zh_CN.po   [plain text]

# Chinese translations for fetchmail package
# fetchmail 软件包的简体中文翻译.
# Copyright (C) 2008 Eric S. Raymond (msgids)
# This file is distributed under the same license as the fetchmail package.
# Ji ZhengYu <zhengyuji@gmail.com>, 2008, 2009, 2010
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: fetchmail 6.3.18-pre1\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: fetchmail-devel@lists.berlios.de\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2010-10-09 13:33+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2010-09-19 14:34+0800\n"
"Last-Translator: Ji ZhengYu <zhengyuji@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Chinese (simplified) <i18n-zh@googlegroups.com>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"

#: checkalias.c:179
#, c-format
msgid "Checking if %s is really the same node as %s\n"
msgstr "正在检查 %s 是否与节点 %s 一致\n"

#: checkalias.c:183
msgid "Yes, their IP addresses match\n"
msgstr "正确,它们的 IP 地址相同\n"

#: checkalias.c:187
msgid "No, their IP addresses don't match\n"
msgstr "错误,它们的 IP 地址不同\n"

#: checkalias.c:203
#, c-format
msgid "nameserver failure while looking for '%s' during poll of %s: %s\n"
msgstr "收取 %2$s 中邮件并查找 ‘%1$s’ 时 nameserver 出错: %3$s\n"

#: checkalias.c:228
#, c-format
msgid "nameserver failure while looking for `%s' during poll of %s.\n"
msgstr "收取 %2$s 中邮件并查找 ‘%1$s’ 时 nameserver 出错。\n"

#: cram.c:95
msgid "could not decode BASE64 challenge\n"
msgstr "无法解析 BASE64 编码请求\n"

#: cram.c:103
#, c-format
msgid "decoded as %s\n"
msgstr "以 %s 解码\n"

#: driver.c:193
#, c-format
msgid "kerberos error %s\n"
msgstr "kerberos 认证系统出错 %s\n"

#: driver.c:253 driver.c:259
#, c-format
msgid "krb5_sendauth: %s [server says '%s']\n"
msgstr "krb5_sendauth: %s [ 服务器响应 \"%s\"]\n"

#: driver.c:339
msgid "Subject: Fetchmail oversized-messages warning"
msgstr "主题: Fetchmail 超大邮件警告"

#: driver.c:343
#, c-format
msgid "The following oversized messages were deleted on server %s account %s:"
msgstr "以下超大邮件从服务器 %s 上删除,帐号为 %s:"

#: driver.c:347
#, c-format
msgid "The following oversized messages remain on server %s account %s:"
msgstr "以下超大邮件留在了服务器 %s 上,帐号为 %s:"

#: driver.c:366
#, c-format
msgid "  %d message  %d octets long deleted by fetchmail."
msgid_plural "  %d messages %d octets long deleted by fetchmail."
msgstr[0] "fetchmail 删除 %d 封邮件, %d 字节。"

#: driver.c:371
#, c-format
msgid "  %d message  %d octets long skipped by fetchmail."
msgid_plural "  %d messages %d octets long skipped by fetchmail."
msgstr[0] "fetchmail 跳过 %d 封邮件,%d octets。"

#: driver.c:518
#, c-format
msgid "skipping message %s@%s:%d"
msgstr "忽略 %s@%s:%d 封邮件"

#: driver.c:572
#, c-format
msgid "skipping message %s@%s:%d (%d octets)"
msgstr "跳过 %s@%s:%d 封邮件(%d 字节)"

#: driver.c:588
msgid " (length -1)"
msgstr "( 长度 -1)"

#: driver.c:591
msgid " (oversized)"
msgstr "(超大)"

#: driver.c:609
#, c-format
msgid "couldn't fetch headers, message %s@%s:%d (%d octets)\n"
msgstr "无法获取邮件头,邮件 %s@%s:%d (%d 字节)\n"

#: driver.c:626
#, c-format
msgid "reading message %s@%s:%d of %d"
msgstr "读取 %1$s@%2$s:%4$d 封中的 %3$d 封邮件"

#: driver.c:631
#, c-format
msgid " (%d octets)"
msgstr " (%d 字节)"

#: driver.c:632
#, c-format
msgid " (%d header octets)"
msgstr "(邮件头 %d 字节)"

#: driver.c:699
#, c-format
msgid " (%d body octets)"
msgstr "(邮件内容 %d 字节)"

#: driver.c:758
#, c-format
msgid ""
"message %s@%s:%d was not the expected length (%d actual != %d expected)\n"
msgstr "%s@%s:%d 邮件非所需大小 (实际 %d 字节!= 所要求的 %d 字节)\n"

#: driver.c:790
msgid " retained\n"
msgstr "已保留\n"

#: driver.c:800
msgid " flushed\n"
msgstr "已删除\n"

#: driver.c:817
msgid " not flushed\n"
msgstr "未删除\n"

#: driver.c:835
#, c-format
msgid "fetchlimit %d reached; %d message left on server %s account %s\n"
msgid_plural ""
"fetchlimit %d reached; %d messages left on server %s account %s\n"
msgstr[0] "到达收件上限 %d;%d 封邮件留在服务器 %s 帐号为 %s\n"

#: driver.c:892
#, c-format
msgid "timeout after %d seconds waiting to connect to server %s.\n"
msgstr "等待连接服务器 %2$s %1$d 秒后超时。\n"

#: driver.c:896
#, c-format
msgid "timeout after %d seconds waiting for server %s.\n"
msgstr "等待服务器 %2$s %1$d 秒后超时。\n"

#: driver.c:900
#, c-format
msgid "timeout after %d seconds waiting for %s.\n"
msgstr "等待 %2$s %1$d 秒后超时。\n"

#: driver.c:905
#, c-format
msgid "timeout after %d seconds waiting for listener to respond.\n"
msgstr "等待接收端 %d 秒无响应超时。\n"

#: driver.c:908
#, c-format
msgid "timeout after %d seconds.\n"
msgstr "等待 %d 秒后超时。\n"

#: driver.c:920
msgid "Subject: fetchmail sees repeated timeouts"
msgstr "主题: fetchmail 发现反复超时"

#: driver.c:923
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Fetchmail saw more than %d timeouts while attempting to get mail from %s@%"
msgstr "Fetchmail 尝试从 %2$s@%3$s 收取邮件时发现多于 %1$d 次超时。\n"

#: driver.c:927
msgid ""
"This could mean that your mailserver is stuck, or that your SMTP\n"
"server is wedged, or that your mailbox file on the server has been\n"
"corrupted by a server error.  You can run `fetchmail -v -v' to\n"
"diagnose the problem.\n"
"Fetchmail won't poll this mailbox again until you restart it.\n"
msgstr ""
"这可能意味着您的邮件服务器正忙,或者您的 SMTP 服务器拥挤,\n"
"运行 ‘fetchmail -v -v’ 来分析这个问题\n"
"Fetchmail 不会再查寻此邮箱中的邮件,除非您重启\n"

#: driver.c:953
#, c-format
msgid "pre-connection command terminated with signal %d\n"
msgstr "预连接命令终止,返回信号 %d\n"

#: driver.c:956
#, c-format
msgid "pre-connection command failed with status %d\n"
msgstr "预连接命令失败,状态码 %d\n"

#: driver.c:980
#, c-format
msgid "couldn't find HESIOD pobox for %s\n"
msgstr "HESIOD pobox 中找不到 %s\n"

#: driver.c:1001
msgid "Lead server has no name.\n"
msgstr "主服务器无名字。\n"

#: driver.c:1028
#, c-format
msgid "couldn't find canonical DNS name of %s (%s): %s\n"
msgstr "无法找到规范的 %s (%s) 的 DNS 名称: %s\n"

#: driver.c:1075
#, c-format
msgid "%s connection to %s failed"
msgstr "%s 连接至 %s 时失败"

#: driver.c:1091
msgid "Subject: Fetchmail unreachable-server warning."
msgstr "主题: Fetchmail 警告,找不到服务器。"

#: driver.c:1093
#, c-format
msgid "Fetchmail could not reach the mail server %s:"
msgstr "Fetchmail 不能找到邮件服务器 %s:"

#: driver.c:1122
msgid "SSL connection failed.\n"
msgstr "SSL 连接失败。\n"

#: driver.c:1177
#, c-format
msgid "Lock-busy error on %s@%s\n"
msgstr "%s@%s 出现死锁错误\n"

#: driver.c:1181
#, c-format
msgid "Server busy error on %s@%s\n"
msgstr "%s@%s 出现服务器繁忙错误\n"

#: driver.c:1186
#, c-format
msgid "Authorization failure on %s@%s%s\n"
msgstr "%s@%s%s 出现授权失败错误\n"

#: driver.c:1189
msgid " (previously authorized)"
msgstr "(事先已授权)"

#: driver.c:1192
msgid "For help, see http://www.fetchmail.info/fetchmail-FAQ.html#R15\n"
msgstr ""

#: driver.c:1213
#, c-format
msgid "Subject: fetchmail authentication failed on %s@%s"
msgstr "主题: fetchmail 在 %s@%s 上验证失败"

#: driver.c:1217
#, c-format
msgid "Fetchmail could not get mail from %s@%s.\n"
msgstr "Fetchmail 无法从 %s@%s 中获取邮件。\n"

#: driver.c:1221
msgid ""
"The attempt to get authorization failed.\n"
"Since we have already succeeded in getting authorization for this\n"
"connection, this is probably another failure mode (such as busy server)\n"
"that fetchmail cannot distinguish because the server didn't send a useful\n"
"error message."
msgstr ""
" fetchmail 无法区分这些错误。"

#: driver.c:1227
msgid ""
"However, if you HAVE changed your account details since starting the\n"
"fetchmail daemon, you need to stop the daemon, change your configuration\n"
"of fetchmail, and then restart the daemon.\n"
"The fetchmail daemon will continue running and attempt to connect\n"
"at each cycle.  No future notifications will be sent until service\n"
"is restored."
msgstr ""
"但是,如果您在开启 fetchmail 后台服务后确实改过帐户信息,那您必须\n"
"先停止后台服务,然后修改您的 fetchmail 配置,最后再重启服务。\n"
"fetchmail 后台服务会继续运行并在每次被唤醒时尝试进行连接。除非\n"

#: driver.c:1237
msgid ""
"The attempt to get authorization failed.\n"
"This probably means your password is invalid, but some servers have\n"
"other failure modes that fetchmail cannot distinguish from this\n"
"because they don't send useful error messages on login failure.\n"
"The fetchmail daemon will continue running and attempt to connect\n"
"at each cycle.  No future notifications will be sent until service\n"
"is restored."
msgstr ""
"错误信息,因此这就导致了 fetchmail 无法与其它的错误情况进行区分。\n"
"fetchmail 后台服务会继续运行并在每次被唤醒时尝试进行连接。除非服务\n"

#: driver.c:1253
#, c-format
msgid "Repoll immediately on %s@%s\n"
msgstr "立即从 %s@%s 中重新收件\n"

#: driver.c:1258
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown login or authentication error on %s@%s\n"
msgstr "%s@%s 有未知的登录或验证错误\n"

#: driver.c:1282
#, c-format
msgid "Authorization OK on %s@%s\n"
msgstr "验证正确 %s@%s\n"

#: driver.c:1288
#, c-format
msgid "Subject: fetchmail authentication OK on %s@%s"
msgstr "主题: fetchmail 验证正确 %s@%s"

#: driver.c:1292
#, c-format
msgid "Fetchmail was able to log into %s@%s.\n"
msgstr "Fetchmail 可登录 %s@%s。\n"

#: driver.c:1296
msgid "Service has been restored.\n"
msgstr "服务已经被重置。\n"

#: driver.c:1328
#, c-format
msgid "selecting or re-polling folder %s\n"
msgstr "正在选择或重新检索邮箱 %s\n"

#: driver.c:1330
msgid "selecting or re-polling default folder\n"
msgstr "正在选择或重检默认邮箱\n"

#: driver.c:1342
#, c-format
msgid "%s at %s (folder %s)"
msgstr "%s 在 %s (邮箱 %s)"

#: driver.c:1345 rcfile_y.y:390
#, c-format
msgid "%s at %s"
msgstr "%s 在 %s"

#: driver.c:1350
#, c-format
msgid "Polling %s\n"
msgstr "正在检取 %s\n"

#: driver.c:1354
#, c-format
msgid "%d message (%d %s) for %s"
msgid_plural "%d messages (%d %s) for %s"
msgstr[0] "%4$s 有 %1$d 封邮件 (%2$d %3$s)"

#: driver.c:1357
msgid "seen"
msgid_plural "seen"
msgstr[0] "已读"

#: driver.c:1360
#, c-format
msgid "%d message for %s"
msgid_plural "%d messages for %s"
msgstr[0] "%2$s 有 %1$d 封邮件"

#: driver.c:1367
#, c-format
msgid " (%d octets).\n"
msgstr "(%d 字节)。\n"

#: driver.c:1373
#, c-format
msgid "No mail for %s\n"
msgstr "%s 无邮件\n"

#: driver.c:1406
msgid "bogus message count!"
msgstr "发现无效邮件!"

