CHANGES   [plain text]

Patch 5 (16-Jan-1998)
	diffstat 1.26

	Change copyright terms.

 	Accommodate patches w/o tabs in header lines (e.g., from cut/paste).
	Still prefer the tabs because otherwise we cannot have spaces in

 	Strip suffixes such as ".orig", to avoid confusing output.

Patch 4 (16-Mar-1996)
	diffstat 1.24

	Corrected state-transition after "Binary".

	Added testing subdirectory

	Added -p option.

	Handle differences from /tmp (e.g., for X11R5 patches).

Patch 3 (06-May-1995)

	Repost whole program to comp.sources.misc (1.17)

	Mods to scaling: limit to 1:1 if only a few changes were made; added
	logic to accumulate error across +/-/!  calls.

	added logic to recognize 'rcsdiff -u' output.

Patch 2 (26-Dec-1994)

	Strip common pathname prefix (1.15)

Patch 1 (13-Nov-1994)

	Test for <string.h> vs <strings.h>

	Corrected error in 'match()' that didn't handle properly the case when
	an argument was a null string (i.e., blank lines in a unified diff).

	Added options '-n' and '-V'

	Added patchlev.h, CHANGES files.

	Added, for autoconf 2.1

Patch 0 (13-Jun-1994)

	Initial version of 'diffstat' (1.12).