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	<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Common UNIX Printing System Software Test Report">
	<META NAME="COPYRIGHT" CONTENT="Copyright 1997-2001, All Rights Reserved">
	<META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Easy Software Products">
	<TITLE>CUPS Software Test Report</TITLE>



<P>This software test report provides detailed test results that
are used to evaluate the stability and compliance of the Common
UNIX Printing System ("CUPS") Version 1.1.

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<H2>Document Overview</H2>

<P>This software test plan is organized into the following sections:

	<LI>1 - Scope</LI>
	<LI>2 - References</LI>
	<LI>3 - IPP Compliance Tests</LI>
	<LI>4 - Command Tests</LI>
	<LI>5 - Log Files</LI>
	<LI>A - Glossary</LI>

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