ChangeLog-9899   [plain text]

1999-12-28  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: Update with new constants added by Oct 4, 1999
	ELF ABI draft.
	(guess_is_rela): Add new machine codes, but leave
	rel type undetermined.
	(get_machine_name): Add new machine codes.
	(get_section_type_name): Add new section types.
	(get_elf_section_flags): New function: Decode section flags.
	(process_section_headers): Call get_elf_section_flags() in
	order to decode flags in section header.
	(get_dynamic_flags): New function: Decode dynamic section
	(process_dynamic_section): Display flags (if present).
	(get_symbol_type): Add STT_COMMON.
	(get_symbol_visibility): New function: Decode a symbol's
	(process_symbol_table): Call get_symbol_visibility().
	(get_note_type): Add NT_PRXFPREGS.

1999-12-26  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* strings.c (main): Correct handling of numeric argument.

1999-12-23  Andrew Haley  <>

	* dlltool.c (mtable): mcore how_jtab_roff is 4 bytes into the
	jtab; was 8.

1999-12-17  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dlltool.c (mtable): Stop compile time warnings about missing
	(yyerror): Stop compile time warnings about unused paramater.
	(INIT_SEC_DATA): New macro: initialise an entry in the secdata
	(secdata): Stop ccompile time warnings about uninitialised
	(dtab): Stop compile time warnings about unused parameter.
	(long_options): Stop compile time warning about missing

1999-12-10  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (print_vma): Support native 64bit ELF systems.

1999-12-09  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dlltool.c (mtable): Add epoc-arm specific entry.
	Make default arm entry pass -mpacs-26 to assembler.
	(flush_page): Do not mangle null entries.
1999-12-07  H . J . Lu

	* readelf.c: Fix compile time warnings.  Support more than 999

1999-12-03  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (enum print_mode): New type.
	(print_vma): New function.
	(dump_relocations): Use print_vma to display bfd_vma values.
	(process_file_header): Use print_vma to display bfd_vma values.
	(process_program_headers): Use print_vma to display bfd_vma values.
	(process_section_headers): Use print_vma to display bfd_vma values.
	(dynamic_segment_parisc_val): Use print_vma to display bfd_vma values.
	(process_dynamic_segment): Use print_vma to display bfd_vma values.
	(process_symbol_table): Use print_vma to display bfd_vma values.
	(process_mips_specific): Use print_vma to display bfd_vma values.

1999-11-25  Fred Fish  <>

	* readelf.c (process_note): Change arg from Elf_External_Note
	to Elf32_Internal_Note, which also turns the function body
	into little more than a call to printf.
	(process_corefile_note_segment):  Substantially rewritten
	to properly handle case where target and host are different
	endianness, handle note sections with padding, and add some
	cruft to handle notes with unterminated name data.

1999-11-22  Nick Clifton  <>

	* objcopy.c (copy_usage): Reformat.
	(strip_usage): Reformat.

1999-11-21  Nick Clifton  <>

	* objdump.c (usage): Overhaul output:  One line per switch.
	Textual description of each switch.  Distinguish between
	optional switches and required switches.
	(long_options): Add 'g', 'G' and 'z' short options.
	(main): Distinguish between optional switches and required

	* binutils.texi: Add -g -G and -z short options for
	--debugging, --stabs and --disassemble-zeroes.

1999-11-03  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dlltool.c (flush_page): Clip short values to prevent warnings
	from the assembler.
	Change default mcore machine name to 'mcore-le' and rename
	big-endian version to 'mcore-be'. 

1999-10-27  Fred Fish  <>

	* objdump.c (display_bfd): Break into two functions.  The
	actual dumping code moves to dump_bfd.  If bfd is not
	unambiguously recognized as a bfd_object, attempt to dump
	it as a bfd_core.
	(dump_bfd): New function.

1999-10-26  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dlltool.c (assemble_file): Remove spurious test of exp_name.

1999-10-22  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dlltool.c (struct mac): Add new field 'how_default_as_switches'.
	(mtable): Initialise new field.  Some machines have a non empty
	string for this field.
	(HOW_BFD_TARGET): Undefine and replace with...
	(HOW_BFD_READ_TARGET): New macro: bfd target to use when opening a
	file for reading.  This is set to 0 so that any recognisable bfd
	format can be read.
	(HOW_BFD_WRITE_TARGET): New macro: bfd target to use when opening
	a file for writing.  This is set to the target machine type.
	(ASM_SWITCHES): New macro: default switches to use when assembling
	a file.
	(assemble_file): New function: Assemble a source file into a
	destination object file.
	(gen_exp_file): Use assemble_file to create the exp file.
	(make_one_lib_file): Use assemble_file to create the lib file.
	Open output file use HOW_BFD_WRITE_TARGET and input files using
	(make_head): Use assemble_file to create the head file.
	(make_tail): Use assemble_file to create the tail file.
	(gen_lib_file): Open output file use HOW_BFD_WRITE_TARGET.

1999-10-15  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* ar.c (normalize): Fix full_pathname code.

1999-10-08  Ben Elliston  <>

        * binutils.texi: Some rewording and clarifications.

1999-09-15  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (dynamic_segment_parisc_val): Print 0 for DLD_FLAGS if
	the value is zero.
	(process_symbol_table): Don't print histogram if hash table is empty.

1999-09-15  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (get_parisc_dynamic_type): Handle DT_HP_GST_* values.

1999-09-02  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (get_symbol_type): Add support for HPUX and PARISC
	specific symbol types.

	* readelf.c: Add HPUX and PARISC extensions to dynamic and program
	header table printing.

	* readelf.c (get_machine_flags): Add handling of PARISC.

1999-09-29  Mumit Khan  <>

	* dlltool.c (scan_drectve_symbols): Handle type tags in exported
	(scan_filtered_symbols): Likewise.

1999-09-19  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* resrc.c (write_rc_rcdata): Fix local variable shadowing
	problem.  If RCDATA_BUFFER data can be read as strings, modify
	code to print the strings as comments.
	* resres.c: Add casts to avoid warnings.
	(write_res_data, read_res_data): Don't put the program name in the
	error message; fatal already puts it there.

1999-09-14  Michael Meissner  <>

	* (Canonicalization of target names): Remove adding
	${CONFIG_SHELL} in front of $ac_config_sub, since autoconfig 2.14
	generates $ac_config_sub with a ${CONFIG_SHELL} already.
	* configure: Regenerate.

1999-09-12  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* ar.c (main): Clear output_file if we don't change the archive.
	(delete_members, replace_members): Likewise.

1999-09-12  Donn Terry  <>

	* objdump.c (dump_headers): If wide_output, print Flags header.

	* objdump.c (dump_section_header): Print any comdat information.

	* objcopy.c (parse_flags): Handle "noload", "debug", and "share".
	* binutils.texi, objcopy.1: Document new flags.

	* ar.c (counted_name_mode): New static variable.
	(counted_name_counter): New static variable.
	(map_over_members): Handle counted mode.
	(usage): Mention N modifier.
	(main): Handle N modifier.
	(delete_members): Handle counted mode.
	* binutils.texi, ar.1: Document N modifier.

	* ar.c (print_contents): Change printing of member name for
	POSIX.2 conformance.

	* ar.c (output_filename): Make const.
	(open_inarch): If creating a new empty archive, set

1999-09-12  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* ar.c (full_pathname): New static variable.
	(map_over_members): Call normalize on command line parameter.
	(usage): Mention P modifier.
	(normalize): If full_pathname is true, don't do anything.
	(main): Accept P modifier.
	(delete_members): Call normalize on command line parameter.
	* binutils.texi, ar.1: Document P modifier.

