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@c APPLE LOCAL file GPL compliance
@node Source Code
@unnumbered Source Code

The source code for Apple's versions of GCC is available using
anonymous CVS, from
with password @samp{anonymous}, as module @samp{gcc}, branch

For example, you can fetch the latest version by entering:

$ cvs -d login
Password: anonymous
$ cvs -d -z6 \
  co -r apple-local-200502-branch gcc
@end smallexample

Each version will be tagged based on its build number, which
you can find by executing @samp{gcc --version}; for instance, if this prints

gcc (GCC) 3.3 20030304 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 1402)
@end smallexample

then the build number is 1402.  Some older compilers may require you
use @samp{gcc -v} to obtain the build number.  Most versions are
tagged like @samp{apple-gcc-1402}; you can find a list of suitable tags with
a command like @samp{cvs log gcc/gcc/version.c}.  Once you have the
tag, you can use the @samp{-r} flag to CVS, for instance

$ cvs -d -z6 \
    co -r apple-gcc-1402 gcc
@end smallexample