ChangeLog.1   [plain text]

1986-05-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* alloc.c (malloc_warning_1): Add some advice on
	the significance of the warning.

1986-05-09  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c (get_screen_size):
	Reject values of TIOCGSIZE if they are ridiculous.

1986-05-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* process.c (send_process_1):
	If pipe buffer is full, wait a second and try again.

1986-05-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* termcap.c (tputs): Round rather than truncating
	when dividing padcount.

1986-04-24  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* insdel.c (del_range): Args passed to adjust_markers
	are now properly adjusted for the gap.

1986-04-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* alloca.c: Declare xmalloc.

1986-04-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* filelock.c (unlock_buffer): New function to unlock
	a specified buffer.  Use in Fdelete_buffer_internal
	to avoid lossage if buffer being killed is not current.

1986-04-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* alloc.c (malloc_warning, Fgarbage_collect):
	If malloc_warning is called during GC, just save warning
	in malloc_warn_string.  Try again to warn when GC ends.

1986-04-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* m-celerity.h: Remove spurious effectless #define BSTRINGS.

1986-04-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* xfns.c (Fx_get_default):
	Avoid doing strlen(value) if value is 0.

1986-04-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* indent.c (compute_motion):
	Change unsigned short back to short.  unsigned short is plain
	wrong and causes infinite loops when horizontal scrolling is used.
	Introduced macros HPOS and VPOS for extracting components of cpos.
	Alternate HPOS definition for Celerity since casting to (short)
	loses there.

1986-04-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* dispnew.c (update_screen):
	Don't zero OPhysScreen and DesiredScreen until after
	final error check.  Omit the error check unless debug_end_pos.

1986-04-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* cm.c (calccost):
	Was returning garbage if arrived at fail: by goto fail;.

1986-03-27  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* dispnew.c:
	Typo: `#ifdef defined...' => `#if defined...'

1986-03-26  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* doc.c (FSnarf_documentation):
	Appending the arg to the file name must be done
	whether or not CANNOT_DUMP.

1986-03-25  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fileio.c (Fsubstitute_in_file_name):
	// at beginning of filename is meaningful on Apollo.

	* keyboard.c (command_loop_1):
	If C_ALLOCA, cause it to garbage collect each time around this loop.

	* crt0.c: If NEED_ERRNO defined, declare errno.
	* m-7300.h: New file.

1986-03-25  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* alloc.c (Fmake_symbol):
	CHECK_STRING the argument.

1986-03-24  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* xfns.c (Fx_proc_mouse_event):
	Use shifts rather than byte addressing to extract from .detail.

1986-03-24  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* minibuf.c (do_completion):
	Only funcall predicate if it is non-nil
	Make completion of "nil" in obarrays work.

1986-03-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fileio.c (Fsubstitute_in_file_name):
	#if 0 last change (LOGNAME); it makes vax running 5.0 crash.

1986-03-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* unexec.c (make_hdr): Avoid comparing a_bss field with 0.
	It is unsigned on some machines.  Save sbrk (0) in tem.

1986-03-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* minibuf.c (do_completion):
	Don't say string is exact match if it fails the predicate.

	* process.c (create_process):
	For STRIDE: use FIONBIO to make pipe/pty non-blocking.
	The fcntl alone failed to do it.

	* fileio.c (Ffile_directory_p, Ffile_modes):
	Don't remove trailing slash for stat if path is "/".

	* process.c (kill_buffer_processes):
	Pass nil, not 0, to sig_process for current_group arg.

1986-03-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* process.c (handle_process_output):
	Avoid error if process's buffer is dead.

	* eval.c (un_autoload,do_autoload):
	The Vautoload_queue mechanism was all broken.

	* fileio.c (Fsubstitute_in_file_name):
	On USG, if looking for env var USER and not found, use LOGNAME.

1986-03-16  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* s-usg*.h, s-unipl*.h:
	Replace default ADDR_CORRECT with a no-op.
	Default triggers compiler bug on some systems.
	Remove same thing from m-stride.h since now redundant there.

	* keyboard.c (init_keyboard, interrupt_signal):
	For USG, handle SIGQUIT just like SIGINT.

	* sysdep.c (init_sys_modes):
	For HPUX, use C-g for the SIGQUIT char as well as the SIGINT char
	as using CDEL causes Meta-DEL to send a SIGQUIT!

	* process.c: On Uniplus, time.h is under sys/, as in bsd.

	* sysdep.c (reset_sys_modes):
	Don't use FASYNC if it is not defined.

1986-03-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* window.c (save_window_restore):
	Fix logic for handling dead buffers.
	Don't try to store nil for the mark into the buffer
	if the buffer is nil.

	* alloca.s: Put #ifndef HAVE_ALLOCA AFTER including config.

	* ymakefile: Always assemble alloca.s if C_ALLOCA isn't set.

1986-03-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* s-usg5.0.h: Remove LOADER_N_SWITCH.

1986-03-14  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* editfns.c:
	Improve doc for bolp, bobp, eolp.

1986-03-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* cm.c (calccost): Refuse to use incremental cursor motion
	after wrapping on terminals with MagicWrap (xn flag).

1986-03-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* emacs.c (main): For APOLLO: reserve 4meg with set_sbrk_size.

	* alloc.c (Fpurecopy): Fix typo unsignedint.

1986-03-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* dired.c (file_name_completion):
	Allow exact match against an ignored extension.
	Can thus delete foo.o even if foo.out exists.

	* s-hpux.h: Turn off HAVE_PTYS since their csh has "sanity
	checking" and other programs seem to lose with ptys.

1986-03-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c ({un,}request_sigio and callers):
	Make alternate names init_sigio and reset_sigio;
	callers in sysdep.c use those names.
	In 4.1, change {un,}request_sigio to do sighold/sigrelse;
	don't change init_sigio and reset_sigio.

	* m-vax.h: If USG5_2, use -lPW and HAVE_ALLOCA.

	* alloc.c (Fpurecopy, mark_object): In tests for pureness,
	always use XUINT and unsigned comparison.
	* lisp.h (CHECK_IMPURE): Likewise.

	* doc.c (FSnarf_documentation):
	If CANNOT_DUMP, find DOC in directory PATH_EXEC.

	* ymakefile (APOLLO only): Set LTERMCAP.
	* m-apollo.h: Alter VALBITS and GCTYPEBITS.

	* term.c (delete_chars): Pass num chars to the hook.
	* term.c (raw_topos), termhooks.h: Add raw_topos_hook.

	* unexec.c (make_hdr):
	New compiler switch NO_REMAP means don't change text/data boundary.

1986-03-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* indent.c, window.c, xdisp.c:
	Make compute_motion, vmotion and display_text_line
	all return a pointer to a global structure, not a struct itself.
	Add * to all calls.

	* syntax.c (scan_sexps_forward):
	Make it return a pointer to a global structure,
	not a struct itself.  Change caller (Fparse_partial_sexp).

	* s-usg*.h: #define static as nothing.
	* m-hp200.h: No longer needs to #define static.

	* unexec.c (adjust_lnnoptrs):
	Replace dummy defn with one that does the job.  Also
	involves including syms.h and making global vars
	bias and lnnoptr that are set in make_hdr.

1986-03-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* editfns.c (init_editfns):

	* crt0.c (BOGUS case):
	Move "start:" from non-tower32 case to unconditional.

	* unexec.c [COFF]:
	Put the rounding-to-page-boundaries of section positions
	within the file into a UMAX conditional.  (See Feb 19).

1986-03-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* ymakefile: Add -k100000 switch to ld, for celerity.

	* eval.c (funcall_lambda):
	Change a comma-sequence to a compound statement.

1986-03-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* xfns.c, xterm.c:
	Install much-changed versions already tested at Athena.

	* ymakefile: Replace -lc with $(LIBSTD) and define LIBSTD
	according to a config macro LIB_STANDARD.
	m-tower32.h must define LIB_STANDARD.

	* process.c (read_process_output):
	New subroutine that does the reading and handling of process output.
	Do so until none is left.
	(wait_reading_process_input): Call new subroutine.
	(sig_process): If we get a pgrp number, make it negative.
	Always send signal to pggrp; use killpg if BSD, kill otherwise.
	(child_signal): Don't deactivate dead processes here.
	(change_msgs): Deactivate them here, when notification is done.
	But first, call read_process_output to get any output that's left.

	* keyboard.c (read_avail_input):
	(for sysV) Use fcntl, not ioctl, to make read not wait.

	* alloca.s: Put entire file inside #ifndef HAVE_ALLOCA.

	* sysdep.c (child_setup_tty, init_sys_modes):
	(for sysV) Set VTIME to zero; with VMIN=1 this means
	no time limit.

1986-03-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* keyboard.c (quit_throw_to_get_char):
	Before really throwing, clear waiting_for_input
	so another interrupt won't also try to throw.
	(get_char): Add error check for getcjmp being zero
	where it should not be.  Put this under DEBUG switch.

1986-03-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* crt0.c: Defining BOGUS forces use of the vax-tahoe-sequent case.
	Add a small conditional within it for tower32.
	Don't allow use of the m68000/m68k code if BOGUS is defined.

	* sysdep.c (init_sys_modes):
	For sysV: If want flow control, actively set IXON,
	and also clear IXANY if that is defined.

	* sysdep.c (rename):
	It was doing completely wrong things to various files.

	* tparam.c (tgoto): Move buf outside the function
	and rename as tgoto_buf.  In case #define static as nothing.

	* unexec.c (make_hdr):
	If macro EXEC_MAGIC is defined, let it specify the magic
	number for the output file.

	* xdisp.c (message): Change name `buf' to `message_buf'
	to avoid name clash when #define static as nothing.

	* ymakefile: Change DOCSTR to DOC.

1986-02-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* buffer.c (Fdelete_buffer_internal):
	Unchain all markers from a buffer being killed.

1986-02-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* unexec.c, malloc.c:
	If NBPG is used for getpagesize, multiply it by CLSIZE
	and define that as 1 if not otherwise defined.

1986-02-26  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* lread.c (Fload):
	Detect when fdopen returns 0 given a valid descriptor.

	* sysdep.c (stuff_char):
	Declare arg as char, so TIOCSTI does not give wrong address.

1986-02-25  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* dispnew.c (update_screen):
	* xdisp.c (DoDsp, Fredraw_display):
	Insert checks to abort if screen_height is zero,
	to detect the memory clobbering bug.

	* process.c:
	For 4.1, include wait.h, not sys/wait.h.
	Use O_NDELAY only if it is defined.

	* s-bsd4.1.h:
	Don't HAVE_TIMEVAL.  Define open as sys_open and lstat as stat.
	Define the O_ symbols for open args.
	Turn off CLASH_DETECTION, for now.  Turn off HAVE_TIMEVAL.

	* sysdep.c (bcopy, bzero, bcmp):
	Make them really do the work, not try to use memset, memcopy, etc.

	* sysdep.c (get_system_name):
	4.1 needs its own definition of this.

	* sysdep.c (for BSD 4.1):
	Define sys_open, since 4.1 open takes only two args.
	Redefine LLITOUT as 0; it loses in 4.1.
	Define LNOFLSH.  Include wait.h, not sys/wait.h.

1986-02-24  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* malloc.c: Define getpagesize as macro when not avail as syscall.

1986-02-23  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* terminfo.c: Provide a definition of ospeed.

1986-02-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* alloca.s (hack_sky):
	Move label hack3; bug was making some floating ops dump core.

	* dispnew.c (update_screen):
	Don't free a line twice if it is in both DesiredScreen
	and OPhysScreen.  Can happen if line is copied into
	DesiredScreen by `scrolling', then lost from PhysScreen
	by the scrolling that is done.
	Also remove a debugging check that did not go off
	when this bug hit.

1986-02-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* indent.c (compute_motion):
	Change all short to unsigned short.  Needed for celerity.

	* keyboard.c (init_keyboard):
	Initialize kbd_ptr.  Needed for celerity.

	* unexec.c (make_hdr for celerity):
	Copy their own header field a_scovfrl from ohdr.

	* unexec.c for COFF:
	Round positions of text and and data sections in output file
	to page boundaries.

	* crt0.c: Install version for Encore machines.
	Also for celerity (same as pyramid and orion).

	* ymakefile:
	Don't use -X for BSD systems that use COFF.
	On UMAX, give ld the file align.umax (a new file)
	via the make-macro ALIGNMENT.

	* align.umax, s-umax.h:
	Two new files for Encore computers.

	* lread.c (Vload_path): Make it not static.
	In sysV, static vars go in a place in memory below my_edata.

	* dispnew.c (make_display_lines):
	Store all the lines in an array for debugging, to help
	debug the problem where lines get lost.

1986-02-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* alloca.s (ns16000):
	Change non-sequent defn of REGISTER: add a displacement of zero.

1986-02-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* alloc.c (purecopy, mark_object), lisp.h:
	Use XUINT, not XINT, in VIRT_ADDR_VARIES checks for pure object.

