distccmon-text.1   [plain text]

.TH distccmon-text 1 "2 October 2004"
distccmon\-text \- Displays current compilation jobs in text form.
distccmon-text [DELAY]
Displays current compilation jobs in text form.  distccmon-text must
be run on the client machine, with the same setting for 
(or home directory) 
as the user running the distcc client.
repeatedly updates after \fIdelay\fP (fractional) seconds.
The output of distccmon-text contains one line for each job currently
being compiled.   Each line contains the following columns:
ID of the distcc client process.
Identifies the phase of operation.  In order these may be "Startup",
"Blocked", "Connected", "Preprocess", "Conect", "Send", "Receive" and
The input filename, if known.
The compile hostname.  May be followed in square brackets by the slot
index for that host.
When a delay is specified, each block of output is terminated by a
blank line.
To display currently active jobs (updated every second):
distccmon\-text 1
To display the status once:
distcc  was  written  by Martin Pool <mbp@sourcefrog.net>, with the co\-operation of many scholars including Wayne Davison, Frerich Raabe, Dimitri Papadopoulos  and  others  noted  in  the  NEWS  file. Please  report  bugs  to <distcc@lists.samba.org>.
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distccd(1), ccache(1), gcc(1), make(1) http://distcc.samba.org/ http://ccache.samba.org/