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		    Release Notes of older versions:

(The `lines' figures total .c, .h, .l, and .y files under version control.)

fetchmail-5.9.14 (Fri Sep  6 05:03:25 EDT 2002), 21932 lines:

* Sunil Shetye's patch to eliminate multiple bounces.
* Moritz Jodeit <moritz@jodeit.org>'s patch for re-exec with no args.
* Sunil Shetye's patch to solve the re-exec problem with relative files.
* Cygwin portability patch (use ROOT_UID) from Jason Tishler.
* Workaround for the CAPA error problem is documented in the FAQ.
* Updated Polish, Danish, and Catalan translations.
* Sunil Shetye's patch to improve CAPA error handling.
* Sunil Shetye's patch to improve handling of unreadable boxes in POP3.
* Berkeley port fix for Kerberos IV.

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fetchmail-5.9.13 (Sat Jun 22 17:53:00 EDT 2002), 21791 lines:

* Cygwin port fixes for socket.c.
* Matthias Andree's patches to: 
  (a) clean up xmalloc types,
  (b) improve distclean,
  (c) use sendmail -i in configure.in and dump the fallback configuration,
  (d) turn fallback off by default.
* Scott Gifford's dotted-quad patch.
* Updated Danish translation.
* RPM now built with SSL and IPv6 support, reflecting what's in RH 7.3.
* Sunil Shetye's patches to send CAPA during POP3 sessions and improve
  the PS_RETAINED behavior slightly.
* Yann Droneaud's fix to eliminate a socket leak on error.

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fetchmail-5.9.12 (Tue Jun  4 14:57:47 EDT 2002), 21669 lines:

* Brian Grayson's patch enabling compilation under AIX 4.1.
* Federico G. Schwindt's patch to support BSD ELF systems.
* Fix to Sunil Shetye's attributes patch.
* Scott Bronson's patch to reap zombies after an MDA core dump.
* New Japanese translation file.
* Catalan support integrated.
* Danish support updated.
* Nalin Dahyabai's patch to prevent a malicious server from crashing
  fetchmail on a 64-bit machine.
* Cygwin port patch from Jason Tishler.
* Sunil Shetye's fix for password shrouding.
* Various Debian fixes from HMH.
* Arun A. Tharuvai's patch to avoid speaking KPOP to an IMAP server.
* Added Richard Harris's PopDel.py utility to the contrib directory.

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fetchmail-5.9.11 (Mon Apr  1 17:09:13 EST 2002), 21597 lines:

* Updated Turkish and Japanese translations.
* Added warning about auth failures on the GMX server.
* HMH's Debian 5.9.10 patches:
1. Fix minor typo in FAQ
2. Fix partial implementation of ESMTP auth, and some minor
   fetchmailconf stuff
3. Add proper error reporting to bad logfile creation.
   patch by Sunil Shetye <shetye@bombay.retortsoft.com>
4. Fix incredible aggravating bug that caused dataloss
   risks if 4xx errors were returned by the MTA
5. Corrected version of the fix-timeouts-for-ssl and descriptor
   leaking patches from Sylvain Benoist <sylvainb@whitepj.com>
   Also fix outdated comments in driver.c
6. Sunil Shetye's patch to stop fetchmail from trying to fetch
   twice with IMAP
7. Stop stupid complaint about turning off SSL being illegal
   without SSL support.
8. Byrial Jensen <byrial@image.dk> i18n fixes
* Sunil Shetye's attribute patch.
* HMH's revised but untested SMTP authentication patch.
* Added GPL license exemption to COPYING for linking with OpenSSL.

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fetchmail-5.9.10 (Sun Mar 10 15:09:57 EST 2002), 21529 lines:

* Security fix: don't trust the message count passed back by the server.

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fetchmail-5.9.9 (Sat Mar  9 08:54:28 EST 2002), 21508 lines:

* Renamed misnamed tr.po and da.po files
* Jakub Ulanowski's patch to fix SSL fingerprint handling.
* Matt Kraai's patch for supporting STLS over POP3.
* French translation updated.
* Debian fixes merged.
* Added maildrop (MDA shipped with courier) as fallback after procmail
  and sendmail (thanks to Alexander Lazic <al-fetchmail@none.at>).
* ESMTP AUTH support from Wojciech Polak <polak@lodz.pdi.net>.

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fetchmail-5.9.8 (Thu Feb 14 23:47:31 EST 2002), 21358 lines:

* Added de translation catalog; updated da and tr catalogs.
* vsprintf underflow fixes by Sunil Shetye.
* Added warning about IMS POP3 server.
* Matthias Andree's fix for a longstanding SSL hang bug.
* Fix yacc syntax bug when building with SSL.
* Sunil Shetye's patch for idle timeout during poll.
* Applied HMH's fix for the "message delimiter found in headers" code path
  (Debian bug #128672).

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fetchmail-5.9.7 (Sat Feb  2 00:33:40 EST 2002), 21330 lines:

* Minor fixes by HMH.
* Properly guard some transaction reporting in the SSL code.
* Updated German (de) po file.  Added Turkish (tr) po file.
* Expunge edge case fix by Sunil Shetye.
* Fixes for some odd IMAP and SMTP edge cases by Sunil Shetye.
* UIDL bug fix by Matthias Andree.
* Use smtpaddress, if present, to set the return path on warning mail.
* Tell parser to object when SSL keyboard is used with SSL not compiled.
* GSSAPI and ODMR fixes by Tom Hughes.

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fetchmail-5.9.6 (Fri Dec 14 04:03:50 EST 2001), 21247 lines:

* OPIE bug fixes by Jun Miyoshi <usako@omnisci.co.jp>.
* Documented known IDLE bug in the todo.html file.
* Sunil Shetye's fix for a timeout/reconnect bug.
* LMTP fix from Toshiro HIKITA <toshi@sodan.org>.
* The duplicate-killer doesn't try to operate if we can get an actual
  recipient address from the trace headers.

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fetchmail-5.9.5 (Thu Nov  8 14:14:35 EST 2001), 21162 lines:

* Changed the logging logic along lines suggested by Jan Klaverstijn,
* fetchmailconf looks first in the directory it's running from to find
* Make sure we get a success status correctly from open_smtp_sink()
  and open_bsmtp_sink().
* Matthias Andree's env.c patch to refuse service when QMAILINJECT is defined.
* Immediately abort if a non-empty QMAILINJECT environment variable is
  found. If it is set and contains f or i, qmail-inject or qmail's
  sendmail `compatibility' wrapper will rewrite From: or Message-ID:
  headers, respectively. En passant, fix the bug that program_name was
  not filled in before used when the user's ID had no PW entry, leading
  to (null) or crash when printing the error message. Patch by Matthias
* NextStep and OpenStep port patch from Eric Sunshine.
* Block signals during SockConnect() so we don't get a socket descriptor 
  leak if we're hit by an alarm signal during connect(2).
* Set queryname even when server is inactive; avoids a core-dump bug in
  the fetchids code.

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fetchmail-5.9.4 (Wed Oct  3 07:47:45 EDT 2001), 21104 lines:

* Finished license cleanup, all licenses in the distribution are now
  officially GPL-compatible.
* Added a length check to from64tobits() after receiving a warning that
  it might create buffer overflows.  No exploitable overflows were found by
  a careful case-by-case audit, and at minimum an exploit would have required 
  that the mailserver be subverted or DNS be spoofed to enable a 
  man-in-the-middle attack.

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% Mailing list cleaned

fetchmail-5.9.3 (Sun Sep 30 12:08:52 EDT 2001), 21075 lines:

* Fix configuration error in handling of long options.
* Thomas Moestl's patch to use querynames in UID files.
* Timeout to deal with long socket closes (Sunil Shetye).
* Move from RSA MD5 code to Colin Plumb's public-domain implementation (BSD
  classic license eliminated)
* Rewrite strcasecmp() (BSD classic license eliminated).
* getopt_long is back for Solaris and HP-UX systems.
* Updated Danish po file.
* Re-enable explicit bounce message on bad address.

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fetchmail-5.9.2 (Wed Sep 26 12:47:00 EDT 2001), 21118 lines:

* Enable code to build on Solaris again (long options won't work).
* Move Hesiod lookups to just before DNS lookups.
* Make sure the SICHLD handler is called when we run detached.
* Make kerberos5 in OpenBSD (Federico Schwindt <fgsch@olimpo.com.br>).
* Added FAQ item X8 on why mail sometimes gets an extra ) appended.

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fetchmail-5.9.1 (Mon Sep 24 19:01:57 EDT 2001), 21120 lines:

* Make -D short option for --smtpaddress active again.
* Typo fix for Polish translation.
* Make sure IMAP capability checks are caseblind.
* Make sure suffix checks on akalists are properly caseblinded.
* All warning mail now has a generated date stamp.
* getopt.c and getopt1.c removed due to license incompatibility with OpenSSL.
* End of poll cycle is now logged.
* Sanity check now rejects SSL option if SSL support is not compiled in
  (resolves Debian bug #109796).
* HMH's fix for the LMTP localhost/foo problem.
* Mike Warfield's fix for using a combined SSL cert and key in a single file.
* DNS lookups moved to just before the mailserver socket open, so fetchmail
  now works OK even if started up without Internet access.
* Switched from _( to GT_( as a gettext macro, in order to avoid a 
  conflict with the SSL library.

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fetchmail-5.9.0 (Sun Aug 12 23:52:16 EDT 2001), 21062 lines:

* Blush...# characters now go to stdout, same place as the dots.
* Matthias Andree's patch to correct parsing of spaces in quoted usernames.

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fetchmail-5.8.17 (Tue Aug  7 20:05:36 EDT 2001), 21056 lines:

* SECURITY FIX: Fixed a security hole that is exploitable if the attacker can 
  either subvert the mailserver or redirect to a fake one using DNS spoofing.
  Bugtraq announcement to follow soon.  Thanks to Salvatore Sanfilippo 
* Eliminated second bounce on failed RCPT TO address.
* Always use fetchmail host's FQDN to identify the daemon when
  sending bounce messages.
* Embarrassing bug of the month -- somehow, `skip' wasn't being interpreted!

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fetchmail-5.8.16 (Fri Aug  3 18:55:54 EDT 2001), 21093 lines:

* Handle ! in RFC2821 Return-Path addresses properly.
* Better handling of BAD and NO responses to FETCH (thank Justin Guyett).
* Fixed *yet another* build error due to breakage in the i18n code.

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fetchmail-5.8.15 (Tue Jul 31 02:07:03 EDT 2001), 21075 lines:

* Refuse mail that has no good addresses and can't be sent to postmaster.
* Restore behavior of discarding mail on 550 (Debian bug #105237).
* John Summerfield updated getfetchmail.
* Cleanup patches by HMH.
* Lock-file-name bug reported by Scott Johnson.
* Updated Danish translation by Byrial Jensen.
* Updated French translation by Thierry Vignaud.
* Man page bugs pointed out by Andrew Benham.
* POP3 end of session RSET on keep removed.
* In IMAP, handle BAD and NO responses to FETCH gracefully.
* Parse "no {syslog|invisible|showdots}" properly.
* Change AC_DEFINE to AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED appropriately in configure.in
  (Debian bug #104484).
* Fixed bug in fetchmailconf plugin/plugout code (Debian bug #105987).

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fetchmail-5.8.14 (Thu Jul 12 03:19:57 EDT 2001), 21058 lines:

* Corrected Rob Braun's remote-build change, it broke the build with NLS.
* Found (and killed) a subtle SMTP protocol error that was probably lurking 
  behind a lot of the bug reports related to bounce mail, thanks to Quoc Luu.
  (Only manifested when the MTA rejected mail due to a bad RCPT TO address.)

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fetchmail-5.8.13 (Tue Jul 10 17:00:50 EDT 2001), 21057 lines:

* Correction for backslash-handling patch in rfc822.c.
* Fix for Debian bug Bug#1038222: fetchmail conf fails to write file 
  after configuration; move .fetchmailrc to .fetchmailrc.bak before
* Discard Return-Path headers consisting of a single @.
* Make fetchmailconf dump plugin and plugout options properly.
* Rob Braun's changes for building fetchmail outside its source directory

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fetchmail-5.8.12 (Fri Jul  6 00:56:02 EDT 2001), 21052 lines:

* Don't depend on having snprintf available.
* Bug fix for envskip.
* ODMR finally seems to be working.
* Handle multiple backslashes within RFC822 address strings correctly.
* Don't exit on a failure to DNS-resolve a mailserver name, just 
  make it inactive.  Exit only if all lookups fail.
* Restore code to deal with SMTP error responses at RCPT TO time, but
  without issuing an RSET.  This is intended to fix obscure bugs that
  show up in recent Postfix releases and sendmail configurations that
  delay antispam checks on the MAIL FROM line until RCPT TO time.

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fetchmail-5.8.11 (Sun Jul  1 21:39:26 EDT 2001), 20973 lines:

* Signal-processing fix for Debian bug #102711.
* More ODMR patches from Matt Armstrong.

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fetchmail-5.8.10 (Mon Jun 25 17:04:08 EDT 2001), 20922 lines:

* More fixes for the new message-marking code from Thomas Moestl.
* Fixes for ODMR code from Matt Armstrong.

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fetchmail-5.8.9 (Sun Jun 24 20:30:49 EDT 2001), 20922 lines:

* HMH's snprintf/strncat cleanup patch.
* Fixes for Debian bugs #101792, #101950.
* Updated Danish translation by Byrial Jensen.
* ODMR fixes from Matt Armstrong <matt@lickey.com>.
* The smtphost option has been split.  It is no longer overloaded to set 
  the list of domains to be queried in ETRN and ODMR modes.  Instead, use
  the `fetchdomains' option.

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fetchmail-5.8.8 (Wed Jun 20 17:22:26 EDT 2001), 20782 lines:

* Fix bug that prevented messages from being marked oversized unless -v was on.
* Byrial Jensen made the tracepoll information RFC822-conformant.
* Reorder code to avoid accessing line buffers after they have been freed.
* Steven Krings's patch to deal with over-long header lines.
* Fix for Debian bug #101500.
* Updated Danish translation by Byrial Jensen.
* Chris Maio's patch for POP3 with BSMTP.
* Patch from HMH resolves Debian bug #101530.

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fetchmail-5.8.7 (Sun Jun 17 12:02:17 EDT 2001), 20749 lines:

* Make fetchmailconf work properly again by fixing tracepolls mismatch.
* HMH's fix for Debian bug #98127.
* driver.c refactoring in preparation for streaming mode.

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fetchmail-5.8.6 (Tue Jun 12 08:16:54 EDT 2001), 20676 lines:

* Reject candidate headers for the MAIL FROM address that have \n in them.
* Add capability to insert poll trace data in the Received line.
* HMH's patch to prevent buffer overflow due to long headers. Addresses
  Debian bug #100394.
* Brendan Kehoe's patch to avoid doing DNS lookups on skip entries.

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fetchmail-5.8.5 (Tue May 29 20:01:39 EDT 2001), 20650 lines:

* Interface option fix from Alexander Kourakos.
* Fixes for i18n glitches and new Danish translation from Byrial Jensen.
* Attempted fix for Harry McGavran's problems with the Kerberos V build.
* Added fetchmailnochda.pl to the contrib directory.
* Sunil Shetye's patches for the seen count on IMAP and auto protocol.

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fetchmail-5.8.4 (Mon May 21 15:08:03 EDT 2001), 20636 lines:

* SSL certificate options from Thomas Moestl <tmoestl@gmx.net>.
* Frantisek Brabec's patch for better UIDL error recovery.
* Another zombie-leak patch from HMH.
* Jorg de Jong's patch attempts to handle spaces in the ID part of UIDLs.
* Eliminate use of -C in Makefile.