1986-02-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fns.c (Fload_average):
	Don't use struct nlist if no LOAD_AVE_TYPE.

	* crt0.c: Add missing semicolon in vax/tahoe/sequent code.

1986-02-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* crt0.c: Remove duplicate _start for pyramid.

1986-02-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c (gettimeofday): Define this only if HAVE_TIMEVAL.

	* m-vax.h:
	If USG, don't define LOAD_AVE_... and do define C_ALLOCA.

	* filelock.c: On USG, include fcntl.h.
	(lock_file): Declare getpwuid external.

	* window.c (Fmove_to_window_line):
	If window start is out of restriction,
	choose a new start here.

	* alloca.s:
	Modify ns16000 assembler syntax for the sequent machine.

	* crt0.c: Sequent uses same code as vax except start1
	takes one extra first arg that it ignores.
	A new macro BOGUS is defined to allow machines to use the
	same code and control how many args to ignore.

	* unexec.c: For sequent machine, handle its incompatible
	meaning of N_TXTOFF, and use N_ADDRADJ where necessary.

1986-02-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c (init_sys_modes):
	Set tty flags ISTRIP, CS8 and PARENB right for Meta key.

	* ymakefile:
	Define CPP macro as name of cpp to use.  Use it for alloca.s.
	Make LOADER_N_SWITCH control solely the -N.

1986-02-06  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* fns.c (Frequire):
	Fix documentation.

1986-02-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* indent.c (compute_motion):
	For tabs, make sure to take remainder of positive #
	since % can round upward with negative numbers.

	* bytecode.c (syms_of_bytecode):
	Fix typo in symbol name "byte-code".

	* xdisp.c (try_window_id):
	Use adjusted hpos of bp in computation of ep.
	Adjustde hpos can be negative after a continuation.

	* fileio.c (Finsert_file_contents):
	Was failing to update n as chars were read.
	Rearrange order of actions to make it more like InsCStr.
	Call prepare_to_modify_buffer even if no CLASH_DETECTION.
	Don't make gap if gap is big enough.

1986-02-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* termcap.c (tgetent):
	Only use TERMCAP var as termcap entry value
	if it has a name that matches the specified one.
	New function name_match to match an entry against a name.
	Do allow matching the first name in an entry.

	* indent.c (pos_tab_offset):
	Take remainder by window-width - 1 (# of effective columns)
	to fix bug where alternating TAB 1 TAB 1... causes a 1
	to shift sideways in incremental redisplay in DoDsp.

1986-02-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* keyboard.c (command_loop_1):
	Don't do direct output if input is pending.

	* xterm.h: Find the file Xlib.h in /usr/include/X.

1986-02-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* process.c (pty): HPUX has different dir for pty-tty devices.

	* termcap.c: Don't include types.h or file.h.

1986-02-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* print.c (print):
	Print a marker's corrected position, not its bufpos.

	* window.c (Fselect_window):
	If old and new windows show same buffer,
	make sure new point is inside the clipping region.

1986-01-31  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fns.c (Fload_average):
	In NLIST_STRUCT case, set nl[1] to 0, not "".

1986-01-30  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* m-pyramid.h: Turn on NO_UNION_TYPE.

	* fns.c: For BSD, include sys/param.h.

1986-01-29  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fns.c (Fload_average):
	Define a few symbols LDAV_SYMBOL and KERNEL_FILE_NAME
	and NLIST_STRUCT to use later to simplify the code.

	* s-usg5.2.h: Turn on `subprocesses'.

	* sysdep.c:
	#undef open, read and write at the start.
	Make sys_read, etc. always available for uses that need
	a nonaborting read.
	(select): Several bug fixes for system V.
	(init_sys_modes, child_setup_tty): Init VTIME to a large #, not 0.
	Use TCSETA, not TCSETAW (why wait?).

	* process.c:
	(wait_reading_process_output): If don't HAVE_TIMEVAL
	and no timeout desired, use 100000 seconds, which
	the select emulator recognizes.
	When reading data, if a char is buffered in proc_buffered_char,
	put it at the front of the data read.
	(kill_buffer_process): Ignore processes really already dead.
	(init_process): Initialize proc_buffered_char to -1 (empty).

	* keyboard.c (fake_suspend):
	Don't mess with the SIGCLD handler.
	Use wait_for_termination to detect subshell termination.
	(read_avail_input, for USG):
	Use TCSETA, not TCSETAW; no waiting.

	* term.c (set_terminal_modes): Don't clear screen here.
	* xdisp.c (Fredraw_display): Clear screen here instead.

1986-01-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* s-hpux.h: Do #undef SIGIO.

	* callproc.c, data.c, dispnew.c, emacs.c, keyboard.c,
	* process.c, sysdep.c:
	Include signal.h before config so can #undef SIGIO in config.

	* lread.c (read_escape):
	Make ?\^? produce 0177.

	* sysdep.c:
	Define SIGCHLD as SIGCLD only if SIGCHLD not already defined.
	(select): Don't give select_alarmed an initialization.

	* unexec.c:
	For HPUX, copy the peculiar header fields for debugger info.

	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_char): Don't call read_avail_input
	if kbd_count is nonzero.  (Don't know how it can be, but
	it is observed to happen.)

	* process.c:
	Define SIGCHLD as SIGCLD only if SIGCHLD not already defined.
	(wait_handling_process_output): Fill in one non-HAVE_TIMEVAL case.

1986-01-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c (reset_sys_modes):
	Call unrequest_sigio twice.
	Make sure FASYNC is clear in old_fcntl_flags.

1986-01-26  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fns.c (Frandom):
	Removed case for number as arg, since it has problems
	in union-type case and it is not documented or used.

	* lisp.h (XSET):
	Fix bugs in the union-type definition.

1986-01-24  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* process.c:
	Define macros for accessing the `union wait' structure.

	* keyboard.c (fake_suspend):
	Set subshell current dir to current buffer's default dir.

1986-01-23  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* dispnew.c (Fsit_for):
	Call gobble_input only if SIGIO exists.

	* keyboard.c (fake_suspend):
	Save and restore the SIGCLD handler, if that exists.

	* process.c (create_process):
	SKTPAIR-or-not now controls only what to do if cannot use a pty.
	For USG other than UNIPLUS, instead of sigsetmask (nonexistent),
	save away and temporarily turn off the SIGCHLD handler.
	(child_sig): Various USG changes.

	* sysdep.c (wait_for_termination):
	Provide case for sysV not UNIPLUS (right for STRIDE at least).
	* sysdep.c (child_setup_tty):
	Set the VMIN and VTIME fields.

	* callint.c (Fcall_interactively):
	Globalize the variable argfuns, for HPUX's sake.

	* keyboard.c (fake_suspend):
	Use execlp, not execl.

	* sysdep.c (random, srqndom):
	Add dummy for srandom => srand.  Enable both for 4.1 and USG.
	* fns.c (Frandom):
	Remove conditional; let those dummies serve.

	* Makefile:
	Use sed to remove blank lines and from xmakefile.

	* ymakefile:
	Pass alloca.s thru more seds to remove #... lines, etc.
	Move tparam.o into otherobjs; for HPUX, use terminfo.o instead.
	No need to conditionalize recipes for xfns.o and xterm.o.
	No longer need to duplicate the xemacs: line.
	For HPUX, define LIBBSD.  Use that in LIBES.

	* editfns.c (init_editfns):
	Handle case of pw == 0 (USER is not a known user).

	* cm.c:
	Include config.  Make cost and evalcost global.
	(cmcostinit): Don't pass 0 as string to tgoto (new macro CMCOST).

	* terminfo.c (new file):
	Defines a version of tparam for use with terminfo.

1986-01-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* dispnew.c:
	If HPUX, insert time.h instead of sys/time.h.

	* sysdep.c:
	If HPUX, insert time.h instead of sys/time.h.
	In get_system_name, globalize a static variable `name'.
	In readdir, globalize `dir' as `dir_static'.
	Make some system-call imitations "not HPUX".

	* process.c:
	If HPUX, insert time.h instead of sys/time.h.
	Do them only if HAVE_TIMEVAL.
	If HAVE_PTYS and HPUX, insert sys/ptyio.h.
	In function `pty', globalize static var `name' as `ptyname'.

	* term.c:
	(term_init): If TERMINFO, where tbuf is not used,
	allocate combuf with size 2044.
	(evalcost): Flush it.  Make it extern and use the one in cm.c.

	* dired.c:
	Include stat.h before config.h so config can override S_IFLNK on
	HPUX (where that symbol exists but there are no symbolic links).
	Do not include time.h; not needed.

	* xdisp.c (fmodetrunc, decode_mode_spec):
	Rename local static buffers buf, tbuf and make them global.
	Static variables go into initialized data space in HPUX.
	* fns.c (Fload_average):
	Similar hack for internal static vars initialized, channel, nl.

	* lread.c:
	Change condition for defining X_OK to be that X_OK is not defined.

	* alloc.c (init_alloc_once):
	Fix erroneous names data_bytes_{un,}used
	inside the VIRT_ADDR_VARIES conditions.

	* emacs.c:
	Don't include time.h or resource.h; just #define PRIO_PROCESS.

	* xdisp.c (redisplay_window):
	Don't shift window-start to avoid end of buffer
	unless window contents have changed too.

	* xdisp.c (DoDsp):
	If nothing has changed except minibuffer message,
	no need to call redisplay_window.

	Problem: standard sysV has no file ioctl.h.

	* process.c, keyboard.c, dispnew.c, sysdep.c:
	Include ioctl.h in BSD, termio.h and/or fcntl.h in sysV.

	* callproc.c: No longer needs ioctl.h; don't include.
	* xdisp.c: No longer needs ioctl.h or signal.h; don't include.

	* emacs.c:
	Include sys/ioctl.h only for BSD.  ioctl used only in BSD.

1986-01-21  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* keyboard.c (EchoThem):
	Always display an explicit prompt, even if echo_keystrokes == 0.

1986-01-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_store_char, fake_suspend):
	Take the STRIDE code for subshell out of kbd_buffer_store_char
	and call it fake_suspend.  Call it from previous place and
	also from Fsuspend_buffer, on all systems that lack SIGTSTP.
	Clean the code up a little bit.

	* process.c:
	Don't include sgtty.h; no longer needed.
	Make use of wait3 depend on existence of WNOHANG.

	* unexec.c:
	Allow the m- file to override defn of ADDR_CORRECT (m-stride.h does).
	Have and use pagemask to round data_start in COFF case too.
	Always define getpagesize as macro, for 4.1 and USG where
	it is not provided as a system call.
	This takes care of the STRIDE changes for unexec.

	* ymakefile:
	Give ld the arg $(STARTFLAGS), and define that based on cpp macro
	TEXT_START_ADDR when that is defined.  This is for systems where
	the -T switch is necessary.

	* unexec.c (make_hdr):
	Make one sun3 fix machine-independent.
	(Prevent a_bss from being negative).

	* casefiddle.c (casify_region):
	New flag value CAPITALIZE_UP which is like CAPITALIZE
	but changes only the initials.  Function upcase_initials_region
	is an interface to this mode.

	* abbrev.c (Fexpand_abbrev): Use upcase_initials_region.

	* process.c (create_process):
	Install Fish's other new UNIPLUS conditionalization
	on the hackery for xforkin, etc.

1986-01-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fns.c (Frandom):
	Optional arg of t means randomize the seed.
	This change was really made at some previously time;
	just changed the doc string now.

	* eval.c (do_autoload):
	Bind autoload-queue to avoid loss on recursive autoloads.

	* xdisp.c (try_window_id):
	If everything on screen below change is whitespace,
	don't scroll, and return -2.

	* dispnew.c (update_screen):
	Rewrite to avoid dependence on distance between
	the two arrays PhysScreen and DesiredScreen.

1986-01-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fns.c (mapcar1):
	Preinitialize contents of vals, so it won't contain junk
	to be seen by a GC inside this function.

	* eval.c (various):
	Use error, not Fsignal, to report eval-depth-overflow.
	Previous calls to Fsignal were buggy.

1986-01-17  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* lread.c (init_obarray):
	Kludge around losing pyramid compiler.

1986-01-14  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* window.c (Fdelete_window):
	When deleting a dummy parent window, don't try to GC buffer stuff.

	* process.c (list_processes_1):
	Don't blow out if buffer associated with process is,
	through some bug I don't understand, killed.

	* keymap.c (get_keyelt), keyboard.c (Fcommand_execute):
	Allow (lambda ...) to appear as a key's definition.

	* m-sun3.h, unexec.c:
	Sun3 changes from Barry Shein.

1986-01-10  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* m-stride.h, s-stride.h, crt0.c, fns.c, keyboard.c, process.c,
	Changes for STRIDE micro
	Changes still pending for etc/loadst.c.

