snmp   [plain text]

In 2.0, the RFC 2619 and RFC 2621 MIBs are more fully supported
than in 1.x.

Note that re-transmitted responses to duplicate
requests do not increment these counters.

 total responses = Access-Accepts
		   + Access-Challenges
		   + Access-Rejects

Pending requests mean "live" requests that the server is currently
 pending requests = total requests
		    - duplicate requests
		    - bad authenticators
		    - malformed requests
		    - unknown types
		    - packets dropped
		    - total responses

The IPv6-aware MIBS, (RFC 4669 and RFC 4671) are not currently
supported.  Perhaps in 2.1.

The client table for the server is also more fully supported than in

However, the RADIUS client MIBs (RFC 2618, RFC 2620, RFC 4668, and RFC
2670) are not supported.  Perhaps in 2.1.