#: driver.c:1549
msgid "socket"
msgstr "套接口"

#: driver.c:1552
msgid "missing or bad RFC822 header"
msgstr "未找到或错误的 RFC822 协议头"

#: driver.c:1555
msgid "MDA"
msgstr "MDA"

#: driver.c:1558
msgid "client/server synchronization"
msgstr "客户端/服务器同步"

#: driver.c:1561
msgid "client/server protocol"
msgstr "客户端/服务器协议"

#: driver.c:1564
msgid "lock busy on server"
msgstr "服务器死锁"

#: driver.c:1567
msgid "SMTP transaction"
msgstr "处理 SMTP"

#: driver.c:1570
msgid "DNS lookup"
msgstr "查询 DNS"

#: driver.c:1573
msgid "undefined"
msgstr "未定义"

#: driver.c:1579
#, c-format
msgid "%s error while fetching from %s@%s and delivering to SMTP host %s\n"
msgstr "从 %2$s@%3$s 收邮件并投递至 SMTP 主机 %4$s 时出现错误 %1$s\n"

#: driver.c:1581
msgid "unknown"
msgstr "未知"

#: driver.c:1583
#, c-format
msgid "%s error while fetching from %s@%s\n"
msgstr "从 %2$s@%3$s 收件时产生错误 %1$s\n"

#: driver.c:1595
#, c-format
msgid "post-connection command terminated with signal %d\n"
msgstr "执行后续程序失败,返回信号 %d\n"

#: driver.c:1597
#, c-format
msgid "post-connection command failed with status %d\n"
msgstr "执行后续程序失败,状态码 %d\n"

#: driver.c:1616
msgid "Kerberos V4 support not linked.\n"
msgstr "未连接 Kerberos V4 支持\n"

#: driver.c:1624
msgid "Kerberos V5 support not linked.\n"
msgstr "未连接 Kerberos V5 支持\n"

#: driver.c:1635
#, c-format
msgid "Option --flush is not supported with %s\n"
msgstr "%s 不支持 --flush 选项\n"

#: driver.c:1641
#, c-format
msgid "Option --all is not supported with %s\n"
msgstr "%s 不支持 --all 选项\n"

#: driver.c:1650
#, c-format
msgid "Option --limit is not supported with %s\n"
msgstr "%s 不支持 --limit 选项\n"

#: env.c:61
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s: The QMAILINJECT environment variable is set.\n"
"This is dangerous as it can make qmail-inject or qmail's sendmail wrapper\n"
"tamper with your From: or Message-ID: headers.\n"
"%s: Abort.\n"
msgstr ""
"%s: 设置了 QMAILINJECT 环境变量。\n"
"这很危险,由于它会引起 qmail-inject 或是 qmail 调用 sendmail,\n"
"由此窜改您邮件头中的 From: 或是 Message-ID 字段。\n"
"尝试用 “env QMAILINJECT= %s 您的参数”\n"
"%s: 退出\n"

#: env.c:73
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s: The NULLMAILER_FLAGS environment variable is set.\n"
"This is dangerous as it can make nullmailer-inject or nullmailer's\n"
"sendmail wrapper tamper with your From:, Message-ID: or Return-Path: "
"%s: Abort.\n"
msgstr ""
"%s: 设置了 NULLMAILER_FLAGS 环境变量。\n"
"这很危险,由于它会引起 nullmailer-inject 或是 nullmailer 调用\n"
"sendmail,由此窜改您邮件头中的 From: ,Message-ID 或是\n"
"Return-Path:字段。尝试用 “env NULLMAILER_FLAGS= %s  您的参数”\n"
"%s: 退出\n"

#: env.c:85
#, c-format
msgid "%s: You don't exist.  Go away.\n"
msgstr "%s: 不存在您的用户名,退出\n"

#: env.c:149
#, c-format
msgid "%s: can't determine your host!"
msgstr "%s: 无法确认您的主机!"

#: env.c:172
#, c-format
msgid "gethostbyname failed for %s\n"
msgstr "%s 主机上 gethostbyname 函数出错\n"

#: env.c:174
msgid "Cannot find my own host in hosts database to qualify it!\n"
msgstr "无法在主机数据库中找到自己的主机来验证它!\n"

#: env.c:178
msgid ""
"Trying to continue with unqualified hostname.\n"
"DO NOT report broken Received: headers, HELO/EHLO lines or similar "
"DO repair your /etc/hosts, DNS, NIS or LDAP instead.\n"
msgstr ""
"不要报告类似于 Received:,HELO/EHLO 邮件头损坏等问题!\n"
"确保您已修正了 /etc/hosts,DNS,NIS 或者 LDAP。\n"

#: etrn.c:49 odmr.c:61
#, c-format
msgid "%s's SMTP listener does not support ESMTP\n"
msgstr "%s 的 SMTP 端不支持 ESMTP\n"

#: etrn.c:55
#, c-format
msgid "%s's SMTP listener does not support ETRN\n"
msgstr "%s 的 SMTP 端不支持 ETRN\n"

#: etrn.c:79
#, c-format
msgid "Queuing for %s started\n"
msgstr "开始对 %s 进行排队处理\n"

#: etrn.c:84
#, c-format
msgid "No messages waiting for %s\n"
msgstr "不存在等待 %s 的邮件\n"

#: etrn.c:90
#, c-format
msgid "Pending messages for %s started\n"
msgstr "对 %s 进行挂起邮件处理\n"

#: etrn.c:94
#, c-format
msgid "Unable to queue messages for node %s\n"
msgstr "无法对 %s 节点进行邮件排队\n"

#: etrn.c:98
#, c-format
msgid "Node %s not allowed: %s\n"
msgstr "不允许节点 %s: %s\n"

#: etrn.c:102
msgid "ETRN syntax error\n"
msgstr "ETRN 语法错误\n"

#: etrn.c:106
msgid "ETRN syntax error in parameters\n"
msgstr "ETRN 的参数中有语法错误\n"

#: etrn.c:110
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown ETRN error %d\n"
msgstr "未知的 ETRN 错误 %d\n"

#: etrn.c:154
msgid "Option --keep is not supported with ETRN\n"
msgstr "ETRN 不支持 --keep 选项\n"

#: etrn.c:158
msgid "Option --flush is not supported with ETRN\n"
msgstr "ETRN 不支持 --flush 选项\n"

#: etrn.c:162
msgid "Option --folder is not supported with ETRN\n"
msgstr "ETRN 不支持 --folder 选项\n"

#: etrn.c:166
msgid "Option --check is not supported with ETRN\n"
msgstr "ETRN 不支持 --check 选项\n"

#: fetchmail.c:137
msgid ""
"Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 Eric S. Raymond\n"
"Copyright (C) 2004 Matthias Andree, Eric S. Raymond,\n"
"                   Robert M. Funk, Graham Wilson\n"
"Copyright (C) 2005 - 2006, 2010 Sunil Shetye\n"
"Copyright (C) 2005 - 2010 Matthias Andree\n"
msgstr ""
"Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 Eric S. Raymond\n"
"Copyright (C) 2004 Matthias Andree, Eric S. Raymond,\n"
"                   Robert M. Funk, Graham Wilson\n"
"Copyright (C) 2005 - 2006, 2010 Sunil Shetye\n"
"Copyright (C) 2005 - 2010 Matthias Andree\n"

#: fetchmail.c:143
msgid ""
"Fetchmail comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you\n"
"are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. For details,\n"
"please see the file COPYING in the source or documentation directory.\n"
msgstr ""
"Fetchmail 绝对不含任何保证。这是自由软件,而您被鼓励在一定条件下\n"
"详情请看源文件或是文档目录中的 COPYING 部分。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:181
msgid "WARNING: Running as root is discouraged.\n"
msgstr "警告: 不提倡以 root 身份运行\n"

#: fetchmail.c:193
msgid "fetchmail: invoked with"
msgstr "fetchmail: 调用参数"

#: fetchmail.c:217
msgid "could not get current working directory\n"
msgstr "无法得到当前工作目录\n"

#: fetchmail.c:288
#, c-format
msgid "This is fetchmail release %s"
msgstr "这是 fetchmail 发行版 %s"

#: fetchmail.c:408
#, c-format
msgid "Taking options from command line%s%s\n"
msgstr "正从命令行获得选项 %s%s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:409
msgid " and "
msgstr "和"

#: fetchmail.c:414
#, c-format
msgid "No mailservers set up -- perhaps %s is missing?\n"
msgstr "未设置邮件服务器 -- 可能未找到 %s?\n"

#: fetchmail.c:435
msgid "fetchmail: no mailservers have been specified.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 未指定邮件服务器\n"

#: fetchmail.c:447
msgid "fetchmail: no other fetchmail is running\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 无其它 fetchmail 正在运行\n"

#: fetchmail.c:453
#, c-format
msgid "fetchmail: error killing %s fetchmail at %ld; bailing out.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 终止 %s fetchmail 进程号 %ld 时出错;退出。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:454 fetchmail.c:463
msgid "background"
msgstr "后台"

#: fetchmail.c:454 fetchmail.c:463
msgid "foreground"
msgstr "前台"

#: fetchmail.c:462
#, c-format
msgid "fetchmail: %s fetchmail at %ld killed.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: %s fetchmail 进程号 %ld 终止。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:485
msgid ""
"fetchmail: can't check mail while another fetchmail to same host is "
msgstr "fetchmail: 有另一个 fetchmail 在同一主机上运行时无法检查邮件。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:491
#, c-format
msgid ""
"fetchmail: can't poll specified hosts with another fetchmail running at %"
msgstr ""
"fetchmail: 有另一个 fetchmail 进程号 %ld 在指定主机上运行时无法收邮件。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:498
#, c-format
msgid "fetchmail: another foreground fetchmail is running at %ld.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 另一个前台 fetchmail 进程号 %ld 正在运行。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:508
msgid ""
"fetchmail: can't accept options while a background fetchmail is running.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 有后台 fetchmail 正在运行时无法接受选项\n"

#: fetchmail.c:514
#, c-format
msgid "fetchmail: background fetchmail at %ld awakened.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 后台 fetchmail 进程号 %ld 被唤醒\n"

#: fetchmail.c:526
#, c-format
msgid "fetchmail: elder sibling at %ld died mysteriously.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 上次 fetchmail 进程号 %ld 不明原因的终止\n"

#: fetchmail.c:541
#, c-format
msgid "fetchmail: can't find a password for %s@%s.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 无法找到 %s@%s 的密码\n"

#: fetchmail.c:545
#, c-format
msgid "Enter password for %s@%s: "
msgstr "输入 %s@%s 的密码:"

#: fetchmail.c:587
msgid "fetchmail: Cannot detach into background. Aborting.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 无法转入后台。退出\n"

#: fetchmail.c:591
#, c-format
msgid "starting fetchmail %s daemon\n"
msgstr "开启 fetchmail %s 后台服务\n"

#: fetchmail.c:607 fetchmail.c:609
#, c-format
msgid "could not open %s to append logs to\n"
msgstr "无法打开 %s 添加记录\n"

#: fetchmail.c:611
msgid "fetchmail: Warning: syslog and logfile are set. Check both for logs!\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 警告: 设置了 syslog 和 logfile。通过两者查看记录!\n"

#: fetchmail.c:630
msgid "--check mode enabled, not fetching mail\n"
msgstr "开启 --check 模式, 而非真正取回邮件\n"

#: fetchmail.c:652
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "couldn't time-check %s (error %d)\n"
msgstr "无法时限检测 %s (错误号 %d)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:657
#, c-format
msgid "restarting fetchmail (%s changed)\n"
msgstr "正在重启 fetchmail (%s 改变了)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:662
msgid "attempt to re-exec may fail as directory has not been restored\n"
msgstr "由于目录尚未重置,因此重新执行的尝试可能失败\n"

#: fetchmail.c:689
msgid "attempt to re-exec fetchmail failed\n"
msgstr "重新执行 fetchmail 的尝试失败了\n"

#: fetchmail.c:719
#, c-format
msgid "poll of %s skipped (failed authentication or too many timeouts)\n"
msgstr "忽略收取 %s 的邮件 (验证失败或多次超时)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:731
#, c-format
msgid "interval not reached, not querying %s\n"
msgstr "时间间隔未到,不查寻 %s \n"

