javaxfc.h   [plain text]

# ifndef GC_H
#   include "gc.h"
# endif

 * Invoke all remaining finalizers that haven't yet been run.
 * This is needed for strict compliance with the Java standard, 
 * which can make the runtime guarantee that all finalizers are run.
 * This is problematic for several reasons:
 * 1) It means that finalizers, and all methods calle by them,
 *    must be prepared to deal with objects that have been finalized in
 *    spite of the fact that they are still referenced by statically
 *    allocated pointer variables.
 * 1) It may mean that we get stuck in an infinite loop running
 *    finalizers which create new finalizable objects, though that's
 *    probably unlikely.
 * Thus this is not recommended for general use.
void GC_finalize_all();