RADIUS-LDAP-eDirectory   [plain text]

"Integrating Novell eDirectory with FreeRADIUS"

You can integrate NovellĀ® eDirectoryTM 8.7.1 or later with FreeRADIUS
1.0.2 onwards to allow wireless authentication for eDirectory users.
By integrating eDirectory with FreeRADIUS, you can do the following:
* Use universal password for RADIUS authentication. 
  Universal password provides single login and authentication for
  eDirectory users. Therefore, the users need not have a separate
  password for RADIUS and eDirectory authentication. 
* Enforce eDirectory account policies for users. 
  The existing eDirectory policies on the user accounts can still be
  applied even after integrating with RADIUS. Also, you can make use
  of the intruder lockout facility of eDirectory by logging the
  failed logins into eDirectory.

For configuration information please refer to the Novell documentation