	Fsuspend_emacs in keyboard.c is defined to run a subshell under
	emacs -- perhaps this is a reasonable thing in all wimpy unix

1986-01-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* dispnew.c (update_line):
	Don't consider spaces at beginning as special if line is
	Avoids losing the inverse-video on leading spaces in mode lines
	on terminals where erasing does not turn on highlightig (vt100?).

	* process.c (pty):
	On UNIPLUS, don't try opening other side.

	* filelock.c (lock_file_1):
	If lock file is invalid, delete it and continue.
	If delete fails, ignore the lock.

1986-01-09  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* syntax.c:
	New function check_syntax_table.

	Make Fmodify_syntax_entry take third arg SYNTAX-TABLE,
	which defaults to current buffer's syntax table.
	-- doc change in auxdoc.c.

	Rename Fmake_syntax_table FCopy_syntax_table
	after making it take an arg (default Vstandard_syntax_table)
	-- retain alias in subr.el.

1986-01-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c, term.c (get_screen_size):
	New function to get screen size from kernel when possible.
	In sysdep; called from term_init in term.c.
	Must test this on Sun and on 4.3.

	* dispnew.c (Fding):
	Make doc say it terminates kbd macros.

1986-01-07  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* doc.c (Fsubstitute_command_keys):
	Insert an explanatory message for "\\{unbound-variable}".

1986-01-06  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* termcap.c (tputs):
	Punt if passed (char) 0.

1985-12-31  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* dispnew.c (Ding):
	Expand error message for keyboard macro case.

	* dired.c (Ffile_attributes):
	Fix documentation error about meaning of ctime.

1985-12-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* callproc.c (Fcall_process):
	Fix typo in name synch_process_pid.

1985-12-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* s-unipl5.2.h:

	* ymakefile (xemacs):
	If the commands are conditional, the target/dependencies line must
	be conditional also.

1985-12-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* print.c (printchar, strout):
	If output stream is Qt and noninteractive,
	don't do the usual interactive output stuff.
	In strout, avoid changing i so do not truncate the output.

1985-12-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fns.c (merge):
	Don't assume args are consecutive; GCPRO each one separately.

	* insdel.c (make_gap):
	Was adding k bytes of gap; k is supposed to be
	new desired amount of gap.  Wasted a lot of memory!

	* alloc.c (malloc_warning):
	Passing Fprinc to internal_with_output_to_temp_buffer
	loses since Fprinc needs 2 args.  Use intermediate
	function malloc_warning_1.

1985-12-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* filelock.c (lock_if_free):
	Kill failing means lock is free only if errno is ESRCH.

	* fns.c (Fy_or_n_p, Fyes_or_no_p):
	Call Fdiscard_input if user gives invalid answer.

1985-12-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* eval.c (apply_lambda):
	Do debug-on-exit here, because if we return to Feval
	the stack vector of evaluated args will be deallocated by then.

	* sysdep.c (wait_for_termination):
	Add new variable wait_debugging.  Set it nonzero to make
	this function work in a way that works under dbx.

	* process.c (send_process_1):
	If not all the data is written, try again to write the rest.
	Eliminate the alarm stuff, including send_process_alarm.
	Call report_file_error if write returns negative.

1985-12-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* alloc.c (init_alloc_once):
	Stop looping if shift produces 1, as well as if produces 0.

1985-12-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* editfns.c (Fregion_{beginning,end}):
	New Lisp primitives, needed for the things that
	are put on the command history for "r" arguments.

	* callint.c (Fcall_interactively):
	If an argument was point or mark, represent it with
	a suitable expression (point) or (mark) in the
	command history element.  Also adjust for changed
	calling conventions of quotify_args.

	* callint.c (quotify_arg):
	Take one arg; return it if constant, else return
	a quote-expression for it.

	* callint.c (quotify_args):
	Don't exempt the first arg.  Use quotify_arg to do the work.

1985-12-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fileio.c (Fdo_auto_save):
	Use message1 to output "Auto-saving..."
	so do not clobber the old message to be restored at end.

1985-12-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* syntax.c:
	After turning on immediate_quit, must do QUIT.

	* callproc.c (Fcall_process):
	Quitting out of running subproc did not happen immediately.
	Added QUIT;s after setting immediate_quit on,
	removed those after turning it off (not needed there).

	* lread.c (init_read):
	Don't put ../lisp on Vload_path if CANNOT_DUMP.

	* emacs.c (main):
	If CANNOT_DUMP, load "loadup.el" as soon as enter editor loop
	unless -nl switch is given.

	* lread.c (read_list):
	Don't use Fsetcdr, since might be changing a cell
	in pure space during initial loadup.
	Do explicit assign instead.

	* lisp.h:
	Define CHECK_IMPURE, to get error if object is pure.

	* data.c (Fsetcar, Fsetcdr, Faset):
	Use CHECK_IMPURE instead of old error checking code.

	* data.c (pure_write_error):
	New subroutine, called by CHECK_IMPURE.

	* m-apollo.h:

	* alloc.c:
	We now load things into pure space even if cannot dump,
	to speed garbage collection.
	Turn on Vpurify_flag unconditionally.
	Give pure its full size unconditionally.
	Change remaining CANNOT_DUMP and APOLLO conditionals
	into VIRT_ADDR_VARIES conditionals.

1985-12-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fns.c:
	Don't include files for load-average if load-average not supported.

	* alloc.c:
	If CANNOT_DUMP, allocate `pure' very small.
	[This has been undone.]

	* buffer.c (list_buffers_1):
	Use 2 spaces minimum only after buffer name;
	go back to 1 space minimum after size and major mode.

	* termcap.c:
	Avoid use of O_RDONLY and index, so no need for explicit
	dependence on system type.

	* sysdep.c:
	Delete definition of `index'.  Now it's a macro when nec.

	* s-usg5.2.h, s-unipl5.2.h:
	Define index and rindex as macros.

	* dispnew.c (Fsit_for):
	Assume select is always available for use.

	* buffer.c (Fpop_to_buffer):
	Take second arg and pass as second arg to Fdisplay_buffer.

	* insdel.c (GapTo):
	Dump core if bf_p1, bf_p2 don't differ by gap size.

	* keyboard.c (Fsuspend_emacs):
	* emacs.c (Fkill_emacs):
	Both call new subroutine stuff_buffered_input (in keyboard.c)
	which stuffs a string's contents plus any unused input Emacs has
	already read.

1985-12-09  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fileio.c (Fdo_auto_save):
	Don't auto save a buffer that is not modified
	since last real save.

	* minibuf.c (minibuffer_completion_help_1):
	Use make_number for args to Findent_to.
	Omitting make_number always loses on Pyramid, it seems.

1985-12-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* minibuf.c (Fminibuffer_complete_word):
	If next char not unique, try adding an actual space.
	If do achieve some completion, replace old buffer text
	with the completion (in case of different case).
	Also a little cleanup.

	* minibuf.c (Ftry_completion):
	Fix lossage when second completion found is an initial segment of
	the first one.

1985-12-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* xdisp.c (redisplay_window):
	Don't use the clause for only-point-has-changed
	for the minibuffer; loses when redisplaying to bring
	back minibuffer after an echo area message.

	* crt0.c:
	Vax code is now used for tahoe machine also.

	* alloc.c (init_alloc_once):
	For APOLLO, set data_bytes_{free,used} to plausible constant

	* eval.c (unautoload):
	Declare return type Lisp_Object.

	* filelock.c (lock_file):
	Check attack with !NULL, not ==.

	* keymap.c (describe_command):
	Don't apply NULL directly to result of Fkeymapp.

	* lisp.h (XSET):
	Fix type field assignment in union-type case.

	* process.c (Faccept_process_output):
	Use XFASTINT around infd field of process.

	* search.c (signal_failure):
	Returns type Lisp_Object.

	* dired.c (Ffile_name_completion):
	If arg is null string, return null string immediately.
	Idea is don't want to complete "/foo/" into "/foo/bar"
	if "bar" is the only file in "/foo/".

	* minibuf.c (Ftry_completion):
	Handle correctly scmp returning -1.

	* alloc.c:
	Make malloc_sbrk_used and malloc_sbrk_unused
	not be external if APOLLO.

1985-12-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* emacs.c, keyboard.c, sysdep.c:
	Rename InitDsp -> init_sys_modes and RstDsp -> reset_sys_modes.

	* emacs.c (main):
	Call init_keyboard before init_sys_modes
	so correct value of interrupt_input is set up.
	Fixes the mysterious first C-z bug.

	* minibuf.c:
	New Lisp variable completion-ignore-case.
	Affects Ftry_completion and Fall_completions.

	* emacs.c (main):
	Don't change C variable `noninteractive' if user
	sets the Lisp variable `noninteractive'.

1985-12-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* callproc.c (Fcall_process):
	Close filefd if about to get error.

	* fileio.c (Finsert_file_contents, Fwrite_region):
	Set up unwind protect to close file if error happens.

	* fileio.c (Fcopy_file):
	Close input file if fail to open output file.

	* dispnew.c (change_screen_size):
	Change name from ChangeScreenSize.
	Do set_terminal_window (0); after changing height.

	* indent.c (vmotion & callers):
	Take window as fifth arg.  All callers pass window
	being displayed or selected window.
	If window is minibuffer, knows that first line starts at
	hps = minibuf_prompt_width.

	* minibuf.c (read_minibuf{,_string_unwind}):
	Save and restore minibuf_prompt_width.

	* xdisp.c:
	(display_text_line): Set minibuf_prompt_width if display the
	(various): Pass window being displayed as arg to vmotion.
	(various): Compute starting-hpos arg to compute_motion
	 using minibuf_prompt_width if in minibuf starting at top.

	* window.c (Fdisplay_buffer & callers):
	Take second arg, non-nil means do not use selected window
	even if that already contains specified buffer.

	* buffer.c (Fpop_to_buffer):
	Pass t as second arg to Fdisplay_buffer.

	* buffer.c (list_buffers_1):
	Make at least two spaces between all fields on a line.

1985-12-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* xfns.c:
	Define Fx_pop_up_window.
	Use make_string, not Fmake_string, in x-get-cut-buffer.
	Mysterious change from Martillo in Fx_change_display.
	Rename variable mouse-pos to x-mouse-pos.

	* xterm.c:
	Changes from Martillo.
	Change mouse command to C-c C-m.

	* term.c (calculate_costs):
	Return immediately if dont_calculate_costs is set.

	* lread.c (Fintern, Fintern_soft):
	Don't allow a symbol as argument to intern or intern-soft.

1985-12-04  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* editfns.c (Fsubst_char_in_region):

1985-12-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* fileio.c (Fdo_auto_save):
	Always restore old minibuf message if any.

	* alloc.c (Fgarbage_collect):
	Always restore old minibuf message if any.
	Truncate command-history to 30 elements.
	Add some register decls.

1985-12-03  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* lread.c (Fload):
	Suppress "Loading %s... done" if noninteractive.

	* alloc.c (Fgarbage_collect):
	Suppress "garbage collecing..." message if noninteractive.

	* regex.c (re_compile_pattern):
	Fix error message (double "\"'s for c compiler).

1985-12-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* editfns.c (Fsubst_char_in_region):
	If 5th arg is non-nil, don't record for undo.

1985-12-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* unexec.c (copy_sym, make_hdr):
	Pass file names to these functions.
	Use PERROR properly, with filename as arg.

	* window.c (Fdelete_window):
	Don't let stretching the siblings delete them.

	* window.c (set_window_{height,width}):
	Make `nodelete' apply to children as well.

1985-11-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* indent.c (compute_motion):
	Omit one register decl if TAHOE_REGISTER_BUG.

	* m-tahoe.h:
	New file.

1985-11-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c (RstDsp):
	Do TIOCSETC before doing fcntl F_SETOWN.

	Note: bizarre bug exists: Fsuspend_emacs
	in impure temacs under vax 4.2 gets stopped
	in that TIOCSETC; but in dumped Emacs, that
	does not happen.  No idea why.  This change
	did not fix it.

	* keymap.c (describe_buffer_bindings):
	Avoid passing a null pointer to InsStr.

	* xterm.c:
	Many random bug fixes from Martillo.

	* xfns.c:
	Bug fixes in Fx_change_display.
	New function Fx_set_icon.
	Fx_set_bell must take 1 arg, not 0.
	Fx_set_window_edges: don't set window size if new size same as old.

	* term.c, termchar.h:
	Define variable `dont_calculate_cost's:
	If set nonzero, `calculate_costs' is not called.

1985-11-25  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c, keyboard.c:
	Clean up USG simulation of FIONREAD.
	In keyboard.c, new function read_avail_input reads all
	input now in system buffer into kbd_buffer.
	get_pending_input is moved to keyboard.c, and works
	using read_avail_input when FIONREAD is not defined.
	select emulator in sysdep also uses read_avail_input.

