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.TH lpq 1 "Common UNIX Printing System" "13 February 2001" "Easy Software Products"
lpq \- show printer queue status
.B lpq
[ -E ] [ \-P
.I dest
] [ \-a ] [ \-l ] [
.I +interval
\fIlpq\fR shows the current print queue status on the named printer.
Jobs queued on the default destination will be shown if no printer or
class is specified on the command-line.
The \fIinterval\fR option allows you to continuously report the jobs
in the queue until the queue is empty; the list of jobs is show one
every \fIinterval\fR seconds.
The \fI-E\fR option forces encryption when connecting to the server.
The \fI-a\fR option reports jobs on all printers.
The \fI-l\fR option requests a more verbose (long) reporting format.
cancel(1), lp(1), lpr(1), lprm(1), lpstat(1)
CUPS Software Users Manual,
Copyright 1993-2005 by Easy Software Products, All Rights Reserved.
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