iff   [plain text]

# iff:	file(1) magic for Interchange File Format (see also "audio" & "images")
# Daniel Quinlan (quinlan@yggdrasil.com) -- IFF was designed by Electronic
# Arts for file interchange.  It has also been used by Apple, SGI, and
# especially Commodore-Amiga.
# IFF files begin with an 8 byte FORM header, followed by a 4 character
# FORM type, which is followed by the first chunk in the FORM.

0	string		FORM		IFF data
#>4	belong		x		\b, FORM is %d bytes long
# audio formats
>8	string		AIFF		\b, AIFF audio
>8	string		AIFC		\b, AIFF-C compressed audio
>8	string		8SVX		\b, 8SVX 8-bit sampled sound voice
>8	string		SAMP		\b, SAMP sampled audio
>8	string		DTYP		\b, DTYP datatype description
>8	string		PTCH		\b, PTCH binary patch
# image formats
>8	string		ILBMBMHD	\b, ILBM interleaved image
>>20	beshort		x		\b, %d x
>>22	beshort		x		%d
>8	string		RGBN		\b, RGBN 12-bit RGB image
>8	string		RGB8		\b, RGB8 24-bit RGB image
>8	string		DR2D		\b, DR2D 2-D object
>8	string		TDDD		\b, TDDD 3-D rendering
# other formats
>8	string		FTXT		\b, FTXT formatted text
>8	string		CTLG		\b, CTLG message catalog
>8	string		PREF		\b, PREF preferences