	* unexec.c:
	Make PERROR do a return, in non-emacs version.
	Remove explicit returns following PERRORs.
	Replace ERROR with ERROR0, ERROR1 and ERROR2
	which pass along message and args to report_error_1.
	Make those macros do a return, in non-emacs version.

	* process.c (wait_reading_process_output):
	If read_kbd is 10 + I, don't read kbd, but don't
	return until input has arrived from channel I.

	* process.c (Faccept_process_input):
	New Lisp function.

1985-11-24  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* unexec.c:
	Close output descriptor if get an error.

1985-11-23  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* termcap.c (tgetstr):
	Supply second arg in call to tgetstr1.

1985-11-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* s-bsd4.3.h:
	Undefine INTERUPT_INPUT.  Noninterrupt input should work
	properly given LPASS8 and LNOFLUSH.

	* dispnew.c, keyboard.c (Fset_input_mode):
	Move it from dispnew.c to keyboard.c.

	* sysdep.c (InitDsp):

	* term.c (topos):
	Call hook before checking curY and curX.

1985-11-22  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* fileio.c (Frename_file):
	Supply third arg to Fcopy_file.

1985-11-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* keymap.c (push_text_char_description):
	Represent ESC by ^[, not $.

1985-11-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* minibuf.c (read_minibuf):
	Make Vminibuffer_help_form do its intended job.
	Use alloca to get the space for the prompt.

1985-11-20  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* callproc.c (Fcall_process_region):
	Documentation fix (why isn't this function written in lisp?).

	* minibuf.c (read_minibuf)
	Use MScreenWidth.

1985-11-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* tparam.c (tparam):
	Don't pass `left' or `up' to strcat if it is null.

	* cmds.c (SelfInsert):
	Split register arg c into arg c1 and register local c.
	Using & on a register argument happens to work on vax.

1985-11-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* xdisp.c (try_window_id):
	If change is on top line and display is not starting
	at a real line-beginning, give up so real scrolling is done.
	Return -1, which now tells redisplay_window not to try
	slow redisplay with the same window start.

1985-11-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* m-apollo.h:
	New file.  Use with s-bsd4.2.h?

	* data.c (Fsetcar, Fsetcdr, Faset):
	Conditionalize checks for existing objects being pure

	* alloc.c (mark_object, Fpurecopy):
	Conditionalize checks for existing objects being pure
	on not CANNOT_DUMP.  Don't turn on Vpurify_flag if CANNOT_DUMP.

	* emacs.c (Fdump_emacs):
	Conditionalize existence of function on not CANNOT_DUMP.

	* lread.c (read_list, intern):
	Avoid using a conditional expression to compute function to call.
	Conditionalize the entire call (pure_cons vs Fcons or
	make_pure_string vs make_string).

	* syntax.c (scan_sexps_forward (case Sopen)):
	Changed around curlevel++->last since Apollo C compiler loses.

	* lisp.h:
	Define VALBITS and GCTYPEBITS inside #ifndefs
	so config.h can override them.

	* fileio.c (Fexpand_file_name, Fsubstitute_in_file_name):
	APOLLO conditionals to consider // at start of file name

	* ymakefile:
	Make mention of alloca.o be conditional on not APOLLO.
	Make -lg conditional likewise.

1985-11-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* ymakefile, read.c:
	Rename read.* to lread.* to avoid trouble with
	#define read sys_read.

1985-11-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* New files xfns.c, xterm.c for X window system.
	xfns contains Lisp subrs for interacting with X.
	TrmTERM.c is eliminated.

	* ymakefile:
	Make compilation and loading of xterm.o and xfns.o
	conditional on HAVE_X_WINDOWS.

	* term.c, termhooks.h:
	Define fix_screen_hook.

	* process.c (wait_handing_process_output):
	Call the terminal's fix_screen_hook, if one is set up.

	* keymap.c:
	Define and initialize MouseMap, a keymap for mouse commands.

	* emacs.c (main):
	Call syms_of_xfns.

	* dispnew.c (init_display):
	For X window system terminals, call x_term_init.

	* buffer.c:
	Flush Lisp variable buffer-number.

1985-11-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* term.c (term_init):
	For c100, do not set TS_set_window if termcap entry gives one
	or if the :ti string fails to fix the screen at the top
	of the display memory.

	* nearly every file changed.

	* New macro XSET to set both fields of a Lisp_Object.
	Most places where XSETTYPE was used, followed by setting
	the pointer field, now use XSET.

	* Many uses of wrong_type_argument replaced with use
	of CHECK_*, including new CHECK_MARKER.

	* Other uses of wrong_type_argument fixed so value
	returned gets used in place of the invalid object.
	Also, the third argument was deleted.

	* New functions xmalloc and xrealloc signal an error
	if memory is not available.  Many calls to malloc and
	realloc are replaced with them.

	* Some unused variables' declarations have been flushed.
	* Some register declarations have been added.

	* alloc.c:
	New functions xmalloc and xrealloc.

	* process.c:
	(pty): Flush unused variable.  Return 0 at end.
	(list_processes): New buffer tembuf for sprintf to use.
	(send_process_trap): Flush unused arg.
	(sig_process): Rename arg `signal' to `signo'.

	* read.c:
	Avoid `file' as variable name for lint's sake.

	* sysdep.c:
	Compile stuff_char only if SIGTSTP exists.
	Changed conditionals within stuff_char.
	Compile wait_without_blocking only if no subprocesses.
	Pass one arg (zero) to `wait'.
	Include old_fcntl_flags in #ifdef FASYNC condition.
	Put old_fcntl_owner inside #ifdef F_SETOWN condition.
	Don't compile end_of_text and end_of_data.
	Delete definitions of readlink and symlink;
	their callers should not exist when system doesn't have symlinks.

	* term.c:
	Don't give the impression that hooks' values are supposed
	to be returned.

	* userid.c:
	Entire file commented out; supposedly not used.

	* dispnew.c:
	Comment out preserve_my_columns, not used.
	Clean up conditionals in Fsleep_for and Fsit_for.

	* doc.c:
	Fix incorrect args to describe_map_tree.

	* eval.c:
	Flush Ffunction_type.
	Make Fautoload override an existing autoload definition.
	wrong_type_argument: check the user's new value
	and get error again unless it fits the predicate.

	* minibuf.c:
	Comment out Fread_function, not used.

1985-11-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* keymap.c:
	Comment out synkey, which nobody calls.

	* lisp.h:
	Define XSET (var, type, ptr) to set both fields of a var.
	Use it in DEFSIMPLE.
	Remove extern decls of non-ex functions; fix dot -> point.
	Remove incorrect decl of staticprolist.

	* fns.c (Flength):
	(concat2, nconc2): Add /* ARGSUSED */ for lint.

	* fileio.c:
	A few declarations for lint's sake.
	Make alias file-readable-p for file-exists-p.

1985-11-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* emacs.c (Fkill_emacs):
	Return arg as exit code if arg is numeric even if interactive.
	Rearrange code to make it smaller.

	* callint.c (Fcall_interactively, case 'v'):
	Use Fread_variable.

	* tparam.c (tparam):
	Rename %s as %f.

1985-11-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* read.c (Fload):
	Rename closefile to load_unwind.
	New boolvar load-in-progress, set to t while loading, nil otherwise.

	* term.c (clear_end_of_line):
	Correct first_unused_hpos by chars_wasted, since curX is corrected.
	Set chars_wasted to zero if about to erase a standout marker.

	* term.c (write_standout_marker):
	Do write the end-standout marker even when sg#0.

1985-11-09  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* term.c (set_scroll_region):
	Change parameters given to the `cs' string
	to adjust for changed effect of %i.

	* tparam.c (tparam):
	%i now increments two args, not just one.
	Redefine %a somewhat, as will be described in termcap.texinfo.

1985-11-08  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* emacs.c (Fkill_emacs):
	Arg default is 0 if noninteractive, nil if interactive.

	* minibuf.c (Fread_variable):
	Only recognize symbols that are user-variable-p.

1985-11-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c (init_display):
	Turn on LPASS8 if it is defined.
	Gives 8-bit input in CBREAK mode.

1985-11-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c (get_input_pending, select):
	Provide alternate code for USG without FIONREAD.
	I suspect it does not really work, though.

	* fns.c (Fload_average):
	If LOAD_AVE_TYPE is not defined, just get an error,
	and allow LOAD_AVE_CVT to be undefined as well.

	* m-dual.h:
	Don't define LOAD_AVE_TYPE or LOAD_AVE_CVT.

1985-11-05  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* print.c (print):
	Hack deleted buffers.

1985-11-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* syntax.c (describe_syntax_1):
	Return type Lisp_Object and value Qnil.

1985-11-04  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* minibuf.c (Fread_variable):
	Choose amongst user-variable-p frobs rather than boundp ones.

1985-11-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* window.c (window_scroll):
	Get error if try to scroll back when at top.

	* window.c (Fscroll_down, Fscroll_up):
	Share new subroutine scroll_command to compute amount to scroll by.

1985-11-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* dispnew.c (Fset_input_mode):
	Always set interrupt_input to 0 when SIGIO is undefined.

	* keyboard.c (gobble_input, input_available_signal, kbd_buffer_store_char):
	Make these functions exist only if SIGIO is defined.

1985-10-30  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c (select):
	Use signal, not sigset, since we simulate signal on
	all system versions when nec.

	* buffer.c (syms_of_buffer, init_buffer_once,
	Define default-abbrev-mode, and init new buffers' abbrev-mode
	from it.  Move definition of abbrev-mode here from abbrev.c.

	* print.c (Fmessage):
	Simplify it by using `message' to do the output.

	* alloca.s:
	Provide alloca for 3b5.

1985-10-30  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* editfns.c, print.c (Fmessage):
	Move Fmessage from editfns to print
	If noninteractive, do not truncate message at all.
	If interactive truncate at MScreenWidth (not at 100).

	* alloc.c (mark_buffer):
	Catch a few places which should have been marked but weren't.

	* buffer.h, abbrev.c, cmds.c, xdisp.c
	abbrev_mode is buffer-local (like all other minor modes).

1985-10-29  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* sysdep.c (wait_for_termination):
	Install case for 4.1 with subprocesses.
	Realize that what was thought to be that
	was really for no subprocesses; fix it up
	to avoid using synch_process_pid since child_sig won't maintain that.

	* read.c (Fload):
	If arg is empty string, just get error;
	don't try to open any file.

	* eval.c (internal_condition_case):
	Before unwinding after throw, remove any backtrace frames,
	catches or handlers that are in stack frames that have been exited.

	* window.c (save_window_restore):
	If saved state uses a dead buffer, don't use Fother_buffer
	to find a buffer to use instead, since that can call Fnext_window
	and the window hierarchy might be malformed at that time.

	* fns.c (Fequal):
	Markers are equal if they point at the same place.

1985-10-29  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* fns.c (Frequire):
	Don't print message whilst loading required file.

1985-10-29  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* syntax.c (scan_lists):
	Initialize mathexit.

1985-10-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* process.c (child_sig):
	Rename `dead_pid' to `synch_process_pid'.
	Remove conditionals around calls to deactivate_process.

	* callproc.c (Fcall_process):
	In 4.1, store the pid in synch_process_pid.

	* sysdep.c (wait_for_termination):
	Add case for 4.1 (only with subprocesses)
	waiting for synch_process_pid to be zeroed by child_sig.

	* crt0.c:
	Add version for the orion machine.

	* data.c (arith_error):
	In 4.1, do sigrelse to reallow arith error signals.

	* read.c (read_escape):
	After C-, don't clear meta bit of what follows.

1985-10-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* m-*.h:
	Define SIGN_EXTEND_CHAR for all machines.

1985-10-26  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* xdisp.c (display_mode_line):
	If window is not full width but its parent is,
	display the mode line in inverse video.

	* cmds.c (SelfInsert):
	Call the blink paren hook for syntax class $ also.

	* eval.c (Fautoload):
	Accept fifth arg, non-nil meaning function will be a macro
	once it is loaded.

	* eval.c (Fmacroexpand):
	Autoload anything that will be a macro once loaded.
	If a symbol's definition is a symbol that is a macro,
	expand either one seen.

1985-10-23  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@prep)

	* eval.c (Fthrow):
	If TAG is nil, always say it is not found, to avoid
	interference with condition-case, which uses nil as catch tag.

	* print.c (PRINTPREPARE & uses):
	Don't change print_depth in PRINTPREPARE;
	those callers for which it matters now do it themselves.

	*print.c (print):
	Do QUIT; at the beginning.  Also in string and symbol loops.

	* window.c (set_window_{height,width}):
	In args to recursive calls, use XINT, not XFASTINT.
	Perhaps a "too small" window could have negative size.

	* window.c (change_window_height):
	Fix calls to sizefun and setsizefun to dereference first.

	* window.c (save_window_restore):
	Make it return a Lisp_Object.

	* fns.c (concat & callers):
	New arg last_special which if non-0 says don't copy last arg.
	Only Fappend supplies it as nonzero.