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fetchmail-5.8.3 (Sat May 12 04:07:12 EDT 2001), 20502 lines:

* The `localhost' special case of `via' is gone.  Use `plugin %h' for talking
  to ssh instead.
* Prevent POP3 code from authenticating multiple times on success.
* Fixed IMAP password shrouding.
* GCC warning cleanups from ahaas@neosoft.com.
* Plug another hole that was letting zombies through.
* SA_RESTART portability fix for SunOS.
* Ignore Sender and Resent-Sender headers unless they contain @.

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fetchmail-5.8.2 (Tue May  8 17:07:53 EDT 2001), 20481 lines:

* HH's patches fixing Debian bug #90966 and addressing Debian bug #92554.
* GSSAPI portability patch by Peter Fales.
* Updated cs.po by Jiri Pavlovsky.
* Michael Kjorling's patch to add server ID to authentication success/failure 
* Kerberos build patch by HH.
* Don't cough and die from failure to resolve a skipped host.  Resolves 
  Debian bug #92530
* Do aka suffix match even if DNS checking is enabled (Johannes Stille's bug).
* SIGCHLD handler now sets SA_RESTART explicitly in order to avoid zombies
  from interrupted system calls.  Debian bug #95659.

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fetchmail-5.8.1 (Tue Apr 10 09:32:04 EDT 2001), 20511 lines:

* Nalin Dahyabai's password parse and authentication fixes.
* Vitezslav Samel's patch to Makefile.in to make parallel makes work.

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fetchmail-5.8.0 (Mon Apr  2 15:18:33 EDT 2001), 20459 lines:

* Documentation update for gold release.

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fetchmail-5.7.7 (Wed Mar 28 20:24:48 EST 2001), 20459 lines:

* More configure fixes -- include missing stub script in the distribution.

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fetchmail-5.7.6 (Thu Mar 22 16:22:48 EST 2001), 20456 lines:

* Fix POP2 and POP3 password shrouding.
* Don't remove UIDL scratchlist on query completion (Frantisek Brabec's bug).
* IMAP: don't just quit if GSSAPI or Kerberos IV fail, but try other methods.
* Document the fact the IDLE and multiple folders don't play well together.
  Closes Debian bug#89908.

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fetchmail-5.7.5 (Sat Mar 17 23:24:41 EST 2001), 20440 lines:

* Nalin Dahyabhai's patch to make IPv6 build on older systems.
* Restrict shrouding to just the password send so it won't leak info.
* Move an #ifdef INET6_ENABLE to deal with libc5 headers.
* Only DNS-probe entries that are active on this run.
* Fix `nospambounce' recognition.
* Updated French translation.
* Yoshihiko SARUMARU's patch to keep kanji out of Received headers.
* Include aclocal.m4 in the tarball (solves some build problems).
* Added HMH's patch to support configuring a specific fallback MUA.

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fetchmail-5.7.4 (Mon Mar 12 00:02:23 EST 2001), 20323 lines:

* SECURITY FIX: unsecure tempfile creation bug in fetchmailconf, thanks 
  to Colin Phipps <cph@cph.demon.co.uk> for pointing this out.
* Configure cleanup from HMH.
* Documentation refresh.

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fetchmail-5.7.3 (Sun Mar 11 17:01:56 EST 2001), 20323 lines:

* Incorporate SA_LEN patch from Red Hat.
* HMH's "no spambounce" patch for fetchmailconf.
* John Bartlett's patch to make the driver code more tolerant of flaky POP3 
  servers (better handling of timeout at session start).
* Make `fetchmail --configdump' work when there's a defaults entry.
* Incorporated HMH's build fixes.
* Added FALLBACK_MDA; fetchmail now looks for procmail or sendmail at
  build time and uses it if it can't open port 25 for local delivery.
* Incorporated Red Hat fixes for GSSAPI, configure.in.
* Bailing out on read-only messages breaks fetchmail -c.  To avoid this,
  use EXAMINE rather than SELECT in that case.

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fetchmail-5.7.2 (Sun Mar  4 19:05:57 EST 2001), 20167 lines:

* NLS build fixed under Linux -- thanks to Nicolás Lichtmaier.
  Now builds with NLS by default, unavoidable side effect of fix.
* Various cleanups and minor bugfixes in OTP support.
* Corrected header error in SSL support.
* Updated Spanish translation by Javier Kohen.
* Incorporated Red Hat's 5.5.0 Kerberos V patch.
* Incorporated Henrique Holschuh's fetchmailconf warning on local names with @.

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fetchmail-5.7.1 (Sun Mar  4 00:30:04 EST 2001), 20167 lines:

* Note: NLS build ability is broken!
* FreeBSD port fixes.
* Man page polished and updated.
* Added --sslproto option from Peter Hedwig.
* Fix KPOP support, which got broken in 5.6.8. Closes Debian bug #88288.

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fetchmail-5.7.0 (Thu Mar  1 18:00:08 EST 2001), 20131 lines:

* Updated Danish translation from Byrial Jensen.
* Fixed bug in NTLM support.  Separately, "auth ntlm" now works.
* Imail server and vircom NTLM account added to test list.
* Don't require Tkinter to read --configdump output.

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fetchmail-5.6.8 (Thu Feb 22 02:57:31 EST 2001), 20110 lines:

* `preauth' option changed back to `auth'
* IMAP code now bails out if the server forces the mailbox read-only.
* Fixed a core dump in Dave Zarzycki's new plugin code.
* POP3 latency optimization: only do CAPA and set authentication capabilities
  from it once at start of run.

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fetchmail-5.6.7 (Mon Feb 19 12:31:03 EST 2001), 20082 lines:

* Fixed brown-paper-bag password bug (only showed up if it was necessary
  to prompt for a password).  This fixes Debian bug #86350: Fetchmail doesn't
  ask for password.
* In POP3, query for AUTH methods a la RFC2449.

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fetchmail-5.6.6 (Thu Feb 15 20:43:47 EST 2001), 20083 lines:

* Fixed locale setting; this should make i18n actually work.
* Resolved Debian bug #85938: fetchmail asks for a password when using ETRN.
* Resolved Debian bugs #85853 and #86047.  POP3: Don't issue AUTH between
  USER and PASS, some servers choke on this.
* Resolved Debian bug #85772 re Kerberos compilation.
* Resolved Debian bug #85961: Wrong error message when local connection fails.
* Serious pre-release regression testing begins.  This version tested
  against 18 different POP3 and IMAP servers.

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fetchmail-5.6.5 (Mon Feb 12 04:33:39 EST 2001), 20062 lines:

* CRAM-MD5 authentication of IMAP and POP3 is working.  Tested against 
  IMAP4rev1 2000.287 and v2000.70 POP3 gateway at neo.netnea.com.
* Full support for POP3 AUTH (RFC1734) with KERBEROS_IV, GSSAPI, OTP.
  This code has been completely refactored.  In the process, it is
  possible I have broken GSSAPI, KERBEROS, and OPIE; this needs to be tested.
  The old IMAP-LOGIN, IMAP-GSS, and IMAP-K4 protocols are gone; fetchmail
  now uses these automatically when it detects the right capabilities.
  To prevent having fetchmail  look for a password, specify a "preauth"
  option other than "password".
* Noted that Debian bugs #78963, #63064, #81312, #78796, #78363, #78149,
  #68627, #67559, #63308, #63088, #71428 are fixed.
* Resolved Debian bug #65505: fetchmail now returns a nonzero exit status
  when interrupted before a successful fetch.
* configure --ssl works correctly again.

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fetchmail-5.6.4 (Sun Feb 11 00:43:14 EST 2001), 20085 lines:

* ODMR port fix for AIX.
* Dave Zarzycki's fix for former FAQ item F5 (%h and %p not being expanded).
* Dave Zarzycki's fix to reap zombie processes when nodetach is set.
* Attempted fix for CRAM-MD5 problem with IMAP 2000.

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fetchmail-5.6.3 (Wed Feb  7 10:56:21 EST 2001), 19901 lines:

* VPATH build fixed (thanks to Harry McGavran).
* Danny O'Brien's patch allowing preauth and idle to work together.
* Fixed a bug in configure.in that was resulting in KERBEROS_IV being
  set when it should not have been (several reports).
* FAQ change: mailing lists have moved to MailMan.
* Deal with brain-dead netmind mail missing the RFC822 delimiter line.
* ODMR (RFC 2645) support -- untested and probably buggy!

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% Lists moved to MailMan

fetchmail-5.6.2 (Fri Jan  5 16:45:47 EST 2001), 19744 lines:

* Dave Bodenstab's fix for the lockfile re-exec problem.
* Fixes for `principal' handling in fetchmailconf.
* Make --with-included-gettext work again (Thanks to Albert Chin-A-Young).

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fetchmail-5.6.1 (Mon Dec 11 23:11:59 EST 2000), 19718 lines:

* More on ETRN in the FAQ.
* Horst Klokow's patch to make interface check the remote IP address.
* Roger Luethi's patch to write the UIDL file when you hit a fetchlimit.
* Don Beusee's patch to eliminate wedging on authentication failure.
  Instead, fetchmail will now notify the user on the third failure, then
  continue polling silently until service is restored (at which time the
  user will get a notification).
* Samuel Leo's patch to add LMTP capability to the smtphost option.
* Fix UIDL handling on skip entries.
* Add Don Beusee's `spambounce' option (default off).

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fetchmail-5.6.0 (Sun Nov 26 22:11:09 EST 2000), 19625 lines:

* Updated FAQ on IPv6 operation.
* Enabled showdots to work from the command line.
* Fixed a bug in fetchmailconf's handling of the `principal' option.
* smtpname processing fixed.

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fetchmail-5.5.6 (Sat Nov 11 14:22:24 EST 2000), 19563 lines:

* Chip Salzenberg's patch to prevent wildcards in Common Names from causing
  spurious error messages (resolved Debian bug #75011).
* Added --showdots option by Thomas Jarosch <tomj@gmx.de>.
* Added --principal option from R. Lindsay Todd" <toddr@rpi.edu>.
* Spanish-language update from Javier Kohen.
* Nalin Dahyabai's fix to handle untagged responses during imap-gss
* Koyama Mituru's patch for improved spam handling under qmail; checks
  for a 553 reponse to RCPT TO.
* Added FAQ item F5 of %h and  %p interpolation from Matthias Andree.

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fetchmail-5.5.5 (Tue Oct 17 17:50:46 EDT 2000), 19523 lines:

* Killed a nasty segfault due to double-freeing of the header block.
* Updated Danish internationalization by Byrial Jensen.
* Added FAQ item X7 on attachment hangs.

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fetchmail-5.5.4 (Sun Oct  8 10:57:37 EDT 2000), 19518 lines:
* Fall back on the computed queryname if we need the DNS name of a a host
  and can't get it. Resolves Debian bug #69199.
* Andrej Borsenkow's fix for configuration with new SOCKS.
* Pavel Roskin's fix to build the RPM without libcrypto (Red Hat changed
  the library name to libk5crypto in 6.2).
* Peter Backes's sm-hybrid patch added to contrib; more FAQ item T1 changes. 
* Emiliano's patch to make dropdelivered and envelope interact properly.
* In fetchmailconf, always reset the port number when changing protocols.
* Patrick Bihan-Faou's changes to use sysctl() for interface checking
  so fetchmail doesn't have to be suid kmem.

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fetchmail-5.5.3 (Tue Sep 26 17:56:32 EDT 2000), 19278 lines:

* Added skip size reporting as suggested by Franck Pommereau.
* Don't terminate on failed DNS lookup of host, go to next entry.
* Danish localization support, courtesy of Byrial Jensen.
* Fix reference to freed message header block (thanks to Andrew Morton)

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fetchmail-5.5.2 (Thu Sep  7 23:00:24 EDT 2000), 19243 lines:

* Horst von Brand's security and specfile patches.
* Major changes to FAQ item T1.
* Minor correction to FAQ item K3 by Malte Kiesel.
* Added to FAQ R1, on enabling sendmail in RH 6.9.
* Resolved Debian bugs #66110, #70862.

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fetchmail-5.5.1 (Sun Aug 20 23:43:03 EDT 2000), 19241 lines:

* Fix a finger error in the dot-termination fix for 5.5.0.
* Javier Kohen's update for es.po.
* Jiri Pavlovsky's cs.po update.
* Added to FAQ item on K3 a recipe using the new plugin %h option.
* Fixed a nasty typo in FAQ item T1 -- the old version didn't generate 
  correct Delivered-To hacks.  Thanks to Peter 'Rattacresh' Backes 
  <rtc@helen.PLASMA.Xg8.DE> for spotting this.

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fetchmail-5.5.0 (Sat Aug 12 12:47:21 EDT 2000), 19241 lines:

* Fix pop3.c to avoid trouble with spurious dot terminations.

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fetchmail-5.4.5 (Mon Aug  7 03:25:23 EDT 2000), 19238 lines:

* Dave Zarzycki's patch to enhance plugins, adding %h and %p.
* Vitezslav Samel's patch to fix a Y2K bug in lsmgen.sh.
* Fixed a fatal typo in fetchmailconf.
* Resolved Debian bug #67559. It was a misdiagnosis.
* Resolved Debian bugs #62115, #61983, #68627, #61983.
* Return PS_NOMAIL when no server entries are active.
* pt_BR Update from George Godoy.
* David Taylor's fixes for the UIDL code.

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fetchmail-5.4.4 (Sun Jul 23 15:56:16 EDT 2000), 19172 lines:

* Guenther H. Leber's fix to show expunge parameters for POP3 in fetchmail -V.
* Richard Gooch's fixes to use sigaction(2) in sink.c and daemon.c
* Petr Kristof's fix for sslcert configuration in fetchmailconf.
* Jiri Pavolvsky's updated cs.po.
* Cyrille Lefevre <clefevre@citeweb.net>'s patch for IPV6, 
  resolving FreeBSD Problem Report ports/19996.
* Added John Summerfield's pop2test to contrib.
* In the fetchmail RPM spec, stop compressing the man pages.  Turns out
  rpm-4.0 does a find(1) over the stuff to be installed and gzip(1)s the
  manpages it finds. This gets messed up by the explicit symlink among
  manpages in the spec file, which rpm redoes and gets all wrong.
* Added Antoine Beaupre's dropdelivered option.

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fetchmail-5.4.3 (Sun Jul  2 14:24:28 EDT 2000), 19080 lines:

* Fixed Debian bug #63667, fetchmailconf: doesn't write .fetchmailrc properly.
* RFC2177 IDLE should now be done even when there are no messages.
* Joerg Plate's SSL typo fix.
* Try to limit the damage bad UIDL handling can do by refusing to mess with
  the UIDL state if there has been an error.
* Better isafile test -- bizarrely enough, Linux ptys have S_ISBLK.
* Includes for SSL now use the openssl directory, which has been standard 
  since OpenSSL 0.9.3.  If this breaks your build, upgrade your SSL.

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fetchmail-5.4.2 (Wed Jun 28 07:21:04 EDT 2000), 19069 lines:

* Julian Haight's fix for his 5.4.1 patch, which created a potential 
  memory leak.
* Minor bug fixes for SSL by Wolfram Kleff.
* Be more clever about when we suppress progress dots.

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fetchmail-5.4.1 (Tue Jun  6 23:24:22 EDT 2000), 19051 lines:

* Julian Haight added support for arbitrary SMTP RCPT TO: control using:
  --smtpname user@host.  Should be useful for sites running multiple virtual
  domains without local users, such as a cyrus IMAP installation.
* Julian Haight added hostaddr reporting in the "Received: from" clause.
* NT material added to FAQ item O9.
* Commented out the socket-shutdown code that was causing mystery hangs under
  Red Hat 6.2.  We can live with a socket leak (assuming it comes back) nmore
  easily than we can live with fetchmail getting wedged in place.
* Werner Almesberger <almesber@lrc.epfl.ch> sent minor bug fixes for BSMTP.