1999-09-09  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* binutils.texi: Add info dir entries for all programs described
	here.  Fix arguments of @var to not contain punctuation.

1999-09-06  Donn Terry  <>

	* nm.c (print_symbol_info_bsd): Check for 'w' as well as 'U'.
	(print_symbol_info_sysv): Likewise.
	(print_symbol_info_posix): Likewise.

1999-09-04  Steve Chamberlain  <>

	* readelf.c: Include "elf/pj.h".
	(dump_relocations): Handle EM_PJ.
	(get_machine_name): Likewise.
	(get_machine_flags): Likewise.

1999-08-31  Scott Bambrough <>

	* readelf.c (get_note_type): New function:  Decode the e_type
	value of a note.
	(process_note): New function: Display the contents of a core note.
	(process_corefile_note_segment): New function.
	(process_corefile_note_segments): New function.
	(process_corefile_contents): New function.
	(process_file): Add call to process_corefile_contents.
	(parse_args): Add parsing of -n/--notes command line switch.
	(usage): Document new command line switch.

	* binutils.texi: Documemnt new command line switch to readelf.

1999-08-31  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* binutils.texi (Bug Reporting): Clarify that large files should
	not be sent to bug-gnu-utils.

1999-08-28  Stephane Carrez  <>

	* readelf.c (process_extended_line_op): New parameter pointer_size,
	read the address according to pointer_size.
	(debug_line_pointer_size): New global to indicate the
	size of address in .debug_line section.
	(debug_displays, prescan_debug_info): Prescan the .debug_info section
	to record the size of address in `debug_line_pointer_size'.
	(process_section_contents): Before dumping any section, execute
	the pre-scan operation defined for some debug sections.

1999-08-27  Jim Wilson  <>

	* readelf.c (display_debug_lines): Use i-1 not i in standard_opcodes
	(display_debug_aranges): New local excess.  Use for calculating padding
	and add that into ranges.  Break from loop only if length is also 0.

1999-08-27  Jim Wilson  <>

	* readelf.c (display_debug_lines, case DW_LNS_const_add_pc): Multiply
	adv by info.li_min_insn_length.

1999-08-26  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* readelf.c (get_sparc64_dynamic_type): New function.
	(get_dynamic_type): Use it.

1999-08-26  Jim Wilson  <>

	* readelf.c (display_debug_lines, case default): Change second line
	setting	adv to use = not +=.

1999-08-19  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dlltool.c: Added more examples to the comment at the start.

1999-08-18  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dlltool.c (make_head): Only emit interworking directive if

Thu Jul 15 22:44:21 1999  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>

	* readelf.c (process_abbrev_section): Handle standard-conforming
	single zero at the end of the section.

1999-08-09  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* objdump.c (exit_status): New static variable.
	(nonfatal): New static function.
	(disassemble_data): Set exit_status on error.
	(read_section_stabs): Likewise.
	(display_bfd): Likewise.  Call nonfatal rather than bfd_nonfatal.
	(display_file): Call nonfatal rather than bfd_nonfatal.
	(display_target_list, display_info_table): Likewise.
	(main): Return exit_status rather than 0.

1999-08-08  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* objdump.c (dump_section_header): Update for renaming of

	From Eli Zaretskii <>:
	* binutils.texi: Document cxxfilt as MS-DOS name for c++filt.

	* Define and substitute DEMANGLER_NAME.
	* (DEMANGLER_PROG): Set to cxxfilt.
	(cxxfilt_SOURCES): Rename from c__filt_SOURCES.
	(cxxfilt_LDADD): Rename from c__filt_LDADD.
	($(DEMANGLER_NAME).1): Rename from $(DEMANGLER_PROG).1.  Use
	DEMANGLER_NAME rather than DEMANGLER_PROG in substitution.
	(install-exec-local): When installing noinst_PROGRAMS, change
	cxxfilt to $(DEMANGLER_NAME).
	* configure, Rebuild.

	* Rename .dep* files to DEP*.  Change DEP variable to
	* Rebuild.

1999-08-05  Donn Terry  <>

	* (YACC): If bison is not in the source tree, use
	@YACC@ rather than bison -y.
	(LEX): If flex is not in the source tree, use @LEX@ rather than
	* Build dlltool for i[3-6]86-*-interix.
	*, configure: Rebuild.

1999-07-21  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	From Mark Elbrecht:
	* configure.bat: Remove; obsolete.

1999-07-16  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* readelf.c (get_machine_flags): Print EF_SPARC_SUN_US3.

1999-07-15  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Bump version number to 2.9.5.
	* configure: Rebuild.

1999-07-14  Richard Henderson  <>

	* objdump.c (dump_section_header): Print SEC_SHORT.

1999-07-11  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Many files: Changes to avoid gcc warnings: Add ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED
	as appropriate.  Add variable initializations.  Add casts.
	* objdump.c (disassemble_bytes): Change j to bfd_vma.
	* readelf.c (process_syminfo): Change i to unsigned int.
	(display_debug_info): Change abbrev_number to unsigned long.
	(process_mips_specific): Change fcnt to size_t.

1999-07-09  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: Only support decoding 64bit ELF files if the compiler
	supports a 64 bit data type.
	Add -I equivalent for --histogram.
	Add -A command-line option to display architecture specific information.

1999-07-08  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* readelf.c (guess_is_rela): Sparcv9 and v8plus use rela.
	(dump_relocations): Use ELF64_R_TYPE_ID for Sparc, for R_SPARC_OLO10
	print the secondary addend.
	(get_machine_flags): Print Sparc machine flags.
	(get_symbol_type): Print STT_REGISTER.

1999-07-08  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* stabs.c (parse_stab_type): Fix handling of template names with
	template parameters containing `::'.
	(stab_demangle_type): Handle a qualified name in a pointer to

1999-06-23  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* (dlltool_SOURCES): Add dyn-string.c.
	* Rebuild.

1999-06-23  Mumit Khan  <>

	* dlltool.c (look_for_prog): Use HAVE_EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX.
	* dllwrap.c (look_for_prog): Likewise.
	* resrc.c (look_for_default): Likewise.
	* configure, Rebuild.

1999-06-22  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	Based on patches from Mumit Khan <khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU>:
	* dlltool.c: Include "dyn-string.h".  Include <stdarg.h> based on
	(outfile): Remove.
	(gen_exp_file): Change uses of outfile to use alloca.
	(make_one_lib_file, make_head, make_tail): Likewise.
	(gen_lib_file): Likewise.
	(look_for_prog): New static function.
	(deduce_name): Rewrite to use look_for_prog.
	(mcore_elf_gen_out_file): Use dyn_string_t rather than outfile.
	* dllwrap.c: Don't include <stdio.h>, <errno.h>, <string.h>,
	<stdlib.h>, or <unistd.h>.  Include <sys/stat.h> and either
	<stdarg.h> or <varargs.h>.
	(driver_name): Initialize to NULL, not "gcc".
	(dlltool_name): Initialize to NULL, not "dlltool".
	(display, inform, look_for_prog, deduce_name): New static
	(usage): Mention -mno-cygwin.
	(main): Handle -mno-cygwin.  Deduce driver_name and dlltool_name.
	* resrc.c (look_for_default): Make static.  Remove unused local
	path.  Check using EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX.
	(read_rc_file): Allocate enough space to hold EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX.
	* Rebuild dependencies.
	(dllwrap_LDADD): Add $(INTLLIBS).
	* configure,, Rebuild.

Mon Jun 21 16:49:11 1999  Jeffrey A Law  (

        * readelf.c (dump_relocations): Use elf_hppa_reloc_type instead of

1999-06-17  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dlltool.c (mcore_elf_gen_out_file): Link object files with the
	.exp file, not the .lib file.

