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## Open Group documentation

[C706][c706] is the primary specification for DCE/RPC 1.1. This
document describes the concepts, protocol and internal mechanisms
of the RPC architecture.

The Open Group also has the [DCE 1.2.2 documentation set][dce12]
available for purchase. This contains some useful RPC information,
particularly in the Application Development Guide.

## Microsoft documentation

Since DCE/RPC is the basis for Windows RPC implementation,
Microsoft provide a lot of useful documentation.

Windows extensions to the DCE/RPC protocols are documented in

The [Remote Procedure Call][msrpc] section of MSDN provides a wealth
of information about the Windows RPC implementation.

The O'Reilly [Microsoft RPC programming guide][oreilly] is a nice
introduction to RPC programming on Windows. Most of it can be
directly applied to DCE/RPC just by changing the function names.

## Other documentation

The [RPC Internals][internals] document is
dated and incomplete, but provides a useful insight into some of
the source code architecture and conventions.

The [porting guide][porting] contains some historical information
about porting DCE/RPC to new platforms. It's not particularly
relevant any more, but it occasionally explains some of the rationale
for the strange things that you find in the source.

[internals]: /documentation/rpc-internals.pdf
[porting]: /documentation/rpc-porting.pdf