rlm_passwd   [plain text]

RADIUS rlm_passwd (passwd-like files authorization module)


Q: Can I use rlm_passwd to authenticate user against Linux shadow password
   file or BSD-style master.passwd?
A: Yes, but you need RADIUS running as root. Hint: use Crypt-Password
   attribute.  You probably don't want to use this module with
   FreeBSD to authenticate against system file, as it already takes care
   of caching passwd file entries, but it may be helpfull to authenticate
   against alternate file.

Q: Can I use rlm_passwd to authenticate user against SAMBA smbpasswd?
A: Yes, you can. Hint: use LM-Password/NT-Password attribute, set 
   authtype = MS-CHAP.

Q: Can I use rlm_password to authenticate user against BLA-BLA-BLApasswd?
A: Probably you can, if BLA-BLA-BLA stores password in some format supported
   by RADIUS, for example cleartext, NT/LM hashes, crypt, Netscape MD5 format.
   You have to set authtype to corresponding type, for example
    authtype = NS-MTA-MD5
   for Netscape MD5.

Q: Are where are differences between rlm_passwd and rlm_unix?
A: rlm_passwd supports passwd files in any format and may be used, for
   example, to parse FreeBSD's master.passwd or SAMBA smbpasswd files, but
   it can't perform system authentication (for example to authenticate
   NIS user, like rlm_unix does). If you need system authentication you
   need rlm_unix, if you have to authenticate against files only under
   BSD you need rlm_passwd, if you need to authenticate against files only
   under Linux, you can choose between rlm_unix and rlm_passwd, probably
   you will have nearly same results in performance (I hope :) ).

Q: I'm using realms with rlm_passwd. I see rlm_passwd do not strip realm
   from user name. How to configure rlm_passwd to strip realm?

A: In case you configured realm to strip username, User-Password attribute
   is not changed. Instead, rlm_realm creates new attribute Stripped-User-Name.
   All you need is to use Stripped-User-Name  instead of User-Name as a key
   field for passwd file.

Q: How can I say passwd to add attribute even if it's value is empty?

A: set ignoreempty to "no" in module configuration.

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