MACOSX   [plain text]

	Installing FreeRADIUS on MAC OSX

1) download, unzip and untar freeradius.tar.gz

2) $ ./configure --disable-shared

   To build static libraries.  MAC OSX has a strange dynamic library
   system, which FreeRADIUS doesn't currently support.

3) $ make

4) There may be issues building the rlm_eap and rlm_sql modules.  The
   simplest way to work around them is to edit '../'.
   The last line should start off with "MODULES".  Delete 'rlm_eap'
   and 'rlm_sql' from that line, and do 'make' again.

   If you've deleted the 'eap' and 'sql' modules, double-check
   'radiusd.conf' to delete any reference it has to 'eap' or 'sql'.

5) $ make install

6) Now run radiusd -X and test things out with radtest, as specified
in the FAQ.

7) Assuming everything works, set up your clients.conf and other config
files as appropriate to suit your needs and set radiusd to run on boot and
you're done.  See 'README' in this directory.

That's about it.  FreeRADIUS works for me and I'm happy now.  :-)

Author: Philip Kearney <>