exception handlers in order.

1999-06-02  Anthony Green  <>

	* expr.c (expand_byte_code): Fill unreachable bytecode regions
	with nops and process as usual in order to always set correct EH
	ranges.  Emit detailed warnings about unreachable bytecodes.

1999-06-02  Anthony Green  <>

	* class.c (build_utf8_ref): Mark cinit and utf8 tree nodes as

1999-05-28  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (lookup_field_wrapper): Unified returned value to NULL
	  or the searched field decl.

1999-05-28  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (fold_constant_for_init): Convert numerical constant
	values to the type of the assigned field.

1999-05-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* expr.c (lookup_field): Relaxed the test on class loading error
	* parse.y (fold_constant_for_init): Enabeled old code.

1999-05-26  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (valid_ref_assignconv_cast_p): Let `_Jv_CheckCast'
	decide the validity of the cast of a java.lang.Cloneable reference
	to an array.
	(patch_conditional_expr): Fixed first argument passed to

1999-05-26  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (qualify_ambiguous_name): Take into account that a
	CONVERT_EXPR might specify a type as a WFL.

1999-05-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Save the rhs before using it as an
	argument to _Jv_CheckArrayStore.

1999-05-25  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* lex.c (java_parse_doc_section): Fixed `tag' buffer size.

1999-05-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* lex.c (java_lex): Accepts `+' or `-' after the beginning of a
	floating point literal only when the exponent indicator has been

1999-05-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (formal_parameter:): Construct argument tree list
	element even if a yet unsupported final parameter was encountered.

1999-05-18  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (finish_method_declaration): Issue errors for native or
	abstract methods declared with a method body, as well as for non
	native or non abstract methods with no method body.

1999-05-19  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* class.c (build_utf8_ref): Initialize variable `field'.

	* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Initialize variable `field'.

	* expr.c (build_known_method_ref): Mark parameters `method_type',
	`method_signature' and `arg_list' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
	(process_jvm_instruction): Likewise for parameter `length'.

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Mark variables `saw_math',
	`saw_libc', `saw_gc', `saw_threadlib' and `saw_libgcj' with

	* parse.y (maybe_generate_clinit): Remove unused variable
	(find_in_imports_on_demand): Initialize variables `node_to_use'
	and `cl'.
	(patch_binop): Likewise for variable `prom_type'.
	(patch_unaryop): Likewise for variable `prom_type'.

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Likewise for variable `last'.

	* xref.c (xref_table): Add missing initializer.

1999-05-14  Tom Tromey  <>

	* java-except.h (struct eh_range): Removed unused `next' member.
	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Call check_nested_ranges
	after adding all exception handlers.  Sort exception ranges in
	order of start PC.
	(struct pc_index): New structure.
	(start_pc_cmp): New function.
	* except.c (add_handler): Return `void'.  Don't call link_handler;
	instead construct an ordinary linked list and do range
	(check_nested_ranges): New function.
	(link_handler): Changed interface to allow merging of eh_ranges.
	Split overlapping ranges.  Return `void'.

1999-05-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (constructor_block_end:): New rule, tagged <node>.
	(constructor_body:): Use `constructor_block_end' instead of

1999-05-17  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (statement_nsi:): Pop `for' statement block.
	(java_complete_lhs): Labeled blocks containing no statement are
	marked as completing normally.

1999-05-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* xref.c (xref_set_current_fp): New function, defined.
	* xref.h (xref_set_current_fp): New function, prototyped.

1999-05-14  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Take into account that
	LABELED_BLOCK_STMT can be empty.