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fetchmail-5.4.0 (Sat May 13 18:24:21 EDT 2000), 18977 lines:

* Matthias Scheler's fix for SSL under IPV6
* Added FAQ material on SSL's "RPNG not seeded" message and on ssh tunnelling.
* Resolved Debian bug  #63667.

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fetchmail-5.3.8 (Fri Apr 21 03:47:14 EDT 2000), 18977 lines:

* Fixed brown-paper-bag bugs involving rcfile name initialization.
* In fetchmailconf, don't permit editing of a blank server entry.

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fetchmail-5.3.7 (Sun Apr 16 03:46:13 EDT 2000), 18975 lines:

* Updated and corrected version of contrib/domino.
* Galician translation added, courtesy of Jesus Bravo Alvarez <jba@pobox.com>.
* Spanish translation updated, courtesy of Javier Kohen.
* Removed an unnecessary Kerberos check that seemed to be causing lossage.
* FETCHMAILHOME environment variable introduced to optionally override the
  normal $HOME location of fetchmail's rc, id, and pid files.
* Fixed a bug in the SEARCH UNSEEN code that resulted in only half the
  available messages getting fetched each run.

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fetchmail-5.3.6 (Sat Apr  8 03:54:04 EDT 2000), 18947 lines:

* Autoprobe now recognizes Domino IMAP servers and warns the user.
* Add a needed pclose(3) call in interface.c (thank Matthias Andree).
* In IMAP, use SEARCH UNSEEN instead of flag queries to count and identify
  unseen messages (thanks to Alexis Lê-Quôc <alq666@hotmail.com>).
* Added contrib/domino, a workaround for the Domino attachment problem.
* Added contrib/toprocmail, which demonstrates how a plugin can
  display selected mail headers.
* French internationalization update from Guy Brand.
* IMAP PREAUTH fix from Todd Sabin <tas@webspan.net>.
* Fetchmail now runs on BeOS, thanks to David Reid <david@jetnet.co.uk>.

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fetchmail-5.3.5 (Wed Mar 29 18:17:19 EST 2000), 18840 lines:

* Back out the InterChange workaround, it breaks operation with M$ Exchange.
* Update for cs.po from Jiri Pavlovsky.
* Prevent spurious hostname matches in fetchmailconf.
* Ultrix 4.5 port patches from Simon Burge <simonb@thistledown.com.au>.
* Add bug warning to FAQ about Lotus Domino.
* Suppress monitor check just after being woken by signal.

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fetchmail-5.3.4 (Wed Mar 22 15:55:51 EST 2000), 18819 lines:

* Added FAQ item on performance under load.
* Fix Debian bug #60202 (segfaults when given command line arguments).
  This only applied to `antispam', as it turned out.
* Work around InterChange's bug with attachments as suggested by 
* Enable checks on multiple folders.

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fetchmail-5.3.3 (Mon Mar 13 16:34:29 EST 2000), 18763 lines:

* Fixed reporting of listener timeouts.
* Configure now supports SOCKS5, thanks to Alan Schmitt.
* Fix a minor bug in preauthenticated IMAP, thanks to Urban Boquist 
* Try to support suffix matching in aka lists.

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fetchmail-5.3.2 (Mon Mar  6 21:41:23 EST 2000), 18695 lines:

* Added experimental support for RFC2177 IDLE command extension of IMAP.
* Updated fr.po.
* Fixed a bug in fetchmailconf's handling of envelope skip prefixes.
* Don't nuke .fetchids when authorization failure keeps us from getting URLs.
* Added FAQ item X6 on dropped and mangled attachments, thanks to Rob Funk.
* Teach configure.in to link the RSA reference library if available.
* Disable saving of Message-IDs into UIDL lists.

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fetchmail-5.3.1 (Sun Mar  5 23:02:42 EST 2000), 18648 lines:

* Use remotename@hostname for MAIL FROM if we have not been able to deduce
  a Return-Path.
* Fix the attempted fix for Joop Susan's ENOTCONN bug.
* Added FAQ material on a Microsoft Exchange bug, on forwarding to
  a different host than the one fetchmail runs on, and on using
  ssh for a secure passwordless connection.  Removed the FAQ entry
  on popclient.
* Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <itojun@iijlab.net> sent a fix for IPv6.
* Fix Red Hat 6.2beta bug 9982: fetchmailconf now automatically pups up
  an edit panel whenever a new user or site is created.
* Fix Red Hat 6.2beta bug 9987: Deal gracefully with the possibility that
  we might be running as a subprocess with stdin not attached to a tty,
  and thus unable to query for a password.
* Resolved all current Debian bugs classed `important'; #43139, #44744, #44760,
  #44774, #43140, #50990.
* Resolved Debian ordinary bugs #17769, #34383, #38303, #39732, #51674,
  #53386, #53732, #58553.
* Resolved Debian wishlist bug #26630.
* Resolution of #59281 (still loops on Ctrl-C) involved a small change in
  behavior; SIGPIPE now terminates the current poll cycle.

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fetchmail-5.3.0 (Tue Feb 22 08:53:31 PST 2000), 18618 lines:

* Horst von Brand's improvements to the specfile generator.
* Joop Susan's improvements in error status reporting.
* Only emit progress dots when stdout is connected to a tty.
* Fix for GNATS bug 16468, "INET6 breaks fetchmail preconnect"
  by Munechika SUMIKAWA <sumikawa@ebina.hitachi.co.jp>.
* Lexical analyzer now understands that -?[0-9]*[a-zA-Z] is not a number.

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fetchmail-5.2.8 (Mon Feb 14 19:16:46 EST 2000), 18571 lines:

* Attempted fix for Joop Susan's ENOTCONN bug.
* Fix for NO response during SIZE fetches for M$ Exchange IMAP server.
* Thomas Zajic <zlatko@gmx.at> sent a change that copes with GMX X-UIDLs.
* Fix fetchmailconf's handling of ssl attributes when SSL is not configured.
* Handle IMAP folder names with embedded spaces.
* cs.po update from Jiri Pavlovsky.
* Make -d0 -v work when -a and -k are on.
* UID handling has been broken since 5.2.5.  This version should work.
  Thanks to Bruce Hauge <bruce_hauge@agilent.com> for testing.

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fetchmail-5.2.7 (Sun Feb  6 20:45:41 EST 2000), 18517 lines:
* Updated FAQ.
* Updated es.po.
* Disable mail notification on server unreachable.  This turned out to
  be a very bad idea.

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fetchmail-5.2.6 (Sat Feb  5 00:01:53 EST 2000), 18517 lines:
* Close down sockets using shutdown(2) and discarding read data until we
  get a TCP FIN.  With any luck this will squash our socket leak.
* Open the lockfile with O_SYNC, so we know the file has been written
  before close (sigh...NFS might still betray us...).
* Added Martijn Lievaart's sendmail hacks for multidrop to the contrib 
* Fix bug in processing of plugout option.
* AIX port tweak from Dave Marquardt <marquard@austin.ibm.com>.
* Add support for `ssh' preauth type to suppress password prompts at startup.
* Support for RFC2449 extended POP3 responses [IN-USE] and [LOGIN-DELAY].
* Log bounced messages via syslog (Debian bug #50184).
* Add scrollbars on fetchmailconf help windows (Debian bug #51770). 
* Notify user by mail when pop server nonexistent (Debian bug #47143).
* Debian buglist cleanup.

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fetchmail-5.2.5 (Mon Jan 31 02:02:48 EST 2000), 18445 lines:
* Fixed bugs in BSMTP generation reported by Jaap Lutz.
* Make fetchmailconf better at handling backslashes in usernames
  and passwords.
* Jochen Hayek's patch to handle spaces in UID usernames.

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fetchmail-5.2.4 (Mon Jan 17 02:37:58 EST 2000), 18445 lines:

* Fix bug introduced in 5.2.2 that stopped --syslog from working.
* Update for es.po, fr.po, cs.po.
* Message-string macros eliminated from driver.c so gettext can see them.
* Various useful to version reporting & configure.in fixes by Chip Salzenberg.
* Bernhard Rosenkraenzer's fix for broken Kerberos V configuration.
* Make --logfile work in foreground.

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fetchmail-5.2.3 (Tue Jan  4 01:56:11 EST 2000), 18421 lines:
* Ken Estes's patch to check for unreachable UIDL file due to bad NFS mount.
* Jorge Godoy's replacement pt_BR.po and various minor translation fixes.
* Javier Kohen's replacement for es.po.
* Munechika SUMIKAWA's patch to make IPv6 version build when POP2 is enabled.
* Russian translation removed; it was badly garbled.
* Added Rick van Rein's fetchmaildistrib script to the contrib directory.
* Gunther Leber's cleanup patches.
* Note to translators: The bodies of the login-error and timeout-error
  form letters have been changed in driver.c.

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fetchmail-5.2.2 (Sun Dec 26 09:31:07 EST 1999), 18365 lines:
* Arrange for fetchmail to restart itself quietly when the rc file is touched.
* Improvements to IPv6 code from Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <itojun@iijlab.net>.
* Drastic simplification of UIDL code, suggested by Ken Estes.

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fetchmail-5.2.1 (Sun Dec 19 23:08:53 EST 1999), 18330 lines:
* Added FAQ item R10 on timeouts during messages.
* Fixed indentation problem in fetchmailconf.
* Federico Schwindt's patch to fix broken SSL configuration.
* Fixes to use fetchmail with IPv6 enabled on glibc without inet6-apps 
  installed; thanks to Arkadiusz Mis'kiewicz.
* Interpret IMAP PREAUTH tag correctly (from Joerg Dorchain).
* Upgraded to version 0.21 of smbutil.c.  FAQ item S2 now documents 
  how to set a domain name.

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fetchmail-5.2.0 (Tue Nov 30 14:24:25 EST 1999), 18302 lines:
* fetchmailconf now complains and exits gracefully when not run under X.
* configure.in port patch for OpenBSD from Federico G. Schwindt.
* configure.in port patch for Heimdal from Leif Johansson <leifj@it.su.se>
* configure.in fix for OpenSSL configuration problems.
* Teach fetchmail about the buggy FTGate server.
* cs.po update from Jiri Pavlovsky.
* Edmund Grimley's patch to uid.c to fix the `uidl keep expunge 1' case.
* Abort startup if the configuration directory is nonexistent; this 
  probably means an NFS mount of user's home directory failed.
* Added warnings and FAQ items about the MailMax server, which doesn't
  download attachments.

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fetchmail-5.1.4 (Sun Nov  7 17:40:21 EST 1999), 18302 lines:
* Mike Pearce's patch to fix a compile-time error recently introduced into
  the socket code when HAVE_INET_ATON is off.
* Added warning to fetchmailconf autoprobe about a flaky Netscape IMAP server.
* Disable duplicate suppression when there is only one recognized recipient.

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fetchmail-5.1.3 (Sun Oct 31 12:19:52 EST 1999), 18290 lines:
* Grant Edwards's patch to correct NTLM behavior.
* James Brister's fix for IP-address hostnames.
* Updated config.guess and config.sub.
* Backed out the 5.1.0 change to quote usernames with embedded spaces.
  It actually breaks things.
* Added to fetchmailconf a warning about Imail IMAP servers.
* SSL patches by Michael Warfield merged in.  Distribution still contains
  no crypto code.

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fetchmail-5.1.2 (Thu Oct  7 09:46:07 EDT 1999), 17906 lines:
* Joe Loughry <loughry@uswest.net> sent a patch to handle multihomed machines.
* Changed mimedecode default to `off'; it seems that doing RFC2047 decoding
  on headers throws away information that the MUA may need to see.
* Change Received header parsing to no longer demand an embedded dot in
  a mailhost address.
* Incorporated Grant Edwards's ntlmlib-0.2 with fixes for byte-order problems.

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fetchmail-5.1.1 (Wed Sep 29 11:52:06 EDT 1999), 17827 lines:
* Added workaround, fetchmailconf warning, and FAQ about Novell GroupWise.
* Consistently show dummy arguments on manual page.
* Fix lexer to permit `antispam -1'.
* John Cigas's delay patch to avoid a timing problem with plugins.
* During IMAP authentication, canonicalize both name and password.
* -A has been retired (goes with authenticate -> preauthenticate change).
* Check for both fetchall and keep on in daemon mode; reject this.
* Fixed a logfile bug dumping IMAP-LOGIN and IMAP-CRAM-MD5.
* Tolerate a tunable constant number of authorization failures before
  complaining and wedging.

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fetchmail-5.1.0 (Wed Sep 22 01:27:42 EDT 1999), 17767 lines:
* CRAM-MD5 code now doublequotes usernames with embedded spaces.  This will
  probably fail (the RFCs don't support quoting) but it's better than nothing
  and works with at least one server.
* Federico G. Schwindt's fix for NetBSD/OpenBSD --with-kerberos.
* auth keyword and option changed to preauth.
* Correct the exit value when .fetchmailrc permissions are wrong.
* getmail/gotmail scripts by Thomas Nesges added to contrib.
* Guenther H. Leber's fix for a potential uid.c buffer overflow.
* Todd Sabin's option to force IMAP authentication type; enables working
  around some broken servers.

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fetchmail-5.0.8 (Tue Sep 14 06:56:50 EDT 1999), 17711 lines:
* Todd Sabin's patch to accept spaces in CRAM-MD5 names.
* Fix to CRAM endianness patch, by Dan Root via Lawrence Rogers.
* Suppress duplicates by message ID in multidrop mode.
* NTLM support for querying Microsoft Exchange servers, from Grant Edwards.
* Lexer fix by Brian Boutel.

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fetchmail-5.0.7 (Sat Aug 21 04:26:13 EDT 1999), 17571 lines:
* RPA support works again.
* Added debian_rc startup/shutdown script to contrib/.
* Yet another monitor option fix.
* Various small option-processing fixes.
* Teach fetchmailconf about HP OpenMail.
* SunOS compilation fixes.
* Steve Dodd's fix to not send bouncemail on transient errors.
* Don Willis's improved UID parsing.
* Fetchmail now logs and recovers from SIGPIPE errors produced by broken
  socket streams or MDAs.  The current poll cycle is terminated.

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fetchmail-5.0.6 (Mon Aug  2 14:04:23 EDT 1999), 17528 lines:
* Czech internationalization support (thanks to Jiri Pavlovsky).
* Russian internationalization support (but I couldn't read the contributor
  name in the headers!)
* Update of the French internationalization support by Guy Brand.
* Lexer fix for the `nokeep' problem by Robert de Bath (thanks
  to David "Hi! I'm an obnoxious twerp" Ashley for stimulating this).
* Lexer states added to tell the lexer to return a string after a
  `username' or `password' keyword, courtesy of Brian Boutel.
* Interface option fix from Bill Currie.
* 554 added to default antispam values (for Postfix).
* In UID files, split on *rightmost* @ as some dialups actually embed
  @ in usernames.
* Detect Intermail server's "wait a few minutes" message and cope.
* Patches for Heimdal implementation of GSSAPI from Leif Johansson 
  <leifj@matematik.su.se>.  Somebody should test this against the MIT version.
* Fix IMAP authentication code to not rely on the challenge code
  accepting multiple writes; thanks to Kevin Turner <kevin.turner@oberlin.edu>.

Warning: CompuServe changed their POP3 system on 31 July 1999.  In doing
so, they broke fetchmail's RPA support.  Nobody has sent me either code that
works with the new system or a spec for it yet.

