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# Makefile for fetchmail

# If you're running QNX, we can't assume a working autoconf.
# So just uncomment all the lines marked QNX.

PACKAGE = fetchmail
VERSION = 5.9.11

# Ultrix 2.2 make doesn't expand the value of VPATH.
srcdir = @srcdir@
VPATH = @srcdir@

CC = @CC@
# CC = cc		# QNX

# CFLAGS =  -g2 -5	# QNX
# LDFLAGS =  -g2 -5 -N64k	# QNX
# YACC = yacc
YACCFLAGS = -d # -t


# for gettext (used by fetchmail.c, NOT by GNU gettext)
localedir = $(datadir)/locale

# How to invoke ranlib.  This is only used by the `glob' subdirectory.

# NeXT 1.0a uses an old version of GCC, which required -D__inline=inline.
# See also `config.h'.
DEFS = @DEFS@ @EXTRADEFS@ -DLOCALEDIR=\"$(localedir)\"
defines = $(DEFS)

# If your system needs extra libraries loaded in, define them here.
# In particular, add -lresolv if you are running bind 4.9.5
# LOADLIBS = -lsocket3r -lunix3r	# QNX

# Any extra object files your system needs.
extras = @LIBOBJS@

# Extra sources/objects for library functions not provided on the host system.
# EXTRASRC = $(srcdir)/strcasecmp.c $(srcdir)/alloca.c	# QNX
# EXTRAOBJ = strcasecmp.o alloca.o getopt.o getopt1.o


# Common prefix for machine-independent installed files.
prefix = @prefix@
# Common prefix for machine-dependent installed files.
exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@

# Directory in which to install.
bindir = @bindir@
# Directory to install the Info files in.
infodir = @infodir@
# Directory to install data files.
datadir = @datadir@
# Number to put on the man page filename.
manext = 1
# Directory to install the man page in.
mandir = @mandir@/man$(manext)
mandirext = $(mandir)/man$(manext)

# Toplevel build directory
top_builddir = .
top_srcdir = @top_srcdir@

# Program to install `make'.
# Program to install the man page.
# Generic install program.

# Program to format Texinfo source into Info files.
MAKEINFO = makeinfo
# Program to format Texinfo source into DVI files.
TEXI2DVI = texi2dvi

# Programs to make tags files.
ETAGS = etags
CTAGS = ctags

protobjs = rcfile_y.o rcfile_l.o socket.o getpass.o pop2.o pop3.o imap.o \
       etrn.o odmr.o fetchmail.o idle.o env.o options.o daemon.o driver.o \
       transact.o sink.o rfc822.o smtp.o xmalloc.o uid.o mxget.o md5ify.o \
       cram.o kerberos.o gssapi.o opie.o rpa.o interface.o netrc.o base64.o \
       report.o unmime.o conf.o checkalias.o smbdes.o smbencrypt.o smbmd4.o \
       smbutil.o ipv6-connect.o lock.o

objs = $(protobjs) $(extras) $(EXTRAOBJ)

srcs = $(srcdir)/socket.c $(srcdir)/getpass.c $(srcdir)/pop2.c 		\
       $(srcdir)/pop3.c $(srcdir)/imap.c $(srcdir)/etrn.c 		\
       $(srcdir)/odmr.c $(srcdir)/fetchmail.c $(srcdir)/env.c 		\
       $(srcdir)/idle.c	$(srcdir)/options.c $(srcdir)/daemon.c 		\
       $(srcdir)/driver.c $(srcdir)/transact.c $(srcdir)/sink.c 	\
       $(srcdir)/rfc822.c $(srcdir)/smtp.c $(srcdir)/xmalloc.c 		\
       $(srcdir)/uid.c $(srcdir)/mxget.c $(srcdir)/md5ify.c   		\
       $(srcdir)/cram.c $(srcdir)/kerberos.c $(srcdir)/gssapi.c 	\
       $(srcdir)/opie.c $(srcdir)/rpa.c $(srcdir)/interface.c 		\
       $(srcdir)/netrc.c $(srcdir)/base64.c $(srcdir)/report.c 		\
       $(srcdir)/unmime.c $(srcdir)/conf.c $(srcdir)/checkalias.c 	\
       $(srcdir)/smbdes.c $(srcdir)/smbencrypt.c $(srcdir)/smbmd4.c 	\
       $(srcdir)/smbutil.c $(srcdir)/ipv6-connect.c $(srcdir)/lock.c

.SUFFIXES: .o .c .h .y .l .ps .dvi .info .texi

all: fetchmail po

# Some makes apparently use .PHONY as the default goal if it is before `all'.
.PHONY: all

fetchmail: $(objs) @INTLDEPS@
	$(CC) $(LDEFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) $(objs) $(LOADLIBS) -o fetchmail