1999-05-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (java_check_regular_methods): Warning check on not
	overriding methods with default access in other packages does not
	apply to `<clinit>'.
	(java_complete_lhs): If block body is an empty_stmt_node, replace
	it by NULL_TREE. This prevents gcc from generating an irrelevant

1999-05-13  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Removed code accepting to see things
	falling through default:, when doing xrefs.
	* java-tree.h (do_not_fold): New global variable, declared.
	* parse.y (do_not_fold): New global variable, defined.
	(java_complete_expand_method): Set `do_not_fold' to the value of
	`flag_emit_xref'. When doing xrefs: copy the thrown exceptions,
	and reinstall them after them have been purged; do not check for
	initializations; do not issue missing return errors.
	(java_complete_lhs): Do not attempt to patch INSTANCEOF_EXPR nodes
	when doing xrefs.
	(patch_binop): Skip the fold part when doing xrefs.
	(build_string_concatenation): Skip the concatenation part when
	doing xrefs.
	(patch_synchronized_statement): Do not generate a try-finally when
	doing xrefs.
	(patch_throw_statement): When doing xrefs, do not call BUILD_THROW
	and keep the location where the throw was seen.
	* typeck.c (convert): When `do_not_fold' is set, do not attempt
	any treatment on the converted node an simply return a NOP_EXPR of
	the targeted type.
	* xref.c (xref_get_data): New function, defined.
	* xref.h (xref_get_data): New function, declared.
	(XREF_GET_DATA): Use xref_get_data.

1999-05-13  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_include): Cast the result of `strlen' to int
	when comparing against a signed value.
	(add_namelet): Likewise.

1999-05-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* expr.c (expand_invoke): Mark parameter `nargs' with
	(PRE_LOOKUP_SWITCH): Likewise for variable `match'.

	* jcf-io.c (jcf_unexpected_eof): Mark parameter `count' with

	* jcf-reader.c (get_attribute): Cast a value to long
	when comparing against a signed expression.  Likewise.

	* lex.h: Never define HOST_WIDE_INT, HOST_BITS_PER_WIDE_INT or

1999-05-11  Andrew Haley  <>

	* parse.y (source_end_java_method): If the current method contains
	any exception handlers, force asynchronous_exceptions: this is
	necessary because signal handlers in libjava may throw exceptions.
	* decl.c (end_java_method): Ditto.

1999-05-11  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (jvspec.o): Don't define WITH_THREAD_x or WITH_GC_x
	* jvspec.c (THREAD_NAME): Removed.
	(GC_NAME): Likewise.
	(MATHLIB): Likewise.
	(WITHLIBC): Likewise.
	(GCLIB): Likewise.
	(THREADLIB): Likewise.
	(MATH_LIBRARY): Likewise.
	(lang_specific_driver): Don't add `-l' options to command line.
	Instead, add a single --specs option.  Recognize `-L' options and
	use them to search for spec file.
	(find_spec_file): New function.
	(SPEC_FILE): New define.

1999-05-11  Dave Brolley  <>

	* lang-options.h: -MD, -MMD, -M and -MM not needed here for
	cpplib-enabled build.

1999-05-05  Per Bothner  <>

	* class.c (make_field_value):  DECL_INITIAL may be a string literal;
	temporarily zero it while calling rest_of_decl_compilation.

	* java-tree.h (string_ptr_type_node):  Add declaration.
	* decl.c:  Define and initialize string_ptr_type_node.
	* parse.y (patch_string_cst):  Use string_ptr_type_node.

	* parse.h (LOOP_HAS_LABEL_P, LOOP_HAS_LABEL_SKIP_P):  Removed.
	* parse.y (for_statement):  Now unconditionally exit_block.
	(finish_labeled_statement):  No longer exit_block if for-loop.
	(patch_loop_statement):  Check harder if the loop is already labeled.

	* parse.y (patch_initialized_static_field):  Removed function.
	(maybe_generate_clinit):  Removed special handling for interfaces.
	(java_complete_expand_methods):  Do a preliminary java_complete_tree
	on <clinit> to determine if it can be removed.
	(java_complete_expand_method):  Remove special handling for <clinit>.
	(java_complete_lhs):  For BLOCK and EXPR_WITH_FILE_LOCATION
	optimize if we get back empty_stmt_node.
	For MODIFY_EXPR, re-do checking of static initializers.
	(fold_constant_for_init):  Don't return immediate if VAR_DECL.
	For VAR_DECL, pass correct context.

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions):  Better error messages.