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fetchmail-5.0.5 (Sat Jun 26 14:41:27 EDT 1999), 17411 lines:
* Merged in official OpenBSD port patches.
* Added Spanish and German descriptions to spec (thanks to Horst von Brand).
* Moved MIME decoding earlier to avoid messing with header length after
  offsets have been calculated.
* Make the .fetchmail_pid lockfile with O_EXCL.  Duhh...
* New FAQ item R8 on startup failures under Red Hat 6.0 and Debian.
* IMAP now skips the authorization step on a PREAUTH response.
* Fix bug in defaulting of IMAP expunge period with non-LOGIN auth modes.

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fetchmail-5.0.4 (Fri Jun 11 18:32:58 EDT 1999), 17378 lines:
* Fixed compilation error on systems without vnsprintf.
* No more GIFs!  RPM is now patent-encumbrance-free.
* Fix yet another annoying qmail \n bug (thanks to Paul Gilmore).
* There is now a documented return code 13 for termination on fetchlimit.
* Added qpopper 2.53 warning to the FAQ and fetchmailconf.
* Fix fetchmailconf to handle window-manager destroy notifications.
* Todd <tastas@home.com> Sabin's RFC2195 support for AUTH=CRAM-MD5 under IMAP.
* New FAQ material on single-drop use with Daemon, thanks to Phil Hunt.
* Fix memory leak triggered by UIDL usage, and a .fetchids-trashing bug.

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fetchmail-5.0.3 (Sun May  2 23:39:22 EDT 1999), 17241 lines:
* Added FAQ item about things to check if --monitor fails with pppd.
* Fixed Matthias Andree's SMTP error bug.

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fetchmail-5.0.2 (Thu Apr 29 22:09:46 EDT 1999), 17239 lines:
* The IMAP driver now sets SEEN at deletion time, in case the server
  ships DSNs when that bit is set (HP OpenMail does this).
* Delay between POP3 subsessions to allow the server time to release locks.
* Improved environment-query logic to handle mutiple names per UID.
  (This also fixes the no-pidfile bug introduced in 5.0.1.)
* FAQ now includes the location of SSL patches.

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fetchmail-5.0.1 (Sun Apr 18 14:59:56 EDT 1999), 17142 lines:
* Try to discover user/home via getpwuid(getuid()) before using LOGNAME/HOME.
* Mike Pearce's fix for buggy DEFAULT handling in .netrc.
* Keep validation errors from generating message lines that qmail will reject.
* Can now use expunge option to chop POP3 retrievals into subsessions.
* Fix broken site-deletion code in fetchmailconf.

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fetchmail-5.0.0 (Mon Apr  5 11:00:24 EDT 1999), 17096 lines:
* Update for fetchsetup from Kent Robotti.
* Eliminate a realloc error in fetchmail -v -v progress message generation.
* Spanish-language update by Javier Kohen.
* French-language update by Guy Brand.
* Danish summary and description for specgen.sh.
* Henrik Storner's fix for the PGP/mimedecode problem.
* Fix netrc search code to be able to search >1 host entry per file.
* Added heads-up about SpryNet in the FAQ and a test in the autoprobe code.
* Removed the Hotmole script.  Instead, the web page and FAQ now refer to it.

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fetchmail-4.7.9 (Tue Mar  9 13:25:01 EST 1999), 17108 lines:
* Patch by Dan Root to solve an endianness problem in IMAP-K4.
* Fix lexical-analyzer bug that rejected `set nobouncemail',
* Prevent send_bouncemail from stepping on SMTP antispam response.
* Added French internationalization (LC_ALL=fr) from Guy Brand.
* Added Hugo Rabson's script for fetching from Hotmail.
* Test for .fetchmailrc ownership using geteuid() when possible.
* Prevent parsing of delimited protocols from tripping up on a 
  MIME-armored line consisting of "=2E\r\n".

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fetchmail-4.7.8 (Mon Feb 22 10:06:04 EST 1999), 17080 lines:
* FreeBSD support for interface and monitor options by Andy Doran <ad@psn.ie>.
* Fixed server-deletion bug in fetchmailconf.  Also, handle `port' properly.
* Timestamps now generated into logfiles at start of poll cycle.
* New `nobounce' debugging option (specifically exempted from feature freeze)
  allows SMTP error bouncemail to be redirected from sender to local
* Suppress dancing progress dots when syslog is on.
* es.po update by Javier Kohen.
* Added FAQ material on what to do for a "do not relay" sendmail response.
* Can now build under Lynx 3.0.0.

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fetchmail-4.7.7 (Tue Feb  2 18:57:04 EST 1999), 16888 lines:
* Fixed off-by-one error in batchlimit logic (thanks to Brian Warner).
* Added MD5 checksums to web page.
* Get kernel type (and derive /proc/net/dev format) at startup.
* Fixes for fetchmailconf bugs reported by Gunther Leber.
* Return of the dancing progress dots!

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fetchmail-4.7.6 (Sat Jan 30 19:44:24 EST 1999), 16836 lines:
* Henrik Storner's fix for mimedecode
* ' now works as a string quote in. fetchmailrc syntax, just like ".
* All bounce messages now use FQDN return paths.
* Check for background mode before generating oversized-message mail.  Duh!
* Paul Murphy's improvements for SDPS.
* Message deletion on miscellaneous 5xx SMTP errors is suppressed unless a
  bounce can be sent.

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fetchmail-4.7.5 (Sat Jan  9 17:01:13 EST 1999), 16740 lines:
* Issue proper logout after running fetchmail -c
* Fix prefix problem with internationalized version.
* Fix for Harry McGavran's VPATH bug.
* Progress messages now go to stdout.  Errors still go to stderr
* Fetchmailconf can now launch fetchmail with a point-and-click interface.
* Many small cleanups suggested by Byrial Jensen.
* Polish-language (LC_ALL=pl) support.  Turkish text in spec file.

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fetchmail-4.7.4 (Mon Jan  4 13:26:32 EST 1999), 16700 lines:
* Error message cleanup.
* HTML cleanup in design notes and FAQ, thanks to Byrial Jensen.
* Don't get message sizes when --check is on.
* Supply our own strerror() if system doesn't have one.
* Gunther Leber's cleanup for the plugin/plugout code.
* Hajimu UMEMOTO's code for localtime in timestamps.
* Michael Warfield's IPv6 fixes.
* Added Argentine Spanish as supported language (LC_ALL=es_AR) from a
  po file by Javier Kohen <jkohen@tough.com>.
* Accept 'passwd' as a synonym for 'password' in .netrc files.
* In fetchmailconf, Save or Quit in a frame first performs that action
  on all dependent frames.
* Source distribution now includes Debian package data under debian/

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fetchmail-4.7.3 (Thu Dec 31 11:54:01 EST 1998), 16643 lines:
* Added new FAQ item G11 and added material to R1.
* Do a full antispam check on the EOM response in case the local MTA does
  content analysis of the message body.
* Bouncemail now conforms to RFC1984 correctly.
* Use sigprocmask to avoid Ron Gomes's weird hang bug (I hope).

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fetchmail-4.7.2 (Fri Dec 25 01:01:54 EST 1998), 16581 lines:
* Don't append the destination address to a postmaster name containing @.
* Added John Summerfield's getfetchmail script.
* Minor fixes in bouncemail format.

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fetchmail-4.7.1 (Fri Dec 18 03:02:22 EST 1998), 16571 lines:
* FEATURE FREEZE IS NOW IN EFFECT!  No new features until after 5.0.0.
* Enable fetchmail to build correctly on systems without socketpair.
* gcc -Wall cleanup.
* Make sure user can see a trouble message in verbose mode when there 
  are no local matches for recipient addresses.
* Harry McGavran's configure.in fix for mixed Kerberos IV/V installations.

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fetchmail-4.7.0 (Mon Dec 14 12:05:27 EST 1998), 16560 lines:
* Minor correction to make i18n subdirectory builds work better.
* Rob Funk's old-message-check optimization.
* Fix an error in the logic for detecting when all connections are wedged.
* Unwedge connections on wakeup.
* Fix Ken Estes's LMTP coredump error.
* Bounce mail with addresses rejected by the listener back to the sender.
* Search .netrc on via name as well as poll name (thanks to Rob Funk).
* Handle SMTP error responses from DATA, so zmailer will work.

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fetchmail-4.6.9 (Tue Dec  1 14:46:19 EST 1998), 16549 lines:
* Better RFC822 conformance in fetchmail trace headers.
* Corrected MIME generation of bounce mail.
* Prevent core dumps on 'for' and 'by' in names (bug introduced in 4.6.8).
* Peter Hamlen's fix for bounce-message generation.
* Silent mode now suppresses progress messages from 2xx responses in ETRN.
* Fix for netrc.c core dump from Michael Pearce 

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fetchmail-4.6.8 (Sat Nov 28 21:07:46 EST 1998), 16530 lines:
* Added bounce-mail capability on SMTP/ESMTP error conditions.
* Internationalization support via GNU gettext from Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
  <acme@conectiva.com.br> and Jorge Godoy <godoy@conectiva.com.br>.  First
  supported language is Brazilo-Portuegese (LC_ALL=pt_BR).
* Fixed Debian Bug#29913: -M on the command line causes SEGV in daemon mode.
* Emit an informational message when fetchlimit is reached.
* Documented fetchmail's actions on ESMTP errors on the man page.
* Fix an undead-message hole in POP3 with fetchall on.
* Fix a minor error in generation of fetchmail's trace headers.
* Better Received-line parsing (avoid some false positives).

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fetchmail-4.6.7 (Sat Nov 21 13:59:47 EST 1998), 16369 lines:
* Gerald Britton's patches to enable Hesiod support.
* Postmaster option fix from Bill Metzenthen <billm@melbpc.org.au>.
* Socks library support from Guiseppe Guerini.
* Notification mail is now sent to the user on 20 consecutive timeouts.
* Try to cope with the InterMail server's "wait a few minutes" error.

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fetchmail-4.6.6 (Sat Nov  7 17:27:04 EST 1998), 16252 lines:
* Fixed a core-dump bug in reply_hack with -v -v on.
* Fix fetchmailconf to be able to edit properties.
* Send calling user mail when password authentication fails in daemon mode.
* Added plugin/plugout features from Felix von Leitner.
* Dave Bodenstab's errno fix.
* You can make fetchmail read its config from stdin with the option `-f -'.
* Experimental, UNTESTED support of LSMTP (RFC2033).

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fetchmail-4.6.5 (Wed Oct 28 18:28:01 EST 1998), 15844 lines:
* Fixed a bug in reply_hack that could occasionally cause malloc smashes.
* Added --bsmtp option to dump mail as a BSMTP batch.

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fetchmail-4.6.4 (Tue Oct 27 09:07:58 EST 1998), 15764 lines:
* Code cleanup fixes by Jonathan T. Agnew <jtagnew@amherst.edu>.
* Fix to fetchmailconf to not output empty properties.
* Better instrumentation for the rewrite code -- hopefully this will
  enable us to nail Sam Steingold's bug.
* Fixed bug in %T expansion.

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fetchmail-4.6.3 (Tue Oct 20 12:37:25 EDT 1998), 15703 lines:
* Introduced `debug' verbosity, invocable by -v -v.
* Make authentication failures more visible by syslogging them.
* fetchmailconf now has access to information about which fetchmail
  compile-time options have been enabled, and uses it to control
  the choices in various panels.
* Added `properties' option for extension scripts.
* gcc -Wall cleanup
* Removed ad-hoc rewrite of Return-Path introduced in 4.6.1.  This was 
  redundant with what reply_hack already does.

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fetchmail-4.6.2 (Fri Oct 16 12:49:30 EDT 1998), 15668 lines:
* Time out server open requests like we do reads.  This protects against
  buggy TCP/IP configurations that hang forever on a bad open.
* The '--limit' option can now be used with daemon mode. The user is notified
  that some messages are being skipped on the mail server; the user get
  notified by email that mentions all the messages being skipped (including
  their size). A -w/--warnings per-user option specifies at what intervals
  size warnings are sent to the user (default = 3600 sec).
* Added FAQ item M7 on diagnosing failures to extract envelope addresses
  from sendmail trace headers.
* Added Andrea Sterbini's init script for Red Hat to the contrib directory.

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fetchmail-4.6.1 (Wed Oct 14 18:46:58 EDT 1998), 15382 lines:
* Fixed a minor memory leak in the IP-address-comparison code.
* Mark Staveley's patch to suppress progress dots from non-detached daemon
* Removed -pipe compilation option, it confuses too many non-GCC compilers.
* Major update of SDPS FAQ material from B.Candler@pobox.com.
* Fetchmailconf can deal with zsh now.
* Append "@localhost" to MAIL FROM if it's not an FQDN.
* Fix minor bug in processing postconnect option.
* Corrected contrib/fetchspool script as suggested by William Boughton.

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fetchmail-4.6.0 (Fri Sep 18 13:17:17 EDT 1998), 15362 lines:
* Added Bill Adams's mailqueue.pl to the contrib directory.
* Try to enable KPOP initialization to work even if `no dns' is on.

This is a "gold" version. It will be carried on the fetchmail home page
in addition to the current leading-edge one, until the next gold version.

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fetchmail-4.5.8 (Tue Sep  8 12:06:26 EDT 1998), 15371 lines:

* Prevent fetchmailconf from adding an additional layer of quotes on
  preconnect/postconnect/smtpaddress options.
* Fix a --configdump bug affecting multidrop configurations.

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fetchmail-4.5.7 (Thu Aug 27 17:10:46 EDT 1998), 15368 lines:
* Fixed SDPS support (thanks to Chris Brooks).
* One more fix for the snakebit postmaster option.
* Compute FQDN from localhost when we're using Kerberos.

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fetchmail-4.5.6 (Tue Aug 25 00:29:44 EDT 1998), 15347 lines:
* SDPS support, experimental version 2.  Requires configure --enable-SDPS.
* Major FAQ update.  Added geocities warning.
* Fixed --configdump so embedded single and double quotes are handled.
* Fetchmailconf 1.3: fixed bug that prevented deletion of first items in lists.
* Fixed the `set postmaster' option to work correctly, grrr...
* Fix for Debian bug #25997, handling of >Received lines.

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fetchmail-4.5.5 (Mon Aug  3 16:08:14 EDT 1998), 15286 lines:
* Brendan Cully's FAQ entry on GSSAPI.
* Andrew Cagney's improvement to Received-line parsing.
* Kent Robotti sent an updated version of fetchsetup.
* Fixed the spam-block code that I broke in 4.5.3 :-(.
* Updated the entry on setting up sendmail spam blocks.
* Added setrlimit call to inhibit core dumps unless debugging is on.
* The default of smtplist has been changed; the undocumented feature that
  it always included the fetchmail host's FQDN is gone (this is now
  true for ETRN mode only).
* Modes other than ETRN no longer need to know the fetchmail host's FQDN.
  This eliminates a gethostbyname() call and makes fetchmail more independent
  of local DNS configuration quirks.
* Added experimental SDPS code for demon.co.uk users.

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fetchmail-4.5.4 (Sat Jul 25 10:25:14 EDT 1998), 15179 lines:
* Fixed processing of --antispam option.
* Antispam default value is now the list [571, 550, 501] corresponding
  to the sendmail, old exim, and new exim spam-block responses.
* Fetchmailconf 1.2 has been fixed to handle list values of antispam.

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fetchmail-4.5.3 (Mon Jul 20 15:02:08 EDT 1998), 15151 lines:
* Minor fixes to the GSSAPI code.  Seems to work with stock UW IMAP now.
* Fetchmail running as root now sends misaddressed multidrop mail to
  `postmaster', not root.  Added `postmaster' option to allow override.
* DNS names of target servers are now canonicalized only once, at start
  of run, and then only if they'll actually be needed later for multidrop
  checking or fetching Kerberos tickets.  This change eliminates many
  gethostbyname calls.
* It's now possible to specify multiple spam-block responses as a list.
* Download-progress dots are no longer generated when syslog is enabled.
* 1.1 version of fetchmailconf.