#: fetchmail.c:769
msgid "Query status=0 (SUCCESS)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=0 (成功)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:771
msgid "Query status=1 (NOMAIL)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=1 (无邮件)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:773
msgid "Query status=2 (SOCKET)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=2 (套接字输入输出错误)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:775
msgid "Query status=3 (AUTHFAIL)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=3 (用户验证失败)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:777
msgid "Query status=4 (PROTOCOL)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=4 (协议无效)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:779
msgid "Query status=5 (SYNTAX)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=5 (命令行语法错误)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:781
msgid "Query status=6 (IOERR)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=6 (配置文件权限错误)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:783
msgid "Query status=7 (ERROR)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=7 (协议错误)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:785
msgid "Query status=8 (EXCLUDE)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=8 (客户端受到排斥)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:787
msgid "Query status=9 (LOCKBUSY)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=9 (服务器死锁)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:789
msgid "Query status=10 (SMTP)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=10 (SMTP 错误)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:791
msgid "Query status=11 (DNS)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=11 (DNS 错误)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:793
msgid "Query status=12 (BSMTP)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=12 (无法打开批量输出)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:795
msgid "Query status=13 (MAXFETCH)\n"
msgstr "查询状态=13 (到达收件上限)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:797
#, c-format
msgid "Query status=%d\n"
msgstr "查询状态=%d\n"

#: fetchmail.c:839
msgid "All connections are wedged.  Exiting.\n"
msgstr "所有连接堵塞。退出\n"

#: fetchmail.c:847
#, c-format
msgid "sleeping at %s for %d seconds\n"
msgstr "在 %s 休眠 %d 秒\n"

#: fetchmail.c:871
#, c-format
msgid "awakened by %s\n"
msgstr "通过信号 %s 唤醒\n"

#: fetchmail.c:874
#, c-format
msgid "awakened by signal %d\n"
msgstr "通过信号 %d 唤醒\n"

#: fetchmail.c:882
#, c-format
msgid "awakened at %s\n"
msgstr "在 %s 被唤醒\n"

#: fetchmail.c:887
#, c-format
msgid "normal termination, status %d\n"
msgstr "正常结束,返回值 %d\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1046
#, fuzzy
msgid "couldn't time-check the run-control file\n"
msgstr "无法对 run-control 文件进行时限检测\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1080
#, c-format
msgid "Warning: multiple mentions of host %s in config file\n"
msgstr "警告: 在配置文件中多次提及主机 %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1119
msgid "fetchmail: Error: multiple \"defaults\" records in config file.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 错误: 在配置文件中有多个 “default” 记录。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1241
msgid "SSL support is not compiled in.\n"
msgstr "SSL 支持未编译在内\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1248
msgid "KERBEROS v4 support is configured, but not compiled in.\n"
msgstr "设置了 KERBEROS v4 支持,但未编译在内\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1254
msgid "KERBEROS v5 support is configured, but not compiled in.\n"
msgstr "设置了 KERBEROS v5 支持,但未编译在内\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1260
msgid "GSSAPI support is configured, but not compiled in.\n"
msgstr "设置了 GSSAPI 支持,但未编译在内\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1290
#, c-format
msgid ""
"fetchmail: warning: no DNS available to check multidrop fetches from %s\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 警告: 无可用的 DNS 来检查取自 %s 的多投邮件\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1301
#, c-format
msgid "warning: multidrop for %s requires envelope option!\n"
msgstr "警告: %s 设置了多投邮件,需设置 envelope 选项!\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1302
msgid "warning: Do not ask for support if all mail goes to postmaster!\n"
msgstr "警告: 如果所有邮件均被邮件管理员收取,不要寻求支持!\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1319
#, c-format
msgid ""
"fetchmail: %s configuration invalid, specify positive port number for "
"service or port\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: %s 配置无效,为服务或端口指定大于零的端口\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1326
#, c-format
msgid "fetchmail: %s configuration invalid, RPOP requires a privileged port\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: %s 配置无效,RPOP 要求开放一个特许端口\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1344
#, c-format
msgid "%s configuration invalid, LMTP can't use default SMTP port\n"
msgstr "%s 配置无效,LMTP 不能用默认的 SMTP 端口\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1358
msgid "Both fetchall and keep on in daemon or idle mode is a mistake!\n"
msgstr "收取所有邮件并保留服务器上的备份或使用 idle 模式是错误的!\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1383
#, c-format
msgid "terminated with signal %d\n"
msgstr "以信号 %d 终止\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1456
#, c-format
msgid "%s querying %s (protocol %s) at %s: poll started\n"
msgstr "%1$s 在 %4$s 查寻 %2$s (协议 %3$s): 收件开始\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1481
msgid "POP2 support is not configured.\n"
msgstr "未设置 POP2 支持\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1493
msgid "POP3 support is not configured.\n"
msgstr "未设置 POP3 支持\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1503
msgid "IMAP support is not configured.\n"
msgstr "未设置 IMAP 支持\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1509
msgid "ETRN support is not configured.\n"
msgstr "未设置 ETRN 支持\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1517
msgid "ODMR support is not configured.\n"
msgstr "未设置 ODMR 支持\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1524
msgid "unsupported protocol selected.\n"
msgstr "选中了不支持的协议\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1534
#, c-format
msgid "%s querying %s (protocol %s) at %s: poll completed\n"
msgstr "%1$s 在 %4$s 查询 %2$s (协议 %3$s): 收件完成\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1551
#, c-format
msgid "Poll interval is %d seconds\n"
msgstr "收件间隔 %d 秒\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1553
#, c-format
msgid "Logfile is %s\n"
msgstr "日志文件为 %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1555
#, c-format
msgid "Idfile is %s\n"
msgstr "Idfile 文件为 %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1558
msgid "Progress messages will be logged via syslog\n"
msgstr "邮件情况将通过 syslog 来记录\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1561
msgid "Fetchmail will masquerade and will not generate Received\n"
msgstr "Fetchmail 将进行伪装且不会生成 Receiverd 部分\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1563
msgid "Fetchmail will show progress dots even in logfiles.\n"
msgstr "Fetchmail 将在日志文件中显示进度条(以点的形式)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1565
#, c-format
msgid "Fetchmail will forward misaddressed multidrop messages to %s.\n"
msgstr "Fetchmail 将转发地址错误的多投邮件给 %s。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1569
msgid "Fetchmail will direct error mail to the postmaster.\n"
msgstr "Fetchmail 将把错误邮件转给邮件管理员\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1571
msgid "Fetchmail will direct error mail to the sender.\n"
msgstr "Fetchmail 将把错误邮件退给发送者\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1574
msgid "Fetchmail will treat permanent errors as permanent (drop messages).\n"
msgstr "Fetchmail 将把长期错误当成不可恢复的错误(删除邮件)。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1576
msgid "Fetchmail will treat permanent errors as temporary (keep messages).\n"
msgstr "Fetchmail 将把惯性错误当成临时问题(保留邮件)。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1583
#, c-format
msgid "Options for retrieving from %s@%s:\n"
msgstr "从 %s@%s 收件时的选项:\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1587
#, c-format
msgid "  Mail will be retrieved via %s\n"
msgstr " 邮件将通过 %s 收取\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1590
#, c-format
msgid "  Poll of this server will occur every %d interval.\n"
msgid_plural "  Poll of this server will occur every %d intervals.\n"
msgstr[0] "每隔 %d 秒将收取此服务器中的邮件\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1594
#, c-format
msgid "  True name of server is %s.\n"
msgstr " 服务器的实名为 %s。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1597
msgid "  This host will not be queried when no host is specified.\n"
msgstr " 若不指明主机将不查询此主机\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1598
msgid "  This host will be queried when no host is specified.\n"
msgstr " 若不指明主机将查询此主机\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1602
msgid "  Password will be prompted for.\n"
msgstr "密码会被提示\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1606
#, c-format
msgid "  APOP secret = \"%s\".\n"
msgstr " APOP 密码 = “%s”\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1609
#, c-format
msgid "  RPOP id = \"%s\".\n"
msgstr " RPOP 密码 = “%s”\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1612
#, c-format
msgid "  Password = \"%s\".\n"
msgstr " 密码 = “%s”\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1621
#, c-format
msgid "  Protocol is KPOP with Kerberos %s authentication"
msgstr " 协议是带有 Kerberos %s 认证协议的 KPOP"

#: fetchmail.c:1624
#, c-format
msgid "  Protocol is %s"
msgstr " 协议是 %s"

#: fetchmail.c:1626
#, c-format
msgid " (using service %s)"
msgstr " (正在使用服务 %s)"

#: fetchmail.c:1628
msgid " (using default port)"
msgstr " (正在使用默认端口)"

#: fetchmail.c:1630
msgid " (forcing UIDL use)"
msgstr " (正在强制使用 UIDL)"

#: fetchmail.c:1636
msgid "  All available authentication methods will be tried.\n"
msgstr " 将尝试所有有效的验证方式\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1639
msgid "  Password authentication will be forced.\n"
msgstr " 强制密码验证\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1642
msgid "  MSN authentication will be forced.\n"
msgstr " 强制 MSN 验证\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1645
msgid "  NTLM authentication will be forced.\n"
msgstr " 强制 NTLM 验证\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1648
msgid "  OTP authentication will be forced.\n"
msgstr " 强制 OTP 验证\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1651
#, fuzzy
msgid "  CRAM-MD5 authentication will be forced.\n"
msgstr " 强制 CRAM-Md5 验证\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1654
msgid "  GSSAPI authentication will be forced.\n"
msgstr " 强制 GSSAPI 验证\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1657
msgid "  Kerberos V4 authentication will be forced.\n"
msgstr " 强制 Kerberos V4 验证\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1660
msgid "  Kerberos V5 authentication will be forced.\n"
msgstr " 强制 Kerberos V5 验证\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1663
msgid "  End-to-end encryption assumed.\n"
msgstr " 假设为终端到终端加密\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1667
#, c-format
msgid "  Mail service principal is: %s\n"
msgstr " 邮件服务协议验证方为: %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1670
msgid "  SSL encrypted sessions enabled.\n"
msgstr "启用 SSL 加密会话\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1672
#, c-format
msgid "  SSL protocol: %s.\n"
msgstr " SSL 协议: %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1674
msgid "  SSL server certificate checking enabled.\n"
msgstr " 启用 SSL 服务器证书检查\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1677
#, c-format
msgid "  SSL trusted certificate file: %s\n"
msgstr " SSL 受信证书文件: %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1679
#, c-format
msgid "  SSL trusted certificate directory: %s\n"
msgstr " SSL 受信证书目录: %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1681
#, c-format
msgid "  SSL server CommonName: %s\n"
msgstr "  SSL 服务器名: %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1683
#, c-format
msgid "  SSL key fingerprint (checked against the server key): %s\n"
msgstr " SSL 密钥指纹 (与服务器密钥对比过): %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1686
#, c-format
msgid "  Server nonresponse timeout is %d seconds"
msgstr " 服务器未响应,超时 %d 秒"

#: fetchmail.c:1688
msgid " (default).\n"
msgstr " (默认)。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1695
msgid "  Default mailbox selected.\n"
msgstr " 已选中默认邮箱。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1700
msgid "  Selected mailboxes are:"
msgstr " 选中的邮箱是:"

