md5global.h   [plain text]

 * For license terms, see the file COPYING in this directory.
 * md5global.h    Global declarations for MD5 module used by fetchmail

#ifndef MD5GLOBAL_H__
#define MD5GLOBAL_H__ 
/* GLOBAL.H - RSAREF types and constants

/* force prototypes on, we need ANSI C anyway */
#define PROTOTYPES 1

/* POINTER defines a generic pointer type */
typedef unsigned char *POINTER;

/* UINT2 defines a two byte word */
typedef unsigned short int UINT2;

/* UINT4 defines a four byte word */
#if SIZEOF_INT == 4
typedef unsigned int UINT4;
typedef unsigned long int UINT4;

/* PROTO_LIST is defined depending on how PROTOTYPES is defined above.
If using PROTOTYPES, then PROTO_LIST returns the list, otherwise it
  returns an empty list.
#define PROTO_LIST(list) list
#define PROTO_LIST(list) ()

#endif  /* MD5GLOBAL_H__ */