Note: the DNS-usage change might conceivably break your configuration
if (a) you're using `no dns' and multidrop and (b) you're not
specifying either a `via' option or pollname that is the host's
canonical name.  The thing to watch for will be an illegal domain name
error from your listener.  If this happens, just add a `via' option with
the cononical FQDN of the host as argument.

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fetchmail-4.5.2 (Tue Jul 14 19:02:52 EDT 1998), 15013 lines:
* German-language internationalization in the RPM, thanks to Jochen Hayek.
* .fetchmailrc files are now permitted to be executable by user and group.
* Eric Daniel's guard code against very long lines.
* Added --nosyslog option.

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fetchmail-4.5.1 (Wed Jul  1 19:27:56 EDT 1998), 14997 lines:
* Checkalias option from Enrico Musio <enrico.musio@spaziozerouno.it>.
* Discard Unix From_ lines in headers (copes with Debian bug report #23808).
* Tell fetchmailconf not to care if the attempt to create an icon window fails.
* All fetchmailconf windows now iconify with an image.
* obituary@freshmeat's enhancements to hook fetchmail into the Red Hat 
  control panel. 
* Even if RPA is enabled, it won't be done unless your remotename ends in
  `@compuserve.com' as CompuServe requires.  Thus CompuServe users may now
  choose ordinary authentication at runtime.

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fetchmail-4.5.0bis (Sat Jun 20 10:55:52 EDT 1998), 14961 lines:

One-line fix for an embarrassing bug in the `gold' version; command-line
options were being ignored when there was no .fetchmailrc.

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fetchmail-4.5.0 (Tue Jun 16 01:56:24 EDT 1998), 14960 lines:

This is a "gold" version. It will be carried on the fetchmail home page
in addition to the current leading-edge one, until the next gold version.

* 1.0 version of fetchmailconf.
* Jochen Hayek's changes to make RPA less verbose.
* Harry McGavran's fix for subdirectory installation.
* Marty Lee fixed a bug in activation of hosts named on the command-line.
* The fetchall option forces RETR again.  We can cope with USA.NET now. 
* Gunther Leber's patch to make fetchmail -V less chatty when mode is ETRN.
* Gunther Leber's code to sanitize %T and %F expansion in the MDA string.
* Jonathan Marten's fix for list option handling.

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fetchmail-4.4.9 (Thu Jun  4 10:41:02 EDT 1998), 14847 lines:
* 0.93 beta version of fetchmailconf (now with autoprobing for servers!).
* Merging of command-line arguments has now been fixed (I think!).
* Make fetchmail 64-bit clean (thanks to John Franklin <john@iptimaging.com>).
* Fix man-page installation (thanks to Kevin Hawkins <khawkins@ncsa.uiuc.edu>).
* Should build on SunOS again (__STDC__ conditions changed to STDC_HEADERS).
* CompuServe RPA and idfile fixes from Rich Beerman <rbeerman@pobox.com>.
* Hajimu UMEMOTO <ume@calm.imasy.or.jp> patched the address-rewrite logic to
  deal with addresses of the form "John Smith (foo) <jsmith@bar.com>" better.
* POP3 TOP argument reduced to 99999999, the most CompuServe will accept.
* Brendan Cully's fixes for the GSS code.

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fetchmail-4.4.8 (Tue May 26 12:30:58 EDT 1998), 14859 lines:
* Added 0.90 beta version of fetchmailconf.
* Removed fetchall side-effect kluge, now that we know how to make TOP work
  with qpopper 2.3+.
* Patch by Kok Seng to prevent loss of UID info when a query fails.
* Pascal Grudler <pg@dtx466.ledl.com> sent a fix for the idfile option.
* Several fixes for command-line processing from Gunther Leber:
  - in fetchmail.c
    * set tmpbuf to NULL after freeing the buffer (so this will hopefully
      cause a coredump, when tmpbuf is used somewhere else)
    * when makeing sure we have a nonempty host list to forward to, I
      added "localhost" for non ETRN protocols.  This should relieve the
      situation for people, who do neither have a static ip-address
      (hostname) assigned and don't bother to set up a dummy-interface
      for their hostname.  I think this feature was already in fetchmail
      in an older version.  We lost this, when we changed the code that it
      would work with ETRN.  My fix here works for both ETRN and non ETRN.
  - in options.c
    * changed char buf[...] to *buf + xmalloc to avoid buffer overuns and
      possible resulting (and annoying) coredumps
    * in parsecmdline(): replaced atoi by xatoi which uses strtol and
      better validity checks for input numbers.  This fix only works on
      ANSI-C systems; old systems still use atoi.  
  - fixed reversed dumping of mimedecode option

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fetchmail-4.4.7 (Sat May 23 08:26:58 EDT 1998), 14477 lines:
* FEATURE FREEZE IS NOW IN EFFECT!  No new features until after 4.5.0.
* Better workaround for TOP bounds-checking in qpopper 2.3+.
* Several fixes for option-parsing and elsewhere by Gunther Leber.
* George Colouris's second try at NetBSD autoconfiguration.
* Bruce Mah's fix for core dump in command-line host specification.
* Missing `idfile' declaration added to .fetchmailrc processing.
* Mimedecode default turned off pending a fix for the PGP-signature-
  munging bug.

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fetchmail-4.4.6 (Sat May 16 14:16:49 EDT 1998), 14421 lines:
* Fix a bug introduced by my 4.4.5 bug-fix release :-(
* Make the internal line buffer eight times longer to cope with idiot
  DOS-world editors.
* Back out NetBSD configure.in change, it broke all other Kerberos installs. 
* Fixed qmail dup problem, thanks to Chris Bond's smoking-gun -v transcript.

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fetchmail-4.4.5 (Wed May 13 21:37:02 EDT 1998), 14412 lines:
* Make RPA logging use error() rather than stderr.
* Autoconfiguration support for NetBSD.
* Henrik Storner's fix for a minor mimedecode bug.

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fetchmail-4.4.4 (Wed May  6 10:08:15 EDT 1998), 14390 lines:
* Francois Wautier's fix for qvirtual.
* Willem Hengeveld's fix for UID initialization.
* Strip out qvirtual prefix *before* doing name mapping or localdomain check.

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fetchmail-4.4.3 (Sun Apr 19 18:22:00 EDT 1998), 14385 lines:
* Back out one of the changes to the null Return-Path handling, as it caused
  invalid rewrites leading to protocol sync errors under some configurations.
* Add code to disable using TOP for pop3.c when fetchall is on.  Recent
  versions of qpopper don't bounds-check TOP requests properly.

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fetchmail-4.4.2 (Sun Apr 19 00:13:42 EDT 1998), 14378 lines:
* Use TOP for POP3 retrieval to avoid marking messages seen.  Duh!
* Another fix for command-line --smtphost option.
* Deal with "Return-Path: <>" more gracefully.
* Re-enable build on some random Solaris (memmove wasn't in the C library).
* Comparison of UIDs is no longer caseblind.
* Fix patch for unmime from Henrik Storner to correct "Content-Type:" header.

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fetchmail-4.4.1 (Tue Mar 24 00:01:20 EST 1998), 13633 lines:
* We now properly shroud IMAP passwords containing ", \, and SP.
* Checked for Y2K safety.  No 2-digit dates anywhere, so we're safe.
* Added mimedecode option by Henrik Storner.
* Display a total byte count in the fetchmail status message.
* Fixed a strange core-dump bug that manifested when using -f and --smtphunt.

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fetchmail-4.4.0 (Mon Mar 16 14:57:38 EST 1998), 13579 lines:
* Fix bug that prevented graceful exit from POP3 validation on wrong password.
* Dominique Unruh's patch that copes gracefully with bodiless messages.
* Fix timer-leak problem with the SIGALRM fix, pointed out by Dave Bodenstab.
* Deal with more M$ Exchange braindamage (violating an RFC1939 limit).
* Allow spaces in IMAP usernames (thank Juerg Wanner <juerg.wanner@ubs.com>).
* Handle empty Return-Path (thank Dmitry Yaitskov <dyaitskov@insystems.com>).
* Improvements in UID handling; should be a cleaner fix for Dick van den Burg.
* Remove the LOGIN capability check for IMAPrev1 servers; Cyrus chokes on it.

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fetchmail-4.3.9 (Fri Mar  6 10:45:32 EST 1998), 13531 lines:
* Relax the LOGIN capability check in IMAP.
* John Stracke <francis@netscape.com> sent a workaround for SIGALRM flakiness
  under glibc6 over Linux.
* Kerberos V support from Jon Dugan <jdugan@ncsa.uiuc.edu> and
  Von Welch <vwelch@ncsa.uiuc.edu>.
* Ron Kaminsky <kam@Orbotech.Co.IL> sent a patch to RFC1730-encode passwords
  sent to IMAP servers.  This allows them to contain doublequotes and
* Made the antispam response configurable.
* UID-handling fix from Dick van den Burg <burg@is.ge.com>,

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fetchmail-4.3.8 (Tue Feb 24 15:47:13 EST 1998), 13292 lines:
* Documentation cleanup.
* -S is back to setting smtphost all the time; net-security option is now -T.
* net-security option is now per-server, with a `netsec' keyword.
* Handle "account" token in .netrc.
* Fix IMAP4rev1 detection.
* Added /-suffix capability to specify a port or service on smtphost args.
* More fixes by Nicholas Pitre.
* Fix for core-dump bug in the new UID-marking code by timw@aracnet.com.
* EMX changes support running fetchmail under OS/2.

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fetchmail-4.3.7 (Tue Feb 17 21:30:26 EST 1998), 13104 lines:
* Fixed a minor bug in the IMAP re-polling logic.
* Nicholas Pitre's extensive changes to multidrop:
  - Seek for the true sender of a mail which is not necessarily in the
    From: header. (see comments in the code for more explicit details).
    This one is particularly important with list distributions...
  - Respect the Resent-To/-Cc/-Bcc precedence over the To/Cc/Bcc headers
    for recipient delivery.  So avoid resending a message to a person who
    just resent a mail to some other addresses.
  - Fix a bug in find_server_names() wich caused recipient addresses to
    figure twice in the recipient address list.
  - Modified parse_received()  to let full adress from the Received header to
    pass through so local domains can be used (now has same policy as in
    the find_server_names() function).
  - Fixed memory leaks from readheaders().
  - Made some strcmp() be strcasecmp() as it should be because it didn't
    work correctly in some cases.
  - Modified reply_hack() to meet the needs of above modifications.
  Thomas says these changes have been tested for two weeks in a production
  multidrop environment.  I tested them for another week in mine.
* Doug Muth's runfetchmail version 1.1.
* Minor port patches from Philippe De Muyter.
* Patch by Chun-Chung Chen <cjj@u.washington.edu> to handle quotes in .netrc
* Corrected OTP support, IPv6 and IPSEC support patches from Craig Metz.
* Fix bad interaction between UID handling and fetchlimit.

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fetchmail-4.3.6 (Fri Jan 23 00:25:57 EST 1998), 12773 lines:
* Improved RPM packaging with correct grouping and an icon.
* Fixed another minor bug in handling of `expunge 0'.
* Kent Robotti sent a new version of fetchsetup.
* Scott Burson's tweak to allow USER=postmaster to work.
* Byrial Jensen's fix to handle NULs in mail correctly.
* Vojtech Pavlik's fix for simultaneous %F and %T.
* IMAP code can now deal with untagged responses during CAPABILITY
  (at least one server issues the motd in a bunch of "* OK {ALERT]" lines
  in response to the first command after connecting.)
* New --smtpaddress option from Henning P. Schmiedehausen allows you
  to force the hostname used in MAIL FROM lines.
* If link can't find the bind library, force `no dns' on all connections.
* Change name of ordinary-user lockfile so .fetchmail can be used as a
  logging directory.
* Close pipe to MDA when we get a nonresponse timeout.  This should 
  prevent MDA zombies from piling up when we have errors.
* Treat Netscape's "X-Mozilla-Status" lines like "Status:" lines.
* More informative error messages on timeout.

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fetchmail-4.3.5 (Mon Dec 15 06:07:08 EST 1997), 12728 lines:
* Added Kent Robotti's fetchsetup configuration script.
* Corrected buggy handling of `expunge 0'.
* RFC 1731 GSSAPI support from Brendan Cully <brendan@kublai.com>.
* We no longer reveal the remotename in fetchmail's Received line, as this
  may be sensitive information.

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fetchmail-4.3.4 (Fri Dec  5 12:39:31 EST 1997), 12537 lines:
* Yet another attempt on the Compuserve RPA moving target.
* Fix ETRN code to poll for the fetchmail host if there's no -S option.
* Allow `--quit' to be given with other options to shut down a running daemon
  before anything else gets done (suggested by Greg Stark).
* Added Gordon Matzigkeit's warning about -F to the man page.
* Improved POP3 protocol-synchronization error messages.
* Allow fetchmail to proceed even if DNS is down or unavailable, if all
  multidrop entries have `no dns'.
* Added Robert de Bath's "fetchspool" script to contrib.
* Use strftime(3) to gen a proper RFC822 date into fetchmail's Received header.

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fetchmail-4.3.3 (Sat Nov 22 01:51:41 EST 1997), 12491 lines:
* Robert Hardy <rhardy@webcon.net>'s patch to use IMAP EXAMINE in check mode. 
* Alexander Kourakos's patch for cleaner handling of group addresses.
* Fixed expansion of MDA %-escapes (thanks Wez Furlong <wjf103@york.ac.uk>).
* Deal with the possibility that IMAP NOOP issued on rescan might not get an
  EXISTS response (thanks to Jonathan T. Agnew <jtagnew@amherst.edu>).
* contrib/runfetchmail copyright now meets Debian Free Software Guidelines.
* RPA code is changed to track a change I'm told CompuServe made on the weekend
  of November 15.
* Set %p 3000 in the lexer source to fix the Solaris 2.4 build.
* Changed the summary status message emitted by a foreground run.  The old
  user@host produced odd results under some virtual-domain setups, so it's
  "user at host" now.

There are 281 people on fetchmail-friends and 83 on fetchmail-announce.

fetchmail-4.3.2 (Wed Oct 22 20:30:14 EDT 1997), 12463 lines:
* More slow-UIDL patches from Wolfgang Wander.
* Yet another attempt to fix IMAP-K4.  This one, my beta-testers say, works.
* Only re-poll on actual dispatches (not just fetches).
* Monitor patch for newer kernels by Keith Rohrer <kwrohrer@enteract.com>.
* Handle repolling multiple folders correctly.

There are 261 people on fetchmail-friends and 64 on fetchmail-announce.

fetchmail-4.3.1 (Mon Oct 13 17:12:40 EDT 1997), 12388 lines:
* Minor portation fixes for early AIX versions and NextSTEP.
* Fixed a bad interaction between --limit and the repoll feature.
* = is now optional in global options.
* Code for parsing Received headers now strips out RFC822 routes.
* Fixed processing of -S/-r arguments so giving a comma-separated list works. 
* Don't query for the fetchmail host machine by default in ETRN mode.
* Added skip prefix clause on `envelope' option
* Don't use TCP/IP for DNS queries, it interacts badly with diald.
* Allow usernames up to 40 chars long a la RFC1939.
* Fixed IMAP-K4 authorization sequence.
* Added --invisible option.  Note: you can now either make fetchmail generate
  a Received header (the default) *or* spoof your listener into thinking
  fetchmail connected from the mailserver machine, *but not both*.