1999-05-03  Tom Tromey  <>

	* parse-scan.y (interface_declaration): Call
	report_class_declaration for interfaces.

1999-04-30 20:54 -0400  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* Remove -v from bison command lines.

1999-04-30  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* check-init.c (check_init): Exclude a case of error when doing
	* class.c (layout_class_method): Don't generate the error message
	twice when compiling from source.
	* lang-options.h: Added `-Wredundant-modifers' and
	`-Wunusupported-jdk11' flags and help text.
	* lang.c (lang_decode_option): Added support for
	`-Wunsupported-jdk11' and `-Wredundant-modifiers'.
	flag_static_local_jdk11 and flag_redundant set accordingly.
	* lex.c (java_lex): Call BUILD_OPERATOR on CCB_TK.
	* parse.h (EXPR_WFL_ADD_COL): New macro.
	* parse.y (static_ref_err): New function, prototyped.
	(CCB_TK): Now tagged <operator>.
	(class_body:): Remember the location of the closing '}' of a class
	definition when doing xrefs.
	(block:): Likewise.
	(block_end:): Likewise.
	(create_class): Remember the location of the inherited class
	identifier when doing xrefs.
	(register_fields): Added test on first operand of `init' before
	testing it TREE_CODE.
	(method_header): Store the location of the class identifier in the
	class decl when doing xrefs.
	(finish_method_declaration): Don't combine first/last method line
	when doing xref.
	(java_check_regular_methods): Warning check on not overriding
	methods with default access on other packages move before check on
	static methods. Initialization of `aflags' also moved up.
	(resolve_expression_name): Call static_ref_err to report the error.
	(static_ref_err): New function, implemented.
	(resolve_field_access): Returned simplified static field access
	when doing xrefs.
	(resolve_qualified_expression_name): Check for illegal use of
	static fields in a non static context. Call static_ref_err to
	report error in various places.
	(java_complete_tree): Do not fold initialized static fields when
	doing xrefs.
	(java_complete_lhs): Likewise.

1999-04-29  Anthony Green  <>

	* expr.c (generate_name): Use ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL to
	create internal labels.
	(lookup_label): Ditto.

1999-04-24  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* class.c (layout_class_method): Generate <clinit>'s rtl for
	* decl.c (complete_start_java_method): Don't call _Jv_InitClass
	for interfaces' <clinit>.
	* expr.c (lookup_field): Search for fields in interfaces.
	(expand_invoke): Fixed indentation.
	(expand_java_field_op): Likewise. Use IS_CLINIT.
	* parse.h (JPRIMITIVE_TYPE_OR_VOID_P): Macro removed.
	(IS_CLINIT): New macro.
	* parse.y (type_declaration:): Call maybe_generate_clinit after an
	interface was parsed.
	(maybe_generate_clinit): Don't generate if the current class is an
	interface with only fields of primitive types.
	(reset_method_name): Use IS_CLINIT.
	(java_complete_expand_method): Expand <clinit> when it exists for
	interfaces. Use IS_CLINIT.
	(resolve_expression_name): Use DECL_CONTEXT instead of
	current_class to build static field references.
	(java_complete_lhs): Use IS__CLINIT. Don't use SAVE_EXPR on
	ARRAY_REF when doing xreferencing.
	(check_final_assignment): Fixed typo in leading comment. Use
	(patch_array_ref): Don't fully expand array references when
	(patch_return): Use IS_CLINIT.
	(patch_throw_statement): Likewise.

1999-04-22  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (JAVA_SRCS): Added check-init.c.

1999-04-21  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* decl.c (predef_filenames, predef_filenames_size): New globals
	(init_decl_processing): predef_filenames and predef_filenames_size
	* java-tree.h (predef_filenames, predef_filenames_size): Declared
	* jcf-parse.c (predefined_filename_p): New function.
	(yyparse): Check that files on the command line are specified only
	once and issue a warning otherwise.
	* parse.h (JPRIMITIVE_TYPE_OR_VOID_P): New macro.
	* parse.y (source_end_java_method): Nullify NOP method bodies, to
	avoid a gcc warning with -W -Wall turned on.
	(java_expand_classes): Abort if errors were encountered.
	(java_complete_lhs): If the cross reference flag is set, wrap
	field DECL node around a WFL when resolving expression name.