#: fetchmail.c:1706
msgid "  All messages will be retrieved (--all on).\n"
msgstr " 收取所有邮件( --all 选项开启).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1707
msgid "  Only new messages will be retrieved (--all off).\n"
msgstr " 只收取新邮件( --all 选项关闭).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1709
msgid "  Fetched messages will be kept on the server (--keep on).\n"
msgstr " 收取的邮件会在服务器上保留副本( --keep 开启).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1710
msgid "  Fetched messages will not be kept on the server (--keep off).\n"
msgstr " 收取的邮件不会保留在服务器上( --keep 关闭).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1712
msgid "  Old messages will be flushed before message retrieval (--flush on).\n"
msgstr " 在收取新邮件前删除旧邮件(--flush 开启).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1713
msgid ""
"  Old messages will not be flushed before message retrieval (--flush off).\n"
msgstr " 在收取新邮件前不删除旧邮件(--flush 关闭).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1715
msgid ""
"  Oversized messages will be flushed before message retrieval (--limitflush "
msgstr " 收件前将删除超大的邮件(--limitflush 开启).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1716
msgid ""
"  Oversized messages will not be flushed before message retrieval (--"
"limitflush off).\n"
msgstr " 收件前将不删除超大的邮件(--limitflush 关闭).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1718
msgid "  Rewrite of server-local addresses is enabled (--norewrite off).\n"
msgstr " 本地收件人地址重写(--norewrite 关闭).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1719
msgid "  Rewrite of server-local addresses is disabled (--norewrite on).\n"
msgstr " 不重写本地收件人地址(--norewrite 开启).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1721
msgid "  Carriage-return stripping is enabled (stripcr on).\n"
msgstr " 回车符清除(stripcr 开启).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1722
msgid "  Carriage-return stripping is disabled (stripcr off).\n"
msgstr " 不清除回车符(stripcr 关闭).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1724
msgid "  Carriage-return forcing is enabled (forcecr on).\n"
msgstr " 强行在换行前插入回车符(forcecr 开启).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1725
msgid "  Carriage-return forcing is disabled (forcecr off).\n"
msgstr " 不在换行前强行插入回车符(forcecr 关闭).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1727
msgid ""
"  Interpretation of Content-Transfer-Encoding is disabled (pass8bits on).\n"
msgstr " 忽略 Content-Transfer-Encoding (pass8bits 开启).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1728
msgid ""
"  Interpretation of Content-Transfer-Encoding is enabled (pass8bits off).\n"
msgstr " 不忽略 Content-Transfer-Encoding (pass8bits 关闭).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1730
msgid "  MIME decoding is enabled (mimedecode on).\n"
msgstr " 解开 MIME 编码 (mimedecode 开启).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1731
msgid "  MIME decoding is disabled (mimedecode off).\n"
msgstr " 不解开 MIME 编码 (mimedecode 关闭).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1733
msgid "  Idle after poll is enabled (idle on).\n"
msgstr " 收件后回到 idle 模式 (idle 开启).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1734
msgid "  Idle after poll is disabled (idle off).\n"
msgstr " 收件后不回到 idle 模式 (idle 关闭).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1736
msgid "  Nonempty Status lines will be discarded (dropstatus on)\n"
msgstr " 删除带有 Status 字样的行 (dropstatus 开启)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1737
msgid "  Nonempty Status lines will be kept (dropstatus off)\n"
msgstr " 保留带有 Status 字样的 行 (dropstatus 关闭)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1739
msgid "  Delivered-To lines will be discarded (dropdelivered on)\n"
msgstr " 删除带有 Delivered-to 的行 (dropdelivered 开启)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1740
msgid "  Delivered-To lines will be kept (dropdelivered off)\n"
msgstr " 保留带有 Delivered-to 的行 (dropdelivered 关闭)\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1744
#, c-format
msgid "  Message size limit is %d octets (--limit %d).\n"
msgstr " 邮件大小被限制为 %d 字节 (--limit %d).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1747
msgid "  No message size limit (--limit 0).\n"
msgstr " 邮件大小无限制 (--limit 0).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1749
#, c-format
msgid "  Message size warning interval is %d seconds (--warnings %d).\n"
msgstr " 每隔 %d 秒发出邮件大小警告 (--warnings %d).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1752
msgid "  Size warnings on every poll (--warnings 0).\n"
msgstr " 每次收件都给出邮件大小警告 (--warnings 0).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1755
#, c-format
msgid "  Received-message limit is %d (--fetchlimit %d).\n"
msgstr " 单次收件限制为 %d 封(--fetchlimit %d).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1758
msgid "  No received-message limit (--fetchlimit 0).\n"
msgstr " 无收件限制 (--fetchlimit 0).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1760
#, c-format
msgid "  Fetch message size limit is %d (--fetchsizelimit %d).\n"
msgstr " 限制所收邮件大小为 %d 字节(--fetchsizelimit %d).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1763
msgid "  No fetch message size limit (--fetchsizelimit 0).\n"
msgstr " 所收邮件大小无限制 (--fetchsizelimit 0).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1767
msgid "  Do binary search of UIDs during each poll (--fastuidl 1).\n"
msgstr " 每次收件期间对 UIDs 进行折半查找 (--fastuidl 1).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1769
#, c-format
msgid "  Do binary search of UIDs during %d out of %d polls (--fastuidl %d).\n"
msgstr " 每 %2$d 次收件中有 %1$d 次对 UIDs 进行折半查找 (--fastuidl %3$d).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1772
msgid "   Do linear search of UIDs during each poll (--fastuidl 0).\n"
msgstr " 每次收件期间对 UIDs 进行线性查找 (--fastuidl 0).\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1774
#, c-format
msgid "  SMTP message batch limit is %d.\n"
msgstr " 单次 SMTP 会话中最多传送 %d 封邮件。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1776
msgid "  No SMTP message batch limit (--batchlimit 0).\n"
msgstr " 单次 SMTP 会话中无传送邮件限制 (--batchlimit 0)。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1780
#, c-format
msgid "  Deletion interval between expunges forced to %d (--expunge %d).\n"
msgstr " 两次删除操作之间最多传送 %d 封邮件(--expunge %d)。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1782
msgid "  No forced expunges (--expunge 0).\n"
msgstr " 两次删除操作之间无传送邮件限制(--expunge 0)。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1789
msgid "  Domains for which mail will be fetched are:"
msgstr " 要收取的邮件位于服务器:"

#: fetchmail.c:1794 fetchmail.c:1814
msgid " (default)"
msgstr " (默认)"

#: fetchmail.c:1799
#, c-format
msgid "  Messages will be appended to %s as BSMTP\n"
msgstr " 邮件作为 BSMTP 附加至 %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1801
#, c-format
msgid "  Messages will be delivered with \"%s\".\n"
msgstr " 邮件通过 “%s” 投递。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1808
#, c-format
msgid "  Messages will be %cMTP-forwarded to:"
msgstr " 邮件将被 %cMPT 转发到:"

#: fetchmail.c:1819
#, c-format
msgid "  Host part of MAIL FROM line will be %s\n"
msgstr " MAIL FROM 这一行的 Host 部分是 %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1822
#, c-format
msgid "  Address to be put in RCPT TO lines shipped to SMTP will be %s\n"
msgstr " RCPT TO 这一行中将要被送往 SMTP 的地址是 %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1831
msgid "  Recognized listener spam block responses are:"
msgstr "  识别出的监听端垃圾邮件拒收响应为:"

# fetchmail.c:1809
#: fetchmail.c:1837
msgid "  Spam-blocking disabled\n"
msgstr " 关闭垃圾邮件拒收\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1840
#, c-format
msgid "  Server connection will be brought up with \"%s\".\n"
msgstr " 服务器连接将被 “%s” 唤起\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1843
msgid "  No pre-connection command.\n"
msgstr " 无连接前要执行的程序。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1845
#, c-format
msgid "  Server connection will be taken down with \"%s\".\n"
msgstr " 服务器连接将被 “%s” 关闭。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1848
msgid "  No post-connection command.\n"
msgstr " 无连接后要执行的程序。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1851
msgid "  No localnames declared for this host.\n"
msgstr " 此服务器没有要关联的本地用户名。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1861
msgid "  Multi-drop mode: "
msgstr " 多投模式: "

#: fetchmail.c:1863
msgid "  Single-drop mode: "
msgstr " 单投模式: "

#: fetchmail.c:1865
#, c-format
msgid "%d local name recognized.\n"
msgid_plural "%d local names recognized.\n"
msgstr[0] "识别出 %d 个本地用户名。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1880
msgid "  DNS lookup for multidrop addresses is enabled.\n"
msgstr " 启用 DNS 搜寻多投地址。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1881
msgid "  DNS lookup for multidrop addresses is disabled.\n"
msgstr " 关闭 DNS 搜寻多投地址。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1885
msgid ""
"  Server aliases will be compared with multidrop addresses by IP address.\n"
msgstr " 服务器昵称将以 IP 地址与多投地址进行比较\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1887
msgid "  Server aliases will be compared with multidrop addresses by name.\n"
msgstr " 服务器昵称将以名字与多投地址进行比较\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1890
msgid "  Envelope-address routing is disabled\n"
msgstr " 禁用 Envelope-address 路由\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1893
#, c-format
msgid "  Envelope header is assumed to be: %s\n"
msgstr " 邮件头假定为: %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1896
#, c-format
msgid "  Number of envelope headers to be skipped over: %d\n"
msgstr " 跳过的邮件头数目为: %d\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1899
#, c-format
msgid "  Prefix %s will be removed from user id\n"
msgstr " 将从用户 id 中移除前缀 %s\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1902
msgid "  No prefix stripping\n"
msgstr " 没有要从用户 id 中清除的前缀\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1907
msgid "  Predeclared mailserver aliases:"
msgstr " 预先声明的邮件服务器昵称: "

#: fetchmail.c:1915
msgid "  Local domains:"
msgstr " 本地域:"

#: fetchmail.c:1925
#, c-format
msgid "  Connection must be through interface %s.\n"
msgstr " 必须通过地址 %s 连接\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1927
msgid "  No interface requirement specified.\n"
msgstr " 未指定地址要求。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1929
#, c-format
msgid "  Polling loop will monitor %s.\n"
msgstr " 收件轮循将监听 %s。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1931
msgid "  No monitor interface specified.\n"
msgstr " 未指定监听地址。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1935
#, c-format
msgid "  Server connections will be made via plugin %s (--plugin %s).\n"
msgstr " 通过外部程序 %s 进行服务器连接 (--plugin %s)。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1937
msgid "  No plugin command specified.\n"
msgstr " 未指定外部程序。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1939
#, c-format
msgid "  Listener connections will be made via plugout %s (--plugout %s).\n"
msgstr " 通过外部程序 %s 进行 SMTP 连接(--plugout %s)。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1941
msgid "  No plugout command specified.\n"
msgstr " 未指定外部程序。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1946
msgid "  No UIDs saved from this host.\n"
msgstr " 未从此主机上保存 UIDs。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1955
#, c-format
msgid "  %d UIDs saved.\n"
msgstr " 保存了 %d 个UIDs。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1963
msgid "  Poll trace information will be added to the Received header.\n"
msgstr " 收件跟踪信息将被加入 Received 邮件头。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1965
msgid "  No poll trace information will be added to the Received header.\n"
msgstr ""
" 无收件跟踪信息要被加入 Received 邮件头。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1970
msgid "  Messages with bad headers will be rejected.\n"
msgstr " 邮件头错误的邮件将被拒收。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1973
msgid "  Messages with bad headers will be passed on.\n"
msgstr " 邮件头错误的邮件可以接收。\n"

#: fetchmail.c:1978
#, c-format
msgid "  Pass-through properties \"%s\".\n"
msgstr " 传送的 properties 选项为 “%s” 。\n"

#: getpass.c:71
msgid "ERROR: no support for getpassword() routine\n"
msgstr "错误: 不支持 getpassword() 例程\n"

#: getpass.c:193
msgid ""
"Caught SIGINT... bailing out.\n"
msgstr ""
"遇到信号 SIGINT... 正在退出\n"

#: gssapi.c:52
#, c-format
msgid "GSSAPI error in gss_display_status called from <%s>\n"
msgstr "来自 <%s> 的 gss_display_status 调用中有 GSSAPI 错误\n"

#: gssapi.c:55
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "GSSAPI error %s: %.*s\n"
msgstr "GSSAPI 出错: %s: %s\n"

#: gssapi.c:89
#, c-format
msgid "Couldn't get service name for [%s]\n"
msgstr "无法获得服务 [%s]\n"

#: gssapi.c:94
#, c-format
msgid "Using service name [%s]\n"
msgstr "正在使用服务 [%s]\n"

#: gssapi.c:121
msgid "No suitable GSSAPI credentials found. Skipping GSSAPI authentication.\n"
msgstr "未找到合适的 GSSAPI 证书。忽略 GSSAPI 认证。\n"

#: gssapi.c:122
msgid ""
"If you want to use GSSAPI, you need credentials first, possibly from kinit.\n"
msgstr "如您想使用 GSSAPI,您首先需要证书,也许来自 kinit。\n"

#: gssapi.c:158
#, c-format
msgid "Received malformed challenge to \"%s GSSAPI\"!\n"
msgstr ""

#: gssapi.c:168
msgid "Sending credentials\n"
msgstr "正在发送证书\n"

#: gssapi.c:199
msgid "Error exchanging credentials\n"
msgstr "交换证书时出错\n"

#: gssapi.c:241
msgid "Couldn't unwrap security level data\n"
msgstr "无法解开加密数据\n"

#: gssapi.c:246
msgid "Credential exchange complete\n"
msgstr "证书交换完成\n"

#: gssapi.c:250
msgid "Server requires integrity and/or privacy\n"
msgstr "服务器要求完整性和(或)隐私检查\n"

#: gssapi.c:259
#, c-format
msgid "Unwrapped security level flags: %s%s%s\n"
msgstr "解开的加密标识: %s%s%s\n"

#: gssapi.c:263
#, c-format
msgid "Maximum GSS token size is %ld\n"
msgstr "最大 GSS 标识大小为 %ld\n"

#: gssapi.c:276
msgid "Error creating security level request\n"
msgstr "创建加密请求时出错\n"

#: gssapi.c:287
msgid "Releasing GSS credentials\n"
msgstr "正在清空 GSS 证书\n"

#: gssapi.c:291
msgid "Error releasing credentials\n"
msgstr "清空证书时出错\n"

#: idle.c:61
#, c-format
msgid "fetchmail: thread sleeping for %d sec.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 线程休眠 %d 秒。\n"

#: imap.c:74
#, c-format
msgid "Received BYE response from IMAP server: %s"
msgstr "从IMAP 服务器收到 BYE 指令: %s"

#: imap.c:92
#, c-format
msgid "bogus message count in \"%s\"!"
msgstr "发现伪造邮件\"%s\"!"