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fetchmail-4.3.0 (Mon Oct  6 16:44:38 EDT 1997), 12304 lines:
* Rearranged IMAP authentication so CAPABILITY is done first,
* FAQ update, including a major new item on how to protect your password.
* Added code to have %F in an MDA string expand to the From address
* Added code to prevent buffer spamming via the MDA %T/%s escape.
* Luca Olivetti's --qvirtual option patch for qmail users.  
* Fixed a bug in the code that was supposed to suppress expansion of RFC822 
  groupnames.  (Thanks to Santiago Vila Doncel for pointing this out)
* It's now possible to explicitly configure out POP3, IMAP, or ETRN.
* We no longer get the hostname for address rewrites and log messages from the
  server greeting line, instead it's the server's canonical DNS name.
* Improved UID handling for RFC1725 POP3 servers coping with a line hit.
* Created fetchmail-announce list.

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% fetchmail list split

fetchmail-4.2.9 (Tue Sep 30 18:21:35 EDT 1997), 12185 lines:
* Don't byte-stuff when writing to an MDA.
* IMAP mode now does smart re-polling, eliminating connection/authentication
  overhead when messages are being delivered to the server mailbox while
  the poll is in progress.
* Fetchmail's synthetic Received line is now inserted just before the first
  existing Received line and *after* any From headers shipped up by the
  server.  This fixes odd problems with some sensitive sendmails.
* Compuserve RPA authentication support.
* Fixed a bug that screwed up message size queries on some IMAP2bis servers.

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fetchmail-4.2.8 (Sun Sep 28 16:59:59 EDT 1997), 11183 lines:
* Fixed a bug in POP2 compilation introduced sometime after 4.0.8.
* Only emit length-mismatch messages in verbose mode.
* POP3 lock busy error is now treated as authorization failure (Greg Stark)
* Kerberos error is now treated as authorization failure (Greg Stark)
* New --expunge option allows you to better control resource use under IMAP.

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fetchmail-4.2.7 (Fri Sep 26 11:21:15 EDT 1997), 11080 lines:
* Full OTP support with Craig Metz's libopie 2.32 or higher.
* Major upgrade of FAQ with a procedure for diagnosing mangled-mail problems.
* Emit fetchmail's Received with stuffline so stripcr/forcecr are implemented.

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fetchmail-4.2.6 (Wed Sep 24 17:37:13 EDT 1997), 11091 lines:
* Prevent bad matches on Received line due to hostnames ending "for" and "by".
* Improved bug-tracking header, now also emitted when using an MDA.
* Cope with Post Office/NT's brain-dead habit of prepending bogus LIST items
  with a -1 length.
* Return of the size consistency check; this time it works for POP3 too.

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fetchmail-4.2.5 (Mon Sep 22 23:38:46 EDT 1997), 11114 lines:
* Greg Stark's patch for better autoconfiguration on mixed libc5/libc6 systems.
* We no longer mess with CFLAGS/LDFLAGS to get Kerberos support linked.
* fetchmail now generates its own Received header for bug-tracking.
* Improved handling of IMAP4rev1 CAPABILITY response.
* Better code to avoid buffer overruns on long To/Cc/Bcc headers.

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fetchmail-4.2.4 (Fri Sep 19 19:48:50 EDT 1997), 11079 lines:
* Small compilation cleanups, thanks to Florian laRoche.
* Removed the length consistency check, it mysteriously fails under POP3.
* Added Alexander Kourakos's patch to improve address rewriting.
* Added Wilfried Teiken's patch allowing the password to be piped in.

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fetchmail-4.2.3 (Thu Sep 18 16:19:10 EDT 1997), 11037 lines:
* Fix a bug in IMAP message-size retrieval.
* Yet another try at getting the size-consistency check right.

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fetchmail-4.2.2 (Wed Sep 17 22:56:05 EDT 1997), 11037 lines:
* Re-enable --limit under IMAP (bug introduced in 4.2.0).
* Autoconfigure root-mode PID-file directory to /etc if no /var/run.
* ETRN mode no longer tries to flush queue for "localhost".
* Introduced new DNS error return 11 to indicate DNS failure at startup.
* More portation tweaks for unusual Unixes.
* Make sure any X-Fetchmail-Error: line is properly terminated.

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fetchmail-4.2.1 (Tue Sep 16 12:26:57 EDT 1997), 11057 lines:
* Type and inclusion changes to eliminate warnings on weird Unixes.
* Detect and warn about servers like M$ Exchange that get lengths wrong.

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fetchmail-4.2.0 (Sun Sep 14 16:31:58 EDT 1997), 11036 lines:
* Driver code changed so delimited protocols don't rely on message lengths
  being correct (this means #@!%^# brain-dead Microsoft Exchange will work).

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fetchmail-4.1.8 (Thu Sep 11 16:20:15 EDT 1997), 11028 lines:
* Fix nasty single-char-adddress bug in multidrop mode.
* Fixed cosmetic bug in ETRN mode -v output!
* Added warning about broken Microsoft Exchange server to FAQ. 
* Will Renkel supplied an implementation of inet_aton().

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fetchmail-4.1.7 (Tue Sep  9 16:55:04 EDT 1997), 10998 lines:
* Now works with Cyrus IMAP server.
* Will build OK even if local environment lacks strstr(3).

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fetchmail-4.1.6 (Sat Sep  6 13:11:59 EDT 1997), 10996 lines:
* Correct autoconfiguration machinery for Amiga (thanks to Steffen Opel).
* Append hostname to fallback address in multidrop mode correctly.
* Suppress append of smtphost name to RCPT TO address when it has a @ already.

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fetchmail-4.1.5 (Fri Sep  5 15:06:13 EDT 1997), 10993 lines:
* Prevent core dumps on messages with no destination lines.
* Decorate RCPT TO names with smtphost.
* Have AUTO mode croak on SMTP error.
* Fall back on localhost if smtphost is defaulted and `hostname` is not

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fetchmail-4.1.4 (Thu Sep  4 15:41:05 EDT 1997), 10991 lines:
* Autoconfigure correctly for systems that lack inet_aton().
* Better failure reporting on SMTP connect failures.
* Autoconfigure the MD5 support for 64-bit machines.

Due to pilot error, there was no release actually numbered 4.1.3.
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fetchmail-4.1.2 (Wed Sep  3 18:44:58 EDT 1997), 10970 lines:
* Fixed a bonehead bug in RCPT TO name generation introduced in 4.1.1.
* Added James Steven's ip-up wrapper to the contrib directory.
* Prevent buffer spamming in SockOpen by a broken DNS.
* Al Youngwerth's fix to prevent segfaults when Return-Path has no address.
* Phillippe De Muyter's port changes for sysV68 R3V7.1.
* Port changes for Kerberos under FreeBSD, thanks to Benjamin Greenwald.
* Don't use inet_addr() any more.

First release after my two-week vacation.
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fetchmail-4.1.1 (Fri Aug 15 21:02:50 EDT 1997), 10830 lines:
* Fix an obvious bug in some snprintf calls (non-Linux systems only)
* No more hard limit on number of destination headers
* Wolfgang Wander's support for faster new-message detection using UIDL.
* Changed the default of the `envelope' option.

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fetchmail-4.1.0 (Mon Aug 11 17:19:57 EDT 1997), 10673 lines:
* Make the RPM depend on `smtpdaemon', which the sendmail package provides.
* Clean up the Interactive UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2 port.
* Enable parser to detect and complain about the most common syntax error.
* More warnings about things that can go wrong with multidrop.
* Dave Bodenstab's fix for flaky phone lines.
* Always pass FQDNs in RCPT TO addresses (avoids minor tsuris with exim).

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% Web page existed by this point

fetchmail-4.0.8 (Thu Aug  7 17:05:27 EDT 1997), 10662 lines:
* Fixed core dump bug in UID handling introduced by the 4.0.6 change.
* Retrieval code for POP3 & older IMAP versions now skips X-IMAP message
  used by UW IMAP4rev1 server to store UIDs.
* Port to Interactive UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2.

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fetchmail-4.0.7 (Tue Aug  5 22:47:11 EDT 1997), 10615 lines:
* Fixed a minor bug in handling of DNS errors in multidrop mode.
* Added a `postconnect' analogous to `preconnect'.
* Make `interval' count polls skipped because of interface or monitor option.
* Fixed UIDL and dropstatus option processing.

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fetchmail-4.0.6 (Fri Aug  1 11:14:31 EDT 1997), 10583 lines:
* Changed semantics of `via' and `poll <name>' to be more orthogonal.
* Substantially improved option coverage on the man page.
* Yet another try at getting the remote-build right for Harry McGavran.
* Don't emit "No mail" messages in (non-verbose) daemon mode).
* Fixed the stock POP3 authorization sequence, which got broken in 4.0.4.
* --kill option renamed to --nokeep for consistency

WARNING: If you are running multidrop, (RE)READ FAQ ITEM F1 NOW!
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fetchmail-4.0.5 (Wed Jul 30 10:27:25 EDT 1997), 10581 lines:
* Increased %o in the Lex source to cope with Ultrix lex.
* RPMs are now built with --without-OPIE to avoid validation problems.
* Channge in computation of true name to avoid HELO (null) bug.

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fetchmail-4.0.4 (Mon Jul 28 23:38:20 EDT 1997), 10593 lines:
* Overhauled the build machinery.
* The `no envelope' option now suppresses parsing of Received lines.
* Added Al Youngwerth as a backup maintainer.

This tries to fix the various yacc- and remote-build problems.
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fetchmail-4.0.3 (Mon Jul 28 16:39:17 EDT 1997), 10589 lines:
* Replace vsprintf with vnsprintf to avoid buffer-overrun screws.
* Added via option to make ssh configuration cleaner.
* Added dropstatus option.
* Allow either `login' or `user' in .netrc files.

Interim release, mainly because I inadvertently messed up the web page.
Note: RFC1938 support is tentative, untested, and requires a patch to the
LIBOPIE library.  See the file LIBOPIE.PATCH for the sad details.
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fetchmail-4.0.2 (Mon Jul 17 20:54:30 EDT 1997):
* Experimental RFC1938 one-time password support using OPIE library,
  courtesy of Craig Metz <cmetz@inner.net> (couthor of RFC1938).

Private release to Craig Metz only for OPIE testing.
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fetchmail-4.0.1 (Wed Jul 16 14:32:08 EDT 1997), 10418 lines:
* Compilation cleanup for DEC Unix 4.0 and AIX.
* Corrected the machinery for remote builds.
* Minor improvements in failed-connection error messages.

A minor cleanup release for non-Linux systems.
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fetchmail-4.0.0 (Wed Jul  9 10:30:16 EDT 1997), 10395 lines:

This is a "gold" version.  Bug cleanup was finished (I hope...) in 3.9.9.
And about time, too, I've been hacking on this code for a year now!

* Fixes for minor compilation glitches on non-Linux systems.
* Progress messages now show total count as well as message number.
* Removed the popclient backward-compatibility hacks.
* Leif Erlingsson <leif@lege.com> sent a patch to separate a "lock busy"
  condition from other authentication failures on a POP3 server.
* Allow duplicate server hostnames again.
* Fetchmail now returns 0 if *any* poll during the run succeeded.

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fetchmail-3.9.9 (Wed Jun 25 11:01:51 EDT 1997), 10410 lines:
* We can now process multiple To headers a la Microsoft Exchange Server.
* Avoid sending LIST and getting an error when no messages are waiting.
* Allow `fetchmail' to do wakeup even when no .fetchmailrc.
* Fixed Paul Sutcliffe's headerless-mail bug triggered by -s.
* Added `pass8bits' to help prevent internationalization lossage.
* Add Guenther Leber's fixes for ETRN mode.

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fetchmail-3.9.8 (Sat Jun 14 14:19:32 EDT 1997), 9659 lines:
* Fetchmail is now normally built with optimization.
* POP2 support is no longer compiled by default, but you can configure
  it in with `configure --enable-POP2'.
* If a .fetchmailrc entry has multiple user parts, the opening `username'
  keyword is now required for all.
* Fetchall no longer overrides --limit.  
* Values of --limit, --fetchlimit, and --batchlimit in .fetchmailrc can now
  be overridden from the command line by specifying an explicit option of 0.
* Architecture-independent RPM building.
* Fix code to work correctly with POP3 servers that don't return a reliable
  size in the response to FETCH.

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fetchmail-3.9.7 (Mon Jun  9 18:40:04 EDT 1997), 9625 lines:
* Complain and exit if user tries to start fetchmail with options while a
  background fetchmail is running.
* Various installation headaches are gone, INSTALL edited accordingly.
* Treat exim's 501 and (soon) 550 antispam responses as equivalent to 571.
* Separate header and body byte counts in IMAP progress messages.
* Man page updates, including removal of restriction on --syslog.
* You can now set --syslog in the .fetchmailrc file.
* Parse more different variants of IMAP "UNSEEN" message.
* Handle zero-length messages correctly.

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fetchmail-3.9.6 (Wed May 28 18:28:35 EDT 1997), 9545 lines:
* Fix the libc6 configuration stuff (thanks to Jesse Thilo).
* Support for Kerberos-v4-authenticated IMAP (thanks to Rudolph Maceyko).
* Don't choke on RFC822 group names.
* More improvements in RFC822 name parsing.
* Interval skip feature, courtesy of Hal DeVore.

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fetchmail-3.9.5 (Sun May 18 01:05:13 EDT 1997), 9145 lines:
* Add an error notification when an incoming message has embedded NULs.
* Throw out >From lines in headers to prevent getting hosed by upstream
  sendmails with the 'E' option on.
* Enable forcecr to work on the \r\n header terminator line.
* Multiple-folder support for POP2 and IMAP.
* Under IMAP, bodies of messages refused by SMTP's 571 response are no longer
* Configure should do the right thing with libc6 now.

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fetchmail-3.9.4 (Wed May 14 12:27:22 EDT 1997), 8992 lines:
* Fixed a compilation glitch for systems like SunOS & others without atexit(3).
* Fixed a compilation glitch in daemonize for HP-UX.
* Changes to compile correctly on systems that have on_exit() but not atexit().
* Changes to forbid duplicate server names in the rc file.
* Do caseblind comparisons of host and user names everywhere.
* IMAP retrieval can now handle messages with embedded NULs.
* Fixed a core dump in .netrc searching reported by Jim Spath.

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fetchmail-3.9.3 (Wed May  7 11:40:47 EDT 1997), 8941 lines:
* Fix for -I option from George Sipe.
* Finally got error.c to compile under AIX, thanks to Dave Vinish.
* Prevent header rewrite logic from appending mailserver name to blank To.
* When header rewrite is on, hack Return-Path as well.

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fetchmail-3.9.2 (Wed Apr 23 14:07:03 EDT 1997), 8902 lines:
* Fixed a glitch in the Makefile yacc and lex productions
* Add logic for X-Fetchmail-Warning emission of \r\n to pacify qmail.
* Yet another try at getting error.c to play nice with AIX.

There are 224 people on the fetchmail-friends list.

fetchmail-3.9.1 (Thu Apr 17 11:37:14 EDT 1997), 8923 lines:
* Hypertext FAQ added to distribution manifest.
* RPM builder production fixed.
* Minor additions and corrections to man page.
* Delivery failures are now syslogged as LOG_ERR, not LOG_INFO.
* --check now turns off --daemon.
* --syslog is now independent of --daemon.
* Multiple-error X- headers are improved.
* Added `forcecr' to fix qmail problems by forcing CRLF termination.

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% Bad addresses dropped after switch to SmartList

fetchmail-3.9.0 (Wed Apr  2 13:36:22 EST 1997), 8889 lines:

features --

* It is now possible to set a default poll interval with `set daemon'.