	* keyboard.c (Fsuspend_emacs):
	Take already-read input and stuff it.

	* fileio.c (Ffile_directory_p, Ffile_modes):
	Remove final slash from file name before doing stat.
	In 4.2, final slash can cause wrong result
	if file is read-protected.

1985-10-22  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@prep)

	* eval.c (Fcondition_case):
	Add some error-checks to condition-case;
	prevent core-dump when handler list is illegal.

	* keyboard.c (cmd_error):
	Do the file-error hack for conditions including file-error,
	not just file-error itself.

	* callint.c (Fcall_interactively):
	Quotify car of command-history in (interactive <list>) case
	New function quotify_args to do the work.

	* fns.c (Fnconc):
	Typo: wrong_type_arg called with Flistp, not Qlistp.

1985-10-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* process.c (Fset_process_buffer, Fstart_process):
	Allow a process's buffer to be nil.

1985-10-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* window.c (Fscroll_{left,right}):
	Default arg is now window width minus 2.

	* search.c (Freplace_match):
	If not literal, make \ always an escape.
	Thus two \'s are needed for one literal one.

	* data.c (wrong_type_argument):
	Eliminate third arg from function and its explicit callers.

	* window.c (Fpos_visible_in_window_p):
	Provide missing tab_offset arg to compute_motion.

	* xdisp.c (init_xdisp):
	Provide missing 3rd arg to set_window_height.

	* fileio.c (e_write):
	Make it really return -1 if write doesn't write everything.

	* data.c (Fsymbol_{function,value}):
	Replace Qvoid_symbol condition with two conditions
	Qvoid_{variable,function}.  No longer pass boundp or fboundp
	as part of the extra info, since would be redundant.

1985-10-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* editfns.c (Fformat):
	Remove limit on length of output.

	* doprnt.c (doprnt):
	Rearrange so can handle %2s, etc.

1985-10-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* process.c:
	Define sys_siglist for 4.1, which doesn't provide one.
	Use new flag HAVE_PTYS to enable compilation of `pty'
	and of some code in `create_process'.
	Flist_processes: omit unused third arg to Findent_to.
	create_process: Omit some code for ptys unless HAVE_PTYS.
	 Provide 4.1 alternatives for sigsetmask.
	 If not HAVE_TIMEVAL, provide alternative code using ints.
	 Handle failure of FIONREAD.
	 In 4.1, release SIGPIPE and SIGALRM.
	sig_process: check current_group for nil or not,
	 rather than 0 or not.
	count_active_processes: get rid of arg `buffer' which was unused.
	child_sig: strange hacks with dead_pid for 4.1.
	 Hold and release SIGCHLD in 4.1.
	 Do not call deactivate_process in 4.1 (puzzles me).

	* sysdep.c:
	Omit fcntl.h under 4.1.
	get_input_pending: return 0 if input not a tty.
	discard_terminal_input: do nothing if batch mode.
	stuff_char: err instead of aborting on system V.
	init_baud_rate: always set ospeed = 0 if batch mode.
	InitDsp: turn ANYP on rather than off.  Make lmode global.
	 In 4.1, turn on LINTRUP if interrupt_input.
	child_setup_tty: in 4.1, clear LINTRUP in the child.
	tabs_safe_p: always say tabs are safe if batch mode.
	RstDsp: In 4.1, turn off LINTRUP if interrupt_input.
	setpriority: define as noop for 4.1.
	request_sigio: for 4.1, turn on LINTRUP.
	unrequest_sigio: for 4.1, turn off LINTRUP.

	* read.c (readevalloop, read_list, read_vector, intern):
	Dereference expressions of type pointer-to-function before calling.

	* read.c (hash_string):
	Use unsigned char, not char, for strings.

	* read.c (map_obarray):
	Expect function to be mapped to return int, not Lisp_Object.

	* undo.c:
	Include lisp.h before undo.h.

	* unexec.c:
	Introduce ADDR_CORRECT.  Apply it to supplied values
	for bss_start and data_start, and to values returned by sbrk.
	Use NBPG instead of getpagesize () in BSD4.1.
	Use char *'s for ptr and end in copy_text_and_data.

	* print.c (print):
	Remove unused fourth arg from recursive calls.

	* minibuf.c (Fminibuffer_complete{,_and_exit}):
	Copy function value into variable before switching on it.
	(Direct way loses on orion).

	* s-*.h:
	Define HAVE_SELECT and NONSYSTEM_DIR_LIBRARY where appropriate.
	Reorder the flags, and make all the s- files look parallel.

	* keyboard.c:
	Define new constructs sigfree, sigholdx, sigblockx,
	sigunblockx, sigpausex which do one thing in 4.1 and another in
	4.2.  In 4.1, use SIGTINT as if it were SIGIO.

	* keyboard.c (getchar, interrupt_signal):
	Don't omit the arg DoDsp or Fdo_auto_save wants.

	* keyboard.c (echo_them, input_available_signal):
	Put in hair for 4.1 for interfacing with select emulation.

	* keyboard.c (top_level_1):
	* macro.c (pop_kbd_macro):
	Must have type Lisp_Object, and return a valid one.

	* keymap.c (describe_{vector,alist}):
	Expect elt_describer to return int, not Lisp_Object.
	Dereference that variable before calling it.

	* keymap.c (apropos1):
	Must have type Lisp_Object, and return a valid one.

	* syntax.c (describe_syntax):
	Make it return type int, and don't bother about what int.

	* search.c (search_buffer):
	If fwd, require match to end not beyond search limit.

1985-10-16  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* alloc.c:
	New vars data-bytes-{used,free} that ref malloc_sbrk{,un}used.

	* editfns.c (save_{excursion,restriction}_restore):
	Must have type Lisp_Object, and return a valid one.

	* editfns.c (format1):
	Handle NO_ARG_ARRAY case.

	* eval.c (internal_catch, internal_condition_case, unbind_to):
	Dereference variables of type pointer-to-function before calling.

	* eval.c (Fautoload, call1, call2, call3):
	If NO_ARG_ARRAY, don't assume that consecutive args can be
	treated as an array.  Copy them into another array.

	* fileio.c (barf_or_query_if_file_exists):
	Fix paren error.

	* fileio.c (Fcopy_file):
	Use chmod instead of fchmod on 4.1bsd as well as usg.

	* fileio.c (Frename_file, Fmake_symbolic_link, Fadd_name_to_file):
	If NO_ARG_ARRAY, don't assume that consecutive args can be
	treated as an array.  Copy them into another array.

	* fileio.c (Frename_file):
	In 4.1bsd, use link and unlink, since don't have rename.

	* fileio.c (Fmake_symbolic_link):
	Eliminate this if S_IFLNK not defined.

	* fileio.c (Ffile_symlink_p):
	Always return nil if S_IFLNK not defined.

	* fileio.c (auto_save_error, auto_save_1):
	Must have type Lisp_Object, must really return something.

	* fns.c (concat2, nconc2):
	If NO_ARG_ARRAY, don't assume that consecutive args can be
	treated as an array.  Copy them into another array.

	* fns.c (Frequire):
	Was calling Fload with only 1 arg.  Pass 2 extra nil's.

	* fns.c (Fload_average):
	If FIXUP_KERNEL_SYMBOL_ADDR is defined, must detect
	if address of _avenrun is not abs, and fix it up if so.

	* indent.c (position_indentation):
	Add parens in nested ?...: for clarity.

	* sysdep.c:
	Add opendir, closedir and readdir, if NONSYSTEM_DIR_LIBRARY.

	* unexec.c:
	Add some definitions for case of USG and not COFF.
	These define the BSD names for hdr components in terms of pre-BSD names.

	* sysdep.c, editfns.c, s-*.c:
	Use (new) get_system_name (defined in sysdep) to get system name
	in init_editfns.  No more need for SYSTEM_NAME and

	* sysdep.c (select):
	Use not HAVE_SELECT as condition to define this.

	* keyboard.c:
	Get error instead of croaking if want to send SIGTSTP.
	Get compile time error in gobble_input if SIGIO is not defined.

	* emacs.c:
	Always include types.h.  Omit time.h and resource.h in 4.1.

	* dispnew.c (Fsit_for, Fsleep_for):
	Rearrange conditionals to use only HAVE_TIMEVAL and (new) HAVE_SELECT.

	* dired.c:
	use "ndir.h" which will come with Emacs.

	* alloca.s, crt0.c:
	Check m68000 flag only if m68k flag is not defined.

	* fileio.c (Finsert_file_contents):
	Set up for this to be undone.

1985-10-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* syntax.c (Fmodify_syntax_entry):
	Use %s rather than %c in interactive string.

	* callint.c (Fcall_interactively):
	For arg read with code `c', convert as char to a string
	for use in prompting for future args.

	* keymap.c (describe_{map,map_tree,vector,alist}):
	All take additional arg PARTIAL which, if nonzero,
	means check each definition for a `suppress-keymap'
	property and ignore it if property non-nil.

	* keymap.c (describe_bindings):
	* doc.c (Fsubstitute_command_keys):
	* syntax.c (describe_syntax):
	Pass zero or 1 as PARTIAL arg to those functions.

	* filelock.c:
	Use PATH_SUPERLOCK as name of superlock file,
	and PATH_LOCK as name of lock directory.
	* paths.h, paths.h.dist:
	Define those two.

	* callproc.c (Fcall_process):
	Always try opening program before forking.

1985-10-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* Makefile:
	Now it takes ymakefile, passes it thru cpp to get xmakefile,
	then runs `make' on that.  ymakefile is the old Makefile.
	All comments now are within /*...*/, and #ifdef's are used
	to select the flags and libraries to be used.

	* s-*.h:
	Define new macro SYSTEM_NAME_DECL which does any global
	declarations needed to prepare for using SYSTEM_NAME.
	The flag ASSEMBLY is no longer needed to prevent s-*.h
	from doing anything besides defining macros.

	* editfns.c:

	* alloca.s:
	No longer need to define ASSEMBLY.

	* eval.c (apply_lambda, funcall_lambda):
	Flush &quote support.

1985-10-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* fileio.c (Frename_file):
	If fails due to moving across devices, copy and delete old file.

	* keymap.c (insert_first_line):
	If the first line contains `\[', pass the string thru
	substitute-command-keys and try again.

1985-10-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* Makefile:
	Define new parameter LDFLAGS, and make more use of LIBES.
	Have new code to define their values for various systems.

	* sysdep.c, s-unipl5.2.h:
	Define MAXPATHLEN here if not def by system.
	Do not define it in s- files.

	* keyboard.c (interrupt_signal):
	In system V, cannot actually stop, but do offer to auto-save
	or abort.

	* dired.c:
	Do not include dir.h if including ndir.h.

1985-10-09  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* fileio.c (Fsubstitute_in_command_name):
	Simplify /~ and // if produced as result of variable substitution.

1985-10-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* fns.c (concat):
	Failed to initialize data type of `len'.

	* editfns.c (Fregion_to_string):
	Delete it.  Put it in mlsupport.el.

	* search.c (Fregion_around_match):
	Delete it.  Put it in mlsupport.el.

	* syntax.c (scan_lists):
	Fix bug of ignoring the character before a comment-start pair
	when parsing backward.  Also don't consider /*/ a complete comment.

	* dispnew.c (Fsit_for):
	Use simulator for select, if not HAVE_TIMEVAL.
	* dispnew.c (ChangeScreenSize):
	Pass zero as third arg to set_window_{height,width}.
	* dispnew.c (update_screen):
	Detect failure of ioctl TIOCOUTQ.
	* dispnew.c:
	Don't use fcntl.h; appears not to be needed.

	* dired.c:
	Handle fact that 4.1 has no symbolic links, just like sysV:
	Make conditionals check S_IFLNK rather than USG.
	Also, check new flag NONSYSTEM_DIR_LIBRARY which 4.1 will set.

	* cm.c (cmcostinit, cmgoto, cmputc):
	Make these the names of the functions that do the work
	instead of macros going through variables that
	might fail to be set up.

1985-10-07  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* print.c (print):
	No need to escape symbols + and - if not followed by digits.

1985-10-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* filelock.c:
	New file containing stuff to handle locking files while
	they are being edited.

	* buffer.c (Fset_buffer_modified_p):
	Lock or unlock the visited file accordingly.

	* buffer.c (Fdelete_buffer_internal)
	Unlock the visited file.

	* fileio.c (Fread_file_contents):
	Mark buffer as modified using modify_buffer.
	If visiting, unlock old and new visited files.

	* fileio.c (Fwrite_region):
	Lock file to begin with; unlock on error or when done.

	* undo.c (Fundo_more):
	Unlock file if undoing makes buffer unmodified.

1985-10-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dired.c (file_name_completions):
	If looking for list of all completions, don't ignore any.
	Do this by starting with passcount = 1.

1985-10-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* xdisp.c (message):
	Use doprnt instead of sprintf: prevent overflowing buf.