Fri Jun 18 20:17:51 1999  Mumit Khan  <>

	* deflex.l: Accept single-character symbol names.

1999-06-16  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (get_symbol_type): Detect ARM symbols typed as Thumb

1999-06-14  Nick Clifton  <>

	* objdump.c (disassembler_options): New variable.
	(usage): Document new -M/--disassembler-options option.
	(long_options): Add --disassembler-options.
	(disassemble_data): Initialise disassembler_options field of
	disassembler_info structure.
	(main): Add parsing of -M option.

	* binutils.texi: Document new command line switch to objdump.

	* NEWS: Describe new command line switch to objdump.

Mon Jun 14 10:27:54 1999  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* binutils.texi: Fix typos.

1999-06-13  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* objdump.c (disassemble_bytes): If the disassembler returns an
	error, print out anything it may have printed to the buffer.  From
	H.J. Lu <>.

	* defparse.y (explist): Remove separate expline to eliminate
	shift/reduce conflict.

	From Kai-Uwe Rommel <>:
	* defparse.y: Add tokens NONSHARED, SINGLE, MULTIPLE,
	(command): Add option_list after LIBRARY.
	(attr): Accept and ignore NONSHARED, SINGLE, and MULTIPLE.
	(option_list, option): New nonterminals.

1999-06-12  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* ar.c (O_BINARY): Define as 0 if not defined.
	(ranlib_touch): Open file with O_BINARY.

	* rename.c (O_BINARY): Define as 0 if not defined.
	(simple_copy): Open files with O_BINARY.

	Based on patch from H. Peter Anvin <>:
	* objcopy.c (struct section_list): Add copy field.
	(sections_copied): New static variable.
	(copy_options): Add "only-section".
	(copy_usage): Mention -j and --only-section.
	(find_section_list): Initialize copy field.
	(is_strip_section): Check for copying sections.
	(copy_object): Check sections_copied when calling filter_symbols.
	(setup_section): Check for copying sections.
	(copy_section): Likewise.
	(copy_main): Handle -j/--only-section.
	* binutils.texi, objcopy.1: Document -j/--only-section.

	* If frexp is not available, check in -lm.
	* configure: Rebuild.

	* readelf.c (get_elf_class): Use correct printf format for type.
	(get_data_encoding): Likewise.
	(get_osabi_name): Likewise.
	(process_file_header): Don't pass an extra argument to printf.
	(process_dynamic_segment): Cast dynamic_size to long before
	(decode_location_expression): Cast byte_get to long before

Wed Jun  9 11:40:16 1999  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* readelf.c (dump_section): Cast values from byte_get to
 	[unsigned] long for printing, in case it is wider than long.
	(display_block): Likewise.
	(read_and_display_attr): Likewise.
	(decode_location_expression): Likewise.  Don't depend on
 	evaluation order.

Mon Jun  7 12:14:57 1999  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* windres.c (usage): Fix typo.

1999-06-04  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: Use 64bit wide fields in internal structures even if
	targetting a 32bit architecture.
	(dump_relocations): Take a new parameter - the number of symbols
	in the symbol table.

1999-06-04  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: Add support for 64bit ELF files.

1999-06-03  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dlltool.c (mcore_elf_gen_out_file): Use constants for temporary
	file names.

Wed Jun  2 12:34:36 1999  Richard Henderson  <>

	* dlltool.c (gen_exp_file): Revert 19990411 change.

Mon May 31 09:56:22 1999  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* readelf.c (process_relocs): Determine type of reloc from
	DT_PLTREL and from section type.

1999-05-29  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (get_elf_class): Display unknown class number.
	(get_data_encoding): Display unknown encoding number.
	(get_osabi_name): Display unknown ABI number.
	(process_file_header): Display unknown version number.

1999-05-29  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Fix typo.

1999-05-28  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Add extra parameter: is_rela to
	specify the kind of relocations to be dumped.  Call guess_is_rela
	if this parameter has a value of UNKNOWN.
	(guess_is_rela): New function:  Guess the kind of reloc being used
	baced on the machine number.
	(process_relocs): Determine type of reloc before calling

1999-05-28  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* readelf.c: Include "elf/i960.h".
	(dump_relocations): Handle EM_960.

Thu May 27 11:58:33 1999  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* objcopy.c (copy_archive): Preserve dates of archive members if

	* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Always print the addend on RELA
	systems even if there is no symbol.
	(process_program_headers): Reset dynamic_size before looping
	through the program headers.
	(process_version_sections): Cast sh_offset to unsigned long for
	printing in case bfd_vma is wider.
	(process_symbol_table): Use get_symbol_index_type when printing

1999-05-17  DJ Delorie  <>

	* windres.c: add verbose option
	(main): process verbose option
	* resrc.c (look_for_default): new.  Look for the default
	preprocessor in a given location.
	(read_rc_file): for foo/bar-windres, look for foo/bar-gcc,
	foo/gcc (in case of foo/windres), and then gcc (the old default).

1999-05-16  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dlltool.c (deduce_name): New function: Deduce name of program to
	(mcore_elf_out_file): New variable: Name of mcore-elf output file.
	(mcore_elf_linker): New variable: Name of linker to use.
	(mcore_elf_linker_flags): New variable: Linker flags to pass.
	(scan_obj_file): Cache filenames if necessary.
	(usage): Document new command line options.
	(main): Support new command line options: -M (generate an
	mcore-elf output file) -L (name of linker to use) -F (flags to
	pass to linker).
	(mcore_elf_cache_filename): Store a filename in a cache.
	(mcore_elf_gen_out_file): New function: Generate an output file
	per the mcore-elf spec.

1999-05-15  Nick Clifton  <>

	* (BUILD_MISC): Build dlltool for mcore
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* dlltool.c: Update example in comment.
	(mcore_be_jtab, mcore_le_jtab): Binary for performing an mcore
	jump to address.
	(mtable): Add entries for mcore variants.
	(rvaafter, rvabefore, asm_prefix): Add mcore suppport.
	(scan_drectve_symbols): Use DRECTVE_SECTION_NAME.
	(make_head, make_tail): Cope if file cannot be created.
	(usage): Improve layout.

1999-05-13  DJ Delorie  <>

	* rclex.l: add code to suppress certain output from cpp, replace
	all returns with MAYBE_RETURN
	(MAYBE_RETURN): new, implement the suppression by returning
	IGNORED_TOKEN as needed.
	(cpp_line): remember which file we're in, mark data from included
	*.h files for suppression.
	* rcparse.y (input): allow IGNORED_TOKEN outside of known constructs

1999-05-10  DJ Delorie  <>

	* windres.c (quot): Quote shell metacharacters in a string
	(main): quote parameters to cpp that might have metacharacters in
	them.  Allow -D as an alias for --define to allow for sharing make
	macros with gcc.

	* objdump.c (dump_reloc_set): don't core if howto->name is NULL

	* Give rescoff.c a cpu-specific -D so it can set
	the correct BFD.
	* ditto
	* rescoff.c (write_coff_file): Set the correct BFD

1999-05-06  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* rename.c (smart_rename): Fix test of whether file exists.

1999-05-06  Nick Clifton  <>

	* objdump.c (disassemble_data): Set display_endian based on target

1999-05-05  Catherine Moore  <>

	* dlltool.c (interwork): Remove.
	(arm_interwork_jtab): Use bx insn.
	(thumb_jtab): Likewise.
	(MARM_INTERWORK): New machine type.
	(rvaafter): Handle it.
	(rvabefore) Likewise.
	(asm_prefix): Likewise.
	(gen_exp_type): Check machine type instead of
	interwork flag.
	(make_one_lib_file): Likewise.
	(make_head): Likewise.
	(make_tail): Likewise.
	(usage): Update machine types.
	(main): Remove -interwork support.