#: imap.c:139
#, c-format
msgid "bogus EXPUNGE count in \"%s\"!"
msgstr "发现伪造的EXPUNGE \"%s\"!"

#: imap.c:344
msgid "Protocol identified as IMAP4 rev 1\n"
msgstr "协议被识别为 IMAP4 版本 1\n"

#: imap.c:350
msgid "Protocol identified as IMAP4 rev 0\n"
msgstr "协议被识别为 IMAP4 版本 0\n"

#: imap.c:357
msgid "Protocol identified as IMAP2 or IMAP2BIS\n"
msgstr "协议被识别为 IMAP2 或 IMAP2BIS\n"

#: imap.c:372
msgid "will idle after poll\n"
msgstr "收件后恢复至 idle 模式\n"

#: imap.c:464 pop3.c:476
#, c-format
msgid "%s: upgrade to TLS succeeded.\n"
msgstr "%s: 成功升级至 TLS 协议。\n"

#: imap.c:473 pop3.c:485
#, c-format
msgid "%s: upgrade to TLS failed.\n"
msgstr "%s: 升级至 TLS 协议失败。\n"

#: imap.c:477
#, c-format
msgid "%s: opportunistic upgrade to TLS failed, trying to continue\n"
msgstr "%s: 即时升级至 TLS 协议失败,继续尝试\n"

#: imap.c:593
msgid "Required OTP capability not compiled into fetchmail\n"
msgstr "需要的 OTP 功能未被编译进 fetchmail\n"

#: imap.c:613 pop3.c:560
msgid "Required NTLM capability not compiled into fetchmail\n"
msgstr "需要的 NTLM 功能未被编译进 fetchmail\n"

#: imap.c:622
msgid "Required LOGIN capability not supported by server\n"
msgstr "需要的 LOGIN 功能未被编译进 fetchmail\n"

#: imap.c:686
#, c-format
msgid "mail expunge mismatch (%d actual != %d expected)\n"
msgstr "邮件删除数不相等 (实际删除 %d 封!= 已删除 %d 封)\n"

#: imap.c:825
#, c-format
msgid "%lu is unseen\n"
msgstr "%lu 封未读\n"

#: imap.c:889 pop3.c:845 pop3.c:857 pop3.c:1095 pop3.c:1102
#, c-format
msgid "%u is unseen\n"
msgstr "%u 未读\n"

#: imap.c:924 imap.c:983
msgid "re-poll failed\n"
msgstr "重新收件失败\n"

#: imap.c:932 imap.c:988
#, c-format
msgid "%d message waiting after re-poll\n"
msgid_plural "%d messages waiting after re-poll\n"
msgstr[0] "重新收件后又有 %d 封邮件等待收取\n"

#: imap.c:949
msgid "mailbox selection failed\n"
msgstr "邮箱选择失败\n"

#: imap.c:953
#, c-format
msgid "%d message waiting after first poll\n"
msgid_plural "%d messages waiting after first poll\n"
msgstr[0] "首次收件后又有 %d 封邮件等待收取\n"

#: imap.c:967
msgid "expunge failed\n"
msgstr "删除操作失败\n"

#: imap.c:971
#, c-format
msgid "%d message waiting after expunge\n"
msgid_plural "%d messages waiting after expunge\n"
msgstr[0] "删除操作后有 %d 封邮件等待收取\n"

#: imap.c:1010
msgid "search for unseen messages failed\n"
msgstr "查找未读邮件失败\n"

#: imap.c:1015 pop3.c:866
#, c-format
msgid "%u is first unseen\n"
msgstr "%u 是首个未读邮件\n"

#: imap.c:1099
msgid ""
"Warning: ignoring bogus data for message sizes returned by the server.\n"
msgstr "警告: 忽略服务器返回的邮件大小的无效数据。\n"

#: imap.c:1197 imap.c:1204
#, c-format
msgid "Incorrect FETCH response: %s.\n"
msgstr "FETCH 响应不正确: %s。\n"

#: interface.c:256
msgid "Unable to open kvm interface. Make sure fetchmail is SGID kmem."
msgstr "无法打开 kvm 接口。确保 fetchmail 是 SGID kmem"

#: interface.c:396
#, c-format
msgid "Unable to parse interface name from %s"
msgstr "无法从 %s 分析得出地址名"

#: interface.c:418
msgid "get_ifinfo: sysctl (iflist estimate) failed"
msgstr "get_ifinfo: sysctl (iflist 测试) 失败"

#: interface.c:424
msgid "get_ifinfo: malloc failed"
msgstr "get_ifinfo: malloc 失败"

#: interface.c:430
msgid "get_ifinfo: sysctl (iflist) failed"
msgstr "get_ifinfo: sysctl (iflist) 失败"

#: interface.c:448
#, c-format
msgid "Routing message version %d not understood."
msgstr "未知的路径信息版本 %d。"

#: interface.c:480
#, c-format
msgid "No interface found with name %s"
msgstr "未找到以 %s 命名的网卡"

#: interface.c:538
#, c-format
msgid "No IP address found for %s"
msgstr "未找到 %s 的 IP 地址"

#: interface.c:590
msgid "missing IP interface address\n"
msgstr "未找到 IP 地址\n"

#: interface.c:606
msgid "invalid IP interface address\n"
msgstr "无效的 IP 地址\n"

#: interface.c:612
msgid "invalid IP interface mask\n"
msgstr "无效的 IP 地址掩码\n"

#: interface.c:651
#, c-format
msgid "activity on %s -noted- as %d\n"
msgstr "%s 的活跃度为 %d\n"

#: interface.c:666
#, c-format
msgid "skipping poll of %s, %s down\n"
msgstr "跳过 %s 收件,%s 关闭了\n"

#: interface.c:685
#, c-format
msgid "skipping poll of %s, %s IP address excluded\n"
msgstr "跳过 %s 收件,拒绝接受 %s 的 IP 地址\n"

#: interface.c:697
#, c-format
msgid "activity on %s checked as %d\n"
msgstr "%s 的活跃度查为 %d\n"

#: interface.c:723
#, c-format
msgid "skipping poll of %s, %s inactive\n"
msgstr "跳过 %s 收件,%s 未开启\n"

#: interface.c:730
#, c-format
msgid "activity on %s was %d, is %d\n"
msgstr "%s 的活跃度以前是 %d,现在是 %d\n"

#: kerberos.c:74
msgid "could not decode initial BASE64 challenge\n"
msgstr "无法解码起始部分的 BASE64 编码请求\n"

#: kerberos.c:139
#, c-format
msgid "principal %s in ticket does not match -u %s\n"
msgstr "证书中的验证方 %s 与 -u 选项中的 %s 不匹配\n"

#: kerberos.c:147
#, c-format
msgid "non-null instance (%s) might cause strange behavior\n"
msgstr "非空情况 (%s) 可能导致奇怪的行为\n"

#: kerberos.c:213
msgid "could not decode BASE64 ready response\n"
msgstr "无法解码 BASE64 ready 响应\n"

#: kerberos.c:220
msgid "challenge mismatch\n"
msgstr "请求不匹配\n"

#: lock.c:87
#, c-format
msgid "fetchmail: error reading lockfile \"%s\": %s\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 读取锁文件 “%s” 时发生错误: %s\n"

#: lock.c:98
msgid "fetchmail: removing stale lockfile\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 正在删除过时的锁文件\n"

#: lock.c:122
#, c-format
msgid "fetchmail: error opening lockfile \"%s\": %s\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 打开锁文件 “%s” 时发生错误: %s\n"

#: lock.c:169
msgid "fetchmail: lock creation failed.\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: 锁文件创建失败。\n"

#: netrc.c:220
#, c-format
msgid "%s:%d: warning: found \"%s\" before any host names\n"
msgstr "%s:%d: 警告: 在任意主机名前发现 “%s”\n"

#: netrc.c:258
#, c-format
msgid "%s:%d: warning: unknown token \"%s\"\n"
msgstr "%s:%d: 警告: 未知标识“%s”\n"

#: odmr.c:67
#, c-format
msgid "%s's SMTP listener does not support ATRN\n"
msgstr "%s 的 SMTP 端不支持 ATRN\n"

#: odmr.c:105
msgid "Turnaround now...\n"
msgstr "正在转向 ...\n"

#: odmr.c:110
msgid "ATRN request refused.\n"
msgstr "拒绝 ATRN 请求\n"

#: odmr.c:114
msgid "Unable to process ATRN request now\n"
msgstr "现在无法处理 ATRN 请求\n"

#: odmr.c:119
msgid "You have no mail.\n"
msgstr "您没有邮件\n"

#: odmr.c:123
msgid "Command not implemented\n"
msgstr "指令未执行\n"

#: odmr.c:127
msgid "Authentication required.\n"
msgstr "要求验证\n"

#: odmr.c:132
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown ODMR error \"%s\"\n"
msgstr "未知的 ODMR 错误 \"%s\"\n"

#: odmr.c:192
msgid "receiving message data\n"
msgstr "正在接收邮件数据\n"

#: odmr.c:245
msgid "Option --keep is not supported with ODMR\n"
msgstr "ODMR 不支持 --keep 选项\n"

#: odmr.c:249
msgid "Option --flush is not supported with ODMR\n"
msgstr "ODMR 不支持 --flush 选项\n"

#: odmr.c:253
msgid "Option --folder is not supported with ODMR\n"
msgstr "ODMR 不支持 --folder 选项\n"

#: odmr.c:257
msgid "Option --check is not supported with ODMR\n"
msgstr "ODMR 不支持 --check 选项\n"

#: opie.c:42
msgid "server recv fatal\n"
msgstr "服务器 recv 错\n"

#: opie.c:56
msgid "Could not decode OTP challenge\n"
msgstr "无法解码 OTP 请求\n"

#: opie.c:64 pop3.c:587
msgid "Secret pass phrase: "
msgstr "密码短语:"

#: options.c:176 options.c:220
#, c-format
msgid "String '%s' is not a valid number string.\n"
msgstr "字符串 ‘%s’不是一个有效的数字串。\n"

#: options.c:185
#, c-format
msgid "Value of string '%s' is %s than %d.\n"
msgstr "字符串 ‘%1$s’ 的值比 %3$d %2$s\n"

#: options.c:186
msgid "smaller"
msgstr "小"

#: options.c:186
msgid "larger"
msgstr "大"

#: options.c:323
#, c-format
msgid "Invalid bad-header policy `%s' specified.\n"
msgstr "设定的错误邮件头处理方式‘%s’无效。\n"

#: options.c:364
#, c-format
msgid "Invalid protocol `%s' specified.\n"
msgstr "指定了无效的协议 ‘%s’\n"

#: options.c:411
#, c-format
msgid "Invalid authentication `%s' specified.\n"
msgstr "指定了无效的认证方式 ‘%s’\n"

#: options.c:620
msgid "usage:  fetchmail [options] [server ...]\n"
msgstr "用法: fetchmail [选项] [服务器...]\n"

#: options.c:621
msgid "  Options are as follows:\n"
msgstr "选项如下:\n"

#: options.c:622
msgid "  -?, --help        display this option help\n"
msgstr " -?, --help\t显示此选项帮助\n"

#: options.c:623
msgid "  -V, --version     display version info\n"
msgstr " -V, --version\t显示版本信息\n"

#: options.c:625
msgid "  -c, --check       check for messages without fetching\n"
msgstr " -c, --check\t只检查邮件而不收取\n"

#: options.c:626
msgid "  -s, --silent      work silently\n"
msgstr " -s, --silent\t运行时不要显示多余信息\n"

#: options.c:627
msgid "  -v, --verbose     work noisily (diagnostic output)\n"
msgstr " -v, --verbose\t运行时给出信息 (诊断型的输出)\n"

#: options.c:628
msgid "  -d, --daemon      run as a daemon once per n seconds\n"
msgstr " -d, --daemon\t每 n 秒运行后台服务一次\n"

#: options.c:629
msgid "  -N, --nodetach    don't detach daemon process\n"
msgstr " -N, --nodetach\t不分离后台进程\n"