	* xdisp.c (decode_mode_spec):
	Protect against overflowing tbuf even if strings are clobbered
	and have negative length.

1985-10-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* insdel.c (delete_range):
	Must immediately relocate markers into deleted text.
	Otherwise if an insertion follows they may end up pointing
	into the middle of it.

1985-10-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dispnew.c, xdisp.c, minibuf.c:
	cursX and cursY are now origin zero.
	last_point_x and last_point_y of a window, likewise.

	* term.c (set_scroll_region, term_init, calculate_costs):
	New "cS" string, in TS_set_scroll_region_1,
	accepts four params suitable for handling aaa's \E[...p cmd.

1985-09-30  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* xdisp.c (redisplay_window):
	Don't clobber the point value of the buffer
	being redisplayed.
	Make sure the displayed point value is inside
	the buffer bounds; correct it if not.

	* term.c (reassert_line_highlight):
	Define reassert_line_highlight_hook, and call it.

	* dispnew.c (direct_output_for_self_insert):
	Call reassert_line_highlight.

1985-09-29  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* print.c (print):
	Fix one-off bug in Vprint_length; one element too few
	used to be printed.

	* fileio.c (Fread_file_name_internal):
	Avoid error when spec'd name has no slashes.

1985-09-28  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* term.c (clear_to_end, clear_screen):
	Set cleared lines to the background highlighting state.

	* read.c (read1):
	Don't ignore pure doc strings once DOCSTR already parsed.

	* read.c (readevalloop & callers):
	Eliminate delayflag feature.

	* eval.c (do_autoload):
	Set up unwind-protect un_autoload and bind
	Vautoload_queue non-nil.  This will undo all defuns and
	provides if the file does not finish loading.

	* data.c (Fset):
	If Vautoload_queue non-nil, record function and old definition
	by consing onto Vautoload_qeueue.

	* fns.c (Fprovide):
	If Vautoload_queue is non-nil, record old value of Vfeatures.

1985-09-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* abbrev.c (Fdefine_global_abbrev, Fdefine_mode_abbrev):
	Convert name to lower case before defining.
	(Since expansion always does that too.)

	* buffer.c (init_buffer):
	Don't add / to end of wd if it ends in / already.
	* buffer.c (init_buffer_once):
	Add variable `tem'.  Don't call Fcurrent_buffer.

1985-09-26  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* fileio.c (Fexpand_file_name):
	Discard through any slash that precedes a tilde.

1985-09-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* fns.c (concat):
	In the case of append, don't copy or test the last arg.

1985-09-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* keyboard.c (command_loop_1):
	If minibuffer and echo area both in use,
	wait 2 sec and redraw minibuffer.

	* keyboard.c (cmd_error):
	Remove similar feature for errors only.

	* read.c (readevalloop and callers):
	Don't eval any forms until all forms read.

	* dispnew.c (scrolling):
	Postpone fixup of free_at_end_vpos
	until unchanged_at_bottom is set up.

	* everywhere:
	Remove many variables not really used.

	* process.c (count_active_processes):
	Fix garbage code to ignore, correctly,
	stopped or dead processes.

1985-09-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* Don't use strings.h (not all Unix versions have it).
	Declare index explicitly where needed.

	* sysdep.c:
	Define select, for 4.1.

	* s-*.h, sysdep.c:
	New flag BSTRING says system has bcopy, etc., functions.
	If not, define them in sysdep.c.

	* buffer.c:
	Define MAXPATHLEN if system does not.
	Pass two args to Fnext_window, as it expects.

	* abbrev.c (Fdefine_global_abbrev, Fdefine_local_abbrev):
	Always pass Fdefine_abbrev five args.

	* term.c (write_chars):
	Clear error flag of stdout to recover from 4.2 kernel bug.

	* unexec.c (make_hdr):
	Remove sun data_start rounding change: round down again.

1985-09-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* minibuf.c (minibuf_completion_help_1):
	Always indent at least one space between the two function names on
	a line.

1985-09-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* syntax.h, syntax.c:
	Define new syntax class Spunct, for punctuation.
	Acts like whitespace in word and list parsing.
	Define all non-whitespace that used to be Swhitespace as
	being punctuation.

1985-09-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dired.c (file_name_completions):
	Fix bug matching implicit slash after name of dir
	against an implicit slash in bestmatch.

1985-09-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* cmds.c (Fnewline):
	Barf immediately if buffer read only.

	* doc.c (Fsubstitute_command_keys):
	If string contains \{VAR}, get value of VAR and describe as

	* keymap.c (describe_map_tree):
	New function to describe a map and all maps reachable from it.

	* keymap.c (describe_bindings):
	Describe local bindings first.

	* abbrev.c (describe_abbrev):
	Direct final newline to same stream as everything else.

1985-09-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* editfns.c, dispnew.c:
	Definition of baud-rate moved to dispnew.c.

	* editfns.c:
	Functions point{-marker}, point-max{-marker} and
	point-min{-marker} defined.  Old dot- names still exist
	as aliases.

	* Pervasive:
	"dot" changed to "point" in just about everything,
	including names that contain it, such as SetDot.

	* callint.c (Fcall_interactively):
	Make elements of command-history be expressions
	by quoting each arg that is not self-evaluating.

	* eval.c (Fsignal, find_handler_clause):
	If debugger returns, return its value from Fsignal.

	* All calls to Fsignal:
	Do something reasonable if Fsignal returns.
	Often, just return what it returned.
	`error' still never returns to its caller.

	* Signalling Qargs_out_of_range:
	Use new functions args_out_of_range and args_out_of_range_3
	(in data.c) to do this.

1985-09-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* search.c (compile_pattern & callers):
	Must recompile even the same string if translate table is
	different.  Pass translate table as arg to compile_pattern.

	* buffer.c (switch-to-buffer-other-window):
	Eliminate this name; it's now defined in files.el.

	* window.c (Fget_lru_window):
	Give preference to full-width windows.
	* window.c (display_buffer):
	Only split full-width windows.

	* search.c (Fstring_match):
	Set the search_regs, like buffer searching commands.

1985-09-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* editfns.c (Finsert_before_markers):
	User interface to insert_before_markers.

	* insdel.c (insert_before_markers):
	New function that inserts and moves all markers pointing at
	insertion point to point after the inserted text.

	* sysdep.c (wait_for_termination):
	Cause a SIGCHLD just in case, when termination is detected.

	* unexec.c:
	Round data-end-address on Sun up, not down, to segment bdry.

	* crt0.c, alloca.s, m-sun2.h:
	For sun 2, call hack_sky from _start.  hack_sky is new, in alloca.s.
	m-sun2.h is a new file, which defines the symbol sun2.

	* buffer.c (Fswitch_to_buffer):
	Second arg non-nil means don't record buffer on selection history.

	* syntax.c (scan_sexps_forward):
	Stop properly if end of range comes after a char quote within a string.

1985-09-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* fileio.c (Fread_file_name):
	Abbreviate the default dir using ~ if possible.

	* search.c (search_buffer):
	Notice when re_search_2 returns "failure", in backward search.

	* term.c (write_chars):
	When using TS_repeat, the count was wrong, and len was not updated.

1985-09-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* process.c (handle_process_output):
	Preserve logical ordering of input and output when there is type ahead.

1985-09-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* macros.c:
	Define executing-kbd-macro as alias for executing-macro.
	Eventually old name will be flushed.

1985-09-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* keyboard.c (Fsuspend_emacs):
	Put back `kill', accidentally deleted.

	* buffer.c: Define switch-to-buffer-other-window = pop-to-buffer.

	* dispnew.c (update_line):
	Simplify handling of nlen == screen_width case
	to avoid calling write_chars on -1 chars.

1985-09-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* term.c ((re)set_terminal_modes):
	Use the correct hook in each case.
	(topos): Define topos_hook.

	* search.c (search_buffer):
	In backwards regexp search, use new `mstop' to re_search_2
	to avoid matches that extend forward past starting point.

	* editfns.c (init_editfns):
	Change #endif to #else; make AMPERSAND_FULL_NAME conditionals right.

	* print.c (print):
	Define variable print-length, and refer to it as nec.

1985-08-31  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* editfns.c (init_editfns)
	Try to improve AMPERSAND_FULL_NAME frobbing a little.

	* eval.c, callint.c
	Define function user-variable-p, which returns t if first char of
	var doc string is "*".  Make (interactive "v") use it.

1985-08-31  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* syntax.c (scan_words):
	Always clear immediate_quit on exit.

1985-08-30  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* process.c (handle_process_output):
	Don't use the name `howmany' to avoid possible conflict
	with system header files.

	* xdisp.c (decode_mode_spec):
	Never try to output 100% -- output 99% instead.

1985-08-11  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* m-sun.h:
	Don't define SUN -- "sun" already exists.
	Define COMPILER_REGISTER_BUG and use it in a few places in the
	source which used to be conditionalized on SUN.

	* config.h, config.h.dist:
	Increase pure size (sigh).

	* search.c (compile_pattern):
	Signal an  invalid-regexp  error if lose.

1985-08-09  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* term.c (clear_end_of_line):
	Calling cmplus before chars output when terminals lacks clreol

1985-08-06  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* macros.c (end-kdb-macro):
	Barf if not defining a macro.

	* doc.c, keymap.c:
	Interactive for Fdocumentation declaration was wrong, and has been
	deleted. (describe-function is what people should be using.)

	Make where_is_in_buffer take a firstonly arg to speed up
	substitute-command-keys.  Make it really use its buf argument.

	* emacs.c (kill-emacs):
	If noninteractive and arg is fixnum, return arg as program return
	code by exit(arg).

	* search.c (Fsearch_string):
	Wasn't initializing translate table based on case-fold-search.

	* process.c (deactivate_process):
	Fix timing screw if SIGCHLD received in middle of deactivation
	(by silogic!

1985-08-05  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* callint.c
	Improve doc of {current-}prefix-arg.

	* minibuf.c (Fread_from_minibuffer):
	Thought it accepted maximum of 3 args, not 4.

	* sysdep.c (InitDsp):
	When you are (sigh) using CBREAK and flow control, C-@
	is botched.  Some tables are being initialized to zero (i.e. C-@)
	when they should be initialized to -1.  More debatably, LDECCTQ is
	needed for real, bad flow control.
	-- silogic!

1985-07-21  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* sysdep.c (tabs_safe_p):
	gtty call was missing fd arg.

1985-07-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* xdisp.c, minibuf.c, fileio.c:
	Add * to some variables' doc, remove from others.

	* term.c (ins_del_lines):
	Always go to real hpos 0 before insert or delete.

	* buffer.c (init_buffer_once):
	Pass correct data type to Fbuffer_flush_undo.

	* term.c (write_standout_marker):
	Don't output `se' if it's the same as `so'.

	* window.c (set_window_height):
	Pass correct data type (int) when call self at end.
	Similar in set_window_width.

1985-07-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* editfns.c (subst-char-in-region):
	* casefiddle.c (operate_on_region):
	Don't call modify_region before recording the changes.

	* editfns.c (Fgoto_char):
	Interactively read arg using n, not p.

	* undo.c (RecordChange1):
	A local and an arg were both named p.  Change arg to bufp.
	Fixed bug in undoing the undoing of RecordChange (such as Meta-l).

	* minibuf.c (read_minibuf):
	Postpone incrementing MinibufDepth until point where
	can no longer quit before setting up to decrement it on quits.

	* fns.c (Fyes_or_no_p):
	Use Fsleep_for rather than sleep, to allow immediate quit.

	* abbrev.c (expand_abbrev):
	Handle case of scan_words returning 0.

	* casefiddle.c (operate_on_word):
	Handle case of scan_words returning 0.

1985-07-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* xdisp.c (display_string):
	Regard display chars as unsigned chars.

1985-07-12  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* callint.c:
	Stuff was being added to command-history even if aborted out.

1985-07-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* process.c: delete-exited-processes is boolean.

	* term.c:
	chars_wasted is 0 if no `so' or `se' string;
	0100 | nchars if there is a `so' or `se' string.
	Should fix lossage with :sg#0:.

1985-07-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* keyboard.c:
	Rename waiting to waiting_for_input, no longer static.
	In get_char, be sure to clear alarm and zero input_available_clear_word
	when thrown to from quit_throw_to_get_char.

	* eval.c (Fsignal):
	Crash if waiting_for_input.

	* process.c (create_process):
	Set up alarm signal handler before requesting alarm.

1985-07-09  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* process.c (create_process):
	Don't let child change Emacs's values of forkin and forkout.
	Use a timer interrupt to unhang `close (forkin)'
	since it gets wedged if the child exited already.

1985-07-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* xdisp.c (redisplay_window):
	It was returning garbage.

	* keyboard.c, sysdep.c:
	Make stuff_char work correctly assuming its arg
	is the character to stuff, and always pass it the character.