1999-05-05  Catherine Moore  <>

	* readelf.c (get_machine_flags):  Check for EF_CPU32.
	(get_data_encoding): Fix typo.

1999-04-26  Tom Tromey  <>

	* aclocal.m4, configure: Updated for new version of libtool.

1999-04-18  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* stabs.c (parse_stab_range_type): Correct parenthesization in
	BFD64 case.

	* readelf.c (get_section_type_name): Use correct types in printf
	(process_relocs): Likewise.
	(process_dynamic_segment): Likewise.
	(process_symbol_table): Likewise.
	(process_mips_specific): Likewise.

Tue Apr 13 21:22:00 1999  Catherine Moore  <>

	* dlltool.c (make_one_lib_file): Mark thumb functions as

1999-04-11  Richard Henderson  <>

	* bucomm.h (environ): Declare it, if needed.
	(alloca) [C_ALLOCA]: Don't use gcc's builtin or <alloca.h>.
	* (environ): Detect declaration.
	* nm.c (main): Don't declare environ.
	* configure, Rebuild.

	* dlltool.c (gen_exp_file): Pad out the .reloc section to a
	32-byte boundary with dummy relocations, to make the BeOS loader
	happy.  Patch from Bob Manson <>.

1999-04-08  Tom Tromey  <>

	* binutils.texi (c++filt): Updated for -j/--java, and hp/edg

1999-04-08  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: Add ability to decode new constants found in April 25
	1998 Draft of System V ABI spec.

1999-04-06  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* bucomm.h (LC_MESSAGES): Never define.
	* addr2line.c (main): Don't pass LC_MESSAGES to setlocale if the
	system does not define it.
	* ar.c (main): Likewise.
	* coffdump.c (main): Likewise.
	* dlltool.c (main): Likewise.
	* nlmconv.c (main): Likewise.
	* nm.c (main): Likewise.
	* objcopy.c (main): Likewise.
	* objdump.c (main): Likewise.
	* size.c (main): Likewise.
	* srconv.c (main): Likewise.
	* strings.c (main): Likewise.
	* sysdump.c (main): Likewise.
	* windres.c (main): Likewise.
	* readelf.c (main): Call locale setting functions.

1999-04-05  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (decode_location_expression): Fix DW_OP_const8{s|u}

1999-04-04  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* rename.c: New file, copied out of objcopy.c with a few changes.
	* bucomm.h (set_times, smart_rename): Declare.
	* ar.c: Don't include <utime.h>.
	(extract_file): Call set_times rather than utime.
	(write_archive): Call smart_rename rather than unlink and rename.
	* objcopy.c: Don't include <utime.h>.
	(simple_copy, smart_rename, set_times): Move to rename.c.
	(strip_main): Update smart_rename call for new parameter.
	(copy_main): Likewise.
	* Rebuild dependencies.
	(CFILES): Add rename.c.
	(objcopy_SOURCES, strip_new_SOURCES): Add rename.c.
	(ar_SOURCES, ranlib_SOURCES): Add rename.c.
	* Rebuild.

	* Rebuild dependencies.
	(EXTRA_PROGRAMS): Remove backslash which troubles current version
	of automake.
	* Rebuild.

	* dllwrap.c (main): Expect correct type in format string.
	* resres.c: Include "bfd.h", "bucomm.h", "libiberty.h", and
	<time.h>.  Don't include <stdio.h> and <errno.h>.
	(write_res_file): Remove unused locals e and i.
	(read_resource_entry): Remove unused locals rtype and n.
	(read_unistring): Remove unused local n.

1999-04-03  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* arparse.y: Declare yylex.
	* objdump.c (disassemble_bytes): Initialize bytes.  Add comment
	for incorrect use of bytes.
	* readelf.c: Change many formats to avoid warnings.

1999-04-01  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (reset_state_machine): New function.  Resets the
	registers of the source line number state machine.
	(process_extended_line_op): Use state machine.
	(display_debug_lines): Use state machine.  Handle multiple line
	number blocks within the same section.

1999-03-29  Jason Merrill  <>

	* readelf.c (process_extended_line_op): end_sequence also resets
	the line number.
	(display_debug_lines): advance_line takes a signed operand.
	(read_and_display_attr): Print refs as <%x>, addresses as %#x,
	others as %d.  Handle other location expression attributes.
	(display_debug_info): Handle nesting.  Always print the	offset.

1999-03-23  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* objcopy.c (filter_symbols): When checking whether to keep a
	symbol, check the BFD section symbol for a symbol with

1999-03-10  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (process_dynamic_segment): Print new Solaris dynamic
	section entries.  Correct printing of DT_POSFLAG_1 and DT_FLAGS_1.

1999-03-10  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (request_dump): New function.
	Removed arbitary limit on the number of sections that can be

Wed Mar 10 15:10:14 1999  Stan Cox  <>

	* dlltool.c (make_one_lib_file): Use %05d to output the stub name so
	order in the import library is preserved.

1999-02-19  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: Fix compile time warings.

1999-02-17  DJ Delorie  <>

	* resbin.c (res_to_bin_versioninfo): Instead of entering a value
	length of zero in a version info string, enter the appropriate

Tue Feb 16 16:00:33 1999  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Require autoconf 2.13.  Change AM_PROG_INSTALL to
	AC_PROG_INSTALL.  Add comments for AC_DEFINE calls.
	* acconfig.h: Remove.
	* aclocal.m4: Rebuild.
	* configure: Rebuild.
	* Rebuild.
	* Rebuild.

1999-02-02  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (read_and_display_attr): Add display of basic type
	(display_debug_aranges): New function: Display the contents of a
	.debug_aranges section.
	(display_debug_info): Dump tags found after compunit entry.

	* binutils.texi: Fixed bug in readelf documentation.

Mon Feb  1 12:38:01 1999  Catherine Moore  <>

	* readelf.c (dump_relocations):  Handle EM_ARM as REL.

1999-01-29  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (process_symbol_table): Do not produce a histogram of
	bucket chains if none were found.

1999-01-27  Nick Clifton  <>

	* version.c: Add 1999 copyright.

	* binutils.texi (readelf): Document new command line options
	--debug-dump and --histogram.

	* readelf.c: Add ability to display contents of some or all of the
	Dwarf2 debug sections.  {Work only partially completed}.
	(display_debug_section): New function.
	(display_debug_info): New function.
	(display_debug_not_supported): New function.
	(display_debug_line): New function.
	(display_debug_abbrev): New function.
	(process_abbrev_section): New function.
	(read_leb128): New function.
	(process_extended_line_op): New function.
	(get_TAG_name): New function.
	(get_AT_name): New function.
	(get_FORM_name): New function.
	(free_abbrevs): New function.
	(add_abbrev): New function.
	(add_abbrev_attr): New function.
	(read_and_display_attr): New function.
	(display_block): New function.

Thu Jan 14 23:36:11 1999  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* coffdump.c (xcalloc): Remove, in libiberty now.
	* srconv.c (xcalloc): Likewise.
	* sysdump.c (xcalloc): Likewise.

1999-01-14  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (process_section_headers): Omit trailing space at end
	of section header contents line.

Wed Dec 16 17:20:05 1998  Doug Evans  <>

	* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.

Mon Dec 14 12:55:36 1998  Jim Wilson  <>

	* dllwrap.c: Include bfd.h and bucomm.h.  Move getopt.h include
	after libiberty.h include.