#: options.c:630
msgid "  -q, --quit        kill daemon process\n"
msgstr " -q, --quit\t终止后台进程\n"

#: options.c:631
msgid "  -L, --logfile     specify logfile name\n"
msgstr " -L, --logfile\t指定日志文件名\n"

#: options.c:632
msgid ""
"      --syslog      use syslog(3) for most messages when running as a "
msgstr " --syslog\t以后台服务运行时用 syslog(3) 得到更多的信息\n"

#: options.c:633
msgid "      --invisible   don't write Received & enable host spoofing\n"
msgstr " --invisible\t不写 Received 邮件头并允许伪装主机\n"

#: options.c:634
msgid "  -f, --fetchmailrc specify alternate run control file\n"
msgstr " -f, --fetchmailrc\t指定可选的配置文件\n"

#: options.c:635
msgid "  -i, --idfile      specify alternate UIDs file\n"
msgstr " -i, --idfile\t指定可选的 UIDs 文件\n"

#: options.c:636
msgid "      --pidfile     specify alternate PID (lock) file\n"
msgstr " --pidfile\t指定可选的进程(锁)文件\n"

#: options.c:637
msgid "      --postmaster  specify recipient of last resort\n"
msgstr " --postmaster\t指定邮件管理员\n"

#: options.c:638
msgid "      --nobounce    redirect bounces from user to postmaster.\n"
msgstr " --nobounce\t将回送邮件从用户重定向至邮件管理员\n"

#: options.c:639
msgid ""
"      --nosoftbounce fetchmail deletes permanently undeliverable messages.\n"
msgstr "      --nosoftbounce\t让 fetchmail 永久删除无法投递的邮件。\n"

#: options.c:640
msgid ""
"      --softbounce  keep permanently undeliverable messages on server "
msgstr "      --softbounce\t将无法投递的邮件长期保留在服务器上(默认)。\n"

#: options.c:642
msgid "  -I, --interface   interface required specification\n"
msgstr " -I, --interface\t指定网络地址\n"

#: options.c:643
msgid "  -M, --monitor     monitor interface for activity\n"
msgstr " -M, --moniter\t监控指定网络地址的活跃度\n"

#: options.c:646
msgid "      --ssl         enable ssl encrypted session\n"
msgstr " --ssl\t启用 ssl 加密会话\n"

#: options.c:647
msgid "      --sslkey      ssl private key file\n"
msgstr " --sslkey\tssl 私钥文件\n"

#: options.c:648
msgid "      --sslcert     ssl client certificate\n"
msgstr " --sslcert\tssl 客户端证书\n"

#: options.c:649
msgid "      --sslcertck   do strict server certificate check (recommended)\n"
msgstr " --sslcertck\t进行严格的服务器证书检查(推荐)\n"

#: options.c:650
msgid "      --sslcertfile path to trusted-CA ssl certificate file\n"
msgstr "      --sslcertfile     受信 CA ssl 证书文件名\n"

#: options.c:651
msgid "      --sslcertpath path to trusted-CA ssl certificate directory\n"
msgstr "      --sslcertpath     受信 CA ssl 证书文件的目录\n"

#: options.c:652
msgid ""
"      --sslcommonname  expect this CommonName from server (discouraged)\n"
msgstr " --sslcommonname\t期望返回服务器名 (不鼓励)\n"

#: options.c:653
msgid ""
"      --sslfingerprint fingerprint that must match that of the server's "
msgstr " --sslfingerprint\t指定一个指纹,它必须与服务器证书的指纹匹配\n"

#: options.c:654
msgid "      --sslproto    force ssl protocol (SSL2/SSL3/TLS1)\n"
msgstr " --sslproto\t指定强制使用的 ssl 协议(SSL2/SSL3/TLS1)\n"

#: options.c:656
msgid "      --plugin      specify external command to open connection\n"
msgstr " --plugin\t指定外部程序打开连接\n"

#: options.c:657
msgid "      --plugout     specify external command to open smtp connection\n"
msgstr " --plugout\t指定外部程序打开 smtp 连接\n"

#: options.c:658
msgid ""
"      --bad-header {reject|accept}\n"
"                    specify policy for handling messages with bad headers\n"
msgstr ""
"      --bad-header {reject|accept}\n"
"                    设定对邮件头错误的邮件的处理方式\n"

#: options.c:661
msgid "  -p, --protocol    specify retrieval protocol (see man page)\n"
msgstr " -p, --protocol\t指定收件协议 (看 man 手册页)\n"

#: options.c:662
msgid "  -U, --uidl        force the use of UIDLs (pop3 only)\n"
msgstr " -U, --uidl\t强制使用 UIDLs(仅适用于 pop3)\n"

#: options.c:663
msgid "      --port        TCP port to connect to (obsolete, use --service)\n"
msgstr " --port\t要连接的 TCP 端口(过时了,用 --service)\n"

#: options.c:664
msgid ""
"  -P, --service     TCP service to connect to (can be numeric TCP port)\n"
msgstr " -P, --service\t要连接的 TCP 服务(允许用 TCP 端口的数值来表示)\n"

#: options.c:665
msgid "      --auth        authentication type (password/kerberos/ssh/otp)\n"
msgstr " --auth\t指定验证方式(password/kerberos/ssh/otp)\n"

#: options.c:666
msgid "  -t, --timeout     server nonresponse timeout\n"
msgstr " -t, --timeout\t指定服务器超时无响应的时间\n"

#: options.c:667
msgid "  -E, --envelope    envelope address header\n"
msgstr " -E, --envelope\t指定邮件地址头\n"

#: options.c:668
msgid "  -Q, --qvirtual    prefix to remove from local user id\n"
msgstr " -Q, --qvirtual\t从当前用户移除前缀\n"

#: options.c:669
msgid "      --principal   mail service principal\n"
msgstr " --principal\t邮件服务验证方\n"

#: options.c:670
msgid "      --tracepolls  add poll-tracing information to Received header\n"
msgstr " --tracepolls\tReceived 邮件头中添加收件跟踪信息\n"

#: options.c:672
msgid "  -u, --username    specify users's login on server\n"
msgstr " -u, --username\t指定登录服务器的用户名\n"

#: options.c:673
msgid "  -a, --[fetch]all  retrieve old and new messages\n"
msgstr " -a, --[fetch]all\t收取所有新旧邮件\n"

#: options.c:674
msgid "  -K, --nokeep      delete new messages after retrieval\n"
msgstr " -K, --nokeep\t收件后删除服务器上新邮件\n"

#: options.c:675
msgid "  -k, --keep        save new messages after retrieval\n"
msgstr " -k, --keep\t收件后保留服务器上新邮件\n"

#: options.c:676
msgid "  -F, --flush       delete old messages from server\n"
msgstr " -F, --flush\t从服务器上删除旧邮件\n"

#: options.c:677
msgid "      --limitflush  delete oversized messages\n"
msgstr " --limitflush\t删除过大的邮件\n"

#: options.c:678
msgid "  -n, --norewrite   don't rewrite header addresses\n"
msgstr " -n, --norewrite\t不要重写地址头\n"

#: options.c:679
msgid "  -l, --limit       don't fetch messages over given size\n"
msgstr " -l, --limit\t不收超过指定大小的邮件\n"

#: options.c:680
msgid "  -w, --warnings    interval between warning mail notification\n"
msgstr " -w, --warnings\t邮件通知警告的间隔\n"

#: options.c:682
msgid "  -S, --smtphost    set SMTP forwarding host\n"
msgstr " -S, --smtphost\t设置 SMTP 转发主机\n"

#: options.c:683
msgid "      --fetchdomains fetch mail for specified domains\n"
msgstr " --fetchdomains\t收取指定域的邮件\n"

#: options.c:684
msgid "  -D, --smtpaddress set SMTP delivery domain to use\n"
msgstr " -D, --smtpaddress\t设置 SMTP 投递域\n"

#: options.c:685
msgid "      --smtpname    set SMTP full name username@domain\n"
msgstr " --smtpname\t设置 SMTP 全名,用户名@域\n"

#: options.c:686
msgid "  -Z, --antispam,   set antispam response values\n"
msgstr " -Z, --antispam,\t设置 antispam 响应值\n"

#: options.c:687
msgid "  -b, --batchlimit  set batch limit for SMTP connections\n"
msgstr " -b, --bathlimit\t为 SMTP 连接设置批量处理限制\n"

#: options.c:688
msgid "  -B, --fetchlimit  set fetch limit for server connections\n"
msgstr " -B, --fetchlimit\t为服务器连接设置收取限制\n"

#: options.c:689
msgid "      --fetchsizelimit set fetch message size limit\n"
msgstr " --fetchsizelimit\t设置收件大小限制\n"

#: options.c:690
msgid "      --fastuidl    do a binary search for UIDLs\n"
msgstr " --fastuidl\t对 UIDLs 进行折半查找\n"

#: options.c:691
msgid "  -e, --expunge     set max deletions between expunges\n"
msgstr " -e, --expunge\t设置删除操作发生在多少封邮件之后\n"

#: options.c:692
msgid "  -m, --mda         set MDA to use for forwarding\n"
msgstr " -m, --mda\t设置用于转发的 MDA\n"

#: options.c:693
msgid "      --bsmtp       set output BSMTP file\n"
msgstr " --bsmtp\t设置 BSMTP 文件输出\n"

#: options.c:694
msgid "      --lmtp        use LMTP (RFC2033) for delivery\n"
msgstr " --lmtp\t用 LMTP 协议(RFC2033) 投递邮件\n"

#: options.c:695
msgid "  -r, --folder      specify remote folder name\n"
msgstr " -r, --folder\t指定远程邮箱名\n"

#: options.c:696
msgid "      --showdots    show progress dots even in logfiles\n"
msgstr " --showdots\t即使在日志文件中也要显示进度条(以点的形式)\n"

#: pop3.c:328
msgid ""
"Warning: \"Maillennium POP3/PROXY server\" found, using RETR command instead "
"of TOP.\n"
msgstr "警告: 发现“ POP3 代理服务器”,用 RETR 命令代替 TOP。\n"

#: pop3.c:412
msgid "TLS is mandatory for this session, but server refused CAPA command.\n"
msgstr "强制使用 TLS 会话,但服务器拒绝 CAPA 命令。\n"

#: pop3.c:413
msgid "The CAPA command is however necessary for TLS.\n"
msgstr "而 CPAC 命令对于 TLS 协议来说是必须要有的。\n"

#: pop3.c:496
#, c-format
msgid "%s: opportunistic upgrade to TLS failed, trying to continue.\n"
msgstr "%s: 升级到 TLS 协议失败了,继续尝试。\n"

#: pop3.c:623
msgid "We've run out of allowed authenticators and cannot continue.\n"
msgstr "我们已经用完了可用的验证方式,无法继续\n"

#: pop3.c:637
msgid "Required APOP timestamp not found in greeting\n"
msgstr "在 greeting 中未发现所需的 APOP 时间戳\n"

#: pop3.c:646
msgid "Timestamp syntax error in greeting\n"
msgstr "greeting 中时间戳语法错误\n"

#: pop3.c:662
msgid "Invalid APOP timestamp.\n"
msgstr "无效的 APOP 时间戳\n"

#: pop3.c:686
msgid "Undefined protocol request in POP3_auth\n"
msgstr "POP3_auth 中有未定义的协议请求\n"

#: pop3.c:707
msgid "lock busy!  Is another session active?\n"
msgstr "死锁!是否有另一个会话在运行?\n"

#: pop3.c:786
msgid "Cannot handle UIDL response from upstream server.\n"
msgstr "无法操作来自上游服务器的 UIDL 响应。\n"

#: pop3.c:809
msgid "Server responded with UID for wrong message.\n"
msgstr "响应的服务器带有错误消息的 UID。\n"

#: pop3.c:836
#, c-format
msgid "id=%s (num=%u) was deleted, but is still present!\n"
msgstr "id=%s (数量=%u 封)已被删除,但仍然存在!\n"

#: pop3.c:942
msgid "Messages inserted into list on server. Cannot handle this.\n"
msgstr "邮件被插入服务器列表。无法处理。\n"

#: pop3.c:1038
msgid "protocol error\n"
msgstr "协议错\n"

#: pop3.c:1054
msgid "protocol error while fetching UIDLs\n"
msgstr "正在读取 UIDLs 时协议出错\n"

#: pop3.c:1086
#, c-format
msgid "id=%s (num=%d) was deleted, but is still present!\n"
msgstr "id = %s (数量 = %d 封) 已被删除,但仍然存在!\n"

#: pop3.c:1424
msgid "Option --folder is not supported with POP3\n"
msgstr "POP3 不支持 --folder 选项\n"

#: rcfile_y.y:131
msgid "server option after user options"
msgstr "服务器选项在用户选项后"