1985-07-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dispnew.c, cm.h, sysdep.c:
	ospeed must be short, not int.

	* dispnew.c (update_line):
	Protect against old being null in call to change_line_highlight.

	* dispnew.c (make_display_lines):
	Take account of fact that `free' clobbers the area freed.

	* buffer.c (SefBfp):
	Don't check c->major_mode if c is zero.

	* lisp.h, m-*.h:
	EXPLICIT_SIGN_EXTEND controls whether to define XINT using shifts.

1985-07-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* cmds.c (newline):
	Make it REALLY do auto-filling.

	* term.c (term_init):
	Turn on must_write_spaces for Concepts.
	Append \E^G! (i/d char within line) to `ti' string for Concepts.

	* dispnew.c (update_line):
	If need to do clear-eol but text reaches to right margin,
	clear before outputting the last character of text.

	* cm.h, term.c:
	Define Wcm.cm_losewrap, which says that reaching right margin
	has undefined results.  Turn this on for supdup terminals.

1985-07-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dispnew.c (update_line):
	If want to insert chars early in line and delete chars late in line,
	do the deletion first.

	* dispnew.c (update_screen):
	Round outq down, not to nearest second, to get sleep time.

1985-07-03  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* term.c (term_init):
	Was storing "dc" string in wrong place.

	* term.c (ins_del_lines):
	On telerays, indicate that cursor is left in column 0.

	* dispnew.c (line_hash_code):
	Make line be null-terminated.

	* dispnew.c (direct_output_for_insert):
	Make line remain null-terminated.

1985-07-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* window.c (window_loop, case 5):
	Change < to > so get-largest-window gets largest, not smallest.

	* term.c (ins_del_line):
	Don't pass negative length arg to bzero, for chars_wasted.

	* editfns.c (init_editfns):
	In user full name, discard stuff starting with first comma if any.
	Change names of static structure: now user_real_name and
	Clean up AMPERSAND_FULL_NAME code a little.

1985-07-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* minibuf.c (minibuffer-complete-word):
	Fix case of Space in filename, where front of minibuffer
	gets deleted by completion.

	* Gross rewrite of display code.  No Gosling code left.
	Files fixedpoint.* and display.* and Trm*.* flushed.
	New files term.c, scroll.c, termhooks.h, termopts.h,
	and termchar.h.  Many changes in dispnew.c.

	* keyboard.c: Make stop_character not static.

1985-06-26  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* xdisp.c (try_window_id):
	If C-k is done at end of next-to-last line,
	this fn updates window_end_vpos and cannot leave
	window_end_pos nonnegative (it is zero, in fact).
	If display is preempted before lines are output,
	this is inconsistent.  Fix by setting
	blank_end_of_window to nonzero.

1985-06-25  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* cmds.c (Fnewline):
	Call the auto fill hook if appropriate.

	* xdisp.c (try_window_id):
	If dot is found by compute_motion after xp, record that
	permanently.  If display_text_line sets dot position wrong
	(case where like is killed, dot is at eob and that line
	is not displayed), detect and set it again in final compute_motion.

	* display.c, dispnew.c, sysdep.c, xdisp.c:
	Rewrite UpdateScreen (now update_screen),
	PrintM (now print_scrolling) and init_display;
	all vestiges of Gosling code gone.  They are now in dispnew.c.
	Some changes in how screen_garbaged is handled;
	work now done in Fredraw_display.
	Minor changes in InitDsp and in minibuf.

	* TrmAmb.c: Flushed.
	* Trm*.c: tt.t_init routine now passed no arguments.

1985-06-23  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* display.c: Include sys/ioctl.h so conditionals work right.

1985-06-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* doprnt.c: Flush extra increment of fmt for %%.

	* search.c (replace-match):
	Test of prevc was backwards in determining value for case_action.

	* TrmTERM.h (wipeline):
	Update curY and curX when ESC S is sent to Teleray.
	* TrmTERM.h (TrmTERM):
	Turn off use of LF on Teleray.

	* process.c (pty): Don't turn on FIONBIO.

1985-06-18  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* process.c (create_process):
	Make pty terminal the controlling terminal of the child.

	* fileio.c: Replace %1 with %s in various interactive strings.
	I wonder why they said "%1", and whether that ever worked.

	* process.c (change_msgs):
	Advance dot if at dot is at end; otherwise don't change dot.

	* search.c (replace-match):
	Fix bug in case preservation by initializing `last' for final loop.

1985-06-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* sysdep.c: New file containing interfaces to system-dependent
	kernel entries and libraries.

	* aux.c, dsp.c: Files eliminated.

	* m-dual68.h: m- file for Duals running unisoft port.

	* s-uniplus5.0.h: s- file for unisoft port of sys V rel 0.
	* s-uniplus5.2.h: s- file for unisoft port of sys V rel 2.

	* syntax.c: Eliminate find-line-comment and find-line-comment-body.
	Lisp code should use comment-start-skip to find comments.

1985-06-15  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* TrmTERM.c:
	Suppress use of ^M on telerays.  Know that ins line
	leaves cursor in column 0 on telerays.
	Don't decrement width for :am: terminals; this is an experiment.

1985-06-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* TrmTERM.c (TrmTERM):
	Override termcap's so and sg for telerays (xt is set).

	* display.c (hashline):
	Don't ignore trailing spaces if tt.t_needspaces is set.
	May fix C100 lossage.

	* Various files: Minor changes for system V.

	* disp_extern.h: Rename as dispextern.h.

	* commands.h (INTERACTIVE):
	Be false in batch mode.

	* aux.c:
	New file, containing system-dependent subroutines.

	* keyboard.c:
	Use new subroutines get_input_pending, stuff_char,
	discard_tty_input, in aux.c for now.

	* display.c (term_init):
	Use new subroutine init_baud_rate; avoid direct use of gtty.

	* callproc.c:
	Use new subroutines wait_without_blocking, setpgrp_of_tty,
	child_setup_tty, set_exclusive_use.

	* keyboard.c (EchoThem):
	Process quits only if `waiting' is set.

1985-06-12  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* minibuf.c, callint.c, read.c, mocklisp.c:
	New function read-from-minibuffer does all you could ever want.
	read-minibuffer, eval-minibuffer, read-string take second optional
	initial-contents arg.  read-input now a synonym for read-string.

	* keymap.c, callint.c, minibuf.c, fns.c, commands.h:
	Rename MinbufLocalMap to Vminibuffer_local_map, etc.
	Rename minibuf-local-{,-ns,-completion,must-match}map,
	 and DefLispVar them (document even!).
	=> New lisp variables minibuffer-local-map, minibuffer-local-ns-map,
	minibuffer-local-completion-map, minibuffer-local-must-match-map.

1985-06-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* keymap.c:
	Supply missing defsubr of keymapp.

1985-06-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* callint.c, editfns.c, doprnt.c:
	Use new function doprnt instead of _doprnt.

1985-06-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* TrmC100.c: Do termscript output.

1985-06-10  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* print.c, lisp.h, buffer.c
	New function prin1-to-string.
	(Needs an initialization done in buffer.c.)

1985-06-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* TrmTERM.c:
	Fix interaction of XTflag with SGnum (telerays):
	Don't put SEstr on most lines; special hair
	to erase SOstr when necessary.

	* keyboard.c:
	Clear Vquit_flag in read_key_sequence, not in get_char.
	This makes it possible to quit out of y-or-n-p again.

1985-06-10  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* dired.c (file_name_completion)
	Check Vquit_flag each time around and quit if requested.

1985-06-10  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* minibuf.c: Use Tab for completion, not ESC.

	* unexec.c: Round bss_start up to page bndry.

1985-06-09  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_store_char):
	Call interrupt_signal for every C-g, even while waiting.

	* keyboard.c (input_available_signal):
	If C-g seen, ignore rest of chars already available.

	* keyboard.c (quit_throw_to_get_char):
	Don't clear Vquit_flag.  Let Lisp program see quit-flag set.

1985-06-08  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* various files:
	Make functions called by internal_with_output_to_temp_window
	all return Lisp_Object.

	* bytecode.c (case Bdup):
	PUSH (TOP) loses due to invalid assumption about where
	autoincrement gets done.

	* read.c (read_vector):
	Pass make_pure_vector an int, as it expects, not a Lisp_Object.

1985-06-07  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* buffer.c:
	Documentation fixes.

1985-06-07  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* TrmTERM.c:
	HLflags is now a three-way flag: 1 => line has SOstr,
	2 => line has SEstr, 0 => line has neither.
	State 0 results from clearing screen, ins/del line.

	* dispnew.c (preserve_other_columns):
	If copying beginning of line from other window,
	don't increase length of line beyond last column copied.

	* keyboard.c:
	Eliminate `executing' flag.
	Quit now always sets Vquit_flag; input code tests it.

1985-06-06  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* doc.c (Fdocumentation):
	Handle sparse keymaps (lists whose car is `keymap')
	by way of canned string.

1985-06-06  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_char):
	Keep doing gobble_input and waiting, until kbd_count becomes nonzero.

1985-06-05  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dired.c (file-name-completion, file-name-all-completions):
	Make these functions share most of their code.
	Use two passes: first try all filenames that don't end in an
	"ignored extension" and, if that yields nothing, try all filenames.

	* doc.c (Fdocumentation):
	Handle keyboard macros (symbols with strings as definitions)
	with a canned string.

1985-06-05  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* dired.c (file-name-completion)
	Spazz comparing against completion-ignored-extensions (boole!eggert)
	That was no spazz, that was a feature - rms.

1985-06-05  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* cmds.c (end-of-line): Fix documentation.  Claimed it moved to
	beginning of line.

	* buffer.c (fill-column): Fix typo in documentation.

1985-06-04  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* bytecode.c:
	Make Bread_char check for quit before finishing.
	A quit is likely to requested during the read_char.

1985-06-04  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* dired.c (file-name-completion, file-name-all-completions)
	Append "/" to names of directories.

1985-06-04  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* minibuf.c (Vminibuffer_help_form):
	Change the lisp name to be minibuffer-help-form rather than

1985-06-02  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* config.h, s-*.h:
	INTERRUPT_INPUT just controls default for interrupt_input.

	* dsp.c, keyboard.c, xdisp.c:
	Use variable interrupt_input rather than switch INTERRUPT_INPUT.
	Don't change stopc/startc if flow_control is nonzero.

	* dsp.c, display.c:
	Change OldTchars => old_tchars, etc.
	Initialize new tchars from old tchars.
	Move setting window to 0 from InitDsp to term_init.

	* dispnew.c (set-input-mode):
	New function to set interrupt_input and flow_control.

	* read.c (read_escape):
	\ followed by one or two digits unreads following char.

	* TrmTERM.c (flash):
	If no bell defined, output C-g.

	* minibuf.c (read_minibuf, read_minibuf_unwind):
	Define Vminibuffer_help_form.
	Bind help_form to that inside minibuf.

	* callproc.c, doc.c:
	Make Vexec_directory end in a slash.

	* process.c (wait_reading_process_input):
	Remove debugging trap.  It showed that the select had
	returned, there was input available, it had not
	been read by interrupt level but FASYNC was set.
	(Kernel bug).

	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_char):
	If wait_reading_process_input returns and kbd_count stil 0,
	gobble the buffered input.

1985-06-01  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dispnew.c (sit-for):
	Gobble any pending input before calling wait_reading_process_input.

	* process.c (wait_reading_process_input):
	Dump core if `select' says input available and did not
	already get a SIGIO interrupt for it.

	* emacs.c (main):
	Detect -batch even when it's the only arg.

	* minibuf.c (read_minibuf):
	Don't call UpdateScreen if in batch mode.

	* keyboard.c:
	Use sigsetmask to prevent recursive SIGIO handling
	rather than kill, as previous change caused
	kbd_buffer_get_char to return -1 mysteriously.
	Change kbd_buffer_get_char never to return -1;
	kill emacs on eof in batch mode, abort on eof non-batch.

	* keyboard.c:
	Eliminate dribble_count.  fflush (dribble) after each char.

	* undo.c, undo.h:
	Define Uunmod; record when buffer becomes "modified"
	and clear out "modified" if undo past there.

	* undo.c (RecordDelete):
	Correct the condition for combining with previous delete.

	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_char):
	Actually cause SIGIO if have unread input.

	* display.c, TrmTERM.c:
	Do fflush(termscript) in UpdateScreen, not in TrmTERM.

1985-05-31  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* TrmVT100.c: Generate termscript output.

	* dsp.c: Define request_sigio, unrequest_sigio.

	* xdisp.c (DoDsp):
	Unrequest sigio on entry, rerequest on exit.
	Thus, no interrupts during redisplay.

	* keyboard.c (detect_input_pending):

	* m-*.h:

	* fns.c (load-average): Use those two.
	Makes it work on suns.

	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_char):
	#ifndef INTERRUPT_INPUT, always read at least 1 character.

1985-05-30  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* display.c (UpdateScreen):
	Allow preemption at beginning if already input avail.