Tue Dec  8 16:29:43 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* objdump.1: Fix typo (-d to -D).  From Nokubi Hirotaka

Sun Dec  6 13:28:09 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* objdump.c (SFILE): Add size field.
	(objdump_sprintf): Merge both versions into one.  Increase buffer
	size as needed to avoid overflow.
	(disassemble_bytes): Change buf from 1000 bytes to 50.  Change
	initialization and use of sfile to match changes to

	* strip.1: Fix typo (-V to -v).  From Issei Hirayama

1998-12-03  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (process_dynamic_segment): Improve output format for
	various DT_* values.

1998-12-02  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (process_mips_specific): Print .conflict section

	* readelf.c (process_mips_specific): Print l_flags in liblist in
	textual form.

1998-11-30  Nick Clifton  <>

	* ar.c (extract_file): Add some paranoia checks for negatively
	sized files.

Tue Nov 24 09:39:24 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* stabs.c (DIR_SEPARATOR): Define as '\\' if WIN32 is defined.

Tue Nov 17 10:25:26 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* Regenerate.

Mon Nov 16 19:17:23 1998  Dave Brolley  <>

	* po/binutils.pot: Regenerate.

Mon Nov 16 10:18:53 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* Regernated dependencies.
	* aclocal.m4: Regenerated.
	* configure: Regenerated.

Sat Nov 14 14:50:56 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* debug.c (debug_name_type): Correct return type from false to

Sat Nov 14 14:48:21 1998  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* objdump.c (disassemble_data): Skip over relocs below start

Tue Nov 10 15:31:52 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* Add dependency of readelf.c on elf/fr30.h
	* Regenerate.

Wed Nov  4 16:25:55 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: Add support for the FR30.

Mon Nov  2 14:59:33 1998  Geoffrey Noer  <>

	* detect cygwin* instead of cygwin32*
	* configure: regenerate

Fri Oct 30 15:14:49 1998  Geoffrey Noer  <>

        * dllwrap.c: change all references to cygwin32_ to cygwin_,
	change Cygwin target def to CYGWIN.

Wed Oct 28 10:31:19 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* objdump.c (disassemble_data): Replace 'unsigned long' with

Tue Oct 27 14:39:00 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* objdump.c (disassemble_bytes): Applied this patch from Philip
	Blundell <>:  Make address variables unsigned to
	avoid problems when disassembling code at high-bit-set addresses.

Mon Oct 26 14:07:59 1998  Mumit Khan  <>

        * dllwrap.c (strhash): New function.
        (main): Use it to supply image base if not supplied by user.
        (program_version): Up to 0.2.4.

Mon Oct 26 14:07:59 1998  Mumit Khan  <>

        * dlltool.c (add_stdcall_alias): New global.
        (long_options): Add --add-stdcall-alias option.
        (main): Handle it.
        (scan_drectve_symbols): Add alias if --add-stdcall-alias is
        (scan_filtered_symbols): Likewise.
        (gen_def_file): Output alias for stdcall syms if appropriate.

        * binutils.texi (dlltool): Document --add-stdcall-alias option.

        * dllwrap.c (long_options): Add --add-stdcall-alias option.
        (main): Handle it.

        * defparse.y (opt_name): Allow "." in name.
        * dlltool.c (def_name): Set dll_name from NAME entry in def file.
        (def_library): Set dll_name from LIBRARY entry in def file.

Mon Oct 26 14:07:59 1998  Mumit Khan  <>

        * dllwrap.c (long_options): --implib synonym for --output-lib.
        (main): Pass --export-all to dlltool only if specified.
        (program_version): Up to 0.2.3.

Mon Oct 26 14:07:59 1998  Mumit Khan  <>

        * dllwrap.c (mybasename): New function.
        (main): Run dlltool to create export definition file and import
        library file if necessary.
        Change exp_file_name so that it's based on the dll name.

Sun Oct 25 10:37:45 1998  Mumit Khan  <>

        * dlltool.c (scan_all_symbols): Fix patch error.

Fri Oct 16 22:56:20 1998  Felix Lee  <>

	* nm.c (display_rel_file): fix "no symbols" messages.
	* objdump.c (slurp_symtab): ditto.
	* po/, po/binutils.pot: rebuilt

Mon Oct 12 14:28:03 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Rename field from Value to Info to
	match name of field in ELF structures.

Thu Oct  8 15:33:08 1998  Geoffrey Noer  <>

	* call AC_EXEEXT instead of AM_EXEEXT and
	* aclocal.m4: remove local AM_EXEEXT/AM_CYGWIN32 macros.
	* configure: regenerate

Thu Oct  8 15:33:08 1998  Geoffrey Noer  <>

	From Mumit Khan  <>:
        * dlltool.c (scan_all_symbols): Don't re-export symbols exported
        by other DLLs.

Thu Oct  8 15:33:08 1998  Geoffrey Noer  <>

	(bin_PROGRAMS): Add dllwrap.
	* regenerate with automake

	From Mumit Khan  <>:
        * dllwrap.c: New file from dllhelpers v0.2.1.
	(print_version): New function.
	(long_options): Add --version.
	(main): Handle.
        * dyn-string.h, dyn-string.c: New files from egcs-1.1/gcc.
        * (BUILD_DLLWRAP): Add.
        * configure: Regenerate.

Tue Oct  6 18:20:10 1998  Geoffrey Noer  <>

	* (windres_SOURCES): Add resres.c.
	(windres_OBJECTS): Add resres.o.
	* regenerate with automake

        From Anders Norlander <>.
        * resres.c: New file.  Implementation of read_res_file and
        write_res_file functions for windres.
        * rcparse.y: Handle CONTROL's with named classes.
        * resbin.c: Bug in res_to_bin_dialog and bin_to_res_dialog
        when dialog is extended: The version and signature fields should
        be reversed (despite what the docs say). Id is 32 bits long in
        extended dialogs.
        * resrc.c (write_rc_dialog): properly print controls with named
        * windres.c (read_res_file, write_res_file): Remove stubs.
        * resres.c (write_res): Rename RT_ACCELERATORS to RT_ACCELERATOR.

Sun Oct  4 20:34:42 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	From Nokubi Hirotaka <>:
	* objcopy.1: Fix typo in --remove-leading-char docs.
	* objdump.1: Fix formatting in --stabs docs.

Sat Sep 19 23:33:56 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* rcparse.y (memflags_move): Correct recursion.

1998-09-10  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (process_symbol_table): Print in histogram how many
	symbols are covered by the current chain length.

Sun Sep  6 16:15:47 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (process_section_contents): Do not try to dump empty

Sat Sep  5 19:17:10 1998  Mumit Khan  <>

	* dlltool.c (scan_all_symbols): Don't re-export symbols exported
	by other DLLs.

1998-09-02 14:50  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (process_dynamic_segment): Print DT_* value only if
	(do_histogram): New variable.
	(options): New long option histogram.  Set do_histogram if this
	option is used.
	(usage): Document --histogram.
	(parse_args): Handle 0 return value from getopt_long.  Enable
	do_histogram for -a.
	(process_symbol_table): Read hash table also if only do_histogram.
	Add code to print hash table histogram.

1998-08-25 16:45  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (process_dynamic_segment): Read syminfo section if
	(process_syminfo): New function.  Print syminfo information.
	(process_file): Call process_syminfo and free syminfo data at the end.

Wed Aug 19 16:19:51 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* dlltool.c (usage): Add file parameter.  Change all callers.
	(main): Don't treat '?' as a special case in getopt return.

	* binutils.texi (dlltool): Document new options.  Add some uses of

Wed Aug 19 16:19:07 1998  Mumit Khan  <>

	* dlltool.c (gen_def_file): Plug memory leak.  Don't print
	demangled name if it is NULL.