#: rcfile_y.y:174
msgid "SDPS not enabled."
msgstr "SDPS 不可用"

#: rcfile_y.y:218
msgid ""
"fetchmail: interface option is only supported under Linux (without IPv6) and "
msgstr "fetchmail: interface 选项只有 Linux(无 IPv6)和 FreeBSD 支持\n"

#: rcfile_y.y:226
msgid ""
"fetchmail: monitor option is only supported under Linux (without IPv6) and "
msgstr "fetchmail: monitor 选项只有 Linux(无 IPv6)和 FreeBSD 支持\n"

#: rcfile_y.y:340
msgid "SSL is not enabled"
msgstr "SSL 不可用"

#: rcfile_y.y:391
msgid "end of input"
msgstr "输入结束"

#: rcfile_y.y:429
#, c-format
msgid "File %s must be a regular file.\n"
msgstr "文件 %s 必须是个普通文件。\n"

#: rcfile_y.y:439
#, c-format
msgid "File %s must have no more than -rwx------ (0700) permissions.\n"
msgstr "文件 %s 不允许拥有高于 -rwx------ (0700) 的权限。\n"

#: rcfile_y.y:451
#, c-format
msgid "File %s must be owned by you.\n"
msgstr "文件 %s 必须归您所有。\n"

#: report.c:67
msgid "Unknown system error"
msgstr "未知的系统错误"

#: report.c:92
#, c-format
msgid "%s (log message incomplete)\n"
msgstr "%s (日志信息不完整)\n"

#: rfc822.c:83
#, c-format
msgid "About to rewrite %s...\n"
msgstr "正要重写 %s...\n"

#: rfc822.c:221
#, c-format
msgid "...rewritten version is %s.\n"
msgstr "...重写版本为 %s。\n"

#: rpa.c:118
msgid "Success"
msgstr "成功"

#: rpa.c:119
msgid "Restricted user (something wrong with account)"
msgstr "受限用户 (帐号有点问题)"

#: rpa.c:120
msgid "Invalid userid or passphrase"
msgstr "无效的用户 id 或是密码短语"

#: rpa.c:121
msgid "Deity error"
msgstr "Deity error"

#: rpa.c:174
msgid "RPA token 2: Base64 decode error\n"
msgstr "RPA 标识 2: BASE64 解码错误\n"

#: rpa.c:185
#, c-format
msgid "Service chose RPA version %d.%d\n"
msgstr "服务选择了 RPA 版本 %d.%d\n"

#: rpa.c:191
#, c-format
msgid "Service challenge (l=%d):\n"
msgstr "服务请求 (l=%d):\n"

#: rpa.c:200
#, c-format
msgid "Service timestamp %s\n"
msgstr "服务时间戳 %s\n"

#: rpa.c:205
msgid "RPA token 2 length error\n"
msgstr "RPA 标识 2 长度错误\n"

#: rpa.c:209
#, c-format
msgid "Realm list: %s\n"
msgstr "域列表: %s\n"

#: rpa.c:213
msgid "RPA error in service@realm string\n"
msgstr "在“服务@域”字符串中有 RPA 错误\n"

#: rpa.c:250
msgid "RPA token 4: Base64 decode error\n"
msgstr "RPA 标识 4: Base64 解码错误\n"

#: rpa.c:261
#, c-format
msgid "User authentication (l=%d):\n"
msgstr "用户验证 (l=%d):\n"

#: rpa.c:275
#, c-format
msgid "RPA status: %02X\n"
msgstr "RPA 状态: %02X\n"

#: rpa.c:281
msgid "RPA token 4 length error\n"
msgstr "RPA 标识 4 长度错误\n"

#: rpa.c:288
#, c-format
msgid "RPA rejects you: %s\n"
msgstr "RPA 拒绝您: %s\n"

#: rpa.c:290
msgid "RPA rejects you, reason unknown\n"
msgstr "RPA 拒绝您: 原因不明\n"

#: rpa.c:298
#, c-format
msgid "RPA User Authentication length error: %d\n"
msgstr "RPA 用户验证长度错误: %d\n"

#: rpa.c:303
#, c-format
msgid "RPA Session key length error: %d\n"
msgstr "RPA 会话密钥长度错误: %d\n"

#: rpa.c:309
msgid "RPA _service_ auth fail. Spoof server?\n"
msgstr "RPA _service_auth 错误。要伪装服务器吗 ?\n"

#: rpa.c:314
msgid "Session key established:\n"
msgstr "创建会话密钥:\n"

#: rpa.c:345
msgid "RPA authorisation complete\n"
msgstr "RPA 授权完成\n"

#: rpa.c:372
msgid "Get response\n"
msgstr "得到响应\n"

#: rpa.c:402
#, c-format
msgid "Get response return %d [%s]\n"
msgstr "得到响应返回 %d [%s]\n"

#: rpa.c:463
msgid "Hdr not 60\n"
msgstr "Hdr 非 60\n"

#: rpa.c:484
msgid "Token length error\n"
msgstr "标识长度错误\n"

#: rpa.c:489
#, c-format
msgid "Token Length %d disagrees with rxlen %d\n"
msgstr "标识长度 %d 不同于 rxlen %d\n"

#: rpa.c:495
msgid "Mechanism field incorrect\n"
msgstr "机制域错误\n"

#: rpa.c:531
#, c-format
msgid "dec64 error at char %d: %x\n"
msgstr "字符 %d 处有 deb64 错误: %x\n"

#: rpa.c:546
msgid "Inbound binary data:\n"
msgstr "收到的二进制数据:\n"

#: rpa.c:582
msgid "Outbound data:\n"
msgstr "送出数据:\n"

#: rpa.c:645
msgid "RPA String too long\n"
msgstr "RPA 字串太长\n"

#: rpa.c:650
msgid "Unicode:\n"
msgstr "Unicode:\n"

#: rpa.c:709
msgid "RPA Failed open of /dev/urandom. This shouldn't\n"
msgstr "打开 /dev/urandom 时 RPA 失败。这应该不\n"

#: rpa.c:710
msgid "    prevent you logging in, but means you\n"
msgstr "影响您登入,但意味着您\n"

#: rpa.c:711
msgid "    cannot be sure you are talking to the\n"
msgstr "无法确认您正在与\n"

#: rpa.c:712
msgid "    service that you think you are (replay\n"
msgstr "您想要的服务对话。可能您正被一个虚假的服务\n"

#: rpa.c:713
msgid "    attacks by a dishonest service are possible.)\n"
msgstr "进行回放操作,即受到攻击\n"

#: rpa.c:724
msgid "User challenge:\n"
msgstr "用户请求:\n"

#: rpa.c:874
msgid "MD5 being applied to data block:\n"
msgstr "数据块使用了 MD5:\n"

#: rpa.c:887
msgid "MD5 result is:\n"
msgstr "MD5 值:\n"

#: servport.c:53
#, c-format
msgid "getaddrinfo(NULL, \"%s\") error: %s\n"
msgstr "getaddrinfo(NULL, “%s”) 错误: %s\n"

#: servport.c:80
#, c-format
msgid "Cannot resolve service %s to port number.\n"
msgstr "无法将服务 %s 解析为端口号\n"

#: servport.c:81
msgid "Please specify the service as decimal port number.\n"
msgstr "请把服务指定为十进制的端口号\n"

#: sink.c:231
#, c-format
msgid "forwarding to %s\n"
msgstr "正在转发至 %s\n"

#: sink.c:318
msgid "SMTP: (bounce-message body)\n"
msgstr "SMTP: (回送邮件内容)\n"

#: sink.c:321
#, c-format
msgid "mail from %s bounced to %s\n"
msgstr "邮件从 %s 回送至 %s\n"

#: sink.c:458
#, c-format
msgid "Saved error is still %d\n"
msgstr "保留的错误仍然为 %d\n"

#: sink.c:518 sink.c:617
#, c-format
msgid "%cMTP error: %s\n"
msgstr "%cMTP 出错: %s\n"

#: sink.c:562
msgid "SMTP server requires STARTTLS, keeping message.\n"
msgstr "SMTP 服务器需要 STARTTLS 认证,正在保存邮件。\n"

#: sink.c:745
#, c-format
msgid "BSMTP file open failed: %s\n"
msgstr "打开 BSMTP 文件失败: %s\n"

#: sink.c:791
#, c-format
msgid "BSMTP preamble write failed: %s.\n"
msgstr "写入 BSMTP 报头失败: %s。\n"

#: sink.c:1005
#, c-format
msgid "%cMTP listener doesn't like recipient address `%s'\n"
msgstr "%cMTP 端不认可收件人地址 “%s”\n"

#: sink.c:1012
#, c-format
msgid "%cMTP listener doesn't really like recipient address `%s'\n"
msgstr "%cMTP 端不是真的认可收件人地址 “%s”\n"

#: sink.c:1058
msgid "no address matches; no postmaster set.\n"
msgstr "无匹配的地址;也无 postmaster 设置\n"

#: sink.c:1070
#, c-format
msgid "can't even send to %s!\n"
msgstr "无法稳定发送至 %s!\n"

#: sink.c:1076
#, c-format
msgid "no address matches; forwarding to %s.\n"
msgstr "无匹配的地址;转发至 %s。\n"

#: sink.c:1232
#, c-format
msgid "about to deliver with: %s\n"
msgstr "即将用 %s 投递\n"

#: sink.c:1243
#, c-format
msgid "Cannot switch effective user id to %ld: %s\n"
msgstr "无法将当前用户名切换为 %ld: %s\n"

#: sink.c:1255
#, c-format
msgid "Cannot switch effective user id back to original %ld: %s\n"
msgstr "无法将当前用户名切换回之前的用户名 %ld: %s\n"

#: sink.c:1262
msgid "MDA open failed\n"
msgstr "打开 MDA 失败\n"

#: sink.c:1301
#, c-format
msgid "%cMTP connect to %s failed\n"
msgstr "%cMTP 连接至 %s 失败\n"

#: sink.c:1325
#, c-format
msgid "can't raise the listener; falling back to %s"
msgstr "无法启动 MDA 代理;正在转到 MDA 代理 %s"

#: sink.c:1383
#, c-format
msgid "Message termination or close of BSMTP file failed: %s\n"
msgstr "邮件终止或 BSMTP 文件关闭失败: %s\n"

#: sink.c:1408
#, c-format
msgid "Error writing to MDA: %s\n"
msgstr "写入 MDA 时出错: %s\n"

#: sink.c:1411
#, c-format
msgid "MDA died of signal %d\n"
msgstr "MDA 被信号 %d 终止\n"

#: sink.c:1414
#, c-format
msgid "MDA returned nonzero status %d\n"
msgstr "MDA 返回非零值 %d\n"

#: sink.c:1417
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Strange: MDA pclose returned %d and errno %d/%s, cannot handle at %s:%d\n"
msgstr "奇怪: MDA pclose 返回 %d 且 errno 为 %d/%s,在 %s:%d 无法处理\n"

#: sink.c:1442
msgid "SMTP listener refused delivery\n"
msgstr "SMTP 端拒绝投递\n"

#: sink.c:1472
msgid "LMTP delivery error on EOM\n"
msgstr "邮件结尾时用 LTMP 协议投递错误\n"

#: sink.c:1475
#, c-format
msgid "Unexpected non-503 response to LMTP EOM: %s\n"
msgstr "邮件结尾时 LMTP 协议的未知的非 503 响应: %s\n"

#: sink.c:1630
msgid ""
"-- \n"
"The Fetchmail Daemon"
msgstr ""
"-- \n"
"Fetchmail 后台服务"

#: smtp.c:81
msgid "ESMTP CRAM-MD5 Authentication...\n"
msgstr "ESMTP CRAM-MD5 验证...\n"

#: smtp.c:87 smtp.c:137
msgid "Server rejected the AUTH command.\n"
msgstr "服务器拒绝 AUTH 命令。\n"

#: smtp.c:95 smtp.c:144 smtp.c:153 smtp.c:159
msgid "Bad base64 reply from server.\n"
msgstr "来自服务器的错误的 base64 响应。\n"

#: smtp.c:99
#, c-format
msgid "Challenge decoded: %s\n"
msgstr "请求解码: %s\n"

#: smtp.c:116
msgid "ESMTP PLAIN Authentication...\n"
msgstr "ESMTP PLAIN 验证...\n"

#: smtp.c:131
msgid "ESMTP LOGIN Authentication...\n"
msgstr "ESMTP LOGIN 验证...\n"

#: smtp.c:349 smtp.c:377
msgid "smtp listener protocol error\n"
msgstr "smtp 端协议错误\n"

#: socket.c:110 socket.c:136
msgid "fetchmail: malloc failed\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: malloc 失败\n"

#: socket.c:168
msgid "fetchmail: socketpair failed\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: socketpair 失败\n"

#: socket.c:174
msgid "fetchmail: fork failed\n"
msgstr "fetchmail: fork 失败\n"

#: socket.c:181
msgid "dup2 failed\n"
msgstr "dup2 失败\n"

#: socket.c:187
#, c-format
msgid "running %s (host %s service %s)\n"
msgstr "正在运行 %s (主机 %s 服务 %s)\n"

#: socket.c:190
#, c-format
msgid "execvp(%s) failed\n"
msgstr "execvp(%s) 失败\n"

#: socket.c:283
#, c-format
msgid "getaddrinfo(\"%s\",\"%s\") error: %s\n"
msgstr "getaddrinfo(“%s”,“%s”) 错误: %s\n"

#: socket.c:286
msgid "Try adding the --service option (see also FAQ item R12).\n"
msgstr "试着加入 --service 选项(参见 FAQ 条目 R12)。\n"

#: socket.c:300 socket.c:303
#, c-format
msgid "unknown (%s)"
msgstr "未知 (%s)"

#: socket.c:306
#, c-format
msgid "Trying to connect to %s/%s..."
msgstr "正在尝试连接至 %s/%s..."