	* keyboard.c (EchoKeys):
	If 1st char is help-char, echo it specially verbosely.

	* keymap.c (access_keymap):
	If nothing in keymap under specified character code,
	try converting to lower case and look again.

	* data.c (listp, nlistp, eq, null):
	Use EQ or NULL rather than old slow comparisons.

	* data.c (symbol-function, symbol-value):
	Pass Qboundp or Qfboundp as extra info when signal void-symbol.

1985-05-29  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* fileio.c (add-name-to-file):
	If no query or error about new name existing, delete it
	to avoid system error later.

	* buffer.c (generate-new-buffer):
	Remove duplicate declaration of local var `name'.

	* Makefile:
	Assume distribution contains paths.h.dist and config.h.dist.
	Copy them into paths.h and config.h if those don't exist;
	warn user if those exist but are older.

	* dispnew.c (Ding):
	If -batch mode, just output ^G.

	* cm.c (mytgoto):
	Eliminate "magic" treatment of \0 and \004.
	Flush cmevalcost, cmput; use evalcost, put.

	* TrmTERM.c: Always set DontSend to zero.

	* alloca.s:
	Add pyramid version of alloca, and _longjmp and _setjmp.

	* data.c, eval.c, fns.c, read.c, window.c:
	To get around Pyramid C compiler bugs:
	Eliminate many constructs return FOO = BAR;
	Eliminate some cases of calling function computed
	by conditional expression.

	* dired.c (directory-files):
	Avoid making double slash if spec'd directory ends in slash.

	* callint.c (case 'b'):
	Don't allow a minibuffer to be the default buffer.

1985-05-28  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* minibuffer.c (read_minibuf)
	Added variable enable-recursive-minibuffers
	(enable_recursive_minibuffers) so that Real Men may confuse
	themselves.  (Some commands such as c-h f can also use it) (This
	is not quite the right thing for commands to bind to read their
	arguments since it enables arbitrary recursiveness, not just one
	level to read args.)

	* buffer.c
	Wrote generate-new-buffer --- like gentemp for buffer names.
	Rewrote create-file-buffer into lisp code in lisp/files.el.

1985-05-27  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* crt0.c:
	Make each machine type use completely separate code.
	Put in code for pyramid.

	* display.h, Trm.h, disp_extern.h:
	Move InverseVideo to Trm.h, rename to inverse_video.
	Rename VisibleBell to visible_bell.
	Move ScreenLength and ScreenWidth to Trm.h.
	Rename ScreenGarbaged to screen_garbaged.

	* TrmVT100.c:
	Eliminate VT100_INVERSE.  People can do this with setq.

	* fixedpoint.c:
	Use new variable FPdebug instead of RDdebug.
	Include only Trm.h and fixedpoint.h, not display.h.

	* display.c:
	IDdebug and RDdebug are mentioned in this file only.

	* xdisp.c (decode_mode_spec):
	Display "Narrow" after minor modes if buffer has any clipping.

	* keyboard.c (command_loop_1):
	Kill Emacs on end of file only if not executing a macro.

1985-05-26  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* display.h, Trm.h:
	Move VisibleBell and baud_rate to Trm.h.
	Define tt.t_padspeed, minimum speed at which padding needed (pb#).

	* Trm*.c, dispnew.c (Ding):
	tt.t_flash is always set; it flashes the screen or beeps using `bl='.

	* TrmTERM.c:
	Use `IC', `DC', `rp' and `bl' termcap strings when appropriate.
	No longer look for nonstandard `nn' or `rn' flags or `ds' string.
	Do not assume ^M and ^J can be used unless `cr' or 'do' or `nl'
	says so.
	?? Make second arg to tputs always number of LINES below cursor
	because the termcap documentation says so.  Is this right ??

1985-05-24  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* keymap.c (push_key_description):
	Use DEL for 0177, RET for 015, LFD for 012, TAB for 011, SPC for 040.

	* search.c (search_buffer):
	For n < 0 re-search, test search_regs.end[0] vs startpos, not pos.

	* callint.c (call-interactively):
	If interactive spec is a list, use num_input_chars
	to tell whether it read args from the command input.

	* keyboard.c (get_char):
	Increment new variable num_input_chars on each call.

	* All .h files: Make all variable definitions `extern'.

	* buffer.c, window.c, xdisp.c, display.c, dispnew.c,
	* syntax.c, fixedpoint.c: Put in one non-extern definition
	for each variable that used to have them only in the .h files.

	* keyboard.c:
	Refs to Cant1WinOpt should say windows_or_buffers_changed.

	* buffer.c (kill-all-local-variables):
	Don't clobber a variable currently set up for some other buffer.
	Was losing the other buffer's recent setq's if the other
	buffer had the same variable local.

1985-05-23  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* buffer.c (list_buffers_1):
	Put back the lost column in the entries
	rather than removing it from the header.

1985-05-23  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* xdisp.c (decode_mode_spec):
	Display "Abbrev" if abbrev_mode is set.
	Don't clobber past end of tbuf.

	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_char):
	If noninteractive, read from stdin.
	(open-dribble-file): Take filename as argument.
	(command_loop_1): On end of file, call kill-emacs.

1985-05-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* window.c (save_window_restore):
	Set windows_or_buffers_changed.

	* buffer.c (list_buffers_1):
	Print % not R for read-only buffers.

	* cmds.c (SelfInsert):
	!NULL => NULL testing buffer read onliness for abbrev expansion.

	* eval.c (interactive-p):
	Return nil if called within expression being evalled
	by a built-in C function such as eval-region.

1985-05-22  K. Shane Hartman  (shane@mit-prep)

	* config.h, TrmXTERM.c, display.c
	Change define for XWINDOW to XVSWINDOW because XWINDOW
	is defined as a macro in lisp.h.

1985-05-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* print.c (printchar, strout):
	Output minibuffer chars to stdout if noninteractive.

	* xdisp.c (message, message1):
	Noninteractively, output newline if previous output was from print.

	* keyboard.c (cmd_error):
	If noninteractive, force out error message at end.

	* keyboard.c (get_char):
	Fix bugs in handling help_char:
	do a redisplay after restoring window configuration;
	clear NextK after reading a space.

	* buffer.c (other-buffer):
	Init notsogood to nil so don't return garbage value.

	* buffer.c (list_buffers_1):
	Put back missing space before each buffer name.

	* buffer.c (SetBfp):
	New code to dump core when paragraph-start gets its global value
	in a buffer in Lisp mode.

	* TrmXTERM.c: New file.  Used for interface to
	MIT's `X' window system.

1985-05-22  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* buffer.c (list_buffers_1):
	Made list-buffers print "R" if buffer read-only.
	(No change is needed to lisp/buff-menu.el.)

1985-05-22  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* keyboard.c (get_char):
	Use (in effect) save-window-excursion to flush the window
	made by or for the help-form.
	* minibuf.c:
	Flush remove_help_window and its DefBoolVar.
	* lisp.h:
	Flush obsolete externs for remove_help_window and flushhelp.

	* config.h: Increase maximum screen dimensions to 300x300.
	Define XWINDOW flag (off by default).

	* Trm.h: Add tt.t_socketinput slot, and t_ReadSocket slot.
	* dsp.c, keyboard.c: Code for using those slots.
	* display.c: Install code for XVSWINDOW.

	* dispnew.c (sleep-for): Flush spurious reference to
	nonexistent variable time_limit.

1985-05-21  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* The documentation for substitute-command-keys was fazed out by
	its own hairy heuristics!  Moby quoting (past the c compiler, and
	then past substitute-command-keys) added.
	People should be careful of this.  Also, hacks which make
	printed documentation out of doc strings need to know about this

1985-05-21  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* TrmTERM.c, dispnew.c, cm.c:
	open-termscript opens a termscript file,
	into which are written a copy of all characters (except padding)
	sent to the terminal.

	* Makefile:
	Recompute DOCSTR file only if other things have changed.

1985-05-20  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* keyboard.c (command-execute):
	Use do_autoload.

	* data.c (car, cdr, car-safe, cdr-safe):
	Open code them.  Flush carcdr and car_1.

	* eval.c:
	Define do_autoload to autoload a function and barf if that
	did not define it.  Use this in eval, apply, funcall.
	Make Fautoload do nothing if function is already defined.
	Open code the loops that trace function definitions of symbols.

1985-05-19  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* buffer.c, window.c:
	Change algorithm for reordering Vbuffer_alist:
	select-window now calls record_buffer.
	other-buffer now prefers buffers not visible in any window.
	bury-buffer, which puts a buffer at the end of the list,
	is now defined.

	* keyboard.c (get_char):
	Make first char of a command go into keybuf
	even if it is being reread.
	Make all chars go into keybuf if coming from a macro.

	* process.c (make_process):
	Fix bug where incremented-for-uniqueness name wasn't really used.

1985-05-17  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* undo.c:
	Fix bug of reinserting/replacing undone chars
	wrapping around wrong at end of undo buffer.
	Use tembuf to handle properly a Uchange
	of length > half the undo buffer.

1985-05-16  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* window.c (set-window-start):
	Accept third arg NOFORCE meaning don't set w->force_start.

	* indent.c (compute_motion):
	Clear tab_offset when scanning past a newline.

	* lisp.h, bytecode.c: Define Qbytecode.
	* eval.c: Fix interactive-p to look past a call to `bytecode'.
	Makes interactive-p work in compiled code.

	* xdisp.c:
	Supply missing taboffset arg to display_text_line from DoDsp.
	Fixes bug that inserting a character could shift line sideways.

	* display.c:
	Remove spurious * in setting terminal_driver.

	* lisp.h:
	Remove some obsolete externs for symbols that no longer exist.

	* dispnew.c:
	Define send-string-to-terminal.

	* TrmTERM.c, TrmVT100.c:
	Turn on alternate keypad on entry, turn off on exit.

1985-05-16  Richard Mlynarik  (mly@mit-prep)

	* fileio.c: Added optional third arg ok-if-exists to
	rename-file, make-symbolic-link, add-name-to-file and copy-file.
	If the destrination filename exists, then if ok-if-exists
	is non-nil it is silently bashed; else if the function was
	called interactively the user is queried as to whether s/he
	wants to bash the file; otherwise (ok-if-exists nil, non-interactive)
	a  file-already-exists  error is signalled.

	* window.c: Made get-window-buffer return nil if get-buffer of
	its arg returns nil, rather than erring.

1985-05-14  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* dispnew.c, display.c:
	Function scroll_max_lines_saved returns # lines in common
	between PhysScreen and DesiredScreen.
	UpdateScreen skips i/d calc on big window, fast screen
	when there are too few lines in common.

1985-05-13  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* indent.c:
	Fix cursor position calculation for continued tabs.
	New tab_offset argument to compute_motion.

	* xdisp.c:
	Make display of continued tabs work.

	* Makefile:
	Do inc-version in a separate invocation of temacs
	to make the dumped xemacs smaller.

	* eval.c:
	Put star in front of XSUBR (fun)->function where it is being called.

	* alloc.c:
	Mark buffers when pointers to them are found,
	like all other Lisp object types.

	* buffer.h, buffer.c:
	Created chain `all_buffers' containing all existing buffers
	not yet reclaimed by gc, including dead buffers.

	* read.c:
	Fix up register declarations.

	* emacs.c, dsp.c, xdisp.c:
	Define -batch switch: do no redisplay, don't change terminal modes.
	Lisp variable `noninteractive' is non-nil in this mode.

	* syntax.c:
	Made most scanning loops turn on immediate_quit.

	* eval.c:
	Fsignal clears immediate_quit.

1985-05-12  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* cmds.c: Modified `newline' to insert before an existing
	newline before dot.  This produces better redisplay.

	* xdisp.c: Fixed bug that modifying buffer displayed in two windows
	failed to redisplay both mode lines with stars.

	* xdisp.c (try_window_id): If scrolling upward and changed text is empty
	scroll up all the lines that fit below bp.

	* xdisp.c: Introduce num_contin, to display tabs right in contin. lines.

	* doc.c: Define substitute-command-keys, using crl@purdue's code.
	Make `documentation' call it.

	* eval.c, fns.c, bytecode.c: Put in register decls for Lisp_Objects.
	Saved 2500 bytes of object code.

1985-05-11  Richard M. Stallman  (rms@mit-prep)

	* editfns.c: Put in code for & in fullname,

	* lisp.h: Install NO_UNION_TYPE flag in lisp.h.
	This means XMARKBIT can no longer be on left side of =.
	New macros XMARK and XUNMARK and XSETMARKBIT are used instead.

	* alloc.c, marker.c: Use XMARK, XUNMARK, XSETMARKBIT where needed.

	* TrmTERM.c: Ignore `xs' termcap flag.
	Always use the SEstr on sg >= 0 terminals.

	* minibuf.c: Don't allow entry to minibuffer
	while minibuffer is selected.

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