	Support for exporting all symbols to an output export def file:
	* dlltool.c ({export_all_symbols, no_default_excludes,
	no_default_excludes, excludes}): New file static variables.
	(struct string_list): Type to hold list of symbols to exclude.
	(scan_drectve_symbols): Renamed from scan_open_obj_file.
	(scan_filtered_symbols): New static function.
	(add_excludes): New static function.
	(match_exclude): New static function.
	(set_default_excludes): New static function.
	(filter_symbols): New static function.
	(scan_all_symbols): New static function.
	(scan_open_obj_file): New static function.
	(usage): Document new options.
	(long_options): Add new options.
	(main): Handle new options.

1998-07-31 21:24  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (process_program_headers): Print p_offset value with
	six hex digits.
	(dynamic_segment_mips_val): Add support for DT_MIPS_FLAGS,
	(process_mips_specific): Also print seconds of time stamp.

Fri Jul 31 10:04:23 1998  Catherine Moore  <>

        * readelf.c (dump_relocations):  EM_ARM uses rela relocs.

1998-07-30 16:25  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (get_dynamic_type): Don't used gettext on the names.
	Add new DT_* values from Solaris.  Don't print nuemric value in
	case of an unknown entry.
	(process_dynamic_segment): Handle new DT_* entries.  Print numeric
	values in decimal, not hex.

Fri Jul 24 16:28:57 1998  Jeff Holcomb  <>

	* readelf.c (get_dynamic_type): Remove empty default from switch

Fri Jul 24 16:28:12 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* (install-exec-local): Don't remove the file before
	checking whether $(bindir) == $(tooldir)/bin.  From Maciej
	W. Rozycki <>.
	* Rebuild.

Fri Jul 24 09:38:59 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* objcopy.c: Removed spurious inclusion of elf/internal.h and

1998-07-22  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c: Consistantly use elf_ prefix for *_reloc_type

Wed Jul 22 16:29:12 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Add dumps of HPPA and ARC

	(process_relocs): Do not abort if no string table can be found.

1998-07-22 14:58  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c: Remove definition of functions to return relocation
	symbol strings.  They now get implicitly defined when include the
	system specific ELF header.

1998-07-22 13:51  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c: Before include system specific ELF header define
	used for ppc, mips, and mn10300.

Wed Jul 22 10:26:32 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Display number of unrecognised

1998-07-21 13:13  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c: Use symbolic names of relocation entries for the various
	architectures.  Correct more layout details.
	Print names of MIPS specific section types.  Print Alpha, ARM, and
	MIPS relocation type names.

1998-07-20  Vladimir N. Makarov  <>

	* objcopy.c (filter_symbols): Add code for strip all symbols case.
        (copy_objects): Strip all case is now processed also through
	filter_symbols.  No marking symbols used in relocations when strip
	all symbols case.
	(copy_section): When strip all symbols case, remove relocations
	which are not in keep strip specific list.
	(strip_main): Remove guard `strip_specific_list == NULL' for
	setting up strip all symbols by default.

Mon Jul 20 12:51:16 1998  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* addr2line.c (find_address_in_section): Only consider a section
	if the pc value is completely contained within it.
	(translate_addresses): Don't crash if functionname or filename are

1998-07-20 07:45  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c (process_symbol_table): Fix little alignment problem
	in printed table header.

1998-07-20 07:14  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c: Correct reading of .dynamic section.
	(dynamic_section): Now a global variable.
	(process_mips_fpe_exception, process_mips_specific,
	process_arch_specific): New functions.
	(get_file_header): Call process_arch_specific.

1998-07-19 15:15  Ulrich Drepper  <>

	* readelf.c: Fix several versioning related bugs.  Produce nicer
	Add support for processor specific information on MIPS.

Fri Jul 10 15:57:58 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: Switch prototypes from unsigned short to unsigned

Fri Jul 10 16:17:50 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	From Christian Holland <>:
	* ieee.c (parse_ieee): Initialize info.global_vars and
	(parse_ieee_atn): Ignore register lifetime information reportedly
	emitted by MRI compiler.

Thu Jul  9 13:08:01 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Rebuild.

Tue Jul  7 21:48:54 1998  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* readelf.c (byte_get): Use PARAMS in prototype.
	(error): Make it work with non-ANSI compilers.
	(warn): Likewise.
	(get_ver_flags): Don't use an ANSI prototype in the definition.

Tue Jul  7 13:26:13 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* objcopy.c (filter_bytes): Set size correctly if the size of the
	section is not an even multiple of the interleave.  Based on patch
	from Brion Stone <>.

Thu Jul  2 14:01:34 1998  Klaus Kaempf  <>

	* Add vax/vms support.
	* makefile.vms-in: Renamed from makefile.vms.  Add substitutions
	now done by

Wed Jul  1 20:43:52 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* stabs.c (parse_stab_range_type): Handle 4 and 8 byte signed
 	integers with real upper bounds.  Handle a lower bound one larger
 	than the upper bound as a signed integer.  Handle 8 byte signed
	(stab_demangle_template): Optionally return the demangled name of
	the template.
	(stab_demangle_qualified): Treat a template name as a tagged
	(stab_demangle_fund_type): Likewise.

Wed Jul  1 16:29:50 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* objcopy.c: Minor formatting improvements.
	* readelf.c: Minor output formatting improvement.

Wed Jul  1 14:23:48 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* rclex.l: Add casts and change types to avoid warnings.
	* rcparse.y: Likewise.
	* resbin.c: Likewise.
	* rescoff.c: Likewise.
	* resrc.c: Likewise.

	* Rebuild dependencies.
 	(HFILES): Remove readelf.h.
	* Rebuild.

	Based on patches from Andrew Kozin
	* winduni.h: New file, from windres.h.
	* winduni.c: New file, from windres.c.
	* windres.c: Move Unicode functions into winduni.c.
	* windres.h: Move Unicode declarations into winduni.h.  Include
 	(RT_ACCELERATOR): Rename from RT_ACCELERATORS to match Windows
	macro.  Change all uses.
	(RT_PLUGPLAY, RT_VXD): Correct values.
	* (HFILES): Add windres.h.
	(CFILES): Add winduni.c.
	(windres_SOURCES): Add winduni.c.

Mon Jun 29 17:01:21 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: Use BFD Internal and External Elf structures.
	* readelf.h: Removed - no longer needed.
	* Remove readelf.c's dependency upon readelf.h.

1998-06-26  Vladimir N. Makarov  <>

	* objcopy.c (strip_main): keep_specific_list == NULL as additional
	condition to set up strip all symbols by default.
	(copy_archive): don't change archive when error in object files of
	the archive.

Wed Jun 24 17:53:47 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* stabs.c (parse_number): Sign extend negative values correctly if
	bfd_vma is larger than unsigned long.

Tue Jun 23 14:55:05 1998  Mike Stump  <>

	* (install-exec-local): Don't let EXEEXT interfere
	with the program transform name.
	* Rebuild.

Tue Jun 23 11:08:53 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: Rewrite to use fopen/fread ratehr than mmap.

	Add --section-headers command line switch, which is an alias for

	Incorporate improvemnts made by Andreas Schwab
	<> including output
	formatting and version info display.

	* binutils.texi: Document --section-headers switch to readelf.

Mon Jun 22 18:28:19 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* readelf.c: Include bfd.h and bucomm.h before system header
	(parse_args): Change type of c from char to int.

Sun Jun 14 14:26:28 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c (usage): Write to stdout, not stderr.

Fri Jun 12 13:33:51 1998  Tom Tromey  <>

	* po/Make-in (all-yes): Depend on .pot file if maintainer mode
	($(PACKAGE).pot): Unconditionally depend on POTFILES.