* -U/uidl option to force UIDL use under POP3 (thanks, Ingmar Baumgart).

bugs -- 

* Server-response timeouts were broken.  Various symptoms of this problem
  were reported by Klee Dienes <klee@mit.edu>, Dirk Eddelbuettel
  <edd@rosebud.sps.queensu.ca>, Robert V. Schipper <rvs@gol.com>,
  and Steven Brown <swbrown@ucsd.edu>.

* George Sipe sent a fix for the --monitor code.

* --norewrite was a no-op.  Fixed.

* Fetchmail was aborting with "partial message buffer overflow" on Suns
  due to unreliable vsprintf return.  This has been fixed with changes
  to error.c.

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fetchmail-3.8.0 (Fri Mar  7 17:34:02 EST 1997), 8810 lines:

features --

* More FAQ material on using `localdomains'.

* Compilation hacks for ISC 4.0 (thanks, Larry Jones!).

bugs --

* Enabled ETRN and RPOP command-line options.

* Yet another attempt to fix the error.c compilation problems under
  Solaris and NEXTSTEP.

* Handle \( and \) correctly in RFC822 comments, thanks to Gareth McCaughan.

* Fixed off-by-one error fingered by Brian Jones that prevented
  `localdomains' from working.

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fetchmail-3.7.0 (Fri Feb 21 17:38:40 EST 1997), 8782 lines:

features --

* You can now specify a hunt list of SMTP forwarding hosts.

* Treat unexpected EOF as a protocol error.

* DNS errors no longer abort an entire poll.  Instead they just cause 
  forwarding and deletion of the current message to be suppressed.  

* -v output now includes the version/pl numbers (help for harried maintainer!).

bugs --

* Fix password-shrouding logic so it doesn't crap out on a zero-length

* Various error-logging fixes by Dave Bodenstab.

* Fix parsing bug that broke UIDL-processing code.

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fetchmail-3.6.0 (Mon Feb 17 00:19:55 EST 1997), 8700 lines:

features --

* Use Return-Path for RCPT FROM if possible for better behavior on mailing
  lists and bouncemail.

* New Makefile production to generate an RPM.

* The `no received' option of 3.4 is gone.  Instead, say `no envelope'. 
  This suppresses all attempts to extract an envelope address and route
  based on it.  If you set `no envelope' in the defaults entry it is possible
  to undo that in individual entries by using `envelope <string>'.

bugs --

* Yet another fix to the password-shrouding logic.

* Fix bug that screwed up IMAP mail reception in -v mode *only*.

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fetchmail-3.5.0 (Sat Feb 15 15:19:36 EST 1997), 8688 lines:

features --

* The host that ETRN specifies is now set by the smtphost option.

* It is now possible to suppress Received line parsing in multidrop mode
  with a new `no received' per-server option.

* Major FAQ reorganization and additions.

* .poprc-style `user'-less entry now triggers a warning.

bugs --

* The counter referred to by the batchlimit option used to count not only 
  fetched messages but skipped ones.  This has been fixed.

* Compilation fixes for Kerberos V4 support and GNU glibc2 support.

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fetchmail-3.4.0 (Wed Feb 12 19:23:06 EST 1997), 8666 lines:

features --

* Support for ESMTP ETRN extension.

* It is now possible to turn off option flags in individual server entries
  that had been turned on in a `defaults' entry.

* The code should now deal gracefully with headerless mail.

bugs --

* The bug that displayed incorrect sizes for POP3 connections has been fixed.

* Upped the %a option in the lexer file so SunOS 4.1.3 lex won't choke with a
  "Too Many Transitions" error.

* Size-ticker dots are now disabled when verbose is on.  This should eliminate
  some alarming but harmless "(message incomplete)" messages from the
  error-logging machinery.

* A core dump in save_str_pair() that only showed up on some systems has
  been fixed.

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fetchmail-3.3.2 (Mon Feb  3 12:59:33 EST 1997):
* Minor fixes to stripcr and password-shrouding logic.

fetchmail-3.3.1 (Sun Feb  2 02:17:07 EST 1997), 8489 lines:
* Fix incorrect stripcr processing
* Unapply a patch that broke error logging to files.

fetchmail-3.3.0 (Sat Feb  1 15:15:13 EST 1997), 8490 lines:

features --

* Whether or not carriage returns will be stripped on output is explicitly
  controllable with stripcr.

* fetchmail -v messages no longer reveal password lengths.

bugs --

* Correction to length-extraction code for servers that return (nnn octets).

* Correction to RF822 continuation code so it doesn't eat leading blank-led
  lines in the text.

There are 215 people on the fetchmail-friends list.

fetchmail-3.2.0 (Mon Jan 27 02:51:10 EST 1997):

features --

* Better error notification on IMAP select failure.

bugs --

* The code can now handle arbitrarily long address lists.

* Fix RFC822 parsing to strip comments at end of bare addresses.

* Explicitly strip CRs out of fetched mail.

* Corrections to 8BITMIME processing.

There are 207 people on the fetchmail-friends list.

fetchmail-3.1.0 (Fri Jan 24 12:45:18 EST 1997):

features --

* Forwarding is now done via ESMTP where possible.

* ESMTP 8BITMIME option is supported; when 8BITMIME is supported and the
  Content-Transfer-Encoding header is 7BIT or 8BIT, it is appended to the
  MAIL FROM command as a BODY option.

* ESMTP SIZE option is supported when using IMAP2bis or IMAP4.  This means
  messages too long for the local ESMTP listener will be rejected *before*
  they are passed to the ESMTP listener.

* IMAP code now detects IMAP4rev1 capabilities (RFC 2060) and uses them.
  (It will fall back to IMAP4 or IMAP2bis depending on what it sees.)

bugs --

* Compilation fixes for non-Linux machines.

There are 205 people on the fetchmail-friends list.

fetchmail-3.0.0 (Tue Jan 21 16:44:56 EST 1997), 8164 lines:

features --

* `interface' and `monitor' options are now per-server.

* `batchlimit' option is now per-user.

* RFC822 header continuation for long address lists is is now handled properly.

* There is now a `nodns' option to suppress DNS checking of address hostname
  parts in multidrop mode (make sure your aka list is complete before you use

* Options such as `nokeep' can now be written `no keep'.

* RPOP support is back by user request.

Note: The first two changes mean that older .fetchmailrc files using
the `set' syntax for these options will cause fetchmail to die with a
parse error at initialization time.  Conversion is trivial -- for
details, see the FAQ.

bugs --

* Stricter parsing of greeting message for the host name; eliminates some
  minor errors when using IMAP and the hostname is something like jet.es.

* --quit in root-daemon mode didn't work, fixed this.

* Ensure that default server parameters get properly zeroed out after each
  poll or skip statement in .fetchmailrc. 

* Arrange an EXPUNGE after each delete when using IMAP, so deletions get done
  OK even if there's a socket error before termination.

* Simpler and better header-rewrite code, fixing some weird cases where 
  it failed.  Thanks to Masafumi NAKANE <max@wide.ad.jp> and
  Carey Evans <c.evans@student.canterbury.ac.nz> for pointing out these

* Handle zero-length messages properly; thanks to Bob Craycroft.

Note: the RFC subdirectory is no longer included with the distribution
(this cut its size in half!)  Instead, applicable RFCs are listed on the
manual page.

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fetchmail-2.8.0 (Sat Jan 11 15:48:33 EST 1997), 8139 lines:

features -- 

* We now get the hostname used for progress messages from the server greeting.
  This means you'll get sensible-looking progress messages even when using
  ssh to redirect secure connections.

* Reorganized and improved man page.

* Mail header parsing now handles RFC822 escapes properly.

bugs --

* Stop netrc parser from complaining about blank lines.

* Add ssh recipe correction.

* Eliminate infinite-loop bug in defaults handling.

* Fixed some address-parsing bugs in rfc822.c:nxtaddr().

* 2.7 broke portability to Solaris.  Fix that.

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fetchmail-2.7.0 (Thu Jan  9 03:18:15 EST 1997), 8091 lines:

features -- 

* New --syslog option by Dave Bodenstab.

* Automatic parsing of ~/.netrc for a mailserver password if necessary, thanks
  to Gordon Matzigkeit.

* Added preconnect option for initializing ssh connections.

* Added local-domains support for multidrop as requested by Pablo Saratxaga.

* More FAQ material on how and when to use --interface.

bugs --

* Fixed a minor bug introduced into From handling by 2.6.

* Fixed bug in SMTP forwarding of msg lines with leading dot.

* Fixed a bug that generated incorrect HELO for second and subsequent
  poll entries attached to the same SMTP host.

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fetchmail-2.6.0 (Fri Dec 27 12:42:56 EST 1996), 7185 lines:

features -- 

* IMAP4 code now sets the server "seen" flag on each message if "keep" is on.

* New FAQ material on how to use --interface.

bugs --

* Dropped back to separate SockGets/SockWrite code with no attempt at
  stdio buffering -- we hope this will fix the Solaris peoples' problems.

* Fixed length-computation bug (apparently introduced in 2.3) that messed
  up IMAP deletes.

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fetchmail-2.5.0 (Mon Dec 23 04:18:54 EST 1996), 7088 lines:

features -- 

* New --interface and --monitor options for Linux courtesy of George Sipe.

bugs --

* Replaced bug-prone setvbuf with setlinebuf.

* Moved lock file to ~/.fetchmail to eliminate various /tmp problems.

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fetchmail-2.4.0 (Sat Dec 21 05:24:44 EST 1996), 6792 lines:

features -- 

* Add FAQ material on troubleshooting and working around SMTP connection

bugs --

* Fixed a core-dump bug in MX processing that's been lurking there for ghods
  know how long.  It could never have been more than rare.

* Fixed a minor bug in Received processing.

* Restored compile-time portability to Solaris.

* Initial 2.4 said: "Force line-buffering on socket streams (Linux apparently
  defaults to this). This may fix some hang problems reported under Solaris."
  Unfortunately this "fix" triggers horrible lossage on long messages and had
  to be removed.

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fetchmail-2.3.0 (Sat Dec 12 14:31:00 EST 1996), 6789 lines:

features -- 

* Full IMAP4 support -- we now probe for IMAP4 capabilities and use 
  RFC822.PEEK when possible to avoid marking messages seen on the server
  before they are deleted.  This improves recovery from sendmail and
  dropped-connection errors.

* True stdio buffering of sockets at last, thanks to Cameron McPherson.
  This should be good for a significant throughput increase.

* Almost all error messages that might be emitted in daemon mode now go
  through the error() subroutine.  This is a first step towards allowing
  a daemon-mode fetchmail to use syslog.

* SIGUSR1 is now used for wakeup rather than SIGHUP.  This eliminates any
  possible confusion about fetchmail's behavior at logout time.

* Received line parsing for envelope addresses now matches MX as well as 
  canonical DNS addresses, making multidrop routing slightly more reliable.

* Added --fetchlimit option to limit number of messages fetched in a
  single poll.

bugs --

* Fixed a FreeBSD compilation glitch involving SIGCLD (thanks to
  Masafumi NAKANE).

* Added some port patches for NEXTSTEP.

* SIGCHLD used everywhere now, not SIGCLD (this was strictly a cosmetic bug).

* Prevent occasional hangs when fetchmail was terminated by signal.

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fetchmail-2.2.0 (Mon Dec  9 00:15:01 EST 1996), 6573 lines:

features --

* If SMTP returns 571 (unsolicited mail refused) to a MAIL FROM, the
  address is excluded by the local sendmail's spam filter.  Drop the mail.
  (This is the only circumstance in which mail is thrown away.)

* The header your mailserver uses to convey envelope addresses is no longer
  wired to `X-Envelope-Header'.  You can now specify it with the `envelope'
  option in .fetchmailrc.  (This header is not RFC822 standard, and we have a
  report of an ISP using X-Frontier-To).

bugs --

* Fixed a startup-time core dump introduced by 2.1's aka-list feature.

* Fixed a bug in non-implicit mode (poll specified host), also due to aka.

* Various minor portability fixes for Suns.  Adding #include <errno.h>
  in fetchmail.c was the most significant one. 

* Avoid using -lresolv when possible, some Linux versions are badly broken.

* Fix error in MX record handling that was causing multidrop problems.

* Disable daemon SIGCHLD handler while an MDA is running, to avoid snafus.
  Thanks to Dave Bodenstab <imdave@synet.net> for spotting this obscure bug.

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fetchmail-2.1.0 (Thu Nov 28 11:07:48 EST 1996), 6529 lines:

features --

* Added FAQ file.

* Try to pass envelope From to the listener so that logging and procmail
  processing works right.  If that fails, fall back on calling-user.

* Added `set logfile = ' option to rc syntax.

* We now use X-Envelope-To headers and parse the Received lines.  If
  X-Envelope-To is found, OK; otherwise we look for a `Received for' line;
  either is treated as a true envelope address.  If neither of these are
  found we go to the To/Cc/Bcc header addresses.

* Added `*' as a wildcard option for multidrop to ... here.  This will allow
  names to be local names to be passed through from a multi-drop box on
  a mailserver 

* Added an `aka' option to allow users to declare mailserver aliases at start
  of run, so DNS does less work.  During a run, cache host matches on the
  aka list so no potential alias has to be DNS-checked more than once.  
  A server being polled explicitly may be referred to by any of its aliaseses.

bugs --

* Nalin Dahyabhai's fix patch for MIT Kerberos V4 support.

* Fixed a fencepost error in the APOP code that was causing a core dump.

* Skip flag wasn't getting reset on poll hosts following a skipped one.

* Include remote name in saved UID mappings so multiple POP accounts on
  the same server won't get their UIDs confused.

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% FAQ file started

fetchmail-2.0.0 (Mon Nov 18 00:32:17 EST 1996), 6360 lines:
* Fix typo in setitimer call setup that caused obscure bugs under FreeBSD.
* Accept Apparently-To if there is no To header.
* Include Cameron McPherson's patch for handling multi-line SMTP responses.
* Don't try to feed listener the header From any more.

fetchmail-1.9.9 (Mon Nov 11 10:40:14 EST 1996), 6312 lines:
* Accept Resent-From & Apparently-From a la RFC822.
* Include file fixes for Solaris 2.5 and FreeBSD 2.2.
* Improved error notification on SMTP and no-matching-local-address errors.
* Delivery to multidrop mailboxes now always aborts on DNS errors.
* Batch limit option prevents long delivery delays on smail/qmail.
* Configuration now handles -lresolv and non-Linux bind libraries correctly.

fetchmail-1.9.8 (Wed Nov  6 16:40:34 EST 1996), 6267 lines:
* Don't append spurious NUL to the headers, qmail actually notices it.
* Fatal bug in multidrop code fixed.
* Fail cleanly, instead of core-dumping, on mail lacking an RFC822 From line.
* Don't try to keep the SMTP socket open across poll cycles.

fetchmail-1.9.7 (Fri Nov  1 10:02:34 EST 1996), 6551 lines:
* %s is back.  Seems some popular MDAs actually choke on name arguments.
* We can handle responses longer than the socket atomic read length now.

fetchmail-1.9.6 (Thu Oct 31 00:07:23 EST 1996), 6261 lines:
* Make rewrite option handle multiple comma-separated local names correctly.
* Fix yet another fatal error in MDA argument list construction.
* Reset timeout every time input is received.
* Correct localname detection when --norewrite is on.

fetchmail-1.9.5 (Tue Oct 29 20:07:41 EST 1996), 6237 lines:
* Added -N, --nodetach option for debugging purposes.
* Use interval timers for poll-interval sleep and nonresponse timeout.
* fetchmail -q no longer parses the configuration file.
* Configuration file grammar is slightly cleaned up and improved.

fetchmail-1.9.4 (Mon Oct 28 20:58:48 EST 1996), 6181 lines:
* Correct status interpretation in closemailpipe() (thanks to Neil Harkins).
* Tweak SMTP forwarding to only open one listener per SMTP host in daemon mode.

fetchmail-1.9.3 (Sun Oct 27 22:35:33 EST 1996), 6136 lines:
* Handle nested parens in RFC822 comments.
* More gcc -Wall cleanup.
* Improved installation docs.
* Don't query DNS on startup unless needed for Kerberos or multidrop mailboxes.

fetchmail-1.9.2 (Sun Oct 27 01:10:30 EST 1996), 5333 lines: 
* Fix initialization-time core dump when running as root
* Fix fatal error in MDA argument-list construction.