#: socket.c:315
#, c-format
msgid "cannot create socket: %s\n"
msgstr "无法创建套接字: %s\n"

#: socket.c:317
#, c-format
msgid "name %d: cannot create socket family %d type %d: %s\n"
msgstr "名称 %d: 无法创建套接字 %d 类型 %d: %s\n"

#: socket.c:333
msgid "connection failed.\n"
msgstr "连接失败。\n"

#: socket.c:335
#, c-format
msgid "connection to %s:%s [%s/%s] failed: %s.\n"
msgstr "连接至 %s:%s [%s/%s] 失败: %s。\n"

#: socket.c:336
#, c-format
msgid "name %d: connection to %s:%s [%s/%s] failed: %s.\n"
msgstr "名称 %d: 连接至 %s:%s [%s/%s] 失败: %s。\n"

#: socket.c:342
msgid "connected.\n"
msgstr "已连接。\n"

#: socket.c:355
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Connection errors for this poll:\n"
msgstr ""

#: socket.c:621
msgid "Server certificate:\n"
msgstr "服务器认证:\n"

#: socket.c:626
#, c-format
msgid "Certificate chain, from root to peer, starting at depth %d:\n"
msgstr "验证链从根到节点,在 %d 开始:\n"

#: socket.c:629
#, c-format
msgid "Certificate at depth %d:\n"
msgstr "验证处于 %d 层:\n"

#: socket.c:635
#, c-format
msgid "Issuer Organization: %s\n"
msgstr "发行组织: %s\n"

#: socket.c:638
msgid "Warning: Issuer Organization Name too long (possibly truncated).\n"
msgstr "警告: 发行组织名字太长 (可能截短)。\n"

#: socket.c:640
msgid "Unknown Organization\n"
msgstr "未知的组织\n"

#: socket.c:642
#, c-format
msgid "Issuer CommonName: %s\n"
msgstr "发行者: %s\n"

#: socket.c:645
msgid "Warning: Issuer CommonName too long (possibly truncated).\n"
msgstr "警告: 发行者名称太长 (可能截短)。\n"

#: socket.c:647
msgid "Unknown Issuer CommonName\n"
msgstr "未知的发行者名称\n"

#: socket.c:653
#, c-format
msgid "Subject CommonName: %s\n"
msgstr "邮件标题: %s\n"

#: socket.c:659
msgid "Bad certificate: Subject CommonName too long!\n"
msgstr "证书错误: 邮件标题太长!\n"

#: socket.c:665
msgid "Bad certificate: Subject CommonName contains NUL, aborting!\n"
msgstr "证书错误: 邮件标题名中带有 NUL 字符,退出!\n"

#: socket.c:693
#, c-format
msgid "Subject Alternative Name: %s\n"
msgstr "邮件标题别名: %s\n"

#: socket.c:699
msgid "Bad certificate: Subject Alternative Name contains NUL, aborting!\n"
msgstr "证书错误: 邮件标题别名带有 NUL 字符,退出!\n"

#: socket.c:716
#, c-format
msgid "Server CommonName mismatch: %s != %s\n"
msgstr "服务器名不匹配: %s != %s\n"

#: socket.c:723
msgid "Server name not set, could not verify certificate!\n"
msgstr "未设置服务器名称,无法验证证书!\n"

#: socket.c:728
msgid "Unknown Server CommonName\n"
msgstr "未知的服务器名\n"

#: socket.c:730
msgid "Server name not specified in certificate!\n"
msgstr "服务器名称未在证书中指定!\n"

#: socket.c:742
msgid "EVP_md5() failed!\n"
msgstr "EVP_md5() 失败!\n"

#: socket.c:746
msgid "Out of memory!\n"
msgstr "超出内存!\n"

#: socket.c:754
msgid "Digest text buffer too small!\n"
msgstr "Digest 文本缓冲区太小!\n"

#: socket.c:760
#, c-format
msgid "%s key fingerprint: %s\n"
msgstr "%s 密钥指纹: %s\n"

#: socket.c:764
#, c-format
msgid "%s fingerprints match.\n"
msgstr "%s 指纹匹配。\n"

#: socket.c:766
#, c-format
msgid "%s fingerprints do not match!\n"
msgstr "%s 指纹不匹配!\n"

#: socket.c:776
#, c-format
msgid "Server certificate verification error: %s\n"
msgstr "服务器证书验证错误: %s\n"

#: socket.c:783
#, c-format
msgid "unknown issuer (first %d characters): %s\n"
msgstr "未知的发行者 (前 %d 个字符): %s\n"

#: socket.c:784
msgid ""
"This error usually happens when the server provides an incomplete "
"certificate chain, which is nothing fetchmail could do anything about.  For "
"details, please see the README.SSL-SERVER document that comes with "
msgstr ""
"此错误通常出现在服务器提供了一个不完整的验证链,fetchmain 对此无能为力。详细"
"信息请查看随同 fetchmail 发行的 README.SSL-SERVER 文档。\n"

#: socket.c:793
#, c-format
msgid ""
"This means that the root signing certificate (issued for %s) is not in the "
"trusted CA certificate locations, or that c_rehash needs to be run on the "
"certificate directory. For details, please see the documentation of --"
"sslcertpath and --sslcertfile in the manual page.\n"
msgstr ""
"这意味着根证书(为 %s 而颁发)不在 CA 证书受信路径处,或是 c_rehash 需要在证书"
"目录下运行。详细信息请查看手册页中的 --sslcertpath 和 --sslcertfile 部分。\n"

#: socket.c:885
msgid "File descriptor out of range for SSL"
msgstr "文件描述符超出 SSL 的范围"

#: socket.c:901
#, c-format
msgid "Invalid SSL protocol '%s' specified, using default (SSLv23).\n"
msgstr "指定了无效的 SSL 协议 ‘%s’,将用默认的协议(SSLv23)代替。\n"

#: socket.c:994
msgid "Certificate/fingerprint verification was somehow skipped!\n"
msgstr "证书(指纹)验证被不明原因地跳过!\n"

#: socket.c:1011
msgid ""
"Warning: the connection is insecure, continuing anyways. (Better use --"
msgstr "警告:此连接不安全,但会继续运行。(最好使用 --sslcertck!)\n"

#: socket.c:1077
msgid "Cygwin socket read retry\n"
msgstr "重试读取 Cygwin 接口\n"

#: socket.c:1080
msgid "Cygwin socket read retry failed!\n"
msgstr "重试读取 Cygwin 接口失败!\n"

#: transact.c:65
#, c-format
msgid "mapped address %s to local %s\n"
msgstr "地址 %s 被映射至本地 %s\n"

#: transact.c:87
#, c-format
msgid "mapped %s to local %s\n"
msgstr "映射 %s 至本地 %s\n"

#: transact.c:154
#, c-format
msgid "passed through %s matching %s\n"
msgstr "传送过来的 %s 正与 %s 进行比较\n"

#: transact.c:224
#, c-format
msgid ""
"analyzing Received line:\n"
msgstr ""
"正在分析 Received 行:\n"

#: transact.c:263
#, c-format
msgid "line accepted, %s is an alias of the mailserver\n"
msgstr "收到的行中 %s 是邮件服务器的一个昵称\n"

#: transact.c:269
#, c-format
msgid "line rejected, %s is not an alias of the mailserver\n"
msgstr "拒收的行中 %s 非邮件服务器的昵称\n"

#: transact.c:343
msgid "no Received address found\n"
msgstr "找不到 Received 地址\n"

#: transact.c:352
#, c-format
msgid "found Received address `%s'\n"
msgstr "找到 Received 地址 ‘%s’\n"

#: transact.c:595
msgid "incorrect header line found - see manpage for bad-header option\n"
msgstr "发现不正确的 header 行,查看手册页中的 bad-header 选项\n"

#: transact.c:597
#, c-format
msgid "line: %s"
msgstr "行: %s"

#: transact.c:1137
#, c-format
msgid "no local matches, forwarding to %s\n"
msgstr "无本地匹配的收件人,正在转发至 %s\n"

#: transact.c:1152
msgid "forwarding and deletion suppressed due to DNS errors\n"
msgstr "正在转发且由于 DNS 错误,删除被取消了\n"

#: transact.c:1263
msgid "writing RFC822 msgblk.headers\n"
msgstr "正在重写 RFC822 协议中定义的邮件信息块的头部\n"

#: transact.c:1282
msgid "no recipient addresses matched declared local names"
msgstr "收件人地址与本地已知的用户名不匹配"

#: transact.c:1289
#, c-format
msgid "recipient address %s didn't match any local name"
msgstr "收到人地址 %s 与本地任何一个用户名均不匹配"

#: transact.c:1298
msgid "message has embedded NULs"
msgstr "邮件嵌入了 NULs"

#: transact.c:1306
msgid "SMTP listener rejected local recipient addresses: "
msgstr "SMTP 端拒绝本地收件人地址:"

#: transact.c:1445
msgid "error writing message text\n"
msgstr "在写邮件文本时出错\n"

#: uid.c:249
#, c-format
msgid "Old UID list from %s:"
msgstr "来自 %s 的旧 UID 列表:"

#: uid.c:253 uid.c:264 uid.c:309
msgid " <empty>"
msgstr " <空>"

#: uid.c:262
msgid "Scratch list of UIDs:"
msgstr "抓取 UIDs 列表:"

#: uid.c:325 uid.c:374
#, c-format
msgid "Merged UID list from %s:"
msgstr "从 %s 合并 UID 列表:"

#: uid.c:328
#, c-format
msgid "New UID list from %s:"
msgstr "来自 %s 的新 UID 列表:"

#: uid.c:355
msgid "swapping UID lists\n"
msgstr "正在转储 UID 列表\n"

#: uid.c:363
msgid "not swapping UID lists, no UIDs seen this query\n"
msgstr "不转储 UID 列表,本次查寻无 UIDs 读取\n"

#: uid.c:383
msgid "discarding new UID list\n"
msgstr "正在撤消新的 UID 列表\n"

#: uid.c:419
msgid "Deleting fetchids file.\n"
msgstr "正在删除 fetchids 文件\n"

#: uid.c:422
#, c-format
msgid "Error deleting %s: %s\n"
msgstr "删除 %s 时出错: %s\n"

#: uid.c:428
msgid "Writing fetchids file.\n"
msgstr "正在写入 fetchids 文件。\n"

#: uid.c:439 uid.c:447
#, c-format
msgid "Write error on fetchids file %s: %s\n"
msgstr "将错误写入 fetchids 文件 %s: %s\n"

#: uid.c:459
#, c-format
msgid "Error writing to fetchids file %s, old file left in place.\n"
msgstr "写入 fetchids 文件 %s 时出错,存在旧文件。\n"

#: uid.c:463
#, c-format
msgid "Cannot rename fetchids file %s to %s: %s\n"
msgstr "无法将 fetchids 文件 %s 重命名为 %s: %s\n"

#: uid.c:467
#, c-format
msgid "Cannot open fetchids file %s for writing: %s\n"
msgstr "无法打开 fetchids 文件 %s 写入: %s\n"

#: xmalloc.c:33
msgid "malloc failed\n"
msgstr "malloc 失败\n"

#: xmalloc.c:47
msgid "realloc failed\n"
msgstr "realloc 失败\n"

#~ msgid "(null)"
#~ msgstr "(null)"

#~ msgid "krb5_sendauth: %s [server says '%*s']\n"
#~ msgstr "krb5_sendauth: %s [ 服务器响应 \"%*s\"]\n"

#~ msgid "Server CommonName: %s\n"
#~ msgstr "服务器名: %s\n"