Fri Jun 12 16:06:15 1998  Michael Meissner  <>

	* readelf.c (get_ppc_rel_type): New PowerPC support.
	(dump_relocations): PowerPC uses RELA relocations.
	(get_machine_name): Spell PowerPC correctly.
	(get_file_type): Change unsigned short parameter to unsigned.
	(get_machine_name): Ditto.
	(get_machine_data): Return whether big endian or little endian.
	(get_machine_flags): Interpret PowerPC, M32R, and MIPS flags.
	(process_elf_header): Print endian-ess.  Convert all numeric
	formats to long or unsigned long.  Print out machine specific flag
	(process_section_headers): Increase name by 3 columns and decrease
	type by the same so that .gcc_except_table fits in the space.

	* readelf.h: Include elf/ppc.h, elf/mips.h, and elf/m32r.h to get
	machine specific flag bits.

Thu Jun 11 17:54:26 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: Remove extraneous #includes.  Fix warnings produced
	by -Wall when compiling under Linux.

	* (readelf_LDADD): Add $(LIBIBERTY).

Thu Jun 11 18:30:20 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* stabs.c (struct stab_handle): Add self_crossref field.
	(parse_stab_string): If a tag is a cross reference to itself,
	don't define it in the tags list.
	(parse_stab_type): Set info->self_crossref.

	* debug.c (struct debug_type_real_list): Define.
	(debug_get_real_type): Add list parameter.  Change all callers.
	Check for circularity to avoid crashing when it occurs.

Thu Jun 11 14:48:32 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* readelf.c: New file: Display contents of ELF format file.
	* readelf.h: New file: Header file for readelf.c
	* Add rules to build readelf.
	* Rebuilt.
	* binutils.texi: Document readelf.
	* NEWS: Mention inclusion of readelf into binutils.
	* po/; Rebuilt.

Fri Jun  5 18:43:40 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* objcopy.c (setup_section): Adjust the section size if copy_byte
	is >= 0.
	(copy_section): Do not call bfd_set_section_size.

Thu Jun  4 09:12:27 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* objcopy.c (copy_usage): Add missing \n\ from help description.

Wed Jun  3 19:31:33 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* (YACC): Correct bison -L option.
	* Rebuild.

	* binutils.texi, objdump.1: Document -p/--private-headers.

Wed Jun  3 12:09:40 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* objcopy.c: Add new command line options: --change-section-lma
	and --change-section-vma.  Rename old command line option
	--adjust-section-vma to --change-section-address.  Rename
	--adjust-vma to --change-addresses and --adjust-start to
	--change-start.  Provide aliases to support the old versions of
	these command line options.

	Change the names of macros and enum elements to upper case to
	match the GNU coding standard.

	Replace calls to fprintf (stderr,...) with calls to fatal () or
	non_fatal () as appropriate.

	* objcopy.1: Document command line option changes.
	* binutils.texi: Document command line option changes.

	* bucomm.h: New exported funtion from bucomm.c: non_fatal().
	* bucomm.c (non_fatal): New exported function.  Just like fatal()
	except that it returns rather than calling xexit().

	(bfd_check_format_matches): Call fatal() rather than bfd_fatal().

	(check_matching_formats): Fix C formating.

	(parse_vma): Call fatal().

Mon Jun  1 18:26:40 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	From Yuli Barcohen <>:
	* debug.c (debug_type_samep): Avoid endless loops comparing
	function and method parameter types.

Fri May 22 14:02:42 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* dlltool.c (dump_iat): Comment out; not used.
	(display): Rename from tell.  Change all callers.

Thu May 14 14:00:56 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* dlltool.c: Add support for Thumb DLLs.  Add support for
	interworking between ARM and Thumb programs and DLLs.  Tidy the

	* binutils.texi: Document dlltool.

	* configure: Build dlltool for thumb-pe targets.

	* version.c (print_version): Include 1998 in copyright strings.

	* stabs.c (parse_stab): Support Win32 style directory separators.

Sun May 10 22:34:44 1998  Jeffrey A Law  (

	* po/Make-in (install-info): New target.

Fri May  8 10:33:13 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* ar.c (usage): Extend information provided about command line

Wed May  6 15:28:51 1998  Klaus Kaempf  <>

	* makefile.vms: Run dec c with /nodebug.  Pass CC value when
	calling make.

Tue May  5 15:19:00 1998  Nick Clifton  <>

	* configure: Build dlltool for thumb-pe target.
	* Build dlltool for thumb-pe target.

Sun May  3 22:04:49 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* (EXTRA_PROGRAMS): Change $(SRCONV_PROG) to sysconf
	sysdump coffdump to avoid extra $(EXEEXT).
	* Rebuild.

Wed Apr 29 22:22:55 1998  Geoffrey Noer <>

	* Stop appending EXEEXT to the end of
	SRCONV_PROG (wrong because that variable may contain multiple
	* instead, add EXEEXTs to each SRCONV_PROG
	* regenerate
	* configure: regenerate

Tue Apr 28 19:14:34 1998  Tom Tromey  <>

	* addr2line.c (main): Conditionally call setlocale.
	* windres.c (main): Likewise.
	* sysdump.c (main): Likewise.
	* strings.c (main): Likewise.
	* srconv.c (main): Likewise.
	* size.c (main): Likewise.
	* objdump.c (main): Likewise.
	* objcopy.c (main): Likewise.
	* nm.c (main): Likewise.
	* nlmconv.c (main): Likewise.
	* dlltool.c (main): Likewise.
	* coffdump.c (main): Likewise.
	* ar.c (main): Likewise.
	* bucomm.h: Include <locale.h> if HAVE_LOCALE_H.
	(LC_MESSAGES): Now can be defined even when ENABLE_NLS.

Tue Apr 28 10:33:07 1998  Bill Moyer  <>

	Add support for IMPORTS:
	* defparse.y (impline): Add IMPORTS syntaxes.
	* dlltool.c (ifunctype, iheadtype): New typedefs.
	(import_list): New static variable.
	(append_import): New static function.
	(def_import): Add an entry to import_list.
	(generate_idata_ofile): New static function.
	(gen_exp_file): Call generate_idata_ofile.
	* dlltool.h (def_import): Update declaration.

Mon Apr 27 16:39:22 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Change version number to 2.9.4
	* configure: Rebuild.

Wed Apr 22 16:00:35 1998  Tom Tromey  <>

	* po/Make-in (MKINSTALLDIRS): Don't look in $(top_srcdir).

Wed Apr 22 00:33:56 1998  Tom Tromey  <>

	* (INCLUDES): Search intl dirs for headers; define
	* addr2line.c (main): Call setlocale, bindtextdomain, textdomain.
	* ar.c (main): Likewise.
	* coffdump.c (main): Likewise.
	* dlltool.c (main): Likewise.
	* nlmconv.c (main): Likewise.
	* nm.c (main): Likewise.
	* objcopy.c (main): Likewise.
	* objdump.c (main): Likewise.
	* size.c (main): Likewise.
	* srconv.c (main): Likewise.
	* strings.c (main): Likewise.
	* sysdump.c (main): Likewise.
	* windres.c (main): Likewise.

Tue Apr 21 22:13:08 1998  Tom Tromey  <>

	* Many files: Added gettext invocations around user-visible
	* bucomm.h: Added gettext-related includes and defines.
	* Call CY_GNU_GETTEXT.  Create po/ and
	po/Makefile.  Use AM_PROG_LEX.
	* (SUBDIRS): New macro.
	(POTFILES): Likewise.
	(po/ New target.
	(objdump_LDADD): Likewise.
	(c__filt_LDADD): Likewise.
	(ar_LDADD): Likewise.
	(ranlib_LDADD): Likewise.
	(dlltool_LDADD): Likewise.
	(windres_LDADD): Likewise.
	* po/Make-in, po/, po/binutils.pot: New files.