@INTLDEPS@:	dummy
	cd intl; $(MAKE)

po:	dummy
	cd po; $(MAKE)


# Tester for address parsing
rfc822: rfc822.c
	gcc -DTESTMAIN -g rfc822.c -o rfc822

# Stand-alone MIME decoder
unmime: unmime.c base64.c rfc822.c xmalloc.c report.c

# Stand-alone netrc tester
netrc: netrc.c xmalloc.o report.o

	$(CC) $(defines) -c $(CPFLAGS) -I. -I$(srcdir) -I$(top_builddir)/intl -I$(top_srcdir)/intl $(CEFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) $<

# For some losing Unix makes.
SHELL = /bin/sh

tagsrcs = $(srcs) rcfile_l.c rcfile_y.c
TAGS: $(tagsrcs)
	$(ETAGS) $(tagsrcs)
tags: $(tagsrcs)
	$(CTAGS) $(tagsrcs)

.PHONY: install install-strip uninstall
	@echo "Creating installation directories..." 
	$(SHELL) ${srcdir}/mkinstalldirs $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) $(DESTDIR)$(mandirext)
	@echo "Installing fetchmail binary..."
	$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) ./fetchmail $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/fetchmail
	@echo "Installing fetchmail configurator..."
	$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) ${srcdir}/fetchmailconf $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/fetchmailconf
	@echo "Installing manual page..."
	$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/ $(DESTDIR)$(mandirext)/fetchmail.$(manext)
	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(mandirext)/fetchmailconf.$(manext)
	cd $(DESTDIR)$(mandirext) && ln -s fetchmail.$(manext) fetchmailconf.$(manext)
	@echo "Installing language catalogs..."
	-cd intl; $(MAKE) install
	cd po; $(MAKE) install


	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/fetchmail $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/fetchmailconf
	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(mandir)/fetchmail.$(manext) $(DESTDIR)$(mandir)/fetchmailconf.$(manext)
	-cd intl; $(MAKE) uninstall
	cd po; $(MAKE) uninstall

.PHONY: clean realclean distclean mostlyclean
	-cd intl; $(MAKE) clean
	-rm -f $(top_builddir)/intl/libintl.h # work around GNU gettext brain-damage
	-cd po; $(MAKE) clean
	-rm -f fetchmail *.o core fetchmail.dvi \
	       rcfile_l.c rcfile_y.h rcfile_y.c \
	       fetchmail.tar fetchmail.tar.gz \
	       netrc rfc822 unmime fetchmail-man.html

# This target would also normally invoke the following line, but doing so
# messes up the RPM build, so the line was disabled.
# -rm -f config.h config.cache config.status config.log stamp-config
distclean: clean 
	-cd intl; $(MAKE) distclean
	-cd po; $(MAKE) distclean
	-rm -f TAGS tags

realclean: distclean
	-rm -f config.cache config.log Makefile
	-rm -f fetchmail-*.tar.gz fetchmail-*.i386.rpm 

mostlyclean: clean

# These magic rules are copied from the autoconf documentation
# except that Harry McGavran says the autoheader call in the third
# one below is unnecessary and causes problems with cross-platform builds.

# This tells versions [3.59,3.63) of GNU make not to export all variables.

# Special dependencies, not easily handled portably without explicit rules
rcfile_l.c rcfile_l.h: $(srcdir)/rcfile_l.l
	$(LEX) $(LEXFLAGS) $(srcdir)/rcfile_l.l
	sed <lex.yy.c >rcfile_l.c -e "/lex\\.yy\\.c/s//rcfile_l.c/"
	rm -f lex.yy.c
rcfile_y.c rcfile_y.h: $(srcdir)/rcfile_y.y
	@echo "expect conflicts:  2 shift/reduce"
	$(YACC) $(YACCFLAGS) $(srcdir)/rcfile_y.y
	mv rcfile_y.c
	mv -f rcfile_y.h

# These must be explicit, because the .c files often don't exist at
# makefile build time. 
rcfile_l.o: rcfile_l.c config.h fetchmail.h
rcfile_y.o: rcfile_y.c config.h fetchmail.h

