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"Use Natural Image Size",
"Zoom by Percent",
"Zoom by PPI",
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"Color Saturation: ",
"Color Hue: ",
"Fit to Page: ",
"Shading: ",
"Pen Width: ",
"Gamma Correction: ",
"Brightness: ",
"Printer URI",
"Printer Name",
"Printer Location",
"Printer Info",
"Printer Make and Model",
"Device URI",
"Formatting Page",
"Printing Page",
"Initializing Printer",
"Printer State",
"Accepting Jobs",
"Not Accepting Jobs",
"Print Jobs",
"Fast Copies",
"Collated Copies",
"Hole Punching",
"Small (up to 9.5x14in)",
"Medium (9.5x14in to 13x19in)",
"Large (13x19in and larger)",
"Custom Size",
"Darker                     Lighter",
"Media Size",
"Media Type",
"Media Source",
"Orientation: ",
"Job State",
"Job Name",
"User Name",
"File Size",
"Output Mode",
"Pretty Print",
"Options Installed",
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