1999-04-19  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* lang.c (lang_decode_option): Fixed returned value when parsing
	`-fxref=...' and `-Wall'.
	* parse.y (source_end_java_method): Do not generate code when
	flag_emit_xref is set.
	(resolve_expression_name): Do not build static field access when
	flag_emit_xref is set.
	(resolve_field_access): No special treatment on `length' when
	flag_emit_xref is set. Do not build qualified static field access
	when flag_emit_xref is set.
	(patch_invoke): Keep the method DECL as operand 0 of the CALL_EXPR
	when flag_emit_xref is set.
	(patch_assignment): Do not generate array store runtime check when
	flag_emit_xref is set.
	* xref.c (xref_flag_value): Fixed function declaration
	(xset_set_data): New function.
	* xref.h (xref_set_data): Added prototype for new function.
	(typedef struct xref_flag_table): New field data.
	(XREF_GET_DATA): New macro.

1999-04-19  Tom Tromey  <>

	* xref.h (enum): Removed trailing comma.

	* parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): Added missing

1999-04-15  Anthony Green  <>

	* gjavah.c: New prototypes for java_float_finite and

1999-04-12  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_unaryop): Fixed ++/-- operator check on array

1999-04-06  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* (TREE_H): Add tree-check.h.
	(RTL_H): Add genrtl.h.

1999-04-06  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Added ArrayStoreException runtime

1999-04-06  Per Bothner  <>

	* expr.c (pop_type_0):  New function.
	(pop_type):  Use pop_type_0.
	* java-tree.h (pop_type_0):  New declaration.
	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions):  Check return instructions.

	* parse.y (patch_binop):  Don't fold if non-constant and emiting
	class files.

1999-04-05  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (gjavah.o): Depend on $(JAVA_TREE_H).

	* gjavah.c: Include math.h earlier.  Include tree.h/java-tree.h.
	(main_jcf): Don't define.
	(process_file): Don't set `main_jcf'.

	* java-tree.h (main_jcf): Don't declare.

	* jcf-parse.c (main_jcf): Add static definition.

	* lang.c (main_jcf): Don't define.

1999-04-05  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* class.c (add_method_1): Cast the argument of `bzero' to PTR.

	* decl.c (copy_lang_decl): Likewise for `bcopy'.

	* jcf-depend.c: Include "config.h", not <config.h>.

	* jcf-parse.c (jcf_figure_file_type): Cast the arguments of
	`bcopy' to PTR.

	* jcf-path.c: Include "config.h", not <config.h>.

	* lex.c: Don't include various system header files.
	(java_init_lex): Cast the argument of `bzero' to PTR

	* parse-scan.y (java_push_parser_context): Likewise.

	* parse.y (java_push_parser_context): Likewise.
	(patch_bc_statement): Match format specifier to variable argument.

	* xref.c: Don't include <stdio.h>.

1999-04-05  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (struct parser_ctxt *ctxp): Now global.
	(declare_local_variables): Use WFL compound value for the
	declaration source line value, when doing cross-referencing.

1999-03-31  Tom Tromey  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_field_info): Allow constants of other types.
	(print_include): Generate include when new name is proper prefix
	of already printed name.
	(add_namelet): Likewise.
	(cxx_keyword_subst): New function.
	(print_method_info): Use it.
	(print_field_name): New function.
	(get_field_name): New function.
	(print_field_info): Use get_field_name and print_field_name.

1999-03-31  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (keyword.h): Generate using gperf language 'C', not
	'KR-C', so gperf uses the `const' keyword on strings.

	* keyword.gperf (java_keyword): Const-ify a char*.

1999-03-30  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_bc_statement): Fixed identation and a bogus
	`printf' format.

1999-03-30  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (patch_assignment): Allow static variables in other
	classes to be assigned.