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fetchmail-1.9.0 (Fri Oct 25 23:02:26 EDT 1996), 5294 lines:

features --

* FEATURE FREEZE IS NOW IN EFFECT!  No new features until after 2.0.  Thanks
  to everybody who contributed ideas and criticism.

* It is now possible to specify multiple local recipients by giving a list
  of names following "to" or "is".  Each local recipient is checked for in the
  To:, Cc: and Bcc: headers of each message; if a match is found, the message
  is sent to that local recipient.  This makes it possible to do mailing
  lists and multidrop mailboxes.  See the man page for details (and note
  the caveat in the BUGS AND KNOWN PROBLEMS section).

* It is possible to specify a size limit for retrieved messages.  I resisted
  doing this because I don't want fetchmail to be in the filtering game, but
  too many Europeans begged for it because their telecomms monopolies are
  price-gouging them on per-second phone charges.  I will ignore, or be
  extremely rude to, anyone who takes this feature as a license to beg me
  for kill files or any other form of content-based filtering.  Use 
  procmail on your server if you want that.

* If you use an MDA, the internal changes to support multi-drop mailboxes
  require that you *remove* the %s at the end of your MDA string.  Local 
  delivery addresses will be appended to the end of the command in the
  obvious way.

* The first message from a query now includes the number of old messages
  when this can be determined (that is not under POP2).

* POP3 UID support really works now.  I make rude noises at the POP3 mavens
  who forced us to this with RFC1725, but thank Al Longyear <longyear@sii.com>
  for fixing and verifying my slightly buggy implementation.

* Kerberos V4 support ditto.  Thanks to Chris Hanson <cph@martigny.mit.edu>
  for this feature.

* When there's a daemon fetchmail in background, running fetchmail in
  foreground without --quit now tries to wake the daemon and force it
  to poll immediately.

* Add option to set server nonresponse timeout.

* Password is no longer displayed in verbose mode.

* You may use C-like escapes to embed non-printables in passwords and other
  strings.  Fetchmail -V will display them in a printable form.

* Program now tries to set itself to the ID of the local user before
  running an MDA, and reset to root afterwards.  This will work on
  any system with seteuid(2), including Linux and the BSDs.

bugs --

* Default user name to deliver to is now the calling user, unless
  program is running as root in which case it is the remote user name
  (default can be overridden with an `is' or `to' declaration).
  In versions up to 1.7 it was the calling user; in 1.8 the remote
  user ID.  This created some confusion.

* Accept RFC822 headers with a tab after the colon.

* You now see a "skipping" message for each message not retrieved.

* --keep no longer overrides --flush.

* Rewrite "To: jrh (J. Random Hacker)" correctly.

* Find "nnn octets" anywhere on a POP3 server's RETR response line.

* Fixed various bugs in --check.  It now reports PS_SUCCESS only if
  there is new mail waiting.

* Under Linux, if fetchmail is run in daemon mode with the network
  inaccessible, each poll leaves a socket allocated but in CLOSE state
  (this is visible in netstat(1)'s output).  These sockets aren't
  garbage-collected until fetchmail exits.  When whatever kernel table
  is involved fills up, fetchmail can no longer run even if the network is up.
  To avoid this, fetchmail now commits seppuku after some number of
  unsuccessful socket opens.

* Don't try using FLAGS.SILENT, some allegedly IMAP2bis servers seem to
  choke on it.

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fetchmail-1.8.0 (Fri Oct 11 15:08:10 EDT 1996), 4586 lines:

features --

* Use kill(0, pid) to make lock handling a bit smarter (thanks to Johan
  Vromans <JVromans@squirrel.nl> for the suggestion).

* Arrange for timeout of client after 5 minutes if connection to server is 
  dropped (thanks to Gaspar Sinai <gsinai@gol.com>).

* All pretensions to RPOP support have been dropped.  Yes, this is a feature,
  RPOP is very vulnerable to spoofing!  Use APOP instead.

* Normal start-of-read message now displays the byte (excuse me, "octet")
  size of the message.  Yes, 3schwend, you can stop noodging me now :-).

* Normal progress notifications now take only 1 line per message, not 2.

* Linux packagers: building fetchmail now generates an RPM specfile for it.

* Kerberos V4 support via KPOP protocol (thanks to Chris Hanson).

* New --check option for asking server whether there is mail without
  actually retrieving or deleting it.

* UID support is back by popular demand.  Bletch.

* Permit spaces in IMAP passwords (ship them as quoted strings).

bugs --

* Fix buggy getopt specification of P and p options.

* Fix uninitialized-variable bug that was hanging second IMAP queries.

fetchmail-1.7.0 (Tue Oct  8 11:32:44 EDT 1996):

features --

* Noise words for rcfile syntax make English-like syntax possible.

* Make configure more GNUish; it understands --prefix and other standard
  autoconf options now (see INSTALL for details)

* Better documentation of the new .fetchmailrc extensions and the slightly
  stricter rules for ordering options.

* Expanded installation instructions including how to test for correct
  operation without losing mail to misconfigured MDAs, alias loops, etc.

bugs --

* You may have to rearrange the order of options in your .fetchmailrc.
  The grammar for the new multiple-user syntax requires that server 
  options (protocol and port) come before any user options.

* Fixed core dump bug that was screwing configurations with no .fetchmailrc.

* Fixed broken 'p' option.

* `norewrite' and `rewrite' in .fetchrc were the inverses of what they
  should have been (but the rewrite default was set correctly).

fetchmail-1.6.0 (Sun Oct  6 20:55:09 EDT 1996), 4052 lines:

features --

* You can now have multiple entries for the same server but different
  users, and the right thing will happen (each user's mailbox will
  be queried).  Even better, you can now specify multiple users in a
  single server entry.

* Restore --mda, seems some people either can't run a port 25 listener
  due to bizarre dynamic-SLIP problems, or won't for security reasons.

* When delivering to an MDA, print error and die (before deleting the message!)
  if the MDA returns nonzero status.  Better safe than sorry.

* If fetchmail is called through a link named `popclient' it will look in
  ~/.poprc for a run control file.  Unless that file includes the deleted
  options limit and localfolder this should actually work.

bug fixes --

* Makefile fixes for correct linking on Sparcs and avoiding duplication of
  the md5 files (leading to harmless install-time error messages).

* Fix a bonehead coding error in pop3_delete() that was masked by the
  Intel register architecture.  *blush*  Thanks to Jay Anderson

* Fix bug that prevented SMTP from being specified on the defaults line.

* Allow program to generate correct lockfiles when USER is undefined
  (i.e. under zsh).

* Allow program to run with no .fetchmailrc file again.

fetchmail-1.5.0 (Thu Oct  3 04:35:15 EDT 1996), 3892 lines:
* Naturally, my decision to announce 1.4 on comp.os.linux.announce 
  immediately caused the code to manifest its first real bug --
  a core dump when the "From:" header is spelled "from:" (all lower
  case).  Fixed.
* Update and expansion of NOTES.
* The --all and --flush flag validity checks move to driver.c.

fetchmail-1.4.0 (Wed Oct  2 09:22:37 EDT 1996), 3884 lines:
* More man page improvements.
* Lexer changes to work around bison's "feature" of silently ignoring 0-value
  tokens (caused options nokeep, norewrite, nofetchall, noskip to be no-ops).

fetchmail-1.3.0 (Tue Oct  1 05:49:49 EDT 1996):
* Significant man page improvements.
* Escapes for newlines in .fetchmailrc are now optional.
* Kill off -2 and -3 options, redundant popclient remnants.
* IMAP code simplification and robustification.  Use FETCH FLAGS to find
  seen messages.  Code should now work even if unseen messages are 
  interspersed with seen ones, and even if messages are appended to the
  mailbox during the run.

fetchmail-1.2.0 (Sat Sep 28 15:40:50 EDT 1996), 3943 lines:
* The great option massacre.  Remove --stdout, --limit, --local, --mda.
  We get a significant code and complexity shrinkage this way (a lot of the
  configuration machinery goes away too).  These things are your MDA's job.
  (This also kills off the lose-mail-on-disk-full bug, which I've never 
  seen but two users reported.)
* Link APOP support by default.
* Fix embarrassing Makefile bug.

fetchmail-1.1.0 (Sat Sep 28 09:21:10 EDT 1996), 4388 lines:
* In POP3, don't send LAST if STAT shows count of waiting messages to be zero.
* Document APOP better, we know it works now.
* Lose the .fetchids file and give up on POP3 UIDs, they're a dead loss.

fetchmail-1.0.0 (Thu Sep 26 11:59:38 EDT 1996), 4453 lines:
* SMTP forwarding and header-rewrite features work with POP2 now.
* Stricter RFC822 conformance, so SMTP to qmail works.  Thanks to
  Cameron MacPherson <unsound@oz.net> for these changes.
* The program is quieter but more informative now (suppress printing of
  server greeting message; add the server host being queried to the
  message count information line).
* Add `skip' option to make it easier to set up test entries.
* Name change (it ain't just for POP any more).

popclient-3.2 (Mon Sep 23 13:29:46 EDT 1996):
* RPOP support (coded at a user's request but untested).
* Ported to QNX (see the Makefile).
* Add code by Michael Schwendt <3schwend@informatik.uni-hamburg.de> for
  improved sizeticker.
* Improved RFC822 parsing (thanks to Rob Funk).
* Move the per-user lockfile to /tmp so it gets cleared at reboot time.
* Warn users that running concurrent instances of popclient is a bad idea.
* Try USER and HOME to set defaults before going to the password file.
  This should work better in Sun NIS environments.

popclient-3.1 (Thu Sep 12 15:45:25 EDT 1996):
* MDA arguments are now dumped when using the -V option.
* Sendmail delivery from background seems to work now.
* We have IMAP2bis/IMAP4 support.
* Code now autoprobes for a POP3, IMAP, or POP2 server if no protocol is
* SMTP forwarding support.  Thanks to Harry Hochheiser <harry@tigger.jvnc.net>
  for this simple but clever idea.  It's now the default delivery mode.
* If no UNIX From line is found, popclient will now synthesize a correct
  line from the RFC822 From line.
* It is now possible to specify the host TCP/IP port number to connect to.

popclient-3.05 (Thu Aug 22 22:59:04 EDT 1996):
* Experimental support for RFC1725-compliant POP servers with the UIDL
  command and without LAST.

popclient-3.04 (Wed Aug 21 00:22:44 EDT 1996):
* Logfile option works.

* Minor bug fixes for password querying and redirection to stdout.

popclient-3.02 (Fri Jul 19 11:37:56 EDT 1996), 3682 lines:
* Correct buggy processing of nokeep/noflush/fetchall.
* Fix buggy -mda option processing.
* Added -N/--norewrite option.
* Delivery via sendmail now works in non-daemon mode.

popclient-3.01 (Mon Jul  1 13:33:51 EDT 1996):
* Fixed a lexical analyzer bug in quoted-string processing.
* Fixed a bug in dump_options that caused username to be displayed incorrectly.
* The lock assertion code was in the wrong place relative to the daemonize()

popclient-3.0 (Fri Jun 28 11:33:34 EDT 1996):

Eric S. Raymond <esr@thyrsus.com> hacked extensively on 3.0b6 and took over
the package with the consent of Carl Harris, the original implementor.
Some of the 3.0 feature additions were inspired by Sean Oh's fetchpop 1.8
code, and a few use code directly lifted from fetchpop. Here are my (Eric's)
change notes:


* The autoconfigure script incorrectly assumed that all Linuxes use
  /usr/bin/deliver.  Under Linux it now checks for both /usr/bin/delivermail
  and /bin/mail.

* I added a distribution-maker production to Makefile.in.


* I have removed the -p command-line option. Given that there's a run control
  facility there is no excuse for encouraging users to put plaintext passwords
  in scripts which might be readable.

* Calling popclient with no arguments now causes it to query or operate
  on every host in the run control file.

* I have made --version more useful by having it dump the computed
  connection options for each server specified.

* The user can now explicitly set an MDA (such as procmail) with the
  new option -m or -mda.  Various possible MDAs are listed on the man page.


* The run control file lexer now supports "-enclosed strings which may 
  contain whitespace.

* I added a --yydebug option to enable run control parser debugging at 
  runtime if the parser was generated with --debug.  It's not documented.

* You may now have a `defaults' entry in the run control file which sets 
  overrideable values for other entries.  See the man page for details.

* It is now possible to set keep, flush and fetchall in your run control

* Fixed incorrect numbering of source lines in run control file parse error

* The configure.in specification no longer uses the obsolete AC_TRY_COMPILE
  macro (it uses AC_TRY_LINK instead).


* I have added mandatory locking of mailbox files where supported.
  This will cover Linux systems, in particular.

* The default behavior is now to do lock-protected append on the user's
  system mailbox rather than using delivermail or some other MDA.
  (This is a performance hack.)

* The autoconfigure script now looks for standard mail locations.  The
  default mail delivery agent is used only if it can't find a mail spool
  directory in the standard places.


* When using POP3, message headers are edited so that replies won't foo up.
  Anything that looks like a mail ID local to the POP host gets @ and the
  pop servername attached to it before being appended to the user's
  mailbox or passed to an MDA.

* I have implemented daemon mode.

* I have added a lock check to ensure that there is only one popclient
  running per user, and a --quit option to kill the currently running


* All changes and feature additions have been tested in actual use and are
  documented on the man page.

* I have turned the comments in the sample run control file into a new manual
  section documenting the file format.


* I fixed some de-initialization bugs in pop2.c and pop3.c that led to
  fd leaks (these became painfully obvious when I tested daemon mode!).

* I've fixed the flaky parser error messages. They turned out to be due 
  to a misdeclaration of yytext.

These are Carl Harris's change notes from previous releases:

o	"From " header fix in pop2.c and pop3.c
o	Surpress "..." output when --stdout option specified in pop3.c

o	alloca fix.
o	various diagnostic/informational message fixes.

o	Support for retrieving only new messages from maildrop when
	using POP3.  
o	Support for retrieving only the first n lines of each message
	when using POP3.
o	APOP authentication support.
o	Buffered socket input.

	This is a "new features" release.
o	support for .poprc file.
o	GNU-style long options.
o	fixed passwords appearing in 'ps' output
o	support for multiple servers on one command line

	This is mostly a test of the autoconfigure integration.
Among the functions performed by the new configure script, is
the ability to detect known system types, configures the mail
delivery agent (MDA) correctly.  This should permanently solve
the problem of using something other than an MDA for mail
delivery (which continues to plague Linux slackware 1.2.9).
For this beta, please check the values of MDA_PATH and MDA_ARGS
carefully.  They should match the values found in your
sendmail.cf file on the line which begins with "Mlocal".

	Other changes from popclient version 2.21:

o       no longer uses getpass() from the C library.  The
	internal getpassword() function allows the use of long

o	integrated GNU getopt() for long options.  Long option	
	names will appear in a future beta.

o	Several compiler warnings fixed.

o	Fixed problems related to missing include files in
	Solaris port.