parser = $(srcdir)/rcfile_l.l $(srcdir)/rcfile_y.y
headers = $(srcdir)/fetchmail.h $(srcdir)/socket.h $(srcdir)/smtp.h \
	$(srcdir)/mx.h $(srcdir)/md5.h \
	$(srcdir)/netrc.h $(srcdir)/tunable.h $(srcdir)/i18n.h \
	$(srcdir)/ntlm.h $(srcdir)/smb.h $(srcdir)/kerberos.h \
	$(srcdir)/smbbyteorder.h $(srcdir)/smbdes.h $(srcdir)/smbencrypt.h \
extra = $(srcdir)/alloca.c $(srcdir)/strcasecmp.c $(srcdir)/strstr.c \
	$(srcdir)/memmove.c $(srcdir)/md5c.c $(srcdir)/getopt.[ch] $(srcdir)/getopt1.c 
docs = $(srcdir)/COPYING $(srcdir)/FEATURES $(srcdir)/fetchmail-features.html \
	$(srcdir)/design-notes.html $(srcdir)/NOTES \
	$(srcdir)/todo.html $(srcdir)/TODO \
	$(srcdir)/INSTALL $(srcdir)/README $(srcdir)/README.SSL \
	$(srcdir)/README.NTLM $(srcdir)/fetchmail.lsm $(srcdir)/NEWS \
	$(srcdir)/*.man	$(srcdir)/FAQ $(srcdir)/fetchmail-FAQ.html
config = $(srcdir)/ $(srcdir)/ $(srcdir)/configure \
	$(srcdir)/config.guess $(srcdir)/ $(srcdir)/config.sub \
	$(srcdir)/acconfig.h $(srcdir)/aclocal.m4
scripts = $(srcdir)/install-sh $(srcdir)/missing $(srcdir)/mkinstalldirs \
	$(srcdir)/ $(srcdir)/ $(srcdir)/fetchmailconf
all = $(docs) $(config) $(srcs) $(parser) $(headers) $(extra) $(scripts) \
	$(srcdir)/rh-config/* $(srcdir)/contrib/*[A-Za-uw-z] \
	$(srcdir)/po/* $(srcdir)/intl $(srcdir)/beos/* ABOUT-NLS $(srcdir)/MANIFEST

MANIFEST: $(srcdir)
	@echo $(all) | tr "[ \t]" '\n' | sed -e '/^\.\//s///' | sort >MANIFEST
	@wc -l MANIFEST

distdocs: FAQ FEATURES NOTES fetchmail-man.html

FAQ: fetchmail-FAQ.html
	echo "   (This document was generated from fetchmail-FAQ.html)" >FAQ
	lynx -dump -nolist fetchmail-FAQ.html >>FAQ

FEATURES: fetchmail-features.html
	echo "   (This document was generated from fetchmail-features.html)" >FEATURES
	lynx -dump -nolist fetchmail-features.html | grep -v "Back to " >>FEATURES

NOTES: design-notes.html
	echo "   (This document was generated from design-notes.html)" >NOTES
	lynx -dump -nolist design-notes.html | grep -v "Back to " >>NOTES

TODO: todo.html
	echo "   (This document was generated from todo.html)" >TODO
	lynx -dump -nolist todo.html | grep -v "Back to " >>TODO

# man2html no longer chokes and dies on this man page,
# but does a much better job. 
fetchmail-man.html: >fetchmail-man.html

# Make distribution, update LSM with proper size, remake distribution
# (Making fetchmail-man.html is a kluge to ensure that it will be
# available when I upload the distribution.)
dist: distclean MANIFEST distdocs
	touch fetchmail.lsm
	make fetchmail-$(VERSION).tar.gz $(VERSION) `wc -c fetchmail-$(VERSION).tar.gz` >fetchmail.lsm
	make fetchmail-$(VERSION).tar.gz
	#-cd po; make update-po
	ls -l fetchmail-$(VERSION).tar.gz
	@echo "Don't forget to build RPMs from root!"

# Firewall against the lossage in autoconf that keeps breaking our build.
EX = --exclude "fetchmail-$(VERSION)/intl/libintl.h"
fetchmail-$(VERSION).tar.gz: $(all)
	(cd ..; ln -sf fetchmail fetchmail-$(VERSION))
	(cd ..; tar $(EX) -czf fetchmail-$(VERSION).tar.gz `sed <fetchmail-$(VERSION)/MANIFEST s:^:fetchmail-$(VERSION)/:`)
	mv -f ../fetchmail-$(VERSION).tar.gz .
	rm ../fetchmail-$(VERSION)

# Make RPMs.  You need to be root to make this work
RPM = rpm
rpm: dist
	cp fetchmail-$(VERSION).tar.gz fetchmail.xpm $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES;
	$(srcdir)/ $(VERSION) >$(RPMROOT)/SPECS/fetchmail.spec
	cd $(RPMROOT)/SPECS; $(RPM) $(RPMFLAGS) fetchmail.spec	
	cp $(RPMROOT)/RPMS/`arch|sed 's/i[4-9]86/i386/'`/fetchmail*-$(VERSION)*.rpm $(srcdir)
	cp $(RPMROOT)/SRPMS/fetchmail*-$(VERSION)*.src.rpm $(srcdir)

# The following sets edit modes for GNU EMACS.
# Local Variables:
# compile-command:"configure"
# End:

# Automatically generated dependencies will be put at the end of the makefile.