1999-03-28  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* class.c (maybe_add_interface): Remove unused variable
	(make_class_data): Use = for assignment, not ==.  Likewise.
	(emit_register_classes): Remove unused variable `decl'.

	* lex.c: Fix comment so as not to contain an embedded `/*'.

	* verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Remove unused variable

1999-03-27  Per Bothner  <>

	* parse.y (complete_loop_body):  Rename to finish_loop_body.
	(complete_labeled_statement):  Rename to finish_labeled_statement.
	(complete_for_loop):  Rename to finish_for_loop.
	(complete_method_declaration):  Rename to finish_method_declaration.

	* java-tree.h (continue_identifier_node):  New global node.
	* decl.c:  Define and initialize continue_identifier_node.
	* parse.y (generate_labeled_block):  Remove - no longer needed.
	(build_loop_body):  Use continue_identifier_node for continue block.
	(finish_labeled_statement):  Also do pop_labeled_block actions.
	(java_complete_lhs):  POP_LOOP even if error.
	(build_labeled_block):  Special handling for continue_identifier_node.
	(patch_loop_statement):  Re-organize.
	(patch_bc_statement):  Re-write.

1999-03-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.h (EXPR_WFL_GET_LINECOL): Set a line and column count
	using a WFL compound value.
	* parse.y (xref.h): Include.
	(maybe_create_class_interface_decl): Set DECL_SOURCE_LINE to the
	WFL compound value.
	(register_fields): Set WFL compound value to lineno if doing
	(java_complete_expand_method): Call expand_xref if flag_emit_xref
	is set.
	* xref.c (system.h, jcf.h, parse.h, obstack.h): Include.
	* xref.h (expand_xref): Prototype renamed from xref_generate.

1999-03-27  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	(GET_CURRENT_BLOCK): New macro.
	* parse.y (current_static_block): New global variable.
	(method_body:): Define action.
	(complete_method_declaration): Set current_function_decl to NULL
	when work on the current method is done.
	(declare_local_variables): Use GET_CURRENT_BLOCK.
	(java_method_add_stmt): Likewise.
	(java_complete_expand_method): Disable the use of `this' when
	expanding <clinit>.
	(enter_a_block): If no current method exist, use
	current_static_block to link static initializer blocks.
	(exit_block): Rewritten to use current_static_block when no current
	method decl exists.
	(lookup_name_in_blocks): Use GET_CURRENT_BLOCK.
	(patch_return): Forbid the use of `return' in static initializers.
	(patch_throw_statement): Fixed indentation. Issue specific error
	for uncaught thrown checked exception in static initializer
	blocks. Removed FIXME.

1999-03-25  Zack Weinberg  <>

	* java/ Remove all references to gcj.o/gcj.c.
	Link gcj from gcc.o.

1999-03-23  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* parse.y (find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): When dealing
	with interface: ensure that a given interface or java.lang.Object
	are searched only once.

1999-03-23  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* gjavah.c (print_c_decl): Remove unused argument `flags'.

	* jcf-dump.c (print_access_flags): Add braces around if-else.

	* jvspec.c (lang_specific_driver): Wrap variable `len' in macro

	* lex.c (build_wfl_node): Add static prototype.

	* lex.h (build_wfl_node): Remove static prototype.

	* parse.y: Include lex.c early enough to declare everything needed.
	Ensure calls to `build_wfl_node' pass the proper arguments.
	(create_class): Remove unused variable `super_decl'.
	(get_printable_method_name): Initialize variable `name'.

1999-03-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* Changelog: Fixed 1999-03-22 typos.
	* lang.c (lang_decode_option): Fixed typo in error string in the
	XARG section.

1999-03-22  Alexandre Petit-Bianco  <>

	* (JAVA_OBJS): Added entry xref.o.
	(xref.o): New rule.
	* java-tree.h (flag_emit_xref): Declared extern.
	* lang.c (xref.h): Included.
	(flag_emit_xref): New global variable.
	(lang_decode_option): Added support for -fxref.
	* xref.c: Created.
	* xref.h: Likewise.