Tue Apr 21 16:07:18 1998  Stanislav Brabec  <>

	* objcopy.c (preserve_dates): New file static variable.
	(smart_rename): If preserve_dates, call set_times when copying.
	(strip_main): Remove preserve_dates local variable.
	(copy_main): Likewise.

Tue Apr  7 15:41:15 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* (DISTSTUFF): Add defparse.h, defparse.c, rclex.c,
	rcparse.h, and rcparse.c
	* Rebuild.

Mon Apr  6 16:24:35 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* (PROGS): Move $(ADDR2LINE_PROG) to end, so that doesn't have an empty continuation line.
	(bin_PROGRAMS): Likewise.
	* Rebuild.

Fri Apr  3 14:48:42 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* (DISTCLEANFILES): Add site.exp and site.bak.
	(MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Add binutils.log, binutils.sum, and abcdefgh*.
	(mostlyclean-local): New target.
	* Rebuild.

Wed Apr  1 15:54:16 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	From Zack Weinberg <> and H.J. Lu
	* ar.c (usage): Mention S modifier.
	(main): Add S modifier.
	* ar.1, binutils.texi: Document S modifier.

Wed Apr  1 13:11:23 1998  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* binutils.texi: Use @itemx for a secondary item in a table.

Tue Mar 31 18:44:13 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* dep-in.sed: Add rule to remove @OBJDIR@.
	* (dep.sed): Substitute for @OBJDIR@.
	* Rebuild.

Mon Mar 30 12:47:18 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Set version to 2.9.1.
	* configure: Rebuild.

	* Branched binutils 2.9.

	* (DISTCLEANFILES): Remove defparse.h, arparse.h,
	rcparse.h, and nlmheader.h.
	* Rebuild.

Sat Mar 28 17:39:27 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Rebuild.

	Fix some gcc -Wall warnings:
	* nlmconv.c (main): Add casts to avoid warnings.
	(alpha_mangle_relocs): Likewise.
	* objdump.c (dump_section_stabs): Likewise.
	* size.c (print_sysv_format): Likewise.
	* srcconv.c (wr_ob): Likewise.
	* wrstabs.c (stab_modify_type): Likewise.
	(stab_variable): Likewise.
	* nlmconv.c (main): Initialize variables to avoid warnings.
	* nm.c (sort_symbols_by_size): Likewise.
	* objdump.c (disassemble_bytes): Likewise.
	* wrstabs.c (stab_end_class_type): Likewise.
	* coffgrok.c (do_sections_p2): Change j to unsigned int.
	(do_lines): Change l to unsigned int.
	* nlmheader.y (yylex): Change i to unsigned int.
	* nm.c (print_symbol): Change j to long.
	* size.c (lprint_number): Comment out.
	* srconv.c (wr_ob): Change i to bfd_size_type.
	* sysdump.c (unit_info_list): Comment out.
	(object_body_list, program_structure, debug_list): Likewise.
	* sysinfo.y (yyerror): Return value.

Thu Mar 26 17:06:51 1998  Richard Henderson  <>

	* defparse.y (explist): Allow epsilon.
	Suggestion from

Thu Mar 26 16:59:09 1998  Richard Henderson  <>

	* coffgrok.c (do_sections_p1): Use the section's lma instead of vma
	for the benefit of prom loaders.

Wed Mar 25 13:05:39 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	Based on patch from H.J. Lu  <>:
	* (DISTSTUFF): New variable.
	(diststuff): New target.
	(DISTCLEANFILES): New variable.
	* Rebuild.

Tue Mar 24 19:33:08 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* rclex.l: Accept { and } as synonyms for BEGIN and END.

Fri Mar 20 19:18:08 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* aclocal.m4, configure: Rebuild with libtool 1.2.

Tue Feb 24 13:07:50 1998  Doug Evans  <>

	* objdump.c (disassemble_data): Delete "++place" after call to
	find_symbol_for_address.  Set disasm_info.symbols to array of
	symbols at the current address.

Wed Feb 18 23:39:46 1998  Richard Henderson  <>

	* (install-exec-local): Install properly when ln
	fails or tooldir == prefix.

Tue Feb 17 18:40:55 1998  Richard Henderson  <>

	* objcopy.c (compare_section_lma): Rename from _vma.
        (copy_object): Gap fill based on LMA not VMA.
	* binutils.texi: Update and clarify.
	* objcopy.1: Likewise.

Tue Feb 17 20:34:11 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* dlltool.c (gen_exp_file): Generate _imp__%s as well as __imp_%s,
	for Microsoft compatibility.
	(make_one_lib_file): Likewise.

	* dlltool.c (make_one_lib_file): Don't add 1 to hint.

Fri Feb 13 16:37:44 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* configure,, aclocal.m4: Rebuild with automake 1.2e.

Thu Feb 12 14:13:46 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* deflex.l: Accept '?' in symbol names, for VC++ mangled names.
	From Mikey <>.

	* addr2line.c (usage): Update bug-gnu-utils address.
	* ar.c (usage): Likewise.
	* nlmconv.c (show_usage): Likewise.
	* nm.c (usage): Likewise.
	* objcopy.c (copy_usage): Likewise.
	(strip_usage): Likewise.
	* objdump.c (usage): Likewise.
	* size.c (usage): Likewise.
	* strings.c (usage): Likewise.
	* windres.c (usage): Likewise.
	* binutils.texi (Bug Reporting): Likewise.

Sat Feb  7 15:36:24 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* configure, aclocal.m4: Rebuild with new libtool.

Thu Feb  5 12:21:13 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* configure,, aclocal.m4: Rebuild with new libtool.

Fri Jan 30 19:16:28 1998  Doug Evans  <>

	* (CC_FOR_TARGET,nlmcomv.o): Change program_transform_name
	to transform.
	* Regenerate.

Thu Jan 29 16:24:04 1998  Mumit Khan  <>

	* dlltool.c: Define exit status macros for _WIN32 but not
	(gen_lib_file): Check for exit status of unlink.
	* resrc.c: Define popen and pclose if _WIN32 but not

Wed Jan 28 17:45:46 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* Remove vfork check.
	* nlmconv.c: Never include vfork.h.
	* aclocal.m4, configure,, Rebuild.

Wed Jan 28 17:43:02 1998  J.J. van der Heijden <>

	* objcopy.c (copy_archive): Only pass one argument to mkdir if
	_WIN32 but not __CYGWIN32__.
	(smart_rename): Add code for _WIN32 (not __CYGWIN32__), to cope
	with different rename behaviour and lack of chown.

	* Check for mingw32 when deciding whether to build
	* dlltool.c: Never include vfork.h.
	(run): Use pexecute rather than vfork.
	(gen_lib_file): Check for errors from bfd_set_archive_head and
	bfd_close.  Close all the BFDs in the archive before deleting the
	temporary files.

Thu Jan 22 16:22:55 1998  Fred Fish  <>

	* objdump.c (disassemble_bytes): Add flag INSN_HAS_RELOC to tell
	disassembly function there is a reloc on this line.

Wed Jan 14 15:29:43 1998  Richard Henderson  <>

	* srconv.c (sh, h8300): Delete variables.
	(addrsize, toolname, rnames): New variables.
	(writeINT): Use addrsize.
	(wr_un): Use toolname.
	(wr_hd): Set up addrsize et al properly for h8300[hs].
	(walk_tree_symbol): Zero dsy.  Use rnames.
	(wr_un, wr_hd, wr_ob, wr_du): Use proper bfd access macros.
	* sysdump.c (sh, h8300): Delete variables.
	(addrsize): New variable.
	(getINT): Use it.
	(getone): Initialize it.
	(getBITS): Range check on MAX.

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