ChangeLog   [plain text]

1998-04-09  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* filesubr.c (link_file): Remove; no longer used.

Tue Feb 17 02:28:20 1998  Noel Cragg  <>

	* filesubr.c (last_component): return the top-level directory when
 	asked about the top-level directory.

Tue Jan 13 13:17:33 1998  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* options.h (DIFF, RCSBIN_DFLT): Remove; no longer used.

Wed Dec 31 10:56:39 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* config.h, filesubr.c (convert_file): Remove; no longer used
	(except for BROKEN_READWRITE_CONVERSION which doesn't apply).

Sat Dec 27 16:57:41 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* options.h (HAVE_RCS5): Remove; no longer used.

	* config.h (LINES_CRLF_TERMINATED): Remove; no longer used.

Tue Dec 23 08:28:44 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* README: Change bug-cvs address from to
	per email from Martin Hamilton.

Sat Nov 29 22:20:42 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* options.h: Remove declaration of getwd; see lib/ChangeLog for

Fri Nov 14 13:37:33 1997  Abe Feldman and Jim Kingdon

	* savecwd.c: New file, copied from lib/savecwd.c except it calls
	_chdir2 not chdir.
	* Put savecwd in emx directory not lib directory.

Tue Nov  4 18:20:08 1997  Abe Feldman  <>
	and Jim Kingdon  <>

	* Adjust to add diff directory.

Sun Sep  7 19:49:36 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* system.c (os2_stat): Adjust comment to reflect removal of
	same_directories from src/root.c.

Sat Sep 06 14:45:13 1997  Jim Kingdon

	* Add a cvs-static.exe rule for generating
	executables which don't need emx.dll (doesn't work yet).

Fri Sep 05 12:21:56 1997  Jim Kingdon

	* filesubr.c (xchmod): Replace with "attrib"-based code from
	* config.h (CHMOD_BROKEN): Define.

Wed Jul 30 15:35:33 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* In comment about Makefile rule, remove note about
	this not being a problem for os2/  It is a problem
	there too.

	* README: Add note about srcdir and top_srcdir.

Mon Jul 21 15:36:48 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Makefile is not in srcdir.

Wed Jun 18 12:07:25 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* (OS2_SOURCES): Fix comment so this is not commented
	out.  Remove windows-NT/rcmd.c; the make dist for the windows-NT
	directory can take care of that one.

	*, README: Add comments about Makefile rule.

Tue Jun 17 14:44:02 1997  Jim Kingdon  (unknown@beezley)

	* rcmd.c: Removed; no longer used.
	* rcmd.h: Updated to have similar contents as
	* (OS2_HEADERS): Change back to ${srcdir}/rcmd.h.
	That is the one that the -I options specify anyway.
	* startserver.c (os2_start_server): Pass a const char ** not
	a char ** to rcmd.

	* README: Replace text concerning warnings with a more
	specific list of exactly what the warnings are.  For the
	most part there should be no warnings.
	Update note about -lufc.
	* (LIB): Remove -lufc.
	* config.h (RSH_NOT_TRANSPARENT): Define.
	* Use ${top_srcdir}/windows-NT/rcmd.* not our
	own rcmd.* (for better error messages).
	* .cvsignore: Add cvs.out.

Tue Jun 17 13:19:53 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* README: Revise paragraph on -Zsys to discuss problem with
	sockets being missing.

Mon Jun 16 10:58:46 1997  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* README: Change bug submission address to include bug-cvs.
	Add paragraph (from the mail message of the submission) concerning
	HPFS and such.  Cosmetic changes (two spaces after periods for
	example).  Say that ufc-crypt shouldn't be needed currently.
	Add comment about emx.dll.
	* config.h, startserver.c, rcmd.h, rcmd.c, system.c: Add
	"copyright" notice.
	* system.c (os2_initialize): Add comment about whether we should
	be expanding wildcards here.  Cosmetic changes throughout
	(for example, reindenting just about everything).
	* system.c (xgetwd): Rewritten and renamed from os2_getwd.
	* config.h (CVS_GETWD, os2_getwd): Removed.
	* rcmd.c: Add comment about portable versus OS-specific
	implementations of this functionality.
	HAVE_SETVBUF, and USE_DIRECT_TCP; no longer used.
	* config.h: Add USE_SETMODE_BINARY.
	* config.h: Define NO_EXT_METHOD.
	* (LIB_SOURCES): Remove lib/xgetwd.c; replaced by
	xgetwd in system.c.
	(LIB_OBJECTS): Likewise, remove lib/xgetwd.o.
	* (DISTFILES): Add missing "/".
	* .cvsignore: Added.

	* New directory.  This consists of the port that Thomas Epting
	sent to bug-cvs on 18 Mar 97.  He also sent some diffs which go
	with this; I'll subsequently be checking in some of those diffs
	and my various tweaks to the code.