1999-03-21  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* ($(GCJ)$(exeext)): Add intl.o to list of files to be
	linked with.

1999-03-21  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (jcf-dump.o): Depend on $(CONFIG_H)
	$(srcdir)/../system.h and $(JAVA_TREE_H).
	(jcf-io.o): Depend on $(JAVA_TREE_H).
	(mangle.o): Likewise.

	* check-init.c (check_cond_init): Add static prototype.

	* class.c (build_java_method_type, hashUtf8String,
	make_field_value, get_dispatch_vector, get_dispatch_table,
	append_gpp_mangled_type, mangle_static_field): Likewise.
	(strLengthUtf8): Hide unused definition.
	(hashUtf8String): Const-ify.
	(make_field_value): Un-ANSI-fy.

	* constants.c: Move inclusion of jcf.h above java-tree.h.
	(set_constant_entry, find_class_or_string_constant,
	find_name_and_type_constant, get_tag_node,
	build_constant_data_ref): Add static prototype.

	* decl.c (push_jvm_slot, builtin_function,
	lookup_name_current_level): Likewise.
	(builtin_function): Const-ify.

	* except.c (expand_start_java_handler, expand_end_java_handler):
	Add static prototype.

	* expr.c (flush_quick_stack, push_value, pop_value,
	java_stack_swap, java_stack_dup, build_java_athrow,
	build_java_jsr, build_java_ret, expand_java_multianewarray,
	expand_java_arraystore, expand_java_arrayload,
	expand_java_array_length, build_java_monitor, expand_java_pushc,
	expand_java_return, expand_java_NEW, expand_java_INSTANCEOF,
	expand_java_CHECKCAST, expand_iinc, expand_java_binop, note_label,
	expand_compare, expand_test, expand_cond, expand_java_goto,
	expand_java_call, expand_java_ret, pop_arguments, expand_invoke,
	expand_java_field_op, java_push_constant_from_pool): Likewise.

	(decode_newarray_type, expand_iinc): Un-ANSI-fy.
	(build_java_arraynull_check): Mark parameters `node' and `type'
	(note_label): Likewise for parameter `current_pc'.
	(expand_java_call, expand_java_ret): Hide unused definition.

	* java-tree.h (make_class, build_constants_constructor,
	java_set_exception_lang_code, pop_labeled_block, emit_handlers,
	init_outgoing_cpool, register_class, emit_register_classes,
	java_layout_seen_class_methods): Prototype.
	(unicode_mangling_length): Const-ify.
	(append_gpp_mangled_name, append_gpp_mangled_classtype,
	emit_unicode_mangled_name, format_int, format_uint,
	jcf_trim_old_input, jcf_print_utf8, jcf_print_char,
	jcf_print_utf8_replace, open_class): Prototype.

	* jcf-dump.c: Include "config.h", not <config.h>.  Don't include
	<stdio.h>.  Include tree.h/java-tree.h.
	(utf8_equal_string usage, process_class): Add static prototype.
	(open_class): Don't prototype this here.
	(utf8_equal_string): Match arguments to format specifiers.
	TABLE_SWITCH, disassemble_method): Likewise.

	* jcf-io.c: Include tree.h/java-tree.h.
	(open_class, find_classfile, jcf_print_utf8,
	jcf_print_utf8_replace): Const-ify.

	* jcf-parse.c (parse_zip_file_entries, process_zip_dir,
	parse_class_file): Add static prototype.
	(find_in_current_zip): Match definition to existing static

	* jcf-write.c: Include jcf.h before tree.h/java-tree.h.
	(alloc_chunk, append_chunk, append_chunk_copy, gen_jcf_label,
	finish_jcf_block, define_jcf_label, get_jcf_label_here,
	put_linenumber, localvar_alloc, localvar_free, get_access_flags,
	write_chunks, adjust_typed_op, generate_bytecode_conditional,
	generate_bytecode_return, perform_relocations, init_jcf_state,
	init_jcf_method, release_jcf_state, generate_classfile):
	Add static prototype.